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Roleplay - Eternity (closed for me and sis only) by Kitkara (Kitty) / Kitkara

The story that we are together writing. Don't bother us in trying to join, because you can't. We're playing all the characters already, and it's going to help with our co-op writing.

Roleplay Details

Obviously, we know the rules. We'll tone down the sexy parts, but... Still... ^^
(b ***)
Hello, my name is Ashley and I am a senior in high school. I am a blonde and kind of preppy and crazy, and good girlish, but not in the sense of “I’m better then you.” I was the new girl and at first was a bit shy until I met Paige and Laura. Paige showed me everything and gave me insights. I admired the way everyone seemed to like her. My parents’ are great and pretty much let me do anything I want because they trust my sense of judgment.
I have a story I believe you would like to hear about. It started closer to the end of the school year. A time I Know I will never forget. Once things started getting good something would come up and change it.
It was almost the end of the year. I couldn’t believe school was almost out. It went by so quick. I didn’t think it would have gone that fast especially when it was my first year there. I had moved in at the beginning of the year and already made a bunch of friends and had one best friend that had 4 classes with me (Paige). Then of course, this one guy I never stopped thinking about. We had a couple classes together and we sat together in one, which the teacher made us lab partners since he didn’t have one at the time. We all call him Sam or well that is what he prefers anyways. It was in chemistry and I walked up to the teacher and he gave me the only empty seat left. I went over to the table and when Sam looked up all I could do was stare. His eyes were the most beautiful baby blue eyes I had ever seen. He was wearing a buttoned down shirt with the top 3 buttons undone and nice blue jeans. I didn’t notice that I forgot to breathe until I got light headed. Then, he pulled the chair out for me to sit and introduced himself. His body was unbelievably gorgeous; I could see the figure of it through his clothes. To top it all off, I fell in love with his messy brown hair. I felt like running my fingers through his hair, but figured he would probably freak out.
I went over to my friend Paige’s house and we got ready for this huge end of school party Laura was having. She lived in this huge house and was always throwing parties every chance she could get and they were the bomb. If you were looking to hook up with someone then that was the perfect place. Laura loved playing matchmaker and was pretty good at it. She had a mission to hook me up with Sam, but I wasn’t up for it. Rejection was one thing I couldn’t handle. The last time it happened it left me scarred.
Paige was wearing a leather skirt with a tight shirt and a leather collar. I wore tight pants and a sleeveless, brown shirt with tall, black boots. We were ready to party the night away. Every time Laura threw a party we would stay the night with her so we didn’t go home messed up and also to help her clean up the next day.
It was around 10 when we made it over there and already a bunch of kids were there. As soon as you pulled up, you could hear the music and people talking. It wasn’t real loud, but loud enough. It was a good thing she didn’t have any close neighbors or we wouldn’t get away with this. As soon as we got in there, Laura came over and pulled me in so she could introduce me to a group of people. Paige went her on way and went to a group of people she knew. It seemed that Laura took me to Sam’s group and introduced me right away. Sam laughed and said that he already knew me from school because we were lab partners. Laura whispered in my ear that I seemed to of left that part out.
Paige then decided to join our little group and she fit right in, well that was because she had been at the school longer and knew pretty much everybody. I was still learning kids in my everyday classes. As soon as Paige walked over, it seemed to get quiet. You could have dropped a safety pin on the floor and it would have been like thunder in the house. Someone had walked in the front door, but I couldn’t quite tell who it was. Then it was as if nothing had happened and everything went back to how it was with all the music and chattering. Maybe it was just me, but boy was I caught up in the middle. Paige and Laura at the same time were like, “Ashley!!! Ashley!!! Are you ok?!” I snapped out of it and came back to reality and told them I was fine. When they looked over, it was like they new exactly what I was talking about. Sam said that girls shouldn’t waste their time looking at a guy who will never notice them and right there I knew he was talking about me from the way he was looking at me. I couldn’t help but blush a little. Then he walked away and went outside. I told the ladies to excuse me and followed him.
I asked Sam what exactly he meant by,” A girl should not waste their time looking at a guy when he would never notice them.” He didn’t answer me so I pressed the question and with a rougher voice told him that I could look at whom ever I wanted. Then, next thing I know his soft lips met mine. Everything was gone for those few seconds and my arms wrapped around him as he crept his way into my empty heart.
He pulled back and he said,” That’s why,” and I told him that it was good enough for me. Then, he kissed me again. I thought to myself that I could do this for a lifetime and then some. Of course somebody had to interrupt us, but when I saw Paige’s face, I knew it was for a good reason. I told Sam that Paige needed me and that we could continue later and he just smiled along with me till I went over to Paige and walked inside. Paige took me upstairs into a room and shut the door and turned on the light. She told me that something was defiantly wrong but she didn’t know what it was. I didn’t understand what exactly she meant by that and she seemed to see it with out me explaining. Paige was pacing back and forth explaining exactly what she could not figure out. All I understood was that it was about the guy that walked in the room. Well the one that I seemed to be caught in the moment with, when everything seemed to get dead quiet. She did not like him, but I thought something different about him. It was like I was connected to him when I have never seen him before in my life.(Even though it’s possible he has seen me before and maybe even knew exactly who I was, I would say stalker). I told Paige that maybe she should give him a chance and maybe get to know who he was before she judged. Then, she said that she would try, but she still thinks that something is up with him.
We both went back downstairs and Paige tripped right into the guy she already couldn’t stand. I just kept on walking and let her do what she needed to do especially because she had been single for most of the year after breaking up with her ex.
Sam came up and led me out to the balcony. As soon as we got out there he turned me around right into a kiss. He literally took my breath away and then I was running my hand through his messy brown hair. I pulled back to catch my breath and he just looked at me. Then, he told me that he had been waiting to do that since I became lab partners with him and of course I had the biggest smile on my face I swear it was from ear to ear. He grabbed my hand and asked if I would be his date to prom. I told him I would have to think about it and then kissed him and said yes. He laughed and told me I was a quick thinker. Then, we went back in for some more “refreshments.”
I was getting pretty wasted, but having the time of my life and when I saw Laura I told her that she didn’t need to do her magic on Sam and I. She asked me why and I said that he asked me to prom. Then, she looked down and was like “DAMN!” I asked her what was wrong and she said that she wanted to be the one to hook us up. I told her that she should go work on Paige and that one dude that you guys caught me starring at when I first got here and she was already on her way to find Paige.
Laura found me sitting with Sam and some of his friends. She said that Paige didn’t need her either because she couldn’t even find them anywhere in the house. I laughed and said that today must be lovers’ night and we all laughed and I looked at Sam and caught him smiling right at me.
Laura and I jumped up when we heard our favorite song play and dragged the boys up with us so we could dance. I guess no one ever thought that I could dance the way Laura and I were dancing. At first they were shocked then just went along with it. The song was over so I was heading back to my seat and Sam pulled me into him as the slow song came on. He smelled so good and the warmth of his body just made me want to stay for eternity in his arms. I felt safe like never before and I could not figure out what was coming over me. I mean I have never felt this urge to never want to be away from him, like he was already apart of me.
Then I saw Paige come down the stairs and it ruined my moment because there was something different about her but I didn’t understand what it was. Of course that same dude came right behind her. Sam must of saw my face and said that his name was Joseph and that he was a really cool dude and there is nothing to worry about. I looked at him and his face gave me assurance so I just went back into his arms for the next slow dance.
It was 1 in the morning and we were all laughing and having fun and I could barely move from all the alcohol I had consumed. Paige and the Joseph dude was laughing along with us and they looked pretty cozy but I still thought something was going on and I knew that I would find out later when all the girls get together to tell what they did with a certain someone.
Randomly this tall, slender girl came over with this taller buff, blond-haired guy who was most likely her “lover.” She asked if we were up for a game of strip or dare. Of course I was the first one to say that you might as well just say dare because most of us would do the dare so technically it would be just a game of dare because no stripping would be going on. Everybody else was like sure the new girl (whose name is Katlyn) could start. She decided to dare Sam to go in the other room with her. He automatically stood up and I looked at him like are you serious. Then, he threw his shirt at me. I saw a glimpse of anger in Katlyn then it disappeared and she told Sam it was his turn. He dared Laura to spin around 3 times and when she stopped, the person behind her got to make out with her. She got up, turned 3 times and stopped. She looked behind her and she had to make out with……..me. Sam gave this look like no way I have to see this. Well we made out like it was no big deal and Sam’s face made me laugh. He said that I wasn’t as innocent as I look. I giggled and told him,” you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” It was Laura’s turn and she dared Paige to bite Joseph’s nipple. She shook her head and when she lifted his shirt up she gasped when she saw a piercing there and then bit it. Joseph closed his eyes and you could tell that he liked it.
Out of nowhere a beautiful women-looking person was standing over Joseph and Paige. I automatically thought catfight and Sam got up to make sure everything was ok and told me to stay back. Joseph took the women by the arm and took her outside. Sam said that her name was Samantha and that she was sort of Joseph’s mistress kind of person. It was weird to see Sam and Katlyn follow and then I was stumped when I saw Paige get up and go out there. I grabbed her and asked her what was going on. She just looked at me then turned away like I didn’t even say anything to her. Laura got up beside me and I knew she was wondering what was going on and since it was her house we went outside too to make sure nothing was going on or that nobody would get hurt. We stepped outside and there wasn’t anyone in sight. So, Laura and I went back inside and the night was over because of a big party foul.
Monday at school it seemed that Paige was avoiding me or well not talking to me anyways and I didn’t know if I was more worried or upset. I figured that she would find me when she wanted to talk or hang out. Then, when I went to my chemistry class my lab partner was there and I walked right up to him and sat down. He looked at me, put his hands up and said sorry about bailing out at the party. Then, explained that Joseph, Samantha, and Paige needed to talk, but Joseph wanted him there to keep things under control. Samantha didn’t like that Joseph was doing things with Paige but technically Samantha and Joseph aren’t together but more like cutty buddies. Paige was more of someone he could form a relationship with. It is just all confusing and retarded. I looked over, gave him a kiss and said that I wasn’t upset just worried. He told me that I didn’t have to worry about him because he would be with me as much as possible until I didn’t want him around anymore. I liked that idea and told him that he could stay as long as possible.
Things were great between Sam and I. Even Paige started hanging around more and it was not the same because she was not the same. I managed to hold a conversation with her. The only thing she seemed to tell me was that being with Sam was not the greatest idea. I couldn’t believe what she was saying; I didn’t believe she would say something to me like that. It was like she had an epiphany or something. Her attitude was different and she wasn’t as interested in me. She was either with Joseph or by her self. Sam kept a lot of that off of my mind especially since we were always together. Everyday for the rest of the two weeks he walked me to class, to my car or gave me a ride home. He even started coming over to my house and my parents liked him so he was over everyday.
I started to notice that one day Joseph and Samantha would be walking down that hallway and Paige not far behind with a scarce look on her face or it would be the opposite with Samantha not far behind them. I thought it was pretty weird, but never mentioned it to Sam.
Prom was great. I spent the entire day getting ready and making sure I looked absolutely perfect for Sam. He deserved my best and I was going to give it to him. I wore a dress that tied around my neck and as it went down my legs it was short at one side and got longer as it went around my legs. It wasn’t too tight but hugged my body enough to show my figure off. It was a beautiful dark, sparkly blue with black heels that had no backs to it. Hair was curled and reached down past the middle of my back (Sam told me that he thought my hair looked better down). I wore dangly earrings and a matching necklace that insinuated my neckline. A few days before I had also gone and got my nails done with blue tips that were short along with my toenails (I will never do again because I hate strangers touching my feet).
Waiting for Sam seemed to take forever. The dance was not starting until 8 pm. I watched the clock tick by… seconds seemed like hours… 7:30… 7:31… 7:32… 7:40… 7:45… there was a knock on the door. I walked as fast as possible in my heels to the door. It was Sam and as I looked at him in awe I forgot how to breathe. It seemed he felt the same because we just stood there in silence. He then told me that I looked better then he imagined and that I would be the most beautiful girl there at the dance. I wanted to cry, but remembered that I didn’t get waterproof makeup. He was wearing a suit that had a silky dark blue vest underneath the jacket. Underneath the vest looked like a lighter blue button up. It looked amazing on him and I swear he looked better than me. I moved out of the way so he could walk in and as he came in he caressed my face with the back of his hand. He slipped a gorgeous corset onto my wrist. It matched my outfit perfectly. He once again told me I looked beautiful and we walked out the door.
I didn’t win the royalty but I didn’t care because I was there with Sam, who I had grown to love without noticing it. Samantha was crowned queen and some other gorgeous dude was named king. Paige seemed happy because Joseph was her date and they did make a good couple or well from the looks of it anyways. Sam and I danced the night away and then we went for a walk outside which was like the most beautiful night ever. All of the stars were so bright and the moon, too. Sam looked deeply in my eyes and made sure I knew I looked absolutely beautiful, grabbed my hand and asked me if I wanted to be with him forever. I told him yes that I felt he was apart of me and I wouldn’t know what to do without him around. Then, he asked if I would do anything to be with him. I said,” of course.” Sam leaned in and kissed me passionately for what seemed longer than it was and then he started kissing me down my neck and told me that he loved me but if I didn’t want to be with him then he would leave. I made him look at me and told him I loved him that nothing would make me happier just to be in his arms and to know that he would be there when I woke the next day. So, next thing I know he bit my neck and I felt invincible. It didn’t hurt but it kind of turned me on. I don’t know what was going on but I could feel my chromosomes shifting in my body. Everything looked different, smelled different, seemed different. It was like I was a new person. Then, I saw Sam’s face, with blood on his lips and not exactly fangs, but some over long, sharp teeth. They were Kind of like K-9 teeth. It scared me especially when I took my hand and put it where he bit me. I looked at my hand it was blood. It freaked me out until I smelled and it was like the best thing I ever smelled before. The aroma made me thirsty like never before and I just looked at Sam. We then left and went to his place.
I didn’t know if I was thirsty or horny. It was that weird but I just felt sexy and uncontrollable along with irresistible. I was all over Sam in the car, and on the way to the house. He opens the door and stops dead in his tracks. I didn’t notice at first so it was like running into a brick wall. I looked around him to see Katlyn there. I was confused when she hissed as I walked around Sam to his side. Sam told Katlyn she had no need to be in his house, but he said it in a voice I had never known he could’ve had. To any normal person it would of scared them away, but it didn’t bother me. Katlyn just looked a little shocked and she said that there was no need to get upset and that she just wanted to talk. She got up and started walking around the room. Sam told me to sit down and not interfere. It seemed like hours had gone by as Katlyn and Sam were going at each other. Then, I heard Sam say that I was apart of him and he couldn’t stand to be away from me and that Katlyn would have to accept that because they were over and done with. He moved on. I knew then the reason Katlyn hissed at me. I had something she couldn’t have and she couldn’t bear it. I laughed and I thought it was to myself until Sam and Katlyn both looked at me. Katlyn gave a horrible, nasty look and asked if I thought it was funny. I rolled my eyes and didn’t even want to get into it with her but as soon as I turned my head she was in my face and Sam threw her out that door. I thought I was losing it. I thought I was dreaming. Then, Paige, Joseph and Samantha burst through the door. Sam told Joseph that he was getting tired of replacing the door and then they both laughed. Joseph started circling around me and was like checking me out. Then, said,” so this is the new member and she seems to be tame, which is unlikely, is she really one of us?” Then I looked at Sam and repeated,” one of us?” Joseph smiled and said,” So he hasn’t explained what is going on with you?” Sam told Joseph that he hadn’t had the chance because an unexpected visitor was in the house. Joseph laughed and said Katlyn is still trying huh? Then, Paige out of nowhere gave me this bear hug and told me that she was so happy to have me back in her life. I pulled back and told her that she was the one that up and left me. Sam then guided me to another room so he could explain everything that was going on. He told me that he was a vampire. I burst out into laughter and had tears in my eyes. I looked up at Sam and he was dead serious. He told me that it would explain how I feel and why the blood I had on my hand smelled so exquisite and the reason I felt thirsty, and uncontrollable, invincible, sexy and irresistible. I asked if he felt that way, too? He told me that he always felt that way but you learn to control it, but it does get easier. I was so confused and then I looked up at him with a smile and said so that is what you meant by forever. He smiled and told me that I was catching on. Then Sam started to make out with me then he ripped the straps off my dress then I said not right now maybe later. Since he ripped my dress to shreds, he gave me his button down shirt and a pair of boxers to wear. Then, we walked in the living room and everyone was starring at us. Then, Katlyn walks in and grabs Sam and walked in the kitchen. Katlyn said I don’t know how to put this… your dad was killed by some wolves. Sam asked her when it had happened and Katlyn didn’t know for sure. Then, he fell to his knees and the whole house shook. I was the first one to the kitchen along with everyone else behind me. As soon as I saw Sam on his knees I ran over to him and my heart ached for him even though I didn’t know what was wrong. He hugged my hips so tight and I was glad it didn’t hurt me. Katlyn said she was sorry and then left. Everyone else cleared out as well. I was left there with him and I fell to my knees and put my hands on his face and asked him what was wrong. It was almost as if the life was taken out of him. He told me that his father was killed. Then, said that the wolves that are our enemies got to him and tore him apart.
We sat in the kitchen for a couple of hours and his head was laid on my lap and I had my fingers going through his hair. Something came over him and he got up and pulled me to his room. I don’t know how he did it but it was like he went back to how he was just a few hours before. He started kissing me and I ripped his shirt off as he did mine. I couldn’t stand waiting to take his clothes off so I ripped his pants off and he stopped, looked at his pants, then me and said,” Aw those were my favorite pair,” and then we laughed and he ripped any remaining clothes off of my body.
I swear the temperature was boiling hot and who knows how long we were going on. This was my first and I never dreamed of being this erotic with a man. I loved the way he caressed my body with kisses until I couldn’t stand it anymore. It made me want him so bad and it was like he was teasing me, but oh did it feel good. I made him come back up to me so I could kiss him. I flipped myself on top of him and began to kiss his lips, to his chin, and down his neck. He stopped me and I could tell that he wanted to be in control, which I was fine with.
At first, he lightly brushed my sides and started to coax my arms up above my head and pinned them together with one hand, while he brought his other one down my body. It sent shivers and unknown feelings down to my toes.
It hurt at first, then the pain turned into pleasure and I didn’t want him to stop. My nails were digging in to his back and he smiled at me then he pushed harder. We were all over the place, knocking things over, breaking everything that got in our way. Then, it happened and I got so overwhelmed, this pleasure I had never experienced which I knew was the orgasm and it was unbelievable and I knew Sam felt it, too. It was all over and he laid me on his chest, and kissed me on the forehead.
When I woke up it was nighttime and he was not in the room. I put his shirt on and then I heard the shower turn on. I went in the bathroom thinking it was Sam, but as soon as I stepped in I got this foul odor that I couldn’t understand. Whoever was in the shower opened the door and stepped out.
This man stepped out of Sam’s shower with water dripping off every inch of his perfect body. He had incredible biceps that stood out more with his gorgeous bronze tan.
He kept walking towards me and my body started to tremble. I had no clue why I was so afraid. Then, I knew what it was as soon as he said, “Not only did I get to take away his only family left, but also his lover, his soul mate.” That right there told me I was in danger because I remembered that Sam told me that his father was killed by a wolf and this man just admitted to killing him so he must be a wolf and I was his next target. I started to back up and he knew that I knew what it was. So, he kept walking forwards and then, I hit a wall. I then, remembered that I might possibly be able to outrun him. So, I took off like a bullet and then I was stopped. It was Katlyn and she didn’t seem to look very happy. She started circling me and told me that I didn’t deserve to have somebody like Sam, that I wasn’t worthy of his love. So I said,” And you are”? Katlyn didn’t like that too much and she saw the wolf and pushed me towards him and I fell to the ground. Next thing I know, I hear fighting and things breaking. I see that Sam was fighting the wolf and Katlyn was nowhere in sight so I figured she left. To my surprise I see Katlyn run in with Joseph, Samantha, Paige, and a couple other dudes who was Adam and Ben. I had never really seen them so I don’t know where they came from. Katlyn whispered something to Ben and while Joseph was helping Sam with the wolf, Ben came over and picked me up and took me outside.
I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, but it was like I was drugged and I couldn’t move. I didn’t know where he was taking me and I was scared. I tried to scream for Sam, but he covered my mouth and told me I was better off not saying anything. He finally put me down and put a stake through me and I thought I was going to die but all it did was paralyze me. As I was lying there I actually cried which I didn’t think vampires could do. Yes I was hurting but not from the stake. It hurt to know that I gave up my life for others who didn’t want me and now I was going to die. My heart broke knowing that I would never be able to hear Sam’s voice, put my fingers through his messy hair or be in the warmth of his arms ever again. I did know that Sam loved me and wouldn’t let Katlyn get away with this and it gave me a little relief.
I thought I was hallucinating when I heard the slightest voice and it was calling my name. It seemed to get closer and closer but also farther from my mind. It’s voice started to get louder and louder and then I knew it was Sam. I closed my eyes and concentrated on where his voice was coming from and I knew the slightest sound or movement would give him an idea of where I was. With all my strength I had left I whispered,” Sam”?! Then, once more as I started to slip into the unknown I said,” SAM”, with the most faintest voice I had. The footsteps where getting quicker and louder, quicker and louder, as I lay there. I opened my eyes and there was Sam standing right over me.
I found his hands on my face with the most sincere and protective look in his eyes and He told me that this was going to hurt like hell and he quickly pulled the stake out of my chest and ran me back into his house. I didn’t want to go back to his house because I was afraid of who might try to kill me again. He reassured me that he wouldn’t ever let me out of his sight again and that he was so sorry about not getting to me sooner. He laid me on his bed and I pulled him down on to me and told him that I trust him as much as I loved him, but Katlyn and the other 2 guys I didn’t trust. He told me that Katlyn and Ben would not bother me anymore. I told him that I needed to call my parents so they wouldn’t be worried and he said it was already done and that they were fine with me staying with Sam during his family reunion. He said that was where we were going to go in a couple days. We were going to head up to Pennsylvania from Wisconsin.
We were just lying there and I told him that I felt and did things with or around him that I would’ve never done with anyone else. He asked if it was a bad thing and I said,” No of course not, it’s a good thing but still new to me and I’m not talking about being vampire.” He pulled me over to him and caressed my body onto his. I said that I could be here for eternity and he just smiled and kissed my four head.
We had so much fun on the way to Pennsylvania. I didn’t think a car could go as fast as we were going and it was awesome. I turned the music down and he looked at me and asked what was wrong? I asked,” Do you think they will like me?” He laughed and told me that they would be happy just because he finally found someone he wants to settle down with. I didn’t even have to ask because he told me that he didn’t take any other girl to his reunion and also never turned someone he loved. I smiled and he put his arm around me and pulled me to him as we drove into the night.
We stopped at a restaurant to eat and yes vampires do eat human food but it does not fulfill the thirst for human blood. It was a nice place and we got seated as soon as we got in there so I guessed he went there a lot or use to. He ordered some wine and as we were waiting for our food, he came over to me and got down on one knee. He said,” I like to do things the old fashioned way,” then he pulled out a tiny box, opened it, grabbed my hand and asked me to marry him. I gasped and as he looked into my eyes I said yes as I lunged myself to hug him. He kissed me and slid the 3-diamond ring on my hand. All I could do was look at the ring and smile and then put my hand on top of his.
We got our food and the great thing with Sam and I was besides being lovers we were also like best friends. So we could hold many conversations and just have fun. It didn’t matter where we were, we could just have fun with what we had. The food was great but it didn’t taste the same as it did when I was human. Really it was convenient so we could fit in more and not blow our cover and nobody would suspect what we were.
We left the restaurant and about 20 minutes later we were at the reunion. There were so many people and then I saw Katlyn, Paige, Samantha, Joseph, Ben and Adam with a group of people I didn’t know. Before we got out of the car I had to ask Sam what the wolf meant when he told me that he killed your only family you had left. He took a deep breath and tried to explain that his father was the only one left in his immediate family because his mother died years before. Then said that the people here are other relatives who are vampires and also close friends. As we walked up to everyone, he whispered in my ear that if his mother and father were here they would really like me. Then he held my hand as he introduced me to so many people I was turning in circles just trying to remember everyone’s name.
Sam took me into this old style ranch house and there was a beautiful elderly lady sitting with a man at her side who was very handsome and I knew it was Sam’s family because it looked that that was who Sam got his looks from. He introduced me and it was his grandparents’ from his father’s side. His grandmother took me into her arms and told me she had been waiting for the day he would finally meet someone worthy. Then, his grandfather told me that he was glad that I came and I told him that I was, too. Sam sat me down on a couch across from them. His grandmother saw the ring on my hand and grabbed my hand. She said that it had been her mother’s and that she gave it to Sam to give to the right lady and he would know when the right one would come. She also told me it looked perfect on my finger and asked when the wedding was. Sam laughed and told her we just got engaged and that we could get married when ever I wanted. Then, unexpectedly, Katlyn walked in and asked me if I would go and speak with her. Sam was hesitant at first, but told me it was fine and I would be safe to go with her.
We went for a walk up the hill and it was beautiful. Pennsylvania was known for the tall redwood trees. Katlyn got in front of me and turned towards me. I stood there wondering what was going to happen next. I mean she took me up where no one could see us so I wondered if she was planning my death. Then she grabbed my hands and started to cry. For some reason I wrapped my arms around her and held her, but to this day I don’t know why I did it for the way she had treated me before.
She pulled back and told me that she was sorry for what she had done and that she did not mean to hurt me in any way. She admitted not to being jealous but she admired me. I gave her a questioning look and she sat me down and told me that she admired how Sam looked at me. As if I was his life, like without me he could not live. She then explained about how her and Sam use to be a thing but it was years ago and she just really never moved on until now. Again Katlyn apologized and asked if there was anything she could do or if ever we could be friends. I told her that she could start by being a friend herself and to make herself happy because as long as she was happy she would not hurt anyone else. She nodded; we hugged, and walked back down the hill.
We sat down with all the crew; Sam, Samantha, Joseph, Paige, Adam and Ben. I smiled at Katlyn as she returned it and Sam seemed to understand and put his arm around me. Katlyn put her hand over Ben’s and he held it.
(r ***)
My name is Paige, nothing really special about me. Just me. I live here in this small town, not really caring about the lives of others… Not many things capture my interest here… Gossip and what other people think about me are just petty time wasters. Not like I need to do that anyways.
There are however very rare exceptions to every rule… Ashley being one of them. She is really the only one I /want/ to talk to even though we are almost completely different. Not many people capture my interest but her… She is just… Opposite me, it intrigues me.
It’s the last period of the day… as every one else buzzed about how they will come back with dark skin and mental retardation I contemplate how I will spend this evening with Laura and Ashley. I figure I’ll wear my leather outfit, and my tight leather corset. I figure my knee-high leather boots, will make a great addition to the costume.
Tick-tock, tick tock… The clock takes forever.
“Ugh!” I sigh, “Why does time move so /slowly/? I hate school.” The bell rang and I was first one out. I hate the fact that school on the last day, everyone decides to hang out at the school… I grabbed Ashley as soon as I saw her and dragged her out of the crowd.
I drive her to my house… I let her get dressed, trying on my outfits that I never wear. She finally settled on a pair of my tight dark jeans, and a brown halter-top with a big brass ring that shows her cleavage (It was an outfit my parents bought me and I didn’t want to hurt their feelings so I at least kept it and now had the chance of getting rid of it once and for all). She pulls on her black boots, and we head out to my big black Titan. We head over to Laura’s secluded party house, and made our way in the door. I went to go off and leave Ashley alone with her friends… There are just some times that I can’t be with the same person all the time. I need a change often.
I was on my way from one group to where Ashley was, and I noticed the group quiet a bit, and Ashley staring at the door. I glance out of the corner of my eye, and capture a glimpse of Joseph. He, I was never interested in, so I decided to keep walking and stop to break her of her trance.
“Ashley?! Ashley?! Are you okay?” I ask after her stare intensified. She snapped out of it at once.
I looked over and saw Sam thinking about Ashley… You could tell he wanted to be intimate with her, so I left her to it. I walked over to the stairs and sat alone for a minute… Joseph came over and sat down next to me. He asked me what was wrong, and what I had planned…
“Nothing really… Just giving Ashley her privacy.” I say in a bored tone. I really don’t care for him talking to me.
“Mm,” he hums “Come with me. I want to show you something.”
I eye him suspiciously, and stand up following him up the stairs. He leads me into one of the spare bedrooms, holds the door for me, and gently nudges me inside. He shuts and locks the door behind him.
“What are you doing? I—“ I stammer but he raises a hand to silence me. His green eyes were penetrating my own in a sort of trance.
“Now, don’t scream. No one can hear you over the music anyways.” He said this with somewhat of a sadistic smile. I break away from his gaze, and run for the door. He beats me there, and I run for the window. He beats me there too. There is something wrong about him… I can feel danger. He backs me to a wall and pins each of my wrists to either side of my head effortlessly. He was so strong. I whimper as his lips trace over my jaw and down my neck to my throat where he kisses me gently, then moving quickly to the other side. He bites me.
There was no pain. There was no torment. I liked it oddly. But I felt my body change. I was… indestructible. I was… I felt Beautiful. The change was quick, but I could feel my strength double in power. I struggled against him while he continued to linger at my neck. I couldn’t feel what was happening. He looks up at me, his mouth stained red with what used to be my blood. I struggle harder, trying to get free.
“Stop. There is no point in fighting me. I know who you are. I know everything about you. I fell in love with you at first sight. Please don’t hate me for it, but I turned you—“
“You /turned/ me? What are you talking about? What’s going on?” I ask confused and scared.
“You are a /vampire/ Paige. You are one of us. Sam is one too. Please try not to warn Ashley. You can’t tell her anything. Just… Stay away. If I find out that you told her anything before we turn her as well… You wont like our… First time.”
And with that, the thirst came. I didn’t want water, no soda or juice. I thirsted for… /Blood/. He let me go, licking the last remaining drops of blood I had on my shoulder, and let me out of the room. I walk downstairs, confused, and disorientated. I felt strong and powerless at the same time. But I had to warn Ashley. I had to tell her not to hang out with Sam. He and his… Friends’, were Vampires, and I didn’t want that for my Best friend.
I find her, locked together with him and rush over to her. I look for a part as to not interrupt too much, and call her name. I lead her upstairs and begin talking.
“Ashley, please… There is something wrong with Sam. There is something… Different. Please believe me when I say this. You need to be careful. I can’t have you…” Something hissed. I heard it and snap my head to the door. “Please just be careful Ashley.” I give her a hug, and then walk out quickly.
Joseph was standing behind the door. Obviously agitated at me.
“I thought I told you not to tell her anything.” He snarled.
“I didn’t tell her anything about… Us. Now please, don’t be angry with me. I’m not really comfortable with this. And… I still can’t believe that you of all people would fall in love with me. You really don’t expect me to believe that you know ever…”
“I know that for your birthday last year, you parent’s got you that outfit that Ashley is wearing. And you don’t want anyone to know that it’s yours. I know that you were born on December 30th, 1991, and I know that you of all people, had no interest in me, which is why I singled you out. You annoyed me because you weren’t interested in me.”
“Well, I’m still not.” I say with slight boredom again. I move toward the stairs, and Ashley walks out… Joseph hides behind the door again, and she walks past me looking confused. I mean to follow her, but Joseph grabs me by my neck and throws me on the floor pinning me down.
“I said your first time would be hell right?” He smiles sadistically. “I know what you like M’dear. I’ve always known. You are so /dirty/ aren’t you?” I glare at him. “Well, it looks like you will just have to learn all about /me/ now.”
He picks me up off the floor still a tight hold on my neck. He shoves me into the room and closes the door locking the door behind him again.
“You know, your collar looks really good on you. I think we should add to it. He takes my hands and wraps a chain around them behind my back. Then attaches it to my collar, and begins to feel me up. I struggle against the chain, but… I figure that he already knew I could break it and decided to allow him to go on. He begins removing my boots… I really felt uncomfortable so I try and break my bonds… But I can’t move. It’s like I’m paralyzed. I struggle in my head, but it’s no use. Both boots are off now, and he moves up to my skirt. He gently removes that too. He moves up to my chest, unzipping the corset and letting it fall to the floor.
“Now M’dear, you are to do exactly as I say. Do you understand? His eyes still transfixed mine but the paralysis was lifting. I understood that he had the power to control people’s physical self. I didn’t know how, but he some how knew that we would be perfect. And at that point, I finally noticed him. His eyes, a green color, turned suddenly black as he heard someone approach. He let me go, and told me to get dressed… And hurry. Laura knocked on the door. I had just got my corset back on, and the door flew open. Laura looked at me, while Joseph sat in the corner, agitated.
“Everything alright? Was I interrupting something?” She asked a bit skeptical.
“I… I was just doing a—“
“She was doing a show for me, and you kind of were loud coming up the stairs.” Joseph said in a restrained voice. “We will continue later.”
He grabs my arm leading me out and back down stairs. We find Ashley wasted beyond recognition, and I sit next to Joseph trying not to look at her. A long slender blond walked up. She wanted to play Strip or dare. We all agreed, and when my turn came, I was dared to bite Joseph’s nipple. Not something I would do particularly in public, but I decided it was better than stripping… I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I lifted his shirt slowly, and his eyes flashed in happiness, Then back to bored. I gasped, surprised to find it was pierced, and bit it anyways, hoping not to bite hard enough to draw blood. I could tell he enjoyed that but I felt him stiffen as Samantha walked in and pulled him away. I followed because he asked me to under his breath.
Him and I went to his house… He made me follow him again with his weird power… his house was like that of a medieval/modern dungeon. His punk attitude fit well with it. I don't remember much about Samantha, but mainly that she was his Mistress before me... (Which I try like hell to block out.) I remember an argument and him smacking her across the face, and her leaving in tears... But that’s about it.
The sadistic smile that pulled at the corner of his lips made me shiver. Was he really going to hit /me/? I backed up slowly bumping into the wall and trying to figure out a way to escape. Somehow, I couldn't think of a coherent thought, which puzzled me, and next thing I knew, his cool breath was down my neck, hovering over the bite he'd given me earlier. I gasped, unable to move and trembled as his hands caressed my hips, sliding up my corset, and around each of my breasts before one hand traced the center of my chest down, and the other one gently took hold of my neck. I couldn't speak, or move, or think.
He then brought me to his room and locked the door… 4 locks and keys, then put the keys around his neck. He made it a game.
“You get to leave the room, if you can get the keys. You don’t get the keys, we stay here for a while.” He smiles slightly.
“Alright then, you don’t get to use your power then. It’s not fair if I can’t move. And… I have a secret of my own if you’ll allow me to state it.” I tease him. He releases me, and then I walk around him.
“Hmm, I see you have taken some interest with me… Why the change?” He asks eying me suspiciously.
“I never said you could have me did I? I just saw you differently since you turned me.” With that he grabbed for my neck again, but I dodged it. “Please don’t try and catch me. I’m really fast ya know.”
“Don’t make me use /my/ power. You still need the keys.” He said, looking at me like he was daring me to grab them. I walked slowly to him, teasing him. If I wanted the keys, I would have taken them. Do with me as you wish. I suppose I can’t stop you.”
He pounces on me. I can’t move again, and it’s unfair. I don’t struggle as he ties each arm above my head to a big X-shaped cross. Then my ankles to the ends, and he hurriedly undresses me as he goes. Finally fully restrained, and undressed, he sets about undressing himself. His body, toned and defined by his pale skin. My jaw drops in amazement.
“What’s wrong?” He asks… I regain my composure, trying to find the right words.
“You… Are dead sexy… Literally.” I say in awe. “So I’m not allowed to touch you at all?” I ask pleading. He walks over to me, resting one hand on my lower back and pulling him closer to my body. He caresses my cheek, and kisses me passionately. I just about melted into a million pieces. His hand rips off my collar. I’m disappointed, but I don’t care. I don’t need it. His hands linger rubbing my neck, squeezing occasionally.
“Did I ever tell you… that you look absolutely beautiful?”
“Mm, No. You never did” I say my body shaking with joy.
“You are mine tonight. Now please try not to struggle. I don’t want to have to use my power on you.” He said. And he took me by the waist, guiding himself into place while my body ran hot. He kissed me, and I bit his neck back, Dragging my daggered teeth across his skin, and down to his chest. Then licking my way up to his jaw and kissing his lips again.
We finished the night on the floor. We made way too much of a mess on the bed. The sheets torn apart, and pillows ripped to nothing but chunks of cloth and feathers. The mattress was missing pieces of foam, and the bed had collapsed under the sheer force of our session. He reminded me to not let him forget ordering a new bed-frame made out of a stronger metal.
I woke up the next evening, unable to comprehend why I was alone in bed. Then I froze. I couldn't move, and I sighed in relief. He'd been waiting in the shadows for me to wake up, and got up on the bed behind me, his hands on my upper arms while his tongue traced over my jawline. I couldn't help myself, moaning softly at his touch.
“You changed your mind on liking me yet?” he teased, seeming slightly bored by his tone. I couldn't move still and he'd grabbed something from out of his pocket. “Close your eyes...” He whispered, and placed what seemed to be a choker or a collar around my neck. “I'm sorry for ruining yours last night... This one is... More durable then the last one.” He teased, and let me move again. My hand traced lightly over the thin velvet of the collar, working over the inlaid chain that surrounded it. I gasped, turning around to look at him.
“You got me a collar?” She asked, almost in shock. He nodded and she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him as passionately as the night before.
“We have to get moving,” He breathed into the kiss and I sighed. Looking at him, his eyes were closed, and when he opened them, they were full of compassion, and love... Something that'd I'd not seen in his brilliant green eyes before. Running a hand through his long hair, he sighed, and his eyes were the normal cool calm and “don't give a shit” look.
Getting up, I realized that I had nothing to wear. Again, I was frozen, and my hands lifted up to a T. I was confused, and made to ask, but I couldn't speak. I growled under my breath at him and he chuckled at me. His hands slipped around my waist and he kissed my neck from behind once before leaving to get something. He returned with a satin black dress, with some matching black heels. He slipped the dress on me, over my head, and made me step into my heels.
I then was released, going back to the dresser to retrieve some underwear. “No.” He said, and stopped me. “You're not going with them tonight.”
“Great...” I mumbled and walked out of the room with him right behind me, his hand on the small of my back.
The weeks passed, and I couldn't even look at Ashley without a hiss in my direction. I ignored it a couple of times, and felt miserable. She was my Best Friend. And I had to keep that secret.
Samantha walked with Joseph a lot of the time. It angered me, but I showed no interest. I was tired of being jealous over someone like her. She wasn't good enough for him anyways.
I was however, teased and tormented every night. He was genuinely a compassionate sadist. I loved him for it. And not all of it was about sex either. A lot of the time, he'd bite me, drink from me, and tease me about not being able to do the same. I was his puppet, his pin-up doll, and I was completely happy with that.
We'd gotten up one evening, after some rest after school and went over to Sam's house.
Ashley was there. I was surprised! I hugged her, and told her it was good to have her back. But when she said I was the one who left her, I kinda felt bad about not being able to talk to her about it... But I'd tell her later. Much later.
I remember faintly something happening to Ashley. She'd been stabbed with a stake, but by who... I couldn't remember. I was drugged or something... (By what I know now to be Katlyn's doing)
Joseph took me home to his house, and sighed. “What am I going to do with you?” I just shrugged slightly, not really paying any attention to anything. He'd noticed I'd been drugged and growled into his teeth. He'd get her back later.
Turns out I didn't see much of Ashley after that. We'd gone out to Pennsylvania. Joseph had a house on a farm out there, and a lot of animals! He was really much kinder when back home. I enjoyed this side of him, and he often teased me about starting to fall for him. Of course, my prideful self rejected that as hodgepodge.
We had gone to the family reunion shortly after arriving. I met quite a few more of our kind. Joseph wouldn't talk about his family though. It was more the fact that he'd gotten into some bad things before he'd met everyone here and I didn't pry.
He was however, better off at home. He was much happier and I could tell. He'd be at my side at every moment, only leaving to do something quickly and come back to hover again. I had to admit, I loved the attention, and gave him my soul when he left. Even though it was only a moment or two, I still felt a void where I knew he should be.
One particular night, he had my hands tied behind my back with a heavy duty chain (One that I couldn't break) attached to my collar. “Struggle all you want.” He said as he tied my legs down to the floor with the same type of chain. I tested it out and whimpered when he smiled at me devilishly.
“Now, I know you won't go anywhere.” I felt my body move, and test out the bonds in way that I'd never have thought of. He seemed smug in his assessment and gave me back control of myself. I sighed and asked why.
“Because, I want to be able to leave knowing you're safe. If you're chained up here like so, you aren't going anywhere. I can leave you in a safe place...” He traced his index finger under my chin making me look into his eyes. “... I don't have to worry about anything getting to you.”
“Like what?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. “I've nothing to fear.”
“You'll fear a werewolf. And Samantha if she ever gets her hands on you. She's been begging me to take over as your mistress. I'm quite tired of her stalking us too. It's getting rather annoying. And Ashley was attacked by a werewolf. I'm keeping tabs on you, and your fearless attitude, will get you hurt. I'm making sure you can't be reckless.” He finished the thought with a kiss to the corner of my mouth and stroked my cheek before walking out of the room. I yelled for him, and he came back with a sigh. “Please don't make me gag you. I'd like to be able to hear you if there /is/ an emergency.” I shuddered and fell quiet, watching him close and lock the door behind him.
I had room to move and walk around in a very small circle so I sat down where I was. I pulled at the chains again and sighed, knowing full well what he'd do if I broke my collar. I growled again and tried to find something to do in the boredom.
Some time later, though I had nodded off, I heard someone at the door. Sitting up, I yawned and waited patiently for the lock to unlock. Instead, the door fell completely of it's hinges with a loud bang, and I screamed. My body froze after that, looking at the big muscular man walking through it. I trembled and saw him doing the same... Though out of what seemed to be rage. My chains rattled, and he seemed to be distracted by it.
“Hey... Look boys..” He smiled and stopped trembling. I, frozen in fear, looked up at him. He was huge, well... Bigger then I was, and two of his friends walked through the door to investigate. They chuckled to themselves and started talking amongst themselves. “He keeps her as a pet, not a lover.” He teased and kicked at my chains. I squirmed and he chuckled again, talking to them.
Before I could speak one word, his hand picked up the chains on the floor, and undid them from the bolts on the floor, and wrapped them around my legs tightly I tried to kick them off but though I was much faster, they were stronger.
They put something over my face... A shirt, or bag, or something... I couldn't tell. I know I was carried outside, and could hear the car in the distance. Before I knew it, I was shoved in the side of what seemed to be a large van. I whimpered and struggled to get free.
“Damnit!” I screamed, hoping someone would hear me. Just then, one of the guys fell right next to me. I screamed seeing him knocked out... Or was he dead? After that... Blackness.
(b ***)
Good Evening. I am the vampire known as Sam. I am not an ordinary vampire. See everyone has their beliefs about how they burn or “sparkle” in light, or crosses and garlic is supposed to ward us off. Some believe we only feed off humans and come out only at night. Well I do none of the above. Daylight does not kill me, but slowly drains my energy if out all day. I love to eat human food even if it does not taste the same as it does to a human. I do have feelings and actually I go to high school. My father is really the only family I have left and of course my friends (vampire or not).
I want to talk to you about the end of our senior year and how I found love at first sight. They say if your patient that true love will find it’s way to you.
It was an early day back at school, which I was going to dread once again. The bell rang and I was ready to leave until the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen in my life walked in. I could tell she was knew and my heart stopped beating when I knew the seat next to me was the only one left. That meant she was also my lab partner for the rest of the year. I was polite and pulled the chair out for her then introduced myself. Her name was Ashley and she had beautiful dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She smiled and blushed and I thought I had died and went to Heaven. Her smile gave me, yes me the butterflies.
As I got to see her first thing everyday at school it made my day go by so quick and I was actually enjoying school. I swear I caught her check me out, but I never really believed that she was interested in me. I was afraid to do anything because she seemed so innocent, but at the same time she gave off this vibe like you can’t handle this. It made my mind spin. I never knew if she was sending me a message to do anything or not. So I told myself I would wait and see if she did anything.
Ashley was driving me crazy and she was all I could ever think about. My best friend Joseph knew that something was up with me and always pushed to get it out of me, but I would never say anything to him. I did not feel like getting a lecture from him of how much of a puss I was. I honestly just didn’t want to get hurt anymore. I was done taking chances on people, whether it was a friend or just another girl. However Ashley was different and I knew it. I could not figure out why I was so interested in her. I just was (still am).
It was a daily thing for Joseph to ask me about what was going on. One day he did see me in class with Ashley and he knew what it was right there what was going on with me. He told me after school that I should just go for it. He could tell that Ashley liked me a lot the way she flirted with me. I rolled my eyes and told him that I would make a move when I felt it was right.
It came the end of the year and she still did not ever send me a definite message. I knew she was going to be at Laura’s party because Laura and Paige were her best friends. Ashley never talked about seeing another guy so I would find out at the party if she were truly single or not.
Paige and Ashley were finally at the party and Ashley looked great in her tight jeans and brown sleeveless-shirt. Ashley came over and Laura introduced us so I told Laura that we were lab partners. I think Laura felt stupid after that and I laughed. Ashley just blushed which I thought was the most adorable thing. Then Joseph walked in and of course he used his mind power and made the room silent. It did annoy me when he did that because it made girls get caught up in his gaze. I looked over and it seemed the only person it worked on was Ashley. In some ways it made me jealous to see her look at another man like that especially when they didn’t care about her. I thought I was thinking to my self when I said, “Girls shouldn’t waste their time looking at someone who would never notice them.”
I walked out to the balcony out of embarrassment. Ashley followed me (which I was kind of glad) and looked kind of upset. I was confused, but at the same time it seemed to work to get her attention. She asked me why I said what I said and told me she could look at whomever she wanted. I did not answer her question, which she kept pressing for. I thought she was so cute when she was mad and next thing I know I leaned in to kiss her and she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back. She wrapped her self not only around my neck but my heart as well with just that one kiss. As the kiss ended (of course I didn’t want it to) I muttered, “That’s why.” Ashley said that was a good enough reason for her and smiled and went to kiss her again and Paige came out and stole Ashley for the moment. As she left it felt like part of me went with her even though she was coming right back.
I went inside and got a nice cold coke. One thing I don’t really do is drink. Does not really agree with me.
I went into the living room where most of my friends were and just sat there and listening to music I waited for Ashley to come back and join me. I missed her already. I felt like I had become a big softy and could not figure out why I was feeling the way I was.
She came back down the stairs and she looked so graceful coming down the stairs even though she was like the clumsiest person I had ever met. Ashley’s face made it seem like she was really worrying about something and I figured I wouldn’t ask because she would talk to me about it if she wanted. Then I decided to go meet her at the stairs and lead her out to the balcony. As soon as I stepped out there I turned around and kissed her. I loved the way she ran her hands through my hair. Then she pulled back and was completely out of breathe as was I, but I would not show it.
Ashley went to go get some drinks and I followed her into the kitchen and as she started talking to Laura I went ahead and found a spot in the living room for us. She came back a few minutes later with a smile on her face. In my mind I was wondering why she was smiling but I was glad she was smiling so I left it alone.
After awhile Laura joined us and some song came on and Ashley was pulling me to the dance floor. I didn’t know what to think when she started grinding on me. She looked so sexy moving her hips like she did. All I could do was go along with it. Ashley was really starting to make me think she was not as innocent as I thought. Her freaky vibe was getting stronger the more I was around her. It wasn’t the vibe that made me want her. It was the fact that she was her own person and did was she wanted.
The song was over and a slower song came on so I grabbed her and pulled her closer to me. As she smiled my heart melted and I smiled as she put her head against my chest. (In most stories vampires are dead and do not have a heart, I did have one and it then belonged to Ashley forever).
In the middle of the song, Ashley saw Paige and Joseph come down the stairs and I could see the worry in her eyes. I told her that Joseph was a cool person and not to worry. She looked up at me with sparkles in her eyes, smiled, and put her head into my chest as we danced through the next song.
I could have stayed there that entire night with her in my arms. I never expected to be able to give someone my heart. Ashley didn’t just get my heart, but took it. She got passed all defenses I had and crept right on in. All I could do was hope she felt the same, which I believed she did just from the way she looked at me. You can just never be sure.
It was getting pretty late and Ashley, Laura, Paige, Joseph and I were just sitting around talking. For some reason Katlyn and her “friend” Ben decided to join and she asked if we wanted to play strip or dare. Ashley said before anyone could say anything, “You might as well just say dare because everyone will do the dare so no stripping will be involved as an alternate option,” I smiled at her smart ass comment. Everyone agreed to it and decided that Katlyn should go first. She looked at me and I rolled me eyes as she dared me to go in the other room with her. I stood up so fast and I saw the look on Ashley’s face and it dug into my heart as I threw my shirt at her. She smiled and was happy with my decision. However Katlyn wasn’t and I could care less.
It was my turn and I dared Laura to spin around 3 times and make out with who ever was behind her. She spun around and kind of stumbled as she turned around to Ashley. I laughed because I never thought Ashley would go for it. I was wrong as I watched her and Ashley make out like they have before or something. I was so surprised, shocked, and it was kind of hot. It even kind of made me jealous and I’m not normally the jealous type.
I told Ashley that she wasn’t as “innocent” as she looked. She replied, “You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover!” She had me there and the more I seemed to know about her the more of a freakier vibe she would give off. She did still have an innocent way of life to me anyways.
Next was Laura’s turn and she decided to dare Paige to suck on Joseph’s nipple. Paige lifted up his shirt and kind of gasped as she saw his nipple was pierced. It looked more like she was biting on it rather than sucking and it kind of made my nipples hurt.
I knew that Joseph and Paige would fit together because Joseph was more of the kinkier kind of guy and preferred it in women as well. It was about time that he found someone to actually have a relationship with instead of his random mistresses.
Speaking of mistresses, Samantha decided to show up and she look heated as she saw Paige and Joseph together. Samantha had been his mistress for a while and she knew that he was looking for a relationship with someone else. She just couldn’t except it and move on. I could see the that they needed to talk and right before we all left I told Ashley to stay even though I hated leaving her side.
We get to the house and you could hear Joseph and Samantha going off on each other. I explained to Paige how Samantha had been his mistress and she was just jealous that he wanted more from you. They finally came back and he took Paige in the other room. Samantha just stormed out of the house. I took that notion as a reason to leave and went home.
I was up all night thinking about the party and Ashley. I knew she was the one I was meant for. I was afraid that I was going to freak her out for already caring about her the way I do. I was glad that school was only a day away. I don’t think I could have taken being away from her any longer.
I was so glad to see Ashley walk into class Monday morning. She grinned as she saw me and sat down. I told her that I was sorry for flaking out on her on the party, but Joseph needed to talk to Paige and Samantha and wanted me to be there to keep things calm. She kissed me and told me that she was not upset about it. Her kiss gave me the butterflies as well as her smile. I loved how she was a very optimistic person and did not get all crazy over something like other girls would have. It was another reason I am crazy about her. I also told her that she need not to worry because I would be with her as much as possible until she decided that she didn’t want me around anymore. She said that she was up for that and wanted me to be with her as much as possible as well.
I’m not sure what was going on between Paige and Ashley, but they didn’t seem to be hanging out as much. It was weird because Ashley was not too upset so it seemed. Today Paige randomly came up to Ashley and decided to talk to her. I don’t know what it was about, but when they walked away I felt that it was not going to be a good thing. When she came back I could feel tension but she put off the vibe of don’t ask don’t tell.
I was with Ashley everyday for the next two weeks. I don’t think I could get enough of her presence around me and she was my addiction. I walked her to all classes everyday, to her car and would also see her at her house. I made a good impression on the parent’s so I came as I pleased. Those were the best two weeks of the entire year.
It was the night of the famous “Prom”. Ashley told me she was wearing a dark blue, sparkly dress. That was all. It was so hard not to cheat and go see her without her knowing I was seeing her. Just a peek would have been good enough, but then I would have wanted to more so I convinced myself not to. My dad’s tailor made me a special suit that had come with a dark blue, silky vest and matched my blue button up shirt. I didn’t think that it would have taken me as long to get ready as it did. I wasn’t late, but I wanted to leave earlier than I planned so then I could have time with her before the dance. I pull up to her house at 7:45 and the first time in my life I was nervous. I was trying not to sweat and I could not understand what my problem was. I walk up to her door and knock, before I was done knocking Ashley had opened the door. My heart fell to the floor as I forgot everything I ever knew. The dress was amazingly beautiful on her the way it fit her curves. Just the color looked good and the shape of the dress. She fixed her hair the way I love it in the long curls that nearly reach her butt. I told her how beautiful she looked and I thought she was going to cry and then she blushed. She seemed to still be in awe over me, which I honestly didn’t think I looked that great, but she complemented it in a way that made me feel good. She moved so I could step in and I couldn’t help but caress her cheek. I opened up the little case that held her corset and shaking, I put it on her wrist, kissed her and we walked out the door.
Prom was overcrowded like I figured it would be. I fell for Ashley even more as I held her in my arms on the dance floor. Her heels made her tall enough to make it quite easy for me to stare into her beautiful green eyes. Even though she was not crowned queen, she was my queen. Samantha didn’t deserve royalty, but I think it would help her insecurities. I couldn’t breathe anymore and needed air and had an idea. So, I asked Ashley if she would like to take a stroll outside (thought it would be romantic). We get out there under the moon and stars and I faced her towards me. I noticed that her neckline stood out more tonight from the necklace she wore. It really did look good on her. I leaned in kissed her and everything disappeared except for me and her. I asked her if she wanted to be with me forever. Her answer made me want her even more. She said,” Yes that you are apart of me and I wouldn’t know what to do without you around.” It was the best thing my ears have ever heard. I kissed her once again and started kissing down her neck, I told her if she didn’t want to be with me forever then I would leave. She told me of course she did and so I kept going till I got to her neck where I decided to bite down. I pulled away and saw the concern in her eyes. She noticed the blood around my lips and touched her neck. I knew she would freak out, but when she saw the blood she got a sniff and you could see the hunger.
We left right away and she was all over me in the car. I wanted her so bad at that moment, but knew I needed to explain things to her as soon as we got to my place.
As soon as we pulled up to my house, I smelled it. It was the old smell I wanted to be gone. I stop at the door as it was open and felt Ashley run into me. I wanted to laugh but instead a deep warning snarl came out. Katlyn just wouldn’t give up. I wish she would just give up and leave me alone. I had moved on and obviously with out her. Ashley was my world and I wanted Katlyn to understand that so she would stop hurting herself and let go of the past. I knew in time that she would. She would find someone for her whom wasn’t me.
She finally leaves and next thing I know my front door flies off the hinges and in walks the gang. Paige grabs Ashley up in a nice bear hug and I could see the surprise in both of their eyes. I knew changing her was a good idea except I had not been able to explain anything to her yet as Joseph circled her and asked why she was so tame and if she was the new member. She looked at me with a million questions in her eyes and I knew I needed to come clean and explain. Which she probably wouldn’t believe for a minute? (It took me a while to let that sink in).
I pulled her into the other room and told her she was a vampire. She looked at me like your stupid and starting just cracking up. I kept serious and that got her attention real quick. I said that it would explain why the blood on her hand felt so exquisite and the reason she felt thirsty, uncontrollable, invincible, sexy and even irresistible. Which Ashley is. She is the biggest tease with out even knowing that she does it.


CrazyWhiteChik / Ashley N Sam: Today was going to be an interesting day for Ashley. It was her day to make up with Katlyn since they decided to be friends a few days ago. She woke up early, as she turned over there was a note on her pillow. (i My love, I have some errans to take care of today. I will be done as soon as possible so I can spend the rest of the time with you. I'm glad that you and Katlyn are standing on good grounds and I think you should go spend some time with her. I also left my credit card and figured you would love to go shopping especially since we have a party to attend soon. Go have fun my love and I will see you soon. All my love, Sam) Ashley smiled and held it close to her and then got up to set it on the dresser. She then grabbed her phone and called Katlyn.
(b "Hello," Katlyn answers.)
"Hey it's Ashley," she replies. "I thought you would like to have some girl time and maybe go out shopping," she says in a convincing voice.
(b "Um, sure, I haven't had a girls day out in awhile. I just need to take a shower and get ready" says Katlyn.)
"Great then, I need to take one as well, so see you at 11 then at Sam's place?" Ashley says more as a retort.
(b "Works for me, see you soon, bye") Katlyn says as she hangs up the phone.
She then gets in the shower to get ready for some fun.
Kitkara / Paige and Joseph: Paige woke up in her bed. She wasn't tied down, but there was that chain on her collar. She sighed and sat up.
"What happened?" She asked, remembering the fallen beast next to her. She shuddered, and moved over to the edge of the bed to see who all was in the room. At least she was dressed.
(b "I don't know how they find us. Or even if they know about our girls...") She heard Joseph say.
(r "Like hell. One of them attacked my Ashley. I want to find them, and take them out before they hurt my family. I want to know why they are doing this.") Sam said in an aggravated tone.
Paige pulled on her leash (which was again, attached to the headboard of the bed) and leaned out over the edge to see. She saw Sam, his hands balled into fists and looking as if he was about ready to punch something. He caught sight of her, and smiled.
(r "Your toy is awake, Joseph...") He snickered and she slunk back against the headboard as Joseph walked in. He shut the door behind him.
(b "Hello, m'Dear. I was wondering when you'd be awake...") He said with a smile and sat down on the bed. Paige moved over to him and rested in his lap while he held her.
"Please, don't do that to me again... Ever..." She said and shuddered. "That was so scary... I thought they were going to kill me.. Or worse..." She said and clawed at his chest.
(b "I won't, I'll promise you that. At least not without your consent...") he said and the door opened.
CrazyWhiteChik / Ashley N Sam: They pulled into a small mall about an hour out of the small town. "Wow, I think this is the biggest building I've seen since I've been out here," Ashley says as she smirks. (b "Ya there isn't much in town. Shoot this is a short ride for me. I remember going way out of the way just to hit clubs,") says Katlyn. Ashley pulls into a parking lot and puts the vehicle in park. Sam even left his brand new mustang with her. She loved him so much and he was spoiling her. Ashley just found out about the kind of money he had. Even though she didn't care about money. "Where would you like to eat?" she asks Katlyn. (b "Their pizza place here is the best pizza you can get your hands on!") Katlyn informs Ashley.She just nods at Katlyn and in an approving voice,"After you. You know where your going so it seems."
Kitkara / Paige and Joseph: Paige looked over at the door and saw Sam walk in.
(r "I need to go and check on Ashley. See if she went to the mall like I thought she would. She loves to shop.") Sam said before turning on his heel and closing the door behind him.
(b "Well, that was short and sweet. I'm sorry about earlier. Make it up to you?") He said, kissing down her neck and over her shoulder. Paige leaned her head back so he could kiss up her neck, and over her throat. His touch was so gentle, and his hand traced up her chest before running around her neck and into her hair. She gasped as his fingers tangled in her hair and kept her head held back.
His kisses became more fervent, and lustful as he picked her up off his lap and laid her on the bed. With one hand he took off her collar, and caressed her cheek. She closed her eyes and pressed her face into his palm before kissing his lips, prying them apart with her tongue gently.
His hands left her head, and wound around behind her back, holding her body to his. She reached between their pressed bodies and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off his shoulders. He let go of her to shrug it off, not breaking their kiss.
Her legs wrapped around his waist and his hands traced up her thighs and to her stomach.
At that point, he pulled away.
(b "You're too into that, for me to make it up to you...") He chuckled and sat on the edge of the bed, watching her gasp for air. Paige's chest heaved up and down as if she were a fish out of water, shaking.
"That's... Not... Fair..." She panted, and opened her eyes again and sat up on her elbows. "You can't do something like that, and then leave me." She said, catching her breath.
Joseph chuckled again and pushed her back down with a hand on her chest, right below her neck. His brilliant green eyes gazed at her compassionately, with love. She knew she was safe.
(b "I can, and I will, and I just did...") He teased, and grasped her by the neck lightly, but firmly, tilting her head over to one side. Her left hand, was also grasped firmly, and pulled up to just above her head. She grabbed the wrist that held her neck and panted again. (b "Look at you... So hot and bothered already, and all I did was pin you...") He chuckled. Paige gasped and tried not to cry at his teasing.
"Why are you picking on me?" She asked, unable to look at him straight.
(b "Because you're cute when you blush...") He whispered into her ear as her face turned a bright crimson. He smiled as his hands grasped her firmer and he pulled her up to the pillow.
CrazyWhiteChik / Ashley N Sam: Katlyn and Ashley had spent over 3 hours shopping and talking. Ashley felt as if they had connected in more ways and understood how each other felt. Katlyn gave her some insights on Sam. Ashley was okay with it even though she didn't really care. "Are you ready to go back to the house," Ashley asks Katlyn. (b "Ya I don't think I can carry anymore and I'm not quite sure where I'm gonna put all this stuff. It'll be an excuse to have a bigger closet.") Katlyn says with a smirk on her face. "Sam has already built me my own closet. He turned the guest room into a gigantuous closet," Ashley says with a smile.
They head back to the house and as Ashley walked into the door she felt someone's presence. "Sam she says," looking back at Katlyn. (r "Did you have fun today my love?") Sam questions looking at both girls. "As a matter of fact we had a great time" she replies.
(b "Well I better be gettin home,") Katlyn says as she walks to her car with all of her stuff.
(r Where's all of your bags at sweetie?") Sam asks. "It's all in the trunk," she says blushing. Sam walks out to the car, (r "Is this all you have,") he says teasingly picking up all 5 bags full of clothes and accessories. Then they walk back inside.
Ashley went into kitchen to make a snack for the both of them. As she reaches for the refridgerator Sam comes up behind her and wraps his arms around Ashley's waist and holds her close. (r "I really missed you today,") he says whispering in her ear. I missed you as well, did you get everything you needed done?" she asks him. (r "Yes I did and it went pretty smooth,") Sam says trying to not provoke any questions about the situation. He didn't quite know how to explain what went on. (r "I love you!") Sam says lovingly. "And I love you as well," Ashley says as she closes her eyes and leaning into his chest. He releases Ashley and she prepares their snack.
Kitkara / Paige and Joseph: [when you post, the different colors stand for what they are in the post. Like... The color blue can't stand for both Joseph, and Katlyn like you and I have it. Then people would get confused. At least if you post who is what color in the post, they know.]
Paige woke up a few hours later, with a hand loosely around her neck, and laying on Joseph's chest. As always, he was asleep, but not for long. As soon as she moved, his eyes shot open to stare at the ceiling for a moment, before resting their loving gaze on her.
She smiled, and kissed his chest, his grasp becoming firmer. She looked at him curiously and swung herself over him so that she was straddling him, and grinned.
Joseph laughed at that, letting her go and pulling her down into a comfortable hug, her still on top. She traced over the skin of his chest with her tongue and fingers, taking careful notice of his expression.
He closed his eyes and purred out his enjoyment, which caused her to add in short nips. Paige knew he enjoyed it, and smiled at him as he bit his lip.
"I could so be a tease, you know..." She said, smirking.
(b "You do, and I'll make our next time, hell for you. You'll be begging me for each and every ounce of pleasure, and if you don't beg enough, I'll simply just leave your body - as hot and bothered as it would be - and pleasure myself with someone else. Wouldn't that be fun?") He teased back, and chuckled at the dark expression on Paige's face.
"You do that, and you bet I'll be gone. Once you let me up." Paige said coldly.
(b "Who said I've any intention of releasing you? I'm faster than you are, and the fact that I'm stronger... I could just tie you down, and then tie you down in another position so that you don't get stiff on me. Don't worry, hand feeding my pet would be (I very) (b enjoyable.") He said with a smile.
Paige stared at him shocked, and got up off the bed as quickly as she could. She made a B-line for the door, but he was there.
(b "Tisk, tisk... Where is my pet going? Is she running from her owner? Is my toy, leaving me?") He taunted and moved closer to her slowly. Paige knew he was only playing and made the scene more dramatic.
"Oh please, Sir... I was merely getting up to go to the bathroom..." She said in a dramatic tone, backing up as he approached, a smile on her face.
(b "Is that so? I didn't recall the bathroom being behind that door...") He said with an evil smile, like he was stalking his prey. She backed up into the wall and was startled.
He took the opportunity to flit up to her, and pin her to the wall, his teeth stopped right around her throat as her hands were pinned above her head. She gasped, not knowing what all had happened until his jaw flexed slightly, and felt his teeth on her skin.
"That's... Not... Fair..." Paige gasped.
(b "No, what's not fair, is that you're hot and bothered, and you're going to see Ashley and Sam.") Joseph said with a smirk, pulling her off the wall and leading her by the wrists, to the closet. (b "Pick out something nice, because Ashley just went shopping. I'm sure she'll like the competition...") He smirked, and kissed her cheek before finding his own clothes.
Paige stood in the doorway of the closet, stunned. She shuddered and took a shaky step into the depths of her rarely used closet.
She came back out in a pair of artfully faded jeans and a white halter top. Joseph looked her up and down, walked over to her, and shook his head. (b "Change.") He said and turned her around to go change. Puzzled, she looked back at him over his shoulder and sighed.
He was dressed in a red satin button down shirt, and a pair of black slacks with a black vest over top of his shirt. Obviously, she needed to match.
She returned moments later with a black lace mini-dress, with a red slip under it. A black satin corset on top of the dress added to the look, Her heels, which were four inches of pure hell, matched the corset, and her legs were bare. She walked over to the vanity, and brushed her hair really quickly, putting it into a messy French bun and looking back at him.
"Better?" She asked, almost annoyed. Joseph watched her every movement, nodding in approvement.
(b "Come, we've got your friend to see...") He said with a smirk.
[Perhaps Sam and him had plans for dinner with the two of us? That's why he left you the card to go shopping...?]
CrazyWhiteChik / Ashley N Sam: {(bold That works for me, I'm not sure what I should wear yet...hmmm lol will post more during lunch tho... )}
(r I have laid out something for you to wear tonight on the bed,") Sam says to Ashley. "Thank you, you are spoiling me," she replies with a smile on her face. (r "I'm only spoiling you because I want only the best for you,") he says as he caresses her face and gently kissers her on the lips. Ashley kisses him back and then runs into the room wanting to see what was awaiting her.
It was her favorite color blue dress. She put it on and it there was only one strap that went over her shoulder and left the other one bare. It hung right above her knees. There were also matching high heels that were a good 3 to 4 inches tall and were silver. They laced up to her knees and then Sam walked in holding a black case. (r This will complete the outfit and will match your ring while also insinuating your neck line,") he says as he walks up behind Ashley to put a beautiful diamond necklace that hugged her neck loosely and dangled down to the little cleavage she had showing. Then she was off to curl her hair.
(r You look amazing,") Sam said to Ashley in awe. "Only the best for you babe," she says starring at him in his button up blue shirt that had the top 3 buttons undone to reveal his chest and nice black slacks. (r "You will be the best looking women out there,") Sam says as he kissed Ashley on the lips passionately. "Thank you, and I love you," she says as they walk out the door.
Kitkara / Paige and Joseph: Before Paige and Joseph left the house, he reached over on to the table, grabbing her a thick velvet and leather collar. He placed it around her neck, pulling on the ring with his finger to test it's strength. She chuckled at him, and stumbled slightly as he tugged on her collar for her to follow him. She had a hard time walking in heels as it is, and this wasn't good.
Joseph led her out of the house and to the car, opening the door for her and helping her inside. She blushed as her dress barely covered her thighs, and wondered what they might have planned for such a random occasion.
"Joseph, what are we doing tonight?" Paige asked, turning in her seat to look at him she placed a hand on his thigh, teasing him like he had her earlier.
(b "We are going out to dinner.") He said simply, taking his right hand off the wheel and grabbing her hand to remove it from his thigh. She didn't press the issue, now afraid of what he was planning.
They pulled up to Ashley's house, seeing them as they walked out of the door. Joseph honked at them, and asked if they wanted to carpool. Sam nodded, and Paige was put in the back seat with Ashley while same moved up front. The car was spacious, and seated five easily. But Paige blushed as Joseph stared at her every so often in the rear-view mirror. He was planning something odd... She knew it.
"So, Ashley?" She started, turning her gaze from his for a moment to look at her sister vampire. Ashley was beautiful, and for the first time, she had to look away. Sam smiled from the front seat, watching Paige's reaction from over his shoulder and Paige looked out the window. (I So that's why he made me dress up... To show me off for Sam to see who was better. So egotistical, and typical of him.) she thought, thinking about Joseph.
CrazyWhiteChik / Ashley N Sam: Ashley and Sam were walking out the door as Joseph and Paige pulled up wanting to car pool. Sam agreed and opened the door for Ashley as she slid into the back seat with Paige. (i Wow she looks hot) Ashley thinks to herself and she smiles at Paige. "Hello," she says to Paige then looking back at Sam to see him smug grin at Paige. She then sees Paige look away and watches the shock on her face dissolve and it seems that they had both gotten dressed up very nicely. It made her wonder what was going on and there seemed to be just a little tension between Joseph and Sam. Paige had explained how Joseph liked to always have the better things. "You two are not competing to see who's girl could look better," Ashley says with an aggressive tone towards both of the men sitting in the front. Then she raises and eyebrow as she stares at Sam with questioning eyes. "You cannot just use us to compete for who's better, she is my sister and I refuse to do that and I'm sure Paige does as well," she says as Sam's grin on his face disappears and you can see the I'm sorry in his eyes.
Kitkara / Paige and Joseph: Paige sunk down in her seat, grabbing her seatbelt and biting her lip. She knew if she said anything, that she'd regret it later. So she stayed quiet, stealing a glance at the rear view mirror and meeting Joseph's anxious and agitated gaze.
(b "Just because I want my toy to look good, doesn't mean you have to take such offence to it. It's not so much a competition between you two, but more as a game between us. So why don't you just quiet that pretty little mouth of yours, and sit back in that seat.") He said a bit agitated.
Paige glared at him, quickly smacking his head as Sam started shaking. Joseph pulled into the parking lot, and smiled at him. (B "See, all you need is a bit of a firm hold on her and she is easily subdued.") He said, reaching behind him and grabbing Paige's Wrist. (B "And you my dear, will have a hell of a time later... And it's going to be sooner than you think.") He said, releasing her and opening the door for her. She looked at Ashley, uncertain of what to do as her death stare met her gaze too. She shrunk away and got out of the car.
Joseph took her by the wrist again as Sam helped Ashley out of the car and whispering something in her ear that she could almost make out as (r "Don't make a scene here, I'll kick his ass later. Literally.") and glared at Joseph. He smiled, and led Paige inside to the Maître D', asking about the reservation.
Paige stole a quick glance back at Ashley as she stepped in the restaurant, hand in hand with Sam. She wanted to cry. Joseph suddenly yanked Paige's wrist, and she followed reluctantly, tears in her eyes. Ashley didn't know what had happened to her the previous night, nor what would happen to her if she was a bad pet.
She loved being his toy, really she did... But that was a bit too far, and she didn't have the courage to stand up to his sheer will and brute strength. It intimidated her, and that slap before was only out of impulse, not much more.
[I made it so that way She has a bigger reason to add in her own little... Rant and rave, like we talked about earlier. If you don't like how I godmodded you, then I can change it so it's more to your liking if you wish. For now, I just made it so that you're about ready to kick his ass, and when he pops the news, then you'll go ballistic. :) Hope you like...]
CrazyWhiteChik / Ashley N Sam: Ashley did not like what Joseph had said to her. It was rude and he was being rude calling Paige his pet. (i What kind of bullshyt is that calling her his pet, she deserves a lot better than that) she thinks to herself. She could feel Sam was mad, but decided not to say anything because she didn't want any fights in public so she was holding her tongue with everything she had. Ashley knew Paige was hurt a little on the inside and she wanted to hold her until she was better. That was her best friend, sister and she hated this guy now. Just the way he had put his hands on Paige pissed Ashley off so much and he was lucky she didn't come right over that seat and rip his head off and spit down his neck. She wanted to so bad especially since Paige just took it and didn't stand up for herself.
They finally park at the restaurant they were going to eat at and Sam came to Ashley's door and opened it for her taking her hand in his. Ashley loved how he was such a gentleman even when he was pissed.
(r "Please don't make a scene here love, I will kick his ass later, literally!") Sam whispers in Ashley's ear as she stands up next to him.
Ashley just slightly nods at him as they walk hand in hand into the building which was very fancy and they must have gotten reservations as they were all lead to their table. She felt that something was being kept from her and wanted to know what was going on. Ashley hated being out of the loop, but she would give them a chance to explain what ever it was that was going on.
Ashley saw the worry in Paige's eyes as they sat down across from each other both sitting on the inside of the booth. A waited came to the table with menus and asked what we would like to drink. (r "Could we have a nice bottle of your best wine please?") Sam asked the waiter. The waiter nodded and went off to fetch the order.
Ashley couldn't take it any longer and looked up from the menu with fierce eyes. "I want to know what is going on and I want to know now," she says with a quiet tone so no one else can hear her.
(r "Well that's is part of the reason we were here, so we could all talk,") Sam says to her with a careful tone not trying to have Ashley jump to conclusions. Ashley just looked at Sam waiting for more to what he had started. Joseph and Paige put their menus down and stayed quiet as to let Sam explain everything.
(r "Remember when the wolves attacked, well Joseph and I came up with a plan on how to get them back.)
Ashley got comfortable so then she could listen carefully to every detail he was about to tell her.
(r "Please understand that we did this to trap them and get rid of them so they could never hurt you, Paige or any friends, family or innocent people again. I wanted to use someone for bait in a place that we knew the wolves would fine them, we would watch and wait for them and grab them when they showed. Joseph then told me that Paige would be great") Sam says as he is cut off mid sentence.
Ashley hearing this and new what he was saying blew up and lost it. Her eyes turned coal black and you would have thought she had not heart. (Even though technically she didn't) She didn't even say anything and she flipped the table, "You used my sister as bait, what the hell is wrong with you," Ashley yells as she flies towards Joseph in a matter of seconds. "I knew he something was wrong with him, using you as bait, why didn't you tell me," she says looking at Paige while having both hands on his neck. Ashley then clamped down on his neck and was going to suck the life out of him right then and there.
(r Babe, No please, Please stop, I know it was wrong and we shouldn't have, but it worked and everyone was fine,") he says as he yanks her off of Joseph and runs her out to the parking lot.
Paige had picked up everything and it all happened so fast that no one noticed the brawl that started to break out.
"Why would you do that to my sister, why, what kind of monster would use the one they love and sacrifice them like that, what if something went wrong and they killed her, I would have never forgiven you and I may not even on this one," she yells at Sam. Then she slaps him in the face so hard he stumbles back and blood trickles on his cheek where her nails dug in.
Before Sam could reply, Joseph was at Ashley's neck with coal black eyes as well. That was the last straw for Sam and he grabbed Joseph off of her and threw him back, (r "Don't ever put your hands on her again, this is my problem and I am handling it,") he says to Joseph in a very intimidating tone, but not screaming it.
Ashley finally sees Paige come out and she just stands there as she runs to her and hugs her as if she hadn't seen her in years. "Why would they do this to you, why, I hate them so much, I'm going to kill that bastard, the way he treats you, it's not good enough for you at all, not even close," she says as she starts sobbing into Paige's shoulder.
Kitkara / Paige and Joseph: [I'm going to start where you left off...]
Paige held Ashley in her arms, waiting for her to calm down enough and speak civilly. She then led ashley to the other side of the parking lot, and let Sam and Joseph duke things out. She sat Ashley down on the hood of a car, and started to explain.
"Ashley, first... Joseph doesn't treat me like how you think he does. Yes, he's gone a bit overboard on some things, but he's not always like this. I think that there is something else... Something that they were planning on telling us later." She said, and grabbed her hands, and held them in her lap.
"Yes, Joseph did use me as bait. I didn't know what was going on, and by the time that I figured it out... I was already unconscious.... I wasn't hurt, and they wouldn't have hurt me. I trust Joseph with my life, just he's being his abnormal egotistical self. I will talk to him about it later." She said and looked back up at her sister.
"As for the treatment of you, and me... Joseph has gone over the line. But that is my problem..." Ashley went to cut her off, and paige held up her hand to silence her. "... As I said, this is my problem. Hush and listen." Ashley huffed and crossed her arms and Paige looked as though she was about to cry.
"Ashley, you're my sister. I love you very much. I don't understand our men sometimes, but I let them play their games. Yes, they probably were doing this as a competition... But it was most likely to see both their beautiful women side by side, and not really a contest. Yes, Joseph does flaunt me, but Sam flaunts you just as much. And to them, they want to prove that they do have their perfect match." Paige explained.
"And as for the comment earlier... Yes, I did slap him. And yes, I will be in trouble for it later, but nothing that I won't enjoy. Think of it more as a game. Yes, I'm embarrassed beyond belief that he'd even do such a thing. And yes, I'm upset that he was rude, but I've nothing to fear later. I was more afraid you'd rip his throat out, and then he'd retaliate. He's been overly sadistic, and short tempered lately..." She said, grabbing Ashley's shoulders before hugging her again.
"Ash, I know that this may seem... wrong, but it's not. I like this sort of thing... And I noticed you flinched when he called me his Pet. In all actuality, I am. See this collar? I belong to him. And I love every moment of it. And it's not only sexual either. It's mental, physical, and spiritual. I know you're not that way, and I can't expect you to understand, but it's the best I can do at explaining it."
"And now, we should cool our tempers so that way we can figure out what else they have to tell us. It might be important, and I've managed to clean up the evidence so we won't be kicked out from our dinner. Please?" She asked sweetly, kissing Ashley's forehead. "Please cool down. Your eyes are still black..." She noted, grabbed her hand to lead them back to the boys.
Joseph and sam had been yelling for a moment, and now they were laughing. "Boys" She muttered. "Always getting over things so quickly..." And let go of Ashley's hand to go hold Joseph's arm.
Joseph noticed her touch, and quickly grabbed her under her chin and pulled her into a long kiss, before pushing her away and chuckling at her ragged breath. She smiled sheepishly at Ashley, as if to prove a point, and waited while they shared their own kiss.
(b "Okay, I know that I've been out of line... I'm sorry Ashley.") Joseph began, a look of apology on his face. Ashley didn't want to let it go that easily, but let him continue by giving a soft nod.
(b "Yes, it was wrong of us to use Paige as bait before consulting her, or you... But it was the last chance we had, and we were tipped off that they would be coming that evening for her. I didn't want to risk her getting hurt if we were... 'There'.") He said, looking down lovingly at Paige for a moment, then back up at Ashley and Sam.
(r "We figured, if you knew, the plan would be for naught. We don't know how well of an actor you both are, and if they were to be suspicious that you knew anything... They would have killed them on the spot. At least this way, they would have tortured them, but not before we got there to stop the kidnapping. If that makes sense.") Sam said, holding Ashley's hand.
(b "Needless to say, we needed pure innocence, and Paige was perfect for it. She didn't know anything about what was going on, and our... Lifestyle preference, fit it in perfectly at them thinking that she was just another toy to me, and not the love of my life. I'd also had a few other women in the house, strung up that way too.") Joseph said reluctantly, looking down at Paige and watched her reaction.
Paige looked hurt, but didn't say a thing as she stepped back and away from him. Joseph could tell he'd made a mistake at not telling her, and she couldn't look up from the ground.
(b "Paige, I'm so sorry. I should have told you. I promise you, as Sam as my witness, that I'd not touched them at all. I actually had him do the honors of making sure that they were securely locked away.") He said warily, looking over at Sam and Ashley. Sam scratched the back of his head and turned to Ashley.
(r "And I didn't do anything with them either, Ash. I was there strictly on orders. I couldn't even get it up for anyone but you...") He said sheepishly, and smiled a nervous grin. Ashley glared at him, and smirked at his confession.
(bold "So long as you didn't grope inappropriately...") She growled and dug her claws into his hand. Sam didn't flinch, but knew he'd be in trouble for it later. Paige on the other hand, didn't look up. She was already upset that Joseph would have done such a thing as to keep other women, but to have Sam help, and get him in trouble with Ashley, was something that she couldn't imagine possible. She put her hands behind her back and waited for the explanations to continue as Joseph mulled over how to approach her. He was so worried that she would leave him over such a thing that he didn't even want to touch her without her inviting him.
(b "Well, what happened was... After we used you for bait... We captured a wolf... He's dead now, but...We got some information... We don't think it's credible though...") Joseph said quietly.
(r "And we were going to ask you tonight, if you would help us out again.") Sam said, looking at Paige. She looked up at him, tears in her eyes, and turned on her heel and ran. Joseph stood, rooted into place, and stared after her unsure of what to do.
(r "Shouldn't you be after her? What if the wolves do know about her, and find her? What if they were right, and run into a trap?") Sam asked Joseph, worried. Joseph stood there, gaping after her.
(b "I don't think that will happen...") He said, and sat down on the hood of the car. Suddenly, Sam bolted after her in the direction she went. With her vampire powers, she'd already have the advantage and a considerable lead on him. But that wouldn't stop him from catching up with her eventually. all he had to do was follow her scent... That is, if her scent wasn't mixed with that of the werewolves.
CrazyWhiteChik / Ashley N Sam: As Sam ran off to go make sure Paige was okay, Ashley slowly walked over to Joseph, lifted his chin with her fingertips and said, "If you truly love her, then everything will be fine, just let her know you do appreciate her." Then she turns around and hunts down her fiance and Paige. (i I hope they will be okay) she thinks to herself.
Joseph had caught up to her when she stopped to get their scent. (b "I think Paige would appreciate making sure that you are okay, and you are right I should go after her") he says as they catch their scent and head in that direction. Ashley was so scared because they had been running for a good 20 minutes and still had not caught up. "Do you think they are alright," she asks Joseph in a worried voice. (b "Knowing Sam and Paige, I'm sure they can handle their own, but we will find them") he says to her with a smile to relieve Ashley's worries. She nods at him and they keep running.
Kitkara / Paige and Joseph: Paige ran for as long as she could, probably making about a hundred or so miles away from Joseph. She'd managed to lose Sam as he caught up to her, and ran faster instead.
Sitting on a fallen log in the middle of the woods, she buried her head in her hands. Tears streamed down her face, as she hated and loved Joseph at the same time.
In her despair, she didn't realize she'd been trailed. But it wasn't by Sam, as one would have guessed. She heard the snap of a twig and shuffle of leaves, looking up to meet what it was.
Paige whimpered when a large wolflike creature stepped into view. She stood up slowly, sensing that she was surrounded. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she met the wolf with a short snappy comment. "What do you want?" The wolf snarled at her and she cringed back, feeling strong hands on her upper arms.
Paige didn't fight them as they led her away from the stump, and off towards a cave system. There were so many wolves, that an inexperienced vampire wouldn't even know she was there.
Sam stopped and sniffed the air again. His body tensed up and he growled under his breath. He sniffed again, following the now faint smell of her to the tree stump. From there, the scent was lost to him.
In his anger, he yelled out angrily, punching down on the tree stump, and sending shards of wood chips everywhere in it's wake. Joseph and Ashley caught up to him a few minuets later, finding Sam on his knees and hunched over like he was about to pound the earth again.
Ashley put an arm on his shoulder and he leaned on her thigh, tears streaming down his face silently. Joseph sniffed the air, smelling Paige, and pointing in a general Northward direction. (B "Sam, do you know these woods? Do you know what's here?") He asked, looking in the direction that the wolves took her.
(R "Not really, but it won't be hard to get a map and or a guide.") He said in a broken tone. Ashley ran her hands through his hair. He nuzzled her leg again before standing up and holding her. (R "You ever run like that, and I will kill you.") He said, not really meaning it like that.
(B "We need to find her... Before they decide to kill her if they haven't already.") Joseph said, flitting away and towards the nearest town.
Paige followed her captors out of fear. descending deeper in the caves. Every now and then a wolf would snap at her to make her jump, and snicker at her. They had something planned for her. But what, was the question.
Once they reached the very bottom of the cave system, she found herself being shoved roughly into a small cell. She laid down in the center of it, crying until sleep took her.
[You can post about how you're looking for me, and or what you're attack strategy will be. Joseph can smell even the smallest trace of me, and can pinpoint where I'm at if that helps. You'd need at least a map to know that the caves are there, and that you won't be getting yourselves caught into a trap. Sam and Joseph can lead... Paige will be stuck at the very lowest point of the caves, and in her cell. There will be wolves guarding throughout the system, but they shouldn't be hard to pick off in the narrow space. If you needs help, just ask me and I'll help you out. ^^ The next twist in the story is all yours though. :P]
CrazyWhiteChik / Ashley N Sam: As Joseph took off, both Ashley and Sam followed trying their hardest to keep up as they weaved in and out of trees and other objects. It didn't take long for them to reach the town. Joseph stopped at a gas station, went inside and got a map that luckily was for travelers that had the forest mapped out. As they ran back, Sam studied the map and knew every nuck and crany of the forest. "Where do you think they would have taken her to," Ashley asks trying not to sob. (r "I'm not exactly sure, but there seems to be many caves around here and my gut tells me she could be in one,") Sam says looking back and forth between Joseph and Ashley. Joseph stopped where Ashley and Joseph caught up to Sam. "Say Paige is in one of these caves... we need to be ready and devise soem kind of plan." she says in a determined voice. (b "That's a good idea. Say we find the cave then you and Sam could be like decoys and go through and take out some wolves that will most likely be guarding her. Then I will follow and keep her scent or find it. If something shall go wrong then I want you guys to leave and make them follow you out and I will find Paige,") Joseph says prould of the plan he had thought up. (r "I really do not want any of us to have to split up though. We lost one already from it, we need to stick together,") says Sam. They all agree to it and Joseph leads as Sam gives directions. Ashley had to find the strength to put her feelings away to save her best friend/sister.
They finally find the biggest cave on the map that is so far out no human would want to possibly try to get near it. It was easy for the vampires to maneuver around everything. As they enter the cave they all go into stealth mode and Joseph leads slowly. He only has a tiny trail on her, but enough. Ashley heard a noise from afar and quickly took out one of the wolves and Sam go the other. Joseph went farther and it seemed the trail lead farther down. "She is here, I can feel it," she whispers as Joseph nods at her. They take out more wolves on their way down with out the slightest of sounds. In some ways it felt like a trap because there weren't as many guards around that should have been. That made it even more reason to be in and out of there. Joseph noticed a cell looking object and moved towards it. Paige's scent was all over it, but he did not hear her. (b Paige, Paige,") Joseph whispers. There was no sound or movements. He looks back towards Sam and Ashley then with all his might breaks down the cell.
(I figure there could be some kind of trap when we try to get out of the cave, but it's just an idea I had because I made it way to easy for them to find you.)
Kitkara: I want to continue posting here, if that would be okay. I mean, I would love to continue writing chapters here with you to put up on wattpad. I think that would be awesome! Especially considering we could be R rated and sorta get away with it. Besides, I think you should make your story and chapters R rated if you haven\'t already done so. Just a thought and suggestions.
Now I\'m really not going to be able to sleep. I\'ve got Joseph on the brain! LOL

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