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Roleplay - White thief by Ryou_Bakura / Ryou_Bakura

in the past

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Ry / Aylisha: she was running from some guards because she stole some jewerly and the guards saw her she was running through the town she tripped and the guards tided her up with some rope and she was being dragged trying to break free but the guards was to strong for her "let go off me you creep's" the guards said "shut up your going to be our little prisioner" aylisha was trying to pull away her hood was pulled down so every one could say her face and her dark black hair was all wet along with the rest of her body
Ry / Aylisha: ((*see her face*))
Ry / Aylisha: aylisha kicked one of them and punched tried to punch the other but her arm was grabed and then she was knocked to her knee's "ahhh" the guards took her and they was walking down and ally aylisha still trying to struggle to get free "if you let me go i will do anything just dont take me in prision" one of the guards said "we can get you to do what we like in prison" both the guards laughed
kento deablo: could u quit poking me . Please.
kento deablo: and no im actuley dead.im a dark angel if u havent noteced.
Ry / Aylisha: aylisha was taken then inside a building then draged outside one of the guards hold her hand down the other one kicked her in the leg bad so she couldnt run away the one that kicked her grabbed an axe they was going to cut her hand off "no please not that i wont do it again honest" one of the guards says "there is no honor amomgest thief's" as the guard was sharpining the axe aylisha was trying to pull her hand away but the guard was to strong for her
Trentiham / Ty: <<Care if I join?>> Ty stepped out of the bushes eating somthing, he pause before offering some to the stranger. Ty's eyes were large with inocence and his round face pale. His dirty blond hair was only the ear length and matching the apearence was his little robe. "Want some? I don't know you but you look sad."
Ry / Aylisha: the guard said come closer we anit going to hurt you if you anit a cirminal like this girl infact you can watch her lose her hand for stealing some jewlery" the guard with the axe sat the man down he saw aylisha's face she was a preaty young girl who looked scared the guard says "now where was we oh yes about to cut your thiefing hand"
Ry / Aylisha: ((do you want to ingnore my post then?))
Ry / Aylisha: ((uhh it was a guard))
Ry / Aylisha: aylisha was screaming for help she doesnt want to lose her hand ((but she is actually not realy trusting but you dont know that yet)) "some one help me please they are going to cut off my hand!!!" the guard with the axe says lets cut her hand off tommorw its late now and my shift is finished lets just throw her in prision" the other guard says "aye into the prision she goes" they started to drag her but she was rufisng to go quite well
Trentiham / Ty: Ty was pleased and watched the excitement. "Does she need help? I can help her if you think I should. But I am not from here so I can not possibly know."Ty spike to Ryou. "Whats your name anyways?"
Ry / Aylisha: ((im ignoring you kento you are just annoying learn to role play no instant uber powerful spells but at least dont just come out of no where))
Trentiham / Ty: <<Sry I was off a bit.>>
Trentiham / Ty: The fact that someone is in danger sen t Ty rolling into pain as his body took form. Who it was this time he did not know. Within a burst of light Ty took wolf form.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty stood up now no longer a boy but part wolf. "I'm sry I do this weird kind of thing. Don't be alarmed its the curse. I can hear her as if she were close by. No I have not been there. Names Ty." He extended his hand covered in fur." << I'll load picture later so ya get the idea. I got to go, I'll be back later.>>
Ry / Aylisha: aylisha grabed her 2 daggers ((spine splitter and black death)) she then killed both the guards grabed her sword life eater this was right outside the prision she then had a group of guards chasing after her she ran and saw the 2 people next to the campfire she sat down and put her hood up "pretend im with you ok please dont tell on me" she said inocently
Ry / Aylisha: some guards walked up and the captain of them asked "have you seen a young girl about 17 black with hair"
Trentiham / Ty: "Why you need a date?" Ty grinned bareing his fangs.<< Hey I'm confused am I still in the forest? When was the fire made? Sry I just did'nt think things added up.>> "Your kinda desperate to pick on poor young girls."
Ryou_Bakura: "No she's in trouble, and needs help” Ryou exclaimed, “It’s the nice thing to do Ty” Ryou said getting up, “And I have no interest in girls” Ryou said standing up and looking around, “I can’t even look after my self, how am I going to save some one” He asked starting to pull out his own hair.
Trentiham / Ty: <<Okay I am soooooooo sry I screwed the whole thing up! aghh! Okay I thought the run away girl was with us. I thought we were at the fire, and I thought you were talking to her Ryou. So then Ty responded to the gaurds. So ignore what he said. please?>> "I can help, come with me I will only get lost." Ty extended his claws and gribbed the ground. "We better run."
Trentiham / Ty: Ty had no trouble running with Ryou it seemed he were walking to him, but that was his other sense kicking in. Ty watched as he followed Ryou and put the path to memory. He hoped this would be fun. His claws had ached with lack of fighting.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty wondered if it would be better to carry his friend but thought it might be weird, seeing he was a boy. "Alright." And he folowed him down.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty looked a moment before approaching the building. "I have an idea. Hold on." He grabbed Ryou and melted into the nearest shadow. They reformed themselves within one of the chamber halls. "Have any idea where to go now that we are inside?"
Ry / Aylisha: ((wait i thought i ran away oh well lets just say im in prision then lol)) aylisha sat in prision with a big man who kept moving to where she was "get off me" she punched the man in the face but it didnt do nothing the man then threw aylisha to the floor and pinned her down "get off me" she was trying to push him off not knowing what is he going to do
Ry / Aylisha: ((i cant do anything till i get saved so...))
Malakyte / Ayame: <<May I join. I read all the post and under stand them. But If I do join my character will be Kyokotsu or A.K.A Kyoko>>
Ry / Aylisha: ((its ok with me)) aylisha was pinned down by the man in the prison cell she was trying to push him of her the man in the cell tried to remove her top clothing aylisha doesnt like that kind of thing so she just mangaed to kick up to knock him off her "get away from me or i will kill you" the man said "no chance" he started to walk towards her
Trentiham / Ty: Ty followed Ryou as they continued, he thought better then to ask who the girl named saara was but seeing no threat said nothing. Glad that she was no affraid of his wolf form. Without notice gaurds came around the corner. "Hey we got company, you guys continue on I'll take care of them."
Trentiham / Ty: Ty cocked his head in confushion. "Are you okay there little guy?" Ty offered a reasuring hand to his shoulder.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty took his furry paw like hands and rubbed the blood off. He sat starring face to face with Ryou. "Sometimes sacrifices must be made. I think it was not the wisest choice of action, but you can not change the past. You have to continue to make a better future."
Ry / Aylisha: the person aylisha was sharing a cell with tried to attack her but she doged him and smashed his head into the prison bar's repeatdly rendering him unconuis "there has to be a way out of here" she said to herself and she heard some people comming down "who's there"
Ry / Aylisha: "who are you why are you helping me... anyway i just want out of here" she walks to the door grabs her sword called life eater and her 2 dagger spine splitter and black death "ok lets go" she also grabbed the jewerly she stole "did you escape from prison?"
Ry / Aylisha: ((i was talking to kyoko))
kento deablo: <<<mind if i play???>>
Trentiham / Ty: Ty was discusted and shooved the drunkard off Ryou. "get off him, find your own post boy!" Of course this caused many glances toward the crowd. "I think we better take off, before someone finds out that we can't handle."
Ry / Aylisha: ((wait im confused kyoko saved me and broke me out)) she had her to daggers incase they was guard's "where is the nearest exsit already"
Trentiham / Ty: "Oh for goodness sake, everyone grab hold of someone's hand once we reach the shadows I will melt us inot a clearing out side of the town. Its no big deal, yeah and step dad or not its just weird when older men hang on younger boys. Okay hang in there ready hold hands." When all are linked together Ty uses shadow cast to melt them into the shadows and under the shadow of a near by tree. "There see all better."
Trentiham / Ty: (Oups I meant under a tree outside of town.)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty wobbled as his energy was lessened due to so many people. Then he regained poster, "You wouldn't know your only human. You want wild game I'll get it, you want herbs I'll get them, but don't go sputtering nonsense until your sure of your suroundings. As for thanking me, its no big just a little drain thats all." Then he turned sniffed the wind and was gone.
Renada: "I hope you finds some food soon, I'm hungry." Saara peered at her surroundings then said, "You think we'll have to stay here long?"
Renada: ((wrong character and i meant he, not you in the first line, sorry.))
Renada: So that was why Ryou had gone crazy like that earlier. She couldn't help feel sorry for him and was at least glad that Bakura was there to help him along the way. Giving Bakura a quick smile she turned to the now arrived Ryou. "So, find anything good?"
Malakyte / Ayame: <<Ignor every post I had>>
She sat under a tree with a bag of food in her lap. She took out a peice of bread and took bites out of it. She noticed a group of people who looked hungry and didn't have much food. She looked down at her bag and sighed. She stood up and walked over to them.
"Hello", she said joyfully.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty came back to campslightly surprised at the visitor. "Gee you couldn't wait? Oh well, I took the liberty of preparing the food already. Cooked wild photatos and herbs, along with skinned rabbit and wild deer.I made a few baskets from saplings." So it would stay hot. He placed the large baskets on the ground with the steam roling off.
Trentiham / Ty: As nightfall took Ty's body shook with tremers and he took to a new form. After the change he layed on his knees and gasped. Now in Glorfindel's form he looked up. Long white hair streamed down his young face and his robe like garments bearing the sign of a white mage. His ears peeked to high points as he said, "Yes, Adrain can cook good. He is my brother, Ty's other form. I am Glorfindel, Ty's more human form. Don't be alarmed this kind of thing is usuall for being around the cursed children of Adone." He smiled warmly and there was an odd sense of music to his every move.
Trentiham / Ty: Glorfindel lost his smile as he spoke, "I did not ask for this either. And I do not fight unless needed. You do not understand how much you depend on others until you have been trapped in a child's body for 300 years. Being a monster or freak of nature was not my idea, it was my curse when I was born. I got it so my father could live a normal life."
Trentiham / Ty: Glorfindel bore no emotion within his expression as the continued, "It's late." Then turning to Ryou he said, "We can not deside to whom we will meet or to whom we will be subjective to. We must choose to be who we are in order that we will remain not, what we despise." He closed his eyes and started singing somthing moufled under his breath. A pleasing melody that rose and fell like soft falling snow. It's tune adorned with spring and all the beaty from it captured the common listener.
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: "No, I'll be fine", she said wind started to twirl around her. With in a few seconds a wolf with snow white fur took the place of Kyokotsu. She layed down crossing her paws and laying her head upon them.
Ry / Aylisha: ((ok just ignore every post that i did)) she was running she went around the corner then turned into a crow she was making bird noises the guards ran past her she then changed back she made differnt clothes apear on here and made her hair red she was walking all alone and cold "i dont want to spy on the enemy i just want to find some one like me they already killed my mother captureing me" she was talking but she didnt realise people was there
Ry / Aylisha: "its not safe here i must have every guard looking for some one who doesnt live here or not recongised.... so who are you"
miroakukirara / nolane: <<can i join>>
Renada: ((Yoo-hoo, anyone there?))
obliviones / ulsae: ahhhh!!!!!!!!!
Trentiham / Ty: Glorfindel twitched as he regained his concousness, he had been out of it, and was alarmed to find that he had daydreamed that long. (Look I am really sorry just been busy. If its any help I have'nt even been able to check my email.)
Trentiham / Ty: "Why not?" Glorfindel asked not meeting her gaze. His own memories filled his head as he noticed Bakura's behavier. He thought of the man who had pressed Ty for sexual favors, but awoke sythe instead. Who in turn murdered the man in the act. The disgusted thought ran through his mind being evoked by Bakura's quick comments and acts toward Ryou. The man did not act like a father rather...... he desided to not think it through farther.
Trentiham / Ty: "Wait! I know how you feel. You don't have to leave, I am not welcomed in certain areas either. We could camp outside of the town while they went into the town and we could rejoin later. I have no need for gold or silver. It holds no interest for me." He turned in alarm to her.
Trentiham / Ty: "We don't have to be near them. We could rondavou later." <<Can't spell>>Glorfindel pleaded with her. He went to stand up, but somthing in the wind smelled strange. He froze it was at the edge of coming toward him. He feared its intents and drew out his sword. "Stay with us a little longer we need you." His blade turned bright red as whatever lingered out there was evil. A shadow covered his face and in a quick movement a dozen arrows shot from the sky. Glorfindel muttered some unheard words and the arrows hit nothing. 'Have I come at a bad time my love,' a voice hackled in laughter shreiked at them. Glorfindel suddenly stiffened as he apeared demobalized. He struggled with words, but found his jaw tied shut by invisable bonds. 'Now, now lets be fair.' the unfamilar voice hackled.
Trentiham / Ty: <<I got to get. Sry be back soon. night.>>
Trentiham / Ty: Within the held position of Savra's clench Ty transformed into his daytime form. The small familiar child with large blue eyes. He had a tiny skinny form. His shirt in shreds as his bare chest shone pure of any abuses that Glorfindel had suffered. The child whimpered. Struggling to be free.
Renada: Saara laughed, "Thanks for sharing, Kyoko-chan. It's been awhile since I've had some fun."
Renada: Saara looked over to Kyoko and said, "I have a feeling you aren't smiling for nothing. I'm curious to see what you have planned now." Saara went to her own thoughts and decided on one of your favorite tactics; she loved toying with people she didn't like.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty cluntched his side, then in a flash a figure apeared. It was Adrain the wolf. "Picking on poor children are we?" Within a flash he appeared behind her and let his claws dig into her neck. "Well you got me instead." Then he laughed.
Trentiham / Ty: Adrian calasped onto the ground. He became Ty once again before whimpering, "That hurt. Sorry to both all of you. She is really a pest. If Adrain had not helped she might have actually done somthing worse." He winced then lay down, helplessly.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty struggled to move his small body, but fell back into dirt. He grabbed a handful trying to muster strength enough to stand. It was useless. A small child does not take slaming into trees as good as adults. He whimpered as his eyesight started to fail him. "I can't see!" he screamed. He dug at his eyes as his world vanished, hoping they would open and close back to normal. Glorfindel could not be summoned unless it was in dire need. He rolled over trying to find his way to somthing he could suport himself on. Once on his back though he scretched in agony as the bruised and injured skin lay bare to the hard dirt. He started to cry as he sliped into blackness and sleep.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty hugged Ryou a little in his sleep. He dreamed of his freedom and a world with no Savra. He stirred gentle against Ryou's warmth. Curling around his body, though Ty was small it was acward for Ryou. That was until he formed around him enough to be a temporary belt.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty awoke and slowly opened his eyes. He made a cute muffled whimper, and looked about. He did not want to burden Ryou any more, but was still very sore. He dangled like a rag doll. He pulled himself under Ryou's arm to see who was following. He smiled at the wolf and brought his face up to Ryou's. "Thank you, I think I could try to walk now." His larger than life blue eyes captavated all angel's inocence and he searched for an answer in Ryou's.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty let himself hang limp again. "It's weird, I can...Ahhh!" He bolted up causing Ryou to almost loose him. "They can talk," he pointed to one of blobs, "she is hungry, he is scared and all of them screaming at me!" He clutched Ryou in utter horror."Do we have to stay here? The dead speak too loudly for me to consintrate." A shadow passed over Ty's face and in a deep voice in aduable words were spoken, though through TY, it was not him speaking. A wind picked up and the blue hazes twirled in fear. Then all went silent. "They are gone?" Ty sunk his face into Ryou's robes, hidding his own fear of what lay beneath his skin.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty got off of Ryou, looked at the vegtables then said, "I might be able to arose Adrian for meat later. I can cook if you like." He grabbed the veggtables and placed them in a basket and searched for water. His legs wabbled a bit and he was still sore. He struggled over to the well and washed the vegtables. Once back inside he steadied himself against the table as he cut the veggtables with his small dagger. He pulled our two pots, a metal one(in bad shape) and a clay pot. Placing potaos in the clay pot and all the others in the metal one he carried them to the fireplace. He had to rest a bit here and there and managed to draw from some unseen strength. He lit the fire and searched for wood. He had to get some from outside before he could get the fire going. He placed the clay pot in the fire(the clay will protect the potatos but they will cook faster) and the metal one on the rack above it. He stirred with a stick and used a little water to make broth. Exhaustion fell hard on him as he continued. He knew better, but couldn't help it.
Renada: ((Kyoko-chan! Yea! *hugs*))
Trentiham / Ty: Ty nodded yes, "The photatos will be done when they turn yellow. The veggie stew will boil when ready to be eaten just stir it good so it don't burn." His face showed discomfort as he panted for air. "Ryou, why must the dead try and hurt me? Is it because I can speak to them? They tell me I am doomed to be their slave. I don't beleive I can fit anymore in my head." Though Ryou had told them off it did not stop them from wanting to harness Ty's spirit form that would avenge their deaths. What they did not know was that Sythe was not to be taunted out, and when he appeared he would demolish what he disred to be ride of, even those whom Ty knew. For Sythe was dead as well, and almost inpenatrable, save but when he is out numbered millions to one. Or that Ty was killed. He could not always defend the child, it was his bain.
Trentiham / Ty: "I won't stess over it, but if they pester Adrian he will kill some of them. I don't know how you kill spirits, but I guess he and S-" he stopped suddenly. "He thinks he can." Ty whispered. There was a disterbence in the atmosphere as a girl walked into the room. She hovered on air and she had large pink eyes, She was about thirteen or so and wearing a pink dress. She was completly see through as she spoke. (I have a friend who wants to join hope you don't care.)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty grew pale, "The people of-"He shudered and clasped his head. He ran and hide behind Ryou. "Make her leave Ryou, make her leave. Please!" His grip on his head grew harder as he fought somthing down. "I don't want remember! I want to forget you. I want to forget you."
Trentiham / Ty: Ty gripped Ryou tightly around his legs. He started to sob. "He...I don'nt want to hear his name! He is not me! He is the monster!" He started to cry even harder. He could not keep silent, somthing made him confess. "He...murdered...all those...people. He killed them all," he spoke so quiet it was barly autoble. HE sank to the floor. "Sythe, is too strong I can not stop him. He comes tonight." he closed his eyes as what he said was whispered like a curse. "I remember you Starry, you are the girl I saw who was killed. Sythe killed you." he lay now on the floor near Ryou's feet. He lay defeated and crused the memory of Sythe was enough to cause him anguish, but the things he had done made Ty wish he could die. He silently muttered somthing, "I am sorry Ryou, and Kyokotsu I did not tell you. I have shamed you. You have been so kind. Just end my shame on you end my life before he can awake again tonight." He got up handed Ryou his dagger, "Ryou, I don't want to murder tonight." His round face was red with tears and his clothes covered in dirt. He was helpless to most things around him, it would be easy for Ryou to finish the child.
Trentiham / Ty: Sunlight was wanning as Ryou held Ty. He shivered as he thought about what happened. THen he realized, if he became Sythe he could risk hurting Ryou. "Stop!" he scretched. "Ryou you will be hurt. I don't want to hurt you. You must put me down, if He finds you he may try and kill you. She is right you are in danger." He thought as to what the girl had said. She was right TY had the power to lock himself in a position that when Sythe became him, he would not be able to hurt anyone. He alone knew Sythe's weakness. Ty struggled to free himself from he un weilding Ryou. Ty was too weak to fight Ryou's strength. Though they may be close to age, Ryou was much stronger than Ty. He started to become desperate.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty turned and yelled, "I am the thing that is coming!" He tried to get free this time pulling out of his grasp. He stopped Ryou, and tried to get him to listen, "Ryou I am Sythe! You have to get out of here!" he was on the brink of tears again. "You go follow the others, I have only so long before I can get myself pinned so I can't hurt anyone."
Trentiham / Ty: A few hours remained of dusk, and Ty tried desperatly to escape. He still had not recovered fully and the energy was a strain on his body. Ryou and Kyoko were too fast for his exhausted legs. He fell, and looked for somthing to let him escape. A thought struck him as he knew what now was happening, "He is coming early! Run!" Ty screamed.
Trentiham / Ty: Dark was upon them and Ty tried to scamper away. It was too late he changed. Sythe was in full attenshion. His skull face half covered. His body see-through and giving his wraith like form a fearful fright. HE gazed at them for a moment then walked over and touched Ryou's face, "YOU better watch yourself boy, Ty is not your play toy." He turned and went toward the village.
Trentiham / Ty: Sythe stopped and starred at his hand with blcak eyes hidden in his skull. "Unless you are offering your arm to me as a snack I would keep your hands to yourself. I won't harm you unless provoked. So stay out of my way."He shooved Ryou back which unfortunatly sent him a couple feet back on his butt. Sythe entered the village and went to Starry, "It's been a long time since I enjoyed a good meal, come quietly and I will make it more comfortable for you." He lashed forward with dark magic and held Starry in place, "You've been quiet anoying for a girl."
Trentiham / Ty: Sythe Laughed and all the trees shreiked in horror. He had let them pretend to fight him, seeing he was spirit they could not hurt him. He let Ty receive any blows, before turning into his true form. An undead warrior. With black magic he held both apponits to the ground absorbing energy from them. "You fools! I am not your equal." He drained large amounts of energy from the two of them but did not kill them. "Now, since I am bored if you want your precious Ty come and get him if he survives." He laughed again as he himself let Ty's ghost image show laying on the ground bleeding from his side and chest. His breathing was slow. Sythe ended the scene left the two only enough energy to sustain their lives. Then he captured Starry and feed on her life force. WHen he had finished her, he dissapeared.
Trentiham / Ty: Sythe followed the scent of human and devored more energy, he was not mad so he did not kill them, but he did not care if they died either. He had all night to rome about, then when daylight came he would let Glorfindel heal TY or let the boy lay in a bloody mess. He did not like this body, nor it's tendece to behave extremly good.
Renada: "Well, Ryou's right." She went and picked up the book. "Reading and writing is important and I can hel...." Saara cut herself off when she saw the flash of green. Just as quickly as it came it was gone. Thinking for a moment she said. "That came from the direction of where everyone is. It looked like the same color as Kyoko-chan's necklace..... We should go check it out. Something tells me it means trouble."
Trentiham / Ty: Ty lay helplessly within his own body. He knew his friends were in trouble, but he could not help them, unless...
Ryou_Bakura: <<did ty amd Sarra leave us>>
Ryou_Bakura: <<is there any way we can contact TY>>
Ryou_Bakura: << if I knew his main user name me or my friend Yuki could try to hack it>>
Trentiham: <<I hacked Ty's account I actualy did it>>
Trentiham: << mail me at KMMCADAM@aol.com kyoko I'll tell you. And ty if you read this sorry I was bribed with a cookie. Well no we've waited a week and well ya so I feel so good>>
Trentiham / Ty: (Heh, sry I have been wiped from exams. TOO much stress. I'll be on tomorrow. Parents have been on my case about my room. Well lets face it what teenager's bedroom is not a mess? Sry to leave you hanging. I don't mind, just leave my girlfriend's alone. okay?By the way I have been reading just have not responded due to the time. Ty can't come back until it is morning.) Ty touches his side as he wondered where he was. Sythe had left him alone in some forest. HE wondered how his friends were.
Ryou_Bakura: ((oh my f-ing ra..... I knew it was gonna happen. sorry ty. plz don't be mad))
silentblade: <<sorry about this but are either of you(Ryou_bakura or Kyokotsu) gonna go back to staff of Gods? Coz trent's already got a lot of the staff but no one's posted.>>
Trentiham / Ty: Ty awoke feeling fur in his face. He was a boy again and his vission remained blurred. "Where? Where am I?" He tried to get up, and almost fell off of her back.
Trentiham / Ty: "I'm sorry...I am so very sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I hope you and Ryou are all right. I'm fine, don't worry. I just hope I can make all this up to you." He sounded pathetic and a little tired. Glorfindel had healed his body and so he did not suffer from any major wounds. He clung to her.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty got off and touched her, " I can heal you if you like. I didn't mean to hurt anyone." he placed his hand on Kyoko and transmitted energy back to her. Glorfindel was working through Ty so his hair went white and his eyes glowed as he transmitted the loss of energy back to Kyoko. He moved toward Ryou and touched his feet. He felt horrible for what he had done and yet they were willing to still want him around. He transmitted as much as he could spare to Ryou without leaving himself useless. "It was my fault," he said to Bakura and Saara. "I did it," he half expected to get struck on the head or across the face. "See its my curse. I am to remain a prisoner in a child's body and share it with three other esencent beings.(can't spell)Glorfindel and Adrain are brothers, but Sythe is the evil spirit within me. He can not be controlled and he makes me do wicked things. I don't want to be bad, but every time I get close Sythe does somthing to drive them away. It is alright if you don't want me around, I wouldn't." He kept his gaze lowered and could not even look up. His shame and guilt drove him to crouch at Ryou's feet.
Asukanami / Kira: She walked out side leaving everyone else to talk with each other. Yes, she had her problems, but never told them to anyone. She was still in her wolf form as she sat down straight up looking around.
Trentiham / Ty: "We could do somthing really stupid, it always helps laughter," he smiled and was glad not to be rid of his friends. Now he had only one last wish, but it would wait. He then got an idea and started quirming. Not to get free, but to cause a chain reaction within himself. It was a moment before he was able to do it. Within a flash he became a wolf pup, licked RYou's face and dashed off after Kyoko. He reached her and pranced about her, much like a young puppy and an older playmate. He licked the crease of her mouth and waited. It was a common wolf action to gain attenshion or affection. Or simply make the older wolf happy.
Asukanami / Kira: <<Useing this profile for a sec sry>>
She looked down at him and smiled. She stood up and pushed him over with her noes and started to run around.
Trentiham / Ty: He chased after her and niped at her tail. Not hard but playfully. He gave a little yelp of excitement and dashed away from her reach. He waited tail swaying and tongue hanging out.
Asukanami / Kira: She sniffed the air and ran behind Ty and nipped at his tell. She smiled then ran at Saara and talked her to the ground slightly.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty ignored his call and battered at Kyoko's tail some more. He bit a near by stick and waved it in front of her. His puppy whimpers were quit loud and he couched with his hindlegs up and front laying on the ground with his head and stick tucked between them. His tail swished violently and he tanted the other wolf.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty was in the middle of play when he turned back. The spell he used had wore off. He fell on his butt and sat there scatching his head. He got up and wabbled over to Ryou not acustom to two legs agaian. He curled up against him and gripped him firmly, "Night everyone, Night big brother Ryou." And with that he fell asleep. He breathed quietly and his nose twitched a little, but he smiled in his sleep.
Trentiham / Ty: (Its okay)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty dreamed peacefully into the night, when morning came he was the first one up, with wonderful breakfast treats. Cooked rabbit and wild herb salads, and wild photatos chopped and stuffed with a mush of cheese and wild onions and the other photatos from the inside of the photatos. Goats milks was in a container, and fried eggs from wild bird nests. He bussily cooked and let coffee awake the others. He had to go alot of places before having such a spread, but it was well made. He firgured that this could be his peace offering, that he could cook and cook well.
Trentiham / Ty: "I can't eat it all by myself, you could help eat it. Its down now I am just keeping it hot." He smiled and his little head bent over his work again. His hands were bussy rolling somthing in large leafs, "I was forced to work in a kitchen for 16 years. I learned to cook from the wild from a man who kept me on a leach and collar for another 20. That does not seem like a lot of time when you've been a child as long as I have." He smiled again at Ryou then added, "Do you like coffe brother?"
Trentiham / Ty: Ty flinched, "Only one village? I...I have killed hundreds. Well Sythe has, he kinda posses my body. I can understand. But if you try to kill him you will kill me. Save me the curse of living. I want you my brother." He smiled and handed out the food to the two of them.
Trentiham / Ty: (Night Family)
Renada: Saara rubbed her eyes and rolled over not wanting to get up. Not being the most pleasant when she wakes up, she growled out, "Some of us are still sleeping. I need at least five more hours." Catching a wiff of the breakfast, she said a bit more pleasantly, "Smells good. Don't let Bakura eat it all." She then put the pillow over her head and tried to fall back asleep.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty jurked up, "Oh umm...hi is this your territory? Ummm breakfast?" He offered a plate of food. His child habbits of trusting everyone was evedent. "We didn't mean to trust pass." He looked down in confusion befoer adding, "I mean trespassing." He smiled big and his large eyes became slits. (Miss me?)
Ryou_Bakura: (don't know)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty paused put down the food and walked over and took the girl's hand, "I'm Ty. COme on breakfast is getting cold, and I spent a lot of time making it. It's very good. He smilled at her.
Trentiham / Ty: "You won't hurt me will you? And we are just here because of an accident." He stepped forward in greeting and hoped she would too, "Me and my brother were just eating breakfast, want some?"
Trentiham / Ty: (Okay, this is so not going to die. Even if I have to talk to myself and play all the characters. Gee where are you guys?)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty spun around in surprise, he alomst said somthing then stopped. He ran over to where Ryou was standing, "I'm sorry, I was just trying to be friendly," he whispered to him. Then he cowarded behind Ryou holding onto the back of his cape. He hung his head a little and didn't look up.
Trentiham / Ty: (Yay, and if he don't I know where to find him. LOL me and him are in another RP together;)
Trentiham / Ty: It was not until saara looked down that she noticed Ty had left. He had not heard the last part of what they had said and had gone off after Bakura. He found his way easily. He climbed down beside the man and latched on to his arm. He nestled his face into the arm and tried to comfort as best as he could.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty was on the rocks, shocked then discusted. Kissing was mushy, he only did it when he was trying to suck up. After all he was a kid. He had decided to stop watching his friends, and run off to play with grasshoppers. It was then he came across someone else, a play mate. (Dude that is so messed up. I thought they were father and son figures, not a couple. A man adops a boy kinda then makes love to him? Okay, on crack is not even a good enough excuss. LOL I'm going to pull Kalis back into this one okay?)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty appeared out of the bushes and tried to wake Ryou, when that failed he climbed up on him and whispered to Bakura's face, "Bakura...Bakura...wake up." He was only inches away much like children do when they awake their parents at night when they are scared.Only Ty was not scared. (Okay, I have no problem with them being gay, but come on. A father making out with his son? I can understand them being a couple and all, just not father and son being sexually involved. Sickos. Anyways Kalis is going to be on later. I think. What you think of this weather?)
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: (and bakura found ryou and said he'd be a father to him. sorrta ended up weird)
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: "Sure the more the Illega the better" He said pulling ryou close and kissing him, "alright let get the hell out of here, ther are some open fields up there" He started running till they got to them, "there is a town called Xenotine, well go there" He siad now walking, "itll take us a day if we skip sleeping" Bakrua said
the heartless / Shinto: <can I join>
the heartless / Shade Unarie: <can I join>
the heartless / Shade Unarie: <where should I start>
the heartless / Shade Unarie: <well where are yall>
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: (rena your not logged into aim)
the heartless / Shade Unarie: <ok Ill attack but it fails then yall chain me up for a while>
the heartless / Shade Unarie: he saw the cart stopped and descided to attack, he jumped out and landed next to the cart but tripped and fell over "that didnt go so well"
the heartless / Shade Unarie: kicked him in the gron, and started to run but tripped over
Trentiham / Ty: Ty sniffed as he was in his wolf form. He caught up to his friends and jumped in. He turned back into boy form and looked at the stranger. "Who is this?" He said getting on top of the big guy and poking his head. "He looks kinda funny" he giggled and looked around for Ryou. He found him laying down near Bakura. He leaped off the guy turned into puppy form and tackled Ryou. He turned and licked saara before finding his tail. He was in an extremly good mood. He had found a new friend like him.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty stopped and licked the man's face, his rough little tongue tickling the man and agitating him at the same time. He then proceded to tickle with his long bushy cub tail, that was too large yet for his puppy frame. When he bored he landed a seat in Saara's lap and playfully nipped at her fingers when she tried to shove him off. His tail beat anxously and he awaited the coming of his friend. (Anytime Kalis would be nice! Sry I supose she is just being lazy or preocupied.)
chosen_1: <<sara can u join ammazons?sorry dont want to inturupt.>>
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): ((hey are theifs welcomed to join and if so whats going on sorry to intrup if im not wanted. ))
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): (( the not so master at work thank you)) gmable peared into a window noticing noone around she opened the window and jumped in. " theres not much here" she whispered to her self as she crept across the room hearing vocies she stoped and hide behind something big."...i foregot the window-" she quikly covered her mouth holding her breath. she looked around and saw something shiny. "..oo.. shiny she whispered as she walked over to take it.
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): gamble started to step away and quikly changed her mind. "..master theif?.." she steped back think that they wouldnt notice. "..looks as though i piced the worng house and where do i come off as being harmless?.." she reached behind her back slowly rapping her fingers around her staff. ((her staff is a small staff that changes sizes))
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): "names gamble you should do good to remember that and im not stupid i know exactly who you are i didnt need the info.."gamble whispered to her self "i know my masters" gamble removed her hand puting them in the air as though she was being arested. gamble bent her hand forward and a card apeared in her hand as she looked up. "an ace im laking.." she sighed as she put her hands down. "so why have you retired?"
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): gamble sighed as she looked around. she whispered to her self "its best not to up set him" she then spoke in a happy tone "..yes yes it is.." gamble looked at saara. "..what you take?" gamble spoke with a bit of 'i dont like you' or ' and you are' tone.
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): gamble snickered. " heh heh..anything realy.. men your scary i always picktured you to be much sweeter then this.." gamble wasnt sure what he was thinking but she didnt like him being so much taller then her.
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): "take the fun out of it why dont you?" gamble looked around then in a sad vocie she continued "..i didnt want any thing i was only sent here by who im unsure but he did say that he knew you." gamble looked up at bakura "..he didnt sound to happy on leting you go as of that he wasnt to big on sending me to you. anything else i dont know..but i do know im not going back thats for sure." gamble truned around presenting her back to everyone.
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): gamble truned around and walked infront of bakura stoping him from going anywhere. "..i didnt say i was staying i only said i wasnt going back.."
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): "..i take it hes allways like that.." gamble looked at ryou. "..nice place here.."
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): "un desided.." gamble looked at saara. "..so whats your name?..misy?"
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): gamble stood there and looked around. "..i geuss ill stay..so what needs done around here?.."
Trentiham / Ty: (Gee I get sick and you all write a book! LOL) Ty walked in from outside no one noticed he had disapeared. He was a child and blood poured down his head from a large gash on his round little head. He tottered in shock at the guys partialy undressed and then fell on his butt. He rubbed his head and wiped the blood from his hand on his pants. He shock himself before asking, "Where is Misty and my pet rock?" He glanced around, "Mommy why does daddy lock me in the shed?" He spoke with an almost whine and did not make any sense to what was going on. A man outside was yelling about seeing a wolf near his feild where his cattle where and bragged about stricking the little demon on the head with his shoovel. Though Ty had not done anything but chew on the man's shoelacings.
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): gamble sighed and started to leave. as she reached the door she truned around. "..say you going to tell me what i can do to earn my keep?.. or you just going to let me pick out what to do?..cause if thats the cas- nevermind what can i do?"
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: Bakura looked at her, "they can almost kill me when I'm sneeking around and being quite" He said yelling, "he'll be back in the morning he goes there to meditate, if not he'll be in the city the last time I only lost him for two days and I only spen two hours looking" He said then look out, "anyway its late"
Trentiham / Ty: Ty was not making any sese of himself yet and had undressed and folded the clothes then put them on and repeat the process. When night stroked in there were three gostly figurs beside him. One Glorfindel, the other Adrain and the last Sythe. He intern had locked and shut the door. Now fix up Glorfindel, your a white mage and an elf fix him, or I'll destroy the town for it, spoke Sythe. Adrian looked at Ty and shok his head, alright you heal him bro and I'll take form tonight. Glorfindel spoke and healed Ty, and Adrian took the form as Ty and Sythe and Glorfindel vanished. He opened the door and walked down stairs, "I'm going to find my girlfriend. Ty will be fine, don't wait up for me," Adrian spoke as he stepped out and dissapeared into the shadows.It did not take him long to reach the one he had found earlier. He snuck up behind them and tackled them.
Trentiham / Ty: ('Bout time Kalis! Agh, you owed me from last week. Augestine would be disapointed to find you slacking off this bad. Oh well glad to have you alive again.LOL) Adrain shrugged, "She is now, besides just because Ty is a kid don't mean I am. He brushed off some pine needles. She is a child of blessing. Or basicly given a similair curse as Ty was. She is much younger though." He pulled over a chair and gestured at Trisha to sit. "This is my family, sort of." He listed off names and gave their family/adopted ties. He sat on the floor beside her and let her play with his ears.
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): gamble walked out mumbleing to her self. "..and from the sounds of that guy i thought he was nice.. hmph!.. 'go feed the animals' i think ive been striped of theif statis and handed slave ranks... this world sucks if i do say so my self.." gamble sighed walking into the barn.
Trentiham / Ty: (yeah sure Kalis.) Adrain yawned, "alright well I had enough sitting time". He got up stretched and cracked his fingers. "Think I'll lay out under the stars, keep an I on the place. I know the love birds (his lip twinged in disgust. Afterall he was part animal and never did care for Bakura.)will want to kiss and make up. But as far as Trisha and you two other girls, you ought to get some rest. Who knows what tomorrow may bring." He turned for the door and looked bak to Trisha, she sat still for a moment before making her response.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty layed out under the stars, it was peacefull and he liked to watch for falling stars, if his wish ever came true he would be free of his burden and Adrain could have his own body along with the others. he sighed, he had a lot of explaining to do with Trisha, she needed to know the dangers.
Trentiham / Ty: Adrian gazed at the star, why didn't it ever work for him. He closed his eyes and listened to the breathing of the others, trisha'a was fast and rapid and Ryou's was slightly more calm then Bakura's. Saara'a was much at his own pace. THere was a sense of comfort in the noises. He opened his eyes, "Somtimes I think if I could wish to be normal what would Ty do with out me and my brother. We would not possess his body and he might not have the right kind of enviroment to be kept safe. I wonder if it would really be that great as to have a future not linked to anyone else." As he finished two other gostly figures congured up themselves. Glorfindel holding Ty as he smiled and talkied to his brother, "We would live together, Adrain. We just would not have the same shared body." He grinned and stroked Ty as he sang in his elvish voice. A sound so harmonizing with the starlight that it was hard to believe they all wern't dreaming. He had a beautiful voice, though he leveled out to be an altone. His long blode hair strung over his shoulders and Ty lay breathing in his arms made for an unusual scene, had he only been female he would have looke like a mother with her child, but his straight masculine body etched out a parcular sight. But all was smoothed over as he sang long into the night and drew up the coming dawn. When they all realized they had sat there all night they were startled, yet not tired. Glorfindel vanished and Adrain became Ty once again.
Emiri / Yakkai: Yakkai waited off in the distance. He watched all that happened and wasn’t quite sure what was going on. He transformed into a small white house cat and couldn’t hide very well. He was good at stalking but was more tuned to play the part of a lovable family dog but in this case he needed to be a cat. He watched the boy reminding him self of his own cursed family. He walked out and crept around in a dog fourm, this time a grey dog (think fruits basket) and watched them from the upper side of the hill, he was only twelve years old and he didn’t want to hurt any one he was just wandering thru and saw something happening
Trentiham / Ty: Ty wobbled a bit as he clutched his head, the wound was healed, but he felt a little dizzy, "Ryou, why are their two of you," he asked inocently. "He stepped and tettered on one leg, befor he stopped and let his world refocuse. He shook it off and spinned around to look at the others "Do we own a dog?" He transformed into his puppy wolf form and barked playfully. He ran to the other dog and circled him in playfull gestures. He waved his tail in teasing and jult forward towards Saara whom he tackled. "Am I not enough puppy?" He asked as he licked her face. He pranced about in a comical fashion before trodding back to the new comer.
Emiri / Yakkai: Yakkai then sat down and barked 'I'll bark my way out of it' he thought barking again, and wagging his tale. Ryou then ran up and hugged him, "he's so cute" He said and yakkai wagged his tail and barked again, "lets call him Pochie"
'Pochie' he thought with a discusted look and backed away
Emiri / Yakkai: (my parents are redoing the enite house with wireless stuff so I can't get on for a few days) Yakkai walked forward and sniffed her hand, then sat down and looked at her, "My name is Yakkai and yuor right I don't like that name very much" He said turning his head to the side
Emiri / Yakkai: Yakkai then changed back into a human form, "Alot of people think I'm cute" He said Resting his head into her hand, "but every one in me family hates me" He said standing up and starting to walk away, "but I'm just wandering around so that would mean I have bothered you too much" He smiled bowing and changed back in to his dog form, he then gave a peace sigh with his paw, "I'll be goign then"
Trentiham / Ty: Ty came up to the dog and nipped at his tail, he wanted to play and this dog was not getting the hint. He chased his tail in bordom before trying to catch grasshoppers. He was quite the sight jumping to and fro wagging his bushy tail.
Emiri / Yakkai: Yakkai licked Sarra's face then looked at ty, "I don't play" He said from a young age him and all his cosins had been beaten for having fun and doing things that the head of the family didn't aprove of, "I sit and listen, thats all I ever did" He said not keeping gaze on anyone or anything but the ground. He layed down and wimpered a little out of memory then looked at ty.
Emiri / Yakkai: "I never played, and what if he finds out" Yakkai asked resting his head on one of his paws and transformed back into a human form, "I don't want to get hurt if I have to go back home, there looking for me, I was suposed to protect them but I ran away" He said looking away, "I really want to play"
Emiri / Yakkai: "Who is a good question, He's some kid that was put at the head of teh family he's fifteen and he has fun tourmenting us" He said, "But I'm suposed to be his right hand and protect the other but I failed at that and was told to run away" He said, "But I see people looking for me all the time' I play the role of the loveable town dog till they pass thru" He said. "And I don't know how to play"
Emiri / Yakkai: Yakkai looked at ryou, "don't know I just don't really like playing too much, I'll go on a walk, but I like quite" He said sighing and falling forward, "the life of a dog isn't easy, but I cane a cat too, but he hates the cat"
Emiri / Yakkai: (don't know we've been having problems with some other stuff, I'll tey to move the lap top and get on the neighbors wireless) Yakkai looked at her and blinked, "there are so many that say they like the cat, but they don't under stand it" He said
Trentiham / Ty: (Have you watched the whole season of fruit basket Ryou?) Ty ignored the conversation and tackled the dog/(Or human I don't remember which form your in) and licked his face geruosly before turnign into Ty the little boy and smiling his victory. When his victum didn't move he started to get off tripped and fell over backwards. Now spralled out on the grass he proclaimed, "Ryou will you play with me? You guys are all boring. Come on play." He got up and tagged Ryou, "Your it!" And he scampered off looking to see if he was being followed.
Emiri / Yakkai: (I'm on ep 8 a read manga 1-12 and the first part of 13) Yakkai blinked a few times and the shocked caused him to change into his human form he then tagged sarra knowing the rules, "you it then, no tag backs"
Trentiham / Ty: (My girlfriend made me watch all of the tapes, its okay a little girlie.LOL Hey I got 2 get lunch is over.)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty excited by the game raced about taunting the others with, "Nanah you can't catch me!" He transformed to puppy and did laps around the house in anticipation. He was having fun, finally. He let his gaurd slip only once as he tumbled over somthing on the ground, but got up and raced away as though he were upon the wings of the air.
Emiri / Yakkai: Yakkai being the speed demon he was changed into a dog and ran in front of ty blocking his was. He started growling at ty holding his ground
Trentiham / Ty: (What a witch.) Ty only snapped back at the dog and dashed around him. He liked the game and hoped the person who was it would attempt at catching him.
Emiri / Yakkai: "Its not that funny" Yakkai said looking down on ryou, "really" He said putting a paw to his forehead.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty leaped off, "So who is it? COme on you guys, betcha you can't catch me!" He did a little hop like a lamb and dashed off. THough he must have been pretty silly looking leaping like that. (Hey sry relatives throw weekends into chaos.)
Emiri / Yakkai: (sorry I've been going in for testing something)Yakkai looked around then darted off after ty pushing him down and pinning him. He started growling not really knowing how to play properly.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty puted a little and turned under him to nip a little at his oppoinent. He got up from under him and then said "well I'm it then". He darted and tackled Ryou and then leapt off again, "Now your it!" he grinned.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty pouted and turned into his boy form. He desided he would see if Saara had any toys he could play with, besides sticks. He got up and followed her inside. Then as he tugged at her sleeve, "Saara do you have anything I can play with upstairs?" His eyes as large as ever,"Please.......Pretty please with a cherry on top?"
Trentiham / Ty: Ty beckoned to Yakkai and climbed the stairs, it took him only five minutes to find several things and started about the room with his now flying objects. He passed the window and ran down the hall back and forth. His bare feet pattering over the wooden planks. His little figure bounded up and down with a wooden carved bird. He spinned about round and round before geting dizzy and landing on his butt. He waited until only one of Yakkai was vissable, "Come on Yakkai play with me, please? It's no fun without someone else to play with."
Emiri / Yakkai: "What do you want me to do" H
Emiri / Yakkai: he asked, "I don't really know how to play, but if you teach me I will." he said looking down at ty from above.
Emiri / Yakkai: Yakkai ran down the stares, "its no fun its no fun" He cried running across the room and into hte living room.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty ran downstairs "He's gone, the scary man in the closet is gone!" He starred about at the faces as he came into the kitchen. "We meet a scary man in the closet, he told us it would be fun to sit in there with him, but he was being weird and all touchy and feely. He was looking for some certain part on our body's to tap our energy. I told him to stop it and Yakkia ran out. I don't remember what happened Adrain went and kicked him out of the house." He smiled and made a motion with his foot like kicking a ball. He gigled, "Bakura why do you keep people in the closet?"
Trentiham / Ty: "No, he was some old guy. I don't think he liked y energy." Ty grabbed an apple and unched as he crawled up into a seat near Bakura. "So why and how do they get there? What's a Vamp?" He unched as though he did not have a care in the world. He smiled apple in his teeth.
Trentiham / Ty: "He closed the closet so I couldn't see real good where he touched Yakkia, he touched my adomine, and my head." He chewed, "He couldn't do anything to me, because Adrain has been moody, Glorfindel made him angry."
Trentiham / Ty: "Adrain, don't like Bakura and Glorfindel is bussy trying to keep our energy level stable, or Sythe will just take over, but I'll try to see if they want to talk." He paused a moment flinched as though he had been struck and then Adrian appeared in his gost image, "Yeah what do you want?"
Trentiham / Ty: Adrain glanced at Yakkai, "You okay now kid?" He seemed impatient and every so often argued with the unseen Glorfindel. Just because they shared the same body does not mean they all got along.
Emiri / Yakkai: Yakkai wandered back into the room and shook his head, "ya" he said a little scared.
Trentiham / Ty: "I don't know, the kids opened the closet, there he is and there they being innocent and all he climbed in and sat with him. When he reached for Ty's waist to pull him in closer I transformed and throw the guy out. I did not know how the other kid faired.
Trentiham / Ty: Adrain dissapeared and Ty spoke, "Why can't we stay here. I like you even if Adrian don't you can fight all the bad guys and perverts off." He got up and gave Bakura a hug, "Besides why go where people want to kill you, they don't sound very friendly."
Trentiham / Ty: (Night Night owl:P)
Emiri / Yakkai: Yakkai clung to Sarra< "I"m okay it was jsut scary thats all" he said hugging onto her pant leg
Trentiham / Ty: "But I like it here, there is lots of toys, and you promised Bakura we'd stop moving around. Glorfindel may fit in being a white mage and all, but I don't think I'll be liked if Sythe pays a visit. Then where would I go?" He let go of Bakura and pouted on the floor. If they choose to leave he would go, but he didn't like the idea.
Trentiham / Ty: "But what if they don't like me?" He looked up at Ryou, and then glanced down, "What if they deside to get rid of me when your not around?" He looked at his little fingers and laced them together. "What if I get locked up again? In the darkness..."
Trentiham / Ty: "Will you not want me as a brother any more when your with them?" Ty squished an ant on the floor looking at no one. He thought this might be fun if he had not his burden of other beings. "Will we all still be family or will we have to split up? WIll I have to go to school? I have done that four times already. I think I would go nuts if I got stuck in kindergarden class again."
Trentiham / Ty: Ty gigled and finially was going to be willing to consent. He gave Ryou a hug and wraped tightly around him, "Glorfindel is an elvish white mage does that count?" He looked up and smiled though it did not come as esay as normal.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty let go and started skipping about the table as though he were involved in some odd dance contest and he hummed about. "La la dee da dum. Dumm Dummm La dee dee dummm dumm."
Trentiham / Ty: (Yeah Ty is only doing that because that is what my nephew does at my house. LOL) TY struggled free, " I don't care." And he bounded outside to play with the sunshine and fight the imaginary creaters he construckted. He gathered sticks up and twirled about.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty remembered somthing and raced inside upstairs and into one of the bedrooms. He packed a few items slung it on his back and stuffed a stuffed puppy under one arm. He rejoinded the others and merrily wnet about like any overly energized child would.
Emiri / Yakkai: yakkai followd him out, "yuor crazy" he said following him back ot where ryou and bakura were, "how far is it, I don't like walking" he said grabbing sarra's hand
Trentiham / Ty: "SO what if I am crazy, its fun," Ty countered back as he paused a moment to look for his friend. She had dissappeared again. He wondered where she went.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty jolted awake and started moving again. He started singing to himself but in a low voice. The day was perfect for a walk.
Renada: "That's right, you're going to carry Yakkai." Saara looked down at the child who was yawning and had complain that his legs hurt. She picked him up and put him in Bakura's arms.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty walked up the hill and stood a moment waiting. He felt lke running. He didn't get why everyone wanted to be carried. "Look! Look! Look, its a red bird!" He cried pointing to the bird that flew over head. He liked nature, even if he was part of it. He scored the sky for more birds or somthing worth talking about.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty gigled a bit as Ryou's hair tickled his face. He liked it from that view, though he had never been given a ride on anyone's shoulders. He was not heavy at all, and he rested his head on the bobbing Ryou's. "Look, theirs a hawk or somthing." He pointed upward at the bird curiously gazing at them. "Do you like birds Ryou? I think it might be fun to be one sometime. Fly really high and do tricks. Oh, look there is a cloud that looks like a boat. And that one looks like a rabbit, and that one looks like rain." He pointed to a few dark rain clouds in front of them. THe only clouds in the sky.
Emiri / Yakkai: "Shut it yuor annoying" yakkai said a little anoyd he was very tired
Trentiham / Ty: Ty flushed in the checks then shut his mouth. He layed limp upon Ryou's shoulders and head. His energy now vanished, maybe he was being too much like himself. The clouds disspersed like his happy attitude and he put his skinny arms around Ryou's neck. His hands were very warm and they hung as though they were a human necklace. He closed his eyes to shut out everything but Ryou's breathing. He liked the sound.
Renada: Saara simply laughed and enjoyed her friends, even if they were chaotic. She helped Bakura up and put Yakkai on her hip. "Let's see here, you don't like birds; so what do you like about nature? Perhaps, the flowers?" Saying that she stooped down and picked one a yellow one for Yakkai.
Emiri / Yakkai: "I don't know" yakkia said taking the flower and looking at it, "I don't really know I never had freedom" he said clinging to her, "I like quite, and calm things, like swiming"
Emiri / Yakkai: "fun" he said, "as long as it dosein't take too long" he said looking at her(think I should talk to her. last time she ran away. and this time I did)
Emiri / Yakkai: (but what if I want to be her friend)
Emiri / Yakkai: ((yes your buzzed, but go to elite chat if oyu want to talk, I'm nao)
Emiri / Yakkai: (I had to tell some one from hungary what a braid was. it took me so long to think)
Emiri / Yakkai: Yakkai smiled, "you don't like tigers" he smiled, "I know a tiger" he said still smileing, "shes my cozen" he smiled
Trentiham / Ty: TY started giggling, it was kinda funny even if he didn't understand it. He clasped his hands over his mouth again before Bakura could scold him or anything. Instead he was working a knot out of RYou's hair. "You need to brush your hair more often, I found three twigs and a leaf. Do you sleep outside or just like rolling on the ground?" He remembered his point in trying to be quiet and bit his lips.(Sry guys it's spring break and all. Vacation, LOL).
Trentiham / Ty: Ty shrugged and continued until he had combed out Ryou's mop with his tiny fingers. Then he leaned forward and hugged his head. He hung there limp before he lightly started to hum a song. The day was peaceful and relaxed nothing seemed able to go wrong. That was untill they arrived.
Emiri / Yakkai: Yakkai looked at the two fight, "bakura sin't a bad person is he" he asked sarra.
Renada: ((Hey, its been awhile, sorry i havent been own, ive been sickly, -_- ive missed u! *hug* r u going to be on tonight?))
Renada: "Oh, so your the..." Saara made the connection between Bakura, Ryou, and the shrine master and shook her head. "Actually..." She was interrupted by her stomach growling. "You don't by chance have any food, sir? Please?"
Trentiham / Ty: Ty hid bhind saara and looked for a hidding place. He was uncomfortable with the master and the children. He wanted to climb back up on Ryou where it was safe. When he noticed faces in the shadows he gripped her leg pretty hard.
Emiri / Yakkai: "I'll play" he said a little happly, "I just think everyone is scared of our drunken friend" he said, "well he's just cray thats all"
Trentiham / Ty: Ty looked around at the school yard, he was dragged along and didn't know exactly what was happening until the girl squealed in delight over tagging him IT. He snapped back into reality and started chaseing the other play mates. It did not take him long before catching the other little boy. "Now your it."
Emiri / Yakkai: yakkai ran around, "ha ha" he yelled jumping up and over a boy trying to tag him, "your not gonna get me" he said looking back at ty and laughing. (well the computer was out, mom bought a nother, and it all just depends when my dad isn't doing taxes)
Emiri / Yakkai: yakkai stopped and looked at them, "whats wrong with ryou" he asked looking at him and feeling at little bad.
Ryou_Bakura: "its very complex and difficult" he said then looked up at her, "just like english" he said laughing a little, bakura also laughed, "maybe a little harder actualy" he said, "but it can be simple if you break it down enough" ryou glared at him, "half the time you don't know what your saying" he said glaring daggers, "I'm a theif who speeks a holy language" he said laughing, "hay ryou maybe you'll get lucky and get pregnet or something" he said ryou kept glaring, "very funny" then bakura though for a econd, "maybe of you could get sarra or some other girl to speek your language and can teach her magic then you can finx the problem" bakur said thinking for once, ryou sighed, "no I'm a little happy that in our history I'll be writen as the last one.
Trentiham / Ty: (Sry look I've had girlfriend troubles and have been away. Somtimes there are things that go unsaid, and well I love you is one of those. <<sighs>>) Ty came in adn jumped up into Ryou's lap, he was still a little boy but retained a wolf tail and ears. "Ryou you forget I am last of my kind. That girl I meet she is the opposite of me in almost everyway. For her it is a blessing for me, well I am cursed." He didn't sound child like at all at that moment then he smiled and leaned back against his chest, "I like having a brother, don't change Ryou." As almost as soon as he had walked in he fell asleep now. Comfortable and exhausted. Smelling like the woods its self.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty remained still but Glorfindel appeared and took form."She is the opposite, I am a white mage. She is a black mage. What then is there not in common? THere is a harsh breeze sounding outside. We will have visitors tonight." He turned and stepped outside vanishing in a sparkle of light.
Trentiham / Ty: Glorfindel found what he was looking for and ran back to the others, "You keep your lover safe Bakura, they are here. THey are drawn by energy, they live to obsorb it and kill that in which has it. They are the dead feeders. They smell Ty and all three of us. You worry about beign alone in a room full of friends? Come awake Ryou do not shame your clan by living in despair. Seek not self comfort but selflessness. Come they will destroy this place." He prepared for battle and readied his gear.
Trentiham / Ty: "It is best to use magic or chantments, or enchanted weapons to fight them, they are like wraths. I have weapons for all of you that will work against them. Crsh their amulet or they will just come back. They can hurt you in the physical and be watch full I can't control Sythe if he descieds to beckone to them."
Trentiham / Ty: Glorfindel didn't listen but went foward to battle. He knew how to take care of himself. "DOn't wasted yourself Ryou you'll only draw them all the more." He used Light of Heaven and several other unheard of elvish spells. THis isolated the the amulets and aloud him to burst them with antimatter.
Trentiham / Ty: Glorfindel pushed his way to Ryou, he used his magic to hold Ryou. "Calm down you will only bring them all the more!" THere was a scream somewhere off and Glorfindel released Ryou.
Trentiham / Ty: Glorfindel aimed his bow closed his eyes and spoke elvish before shooting the arrow. It struck an amulet and he relaxed, "Less energy we need to use less. I'll draw them away from here, but someone needs to protect those here in the mountain.
Trentiham / Ty: Glorfindel meet them head on in the field away from the mountain. He was free to release his power, "You want my energy come and get it." They combind and became one form. 'WE will, oh we will.'
Trentiham / Ty: That night only TY returned a sleepy child unaware how he got there in a feild, but he found the hut. Danger had passed and he climbed upby saara as a puppy. He curled about her keeping her warm.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty breathed lightly and it was a soothing sound. He layed relaxed and only lightly twitched. Then he gave a soft whinny as the night engulfed the house like a heavy fog.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty yawned and jammed one fist into his eye as he tried to rub it awake. "What I miss? When's breakfast and who..." He looked at his tail and almost yiped, "Adrian you promised they would go away!" He started trying to pull off his tail then his ears and then he puted and rolled off the bed.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty instinctively scratched an ear and sighed, "It's just I'm a boy and wolf, Adrain said the attachments would go away. I guess this is an addition for people to think I'm weird. Do I really only look cute? I was hoping for intimadation...hahhh" His tail wagged on its own and it was entirtaining to see him try and stop it. It had a mind of its own.
Trentiham / Ty: When they reached the storeTy followed behind hugging his chest and starting to shiver. A few random passers petted him on the head and smiled. One small child started following him and she giggled each moment he stepped. He gave in to the amusement and wagged his tail, it was obvious she liked it.
Trentiham / Ty: ( I don't care if your guys have sex dude, but don't make Ryou pregnant. -Rolls eyes- Your acting like those ronchy girls in my class.) Ty pulled on one of the shirts it was a bit girly so he through it off. "Ryou help me find somthing with a tail hole. I don't want to wear a dress if I can help it." His little face disgruntled at the though then added, "no bath robes either." He let out a sigh and sat picking at his tail.
Trentiham / Ty: ( Let's put it this way I know more than any teenage boy should know at age sixteen. Some of the things they talk about doing to their boy friends or what the latest thing is with the gay kid is done right wrong. So I'm sorry if your gay or somthing and like guys on guys, but it makes me sick. So thats where I stand, and don't post your sick pictures. I have had to use my parents computer until my labtop is fixed.) Ty wrinkled his nose. "THey're all weird colors not even black.Hmmmmm,"He was a little disapointed and almost whimpered under his breath.
Trentiham / Ty: Ryou I got to go parents are complaining. See ya later, and take it easy dude.
Trentiham / Ty: (yeah well I figured you two were girls, no offense about last night I was ornry. Girl friend has been on my case and things are getting worse. So sry I just get alot of that kind of stuff.-insert apologetic flowers-)Ty tried Bakura's outfit on and looked at Ryou. He thought it best not to argue so he pretended to like it. "There fine, really" he grinned and went to look in the mirror. It was black not ugly green or browns so he thought he could stand it. Then he went and thanked Bakura and Ryou before skipping off to sneak up on Saara.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty jumped out and scared the crap out of Saara. He laughed and was rolling on the floor. His little robe/shirt/thing making him seem to be lost in the folds of his clothing.(G2G try to be on later.)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty came back a little later in what looked like an arabian costume instead of regular clothing, "RYou looky looky I'm an Arabian Night!" He covered his face with the black cape and went prancing off again.He stopped to look in the mirror when a clerk came up behind him, "Like it?"
"Yeah I do, it makes me look really scary." he giggled and went to see what other mischief he could get into. Then a thought hit him and he ran up to Bakura, "Hey can you teach me to be a th-(Whispers in his ear)theif? I got the costume now all I need is a dagger."
Trentiham / Ty: Ty giggled at the two of them, "Ryou thats how you get kuddies." He giggled again and went pranching about the two of them. "Ryou and Bakura sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love then comes mariage then comes the baby in the baby carrairage. Wait how does that work with yuo both being boys? Bakura are you a girl?"
Trentiham / Ty: "Hey Ryou's my brother so Bakura has to be what? I'm confused, daggers? Yippy!" He went and tugged at Saara to hurry up. "come on Saara I need a dagger hurry up." He ran back to bakura all excited, "Is it going to be really sharp? And is it going to be shinny?"
Trentiham / Ty: "Please Ryou...Please pretty please. I'll let you pet my tail. COme on let me have a dagger," His eyes patheticly big and lips slumped forward. He looked like an adorable puppy almost too cute to refuse. He gently yanked at Ryou's sleeve.
Trentiham / Ty: "Yippy, I get to become a theif. La de da de da da," He snuck off to leave the lovers and went to find a victum. That was until he saw a man with a notice sign stating he was a bounty hunter looking for several people on these sketched papers. Ty ran off back to bakura, "Ryou, Bakura there is a man looking for us. We got to get out of here."
Trentiham / Ty: Ty was a little shuck up but played along, "Mommy...mommy" He begged to be picked up holding his arms up at Ryou.His ears were twitching and he wandered if he could hide them, but the tail would give him away.
Trentiham / Ty: TY tucked in his tail and held onto RYou's neck. He could feel Ryou's sweat running down his soft checks and his heart beat increase as the bounty hunter came up to them,'Excuse me mame but you would'nt happen to see these two men around here, they are traveling with two children one is a little wolf boy the other a girl about 16.'He showed RYou's and Bakura's faces to Ryou. Ty held still trying not to move but his tail switched and the man noticed. 'Mind if I see your child mame?'
Trentiham / Ty: (THis shucks I can't upload any of my drawings unless they are gifs! Uhh and that only ruins clarity.)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty lunged at Bakura crying,"He took RYou! He took Ryou we got to save him! I'm sorry Bakura I was scared, honest. I would have tried to save him, honest..." he started crying more profuslly and rubbed his face into Bakura's leg. "What do we do? They might hurt him...Bakura?"
Trentiham / Ty: Ty whimpered but transformed into a grown wolf. He raced about back to where the scent trailed. The others had to run to keep up. He traced it to the mansion and even as far as to what wing he was in. Afterall he could smell Ryou from the courtyard. "There are several gaurds inside,"Adrain spoke and then transformed into his form. He grabbed Bakura's arm and Saara's wrist then melted into the shadows so when they appeared they were inside. "Ryou's scent is that way," he pointed, "the next gaurd is six human steps around that corner. He is not moving, I think he is sitting down." He looked at Bakura and his eyes flashed. "Do you know how to fight? We need a devershion so you can get in there to Ryou."
Trentiham / Ty: Adrain growled and leaped forward knocking the man to the ground. He slammed his head against the hard floor as the man tried to pull Adrain off. At first the others where astonished then the came forward on Adrian leaving the other two to themselves. Adrian shadowed and appeared on the ceilling," Up her children if your going to catch a wolf you got to learn to run." And he leaped ontop of them. Two struck at him and he turned one of the spears and knocked three down with twists and whirls of acrobatic skill. The leader snuck away unnoticed as Adrian attacked those remaining and those that came to refresh those who were being beaten.(PS. This is Adrain not Ty. He is a fighter.LOL)
Trentiham / Ty: Adrain slapped Bakura when he got an opening, "If you don't learn comon sense Bakura your going to end up dead. Don't call people names until you can first say your not one yourself." The slap stung as it was more of a punch but he turned and fought more gaurds before picking up Saara and moving her out of danger, "Stay here." His wolf senses were taking over and he moved quicker kicking butts and anything else they threw at him. It was Adrain's life, he was a warrior.
Trentiham / Ty: Adrain was close behind him and he only stopped because the crazy guy(how the heck do you say his name?) was standing blocking his way. "Your not going to stop me."Adrain smiled and shadowed into the floor shadow then up again before the man could gain control over Adrain as a shadowed form. He ran up close to the other two, "Aghh we got a problem, it is not night time. I have to turn back into Ty. I can only hold this form for as long as it is night time, in daytime it is TY's body. We got tweenty minutes left before he becomes a child." He grimminced then added, "I'll hold off psyco for a whille but then we're on our own." He turned back and stood his ground before the (crazy guy I can't spell the name. lOL Now if TY is going to fight this guy I want to be realistic at least. Adrain is not a push over, so when the guy fights him he can't smack him and Adrain goes unconcous okay?)
Trentiham / Ty: (okay can do, I'm calling him great. lol) Great lashed forward with offensive attacks and Adrain well in dodging them, though he knew his clock was ticking. The two spared off and it seemed neither could pull away, that was until Adrain cast a white mage spell and the Great almost wet himself. He didn't expect to find both shadow powers and white mage abilitys. HE didn't know that Glorfindel had cast the spell. Adrain and the Great were down to their last straw and the clock went out. Ty tumbled onto the floor as the Great stood over him. 'Is that all you got, a little boy?' But TY didn't waste time he became puppy and lunged forward. The man caught him pulled him close and Ty transfored pushing a dagger into the man's gut, because the man was already forcing TY to himself. The man cursed and fell to his knees. TY dashed off doging gaurds and other servants. The tile was too high for him and by the time he had found a chair the gaurds already had him collared and pulling him by the chain to the executioner's court.
Trentiham / Ty: TY looked up his little bruised face was horribly painful to look at. He was only in tatered pants now, they had stripped him of everything else to make the whipping more effective, "Yes, once I have. I was on the bottom cell and the man above me found it funny to pee on my head. The cell was too small for him not to hit me." He clutched his head his little hands in heavy chains. "They tried to yank off my tail, and borke it in the process. I tried to reach you but it was too high. So I looked for a chair in the hall way over one. Then they caught me. I killed that dude the Great S. So they were not to kind. I don't know how much longer I'll be concous, they plan to behead me in an hour. If it were almost night I would be able to transform, but that is hours from being night time. I guess I'll die a theif after...a.l.l.." he hunched over and the rest of his words mumbled as the callapsed.
Trentiham / Ty: TY groaned a little as a peice of wood hit him on the head he forced himself to wake up. "Oww, just a few more minutes mistress Haggin I'm tired." He forced his lids open, "Ryou, when did you become a girl?"
Trentiham / Ty: Ty wrinkled his brow then mumbled somthing about letting them cop his head off. He dragged his heavy chains a little to get close to Bakura's cell. He threw a littl odd shaped metal key at him. It was a picklocker's key. "The gaurds..." he mumbled somthing about picking there pockets when they were carrying him to the cell. Then he blacked out.
Trentiham / Ty: (Okay I really g2g bye.)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty stirred under the covers and he fumbled getting out of bed. "RYuo made a mess of his clothes all scattered around," he thought to himself then reconized Bakura's bag. He got out of the room quickly fearing nakedness. His onw cloths were tattered pants as his small back had been cruelly gashed. when he came down a few broke open and started bleeding. He saw Saara's mom holding a cutting knife coming towards him in one hand and went running out of the house, "RYou! Bakura where am I!? He looked around and then stumbled to the ground." He started to cry a little seeing as the woman might have eaten them for all he knew and he didn't know how he got to a bedroom anyhow.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty was stunned a moment pinched himself twice to make sure he was not still dreaming and dumbly fumbled with the clothing as he wne to the tub. He let down his naked body and started to wash the water was warm and the water soon turned to blood Ty kept washing as though he didn't realize he was bleeding. THe heat had loosened the blood cloges. He fell back into the water fanting at the loss of blood. The water splashed, but glorfindel lifted him up and started to heal him. Glorfindel started humming a song and dressed Ty. Ty was limp and very pale. What man woul dhave thought to beat a child so hard glorfindel thought. He carried Ty out to Bakura and laid him down, "YOU don't understand Ty had a bad dream, thats all and when he woke he was confused." Glorfindel spoke to Bakura, "It is a wonder he did notcallapes sooner because of blood loss. You can go now, you don't want to see to him. That is plainly written on your face, maybe RYou was a different child Bakura but he and Ryou share one thing a torn misserable life. Have a little sympathy towards him, he looks up to you both a great deal." With that Glorfindel covered TY up and vanished to a ghost like figure, almost like a gardian angel.
Trentiham / Ty: Glorfindel nodded and a wolf appeared watch as Glorfindel dissapeared. Ty stirred a little and mumbled in his sleep, "Don't kill Ryou, don't he's my...brother...Bakura!" THen he bulted up clutched his back and laid down. In moments he was asleep again and the wolf attentive as ever.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty's dreams flashed with images, but one remained consistent, Sythe. HOw in a time like this could he want to awake? TY shuddered and awoke himself, Adrain lifted his head still in wolf form and then vanished. Ty examined the window, and thought he might make it down the drain pipe.
Kimishi / Shuichi Shindo: *this is a test to see if a pic worked*
Trentiham / Ty: TY sat almost trembling in shock. He wondered if Ryou could stop Sythe seeing as it might result in him switching the power source to his small body and then himself being punished for it. HE shook it off and ogt up, the whole fact of breaking a bunch of news like that to Saara's mom did not fase him. (Sry I've got summer lazy. Hopefully Kalis will keep me up tuned otherwise I'll catch up when I can.)
Trentiham / Ty: (I forgive ya, I am lazy so I have no excuse. Although it will be tough in July, cause of vacation. Great out doors whoopy *sarcastic yeah*) Ty looked up at him half scared, "Yes, he is coming. What do we do? We can't let him go on a murdering spree. Bakura what do we do?"
Trentiham / Ty: (Ha ha now I'm the only one writing.)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty was now amusing himself with an odd shaped sphere that was in the room he was playing with it when he started to feel the first of the fits. He glanced around, "If I don't get out of here now he will rip this place to shreds." He told himself. He climbed the drain pipe and got up on the roof. "Oh Glorfindel, Adrain come out and help me. He can't come yet not yet not yet!" He hunched with another spasum.
Trentiham / Ty: sry been on vacation, took kalis with me so she will be getting on tonight.
TY cringed at the pain and almost fell off the roof. "GLorfindel, Adrain I can't keep him in!" he sounded in his head. He gazed up and looked off the side of the house. "Maybe if I throw myself off..."
Trentiham / Ty: Sweat beaded Ty's little face and he almost crippled over when RYou let him go. "Ryou I can't hold him in! I can't...I cant!" he gripped his waist hard. "Run Ryou, I don't want you to get hurt." and he stated to roll on the ground. I a flash of light four images appeared before RYou. One GLorfindel, then Adrain, then Ty, then Sythe. They stood there around Ty.
'I am not to be limited, you can not stop me.' Sythe spoke to the other two. GLorfindel and Adrain clasped hands and joined to one. Sythe picked up little TY and in a swift move tossed him in the air and melded their blood. Now the body was divid amoungst it's self. Sythe became black and the other two white. They converged to fight in the sky as both now had wings. THey were equally matched.
Trentiham / Ty: Sythe blew at the water and it striked backwards at Ryou. He luaghed as he continued battle with the other two. He brought at them his full force and Glorfindel and Adrain struggled to keep from falling under such power. Sythe continued his adavntage and then shot one hand out and clasped Ty's image out to RYou, "You want this?" He laughed as he threw Ty's image at them. He was not in his own body so they could not catch him. Sythe laughed at them all, "Pathetic Fools! You think you could bring me down?"
Trentiham / Ty: <<TY Trentiham Grunts, yeah well you better go to sleep then. Or you'll really mess it up. LOL, don't drive crazy. Night Ryou_Bakura>>
Ryou_Bakura: <I was at home depressed and wanted to die. and there was vodka. and I can't drive yet I'm only 16)
Trentiham / Ty: <<Ahh...been there, only all I had was a swiss army knife and the radio. LOL, somtimes life takes turns that we can't expect but only a loser would give up. No offense, but deaths the easy way out. When you think of it in that light it seems even alittle selfish. I know, I sat there on my floor deciding my own fate. Then you got to think, how will others survive my choice? I have a nephew that looks up to me and the last thing I wanted for him was to see me in a coffin. Ryou_Bakura, I'm not sure what kind of troubles you may have been in but know your not alone. Just remember who's watching you, and the example you set. Great I sound like I'm so kind of religous guy. LOL, I'm not don't worry.>>
Trentiham / Ty: <<Well, I tried. My girlfriend don't listen to me either. Seems like you would be throwing away your life all the same.>> Sythe was starting to win when Glorfindel and Adrian pulled up. THeir fight was lasting hours and it seemed that the two brothers would not win. Just then Ty's soul merged with the two brothers giving them his energy. Now unitied as three they had enough strength to defeat Sythe and force him to submission, this time. When all was over TY lay on the ground panting hard as the three identities went back inside him. His curse was being relived.
Trentiham / Ty: <<I'm not trying to be insensitive, I just was...ah never mind I feel like an idiot now anyways.>> Ty slowly opened his eyes, "Ahh..mmmhh. My head hurts," he clutched at his round little head then looked up at Bakura, "Whats wrong with brother?" he squinted to focus his sight. "Ryou? Where is he?" Ty was confused at the figure that stood in his stead and looked at it weirdly. *sp
Trentiham / Ty: <<Well, I'm sorry for you all the same. If I could help I would, girls are like angels (NOT all the time!) they shouldn't have to cry. I get so depressed easily that I come up with some weird ideas, but seeing girls in bad situations makes me want to do somthing. Thats why I dated Augestine for a whille. I thought by trying to love her I could ease some of her pain. Well, lets face it. That does not work. Thats why we didn't work out, things got worse for her and I felt aweful. Thats why me and Kalis are dating, cause she is happy and I won't go home depressed or try and beat someone up. LOL, now you knowmy love life great!>> TY looked up at Ryou half awake half asleep. "Ryou...be alright...now?" the little pathetic child's face was exhausted as his whole body had just finished fighting it's self. He grabbed part of Ryou's clothes with his little hand to try and concentrate enough to hear RYou's answer, "Brother...be...okay?"
Trentiham / Ty: <<Yeah, well I didn't know it till I put my foot in it.>> Ty fell asleep whispering to himself and acasonally speaking RYou's or Bakura's name. He dreams came easier that night and they did not cause him to sweat. For now he could finally rest.
Trentiham / Ty: <<Sry I am not able to get on as frequent for awhile.>> Ty naturally reached out as though to catch somthing or hold on to somthing, when he met thin air he started to search harder. His little face disgruntled and searching. He awoke for a moment, cried somthing out that was inaudoble but full of emotion. He sat up and looked around when he saw Ryou he rubbed his eyes and crawled over to him. When he got off the bed he layed down beside him holding onto a peice of his clothing as his lids slid over his face. He mumbled back into sleep,".....brother....[inaudoble]....back...no alone....no hurt..."
Trentiham / Ty: When Morning came the three hudled upon each other was an interesting thing. Ryou lay on the bottom as Bakura lended on top of him and Ty's head lay on the floor as part of his legs lay under RYou and the rest of his body under Bakura. When Saara's mother walked in she just shook her head. She wondered why they were on the floor but didn't ask.
Trentiham / Ty: She stood there shaking her head as Ty moaned. He lifted his head and fell back to the floor,"Ummm...ahhh my head" he strugled to get up. H e turned to look at all three and then glanced at his legs curled under his body. "I think there is a storm in my head and the thunder gets louder." he swayed as he got up and tried to walk falling on his butt. He got up again and this time fell on his face. "Ow," he moaned under his breath. He stumbled to his feet and walked to the bathroom and got his face wet. His split lip was bleeding and he dabbed it inbetween his blinkings. His body was exhausted from the night before so he turned puppy and slowly walked out with his tail between his legs.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty nodded no as he came over to them. He was tired that was all, that strain on his physical body to be split into four people was enough to knock the energy out of his body. He layed his head on Ryou's one crossed leg and closed his eyes, any ambition he had would have to wait till he could move better. Glorfindel started to sing in his head and he remembered the soft feel of grass and the small cottage he had onced lived in. His parents tending a small garden and someone off in the distance yelling. His vission blurred and another memory came to mind, his house was on fire and his parents dead. He had been picked up and dragged away as his arms stretched out to them. The villagers had thought him a demon and had killed his parents with intent of burning him at the stake. Any boy that could be no taller than a child at the age of 18 had to be posecced. Then his memories fleeted from him and he knew no more. A tear trickled down the puppy's face as he rested on Ryou.
Trentiham / Ty: Vissions of the past dangled on strings in front of his face he had only to reach out and grab a memory and see it before him. He cast them aside for he did not want to remember that which was covered in blood. Under his sleeping lids he heard mingled voices as the others with him conversed. How had he become so cursed, he was only a boy...a boy doomed to wear his fate out till the Earth fadded to dust or he some how produced an offspring and passed the curse on. How aweful to linger on in existence. His head spinned and he found that maybe the thing he hated most was his self.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty nouzled against Ryou's warmth and a soft whimper escaped his mouth. His nose wiggled a little and his body lingered on into the sleep he had been consumed in.
"Hey, lady! YOu there in white! Can you give me a hand a moment?" a young man called out to Ryou. He was trying to steady a weagon that had gotten tipped over and he was trying to gab the bag of valuable things that was sliding almost out of the weagon and onto the ground. "I just need you to help me get that."
Trentiham / Ty: The man thanked Ryou kindly and then pointed to TY,"Your child?" he could not see Ty's face as he lifted the bag to his shoulders. A woman in the distance called to him and he waved it off awaiting Ryou's answer. He did not see RYou's face clearly, but generally acepted that he was a girl. He hoped he could repay Ryou afterall the contanants of the bag were precous and his family depended upon them.
Trentiham / Ty: "Oh, okay well I would very much like to have you eat with us. Me and my family that is," he kinda blushed and then scratched his head. "I have a little sister that could play with your son there if you would like." he smiled and shrugged as the woman called again. "Ryou is a funny name for a girl. No offense it just sounds like a boy's name."
Trentiham / Ty: "Great then you can eat with us at dinner, follow me and I'll show you where I live." They traveled in the direction of where the woman called and he let Ryou catch up. "My family is real nice and mom knows some healing medicines that might help your son. Ty stirred a little and his body gave way to his boyish form, no longer a wolf pup he was only slightly bigger but not any heavier. Glorfindel had transfromed him for Ryou in case he needed to lay TY down. Unfortunatly Ty still had his puppy ears and tail. His small hand clutched at Ryou's rob and the little hand was visable. "He's old enough to eat reagular food right, he is not still an infant is he?" the boy had not payed attenshion to Ty's transformation and could care less about him at the moment as they neared the house.
Trentiham / Ty: <<g2g see ya tomorrow.>>
Trentiham / Ty: <<Okay I'm just going to leave off with the dinner and then hopefully catch up the day I am behind. :P>> Ty Awoke as the man showed them into his house. "Kinda weird not to know your own son's age, but thats okay my mom still thinks I'm eighteen. I'm really 23!" he laughed a little and then peeked over to see Ty but he was covered well enough. Ty in turn made a few drosy like noises and then looked up at Ryou, "Ryou...where are we?" his little voice was quiet and the other man did not hear him. He rubbed him eyes and shifted to hug Ryou around the neck making it easier for Ryou to hold him. The blanket still around him made him look like a blanket blob with arms. wigled his small fingers in Ryou'd hair and waited for him to respond. The man started chatting about nonsense and lead the way inside the house.
Trentiham / Ty: "Well we are here," the man said at last. He showed them into the dining area where everyone was seated and he pulled up an extra chair for RYou beside him. "The kid can sit on my lap if you don't mind, that way you can take off your cloak and eat." He explained to the rest of the family seated with him and then turned to Ryou, "Hey, little Ty want to come here?" he held out his arms but Ty didn't want to come to the man. So the man gently, not taking no for an answer, pryed TY from Ryou and tried to pull off his blanket as he set him on his lap. Ty held onto it tight and then the man pulled it from his grasp and everyone stopped eating and looked at the little boy with wolf ears and a tail, "You got a tail? What are you?"
Trentiham / Ty: Ty laced his fingers around Ryou. He didn't like the families reaction to him. "Hey, uh no offense just sit down and eat," the man said slightly disapointed that Ryou was not prettier. He smiled and jestured for them to sit. The mother left the table and the father followed after her. "She gets like that when she see's part children. So who is the father? Are you married or single?" he got up to where Ryou was. He touched RYou's face gently as the forsed Ryou to look him in the eyes, "It's okay, you can stay here if you like. We won't shun you or turn you away. Besides your kid is cute." he petted Ty's head letting Ryou's face go. "So, go ahead and feel at home. My parents are nice fokes you'll like them."
The man's little sister snickered, "Hinshu gots a girlfriend, Hinshu gots a girlfriend!" the little girl made weird kissing noises with her mouth at her brother.
"Shut up Candy. Sorry about that she does that to all the girls I bring home." he smiled at RYou and gestured for him to sit down. Ty mumbled protest, but bit his lip before it reached the man's ears. Instead he whispered in Ryou's ear, "Are we going to stay here Ryou... I mean mommy?" he rested his head their on Ryou's shoulder and looked at the others watching him.
"What did the little boy want? He could play with my sis why you finish dinner if he is not hungry."
Trentiham / Ty: The man took up RYou's chin in his hand, "Hey, your okay now. What ever jerk threw you around or hurt you won't come here. You can stay here with me and my family, I could help you take care of your son and get you a job in the village. Don't leave stay here, stop wondering," he came close to RYou's face, "YOu have a place here if you want it." and he kissed Ryou on the lips. Ty abruptly ended the kiss by pushing the man off of RYou. "Get off of...my mommy!" he crosed his arms defiently still sitting on RYou's lap. He had eaten the sandwhich that RYou made and now was urgently defending Ryou, from the other man. THe man just laughed and rubbed Ty's head. "I only meant that I care, thats what that kiss was little guy. DOn't get defensive." WIth that the man sat down by Ryou, even though TY kept him from moving his chair closer. THe little sister came up to TY, 'COme play with me. We can play chicken.' She tried to pull Ty away, but he didn't want to move, so she being bigger than him grabbed his arms and picked him up as he fussed, "stop or I'll pull your tail."
"Yeah sis you go take Ty and go play, I'll stay with Ryou as she finishes." the girl tried to pull him out the door, but TY was quicker and in a moment had himself bound for RYou's lap, but Hinshu picked him up and dropped him out side on his feet before closing the door. He was alone with RYou. "Come on you can't get in once the doors been locked."
Ty was mad and almost crimson. "SO here is how you play she looked at him and got an evil thought, we flip a coin and if the side you guess lands up then you take off a peice of your clothing, and if mine lands on top I will." TY rolled his eyes and plotted his butt on the front step. "Here it goes I call heads." she flipped a coin, "It was tails, you take somthing off."
"NO, I don't want to." TY pouted as he looked up the door. "If you don't I'll punish you."
"You can't punish me."
"Yes, I can. I'll just kiss you!" and she dashed over to him. TY apaulled ran away. He was fast but she was bigger and could go faster. She caught him and pinned him to the ground,"Now take somthing off or I'll kiss you." TY squarmed underneath her and tried to get free. That was easier done by adults then kids his own age. "I'm warning, one...two...."
"Alright," Ty said, "I'll play just get off of me!" so she let him up holding his hand so he didn't run off. "Okay what are you going to take off?"
"How do you win?"
"First one to chicken out and not get undressed wins."
"FIne, I'll take off my shirt." Ty removed his shirt and she started laughing. "What are you laughing at?" TY asked.
"YOur so skinny and you can see your ribs." she laughed again before flipping a coin. "My turn," and she removed her hair tie, "Okay." she went to flip the coin again.
"Wait that was not clothing it don't count!"
"Yea-huh" she stuck her tongue out and flipped her coin. "YOur turn." Ty took off his shoes.
"HEy, thats not clothing."
"Yeah it is."
"No that don't count it is not made of cloth like my hair tie it is made of leather."
"FIne." and TY took off his socks. She started gigling. "What is it now?" Ty asked.
"LOOk at your toes, they have like claws on them. YOU need to cut your toenails."
THe next flip was Ty's again and he removed his pants which left him in his under shorts. The girl laughed and her next three turns she took off her shoes because they were made of cloth and leather. She removed her socks and her belt. TY was cold and started to shiver. "Your turn."she waited as TY refused. "I don't want to." Ty said.
"YOu have to it is part of the game."
Trentiham / Ty: "Hmp! It's part of the game. You loose Ty!" and she scampered off. Ty mumbled under his breath and reached up for Ryou to be held. He didn't like the game, nor did he really want to play in fact he wanted to just leave but he didn't tell Ryou that because he didn't want to be a burden. It was bad enough the other boy was hitting on him. That only helped Ty feel awkward, in his opinion Ryou didn't look like a girl. But he was only a small child that no one took seriously except the ones that he had grown to love and be with. As Ryou picked Ty up Hinshu came out to met them, "I heard my sister was being a bit of a perv. Sorry about that. Hey, look I know you'll feel at home if you stay long enough we jsut got off to the wrong foot. I'll show you where you can sleep tonight." and he ushered them back in the house and up the stairs. "This is my room and you can sleep on the bed Ryou, and Ty the room next to it is where my siblings sleep, there is three bed's in there so he can have one to himself. I'll sleep downstairs on the couch so feel free to be at home in here. No one is allowed in my room except me around here. You'll be fine." He shut the door behind him and started scolding his little sister. Ty hung on RYou like a limp rag, truth be told he liked being held. That made him not feel so small and insecnifigant.*SP* He sighed loudly as he listened to Ryou's heartbeat, "Can I sleep with you? I don't want to be in the same room with a girl who wanted to see me naked. Thats just gross!" then he whispered in RYou's ear, "DO you like this place brother?" he waited against Ryou's head looking over his shoulder. He didn't know why they left just that they had, and he didn't think that RYou wanted to talk about it so he didn't ask.
Trentiham / Ty: "You can teach magic? I thought only special people could do that. Glorfindel knows the trade of the white mage elves, but I thought it was only for those with elvish blood?" he scratched his head. "WHy did that boy try to kiss you? He barely knew you." A sound made Ty jump as the door from the other room opened and the little girl walked in. "Come TY let's play a game," she grinned but not that of a little girl. She transformed into a hooded being and came over to Ryou, "Come on Ty," she held out her hands which were bony and black. When Ryou pulled back she lunged forward wrapping her arms around Ty and liguifiing her body to seperate them then form it again. When she became the hooded being again she had Ty in her middle and Ryou pinned against the wall with small black spikes. Ty was completly engulfed in her body and gaged by the black guh that covered her body. She shut the door behind her and the room became a room with no way to get out or in. RYou was trapped inside. The girl rushed away outside to the barn and stretched Ty over boards binding his body to them. The sun was bright and Ty didn't know if he had the energy left to let one of his other forms out. The girl dressed Ty in a white robe only. Placed crystal shards around him and chanted. This was inturupted by her oldest brother, "What are you doing? I brought them here they are mine to feed on!" his sister hissed and he became the same form as she was. He over powered her and demanded to know where Ryou was, and not to spoil the desert, pointing to Ty. Hinshu returned to where Ryou was and walked through the walls to get to him. Clasping Ryou up against the his body, "Well, now you know where that place for you is girl. In my stomach where I can absorb your life force and give me back my proper human form." he kissed Ryou hard upon the lips as he started to undo his clothing. "YOu'll not taste good with all this material, so let me help you take it off...elf? You smell like an elf. YOU both do!" he acted stunned for a moment than planted his mouth on Ryou's to distract him as he undid his robes and cape. His foreighn tongue wormed into Ryou's mouth and released a liguid to help intoxicate Ryou with a type of drug. Hoping that it would render him helpless. The girl proded Ty's little body with a stick and then getting bored spread his robe back so she could see where his tail conected. "It really is part of you isn't it." She seemed amazed that he had a tail growing from his tail bone. She took a spike and sliced his little soft white chest and bending down licked up the blood until it did not drip, then she sucked on the wound for more. Ty screamed as much in fright as in pain. The girl did not expect what was going to happen but before she could pull back Glorfindel had casted his spell crystalizing her liguid like body and shattering her all over the floor. He went towards the house to get Ryou, essence wraths were such an annoyance.
Renada: Saara made a face at Bakura's comment. She had no desire to ask for details. That's when she heard a small shout. "I'm afaraid I heard it to. Let's go check it out, quick!" Saara then took off running in the direction she believed the shout had come from.
Trentiham / Ty: (sorry, I'm bored and need a life. My girlfriend is bussy for a whille and I write alot to do somthing.) Ty clutched at Ryou and mumbled a thank you mixed in a few curses. The other being remaining liguified and disapeared as he noticed more people coming his way.
Trentiham / Ty: (Thanks, I got messed up which character this one is but I kept it once I found out. It really fits Ty pretty good. Just add puppy ears. LOL By the way the other being disapeared.:P)
Trentiham / Ty: At the moment you are standing there looking at Ty and Ryou, since your last post said you were there. *Beats me how you found the barn by Ty's one scream, but hey it's all good.* So RYou is holding Ty, the weird creature I described *can't remember what I called it* dissapeared to who know where. So we all are together again. :)
Trentiham / Ty: <<YAY! someone to save me from boredom.>> Ty looked at Saara and then gave Ryou a tight squeeze before reaching for Saara. "We've had some trouble," he paused to let her take him if she wanted to. "It has been an experience." His little puppy ears hung as far as they would come down on his head and he really looked pathetic.
Trentiham / Ty: "NO!" ty almost screamed, "There are three more of those things in there! A mom, dad and little brother!" Ty's eyes were wide and alarmed as he remembered the others.
Trentiham / Ty: "No, they are weird jelly like people who want to eat me. I don't have enough energy yet to transform so I am helpless to them. Please, oh please I don't want to get drug off and stripped naked to be baked over weird fires and be eaten alive!" TY burried his face in Saara's shoulder. (He don't look so cuddly does he?hhhmmm)
Trentiham / Ty: (Now Ty looks cuddly. Before he looked grumpy.) Ty moved and sat on Saara's shoulders. He pointed at the sunset and then turned the Bakura, "At night it is harder to see those things they turn liguidy and black. Saara let's go somewhere warm, I don't want to have Bakura eaten either. Cause Ryou would be hurt and I don't want my brother hurt."
Trentiham / Zelgadis: (Problem is I can't find one where he don't look mad. LOL) TY hugged Bakura around the waist, "I'll protect you Bakura." he whispered. Of course whille the brave ran away the dark ones desided to attack. From behind Bakura came a voice, "We'll keep you safe....in out stomachs!" the one behind them wrapped around Bakura and Ty covering both of their mouths and perventing them from screaming out to the others. They were drug off towards the woods and down in a tunnel in the ground. "E'll treat you nice now."
Trentiham / Ty: <<Crap, sry this one.>>
Trentiham / Ty: (My email is like really spamed and I don't use it. Send it to my girlfriend's she will get it to me. sorabraveheart@charter.net) TY held onto Bakura as the figure closed the a door behind them blocking all light in the tunnel and trapping all three in. THe figure went deeper where the air was clear to let the other two suffer out in the gas.
Trentiham / Ty: (I'd give you my school email, but they block alot of emails and I have trouble it. The school comp.s suck.)
Renada: Saara, though chained, was able to scoot over to Ryou. She gave him a small nudge and worried look. "Hey, Ryou. What's wrong? Come on." She could tell that he was really shaken up and that it would take some effort to get him to pull himself together. In a soothing voice she said, "Listen, you've got to pull yourself together. If we don't get out of here..... Just help me with these chains and we can found a way out, find Bakura and Ty, and then everything will be okay."
Ryou_Bakura: ryou sat there for an hour before he started to get mad, "where is she" he led both arms in the air and yelled and he shot a darkness spell up and thru the whole place so that he could see out side, "oh my" he said and look up in shock
Trentiham / Ty: Ty clung to Bakura as he watched him search for a way to open the door. Somthing lingered down in the tunnel and the darkness creaped back in front of them. Before Bakura could do anything to pervent it they both were swept up in long black claws and dragged further into the tunnel until they were slung into a cell. Ty hit against the wall and Bakura against the bars. The venimish creature chuckled at their distress and then liguifiying it's self slid in between the two. With one hand it clasp Bakura and with the other it grabbed Ty. "Now which one should I torment first?" it laughed. How it escaped Bakura's gas Ty had no idea but the creature hung him upside down by his one foot examining his small body. He then picked up Bakura and clapped his mouth over Bakura's head. Ty almost screamed in fright as the creature held Bakura's head between his teeth. Then he took him out and hit him against the ground till he lost conscousness. Ty wiggled to get free, but the beast was amused by his continuall atempt to get Bakura. He then getting bored did the same with Ty.
When they awoke they both layed in their underware with their legs and hands bound. Then the familiar beast lifted bakura and tied him to a log. He placed the log over the fire to roast him. He basted his whole body in a marinade sause and then chopped some vegitables up and through them in with Ty into a large pot filled with water. This he hauled over and placed onto the fire near Bakura to boil. TY whimpered and the ugly creature gaged his mouth and sang aweful sounding made up songs that told of how good they would taste and how long till they were done and what he would eat first. He desided he would eat the delicatsy that both of them bore. This caused Ty to hold his legs closer together as with wide eyes he looked to Bakura. (For rescuing purposes, this is not an easy rescue...so don't just say Ryou and Saara walk into the kitchen, cause it's not even logical. On a casuall note if you abreveiate Thank You it spells my name. LOL, yah I know I'm an idiot.)
Renada: "Ryou!" Saara tried to grab him, but only gnabbed his staff instead. Now all her friends were captured leaving her alone. With a gulp, she slowly inched her way through the tunnel till a light shone at its end. Peeking around the corner, she saw Bakura avoiding being barbecued and Ty chained and gagged. Where was Ryou? And what was she suppossed to do?
Trentiham / Ty: (UM.. recap? Last I knew Ty was being boiled to death in the pot. What did I miss?)
Trentiham / Ty: (Nevermind we did not get far.) TY held Saara's hand and his underware with the other he had to skip to keep up with her longer stride and his bare feet on the cold stone floor made him have to go pee. He touchefd his back searching for scaring or if the flesh was hurt. He was relieved to know he was fine after being almost boiled soup. He looked behind at Bakura, "What did you do to your outfit. It looks better."
Trentiham / Ty: (I'm bored out of my brains on here....all the RP's I was in died. This is the only one I can write on. It's depressing.) Ty gave Bakura a weird look and then looked up at Saara, "So where is Ryou? How did you find us if not with out him?" His tail wavered back and forth and he thought about turning into a puppy but that was somthin he might not want to do until they needed him to be a dog. He was still trying to gain back his energy from the big fight. He whimpered a little as he kept Saara's pace, he wanted to be free of his curse and all other misseries he had to put up with inside of one bodyl.
Trentiham / Ty: ((Gee act like I'm the one at fault. I'm the one who has a girlfriend who don't want to see me till she finishes all her college aplications and crap fall out of RPs and can't keep this one going fast enough and it's my fault? Gahhh girls. LOL)) Ty looked at Bakura for a moment then his little face got all disgruntled (Vocab word. LOL) as he talked over Saara's shoulder, "I like Ryou as a brother, Saara as a sister, and you I don't know what but if gay is a type of title you give a dad or older brother you can be it. Besides whats gay anyways Bakura?" he looked at him in complete ignorance and inocence. He really had not payed enough attenshion to the signifagance of the word. He looked at his clothing and nodded it off, "I liked my theif clothes better, thank you Bakura for them anyways...its better than being in my underware and chains." He smiled back at him as he huged Saara's neck gently.
Ryou_Bakura: (hey ty to let you know were out side we killed the person incontrol we made it kinda quick. Bakura is out of it and ryou's being his stupid self. his stripes have disapeared in to a mark on his forehead.)
Trentiham / Ty: ((Yeah I got caught up. Thanks.)) Ty squirmed down Saara and pointed to the caravanes moving along a near by streeet, "Maybe we can get a ride? Want me to do it?" He didn't wait for an answer being egar to help he dashed off. He stopped the gypsie caravane near the back and a man looked toward where the others were. He gestured for them to come over and the ladies had mauled over Ty and how cute his ears were, his robes, and tail. Not to mention that his eyes were pathetic enough to make a stern heart give in. When they arrived the man asked Bakura, "Wherer is your family heading we'll give you a lift if you like. This little boy of yours tells me your in some kind of bad luck and that lives thrown you a few bad cards. I know what it's like and I'm willing to help." the man's smiled of compassion was genuen and he extended a hand to Bakura in aquantence.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty had no such luck the ladies were completly amused with his puppy like whine and adorable features. One woman cuddled him up in a blanket and kissed his face till it was red. What upset him the most was there were men, women, but where were the children? Why were they not with their mothers had somthing happened to them or was this another cover up act?
Renada: Saara was still asleep but sorta rolled out of the caravan landing on her head which woke her up. "Ow! What the.... What's going on? Where are we? ANd why do I have a strange desire to eat cookies with monkeys?"
Ryou_Bakura: Bakura turned his head and looked at sarra, "you don't -" just then something hit him in the side if the head and he fell over, "what the shit" Bakura yelled and ryou backed away.
"what did I tell you about comming around here" a older women yelled" Bakura got up and yelled at her, "so that gives you the right to hit me in the head" Bakura asked her as she walked half way down the startes.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty sat at the bottom of the steps and was playing with a ball one of the ladies had given him on the caravan. His tail swished gingerly and then his ears perked up to Ryou's whinning and other noisy distractions. He climbed up the steps and walked between the butler's tall legs and made his way toward where Saara was making loud protests. "Saara, what's wrong?" he still held the ball in his hands.
Renada: Saara patted Ty on the head and sighed. "It's nothing sweetie. Just some people irritate me. No worries. Why don't you see how Ryou is doing? He's upstairs with aunty."
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: (well we really are just happy wiht our selves, and well there is a lot of susgestive thigns about yaio. if you don't know what that is its Man on man and not a lot of people like it.)
Trentiham / Ty: (Sry, the girls have all the control on this one dude.) TY walked in cautously sneeking around the large bed and then gripping the top scutted himself up in time to have clothing thrown on his head. Peeking out from under the cloth he looked quite puppy-like as his ears perked up. He sat legs crossed under his robe like dress with his hands beteen his legs resting on the bed. "Umm...Ryou," he whispered, "How are you doing? Saara wanted me to ask you..." The aunt turned and he lay flat on the bed hoping the clothes would hide him.
Trentiham / Ty: TY wiggled in her grasp, he had not wanted to get caught, but now he'd done it. He was play doll number two if he didn't get away. If only she knew she was really holding three MEN and a boy. The thougth amused Ty and he giggled. Clasping his mouth in realization that she heard that. He had to do somthing before she desided that he looked good in dresses like Bakura did. (LOL)
Trentiham / Ty: Ty sniffed in protest and gave RYou a half upturned lip as his eyebrows constorted in an expression of who is this lady. "Umm... let me down please, Miss lady mame." his ears hung limp on his head as he looked at her. His arms were trapped within the auntie's. He looked for an escape route, but the only way out seemed to be the old 'I have to use the bathroom' trick.
Trentiham / Ty: "Bakura, we're running away from your Auntie please help us find a closet to hide in or somthing....I don't want to be a doll." His big blue eyes pleded before he tried to help Ryou up and checking around his leg to see if Auntie was close behind.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty was running from Ryou as he chased him. When he caught Ty in a last stitch effort to catch the ,"You can't catch me", Ty they tumbled into the tall grass. Laying near each other Ty proped up his head on one hand. "Brother...why do we always have somthin bad happen to us? Why do Saara and Bakura get off so easily?" he grinned in a pupish way. Then pounced on RYou's vounerable stomach. "Your it again." his little fangs were quite comicle in the light of day. "I don't get it...if we don't get captured or go phyco we find trouble anyhow. When are we going to have a real home?" He sat on Ryou's middle looking at him face to face in the way that only children do when they have not learned personal space. His eyes were full of sencerity and his questioning mind wizzed with his new relization.
Trentiham / Ty: "I supose, but somtimes it would be nice to be like a family." he jumped to and fro to try and get Ryou. He missed and triped tumbling into a flower bed and uproot a daisy that now say on his head. He shook off the dirt from his hands and than looked at Ryou, "What do you think we go and scare Bakura and Saara? They are probally sound asleep on the grass...or you could let me catch you and let me win." His little grinned from ear to ear as he shook his head free of the uprooted daisy that had sat there. He dashed after Ryou missing him again. He should go puppy mode and get him good.
Trentiham / Ty: (One question, how will the baby come out? You going to cut it out? Because that would not work the other way. None of us are doctors so we'll have to spend time near a hospital...and risk getting caught. Not sure such a good idea.) Ty starred after them, "Saara what were you doing down here eating?" he looked at the spilt flour and pepper on the floor. "were you baking? you and Bakura have powder and pepper all over you. I thought you were going to sleep. Hmmm..." he walked around the kitchen and found an odd looking bottle on the top shelf. He scooted a chair over by it and climbed up the shelves, "What is this?" the bottle was silver with jems set in it. He looked for a label and found none. Curiosity led him to look inside, and a cold smoke came out. "Wow, Saara look!" he poured some out on his hand and his hand disapeared. He screamed until he realized it was still there, then with a mischeivous grin he poured some on his head and vanished from the shelf. The chair moved and he was somewhere in the kitchen or the hall but he now could scare everyone.
Trentiham / Ty: (Ha! you got another thing coming chick if you think this will be an easy delivery. LOL, our physical structure will cause problems. So the baby will have to be born premature, if it lives.) TY was in the hallway and the whole site was funny he cept in behind Ryou and scared him by poking him in the ribs. Then he dodged around and made Saara and Bakura jump. He thought it great fun, that was until the thought ocured to him what if he couldn't turn back. "Ryou!" he screamed but not a noise was heard, he was invisable and mute. He tried again, "Ryou! Bakura! Saara! can't you hear me!?" again not a sound came from his voice. Suddenly this was not a good idea. He started writing in the flour on the floor, 'Help I'm invisable' he waited to see if they would see it, but in Bakura's shuffling of feet he erased the message.
Ryou_Bakura: (skill and we my spelling sux, and its like a dnd game but we made it and all the stats and character sheets........... But my character is still unable to fite, cause of the babay so I'm realllllllyyyyy useful now)
Trentiham / Ty: (Okay, when you go ranting speak english. It's hard to read what your trying to say. Anyhow I just think it's messed up, but it is female fantasy so I guess I'll live with it.) Ty watched Ryou walking around him as he tried to see him. Ty jumped out in front and started waving frantically at Ryou. "I'm here, I didn't mean to do it. I don't want to be invisable anymore. Not fun," he sobed hoping Ryou could see him. That was the last time the drank magic potions or bewitched liguids.
Trentiham / Ty: (Yeah, well how many guys do you know play a child anyhow? I have issues lets leave it at that. LOL) Ty thought for a moment then desided he might not want to throw up bile, seeing as they had not eaten rescently. "I don't want to throw up... but I don't want to be invissable anymore."
Trentiham / Ty: (See ya in the morning or soo, I'm wasted. Not drunk just exhausted. Check last post. I don't get where the she came from...ahhh I'm too tired to care. Night)
Trentiham / Ty: (Can live with that.)Ty watched Ryou as he tried to figure somthing out. Anyother kid might have used this to his ability longer, but Ty liked being seen sometimes. He sat on the floor waiting and swished his tail unconscienesly. Somthing hit a near by window and he jumped up to see what it was. Some angry person was throwing rocks at the window. Pebbles and shouting ,'Angela' Intriged by the new idea the slided past Ryou and muttered somthing about bathroom and ran down to to guy on the ground.
"What-cha doing?"
"Who said that?" the man jumped almost clear out of his skin.
"I did."
"Are you an angel or a ghost or somthing?"
"I'm no ghost."
"Well, your too young to be my conscience. SO you must be a little spirit of some sort." Ty started laughing.
"No, I'm a boy. Or I was until Glorfindel made me into a puppy boy. Then I became invisable."
"Now, I'm going nutts. Hey, have you seen Agela? She said she lived her, but I thought only some old grumpy woman lived here.
"Thats Bakura's sister. But no Angela lives here. Just the Butler."
"Ohh...I must have heard her wrong. Well, goodbye. Where ever you are." The man walked away, but somthing in his pouch hanging from his shoulder caught his eye. A Shiny object. He snatched it up in a heart beat and marveled at the silver statue of a lady with wings. It was tiny only 2-inches tall, but it was utop his stuff and out in the open. Myabe Bakura would aprove of his little theft...maybe. He ran back inside to where Ryou was. "Ryou! RYou! look!"
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: (I mite have to make a new account or something cause I was hacked and I don't want to be hacked again I was humileated and some one made me into a pervert in some FF sex thing and I don't want it to happen again. but I don't really want to.
Trentiham / Ty: (Someone hacked mine, but that was awhille ago. She knew me, but I don't remember who she was. LOL, so good luck getting rid of your double, or evil twin. Have a happy thanksgiving!) Ty drinks the weird liquid and then holds up his shinny object.
Renada: ((im baa-aack... miss me? sorry, ive been gone awhile... a family matter came up... a friend has been updating some of my eithers, but i didn't want her to touch this one.... but anywho, wats this about hacking and where am i in this rp? @.@ im so confused lol)
Khargath / Darren Glandri: ( Alright... )
Renada: "Thank you. And Ryou will be just fine. I mean, there is only a few years difference between us; and he'll be a great parent unlike some people I know."
Renada: Saara finished off her glass of wine and rolled her eyes. "Don't be so impatient. Besides, I don't think he'll realize it right away and be like 'oh my god, I'm pregnant'. It doesn't work like that. Then again, I wouldn't expect a guy to understand."
Renada: "At first, he'll be wierded out, sure. But he'll be fine after the initial shock..... And why hate this place? Your sister isn't bothering us, so its pretty nice. Maybe we should stay a bit."
Renada: "Aw... you poor sweetie." Saara leaned over a gave Bakura a hug. "We'll leave if you want, but we'll need to find a place for the three months because it would be too rough on Ryou to be traveling."
Renada: Saara gave a small groan and hid her head in her arms. Her mother would at first be weired out, then in bliss taking care of Ryou and making sure everything went perfect. A good thing, yes. But.... "Alright. We should leave soon though."
Renada: "Yes, well, I couldn't get much sleep with all the noise you and Bakura we're making. I hope Ty didn't hear anything." Saara had just finished her breakfast and was now finishing her glass of oj. "So, how you feeling this morning?"
Trentiham / Ty: Ty had been up exploring the house early that morning and now stood in front of a mirror. His tiny fingers touched his reflection as he looked at himself. He wouldn't ever get bigger or older until Adrain or Glorfindel had a child. His life was a capsle of a moment in time, frozen still. He sat down, what if he didn't get to grow older. What if he outlived Saara, Bakura, and Ryou? And when they died who would take care of him? WOuld he go back to the streets and life style he had before? He shook it off, being a kid is great but it was getting old after 20 or 30 years. He wondered down the steps and outside. THe clouded sky ment rain, but he had a mission to do. Ty walked out towards the street changed to puppy form and sped off towards the town.
When he got towards town he searched out amoung the kids and when he found a little girl who was sitting alone playing with a doll. He changed form and went up to her and sat by her. She looked up at him and smiled.
"WHo are you?"
"My names Ty, what's yours"
"Cindy, are your ears for real?"
"Yeah, and my tail. See? Want to pet it?"
"Yes." and she stroked his fluffy tail. Ty didn't have much practice at this but he thought this time was as good as any. So he kissed her. She blinked, then with a shocked expression turned back to her doll. That was good enough for him and he took her hand and led her off.
"Where are we going? I can't leave, my uncle will get very upset."
"Were going to met my brother, but I can go faster as a puppy."
"As a puppy?"
"YEah, I'll show you when we get there." He pulled her over to a cart and helped her up. Then he climbed up and they rode the cart on the back to the mansion. BY then he had been gone and it was close to lunch time.
"Bakura! RYou! Saara! I'm back." TY yelled as he pulled Cindy along till he found them.
"Is this all your families, Ty?"
"No, it's Bakura's sister's."
Ryou_Bakura: ryou was wandering around after ditching sarra and bakura was yelling with his sister for money. ryou then heard ty and ran to the entrance, "yo ty" he said then saw the girl, "ty what did... why is. ty who is that girl" ryou asked then heard a clang, "avoid the west wing" he said then looked at the little girl then to ty, "ty what are you doing"
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: (sorry I don't feel like logging out so this is ryou) ryou sighed and looked at sarra, "thats what I'm wondering" he said yamning, "damn no matter how long I sleep I always fell tired today" he laughed a bit and looked at the girl, "ty where did she come from, she needs to go back home ty"
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: Ryou blinked, "okay" he said, "well I hope you like your stay, but stay away from the upstares theres a crazy lady up there" he said and followed sarra off, "god what is that kid thinking" he said and then yawned.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "what do you mean" he asked and layed down on a couch, "I have no clue what you just said"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "what the one you guys got the spell out of or just a book book" he laughed and looked at the hall that the tow were down, "if I didn't have to be careful I would go watch"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he laughed, "yes well I think ti would be best to take things easy since that spell has a speed up time on it I have no clue what the hell could happen" he laughed, and sunk down into the couch cause of all th fluffy, "man this couch is squishy"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he broke out laughing, "I 'm not mentaly tired, I just feel like I've ran a race or something" he laughed and sank into the couch more, "its like getting to the point where its too comphy";
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he yawned too, "well like I said I'm just not tir-" he said and soon he was out like a lite and bakura came dow nwet and beat up, "I won" bakura said and looked at ryou, "why is he asleep"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he sat down by the couch submitting to sarra's demands, "how hard can this be on him I don't like wanna kill him almost wiht stress this is like the second or third days and he's like this, I'm startting to worrie' bakura said looking over a ryou.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura flintched and bit his lip, "ya but the pain he mite go thut mite feel like it maybe" he said and looked at ryou, "he;s normaly a light sleeper I don't think any thing can wake him up now"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "ya ya" he said then thought about it, "cravings why cravings and for what" he asked blinking and looking at ryou, "he's really sane I don't know if he could go insame like that" bakura said one eye brow raised.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "ryou will die if he heats chocolate" he said looking at sarra, "hes deadly alergict to it, if he dose ask for it don't let him have it at all you hrea me it will kill him' he yelled any ryou woke up slowly, 'whats with the yelling" ryou asked and bakura just looked at him wide ayed.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: Bakura looked at her, "it was the cravings things I said that to not the other thing" ryou blinked, "ryou you won't die she was jsut telling me some stuff cause I'm confused" ryou rubbed his eyes and blinked then fell back on the couch asleep. bakura looked at him, "what the hell was that damn it"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he ran after her grabbing her, "help me damn it I know you care for ryou" he said, "I don't understand any of this at all, there is no reason for me to even have kids I'd be a bad parent" he said stadning here, "just help me." he wined then looked around "hey where is ty"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura blinked "what the hell are you going on about where did he find a kid" bakura asked, "we have to leave tomorrow any way you know that" he said, "what are we gonna do with two kids wiht us and how are we gonna tell a little kid why ryou is getting fat" he asked
Trentiham / Ty: Cindy blinked in shock. She didn't know what to think of this boy. Ty sat there scratching his head, I thought that should have done it, but your not any bigger. Maybe he should have asked Bakura how to break the spell. He shook himself out of his train of thought and looked at Cindy.
"I'm sorry, I was trying to break the spell I have on me. I guess it did not work."
"So does that mean we stop playing house?"
"Yeah, I guess. I need to find Ryou. Be right back." and he dashed off towards the upstairs flying past Saara and Bakura. He searched a few rooms before he found Ryou passed out on the couch. His brother had been acting kinda weird lately and he wondered if Ryou was sick.
Cindy went out towards the stairs and saw Saara and Bakura at the foot of it. Ty crept up quietly to RYou and didn't want to wake him meanly so he climbed up and snuggled against Ryou's back. His puppy tail drooped over Ryou's leg and his ears flat down agaisnt his head as it rested on RYou's shoulder. He was quiet disapointed, and upset by his day's revelations.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryous eyes moved a bit and he opened then, "hey ty" he said a bit tired, "whats wrong" he asked and sat up holding the boy and hugged him, and laughed a little bit. ryou smiled and looked at ty, 'guess what I have a little secret" he said and put a finger over his lips, "but I cant tell you yet" he smerked and turned his head a bit.
Renada: Saara watched Ty run off with a quizzical look and then at the little girl standing confused at the bottom of the stairs. She waved and hopped down next to the girl. "Hello there. Are you and Ty play some game?" When the girl shook her head sadly Saara patted her on the head. "Sigh, all men are the same. Why don't I get you some milk and cookies?" The girl's face brightened at that and Saara led her off to the kitchen.
Trentiham / Ty: Ty looked at RYou," I want to grow up RYou. But when I kissed Cindy she didn't get bigger and I can only grow up if I have a child. RYou if I don't grow up, you'll all die and I will be left here a boy. No one could take care of me!" he started to cry.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou's eyes shook, he then fell down and grabbed onto ty, "its okay don't worry I'll find something" he said and held onto ty on the verge or crying. bakura watched him and ty. he then turned away to go find sarra.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura walked in, we have to leave soon or we won't make it to your parents house and we mite have a problem" bakura said eating some batter out of the bowl, "we need to move for ryous sake keep him out of areas where he'll be stressed and I think we should take a horse and a carrage or something cause from what I know I don't think he will wanna walk" he said thinking
Trentiham / Ty: (Umm...Ty's curse is not able to be unbroken unless he has a kid. So he'll just live on until Adrian and Glorfindel have one. Or Sythe's O_o oooh evil child-offspring! Yes, high on sugar.) Ty nestled into ryou and around his stomache. Ryou's body was warm and the puppy fell asleep curled into a little ball.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: Ryou watched petting him, "we will fine a way" he said sighing. Bakura glared "ya but still I though we were going north first" he said taking an apple and eating it, "I think that puppy has lost his mind"
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he leaned against the counter, "fine" he grumbled, "I just don't want ryou to be in pain or anything I just want to get where we are going asap" he said floding his arms and looking out side, "my sis told me to get out by tonight too"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "she can kick us out" he said, "she has knights hwere and well I am not strong enough and I don't want ryou doing anything" he said glaring at her a bit, "I jsut want the best that all"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou then walked in and smiled, and jumped on bakura being all cuddly, "I'm gonna go put my things away " ryou said and ran off and bakura stood there, "okay that was different" bakura said and watched him run off, "I can tell that the spell is working though I will let you know that"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: Bakura grabbed ryou and the speeling ty and set ty inside a little box wiht a blanket in it, "there that should be nice for him" ryou then went to jump in and bakura caught him, "let me put you in" bakrua asked and ryou glared, "why" bakura jsut sighed, "caues you can hurt you self" he said and put ryou in wedding stiyle then jumped in him self.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou looked at her, "I'm fine I'm not that big" bakura glared at him, "its notisable ryou it really is" ryou glared at bakura and rested a hand on it, "well I'm fine"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: Ryou laughed a bit and bakura sat next to ryou setting him on his lap and hugged him around, "your so cute" bakur asaid laughing and ryou giggled, "I'm fat" he said laughing and bakura glared, "no your carrying a babby" and ryou blinked and laughed.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: Ryou soon nodded off and bakura looked at her, "you know I did that to make him feel better you know he hates him self the fact he is willing to do this is odd" he said sighing, "its for him" he said smiling at her a bit and watching ryou.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "if I didn't pick him up something bad mite have happened" he said looking at him, 'he was a cute kind some one could have take him and made him into a cute prostute or someting or a striper or something" bakura said frowning
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "cause" he said looking at her, "you only know the light side of things, the down tow is a different area, people are sold and traded, kids are stolen and found or caught and forced to do things like that" he said looking at her, "ryou was wandering around, he could have easly been take and forced to a life like that"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "ya" bakura said and looked at ryou, "he's twiching" bakura said, "sarra how much longer till we get to your parents house I wanna put him in a bed" he said
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: Ryou rubbed his eyes, "what" he asked and bakura held ty who was still out. bakura pushed ryou a bit wiht the side of his leg till ryou sated moving, "come on ryou" he said and ryou walked in and bakura smiled, "hi"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: Ryou laughed a bit, "I'm not really hungery" he said and sat down, bakura looked at him, then at sarra's mom, 'he's been eating less but I would like to see those pictures and have copies if I may" he said smiling nicely.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou glared at bakura when he followed her then sighed, "right" he said and bakura laughed a bit, "oh sweet sweet victory' he said and looked at the pictures, "you were so cute what happened"
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: bakura let them go, "sorry I jsut had to humor your mother a bit" he said laughing a bit then looked around, "so, what are we gonna do now ryou is kinda gone now and I have a puppy sleeping in a box' he said looking at the dog.
Trentiham / Ty: (Oups! I didn't mean puppy. He is in human form. Sry) TY sratched his ear and yawned and stretched. His head wabled a bit as he looked up at Bakura, then at the box. "A box?"his noise twtched and he sat up. Reconizing Saara's house he climbed out onto Bakura. "Where is Ryou? And who's the girl in the picture?" his large eyes blinked hard to wake him up to his surroundings, "how long was I out?"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: Bakura sighed, "that girls is our loveable sarra, and ryou is up stares, wiht her mom I think, I don't know what is going on" he said and looked around, "I'd say a good two to three hours at most"
Trentiham / Ty: "ohh...want to play Bakura?" He turned around and sat on his knees on Bakura's lap messing with his hair. "Want to play a game?" his eyes now wide open, "Please?"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "okay" he said setting the pictures down and pushingthe box away wiht his foot. he stood holding ty, "what do you want to play" he asked some what nicely nicer then he normaly did.
Trentiham / Ty: "Teach me to play chess! Or checkers,or some kind of a bored game. Or you can teach me how to pick pocket!" His legs dangled limply in Bakura's hands. His tail though twitched back and forth violently.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "no more steeling" he said, "or not right now we need to be in a large area to do that" he said and looked away, 'why not checkers you'd have to get ryouto teach you chess he's better I just know how to move the things thats it' he said and dug around in a few areas of the house and found a checker board. and set it on the floo, "you'll be red I'll be black. you can only move them to the other black squars dionagaly. and you can jump over other peoples checkers and take them and you can jump more then one." he said showing ty, "you want to get to the other person back line and get in a squar where you say 'king me' and your checker get another plased on it and becomes twice as tall"
Trentiham / Ty: "Hmm okay like this?" he moved his piece over Bakura's and laid his piece on top of Bakura's. Of course it was not a correct move, but he was trying.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "no" he said biteing his lip he took the checker and made it hop over, "like this" he said, "how about we play a pratice game"
Trentiham / Ty: "Ohh okay I see now. Practice is good." Three games later Ty finally caught on but had not one any. He scratched his head in confusion as he tried to find a way to beat Bakura. "Bakura, how come you so good?"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "cause" he said, "I get beat by ryou, he's very smart no matter how dumb he seems his brain is good at stragysing I have learned to try and beat it but I always fail" he said, "there is no way you can beat me right now I think" he said and looked at teh ceiling.
Trentiham / Ty: "Hmp!" and TY tackled Bakura knocking him over and trying to put him in a head lock. Ty's tail wiggled in amusement and he was trying to get the upper hand on Bakura.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura held him still and stood up holding ty in the air, like a little kid, "zoom" he said making ty dive thru the air while keeping a hold on hom. bakura then sat down holding ty, "what do you think of being a uncle"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura held him still and stood up holding ty in the air, like a little kid, "zoom" he said making ty dive thru the air while keeping a hold on hom. bakura then sat down holding ty, "what do you think of being a uncle"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura held him still and stood up holding ty in the air, like a little kid, "zoom" he said making ty dive thru the air while keeping a hold on hom. bakura then sat down holding ty, "what do you think of being a uncle"
Trentiham / Ty: Ty made a funny face, "An uncle?", since no one had bothered to tell TY that RYou was pregnant. "WHeee! More Bakura! That was fun."
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: (I was at school and the page kept failing and never told me I posted)he blinked 'what the hell dose he not know' bakura though, "you do now ryou is going to have a kid righ which will make you an uncle" he said watching ty resetting up the peaces, "its only a matter of time now I guess"
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: (its ryou I need to make something eles sink so I'm adding a post)
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou panted a bit in pain, "I hurt a bit every little while" he said some sweat on his face. he looked at her smiling.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou freekd "what s going on" bakura grabbed ty and ran him down stares, "sarra your mom wants water and towles" bakura yelled to her putting ty on the couch and looked around for sarra.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura walked up an dwent ot open the door "hey whats the deal" he asked and looked at ty, "stupid women doing womens things' he said glareing at the door trying to listen thru it
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura looked at sara before he opend the door, "your mom scares me" he said opening the door and looked around and saw ryou, "ryou you okay" he asked but ryou was sound asleep.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura looked at sara before he opend the door, "your mom scares me" he said opening the door and looked around and saw ryou, "ryou you okay" he asked but ryou was sound asleep.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura walked over looking over her shoulder and smiled, "how cute" he said and looked at sarra, "come see"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura looked at the little kid and too him in his hands, "aw he's os cute" bakura said and the kid reached out and grabbed his nose, "ow that hurts" he said and the kid laughed and bakura handed the kid to sarra while he held his nose.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he looked at him, "well he's like me" he said, "first thing I did to my dad was grab his nose and break it" he said, "luckaly my nose is not broken" he said watching him.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura blinked, "I don't really know' he said and looked at the kid and petted the little hair on his head, "he's gonan be a red head" he laughed, "I want to call him Zelos or Sephram" he said looking at the kid as he began to suck on bakuras finger.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura walked over to ryou and petted his hair, "thanks ryou" he said watching him sleep, "three months of hell" he said and kissed his forehead, "where should we put the kid" he asked standing up
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he sighed, "thanks you used to creep me out a bit I'm not gonna lie but thanks' he said and walked outof the room "I think we all should go to bed then"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura walked into the room and looked at ryou, "you did good" he said and layed down next to him and fell asleep.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou walked downs stares and laughed at her and walked over and took the babby from her, "jsut takes one look at my face to chear him up isn't tha right" ryou said bumping nises wiht the babby and bakura ran down the stares and fell there sliding and got up, "ryou you scaredme I woak up and you were gone" bakura said panting and ryou held on to the baby.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou smiled, "I'm stil ltired and hurt but I can't leave him" ryou smiled and bajura stood up, "and you could leave and scare me" ryou started to sulk a bit, "I'm sorry" ryou said and bakrua sighed, "ryou its fine"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: Ryou and bakrua looked at sarra, "whats his name" ryou asked looking at the baby, "well we have it down to two name I like the first one but hakur lies the second" ryou said looking at bakura, "ya there Zelos and Sephrum" he said, "Sephrun is the name of an angel, an old angel from a story I like a lot" bakura said and ryou looked at him, "Zelos soulds a bit more normal"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou sighed, "sephos, zelem" ryou listed off many names. and bakura sighed, "sarra pick a name" ryou glared a bakura, "I like zelos" ryou wined and bakura rolled his eyes.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura sighed, "fine" he said and patted the kids head, "we'll call him Zelos" ryou smiled and the baby giggled, "I told you bakura" ryou said and bakura rolled his eyes.
Trentiham: (Hey, I didn't have time to write you guys before I left. I'm on vacation to see my grandpa. I won't be on till after January 8. Sry. Merry Christmas Ryou_Bakura and Saara! :))
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: ((NP little guy, we have no problem this thing is so slow its no problem its not like its active everyday, if it was this thing would be in the millions. but also happy one year aniversery on white, its been here for over a year woot everyone))
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: Ryou laughed, 'hopefuly' he smiled and bakura sat down resting his head on his hand and watching the baby who inreturn watched him. the baby soon reached out to try and grab bakura, "itsn't that cute" ryou said
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura looked at the child, "I'll get you some day" he said and ryou held him close, "when did bakura ever have zelos" he asked looking at the baby.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura laughed, "see it hurts" ryou held him close, "babays know who there mother are and normaly dont like others" he said and started to feed the baby. bakrua glared at them, 'sure they do"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou held him, "he's only a day old he can't even see yet" he said and kept feeding him, "he's venturing our and trying to see what things are babys need to test things and they do it by touching or putting it in there mouth' he said and sighed stating to get tired.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: "nah its all right" ryou said picking his head up, "I'm fine" he said bakura stood up, "I'm going out for a walk he said" and left quicky. ryou sighed and patted the baby while it played wiht ryous hair
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "I don't think he was ready for this, I wasn't even asked if I wanted to" he said and rocked the baby, "if any one should be put out it should be me" he sighed and the baby started to try to eat its hand, while ryou tried to make him stop
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he sighed and moved his hand away and started movingthe babys foot and it tried to get it, "I really didn;t want this he should be the one looking after zelos not me, I should be the one whos going for a walk" he said a bit angered, "but I don't trust that idiot to look after a kid"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he looked down at the kid who looked up at him, "fine" he said and stood up one of his legs gave out a little bit but he stifened it, "I'm going ot the family room" he said and grabbed some of the soft toys and set them on a blanket and set zelos on it. then layed down on the sofa.
bakura kept walking he had did this once before he jsut couldn't handel children the only child he could remotly look after was ryou. he sighed, "I can't take kids' he said he was one of those worryers
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he just looked at her and turned away and started walking fast ingoreing her and moving quickly.
ryou layed on te floor and started moving things making the baby laugh.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he turned looking at her, "you don't know how many kids I have you get that" he said and thru out one of his theif tools that created black smoke and he disapeared, "I shouldn't have done this, but this is my way to solve it" echoed thru the woods as he made his way away.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou looked u pat her, "he ran away again didn't he" ryou said as if nothing had happen or it didn't mean anything. he sat up and looked around and sighed. as the baby kept playing an laughing
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he looked at her, "I have sixteen differnt siblings cause of him. I'm not realyl realated to all of them but I have seven sisters and and mine brothers" he said and looked at her, "he has run out on every one of those women cause he can't take it, I know he did it again" he said looking away.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he sighed and looked away, "ya sure he'll come back this time unlike all the others" he said and stood up looking down at the little baby who looked up, "uhaaa" he said holding his hands up, ryou sighed and fell on to the sofa, "I feel really sick"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he looked away, "I'm gonna hurt my self' he said rolling over and started to sleep a bit, "sixteen out of sixteen times says hes no going to" he muttered
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "he's gone thats it I'm gonan raise that kid alone now" he said and started at the wall, "I c na't even think of sleep" he said and layed on his back, "I should have stayed wiht my aunt' he said
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he looked at her, "with me she is normaly a sane woman that just wants to see that I get what I need when I lived with her when I was younger and bakura was hideing once she was so much fun I didn't ant to leave" he said and smiled "that was a fun year"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he sighed, "ya" he said and sighed and rolled over, "so where do you want to go now theres a festavle we can go to, the one that we got cut off from before" he said and looked at the baby, "that mite be nice"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he reached in the air crying a bit, "I've fallen and I can't get up" he wined and the baby laughed at ryou, enjoying ryous pain.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: the baby blinked and looked at her reaching up trying to get some one to pick him up, "mou" he said reaching up, Ryou sighed and picked him up, "Mou itte" he said to the baby then looked at sarra, "well will have to stay at the town over night"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou smiled at sarra, "I would imagin" he said as the baby reached up, "mour ri" it said pulling on ryous hair, "hush hush" he said bouncing the babay in his arms
Trentiham: (Hey, I know you probally hate my gutts right now but all I can say is that life is not simple anymore. I don't have internet access anymore and this will be my last post for a long time. I hate to leave skills but I don't have the choice. So just say Ty went to sleep and didn't wake up. He died from his curse and that he was curled up in a little ball with his tail around him. Sorry I can't help my condition. It's been fun.
sincerly, Ty Trentiham)
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: (aw that sucks I think this is kinda dieing again for the last time but thats sad to hear what is happeing though and why don't you have internet. we'll make it so that you can return again... how dose staying wiht bakuras sister sound)
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: (a bakura post omg....... I'm bored) bakura kept walking thru the woods he was some how crying, "I just can't" he said crying, "I shouldn't have let her talk me into it" he said and pushed off the tree and then continued on to a city like place walking in not doing anything to cover him self up.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he smiled at her, 'ya your right" he said, "I know this is odd but lets go to a bar or something that sounds like fun thats a place to mess around." he said, "then we can come back here and get out things and leave in the moon light"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "all righty" he said and started to go out the door, "too the bar" he said smiling and waited for saara.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he smiled walking into the bar not a heavy drinker but he was happy to be some place" well its nice in here" he said looking around at the all the people
Sereto_Uesugi: he shruged, "I don't know he said and two men walked over to them, "hey ladied" ryou looked at them, "I'm a man' he said and the two looked at him like he was strange
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "I'm male" he growled and looked at then the red head taking an intrest, "your a cute guy" he said holding on to ryous bottom jaw and shook it then let go as the two laughed a bit. ryou glanced over at sara and siped his drink
Sereto_Uesugi: ryou smiled, "yes that is good' he said smiling as on of the guys kept looking at him, "what" he asked and the man smiled, "wanna have some fun" ryou responded instantly to this, "entirely not what is wrongwith you we just met" he said a little freeked out.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he smiled at sarra and then the guy turned around again, "how about a quick one" he said and ryou kept leaning into sarra she was taller them him so that made him feel better, "I know your not together just face it" he said and ryou turned his attention away
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he sighed sipping at the drink he had, 'so where do you want to wander next?" he asked, "since one little adventure ended and a new one is starting" he smiled.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he looked around, "we need to think of things now I think" he said and looked at her, "cause of asche, the baby we need to think of him I don;t want him getting hurt" he said
Renada: "The kid'll be fine. My mum loves babies! She wouldn't mind watching after him." Having a sudden idea Saara snapped her fingers and let her chair return to its proper position. "I got it. Why don't we go on a mini road trip. I doubt you'll want to live with my family forever, right? You'll want your own place. We can travel, have fun and look for a home at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone."
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "I want to take my child wiht me, I was thinking we could go back to wandering, I never liked settling down." he said smiling, "if we move we mite get site of bakura or hear of him"
Renada: Saara nodded. She didn't really want Ryou thinking about Bakura and she did much prefer travelling. "Sounds good to me. When shall we leave?"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "tomorrow before you mum see's" she said, "I kinda wanna get out and stop bothering your mother" he said smiling at her and sighed, "adn we can do some searching"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he had everything ready and had his odd robe things on. and wrapped the baby up. and he finaly finished packing everything he looked at the baby, "god this is going to be hard"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he smiled. "I guess your right." he said and picked up the baby and put on his pack. "so we should get going"
bloody_raven / Raven: "And quick! We don't want to get busted." Saara led the way on top-toe out of the house. Soon they were out of the town and on open road. Saara stretched her arms. "Ah, fresh air. This is great. So, any idea where we're headed?"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "how about where the trains are that place we went to before and I ended up in a dress" he said and smiled
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "well the place we were going to go we can most likely find bakura there" he said nodding to him self as the baby started to wake up
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "I wanna just find him and show him that he's wrong" he said and started to get a bit angery, "I'll ring his neck" he said
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: " I will its just" he said and could see the town "I can't beleave he did that" and just then asche broke out crying and ryou moaned from the loudness of the child.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he smiled back "thankyou" he said as they aproched the two and he looked around, "sad to say I've never been here before"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "ya it will" he said smiling. "it sjust kidn aodd caues I'm a theif and I haven't been to this town yet. I find it kinda odd"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "its an odd feeling" he then heard a wissle blowing, 'and that would be the reason. he said and started running for the train.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he sat in a seat. and sighed, "fianly" he said then looked, "hey isn't that bakura" he said in a low voice
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou looked down at him then took the seat apposting him in the booth and shut the sliding door, "you really agravate me, I know you did that with other people but why did you do that to me" ryou half yelled this and bakura didn't look at him and his ear was yanked, "daddy" the baby said.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: ryou stoped or a second, " he said daddy" he said and bakura looked at the baby, "why hasen't he said anything eles bakura asked, 'no" ryou replyed. bakura nodded a few times, "I felt pressured I just needed to get out, I'm sorry it won't happen again" bakura said
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "lookes like I cause smartness" he said smiling and ryou glared at him, "your illerate' ryou said giving a blank face.
bloody_raven / Raven: Saara had to try hard to suppress her laughter. "Ryou has a point. The child can't be picking up any brain waves from you."
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: he glared at her, "I'm start letters aren't everything" he half yelled at her, 'I'm nt dead at all considering my carrear, I have to be pretty smart them" bakura siad and ryou just looked at him
bloody_raven / Raven: Saara rolled her eyes. "If you say so. Don't complain to me when you're trying to order food off a menu and can't figure out what all is listed. Literacy has a great many uses, and your little man is going to be actually smart."
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "I'm smart how the hell do you think we've made it so far' he asked her and ryou looked at him, "thats all you having going for you and some day that will run out" ryou said his legs crossed he reached back and took his chikd back.
bloody_raven / Raven: "Not only did you lack brains, but you have thick skull too." Saara plopped herself down and sighed. "Anyways, where do we go from here?"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: "where the hell I was going to go" he said, "wel before we all got chased off and ran away to your house" he said crossing his leggs and ryou bounced the baby to sleep, before he him self started getting tired.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura raised an arm thinking then grabbed ryou's arm getting intamet with him, "where I was going to propose you ryou" he said holding both of ryous arm putting him in to the corner of the bench.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: 'oh I'll do much more then that, and you have the baby" he said and ryou pushed back, "we are on a train bakurand people are looking"
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: "what ever why do I have to learn control I control all of you and we are all alive granted ty is living with my sister" he said a little pissed off, "god I hope that is going okay"
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: bakura stopped when he hear sarra mention his sister, "you have to be kidding me" he said and continued walking, "I'd never get my kid back, worse she would find a new way to cause me pain some how I think" he said folding his arms, "but that admuses you dosen't it" he asked cocking his head to the side. (ehh I decided to see what was new, actually I have a free period at school and I was just killing time)

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