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Roleplay - Academy 51 OOC by Shinwa Seimeiryoku / vipershore

Academy 51 OOC
alittle more relaxed then the real roleplay not roleplaying needed here its all out of character

Roleplay Details

Academy 51 OOC


vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: will this do FILLER FILLER FILLER ULTRA FILLER!!!!!!!!!
Yelena: well he seems like a smarty pants,....hahaha. Oh well, ya can't make everyone happy, shouldn't even try I guess.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yelena are you here or are you offline or something
Yelena: uhh well, I have been rather sick. nasty cold and all. Sorry I have not been around lately,...bur hopefully I can get started back in here now, or somewhere.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: ok ;P welcome back yelena xD lol xD
Yelena: thanks, I think.....lol Well, hopefully it will be fun to be back.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: are you on now :o or not well are you o.o huh huh huh
Yelena: I am but I don't see you on lol, ah well. Maybe later,..besides,...someone was gonna cut you LoL!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: :o cut me what do you mean cut me o.o
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: why am i using curse here wth xD bad curse bad xD
Yelena: who knows lol,....you did it not me! Ah well, at least you fixed it right?
vipershore / break: should have yes o.o maybe yes i think i did xD lol
Yelena: lol, okay,...well anyway, sorry you guys dont like the way I fight....*sigh* Ah well, can't please everyone.
vipershore / prince lust: its not that the fight was just boring is all xD
Yelena: how do you see it as boring? I mean come on, you have to make sure you clearly state where you stand, it leaves you less open for attack from elsewhere if you mind your posts in general.
*shrugs* ah well, doesn't matter I suppose.
Yelena: Oooh no one had anything to say to that. *frowns* thats ok I guess, we all cant go crazy I guess.
vipershore / prince lust: <:o omg omg its like waaa :o waaa :o shocking idk what im talking about>
Yelena: apparently not,...what are you going on about anyway?
vipershore / prince lust: no idea lol why we the only ppl who use this thing anyway
Yelena: I have no idea,...and yer picture looks nice and all, but a lot like a girl, instead of a guy, you know that right?
vipershore / prince lust: what pic shinwa lust or curse lol xD
Yelena: the one you have now, lust. it looks like a girl, I think he should look a bit more sexy, not girly....maybe?
vipershore / prince lust: will this do or it is not sexy? or is it to sexy o.o
Yelena: not enough if you were to ask me....then again, I am picky as hell lol, sorry I might not be the best one to ask.
Yelena: I might have one I think fits though, if you wanna see it? I just gonna find it real quick
vipershore / prince lust: is this one sexy lol and i am asking you xD and let me see o.o
Yelena: that one is a bit better, but I am uploading the pics now, I will show you the few I have in just a minute
Yelena: alright, I am not sure how this custom thing works, but lets see if I managed to find the right link might have to make it smaller tho???
Yelena: This one is a kewl half demon form sort of look too
vipershore / prince lust: meh its alright as it is lol lol xD music will play and the time will be right o.o
vipershore / prince lust: tho i think i will need the link for it lol xD
Yelena: apparently lol, to bad ya don't like em, I do!!
vipershore / prince lust: <i mean the size of the image is alright lol xD>
Yelena: Ahh well thanks for cleaning that up for me ROFL, thank goodness. hahahahaha
well if ya want it
vipershore / prince lust: sall cool o.o this is just like a little hang out with just me and you weird anti it o.o
Yelena: uh, yeah I guess so, lol. Very wierd, someone might think we are doing something in here with just the two of us.
vipershore / prince lust: :o maybe we are :o i mean look at these posts its almost as if we are talking :o
Yelena: Whats that supposed to mean? I dont mind talking to you at all. Oh nevermind lol, you didn't get what I was saying.
vipershore / prince lust: no i did i was just beings silly lol xD and stuff
Yelena: uh, alright, I see. Well, we need something interesting to happen in the game, something we all can fight and beat together, you know what I mean? Bring the teachers and students together somewhat, and start having a few bad guys for real, not just one.
vipershore / prince lust: shinwa cant be a bad guy he saved the school already and he is trying to wooo yelena still xD
Yelena: well I have a bad girl, two of them actually, One's name is Trena, the other Da`Mona. I wonder if I should bring them in sometime...
vipershore / prince lust: meh up to you if i bring lust in he will have to be chasing after all the females xD
Yelena: well, with his current outlook, *She eyes his X and remembers his picture* You will be chasing shadows, cause the girls,... well ok maybe Da`Mona would eat him but aside from that, Trena wouldn't like lust to much.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: lust us a demon prince so he is stronger the shinwa is
Yelena: lol, well Trena is a royal assassin to the gods, so, it could be fun all the way around. IF I manage to really play her at all that is.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: we will see lol im kinda bored now hmm what to do what to do xD
Yelena: who knows lol, and yer right, we will see, eventually.
Yelena: OOc talk goes in here! Keep it in here please!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: yelena you a and i are the only ones who have ever used the ooc
YukiSukano / Him Yong Lee (Seoul Korea: Ok. I'll be sure to OCC here. Thank you for posting the link-daze. ^_^
Yelena: your are very welcome, and thank you kindly!
Curse, I kind of noticed that, so thought to share the link lol!
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: My momma talkin to me tryin to tell me how to live
But I don't listen to her cause my head is like a sieve
My daddy he disowned me cause I wear my sister's clothes
He caught me in the bathroom with a pair of pantyhose
My basketball coach he done kicked me off the team
For wearing high heeled sneakers and acting like a queen
The world's comin to an end and I don't even care
As long as I can have a limo and my orange hair
And it don't bother me if people think I'm funny
Cause I'm a big rock star and I'm making lots of money
Money (x5)
I'm so bloody rich
I own apartment buildings and shopping centers
And I onlly know three chords
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: do not enjoy the alone time we spend together yelena well i found it oh so very fun
Yelena: lol, we spent time alone? When here in the ooc? Well, now we can share the fun with anyone else who comes in here. That is not a bad thing.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: are you sure :o that sure is alot of people who you are asking to join in on the alone times we had xD
Yelena: er, well it wasn't that damn special was it? You didn't give me the impression until now it was a big deal.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: its not xD i was just being silly :p lol xD xD xD im weird like that sometimes
Yelena: okay, well that is what I would call it too! A good bit silly.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: bad curse stop being stilly now DX ok :( sad face :(
Yelena: lol, that is better, it's more like Shinwa now,...
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: atleast im not picking fights or tring to get you to marry me
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Miss Yelena, how are you today? Well I hope."
Yelena: Oh hiya Yuki, I am doing well, how about you? Sorry my net keeps acting up *sigh*
Yelena: If you check,.I gave my post an edit cause yours was before mine Rhan.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "What did Yelena exactly give Rhan..? I am a bit ignorant right now, I am sorry."
Yelena: Oh, it's a feather, from an exotic animal, half monkey, half bird. several magic users have approached Yelena about finding one for purchase, it's coveted for ritual magic.
Yelena: crap, I forgot to tell you, there are two, one is a bright purple, and the other is a darker royal purple.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: dance dance dance.
needed the OOC.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: jealous you are yelena D: you want 2 psps aswell dont you o.o
Yelena: no I have one, and an xbox360, and a PS3, and a Wii, thank you very much.
:) Yelena is not happy that SHinwa is all evil again. LOL
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: lol did you like good shinwa more he was all sick and weak and kind and stuff .-.
Yelena: no, not really, but he was at least nice to the students lol,..and I was really mean just a second ago to Lyus,..I shouldn't have been though. I don't know why, but the godmoding is driving me nuts here lately.
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): why am i here?
Yelena: If you had more to say you can here, not where everyone else is trying to RP, thats why, you can bitch till your heart is content here, not there.
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): why bitch i had a cookie! cookies always calm me down
Yelena: thats great! So, you are fine, you understand, and everything is back to normal, glad to hear it!
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): im sorry what? i was just staring at that bird over there
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: yelena i said at the time shinwas grandfather (curse) is free XD he was locked up so he could help shinwa
Yelena: locked up so he could help Shinwa? That is a confusing statement, explain please?
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): thats tobi! not curse! unless curse is tobi
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: eeeeerk couldnt help xD lol how do i always miss the nt at the end xD
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: madara is tobi lyus xD as i used curse in the past he has always looked like madara
Yelena: yes, I know that,..lol, that is Naruto, so you mean it's the same way with Curse, is that it?
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): i know who tobi is!
madara uchiha
i just like tobi better!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: shinwa is having mood swings O.O wth lol happy momement xD
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): TROLOLOLOLOL
you have been russian rick roll'd
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: shinwa is everywhere and knows alll o.o fear him and obay
Yelena: eh I gotta go, sorry see you later Shinwa, Lyus. :)
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: bye yelena i g2g aswell anyway is past my bed time :o gasp
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: whos here right now :o really who :o :o :o lol tri :o lol
Yelena: I've never complained about anyone asking if someone was on, not even once.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: lol but still you conplain about ooc in the main rp xD so lol
Yelena: no, I complained about talking about other RP's, and one liners LoL, you are mistaken.
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): welcome to
this sword is very powerful, and in the right hands has the ability to teach someone 'dual weild'. which sword is it?
A. Kiku-ichimonji
B. Ragetsu-denbu
C. Hiyakushiki-masamune
D. Masamune
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: :p shhh >.> lol anyhooo =D ho was your day :o wanna rp :o
Yelena: sure Curse,
and to Lyus
welcome to
this sword is very powerful, and in the right hands has the ability to teach someone 'dual weild'. which sword is it?
A. Kiku-ichimonji
B. Ragetsu-denbu
C. Hiyakushiki-masamune
D. Masamune
The answer is I have no idea,...I know the names, but it's been to long so A.
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): ooh so close the correct answer is B. Ragetsu-denbu
lol playin FFtactics A2 right now
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: im playing GTA and i just sniped somebody off there bick xD was funny xD xD
Yelena: LoL Shinwa is a child molester! hahahaha, that is funny!!!!!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: lol XD shinwa bad boy :o he is not a child molester :o
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: and now he is singing about underwear .-. weirdo shinwa XD lol
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: darn you writers block is not good Dx im sad about writers block :( yelena you still on?
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: break down of demons that are in shinwa bunny from his grandfather his mother is half buny half vampire his father is a sorrow demon who currups peoples minds when they are most vonrable to get them to do his biding and he can suck out souls and life in order to become stronger
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZLs4vvmV88
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: My that post I just made took forever to type, Haha. It goes a bit more into the heritage of his people Yelena :].
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: and now im back ant you guys happy XD lol im bored so im going to randomly jump in on anybody xD
Yelena: I see that Rei, uh that post below I have to delete, it was meant for another RP.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: shinwas family was killed :o he was all alone >.> thats why he is protective of the friends he has >.> even alittle clingy to yelena XD
Yelena: Rei, do you know me from somewhere else, in another RP or something?
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Nope, Why?
Yelena: I was just curious is all. You remind me of someone I can't quite put my finger on who though.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Nope, I don't think we have ever role played together, i only recently returned back to Eliteskills.
Yelena: Eh, well I am new to ES. Doesn't matter though :)
I will have some dinner then be back, I am tired of stealing a bite from my plate as I type LoL!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: wow shinwa talks to most people in the rp xD its kinda funny
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: can anybody get aiden :o he need to let the new girl in and stuff XD
Yelena: For finding later, so Aiden can get it quick I am going to post this here.
She is approved, I think Aiden will agree:
Name: Aurora Michelle Daylight
Age: 19
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 107 lbs
Powers: The ability to restore life to any living organism, and the longer she has physical contact with the organism, the better.
Weapons: A spoon she keeps tied around her neck which is also her dorm key, and the travel form of her demon blade Hinaoru.
Years at Academy/ or new: New
Likes: Being a very silent, humorous person, Aurora prefers being alone. She is an aspiring writer and artist.
Dislikes: Mean people, perverts, birds, spiders, and roller coasters.
Bio: Aurora's parents were both scientists who had gone to the extreme of actually testing their experiments on their only child. Her. Ever since she was two, Aurora was tortured daily. Chemical reactions with her blood, internal bleeding, blue ooze dripping from involuntarily caused cuts, etc. They kept her in a code-locked cage, so the only life she had ever seen was a wild rosebush that had dared to evade detection from her parents and had slipped through a crack in the cold metallic wall. It was just within her reach, the cream colored petals of the unusually white roses sliding on her finger tips like butter. Her touch made the rosebush disappear, and ever since, white rose tattoos have planted themselves on her palms. Her parents were assassinated by the government for unneccesary arguments, forbidden experiments, and treason when she was ten, leaving her alone until her aunt came to feed the couple's deformed dog, meaning she saw her niece for the first time. She was sent to government facilities for help, but none of the mental institutions could get through to her. So, she was dumped in this academy to be dealt with, or killed.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: i copied it to xD are you on now yelena xD you have to meet the knew girl to ;P
Yelena: almost done with supper, a few more minutes!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: nobody is talking im waiting on a reply from here :o hay do you think im being filerty?
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): where the hell is the rp!!!!???!!!! its gone from my latest post list and i just got back on!!!!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: the last post was 2mins ago idk why its gone it seems to happen sometimes
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): RRRRAAAAGH!!!!! im about to shoot it!
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Bahahahaah. :] I have returned for the moment.
Sorry I went to take a shower, just found out my Aunt died. it is unfortunate, But she needed to die, She was.. Living on machines that is not a way to live life. Artificially.
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): can someone give me the link to the rp? it somehow disappeared on meh
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/124076 bam) lol
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): thank you!!!!
Paterfamilia / paterfamilia: hmm so this is where everyone dissapeared too.
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): maybe!!!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: you think the new girl lost the rp as well?
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): most likely....
Paterfamilia / paterfamilia: I think she did she certainly isn't posting anymore.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: ok ill message her >.> anybody know her from other rps the send her link or something
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): frazzlecola!!!! yeah ill do it dont worry your demon head
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: to late muhahahhahahahaaha i messaged her already fear my speed xD
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): wait so did i!!
Paterfamilia / paterfamilia: SUPER SPEED TYPING HAX!
Paterfamilia / paterfamilia: lol i dont know if that last post was funny or just sad
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): sad
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: I have to go for now, Goodbye.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "My, interesting story you both are doing."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Awww. Thank you :]. Haha.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Do you two mind if I join in somewhere?"
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Of course not, Feel free to join in. We will also need help. o:. I have an Idea for something fun to start a little bit more violence, But a good chance at explaining the legacy of Reishura's peoples, which is the whole point of this is yelena and Reishura to explain to one another xD;
Yelena: please do Rhan!!! Yelena would be glad to see him right now, she hates undead, and will pretty much go into kill it mode.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "I might have to go soon."
Lets out a small sigh...
-p "I just wish I had a laptop so i could RP just about anywhere."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Also, I may be forced to leave soon. Haha. About an hour I would guess. but I'm not sure.
Yelena: well, fudge. lol. If you have to go, you have to go. Just let me know for sure, so I don't post all alone like an idiot.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Well this is unfortunate news for you then, because I have to go get ready now. Because I act like a little girl whenever I get ready I take foreever, Gotta take a shower and all that good stuff brush my teeth do my make up, Lol kidding About the make up part, but I may come back and be able to check once more before I leave so.. Be back soon!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: hay who is online anybody xD im bored like really really really bored
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: Name: Aweyre Thorin
Age: 17
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Powers: Morphing, super speed and Soul Attacks
Weapons: Katana in the pic
Years at Academy/ or new: New
Likes: a good challenge
Dislikes: people who scream to loud
Bio: Aweyre's ancestors were Dragon hunters. they all slaughtered dragons, maybe hundreds of them. it all started when dragons killed Aweyre's grand-grand-grand mother was killed. He also hates dragons as his Clan. he decided to join the academy so he could train his abilities
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): tobi! tobi!
Yelena: Pending approval:
Needs to be more specific about the soul attacks, before it can be approved for play. Might want to think about changing it to 'spirit attacks' or something like that.
Name: Aweyre Thorin
Age: 17
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Powers: Morphing, super speed and Soul Attacks
Weapons: Katana in the pic
Years at Academy/ or new: New
Likes: a good challenge
Dislikes: people who scream to loud
Bio: Aweyre's ancestors were Dragon hunters. they all slaughtered dragons, maybe hundreds of them. it all started when dragons killed Aweyre's grand-grand-grand mother was killed. He also hates dragons as his Clan. he decided to join the academy so he could train his abilities!
blt2293 / Delvin: He does need to be more specific about that soul attack stuff.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: hello this seems quiet meaning the rp Dx lol common somebody post
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Hello. Is anyone on who would like to rp with me? I am done with my chest tournament and I have some free time.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: <yes god yes nobody is doing anything im so bored Dx>
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: I posted. Do you want to hang out today? I am looking to have a good time while I am on today. Trying to loosen up my mind after all of todays events.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: what happens will happen xD if we end up hanging out we will xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Hope you like being the floor. Now I can walk all over you!!! ^_^ jk.
Yelena: That picture of yours Max, is from an anime called Naruto. I like it myself, perhaps you would too. It used to come on cartoon network, but the Disney channel picked it up. It's called Naruto Shippuden now.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: i will explane.
my senter of power in other words the only way to turn it off is in my mind my mind has a block to stop people getting into it my mind block and your power tring to turn my powers off your powers dont reach my senter of power there for you cant stop me from using my powers
Yelena: If you look under this post Shinwa you will see I already adressed the naruto thing here.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: yes but i posted mine first if you look at the times yelena
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Your center of power may be in your mind but, when your powers are active and in use they are no longer contained in your mind, they become a form of mass (Meaning a liquid, solid, plasma, or energy.) Hence my powers nulifys or counters your powers stopping them from working. >>This power has nothing to do with the center of your powers just what becomes the out come of it.<<
Yelena: that doesn't matter really. Mine was an explination, yours was a pic and talk about a bad guy wanting a boys body!!!!!!! LOL
Either way, where was the post supposta go? Here not there, delete it from the main RP please?
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: not if my block pushes back you turn off and lets me finish ;P
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: you know i could just delete your post hehehe lol i have that power here
Yelena: FYI: Max is right, it's not on your character sheet, and he explains it well, you are going to have to deal with that one Shinwa.
Yelena: Now look here Mr. Don't get pissy with me. (If you meant mine) I will ask Aiden to make another OOC room if you are going to be that way about it. It's nothing to change the link. :P
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: where is aiden when you need him xD
ok easy shinwa power eating power lol unless he sucks it out fully he cant use it other wise it is stored in his body inactive untill there is a trigger like the turn off thus these powers that he eats are taken in from the mouth and skin the skin only taking alittle of the power and leaving it dorment untill it is awakened there for shinwa has the powers of everybody he touches inclouding his grandfather who has an anti power turn off block that only just become active in shinwa
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Stating suck a power in your charactter's skeleton would have been very helpful. And wouldn't such a thing be in a way godmoding. Oww and thank you for the compliment Yelena.
Yelena: raw power only, is all I see in your explination. For starters, that doesn't mean you know how to control it the way a studied individual can. Also, might I add, you called it a power, not the specific name of a said power, which takes us back to the first of what I mentioned. There is a word for this one 'power' you claim to have.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: shut up its 4am and i havent slept in two days xD
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: im alittle out of it xD cola has been the old thing thats stops me from nodding off randomly v.v
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: ok mind juice time>.> i much go get something then i will explane better lol
Yelena: You are welcome Max.
Syphon is it's technical name. It allows you to draw power from an individual, or several individuals. Usually you have to choose a power type at a time to 'syphon'. Eletrical, psychic, magical, bio(mutant abilities) for example, ect. NOT stating the draw of which power you are taking in, weakens the syphon's power rating.
I've played rp's to damn long.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Sleep deporvention can lead to death in young males. You might want to remember that little fact. Oww and Yelena would you mind rping with me?
Yelena: Sure max, for a little bit, give me a minute or two so I can put somethings up, and I will.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: ok iv head some brain juice be ready as curse has the power of blocking things like deactivation on his powers shinwa has inherated it and as shinwa lost his memorys forgot how to use it but just remebers as maxs power was activated letting him use it just in the nick of time =D that one sound better xD
Yelena: However, Syphon's weakness is Max's power. His is called, and this I know for sure, according to the Marvel Universe RP guide, (Yes there really is one) Anyway,
If it's a control power, as in he absorbs himself, its called: Residual Absorption.
It is Power control: He shuts everything down, kind of like a nega-psychic. No magic, no powers, no nothing. If there is nothing to draw on, including his own! Shinwa can't take it!!!!!!!! He can't stop it either cause it doesn't say so on his sheet!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: i cant be botherd v.v im tired and in alittle bit of a mood so stop bitching shinwa has amnesia live with it and lets rp
Yelena: I will rp, but I won't do so with a godmoder.
By the way, deal with the bitching, cause I don't stop because someone wants me to, much less tells me. :P
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "No one was (Your bad word) . We were just simply stating how my power would actually stop yours. If anyone is (Your bad word) then it would be you shinwa, because Yelena and I are providing concrete information that actually makes you wrong in this said scenerio."
Yelena: ROFLMAO, that was adorable Max, how clever you are. That was great!!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i dont really care right now max i didnt sleep last night i cant sleep now so im not in a pleasen mood sorry if im not in full working order today like you are when you dont sleep
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: my point is made now lets drop it and leave it alone ok?
Yelena: I don't mind leaving it with my point clearly made before yours, and from a more concrete standpoint,...Agreed! Lets RP!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Thank you for the compliment Yelena, but I was only stating what came naturally to me in this said situation. Plus I must admit that the information you have provided was of great help." Bowes to her. " Thank you very much." Turns to shinwa. "Sorry I still hope we can be friends, though I am sure you will choose your fights differently from now on."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: not likely(the fight thing).... shinwas more then just powers he is a tech head the things he can build compensate for lack of powers muahahahaha im going to build something just for combating your s powers now xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "To tell you the truth instead of building a device to try and combat my powers (Might I add is impossible. Even Aidens Neoglen wouldn't work.) why not try your hands at hand to hand combat? You would be fighting on my terms though, for I am all for close combat...when I am not scared and running for my life.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: or i could come into your room at night and suck your powers out =D but im not thats mean and trust me shinwa wil find something
Yelena: eh, I know you hate to hear this but Max is most likely right again, I mean dang. Reed RIchards, was a tech head, the head tech head of all the marvel universe, and he couldn't do jack to shut down, what was shutting down everyone else.
He had Forge, a tech, tony stark (iron man) A major tech head, and at one point Dr. Doom too, a major tech head, they all couldn't do jack about it LoL....
*sigh* Yes, I am a little nerdy girl, who would read comic books all day long if I could.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: My guardian Paterfamilia watches over me when I sleep so he would send your unholy but back to where you came from. lol
Oww and sorry yelena. My powers are connected to my emotions and pain is one of many things that triggers them.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: marvel has nothing to do with this yelena shinwa has accesse to the libery in hell who do you think has more information a libery as old as time or reed richards?
Yelena: ROFL, Reed Richards! Cause he had access to the libraries of hell too! Good comic that, think the deal he made was with a guy named Mordu, or something like that.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yelena i dont like marvel and some how you expect me to even care?
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: I don't know who reed richards is.... but I find that I am agreeing with Yelena again. Shinwa I see no reason for you to continue this arguement because I don't see us fighting. Just except the slight hinderence when I am around and move on in life. Oww and stop (Your bad word)!!!lol
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: im not using bad words i could use many bad words if i wanted but i dont
Yelena: Oh and also, I know this isn't Marvel. Then again, I've played DC, Marvel, Images, Darkhorse, Action (old school) Crusade, and a few others.
A collage of works in my head here, and I can combine and mix them all together. Still good for the knowledge of Shinwa, relax, Everyone has a Nemisis to there abilities,...that is even a power too!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i will make a power amp got to angel peek and suck out the power of you all unless we drop this thing gosh Dx lol like i could o.o or could i >.>
Yelena: Max, Reed Richards is the leader of the Fantastic Four! Aka: Mr. Fantastic, or egghead by his friends. Or, Bigwords by the Thing. hehe.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Yelena Are you waiting for me to reply in the rp because I was waiting for a reply..."Confused on what/who is next to reply." (Owww and I was talking about the bad word that you used earlier shinwa.)
blt2293 / Delvin: "I seriously doubt that you could do such a thing shinwa. If you even went to angels peek with any evil ententions then I would smite your ass. ^_^ "
Yelena: I replied, sorry, had an issue behind the screen! lol
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: aiden you forget im as strong as you and if i have a power amp am stronger then you
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Hello Shinwa, Yelena, Aiden, Max, and everyone. How are you all today?"
Yelena: Hey Li, I am doing alright, how about you hon doing alright yourself I hope?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: tired and pissy other then that im find really other then iv drank to much cola
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: and iv been ignores lovely just lovely i need more cola
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: nevermind it doesnt matter ill delete the post anyway
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Family can be a bit tiring. But it's fine, I went to pray and such. But some of the relatives can be very loud when they party and when they drink alcohol."
She pauses for a bit...
-p "I am very sorry to hear that Shinwa, would you like a hug?"
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: no hug for shinwa he is being an asshole v.v*crys*
blt2293 / Delvin: "O,K shinwa I will admit that you are strong but YOU FORGET who the thousands of years old person who has also recently been trainned by Yelena is. Also you forget who would have the backing of the ENTIRE SCHOOL. "
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: and shinwa can call upto an army from hell suck there powers out leaving it like a human army then distry everything in one attack
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: She gives both Shinwa & Aiden a hug...
-p "Come now you two don't fight please, otherwise I might have to eat both of you."
Being in character...
Yelena: doesn't say that in yer Skelly Shinwa......just saying. lol
Oh, and also, I don't think modifying it after the fact will help. The masses have to be willing to allow it also. Otherwise, no rp, you know what I mean?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i would not mind being eaten by lee to tell the truth .-. yelena on the other hand not so much she doesnt eat much and shinwa eats as much as a 60ft demon xD
Yelena: ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!! Yelena eats like a horse, when no one is looking....but hey! Li suits Shinwa, go for it!
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: She clasps her hands together joyfully...
-p "I always wondered what 'Deviled Demon' & 'Grilled Angel' tasted like! I hope brother dear knows how to make them~"
Speaking cheerfully...
-p "I am a devourer, I can eat limitless/unlimited amounts!"
She lets out a small innocent chuckle...
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yelena
1st: demonic magic meaning opening the gate to hell
2nd: prince demon power meaning he is a high up in the chain of camand there for can have an army come out of hell if he wishs
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): (i *walks in and sits on a couch*)
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: oh and what was i gonna say XD ok mood swings im all happy xD oh right demon summoning classes into demonic magic
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: If aiden was fighting you shinwa then I would be very far away. Oww and to tell you the truth I yelena could easily win and if Aiden and yelena joined forces then they would cream your demon but.
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: Li has a fork and a knife in one hand and a salt shaker in the other...
-p "Does that mean I can't eat 'Deviled Demon'?"
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: max has....never seen shinwas full releace has he...
Yelena: but it doesn't say summon horde lol! Which means you couldn't control them, it would be all Chaos.
Besides, being a prince doesn't mean they take orders. I mean you were the one saying you were the outcast...Also, a casting affect shouldn't count as a power, thats spellike ability.
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Isn't Shinwa still a teacher's aide?"
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): ... (i *ish confused*)
Me thinking of powers, I would hide from most of your guys ones lol.
Yelena: why yes Li, he is, for the time being. Eventually he will be a full blown teacher though.
Seems like everyone is misunderstanding me. Shinwa's character is well rounded. It just borders the NPC level, Non Player Character, for those who do not know what it means. IF he has all the power he says he does.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: he is oddly o.o .-. now he is thinking about reinrolling as a student XD he can you know being a demon his real age is all messed up he is ether 12,18 or 120
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "You know, I think it's time for RHan to make Shinwa do some work since he hasn't given him any yet."
Yelena: The most notable demons that I know of are over a 1000 Plus Shinwa.
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "By the way, Miss Yelena, where are you and Max exactly anyway?"
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>He is an aid. But if I recall Aiden told me that the principle placed a seal on 90 some percent of his powers then let him have like 50% of it back. So in other words the seal prevents you from doing lots of things. Aiden has plenty of loop holes.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: <shinwa has being building something for the nurse its a healing tech he has been reading about healing magic and has found out how to convert it into a tech as he cant use white magic>
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: lilith brock the seals gaining him full power again (lilith is shinwa younger sister she turned but and trashed the place)
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "And the nurse is probably very fond and thankful of him."
Yelena: Oh Li, they were in the hallway of the dorms, when Max broke his ankle. so that is where they are right now.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: aiden you still here i gotta talk to you about something
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>To convert a healing power to a tech form would mean that you would have to have a source of holy energy to channel into the device in the first place. And then that energy that is transfered into the device would also be limited to basic healing/ holy arts. That being said also means that the person who uses the device must be able to understand the concept of holy energy and know how to work with it. If they do not have this information then something as simple as healing could turn into a blood bath for the one recieving treatment or even kill that individual. All this taken into consideration would mean that this device would be of no use because the ones with holy powers in this rp already know how to heal.
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Etherlite has a lot of magical knowledge, but she mainly professes in alchemy."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: max a lab has more then one person in it shinwa wasnt working on this alone he had alot of help even from the nurse who is an angel xD
Yelena: Oooh, Max, I have to disagree with you on that one. Saying it can only be holy in nature tosses aside the good witch and the shaman idea for storyline purposes completely.
The example here is let’s say a Shaman, who wielded the element of water had a knack for drawing pure water from far beneath the earth. (Think Indian’s and aborigines) Through there totem spirits (animals) they can make the water cure those that were ill.
We are talking purely magical here though.
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Shinwa, who is the nurse you speak of, the only nurse I know of is Etherlite. I am sorry for my ignorance."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: the nurse he speaks of is a npc lol xD so shhh lol XD she is like shinwa pet money who steals shiny things at night
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>The nurse is an alchemist. She just said this. so you are far from being right on that. Oww and just because you can make it doesn't mean it should be made. Take into consideration tha fact that if someone were to use this device and they didn't have the proper trainning or knowledge, or the device malfunctions, then instead of healing they could end up using holy or a form of attack holy arts. To put it simply your device of healing is well a little technically challenging.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: *points at the parm scanner*it can only be used by the schools hospitly staff who have been trained how to use it i teached them i was a lab rat =D
Yelena: I didn't learn jack!!!!! LoL. Then again, being an elf, she tends to shy away from tech in a whole.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: its not old project from shinwas first year it took him that long :o
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Wait, wait, I thought I was the school nurse, wasn't I? And in the description say nothing of a hospital/infirmary. I am starting to get confused."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yelena is to new to the school to even know about it
Yelena: that's fine, she wouldn't touch it anyway, she can heal others already.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Well they may be medically trainned and even have some knowledge of holy arts but it would be simpler to turn to Aiden, Yelena, or etherlite for medical treatment. Oww and fyi your preshous tech is easily corrupted especially if a demon child like you makes it, hence the holy energy would never take to it.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yuki its rhan time :o oh shinwa has no money xD
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: healing magic isnt very effective on people like shinwa remeber yelena you tried on me but failed Dx
Yelena: No I didn't remember, but it was most likely because it failed. *shrugs* you can't save everyone lol.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "So did Aiden. He feels inferior now. lol. "
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: remeber he followed you and rhan into rhans house he got persesed by a demon
Yelena: lol poor Aiden. He will be alright, he is resourceful enough.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: it was before kumma attacked and shinwa ate the shadow like in truth if shinwa gets emotional he heals himself xD
Yelena: I will remember that, and ask Li to kiss him next time too! LoL!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: A demon possed by another demon... shinwa must realy be lame. Thats it, I have decided that Aiden alone would kick shinwa's but. So would yelena, Rhan, Etherlite, and when all of these fights took place I would be hidding very far away from here.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: max when he was possed he had a seal of 60% and the demon was an extremly high level one
Yelena: er ...Max, they kind of already have. ROFL! more than once for some of us. Well, except Ether I think.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: no shinwa has only ever had a real fight with aiden and that ends in aiden losing but only once got a tie all the other fights got ended fro different reasions before they ever truly begun
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Wow See I told all of you I would be hidding very far away." Hey At least I know that shinwa would have a run for his $$$ against me.....if I wasn't scared of his child malesting, Yelena obsessing but."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: to tell the truth max im not really that bad without powers any other time as curse other then the bleach rp i almost never use nay powers
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Powerful or not, if they get eaten, that won't make a difference."
Li says this quite cheerfully...
((Yes I am Being in character))
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: not to say that shinwa wouldnt eat li if she tried to eat him :o
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Devourers eat everything. A lot tougher to eat an eater than you think."
Yelena: our fight did end before it was over Shinwa, you had to leave for some reason, I can't remember what it was. But even then, it was you who started it. Also, you never got one hit on me.
As he said Max, he is being less evil than he was before LoL
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: shinwa is a 60ft vampire bunny raptor...
Yelena: Oh but don't talk to him about having children, he will go to lengths to insure you that you won't have as many as a bunny! ROFL
Yelena made that mistake once when he mentioned to her she would be a good mother for his children. Its the main reason Shinwa creeps Yelena out!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Bunny......I have a pet bunny!!!!! Now when I pet him I will think of you shinwa!!!!!"
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: wooo im also part vampire and part raptor to you know
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Even the satanic occultist, who is not even trying, or has interest in anyone could probably have a better chance of dating Yelena than someone who said something like that. as in the 'mother of children' thing."
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Sorry I don't have a pet vampire or raptor to pet and think about you. Unless you would like to volunteer? I am sure a demon such as yourself would enjoy living in the bunny pen. "
Yelena: Thank you Ether! ROFL, now, at least a few of you understand why Yelena is so, odd when Shinwa is around.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: so being odd around shinwa has nothing to do with the raptor suit or the bunny suit .-.
Yelena: LMAO, nope afraid not, makes you happy yes? I hope so, really I do!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: well mood swings are weird i may get all angery in a min
Yelena: why would that be? Doesn't make sense that you would just up and get angry for no reason.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: its the mix of caffe lack of sleep and suger and w/e is in skittle .-.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: " Really when ever I think of shinwa in a dino costume it just makes me think of him as more of a child rapist. I say this because the original actor for Barnie was a child rapist and because Shinwa keeps popping up under my bed.
Yelena: You know Max, sometimes I think you know to much for your young age. LoL! Really, Shinwa isn't that bad.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: shinwa is the moe raptor be nice XD lol its funny
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: still shinwa really isnt all that bad really he changes his look from time to time alittle more then most people do but still xD
Yelena: crud ...I have to head out guys, I am sorry. Morning is here and I have to rest before I get busy in my flower garden :) I promised myself I would work on it, so I gotta do!
Yelena: Oooh is that from loveless!?!?! Had to ask, cause it's really cute!!
Yelena: NOOOOOOoooooooooo! Damnit all! Oh well, it's still cute as hell!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: no idea but i really like it :o shinwa being a cross breed of so many things why cant he look like that xD
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: rhan im waiting on you to post back hurry up xD xD lol
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>I know a lot because I have so many people who tell me interesting facts. Plus My mom just told me that little fact. She is also the one who helped with some of my arguement against shinwa earlier.<<
Yelena: Oh? well go Mom! :) Sounds like you have a great support system going on there!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: dirty cheating... hay i look like and older you xD lol
Yelena: gah. later guys, I am gone! good night and all that stuff! *poofs*
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Shinwa want to be Neko buddies? Oww and are you really going to keep that pic? In so many ways that pic could work for you, but in so many it fails badly.<<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: well if you must know shinwa began life as a neko
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Oh darnit, bye Miss Yelena, I was hoping to have Ether & Yelena have an 'interesting' talk."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: lets see curse was an uchiha lightning demon who was betrayed by his love and is around 3160 years old yaka not gonna go into detail about him
Yelena: (I sorry Ether, I would like to have that talk too, but maybe tomorrow, night.)
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: thats it shinwa has releaced the transfoming spell that made him change form so often and now he looks how he should xD shinwas true form :o
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.How many true forms do you really have? Oww and I hope you like the really loud noises and watching out for your tail. trust me your tail and ears are your greatest weakness.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: oh they have a differnt effect then pain on shinwa... you will find out when you are older xD
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Guys, I am getting off for now, I have to do something in the morning, I might come back on if it's canceled."
Miwako / Neala Tennant: Hey Max you are 3 years older than me!!! and Shinwa a New pic I see, what on Earth have I missed!!!?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: shinwa cant control his magic vail anymore and aw :( i can rp without rhan and li here :(
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "I am sorry, just hope my appointment tomorrow gets canceled and I might come back on."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: just one full releace is when i go demon this form is his true true form but he always hinds it become he was well a dork xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Nor can I without etherlite. Ahhh we got ditched.....Hey Shinwa meet up with me and neala you to. I can buy dinner for us and I can finally see someone like myself and someone around my age.... or close to it at least.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: well max you better have alot of money on you
Miwako / Neala Tennant: Cool!, I am six, and I don't think any of us will have to buy, My Daddy can do it,...David Tennant, A.K.A: Docter Who!!!!. I am not a Techno freak! XC T_T
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: come to the pink cow alot of places outside the school have random pointless names
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: we can meet up like that shinwa is the one in the dino suit he is hard to miss
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Aiden told me that the younger students get allounces from the school. this $$$ is for our use. They provide food in our fridges and some cleaning services. This is because letting a kid do grocery shopping would be stupid and trusting them for cleanning is just as stupid.(if they are young.) So I still have all of the $$$ that they gave me when I came."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: shinwa is demon royalty lol he has lots of money... in hell
Miwako / Neala Tennant: NAh, you can keep it My dad will pay,Right daddy!?
DAvid: "sure no problem!" HAHAHA!!
it is either that or my uncle?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i was temtper to be mean just then xD that would have been funny
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Lucky I have no parents. But I do sort of have a make shift family right now."
Miwako / Neala Tennant: (I Awww, no be mean, I is onsly six)
Miwako / Neala Tennant: (I Well, My parent and uncle are part of my characters story, I don't go into much detail on that till later, I was waiting for someone in my ounger age group to show up, Kinda like you!)
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Well I don't mind helping in your story.
Miwako / Neala Tennant: cool thanks, I will fill you in in just a moment, BRB I mean RB!!!
Miwako / Neala Tennant: Ok good I am back,...sorry bout that, lets start the RPing now!! Shinwa, I will throw you in my storry, if you are still her!!!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: ofcourse im still ere i never left xD lol xD
Miwako / Neala Tennant: (I "........, sorry, thought you had went to see what Yuki was talking about! O_O!?)
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Baccckkk. Whatsup peoples? How are you all :]. Haha
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Eww this could be how we find out about your true form shinwa! You would look just like me but older and eviler."
Miwako / Neala Tennant: (I "Giga giga GAsp!!!! Yelena told me about you, you are cool!!!!!")
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Reishura!!! Hey are you still going to make those zombie wearwolfs attack the school? Because now would be the best time. All that would stand in the ZW armies way is a neko boy of the age of 9, a little girl (Powers I don't know) age of 6, a demon neko guy Age of 18 and you. Plus Aiden.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: LOL sounds like we would win definitly! And I don't know, Not yet. because I have a plan for Yelena and Reishuras bond.. But I could make a few scouts attack the school right now of course though, Where is everyone at in the school currently?
Miwako / Neala Tennant: (I "Me and Max are in the garden being taken captive by who knows who,...[me]! Hey Rei,who are you exactly???")
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Me and neala are in the garden, and shinwa is hidding in a dino outfit next to a restaurant. We are so out in the open right now. >>I thought Yelena was with Shinwa or Rhan? Now I am confused.<<
Miwako / Neala Tennant: (I "My stuff is all in my skelly!! and why does Yelena make you seem so weird, but cool at the same time???")
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: No, Yelena was initially with me and then she went back to the academy because I had to leave, me and her were playing along the story of that, because of the circumstances they met under they are bonding quickly, and realizing there alike in certain aspects, But I can have a few attack us unexpectedly, it would be perfect. I'll come into the Garden in a second.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: if you think about it aiden is an arch demon i have not used my full power yet
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: I am a teacher here, I have my own secret class that very few students know about. :]
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Yelena must be in love then!!! Rhan should be jelous..... Eww a good scoop.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Hiya Shinwa. :].
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Does a neko kid of the age of 9 have any chance of getting into your secret class?
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Noo, Yelena can't fall in love with Reishura because Reishura if his feelings for love come to close, the level of power that would come would possibly force him to evolve further into a demon - Which he hates the thought of because he wants to be human XD! But.. Maybe it would be a good twist.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: rhan jelouse your out of touch max shinwa is sweet on yelena XD
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Mmhm, Actually they do the class is only for the "especially" Gifted and according to what I have read about max you're gifted just don't know how to focus your powers, and thats sort of what Reishura teaches channeling and using your powers in offense or defense, As well as keeping your self aware.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: hay if you turn into a demon you have to take orders from me lol
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Aiden says he is normal. No arch demon just angel and holy powers. Besides he thinks that we would be fine either way."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: No he doesn't he is from a diffrent realm then you. And he is a demon, just in his human form.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Wait, What do you mean Max?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i mean arch angel xD its a habbit saying demon xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: " Wow I never thought that I was gifted. Well I might be the only one who can annoy the crap out of Shinwa and get away with it so I guess that might be a gift. " Hey Reishura how do I join this class? Or should I leave it up to you..(I am defencive little awfence)
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: muhahaha i still got yer weakness max xD
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: You cancelled out pats powers yesterday is what I am talking about, so I just think that Reishaur could possibly teach you how to use it more effectively - you'd be so strong just because of it. xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>No I ment Aiden. He told me to say that to Shinwa. I am max not Aiden ok. Oww and shinwa why would a neko be wearing a collar?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: eeeerm ill tell you when you are older lol xD
Miwako / Neala Tennant: (I "AGhhh you said Pat,...i no like that, i call him Patters, he hates it, but he won't do anythng about it, cause he knows I will beat him up on hear, and in real life!!!")
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: ...I am helping myself to a milky way, it's.. So.. Soo. Sweet it actually makes me sick.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: oh reishura reread my skele lol xD lol somehow i always use the same things as fillers
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Today I canceled Shinwas. He got mad and me him and Yelena had a long debate over it. Do you need the specifics on my canceling powers? <<
Miwako / Neala Tennant: (I "hey got to go I will be back in a few hours got to listen to the voices in my head and take a nap, or they will put me back in that rubber room!!)
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Yea, I would like to know a few specifics about your abilities it would make my output(Well reishuras.) A easier way to manipulate them, and Shinwa I will go read it now :]
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: The effect radius is 30ft for now. It cancels all forms of magic, Arcania, light, darkness, enchantments, seals, relics, and much more. All of what I have listed is of no good when it comes near me. For example when someone shoots fire at me and they are 40ft away the spell will work until it comes within 30ft of me, then that fire ball will fad away. My powers also tie into my emotions on when it does and doesn't work. (For example when Yelena went to heal me earlier I was in pain and scared so the power activated.) Plus the feelings govern the strength of the abilities. My other two powers work the same way in the fact that they are connected to my emotions.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: thus shinwa is a tech head meaning a weakness xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Don't forget that any magic that is channeled into those items becomes no good, and if you shoot at me then My guardian will defend me. (Paterfamilia!!)
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: guarian is magic my tech is not magic and most of it is anti magic
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: I figured as much about pain and what not, I kind of udnerstood the moment you used your powers even a couple of times, I realized that emotion is what activates certain traits of it, But you are definitly strong, I am thankful Reishura isn't really magic, But matter manipulation - Which is very, very dangerous, but Reishuras powers are also tied from emotion, so you and him will be able to relate easily ^^.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "NOOOO my guardian is the Character Paterfamilia. He is a actual character and he agreed to be my guardian so now he protects me from harm.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: you would think that same about him and shinwa seeing as there pasts but that didnt happen xD
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Paterfamilia and max did bond really fast, I read they're entier first encounter :P
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: meh is just pat shouldnt take long to get past pat XD
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: I beg to differ,
If I were to train max and teach him of his powers, he coudl cancel out your powers then just let pat keepo his, and pat could beat you up :P
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: not all shinwa powers can be canceled something he got from his grandfather who is completely invontralbe to that kind of thing his streth for a start is narutal for shinwas kind same as the chain from his back when he turns into a demon much the say changing is narutal and none magic
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.I like that strategy Reishura. That is actually what I thought about when I choose him to be my Guardian. Plus I get along with him easily.<<
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: ..Honestly shinwa I have no clue what that said - even after reading it several times, I apologize.
And max, I kind've figured you had that idea in mind, and I do have a basic general idea for your power, Haha. Good thing too I suppose. Then you can torment Shinwa as much as he torments you XD.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: unless shinwa learns black sorrow hehehe xD shinwa gonna learn it now xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: " I like the idea of tormenting Shinwa, but only if he keeps bullying me. " sticks tongue out at shinwa the turns back to Reishura. " So how do I join your Class? Or are we going to get to that soon and you will tell me then?"
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha, Shinwa I wonder what Dark Sorrow is, Sounds intresting.
Max, Mmhmm I think we will get to it shortly in the little story he will begin to explain of what he teaches and what not :D! And haha. Well if he keeps bullying you, tell Yelena she'll holler at him! XD
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: its black sorrow it has acoupe effects you can use it on your self or your enermy not gonna tell you the effects tho
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: your not part of the plot of Reishura, at All Shinwa, Reishura isn't even from a realm any of you have ever heard of, So no.. He was not, I hate to inform you. So you can stop thinking it was your grandfather..)
>_>; Just to make sure you see that.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: To answer what you just said shinwa - Where Reishura took you was the sister realm of a place that his father created to store prisoners that deceived his men called the "Ethereals" What you saw was basically a completely diffrent realm it was a jail cell, With no escape.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: dont ask what would happen if i used black sorrow when being taken between realms .-.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Yelena would help me with this problem with shinwa, but if I ever neede immediate halp then I would go to Aiden and Paterfamilia. Those two along with yelena and some of my help could make shinwa into a living punching bag. lol <<
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: What if I wanna know shinwa o:. tell me >:]
Haha max! XD That would be quite funny, I think.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: black sorrow is somewhat bases on links when jumping realms you have a link to the one you are comming from and the one you and going to basicly you ever seem realms merge when you are between them
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: It merges realms? That is pretty intense.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: the problem is anybody between realms cant move till they have merged
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Oh, So basically it is like stopping the progression of time around certain areas till they are formed?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yeah but most of the time you die... really if you live you end up some mutated plant or something .-.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: ..then why do it in the first place? especially if you have such a high chance of dieing?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: white sorrow counter acts it in a small around manly the user
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.Well I hope you like your trips to other reals then. Have a nice trip see you next fall!!!!!!<<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: if black sorrow is how ever used on the "life core" or "heart" of the realm the realm dies with over a matter of week and thats its just its effects on realms what it does on people is different
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: max you would most likly be merged with you counter part and/or thrown into an unstable realm that is falling apart around you or most so beings "created"
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >> I see little need to worry about this. I will never be using this power and I see no need to travel to another realm.<<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: thats what happens to the people with in the realms that are merged the realm is lock no way in and no way out for about 100,000 years if i use white sorrow i will be safe to go back to hell as it has its own realm and not even black sorrow can mess with hell and heaven o.o
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: the other problem is it isnt magic and has a bad effect on anti magic
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: > Are you going to order some food Shinwa? and when are we going to see you with the dino costume off? (It will be like looking into a mirror.....and what the heck is that collar for?)<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: eeerm eeermeerm ask rie he will know lol XD xD xD
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: LOL Uhm, Nope haven't the smallest idea. -Whistles Suspiciously.-
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: hay rie wanna know what black sorrow would do to your body and mind
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: I imagine you are going to tell me anyways. Haha.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.Don't change topic....what does the collar mean? Or at lest explain why he is on a leesh. Someone tell me!!! <
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: It is a very.. Bad innuendo max ^^:;. Haha. lets not discuss it o:!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: there are a number of effects when yous on the enermy its can make them blind and cut off most of ther energy flow around there body with a twine death effect so they die with in three mins of the users death. it can make you a retard. and if the user gets a nice strong link it can rip out a persons very being o.o
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: o.o That sounds like it would be a enjoyable and painful way to die. :D!!!!!!!!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: when used on the user on the other hand it has a carrier effect so if they shoot you black sorrow is in you if they even so much and breath on you black sorrow is in you ;O. or it makes a great cloning matiral or a sheald or weapon still with the same effect as before tho xD
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: o-o Oh very nice, Creative atleast.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Fine I will drop the collar thing. But when I get older I expect an explination from both of you...Oww and what is a innuendo?
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha nothing max just something that is a joke that you'll laugh at whenever you are older O:!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: its one of the top five most deadly moves on the site i came from its my patended move and it takes requierments to learn it so ppl on the site know anybody who trys and uses it will just blow up unless they me
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha those are some very dramatic circumstances. :P.
I am hungry I may go get some food so if I do not reply randomly and for a short time I just went to make like a pot pie or something, tasty.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: on my other site i do body replacements for people xD im coverd in bio tech and stuff i stole xD form people i kill
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: .....you are demented. I am sleepy aslo. Ahh I am falling asleep nooooozzzzzzzz........ I am going to bed in 10-15 minutes.<<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: thats not the half of it i build an army out of scrap metal xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: .....must have been lots of metal........wow you would need like 10,000,000,000 tons of metal.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: not really i did have but one extra soul and made a friend she helped me build a departicaltion beam which recreated the scrap acouple times and even made it stronger using cloneing and alittle editing that and where i live was once a scrap yard
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: .................Makes little sence sorry. My brain is fried at this point...
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Why don't you go get some sleep then ^^ we will continue later, I also have to go because I am on the phone and it's rude to type and talk :P
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: like lego i took something apart took bits away and added new bits to make it stronger
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: guess i shall leave aswell good bye es ill be back tonight
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: ..hello!! i am back on. would someone like to rp with me?
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Hey Lyus why don't you join in with me and lee? we could all rp together.
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): hmmm....ok should i join as lyus, dark lyus, or demon lyus
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Hello everyone, I just got back from my appointment, I got paid today. So how is everyone?"
YukiSukano / Him Yong Lee (Seoul Korea: Nice to see you again-daze. How are you, Ms. Etherdite lol
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "I am good etherlite!! And I am still waiting for that 4 star restaurant meal that you promised!!" Smiles and wages his tail back and forth at the thought of a yummy meal. (Reishura ended up treating me and shinwa after you and yelena left.)
oww and lyus i dont care who you come as.
Yelena: Crap, I am here but BRB, phone call *sigh* Just when I think I have everything done.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Hello yelena. What just happened in your post? <<
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): in ze rp yelena is a vegetarian, and for some reason she can watch the consumption of meat. thats what happened she saw someone eating meat and freaked
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: " makes perfect sense.....i think. Well then I hope that nothing bad happens."
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): unless puking is bad
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i am still in the raptor outfit i am the moe raptor lol
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.I want to be the first one to see you with that costume off ok...please!!!!<<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: rhan is late for the meeting at the pink cow .-. is five star
Yelena: FINALLY!!!!!!!!! Sorry guys, I had to 'deal' with something but I am back now.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: welcome back yelena lol xD xD lol im bored where is rhan
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Is Shinwa still in the same spot by any chance?"
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: he is inside sitting down waiting for rhan and li :o
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): shinwa is stuck in the dinosaur costume! XD
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: so lol it happens sometimes i think i look cute lol
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>I call being the first one to see him out of the costume!!!<<
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): he wont get out! XD i stole the zipper! XD
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: very well if i must be a raptor for the rest of the year so be it
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Fine then I will grab one end and yelena can grab the other and we will just keep pulling until the suit rips off or he is riped in half." Are you up for it Yelena?
Yelena: sure thing Max, I can do that, but Shinwa might run away and not let us. :(
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): dont ruin the fun man! XD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >He won't run away if Paterfamilia catches him and I stop his powers!!! Yeah team work!!<<
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): dont make me use this! *pulls out death penalty*
Yelena: I have been told by the onlookers here in the house to quote this:
"Whats going to work? Team work!"
Wonder pets, yay!!!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Wonder pets rule!!!" " Besides 3 on 1 I am thinking that that suit would rip right off. Wait why was he earing that thing in the first place?"
Rhan is going to shank Shinwa!!!!!! That would be funny as hell!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "What does shank mean? .... sounds a little fun. Is it?"
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Shinwa, you have no right to judge Rhan's cooking! And decide what's better than what!Unless you are talking of Shinwa's own opinion."
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): *accidently fires death penalty at his foot* O_o is anyone a doctor?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i am rhan i am xD should i edit my post and add that in xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>NOOOOO You shouldn't. You don't need to be a doctor and I feel sorry for anybody who goes to you for medical purposes.
Shank: homemade dagger: a makeshift dagger, for example, one made from a shard of glass, and especially one made by a prisoner (slang) to stab them with it.
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): can i get a doctor that isnt shinwa?
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Oww sounds very painful now that I think about it....ok shank bad.
Yelena: *sigh* I have to go guys. Apparently the real world demands to much of me right now. I am really sorry.
(I Really. later guys. Maybe tomorrow I will have better luck at trying to rp. )
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: ....Bi Yelena. Hey etherlite are we still going to eat then?
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Dangit... guess that means Yelena won't be back tonight eh..?"
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.Maybe she will be on later today/tonight. Who knows Rhan just keep up hope and she might return.
Miwako / Neala Tennant: Hello peoples!!!!! what has happened today!!????
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Well I got paid today at work. Thats all that happened to me today."
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.Nothing much. Hey Neala what should we do about the little situation from yesterday?<
Miwako / Neala Tennant: Well I am not sure, I am going to read what alll happened after I left to see how I am going to fix that, and Ether, You teach alchemy correct, I might have something to do with you.
Lyus / Lyus (demon form): neala!
Miwako / Neala Tennant: LYUS!!?
Edit 1
Lyus: oops still in demon form *becomes human*
Miwako / Neala Tennant: Ahh, thats the Lyus I know!!!!, do you still hang out in the caves???? and het Max where are you and Ether??, And Shinwa,Rhan,and Rhan's little sister where in earth are you??? Ow,...My head hurts!!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Me and etherlite are heading to a restaurant, shinwa and rhan are in a restaurant and lyus is being lyus.
Lyus: yea i still hangout thre sometimes
are we the last living souls?
are we the last living souls?
are we the last living souls?
are we the last living souls?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: :o max you better get to the pink cow shinwa is about to take the suit off :o
Miwako / Neala Tennant: WEEEEE! to the Pink COW!!!!!, and no Lyus we are not the last living souls, we just wish we where!!
Lyus: its a song called Last Living Souls by Gorillaz
Miwako / Neala Tennant: I know them,.....wow I can't believe I didn't recognize that!!!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Shinwa has Neko blood in him.......Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......gasp need Air. Passes out. x_x
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "I have to go for a bit, maybe about an hour or more 4 at most.."
Lyus: O' green world dont desert me now
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Great I just cleared up and now I have no one to rp with except shinwa.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: what is wrong with rping with me max XD im not gonna merlest you
Miwako / Neala Tennant: Hey I am still here!!!! ^~^ T_T, I am going to change my pic for a while, don't freak!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.Yelena would kill you if that happened so I am not worried about that situation.<<
Oww and nothing is wrong with rping with you.
Lyus: feel good feel good feel good feel good feel good feel good
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Go feel good with someone then. Wait what does that mean? Sounds fun...like playing chest with someone of equal strength."<<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: eeeerm eeerm eeerm you will find out when you are older
Lyus: its from a song!!!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Oww ok then. Hey why do you keep saying I will find out when I get older when I ask a question Shinwa?
Lyus: cuz ur young and dont need to know these things
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: I am 9.....how old do i need to be? Grrrr oww well. When I figure it out I figure it out.
Lyus: bunny raptor vampires? really shinwa?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yep bunny raptor vampire that is what shinwa is
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "I hade no clue he was a vampire. I knew he was a bunny and a costume raptor though...lol ( I pet my bunny.) "
Miwako / Neala Tennant: WOW!!! ROFLMAO! Shiunwa,...what kind of things would you do to a nine year old??? Run Max, RUN!!!!!!
Lyus: imma hollow demon neko! XD
Miwako / Neala Tennant: Hey guys, I have to go see yall later, Byebye!!!
Lyus: yea me 2 bye!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.What is up with all of the neko's all of a sudden? Lyus you can't be a neko. You are to suicidle.<
Yelena: hmm, maybe I should be a neko too, or maybe turned into one for a bit? What ya think? Nah,...most likely not!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>You better not Yelena!!! I was the original Neko and now Everybody is copying me.......(TT_TT)
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Why hello there miss Yelena, it's so nice to see you. Ready to continue?"
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Etherlite is back!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! I still haven't had my meal yet and I got to play with shinwa's neko ears while she was gone and then shinwa got mad and left so now Rhan won't have such a large bill!! YEAH!!!<<
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Haha... Rhan is going to have a big bill anyway. Also Etherlite is probably going to have a little trouble paying for a five star place. She never carries too much on her."
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((o_o..
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p" Yelena are you still there per chance?"
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Max carries some of his $$$ with him so if she has any problems then he will gladly help. (The school gives him $$ since he is a youth.)
Kairi13578 / *Phoebe*: << Yeah Natsume lol. but yeah if u want i'll go on voice chat now. >>
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Etherlite can pay, she is just not really a big spender so she doesn't carry too much money."
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >> I know the feeling. Max doesn't use much $$ unless to buy foods that the school doesn't provide him with. <<
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "I doubt Yelena is still here.. or she is probably being quiet, or making a post."
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((Oooh... really..?
Lol, okay I'll turn off the computer and stuff, take care of my dinner dishes and i'll be on in a few then. ^.^ Lol. Be there soon I guess. Cya pho))
Kairi13578 / *Phoebe*: << Alright then if i'm not on then i should be here still >>
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Yelen will be on in about 9 minutes. she is having some family problems and needs some time to take care of it.<<<
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: -Yawn.- Good afternoon everyone, I am exhausted.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Rei.....teach me alchemy please. I am ready for class. After I finish my meal with etherlite.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "you know you can always ask Etherlite to teach you alchemy, she is practically beyond a master, she herself is an alchemic being."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: I am teaching him the very very basics, basically of potions making. Thats what was planned of because my alchemy is a diffrent type then from hers, Diffrent form of Transfusion. And of course Max. :]. Haha.
Yelena: finally back, yes Rhan I am all for finishing the meal, and er, ...Max, I wasn't going to I was just picking on you,...it's a good neko pic I got there, but it's for another room, when I find one to play in, that is.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Hello Yelena. :].
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Want to just pretend that you were quietly following Miss Yelena? As in following Ether & Max?"
Yelena: yes, that would work well for me Rhan, I am all for it. :)
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Spies!!!! Evil. You are evil easdropers....Wait I did that in the beginning of me entering."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Lol max. You're adorable. c:.
Yelena: Goodness, I almost didn't see it Rei, hello, how are you today?
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha. I am fine. And yourself?
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: What I was just telling the truth. I was a easdropper when i first joined. Oww and Rei did you need to talk to yelena also?
Yelena: A bit better now that I have closed myself off from the family fueding.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Heh. I feel you there. All my family ever seems to do is fight, Especially my mother and my uncle, For some reason they are always at each others throats.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Hey, Rei, if you want you can always try fighting me if you are bored of your clones. Rhan is a teacher and is pretty tough. Is your character a student or teacher?"
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Reishura is a teacher. xD; And alright. I'd love to we haven't got a chance to role play with one another anyways. :]
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "You know fighting someone immune to curses, hexes, and such poison, etc. who also wields the icon of evil isn't going to be an easy person to beat."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: I read your skelly, but Reishura doesn't use hexes or curses, and he has the same type of eyes, they make him immune to most eye to eye contact things, and many of the mind control problems and many mind reading problems as well, His eyes allow him to see directly into peoples souls and get an outline of exactly who they are, and what they mean to the world what there powers are and what they can do. everything he does is real though ;]. Hehe. And I don't use poisons so it's all good. o: And your immune to fire, so basically the only magic I could do is light - Which you a
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: I read your skelly, but Reishura doesn't use hexes or curses, and he has the same type of eyes, they make him immune to most eye to eye contact things, and many of the mind control problems and many mind reading problems as well, His eyes allow him to see directly into peoples souls and get an outline of exactly who they are, and what they mean to the world what there powers are and what they can do. everything he does is real though ;]. Hehe. And I don't use poisons so it's all good. o: And your immune to fire, so basically the only magic I could do is light - Which isn't exactly offensive.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Looks like your main option is to face head on in close quarters combat."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Yea I was planning mainly a close quarter combat like battle, Reishura only uses his real powers whenever it's neccesary anyways.
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "rhan is the type to use almost anything he owns at his disposal, including his familiars."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha. Sounds like it will be fun, I guess since I am just in the field behind the school, You can come stumble upon me or something?
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Too bad Rhan isn't anywhere near there right now."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Bahaha. Where is Rhan right now? because the field is right outside the academy doors at the back.
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Rhan is in a restaurant with his sister."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Oh, Hmmm.
He is really far away in that case.
How should we meet then?
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Maybe a little later I suppose?"
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: A little later will work, Mainly because I have to go for a few gotta call my girlfriend, I think she is mad at me, For lord knows what >_>;
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: what did i miss im back lol xD sup who is one and what not
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.I am on!!! Let me play with your ears........PLEASE!!<<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: no never even my ears are not to be played with by little boys
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: the collar and leash is because rhan likes me that wear them lol xD
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Rhan is more likely to kill you and mutilate you before he even does like you. He'd get sick just thinking about liking your character. And that is how RHan is."
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: 0_0 that is scary...Rhan please tell me that is not true. Oww and I think you should force him to stay like that after that evil comment. Oww and what does being a little boy have to do with playing with your ears? I did it last time because I wanted to see what the big deal was.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Rhan absolutely dislikes Shinwa very much."
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Good to hear rhan. I hope you never change. Unless it is for the best.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Alright, I am back now. :].
Hey everyone.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Rei!!! Hey you should join us!! All of us are at the pink cow restaurant. Except shinwa.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Alright, I'll join you all. :] Typing it up now.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: ""Yeah My fav teacher is joinning us for dinner!!! I will be around three teachers all of whom I get Along with considerably well!!!""
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: shinwa is just about a teacher XD he is part of the school staff xD
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha aww. Thanks max but you shouldn't say that yet, I haven't done anything for you yet :]. Haha.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "You will be a strange teacher. I am not going to any of your classes."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Shinwa.. You would be an odd teacher even I would be weary to go to your classes. I have a feeling you would just make everyone dress up in dinosaur suits and practice being a real dinosaur.
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: (r hey people... my join request is pending... can anyone who see's soul eater can help me explain my attack?)
Yelena: I've not seen it, but I can help you if you can explain it to me.
Yelena: Here is the deal. We don't want someone able to walk around and eat souls from people. That is to easy a thing. We want some meat to it. As in, a power based attack. How does it draw? What exactally does 'soul eating' mean? What kind, if we take the words at face value, can you, and can not eat?
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: LOL Now that you make the class sound like that I think I might actually go!!! lol So fun.
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: not soul eating... sorry if i didnt make my self clear soul eater is an anime/manga. its like a physical attack but something like what neji from naruto does... not sure how to explain...
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: XD Max seeing you in a little dino suit would be cute, You'd be a dino-neko C:!
Yelena: with your eyes? The Neji thing...I mean,...or the attacks? ya know 8 trigram 64 palm rotation?
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: (r only when he hits! the 8 trigram something like that... but not the 8 trigram like only one hit or something but stronger)
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: I've seen bits and pieces of soul eater and my friend is a major soul eater fanatic, it hink he is talking about the way the wepon works - The more it kills, The stronger it gets? Or something like that. I don't really recall what exactly soul eater was about.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: 8 Trigrams palm rotation?
6 pongs eight gates assault? What?
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "They are talking Naruto-like don't worry about it Rei-san."
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Now that I think about it I would rather walk around in pj's for a day then be in a dino suit for a day. The dino suit would be uncomfy after an hour or two...plus ut would mess with my tail.
Yelena: You mean Hinata's not Neji's then,...
Kind of like drawing the power energy from the person he hits? with the 6 triagram, 24 palm rotation, I think that is kind of how hers went? maybe lol,..I get the jest though.
Yelena: So, hitting with the blade, or free hand, drawing energy from one person so you can use it for yourself, in a raw attack back, or place it into your other powers?
Is that how you mean?
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha, I know rhan but I simply LOVE neji, I use to play the naruto games with my friend, because he got them all. :P
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: (r sorry and something like that... if it hits can make permanent damages and stuff... just not sure how to explain it....)
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Sealing off points of where power is released?
Haha. :P
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: (r something like that... for both of you... and i have to go now... when the owner of the RP gets here can you tell him that?)
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: What do you think of this edited picture of my new avi for awhile?
Yelena: I can approve characters. There will be no need to tell him anything but we can ok you now. The name, we will change to say Soul energy eating, or something so it's a bit clearer. Np. Later.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>The owner has been on for a while now. He says that he looked up what you were talking about and decided that having such a power has to have a draw back of some kind. But for the most part you are ok and won't be pending in a bit.<<
Yelena: yes Max, a draw back would be even better, sense his will take all kinds of energy!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: It isn't me who is worried about a draw back, it is Aiden. I would simply avoid a fight with him.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Hmmm. Well if it sets off the power that he does, by cancelling out the flow of powers from a certain angle and degree maybe it should only last for a few moments before he had to connect again or the flow continued?
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: (r i m back for a few minutes... maybe i could get tired faster... if i use it too much i coulndt manage to stay on my feet the all battle.)
Yelena: that would be fine with me Aweyre. I am sure Aiden won't mind, we just need to know a little of what it would do. You can enter the RP whenever you are ready.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: D: i wam bored D: somebody make me not bored xD lol lol
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: (r not now... ill leave for sure the computer in 5 minutes so not worth it...)
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.Hey they do fight offten!!! so cool. I wonder what everybody is going to do?<
Yelena: I dunno, I am about to go soon though. I've got a movie to watch and all that.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Is there anything I should try to stop them? I mean well if I tried would it matter?
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: I think you should just let them keep fighting, It's pretty funny. :]. I am enjoying it XD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "True but they are interupting a perfectly good meal. Plus there are 4 teachers here. Yelena, Rei, Etherlight and Rhan....they shouldn't let this stand.... not in public buildings at least.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: ...But it's funny? Haha I am sure Yelena will get annoyed by them hopping over our table and do it XD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: True!! I want to see them get disaplined like the little kids that they are.
blt2293 / Delvin: What I haven't done anything bad. I was defending a teacher!!
Lyus / Lyus (Hollow): RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: a hollow :o lets stab it in the face >:D muhahahahahaahhahahahahahaahahahahhhahaa
blt2293 / Delvin: Nice pic! But Maybe you could help me with attacking Shinwa? He needs to be .... disiplined
Lyus / Lyus (Hollow): *crushes shinwa* RRRRAAAAAGH!!!!!!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: oh yeah baby xD *steps out of way and shows lyus naked pictures of himself (lyrus) in the shawer
Lyus / Lyus (Hollow): wtf!!?! O_o
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: FEAR ME I HAVE NAKED PICTURES OF YOU
Lyus / Lyus (Hollow): where did you get those!!!!!?!!!!!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: ebay.... lol ebay xD lol random xD o.o did you put them there
Lyus / Lyus (Hollow): i dont use ebay!!
imma kill someone!!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: lol dude if i really had naked pics of you i mean really id give them to you o.o
blt2293 / Delvin: Was not me. *Wistoles suspiciously* I hade nothing to do with those pictures, nothing at all.
Lyus / Lyus (Hollow): i doubt you would have them in the first place
white light
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: what lol white light o.o am i dead v.v i dont wanna be dead
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "So!! My tail is fluffy and well kept up with. Yours is bandaged and probably broken. " Sticks his tongue out at shinwa.
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): white light - Gorillaz
its a song dude look it up!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i have no sound there is no point xD
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): oh well g2g bye
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: Name: lilith seimeiroku
Age: 9
Height: 3'6
Powers: extremly strong, animation of lifeless objects/bodys, power magnification (makes the powers of its targt stronger)
Weapons: living teddy
Years at Academy/ or new: new
Likes: teddys, knowing she really is a princess
Dislikes: water, raw meat, greens
Bio: lilith lost her family to a masicer leaving only her, her brother and grandfather alive, he brother was sent to academy 51 five years ago and she has followed him. She can be playfull and loves e big brother she mostly take after her father where as shinwa takes after his mother.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Look it is someone Max's age!! Yeah...Now I am not so much of a loner.
blt2293 / Delvin: She is in the system now. I hope she gets along with Max and Aiden though.
Yelena: Shinwa's sister Max,..she is a meanie!!! Beware!!!!!!!!!! Run!!!!!!!!! Faster!!!!!!!!!! lol
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: she is shinwas little sister you know >.> and could most likly kick your ass with out her powers
blt2293 / Delvin: >>Hey I am going to take my leave for an hour. Sorry.
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: bye =D lol bye bye aiden *waves* hehehehehehe
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: What super strength vs super strength. plus we are the same age. So I think that this would be a fair match, but I don't hit girls.
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: you do know she has a army of teddy bears full of c4 right?
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: You know that I can cancel the powers used to make those teddy bears move right. Plus why someone would throw a teddy bear with c4 at me is beyond belief.
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: oh they really are alive xD so you cant make them not live without them going boom and there is no cancing the powers already used on them
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >Hey did her pic change? Oww and either way I will use paterfamilia then!!! Then I can one on one fight her.
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: wow she is being a real brat xD whats what you get she is a princess after all
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: edit character is how max xD that how you do most things
Yelena: Oh blah, I am going to have to go soon. *sigh* Won't be back on till tomorrow morning when I do. I maybe have 15 more minutes at most.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Ah I see, I won't move RHan till you return then."
Yelena: we can continue until I get the word, I will let you know here when that happens.
Yelena: goodnight, see ya later Yuki! Have a good one. (I time for a good nights rest!)
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): [[ Hello hello. Anyone here? *bored* tehe ]]
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: im here who is here right now o.o who who who
Yelena: (I I am here, as of now anyway, is anyone else on? Or, am I alone this afternoon? )
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "I am online Mademoiselle Yelena. How are you?"
Yelena: I am good, jsut bored, how about you, doing well I hope?
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Ah, a bit bored as well. Thank you for asking. So what are you up to at the moment?"
Yelena: nothing whatever! LoL, how about you? If you are equally as bored, I would guess nothing much yourself, right?
Yelena: (I Then again, I must be wrong, with as long as it is taking you to respond. )
You must be out of pocket again, hopefully not typing from a phone.
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! look whos here for about 20 minutes XD
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Eh I am so sorry Yelena, my internet is being horrible. it keeps cutting itself off."
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): O_o amy what did i tell you!!!!!?!!!!
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: its the OOC so it's not interupting any RP oh and chu post in Tommy Boy, there is gonna be a HUGE battle
Yelena: Thats alright Rhan, maybe it will work itself out soon, with any luck.
Amy is right Lyus, I don't mind her doing it here, this is what the room is for, among other things.
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): Dammit i hate being voted against!
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: 8hugs Lyus, feathers littering the ground*
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Miss Yelena, would you like to roleplay right now?"
Yelena: well Lyus, you will have to convince her to stop then. I mean she is your stalker LoL!
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: sorry, my angel wings are shedding *feathers cover the ground as she collapses*
Yelena: yeah Rhan, I wouldn't mind it at all. Where should we start?
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Not quite sure. Who do you want to RP with, the Nurse who wants to try and make everyone happy in her own way, the gluttonous little student, or the guy with a knife."
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: where did Lyus go *looks around as feather start to litter the floor*
Yelena: lol! Doesn't matter, which ever you feel like RPing will be fine.
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: hello! can anyone help me starting? i m already in but the intro... can anyone help me please?
Yelena: What do you need help with? *looks at Aweyre curious*
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: like where is everyone...? and i kinda suck at intros...
Yelena: well, Yelena will most likely be sitting in a tree outside the school, in the open field just before the edge of the campus grounds. That is where she is at anyway.
Yelena: oh our new guy poofed! maybe he will show back up, after his dinner.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: im here who misses me xD lol lol i know somebody did :o
Yelena: (I Waits to see if someone tosses up there hand for Shinwa )
Who do you think will admit it first Shinwa?
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: i misses him :o i did i did xD xD lol lol XD
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yay*hugs lilith* see told you somebody missed me xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "I missed shinwa!!!!" Smiles and waves tail around. "was I missed?"
vipershore / poky: poky missed you max =D did you miss poky :o (poky is liliths fav teddy)
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Reishura missed you max :D. Haha.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "...How cute!!!" Max picks up teadybear and hugs it gently, and there is a slight purr coming from max.
vipershore / poky: his name is said pocky but is spelt poky lol *he breacks free and runs away to lilith*
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "REI!!!! Max (while holding Pokey) Runs over to Rei and hugs him also. "How have you been Rei?" Max asks as his tail moves side to side in excitment.
vipershore / poky: pocky :o pocky pocky i like pocky is nice xD lol
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Reishura hugs max back and smiles at him "I am good, but I am a bit tired at the moment." Reishura looks down at the teddy bear "Whos is that?" He tilts his head questionably.
LOL Yelena, If you hate undead so bad what're you going to do to reishura whenever you find out that he is an undead himself o:?
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Why are you tired? Did you train again? Or just a bad sleep." Max clings to Rei his tail moving around and his ears twitching a bit.
>>Yelena would run screaming from you rei, because she is probably having second thoughts about Rhan...lol<<
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: "Oh, I slept.. But it was bad nightmares of my past, It is unfortunate, But I learned a new ability why I was sleeping, It's not that useful, But it's pretty." Reishura lifts Max up and carrys him on his shoulders, But allows max to brace himself just incase he gets cared from the sudden height change.(Why is she having second thoughts about Rhan? I have read only a few of there posts. I know that they've been talking since a little before I left yesterday though xD)
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: Being in character...
-p "Oh shut it you munchkin..."
Pulls out chinese flip blade knife...
-p "I can easily gut you with this without the use of my powers."
Yelena: I dunno Rei lol, and as far as Rhan goes, he's giving her the impression he wants her to forget it!
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((hi.. '.'..))
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha. That is most unfortunate for Yelena then. xD.
And Geez Rhan o_o. Thats not very nice to do to a 9 year old.
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: Natsume, i made a new RP, it's about my character who is a ghost and Lyus is the pnly one who can see her, do you want to join as Amy's sister or something?
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((No.. I'm okay. Thanks anyways Amy.
Sowwy~ ))
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: Sticks tongue out at Rhan. " Try it and Paterfamilia will stop you." Max holds onto Rei not to worried about the heigth change. " Oww no reason. Just have bad feeling that Rhan is going to do something stupid and not get invited to dinner.(Metaphorically)
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: okay XD Lyus is Richard again in this RP but he can see ghosts
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Reishura looks up at Max and blinks repeatedly at his statement, and begins to chuckle slightly. and then laughs a bit louder then says through his choked voice of laughter "Well. What. Makes. You. Say. That."
And Damnit, I'll be back in a second I just remembered I need to go get a new tongue ring today, I accidentally bit my ball in half last night, So I'll be back in about an hour and a half.
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: im being ignored :o you cant ignore me :o i have C4
Yelena: It's not so bad for Yelena as you think. She will find someone for her eventually. I don't doubt that at all.
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((Hye, hey. Ish being ignored too XD
So no worries))
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "You know, you don't know even 1/8th of the extent of my abilities.."
Points knife blade at Max...
Being out of character...
-p "Shinwa I hope you know that no one is inside of Rhan's home.."
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: i has C4, a claymore, some gernades and some dynamite
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: yes butyou dont have C4 and i do :o you never ignore somebody with explosives
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((Well.. I.. I... I got a can of whoop yo ass, and i aint afraid to crack it open at any minute!! DX))
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Lilith/Shinwa, I hope you realize that no one is in RHan's home, right? And do you not remember the magic, wards, and protections he has placed upon it?"
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: *feather coat the floor* i dont have alot of time on earth......
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Rhan I have confidence that as a teacher you could easily kill a 9 year old. BUT I have equall confidence that if you did kill me then Lee, Etherlite, Yelena, and most of the people who know me will ether get revenge or at least give me a proper barrial.<<
Max watches as Rei leaves and feels bad.(Lilth want to rp with me?)
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: lilith does know that xD there for she is just knocking on the door untill she puts the C4 down
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: *shakes, making black feathers fly everywhere*
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Umm Max, you do realize what happens in the OOC has pretty much almost nothing to do with the actual RP."
Lets out a sigh...
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: *feathers cover everybody and everything*
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>>YES Rhan I realize this. BUT i like teasing you a bit. You tend to show a little more character when you are teased by others. (And yes I will stop teasing you.) >>PS Yelena might want to do something in the wilderness since she is an elf.<<
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: *starts to laugh* Max, you are covered in my black angel wing feathers
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: rhan where are you and yelena anyway xD lol
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "You do realize I am not worked up or anything, right? So there is no real point to the teasing if it doesn't really work. I seriously don't understand you younger kids now a days."
-p "Near a tree, not sure where specifically."
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Lilith I am trying to rp with you!!! Please stop ignoring me.<<
>>Sorry rhan. I do not mean to bug you, or make my fellow youths so difficult to understand. Please forgive me.<<
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: awww the nuke was inactive :( shinwa deactivated it :(
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((*sitting there quietly on the floor*))
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Hey does someone want to rp with me? I am kind of bored and looking for someone to talk to.
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: read boy xD in the main :o read read read read it o.o
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((*hums quietly*))
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>I see it now. I thought you would be at that bomb thing for ever....all though I thought the light cannon would have done it for sure. lol<<<<
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: it was a prototype its aiming is messed up .-. really is
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((*hums louder*
Gahh.. i'm bored.))
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Hi natsume!!!...(Do I know you? Sorry)<<
"Shinwa needs to fix that soon.....(Figures I would get hurt by one of shinwa's inventions.)
vipershore / lilith seimeiryoku: he has he has the mark 4 light cannon it soons darkness to and all kinds of energy xD
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((No you don't, So don't worry about talking to me if you don't like to talk to people you don't know..))
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.Oww i am not worried about strangers much. Aiden gave you the all clear!! Plus I am rping with lilith right now. Sorry.<
blt2293 / Delvin: Shut up max. You started to bleed because of her just a second ago. :p
Yelena: hey I am sorry, I have to go, something has come up.
(I Sorry Rhan, maybe we can continue later )
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yuki you still online or not? really are you or arnt you :o
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: Hey there Delilah
What's it like in New York City?
I'm a thousand miles away
But girl, tonight you look so pretty
Yes you do
Times Square can't shine as bright as you
I swear it's true
Hey there Delilah
Don't you worry about the distance
I'm right there if you get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice, it's my disguise
I'm by your side
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me
Hey there Delilah
I know times are getting hard
But just believe me, girl
Someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar
We'll have it good
We'll have the life we knew we would
My word is good
Hey there Delilah
I've got so much left to say
If every simple song I wrote to you
Would take your breath away
I'd write it all
Even more in love with me you'd fall
We'd have it all
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
and we'll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way
Delilah I can promise you
That by the time we get through
The world will never ever be the same
And you're to blame
Hey there Delilah
You be good and don't you miss me
Two more years and you'll be done with school
And I'll be making history like I do
You'll know it's all because of you
We can do whatever we want to
Hey there Delilah here's to you
This one's for you
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me.
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Ah yes I am online, just having a bit of internet trouble."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: ok i may need you in a minute dont go anyway :o
blt2293 / Delvin: ...Shinwa I fear for your mental status....lol Oww and sclicing heaven You can start in the rp any way that you see fit.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yuki is rhan at home now Dx gosh i gotta know >.> xD
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "no he is not, he is Probably wandering around the school."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: is li at home then xD or is she wondering around
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Um why do you ask Shinwa? Tell me first."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i must know is all lol is there any harm in knowing perhaps tis a twist perhaps i need somebody to rp with who know
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Well by this time they are both probably wandering around."
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: >>Why I do believe that Max and Hinata have made a quick friendship, oww and Lyus what is this about a castle? You were serious about that thing....I thought you were joking.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: you dont much care that shinwa just nearly kisses li? xD
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Oh I have to go for now, bye everyone."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: darn it we will carry this on tomorrow >:D gosh darn it xD
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: Biiii i am getting off also!!!! see everyone later on tonight!! Owww abd i don't HAVE SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: really anybody online who will rp with me even if i do have to use lilith xD
Yelena: UPDATE:
New Student: Approved
Name: Hajime Yusuke
Age: 17
Height: 170 cm.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Powers: super strength, super speed, and enhanced senses
Weapons: none hand 2 hand combat
Years at Academy/ or new: New
Likes: food, dogs, and nice people
Dislikes: criminals and the government who abducted him
Bio: He was just your average guy until he was abducted by the government knowing that he has a potential to survive the human enhancing drug test. After that his memories were erased he dont have any family so he live alone, but he doesn't know that he is being watch by the government. He is also a vigilante crime fighter.
For Aiden:
This Character is very straight forward, and Rifts like to me. I see nothing wrong with him, and he's oked in my book. We have us a Mutant Uprising in the RP. I like the way this is going!
Yelena: anyone on right now? I finally have time. (I Prays ) and nothing should happen today, like it did yesterday.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Do I count Mademoiselle Yelena?"
Yelena: Of course you do Yuki, hows it going today? Well, I hope?
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Just bored out of my mind is all, Miss. So want to Role Play A bit?"
Yelena: Sure, if you can handle everyone awwing, and ooohing lol. Little spies that they are.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Yeah, I can. You read the posts with Etherlite and Reishura? As you can tell Ether was obviously hoping for something. Well, would you make the first post 'my lady'..?"
Kneels down on one knee just for the effect...(just like those knights who kneel for their lords or kings)
Yelena: yes, I guess I can wouldn't hurt to be dismissing a class for a change.
Ooooh get up now, haha, you don't belong on a knee. :)
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: Stands back up...
-p "Very well then Yelena. I'll be waiting for your post."
Yelena: Thank you Yuki, I got to hand it to you, you can play how Rhan is well. That little dark emo thing and all I mean. Well that and he's a guy. lol
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Thank you very much, I suppose. And I think you can play a sophisticated person quite well."
Yelena: er, really? I didn't think Yelena was overly one. LoL Thank you all the same though.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Miss, would you like to be the second in command in an RP I am currently making? It is online game based."
Yelena: What RP is it? er, and I hate to sound well, stupid, but what is online game based?
I am willing to give it a look, and I would like to know what you mean. :)
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Have you ever played an online game? As in like those online computer games or those online RPG final fantasy games like on X-Box 360 and such?"
Yelena: hmmm, I did Star Wars once a while back. and LOTR once, but it was just the battle for middle earth, so nothing but fighting.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Um, lets just say it's setting and atmosphere are that of an online game world. But you can pretty much act like as if it were just the real thing if you wanted to. Do you get what I mean?"
Yelena: Yes, I think I get what you mean. It is still really more of an RP, right?
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Yes, of course it is still only an RP, don't worry."
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): Final Fantasy XIV : ONLINE
lol i want it but cant have it
Yelena: alright Rhan, if you want you can pm me the link and all that, or toss it in here, if you are ok with that.
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Alright Miss Yelena I sent you the link. But the RP isn't very great. Just a warning."
Yelena: Um Rhan, it leaves me with a lot of questions, as in second and all what lvl? Also, a few other things, you have an OOC for the room by any chance?
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Yeah sure, let me make one. If you do not wish to join, I understand though. Online Game Based RP's are not very popular."
Yelena: honestly I was going to try....but like I said I have a lot of questions lol.
Yelena: Gah! Someone has broke down, I gotta go get them, I will be beack when I can, sorry guys!
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Yelena have you checked out the examples yet?"
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((oh by the way Can someone in this rp please tell Delvin of something I quit the rp. so take my name off plz. Thanks Bye)
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: "Natsume it makes me sad to see you leave You have been on this rp for so long and you have brought so much to it, but I am going to keep your information in the skeleton collection so that some people in the future will be able to use it as an example for there character. I hope that you do not mind this and that maybe one day you will return."
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): im going for a while i might be back, i might not
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: >.Well then I wonder who is still on??? Max and maybe Yuki. Well would either of you like to rp then?
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): back....
Mr.Hokenero, my apologies but if i do end up going to the dark i will not be able to come back...i will attempt to destroy the world i live in, i ask you to kill me when i do
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: "Why me? I am the principle of this school and you ask me to stain my hands with the blood of one of my students. "
>>Hey are you quiting or are you just making a dramatic scene?<<
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): -dramatic scene!!-
it is for the safety of the other students, my memory is being drained, and to get it back i will sleep <<< this saturday >>>
but the crystal has far more darkness in it than i, it could overwhelm me
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: >>So let me get this straight. You want me to kill/Defeat you and then you will reapear on saturday of this week?<<
Lyus / Alucard -Hellsing-: -no im going to sleep saturday and come back the sunday afterwards, not this sunday though the next one-
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): oops that was alucard my bad
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: o.k then. So do you want me to kill you today or saturday?
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): when i get back
i might get on during my spring break just to look over whats been going on
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((Yeah.. Sorry about my sudden leave....
And what ever.. I don't care.. Someone else'll use my skellie then.
That means you Lyus, that girl will be your lover))
Lyus / Alucard -Hellsing-: Target is confirmed
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((Alright then.. I'm guessing that's a yes..
Well , looks like you're rid of me finally Lyus . ^_^
And you get to have a new lover. So yeah.. They'll have my name at the least... Sorry Lyus.. Well, be happy I aint your rp lover anymore))
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: >>I didn't mean someone would use it I ment that they could have it as a referance or inspiration towards there character. But May I ask why you are leaving Natsume? Please.<<
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((Ah well.. Oh well still. They could do that still anyway.. Use my skellie for theirs..
But uhm well.. I don't have much of a part in the rp anymore really. So I just get bored, or putting posts and I just end up getting ignored...))
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): ignored!? is that what i do to you? ignore you!?
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((i'm talking about everyone else Lyus.. And actually.. you've done it once too.. to me..))
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): I lost my leg like I lost my way
So no loose ends
Nothing to see me down
How are we going to work this out?
Dreams aren't bad, I had turned back
I love the girl
But God only knows it's
Getting hard to see the sun coming through
I love you...
But what are we going to do?
Picture I'm a dreamer
I'll take you deeper
Down to the sleepy glow
Time is a low..
Don't you know?
What are we going to do?
When you go back
All the second selfless days
You're in love with him
I want to see you again
I love you...
But what are we going to do?
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((What's that..?
Another quote from a song you know..?
It's nice...))
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): Every planet we reach is dead-Gorillaz
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((I see.. Nice.. You must like that band..
But yeah, again. Sorry for my inconvient quit there.
Yall should just be happy I'm gone. Like I won't rp there anymore..))
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: >>I am truely sorry if you are ignored, and I can understand why you would be upset about about that. Trust me I am in a few rp's where I am ignored quite offten. But maybe if you gave this rp one more chance and introduced your self to some of the new people on this rp then maybe you will find that there are a lot of people who would like to rp with you, and then there are others who still wish to rp with you.<<
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): life has left me alone...once again *sigh* i must be fated to be alone
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((No. No.. It's alright.
Anyways there's a boy in that rp with the name max, *winces* in that rp.. I truly.. truly.. Hate that name. I have nothing against him it's just his rp name drives me nuts... It's a long story, i aint gonna tell.
But really.. you should be happy im gone. And I'm not very good at introducing myself at times.. If people wanted to rp with me they'd say so.. Anyways most of the people have their own person they'd like to rp with.. I'm not gonna ruin that.. Lyus check your PM box..))
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: >.Did it ever occure to you that I still like to rp with you? I am not on as much as I used to be but I still like the idea of rping with some of the people who have been on this rp for a while. And I would never be happy that you have left the academy. I would only feel sorrow because I know that there might have been something I could have done to prevent this from happening. Just to let you know most people won't ask to rp with anyone, they simply ask for someone to talk to and go from there. Just start over on your friends list and find others who would be fun to rp with. Please I don't expect an answer right now but just think on what I have said. Please.<<
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x:
((Fine.. *sighs* If anybody in your rp wanted to go into another school.. I have my own school rp that is actually dead. No body in it logs in no more, so i'm starting it over))
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: >>Fine if that is what you wish to do. *Smiles* I hope the best for your rp and that you have plenty of people to rp with. PS should I invite Max :P lol<
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((Dude.. At least say M please..
You wouldn't understand.. what has happened to my closest loved one... from a man named Ma-... m....
Please... take that seriously... I can deal with it but yeah.. *sighs* Anyways..))
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: >>Sorry. When I speak of this M I only have fond memories and I can't help but joke a little. But If you have had a bad past with a M then I will refrain from the use of that name when speaking with you.<<
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((Thanks..
Only the people who have met him know how horrible he is...
So yeah.. Thank-you ^.^..))
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: >>Hmm I hope you have to never deal with another of his type then. Oww and the M in this rp is 9 in real life so he is very friendly....although shy.<<
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((It's alright..
I know that.. It's okay anyways.. I don't want to be in the rp.. Like I said easily ignored, even if I say hi.))
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: >> I think you might be ignored because you don't go into great intros. When I think of something that will get someones attention and make them want to rp with me I think of something simple, but sometimes some people use flashy things to. Listen all I am saying is that Sometimes people will respond if you flash them a portion of your personallity and tallents. This some times makes people want to rp with you even more. (Now I know you arent good at intros but that gives you a goal to work towards and will eventually make you just that much better.) But You and I both know that when you get started you become a damn good rper if I say so my self. Just have hope and keep trying.
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): the story of the happy folk and the mountain called monkey:
Once upon a time at the foot of a great mountain,
there was a town where the people known as Happyfolk lived,
their very existence a mystery to the rest of the world,
obscured as it was by great clouds.
Here they played out their peaceful lives,
innocent of the litany of excess and violence that was growing in the world below.
To live in harmony with the spirit of the mountain called Monkey was enough.
Then one day Strangefolk arrived in the town.
They came in camouflage, hidden behind dark glasses, but no one noticed them: they only saw shadows.
You see, without the Truth of the Eyes, the Happyfolk were blind.
In time, Strangefolk found their way into the higher reaches of the mountain,
and it was there that they found the caves of unimaginable Sincerity and Beauty.
By chance, they stumbled upon the Place Where All Good Souls Come to Rest.
The Strangefolk, they coveted the jewels in these caves above all things,
and soon they began to mine the mountain, its rich seam fueling the chaos of their own world.
Meanwhile, down in the town, the Happyfolk slept restlessly,
their dreams invaded by shadowy figures digging away at their souls.
Every day, people would wake and stare at the mountain.
Why was it bringing darkness into their lives?
And as the Strangefolk mined deeper and deeper into the mountain,
holes began to appear, bringing with them a cold and bitter wind that chilled the very soul of the monkey.
For the first time, the Happyfolk felt fearful for they knew that soon the Monkey would stir from its deep sleep.
And then came a sound. Distant first, it grew into castrophany so immense it could be heard far away in space.
There were no screams. There was no time.
The mountain called Monkey had spoken.
There was only fire.
And then, nothing.
blt2293 / Mr. Hokenero: >Sorry to say this but I need to leave for an hour. sorry bi!!!<<
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: Lyus are you in here *trail of feathers follow behind her*
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: there is now a hydra in the school lake lol xD lol
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: i dont know what that is but OH NO, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: its like a multi head water dragon that cant breath fire
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: *sniffles as more feathers fall from her massive black wings*
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: shinwa the momas boy xD thats kind of funny xD
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: i g2g bye everyone i maybe back tomorrow or something lol idk
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Yo everyone. I'm heading out for Easter, and sorry for not warning yous earlier -.- I'll be back around Monday, Tuesday- ish
Yelena: I know it is early, but I dont suppose anyone would be on right now would they?
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: im on who is here :o i come on late so its not early for every other person xD
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): did anyone read the story i posted before?
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: negative sorry lyus i did not read it v.v im ploting out a mini story for shinwa tho :o
Yelena: bite me!!!!!! I got off after that, then got back on now, to see you sticking a nose in the air at me! Your lucky I don't tell you to piss off LoL!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: lol you do know shinwa carrys the vampire curse right .-.
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): no shinwa it was a story of the happy folk and the mountain called monkey! it was sad cuz at the end the happy folk died
Yelena: eh I read it, seen it somewhere before though.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: my story is happy then sad because everybody dies it has mass murder and torcher :o lose and all kinds of stuff i was gonna put rape but im not gonna
Lyus / Lyus (assassin): XD
Fire coming out of the monkeys head-Gorillaz
Yelena: Yelena's story has a bit of everything too. I had it on my character, but decided to remove it and put my char. sheet instead.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: it got quiet why did it get quiet :o realy why
Yelena: I am listening to music, and bored out of my mind, that is why I got quiet.
An older song on too, I forgot how well writen it was. Kinda beautiful for Metallica lol.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: :o yuki need to get online :o :o :o oh yelena :o i think shinwa moved on xD
Yelena: Oh? Thats good, if you ask me. Aiming for Yuki eh? It would be a good choice if it were not for her brother LoL!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: i never said it was yuki xD they just need to get online so i can get the story thing over with :o
Yelena: aww, okay, thought it might be with you wanting a kiss from her last night and all lol.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: he was tring to play the pocky game with her but she keeps saying no :o
Lyus / Alucard -Hellsing-: Welcome to the Hellsing Organization
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: :o you cannot be alucard alucard is far to epic to be rped as i tried it once and everybody called me gm :(
Lyus / Alucard -Hellsing-: gm?
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: they said it was god modding the way he fights xD omg epicness kenpachi vs alucard Dx
Lyus / Alucard -Hellsing-: fuck them! it isnt gm! just cuz he can use 1 bullet to take someone out doesnt mean its godmodding! XD
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: lyus madara :o alucard :o and kenpachi :o they would distroy the world
Lyus / Alucard -Hellsing-: yes....yes they would...its a good thing that they dont know each other
Yelena: it's not what I call godmoding either, oh no. That is when you say
Alucard draws his gun laughing hysterically. "Come on!" he seethes out with glee, in a demanding tone while aiming on Lyus. "Come on, come on, come on." He manically roars out excited beyond all other words. He pulled the trigger over and over again enthusiasticly, finding climax during the heat of this insuing battle. Each and every bullet struck its mark, one even finding the forehead right between the eyes of Lyus.
Or just saying he shot Lyus.
That is godmoding! :P
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: deadly man deadly xD xD xD we need 3 powerfull rps to be them xD and make some 3 man team :o
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: alucard isnt really that good of a shot is he xD his shots are often random and alot of the time when he is fighting somebody powerful he makes them suffer o.o
Yelena: lol, he's to busy having fun what did you expect? Personally, I loved him!
Yelena: You know, we really need bad guys in here, that we can kill. To keep everyone rping. I think that is all we are missing. The kind that will kidnap, murder, threaten, ect.
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Hello miss Yelena, do you wish to continue Roleplaying?"
Lyus / Alucard -Hellsing-: why did i have to get shot?
(r because i wanted to shoot you XD)
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: tell you what for alittle fun shinwa will go back to his family home remeber everything go crazy learn a new power kidnap li corrupt half the student body with his new skill and even try and kill some people and you can come save the school :o
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Hey, why does it have to be my character?"
Yelena: Sure Yuki, I don't mind, if you don't either. (I waves a hello while she is at it. )
Yelena: it was an example Lyus, nothing more LoL, sorry!
Who is going to save the school? BTW, how would I?
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: to make rhan more mad at shinwa that is why xD lol xD
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: all you guys gang up on him xD lol idc who xD
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Oh yeah, Yelena may I talk to you in the other place please?"
Yelena: Sure, I will head there now, see ya in a minute! lol
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Alright, Yelena do you want to post first, or would you like me to?"
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: why whats going on :o what what what what hu :o what was you two talking about
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "My feelings.."
Pauses for a bit and eats a sandwich...
-p "I believe I have my right to privacy..."
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: oh already then xD you do i was just wondering :o
Lyus / Alucard -Hellsing-: i will keep shinwa company while you talk ok? thats means you stay with me and alucard shinwa
(r hehehe)
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Hey everyone.
Such drama, At the funeral today.
And my girlfriends parents are making her go to therapy.
They think she is suicidal. ._.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: what about izabell :o she is in rhans house with li and yelena :o
Yelena: (I flutters her eyes at Allucard, "He's dreamy to me, ya know?" )
Yelena: hello Rei, how are you today? (I waves a hello to Rei too )
Lyus / Alucard -Hellsing-: (r O_O)
reishura tell her its my job to be suicidal! XD
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: She's not suicidal Lyus, That's the thing.
(i Waves back at Yelena.) Hello Lady Yelena.
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Good afternoon Reishura, it is your post, would you care to continue with me?"
Lyus / Alucard -Hellsing-: well im just sayin
(r i can help you with that suicidal thing)
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Good afternoon Ether, And I would love to. But give me a few moments I just woke up from laying down for a bit and I'm not functioning right, Yet.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Uhm, Lyus. I for some odd reason doubt it. Considering her father is a conservative christian asshole, Whom is abusive.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: :o izabell is still in rhans house >.> if you leave her there who knows what she will do xD
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Ughhh.
I am glad next year, She is moving in with her best friends mom.
Who lives 3 streets away from me. ._.. Her parents are ridiculous.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: omg where is aiden i just read my skele and shinwa has no likes anymore :o
Yelena: he will be on soon, he's not home from school yet I bet.
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: can anyone tell me where everyone is? i havent made my intro yet...
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: dude you gonna be a slave or you gonna fight agenst shinwas evil attempt to rule and distroy xD
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: At which shinwa would fail at, Because Myself, Ether, Yelena, Rhan, Max, Aiden, Pat. All of them will just blow Shinwa up.
With a nuclear missle. And he'll be dead.
And his tyranny will end.
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: can anyone tell me where everyone is? i havent made my intro yet...
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: yes and they would fail because it would kill HALF THE STUDENTS AND DISTROY THE SCHOOL besides radition doesnt do anything to shinwa anyway and in demon stat fire bases attacks (like explotions) do nothing
Yelena: Aweyre, some are in the school, some are on a walk, and three are at a home having dinner.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: and shinwa is in japan =D his birth town heading home :o where his family was killed before his eyes :o its also where his soul and heart is but thats unimportant at this time xD
Yelena: man, I think Yelena was just a wee bit ticked off at Rhan there,...*eyes the post*
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: what will happen when shinwa remeber the murder of his family the blood :o and the death Dx
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: My gosh, That post was a lot to type about Reishura >_>; The truth will soon come out! That he is an Undead, An abomination. Dun.. Dun.. Dunn....
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: :o right when shinwa finds out about him self :o and his familys murder :o and that he is somewhat undead as he did get beaten and stabs in the chest and left to bleed for a week and is a vampire .-.
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: is Lyus in here *sits on the ground then puts her head on her knees*
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: would you call a part vampire undead .-. even if he had a soul idk xD and a heart and stuff i guess not but still shinwa cut out him heart :o and put it in a pretty puzzle box
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: yes i defenetly need help! please!!
Yukimura / Rhan Shanghai: -p "Yelena, as you can see, obviously RHan is practically an idiot when it comes to feelings of other people other than his sister."
Yelena: yes I see lol, it's alright, don't worry about it. All story.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Goddd, my Tongue kind of hurts.
I accidentally Pulled my tongue in to fast why my teeth were down and I ripped the brim of my tongue with my tongue ring >_>. Lol. Foolish mistake. I blame it on myself, trying to brush my teeth and talk on the phone at the same timeA! D:
Yelena: sounds like it sucks to me too Rei, It's why I don't have one in my tongue, besides, I like my teeth straight, and it is said to mess with them.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: It doesn't mess with your teeth unless you are constantly clinking it against your teeth, and it causes them to chip unfortunately, but I don't do that. All I do is roll it around on my lips, And what not. Haha. What piercings do you have?
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: shinwa is remebering thing :o some good some bad :o who knows what will happen when he gets deeper :o dumdum duuuuuum
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [crap i keep on forgeting the ooc!! see what i mean? god.]
SoulofAbyss / Aweyre: (r no i haven saw your post... sorry was it to me? i read it just now...)
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: ummmmm ya...whats the point in doing that? lol filler
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: im gonna level mount tanzawa :o who cares :o anybody
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: only in the rp but its a realy mounten :o in japan
Yelena: belly button, labret, and ears a few times, that's it. I don't want anymore either.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Excuse what I am about to say but.
Belly button, God that is a sexy piercing.
I am getting my Labret done soon, and my ear a few more times. I want an industrial in both my ears, cause I am weird c:!! Hehe.
I also may get my nose pierced, not septum but on the nostril. And I may get ym belly button pierced just because.. I want people to think I am homosexual, and I know they would. if I get it pierced. haha
Yelena: Uh, I dunno about that one ROFL, you should see the guys that come down from Dallas and such around here, they are 'fab' and you can't tell either way, and some, are glad because they swing both!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: i know i could have put more detail into it but what do you think of my last post :o about shinwas past
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Lol. I don't know.
all my friends call me Gay, Like as gay as it possibly gets.
because I wear skinny jeans, I got my lip pierced and my tongue and all that good stuff. and I swing my hips whenever I walk, Which.. Is weird cause I don't do it intentionally. xD;
Yelena: ah, your like my bud steve then, he's great like that, I swear, he and I are always fighting each other, or we are fighting everyone else together LoL!
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "Reishura, Etherlite has feelings for your character, just in case it wasn't obvious. Yes, even though she has hardly known your character for very long."
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: :o nobody even read my post have they :o its sad shinwa is curled up crying on the floor
Yelena: (I sniffs ) He steals my clothes half the time....and stretches them out! The skinny bastard! lol, I love him though, but he never listens to me about the straight ones. (I sighs ) He can't help but go for them anyway.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: depression or kill rage wher he kidnaps li inslaves the students and trys to distroy half the world :o
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: and in the end shinwa ends up being shinwa again xD lol
Yukimura / Hakuran: -p "Over dramatic plot, very much. I feel as if I have already seen it somewhere in an anime or manga of some kind."
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: :o most likly i wasnt asking you take its something fun to do is it not :o fighting agenst a demon with an army who planes to kill you all
Yelena: won't kill me, but then again, it's not like she's good for anything but a laugh! Shinwa will find himself in all of it, I am sure.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: pretty much xD now tell me when you are ready for shinwas kill rage :o xD
Yukimura / Hakuran: -p "You do realize Li has consumed her brother's blood before right? And that she has a very high and easy chance to try and eat you you know. Not a very easy or smart idea to pull off."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha I noticed etherlite, And Reishura is starting to have feelings of his own, But since he is just a creation having "Emotions" is difficult for him, That's because it was his one design flaw, Nothingness, he didn't feel, Not regret, not Guilt, not pain, not agony, Not lust, Not sadness, nothing.
Lmao, Yelena. Wow. I love being very very metrosexual though, because atleast I always look nice :].
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: due to shinwa power eating it would just be an endless eating of each other shinwa will eat from the inside and try and get out as a shadow she will keep tring to eat him its endless .-.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: besides as soon as she opens her mouth shinwa need to just breath in and he can suck all her powers out and when he does this she will be stuned
Lyus / Alucard -Hellsing-: so reishura is a puppet and the puppeteer is...?
Yelena: yeah, the grades of it are wonderful Rei, trashy, is one of my favs! How sad for me, no? Nah, sometimes it's the right way to go. That way if you get 'trashed' the look fits. lol
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: Dx are you ready yet dont wanna seem pushy lol xD
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha. Yes. I definitly agree!
Whenever I am going out, I generally dress in My Dress shirt Black Skinnies and wear my Fidora, But whenever I'm out to party. Leather Jacket, Baggy jeans and a band T-shirt, Well Meatl wars T-Shirt. Rofl.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: ...I have no idea what the two of you aer talking about right now.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Ahmygosh. Hugs max, "Hi budddyyyy." c:!
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: kidnap li check next is inslavement xD lol
Yelena: lol! See, someone who relates!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!! band shirts are a must!
The only thing Steve and I disagree on is music in general. I am the hard core girl, and he is the hard core is great, but lets not forget emo little punk bands, like bullet for my V and all. (I sighs ) I don't like em to much, but we listen to it all.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: v.v this part is going to be hard xD xD i know how to do it tho
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: happy rhan i fixed it xD lol or you gonna pick something wrong with that to xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>I still have no idea what any of you are talking about.<<
"Rei!!!" Hugs back Happily.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: lol max izabell has a more consentrated form of your power :o
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: OH my gosh. Bullet for my valentine is terrible
And Hell yes, Always Band-T's but never famous bands, I only wear local bands around here, Like Mirasmus, The leo project, etc. That stuff. And o:. hardcore? Hmmm. You might like this song then, Check it out.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YictwoPnEeg .
How are you today little max c:. And LOL. We're not talking about anything other then partying XD
Yukimura / Hakuran: -p "Yeah, I am, the fact that you still control what happens to my character without even letting me put up resistance. Also the fact that you do it so often."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: It is rather annoying, I do have to agree.
That you can "Come out of us." I don't exactly understand how.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Yeah but I am a 9 year old, your dog is over 4000 years old. Plus I can be trainned by rei to get stronger.<<
Partying? Bands? I am a little to young for any of that.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: what are you going to do agenst a magic eating cloud of smoke? and why cant you do anything to spot me? yelena controls shadows does she not stop me mid move xD
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: lol izabell has a skele xD random
Name: izabell
Height: 2ft
Weight: 5kg
Powers: eats magic(spells/seals/magic barriers).turn to smoke and reform from smoke
Weapons: claws and teeth
Likes:dog things
Dislikes: cats
Bio: shinwas hell hound that once belonged to his mother along time ago. she has see much in her life time even the murder of shinwas family. being a dog she isnt very skilled at combo but can aid agenst magic.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: ok i added appemting the drag her with me XD will that work
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>I want doggie!!!! Rei Can I have a doggie? Please!!! I will take care of it.<<
Hey who is involved in the shinwa thing right now? I might want to help.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: so far li rhan and yelena untill shinwa trys to take control of the students
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Hey guys, I have to go for an hour or so I am on the phone.
I will be back soon. It's important. I hope I will atleast.
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((Hi '.'))
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>That little take over the students thing won't work on me... :p .. So get that out of your head. My informant says that my power would protect me.<<
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Hi Natsume!! Wanna help in the taking down of Shinwa and his big head? It would be Me You Yelena,Rhan, and Lei.<<
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: your aslepp as i recall max lol and pat well xD
Yukimura / Hakuran: -p "Sometimes Shinwa.. I just think you love to try and make attention for yourself. I am not sure whether to just ignore the plot or just go along with it.. I am sorry. You just do it way too often for me to want to just follow with no question."
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((UM HI!))
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: its how i learnt xD dont blame me xD you cant go from being as strong as i am on that site to another site that rp is conpleatly different when you are still on the first site .-. xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Natsume I am looking for someone to rp with. Can I rp with you until shinwa attacks?
Lyus / Lyus (neko): look! im a neko! moo! wait thats not right
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>>Lyus you aren't a neko. Only me and another character are that I have seen....<<<
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((DX sorry i only talk in here..
I quit the rp. *shrugs* I was just being ignored yet again just now. sorry
And hey , hey.. Lyus is a Neko. I am one too thank-you.))
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: meow xD lol moo xD lyus is a fail at a neko xD
Lyus / Lyus (neko): have you seen my charry? he has a hood on and you cant tell if he has a tail...so i am a neko! a neko that hides himself
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.You aren't being ignored. I am talking to you. Or am i not anyone to you.(TT_TT)<
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((I'm watching youtube vids about how a heart attack happens.. : D... we learned about it today at school XDD))
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: ...lyus I was shown the original pic that you used and I have seen some of the newer ones. You have shown your face before.
Yukimura / Etherlite M. Sidhe: -p "I am sorry for saying what I did, but I just really don't feel in the mood to do some over-dramatic plot right now. Please just try again another time tonight or some other day. And sometimes I just think you made that hellhound just in order to counter my stuff and let you break into my house whenever you want.."
Lyus / Lyus (neko): what are we talking about?
Rikuxlove / x-Natsume-x: ((Nvm.. i'm gone))
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: then shinwa will now slip into depresstion for a short time muhahahahahahahah XD lol lol
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: just for the wait im making a hole in rhans roof tho
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.I though he made the hell hound after my character. Hey will someone rp with me? Please.<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: she is all powerful fear her muhahahahahahhahahahaaha she is stronger then you se eats the magic even if its already been done and your power cant spot it lol max after shinwa attacks you can have her xD
Lyus / Lyus (neko): noooo! come back natsume! OwO
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Lyus I am talking about, Oww never mind makes no difference. Hey Lyus want to rp with me?<<
Lyus / Lyus (neko): i guess...the only person i really rped with quit it...so...sure...
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: you can rp with me but you have to come to japan... XD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >."Ewww doggie!!! Wait I should wait for rei's permission before I get a doggie. But if he lets me then I will gladly except the dog." Hugs shinwa happily.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.Can I rp with Lyus and shinwa. Please...I would like to rp with you both.<
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Oh by the way, when you said you could just suck all of Li's powers, you have nothing that says you can do that. And that would be way too unfair. And just leaving her stunned? You are not endless.. Devourers can eat endless amounts anyway. Demon Prince or not.."
Lyus / Lyus (neko): ok but im not leaving the dark caves! it makes me feel at home
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i cant leave japan im depressing on the floor .-. and yuki i will edit the ability eating thing to give more detail on how he does it ok
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Something like that is not a demonic ability, that would go under something like a devourer would, you may be a demon prince, but there are still limits to that. You are not some final boss to a video game."
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Well then this is not going to work.....Sorry shinwa but I am going to bug Lyus. He is in the same country. Lyus how should I find you?<<
Lyus / Lyus (neko): no but i am!! im that f***ing powerful...plus i has 4 forms to use
Lyus / Lyus (neko): ummm the dark caves have arrows leading to me and ill figure out how to help you find it
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: time to explane something li is around shinwas age he moved on from yelena and started like li because she is around his age and eats more then even him o.o thus being the reasion behind her being the one he kidnaps :o shinwas past has to come out in the end he is an evil demon so kill rage would fit best. second thing as the fight begins i was going to hand li shinwa heart(the best/fastest way of killing him) and his soul(his soul being oddly pure that would carm him down making him just that little less evil if releaced)
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: You can definitly get a dog max, Haha.
:]. Just gotta remember to take care of it.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: izabell can take care of her self she is 4327 so lol
Yelena: (I sighs ) I don't get it.
(I Sometimes you come across pea-minded ingrates who can do nothing but godmod there way into and out of something. It’s almost like they forgot what fair was because there real lives have been unfair to them. Or, they were spoiled and don’t know how to be fair to anyone else but themselves. )
You can't just kill someone in this RP, you can't work a storyline without all in it's permission, and you can't bully your way over everyone without being called a villain and all villains are the one’s who are eventually killed.
WHen I said someone should toss in bad guys in here, I did not mean the characters they already played, I meant one's no one cared about, so they could die.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: o btw shinwas father is one of them emotion sucking demons that feed off people when they are sad and corrupts there minds leaving anger and hate and stuff the has been mixed in with his grandmothers who is a vampire suck blood heal becomes stronger thing and they have mixed together and made that suck and become stronger in a differnt way
Yelena: Without Li/Rhan/Yuki's permission, Shinwa does not have Li, nor will he get her readily.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yelena i told you about the story line and ask if you as ready i waited some time you could have said
im sorry shinwa but i dont wanna take part in this story line
simple .-.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: I'll toss in a bad guy, I have a bad guy ready, It's a Dragon rider.
His name is Zek and his dragons name is Kez.
he's pretty ridiculously, Strong.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Yeahhhhhhh Doggie!!! Thank you Rei and shinwa." Hugs Rei happily.
Yelena: that would suck, Yelena loves Dragons,.....how sad. (I frowns ) lol
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: She lets out a small sigh...
-p "Fine, fine, just no power sucking. You still never explained the power/ability sucking anyway. Emotions and blood don't make any of that."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: still he offers his life into the mix :o by giving away an easy method of killing him :o so shinwa could have died if li wanted him 2 :o and li could have all his powers :o o and its a mutation of the vampire mosnter demon thing
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Rei hugs max back and then holds onto him his arm around his shoulder. "Oh your a good kid Max."
Oh Yes, I love dragons as well. I have another evil person who is ridiculously over-powered and was designed for god-modding :D? His name Is Hirameki, Which means Flash in japanese. We could beat him up. :]
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: simple some powers are controled by emotion and some are in the blood its something like that
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: would not a good person like say a paladin but classes as a bad guy in the academy?
Fictionality / Zek and Kez: This is Zek and Kez.
His power's are mainly unrivaled magic, Which diminishes magical immunities (Because of the dragons evil Aura. Which means magic effects anyone whenever he is around.) And then the dragons breath is like a meteor storm of acid comets, Which is also consitant with an ability I call "Dragon Thunder." Where he flys up into the air and Zek jumps off of Kez and the force of the speed he is falling makes him turn into a lightning bolt etc. But yea. I could shape Zek and Kez into the story if anyone would like that.
Yelena: Shinwa, you didn't say that in your said storyline you wanted Shinwa to be the evil guy, and you didn't say kidnap Li, nor did you ask her first. You were Godmoding. You have to run it by everyone, then let it rip, not the other way around.
Fictionality / Hirameki: And this is Hirameki.
he is perfect.
he is? I don't know.
haven't put much thought into him, Usually I just use him as an awesome looking joke character. :]. I love the picture of him.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: "depression or kill rage wher he kidnaps li inslaves the students and trys to distroy half the world :o" i said that its on page 5 or 6 go look it up if you dont beleave me
YukiSukano / Him Yong Lee (Seoul Korea: I sit down and twirl a loop of hair around my finger, "I wonder where everbody is-daze." I say to myself.
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: " I hope the doggie likes me. What do I do if the doggie doesn't like me?" Max holds onto Rei.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: that was the first thing i said on the matter
Yelena: That is a nice pic Rei, real nice LoL!
But you still didn't ask her before you tried Shinwa, it was why you were ignored at first.
Yelena: Not to mention all the other students in the school, some are actually in there playing, they didn't get asked, nor did they agree to be enslaved! You can't just make them do it.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Reishura grins at max and says "Remember, Nature is a beautiful thing, And will always be a beautiful thing, Do not fear it, Ever. But Respect it, And it will respect you." Reishura nods his head and then continues speaking "If you give him the respect and dignity of that you give me, He will see you as his master, I gurantee it!"
Yelena: You have half of what you need it seems, Yuki has agreed, now what about all the other students? Or, are they the one's you couldn't control and enslave?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i asked depresstion or kill rage and what would happen in kill rage i also asked if they where ready for kill rage a good point to say shinwa i dont want you to do this this and this
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Yea thanks yelena, xD I was thinking about editing it a bit and then using it some for Reishura. But godddd. The editing I want to do to the picture would take forever, With a Digi-pen.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: npc yelena npc lol xD they dont matter to anybody what so ever
Yelena: actually, I said nothing to it. However, you decided you wanted to do all of the above LoL! You can do rage, and depression all on your own, only needed your permission for that, and it's your character.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Oh, I do have to defend Shinwa by the way.
he did say he was going to give his heart to Li since he moved on from Yelena, I read the post.
i believe it was in the OOC :3.
Yelena: well Rei, he looks hot! lol
I am trying to work with you here Shinwa, don't take what I am saying the wrong way please. We can still do some of what you want, but all those who are not NPC's can not be held as slaves. Those who choose not to rp the sl don't have to either.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha. Well Then I guess I will get to work on editing him, Though my friend does have my Digi-pen at the current time. Lol.
Yelena: eh Rei, I am glad number one, and for the second, that isn't kidnapping her LoL!
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: over half the school numbers are npc so its not like id have to take control of them
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Thank you Rei. I will do my best and always love the doggie." Max smiles and then relaxes nearly falling off of Rei.
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "My, my, I thought SHinwa liked older women though. Li is younger."
Yelena: So, we have Shinwa in a fit over regaining his memory, he is up to kidnapping Li, and here is where we left off,...
SHe said it was ok,...you are good to go at taking Li,...How will Shinwa do this?
One step at a time okay?
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha True, True yelena.
And glad for what?
Haha Reishura makes sure max regains his balance then helps him a bit more "Good. Love is a good thing."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: they are around the same age and if you must know if he goes by his fathers age rate he is twelve goth his sister his twice his age but looks 10 xD
Yelena: Then, how does take over the NPC's of the academy? If we go step by step, it will only make the story better Shinwa...and it will draw in more people wanting to rp with it.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Hmmm.
Yelena, Question.
Did your Labret hurt? I've known my Piercist for 10 years, He'll do my stuff for free, But I always tip him. Just wondering, May go get mine done today. Haha
Yelena: Glad Shinwa moved on and found someone more his own age Rei :)
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: izabell eats magic and is currerntly in smoke form in rhans house the break in the magic around rhans house lets shinwa in something like this
shinwa forms out lis shadow from behind he he olds the blade of a scythe around her neck the staff of it pointing behind him izabell readys herself to eat any magic that yelena may try to stop shinwa from dragging li into the shadow"
lol btw after this max gets izabell xD so dont worry about shinwa getting in w/e he wants
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "I hope you realize this SHinwa, but Li doesn't exactly feel the same way for Shinwa. She has no interests in anyone at the moment. Except for Yelena as a big sister."
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>I want to rp in the story. <<
Max with the help of Rei gets his balance back. "I have always wanted a dog, but considering my situation I have never been allowed."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: from shinwa regaining memorys he can get the emotion control thing his father had to use oon the npcs and as for where shinwa is taking li he will take her to his underground tower xD where she will play princess till they save her xD
Yelena: It stung like a bitch, but I got over it pretty quick, the pain was the belly button, now that hurt Rei, so go prepared lol.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha. Well thats good atleast yelena, But a bit cold. Don't ya think?
Reishura starts walking around. "Why couldn't you ever get one? If you believe that you can take care of one, You should be given the chance. At anything."
Yelena: Alright, Shinwa, but how are you going to get Li, you've not got her yet, you wont be able to till she comes out of the house. You need to work with Li on that one before you lower the boom, so to speak.
Just saying you do it wont work.
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha I know belly button hurts, I have heard rumors about that one.
I also want to get my nipples pierced. XD.. Which is a bit excessive but thats more of just a phase, For fun. They wouldn't be permanent. Ya'know? And lol >_>; I'll probably go in really messed up, So I probably won't feel it anyways, or by the time he sticks the needle in I will have fallen asleep. lol.
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Just make sure she doesn't try to eat the tower when she gets hungry. No seriously she would eat it if she got hungry. And if your dog tries to eat my magic on/off of my house more than once or twice, I will not be very happy. And will do something about it."
Yelena: cold? What are you refering to? The go prepared, or the found someone his own age comment?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i told you izabell makes a hole in the magic feild around the house to let shinwa in and out with his powers
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: when will it start im not gonna just randomly post this time
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Most of the people I stayed with until I got here believed that someone like me shouldn't take care of something that is so closely related to them." Max looks sad by this statment.
Yelena: Aww Rei, going in slammed isn't always a good thing, I've got several friends who got the ol'nips done, and man did they cry!!!! I won't even consider it! LOL
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: izabell has the same powers as you and its not like you could hurt her
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Reishura tilts his head slightly at Max and then sets him down and realizes the disgruntle in his face. "You're not a Dog max, You're more then that. And neither is that Dog just a simple beast, he is an intelligent creature. And Whether they thought you were ready or not, I know you are."
Yelena: Not going to work Shinwa, if Rhan has a mark for invunerability, she wouldn't be able too, also, something akin to life leech could prevent her from drawing the energy from it. Another good one to have on the home.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: it would be unexpected as she is just smoke in the air at this point
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Oh Nonono, Not slammed. God I'd walk over to ryan and be like "hey... Give me a facial diamond." Which is the piercing where the peirce the actual bone, Which is the most painful piercing in the world.. But god is it sexy, On anyone. And Haha Yea! But if I go in.. High enough I'm sure I would be fine. :]. Lol. People told me the tongue was going to hurt, And it didn't I didn't even feel it. And my friend daniel his step-dad George, Said Nip's didn't hurt at all, but my moms friend crystal said they hurt excruciatingly, So I dunno if it's because Male Vs. Female, or, If it's just her nipples were sensitive. But ehhh. i want it! XD
Yelena: Well, my friend Joey, he cried, lol, that's something he'd never want anyone to see him do. He's a guys, guy, if you know what I mean!
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Haha. yea I know what you mean. And I don't cry often either. I just dress like a homosexual :D! I guess I'll just have to find out whenever I get it done. :]. Lol. But first.. I am trying to decide if I want to get a single lip piercing, On the side, or a Labret.. Hmmm.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: shinwa sinks into his on shadow.izabell eats a small hole in rhans sells around his house as smoke letting shinwa as a shadow he forms behind li swinging a large scythe around and pressing the blade agenst te frount of her neck pulling alittle the staff of the blade still in the shadows.
izabell gets in the shadows as shinwa would leave pulling li with him izabell would help protect from yelena form stoping shinwa this their bodys would be shadows before rhan or yelena could get to them and any spells would have been eaten by izabell.
once in the shadow shinwa takes li to his tower under the tech labs the tower begins mving and peaces throut the ground distroyng the tech labs. shinwa begins feeding off the students emotions having remeberd how taking many of them under his control and having them proctect the tower
he releces li "welcome home prinecess" demons in the tower bring her food and a throne shoots out the ground under her.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: im thinking of something like that to begin with
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Shinwa I would never want to hurt the doggie.<<
"Thank you. I know that I am not a dog and I know that Izabell is not a dog so I am sure we will get along. We have a few things in common."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: oh she eats like a gaint three headed dog
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: something like that idk how the story has changed in this time
Yelena: If you already have one side of the lip, get the other first, then if it is still missing something go for the labret. That is what I think anyway,...less you like overkill, then hell go for both lol
Yelena: Li, Shinwa is running it by you, let him know if it sounds alright or not, okay?
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Hey when is this going to happen? And can I help?<<
"Well if she eats a lot then I will just have to feed her a healthy diet."
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Shinwa, fun fact for you.
Devourers: They are not demons, but rather a very powerful kind of monster that are usually known to attack and absorb other small creatures as they try and grow powerful enough to destroy villages, towns then cities. Some even succeed in destroying worlds. They are sometimes referred to as the "Destroyer of Worlds".
-p "That is one of the legends. But Li doesn't do most of that, though she probably could."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i need a quick up date before i post so i can make any other edits xD
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "oh yeah, the Shanghai's are very good martial artists."
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Ehh, I don't swell whenever I get piercings, but thats the thing is I don't really want snake bite piercings, I want just either 1 hoop spider bites, or a middle labret. Which is why i am trying to decide, I'd probably just do snake bites myself, If i wanted them. I have the hoops.. I'm just lazy? :D?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: shinwa father fed on emotions so she is somewhat like him but more psyical xD
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: shinwa can turn his body into a shadow and do capoeira
Yelena: yeah but snake bites are sexy lol! hmm,..almost like pein from Naruto. All those he had were hot!
Fictionality / Reishura Fierlamue: Crap, Gotta go again guys.
I'll be back later.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: i have snake bites xD they are sexy as hell o.o
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "I will do my bet at raising Izabell. I will keep my first doggie!!! "
Yelena: See, sexy as hell,..and I am not the only one who knows it too! Oh yeah,....
ack....later Rei!
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: "Yelena will you and Rei rp with me? Or can I rp with Etherlite Please?
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: yelena has left rhans house right .-. lol
Yelena: well past his house and back at the school why? (I Frowns )
Yelena: (I I am so sorry Max, I would but I have to go now.)
Hopefully, I can get back on but, I doubt it tonight, tomorrow I will try though.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: shinwa sinks into his on shadow.izabell eats a small hole in rhans sells around his house as smoke letting shinwa as a shadow he forms behind li swinging a large scythe around and pressing the blade agenst te frount of her neck pulling alittle the staff of the blade still in the shadows.
izabell gets in the shadows as shinwa would leave pulling li with him izabell would help protect from magic. their bodys would be shadows before anybody could get to them and any spells would have been eaten by izabell.
once in the shadow shinwa takes li to his tower under the tech labs the tower begins mving and peaces throut the ground distroyng the tech labs. shinwa begins feeding off the students emotions having remeberd how taking many of them under his control and having them proctect the tower
he releces li "welcome home prinecess" demons in the tower dring her food and a throne shoots out the ground under her.
yuki would that work out :o
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Please wait, I am about to make a post. I am trying to make it somewhat more challenging."
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "I plan on making it very challenging. It would also give you more to post."
Lyus / Lyus (neko): Are we the last living souls?
Are we the last living souls?
Are we the last living souls?
Are we the last living souls?
Take a gun
Or how you say
That's no way you behave
Just a law, a new begin
Sing a song that doesn't sin
And it grows
Hey, you know
Are we the last living souls?
Are we the last living souls?
Are we the last to get away to some another day?
Do we know
Well, we know
Doesn't seem to be complete
Are we, are we the last living souls?
Are we the last living souls?
Are we the last living souls?
Are we the last living souls?
Get up, get up, get up, get up...
What you say?
Cause all I was on
I got it down wrong
I see myself to get
And the Lord, seeing all now
Can you take us in
The part that comin' on
The coldest man doesn't see it's all
We go to the car
I see you walk to the far
And when you get there do you see
You fit the last you need on me
Cause we're the last living souls
We're the last living souls
Yeah, we're the last living souls
We're the last living souls
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.HEY when is this happening? I need to know so I can see if Paterfamilia will be on at that time. AND Aiden thinks that this is going to be fun but he wonders if he can be in it.
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "RHan is about to leave, Li is going to sleep, and Rhan is setting up many traps and security guards."
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>...Will someone please rp with me? I am bored and I was hopping to have a good time.<<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: how was that shinwas attack is starting lol xD xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: What??? Now! Are you serious? Or joking? I am confused.
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: his tower is above ground and he just inslaved the npc students xD
Lyus / Lyus (neko): O green world,
Don't desert me now
Bring me back to fallen town
Where someone is still alive
Fighting for something new in this
When no one needs the heart of me and I'll
Get out somewhere other than me before...
(than me before...)
O green world
Don't deserve me now
I'm made of you and you of me
But where are we?
Oh no
Sells to lie
Phone with talk, you stars
Suppose you
Down when you're in fast
Cause it seems so little to you
But now you're in love, you know
You know, me too
You know, me too
I hope sex and drugs rust into my self, holy
It feels holy
It feels like you're with your father in the place you love...
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: ...do I do anything? Am I the only one who is curious about it. >>Hey shinwa you can't stop my powers since mine would just cancel out what would try to cancel mine. (That was a mouth full. )<<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: he has regain his memorys and can remeber so intersing things lol
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Sometimes I think you just say things and make abilities just so you can counter, overrun, and beat my facts... Especially since it happens so often. Least it feels like it."
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "Mostly the fact that you go around things and do all this stuff without or almost without any effort."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: rhan was there when shinwa ate kummas shadow and he knew its powers xD
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "it's mostly the fact that you do everything without any trouble, or just without very much trouble, as if it were so easy."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: dont worry about shinwa has all his memorys back so unless he eats somebodys powers he ant getting no new ones .-. xD ill make an edit to my skele when aiden is on because shinwa has no likes or year at academy xD
Yukimura / Li Shanghai: -p "That doesn't answer anything, you still do everything so easily almost without much effort."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: meh if a character seems like they are doing something without tring do they not seem better at it xD im tring to get that kinda feeling
Yukimura / Asia: -p "I hope you realize Devourers aren't only limited to the physical, they can also eat meta-physical things.."
-p "I know that, but you do it so often.."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: shinwa doesn care he feels hurt after remebering his family dieing and wants revenge
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >>Hey can I have the doggie soon shinwa? Please. It might turn into love at first sight. I love doggies!!!!<<
Yukimura / Asia: -p "I hope you still realize that doesn't change the fact that you still do it very often, as in do so many things without effort or much effort. Would it kill you to at least show difficulty doing (u some) things? It's not like your character is perfect, even at stuff he is good at."
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: maybe after shinwa is done using him xD it all depends on when he is done :o max go get rhan he can speed things up xD
NekoBoy / Max highmoon: >.umm yukimura sensay are you going to help the students? Because we could use some help. Please.<<
vipershore / Shinwa Seimeiryoku: well i guess challenge him to a spell casting contest he will lose challenge him to eating he will lose to li his shadow control isnt as good as yelenas and the demons under him and weaklings

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