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Roleplay - The Ackhart Family by Andrew Gammon / FameMonster

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(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Lady-GaGa-animation.gif)
As WalkMe so kindly renamed us. Haha. LOVE YOU MAN!
This is a chat for LovelyShame, RetroGaga/ParadiseLost, WalkMe, 13thprotector, BlackNekoGrl, RDCLOL and FameMonster/ImitationBlack.
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/116392 The Academy) <----Our RP. (u We Chose Who to invite.)
(bold (u (r Invite Only RP's:)))
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/132164 The Ackhart Family.)
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/121972 The Cafe)
(bold (u (b Want To Improve Your Skills A Bit? Check Out Our Practice RP:)))
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/123741 Practice Makes Better)
h3 YakYak and Adnama's Article:
Everyone knows the little pop princess Miley Cyrus right? Well, we’ve got awesome news…She just hung herself! Yess! All because Lady Gaga’s paparazzi accused her of getting plastic surgery. THE DRAMA! Earlier today outside her mansion she was found hanging from a lovely peach tree. This is now even lovelier!
Friday night after leaving Madonna’s Club she was attacked by the paparazzi due to a little extra foundation applied to her nose. She then cursed at the paparazzi; such violent words were thrown that night. And after a few more harassing camera shots, she found that the only solution was suicide. Which is all good news for us.
Her funeral is being held tomorrow at a lovely chapel, where she doesn’t even deserve to be, even if she is dead. My advice to you all is that if you have a brain, don’t waste you time and go, just don’t okay? She doesn’t deserve to have more than 10 people mourn over her wretched, wasted, horrible, can’t sing Life.
More new on her death, that Friday night when she hung herself, it just so happened that Adam Young was out for a jog with his 10 million fireflies. After seeing her corpse the fireflies abandoned Adam and he jogged home alone. There’s one more reason not to care! Shortly after Adam jogged home in silence, Mr. Justin Bieber came by and passed out at the mere sight of her ugly body. Not enough excuses? I think it is. You really shouldn’t care that she died; she’ll only be missed by two people, her mom and her dad, if she’s lucky. Not her sister though, she’s out celebrating and rejoicing, so that’s that. Hope you enjoyed this news, cuz we sure as hell did!
-Adnama & YakYak
h4 Funneh:
This is funny story.
22.I have a new pickup line..."Are you a vampire? 'Cause you dazzle me!"
The End.
Created by FameMonster (FameMonster) 41 seconds ago. [ Edit | Delete Post ]
Me And Adnama Are The Rulers!
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(bold (u (b Awesome AMV's)))
(u AMV's From xXCilkaMilkaXx)
(u AMV from Chiikaboom.)
(u AMV from PrincessofSuna)
(i (bold This AMV is for Amanda. ^.^ A.K.A. Ino xD))
(u AMV from xCrystalSagax)
(r (b This AMV is just for Me. Favorite Song Right Now. Haha.))
(u AMV's From mo0on12)
(u AMV from TheForsakenPrincess.)
(u AMV from HAP784)
So I just got so bored today...I'mma edit this chatroom! Bwuahaha. It needs some life in it anyway....
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h2 Rainbow!
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Anime/28246.gif)
h3 Awesome Animes. :P
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/sebastiancieljoker-1.png)
(bold Naruto:)
(Bold Junjou Romantica:)(i (bold Warning:Yaoi))
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3t0gBBXLaCU
(Bold Kaze No Stigma:)
(Bold Code Geass:)
(Bold Air Gear:)
(Bold Devil May Cry:)
h2 (r BEWARE!)
h4 We Are Lady Gaga Fans!
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/lady_gaga_the_fame_monster.png)
(bold (u Performances:))
So You think You Can Dance:
Dancing With The Stars:
(pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Firefly/GAGA.jpg)
h3 Let Us Not Forget Maximum Ride!
h5 Are We Ready To Take Flight? Haha.
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/MaximumRide.jpg)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/MV5BMTMwMjQ0NTAzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTc.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/motivator7e3735ab9ddff06410b2f03bc7.jpg)
(bold Only Famey Anyway. Yeay Bishies! Yaoi!) <_>
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/2471790141_e75d96639a.jpg)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/AlexEvans/3244934.png)
h2 ADAM LAMBERT! <3 <3 <3
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Adam-Lambert91.jpg)
h3 Always Remember!
h4 Vote Lelouch. <3
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/lelouch.png)
h3 La Familia
h5 Papa~Kay Ackhart
(http://www.eliteskills.com/u/WalkMe WalkMe.)
Name:Kay MmVegas xD
Likes:Dogs, RPing, and POOL!
Dislike:Idiots and Cats
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/1247733047751.jpg)
h5 Mamma~YakYak Ackhart
(http://www.eliteskills.com/u/FameMonster FameMonster.)
(http://www.eliteskills.com/u/ImitationBlack ImitationBlack)
Name:Wouldn'tYewLikeToKnow? Mello
Likes:Animals! Haha. Reading, manga, anime, gays. @.@LADY GAGA!
Dislikes:Bugs. Ewie! and Perverts
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/l_45a46c4dfdb24a37a29f3f8afb644408.png)
h5 Auntie~Adnama Ackhart
(http://www.eliteskills.com/u/RetroGaga RetroGaga)
Name:Amanda Macdonald
Likes:Rock Music, Lady Gaga, Naruto, being a nutcase.
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/16254_105649736113866_1000000652088.jpg)
h5 Uncle~Robby Ackhart
(http://www.eliteskills.com/u/LovelyShame LovelyShame.)
Name:Robert Russell
Orientation:Straight...O.o' I hope.
Likes:Owl City, Reading, DOING GOOD IN SCHOOl! >.< Nickelback, Daughtry, Switchfoot
Dislikes:YakYak and Adnama :D
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/20080701234333_1_.jpg)
h5 Son~Ethan Ackhart
(http://www.eliteskills.com/u/13thprotector 13thProtector)
Name: Ethan Augustus Hipp
Age: 14 going on 15 in May
Orientation: straight
likes: art, video games, reading cool comics and other books, quietness, Earth powers, peace
dislikes: people who quit to quickly, arrogance, anger, disorder, any thing BADWRONG
(pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Pic%20Edits/mkf2xc.jpg)
h5 Cousin~David Ackhart
(http://www.eliteskills.com/u/boosterseat7 Boosterseat7)
Name:David Arruda
Likes:Rock, Plants, Loves the science fair! Haha. He read my Bleach manga
Dislikes:Fights, drama, mean people
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/momoironeko1.jpg)
h5 Cousin~Jenn Ackhart
(http://www.eliteskills.com/u/blacknekogrl BlackNekoGrl.)
Name:Jennifer Cain.
Likes:Anime, Music, Texting?
Dislikes:...I have No Idea.
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Decorated%20images/dvdfjdfheui2w222223ifh478t.jpg)
h5 Auntie~Rachel Ackhart
(http://www.eliteskills.com/u/RDCLOL RDCLOL)
Name:Rachel Can't Say :]
Orientation:Straight Thank-You
Likes:Horses, Animals, Cute Things.
Dislikes:People's Dead Bodies.
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/animegirl2.jpg)
h5 Guard Wolf~Christian Ackhart
(http://www.eliteskills.com/u/Synyster Synyster)
Name:Christian Cifuentes?
Orientation:Straight...We believe.
Likes:Anime, GIR!
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/Myworldcopy-3.jpg)
h5 Family Friend~Fluffy Ackhart
(http://www.eliteskills.com/u/xdfluffyxd xdfluffyxd)
Name:Xavier G.
Likes:Naruto, Dark Music Peopley? O_o'
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Decorated%20images/jing2.jpg)
h4 Nuuu Monoshitsuji! Kick the brat out Ciel! xD
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Get_out_of_my_show_by_angelskully.png)

Roleplay Details

h2 HAI ADNAMA! HAI ROBBY! HAI KAY! I luvvzz You Guyzzzz :)
h4 Only Advertise here if you are in the Family.
h3 Conversacion:
this is King Arthur was my favorite...too bad he was gay...]:Created by Robby Ackhart (LovelyShame) 4 days 2 hours 50 minutes 6 seconds ago. [ Delete Post ]
rejhbg kjakjfsagkjagkjghfdahjafdjghjhk hgllg
Created by FameMonster (FameMonster) 4 days 2 hours 54 minutes 2 seconds ago. [ Edit | Delete Post ]
Well, not in the movie, but Graham Chapman, the actor.
Created by Robby Ackhart (LovelyShame) 4 days 2 hours 53 minutes 47 seconds ago. [ Delete Post ]
Created by FameMonster (FameMonster) 4 days 2 hours 53 minutes 27 seconds ago. [ Edit | Delete Post ]
Created by FameMonster (FameMonster) 4 days 2 hours 53 minutes 8 seconds ago. [ Edit | Delete Post ]
I am delighted that I have learned a new word today. Rejhbg.
Created by Robby Ackhart (LovelyShame) 4 days 2 hours 52 minutes 23 seconds ago. [ Delete Post ]
whateves! stop being jealous of my...craxiness!
Created by FameMonster (FameMonster) 4 days 2 hours 51 minutes 57 seconds ago. [ Edit | Delete Post ]
youknooowwww???? I watch Airgear every night and it seems like porn
Created by FameMonster (FameMonster) 4 days 2 hours 51 minutes 41 seconds ago. [ Edit | Delete Post ]
Rejhbg: When weird girls type random things into computers so they can beat their fellow friend in typing their post first.
Created by Robby Ackhart (LovelyShame) 4 days 2 hours 51 minutes 23 seconds ago. [ Delete Post ]
so unfair. i need like other things to say???
I WINN! <_>
Created by FameMonster (FameMonster) 4 days 2 hours 50 minutes 28 seconds ago. [ Edit | Delete Post ]
h3 (bold (r (u OUR SONG!)))
(bold (r (u Vocaloid! PWNS!)))
(#FF0080 Magical Kitty Len Len!)
(bold (r (u Our Pictures.)))
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/6b546d61d9c00511cd7a17e8ddfaca24003.jpg)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/OgAAAJzvGA9IMz-wJGsoMhnoHKJixniM2dE.jpg)
(pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/5423506135-1.jpg)
(bold (u KEEP THIS IN MIND!))
(u We Are Christians. We don't like talks about sex, drugs and everything we believe is wrong. We'd appreciate it if you wouldn't talk about such things around us. Please And Thank-You.)
(#FF0080 -Famey)


FameMonster / ,::Shiki Senri::.: Haha. Shiki is awesome. >_> Alright. All Done! :D
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: Woot!
FameMonster: Well then. Maybe you could play the Senior instead of me? :D Cause I have the other junior reserved for someone and we have two freshmen and sophmores...
If you're lit you may join. <3 We love Lit people.
SageOfDarkness / Miki Yui~: So basically you'd like me to play Andrew? or can I create my own senior? and
Whatever floats your boat, I'm game. I'm always up to trying new things.
and if you need proof of my literacy, my recently made roleplay, which is turning out to be a great success [[thank god]]:
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/116378 Aces High) =]
FameMonster: Nope. You can choose own your character. I wouldn't make you play Andrew. Haha. >_> I'mma delete his skelly now.
You're perfect. :] And That RP seems awesome. I might join if that's alright? >_>
Alright. Fill out the skeleton and post it in the RP and you're in!
Welcome to New England Special Academy.
Haha. Cracks me up everytime.
SageOfDarkness / Miki Yui~: lol you're too nice xD
and i always welcome people in my roleplay =D
even if it heads toward a shitload x.x, that's when a posting order comes in handy >.>
hehehe and alright time to make skelly x]
FameMonster / Fly On The Wall: Haha. Really? x]
I see you have alot.O_o Yeah. Posting orders are awesome!
Alright. :D
SageOfDarkness / Miki Yui~: lol yes well some ppl are doubling that's why.
and i only use a posting order when there are alot of ppl on xD
and srry its taking me so long, i always like changing my pic when it comes to a new r.p x]
FameMonster / Fly On The Wall: That's fine wtih me Deary. We all like amazing pictures. x]
I mean look at dis! O_O It's perfect for da' gossip person.
I was ganna double, but I didn't want to and thanks to you I don't have to~ :D I like you already. Haha.
SageOfDarkness / Miki Yui~: Lol true that =D
and yahh i saved your life x]
so i'm just a random senior? o.o or do i have more to my part >.>
FameMonster / Fly On The Wall: Hrm...
You could play a major part.
You were one of the freshman who got the 'note' from the seniors? And you gave Maxx and Kallin theirs?
SageOfDarkness / Miki Yui~: You mean to carry the torch?? yeah can you elaborate on the story, i kinda don't understand it in a way xD
FameMonster / Fly On The Wall: Yup.
The story is the two freshmen are here to take the place of the seniors. They pretty much get a note and the Seniors instruct them on how to disobey and stuff...I think that was the original plot.
SageOfDarkness / :~:Miki:~:: blah reina tanaka has too much pics xD
should i keep this and be a rocker rebel type??
SageOfDarkness / :~:Miki:~:: this one and be more of a fashionista =D
but even when i'm a rocker i'd be a fashionable person as well >.>
FameMonster / Fly On The Wall: Hrm...Both are awesome! But we kind got a rockstar type of girl...:/
Another won't hurt! :D
But you can do whatever.
A mixture of both?
SageOfDarkness / :~:Miki:~:: okay now xD, which pic should i use??? i might change my pic weekly due to the girl i am using has so much o.o i love it xD
FameMonster / Fly On The Wall: I have to go, but plan your character however! I'll be fine with whatever you create Haha.
Post your skeleton when you're down and I'll add it when i can.
I like the rocky one better. :D
SageOfDarkness / :~:Miki:~:: okay adios =D, and i will =]
and alrighty then i guess that settles that x]
FameMonster / Fly On The Wall: Quote
testy thingy testy
thought you were the senior? I changed it if that's alright.O_o Can only have two freshmen sohpmores etc etc
SageOfDarkness / :~:Miki:~:: Sorry forgot i was senior, is my intro okay?? o.o, i didn't rlly know how to start my intro xD. if it is not i will redo it. its very blah, i could of did better, but i'm like tired and life kills x.x
FameMonster: It was perfect! You are really talented.
Haha. Mrs. Crotch. xD Oh-Mii-Gawsh.
SageOfDarkness / :~:Miki:~:: thanks =3, omgg! save me, i'm so bored...
hahah well i'll be leaving soon to go to my lil sissiez christmas concert, but i'll be back =D, but i'm on for now xD
FameMonster / Kallin Kevin Kluxx: Save you?! :O
Was a lookin at purty picture for new charries.
Wanna see some???? ~+~Waggles eyebrows.~+~ Haha.
Concerts. Concerts. CONCERTS! ~+~Screaming chocolate guy from Spongebob.~+~
SageOfDarkness / :~:Miki:~:: Lol i would love to, wierd thing is i was looking at pics too xD
but unfortunately i have to say adieu! i shall be back on tonight farewell<3
[[and i prefer him screaming chocolate xD]]
FameMonster / Kallin Kevin Kluxx: I gatta go too.
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/oLd_boy__by_PiZZaDreaMs.jpg) One
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Game_Boy_Day_by_0xo.jpg) Two.
All I found.
Um...It's alright if you're here
SageOfDarkness / :~:Miki:~:: very nice picciez =D, kudos ^_^
i tend to like using asian girlies >.> idk just me xD
WalkMe / Kalvin Brown: Me needy Maxxy tooo posty....<_< >_>
ME waannnnaaa have afair wid Mr. kluxx dere.
SageOfDarkness / :~:Miki:~:: hello =D person i don't know!!
i just join the roleplay =D, i asked xD, she likes me ^_^
WalkMe / Boyo: Whut? >_>
She likey yew?
How come Boyo no likedddd???
But hello and welcome? Haha. I read. Very nice. Mrs. Crotch! Psh. Priceless.
SageOfDarkness / :~:Miki:~:: hahah i was tired and i thought it was funny xD
i could do way better, it was like one in the morning when i did that x.x
i bombed my math test T~T
WalkMe / Boyo: One in da morning?
Pretty damn good for one in the morning!
We all fail our math tests. Don't feel bad. <3
SageOfDarkness / :~:Miki:~:: lol thankies =D
and yahh!! i'm not alone x]
and so basically the concept of this roleplay is
seniors tell two fresh boys to take their place?
of revolting and rebelling in a ridiculous strict school?
and there is a secret person who spreads their rumors, like gossip girl?
WalkMe / Boyo: I'm guessing that's pretty much what it is.
I read Gossip girl!!! <3
The seniors like gave them a note or something?
I kinda liked it.
Good idea and all.
We're the math misfits! Haha.
SageOfDarkness / Miki Yui~: lol alright, at first i got rlly confused x.x
i didn't read gossip girl i just heard about it from all my girlies
i currently have a beast roleplay (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/116378 Aces High)
hahah well i just need to rest my mind before i make a beast post in that >.<
yesh math misfits! i suck x.x
WalkMe / Boyo: Lolz.
Yeah. Confusing at first, but after a while you get it.
I'll have to check it out later. Cause I gatta go.
See yah gurly.
SageOfDarkness / Miki Yui~: chow!! =D
blahh i should go to, i'm mad tired x.x
WalkMe / Boyo: (#DF0174 You needzzzzz sleeepppp! mmhm. Yup. Yup.)
WalkMe: Yak Yak! O_o
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/117149 OOC to the RP I want you to join.)
FameMonster / Kallin Kevin Kluxx: Shuddd up. You cow. I shall see to this RP...
WalkMe: Yup.. Yup. You gatta be a dude though...
FameMonster: You are a failure...
Snow! Snow! <3 You see it sweet cheeks? Haha.
WalkMe: I do indeed she the snow....We are trapped within our house! :D
FameMonster: Pash. Loser!
There's such a thing as EvilSite.com! xD
Seriously...Look it up.
WalkMe / Kay Mello: No waiiii. >_>
Why is dat?
So strange!
FameMonster: grrrruuuuhhhhh!!!!
someone talk before i go insane.
yup yup. talk talk talk.
LovelyShame / Bob Saggit: ok, i talked. ya happy? :) lol no more emptiness!!
yup yup.
FameMonster: h2 LEO!
yeah. y day ago.
people need to get on!!!!
yup. yup.
it's empty in here still!
FameMonster / Lovely Retro Monster: new group picture!
i hate you guyssssss....
never onnnn....
i'm all alone.
the fish will die!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: h2 you two suck eggs! yup. eggs. you enjoy dat?! you enjoy the emptiness?! well i don't! D:
WalkMe / Kalvin Brown: (bold You. Are. Such. A. Baby.)
FameMonster / Lovely Retro Monster: Ew. Get out fag.
retrogaga / Raven Barr: lolz i like the piccy of me u nd robby... well the one where i have the reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long hair XD
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: ok now im just seein meh new profile pic
FameMonster / Lovely Retro Monster: IT"S ON YOUR PAGE!
Click your username in parenthesis...
Thank you for posting :3
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: np lolz and yea imma go check out meh new piccy too... FIND A NEW ONE FOR ROBBY! his is so old lolz XD and he has to fill in the skeleton... gosh he needs a fone so u can txt these things
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: saw my new profile piccy haha the chick looks craaaazzzyy! nuttin like me o-o and yeah i stole ur face! too bad! hahaha
FameMonster / Lovely Retro Monster: Oh I have one for Robby. lolz.
Isn't is so Robert?
I have more of course if you want to help Lolz.
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Anime/05_37.png)
We are allw aiting for the Queen to grace us with her presence xD
Whut you talkin' bout?
Looks like you!
Blonde and everything!
h3 WAIT!
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Anime/029.png)
FameMonster / Lovely Retro Monster: where'd you gooo?!?!?
Stop doin' this to me! My heart can't take it!
~+~Has a heart attack and dies cause of KIRA!~~+
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: yea!! haha srry it took so long to post again.. but anyways maybe miki shld come back into the RP thing if she can post within 5 days.. she was good haha and she cld come back as a junior maybe? idk but its up to u.. and yahh ill help pic out robbys piccy
FameMonster / Lovely Retro Monster: Look to the post below...
It has pictures in it!
Look at the little boy one at the bottm.
Our theme song is NickleBack...And Shakira?
Maybe Lady Gaga....
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: which songs by them?? and idk if either piccy suits robby... maybe a diff one?
FameMonster / Lovely Retro Monster: Never ganna be alone and give It up to me.
Lil wayne is going to Jail!
You stink.
Stink like cheese.
Kaii. me go lookin' again.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: kaii :) and maybe a song by lady gaga... hrm THE FAME! lolz tht song is sooo catchy haha... and i luv in the picture ur just laying there with ur guitar case... robbys lookin at himself in a mirror.. and i look miserable to be with him!! haha jk its a funny piccy tho XD
FameMonster / Lovely Retro Monster: IT'S VOCALOID!
Love it? Love it?
I know. it's hilarious. i look hungry.
That should be the theme song!
Lolz xD
This one?
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Anime/cheshireneko004dfhbdf.jpg)
Or this one? L!
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Anime/thm_phpubhbWw.gif)
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: ok wait a sec... r we talkin bout his profile the pic or the pic for bob saggit???
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Profile pic.
His Bob saggit one is fine...
Nice one dere Arm Candy.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: OMG! it looks delicious! and yah i thought u meant profile piccy.. umm imma have to say the kitty one :) haha oh and by the way.. since this N.E.S.A thing is gunna go on forever (and a day) do u think once liz graduates Ravens gunna be queen.. or will sumone else appear and take tht spot! haha jk d-.-b
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Duur Raven will be Queen!
And Kalvin will probably be King...Or still the Ace...
Kallin should be prince and Maxx too! Lolz xD
Kitty one it is. I'll leave the link in the OOC when we go to bed. Mmhm. So it isn't back five hundred pages xD
Look at the awsomeness of this picture!
I think it's a vampire....
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: wat the heck! it looks like shes vomiting blood! change it.. bleh >.<
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: You buttmunch!
I liked it!
So what?! So what?! That's the point!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: oh wow... buttmunch? well i feel the luvv haha always do lolz so i was thinking a funny thing to do for bob saggit (THE FAGGIT) is to have like 2 beds in his room.. one is for his good days and one is the bed of shame haha.. for bad days.. he just calls it tht for the drama... i.ll ask robby bout it monday or if i see him on fb or here
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: He never comes in here!
>_< He hates me! Cause of him the fish we never knew we had died!
But. Yush Haha xD Ask him that is hilarious!Two beds. And Kallin sleep walks into one so when he wakes up he's all like, "Wheres MAxx? OH_MIII_GAWD!"
You should feel the love.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: omg and i was thinking remember in my post when i said raven was gunna steal everything from him.. like his poetry and what not.. well shes gunna drop one of her gold earrings and hes gunna find and hes go over to her door.. tell her to come to his dorm and just be like.. "Raven.. you need to sit on the bed of shame and we need to talk" Haha!!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Yush. Yush.
That bit was gold earrings?!?! wow...
That's a shocker.
Dooo eeet!
Haha xD
That would be hilarious.
Hey...I gots a question. Who should we make Fly On The Wall?
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: idk haha maybe? and shes just gunna have gold hoops wit her name in em so he.ll know its her
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Dead give away...But funny at the same time. lolz.
well I wanna add mystery and suspision in this RP!
So i wanna know who to make it?!
They need a golden ring...
Help me plan!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: ok um doess it have to be one of our characters? maybe miki!! we.ll just make her lay low since shes out of the RP!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Lolz. Yeah. Sure. We'll make it her! xD
But the problem is she hasn't posted and I left her a note and she didn't even say anything to that! She must have deleted the RP from her history. :[
How could anyone do such a thing?!?!?
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: idk =[ sad sad thing :( but yea i was gunna make it fall under his desk or sumthing (the earring) so it wouldnt be so obvious.. maybe under his sweatshirt??
FameMonster / The Fame Monster:
How would it get under his sweatshirt?
I think under the desk...You know before his chair leg or whatever?
Sounds cooler that way.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: yea but i meant like he throws his sweatshirt down and notices it. And where is this creep??
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Nevermind.
He's in the pure sexy chat thingy
You click ROleplay at the top thingy and look through the rp's you'll fuind it. lolz.
I get it now
Good idea!
~+~Thumbs up~+~
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: ok cool.. so u want me to go to tht chat thingy or no??
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: I guess you can help me bug him. it'll be funny. lolz xD
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/112410 Click the blue greenish letter it will take you to the Chat.)
We're bishes together!
Haha. You have to read what he's saying. So lame. Lolz xD
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: i will haha and now imma keep writin cuz i need 35 characters so haha eliteskills!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Click those blue letter thingies...Not in the settings. The one in the post below.
Hahah. yeay. That rule was made to help stop oneliners.
Good idea huh?
Lolz xD
That's how bad some people suck here. Kid you not!
But you got me and Robby and Walk so you don't have to worry. lolz.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: ok u still here..? im bored with the sexy rp thingy hahaha
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Course I'm still here. You can go from chat to chat and not sign out. Lolz. It will show up in your Recent Activity box in the top right corner.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: yes i see haha so we got the N.E.S.A thingy ideas wit how we figure out liz's secret.. and how bob finds out raven stole eeeevvvveeeerrrrryyyyyytttthhhhhiiiiinnngggggg
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: EVERYTHING?!?!?!?!?!?!?
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: idk! hahaha up to u now.. unless u wanna plan how everyone else's secret gets out...? could be fun to do? idk
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Do you really want to?
Why don't we just let Fly do it?
Haha....Or Maxx could accidently spill to Kalvin and he goes insane yelling it to the world? I'll have to ask WalkMe though...Mmhm...
They called me a ninety year old man...
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: ik i just saw i just posted too lolz.. gay and ur fly so we have to figure it out anywayz
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: We're hilarious together. xD
I'mma edit it us A picture!!!! Yup. yup.
Haha xD It'll be awesome.
I know i am.
Fine. We goof off cause I finished planning for Fly!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: fine! haha sounds good to meee XD lolz i just posted again on the sexy chat.. i called u a pedofile :P cuz u so r! u wanna stalk all this!! haha joking
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: dont tell her about NESA or i will have ur head a shiny silver platter >.<
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: I will not. She sucks so dere! I stay quiet. Hehe.
I already am stalking you!
Haha xD
On here anyway.
And you're stalking me!
We're ninety year olds together! xD
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: oh my gosh and im luvvin EVERY SECOND (the seconds im watchin u) OF IT!!!!!!! haha well im on OOC so u happy nowww? ooh im watcin cops! so random haha
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: I'm beaming!
Robby would love this right here.o-o
He's missing memories! You're first bishyness on ES> I'm so proud. ~+`SNiffle~+~
Who's gettin their ass kicked?! What drug addict?!?!
h2 this pic is goin' in da settin's!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: ik!! he needs to make memories wit us! i.ll yell at him monday haha. And some guy hidin in a cemetery o.o
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: I'mma edit him a picture of just us two too!
To be fair. haha.
I know! We both will. Haha.
A guy in a cemetery??!?!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: he was hidin in the bushes... strange but he wasnt the driver of the phsyco car... he was just the freaked out passenger.
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: So....He....hid...In...Bushes?
Drug addict xD
I read your post!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: i know! lolz and i gtg at eleven thirty ={ sadly... haha we shld stalk robby till he comes on!!!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Yush yush!
Ten minutes?!?!?!?!
Well I'mma probably leave then too.
Watch him come on when we leave. Watch. lolz.
This so me and Robby?
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: yahh! haha thats great! so gangsta! make one for me && u nd me && him XD
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: oh wait a sec... u already made one for u nd me!!! and i luvv ittttt!!! hahaha
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: I already have three of those!
They're in the settings?!?!?
I know.
It roxx soxx. <3
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: wait a sec what pics r in settings??? tell me tell me tell me i gtg in like 5 seconds!!!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: The ones I editted! Durr.
The one that are voacloid. Guy with guitar lookin' jhungry mirror!
Don't leave me!!!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: ok haha and u shld make one for me nd robby haha u 2 r so gangsta! but what am i?!?! just a simple blonde :,( haha bye bye
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: I will you blonde~
what's wrong with just bein blonde?! we just gangsta!
Nu! Nu Nu!
~+~Tries to pull you back, but failsa nd falls on face.~+~
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: h1 ROBBY!
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Anime/cheshireneko004dfhbdf.jpg)
h1 Save that pic and upload it as your icon for your PROFILE PAGE! Don't make the same mistake as Adnama. And Check out the settings! I editted pictures.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: haha do u rlly expect him to see tht?? he NEVER comes on lolz.. u gotta tlk to him on fb or sumthin? do u c him at church???
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: DAMN IT!
I wanted to finish editting the pic for you people before you got back!
I know. He's a pain in da butt.
Yush. I do. I could tell him a day early? lolz.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: u got the fame monster?!?! and what pic r u edditing??
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: The one for you and Robby duurrrr. You better like it. xP
Well...Someone let me borrow it, but I saved it on my comp!
Everysong is awesome...Cept Teeth. Weird song @.@
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: teeth?? sounds weird.. i wanna hear alejandro.. i heard it was pretty good. And i probably will like the piccy of me and robby. U always do a good job XD
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: 'Cause I has a special website where I get all my pretty font!
Alejandro is awesome! I love it. Want me to show you the song? I know how to do it on here! Woot!
~+~Does a happy dance~+~
You like?!
And I might add a conversacion to the settings when Robert gets here xD Just for kicks.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: i like it.. and yah i wanna hear itt!! and we.re lyin in a field bcuzz i keeled him!!! >:D haha so devious xD jk
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVDvrzCWuzM
I'mma make an OOC picture for Robby...It should be dark and scary....or sad xD Lolz.
You evil child!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: haha i so am.. i wldnt rlly kill anyone tho!!!!! haha as far as u know O.o!!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: And wild...
Like Beast...
h2 LEO!!!!
Dance in the Dark
I know you more then you think Manda! O_o
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: haha omg that was so funny! but u said it.. i didnt mean it lolz and i luvv tht songg!!!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: But it's trueee.... Duuuurrrrr.
>.> <.<
~+~Destroys Chatroom with self destruct button~+~
It's da best ain't?!
SO many other good ones too!
She's da bestest
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: haha i thought i was the one who destroyed everything?!
well ok does robby have a fone or suttin
cuz u cld call him and tell him to post cuz i wanna post again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha im tryin to make spaces when i write
it looks too crammed when i write all together..
i noticed that in my posts too...
oh well.. im still learning >.<
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: You're posts seem fine to me!
Heck do you know how much better you are then more then half the people on this site?!?
Oh. If you want spaces. 2spaces=1 space. Like the ones in me and Robby's posts.
You both are amazing. <3
He has a house phone I think, but I don'ts gat the numba!
Which Lady Gaga pic?
I thought I should put one in the settings cause you know, we kinda owe her...
(pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Firefly/GAGA.jpg)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/lady-gaga-0905039.jpg)
(pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/gagasiig.jpg)
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: omg u shld do the one with her in the yellow and black zebra striped shirt!!
thats sooooo cool!!!!
i have earrings like that!
i.ll bring em in on monday so u can see em! =]
and u cnt the number from any1?
i think josh may know it...? idk?
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Kaaaiiii. I'mma put it up now.
Serious?!?!? Me wanna see!
Ueah. Yeah.
No one knows his number...
I don't have Josh's number and I'm not on FB. :| It messed with my comp.I really like the dude in this picture.
I'mma use it for a character.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: wasnt this the gangsta piccy u used for u nd robby?
yes! yes it is!
haha im so smart
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Yesssss...
But I wanna use it!
This is Robby's OOC character!
I'm brilliants!
Ohhh, I put the pic up.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: nice haha
and oh my goodness he NNEEDDSS to post..
Maxx's post is gunna be funny.. it always is =]
haha and i cnt wait til Raven has to sit on the
"bed of shame"
im srry thts just so funny lolz
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: BED OF SHAME!
He should start crying and be like, "I'm so ashamed!" xD
And he can be like that cause she put all the poems up on a website and sent everone the link!
Not always. The first one wasn't dat funneh.
Now Kallin's.>_> Haha.
h1 The Eternal Debate!
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/naru-546.jpg)
Or Sasuke?!?!?
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Sasuke-U-uchiha-sasuke-7862631-600-.jpg)
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: h2 where'd you go?!?!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: srry my mom stole the computer from me.. now what were u tlkin bout the first one wasnt tht funny... im lost
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: oh wait nvm
i got it
but yeah i dont want Raven to reveal tht to the world!
THATS cruel!!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: She should!
COmp went pffft
But yay!
You're bac!
and I cahged the settings.
She should!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: AMANDA!!!!
I'mma beat yo' ass!
Get back in here!!!!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: im back r u here???? srry i had let SUM1 else on.. i cnt live on here lolz XD
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: oh my gosh r u back yett FAMEMONSTER?!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: is any1 here...
im like soooo bored and need to talk =]
haha XD
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: You know?!?!?!
Cow I hate yew!!!!
How darest he skip our OOC.
Shudd up...Shudd up RETRO GAGA
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/113506 Click to see video.)
I left him a message in the RP...
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: u still hereeee???
and when was robby on?! hes like NEVER on..
imma kill him when we get back to school tomoro!!
i will have revenge!!!
haha and im sry bout i laugh every time i c cow :) haha
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: oh my gosh is anyone here?!?!?!?!? so empty (besides the 8 pgs haha).. sum1 tlk
LovelyShame / Bob Saggit: yeah amanda i'm a gonna kill you too when you come back to school 2 moro :) YIPPEE!!
LovelyShame / Bob Saggit: ya in the gansgta photo we're more like hobos (as Amanda so helpfully pointed out lolz)
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Here's the pictures I've made.
And I love the post By the way!
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Decorated%20images/Oz-Bezarius-pandora-hearts-8404996-.jpg)
#2(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Decorated%20images/LovelyShame.jpg)
#3(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Decorated%20images/Kuroshitsuji___Ciel_by_forbiddenist.jpg)
FameMonster: (Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Decorated%20images/gilnwall.jpg)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Decorated%20images/Lelouch.jpg)
I got bored and editted more.
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Testing a photo before I go to bed.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: yak yak! omg hiii hahaha i dnt wanna work on my honors :( i havent even finished reading the book xP
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Neither have I!
I'm skippin'
And I'm makin' you a neko piccy!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: lolz i think i shld... but i have tonite to read it too... yea i.ll just do tht.. only 4 more chapters anywayz XD
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: I have waiiiii more too go.
I'm too lazy. No drive! My only drive is for Roleplaying. Haha.
WHERE IS ROBERT?!?!?!?!?!?!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: (Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/NekoNeko.jpg)
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: omg shes so cute!! xD haha how do i upload pics on here? i wanna show u one i made u on photobucket.. even if the website isnt as good picnik :p;
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: How do you get pictures to show?
( Pic Link here )
Just no spaces
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Decorated%20images/SchoolBrunette0030Brown.jpg)
dont u just looovvee it!! xD
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: RAILWAY!!!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: LOOK?!?!?!
I don't care.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/ALEXEVANS.jpg)
we must pay tribute to alex evans now xD...
so now its lady gaga, owl city, and alex evan <3
oh my gosh hes so hott!!!!!!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: I did pay tribute!
And Adam Lambert.
Cause Adam Lambert is hot!
~+~Faints as well~+~
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: kaii i.ll get a good piccy of adam lambert too xD
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Robert pattinson is gay?!?!?!
I would say something, but then you'd think I'm perverted for the rest of my life. Which I am'.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: tell me tell me tell me! i wnt think ur perverted.. well i already know u r so WHY cant u just tell me! gosh im ya best friend :( haha xD
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: h2 FINE FINE FINE!
Know what yaoi is?!
I like that nasty shit.
I told Christian and he accepted me.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: i already knew that! wow looks like the secrets out! xD haha jk
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Oh you did?
Good then.
I don't have to be in the closet anymore.
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Hayyyy Amanda.
I wanted to know if you wanted this picture before I got rid of it.
Thought you might wanna use it if you create another character.
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/2w2iiiq1.jpg)
WalkMe / Boyo: Oh YakYak...DOn't I just have the most perfect games for you?
Togainu No Chi and Lamento.
Yaoi games.
But...You probably aren't over eighteen!
Here's a picture to torture you.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: yes Kalvin, I just started, this N.E.S.A thing was my first RP
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: You torment me!!!!
~+~Screams and kicks Walk.~+~
Why'd you tell me?!?!
I'm depressed for two years now!!!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: haha.. is kalvin even on right now? he just posted like 5 mins ago
WalkMe / Boyo: Don't you get pissy with me hoe
>:[ (i Huggles her and loves her, sorry he made her depressed.)
Asato cheer you up Dearest?
Well Retro you are amazing.
I mean, half the people who just started can't post a word.
I'm jealous.
Teahc me your ways oh great one!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: haha thx kalvin... i dont even know what i do.. i just write what comes to mind... i write in class all the time (even ask monster) haha im not really sure i have "ways" xD
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: ~+~Purrs softly at the lovin's.~+~
Awww. Aren't you the sweetest boy out there???? :)
YES!!! Make yourself look like him so we can have babies with little cat ears..
Dooo eeet.
WalkMe / Boyo: But aren't I a bit too...
Whatever. you'll love whatever you get from me. You made the most gayest guy Bi dear Monstah! :D (i Cuddles with her.)
Kidding...You get no kids. You have to pay.
(i realizes his typo.)
He stupid...
Anyway. You're mazzaazzing. Awesome. The best.
I love you <3
You can call me Kay or Boyo if you want. or Walk?
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: okayy i.ll call u kay, easier to remember, and yea i.ve met some of the kids on here... the suck so bad!! u shldve been in pure sexy chat wit me nd monster lolz that was so funny!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: WHUT?!?!?
I let you join this awesome RP and meet RETRO and you do this to me?! Be that way. :) I don't love you anyway...That picture is hot.
<.< >.>
damn you! >.<
I have to hop off for a bit. Be nice to Retro kaiiiii???
Good times!
Buh bye Retro
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: byee monstah!! imma stalk u! whats ur phone numba!! >.< lolz that was mad funny xD
WalkMe / Boyo: I am as nice as nice can be sweetie.
Awwww. I get a heart?!?!
I know just kay.
<,< Best name out there. lolz.
Oh ho ho ho.
You meet Vossler?
I know they do. :|
Sad days...
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: yea i met vossler...
my goodness!
do they even have cures for people who suck that bad!?
WalkMe / Boyo: Taylor Swift is awesome.
Heeeyyyy...Why aren't I in the name and settings?! >:| And you told me all those lies when we were lyin' under the stars.
She'll get it?
Don't get me started.
Wanna see one of his Rp's??? Haha.
Don't think they do. Many have tried to teach them, but fail cause they suck so much.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: wait wha? lying while lying under stars? im confused and yakyak changes the settings... ask her
WalkMe / Boyo: Haha. Yeah. that was meant for YakYak xD She'll get it. I was like the first person she met on this site...Doesn't that scar you? haha!
I'll make us a picture...It'll be all cute and what not...
Sorry for confusing you dearest. ;~;
Oh great one! Spare me!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: haha... hrm spear u... lemme go sharpen my lucky one >:D haha jk and how long have u been RPing, ur very good too ;D
WalkMe / Boyo: (i Sniffles.)
Heyyy...Who dis Robby person??? LovelyShame? how long he been at it too???
Oh. For about...A hundred days. Maybe a little more?
Aww Thanks. I think i suck though.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: i think i suck too! welcome to the club! and he started a week after i did xD
WalkMe / Boyo: h2 CLUB:WE THINK WE SUCK.
I like the sound of that actually. :] Haha.
Really? he's not bad either.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: yea but between u me and yakyak she thinks im better than him...
idk tho
but anyways
u can either call me retro, gaga, or adnama ;P lolz
WalkMe / Boyo: how bout...I call ya I make up.
They are great names though.
I can't keep secrets from my love though. .-.
Kayyy I shall. Haha.
You shall me called...Chocheta!
It's a Native American name. :]
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: what does that mean?
and btw i just read ur post...
good but im not used to the gay guy thing
(even ask monstah)
but oh well, it was a good post tho...
oh and u shld make kalvin go even crazier than he rlly is one day and go up to Raven
and try to start a fight with her.
That would be mad funny haha
WalkMe / Boyo: Chocheta=That which you cannot imagine.
Seems to fit you.
It's just that's how I am in RL and...She said it was alright. Hehe. o-o I'll cut that down though? And that's a good idea! Haha xD I wanna so get into a fight with Raven, she's so kewlz! Kalvin is secretly jealous cause of the attention she gets from the boys. Haha,
Thanks...I think though...
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: the gay thing is fine...
i wldnt rlly mind if u cut it down but if u dnt wanna tho
and i like chocheta!
thats so kewlz!
and thx, Raven is sorta based on how I am in RL.
I.ve kinda been recognizing that i can open up to ppl once i know them but i can come off mean sumtimes and rough around the edges
and i liv in da hood! (sorta) haha
its not as bad as it used to tho lolz
WalkMe / Boyo: Kaiii. if you say so.
I knew you'd love it! Haha.
Really? You seem like a totally awesome person. And funny. Haha.
Da hood?!?!?!?
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: aww thx xD
so nice!
and Raven is awesome...
once u get to meet her
I'm actually better now tho
a little more social...
before my motto was GO DIE!
and i was less awesome xD
u seem awesome too btw.
are u gay in RL btw?
WalkMe / Boyo: I try to be a nice person. Haha.
Like the picture?thought it was cute. :3
You were a little muffin all alone and out there? o-o
Go die?! Haha xD That's awesome!
Thanks...i think...um...Yeah. but no one really knows . Haha...
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: oh i see,
plus Raven is like my way of getting all my thoughts out,
kinda like a journal thats not so private
and one thts not all strange and whatnot ya know?
one that people actaully like haha
and do u think im a better RPer than robby?
just tryin to find my place in this whole site and writing thing
haha xD
WalkMe / Boyo: Mmhm...
I know, writing tends to help people out with like emotional things. Haha.
Hrm...Can't really judge. I'm suckish remember? Haha.
Well....You're probably one of best...Compared to the oneliner people you are a god. Haha.
Think YakYak will like this?
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: aww yea its cute ;D
yakyak said i was better than her!
i was like no, no way
shes really good,
she was writing a book that was like 200 pages long
it was good too
called the Spirit Seekers,
I loved it and if it came out I would buy it but oh well
she hated it and got rid of it :(
WalkMe / Boyo: Hahah! >.> Success!!!
Really?!?! o-o You really are amazing.
She was? I would have loved to read it. haha 200 pages. Jebus.
What was it 'bout?
Maybe she had so many spelling errors she couldn't correct 'em anymore?
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: no she just thought it wasnt good
it was about these kids actually named after me and yakyaks other friends and they went on this thing where they found spirits either inside them or around and the spirits gave em powers...?
but she gave it up... oh well x(
WalkMe / Boyo: 12 BOOKS?!?!???? WOW!
That's like ALOT.
Sounds pretty kewlz. Can't see why she hated it. I haven't read stories like that...get her to make an RP bout it!!!
IT's SO CUTE!! With their little ears @.@
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: i know!! it was really really awesome!! and the piccy is ADORBALE! omg luvv the little ears! so now not to bring this up but like have u ever had a bf or anything? or r u just sorta gay and kinda interested in guys???
WalkMe / Boyo: I'm makin' YakYak put it up.
Too cute to avoid!
glad you do. :] Haha.
Well...just like in Kalvin's post, there was an older boy...Kinda like that, but my parents didn't know bout it...>.> I added that part in there for...Some reason. Haha. Yeay. Anyway. That's how I kinda found out?
The kid didn't really go to boarding school though. he moved out of the state.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: oh..
well thats fine
i accept u anyways ;)
so anywayz did u read Ravens last post?
WalkMe / Boyo: ...
Kaiii. I don't wear makeup and stuff. I'm normal...Enough. haha.
The one where she cut her hair then like planned to raid Bob Saggit's room?
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: yess!! haha that post was good... i can even admit tht... but i gotta go so i.ll talk to later! i.m already starting Raven's next post! (i wirte it out on paper before i actually post on here) and so far it seems alright... hopefully getting better lolz well bye ;D
WalkMe / Boyo: It was a very good post! Haha. I love all your posts. You definetly are very good! lolz.
Can't wait!
I want kalvin to find her in the room like, "Whut da hale?" Haha xD
kayyy. buh bye. :]
I gots tog o too so haha. Odd.
Anyway buh bye,
Bob needs to post like now so I can read it. Haha.
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: There. Editted. i read back and you guys suck for leaving me! But i'm tired-So i'm going to bed early.
Fly on the Wall is now complete.
FameMonster / WalkMe And MonstahCakes: I so saw the picture before that one ;)
Haha. yew is a hoe hoe hoe.
we in da same familia noa.
WalkMe / Boyo And Famey: You say nothing ;]
This one is betta anyway....haha.
We'll have some messed up kiddos.
I need to go to bed...
We eff now.
(i takes YakYak and runs.)
FameMonster / WalkMe And MonstahCakes: ~+~Is taken away.~+~
(i Coughhoecough.) :]
Double suhweet.
I say everything. Haha. YAOI! Dat's why :D
Nu. Nu bed. Well me needs to sleep too.
<-> Night party animal. I want three kids. All sons.
Xander, Max and Kallin. Good papa.
~+~Pats Kay's head.~+~
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: h2 I made us a familia! <_>
Papa:(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/1024-by-768-344769-20060503195302.jpg)
Mamma:(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/11653564818735_51388.jpg)
Auntie:(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/AkitaNeruroses.jpg)
I made two for you Manda Thought you might like to chose one.
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/NekoGirl12.jpg)
Son:(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/cat_boy__erugh_water_by_Okumiiya.jpg)
Pet/Gaurd Dog Whatever:(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/Myworldcopy-3.jpg)
Daughter:(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/l_87c3a54934c9b944165dd43fadf8de05.jpg)
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Haha.
Mine owns all. Durr.
Who is this (i Christian?)
Cheatin' on me love?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Shudd up....Shudd up
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Correction:
(bold YOU) Shudd up. (bold YOU.)
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: im a dog i want a soul woof woof woof
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: 'Course you do. Haha. You better like this here <_> Took me days to get all the pictures, find a name find that moron! D:<
~+~Points to Walk.~+~
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: ok im gonna go on this once a week
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Once a week? once a week? Ho ho ho. No. that isn't how it goes. Every computer class....And you have to post in the RP i'm ganna make a few times a week...You thought you'd get off easy....
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: you cant make me sometimes dogs dont obey their masters so too bad
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: ...
~+~Beats the shit out of Christian.~+~
It's not me you have to worry bout.
WalkMe is a dog too...Sorta. he don't like others in his space xD
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: WalkMe is black so screw him hahahaha
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: You do know what screw means right?
xD Haha. But he's not black! I think he's tan. @.@
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: ummmm ok you freak me out but o well im gonna leave u can i.m. me if u want idc see ya
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Screw me? her? Haha. YakYak can't do that.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: (bold What. Was. That. Dearest?)
loser. Don't leave!
13thprotector / Auron Gyllus: Umm...
I'm here to sign up I have an invitation from FameMonster and I don't know what to do just fill me in as we go along ^_^
I'm as clueless as a whistle
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: New addition to the family?
Fine by me. So...What you wanna be? Son? Uncle? Family Friend?
I'll edit you a Picture...
13thprotector / Auron Gyllus: ?
still clueless, what does I need to do?
well actually since you asked probably a friend
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Lolz.
Here just tell me these few things okay? So i can get you a picture and place in this family.
Name:(Just First.)
Favorite Color:
And Place In Family:(Uncle, Cousin. etc etc)
13thprotector / Auron Gyllus: Well do you want the real me or the book hero I put up as my RP character?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Oh. figure I should explain. Haha.
This is an OOC.
An Out Of Character Chat room.
So...You be yourself here kaii? lolz xd
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/From_bunny_with_love_by_yui_tohm-1.jpg) kay you like? Haha.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: What she said.
Yup yup.
13thprotector / Auron Gyllus: Ok
I'm Ethan Hipp
my favorite color is Green (any green!)
and I guess I'm a friend well because I'm clueless to RPs, can't get on much(other than school days and some weekend hours), eat cheese and don't know who Lady Gaga is(Don't hut me for that<_>) also don't worry I'm Christian to I know from right and wrong but have done stuff people shouldn't and no I won't tell you that would break a rule up there.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Edit him a family photo Famey.
Kayyyy...Haha. She'll add you to teh family as...Whatever she wants. Haha.
You know how to create characters right?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Seems I picked the right picture. Haha.
Make a character named
Ethan Ackhart
and that's how we know you're in the family.
The link goes in the last box of teh creator form when creating the character.
13thprotector / Auron Gyllus: In dubuatly. I can't see your pics though. and still clueless on who is who other than who Yak Yak is....
Just give me a name and number and I will go sit quietly in a corner Akwadly staring at THAT fly on the wall.
I'll pop up when I get a chance ok.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: You can't see our pics???
Suckish. :|
Kay is the daddeh??? I think. .0.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I must have lag....
I type and you guys get done before me ....
alright what now. -_-
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Awww!
So cutee!!!
Can you see your's???
Awww. I'm sorry.
Welcome to the Ackhart family Ethan! :D
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Ok I'm in T_T* (stands in hero pose and falls on butt)
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: (i Hops on YakYak, gettin' clingy.)
I want my purty Ritsuka picture.
(i Rubs his head agianst Famey's.)
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Yes. Yes! Kay! Off! I'm getting you your picture :)
~+~Pries Kay off then kisses his forhead before chucking him out the door and locking it.~+~
Awwww. .-.
+~Helps Ethan up.~+~
Anyway this is a chat as I said and pretty much all the people here are great RPers, beside the guard dog. Haha. And if you ever need help just ask kaii? :D
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Right now I' very eager to see what to do. Any one like the Eagles or Lynard Skynard?
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: T_T
Anyone up for charades? or scrabble? or Monopoly?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Here Kay. Like it???
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/8577b1ed407e156b0cde44652de438ea.jpg)
You know my answer with that one. Haa. .-.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: (i Scratches at the door, sniffling.)
(i Kicks door down.)
>:D Oh Lucy I'm home!
I love that picture mine!
I'll play Monoply???
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Oh nose I'm losing signal. as I said when I can I talk but when I stop I have only been melted by a pale of water.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Pale of water?
There goes our second son. :|
Shame...He was a cute one too.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Now if only I knew the names of those here(real person) because I am really Ethan and I feel like friends with all of you just by the few posts here.^_^
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Haha. There are more people here xD
We're all family here.
And there's Kiki, but she hasn't posted yet so i dunno her account name.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: sorry it was a false alarm. I thought it was water but it was root beer :P
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I'll must get to know people better and correct my gamma where else can I find my pic it won't show
and it says cat boy I am no cat I'm a wolf! grrrrrrrrr bowow
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Don't scare daddy like that!!!
Yak Yak make me a dress.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: ~+~Eyebrow twitches.~+~
Why could you possibly want a (i dress?)
If Photobucket won't work, you can try and upload the picture on Tinypic? Only other site I know of.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: If only I could get my art work on here it's good but not the best and I always show my friends my pics, but this is a school laptop I'm using and I can't use my scanner that only works for the Mac :'[
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: I wish you could see the picture I editted you.
It's your family photo picture thingy so....
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: OH NOSE!!!!!!!!!!
Tinypic won't work :'(
Now I'm more depressed and confused!!!
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: 'Cause Daddy deserves to be purty too :]
Awww. Suckish man!
If only you could see your pic!!! it's so cute!
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: *snicker* I don't understand (tares open snicker and plays pardo)
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Que???
Quien es????
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: "Happy peanuts soar over chocolate covered mountain tops and waterfalls of caaarameeeel. Prancing nooget in the meadow, sings a song of satisfactoin...
"the world?"
"thats right"
still I don't like cats I like wolves
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Yaoi:
Everytime you watch it a ninja punches a kitten....Good thing I'm a dog person.
Dear Skittles
Take me over the rainbow.
Where fags run wild?
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: o_o' ............. Explain please, I don't know much there is to know about slang or what's on the street, I see from the country, down south in Louisiana(now Texas) and I live in a small community, scratch that don't tell me I know what is now >.<
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: ...
(i Blink.)
SLANG! xD Lolz.
I know someone who lives in texas.
Kaiiii. ^~^
Down to Earth.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: HEY I have a dog named Tequila!!!
and no I'm not drunk!!! nor is my dad or any other relatives
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: You drunkards...
You have a dog?!?!
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: She is a chiwawa and I SAID NOT TO CALL ME OR MY FAMILY THAT >_<
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: SORRY MAH DEAR BOY!
You mean those little things that shiver in ninety degree weather?
Big eyes that are just like adorable?
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: yeah she looks more like a mini coyote and my Nana has one too, their chiwawa's name is Abby
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: I love Coyotes.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: T_T umm... I not going to ask.
What about Kingdom Hearts?
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: ...
Never played.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Nothing, never mind just a thought appeared when you said EEK. It's gone now. yup I'm still awaiting orders.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Awaiting orders???
Buy me a dress????
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Don't know where you live sir I'm just a bystander
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: This is only an online chat I don't think I would make it either I don't think this plan was thought through and why do you need a dress I thought the position gave to you was a father?!
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Pssshhhh.
I was given' the fatherly figure 'cause YakYak likes me ;] Durrr.
She hasn't told you???
What you mean not thought through?? It's a chat -there's no plot! Haha xD
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Hmmm yes she did mention something about that. Really why would you need a dress?
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Because I'd look pretty?
Can't I just look pretty for once in my life?!
You hurt me.
Welll. yeay...But it's all one sided.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Ok I get the picture you want to look pretty. Hmm Pink is a color of pretty but I don't like it >.<
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: (i Sniffles.)
Purple is a pretty color.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Purple wasn't meant to be prety it was meant for ROYALTY.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Well...
I'M Royalty!
And purple is mah color. <.<
(i grabs his son.)
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Ok I'm green the color of solitude, calmness and nature. I use earth powers and stone -.-
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Oddly enough you're picture is a neko dude with green in his hair and ears...Plus around him...
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Well I didn't know I really like the Dark Lord Revan the most of characters -_-
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: ...
Star Wars???
What's wrong with Ethan Ackhart!
You're a member of one of the most amazzazin family on ES...If you ask me...
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Star Wars has been apart of my life since I was 1. And also I don't know what my pic looks like now <_>
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Oh...True...
There's gatta be someway you can veiw it!
Really??!?! Do you like playin' with the lightsabers?
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Defiantly. I love Star Wars and my favorite time of star wars is the Old Republic Era when the Dark lord Revan saved the galaxy from Mandolorians and Sith at the same time. My second fave character is Hk-47 and his favorite quote is, "Query: Master is there someone you need killed"
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Lolz.
I like when they make noises.
Lolz. <.<
that sounds like somethin' funneh. I don't remember much from the movies(i hasn't watched them in forever.)
I do like the one with the wicked tall blue people though. .-.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: My lightsabers broke, I have the movies and play the games. I think i would be able to see my pic if I go to the public library.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Maybe (i Shrugs.)
Yak Yak hopes you like it. Lolz.
Really? i still have my red one...:3
The games are fun!
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I have to use a broom stick now. I also built my own sword and my knife. I have a few knives but not as many as my brother. I'm sure I'll like it. -_-
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: You have knives? made of wood?
Sounds pretty kewlz. Lolz.
awww. Poor you xD
Well...Broomsticks are better then a shovel.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: No real knives and a real sword ^_^ and it's not really a broom stick it is a white wood staff like the monks use
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: I want a white wood staff...Then I'd pose on a rock and be like, "I'm king of the world!"
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: My brothers are no challenge when we go outside and battle. My old friends(back in Louisiana) were hard to beat, they were relentless and I use defense as an attack.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Whack 'em in the back of the petella they go down.
...Friends usually are the toughest ones to beat...Why is that? :|
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Kay...
I want another kid.
Go find me one :]
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: I can't give you another kid?
I need money. ;]
Haha. I love you o-o
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Younger brothers are inexperienced, a friend would hesitate before striking and know he/she needs to win, a true friend would fight as hard as they can and win or lose honorably
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: True friends will borrow something and keep it so long, they'll forget it was yours.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Not true. True friends are those you would give your life to save and they do the same. The friends you are talking about are the bandwagon. They get you on their side make you think your cool just so they can steal all you know and love.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Nooo.
That's really how they are...Call your parents Mom and Dad. Trade shoes with you? And clothes. Haha. .-.
Fight with your siblings when you do, always have your back...
Atleast how people are here...
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Well my friends have never done that to me and I would never do it to them. I can create bonds between people and these bonds allow me to influence and trust them in all ways.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Hrm...
You ever been up North kid?
Like...Massachusetts, New York?
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: As far north I've been was either Colorado(I love the Rockies!) or Missouri
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Colorado? Well...East of that. Haha. new England and what not.
Well...That's how people are there.
I once went down south...To Virginia, I thought everyone was so weird cause they smiled and waved.
13thprotector: Everyone smiles and waves down here too. I think it's a good out look on life to be happy and content.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Yeay,
Probably better then havin' all these people glare at you.
It just seems weird 'cause I'm not used to it...
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Yeah people didn't like me at my old school probably because the principal and all his rules and me actually following them. There was nothing other than that to do.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: It's gettin' late I think I'm about to clock out. I'll find a way to see my new pic -_-
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Well there's nothin' wrong with followin' the rules...Hate the rules, but hate gettin' in trouble also.
Nighty night my dear son! :]
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Awww. My baby is so cute when he's sleeping...
~+`Knocks Kay out.~+~ Good baby :]
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Abusive much????
(i Is knocked out.)
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: You love me regardless....
~+~Hops away to sip at a glass of Orange Juice.~+~
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Haha...
I really hate you.
(i Snatches it away, tsking YakYak.)
Went bad last week.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: h2 FOR ADNAMA TO CHOOSE :]
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/blonde_neko_in_box.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/NEKO.jpg)
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: T_T I thought I was a cousin not a son. T_T WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME ????
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: *pics up black suit and puts hood on* Why Do I Have The KEYBLADE?!?!?!?!?!
*runs off and breaks down door and kills a man named Saix*
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: Woof Woof the guard dog is here hello peoples
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Daddy is sorry!
Dx He didn't know either! Until recently???
Oh. Mah doggy ;]
(i Pats Christian's head.)
GO gaurd the mansion!
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
*comes back with now two keyblades*
wait who are you?
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: im not good with that kind of stuff kaykay is still teaching me even though she hasnt started yet so just talk like a normal person please
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: (i Huggles his son.)
Shhhh. Don't upset the dog. <.< He bites.
Thats the dog...
This is an OOC...We don't RP ehre, we kinda just be ourselves...Think like Iming dude! Haha. You penis...<.<
Look at what you've down Yak Yak. >.> pervert...
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: ummmm ok ima just guard the house then and bark when someone else enters the room ok
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Alright I just want to know why the stats up top say I'm a son. at first it said I was a cousin, and now I am yet again waiting orders.
Query:Is there some one you need killed?
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Good boy! (i thumbs up to the dog.)
I think YakYak changed them. (i Shurgs.) She wanted another kid...Bish owes me another hundred bucks,
I still want my purple dress. :|
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: why does ethans picture look like he just finished having sex
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: It doesn't even look like that...He looks like he's...LAUGHIN AT YOUR FACE ;]
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: well if you new more about that stuff than i did u wouldnt be gay so you know take a closer look at the picture
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: sorry but protocol states I am an illegal assassin unit that will serve my master. I cannot get you a dress.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: ...
Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I don't know someone looks like after sex.
this is an after sex picture.
<.< Dope.
(i pats Ethan's head.)
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: wow dude im not even gonna comment on that, thats just so wrong tell kaykay im out because your gay XD c ya fool and no u dont know more than me
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I cannot see my picture so don't mock me for faults unknown to the user. T_T
Negative: you are a meatpopcicle
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: You're ganna desert YakYak? Oh. Ho. Ho. Ho. She won't like that ma boi.
Ignore Christian.
He dunno what he talkin' bout.
I dun wanna!
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Christian you get back in here before I beat yo' ass!
It's obvious Kay knows more bout sex then you @.@ When have you ever gotten laid???
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Stipulation: there is a pain in all the diodes down my left
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: When have I whut???
(i Wraps his arms around YakYak and leans on her.)
(i blink.)
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Fact: wearily I go on pain and misery as my only companions, and vast intelligence of course, and infinite sorrow
Fact: a meatpopcicle is a Meatbag, inferior life forms to droids, are frozen in ice
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Quite an experience to live in fear, that's what it's like to be a slave ^_^
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: I know what it's like to live in fear. haha.
(i Glances at YakYak.)
Ohhhh....Hey. inferior?!
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Advisory: take two red capsules now(no chew just swallow) and in ten minutes take one more help is on the way.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: ...(i takes pills?)
I gatta go. buh bye me boy!
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: It was only a joke!!!
Uhhh nobody likes classic humor :'(
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: statement: Apathy is Death.... Meatbags should know this.....
or would you rather me call you all the quietist fleshbags...
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Hey watch this in a link it's funny^_^
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: >.>
Someone fucking deleted every picture I saved on my computer....
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Every picture who could have done that? Is it a personal computer or a public computer?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Personal...
Well my little brother uses it too, but he doesn't know how to delete pictures.
Oh Well...
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Then maybe a virus or spam I don't get that because well my personal computer has no internet and I'm the only one who uses it. I'm on a school laptop they passed out to kids
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Eh.
I'll just refind all those old pictures. >.<
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I would make a backup file on a floppy disc, CD, or flash drive.
It makes life a lot easier when you have a plan B
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Yeah I can see the pics now....................
>_< I act nothing like what the character in my pic looks like. I'm not cheery! I'm sullen and calm but I do get exhausted using the key blade now. probably because of that non-nobody I met that looks like me acts like me and wants to kill me...
I'm a WOLF!!!
I have bad experiences with cats.....
one clawed the skin off my arm,
another clawed my cheek open,
and another wouldn't get it's claws out of my back for three weeks.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Hmmm where is this place I need more background must look around and find big chair in round room. Must find a non-cat picture maybe a hooded man or wolf person.....
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: hows about this one I like it -_- I want someone's opinion first
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: ...Ican't say...
YakYak editted the picture and if you look at all the pictures we kinda appear as people with dog, cats and wolves ears...
Just how the family is...
I have bad experiances with Leather...
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: That isn't leather it's velvet. I just don't like cats read below and see what I mean. And plus I'm more of a shell of who I use to be, before I was different and then I started having dreams of another person. As I was in these Dreams I was that other person, it felt so real and all the pain he suffered I still feel it.
FameMonster / Toby Mederios: What about creepy dreams?
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: It was like the person in the dreams was me from another time, I have had many many dreams like that for quite a long time now and it's more like past lives or maybe look alike from another time and they always had someone trying to kill them, and a person has tried to kill me now!
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Yeay...Dreams are creepy like that.
I hope nothing happens to you 'cause of those dreams, seems pretty creepy.
And in our RP Ethan, try and get your posts longer...>.>
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Stuff happens all the time because of the dreams especially when the dreams hurt my friends and family. I'll try!
also can you find me a pic like a wolf person or a hooded person(I have seen some neko Organization 13 people)
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: I'm actually lookin' up a picture for you.
Haha....I have a few I wanna use...There's this guy from a game that I've heard off and he's got long white hair and really long tail...
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I'm blind right now but no CATS!!!
read below and see why >_<
Wolves never did that to me I've been around wolves they were more peaceful than cats.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: ....I've had cats my whole life and have never had that happen to me...Maybe you give off the wrong Vibe? Haha.
How's this? And yes. That is a wolf boy >.>
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/EMO_by_FoxyCharlie.jpg)
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I can't see it sorry. I find a way soon. Just describe it now ok.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: It's a boy with red hair and he has wolf ears. he's got a large scarf, grey shirt, black pants and tie, headphones, hair covers one of his eyes...
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: sounds more like Auron if he had brown hair. Which others are there?
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: I like this picture.
Who is this dude?
TELL ME! (i Beats on YakYak with a pillow.)
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I dun know yak yak picked it out for me and I haven't seen it yet.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Lookz pretty awesome.
Not all cheery?
That scarf is rockin....
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Empty...
FameMonster / Confidential: HEEEYYYY. I think we should have someone who like Knows about January, and the cheerleader who is ganna kill Liz.
What ya' think?
Group:Track And Feild
Bio:Everyone has wondered what his name was and wonders why he's always that boy that lurks within' the shadows, his steely gray eyes upon the student body. He never speaks, only listen. His eyes seem to be locked upon Liz though, as if watching over her. It's thought he has a crush on her.
Gatta Say:VK!
Secret:Knows The Cheerleader's Plan To Murder Liz.
FameMonster / Confidential: (Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Vivacious_by_tashysaurus_love.jpg)
Name:Nicole Bieber
Group:Cheerleading, Fashion
Bio:She seems to have a deep hatred for Liz, N.E.S.A's queen. She's constantly talking about her hate for the girl and it's to the point where it's an obsession. She talks to the boy known for Silence the most, Confidential. There have been rumors she plans to kill Liz a day before her graduation...Could it be true?
Gatta Say:VK!
Secret:Going To Murder Liz
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: Anyone here???
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: ....
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Six minutes...
Six minutes...
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: im here im here!!! check out this piccy!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: What I thought. <.<
I used to have that picture...Haha. The lips thingy is rockin' though
Check out Confidential
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: cool, but i like his old pic better
so imma keep tht piccy for nicole
and what was ur suggestion thingy??
FameMonster / Confidential: I had a suggestion?
Blows my mind.
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: yupp yupp, so anywayz i found another pic and imma post it, t says prepalicious under it lolz
FameMonster / Confidential: Post it!!!!!
Me wanna see dis photo!
I forget
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: okaii how do u post a pic again?? srry xD
FameMonster / Confidential: Oh you idiot xD
( Pic link here )
Don't you have the paper?
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: nopee, but dont u have to but a space between the link or sumthin?
FameMonster / Confidential: You only put a space between pic and the link.
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: okay and parentheses around... okaii i.ll do tht AND OMG found this awesome pic for meeee!!!! i luvv it! so i.ll post it too!!
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: (pic
FameMonster / Confidential: WELL HURREH! Haha.
This picture is so funneh <_>
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: AAAHHH it didnt go thru!!!! what did i do rong?!?!
FameMonster / Confidential: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Decorated%20images/prep.jpg)
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: what did i do wrongggg?!?!?!?! i have like 3 more picsss!!!
FameMonster / Confidential: I don't know :|
Should have worked...
Try again.
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: okayy
and this ones for meee
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: I'm changing Kalvin's picture.
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/silly_boy___by_planejeT.jpg)
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: OH MY GOSSSSHHHH!!!! ANNOYING! but whch one do u think i shld use for nicoles character???
FameMonster / Confidential: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Decorated%20images/girl_by_ffashionista.jpg)
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Decorated%20images/Guitar_pink.jpg)
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: well hello kay! whats up, and nice piccy =D i like it, nicole bieber is a freakish cheerleader in the RP, shes gunna kill liz lolz
FameMonster / Confidential: Thanks for telling me Kayyy :]
I'll edit it in the settings.
I like the blonde.
WalkMe / Kalvin Brown: Whyyyy Hallo Dere. Haha.
Thank-You. I decided to change it since...The other picture wasn't so...Kalvin-ish? Haha. Ohhh. This RP just gets more and more exciting!
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: kewlz!! so shld make it the blonde chick? or the one where t says obsessed on her jeans?? >.> lemme know pplz! and ikr kay.. hee hee im chocheta! i luvv tht lolz xD
FameMonster / Confidential: Oh Adnama you want the link to that new RP site I found?
Kay gave it to me. >.> You really dos talk that boiiii ;]
Prepolicious one.
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: what You really dos talk that boiiii?? waaaattt!!!
FameMonster / Confidential: I DO!
There's the Link. Kay is january Wolf, I'll make an account lata.
Ask him!
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: no see i dont understand what u meann by You dos talk that boiiii lolz
WalkMe / Kalvin Brown: Must you really tell her that?
(i Sniffles.)
Hurt mah feelin's
(i Grabs YakYak and forces her to cuddle with him.)
FameMonster / Confidential: Waiiit!
typo...Stalk not talk.
~+~Is forced to cuddle with Kay.~+~ Listen you! <_>
You are one inch off now away!
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: lolz okai then haha i just eddited a pc for me u nd d day :) besides the fact that my girl has pretty big jugs its purrrfeecccttt!!
FameMonster / Confidential: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Decorated%20images/Animefriends52.jpg)
It just hates you don't it?
They are huge...
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: so u fix that... and i dnt stalk himmm!! and lookin at this pic reminded me tht i used to have a shirt like hers :P lolz
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: and yaa they are!! i was like oh my gosh can u make em any bigger! they stick out like a sore thumb... or a sore jug lolz
FameMonster / Confidential: I found a few awesome pictures for Robby when Bob is in flashback mode. Haha.
Pffftttt xD
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: well lemme see lemme see lemme seeeee!!! and wheres kay?
FameMonster / Confidential: I'm not done editting them.
<.< >.>
He's lurking...I know he is. watch him pop up...
WalkMe / Kalvin Brown: I'm creating a post for another RP.
Sorry. Going to be slow.
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: yeaa... come on kay! come on come out WHEREVER u r... (i searches for)
FameMonster / Confidential: Well stop typin!
Pay attention to your future wives you mormon!
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: haha i found him found him yaahhhh im so awesome lolz!
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: hrm?
future wives??
FameMonster / Confidential: I spelt that so wrong.
He was born in Utah where those creepy mormans or whatever! live...
He wants husbands and wives?
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: okaii then lolz hahaha well i gtg buz beck wants to go on so i.ll ttyllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WalkMe / Kalvin Brown: I was born in Rhode Island you idiot...
I gatta finish this post then leave so bibi YakYak.
FameMonster / Confidential: You deserters. @.@
SHUT UP KAY! SHUDD UP! I was close?
Where you live now???Whut state?
Gatta finish Robby's pictures.~+~
FameMonster / Confidential: Here Robby. I found a few pictures unless you got a better one.
#1(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/the_summer_never_ends__by_LittleBla.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/snap_happy__by_milkboxer.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/summer_breeze__by_circledot.jpg)
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: my favorite flashback piccy is the one on the dock... thats more flashbacky than the one where hes chewin' on grass lolz
FameMonster / Kallin Kevin Kluxx: bit if i just missed you there is going to be murder. murder!
FameMonster / Kallin Kevin Kluxx: *Destroys the chat then goes back to her typing.*
FameMonster / Confidential: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/121860
Dere we go.
FameMonster / Toby Mederios: My Neko for the orphanage is made.
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: anyone on?? hmm hmm hmmmm?! kay? yakyak?! anyone!!!
FameMonster / Toby Mederios: Why would anyone be on?
Besides I went to the Lockin remember????
WalkMe / Kalvin Brown: When you are bored my dear YakYak, you are dumb....
FameMonster / WalkMe And MonstahCakes: Shudd up?
FameMonster / Morgan Cameron: h2 ADNAMA!
What do you say to a Cafe rather then an Orphange????
We could have Neko maids and Robby would be the manager <3
I found some awesome pictures too! And One for Kay if he wants in.
h2 TITLE:Is That Your Chain?-Invite Only-
h3 Setting!
After you have taken a long walk of this forest path you come along a cute little building. Sweet smells fill the air around this place, the smell of cakes and cookies.
You decide to step in for a bit and as the little bell rings upon your entry a few girls glance around and smile largely, the cat ears upon thier heads twitching, "Welcome!" They all call, one with white hair and black ears showing you to a table.
As she trots away to get your order you take a look around, seeing that there isn't a single human around here, you want to know what's up with this place...Why everything is so different.
But as you spend the night, the nekos show their true colors, can you survive or will you be consumed by their trickery?
h4 (u Rules:)
1.No cyber.
2.Limited Swearing.
3.No OOC
4.Atleast ten sentences.
5.We Invite People.
Character Descriptions:
(Main Characters.)
One Neko Will Be A Cross Dressing Guy. (For Kay...>.>)
One Neko Will Have Serious Respect Issues. (For Adnama.)
One Neko Will Be Obsessed With Perfection. (For Mine.)
One Neko Will Be The Rude One. (For Robby.)
Whoever is (bold You) Can Make Them However
~+~You Guys Can Change It~+~
h4 Pictures For Characters:
(bold (u You Can Always Find Your Own.))
h4 (r Kay's:)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/normal_43rf.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/sign-loveless_ritsuka4.png)
(pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/ritsuka-1.jpg)
h4 (b Adnama's:)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/angrynekomaid.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/funnyanimenekobreakinguitar.jpg)
h4 (r Robby's:)
(bold (u You Get The Manager :]))
(pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/ritsuka-towel.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Loveless003-1.jpg)
h4 (b Whoever You is.)
~+~If Girl~+~
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/98bliss7.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/techno.jpg)
~+~If Boy~+~
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/Boy0.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/RP/_matt__by_Morgen_von_Shiffer.jpg)
h4 (r Myself:)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/pritty376.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/Neko-3.jpg)
h3 Skeleton:
Who Are You:(Worker/Costumer.)
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: u theree?? yakyak where is the meadow rp?! i cant find it to make a post :P did u even invite me???
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: im goinn on paradise lost now to make characters kaii??
so a white tiger and a mouse... yup yup thats it =P haha
FameMonster / Morgan Cameron: Kaii Kaiii.
I'm here, I'm here.
Blue letters in the setttings.
I'mma make it now...
ParadiseLost: hey!! its me chocheta, u like the piccy?? ya ya i doo!! and by the way i was readin the academy thing, make the lower one the setting! its better! then just put the note down where the thingy is!! do eet do eet do eeeeeetttttt!!! lolz xD
FameMonster / Morgan Cameron: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/121972
THEN JOIN IT!Kay did...
Post whenever. And We'll start the Cafe one later...I love that picture...Used to have it, but it was purple.
And now gatta go cause my mom is bitching about science fair...
ParadiseLost: okay then be sure to change the settings for the academy :D i like the one where its like will they graduate best friends?? yah yah that one! okay?? okay! im hypppeerrrr! hahaha -.- lolz so yah put the note down lowerrrrrrrrrr xD
FameMonster / Morgan Cameron: I WILL!
That's your neko's picture...
I'll edit it later or you'll do that yourself. lolz.
I'll try and stay one till I get a fricken post.
ParadiseLost: okay thats a good pic :] and where is dickinson's meadow??? i looked it up and it didnt have any results :P how will i post thennnn!?!?!!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!? AAHHHH AHHH AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz
FameMonster / Morgan Cameron: Wait...
I can't change it...It goes in an order...Idiot!
ParadiseLost: wtt??? im talkin bout the academy, for the setting u have the note, but you shld change it and make it that thing like relationships end, romances, fights, that one!! for the academy RP.
ParadiseLost: lol check out my mouseys piccy for dickinson's meadow:
lets hope this piccy goes thru!
FameMonster / Morgan Cameron: That's what I'm talking about!
It goes in an Order...I set it up like that so i can't change it..<_>
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Decorated%20images/fieldmouse.jpg)
You just are hated
ParadiseLost / Rhajan: ikr... not fun but oh well, this is the tigers pic, u like? or shld i change it? and when can u change it?? like when does the order get to u??
FameMonster / Morgan Cameron: Now the science fair isn't fun >|
Whatever you want.
Dunno...just does
ParadiseLost: tell me hw u like this piccy, shld it be for retro or me?
ParadiseLost: well i want u to change the setting :| when the order gets to u... >:P
FameMonster / Morgan Cameron: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Decorated%20images/retro.jpg)
lolz you
ParadiseLost: okay hey dont u like rileys piccy! hes so random lolz, just like where ish my sock!?! haha i laughed xD and u... must... change...!!! once the order gets to u XD
FameMonster / Morgan Cameron: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/121972
I'll change it after you fill the skeleton out for this RP and MAKE your neko charrie...
I gatta go so DOOO EEEET!
And after you post for The meadow of course
ParadiseLost: okay okay! i will, im gunna make rileys posts funnier than rhajans lolz hes gunna be a random little spaz ha ha and the skelley.... ummm do i just post tht in the normal space... oh wait... yes yes u do, i.ll get on that then :D
FameMonster / Morgan Cameron: (pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/angrynekomaid-1.jpg)
Here's the picture editted for your charrie!
Hope ti works. >.< And I posted.
RILEY IS SO CUTE!!! Where's my sock?! And the Doritos xD
FameMonster / Morgan Cameron: Okaiiii.
We need two people who are you.
I'llbe the girl on my other account.
Who wants to be the boy? Adnama?
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Testing a picture.
I editted everyone one with Lady Gaga lyrics.
Robby has teeth and Adnama Alejandro
WalkMe: Sign me up for the Animal RP. Haha.
I'll get a character
FameMonster / Sebastian Michaelis: Alright Kay, you're in :P Haha. Be sure to post soon.
Hey, I think you watch it Kuroshitsuji? Wanna make an RP about it sometime?
WalkMe: I'd love to!
I wanna be Sebastian >|
Get Chocheta to watch that, she might like it then we can get her to play Ceil. Or the ditsy maid...
LovelyShame: Hey KK, I FINALLY POSTED!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! PRAISE JESUS!!!! (well, I still have NESA to go, but whatever, I'm happy)
Btw, do you have the link or something like that for James Perry (the cafe)?
FameMonster: To this picture?
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/NekoBoy.jpg)
WalkMe: Oh Crud!
I never posted in Dickinson's Meadow! I'll try and get one up later! promise!
LovelyShame: don't you hate it when you walk into a room to talk to somebody and you see somebody else that catches your attention, so you end up looking at them while talking to the other person? Or am I just totally crazy? Probably the second one.
FameMonster: I know Robby. I got distracted by the picture of Lelouch too. ~+~Cries.~+~ HE DIES! Dx
And he never even got it on with Kallin...He died a virgin!
<.< I think...
FameMonster: So.....
Does Robby have posty for YakYak?
LovelyShame: soon, very soon. i'm working on it. fyi, i do NOT work well under stress lolz
LovelyShame: Yak Yak. Lol. I love that name. Yak yak yak yak yak...
WalkMe / Boyo: You're dirty YakYak.
It matters if someone dies a virgin? haha...
<_< I'ma go get that post.
FameMonster: Yeay you two better post! I'm annoyed at both of you!
Not to mention I had to save yo' butt ROBERT!
I have something to tell you!
But...You cannot tell ANYONE!
I'm not dirty Kay.
Just...Well...He was what eighteen? I mean come on! he should have had secks already.
LovelyShame: I'm sorry, I'm just a little confused. Whaddya talking about?????
FameMonster: The last few sentences are to WalkMe. Ignore them.
Me and X were at the basketball game. Right right?
And he was telling me about what Chris was telling him.
Like what he wants to do to certain girls.
Turns out Chris really does take it up the butt.
LovelyShame: kk can you get me the link for the bob saggit flashback? Pretty please? And one other question, is it possible to insert a picture in the middle of a post? For example, at the beginning of my post I want the regular Bob picture. But when he goes into the flashback, I want the picture to become like the one you have. Is that possible?
FameMonster: ~+~Feels like what she just typed was useless and sniffles.~+~
( Pic link here )
All squished together.
Except there's a space between Pic and link. THAT'S THE ONLY SPACE.
It should look like this if you do it right.
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/the_summer_never_ends__by_LittleBla.jpg)
WalkMe / Boyo: Isn't that the three inch...Banana dude? x] You told me more then that YakYak. Doesn't he **** himself as well? Beyond me how someone is that flexible.
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Kay...
You should show him how a real gay do.
I dun see a post sweetie >:(
it scares me too.
Did I tell you bout him wanting to finger a girl's...not the front Kay.
WalkMe / Boyo: What.
Oh yes! I dropped the F bomb!
Even I don't think about things like that!
NO! Ew! Ew! Ew!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Avoiding the subject?
yeay...Creeps me out too. EEEE!!!!! BAD WORD! I'm telling mamma! ~+~Starts to run, but pauses.~+~ I'm Mamma... .-.
LovelyShame: Ok it says it has been deleted? Crrrrrap.
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: I didn't delete it though.
Driving me up a frikken wall here!
WalkMe / Boyo: I'll do it tomorrow after school!
(i Runs out.)
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: h2 WHAT'S THAT?! TOMORROW?! BISH YOU DEAD TOMORROW!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: I just realized something!
Chris said that he knew more about girls than me.
I am a girl...You can't say you know a girl more than herself...Idiot.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Finally I'm back from the casems of the oh what the heck I couldn't get on the internet for a while. What happen why is the everyone mad all of the sudden?
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Hello Ethan!
Do me a quick favor and fill this out for the OOC.
It's about you not your characters.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: ?????
OOC, what's that?
what's orientation?
please explain I have been away for a while.
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: This is an OOC.
OOC=Out Of Character.
Here you just act as yourself and do not RP...Make sense?
Are you gay? Straight? Lesbian?
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Name: Ethan Augustus Hipp
Age: 14 going on 15 in May
Orientation: straight
likes: art, video games, reading cool comics and other books, quietness, Earth powers, peace
dislikes: people who quit to quickly, arrogance, anger, disorder, any thing BADWRONG
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: thank-you
Now I must go and finish editting the new pictures.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: ?_?
Pictures? I can't see my picture now. =(
so what happened as I was gone
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Hmph
That sucks...
Nothing really...
Made a couple new RP's though.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ok. What is they about? I don't nose about hows to find them
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Well they're kind of Lit...And you aren't very Literate. <.<
Literate=You post About A Page.
One is about animals in a meadow the other a cafe with nekos.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Not now just slurring the "S".
Which do you think I'm suited for?
I am now Ok with cats ,just not the ones that don't like me.
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Semi-Literate RPs.
Semi-Lit=Three to eight sentences.
But it also depends of the person.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Alright. I'll see if I like them Ok. I'm having to listen to Romeo and Juliet.
Do you like Splinter Cell?
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: See if whut?
Splinter Cell?
That game is old, but I used to play it alot.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: They have new ones!
I'm playing them a lot lately. That and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Really?
Sounds fun.
Can you see this picture?
You said something bout liking KH and I think he's from KH...
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Pic%20Edits/mkf2xc.jpg)
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: sorry can't see the picture. describe it please
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: He has long white hair and a blindfold...
I'm not if it's leather, but it looks like a robe...
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: RIKU?!?!
The Way To Dawn Key Blade!!!!
He is one of my favorites but Roxas, Organization XIII's #13 the Key blade weilder, and his friends Axel and Xion.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: I'm guessing I did a good job then?
(i Yush!)
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I like Riku but I like Roxas more. Roxas has blond hair, blue eyes, and two key blades. Or maybe Axel, the guy with big red spiky hair and looks like Reno from FF7.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: (waits for people to talk and no gay people please)
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: (forgot to talk dog) woof woof woof.......woof bark bark..bark
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: check this out it so funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj0mtxXEGE8
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: gosh finally im back at my original character
Synyster / .:Christian:.: please let me b on my original character now for the love of god
Synyster / .:Christian:.: sweet finally srry if u guys dnt want me on this too bad muhahahaha
Synyster / .:Christian:.: BURN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muhahahahahahahahahahaha i know im annoying
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Hello? hello? still here?
I heard barking and came to check on what's up.
Oh, hello what are you talking about?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: This is a message for WalkMe, since I'm too lazy to message him.
Kay, you can't describe the whole gay thing with Kalvin too much in our RP. Okay?
He cans till be Bi, gay whatever, just don't describe too much if he has little fantasies. Haha.
Sorry, but...yeah.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Whaz? what happen to the cool song?
I love that song =(
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: I noticed you changed the settings to the OOC again. When I get my piccy link?! :D
No problemo. I'll lay off it fo' sho'
No more gay ness.
And since you changed it why not post the story?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Alright. I made these pictures. @.@
Everyone who doesn't already have an Ackhart character make one.
Amanda and Robby. >.>
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/16254_105649736113866_1000000652088.jpg)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/20080701234333_1_.jpg)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/Neko-2.jpg)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/1247733047751.jpg)
~+~Stares at Kay.~+~
You are so confusing...
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Mwuhahah.
(i Coughs.)
Off to post for a few RP's....
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: ....
I want to know what happen to the ROCK OF AGES!!!!
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: *sigh*
I'm bored I think I'll wait for someone to talk and till then I will run around with my Oblivion and Oathkeeper, kill some heartless, nobodies and even some unverse.
I am bored and tiered from this guy trying to kill me in the strangest ways(that part was real not a game).
Synyster / .:Christian:.: so u finally do remember this time IM SO FLATTERED!!!! But your to late! (roxas brings out 2 keyblades) TWO! BURN BABY!!!!
Synyster / .:Christian:.: (yawn) it so boring when i talk to myself about kh but it so fun to keep looking at axel put his whole being into an attack
Synyster / .:Christian:.: muhahahahaha friggin bunny is here!!!
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: ok now friggin bunny is here tremble in fear
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: for k.k. i hope this shows up for you
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: still waits for people to start talking
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: still keeps waiting and im really bored
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: ...
My Heart belongs to me!
You like Kingdom Hearts too?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: @.@
That picture is...<.< Yeay...
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: back muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i know annoying
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: hello hey kk u their dnt leave me alone
Synyster / .:Christian:.: BURN BABY!!! I am axel no one can deafeat me muhahahaha
Synyster / .:Christian:.: for those of u kingdom hearts fans check this out 1 of my fave battles
Synyster / .:Christian:.: http://www.gametrailers.com/user-movie/kingdom-hearts-2-roxas-vs/214590
FameMonster / Kierstin Marshmellow: Sorry.
Making an RP.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: im not doing anything andrew is being gay right now dont wrry
FameMonster / Lovely Retro Monster: Oh...Kaiii.
My picture is my picture.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: your so mean to me u dnt care about my feelings i am a wolf
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: I care!
That's the link to the RP.
Friggen Bunneh
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: lol now u do until we actually leave this class and get on with our lives XD
13thprotector / Auron Gyllus: Get on with what?
Oh hey there he goes....
I always come at the end of a conversation. <_>
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Hello y'all!! Imma yokel!! I'm sorry if I come off queer, it's just..because..well...I dunno...:(
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: h2 YOKEL!!!!! <_> BWUHAHAHAH >:3
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: back u fools i am the guard dog/axel/friggin bunny
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: crackpot: a very foolish person.
(By the way, thesauruses are very useful.)
Synyster / .:Christian:.: yay back to my axel character again this guy is so beast
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Just recently I found out how to spell a very bad word. Fagot, not faggit. I still like faggit better though.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Nuuu!!!
The crackpot wrote a letter to the president.
bad word?
Synyster / .:Christian:.: uncle robby dont make fun of yourself it aint good for yourself esteem
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Is it just me, or does it smell like up dog in here?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Not that again.@.@
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: i do' care nothin foo cuz i do' have no self-esteem cracka
FameMonster: Robby...<.< You are so far from gangsta' it ain't funneh.
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: you know what...................
FameMonster: It means a boy from the country!
A Simple boy...
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: why is Christiam wearin' a skirt. He's a Scot!!!
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Or he could be gay, either one... (I certainly hope not)
FameMonster: He's bi.
~+~Cough. Cough.~+~
Stop rushing me!
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: YOU NEED TO BE RUSHED!!! BY DANG, ya need ta be rushed!
FameMonster: Shudd up!
Shudd up!
Why do you care?!
I like girly guys...they girly
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: I'm sorry!!!! Forgive my poor, wreched soul!! :(
FameMonster: Forgive yew?!
Paint. <3
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Oh, my. We are so weird, aren't we?
FameMonster: Just you Robby.
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: MONTY PYTHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: King Arthur was my favorite...too bad he was gay...]:
FameMonster: rejhbg kjakjfsagkjagkjghfdahjafdjghjhk hgllg
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Well, not in the movie, but Graham Chapman, the actor.
FameMonster: fdgm,fsdlgkjfsdlkgjdfjglkgjfdjgklfjdglkdfs
FameMonster: iownyoubish!own!own!youcan'tbeatmeitypefastermwuhahahaha
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: I am delighted that I have learned a new word today. Rejhbg.
FameMonster: whateves! stop being jealous of my...craxiness!
FameMonster: youknooowwww???? I watch Airgear every night and it seems like porn
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Rejhbg: When weird girls type random things into computers so they can beat their fellow friend in typing their post first.
FameMonster: this is so unfair. i need like other things to say???
h1 I WINN! <_>
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: I'm sorry those of you who are wondering what the heck is going on. Me and YakYak are havin a little face-off.
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: krgjokraengeorfgojsdaGdsfgnoIEbewrgf
FameMonster: a face off?! A face off?@?!?!?!?
Bish! You won't win. Cause I can wait like thirty seconds!
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Ah so a competition....
leave me out of it....
unless I'm a late judge.
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Hey YakYak:
I am Charlie the Unicorn in yer meadow. Is this okey dokey?
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: I could probably change the picture, but I dunno if you would like it or not.
FameMonster: h2 CHARLIE!!!!
Banana! :D
Candy mountain!
At B-Ball game.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Bwuhahahah
Can't say anything bad bout this pictre.
~+~Coughs then goes to bed, telling Adnama to check her PM's.~+~
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: What's your name?
What’s your number?
I'm glad I came,
Can you take my order?
Shudd up Hoe!
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: My name is Kay.
My number is 4.
I'm glad you came.
A side of me in your ****s? ;]
I'm not ya' hoe!
Synyster / .:Christian:.: Muhahahahahaha AXEL IS BACK!! BURN BABY!!!!!!!!
Synyster / Grimmjow Esapada #6: Hahahahaha finally im back Grimmjow Jaggerjack is Espada number 6 once Again!!!!!
Synyster / Grimmjow Esapada #6: oh and i spelled espada wrong because i was typing to fast so dont judge me
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Oh hey Grimmjow I think I'm #13 can you guess who I am???????
Synyster / Grimmjow Esapada #6: srry afk for a minute their so number 13 eh
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Oh yeah do you know who Axel was before he was a Nobody???
Synyster / Grimmjow Esapada #6: duh dude i played all the damn kh games its my favorite game series
Synyster / .:Christian:.: hey u cant see any pictures or did u fix that problem already cause this axel one is pretty sweet
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: No you haven't!!!
you haven't played KH Coded or Birth by Sleep or the Final Mix!!!
Synyster / .:Christian:.: ok well i go to go now see ya later man and mabye we can talk about kingdom hearts a little later on bye XD
Synyster / .:Christian:.: and yes i have played those but the final mix didnt come out yet i think it came out in japan idk but im just waiting till english version it guna b so fun yay
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Oh yeah they're gonna be fun just look and see who will come in Birth by Sleep
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Charlie!! The magical amulet, Charlie!! We must return it to the banana king!! Or else, there will be 1,000 years of daaaaarknesssss!!!
I'm very sorry. I really have nothing better to do than watch Charlie the Unicorn.
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Well, I do, but...well...ya know, you just gotta love Charlie!
Blacknekogrl / Jenn: hey....o.o yakyak's cousin....
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Ah Ha!!!
Oh hay there. don't mind me I'm just jumping in and checking up on everything....
I dun know where Yak Yak is.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: ... I'm wanting a different pic....
strange 0_0'
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I can finnaly see it......
I'm scarred.... (tears going down cheek)
I'll take the pic of Riku now.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: YakYak isn't here obviously.
You'll just have to wait...
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: This pic of riku is awesome!!
she just pmed me a minute ago....
statement: Probably urgent matters to attend to.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: My son looks...Like...nevermind.
She's probably eating something? o-o
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Now I HAVE THE WAY TO DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or the Soul Eater, but now I must fight Roxas and take his Oblivion Key
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: What is it thy means my master.............
wort wort wort
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Huh?
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: this pic reminds me of a video and song I saw called "3 doors down a kingdom hearts showdown" It's freaking awesome!!!!
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: oh just wondering what you ment by the words "my son looks like... nevermind" ?
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Oh. Just ignore that.
Sorry Slow. Looking for a picture :D
I'm not one for Kingdom hearts....
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I put the riku pic on so so so I am ok I can't see most pics at all when I do get to see them I DON'T LIKE SURPRISES!!!!
WalkMe / Boyo And Famey: You should like surprises!
This picure is nice. ^^
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: No the surprise I didn't like was seeing a pic someone picks out for you and you can't see it and when you do see it it freaks the heck out of you.....
WalkMe / Boyo And Famey: I wouldn't know. Lulz.
I can see every picture.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I can't see any at some times, I hate it (working on a school network won't be able to contact any of you over summer)
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VItlS-Z5594
watch this. If you're not a kingdom hearts fan please watch it because it is friggin awesome!!
spoiler: the guy with baggy pants(name:Terra) is in love with the girl with blue hair(name:Aqua) and the guy who looks like Roxas is like a son to them(name:Ventus) (notice the names (i Earth, Water,Wind)) but they are still all just friends. also the scary guy who has a hunch is the bad guy(obvious)(name:master Xerenort) and the other guy is his apprentice(name:Vanitas). Don't worry about Terra and Aqua fighting, they just act like an old married couple(they won't argue they literally fight, Aqua always wins).
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/Cafe/angrynekomaid-1.jpg
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: what? watch my video It's COOL!!! ^_^
ParadiseLost: hey hye hey i luvv this piccy!!!! :D LUV IT I TELL U!!!
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: *falls down and cries*
I can't see IT!!!! =(
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Lady Gaga performances are awesome.
I'm putting the paparazzi one up.
And our themesong it Casada Fever <3
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I can't comment much on this because I don't rightly know who Lady Gaga is.
FameMonster / Kitty And Fluffy: We'll just say she's awesome?
13thprotector / Alum: ............
Ok but all I know is that she dresses up for every scene and sings a lot....
I'd still much prefer the Eagles, or any other rock bands I know,
but ok....
she's awesome.
FameMonster / Kitty And Fluffy: You can perfer who you want xD
But Lady Gaga is always going to be favorite and Owl City. <3 All of us love Lady Gaga here xD
If you ever want to listen to her I got links to her performances in the settings.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I cannot connect to your links from the closed network I am on. I will have to go to the library to do that.
FameMonster / Kitty And Fluffy: Awww.
She has an excellant voice. <3
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I have heard some songs, but the songs I heard didn't sound all that great. But I promise to listen to another one of her songs if if if if if if ...... if you listen to some of the Eagles, or any of the Greatest 80's Hits, and just tell me if you like it, alright.
FameMonster / Kitty And Fluffy: I listen to old bands!
Aerosmith, I don't really like the Eagles.
Oh! Elvis is old, but I enjoy istening to him. ^^
13thprotector / Alum: I mean the One Hit Wonders of the 80's and all the others. Aerosmith is awesome but I meant all the others, stuff you probably haven't ever heard of
FameMonster / Kitty And Fluffy: Probably. Haha.
I don't care much for the old stuff.
Sorry...Though most is good.
13thprotector / Alum: What about Blondie?
They're Great! ^_^
13thprotector / Alum: But, Yak Yak, you seem more like a 70's or 60's fan to me. Have you heard of the Belamy Bros.(70's band)?
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Can someone help me I made an RP and want to put some pics on it and I don't know how to....
FameMonster / Kitty And Fluffy: To put a picture up put
( Pic link ) All squished together, just make sure the word pic and the link is apart.
I know a few songs by Blondie.
I do?
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I'll try. You really do seem like you would like the 70's and 60's a lot(Elvis is a 60's and 70's guy). Have you ever heard of the Bellamy Bros. ?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Can't see Allen's stomach!
I found such a pretty picture.
Synyster / .:Christian:.: ? you hate me u always say bad things about i have a soul to u know
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Christian aren't you the Kingdom hearts fan here? if you are check out my RP called Nobodies (Kingdom Hearts story)
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Who said i hated you?
I'mma make that practice thread naow.
Synyster / .:Christian:.: o hello ethan and yes i am a kh fan a very big fan
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: ........
Why are you arguing?
Did someone say something wrong?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Oh Ethan.
Christian is still being taught how to RP...
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: ya i suck at rp i started a year ago but didnt go on because mamma kept making fun of me T.T
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Well it sounded like an argument and I am good at solving problems through compromise
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: hey u said u have 358/2 days right dude we have to play sometime to bad u dnt live near me XD
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: They needed to make it with large wifi signal but they killed that to give a secrete ending and extra characters.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: y cant they think about the fans of kingdom hearts they so stupid im mad now >:(
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: But the extra characters are still good ^_^ right?
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: w/e anyways your mexican so dnt talk to me XD
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: WHA!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
I'm not full Mexican and what do you have against Mexicans?
and and I was born in Louisiana
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: lol im jk dude calm yourself geez since your a kh fan i dnt hate u XD
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: But what do you have against Mexicans?
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: CHRISTIAN!
You are being deported
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: its nothing u should concern yourself with riku now stop asking
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: He is one of my best characters since I got the Way to Dawn weapon for him.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: your suppose to be acting out riku wow u failed y do u think i said its nothing you should concern yourself with riku wow u fail
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: This is an OOC. you don't act like characters...Idiots.
This picture is cute ^^
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Sorry didn't know what you ment. I haven't played the game in a few weeks.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: idc i act like whoever i want to idc if its an ooc this my place i rule with an iron fist OBEY THE FIST!!
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: Christian...
I rule with an iron fist! And I can always delete your comments and lock you out :)
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: fine u want to b like that do it see if i care its not like if i want to b in this ooc anyways hahahahaha anyways i will b in ethans rp anyways even though i dnt know how to rp me and him like kingdom hearts so hahahaha
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: We offered to teach you!
Wait till Robert get's here.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: ha wats robert guna do preach me to death hahahaha
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: Nuuu...
Well Maybe xD
But seriously.
He's offering to help you.
Can't you just accept it?
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Why are you arguing I'm confused between two Rps
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: your being mean to me y should i u only care about yourself and love yourself ur just like gaara T.T
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: ...
We're offering to teach you how to RP Christian.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: ya but not in a very nice way u make me feel like im an outcast
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: No we aren't.
It;s not our fault you're not as good as us, but were trying TO HELP you get as good as us.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: sure u r and ethan damn u talk hrry and talk about kh well bye g2g
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I could help I learned quick just by studying other RPs
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: Adnama are you hewe????/
Please say yes!
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I don't think she's coming but I've been wrong
FameMonster / Kay Marian: Crushing my hope!
Me and my friend Robby, Ethan, are creating a practice RP.
I'm working on the details of it now and I was wondering if you'd like to learn from us...
Well you have that RP with me, but there'll be two Lit people teaching you this time...And Robby is better at the spelling and whut not than me.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I'll check it out and I just use spell check. I kinda figured stuff out though, knowing more is just going to be better help, where do I go?
FameMonster / :Bloody Rose:: It isn't made yet.
We're still working on the settings and stuff.
Yeay. Spellcheck is good.
We're going to try and help people get their posts longer and have good quality too.
It'll be made tomorrow probably.
13thprotector / Alum: I'll check in tomorrow then....
you have so many profiles you know I only have Ethan Ackheart,Alum,Auron Gyllus, and the dark side.
FameMonster / Kay Marian: Yeay.
If not tomorrow...Soon xD
I have alot of RP's I'm in o-o Plus I use more than one character in a couple. Like The Academy I have about four. Haha.
And these two(Kay Marian and Bloody Rose) are for the new RP we're making.
Normal girl by day, murderer of criminals at night working for the company Rejhbg which is lead by LovelyShame. xD
I like the sound of that actually.
13thprotector / Alum: Wow that's a lot, well any way I'll check in tomorrow and the next day to see what you've got alright
WalkMe / Boyo: Whenever you make that YakYak, lemme know. I'd love to help out. Haha. MMMVegas. x] Anyway, yeah. Lemme know, you know I'm capable of teaching. Haha.
FameMonster / Kay Marian: Alrighty Kay. haha. MmmVegas. I know you are. i know.
i will ethan don't worry. haha. i hope you'll like it though...kind of darkish and whatnot.
13thprotector / Alum: I'm use to that you know. Lots of dark thoughts covered by Apathy in my head I think I'll like it, just let me know when it's done.
FameMonster / Kay Marian: Oh...
Wanna help with the plot a bit?
Or maybe I should discuss this all with my classmates huh? :|
If only the were on!
13thprotector / Alum: I can help I'm good at that, or is it at bending people's minds, anyway I'll help what's it about?
FameMonster / Kay Marian: In the cover of the night there’s an organization working to rid their city of criminals, people suspected to be criminals and people associated with them. They are known as Rejhbg, the company that is hidden from view of the public and I underground. Only chosen people are selected from the entire city of New York to work here. And the director of this great place just so happens to be The Lovely Shame, or so he is called, no one knows the man’s true name.
One specific worker this story follows is Kay Marian, a sweet twenty year old girl. Or so she appears during the day. As soon as the sun sets she is put to work. She changes into a black dress with purple lining and is handed a pair of chains with daggers. At night she becomes the (I (r Bloody Rose))), the one sent out to kill everyone.
And tonight who just happens to be the unlucky victim? (Christian’s Character’s Name Here.) The Bloody Rose has never failed, but will he be able to escape the woman? Haha. Good luck.
Another person we’ll be following is the director himself. Everyone has always wondered what Lovely Shame’s real name was and the worker, (Kay’s Character’s Name Here,) is set on finding it out. The worker has an edge though, he manages everything for the director and maybe he could blackmail it out of him?
>>I went to do something real quick, but here's the basic plot thingy.<<
13thprotector / Alum: Yeah that all seems great!
It's like a detective story in all black and white newspaper style,
I love stories like that! ^_^
I'll defiantly join and if I think of anything you can put in I'll let you know because nothing comes to mind right now it seems great already, all I can say is put multiple crimes to lead up to the main and put large plot twists to make it seem even better! ^_^
FameMonster / Kay Marian: You really think so?!
Haha. Well i just need something for your character to fit in then we're all set. I'm going to just..Send that to Robert.
Yup...The Rp will probably be up late tomorrow. In te afternoon a bit after school. Haha. Either he or I will make it, but anyway...yeay.
I'm out for the night.
13thprotector / Alum: Me I could be a witness or sidekick, or what ever I'll have to think a little on that I'll come in a bit late then Ok
FameMonster / Kay Marian: Ethan if you are on can you tell me which character you will be using in the RP?
I can't make it without his name...
And don't use a exsisting character, part of this RP is to form characters and make them unique...
13thprotector / Alum: hmmm
I think I'll go with a new one named Carth Onasi.
>>if you look up the name he is one of my fav characters.<<
FameMonster / Kay Marian: He's from Star Wars though...
You need your own character that you thought up. :|
Part of the RP is to build up Creativity...
Anything else?
13thprotector / Alum: Then just Carth, I have met a guy with that name and I think it is cool, I do sort of act like him at sometimes.
13thprotector / Alum: Besides that is just the first name that comes to mind right now. I like that name.
How old are the characters suppose to be?
FameMonster / Kay Marian: They are supposed to be in their early twenties and late twenties....
WalkMe / Zak Smith: It's been made?
I'mma just post so I have it in me history.
Sexc charrie and all >.>
13thprotector / Alum: Alright the character will be made momentarily.
FameMonster / Kay Marian: Haha. Alright Kay. I love him! Specially the hat :)
Alright Ethan. I sent you the link and everything.
13thprotector / Alum: I'm coming! Can't wait to get on this RP
FameMonster / Kay Marian: I think it's going to be lots of fun x)
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: (i Hi people, how are you all doing, good i hope XD)
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: (i Christian Ackhart (a.k.a. GuardWolf))
FameMonster / Kay Marian: o-o
Lookz kewlz in italics...
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: Hello, anybody their? "waits for people to talk".
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: One day imma gona to Malta to bigga hotell
In the morning i go down to eat a breakfast
I tell the waitress i wanna 2 pisses of toast
She brings me only one piss
I tell her i wanna to piss
She says go to the toilet
I say you dont understand
I want to piss on my plate
She say you better no piss on the plate
You son of a bitch!
I dont even know the lady
And she calls me a son of a bitch
I go to eat at a bigga resturant
The waitress bring me a spoon and
a knife, but no fork!
I tell her i wanna the fuck
She tellin me everyone wanna fuck
I tell her you dont understand
I wanna fucka on the table
She say you better not fuck on the table
You son of a bitch!
So i go back to my room in a hotel
And there is no sheeats on the bed
Call the manager and im tellin him i wanna shit!
He tellin me go to the toilet
I say you dont understand
I wanna shit on my bed!
He say you better not shit on my bed
You son of you bitch!
I go to the check out
and the man in the desk says
Peace on you, i said piss on you too
you son of a bitch!
FameMonster / Kay Marian: I am here like yeay.
Did you see the RP by any chance?
Your post is next afterall...
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: No, I did not see the post mamma yakyak
FameMonster / Kay Marian: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/123741
There you go. Copy and paste that into the adress bar...You should know how to do that.
Your characters name is in the RP..Read everything, all the rules and read the post I made...Make your post like that alright? Like in book format...Best I can describe it.
Synyster / Ricardo Sanchez: i am ricardo sanchez the best mexican criminal their is XD
FameMonster / Kay Marian: That picture is hilious xDBut needs to be smaller o-o
Synyster / Ricardo Sanchez: awww pic went away too bad it was perfect to
FameMonster / Kay Marian: <.<
You mexicano!
I find da bestest pictures...
Yup yup.
Synyster / Ricardo Sanchez: i am ricardo sanchez the 2nd best of the best mexicans their is XD
Synyster / Grimmjow Esapada #6: ok dammit they keep getting band mabye because of me XD
ParadiseLost: yo pplz, retrogaga aint loadin up so yaa i cnt post tonight
:((((( srrryy!!!!!
Synyster / Grimmjow Esapada #6: good cause i didnt post in the 1st place haha
FameMonster / Kay Marian: NUUU ADNAMA!
Oh well...
Can you stay and talk though?
ParadiseLost: yah tht was actually meant for yakyak but its ok, its in 2 of her RP's so yea, oh wait... i can post in 1!!!! but i wont cuz the post isnt typed up yett :( lol
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: YOOO I WAS PUTTIN THE WRONG PASS IN LOLZ!!! >.<
FameMonster / Kierstin Marshmellow: Smart Amanda xD
Haha. I love you! In a friend way you know :P
Guess what!
The practice RP is made! <3
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: FRIGGIN BUNNY IS HERE PEEPS OBEY ME NOW!!!!!
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: YAY YAY lol friggin bunny... LOVE EEETTT!!! and i just watched the video to P!NK please dont leave me??? whos seen it?? its mad funny!!!
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: kaii pplz imma go post in the academy!!! pce out home dawgs!!! (as fred would say)
FameMonster / Kierstin Marshmellow: Kaiii Amanda! See yah whenever.
Okaii Christian. Here's the pictures for your character.
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/j.jpg)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/c98d661d297fa19899e6df7c43bc3faf.jpg)
Choose whichever you want. ^^
WalkMe / Zak Smith: Thought he was supposed to be Mexican? That's right, I read back...
FameMonster: I read ir Amanda.
Excellent xD Haha.
Poor Kallin X)
this video makes me smile...
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: KAY KAYYYY!!!! WAT WAS THE CHARACTERS NAME FOR FANG IN MAXIMUM RIDE??!?! UGHH just tell me at skool tomoro :P
FameMonster: how bout just a picture? grrr. haha. hot ain't he?
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/MV5BMTMwMjQ0NTAzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTc.jpg)
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: imma make ms smith now so yeah, imma do the practice RP on retrogaga
13thprotector / the dark side: Hi there I don't think I have ever talked to you I'm Ethan Ackheart, well in this RP
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: oh ok, hello ethan, no i've never talked to you, and this isn't an RP, its OOC :D but famey made a practice RP and im in it too... i think you are too
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: Yeah I am in it, well I just call this an RP because well it's in the RP section you know.
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: yup yup i know whatcha mean, im in that RP too, im Katherine "Katy" Smith, Kay's (whos is Zac Smith) sis in the RP, not in RL XD
13thprotector / Carth Onasi: I'm the criminal Carth did you see my attorney-at-law?
I like him so I don't have to kill my victims he does
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: niceee i gatta pick a piccy for Katy Smith, imma post some pics, help me pick em
FameMonster: ....posting for Andrew.
And you can't use that picture Ethan...
13thprotector / Carth Onasi: Alright I'll work with this, monkey while your at it.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: so theres this:
or this:
possibly this:
or maybe in a diff color:
if they dont load up plz copy the
http thing)
so that you can see the piccys
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: yakyak u gotta help meee!!!! im hated!! :P lolz
13thprotector / Alum: sorry I can't see stuff from photobucket I hate that about my school internet.
FameMonster: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/anime_girl_with_gun.jpg)
or this:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/23c43e21.jpg)
possibly this:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/anime_girl-3.jpg)
or maybe in a diff color:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/anime_girl-1.jpg)
FameMonster: Number one and four are seen everywhere, but I've never see the color for that one in three. Haha.
Two is awesome. Here's a couple pictures I thought you might like.
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/382105639_l.jpg)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/45a8cb36.jpg)
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: which piccy??? i needz help so i can make the character, her full name is Katherine Smith, for the most part ppl call her Katy except for when its either really important or flat out serious buisness kaii?? i think its kewl >.- :P haha
13thprotector / Alum: still I can't see them I'm really sorry about that.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: its the same piccy right??? yea yea it is and ok, not one or four, then imma have to go wit sumthin else >.<
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: (pic
maybe this?? i luv this pic lolz
FameMonster: Hrm...
I'm ganna look for something Kaii?
I like the color hair in three and number two is pretty frikken awesome. I'm changed the order though...
FameMonster: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/purpleanimegirlcopy.jpg)
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: okaii check out what i just posted, yet it STILL didnt go thru >.c
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: i dont care what anyone says, this pic is awesome
FameMonster: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/cloak.jpg)
FameMonster: Oh Oh!
This one Manddddyyyy!!!!! xD
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/gun.jpg)
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: ok so help me pic one out, the girl wit the red hair is awesome, but so is the one wit the cloak, and im tryin to find a pic for raven in flashback, i got 2 pics, maybe 3 right now
FameMonster: My vote is for the girl with black hair pointing her gun at you. >.> The one with two guns.
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: so this?
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: come on stop being so slow cmon cmon cmon pplz type type type type type!!! YAKYAK!!
13thprotector / Alum: you know you don't have to put the whole address down if the person can see the pic.
FameMonster: Yup yup this one(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/23c43e21.jpg)
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: ok i'll use that one... possibly... i may use the one wit the girl layin on the couch wit the red and black hair, now time to help me find a flashback piccy for Ms. Raven Barr :D
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: btw how old is Ms. Smith gunna be?? im makin her character right now
FameMonster: She should be in her twenties...
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: aight imma put tht shes 22 i think thatll be fine, now off i go to make her vharacter
retrogaga / Katherine &amp;quot;K: ok here she is :D i rly like her and now help me find a piccy for raven in a flashback
retrogaga / Katherine &quot;Katy&: see if the pic for katy goes thru this time...
retrogaga / Katherine &amp;quot;K: YAY!! now imma get the links for raven in a flashback, but make it qwick cuz i gatta log off soon >.<
FameMonster: ...um...
Did you...Um...o-o Put a apostrophe or something? Her name is messed...
retrogaga / Katherine &amp;amp;qu: ok so theres this one:
or this:
or this one, whatever:
or maybe this:
and this is the last one:
now copy and paste.. QUICKLY and help me pick... QUICKLY! lol
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: hurry up!! and when i log out go on my account (retrogaga) and delete her and make a new character without the quotations.. i put Katherine "Katy" Smith as the name so yea, can u just put Katherine Smith??? thx and keep the piccy i have, the girl wit the black and red hair
FameMonster: h2 Last one
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/field.jpg)
or this:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Field-boyandgirl.jpg)
or this one, whatever:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/z1205968991.jpg)
or maybe this:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/726960643_l.jpg)
and this is the last one:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Zara_282429.jpg)
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: ok im logging out, go on, delet the character (katherine) and change it to just katherine smith. thx then can you pick out a flashback pic for Raven?? i like the one where the girl is in the black and white striped shirt, so make that her pic (u can make a new character for raven in a flashback) but i gtg so ttyl :D!!!!!!!
retrogaga / Miss Katherine Smith: Your welcome...I'll edit the picture later for Raven though. You don't have to make another character, just put the picture like in the middle of your post. Like Robert's.
WalkMe / Zak Smith: Chocheta is my sissy in the rp? Haha! I'm excited cause she totally roxxx sooxxxx you now? :P
FameMonster: This is funny story.
22.I have a new pickup line..."Are you a vampire? 'Cause you dazzle me!"
The End.
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: hey y'all!!! how are ya's!!! Imma feeling like a yokel 2nite!! lol i'm sorry i am just tired.
FameMonster: I have to leave in like seven minutes. :(
Robby hates me.
Robby hates YakYak.
I just realized there's no school tomorrow.
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: I DO NOT HATE YakYak!!!! That's the last thing I would think of. And yes, you are correct. There is no school tomorrow. I dare you to go anyway.
retrogaga / Raven Barr: heyhey pplz wats upp?!?!?! im on again imma type up meh post for littleyellowduckies so imma go on ParadiseLost
ParadiseLost: hello hello hello!!! anyone here??? huh huh huh! sum1 talk talk talk and kaykay when you see this just know that I'm sorry bout my post for littleyellowduckies... it was wicked short >.<
ParadiseLost: ok...
first off I do have to make a diff character because the piccys never show up in my posts remember???? yea
what did u mean by sissy? me or sum1 else??? and do (i I) rock your socks?!?!?! :D if so than THX THX THX!!! if not... oh >.- lolz ha ha :P
retrogaga / Raven Barr: KAYKAY KAYKAY KAYKAY I GOT GREAT NEWS!!! WE GOT ONE MORE PERSON FOR THE PRACTICE RP!! brooklyn decided to make and ES and shes gunna make some characters and start roleplaying but we can teach her kaiiii????? ok so imma help her wit some characters and btw can she be in dickinsons meadow or no?? lemme know alright?? imma have her make a few animal characters anyways and then she'll have some other ones, i'll get her a pic wit a gun just in case shes gunna be a criminal or a good guy, the gun thing works either way, so yea, off i go... oh and btw her username is bk616 in case she posts in her to drop in and say hi :D
bk616: hey this is brooklyn im just posting on here with amanda to get this OOC on my history :) hope to talk to you guys later byee!!
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: FYI YakYak and Adnama: I will probably start writing my posts. They will most likely lengthen my posts, which I defintely want. I think they're too short.
FameMonster: David posted in the Practice RP.
He did good and all, but he killed Riacrdo.
I'mma have to mark some corrections and shizz net.
Alright Brooklyn I will have you post after David Alright? So the order is changing. AGAIN.
I'll it you a picture of cours.
She can join every RP, but the Academy of course! :D Haha. Glad you came to join us Brooklyn. <3
Alright Robby.
I knew you didn't hate me xD
WalkMe / Boyo: I'm guessing you have two accounts Chocheta? :3 I don't call anyone else CHocheta so like yeah! (i Hair Flip.) wait...I have no hair to flip. it's all short! D: You do roxx soxxx. pink striped soxxx...Well any color really....
retrogaga / Raven Barr: ok so brooklyn has 2 charcters she can use... she has Jordan Lee Cash and she has that piccy u luvved, the one with 2 guns or enrique santos... so u pick how she can fit into the plot kaii??
and thx kay!! ur so awesome <3 :D lol
FameMonster: I'll think she'll work as a girl who follows The Bloody Rose around you know?
Like someone who records her killings and how she does it, and helps her if there's so many guys and she can't handle them.
She posts after David.
Jordan Lee Cash. <3
retrogaga / Raven Barr: kaykay r u still on??? plz still be on preety plzz and i got a good idea fot the practice RP!!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Still here and did you read what i put below?
retrogaga / Raven Barr: the thing about david killing ricardo?? forgive me sometimes the O button doesnt work on meh computer
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Oh. david is going to fix that tonight. that's kaii. haha. my keyboard is bleh today too....o-o
retrogaga / Raven Barr: kk kewl, imma try and spell everything rong to try an avoid using the O button lulz and 4 the practice RP when we grade stuff we shuld make anuther character 4 the teacher thing, thats what im doin, im debating over Master Retro or Profesor GaGa... lulz an i got piccys that prbably wont load up!!! >.<
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: when do they ever? haha.
yeay. i'm always here to help out with those.
improper! improper! i hate the shift key e.e
obygee! that sounds kewlz! *goes picturehunting<3*
retrogaga / Raven Barr: haha ok, so how does the extra charcter sound??? imma make it... now i must choose between Master Retro or Profesor GaGa :D!!! i luvv profesor gaga actually
FameMonster / Miss Monster: professsor gaga.
i lyk the sound of dose characters dere <3
like mine? MM!
M&M o-o
crap i used shift!
retrogaga / Raven Barr: lol well its good, imma put up some piccys in a min... just findin a few more...
FameMonster / Miss Monster: ..
yew no lyk her.
kai kai
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: ok here we go...
heres the first one:
and the 2nd:
or there's this...:
and then we have thees one:
or possibly this:
and then heres yet another:
maybe this one would work:
shes kewl but ummm... quite large:
and then this is brooklyns character:
and last but not least, Raven's flashback piccy:
FameMonster / Miss Monster: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/teacher_good.jpg)
and the 2nd:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/anime_girl_4324-1.jpg)
or there's this...:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/TT41.jpg)
and then we have thees one:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/white.jpg)
or possibly this:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/1147596876_ereareyou-1.jpg)
and then heres yet another:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/941834jjijjw3qwt.jpg)
maybe this one would work:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/f53ead80.jpg)
shes kewl but ummm... quite large:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Eri.jpg)
and then this is brooklyns character:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/23c43e21.jpg)
and last but not least, Raven's flashback piccy:
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/z1205968991.jpg)
FameMonster / Miss Monster: the blonde is deidara from naruto o-o
that's a dude! haha xD
that lady has huge boobs da fawk?
the first one i was thinking about that one too till i found miss purple here xD
i would go with three or four.
they are the best.
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: ok so what should i pic? hmm?? any ideas??
FameMonster / Miss Monster: ....Read below...
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: i was thinking 4 or 6... i really like 6 cuz shes got a huuuggee sword and well its amazazing!!! and dont u like ravens flashback pic?
FameMonster / Miss Monster: Two have them have awesome swords. xD
I like her flashback pic. never said didn't. lolz
Grade david?
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: kk i wanna read it!! whats the link or the name of the RP?? i wanna seeeee lolz and imma pic one of em later
FameMonster / Miss Monster: Practice Makes Better.
Robert needs to post...I need to fix the order...
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: ok kay kay I'm here and i need help getting started...
FameMonster / Miss Monster: (bold (i Getting A Picture Up:))
Step One:Find a good picture you like and copy it to your album on Photobucket, you want that just incase the user who had the picture before might have been inactive for 90 days and you can't use that photo anymore.
Step Two:Copy the direct link, but take out Http:// and past the link into the character;s picture box at the bottom of the creation form.
Step Three:Save the character and hope that you linked the picture correctly. If it didn't work you should make sure all the Htt:// part is out.
(i Here's A Picture You May Like For Ricardo Sanchez:)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/j.jpg)
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: ig2g ill try and get a pic up when im on next ok! ty bye!!!
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: ello, i really liked david's post... it was really good for his first one!! he just may end up being better than me O.O lolz
FameMonster / Miss Monster: amanda...
you are the best.
no one can beat yew! D<
but yes it was excellant. for his first time to o-o
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: awww so sweet <3 lolz i actually think i've gotten better at the whole role playing thingy... but i was so mad at christian when he said i was better than robby, considering he cant even write more than 5 sentences >.<
FameMonster / Miss Monster: pissed me off too!
i wanna do this to him ~+`points at this amazingly awesome picture of some dude with a gun~+~
i wanted to hit him i really did. he kept saying we weren't trying to help him yet there we were giving him advice...
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: yes, yes i know, so mean too, probably why robby posted that he was gunna work harder at his posts and make em better and longer, he didnt show it but i think that got to him...
FameMonster / Miss Monster: yeay...that's why i kicked christian out actually.
i'm sick of that bullshit i don't need it...we don't need it >.>
and...i'm going to warn you, we're going to need to work hard with Ethan...
like...really Hard
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: seriously? really hard?? whyy??? how bad is he? like on a scale of 1-10...
FameMonster / Miss Monster: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/120562
examples of hs psts....
and like...
10 is worst right?
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: yup yup... 10 is the wrst, 1 is the best, so pretty much base it on a scale of retrogaga-10 lol jkjk
FameMonster / Miss Monster: famemonster-10....
i won't allow one liners..i refuse.
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: one liners are terrible and ummm wow those posts were ummm wow... thats all can say besides i luv the saltwater room by owl city!!!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: *shivers.*
scary huh?
i know aren't they?
i'm in the mood to spam a oneliner rp...wanna do it with me? xD
that's a good song! haha.
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: suree why not? what suckish RP are we gunna spam??
FameMonster / Miss Monster: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/123482
we'll spam this OOC. cause the girl who made it said is turned on by chicks with diks...
that's what futanari is.
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: ok so how do i spam her? and thats fillerfillerfiller thing is wicked gay... they cant even post 35 charcters?!?! gosh... and thats freaking nasty!!!! gosh, and she got that gross piccy with the girl pretty much topless :/ creepy...
FameMonster / Miss Monster: Did you see what i put?
we keep putting stupid stuff up there xD
i know ain't it?
you should see the picture in her RP and in her other chat...
FameMonster / Miss Monster: this picture will amaze you so much the other disgusting picture shall be blown away. <3
retrogaga / Nicole Bieber: oooohhhh its sooo cool!! look im gay:
fillerfillerfiller!!!! :B (<<<thats a lil buck toothed nerd)
FameMonster / Miss Monster: ew
you queer!
haha. ive never met a chick like that, just ew...
imma spam with Yaoi. <3
i hate that...
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: imma queer???? waat?
heyy check out this piccy i chose for profesor GaGa!! i luvv it sooo sooo much <3 lolz
FameMonster / Miss Monster: your a queer??? whut???
it needs to be smaller.
and yez?
cutenes <3
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: ok this one is definitely much better, and smaller, i tried to make it smaller but it didnt work >.<
FameMonster / Miss Monster: whatch mean it nuuu work?
that picture is very purty.
i'm lookin for the anime or game that chick is from. i love the pictures of her...o3o
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: yup yup, i just editted it so it says profesor gaga!! yaayy!!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: That look totally awesome there missy!
we need robby to post in practice thingy so i can make (r (u bloody rose's)) intro, then we can see what brooklyn can do...haha -excited- :D :D :D
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: yea... just give her time... shes 12 and yahhh lolz so she is gunna need help, i've some of her writings and well she has potential
FameMonster / Miss Monster: i'm sure she'll be fine.
with the posts we have we're giving her alot to work with...i will and twelve is a bit early to start...o-o she'll be better then us when she's our age....
i like guyxguy stuff for some odd reason.
i was watching yaoi this morning and totally was like, "wow..."
i'm messed in da head....
FameMonster / Miss Monster: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/116879
oh gawd.
this rp is wretched
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: yesh u r and i told her she was sorta young t strt but she said NOOO I WANNA JOIN so i was like finneee, i was thinkin of havin her start on dickinsons meadow...
FameMonster / Miss Monster: i think the practice rp is better for her, 'cause it was made to help and correct those who want to improve a bit...
david doesn't need much work, you and Robby didn't need any you got it right away.
we won't start on someone.
and Ethan i dunno how that's ganna go down.
thnkyew :]
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: lolz so u never aswered meh question... how bad is ethan?? on a scale of 1-10 one being the best 10 being the worst... and yea thats true but that setting is just too cool for noobs to ruin >.< lolz its takes elite skills to do an RP like that (no pun intended)
FameMonster / Miss Monster: i did.
i put 10...
didn't you see?
and his posts you say them correct?
i don't wanna be mean but...really.
pun intended!
WalkMe / Boyo: I like Charlie the Unicorn xD
Haha. Sorry I just had to add that and I'm going to read more posts from you guys. o-o I love you all...
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: lolz yea but dont u agree???? the setting for the practice makes better thingy is way too cool to be ruined by people who dont know how to RP... and by the way did i tell u i got the 5th maximum ride book?
FameMonster / Miss Monster: you did not tell me that...but i read it...ON MORE MONTH!
i know the plot is awesome ain't it?
i worked so hard on that and we are going to make everyone we teach awesome! >:o
Kay...i lov yew too? lets get marrieD?
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: okk finee a toast to making ppl awesome :P ugh and OMG ITS KAY! lolz btw i do have 2 accounts, one is a back up (ParadiseLost)
WalkMe / Boyo: Oh-Mii_Gawsh!
it's Chocheta!!!
Do I get to be a profesor?
I gatta go. >.< Waaah! Me no get to chit chatty with the awesom chicahs. DX Yeay Yak..Lets get married and have retarded kids.
buh bye my darlings!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: like...wine? i don't have wine so..*munches on actual toast.*
sweet! hey! D:< no dissin our children! so yeay eay???? we get married and be the queer couple?! combine our rpin' skills. pffftttt.
yew can be one of course
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: byebye kay!! ttyl and yakyak!! r we still gunna do tht rp for nightmare inspector??? we cld make up ur w mightmares :D
FameMonster / Miss Monster: ohhh yush! i forgot to write the plot out for that rp!
we'll base it like the manga, but have a totally new crew...like two bakus! xD
cause i wanna be a baku...
Kay can be a costumer!
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: okk!! i wanna be a bunch of costumers, or like a regular costumer cuz i wanna make up meh own nightmares!! that wuld be soooo awesome!! yup yup it wuld =]
FameMonster / Miss Monster: i know it would wouldn't it?
well imma go write and i have to get off anywaii soo....buh bye!
talk to yew tomorrow? maybe later o-o
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: yup yup im loggin off anywayz to read maximum ride!! buh byez!!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: adnama!!!!!
i'm tryin to get my cousin to join the practice thingy!!!
i fail
you excited to get this nightmare inspector rp movin???
i'm finishing the plot and shizznet
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: ello!!! adnama goddess of the elks/chocheta here!! whats up pplz :D
FameMonster / Miss Monster: you lozzzeeeerrrrr
david is here
my spider sense is tingling xD
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: I am i still cant figur out how to put a pic up lolz... I'm pathetic :(
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: lolz david if u give me the link to the piccy u want and private message me ur pass than i could put it up lolz
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: could you find me a cool anime pic plzz!!! I'm no good a finding any good ones lol!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: you is hackin accounts...
i have instructions!
(bold (i Getting A Picture Up:))
Step One:Find a good picture you like and copy it to your album on Photobucket, you want that just incase the user who had the picture before might have been inactive for 90 days and you can't use that photo anymore.
Step Two:Copy the direct link, but take out Http:// and past the link into the character;s picture box at the bottom of the creation form.
Step Three:Save the character and hope that you linked the picture correctly. If it didn't work you should make sure all the Htt:// part is out.
(i Here's A Picture You May Like For Ricardo Sanchez:)
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/j.jpg)
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: okk np, i find awesome ones :D but can u private message me ur pass so i can add the piccy??
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: I IZ NOT HACKIN ACCOUNTS >.< you phsyco!!! imma sue u one day... just cuz i can! thats right!
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: i just dont think my computer is normal! stupid thing lol hope it worked
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: yesssss!!! thank you kk!!! thanx for nothing amanda :P!!!!!
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: u both suck u know that!!!! yea u do!! i own ur asses ANYDAY!! mmhmm... and kaykay how do u make big letters :P
FameMonster / Miss Monster: But that picture is for ricardo nuu david o-o
oh you put H2 before the sentence...
make sure it isn't capitolized.
h3 hai!
i know all the italics thingies i own you anyday! take thar!
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: h2 blah blah blah urg plz be 35 charcters!!!!!!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: your welcome loserrrr
we needz idearzzz
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: lolz h2 im not a loser!! haha
where did david go?!?! did he dieeee?? lolz
whats the name/link for the nightmare inspector RP??
FameMonster / Miss Monster: it isnt made yet moron!
i said we need ideas
david is not dead he's lurking
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: nope I'm still here!!! yak yak everytime i try to put another pic it does'nt work for me it will just show a box with a red x
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: okiee haha so ideas... likee???? i could use my girl/wolf character and she could have some sort of nightmare about that... she could be one of the characters but my regular customer is gunna have to be someone else... i'll make h2 yet another character!
lolz i love using the big letters haha
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: yet they big letters arent working.... what am i doing rong!?!?! its not fair!!! urg ES hates me >.<
FameMonster / Miss Monster: What's the link david?
you might not be linking it properly.
links from facebook, myspace don't work. Google does at time...
best if done from photobucket...make sure its the direct link as well
FameMonster / Miss Monster: amanda....i said
h2 before!
a sentence...
must always be before never in the middle
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: lolz david its really u!! haha and ok so before a sentence... like
h2 ello kaykay!!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: make sure to resize your pictures david...haha. xD picture.
yes like that.
h1 haiiii Amanda!!!!!
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: oohh why was uyrs super big lolz
h3 ello kaykay!! ello ello!!
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: h4 ooh i discovered the effects oh h3 so amazazing!!!
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: my last picture was wicked huge lolz, i need to get the hang of this soon!! i wasnt putting the direct link that was it!! yay ty!!! haha (:
FameMonster / Miss Monster: i has my secrets :3
h1 just be jealous!
h2 mmhm...
h3 watch the text
h4 just watch them
h5 funneh huh?
h6 lulz!
h7 :p
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: check out this piccy!
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: h2 lets see if i can do it probably not!! (: hahahaha
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: kaykay u copy and paste that an imma find david some kewl anime piccys
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: hey kay kay whats the pic you wanted me to used for ricardo sanchez ill add it to the rol play post!! (:
FameMonster / Miss Monster: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Decorated%20images/l_4365fd98e4d640449a03183ce82705c8.jpg)
FameMonster / Miss Monster: i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/j.jpg
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/j.jpg)
h3 here yew go!
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: ok i found one for david but i'll search for more too... here it is
FameMonster / Miss Monster: you just suck like paris hilton...
(pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Decorated%20images/AnimeVampireGuyBlack2Couch.jpg)
i had this picture a long timr ago...
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: yay!! i love it!! you guys rock my socks off! srry about the lame "rock my socks off" statement just trying to waste characters!! lol
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: (i I) suck!!! mee!! like paris hilton!! yea right!! and how am i supposed to find a piccy that u (i didnt) have! >.< lolz
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: i don't think its working for me... oh know!!!!! whatever shall i dooo xD!!!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: huh...the picture was deleted? o-o
trust me there are hundreds i don't have xD
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: lolz and yea sure there r hundreds u havent had but those hundreds suck... lolz xD
FameMonster / Miss Monster: my picture??? huh
thats true
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: fixed the problem i think!!! i just copied the pic and added it to my album!!! yay!!!
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: heres a piccy for robby, i think it fits him
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: I like the pic you chose for rob! c Kay Kay amanda is good at finding some good pics shes not totaly worthless!!! lol
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: yay david! so u like the piccy? cuz i love it, dont u love how he dropped the cigar in it?? u probably didnt notice it knowing you but oh well haha and kaykay, yes yes u are :D and hopefully some of that has rubbed off on me :) lolz
FameMonster / Miss Monster: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Decorated%20images/_Everything_is_changing__by_Lasaro.jpg)
FameMonster / Miss Monster: i'm stealing this picture
cropping it and making it mine
h2 bwuhahaha
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: you evil thief!!!! Amanda searched hard for that picture lol!!!
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: ok well thats freaking huge lolz here try this
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: NUUU!!!! u betta not!!! thats for robby!! no no nooo! >.< noo kaykay thats for him, he seems like the kinda person who would sit in the rain with a flower! not u >.< no no no! lolz haha
retrogaga / Profesor GaGa: this piccy can be for you... its kewl :D
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: you gys need to add me to the ackhart faimly profile thingy you guys had set up! ditch Christian and have me instead lol!!!! plzzzz!! haha
FameMonster / Miss Monster: (pic http://i492.photobucket.com/albums/rr288/Love-Has-No-Boundries/goth8.jpg)
fill out the form david and i'll edit the picture when i get home
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: ikow why it keeps saying it moved the pic or its been deleted because in the link you have http://i492.photobucket.com/albums/rr288/Love-Has-No-Boundries/goth8.jpg) there is sopose to not have a ) after jpg!
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: (pic
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: what form do you want me to fill out and how do i get to it plz! (:
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: nope it still didnt go thru, lets face it pplz... im hated!! lolz oh well thats why kaykay is here to save me! haha... btw i just read fangs post... i luv it!!! and can u post a picture of the kid playing fang in the maximum ride movie?? thx kaykay, and im off to hunt for a picture for amanda pruett, she needs a diff one
FameMonster / Miss Monster: you have to have closing parethensis when posting it on a rp or something...
i dislike that picture very much amanda o-o too dark...
retrogaga / RetroGaGa: ok here is amandas new picture:
i think its perfect because it looks like shes daydreaming bout Fang <3 lolz meh dream bf haha
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: i figured that you wouldnt like it, she looks evil haha thats why i chose it!
h2 muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
for stealing robbys piccy! lolz
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo perty!!!!! lol ;) i could dig that one lolz!!!!!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: (pic http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu222/magicmanda4/Decorated%20images/mesexy.jpg)
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: ok how r u pplz seeing this is i cant!!! i need to know these things i reslly do! and i wish fang was real!!! lolz how randommm of mee >.<
FameMonster / Miss Monster: looks like shes having durty thoughts...
h1 you want in his pants!
the picture is screaming that
ParadiseLost / Amanda Pruett: ok haha here is her new piccy, i really like this one, it looks like shes daydreaming bout fang <3
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: omg im gonna go read maximum ride im like 25 pages away from finishing i love it sooo much thanx again amanda!!!!! bye guys!!!
ParadiseLost / Amanda Pruett: =O
h2 i dont not want in his pants!!!! no no no!!
and it only looks like shes having durty thoughts if u do...
wow kaykay that saya a lot bout ur character... >.< lolz
ParadiseLost / Amanda Pruett: byebye david!! enjoy!! ttyl kaii?? and i gatta go kaykay!! byebyezz!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: buh bye david
h2 daydreaming about what?! huh?!
h1 durtyyyyy thoughts!!!!!
ParadiseLost / Amanda Pruett: NO! NOT DURTY THOUGHTSS! maybe ur the one with durty thoughts.. mhmm and u want to get into fangs pants!!
"not i" said the blondie!! lolz
FameMonster / Miss Monster: we all know i'm perverted
i watch yaoi remember???
ParadiseLost / Amanda Pruett: she doesnt!! she looks like shes daydreaming!! and now i gtg so i'll ttyl!! SHE DOESNT WANNA GET IN HIS PANTS! ha good bye!!!!!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: i change my mind...
youre right she doesn't look like that...
but she does look funneh, but kute at the same time.
h2 sasuke!!!!
h3 i lyk him
h4 ooohhhhhh
h5 little text haha
h6 robbbbyyyyyyyy neeedddssss toooo geeetttt oooonnnn!!!!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/124260
h1 Amanda!
here's the nightmare inspector rp.
inspector of nightmares
do you wanna be the worker? or just a costumer?
i had a good idea. why not make some of the nightmare real ones?
like...we can use the rp for whenever we have a nightmare and they go in there to see what they mean?
we can find out what our real dreams mean!!!
h2 lolz!
Blacknekogrl / Jenn: hi kay
happy now?
i said hi
so ha!
13thprotector / Alum: I don't like that order.... I'm last and I'm impatient. Why do you do these things to me.
13thprotector / Alum: it says "Nobodies (kingdom hearts story)" find that and that is mine.
Synyster / .:Christian:.: can i be axel he so cool and i have the picture of him putting his whole being into an attack but nobodies dnt really have beings XD
13thprotector / Alum: Well I'm sorry but without me knowing what happen to Axel after KH2 I can't say. But your nobody can act like Axel.
FameMonster / Miss Monster: I'm sorry you're last Ethan, but that's how it goes. Good posts take time...Not five minutes...
Christian you're not welcome here anymore. :]
13thprotector / Alum: Why is he not welcome any more I don't see a problem with him.
FameMonster / Miss Monster: You'd only know if you went to school with us Ethan. I don't feel like talking about it either.
Christian you know what you did, don't even try and pass it off that I hate you.
13thprotector / Alum: But your still friends right? Friends pick on each other a lot it happened to me all last few years.
Synyster / .:Christian:.: idk its up to her soooooo idk if we are if she says ya then ya but if no then no i dnt really care though even though my life is already shit
13thprotector / Alum: still what is an OOC? I don't know that.
FameMonster / Miss Monster: I am not his friend, doubt I have ever been his friend. Now get out Christian
13thprotector / Martin Styles: Life is what you make of it, just believe in yourself and others and you will have a fine life.
13thprotector / Alum: Well I still think you're all friends you just act like it, why else would you be together.
FameMonster / Miss Monster: Be together?
We aren't together.
It's just Me, David, Robert and Amanda...
Christian never was my friend so don't even say we still are friends.
13thprotector / Alum: well why else would he be on your RP. your friends but in a way that you don't know. I use to have a friend like that, he thinks I hate him but I really miss having him around.
FameMonster / Miss Monster: Robert was going to teach him, but he would bitch to us on how we wouldn't help him when we were trying to. I never liked him and that's that, I only allowed him here simply cause Robert wanted to help him...Because of what he did to Robert, he was been banned and I dislike him more. :]
13thprotector / Alum: But then he's just like my brothers. They will cry and whine about everything but when it all comes down to it I would give my life to save theirs.
Synyster / .:Christian:.: hey ethan i made an ooc or watever it called kingdom hearts (ooc) make sure to come join it anytime u like read this b4 its to late XD
FameMonster / Miss Monster: Like I've said before Ethan, I just don't care.
Don't try and act like you know, cause you don't...
13thprotector / Alum: I know I don't but I just want everyone to get along, I've seen what happens when they don't and what happen last time something like this happened I couldn't live with myself and it was all because I got angry to quickly and acted like I hated the person. He now has sworn to kill me and has gotten right close to doing it.
13thprotector / Alum: But no mater what I'll always try to help my friends I will help my friends in anything.
FameMonster / Miss Monster: Exactly you don't know what happened and we didn't ask for help in the manner so therefor don't bother. I'm sorry about what happened to you, but don't feel bad for us or Christian, he got what he deserved...
FameMonster / Miss Monster: i saw yew on Facebook!
you heard about what christian did correct?
i need to get another picture for our family! :o
cause...no more christian and you're in his place :D
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: no i didnt here what Christian did but im sure it was stupid and thats y i agree lol! yes we need a new pic!!! (:
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: i like that picture. haha. it's backwards! :D
well he said in front of Robert that he wanted amanda to be his teacher cause she was way better.
and that isn't even true.
so robert is upset and trying to get his posts better when they're fine!
Whatcha think of this picture?
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: what a bafoon! ive seen some of Roberts writing for " the acadamy" it is absolutly amazing!!!! Robert owns!!!! No offence to amanda of course, she rocks too! but Christian is being such an idiot!! uhhhh
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: I like the picture by the way! lol i forgot to mention it my last post because Christians idiotic behavior got me sooo mad lolz
FameMonster: this picture would look better editted on picnik, but my comp sucks right now so bleh, i don't feel like having it crash on me.
that he is, robert and amanda are both amazing, neither is better then the other.
and for yout first time you are amazing.
you'll be better than me in no time!
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: awww thank you yak yak!!!! OMG finished maximum ride today when i got home from school and I'm starting the 2nd book tonight!!! :D
FameMonster / Miss Monster: obyjebus!
isn't it awesome?!
i loooovvveeeee it!
so much.
t's totally awesome, i'm spastic for the movie!
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: IK!!! Comes out in fall!!! can't wait! me, u, and amanda are going to be phsyco fans!!! lol Soooo are they like combining the first 2 books into one movie???? thats what i heard???
FameMonster / Miss Monster: i think that's what they're doing.
not to sure.
i hope they do a good job!
psycho fans!
oh David.
You want in on the Nightmare inspector rp?
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: sure!!! can't wait to see what this one is going to be about!!!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/124260
well there's the link.
i think it's kewlz.
oh. and hows this for the fmily photo?
(Pic http://i748.photobucket.com/albums/xx123/NeonGreenCat/animeclassroom.jpg)
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: oooo looks interesting!!! so am i going to be a customer!!!????
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: i like the picture because it is at school and that is the one thing we all suffer through together lol :P
FameMonster / Miss Monster: yes.
that be true.
we need amanda to post in that as the worker though...
she has so many posts to make :[
isn't is awesome?
that is now the family photo.
plus there's an extra person so in case someone else joins in.
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: yayyy! can't wait to post kay kay!! (: 35 characters 35 characters haha!
FameMonster / Miss Monster: yay!!!
i found the song i wanted!
yeay...that gets annoying at times.
i can't wait for you to post and i can see it.
FameMonster / Miss Monster: welll david
i gatta go chitchat with you at school.
yup yup.
maybe i'll be on later
doubt it though
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: ok bye MISS MONSTER!!!!!! :) talk to you at school tomorrow!
13thprotector / Alum: I'm sorry for asking that but even if he did something so terribly horrible I don't think you should be so harsh on the little guy, by what he told me he tried to make it up to you so much but you still wouldn't hear him out. He really seems to have gotten over it but I still don't know the whole situation so I can't say much more than how he is sorry and did and maybe still does want to be your friend.
FameMonster / Miss Monster: yeay.
he lies alot.
and we've cut him off, simple as that. we aren't his friend anymore...
there's other stuff he does and all he ever says is he did nothing. he does alot and we're tured of it.
13thprotector / Alum: Well I wouldn't know the whole story unless someone told me so I can't help completely...... but I would love to help out as much as I can.
WalkMe / Boyo: Well 13th protector...
Did you ever think they wanted help with their situation?
You shouldn't stick your nose where it isn't wanted...
Just telling you, cause that's two girls against one guy. Doesn't matter how many guys there are, you always lose against girls...
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Amen, Boyo!! Preach it, brotha!! Sorry, there's an excpetion w/ YakYak though. She will always lose.
WalkMe / Boyo: Haha.
I wanna be a preacher :D
I wanna live off somewhere and write.
I've had yet to meet you.
Want a Native American name?
I like your writings too.
You rock man.
You know YakYak like in real right?
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Hey, thanks!! Your posts are really good too.
I would love a Native American name. Their names are awesome.
Yeah, I also know YakYak in person. Do you?

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