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Roleplay - Wolf Demons Prize (( For Xean (thelastman) )) by Krista Ravenheart / XxSorrowxX

The days that have long since passed. When demons and other creatures of old still exsist on the face of the planet. A half demon by the name of Krista, is an ice demon. A treasure to her family and even more so to those that could use thier powers for themselves or for profit.
When Krista's family is killed and she , running away with her brother to try and find a place to hide, she runs into a pack of demons...Will she survive? Will her brother be able to do anything now that he is injured? And what happens when a wolf demon, who has been watching Krista for a long time see this happening? Will he come to her aid? Or watch her die?

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XxSorrowxX / Krista Ravenheart: (( this on is for you hun, i will give you the same starting post so that you can just post when your ready, if you dont' wish to play, then just let me know lol.))
::Krista had spent many happy years with her family. How calm and well adjusted they were to making such beautiful peices of jewelery for many families to share. Ones that lasted forever. Such were the peices made by an Ice Demon. Krista had talent for making some of the more beautiful peices with her mother. Her mother and she shared a trait, that when they cried, with happiness, that the most pure and long lasting ice peices were made. These peices would soon lose the cold that seemed to linger about them and could be worn by humans or other demons, without freezing them, and they still kept thier shape.
Krista's mother and father were out harvesting some precious metals and stones to go with a rather large peice going to a Duke and Dutchess from a neighboring palace, whom was merrying off thier daughter to them.
Krista found it to be a good reason to really make some wonderful peices now. A multi teared necklace and cuffs. Truly some of the harder peices to make, at least for her. Krista's brother was standing guard near his sister. As of the past few days he had sensed something happening around them, something that wasn't to his liking. And being that his sister was the most precious thing to him, he'd do anything to protect her.
" Krista....maybe we should go inside....Its getting alittle dark out here." he was trying to push her inside to keep her safe, even tho it was still very bright outside this day. " Mitzuhiedia....calm yourself...its still bright out here and Its very comfortable...why not sit down and help me?" she asked trying to ease her brothers frantic thoughts, which he would, sitting down next to her and smiling warmly to his sister as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.
"Yeah...maybe I will." he said watching Krista. But the peace wasn't to last, that much was certain, her brothers feelings about getting away from this place seemed to be correct. Two large Orcs came forward, holding thier parents lifeless bodies under thier arms. Saddly, thier father wasn't in one peices as thier mother was. " What--?" seemed to come forward from both Krist and her brothers lips, as her brother stood, taking Krista's hand.
Krista started to weep, her tears crystalizing and falling with a light clink, onto the earth surface as her brother pulled her to come with him, running quickly. Mitzuhiedia seemed to try and keep himself together, but it wasn't happening. He was falling apart. Tears were falling from is face, but they froze right on his cheeks as he pulled his sister close to him. The enemy close on thier tale. They were being hunted to make money for a group of demons that seemed ot believe they owned whatever thier eyes set on. And normally that was the case, until it came to this family. Which half were killed already.
"Find them!!" A large, spiked demon yelled, the Orcs dropped the bodies they were holding and ran after the pair. But it seemed that everything that was bad, was happening now. Another group of demons were after Krista and her brother, stopping them in thier tracks. Mitzuhiedia moved infront of his sister, holding her close behind him. Not sure what to do. But it seemed that an option was quickly taken from him as he was stabbed through the side and the leg, keeping him from running away. Krista being grabbed by the other demons and tied up rather quickly.::
thelastman / Xean: Xean looked darkly at the Demons that where closing in on this (I Ice demon) A small smirk form on his face. Soon, he would have all the money he wanted. Slowly shaking his head, he turned, and raise his staff. A pitch black mist encase him, as he was teleported into a diffrent part of the demon realm. This realm, was call Night. Here in Night, Xean could moniter all that went on. A dark look formed on his face, as he watch the demons stab her brother. (I So much for running away hun?) He thought.
All of a sudden, a yawn escape his lips, as he streched out his hand. The thought, of protecting her, suddenly entice her. Feeling pity towards someone of a lower race, was something he rarley did.. but atlas, he simple digress the ideal, of letting her die. Once again, the black mist sallow him hole, as he appear right before the girl.
A confuse looked was shown clearly on the demons faces, as they look dumbfounded at their king. Slowly rasing his staff, fire began engulfing the two demon. As screams of pain rose high into the air, Xean turned around. His face was as-cold-as-ice. When he spoke, he spoke in a rough voice, "
Are you hurt?" He ask. (I Traitor!) Hissed a voice, as a bird desended from the sky. This bird, was long and black.
Golden talons hung from his hands and feet, as he decend upon Xean. A bemuse looked form on his face, as he lifted up his staff at the bird, that flew close to him. As he thrust his staff up towards the bird, he doge and spew hot fire. A bord look could clearly be seen on Xean's face, as he shot bright white fire, out of his hand. As the bird fell to the ground, a smirk form on Xeans face, as he turned to face the girl again.
XxSorrowxX / Krista Ravenheart: :: Krista would lie on the earths surface, looking back at her brother after her eyes landed apon the demon that seemed to come out of no where, that made her swallow hard, what was happening? Did they really need this many people to stop her and her brother? Now that thier parents were dead. And now, her brother was heaving his last breath, whispering his sisters name, which made her cry out.
In her fury filled cry Ice started to bead up in the air, coming to pack tightly around her, putting her into a small shield that was made by the ice. Her brother was dead, and now she had lost everything, every little thing she cared about had been destroyed in one fell swoop.
But it didn't end there. Shards of ice started to form as well, and when they did the Orcs that were follow Krista and her brother were killed as soon as they came into view. Those ice shards tearing into thier bodies and head, tearing them apart and leaving them in a bloody mess where they stood. She was in pain, she didn't know what she was going to do now without her family by her side.
Now that everyone seemed to be injured or dead, one lone figure came out from the gore and mess, it was the Spiked demon known as Axel. He was very greedy and wouldn't allow his prize to be taken away. But seeing his Orcs killed, it made him second think his thoughts of taking her by hand. Maybe not as safe as he had previously thought.
"Get away from the girl...and you won't be harmed." He spoke to Xean. Sure that the other demon woudl move away and allow him to have Krista. After all he had a dangerous reptutation. And most would just get out of his way before asking any questions, this time shouldn't be any different, now should it?::
thelastman / Xean: Xean looked darkly at the man who just appear. A small wall of fire sparked around him, as he lifted his staff. A small look of rage boiled over his face. Looking again at the girl, who was now incasked in the ice shell, he turned and look towards Axel. A small smile formed on Xean's face, as he look darkly towards the man. He was known as the fire demon, his wrath was compare to that of a god. Putting his staff by his side, he looked darkly at the man. All of a sudden, then ground began to rumble, as Xean bore into the mans soul.
As the ground shook, the sky seemed to turn black, as ebony cloud cosumed the last ray of light. Thunder crackle loudly across the sky, as Xean looked at Axel, a look of sick joy forming on this demon face. Looking darkly at him, he lifted his staff, and lighten seem to light up the sky. Slow speaking, he usher these words. "Touch the girl, and you shall face the Warth of Xean, The thrid demon king."
A look of sadistic malevolence form on Axel's face, as he lets out a long laugh. Slowly walking towards Xean, he pulls out a dragon shape sword, fire spewing out of the his mouth. (I You dare Defy me!?) ask Axel. As he charges towards Xean, but then stops cold. Xean quickly jumps back, as ice flys right past him. "Cool it Girl!" Snarls Axel, as he charge towards Krista. "No you dont!" Screams Xean, as a yellow flash of lightning blast out of his staff.
XxSorrowxX / Krista Ravenheart: :: Axel would watch as everything happened before him, saddly for him he wasn't fast enough to stop what was going to happen. He was starting to dart to one side, to dodge the shard of ice and bolt coming in his direction. But he would be stilled rather quickly.
Krista seemed to spring to an unatural life. Pushing at the ice that incased her it broke and shattered against the pressure she gave off in this moment, her eyes were solid white, leaving nothing to be seen of her dark intentions. A blade of ice formed on her hand and she speared Axel through the chest to take the bolt that Xean gave off and the shard of ice that missed just by a centemeter, cutting at Axels face.
"RRRRUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH!!!" was a long drawn out cry of pain as everything seemed to hit the demon at once, but Krista wasn't through with what was happening. The blade that had him impaled started to crack and shatter, whatever wasn't inside of him few into his wound and into his air way, cutting all of the inside of it and his lungs without mercy and then "break....' was but a light whisper coming from Krista as she balled up her fist that once held the blade, it balled up the ice inside of Axels lungs and started ot cease his breathing. ::
thelastman / Xean: A look of amazement came over Xean, as he stood their, stun at what She had just done. confuse, at the sight he had just bared witness to, he slowly walked over to the girl. An out stretched hand towards her. His face was a mask of pity, as he looked at the girls lost.
"I'm Sorry about your family, and I understand the pain on a lost one." Xean said softly, as he looked into the girls eyes. It was like... He was seeing into her soul, as he weigh every word he spoke to her. "But, we must go. The dark force's are coming, and they weren't stop for us." Xean said, as he looked at her.
Xean turned, and looked at her brother, mother, and dismember father, and shook his head in disgust. (I Such needless violence, for what? Greed, is that why they died, for greed!?) thought Xean, as he lifted his staff. A soft rumbling sound could be heard, followed by soft. Plip sounds, as rain drops softly fell on the ground. Slowly, Xean set to work, burying the girls fallen family, as he did, rain softly splash on to the ground, like tears. After he was done with the task, he face the girl, a look of pity on his face. "Tell me, what is you name? I am Xean, Demon of nature." He spoke, as once again, stretched out his hand towards the girl. As he looked at her, a thought invaded his mind, as he began think about why he originally came here for. (I I am here to use her for my own personal gain, but it seems like things have change. Now, since one of the demon kings is dead, a bounty shall be put on my head. A huge one at that.) Xean chuckle at the though of there actually being a bounty on his head. The sheer mockery of it was enough to anger him.
XxSorrowxX / Krista Ravenheart: :: All Krista could do was weep at the sight before her, now that the other demon had been struck and killed almost to easily. She had been in so much pain, that it twisted itself to fury and she helped to end a life. her very first life to take, and it chilled even her to the bone.
As they sat there, she taking in his words and listening, she seemed so lost, her hands coming to cover her face as she wept, laying her head agianst the earth until it started to rain, a few blood speckels were on her face and neck, but that was soon washed away thanks to the rain falling over head.
Her mind raced with so many questions as to why she couldn't have died with them, but then again, there was purpose for everything, as she liked to believe. It brought little comfort at the moment tho. The rain that soon started to fall around her slowly calming demeaner would freeze before touching her, falling into small crystals on the earth surface with a light thud before she came to stand. She needed some sort of comfort at the moment, and seeing as Xean didn't seem like he was going to harm her, she'd take it from him if he was willing to give it.
As he asked for her name she would gently wipe her eyes with the back of her index finger, those tears freezing at her touch, making a very pure, diamond it seemed. Clearn and sharp, showing of her pain. And lightly , she'd take his hand, her body was cold, but not so cold to freeze him solid, it helped that he wasn't human as well. "Krista...Ravenheart. Of the Ice Branders." It was a title given to her father, and passed down through the family, and now she was the only one left.::
thelastman / Xean: As she took Xeans hand, a cold chill crept up his spine, but he didn't shiver. Looking into her crying eyes, a filling of pain crawled up his skin, as he looked around at the freshly dug graves. Senseless. People dying for nothing. The thought of people dying in vain, sent sparks flying out of Xean's staff. He quickly shook it off, as he looked at her.
"Ice branders" Repeated Xean stupidly, as he glazed at her. the sheer beauty of her tears, was crazy. It shock him, as he thought about how he could think about the price of her tears.
"Don't worry, They wont get away with this." Spoke Xean, as he stood up, his staff in his hand. A cold looked was on his face, as he raised his staff. (I Wait, there is more on her face, guilt.) Thought Xean, as he sat down again. Softly brushing her hair out of her eyes. A feeling of dread spread through him, as the rain completely stopped.
A very, very, long moment of silence pass between them, as Xean began reflecting on the past events that has happen leading up to this. A look of dark shame could be shown on his face, as he recognized the horror he had cause. How, could he live up to this? Sighing softly, he looked deep into Krista’s soul, and could see... pain. Deep pain, pain, that he would' t have thought possible for a demon to feel. Standing up again, he turned towards the trees, and spoke softly to him self. Then, he spoke loudly, so that she could hear. "Come; follow me to my castle, Krista Raveheart lone survivor of the Ice Branders"
XxSorrowxX / Krista Ravenheart: :: Krista's face turned to the side as he moved her hair from her paled face, It was simply the sort of demon she was that made her skin so pale, almost a blue tint seemed to come to that paled skin. But she knew well, throwing the tear away , far enough to keep it from being found, hopefully. Stiffeling her own tears she would she stand up , and start to follow him.
She hated the words that came from his mouth, not all of them just 'Krista Ravenheart, lone survior of the Ice Branders.' How painful it was to hear those words, knowing fully now that she was indeed, very much alone in this world. Her family had been slaughtered for the magic they worked. And in truth, Krista wasn't afraid of being killed off as well.
"Thank you....Xean." her voice came in a ghostly whisper, as depression started to set in her mind the air that went into her lungs started to be exhaled as a light frost from her lips. Beads of water hardened in her hair, giving it a very sad look, but beautiful in its simplisity.
Truly, Krista was falling apart inside as she held a calm demeanor about her, she needed to keep herself calm now. If she wept, she'd simply lead any other attacks towards Xean's castle, and that was the last thing she wanted, was to get someone else killed because of her.::
thelastman / Xean: Xean looked softly At Krista. She was a mess, shedding tears, and leaving an icy trail. A harsh pained feeling stabbed his heart, as he heard her speak to him. Softly walking towards her, he lifted his hand high into the air. (I We better travel using smoke, so that none can track us.) Thought Xean, as he raise his staff in the air to. "Krista, it's going to get hot... Do you think, you can handle it?" He spoke, not waiting for her to reply. All of a sudden, dark black smoke came crawling out of his staff. It circle darkly around Xean and Krista. The heat from the smoke, as immense, but not unbearable. When the black mist had finally sallow them whole, the ground seemed to whirl. In pitch blackness, the world began to spine around them fast and harsh. Dragging them deeper into the pits it hell, or so it seem. Soon, after that, it spit them out at the gates of the Castle. It was, a splendid one, it shine as if it was on fire. Made out of gold, silver, and ice, it was something built for the Gods. As Xean lower his staff, he turn and looked at Krista.
"Here we are, Madam." He spoke, as he looked at the gates.
Just then, servants cloth in ebony, emerald, and scarlet, came rushing out the Castle doors to greet them. Each one, was well mannered. "Leave us." Xean spoke, as he thrust out his right hand. Nodding, they complied to his wishes, and left them, standing alone at the gates to this Castle.
XxSorrowxX / Krista Ravenheart: ::Being that Krista hadn't had the chance to anser, she'd simply coat herself in a sheet of ice, very thin but it kept her from getting warmed up. That would cause her a sickness and turly she wished not to be sick anymore than she already was. Now, as they stood at the gate of his home, he having dismissed his servants, they'd stand there silently.
She wasn't to sure what to make of the place that seemed to hold so many elements all at once, but then again, Xean was a one of a kind demon who needed all perspectives availible to him. Krista's eyes slowly scanning the surroundings as she bowed her head after getting her fill. " Your home is beautiful, Lord Xean." she'd say out of respect. He was higher up in the chain than her kind was. But Krista was near the top for the skills she alone possessed.
"I don't wish to be a burden on you....if you will it...I will just be on my way." Her words were still very soft, but lacking of most emotion. She was shuting herself down, to allow herself to remain calm, and then, when she got the chance, she would release her frustraition and saddness. But not now.::
thelastman / Xean: Xean look stunned at her, a small look of doubt formed on his face, as he looked her up in down. Speaking softly to himself, he whisper for a servant to make room for Krista. "Mi'lady, not to be rude or anything, but your illness might be the death of you, thus I cannot allow you to stay." Spoke the demon, as he looked at her. Suddenly, a guard appear beside her, then another before Xean. (I Make sure, that she gets some rest for the night.) thought Xean to his guards, as he turned on his heal, and began walking away.
The moment he step foot in the castle, there was a fury of action, people greeting him, servants preparing food for his guess, and what not. Xean, simply ignored them all, walking bristly down the halls of his castle. As he wall, the golden walls began to fade, till they got to pitch black. Candle's, with blue flames, light the way as he descended deeper into the darkness of the castle. A lone feeling of dread course through his vein, as he reach a stair case. The stairs, where made out of black marble, and as he step on one, nothing could be heard. (I Thank the gods, that I made the stairs sound proof) Thought he, as he began walking softly down the stairs. Deeper, and deeper, he walked, with death silence as his mat. AS he reached he bottom stairs, he got to a white door, that seemed to glisten darkly in the blue flames of light. Ushering a soft word, the door open with a swoosh, and he enter. Blanketed on a round table, was a seeing glass that all demon lords where given. Sitting down at the table, he pulled off the blanket, and peered into it.
A horrid sight befell his eyes, as he watched flames play out across his lands. Shrill screams, and heart stopping squeals of pain, echo through out the rooms hall. Sights of war scorching the Earth, and lives being lost, filled his mind, as he watch horrify. (I Bring me the girl... and this shall come not to be.) Snarled a voice in his mind.
XxSorrowxX / Krista Ravenheart: (( I hate to say it but i won't be posting tonight, i have been working alot of over time and am having a hard time concentraiting. I will be on tomorrow and i promise to post.))
XxSorrowxX / Krista Ravenheart: :: Needless to say that Krista seemed to be even more frightened when this happened, she wasn't allowed to leave because of having been alittle under the weather, but in truth she calmed rather quickly, knowing that this might be the safest place for her right now...soon enough...she would make her way from here and try to make it on her own.
As she sat in the room that hse had been placed in, she'd start to think a few things over, as to why it was that this had to happen, why to her family? Why couldn't she be the one taken ane killed....instead of her brother and her parents? This caused a rage to build within her, she'd growl and move to hit the walls as hard as she could. But being that at this moment, she was as strong as hse normally was, the sounds of her movements would cease some what soon. She'd be on her knees, her bloodied hands covering her face as she leaned her head against the wall she was hitting. She was truly lost without her family, she knew it all to well.::
((sorry for the shortness.))
thelastman / Xean: A long breath was drawn form Xean, as he looked huantingly at the glass sphere. (I Is this, truely the end of it all?) He thought, as he stood up on his feet. a look of sterness on his face. As a long sigh escaped his feet, he stretched out his arms, and stood on his feet. A look of darkness spreading across his face. (I No, I must protect her, with all my life.) He spoke, as he began walking towards the main floor. This time, every step he took, a torch was blacken out, by a gust of wind. A look of confousion formed on his face now.
After he finally reached the door, he open it, and steped out side. A look of intrest on his face.
"How is she?" He asked the guard, who was secretly watchcing her, "Not good my lord." He spoke. With a long sigh of dread, he walked briskly towards her door. He was about to rapp softly on the door, before he caught the wiff of blood, panic-stricken, he burst open to door. He looked at Krista shock, as he watched the blood ooz down her hands. A look of pain form on his face, as he went to be by her side. "Krista, I know it hearts to lose family, but it does no good to hurt you self over grief." Xean spoke softly, as he made water appear. This water was diffrent, it had a greenish tint in it, and it heal her damange knuckles, making the blood fade away. Sitting next beside her, he spoke softly in her ear. "Is there, anything I could do to make you feel better?" he ask, as concern filled his eyes.
XxSorrowxX / Krista Ravenheart: ::Krista continued to weap softly, as more of those jewel like tears traced thier way down her face, her hands, now having been healed, came up to the tears that were trying to fall away from her face, holding them in her grasp long enough to crush them within it. Trying to destroy those stones she made.
It was hard to look at them knowing that hse was the only one that could do it, her family....they were no longer here to give her advice on how to make them more beautiful, nor teach her any new ways of forming them into more beautiful shapes. How empty, those stones of hers were now, tho they were more beautiful it seemed without the emotions of happiness or love in them.
"Please....just......" she wasn't able to finish, she wanted to be with her family so much. "Just destroy me...that will make everything better...." She sniffeled lightly turning her face away, covering half of it with one of her hands, trying to calm herself enough to show him that maybe that would make her feel better.
But that was soon to fall apart as well, as she started to cough alittle violently holding her head and covering her mouth, she felt dizzy , and so very tired, and....warm?! That wasn't a good sign, when an ice demon's body temp. started to rise above normal.::
thelastman / Xean: Xean looked at her shocked, and then raised his staff. "If that is your wish." He spoke, all of a sudden, a warm seem to radiated from her. A small sigh escaped his lips, as he looked at her. "Sorry, but I must cool you down." suddenly, his staff glowed a bluish color, as wind began to form all aroubd them. Soon, snow began falling from his staff, freezing his whole room.
With his teeth chattering, becuase he was freezing cold, he lifted her up, and layed her on the bed, and began chatting a spell to heal her. Who would think, that a simple spell would come to aid him like this?
XxSorrowxX / Krista Ravenheart: ::Krista seemed ot sigh in contentment as it seemed that her body was slowly starting to cool down. The snow felt so good on her skin, her sighs picking up alittle snow and bringing it into her lungs to help cool her down faster. It felt so wonderful. But as she was laid down on the bed and heard the chattering of teeth, she'd look up at Xean and said "You need to leave, before you start to get sick..." her voice seemed so tired, so soft.
It seemed taht she was about to pass out within this cold room, which made her feel like she was starting to get better,w hich she knew she needed to, rather desperatly, before her body heated to much, and left her to die, ,or than likely.::
thelastman / Xean: Xean smile kindly down at her, with out shivering. Shaking his head, he stilled chatted the spell, that would keep this room frozen solid, for how every she wanted to stay. After he was down chanting, he stood up, and walked out side. As he walked out side, he reached for a golden leather jacket, and than enter the room. His face was as hard as rock. "No, I was to late saving your family. The (I Least) I can do for you, is make sure you live. He spoke, as he looked sternly at her. A look of sorrow on his face. He knew, better then anyone, that it was his falt, that her family layed dead and sluaghter. Sitting by her bed-which was now frozen- he peered deeply into her eyes. "Don't worry about me, get better." He spoke, as he softly rubbed her face. As he sat on her bed, his mind began to everything that had happan to him. Dejex... Xean looked at Krista, and then he ask her again. "Hey, was your father.... Dejex Barlow raveheart?" He ask her, as he looked up at the sky. A worry look on his face. It... Shaking his head, he laugh. Smiling, if her father was Dejex the brave, then he wouldn't have died so easily... No, he was a special.... (I Maybe, her father might be alive, but its a long shot...) He thought, as he looked at her. (I He was, one of the Six.)
XxSorrowxX / Krista Ravenheart: :: Krista would find it strange that Xean knew her fathers name, she had remembered that she was never to call him by that, or ever speak of it infront of others. It was a 'dangerous' name, as he called it, but she never was given as reason as to why it was so dangerous.
" Yes....that is my fathers name....how did you know?" she'd ask gently. As she laid there, on a bed frozen in a very comforting chill that started to make her feel alot better. A frozen mist coming from her lips as she spoke. It seemed that she was most alive in this weather. She was happy that he went through so much trouble as to make her comfortable.
" I have only known one other to call him by that name....but he was an enemy of my father....tried to take my mother away from my brother and I when we were still little....needless to say that he didn't live long enough to lay a hand on her." It seemed to make Krista laugh alittle, seeming saddened at the happy thought that ran in her mind, she'd never have a new memory of her father, brother, or mother. It was sickening her.
Now laying there silently, she'd close her eyes and allow alittle ice to form around her, covering her in what seemed like thin vines made of solid ice, It would keep her temperature down for now, and brought some comfort. Her father and mother always told her that when the day came, when they weren't with her anymore, that they would live on in the ice that covered her.::
(( sorry for the shortness, getting over being sick and trying to do the best I can lol.))
thelastman / Xean: (i Its okay, I had a concussion, so I couldn't post.)
Xean looked softly at her, as he stroked the ice that covered her. Looking deeply into her eyes, he spoke in a soft voice. "I was, scared that you would say that." He spoke, as he looked at her with sorrowful eyes. "I wish that the tale your about to be told was a lie, but it's sadly all true." He spoke, as he looked up at the ice cover ceiling. Looking back down at her he spoke again. "A long time ago, Me, Axel, Dejex your father, Xing, Darrin, and the strongest of us all, Sai met to created this world of demons."
Taking a deep breath, he spoke to her again. "After we produce life on this now furtile land, we each were given a slice of this land. You father ruled over the Ice-caps. Axel, over fire, Xin over water, Darrin died from illness, so got nothing, I over the land, and Sai over the sky." Xean spoke, as he looked deeper into Krista's eyes. "Your Dejex, is still alive. Regardless of if you belive it or not, only one of the six could kill him." Spoke Xean, as he looked away from her.
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