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Roleplay - The Ackhart Family by Andrew Gammon / FameMonster

Page 2

WalkMe / Boyo: No I do not. Sadly. :[
That chick is whack though xD I'd love to know her.
You can be....Cheveyo. It means Spirit warrior. :]
Dunno, thought it'd suit you.
I think they suck.
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Lol I like it. Sounds cool. :)
WalkMe / Boyo: Yes!
My Native American names PWN.
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: How rude Kay.
WalkMe / Kuroboshi: Shut up...
Me? Rude?
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: Hey Yak Yak! just a quick question. is the order right for rp with ricardo sanchez and stuff???? (:
FameMonster / :Bloody Rose:: h2 RUDE!
yup yup.
that is a right order.
yup yup.
kay will be skipped next for she is bloody rose.
next is brooklyn then adnama after is kay and ethan...
then you post once again
boosterseat7 / Dynamic Disaster: ok Thank you! :) lol OMG NO SCHOOL 2MORO! AHHHHHH!!
13thprotector / Alum: (bold GIGA GASP!!!!!) They're both GIRLS!?!?!!?!?!?!?!
If I had Known I would have left them to their business, but I couldn't stand to see them fight any way >.<
FameMonster / :Bloody Rose:: No.
What Kay said was that if you interfer you'll have me and Adnama to deal with.
Christian is a guy...
13thprotector / Alum: Oh Ok, sorry if I interfered. I just wanted to help.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: yeay.
its fine.
don't worry bout it
WalkMe / Mr. Walk: Haha.
I think Mr. Walk is very attractive.
Wouldn't you (bold SAY) so (bold YAKYAK?)
(i Make a comment. I dare ya')
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: h2 His pants are undone!
h3 Does that mean he wants it?
Or maybe he's just...Ready? e.e
That's Kaito though!
13thprotector / Alum: "-" ........
well Ok alright
What now?
WalkMe / Mr. Walk: You're such a wierdo. c:
But that it is!
FameMonster / Ciel Phantomhive.: i hate using you shift bar!
go awaiii!
i used it.
h2 kuroshitsuji!
h3 we need a rp for eeet.
h4 and you need a shirt...
as we dance with the devil tonight
i deleted the nightmare inspector rp.
i'm replacing it with david's snow rp...
i might remake it later, but if not it's kuroshitsuj we're making.
i have Ciel and all <3
FameMonster / Len-Len: awww.
you guys gatta come on!
i put up the magical kitty len len song. <3
don't listen to that song you peole wouldn't like it.
maybe robert, 'cause we share the same interests....kinda.
not amanda...we only like the same manga >:(
david...me and david both like punk?
That's for Robby and david.
i made the rp...
FameMonster / Len-Len: you post then delete robby?
you are on drugs...
how dare you do such a thing to me!
h4 Check your page when you get back on...there's something there for you :)
ParadiseLost / Amanda Pruett: ello ello!!
is anyone hereee??
hmm hmm?
cmon! i need sum1 to talk toooo!!
FameMonster / Toby Mederios: what if...
i'm here adnama?
does that count!?
h2 HUH?!
h3 you monster...
h4 you know what you did...
h5 you get an AMV on your page lata!
h1 >:3
ParadiseLost: wait wait whaaa???
wtheck did i doo??
why am i a monster???
FameMonster / Toby Mederios: wtheck?!
that's what you did!
we can't spell in ooc. e.e
this is your fault.
look at what you did!
i naow type lyke dis...
ParadiseLost: okaii im flat out confusssedddd!!!
idk wat u meannn >.<
h2 just speak clearly!!!!
and wat u mean wtheck?
FameMonster / Toby Mederios: just go to your profile page and listen to that lady gaga song!
i found it just for yew ;~;
ParadiseLost: which lady gaga songggg???
and im too lazeh!!
dont feeeeel like eeet!
sorryy lol i promise i do eet lata!
FameMonster / Toby Mederios: when you promise to do it lata i know it will never be watched...
the fashion song duurrr!
andhow the hell are you to lazy?!
click (ParadiseLost) and it'll take yew there :/
h6 hoe
FameMonster / Toby Mederios: h1 I SEE HOW IT IS!
h2 i hate yew at this moment for deserting me...
ParadiseLost: sorry sorry sorry lolz i wasnt deserting you!!!
just distracted!
lols xD
ParadiseLost: i gotta go :((( i so sowwy!!!!
this time i (i am) deserting yew but its not meh choice!!
FameMonster / Toby Mederios: h3 GO DIE IN A HOLE!
h4 arm candy no longer available!
h5 whateves.
h6 buh byeee~!!!!
oh divad.
your new name.
go check out the comment i left you on your profile page.
just click (boosterseat7) >the name after your character's name<
and it'll take you there.
i put up a funneh video
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: haha saw the video you left me!!! lol Divad!!!! (:
FameMonster / Toby Mederios: that name pwns all names.
not really cause all ours are funneh.
Adnama, YakYak, Trebor and Divad!
thta video is awesome.
only found it with anime peoplez.
i made that rp divad.
it's your turn to post.
winter wonderland
WalkMe / Asuka-Chan.: All alone dear YakYak?
You must get so bored...
FameMonster / Toby Mederios: shudd up.
i watch sukisho today...
i was turned on it felt so weird o-O'
WalkMe / Asuka-Chan.: ...
You were turned on?
By little boys?
And one with long ass hair?
They aren't little...
How old are they?
They fuck. <3
FameMonster / Drocell: they're like fifteen moron...
i am not a shotacon!
how dare yew!
and actually.
i'm turned on by gays...
yup yup
you turn me on in other words. <3
not all gays do...
the ugly ass ones anywaiii
WalkMe / Asuka-Chan.: you are one!
You are!
Turned on by little boys.
and do you like old men with little kids too?!
That turn you on sick-twisted-girl?!
Gawd I love you.
Lets get married. <3
FameMonster / Drocell: screw you!
you cheated on me with a glass of orange juice!
That's right!
i see those comments...
h2 I AM NOT!
h3 Jebus.
i am not sick and twisted...
*cries in a corner because her love insulted her and tore out her heart then teased her about getting married.*
WalkMe / Boyo And Famey: I can't cheat on you if we aren't together!
h4 Gawd.
Sure you are..
Turned on by little boys having sex.
FameMonster / Drocell: you just wish i was.
cause then you'd turn me on when you're doing your brother. <3
i used the shift key on you!
i did it again!
do you know how much i hate that button?
you don't.
we are together!
you jsut don't know it yet...
you make a girl hard.
remember that?!
yes...you do.
don't act like you don't...
i want adnama to be here!
yew don't know the jokes like she doesn ;~;
that desperate fool.
like yew kay.
doin' your brother.
WalkMe / Boyo And Famey: (i gasp!)
You whore!
How dare you accuse me of such spittle!
I like the shift key!
We are not! You can ask anyone I am a Single BOIIIII~
(i Acts like I don't.)
I'm sorry, but that kid is idiotic. xD
You wish I did my brother so you could watch
FameMonster / Drocell: then whut's with the orange juice person?!
you only act like that with that person!
i need lovins too!
i hate it!
just like i hate yew.:)
that he is...that he is.
gawd! nu!
i don't need to see him getting done up the ass...go fawk someone your age then i'll be turned on?
WalkMe / Boyo And Famey: That's none of yo' business.
I will...
FameMonster / Drocell: happy valentines day jerkward.
is that how yew spell eeet?
didn't even ask me to be your valentine...
i used shift...
ParadiseLost: ello ello
anyone heree??
hmm hmm?
cmon sumonesss gatta be here!
happy v day pplz!!!
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: hey adnama you still here?? I'm here!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: dang it...she left.
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Wait...am I supposed to post in the academy as Derek??
FameMonster / Drocell: nuuu
you are not.
did you watch the video?!
better have.
i have to post as fly on the wall.
i went to see when in rome!
wicked funneh. <3
and i luv eminem's new song...
FameMonster / Miss Monster: you hoes...
get on rite naow and maybe i won't beat yew up.
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: yak yak!!! I must tell you that I am already halve way done with the 2nd maximum ride book! ive been reading it all vacation! lol its great!! (:
FameMonster / Miss Monster: Isn't it?!
those books roxx soxx and pown every single book...evah!
bch. i added a 'o' to pwn!
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Grrrr...
I hate it when nobody's on when I go on.
Crap. Oh well.
FameMonster / Fang -Maximum-: You have bad timing Robby.
know what you have to post in Robert????
and the cafe.
it's been 15 frikken days!
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: IK!!!! u need to stay on top of things Trebor!!! and adnama need to post in the practice rp too!! :)
WalkMe: I need to post after Chocheta.
Hmmm...YakYak needs to post in the Academy >~>
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4npUdfEmbQ
this song is epic xD haha.
amanda my parents said that you can spend the night! haha yay! yay! yay! ^0^
WalkMe / Boyo: I see how it is.
You guys all have a party and leave me out in the cold.
Love you too YakYak!
Tell me about your little adventure?
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: i'm sorry everyone i will post in the cafe in probably a day or two.
Sixteen days. Humph. Silly me.
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: HEEEYY PPLZ!!!! ;D im here world!! LUV ME <3 lolz ello robby ello yakyak O.-
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: hi kay!!! sry lolz imma go post for nicole brb!! this'll only take a miin i promiseee!!!
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: oh well yew guys are both here!
except amanda cause she vanishes every five minutes. >w>
still here?!?!
it's sebastian!
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: ok i just postEd, i added some stuff, hope you like, and im vanishing bcuz heather is going on!! ttyl :D
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: i hate you amanda...
hate yew.
buh bye anyway...
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: hey kaykay, cnt go to the movies cuz i figured out mah parents were goin awaii this weekend so yea... and i cldnt post for rhajan or anyone for that matter today cuz i waz busyyy but ova the weekend wen mah parents r awaii i can go on lots!! imma b cathcin up on all mah posts kaii?? c ya in skool tomoro!! buh bye
13thprotector / Alum: Sowy I haven't posted lately Yak Yak. My elite skills is blocked and I can only post when I break the Fire wall. This makes me sad <_> I wanna cry <__>
Well any way I do need some advice....
how do I get a girl to notice me?
I mean well I'm her friend but I don't know how to just come out and ask her out, Can you tell me how I should do it?
13thprotector / Alum: Well I'll look back and see any of your replies and sorry for being gone so long it isn't my fault the administrators want to kill fun, the are just a bunch of old creeps.
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: you told me in school today adnama haha xD alrighty...i didn't really need to respond to that hrrrmmm???
Well Ethan...lemme see. <w< you can try and impress her? give her a gift or something? do you give her hugs? if you're in the friend zone you have to be careful when you hint at how you feel...try and see how she feels first. >w> my advice sucks...
FameMonster / Lady Stephanie Guetta: testing to see if this picture is too big or not. mmhm. haha. i like her eyes though and i found you a couple amanda...
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/1x1s/purple-2.jpg)
(pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/1x1s/Laren.jpg)
WalkMe / Boyo: YakYak! D:
Guetta? Like..David. Guetta?
What is she for anyway?
(i Pester Pester.)
Tell me bout the kids in your school again.
boosterseat7 / David Arruda: Yak yak, Adnama, Trebor... I'm gonna miss you guys soo much when Im on vacation! have fun in school!! :P I'll try to keep up on any rp's if its my turn!! (:
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: alrighty Divad. we can understand if you're late in any of them. xD we'll miss you as well! have fun on vacation!
you'll find out kay. >.> jeezus so impatient...this picture ish so yew...
WalkMe / Boyo: Alright.
I'm here.
What chu want?
I do like that picture o_o
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: just wanted to say buh bye love. :3
going to a movie. <3
and me and adnama want a 1x1x1 wid yew.
WalkMe / Boyo: ...
Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?
Whatever. Have fun!
Oh...What Stephanie is for?
13thprotector / Alum: all My advice given to me is as good as yours is. Well I don't know much of what she fells but what I can feel is a radiant glow that comes from her, I have noticed manny times that see tries to push that feeling away, I can't feel that feeling and I was drawn to it. My feelings toward her are hard to explain at times, I had a girlfriend once before but she broke up with me because I was to shy and afraid to talk around her. I just don't know what to do...
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: Anybody here??
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: I'll post 4 the cafe 2moro...hopefully.
Pfffff. I'm such a d-bag. :( lol
WalkMe / Boyo: Don't diss yourself Robby! D:
But yeah...You need to post soon x)
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: ello ello anyone here??? hrm hrm?? im waaayyy to lazy 2 post for tha meadow so im not gunna!! but im wrkin on katherines post so yahh
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: well i guess no one (i is) here so i AM gunna go post for Rhajan... hope you all are happy, oh and i gatta make tht comment on kays wall x)
WalkMe / Boyo: What is this?
I missed Adnama? Chocheta?
Well damn that.
Oh. might be grounded so. >.o
ParadiseLost: u didnt miss meee!!! im here im here and ello ello elloo!!! x)
WalkMe / Boyo: CHOCHETA!
I just got your comment.
Sebastian ish smexy.
(i Cough Cough.)
That wasn't me...It was...YAKYAK!
She possessed me and crud. >.>
I LOVE the idea though.
Want me to make it since...I'm like on and yeah?
I can look for pictures other than Sebastian as well.
ParadiseLost: i stalkin yew too!! and yesh sebastian (if he was real) would be pretty hot.. so would Fang from Maximum Ride eeepp!! Mah ideal bf! Well anywayz ha ha yea u can look for piccys, and monstah had a pic of jasmine, but i must search for one... unless u luv me enough to search for an anime girl wit purple hair!!! :D
WalkMe / Boyo: Woot for stalkers! XD Haha.
Maximum Ride? :O
I shall. I shall. I probably have a couple for you. Not sure if some you'll like, but hey. PURPLE!
ParadiseLost: well put the pics up and i'll take a look, and yesh, u NEED to make maximum ride!! if u dont so help me i will cyber slap u (and not the nasty cyber on here :P)!!!! but yh that series is purely awesome, me and yakyak looovvvveeeee eet!!!! :D
WalkMe / Boyo: Alrighty. Alrighty. Haha.
I saw the book a couple times next time I go to the book store or Library I'll buy it or whatever.
Ew. I saw two illiterates cybering on here. >.o Nasty gurl. Straight sex give me shivers. No offence.
Me no want cyber slap
Then I must read this!
Here are the pictures.
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/1x1s/Purple.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/1x1s/anime_004.jpg)
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/1x1s/purpleandblack.jpg)
I'll resize them. And for the butler I kinda like this, but he ain't Sebastian. I do have this picture of Sebastian and you can chose which is better.
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/1x1s/2995956261_1692f8fc8e.jpg)
ParadiseLost: okay then, well that looks a lot like sebastian! and i like the second piccy, its kewl but imma see what yakyak had and do some of mah own photo searching, then make a decision, so yah.. can u put up the link for the second piccy tho?? pretty plz :D
WalkMe / Boyo: (Pic http://i48.tinypic.com/ap91qs.jpg)
This one?
You'll see her pics on the second page...
I'mma keep lookin'
ParadiseLost: kk thx and imma keep posting, im almost done with his post! yess! then i can forget about the meadow for a while...
WalkMe / Boyo: Oh that's right. You're posting in the Meadow.
It's the Cafe that needs to get moving. I mean come on.
ParadiseLost: ikr... 24 days!! robby needs to post already, doesnt he have to post in ur winter wonderland rp too?? i think he does... well he takes a while to post, so do i lately... i think we're all just gettin a lil lazy wit it, it'll pick up soon tho! i promiseeee lolz xD
WalkMe / Boyo: Winter Wonderland?
You have another RP?!
Oh. here's another picture for the butler dude.
You lazy children.
ParadiseLost: oh thats right... ur not in that, but dont feel bad, neither am i, me and yakyak have another one called Littleyellowduckies! (look it up and read) and we wanted one wit u so thts why where makin the one wit jasmine and watnot
WalkMe / Boyo: Poor Us xD
Anywayyyy. Alrighty. I will look that up.
Oh...Want me to make it now?
ParadiseLost: you could make it now if you want to, i have to go eat dinner, so i'll ttyl!!! :D
WalkMe / Boyo: Alrighty then.
I shall make it and post?
Seeing how I'm herefor a while longer...
See Yah around! :D
WalkMe / Boyo: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/127692
Here's the link whenever you get back.
I'll post whatever. If I don't I'm being lazy...Oh yes. I am lazy...
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: nice post kay!! i think me, u, robby, and monstah (and now that david joined, david) are some of the best roleplayers on here!! thats right!! we're awesome compared to these dumb asses who put
cuz they cant post more than 35 freaking characters!! woo! we're goddesses/gods :D
retrogaga / The Retro Gaga: by the way can u take RetroGaga/ParadiseLost off of the RP and just put ParadiseLost, if the school finds I dont want em to know that I am RetroGaga... they probably wont find the academy but its better to keep it on low key kaii??? thxx
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: hey adnama, u still here? (even though we're in the same room lol)
ParadiseLost: haha durrr im just lookin for an anime girl wit purple hair... doin a 1x1x1 wit kay and i need to find a piccy
LovelyShame / Robby Ackhart: tee hee... good luck. i bet u won't find one.
WalkMe / Boyo: And Mr. Kay is late xD
Hey Lelouch...
YakYak. :O Isn't LelouchxSuzaku like your fav yaoi couple? >.>
Hrm...I have to finish Hetalia Axis Powers...Oh yes.
I fixed that for you.
But you haven't met all the good RPers out there yet...
There's TasteMyRainbow, Kyokii, MakiOnyx, HanyouMokushi, WolvenGlade, Urisen, clarywhite wolf...The list goes on and on...>.o
Thanks for the compliment? xD Haha...
I have to say you're really good. o-o mmhm...Can i idolize you? I KID!
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: lol i know im not suppose to be posting here anymore but this is just a post for all of you freaks who love porn for serial killers lol anyways good luck with this picture.
FameMonster / Lady Stephanie Guetta: it's alright christian...you can come back now x)
kay is a heathen! whatever you spell it and how.
serial killer porn. >.o
but yes kay lelouxhxsuzaku is my favorite yaoi couple...alright?! i admitted it! wait...there's always sasunaru...>.>
kay give me and adnama time to post in 1x1x1 she's very busy right naow.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Praise God, I actually finished a post. Two more.
Thanks for putting up with me. I was just kinda in like a writing block type thing, ya know? :)
Love you guys. You are the bestest friends ever, even though it seems like I hate you most of the time. Luv y'all. (Sorry YakYak, I said y'all. I guess i can't help it, cuz imma yokel xD
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Yay Yay!
Post Post!
Happy Happy!
Joy Joy!
Ugh...too much sun shine.
I find pictures. >.>
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Go awai. >.o
i kicked yew out.
watch it!
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: ..........ummmm hi ummmm my name is friggin bunny and umm i like to party...
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: I am YakYak.
and i have bad pictures. xD
Synyster / Sieghart: Sieghart was a master Gladiator of Kanavan long, long ago. His name was legendary and his feats in battle have been recounted in history books. At one time, he alone staved off an assault of 100 goblins, a story told to children of even the smallest villages. He rejected all titles and awards bestowed upon him by nobility and left the knighthood to seek his own goals. While on his journey, he came upon the ruins of an ancient city and disappeared. After a year had passed, he was given up for dead and the entire kingdom mourned the passing of the legendary hero.
Hundreds of years have now passed, and rumors of a new knight appearing in the Bermesiah Empire were spreading across the continents. The man claimed to be the long lost hero, Sieghart and presented himself at the capital of Kanavan.
While traveling through the ancient relics of the long-gone empire, he was attacked by a great demon and put into a state of near death. Seeing his state, the gods of the Highlanders revived him and trained him with their warriors making him an immortal.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: So...
you can make a decent post!
you're semi-lit >.o
which is good...since...people usually only do one lines...:(
Synyster / Grimmjow Esapada #6: those pics are so bad but still i like them lol dont make fun of me T.T
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: do you even know who it is???
Yusei and Jack from yu-gi-oh 5d's.
im watching gravitation!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: hi kk! once again stuck in computer lab...
PshLikeYeah / DayDreamer: i think my daydreams are quite sexy >.o
did amanda tell anyone that she was going to new york?
found out through her sister...
she really does hate us ;~;
FameMonster / MonstahCakes: robbyyyyyyy
we should make an amv together :D
since your smart and could figure out all the effects and shizznet o-o
wanna wanna wannna?????
I'd have to download something, but...wouldn't it be fun?? :D
make an intro or whatever to them...
you know what an AMV is rite??
of course...i put one up on your page.
we could do one to lady gaga! :D or owl city!!!
whatcha say???
wanna try???
you probably won't see this till monday and after i tell you at school, but whatevezzz...
comeeee onnn.
amanda could help too!
have a studio o-o
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: This dude is awesome.
If you guys do make an AMV better show me it when you're done. :3
That's right!
And...Chocheta left? ;~; To New York?
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Today for lunch I ate a cheeseburger in front of one of my dad's cows. As I did, I felt a sense of guilt wash over me. I feel so cruel now. I was probably eating his cousin. :(
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Well...not realllly. I just was doing whatever I was doing and I just randomly thought of it. WEIRD.
Btw I am currently writing Derek's post which should be up soon. Trust me, it won't be 28 days this time...
Hopefully not......... :O
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: That poor cow...Must have been thinking what kind of fucked up world this is where a little boy eats cheeseburgers in front of him which might have just so happen to have been his cousin and where fourteen year old boys watched that stupid horse Spirit with the Saw Theme Music playing.
Oh yes. The world really is fucked and upside down...Eating a cheeseburger in front of a cow...:O
Oh posty posty?!
I know you're on...;D
FameMonster / :Bloody Rose:: robby that is horrible...but funny xD
you didn't really?
kay i have nothing to say to you.
cept that video in your journal is awesome!
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Isn't it?!
No one else liked it, but I was like, "Dude this is rad!"
And you liked my rant...
Now I'm off to bed. Night.
FameMonster / Ciel Phantomhive.: Fag....
christian i know you're on. go look at your page you have a comment.
Synyster / Grimmjow Esapada #6: lol how did you know oh crap i forgot about the post i put up lol evil XD
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: that is just so creepy and no i dont swing that way im not bi or gay geez
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: what the hell when i talk on this no one answers geez come on making me feel so lonely T.T
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: muhahahaha the guy with his head cut off is ito from school days yay XD
Synyster / ito: tada from the post i just put up here it is for all of you people who love porn for serial killers
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: i thought that video was pretty funny. >w>
sorry i suppose.
serial porn! :D
before anyone asks why i wasn't in school i am sick
ParadiseLost: heyy is anybody here??? yakyak plz be here... i'll give u a cookie!!!! why were u out today?!?! >.< nvm! no cookie!!
FameMonster / The Fame Monster: yah i'm here...
how are you like here?
is robby there?
haiiii robby!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: hi kaykay!!!!! how u doin?
ParadiseLost: im here bcuz mr dimanno is in georgia!! yayerz!! well sorta kinda
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: whaddya mean, sorta kinda????
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: oh i gotcha.yay!
i've been watching devan play his stupid video games all day o-o
i lauve yew guys! :D
i'm betteh now that i can talk to you two o-o devan doesn't talk much so...
ParadiseLost: noo i mean like im glad that i can FINALLY talk to yakyak (its been since thursday :(( noo!!) and i wanted to go to music, so its NOT weird!! ur weird robby! ur weird! thats right lolz and if u were yakyak u wld know tht but ur not so u dont so just SHUT UP!!! lolz jkk xD wow i can reeeaallllyyyyy talk a lot hahaha
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: That's so offensive....
GO DIE!!! :O
Synyster / ito: geez no one cares about the guy who has his head cut off jerks T.T
ParadiseLost: :(((
thats not offensive!
and i said joking!!
and i will not go die!!
wait r u seriously offended????
u never know wit u...
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: No no no no no no no no...
I mean, go live.
:) :(
ParadiseLost: okaii now i care... poor guy with his head cut off.. i mourn for yew!! haha imma say yew to make yakyak mad lolz
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: it's been since thrusday cause you frikken up and leave without another word! how was new york you little derserter?!? and
h4 If Christian was gay...o-o
i lauve that song.
~+~COughs on everyone so they get sick and are now forced to stay. STAY!~+~
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: ???????
I am surronded by a bunch of weirdos. God help me.
Synyster / ito: your weirder than my dog so dont tell me your surronded i count as 5 weirdos XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: h2 Robert is probably the weirdest man I have ever met.
h3 But he's mah bestest guy friend.
h2 Amanda is a freak. no doubt about it.
h3 But she's my friend.
h2 And Christian...
h3 You're my transvestite buddy...
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: new york was wiked fun!! i luved eet! who told u i went to new york?? lol sry i didnt say anything i didnt even know i was going till friday morning!! and i thought of yew!!!! lolz, hey can u repost that piccy for jasmine, imma make her character
ParadiseLost: lolz oops forgot to switch characters lolz xD thats meh!!!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: HAA!! I love the picture for friggin' bunny!!
Bunnys scare me..
Not really, but just...kinda...especially bunnies with big, sharp teeth. :O :<
ParadiseLost: h2 shout wat to the world!!
h4 robby is mah bestest guy ffrraanndd too
h2 christian ur still weird and take everything too literally
oh oh and im just a friend?!?!?!
i see how eet is!!
im notcha best friend!! hmph!! lolz
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Thank you KK, I am so delighted to be the weirdest person you ever met. :)!!
Rejhbg. Ha.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: your sister told me you were going. mmhm...she wanted me on friday and i was on, but...she never messaged back
hope i can find it.
h2 Robert-Chan
h3 Robert-kun?
h4 Robby-Sama!
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/1x1s/purple-2.jpg)
Synyster / ito: I AM NOT WEIRD I AM THE CUTEST BUNNY EVER RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: oops wrong character lol i failed miserably XD
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Wait??
h2 WHAT??
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: HAha Christian failed!!!!! :)
Once again...
ParadiseLost: friggin bunny ish awesome and ummm the pic is kewl and all but imma keep searchin kaii?
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: h2 I'm putting Japense endings to your name.
h3 Chan goes with a girl like Miss and kun goes with a boy...Sama means teacher.
h4 It sounds kute...o-o
I wish you luck with that.
ParadiseLost: HI ROBBY!!!! OMG ITS ROBBY! lol i havent rly tlked to u today... once again...
kaykay u gatta come backk robby neva tlks to meh when u not hereee :((( lolz he so hates me
and omg when i was in new york there was thing freaking hot latino kid and OMG! he was soooo hott!!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: h2 I AM NOT A GIRL!!!!!
That is seriously offensive...
Synyster / Ricardo Sanchez: I am the best mexican criminal their is obey me muhahahaha
ParadiseLost: (pic
OMG I LUV THIS PIC!! but yew probably already hadd eet so it doesnt matter =/ lolz
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: h3 HOT LATINO DUDE?!
Did you talk to him?
Get a number? ;D
How hot?
Like Alex Evans hot?
Fang Hot?
h3 You can use it for boys too...Just makes them seem girly. o-o
h4 ROBBY-CHAN! It's cute! D;
ParadiseLost: wait a sec... i neva called u a girl?? i said u didnt talk to me! and that was a joke, we talked a lil bit todayy
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: no not you yakyak
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: I've never seen that picture amanda.
Synyster / .:Christian:.: geez you people ignore me so much im going back to box fox you people have no respect for me what so ever and by you people yes racist way T.T
ParadiseLost: okay this guy wouldve been PERFECT for fang!!! So. Freaking. Perfect. Tall. Thin. Dark Eyes. Dark Hair. Tannish Sorta. Yesh I talked to him r u kidding?!?! He was amazazinggg!!! And he was rly kewl too! EEP! lolz and he didnt hav a fone either!! but we talked and we're gunna try and go back the same week during the summer only for seven days!! seven days with a perfect fang person!! yesss!!!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Yes, Adnama. I hate you with a BURNING PASSION!!!!!!
(pic http://i944.photobucket.com/albums/ad289/GrayTwilight417/burning-flames-yellow-fire.jpg)
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Don't ignore me naow robby-chan. >.> you can't deny the cuteness...
oh-mii-gawsh D;
you one lucky bishie.
he sounds sexy. ;3
hope you get to see him again.
be awesome if you two had a little relationship ;D
christian....we aren't ignoring you....o-o
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: omg he IS sexy!
he was amazinggg!!!
like fang in real life
and i felt like max minus the lil make out session they had lolz
then i REALLY woulda been luckky
and yahh it wld be soo awesome!! lolz
how i wish he had a fone!!!
but oh well thats ONE thing we had in common
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: You know what KK????
Imma ignore you now. Pfff. Robby-Chan. Seriously offensive.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: lolz i just realized that this must be so awkward for robby hahaha how does it feel to have girl friends?!?! well u know wat i mean... friends tht r girlz??
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: its not offensive robby!! it is cute!! u gatta admit eet! it could wit anythin like umm umm kaykay think of a name!! lolz
Synyster / .:Christian:.: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/124368
robbert u said u would now hurry up man dont be gay or ima beat you up at the end of class
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Hmm...ya think??
jk...it's fine it's not awkward or anything.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: he's probably not even paying attention to this conversation...
wait you guys didn't have anything in commen?
must have been awesome xD
h2 ROBBY-CHAN!!!! D;
(Pic http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab164/NeonBlueCat/AkiraKitty.jpg)
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: heyy check out this picture:
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: yesh we have a bunch in common!! thats just one thing lolz
he wasnt as quiet as fang, but not much louder ya know?
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: h2 CUTE IDEAS?????!!!!!
Welllll, it might be a little teeny weeny bit funny.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: h2 IT IS FUNNEH!
that's gewd amanda. haha.
so he was just normal?
not annoying like chris, but not quiet like fang.
sounds like you had fun.
oh yes...
without us!
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: it is funneh when blood spurts outta peoples ears... we shld make a comedy and have tht in it!!
tell me that wouldnt have been awesome!!
oh and btw kaykay u missed a lil bitch fight between me and myra in math... talk about funny!
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: it is funneh when blood spurts outta peoples ears... we shld make a comedy and have tht in it!!
tell me that wouldnt have been awesome!!
oh and btw kaykay u missed a lil bitch fight between me and myra in math... talk about funny!
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: i gotta go i'll be on later bell just rang byee!!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: I need the link!!!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Ok I gotta go bye everyone!!!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: here yew go ^~^
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: hey pplz is anybody heree??? hmm hmm and yakyak why werent yew in skool today!?!?! i have the right to know and OMG i have news that will make yew scream up and down in pure joy, so yew betta be on!!!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: hey adnama!! i'm on!!! secretly going on this while typing biology paper...yuck.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: omg me too!! awesome huh?? lolz how much do u have done??
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: h2 ROBBY-CHAN!!!! <333
Yeah...I'm on. Naow anyway.
I never realized how dumb All in the Family was till now.
Biology paper?!
NEws news new?!?!
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: yes yes yes!!! news news news!!! ok well its not good but its not bad either, i caught chris plagarizing today and told mrs lambalot and mr powell and tomorrow when the paper gets turned in mrs lambalot said she was gunna suspend him!!!! which is kinda good for us but it will totally suck for him... i feel sorta bad bout snitchin' and mah dad said i would lose friendz for it, but he said i did the right thing... and u guys r still mah friends righttt???? (stupid question i know!!)
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: of course i'm still your friend. i hate plagarizing. because that's stealing some one else's work...I've had a person try to steal my stories once so...>.> yah...hate it. get your own crap...really.
besides i'd understand if you'd snitch on me...cause it'd probably be for something that was a bit extreme and i needed to be corrected so. >.o
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: exactly, and im pretty sure it was someone else's report, so he was stealing their hard work!! but imagine if he got suspended.... and ur totally right, i wld only snitch on u for sumthin extreme and mrs lambalot said that she was gunna have his head on a platter and show him "copy and paste" she was wiked angry!!!!
LovelyShame / Robby-Chan: Interesting story...
I’ve only done about half a page, sadly.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: she won't rat you out. i know mrs. lambolot. she hasn't done it to me yet. but how did you catch him? in computer class? idiot...i would have screamed at him...
Who the hell does he think he is? taking someone else's work?
haha. that sure sounds like her don't it? xD
h2 ROBBY-CHAN! <3333
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: I am my own affliction
I am my own disease
There ain´t no drug that they could sell
No, there ain´t no drug to make me well
There ain't no drug
There ain´t no drug
There ain´t no drug
It´s not enough
The sickness is myself
- Chorus -
I've made a mess of me I wanna get back the rest of me
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna spend the rest of my life alive
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna reverse this tragedy
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna spend the rest of my life alive
The rest of my life alive!
We lock our souls in cages
inside these prison cells
It´s hard to free the ones you love
Ohh, when you can´t forgive yourself
Forgive yourself!
There ain´t no drug
There ain´t no drug
There ain´t no drug
The sickness is myself
- Chorus -
I've made a mess of me I wanna get back the rest of me
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna spend the rest of my life alive
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna reverse this tragedy
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna spend the rest of my life alive
The rest of my life alive!
There ain´t no drug
There ain´t no drug
There ain´t no drug
No drugs to make me well
There ain´t no drug
It´s not enough
There ain't no drug
The sickness is myself
The sickness is myself
- Chorus -
I've made a mess of me I wanna get back the rest of me
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna spend the rest of my life alive
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna reverse this tragedy
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna spend the rest of my life alive
The rest of my life aliiiive!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Sorry...
I just felt like posting that.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: i'll read it later, didn't even check it out, did u write it or no... and i have one and a half pages done, i started before dinner, and the idiot announced it in computer class!! he was like i dont care bout this stupid project im just gunna copy and paste!! stupid i know!!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: what's the name of dat song dere Robby-Chan :)
amanda...I'mma call you amanda-chan too...maybe...meh doesn't go like robby sorry. >~<
he did? dumb ass. that's so rude...he should now how much trouble he can in for that...kid needs to think before he opens his mouth or else i'll knock him a new one. if i'm there tomorrow i'm going to give him a piece of my mind.
h3 I don't feel good!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: No the song is "Mess of Me" by Switchfoot.
You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep
'Cause they'd fill the open air
And leave teardrops everywhere
You'd think me rude
But I would just stand and stare
I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance
A foxtrot above my head
A sock hop beneath my bed
A disco ball is just hanging by a thread
I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep
Leave my door open just a crack
(Please take me away from here)
'Cause I feel like such an insomniac
(Please take me away from here)
Why do I tire of counting sheep
(Please take me away from here)
When I'm far too tired to fall asleep
To ten million fireflies
I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell
But I'll know where several are
If my dreams get real bizarre
'Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar
I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep
I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep
I'd like to make myself believe
That planet earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
Because my dreams are bursting at the seams
h2 Guess what this is!!!
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: lolz oh i recognize it now, i didnt read it before lolz and i only had to read the first 7 words, and dont say anything yakyak!! hes gunna think it was yew and mah dad said to keep the fact that i said sumthin under the radar, so control yourself for me!! plzzzz :)
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: alright alright.
for you i shall keep my mouth shut.
greh. my dad said i might not be able to go to school tomorrow cause my head feels warm or whatever. I can't spend another day in this house! D:<
but yes. i will shut my mouth and...how would it be me if i wasn't there? o-o
whatever. nevermind..i'll just find some reason to yell at him.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Oh my gosh...
My little brother AJ just made me stick one of those weird batteries (not the regular ones) on my tongues. It doesn't hurt at first, but try doing it (bold 10 times!!!!!)
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: lolz idk, someone may have told yew... someone like meee!!! and is that why yew werent in school today?? cuz yew was sickk??
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: didn't i tell you already that i was?
oh someone like yew i gotcha! xD haha.
...ten times?
Robby-Chan...you're just stupid. e.e
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: I know you suffered
But I don't want you to hide
It's cold and loveless
I won't let you be denied
Soothe me
I'll make you feel pure
Trust me
You can be sure
I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart
You take your lovers that you're wicked and divine
You may be a sinner
But your innocence is mine
Please me
Show me how it's done
Tease me
You are the one
I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart
Please me
Show me how it's done
Trust me
You are the one
I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: "Undisclosed Desires" by Muse. Good song.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: h2 ROBBY-CHAN!
h3 Robby-Chan
h4 Robby-Chan.
Wanna Hear The Opening to Black Butler?
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: how old is AJ, like 7?!? why would yew be dumb enough to try that
h2 10 flippin times!!!
oh poor robby, sometimes i wonder about yew
heyhey kaykay!! is me saying (i yew) annoying (i yew) yett?? hmm hmm hmmmmmmm?????
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Hold on guys I gotta eat dinner...
See yew soon (like real soon, hopefully)!!!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7PUg0egdpE
It may sounds funny, that's cause the person messed with it...bleh. >.>
h5 not really amanda why? .-. is yew annoying yew?!
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: lolz nope its not i was just wondering hahaha
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: ....
you are so on drugs.
and i'm going to prove it and get everyone on my side.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: well alrighty then lolz but yew will NEVER find the crack roxx unda mah pillow!!!! >.<
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: so your stash is under your pillow huh? ;3
hey amanda.
can i sleep over this weekend? xD
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: i gotta ask mah parents but i think they're goin away for real this weekend... cuz there was no random glitch in the computers and their slots are filled =/ nooooo!!!! i wanted yew to sleepover sooo badd!!! >.< thats it!! its not fair!! and now i feel bad!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: ...
I was joking.
i was going to steal your stash while i was there...xD
i like switchfoot.
you are dumb. but i lauve yew.
and you need to post in our 1x1...
but not now.
some time...
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: okk sasukes post is almost done but i havent written a word since thursday, i'll getbon that tomoro thoooo =/ lolz and sorry i soooo blondeeee xD lolz
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: that's alright.
i understand. i haven't written anything either and it's morgan's post in the cafe, plus i have to post in dickinson's, but...meh. too lazy.
you are blonde. like really...
i need to make this a long kind of ooc post so we can have a decent conversation. but a decent conversation on what?
how does cobra starship sound?
maybe animals?
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: lolz well today you missed a funny fight between me and myra!! it was wiked funny lolz
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: oh oh.
pray do tell meh about it?
i must now how this went down.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: ok my words are normal and hers are red okaii??
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: alrighty.
yours are normal.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: ok so mr gallagher left the room and me and desi went up to the front cuz we had to throw sumthin out and then we grabbed scissors and i was like
Im armed and dangerous
yea really watchu gunna do about cuz yew cant stop me!!
(r REALLY?!)
then mr gallagher came back, talked a lil, then he looks at me and gives me a very qwik young lady speech the i say
Yes Yes!! Myra's harsh scolding has made me mature sooooo much more!!
(r Umm hello! I'm not deaf!!!)
Well no duh! I never said u was, sp watcha point!
(r Oh come on yew cant tell me that wasnt childish?!)
Uh heck yeah it was!
(r No I'm right-- wait a sec, THEN WHY DID YEW DO IT?!?!?!)
uh cuz i felt like it?
(r do u rly need attention that badly?!?!)
nope i get enough on my own thx tho
(r wat?!?!)
oh oh looks like yew are deaf!!
~angry glare~
nathan screams in background FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
and i was gunna get up and smack her but she wldve told and then i told her she was an idiot
(r oh grow up!! be more mature act like an adult!!)
maybe yew should just go to geometry, no one likes yew here and they're probably more mature than me
then mr gallagher walked in and she shut up (finnaly!)
and the geometry comment was funneh!!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: you really said that to her?!
amanda the way you get away with things is ridiculous! xD really.
but that comment was funny.
armed and dangerous?
just give you a spoon and we're all in trouble. xD
gawd. you are so funneh at times.
i would have laughed my ass off at that, sucks i don't have math class with you dweebs anymore.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: seriously?!?! but i gotta go, yes it was hilarious and then i turned away in the end and said just loud enough so she could hear
(i "Öh my gosh I LOVE hating her soooooo muchh!!!) and she didnt talk to me anymore!! yayerz!! lolz but buh bye beckas goin on so if robby comes back on tell him i said hi bi and c ya tomoro kaii?? well off i go, glad i could entertain yew with my funneh comments, ADIOS!!!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: you always find a way to make me smile you little nut xD
I'll see ya tomorrow hopefully, but i'm coughing again. e.e I miss yew! D; thanks for the laugh, they really made me feel better.
And i'll be sure to tell Robby-Chan.
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: muhahahahaha friggen bunny is here with a brand new invention
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: i hate it here.
LovelyShame / Robby-Chan: Hope you come to school tomorrow, YakYak. Me and Adnama have been going crazy without you!!
(pic http://i944.photobucket.com/albums/ad289/GrayTwilight417/crazy-person.jpg)
WalkMe / Boyo: Robby-Chan?
You know that's for girls right?
That is cute sounding though.
YakYak is sick?
LovelyShame / Robby-Chan: Ya, I know. She thought it was cute sounding too.
What about it is cute????
WalkMe: Hope YakYak feels better. >_>
It's like...Hrm...
Know when you hear the word kitten you think, "Aw!"
I'm guessing it's like that?
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: kay wants me to stay sick.
he's a whore like that.
h2 ROBBY-CHAN?!?!?!?!
WalkMe: Rude...
LovelyShame / Robby-Chan: Sorry...I was doing something else.
But, in all seriousness, I have to go now.
See you later!!!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: robby...
I miss mah friends!
anyway buh bye
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: no one awake to say hi to there old buddy ito come on people im dying here literally xD
Synyster / ito: darnet wrong picture again anyways the last post was meant for this picture
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NXCnHhLwJA
Synyster / ito: wow your always on stop stalking the site XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: I SAID WATCH IT!
I've been sleeping half the day moron...How would you like to be sick and can't sleep all night?!
Synyster / ito: i would be happy but that video is sad what a jerk brother to kill his own blood T.T
It's the video of the year.
I have another sad one.
Wanna see it?
Synyster / ito: if it contains yoai then no XD lol just kidding just dont want to see men kissing other men ewwwwww anyways sure put the video
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: spirit the horse movie you dumb ass...
though you'll probably like this one with saw music.
Synyster / ito: wow both amazing claps and congratz ima put these as my faves on youtube
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: ...
you are?
you like the saw one too?!
me and kay are no longer alone!
you have a youtube account and didn't add me?
h3 Christian-kun.
Synyster / ito: lol how was i suppose to know you had a youtube account and i dont like to be called christian-chan sounds gay when you put my name with it XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: that's why i said christian-kun.
sounds better.
only robby's goes with chan.
well because i put it up on here that i wanna make AMV's...with robby and amanda...o-o
Synyster / ito: http://www.youtube.com/user/xHKxSh4doWxKllr?feature=mhw4#p/f/33/5vO9ESiDXGQ here is my account for youtube be free to make fun of me XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: I ain't ganna make fun of you.
i got dibs on top bunk?
Synyster / ito: lol it from tommy boy very funny movie XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: i see.
i see.
well all my favorites you can't laugh at cause they're awesome sauce.
i left you a comment.
Synyster / ito: wow really awsome username for real no joke mine sucks though and you know it to XD did you see the black people XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: i know ain't it?
add me already!
i requested a friendship thingy.
SomethingCentral is awesome. i know.
black people?
Synyster / ito: lol here is a video from bleach i know you dont like bleach but this video is fan made and is awsome XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87VV77XoMCA
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Ulquiorra is so bad ass looking.
i like that dude.
not so much...
his form thingy is scary.
Synyster / ito: oh and are you coming to school tomorrow cause you know we need to be a group again XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: yes i am coming back to school tomorrow.
i am all better and ready to be reunited with my pals.
i missed you all so much. o-o
cept chris and nathan obviously.
Synyster / ito: lol yay im not a loser anymore lol sorry took me so long to answer
Synyster / ito: ima brb in 10 minutes ok kaykay cause i gotta do something dont worry i will comeback mabye robert will magically appear XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: robby-chan never magically appears.
i will try and wait.
i am pretty tired...
but i have to post in something so...
Synyster / ito: lol back guess it was just 5 minutes XD my brothers are doing rest of work muhahahahaha im so evil
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: wow...
you came right just when i finished my post.
hey christian.
you've watched air gear right?
Synyster / ito: ummmm I dont think so whats it about? geez i hate that rule where you hae to put 35 characters
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: just hit the enter key a few times and you don't have to.
i was just ganna go on about how awesome agito was.
he's the blue haired kid in my picture.
Synyster / ito: he looks like he can beat me up im scared T.T
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: he can christian.
ask x, he watched air gear too xD
but agito is frikken awesome.
totally kicks ass.
wanna see a clip from the anime?
Synyster / ito: ya post it and i gotta restart my laptop for the updates to take effect so brb ok
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBPKdpBC2Xg
there's an amv.
i'm going to bed.
Synyster / ito: awwwwwww fine be that way ima see the amv then stay on to see who else gets on XD night
Synyster / ito: geez he kicks some major ass man but still he gay XD and i dont like that
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: he does kick ass.
but agito isn't the gay one...akito is.
he was a split personality...
Synyster / ito: somethingcentral somethingcentral somethingcentral somethingcentral
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: h2 IT OWNS!
h3 Like this text.
h4 mmmhm
Synyster / ito: wow thats amazing you own with big words XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: yup
watcha doin'?
i'm so bored
Synyster / ito: im just watching some naruto ship and reading manga XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: sounds like a party
or what was a party.
i'm homewatching blazing saddles.
it is so racist! :o
but really funny as well xD
Synyster / ito: hello my fellow black and white people and possibly 1 homo person XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: who's the black person?
is it me?!
i totally speak all that gangster talk and shizz.
agree everybody or be killed.
Synyster / ito: i agree lol geez no one else talking besides you and I XD
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: that spam was digusting.
and comment one more time i will bitch you out.
there's nothing i hate more than fucktards who can't get a life...
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: well...
finally got morgan's post up.
that took a while to make...
and if there's any typos tell me i had to type it all up in the box thingy...(dev's laptop doesn't have wd)
only took a half hour too, not bad...
WalkMe / Billie Jean.: So now it is Leo's post correct?
I shall get working on it right away. Mmhm.
Don't laugh at my only girl character. >_>
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: hello hello
is anyone here??
im in the mood to talk :P
WalkMe / Billie Jean.: What if I'm here Chocheta?
Is YakYak alright?
She was on early today...
I'm in the same time zone as you people.
Just starting small talk?
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: oh shes alright.. sick tho, yup yup
hasnt been in skewl for 2 dayz before this and then today she wasnt in, too bad for us
i cant wait for the weekend, btw wats the name of the RP with the Guetta girlyzz in it??
WalkMe / Billie Jean.: Guettas 1x1x1 -Closed.-
Hope she feels better.
I know how you feel. xD Haha.
And she said you guys would need time to post and I'm all good with that. I know you guys are busy
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: yesh!! we definitely r!!
sorry i havent posted in practice makes better... thats uhh
but for me and kaykays 1x1 i havent posted in 33 days...
so yea >,-
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: I got time. Haha. Take all the time you need. Kay? ^-^ I'm understanding.
That long?
You procastinate huh?
Or are you guys just going through that lazy phase where you don't feel like writing?
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: a little bit of both, but that post thta was like ligit 4 pgs long from Raven, if i rly wanted to I could write one that long througout the schoolday... that is if i wanted too... so pretty much lazy... TOO MUCHH SCHOOL!!!!
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Ew. Don't mention school around me.
The worst thing happened to be today.
I hate boys.
Can I be straight now?
One more day till the weekend.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: Wat happened???
yew can tell meee!!!
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Psshhhh.
can I send you a PM?
I don't wanna make a big thingy.
Ya' Know?
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: yesh u can!! i actually know how to check em now!! lolz
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Alright.
I sent it.
xD Really?
Took me a few days too.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: ok lolz OMG!
go kill her would ya?
shes in the chat
i'll be there in a min...
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: who did what where?
I will kill her.
what chat is she in?
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: idk wat chat, but i just showed her a post and she was like, im not reading all that and she said she thinks a hobo taught me how to RP!!! im so pissed off!!!
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: lemme go see wat chat, but she said that i have terrible grammar!!
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: The chat will be like in your history...
Just give me the link or whatever and she'll be bitched ut before you know it.
What was her username?
Psshh. Bet she can't RP that's why. xD
In OOC you do, other then that no
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: her name was acidicmemory, and i'll go find the link, oh and this kid brutalnasty said tht mah posts ranted and i made too many points in them!!
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: I've never heard of those people.
But I bet they suck.
Whenever you get the link.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: i dont know how to find it, i really dont, but it should be at the bottom of the pages when you get to the homepage thing
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: when you get there just say you read the past posts they put up, and u think they're idiots okaii?
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: I'm looking through RP's and chats.
Did you check your recent history?
You might not have deleted it from there...
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: it wasnt the rp chat thing, it was the chat when you first open the eliteskills page, but whatever, they're stupid and they forgot bout the roleplay thing, so now they're just being idiots
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Ohhhh.
That explains it.
I like blocked that or whatever. So it doesn't pop up anymore. Used to be on the bottom of the page?
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: omg how do you block it?? they r so dumb and she said she was gunna kick my ass or whatever, so that obviously means that she doesnt value life...
FameMonster / Len-Len: why isn't kay like...
talkin' to his little 'friend?'
dumpin' me for a frikken fruit.
you just lie x out of it. right? and this thingy will pop up asking to remember that settin. *shut it off too.*
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Just ex out of it and it'll ask to remember this setting.
He's moving Yak...Isn't on much and how is this yor business?!?
You get my PM?
And we were NEVER together...
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: ok i blocked it, the ppl were so dumbb!! ugh i hate stupid people so freaking much, but anyways i feel so bad bout what happened to you, and yakyak get this, this girl said there (but this was liek pages ago) that i couldnt roleplay and i sucked, and she even read a post... then another kid said my posts looked like mah dog tried to write it, and (i then) another kid said my posts "ranted" too much and i got my "skils" from a hobo outside of new orleans >:(
FameMonster / Len-Len: Psh.
they serious?
I would been like, "You write something you stupid fuck. Bet you couldn't post more then a sentence with proper grammar."
either that or i would have made some stupid joke thingy.
there you go. <3
i know they're fucktards...
Where'd you land on the dude?
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: they said i had terrible grammar and whatnot and i said fine lemme see a good post from you, and she put a short story thing, it was alright i guess, but she being nice so i said it was good, but it was weird =/ and then she told me to write a post and i did and she said she wasnt gunna waste her time and read it, then the kid said i ranted and raved in my posts which made em bad
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: My face went somewhere it should not...
Turn you on? You are such a freak, YakYak. xD
And leme guess...Got a Len thingy comin' on too? Or is t already here.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: Kay do you mind me asking what caused you to be gay? In like a non judgemental way?
FameMonster / Len-Len: Don't listen to them amanda. they're idiots obviously who can't rp. haha. best just to forget about it 'cause we all know you're good and others have said it.
that sounds like it would have been fun.
for you.
bet you enjoyed. ;D
i'm the creep?
you're the idiot tripping on girl's purses
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Shut up YakYak.
I did not.
Well Chocheta...
Some things just happened.
Did things with a boy...Just wanting to see what it was like and.
Now I'm screwed for life.
There we go.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: yea i know they r stupid lesbians... and her story was sooo weird!!! like about some random girl who tripped on barb wire like 800 times and nothing even made sense, so yea!
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: do u enjoy being un straight? or do u wish your were or what? sorry hope you dont mind me asking questions, if you do just tell me to stop kaii?
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: ...
I don't mind.
Normal life for me.
I am who I am. haha. And I'm sure in the future I'll change. Everyone does.
I don't mind.
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: oh okay, just wondering, well ayways
chris is suspended for either 3-4 days yakyak!!
FameMonster / Len-Len: ewwww.
they should die...though gay dudes are fine...>.>
i lauve yew kay.
now i'mma go to bed.
h2 he's not expelled?! damn...oh well
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Chris....?
YakYak...Be nice.
We know they're nasty, but hey.
(i Shrugs.)
Alright Chocheta :]
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: well i gotta go :((
i must shower and go to bed soon
skool early in the morning
so yeah
bcuz ppl in my class dont shwoer
so hopefully i can spread the cleanness... haha
well adios!!
ttyl :D
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Well good bye Chocheta.
and this is very late haha.
Your class sure sounds fun. x]
Love to visit?
Synyster / ito: hello my peeps spanish quiz tomorrow shit i think ima fail it XD o well
Synyster / ito: no one comments wow so gay huh geez i thought i was your friends friends friend T.T
Synyster / ito: http://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/europe/euoutl.htm
FameMonster / Len-Len: thanks,
this is so stupid like really.
how the hell does he expect us to do this?
Synyster / ito: i dont know he just so mad like a kid that he wants us to do a lot of things i hate this gosh it not even fun i cant wait to get out of here right? XD
FameMonster / Len-Len: can't wait for the weekend i know. can't want to watch some INVADER ZIM! <333
we should start on that skit.
get everyone's help.
What country you want?
Synyster / ito: ummmm i dont know choose a country and i will follow you my master XD gir says my master in invader zim
RDCLOL: Heyy ppl! it meeeee!!! wat country do you want me to do? by the way christian, i dont like your picture.....gross
FameMonster / Len-Len: Christian's picture is nasteh ohhh.
but it's serial killer porn!
christian will be spain
i want rachel as like england or something.
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: I like England :) go England!!!!! so we are giving the countries personalities???
What you gonna be Kay Kay?
FameMonster / Len-Len: that's what we're doing. haha.
thought that it would be pretty awesome.
i want to be prussia.
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: Prussia:) thats an awesome name....wonder how they came up with that name... I want a country named after me!!!!!
FameMonster / Len-Len: isn't it? i lauve the dude in the anime who plays Prussia.
a country named rachel???
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: no not Rachel! idk, maybe.... maybe.... Raya thats kinda cool
XD naming countries is hard,im glad theyre all named for us
FameMonster / Len-Len: raya???
haha...well...doesn't really sound that bad does it?
i know, it'd be a nightmare
Synyster / Gir/robot: I MADE IT MYSELF!!!!!!! LOL OBEY GIR NOW
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Is this picture dumb??
Found out a cool game.
"Guess the Song."
Here's one...
Come on, my star is fading
And I swerve out of control
If I, if I’d only waited
I’d not be stuck here in this hole
Come here my star is fading
And I swerve out of control
And I swear I waited and waited
I’ve got to get out of this hole
But time is on your side
Its on your side now
Not pushing you down and all around
It’s no cause for concern
Come on, oh my star is fading
And I see no chance of release
And I know I’m dead on the surface
But I am screaming underneath
And time is on your side
Its on your side now
Not pushing you down
And all around, no
It’s no cause for concern
Stuck on the end of this ball and chain
And I’m on my way back down again
Stood on a bridge, tied to the noose
Sick to the stomach
You can say what you mean
But it won’t change a thing
I’m sick of the secrets
Stood on the edge, tied to a noose
You came along and you cut me loose
You came along and you cut me loose
You came along and you cut me loose.
FameMonster / Len-Len: it's cool
thanks to andrew i know it's a skillet song?
or maybe...COLDPLAY?!
i kid.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: "Amsterdam" by Coldplay. Awesome, awesome song.
FameMonster / Len-Len: all those songs are awesome.
robby-chan you're rude...
Synyster / Ricardo Sanchez: its my last best character lol i think he gay mabye or he just drunk
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: I'm not rude...
Am I??? :(
By the way,
FameMonster / Len-Len: h1 IT IS!
i must beat you or else all hell will break loose
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: h1 REJHBG!!!!!!!
Back to old times...
Synyster / Ricardo Sanchez: Darnet robert post on my dang ooc and make sure you have a kh character on
FameMonster / Len-Len: h2 I WEEEENNNNNN
h3 I WEEEENNNNNN~~~!!!!!!
Stop looking at my screen christian like really.
you creep.
h1 STOP!
(i Italics.)
h4 COW
Synyster / Sieghart: Sieghart was a master Gladiator of Kanavan long, long ago. His name was legendary and his feats in battle have been recounted in history books. At one time, he alone staved off an assault of 100 goblins, a story told to children of even the smallest villages. He rejected all titles and awards bestowed upon him by nobility and left the knighthood to seek his own goals. While on his journey, he came upon the ruins of an ancient city and disappeared. After a year had passed, he was given up for dead and the entire kingdom mourned the passing of the legendary hero.
Hundreds of years have now passed, and rumors of a new knight appearing in the Bermesiah Empire were spreading across the continents. The man claimed to be the long lost hero, Sieghart and presented himself at the capital of Kanavan.
While traveling through the ancient relics of the long-gone empire, he was attacked by a great demon and put into a state of near death. Seeing his state, the gods of the Highlanders revived him and trained him with their warriors making him an immortal.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: h1 COW-DONKEY!!!!!!!
Haha, oh KK i have a new hero!
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: Your new hero is me hahahahaha friggin bunny is your new hero
FameMonster / Len-Len: h2 WHORE-ASS!
i love that.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: No, itttt'sssssss....
h1 BEN ASSER!!!!!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: I'll try to post in the Academy this weekend...
I'm sorry. :( :(
A million pardons.
FameMonster / Len-Len: heeeeyyyyyyyyyy robby-chan.
i got a song for ya' to try and guess the name.
you can try and guess the band too.
no lookin' this up on google now you cow-donkey. xD
Two single hearts on fire
currently on the wire
as inhibitions fade
a focused moment made
bruises and bitemarks say
takes one to bring the pain
passion lies in screams of estacitic dreams
you're in a place for fear
lips are for biting here
lets make this moment worth the while
lets kill the night and go down in style
feel the magic rise
we're plotting our demise
of perspiration and alcohol as i introduce the bedroom brawl
you bring the ropes and chains
I'll bring the pills and games
I can show you pain
and make you say my name
you will believe my lies
that im not like other guys
that sparkle in my eyes
is part of my disguise
you're in a place for fear
lips are for biting here
lets make this moment worth the while
lets kill the night and go down in style
feel the magic rise
we're plotting our demise
of perspiration and alcohol as i introduce the bedroom brawl
you're in a place for fear
lips are for biting here
lets make this moment worth the while
lets kill the night and go down in style
feel the magic rise
we're plotting our demise
of perspiration and alcohol as i introduce the bedroom brawl
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: (i Knows what the song is and going crazy that he cannot answer the question 'cause YakYak asked Robby what it was.)
I Knnooooowwwwwwwwww wwwhhhhaaatttt eeetttt eeeesssss~!
FameMonster / Lady Stephanie Guetta: testing a picture for stephanie.
of course you'd know it kay...
you bundle of sticks.
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: I like that picture.
It's cute, but the one you used in your post was good too.
You find good pictures.
Bundle of sticks?
Thought you loved me???
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: You know what???
Screw it. I'm using Google.
FameMonster / Len-Len: h3 robby-chan is cheating!!!! :o
h4 that's so unfair....
h5 specially after i guessed your song.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: h1 HA!!!!!
It's "Bruises and Bitemarks" by Good With Grenades.
(pic http://i944.photobucket.com/albums/ad289/GrayTwilight417/JedStickingTongueOutBlog.jpg)
He's trying to stick his tongue out. :)
FameMonster / Len-Len: that it is.
and i lauve that song.
i mesmerized it.
you would like it too.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: I have one...
Stare into my eyes,
There is nothing inside.
I'm a prisoner, I'm never
Spare me your surprise,
There is nowhere to hide.
I'm not leaving
'til you answer me.
I caught you, I knew,
That you played me a like a
children's game.
I won't go, 'til I know,
Could you tell me if you feel the
Here we are,
As we break through the silence.
Raise your arms,
the help of the sirens.
Holding onto hope.
Stuck in shades of grey,
your tongue has been chained.
Every syllable is such a waste.
I try to pull
From a bitter embrace.
I'm not leaving 'til you get a taste.
isn't stained in black and white,
And you know that's why I'm torn.
sooner or later we will subside,
To the answers found in noise.
And we'll
break through the silence,
Break through the silence,
We'll move through the
On past the si--
FameMonster / Len-Len: are the bands one or the other...
did i use that phrase right?
Coldplay, Daughtry, Skillet, Owl City, Three Days Grace?
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Nooooo...
Tee hee. :O
All right, you can use Google or whatevas.
You might like this song. :)
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: i can't put the whole lyrics in the search thingy.
not bothering anymore 'cause YakYak is doing science fair while on brother's laptop.
i just made this weird noise that I was about to puke or something.
oh robby-chan.
did you think that mr. gallagher was made that the class picked my idea over his too? everyone said he was mad at that...
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: It's "Break Through the Silence" by Monty Are I. I think you might like it. :)
Yeah, I heard about the idea. He did seem kinda pissed that the class liked your idea better than his. I think that's hilarious.
You know that I actually kinda like the name Robby-Chan.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: i probably would. i do like almost anything. haha. i mean come on, i frikken even like the saw theme music. >_>
it's messed up shit man. messed up shit. he asked for my frikken input too...he acts like i'm frikken expert in writing ever since i wrote that journal for the soldier.
you know what robby-chan?
i'm going to tell him i frikken quit. i can't write so i'm done being you're little pen or pencil whatever.
better like it 'cause we all lauve it.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Know who who is?
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: the picture a durrr.
here's another one.
here's a hint.
he's a kick ass butler
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Hmmmm...let me think...
Sebastian Michaelis!!! Durrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
Hey, I have a little surprise for you, YakYak.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Sebastian <333
I love him alots.
Tell YakYak!
LovelyShame / Cow-Donkey: Say hi to Mr. Cow Donkey.
Tee hee Whore ass....
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Psshhhh.
haha xD
i litterally just laughed out loud.
my dad looked at me like i was insane.
why is school so much fun?
i do not understand it...
h4 :o It's a musical? >_>
h5 Don't you judge me you whore...
h6 <3 Ya'!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: What does Jesus Christ Superstar have to do with anything??
Gosh, you are so random... :)
Whoops I judged you...
Now imma whore. Shit.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Oh. I forgot to answer your question.
Yah, Its a musical.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: i'm listening to the part with Pilate and Jesus. i'm obessing over that part i love the song so much.
you jealous?
but you've been a whore...
you cow.
shudd up.
did you knowww???
couple days ago some one spammed our OOC with porn...
Fat people too.
i deleted it 'cause I was like, the fuck?
told the person i'd bitch 'em out if they tried it again...and told 'em to get a life.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Ha. That's stupid. Who the hell would do that.
Only a fag. :(
By the way I just read your post in the cafe. You really are a great writer. I liked how she had to make everything perfect.
Nope, I am not one bit jealous that you are listening to whatever you're listening to. Ha. Powned.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: exactly robby-chan.
i hate fags like that...
i hate my writing. ever since this year i've started hating it...mr. g really dragged it down...
i was talking about my randomness, but...be that way. i'm not jealous that you get a cool nickname instead of a lame one like yakyak.
Well I like to dance
So if you do just get on the floor
Forget the romance
This is what music was created for
So find someone hot
And if you're not it doesn't matter
Baby take what you got and
Just go dancing you'll feel better
<3 that song.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Ohhh...I know that song.
Is it "Like to Dance" by Hot Chelle Rae??
It is!
It is!
It is!!!!!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: you looked that up.
you had too.
it's like...never been on the radio.
only reason i know it is because i know every song like ever. mmhm.
i kid!
it is!
and i love dancing to that song.
white people aren't meant to dance...
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Well, I mighta....
Robby-Chan's a naughty boy. He's gonna pout in the corner now. Wahhhh!!!
No, you're right. White people aren't meant to dance. Especially not white people like YakYak.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: knew it.
you bet he is! ):< a boy in some pretty deep shit too x] CORNER!
because white people like yakyak are meant to take white people like robby-chan's lunch money!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: How much I'd love to tear you open. How much I'd love to take your soul. Know who I am? Shhh. Heh Heh.
Those chains rattle, they drap over my shoulders and chain me inside of your darkest fears. I'm hidden from veiw and it really sucks. Pisses me off. Why not set me free?
Got a clue who I am yet?
I am yourself. The one who you truly are, the one that's begging to be set free and to devour all those in your way. You look out for number one correct? Heh...I can't stop laughing. You resume this facade. Thinking you're nice? That isn't you...right? Set me free, let me destroy...
(bold I want to get out.) I bang against the walls of your mind, screaming, begging...Who do you want to be rid of?
The true you is quite frightening.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Wow... that's amazing.
I should make that into a song. Right now I'm at m' friend's house. Did I tell you I'm in a band??
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: what's amazing?
i wrote that thinking about you.
h5 friend?!
is he...gay?
I have a song you can sing to him...
tell him i'm some goth freak. and i write depressing stuff and stuff like below that scares little children and makes people i need help ;p
you've mentioned it.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: No, he's not gay!!!:O
Our drummer's bi, though. If that helps any.
Drummer: Josh Wood
Guitarist/Vocalist: Nicholas Quigley
Pianist/Sythesizers/Guitar/Bass: Robert Russell
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Psshhh.
i wanna meet this drummer.
i won't give you that song.
you're my inspiration tonight.
oh yes.
time to write creepy shit...
night time sets the mood?
Help me write a freaky story?
It'll be short
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Hold on one sec...
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Alrighty.
i wait and listen to bruises and bitemarks for the billionth time.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Hmm...? I guess! :)
Waiting in the sun, for a stormy cloud
Never synthesizing, because I want it now.
Man looks around, wondering where it is,
Time never told his story right
Looking for the answer
To what never be known
And what shouldn't be mine
Because I want it so bad
Just let me be bad
Let me be bad.
Feel through the doubt
It doesn't know good
Not a shade of you
Or a trace of right
Not a shade of you
Of a trace of right
Take back, none of what you've done
Everything is the same anyway
Don't show me what I've missed out on,
I'm perfectly fine.
Look through the eyes that could
Never see you
Look through the eyes that could
Never see you...
Just let me be bad
Let me be bad
Let me be bad.
Feel through the doubt
It doesn't know good
Not a shade of you
Or a trace of right
Not a shade of you
Of a trace of right
Not a shade of you
Or a trace of right
Let me be bad...
"God's Hiatus" by Impetus. a.k.a. our band.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: hrmm...
sounds interesting.
i'd love to actually hear it one day.
and i love your bands name.
it stand for anything?
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Yah. Impetus literally means a moving force, or something like that.
Nick mostly does the singing, but I sing sometimes. To be honest, we both suck, so we're looking for a (bold REAL) singer.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: or something like that?
Well...time to put up flyers like jack black?
i love the harassment of kyon.
I'm not...into...you
shut up whore...i don't want anything out of you...
or else i'll write you a freaky and all gothic/emo shit letter.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Wait...what???
I'm confused...sorry. :(
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: ...
did i ever tell you robby-chan...that i'm weird?
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: No. I already figured it out a while ago!
But seriously, was that just random crap?
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: it was something i was watching on youtube
some weird amv...
i lyk mah anime
h2 I KNOW~!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: hey right now visit smosh.com and look up food battle 2009.
It's hilarious.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: You have to click on videos and go through the pages. For some reason, you can't search it.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: i found food battle 2009 and so far it's kind of funneh xD
the guy's shirt, "say no to scurvy!"
and they're making wigs out of food?
and the dude marry's another xD
so weird.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Listen to the end with Barney it's wicked funneh...
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: *kind of thought the ending was the dude getting pegged off so i went to youtube and listened to Bruises and bitemarks.*
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: :(
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: it was funny though really!
i just had a craving.
had to!
had to!!!
now it's invader zim
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Maybe I should watch that sometime...
Ok, I'm beat. Time to hit the sack.
G'night YakYak. Luv yew.
G'night world. G'night God.
See ya tomorrow.
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: good night robby-chan.
sweet dreams for the weirdo.
you're at the science fair too?
buh byeeee~!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: oh nooo... whoops forgot to clarify
i was saying that to the world and t' God. But, oh wait.
It's past midnight. Soooooo...
I'll wake up later today!!!!!
Okey dokey. :)
OOOooooooooh. Science Fair.
Fun fun fun. Hope you do well.
G'night. :)
13thprotector / Alum: Hello? Anyone here?
I'm back after weeks of computer slicing.
Really anyone I'm bored.
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: ha Kk has scifar :P i get to stay home!!! Yay for no science fair!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: wow...rachel how'd you get on?
your mother let you? :D sweet haha. i warn you though mostly dead in here...
robby is a hoe.
Hai Alum
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: sneaky would be an understatement no?
oh i knew. CAUSE I KNOW ALL!!
andrew is a buttmunch.
really is.
it's wicked hot in this room.
i'm glad the judging is over though...gawd that was a nightmare...
now i'm just waiting for like...andrew to come back and talk to me.
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: LOL your still at scifair??? how are you on ES????????
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: ~+~has brother's laptop, and the reason is because I said that i needed it for scifair.~+~
oh yushhhh.
i'm listening to red rachel.
h4 RED!
h5 RED
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: wow red! idk what that is but thats ok :)! so when are we gonna start that Country thing?
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: it's a band smart one...think you knew it all didn't you. DIDN'T YOU?!?!!?
Erin says hai.
Say eeet.
i'm wokrin' on it!
never rush da mastah!
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: Yay tell her i say heyyyy!!!! an you need to hurry with the plannin, sabelotodo :P
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: alright alright....
this is the list of people and countries i got.
erin-france or ireland...she's thinking france.
me-italy or prussia...
that's eet.
i'm plannin~~!!!!!!
donn't rush me!
it's only been a day!
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: LOL I will rush you im your auntie :P its the ocean ok!!!!! (tell the ocean thing to Erin)
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: erin kind of left.
we're all finally leaving!
talk to you when i get home kaii?
if you're still here anyway....
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: thats Erin and myself's new comeback: "its the ocean ok?!"
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: ok fineeeee!!! if you have to leave mmee :( :(
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: ......kk you back yet or no??? prlbly not......
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: i'm back now.
sorru i took so long i had to drop someone off.
there's no light in mah room!!!
got amv's to watch
xD haha
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: LOL thats ok :) at least theres someone to talk to now :p
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: yeah.
you'll find out soon enough that it's mostly me on...all alone. in this chat.
whatever you do don't go to christian's.
mah occ rox!!!
hey hey
i like avril lavigne's music?
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: kaykay fails XD hahahaha im on but now im getting off since your making fun of my ooc
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: i dont even know what christians is LOL so im prbly not gonna go there....remember imma still new at this!!!
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: hey bunny man!!!!!! thats a scary buny where u find such a thing???? i was like whoA!!!!!!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: h5 christian won't leave. or else yakyak will keeel him~
that's true.
mah ooc betteh
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: now now little children, lets not fight about this small matter in life LOL (srry kk i jus had to say it like that XD)
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: Cry alone, I've gone away
No more nights, no more pain
I've gone alone, took all my strength
I've made the change,
I won't see you tonight
Sorrow, sank deep inside my blood
All the ones around me
I cared for and loved
It's building up inside of me
A place so dark, so cold, I had to set me free
Don't mourn for me,
You're not the one to place the blame
As bottles call my name I won't see you tonight
Sorrow sank deep inside my blood
All the ones around me
I cared for and most of all I loved
But I can't see myself that way
Please don't forget me or cry while I'm away
Cry alone, I've gone away
No more nights, no more pain
I've gone alone, took all my strength
But I've made the change,
I won't see you tonight
So far away, I'm gone.
Please don't follow me tonight
And while I'm gone everything will be alright
No more breath inside
Essence left my heart tonight
No more breath inside
Essence left my heart tonight
Made By: A7x
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: it is not a small matter!
it's a proven fact.
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: Come back to me, this is unconceivable
Breaking apart the ones you love
Hate runs deep for what you've done to us
Left alone through suicide...suicide
I just want to die, take away my life
lay by your side, please...
Come back to me, this is unconceivable
Breaking apart the ones you love
Hate runs deep for what you've done to us
Left alone through suicide
Look at my face you pierce with a blank stare
No dream could prepare a heart for a lifeless friend.
He's gone. Nothing will take back time.
I need him back, but nothing will take back time.
I can see just fine with you in my life,
there by my side as it starts to fade
I know this can't be right, stuck in a dream
a nightmare full of sorrow
Nightmare - full of pain [x2]
I look back and see the twisted road
Best friends and despair took its toll
Take away [x4]
Sorrow, sank deep inside my blood
all the ones around me, I cared for
and most of all I loved
but I can't see myself that way
please don't forget me
or cry while I'm away
Look at my face you pierce with a blank stare
No dream could prepare a heart for a lifeless friend.
He's gone. Nothing will take back time.
I need him back, but nothing will take back time.
I can see just fine with you in my life,
there by my side as it starts to fade
I know this can't be right, stuck in a dream
a nightmare full of sorrow
Part 2
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: "it is a small matter yak yak" aunite rachel says with a glare
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: jus kiddin :) an christian no matter what you say on aim, im not a fail!!!!!!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Ohhh. IC?
YakYak would give her aunt an intense star, huffing her chest then crossing her slender arms, "Proven fact." She said, eyeing the gaurd wolf, Christian.
Synyster / Gir/robot: omg not this again im not good at it stop trying to make me get better T.T
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: Auntie Rachel Would walk across the room an smack the miserable, disgusting look off of Yak Yak's face and answer back, "Proven or not we will not discuss it! i am through with you putting other people down!!!!" autie rachel then walks back to her place in the room feeling bad about snapping at her little niece.
Synyster / Gir/robot: Not you to rayray omg yakyak what have you done to our class T.T
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: Christian its just for fun really.
come on try it.
YakYak placed her hand over her cheek, watching the woman with a scowl as she retreated. "Hmph." the young lady muttered, not believing she finally had the courage to smack her. "Fine." She turned her head, her choclate bangs falling into her different colored eyes.
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: chrissie!!! what did i say about the name ray ray????? HMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? >:/
Synyster / Gir/robot: i cant do it kaykay really im that stupid i would just fail again and again
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: Auntie rachel, sighed dejectedly as her niece walked out of the room. She remembered the days where her niece was small and respectful, not anything like the current bold and rebellious teen she was now. Those cute little girl days were long gone and missed...... (is this sound bad yak yak?)
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: christian, try it!!!! im prbly jus as bad or 3x's worse!!!!!!! do it fer fun!
Synyster / Gir/robot: what are you talking about you just did it trust me your way better all i can say is like hi XD
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: cccooommmeeee ooonnnnnn
>>Nuu. Don't sound bad. Haha. we'renot really rping so...just havin' fuunnn~<<
Teenagers were really little monsters, wouldn't you agree? With their snarling, rebelling, those evil yet bright eyes, the eyes that lie to you everyday. Lie to you saying they're alright, but for all you know that child could have had some one close to them. Course that wasn't YakYak's excuse, she was just a witch to be a witch...no reason behind it.
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: come on please!!!!!!!! jus do it!!!!!!!! i wanna see i need to get experience here!!!!!!!
Synyster / Gir/robot: i'll do it later ok cause im not ready first i want to see how this story goes and mabye just mabye i will join in for some random part
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: [[I'm guessing you guys are doing some IC thingy...? Ohhh. I dunno RDCLOL yet. One of your friends YakYak? >.>]]
Kay sat quietly on the floor, munching on his bag of sweets as the aunt yelled at Yak Yak...The two seemed to be having an argument, Yak Yak had been getting into alot of those lately.
Kay's cute little dog ears twitched, his eyes glancing up towards the stomping he heard..."Women." He muttered with a sigh
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: Those kids just never stay innocent and sweet. They turn into indescribable creatures that could never be understood. The world sucked them into all their filth and problems. Rachel truly worried about her Niece, she didnt wanna see her get harmed in any way at all, matter of fact she was willing to slug anyone who attempted to harm her.
Synyster / Gir/robot: Gir seeing how the old lady slapped the girl right across the face shocked and startled, thinking if he should make waffles or bacon. "I'm going to make bacon" said gir with a smile on his face. lol ok their you go i did it horribly XD
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: its a start! comeon think where was gir? in the window? in the tree near the window ect.?
Synyster / Gir/robot: lol i fail at life dont I hahahaha told you i dont like rping with pro's
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: who's a pro? kk?? most certainly not me
Synyster / Gir/robot: Gir in the kitchen making his bacon started singing the "Doom Song" "Doom doom, doom doom doom, doom doom doom doom." As he finished his bacon he went to the bathroom and switched the soap with the bacon laughing to himself silently.
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: >>exavtly that kay...haha. she's rachel :D not bad christian...<<
YakYak stepped through out the house with her slow gate, glancing around corners for any family members specially careful to look out for that robot who even though was very cute, was very strange indeed.
She soon came across something they called the family 'pet' a part human art dog person, who was very kind. His name was Kay...Just...Kay.
"Eating?" She scoffed, raising her slender eyebrow towards the male.
Synyster / Gir/robot: hahaha gir is so beast with the bacon in the soap ima watch that right now or at least post it on facebook XD
Synyster / Gir/robot: kay is in here? where i dont see him post anywhere he hates me T.T
Synyster / Gir/robot: omg their is his post wow my laptop is failing bad at life sorry guys kk mabye i will do this thing some other time im stilling failing at learning this stuff XD
WalkMe / Kay Ackhart: Kay glanced up towards Yak Yak, clutching a bit tighter to his bag. He was a teenager himself so he knew how they worked out...His upper lip curled up slightly flashing his pearly whites, "Mine." He growled, making sure the female would not take another step.
"Mine!" With that last shout he sprang up and bolted out the door barking loudly.
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: In the Kitchen preparing dinner, Rachel watched her Niece slowly find her way across the yard. Rachel thought for a moment and decided that as soon as supper was ready she would go feed the birds in the yard and talk to Yak Yak. It was a known fact that Yak Yak was hurting inside but no one quite could place their finger on the reason.
Synyster / Gir/robot: hey kay im the pet around here you got that a pet who can make waffles and bacon while switching it with the soap
FameMonster / YakYak Ackhart: >>christian be nice to kay! ):< buh baiii dog boi.<<
YakYak raised her eyebrow at the mutt when he growled then ran out the door barking, saying something about, 'Mine. Mine.' Why had this family added that strange creature to it? Kay was just there for looking cute pretty much.
"Kay! Get back here." She exclaimed, chasing after the dog and laughing loudly, excited to torment the poor thing.
Synyster / Gir/robot: -knock knock- Ricardo Sanchez still knocking at the door waiting for someone to open the door, while talking to himself, "Why wont these american people open the door." Ricardo, mad with anger and rage decided to break down the door -slam-, the door falls onto the ground. "Everyone listen I need a job", Ricardo said with a furious rage.
Synyster / Gir/robot: Gir, walking up to the mysterious mexican man, -poke poke-. "I made waffles, would you like to have some with me mysterious mexican man", said gir with a smile on his face. The mysterious mexican man looked puzzled at the weird dog creature, "Sure why not, its free waffles anyways right." Eating the waffles with the odd mexican man gir decided to switch to non-stupid mode and attacked the poor mexican man.
Synyster / Gir/robot: omg people post im doing this for you guys, geez you better appreciate this and post already
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: >>I'm postin' i'm postin.<<
Aaron paused at the door frame to the entrance of the Ackhart estate, his polluted mind forming quite a polluted story as to why the door was down. His dark eyes suddenly widened and his hands reached up grab his long, brown hair, "SOMEONE HAS STOLEN AND IS TRYING TO RAPE GIR!" He screamed with fear in his eyes for that darling little robot. Hookers shouldn't be allowed in houses these days...or families. Crazy nuts.
Aaron ran into the house, blinking when he saw Gir giving pancakes to some mexican. "GIR! Youre safe in the kitchen!" He ran over towards the robot, "Who's the dude?" he pointed towards the Mexican
>>I'm usin' mah hoe naow...<<
Synyster / Gir/robot: hey am i doing good for a first time? cause I think im missing a few things in the words and stuff
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: "YAk YAK! GET BACK HERE, DINNER IS READY"! Rachel called out across the yard at her niece, who was currently chasing the family "dog human" pet. Rachel Shouted the message a few more times before retreating back into the house to set the table, remembering to set an extra for gir, he was their guest tonight.
Synyster / Gir/robot: ok you know what can we please just talk normally now im getting bored T.T
Synyster / Gir/robot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj0mtxXEGE8 you will laugh at this make sure your parents dont see how racist you r
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: its fun! so shhhH! im gettting practice talking normally is what aim is for!!!!!!!!!11
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: >>It's fun christian! D; and you're doing excellant. ^^<<
Aaron paused as the Aunt began to yell, slightly fearful she'd yell at him when he reached the table about his occupation...Well his mamma raised him to be that way he couldn't help it.
Aaron stepped towards the dining room, jumping towards the side as the young teenager dashed by and took her seat at the table.
"Hello Aunt Rachel." Aaron muttered, placing his hand behind his head and stepping behind YakYak to protect himself from the woman.
Synyster / Gir/robot: gosh anyways adnama if you get back on and go through all the posts then make sure to make the 1x1 you promised ok you will have your 5 dollars on monday
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: "Aaron you and gir sit down right now! and you too Yak Yak" Rachel said, pointing the wooden spoon at them. Rachel heaped the pasta on the plates as the aroma filled the room, and handed a plate to each person Except Gir. Gir got Bacon and Soap. Just as Rachel sat down the doorbell rang, nont knowing who it could be she opened the door and let out a startled scream! it was a random Mexican Man!!!!
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Aaron sat down, an uneasy look on his mouth as Aunt Rachel dropped the food onto his plat. "Heh...Thanks." He said with a smile, then gulped at that look she gave gim. The girl beside him (YakYak) shoved her face into the stuff, shoving it down her throat as if this was some sick and twisted foor eating contest. Aaron grimaced at the chick...She wouldn't make a good partner for anyone...
aaron took a bite from his own plate then he heard Aunt Rachel scream and he hopped up, running towards to see one of his Mexican patients. "If You don't pay no more time!" Aaron screamed, leaping up and kicking the man right in the face.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: hmmf im back my peeps but not for long just came to say hi and talk for a little so hi
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: yak yak since i managed to do that thing or w/e it is can i b upgraded
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: whats better than a wolf because i want to be something better than a wolf
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: nothing is better than a wolf...be upgraded to what? you're a gaurd wolf....
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: After the Mexian hobo man ran off the porch crying and holding his face, aaron and Rachel sat at the table again. Rachel was sick to her stomach, so sick that she gave gir her pasta and didn't bother to correct Yak Yak's bad table manners. After She had cleared the Dishes Rachel went and laid down with a cold compress on her head to rid herself of the headache she had. As she laid on the sofa it suddenly occured to her that she hadnt talked to Yak Yak.... it would have to wait until she felt better because with this headache she couldnt think much at all.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: ummm let me see mabye super bear scout ex + alpha
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Aaron laughed evilly, throwing his hand back, his hair falling out of his beautiful face. "Take that cow donkey!" He screamed after him, shaking his fist. Aaron followed after Rachel quietly, giggling softly to himself at the insult he had given that stupid mexican. Racist much? Oh yes...
Aaron sat down at the table, shaking his head at YakYak before eating the rest of his pasta. He did glance up to see Aunt Rachel leave the table when they were finished and he wondered slightly what the woman was thinking. Must be stressful only having one other adult in this house...But Uncle Robby never did much...Let the little children run wild. And Amanda...Oh. Lets not talk about the incident her and Yak Yak set the couch on fire...Dangerous girls indeed.
YakYak sat up and ran towards her room. Aaron blinked then stood himself and went to find Aunt Rachel...He had some things to ask the woman.
Synyster / Gir/robot: well c ya peoples nice rping or w/e with you guys your all my friends to the end XD
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: >>>>Wait wait wait howd robert get into this story, and in MY house????hmmmmmmmm he has his OWN house durrr he's supposed to b the uncle on the OTHER siide of the family LOL<<<<<<
"Beep, Beepp" The alarm on the night stand rang and Rachel stuck her hand out groping for that nusaince of a gadget. Finally she hit the button and got up and dressed. She was out of the room and in the yard before anyone noticed her sneaking around at three in the morning. Slowly she approched the quiet serene riverside, where she picked up the Msg in the bottle (the way she communicated with Great Grandma Mable) which read: "BEWARE OF CRAZY MEXCANS AND THIER SOAP." Fustrated Rachel crumpled the paper and threw it to the river and walked away. AS she turned she heard the ruslting of bushes and suddenly there was the crazy Mexican! He grabbed her and dragged her off throught the darkness and as he did so he dropped his sombrero, and her shoe.
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: >>>>Bye Christian, see you Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!! had fun rping w/ you good job!<<<<<<<
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: >>>>Ok i stand corrected, its not my house its the ackhart estate!! its my kitchen though :P i cook in it XD!<<<<<
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: >>Aaron supposed to find her or something? It's the Ackhart family. We all live in one house! >:(<<
Aaron awoke in the night with one of his male costumers leaning over him, their hand grasping onto his jaw. "If you don't pay..." Started Aaron bending his leg so his knee would be pressed a bit to the other's side, "No fun!" He suddenly kicked out, throwing the man across the room. "Now get out stupid Mexican! Go back to Mexico!" Aaron heard the buzzing of an alarm clock then ran out the house and after the Aunt he saw trying to fled the house. (i No you don't.) Did Aaron ever tell anyone that he was a ninja? Doubt it. The sexy man was a nina. Oh yes. Slipping through the shadows all hawt like...Not like any body could see...
When the Mexican grabbed Rachel and pulled her away Aaron was not there to see it, but he did see the sombrero and the shoe. "OH NO!" The polluted thoughts again, weaving that disgusting tale, "AUNT RACHEL HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED AND IS GOING TO BE SOLD AS A SLAVE!!!"
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: Rachel sat thrown against the wall of an old, empty house, gagged, beaten and bound. She gave up tring to screech for help after having things thrown at her over and over. Totally exahusted she leaned against the wall her breaths short and quick. Rachel heard the Mexican and his friends drinking and laughing in the other room, discussing what to do with her. The thoughts in her mind went through her body with a shudder, and brought a new level of fear crashing upon her. Tired but strong Rachel wouldnt let them kill her, not if she could help it!!! If only she had told someone where she goes at three in the morning!! she was such a moron going out when the she knew full well that the Mexicans were after her family!! >>>>O snap :) im happy now :)<<<<<<
Synyster / Gir/robot: back peoples omg i love rping i joined somebody and we went off like crazy with the rping i actually made 1 whole page yay me XD
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: >>>>O snap i made 8 sentences :P!!!! finally....!
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: ? anyone there??? gir? yak yak :( ?
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: The good thing about Aaron was that no one knew he was an Ackhart...He was safe from those disgusting Mexican's who we're out to destroy his family. He recalled a time like this...The time with the Japanese Mafia! Sure the Mexicans were'nt as smart as the Japanese, but they'd bring a challenge due to their great number.
Aaron became that monster...The assasin of the early morning, when darkness still hung over this part of the planet. He would snarl at the sight of his Aunt's shoe, his teeth gleaming in the waning moonlight that was to dissappear in a few hours. A gleam in his eyes breaking the night. Those Mexicans would and shall die for what they have done.
Aaron took off at a dead run, not sure where to search, but something was telling him forward, ordering him to attack and kill all in his way.
ohhh. Whore gone wild.
The beast crouched, spotting a dark skinned felon, "Grrr..." He would growl and leap, grabbing onto the other's face with a sinister scream, his pink tongue flicking out to lick his upper lip. "Now...Before I crush your skull into the pavement...Where is my aunt?"
"No hablo ingles." Aaron frowned at this then grabbed his head and smashed it into the pavement, the blood soon meeting his fingertips. "Oh well..." He sighed, standing and continuing his search.
<<What RP christian?? :o<<
Synyster / Gir/robot: omg people arent you proud that i actually made a page post you guys are so mean
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: i asked what rp christian!!!
i wanted to read eeetttt.
yak yak loves reading posts...
Synyster / Gir/robot: wll i aint guna read that whole post just to see what you said saying what rp christian gosh say it 1st then post gosh
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: >>Yak Yak your here!!!!!!<< Rachel Cowered at the sight of the large Panamanian Man, well more like monster, or creature. He had a disgusting stench like that of a skunk or a sewer....which ever you prefer, and an evil smile that couldnt keep his saliva in his mouth. He reached for Rachel, drool running down his face, and laughing at the shadows on the walls (of course the man was well, very intoxicated. The creep grabbed her and shook her vowing revenge on the Ackharts for all the Mexicans they turned away from their estate. Just as Rachel thought the worst of the worst was going to happen she heard fighting, screaming and the sound of bones being broken and crushed. Could this be her rescuer, or was it simply a gang conflict? Would she even live to find out? *SMACK* the man hit her and all went dark.
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: >>>>good job christian :) see you are better than me!!!!! read my posts! i have 2 in a row that are 8 sentences!!!!! yay
Synyster / Gir/robot: omg still rping huh wow you people never get bored huh lol
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: >>>>>did you even read mine???? hmmm dont judge unless you have, por favor!<<<<<
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: >>what rp was it in christian?<<
Aaron growled louder as he broke into the deprived house, drool dripping from his handsome face. Looking for the one who turned away all those Mexicans? The one that bashed their skulls in? That gleam in Aaron's eyes could not be mistaken by these imbeciles, they could tell right away. He was the beast of the morning...Aaron didn't know that in Mexican, frankly didn't care.
"Where is my Aunt?" He hissed, eyes narrowed to slits those Mexicans trying to grab something to fight him off, screaming in that retarded language. Aaron placed his hands over his ears, "Shut up! Please." There was a smack in one of the back rooms he turned towards it as did the idiots. He would glance towards them before dashing forward to that door, a young memeber decided to be brave and get in the way, Aaron wouldn't let him get away with that.
Aaron's hand gripped onto the young man's shirt throwing him to the ground another snarl ripping from his throat before he kicked the door down. More screaming and the Mexicans pounced on him, but Aaron knew how to do this...He shoulder tossed one, the other being slammed into the door frame before Aaron threw him down as well.
There was the monsterous figure looming over a slender one, "Out of the way..."
Synyster / Gir/robot: nooooooo the six tailed beast got captured by the akatsuki and he just started to be hotaru's master nooooooooo jerk akatsuki
Synyster / Gir/robot: and i totally forgot the name i just joined an rp and said can i join then they said sure their nice
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: Rachel awoke to find Aaron next to her, checking her pulse. Dazzled and confused she looked around to find multiple bodies of either deceased or unconscious people all around her. Rachel's face felt numb on one side and felt a little quesy. After lying to Aaron and assuring him that she was fine he helped her up, but as soon as wieght was placed on her feet she collapsed. Darkness once again....
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: Aaron stood with Rachel as she tried to stand, his hand reaching out to grip her shoulder and pull her back before she fell flat onto her face. "Heh." The man would smirk, (i Fine huh?) He thought, picking his Aunt up before stepping over those bodies and heading right out the door.
Aaron walked quickly through the morning, his eyes watching the sunlight that was starting to peek over hhorizen. Greh. It would really be bright today, he just had a feeling.
Aaron paused at the entrance of the Ackhart mansion, grimacing slightly...The place was so big yet the family so small. Well, they we're still growing after all, never know what might come up one day.
Aaron ran up the front steps, placing Aunt Rachel on one of the wooden benches before vanishing into the house.
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: Rachel Awoke, once again, this time not amongst bodies but on her wooden bench in the front yard. Still feeling weak and sick, but better than before she limped to the house holding her still numb face, asking God why her family was filled with conflicts like these. Reme,bering Aaron she wondered where he went.. that boy was always disappearing into thin air like a ninja. There was no way her nephew could be a ninja, could there? NO! Impossible...
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: >>>>so madd that the stinkin post is short >:( ughhhh ive got to make them longerrrr!!!!!!!<<<<
Synyster / Gir/robot: guys T.T your the best friends a person could have and i know men dont like to do this and i might sound like a ***** but im really crying dont make fun of me T.T
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Hey guys!!! How you doing??
I'm so happy!!!!
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: >>>>aww i wouldnt make funn of you!!! for that anyway :P!!! thanx Christian that means lots :)!<<<< >>>>Yak Yak: 1 question i made a new character an i found a pic on photobucket which link do i copy to get the picture on my character? Email&IM, Direct Link, HTML or the other 1???<<<<
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: kk!!! i did it :) well sorta! hey robert :)
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Hi guys!!
h1 :)
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: You copy the direct link just make sure the http:// is out of it alright? then it'll work.
we're just ICing you know?
we're like...Rpin', but not really. just goofin' off.
Aaron slid under the sheets of his bed, a soft sigh escaping his lips as his head hit that pillow and his eyes shut...Time to sleep through out the day then at night he had to go back to work and in the early morning he was to hunt down those Mexicans.
"Damn Mexicans..." he muttered under his breath before he started to slip off into his dreams
Synyster / Gir/robot: hello robby T.T how r u today man T.T
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: Ray Ray? did you read my posts???? kk an i did a fun random RP :) mine are a little short but hey im a beginner LOL
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Hey YakYak you know how I was sleeping over my friend Nick's house yesterday??
Well, today I woke up super early and went to a music store in Fall River with the whole band, and we got a bass!!!
Before, we were just using a guitar. Nick's guitar and my bass match almost perfectly. His guitar is red, and the bass is black!!! We spent from 11:00 'till 'bout 6:30 jamming and pouring out ideas. We officially have about 3 "real songs", but we have (bold tons) of ideas.
It was great!!!!!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Actually, I have some lyric ideas for a certain song that we have. Hope you like them.
Surrender, Dawn, and give me your life
Give me your soul, give me your rights,
Give me your love, I'll be sure not to hurt you
Surrender yourself, do it for me
The stars won't shine again unless you, you
Give yourself to me.
Give it to me, give it to me,
I'll give you the liberty of the lock and key
To unlock your soul, to make you free
This is my revolution, this is my story...
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: And that Concludes The Ackhart Family's Adventure For The Night.
We're good now.
that sounds pretty rad robby-chan!
three fulls songs? hey gatta start somewhere.
listen to that song robby...i think you might like it. <.<
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Actually, I have some lyric ideas for a certain song that we have. Hope you like them. I just came up with them tonight.
Surrender, Dawn, and give me your life
Give me your soul, give me your rights,
Give me your love, I'll be sure not to hurt you
Surrender yourself, do it for me
The stars won't shine again unless you, you
Give yourself to me.
Give it to me, give it to me,
I'll give you the liberty of the lock and key
To unlock your soul, to make you free
This is my revolution, this is my story...
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: Rachel walked to her bed and laid down finally letting the exaughstion of the day leave and the peace of sleep come on her. The bed felt soft and comforting especially after the hard floor of the Mexican hideout. Glancing at the clock she realized that in a few hours she had to get up and cook, because her rebellious niece Yak Yak certainly would not cook even if asked politely. Rachel set the alarm and Slowly drifted off into a wonderful slumber. >>>By the way thnx kk :)<<<<
Synyster / Gir/robot: you people never care about what i have to say only rayray T.T
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: robby-chan!
read my post before this one and watch the video...you'll like the song.
Wait...for whut rachel?
i can't RP anymaor.
workin' on dat skit toniteee babayyy
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: yea kk thats enough i agree weve been doing this all day LOL!!! hey dont feel bad, i feel like your the only one talkin to me CHRISSIE!
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: thnx for the instrucion fer the link and for mesin round with me so i can get used to RP
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: :(
As soon as I get on, everybody leaves...
*He sighs.* (i Sigh.)
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: oohhh.
no problemo.
i lauve helpin' people do stuff.
shocker i know.
glad you had fun and stuff xD
h2 did you watch the video robby?!?!?!
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: whos everybody???? im so confused LOL but then again that's me :P!!!! Look at my new guy its so cuteee!!!!!
Synyster / Gir/robot: robby dont gie me that everytime i get on no one is ever on jerk
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: wait robert did YOU write those lyrics??? theyre below all the other comments. jus wonderin
FameMonster / Len-Len: awww.
i lyk rachel's new character :p
we're still here...
the more i watch that video robby....the more i become obsessed with vocaloid...
len is so cute.
and kaito is da...something.
Synyster / Gir/robot: omg fuck you guys im saying that with love be back on here in 5 jerks with love again
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: the little anime dude is cute!!! thank you kay kay :) arent you proud of me, i picked him out LOL this time ou didnt have to LOLZ
FameMonster / Len-Len: christian.
h5 I want to make a vocaloid rp...
i could use Len in all his cuteness and someone could play kaito...then miku and what not.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: No, I haven't watched it yet...
h2 But I will!! Trust me!!
:) Yah I wrote those lyrics tonight, Rachel. I hope they're good.
FameMonster / Len-Len: You better.
'case you can't find it...on youtube or whatever search 'imitation black' remember the vocaloid stuff i've been obsessing over? that's three of them...
give me your soul...
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: Yea they are, i was skimming throught all the stuff ppl said an i thought it was an actual song till i went back an read it LOL.
NIECE KK :P <3 ya LOLz your awesome
Christian wheres the bunny??? bring it out LOLz
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Sorry guys I'm still here it's just that I have crap wireless connection. :(
Stupid weather. I like it though.
Hold on, YakYak. I'll watch the video.
h2 Trust me!!
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: YESSS!!!! its the Bunny of doom Mwaaah haa ha!!!! it'll eat you watch out! ...there i go again LOL i cant believe im still up, can you kk??? afer that lockin im suprised im up!
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: lol it dont matter it the weekend so stay up late with us all of us muhahahahaha
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Oh sorry. I repeated myself. Whoops.
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: brb guys ok i have to install some updates dont go to sleep T.T
FameMonster / Len-Len: these are the guys robby-chan!
anywayy...weather is crap tonight huh???
it's len! (blonde.)
kaito! (blue haired kid.)
and gakupa! (purple haired kid.)
look at how awesome dey are!!!
~+~Obessing over Len too much to go to sleep.~+~
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: that bunny just told me its ok to stay up late! LOL im leary bout believing it (jk) im gonna be dead in church tomorrow but this is fun so what ever!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: I swear, that bunny's gonna give me nightmares...
So will that fat drunk Mexican dude...
Well, it kinda is...
Whatever. :)
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: LOLZ, dont feel bad somtimes i watch movies an have dreams bout the cute actors....oops did i let that out of the bag? So i guess obsessing over anime ppl isnt that bad :D
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: OOooooooo Ooooooo Ooooo!!!
Did you know??
Matt Bellamy, the lead singer/keyboardist/guitarist of Muse (guy in the picture) has the world record for most guitars smashed on a single tour.
Wanna guess how many?? Wanna??
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: that rp was cool an wierd i went back an read it, i couldnt belive myself i usually dont write that stuff LOLz...and the bunny is scary ik but it'll b ok LOL (srry jus messin with ya) the bunny promised to be nice
FameMonster / Len-Len: LEN IS NOT AN ANIME PERSON!
He's a Vocaloid...
And you should listen to the song Imitation Black...
Look how awesome they look. *-*
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: guys i am still on just brb again ok dont worry i wont go to sleep
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Somebody guess!!!!
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: Robert im too tired to Guess! how about you jus tell us??? wanna???????? *gets on knees and begs LOL*
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: ok im srry kk i stand corrected len isnt an anime excuse me for saying so but he looks like one....!!!!!!!!!!!
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: 13???
only cause people draw pictures!
a durrr.
they came form japan so what do you expect?
now it's KAITO!
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: jus tell us robbie!!!!!!!!!fine 200 idk LOL tell uss Pllzzzzz!
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: im srry!!!!!!! ok i get it sumbody drew him LOL :) but still....you know im not gonna say anything more bout len
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: 140. That's crazy! Matt Bellamy is my hero.
YakYak I saw the video!! It's pretty good. It's kinda different hearing it in Japanese. It's cool though. :)
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: well i was kinda close....i said 200. so wait is he your hero cause yuo wanna smash guitars just like he does or cause he plays good??? LOL
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: we're not talking about len anymore rachel.
we're talkin' bout KAITO~!
The strapping blue haired fellow...That i maybe...want...to be real...
cute actor?
did you see the one with english translation
those we're all boys...>_>
video gets freaky in one point
why waste the guitars?
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: Welllllll now i think if Kaito was real he would be a super cute actor...!! very true kk!!!! i switched to gwen :P Christian an robert are probably already lost all interest in the conversation LOL
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: awww i didnt switch to gwenn..o snap :(
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: It's both and because he's an amazing songwriter. He's just simply awesome.
Oooo... Did you know??
Muse is considered to be the (bold greatest) live band ever??
I'm not even joking. They...are...amazing.
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: I'll jus have to take your word on it cause i have no idea who they are LOL when it comes to bands and anime ect. you people all know far more than i do LOL even in ES you people know more
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: True, true, Rachel.
I dunno if I want to talk about anime people becoming hot sexy actors. *coughs while saying KayKay*
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: you did fail rachel :(
cute is an understatment...>_>
Me and amanda are turned on by fictional boys oh gawd!
why can't you guys be like Kaito? Or Fang? Maybe even Len?! >:|
How about Sebastian!
Muse is awesome.
but rachel has no idea who they are...
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: I got to go :( mannn! Bye Kay Kay, Christian and Robert1 see you guys on Monday!
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: buh baaiii rachel.
sorry for talking about my weird obsession around you.
ignore the freak here.
~+~strokes Kaito's picture.~+~
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Bye!!!!!
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: and what did you mean by the talking about anime people being sexy actors then coughing and saying mah name?!
Need a cough drop?
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: KK we all have obsessions LOL :) Bye Byee!!!!!
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: oh an bye the way robert....some anime ppl would be absoulutly amazing if they were alive....but real ppl are better LOL you boys just dont understand our fantasy world!!!!
RDCLOL / Josiah Tyler Thomas: im rlly going now!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Why yes, I think I do. *cough, cough*
Make it a...lemon flavored one. Kaiiii?
Well, I have to go soon. Buye. See you tomorrow at church, hopefully.
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: he really doesn't...
Kaito would make an excellant...!~+~gigglelovergiggle+~
xD Ahahah.
I lauve funneh soundin' words.
thank-yew rachel.
like if Josiah was real he'd be adorable.
~+~cusses at robby-chan, but doesn't want to say the words around aunti.~+~
nooo lemon for you.
i locked my door.
not going.
Synyster / Gir/robot: back yay finally with my friends sorry guys had to do something important back XD
Synyster / Gir/robot: you guys are panzis for going to bed so early i cant believe u guys would just leave me here to die T.T
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: i didn't leave you to die!
was just on myspace editting my playlist.
christian you hear Imitation Black yet?
By the vocaloid guys?
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: LOL kk you are very welcome, He doesnt have a clue bout cute guys....i guess thats a good thing but he surely doesnt undertstand our world! :P
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: it would be quite...weird to have a boy that thinks exactly like a woman...looking through college magazines looking for an attractive male/female. xD
that's rite boiiiz.
yew got to stay out of our mindset! ;|
it'll scar you for life~!
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: LOL! Amen kk! Me an you are so strange, especially when we're together!!!!
FameMonster / Damian Mello: woot for the weirdos. xD
well...hey we were bored and needed some attractive male to look at! xD and...there was a magazine there so why not go crazy??
hey hey.
like Damian? ;]
RDCLOL / Gwenevere.: LOL imma gonna make a new character :P!!! he'll be amazing, damian is ok but Kaito is betta LOLz
FameMonster / Damian Mello: of course kaito is better. he's kaito~!
but damian is damien.
alright rachel.
haha. i bet he will. if you need a hot anime guy picture i got a couple.
FameMonster / Damian Mello: i have to go for a while rachel.
be back later to see you're new character xD
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: no anime guy needed!!!! i got the real one :P!!!!!! Woot Woot!!!!!! XD
FameMonster / Damian Mello: jonas armstrong? really? xD
oh wow rachel...you littl weirdo. ;]
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: nut-uh!!!!! im srry you like anime guys i like J.A, its the ocean ok?!
FameMonster / Damian Mello: i do like real guys though~!
i like...alex evans. adam lambert.
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: see there you go i jus like him :P!!!!!!!!
FameMonster / Damian Mello: now that i think about it...
he kind of does resemble robby-chan.
wanna see a sexy beast?
look at adam lambert. <333.
not to mention but he can sing to you...
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: ahhh see now you see the light :P i dont lie! an Adam's ok LOL not rlly my type!!!!!!
FameMonster / Damian Mello: h3 how is he not your type?!
it's (u ADAM LAMBERT!)
it's just odd rachel...
really is.
they must be related!
there's no way that goes.
kind of...
creeps me out...
a little.
h4 Instead of RPin' on here time to time want me to make another thread so we can RP there and shizznet? :3
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: who must be related????? and y is it odd???
that would be awesome to make a thread :)
FameMonster / Damian Mello: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/129674
copy and paste the link or just search
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: u huh!!!!!1 :) sound good :) you were saying someone must be related.... who???
FameMonster / Damian Mello: very good.
i was saying that robby-chan and jonas armstrong are from the same family.
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: o gotcha i posted in RDCLOL so ya know i threw an idea out there if yuo dont like or think of suttin betta tell me :P you have more experience
FameMonster / Damian Mello: that wasn't a bad idea at all. haha. i actually liked it :) there's alot we can do with that...mix in comdey and all.
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: yea it can become crazy LOLz :) we could encorprate a lot into it! i gtg :( so i'll see you tomorrow k?!
FameMonster / Damian Mello: alrighty rachel i shall see you around~!
and we can start the RP tomorrow probably. xD
WalkMe / Might Just Bite You: I liked your post YakYak...Haha. That does add a bit to it. Maybe Darius won't kill her as slowly as I plan him to. x]
But I think starving them to death will be the best...>_> Let them suffer for all the crap they've done. Haha.
FameMonster / Damian Mello: all that happened was a block hit his head~!
acting like she shot him...
~+~writes that down.~+~
not a bad idea hrm?
WalkMe / Might Just Bite You: Sooo?
Your character is mean!
Probably make Darius cry his eyes out at night 'cause you throw him into things, push him down stairs and make him chase after the girls when they try to 'party'
Synyster / Gir/robot: Gir walks in the room with his head held high while screaming something with an uncontrollable urge, "I WAS RAPED BY A MEXICAN MAN!!!" Crying on the floor in the fetal position, decided to go outside and hang himself from a tree. Thinking if he should hang himself, gir decided to do one last thing before he dies and that thing was, saying out loud to himself "I'M GOING TO MAKE WAFFLES." While making waffles he started to cry about how he didn't want to kill himself because he had all of his good friend's with him.
WalkMe / Might Just Bite You: Kay could hear Gir yelling and wondered what the hell a Mexican man was doing raping a robot 'cause that was just a little bit...Freaky. Okay. No. It was ALOT.
Kay's ears and tail twitched as he uncurled himself and hopped off the couch, his head tilted towards the side when he heard the sobs of the robot. "Humm..." He muttered when he stepped into the kitchen and say Gir cooking waffles. "Hello Gir." He whispered, his ears perked forward towards his companion.
Synyster / Gir/robot: umm thats a little creepy kay you creep me out a lot but your still a friend XD
WalkMe / Might Just Bite You: Pssshhh.
I see how it is. x]
How was that freaky though?
Synyster / Gir/robot: when you whispered that was just creepy and also with that picture its even creepier =.=
WalkMe / Might Just Bite You: This picture any better?
Ohhh...The whispering...
Sorry bout that...I put that cause you know when you just wake up you aren't very loud?
Synyster / Gir/robot: ummm . . . . . . . . . . . . . no that picture just freaks me out even more and no i bet you didn't just wake up i bet your just creepy like that
Synyster / Gir/robot: anyways i g2g creeper so c ya creepy friend bye bye XD
WalkMe / Might Just Bite You: Grehh...
Any better yet?
You want creepy? look at YakYak...>_>
She likes frikken cross dressers!
Baiiii dweeb
FameMonster / Damian Mello: ImitationBlack...
lauve dat song so much.
cross dressers?!
just cause i like len in a dress don't mean anything.
WalkMe / Might Just Bite You: Ohhhh.
You've heard the song...And saw the music video? ;]
Turned on by cross dressers. You are such a weirdo.
I love you anway YakYak.
Can I get a YAKYAK?!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Wait a second...
Isn't Damian YakYak's dad's name???
Derek's put (wow, look at me spell) *post* will be up soon.
As in tonight.
h1 YIPPEE!!!!!!
Synyster / Ricardo Sanchez: Ricardo walks in the room with a mad face, "HEY WHERE IS THAT DOG AT HE GONNA GET ONE LAST RAPE MUHAHAHAHA." Laughing like a freak gir walks in the room with all of the weapons that his master had attached to him.
Gir, screaming while running towards the mexican, "I WILL NOT BE RAPED AGAIN RAWRRR!!!", shooting everywhere at the mexican with no accuracy like rambo gir lost his senses and accidentally shot himself in the process. Gir on the ground crying cause he was about to die, wanted to tell his friends that they where the best ever and that he made them special waffles. While gir was about to die the mexican man was crawling towards gir to rape him one last time before he died started to cry as well while talking to himself silently, "I wish i had made better of my life."
Gir and the mexican man had died alone together, but they had a great life and learned a lot about what they had done with their lies and all the bad things also.
Synyster / Gir/robot: X.X
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: where are you guys geez always leaving me here to die
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: i will finally admit...
i have a problem.
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: Rlly? LOL never thought i'd see the day you said that! i posted on RDCLOL, made 8 sent on last post!!!! Whoot whoot!
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: never would have thought?!
i admit it to myself like every day, really. if you knew the things i was really into...
woot woot~!
you're doing better than most
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: thank you :) i try :P!!! you are better than me thats most certain, David's good well actually that whole practice makes better RP is rlly good ppls :)
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: if you want to join that one you can.
we made it to improve people after all...ever want to just hop on in and check it out. make a character sheet. and BANG!
be making posts like us before you know eet.
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: u sure you want me to jump in?? you ppl are doing good an you have a posting order LOL
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: you'll just post after the last person. Haha. like adding on. x]
we haven't really got it moving yet sadly...and had someone drop out. if you ever want to join fill this out and post it in the RP.
-If In The Company Fill Out.-
Where You Work:
Class:(Low of High. High being secretary or one that kills the criminals or someone who just runs errands.)
Who You're after:
-If Criminal-
With Ricardo:
Class:(High being just comitted a few crimes. High being a murderer of whatever.)
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Oh...my...gosh...
Adam Lambert, Alex Evans, and Jonas Armstrong are...
Joke, joke. That was a (bold JOKE.) x[
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: you left out Kaito robby-chan.
h3 KAITO~!
I lauve him...
Was it (bold REALLY) a joke? xD
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: h5 Yes....
Kaito!!!! XD <3
FameMonster / .Kaito Shion.: you put periods after eeet~!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: OOOoooooooh!
When I first saw this picture, I thought it would be a good one for Bob Saggit.
(pic http://i944.photobucket.com/albums/ad289/GrayTwilight417/69179566_b21bf54061.jpg)
However, he is smoking. That's one thing I didn't like (just cuz it doesn't fit his "character".
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: and for the fact that he looks about thirty...
i made a new account!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Ooooooo! :O
Ahhhhh!!! :)
A new account!! :D
This picture is cool...
Jon Foreman is mad at his guitar.
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: a new account with an even cooler name
it is pretty kewlz...
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: hello hey kaykay i need to talk to you about something ok so when you get the chance talk k
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: LOL Robert you may laugh but it is true :) Jonas Armstrong is amazing :P!!! whether you like it or not!!!!! Ha! but anyway enough bout cute guys LOL
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: and whut might that be christian?
yeah...but Kaito is betteh and so is Adam lambert...
see if you can listen to this song.
trust me.
it has English lyrics and your mom can read them and see if anything is wrong with it...
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: just need to talk k just have to get something off my chest and robby-chan hahaha......... ha jk your cool robb
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: and what might that be again christian?
i am here to listen and i'm sure that robby-chan will be able to see it as well...whenever he gets on....
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: ok here it goes.......... HI XD lol just wanted to know if you were on hahaha
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: ~+~blinks.~+~
you serious?
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: lol not really hahaha anyways what have you been up to XD
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: that's it...
you've convinced me that you are on drug.
devan is playing the game..
but Fable 2 is wicked fun~!
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: lol i aint on drugs just some other stuff not drugs though and i let you borrow it so that you can play
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: i know that.
but i stopped playin' for a little bit~
can't play all night.
i lauve mah doggy~!
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: sooooooo anything new happen to you today ?
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: well....
i found this kaito picture?
and i found a new...dance...song...
how about yourself?
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: well i havent really been doing anything all i did was go to mall with some friends then cameback and worked
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: sounded like it was loads of fun huh?
who'd you go to the mall with? any body that i know of?
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: no not really just my friends it was fun we went to watch a movie at the providence mall and ate their too
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: i see.
sounds like it was rad.
wat movie?
and i just watch an AMV that was like...3 minutes long, but it had 75 animes in it...jesus that person went all out...>_>
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: well we watched 2 movies it was alice in wonderland 3d and cop out
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: alice in wonderland is beast.
i loved that movie!
but...i didn't see it in 3d.
was cop out any good?
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: omg cop out was hilarious and alice in wonderland in 3d was awesome you should have seen it in 3d
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: my cousin say it in 3d and said not to so...meh.
is cop out rated r?
maybe i'll go see that...
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: ello ello pplz...
is imatation black yakyak??
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: yes it is rated r but im sure you will be fine with that right?
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: you guessed right amanda.
there's no use to having this account it's jsut kind of...here
i'm all good with that.
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: hey amanda did you make it yet? cause im waiting and nothing is happening
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: ok then well i came to tick yew off cuz i gotta go lol and tomoro im goin all day w/o swearing so i'll ttyl!!! byeeee
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: ....
why'd you come on then you weirdo?
i'll post that video later on your page or whatever.
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: told you people hate me everytime i join they leave me here tom die T.T
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: ....
~+~Is kind of still here just watching AMV's and other weird stuff.~+~
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: wow instead of talking to your friend that has been dying to here someones voice
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: (i (bold hear.))
oh well sorry...
there i talked and in Fable you can get dudes to love you and shizz....
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: lol ya dont be going around having sex with other men that is not right for you XD you can get pregnant like 50 times
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: ...
~+~she picked a boy character by accident.~+~
he looked like a girl in my defense!
all batty eyelashes and his shirt made him look like he had frikken boobs.
h3 i'm sorry~!
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: lol idc what your do with your character dont matter to me but really the shirt makes him look he has boobs lol thats funny
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: it really did christian!
me and devan were like that's a frikken girl~!
then we started playing...and...turned out it was a boy.
my dude ganna be a hero~!
heros are smexy like that.
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: lol wow that sounds so funny were you guys laughing a lot or just giggling
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: no...
we didn't laugh at all in fact we were just like, "Oh. well atleast he's ganna be famous."
~+~ shrugs.~+~
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: hey do you think you can go on aim and i.m. me cause i have to get off laptop for a bit ok
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: i could go on aim.
but i really hate aim.
oh well.
but only for a bit i'm going to play fable again.
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: leave a man to die in this ooc by himself lol o well ima stay here for a little longer
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: blah blah blah.
you baby...
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Ha!
This picture is the best!! XD
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: h4 ROBBY-CHAN~!!!!!
i do really like dat picture though.
Synyster / Friggin Bunny: hahahaha muhahahahaha friggin bunny is here muhahahaha
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: that pictures cool i agree but i like mine :P!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Noooo..
You cross the line, Rachel.
Matt Bellamy owns Jonas Armstrong
h2 ANY DAY!!!
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: um...
i think len owns anybody...
h1 LEN~!
Synyster / ito: fear my head woman man thing muhahahahaha fable 2 cross dresser lol
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: Robert...if you knew the real reason behind Jonas Armstrong you wouldnt say that! youve crossed the line!!!! :P yak yak manda betta not say nutin either or i kell them!!!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: h1 WHAT!!!!???!!
Len is crap!!!
Oh, dear. Yes, KayKay, I said it.
h1 WHAT NOW!!!
At least Matt Bellamy is real!
Well, not really. Len's all right. :)
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: You're just jealous that len is a robot that can sing better then half of this shitty bands you listen to~!
Synyster / ito: for kaykay lol your welcome now give me some yuri now im jk XD
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: Ja rocks :)! you ppl jus dont wanna face it!!!!!! <3 go J.A
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: h3 LEN~!
h4 LEN~!
hey yaoi.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: OK, you (bold really) crossed the line...
All right, I take back the Len thing. Len is awesome.
You take back the band thing?
Synyster / ito: im gonna go post that yaoi in a random room lol ima be cracking up
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: i take eet back?
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: Awww robby feels bad for insulting anime guy!!!!!!! jus messin wit you :D dont kelll me robby !!!!!!!plzzzzz
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: be jealous of this kick ass picture.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Ha! Kick ass is right! Cool picture. XD
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: i need to find something to use him in.
or make a character.
i lauve it soooo much!
LovelyShame / Chuck Norris: Cool!!!
Chuck Norris says you should.
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: hrm.....
i picke the name soul because it was on the original picture
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: wow chuck norris???!!!!!
LovelyShame / Robby-Chan: No. Chuck Norris was roundhouse kicked by himself and went somewhere else.
Robby-Chan is here!!! X]
Ooooh, by the way,
this'll be Mr. Gual (you know who) in 20 years.
(pic http://i944.photobucket.com/albums/ad289/GrayTwilight417/Low_Budget_School_Teacher_funny_tea.jpg)
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: o-o?
Oh wow, but it's true. sadly.
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: Robby chan sounds really dumb no offense...thats gonna be you in 20 yrs.... so so sorry!!! :'(
LovelyShame / Robby-Chan: h2 ROBBY-CHAN!!!!!
Yeah, one day Mr. Gual won't have a ruler and he'll just pick up a chair and use it.
WHAT??!! Rachel....
(pic http://i944.photobucket.com/albums/ad289/GrayTwilight417/burning-flames-yellow-fire.jpg)
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: she's just jealous she doesn't have an awesome nickname like robby-chan
i feel the need...to...bite...something.
all day i've been tempted to like bite random people.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Biting people...?
I was unfortunately one of your victims. :(
Your'e a vampire!!! I know it!!!
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: kk fight the urge to bite ppl considering that im sitting next to you....and im not jealous of any nicknames cause i have far too many (i do not wish to list these)....an your anger is supposed to be agianst me?? srry if yo start wearing a collar an chain i dont wanna see it ok?>?? i'll make me sad
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: vampires are sexy!
i'll be good for eternity.
besides not your blood i would want to drink ;]
i'm fighting eeet.
i would never put robby-chan on a chain.
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: no in the picture the guy is wearing a chain thats y i said that LOL....confused here were you talkin bout the guy wit the chair????????hmmm ppl?
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Ooooh!!
Speaking of vampires, has anybody seen the Uprising music video by Muse?
My dad saw it, he thought Matt Bellamy looked like a vampire.
The music video has giant teddy bears in it that destroy a city!! :D
The teddy bears are kinda funny! :)
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: ....ok.....TEDDDY BEARS <3 love them :P i have tonsssssss :P
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: yush.
i have seen eeet....
weird little teddy bears...
that's because rachel...
that picture is...akira from...togainu which is...
which i cannot play!
ParadiseLost / Lady Jasmine Guetta: heyy pplz yakyak wants me in here so i am, HOPE YOURE HAPPY YAKYAK >.<
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Here's the single cover:
(pic http://i944.photobucket.com/albums/ad289/GrayTwilight417/Muse-Uprising-480377.jpg)
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: i see yak yak :) got it :)! *Perks up with excitement* OoooooO!!!!! i have piano :P yea imma gonna blow my teacher away cause she thought id neva get the stuff she gave me ha ha ha
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: AMANDA!!!!!!!!! :P its youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: robby doesn't even like...contribute to the conversation.
he just blabs on about stuff we don't care about...
Synyster / ito: k.k. ready to spam the rp that i posted the yaoi picture in XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: if you're still here.
you better believe it.
what ooc was it mah transvestite buddeh?
Synyster / ito: back sorry just got back from work XD anyways the rp is called speical school (anime only =p plz joi
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: what kind of pictures are we spamming with?
or just...anything we can find?
did you already post in eeet?
Synyster / ito: lol um yaoi they said if i post again something like that they guna band me from the room XD
Synyster / ito: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/129957 here is the rp where we spam muhahaha
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: ahhhh crud.
i know one of the guys in that rp.
see 'em try.
um...find another...
a cruddy one with like...one lines.
Synyster / ito: is this a good yaoi picture to spam with XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: that picture...
grosses me out.
the spit and all eeehhhh....
Synyster / ito: lol that picture of your is from that show whats it called gurren lagoon? but my picture is good to gross people out muhahaha
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: it is good to gross people out.
shonen thingy?
i like Shoujo...mmhm. romance <3
Synyster / ito: lol well i dont feel like trying to find another rp or ooc i tryed already but of course i failed lol
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: Mehhh...
I'm just chillin' anyway...Not in a spammin' mood...
i'm lookin' for a quick rp...
Synyster / ito: ok i'll start off XD ummmm what should we do it about?
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: i don't want to rp in here
i'm lettin' the ooc rest after the craziness with the mexicans.
you wouldn't wantto RP what i want to rp about.
i feel like vocaloid...mmhm and you don't know vocaloid huh?
Synyster / ito: no not really and tell me what you wana rp about?
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: I just said it.
Synyster / ito: ohhhhhhhh i dont know that lol im srry T.T
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: well...
it was either that or...
we too different~!
thelastman / Sai,: Hello all.. how is it being a christain... (I Hover's blindly.)
Synyster / ito: how are we different besides the fact that your a girl and ima guy
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: hrmmm...
were you invited here by anyone?
doubt it...
What's it like?
What's it like to be an athiest?
that's kind of a dumb question...
you no like yaoi...
or things i like...
thelastman / Sai,: (i Sorry, if I offended anyone.) Sighs.
Yes, I wasn't invited, sorry if your mad Ito..
Synyster / ito: its not like i care you just get turned on to ez by this picture lol
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: not offended just...like...really?
what made you hop in anyway?
~+~Starts nudging christian in the side.~+~
Synyster / ito: geez is he even their anymore wow he just came then left
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: he wasn't invited anyway christian.
Synyster / ito: but still he was in the old ooc thing we should get them all back together T.T
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: that wasn't the dude you were thinking of Christian.
i know that kid.
did you read his username?
not the twilight person.
Synyster / ito: T.T people hate me thats why they trick me awwww T.T
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: he didn't trick you.
Synyster / ito: were not different were just different from each others lives
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: and...
what are you trying to say exactly?
Be careful here christian i can get the wrong idea.
you saying you share my interests?
you obsess over fictional things?
you enjoy seeing blood come from people's ears?
you wish you were able to tell people everything about you?
you like to write?
you enjoy reading?
music is your lover? [How da hale is dat possible?]
like cute nicknames?
find the strangest things adorable?
Synyster / ito: lol some things we are different in i dont love gay men, and mabye i like a little readin only a little but yea for the rest and dnt get the wrong idea ok geez XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: alrighty then.
why can't we decide something then?!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Hey, guys.
Mind if I butt in?? :)
Synyster / ito: -cough- oh hey robert geez stop coming in without saying hi not hey only hi geez
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: why would robby-chan wanna butt in?
i should bite him!
Synyster / ito: i know robert geez dont but in gosh unless its okay with yakyak
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: well he can butt in, but like...why?
robby-chan is the one that ends our convos and starts a totally new one.
Synyster / ito: mhm so true..... now wat is it robert what do you want?
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: where the hell is robby-chan anyway?!
get up and leave?1
he's yo' bitch afterall...
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: OK, I'll try not to.
Ooooooh!! But, but...
My dad just showed me a video of this band Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, who were kinda big back in the 70's. Their drummer is beast. So is their organ player. He plays like two organs at once without like even looking at them!!
Just watch this video!! Please!!!
*The drummer's solo starts at like 2:30 and ends at like 7:30.*
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeQsZOQqO6I
Synyster / ito: lol i think he just reading what were typing whats his problem he likes stalking us XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: ....
that's like nine minutes no thank you. xD haha.
um...i don't like that guy's voice anyway...
the drummer looks crazy
he stalks us christian?
Synyster / ito: idk i think he does do u think he stalks us kaykay
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Oh whatever you guys are mean. :(
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: i don't like the dudes voice though!
what do you think transvestite buddy?
Synyster / ito: dont talk about being mean robert your always cruel to me when x and josh were jerks to me in lunch you didnt stand up for me T.T
LovelyShame / Comical Death: No!! The drummers the point!
Oh well. It doesn't matter.
Who's your transvestive buddy?
LovelyShame / Comical Death: Sorry Christian!!!
I didn't even know!! Seriously, though. I didn't know. I would have.
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: christian is...he's wants to be that girl from school days...>_> and i want to be agito from air gear.
i know the drummers the point?
Synyster / ito: the drummer pretty good rob but still has a ways to go
LovelyShame / Comical Death: Hold on...
I'm watching the Monty Python death video to see if it's good. XD
LovelyShame / Comical Death: youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoBTsMJ4jNk
It's OK, it's not (bold wicked) funny. But's it's classic.
Synyster / ito: omg whats up with you and monty homo really robert
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: working on a post for a dif rp may be a bit slow right naow.
Synyster / ito: no one has anything on this violin guy he is so awesome
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: picture fail much?
Synyster / ito: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PqhwUOQGt0 srry posted on picture instead of regular lol
LovelyShame / Comical Death: Christian I can't see it. Is it something with the picture?
I can't stop listening to this song called "Walk Away" by Five Finger Death Punch. You might like it, Christian. YakYak (i might) like it.
LovelyShame / Comical Death: wait christian you have to go youtube: whatever your url is for a video.
ImitationBlack / Leon DeMello: ohhh.
can't watch anything busy!
i can listen to things though.
i might look it up. sorry.
posting and all.
how's the guy look?
Synyster / ito: just go to it gosh people always being haters
LovelyShame / Comical Death: Awesome violin!!! Wow. :)
I’m sorry for the demon I’ve become
You should be sorry for the angel you are not.
I apologize for the cruel things that I did,
But I don’t regret one single word I said.
Just walk away (make it easy on yourself)
Just walk away (Please release me from this hell)
Just walk away (there’s just noting left to feel)
Just walk away (pretend like none of this is real)
Please forgive me
If I told you that I cared.
Would you be sorry
If I swore that Id be there?
Please forgive me for laughing when you fall.
I’m so sorry but I never cared at all!
Just walk away (Make it easy on yourself)
Just walk away (Please release me from this hell)
Just walk away (There’s just noting left to feel)
Just walk away (Pretend like none of this is…)
[Guitar Solo]
Just walk away (Make it easy on us both)
Just walk away (There was never any hope)
Just walk away (You already know the deal)
Just walk away (Pretend that none of this was real)
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Here's the song:
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl0szVNQ9v4
Please listen to the whole thing, Christian!!! Please!!
Synyster / ito: awsome ty for making me waste those 3 precious minutes of my life even though the song was good
ImitationBlack / Leon DeMello: i like that song robby-chan :)
wanna hear another vocaloid song?
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Ok..
Just for you, I'm gonna listen to some Avenged Sevenfold!
I actually kinda feel like it too.
Synyster / ito: lol ty for listening to them their so beast XD
ImitationBlack / Leon DeMello: h5 Robby-chan~!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Oh, the picture!!!!
It's pretty cool!! I like the gray, melancholy background of it.
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: I did.
and i liked it.
what was the name again?
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Ya Ya Yah!!!! More Vocaloid!!!!!
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: "Walk Away" by Five Finger Death Punch. Awesome song!!!!
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hih0sEhR0w
adding that song to my favorites on youtube.
this song is "Cantarella" by Miku and Kaito
Synyster / ito: soooooo how have you guys been good i hope right XD
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: i've been great.
had a dream bout andrew.
freaky as hell man...
you should watch it too!
Synyster / ito: omg a dream about andrew that means your guna die 1 day
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: no...
it wasn't like that.
it revolved around the video of cantarella.
he was kaito and i was miku.
scared the hell out of me to have that long of hair again.
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: OOOoooooh!!
Cool video!!!! I love Vocaloid. I liked the violins and the piano and everything else. It was cool!!!!!
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: isn't it awesome robby-chan?!
i wanna make an RP with them...
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Hmm...
Dream about Andrew?? :0
Haha. You didn't like long hair?? (i Scrunches eyebrows.)
*FYI I have now listened to "Walk Away" like 8 times. I'm obsessed with that song.* Like YakYak is obsessed with Vocaloid.
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: If you watched the video closely robby-chan...you would notice that kaito drugged miku.
and her hair got her caught more in those chains!
Synyster / ito: hello peoples you forgot about me T.T you guys are never nice well ya you guys are nice to me you just show it in an unfriendly manner
LovelyShame / My Imaginary Friend: Hold on...
I have to go. See you tommorrow, YakYak and Christian!!!
Synyster / ito: awwww dont leave robert your just starting to have fun with me and yakyak
FameMonster / Man-Hoe: he always does that.
i'mma go play fable two.
buh baiii
Synyster / ito: dah dee dah dah muhahahaha lah dee dah dee dah XD
Synyster / ito: omg still here waiting for people to talk grrrr XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: you'll always be waiting....
Synyster / Sieghart: XD lol i think this pick is not as much disgusting as the other picture with the spit lol
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: ok ppl if your gonna give me a stupid nickname i wanna hear it first....i strongly dislike nickname but if i must have one i will submit.... no Ray-ray-chan thats jus rlly rlly dumb ok???? ok :) <3 you pplzzzz
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: postin' that shit christian.
h3 listenin' too much to that song~!
Synyster / Sieghart: lol tell andrew that i wana see his expression XD
Synyster / Sieghart: spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam
Synyster / Sieghart: spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: LOL kk dont feel bad i have dreams too....not from songs but still dreams... good ones :) No Ray ray chan everr >:o!!!!!!!!!!!
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: christian look at this awesome picture~!
alright rachel...
RDCLOL / Jonas Armstrong: alright what Yak Yak???? actually if you wanna let me in on that imma gonna ask you to do it on aim LOLz ....!
Synyster / Sieghart: hihihihi this last time i put these pics up for you T.T these pics were my b-day present to you lol XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: h2 YAY?~?!?!?!?
Synyster / Sieghart: gosh i am so dead pastor poulin called my dad and told him about my grades T.T
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: hrm...
how dead is dead exactly?
that school really needs to stop doing that...they can't be that bad?
WalkMe / Might Just Bite You: I'm...Avoided posting on this on purpose 'cause I'm going to be bombarded with question like, "When you ganna post?!" Well...I'm writing them. So be done in a day or so.
Synyster / Sieghart: hey yakyak wats up XD did you find a post that we can spam in?
Synyster / ito: anyone on cause im getting bored =.= my head is like crying i dont know why arent i suppose to b dead
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: what's the matter christian?
Synyster / ito: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkvZutLAhhQ this guy is so awesome you have to see his moves some of it is from street fighter
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: beast....
Synyster / ito: hello people srry im trying to figure out some thing.
Synyster / ito: dammit kaykay u have to teach me how to post the video so that you can see it on eliteskills not going to youtube to look for it T.T
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: alright alright.
sorry comp is being all bleh!
before the link.
Synyster / ito: oooooo so i do this
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: cause that wasn't slightly weird or anything....
Synyster / ito: im not weird T.T im just not being myself today for some reason
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: you're not weird.
that video was xD
was that like a competition?
I'm dressing up as kaito for the skit~!
Synyster / ito: lol nice ima go as a mexican school day girl XD lol
ImitationBlack / Imitation Black: won't that just be delightful?
Synyster / ito: ima try posting a school days video on here muhahahaha
ImitationBlack / .:Kaito Shion:.: h3 NOT SCHOOL DAYS~!
Synyster / ito: lol it will be school days just the last episode dont worry muhahahaha
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: that anime was shit except for the very last episode.
it was frikken awesome but...really messed up.
i found someone to rp vocaloid with ^^
Synyster / ito: youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oviFOFgMOZo
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: The last one was the one I only really watched...xD
Good Bye.
Synyster / ito: no dont go omg dont betray me like this T.T
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: i was ...saying what the text said...before she stabbed him and made him drool?
Synyster / ito: o thank goodness i thought you were leaving i was like it only 9:35 geez XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: tht's still pretty late, but now a days cause of the clocks and everything i'm up later...which is odd.
it's screwed up my sleeping pattern!
Synyster / ito: lol how is it late and are you ready for the english thing tomorrow XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: ohh...that's right i needed pictures.
i'm probably going to mess that up. i hate talking like in front of people...
Synyster / ito: same i totally forgot my attention getter and stuff its in a cpu in the computer lab and i need to print it out tomorrow so i can memorize what im guna say T.T
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: my attention getter is saying, "When you were little...Som of you can atleast say you wanted to ride a pony right?" Haha...Then, "well...I've wanted to that ever since I was little."
Synyster / ito: lol awesome ive always wanted to ride a pony i never really did get the chance to XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: pssshhh.
not missing much.
it really only gets fun once you learn how to sit and hold the reigns...All the way up is a nightmare.
Synyster / ito: lol can it have 300 chainsaws on it XD it would be so much fun
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: ...
how would that be possible?
Synyster / ito: ummmm we can get it to have steroids and once it gets big enough we can get an elevator with 16 live cougars so i can get on top of it XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: steriods!
haha let's drug the pony up and make it have like fangs too~! with blood red eyes. get a vampire to bite it and a werewolf to stratch it?
Synyster / ito: lol you have such an imagination kaykay but that sounds good enough for me lets do it but you miss spelled scratch XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: oooo
i do don't i?
i get a whole day dream out of a wall i got so much imagination xD though...i day dream WWAAAYYYYY too much...>_> mostly about the strangest things too...
Synyster / ito: like when you dream about you know who lol that was so funny yet creepy at the same time when you told me
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: that was a dream!
not a day dream...day dreams are more of your thoughts...Dreams are like feelings...
Synyster / ito: ooooooo feelings huh muahahahaha lol jk i should just shut my mouth now cause im starting to be annoying right XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: well from what i've been told that's what they're caused by...dunno.
i love vocaloid so much i had a dream about it. xD
Synyster / ito: lol of course you have dreams about anime guys why wouldnt you hahahaha i never have dreams about anime unless i do fire jutsus and stuff
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: h2 YES!
h3 Finally found the right remix to meltdown by Len finally! Been forever jesus...e.e
h4 I really loved that remix...o-o
Synyster / ito: wow someone is excited aren't they hey do you think mr.g will let me print out the outline during math class?
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: Christian...I've been looking for that damn remix for a month!
i dunno. he's kind of bleh so you know?
Synyster / ito: lol brb ok ive gotta put something on here a video ok brb
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: wait wait wait wait
whta's going down now?
Synyster / ito: youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qji9BFG9Zr4 omg this is the best ever
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: h6 Prince of Tennis?! o-O'
h7 I loved that show!
Synyster / ito: muhahahaha i cant believe he didnt win that one even though ive seen all the episodes XD
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: i haven't watched every episode yet. xD
i've watched every ep to tokyo mew mew though. loved that anime and Naruto of course...
Synyster / ito: okkkkk and that was somewhat odd but the song i liked XD
Synyster / ito: kaykay are you their or did you leave T.T
Synyster / ito: omg again betrayed like always T.T now im all alone in this ooc
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: sorry
was posting.
that was the remix of the song.
xD been trying to find it and finally stumbled upon it.
Synyster / ito: ok im just really depressed at night until i talk to someone that is not boring
ImitationBlack / .:Soul:.: you. like. len. now. right?

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