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Roleplay - Silent Spark (FullMetal Alchemist RP) by Caterina (Cate) Ariande / SilentLullaby

It has been a few years and the Elric brothers are still trying to find the Philosopher's Stone. There have been rumors going around of a small group located just north of Central that have a stone. It is said that the leader is an Alchemist as well.
Now the Elrics are heading out to find them. Unknowingly, the Homunculi are trying to find them as well. When the Elrics find the group and Ed convinces the alchemist to go back to Central HQ with him (under Mustang's orders) things get hectic. Turns out that Mustang knew who it was along with everyone else at HQ.

Roleplay Details

#1 - Romance is aloud but no cybering
#2 - Violence is ok but to an extent
#3 - Cussing is aloud
#5 - Please be semi lit..I understand writers block but don't make a habit of 1-liners
#6 - Anime pics only
#7 - Ask to join
#9 - Enjoy and have fun
#10 - Violators of these rules will be asked to leave
#11 - Put (#8A084B Princess Purplepoof) in your join request so I know you've read the rules
New Alchemist - SilentLullaby
Mains -
Edward Elric - DarkFire
Alphonse Elric - mekazou
Roy Mustang - MystKnight
Riza Hawkeye - CandyHeart
Alex Armstrong - open
Havoc - YaoiLuver121
Winry - open
Izumi Curtis - open
(if I missed any others please tell me)
Homunculi -
Father - SilentLullaby
Envy - MystKnight
Pride/Selim - open
Wrath/Bradley - MystKnight
Greed/Ling - open
Lust - MystKnight
Gluttony - open
Sloth - open


SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate sat in her room looking out the window trying to think of something to do. Lately nothing seemed to be peeking her interest and she was growing rather bored with her life. (i I wonder if something interesting will happen today,) she thought as she got up and grabbed a pair of black pants and her tan tank top. Sighing she quickly changed and let her black hair fall flat over her shoulders before grabbing her hiking boots and putting them on.
She left the room and headed down the hall. Yesterday had actually been an eventful day, but a sad day as well. Her friends had left hours before Edward Elric had shown up. For some reason he told her that she needed to go to Central with him, and she agreed after much hesitation. Grabbing a quick bite to eat she left to meet Ed at the train station.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Roy Mustang was in his office staring out the window. Elric had to have gotten there by now. He hadn't felt like doing any of the paper work that lay on his desk, but not for the usual reasons. He wasn't being lazy or trying to annoy his subordinates, he just had his mind else where.
He wonder if she was angry at him or even remembered him. He was only following orders, but unfortunately what people actually knew and the truth behind those orders were completely different. This led to one of the biggest mistakes in his life. Sighing he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. "I wonder if she would even come back with him?" He muttered a sad smile on his face.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Riza Hawkeye was her name. She was standing outside the door of the secretary office, leaning against a wall patiently and calmly, with her eyes closed, back straight and hands gripped together at her back.
When finally Sheska clumsily handed her over the few more papers, Riza took lifted her lids half way from her brown eyes, offering the other woman a nod as to thank her.
She slowly began to head slowly on the halls, knowing that due certain reasons, Colonel Mustang wouldn't do them either, but it was her duty after all and had to cling on it.
After she reached his office, she knocked a few times and didn't even wait for a reply that she came in, directly heading for his desk to whack the documents over it.
Like to snap him out of his window staring daydreaming.
(b "Colonel. The new reports are waiting for you to not do them,") she spoke politely and maintained a straight, serious and calm face.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: After sitting at the train station for almost an hour listening to Ed rant about people calling him short they finally got on the train. Al hadn't said much and Cate figured that he wouldn't so she didn't say anything. Looking at Ed she waited for him to start asking her things about the stone but he didn't so she turned back to looking out the window.
Half an hour to an hour later they were in Central and on their way to HQ. Looking up at the sky she remember what had happened 2 years ago when she was almost killed. Clouds had covered the sun by now and she guessed it was about to rain so she looked back to the building in front of her. The trio walked inside silently and stopped in front of Mustang's office minutes later.
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MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: (Great....)
Sitting backup straight, he turned to his lieutenant with a completely neutral face before teasingly saying, "Oh I might work on them... eventually, unless you want to do it for me, Hawkeye,". She didn't know and didn't have to, so he wasn't going to spill his guts to her.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate looked at Ed for a second before knocking on the door. Not even in the building 10 minutes and her blood was already boiling. Inhaling sharply she heard the conversation behind the doors and instantly knew one of the voices. Even though she was mad, she kept a clam expression in case someone could tell something was up.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Come in it isn't locked, " Mustang shouted, just glancing through the files Hawkeye had just set down.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: <Damn, oh well>
Cate opened the door and walked in, stopping in front of the desk. Crossing her arms she waited for Mustang to say something, hopefully something that wouldn't set her off. She glanced over at Hawkeye for a brief second before looking back at the desk. (b "Care to explain why I was dragged all the way down here?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang's brain froze. It was at a complete stand still. He wasn't expecting for her to show up quite yet. He slowly came out of shock, and let the reports fall slowly out of his hands, "Cate... this is a little unexpected..." He managed to get out noticing the dark look in her eyes.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Unexpected,") she said as she placed her hands on the desk and leaned forward. (b "You sent an alchemist to my house to get me. How did you even know where to find me? How did you even know I was still alive,") she asked calmly and waited for an answer. (i Last time I checked everyone thought I was dead,) she thought narrowing her eyes just slightly.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I meant unexpected in the sense that I thought it would've taken longer to convince you," He wasn't going to add the reason why. She looked mad enough.
"As for how I found you, I'm a colonel now and I have plenty of connections, " He answered standing himself.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "You have some nerve Roy Mustang,") she hissed as she straightened herself up and removed her hat. Her pale blue eyes darted to the lamp on the desk and how far her hand was from it. She knew full well that it would take just one touch for the room to fill with sparks. (b "You didn't answer my last question. How did you know I was still alive? For all you knew I could have died that night.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Glancing at the lamp that she had noticed he slowly made his way towards the other side of the desk. "Yes but some one spotted you and informed me. I had hoped you weren't dead," He answered not sure of what to say.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "LIAR,") she shouted as she toughed the lamp and sent a bolt of electricity towards him. Her hand was still gripping the lamp and if she wanted to she could drain the entire building of its electric supply. (b "Tell me why you didn't carry out the order. What was so damn hard about killing your best friend,") she asked as she threw the lamp at him.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang tried to use the flames to block the attack. "I wasn't lying and it was because you were my best friend," He snapped glancing towards the others. Great, if Full Metal was still outside he (i and) Riza would be interrogating him later, if he was still alive.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate looked out the window, it hadn't yet begun raining and she didn't feel like ruining the entire building. (b "Lets take this outside shall we. Unless you want to take the blame for half the building going up in smoke.") She looked towards the door for a second before looking back at Roy.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "That would be the best," He answered walking after her. (i Lets hope it rains). He didn't think she'd be happy to see him again but he also didn't expect her wanting to kill him.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate walked outside looked at Roy, (b "Your move Mustang,") she said coldly before looking at the sky. It was definitely going to rain soon which would render them both useless because neither of them could fight in the rain and she knew it.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Cate, do we really have to fight?" He asked, trying to avoid the confrontation for once. (I Never thought that would ever come out my mouth).
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "I don't know, do you plan on telling me why you chose to follow orders for once,") she asked sounding slightly irritated. She shook her head and looked at the group of people that had followed them outside. Soon enough rain drops were starting to fall around them, but not enough to stop the fighting.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I've been following a lot of orders lately, and because they were showing evidence that you were a traitor!" He answered stepping towards her.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "What reason did I have for betraying the military? What reason did I have to betray you,") she asked as sent sent another bolt of electricity at him. (i I hope it starts raining harder because I don't want to injure him too badly,) she thought.
Lilshiro / ENVY!!!!: Envy was in the shadow's as he watched saying to himself "what a bunch of loser's they need a life !!" as he smirked and waited for a fight to break out soon or not.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang side stepped the attack, "I couldn't understand it either, but I was angry and instinctive then. I've grown up since then,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "You are so damn stupid, you know that,") she said as she sent yet another bolt towards him. It had started to rain harder so her attacks were weakened. (b "Why didn't you just ask me what happened,") she asked finally calming down.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I was pissed at the thought, and just didn't think. Yes I was stupid I know that now!". He retorted dodging the attack as he ripped his gloves off.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Well obviously,") she said as she looked up at the sky letting the rain wash over her face. The fight hadn't gotten very far before it began pouring so there was no point in continuing it. Letting her head fall back to its regular position she looked at Roy, (b "Why did you have me brought here?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I was wondering if you wanted to help us find who framed you," He asked sticking his hand out for her to shake it, "but even if you don't lets at least call it a truce,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "I already know who did it,") she said as she shook his hand. (b "And fine, you get your truce. But no guarantees on the next time you try and kill me,") she said with a smiled before pulling her hand away.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "There won't be a next time, unless you try to kill me first," He replied smiling as well, "So was it the homunculi? Since you say you know who did it,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "You're the one that got the order to kill me remember. So it'll likely be the same order if Envy pulls that same stunt again,") she pointed out as she wrung her hair out before walking inside.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Figures, they really reuse some of the same tricks," He said walking back into the main building.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Even without any funding I was able to figure it out. Then again it was obvious since I watched him change into me so there wasn't any fun in it,") she said shrugging before looking around for Ed. (b "Hey where'd the shrimp go?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Oh I don't want to know," Mustang muttered hoping he got lost or something. He wasn't in the mood for the kid to start ragging on him.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Does that kid have an issue with his size or something. He went on like 5 different rants at the train station when people kept calling him short. I thought I'd die of laughter,") she said as she continued looking around for him.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "He's been like that for as long as he's been with military, so I guess he does," Mustang managed to enter his office which was devoid of any people.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Tell me, why'd you keep this job anyway,") she asked as she followed him in. (b "Does it have anything to do with Hawkeye?") She knew she'd get some sort of answer from him, one that probably have some hidden meaning that would take her a few minutes to figure out.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: He was facing his desk when she asked, so he didn't notice the surprised look on his face. "I decided I would try to work up the ranks," He said not wanting to say anything personally. Who knew where that shorty could be hiding.
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: [Well, I think Ed wouldn't give up this chance to eavesdrop for the world. Mind if I stick him in the hall listening in? Al and join him or be trying to convince him to leave or not there at all if you'd prefer.]
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: (Lovely; I think I just created my own doom. Its pointless to ask to go easy on me right?)
mekazou: i prefer to be there but some what uneasy, and a little skidish
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "2 years and you haven't gotten any better at lying,") she said as she leaned against the wall. (b "You and I both know there is more than one reason you stayed so don't lie unless of course you want another fight.") She dug through her pockets trying to find something and when she came across it she hesitated on grabbing it.
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MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "You mind not broadcasting that," Mustang hissed at her, giving her a quick glare.
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: Standing out in the hall, and just a short distance from the door, Ed had transmuted a hole of sorts in the wall from which he was listening into the conversation. When the fight had moved outside, Ed had run into a neighboring office to see then waited until the two were back in their office to resume listening.
"And here I'd heard the colonel had all women wrapped around his finger, so much for those stories." Ed laughed to Al as he listened, "Whatever he did, he sure pissed Caterina off."
mekazou: "ill say" he whispered, glancing around, "brother, why are there no guard patroling" he whispered, pulling his helmet away from the wall
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate walked over to him and leaned against the desk. She crossed her arms and smirked, (b "Then stop lying to me.") She pulled the folded pieces of paper out of her pocket and set them down on the desk. Her eyes darted over to the wall when she heard laughter, (b "It seems we have a visitor.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I know... Oy shrimp you mind showing yourself," He shouted turning to the door. Might as well see if he could get the kid thinking about something else. He also looked down at he folded pieces of paper out on his desk and gave her a questioning look.
mekazou: O O
"oh no, they heard you, run brother" he paniced turning to flee
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: "(bold Who're you calling a runt so tiny you couldn't see him over the dust on the floor?!)" Ed shouted through the door, momentarily casting aside all thoughts of remaining hidden.
"And no, I think I'll stay right here." Ed added stubbornly, his smirk not being visible through the wall.
Putting a hand on Al's shoulder, Ed spoke in a calmer tone, "Relax, it's not like the colonel can do anything. Besides, we did what he wanted so he can't get too cross with us, and this is more fun than anything else around here."
mekazou: O O "BROTHER" he wailed " he called you no such thing" he sighed stopping half way down the hall
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "You'll find out soon enough,") she said as she walked over to the door and opened it. Seeing Ed with his head pressed against the wall she raised an eyebrow. (b "You know kid, there are better ways of getting information.") Without warning she pulled him into the room and looked at Al, (b "You coming?")
mekazou: panic rose over him,, "umm yes mam" he stammered, slipping past her
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang smirked at the kid through the wall as Cate went to drag him in. "So what have you learned Full Metal?" He asked already preparing for what he could only imagine as several years of payback.
mekazou: "he learned not to ease drop" he paniced grabbing at his brother hoping to make a quick escape
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: "Hey let go!" Ed flailed, shoving Caterina off and crossing his arms as he stood a fair distance away. His golden eyes were laughing when he looked at the colonel.
"Quite a bit actually. Who knew your personal life went beyond steal your comrades girlfriends and making Lieutenant Hawkeye's live a living nightmare." Ed chuckled.
"I did not." Ed stuck his tongue out at Al.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate closed the door behind her and stood in front of it with her arms crossed. (b "Sorry Al, but your brother needs to learn not to eavesdrop on private conversations. You aren't in trouble though,") she said with a smile trying to look as innocent as possible, which for her was easy.
mekazou: he didnt trust her," now your being a bad lier" he stammered, hoping not to get hit
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "You know nothing about me Ed," Mustang said, "And I don't steal girlfriends, they just decide to date me instead. No you guys aren't in trouble,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate froze when she heard Ed's comment about Mustang's personal life and her hand went straight to the light switch. Then she heard the other comment, (b "Ah yes, you were always the ladies man. I am so glad I never fell for you.")
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: "That's not what I heard." Ed shrugged at the colonel's comment.
"And so what? Listening in is the only way to get a straight answer from this guy. Half the time he sends me out to do random jobs without telling me that I'm walking into a trap." Ed rolled his eyes, "Besides, this is just payback for all the unnecessary snooping he's done on Al and me over the years."
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "No I wasn't Cate, and I didn't snoop," Great his old friend and subordinate were ganging up on him. He also was getting a little nervous when he saw Cate's hand near the switch
mekazou: " you do snoop a lot, or get others to snoop for you, and we do go on a lot of useless jobs" he sighed, eyeing the door
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate's innocent look vanished as she watched Ed. Her irritation level was reaching its max and it was starting to show. (b "Watch what you saw Edward, because it could come back an bite you in the ass,") she said as her hand rested on the switch. She noticed Roy's nervous look and shrugged as if saying don't blame her if she does it.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Ed you might want to stop annoying her," Mustang warned returning her own look with one that said she better not hit him.
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: "See? Even Al's agreeing with me, and he's usually too intimidated to take sides. Face it colonel, you and I committed the same crime." Ed grinned, then it slightly faltered for only a moment when he saw the flash of anxiety on Mustang's face upon seeing Caterina's movement.
Uh oh, did he and Al just stumble into the middle of a ex-lover's quarrel? Nothing worried Ed more than the human ability to become so enraged by the littlest things when it came to romance, and no way did he want to be between these two if they were going to go for the jugular. Or maybe they'd just shred him instead, which wasn't a preferable outcome.
With Caterina blocking the door, the window was suddenly looking a lot like a clean getaway should he and Al need it...
"So you brought me in here to lecture me?" Ed raised an eyebrow, "I don't need anyone talking down to me-"
Ed choked on his words, his face burning a bright red, "I didn't mean those words, dammit! Come on Al, we're leaving." Ed strode purposefully to the door.
mekazou: sliding to the wall he clamped his hands together and prepared to escape if they got rough
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "I feel so bad for you Mustang,") she said shaking her head before flipping the switch and making the room go dark. The only light that could be seen was the one coming from the area on the wall where the light switch is. Turning on the lights she grabbed hold of Ed's auto-mail arm and sent a wave of electricity through him.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang shook his head, "I warned you Ed,". No way would he had seen that coming but he for once was glad that he wasn't the one getting a bolt attack.
mekazou: "ahhh" he scramed, clapping his hands and opening a hole, grabbing at brother he pulled him out the of mustangs office, and crashed in to the far office
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: [O_O Electric Chair. X_X]
Ed was clueless at first when the lights went out. He opened his mouth to say something about his not being nocturnal, when the light returned, but Caterina also had grabbed his arm.
The sudden shock running through Ed made him go rigid and a shout of pain escaped his mouth. Stumbling backwards, Ed stared at his arm incredulously until he found himself being carried along by Al.
"What was that?! She's as psychotic as the colonel!" Ed shouted angrily to Al, "Thanks for the help, I can run on my own now."
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "I HEARD THAT,") she shouted after them and was tempted to follow but stayed where she was. Then she remembered Ed's face when he got shocked and she began laughing hysterically. (i I think for once I'm actually glad that I did something like that to someone,") she thought as he continued laughing.
mekazou: "good" he yelled setting him down i mid run, " isnt ever one mustang is friends with in his private life crazt" ghe laughed turning a sharp corner
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang laughed as he watched them run off, "That was funny, but I think you scared them a little". He smiled a little forgetting how much fun having Cate around could be.
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: "Good point." Ed agreed, his feet skidding as he tried to turn the sharp corner after Al. He glanced back but no one was following so he slowed.
Having time to realize how easily he'd been humiliated, anger began to build in Ed. Why did he have to bring Caterina here in the first place? She's seemed nice enough at the start but apparently she and the colonel were of almost the same sadistic character. "Hey, I don't think they're following." Ed pointed out to Al.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Where would the fun be if I didn't scare them,") she asked as she regained her composure and looked at the hole in the wall. (b "I'm going to go talk to them, or apologize for possibly giving Ed brain damage. Feel free to look at those pieces of paper. One is a picture, the other a letter,") she said as she took off running after Ed and Al.
<the pic is of her in the hospital(taken by the guy that saved her) and the letter, well use your imagination>
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: (What is the basis that I should be imagining)
Mustang gave her a mock salute before looking to the papers that lay behind him. He picked up the photo and barely had it open before throwing it back on the table. He really didn't need to see that. He could remember the damage he had done to her that night, and did not want to remember.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: (Which post?)
Looking at the other folded paper he picked it up then put it in his pocket. He'd read it later, not wanting to dredge up any more bad memories.
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: Ed's belief of them having gotten away was shattered when he heard footsteps. Looking back, he caught sight of a familiar figure running at them with all speed, and he wasn't about to wait around to see what she was after.
"Al, split up!" Ed spoke quickly, running down a different hall and having to weave between various military officials as he went.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc sighed softly, walking into the coloenl's office and blinking slightly. "Uh...Where'd the hole come, sir?" He walked over to him and looked at his desk, not really sure why he was looking at his desk.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate followed after Ed and after weaving past many people managed to catch up to him. Tackling him she pinned him to the ground. (b "I'm sorry I electrocuted you, but thanks to Mustang I was already slightly irritated and you mentioning past events didn't help.") she stood up and held her hand out to help him up. (b "I promise I wont do it again.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Full Metal and his brother," He answered before a rather large grin appeared on his face.
"And for being late you have to work on these for me," He told the blond picking up one of the piles of paperwork and dropping it on Havoc' desk.
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: Ed found himself being tackled, and squished into possibly two dimensions. His struggling did nothing to get Caterina off until she stood up herself. Eyeing her hand suspiciously, Ed's eyes narrowed.
"As if I'd fall for that trick again." Ed muttered, standing on his own and brushing himself off. His mind was already racing to come up with another escape route, seeing as he wouldn't have Al to bail him out if he should need it this time.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate sighed and shook her head, (b "I'm not touching anything electrical so you're fine. I'm really not a bad person so I doubt I'll ever hurt you unless necessary.") She looked around for a second before looking back at Ed. (b "Well I should be getting back so I'll see you around. Oh and please don't tell anyone what you heard about the past.") Without waiting for an answer she ran back to Mustang's office and skidded to a stop by the hole. As she walked into the room she noticed a Havoc talking to Mustang. (b "Havoc,") she squeaked before covering her mouth hoping she wasn't heard.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc sighed heavily and glared at the papers, before looking at Roy and asking, "Something on your mind, sir?" Havoc sat down at his desk and sighed heavily, grumbling some things about the papers.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: (way too many RPS at the same time)
"In a way- Catarina, so how did your apology with Ed go?" Grinning seeing her face as she spotted Havoc.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Fine, everything went fine,") she said letting her hands fall to her sides. When she read his expression she shot a glare towards him before looking back at Havoc. (i What did I just walk myself into?)
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: <I know same here. Lol. I might delete a few.> Havoc looked at Catarina and blinked, smiling softly. He looked at Roy, and then back at Catarina. "Hey Catarina..." Havoc turned back to his paperwork and continued with it.
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: Ed muttered obscenities about psychotic, power hungry grown-ups, idiotic military officials, and the complete lack of any way to battle against electricity. Actually, certain materials served to disrupt the flow of electricity-
And evil smirk grew over Ed's face and he began to cackle evilly as a scheme of revenge took roots. The others in the hallways were quick to vacate to somewhere less formidable.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: (No I have an over active one and its quite scary what it comes up with sometimes)
"Are you just going to stand there?" He asked giving her a grin in response to her glare.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc chuckled slightly and looked back at Roy, asking, "What did she do this time?" He looked at Caterina and chuckled softly.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Hey,") she said in reply before going back to glaring at Roy. (b "Stop grinning,") she said as she walked over to him and dragged him out to the hall. (b "You haven't read that letter yet have you?")
<Fine I'll PM it to you>
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blinked, watching Caterina drag Roy out of the room. He walked over to the door slightly, trying to stay hidden and trying to eavesdrop at the same time.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "No, why?" He asked crossing his arms, "And that was such a rude greeting to Havoc there,". He was having too much fun with this, but he knew he was going to have more control since she knew who he liked as well.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Give it, or I'll spill all your dirty little secrets,") she said unaware pf Havoc listening in. (i Why did the man who has commitment issues have to be my best friend,") she thought mentally cursing herself for even telling him.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Now I'm very curious as to what it says," He said grinning even wider, "And you realize that I can spill yours even quicker, right?".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "You really want to play this game with me because you'd lose,") she said before sticking her hand out for the letter, (b "Now or I yell your secret.") She looked in the room to see if Havoc was still at his desk and wasn't really surprised when she saw him against the wall listening.
<nothing really>
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc smiled softly, wondering what Roy was hiding. Sure the guy had secrets, but he didn't know they were something so sever that someone could THREATEN him with them.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Could you at least give me one little clue as to what it says?" Mustang whispered as he reached into his pocket. Oh he was going to find out some way.
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: Even since coming up with the idea of how to possibly get back at Caterina, Ed had spent more time running around gathering scrap materials then actually standing still. Whether or not his idea would work, Ed wasn't going to go waltzing up demanding a fight. He wasn't (i that) revenge driven. Instead, Ed wondered what Mustang needed Caterina for. Other than personal reasons, there had to be something driving him.
And where had Al gone? Ed had to give his brother props; Al knew how to disappear in a tight spot for being so large. The thought that Ed probably owed a report for the recent mission dawned on him, then he waved it off. Nobody would notice the lack of his paperwork, there was enough of it around here to keep everyone preoccupied anyway.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate looked back at Roy, (b "You already know what it says and I am begging you, please don't tell him.") This was the first time she had ever begged for anything which to her was weird. (b "2 years and they still haven't gone away, what does that tell you?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "All right, all right, Here." He said grabbing the note and handing it to her, "but that means you might want to tell him,". He knew he was being a hypocrite but it wasn't the same. She at least wasn't in the military any more.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Why because he's been listening for the past 5 minutes,") she asked as she put the letter in her pocket. (b "Havoc you can stop eavesdropping now, the conversation is over.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Don't you have paperwork to do," Mustang drawled giving Havoc a pointed look.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc jumped slightly and watched as Roy look at him. He laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head and said softly, "Alright, sir! I'm on it. S-Sorry." He rushed over to his desk and sighed slightly, watching the two from the corner of his eye.
mekazou: he had lost his brother again, he had turned down a difrent hall and ended up on a roof some were, glancing down in the street, he noticed a short little blonde, brother" brother" he yelled down in to the street
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "I'll tell him when you stop having commitment issues,") she said as she watched Havoc go back to his desk. (b "Shouldn't (i you) (b be doing that paperwork and not him?") She crossed her arms in an accusatory way while looking back to Mustang.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "How long have you known me," Mustang wave her off before sitting back behind the desk, "And its not commitment issues, its work issues,".
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: "Hey, Al!" Ed grinned running to meet his brother, "You don't know how lucky you are she didn't come after you."
Ed shuddered, remembering being shocked. It wasn't an experience he wanted to relive. "But I think I may have found a way to counter her electricity. If only it were so easy to find a way to cancel out the colonel's alchemy or Scar's."
Stopping his babbling, Ed looked over at Al curiously, Ed spoke up again, "So where've you been?"
mekazou: he shrugged. "roofs". what do you intend to do, "what if you just ransmutated your auto mail in to copper or nickel or a metal that doesnt conduct, and with scar you just have to change the composition between attack because he wont know what way to break it down" he explained like a genuis
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: "True, true, but I came up with yet another way to counter the electricity. Come up with a way to keep the colonel sopping wet, and I'll worship the ground you walk on." Ed laughed.
Ed looked down at his automail arm, and his mind ran off, continuing Al's train of thought. Well, he had nothing else to do with his afternoon-
"Hey, if we ditched town, do you think we could get out of anymore pointless missions for a while?" Ed asked in a sly tone.
mekazou: "yeah, if we went back home and visited winry" he laughed, " how do you intend to counter the electrisity and keep mustang sopping wet' he questioned
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: "Well, my first idea about carrying around a rainstorm somehow didn't work out, so I'm still working on that part, but I've had more luck with the electricity." Ed said as he started walking, setting a brisk pace toward the train station. With everyone busy, nobody would notice them skipping out. Visiting Reisembool for the first time in a while sounded nice.
mekazou: "so how do you intedend to counter the electrisity" he was now curious, hewalked at a speed not much diffrent then usual, " i can wait"
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: "Well, more I changed the composition of my cloak." Ed held his arm up to show the red cloak to show, "It won't stop it, but more redirect the flow so it won't hurt so much next time."
Ed cringed, "You know, you might be lucky sometimes, brother. Nobody picks on you."
mekazou: "its because im tall" he giggled and sprinted to the station as he listen to his brothers yelling in the distance
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Oh please you have a new girlfriend every week from what I've seen,") she said as she stood in front of his desk. (b "I take it back, you can tell him but I get to shock you first.") she didn't wait for a response as she touched his hand and shocked him. Then turning around, shoving her hands in her pockets, and walking out of the room. Stopping at the door she smiled over to Havoc, (b "Its good to see you again Havoc,") she said before walking out of the room.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Riza was maybe as tired of seeing papers and documents just like Roy or any other person that had to deal with those matters.
She was heading back from the Secretariat with some more pointless reports, this time trough her calm and straight person, escaping a little sigh.
Once a foot stomped more loudly on the ground, her half lidded eyes rested on the figure of a person she had known actually, Cate Ariande.
Sure, she heard everything of her coming with the Elric brothers along but it's still been a while.
(b "Caterina,") she began greeting the way she liked to, approaching the woman and for a moment she stared at her with her serious blank composure.
(b "It's been a while,") after the pause her voice turned more soft and relaxed, as well as her face which gained a small smile.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "It has indeed Riza,") she said before noticing the stack of paperwork. Raising a quizzical brow she smiled, (b "Would you like some help?") As she waited for an answer she decided to warn her about the hole in the wall. (b "Oh and the Elrics put a hole in the wall while running from me.") Brushing her hair from her face she accidentally revealed a burn scar on her left temple, (b "You're in luck though, Mustang is in a good mood today.")
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: (b "I see,") she replied simply at Cate's statement about the hole, like it was nothing, moving her gaze to a side at the office's door seriously.
(b "There's not such things as good or bad moods. Only being or not hit by fate's worst things,") she explained then let her orbs set on the female's person once more after she threw a short hopeless look at the mountain of neat folded papers.
Piercing another warm smile, she tilted her head.
(b "I know army has its moments when we need backup, but having to need it even for such a trivial thing as paper work means we've truly fallen,") with those said, she frowned lightly, going back to her neutral face.
(b "Besides. You should ask Colonel that. It's his duty. Mine is only delivering. Mind asking? Did things turn with that...") she paused and spun a finger in the air, as to mimicker a hole.
(b "...as a result of any comment about Full Metal's height?")
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Uh no, I pulled some electricity from the light switch and electrocuted him because he was eavesdropping,") she said scratching the back of her head guiltily. She was tempted to comment on the paperwork but instead shrugged it off. (b "I meant that he laughed, like really laughed,") she stated before her faded blue eyes looked back to the door. (i He really has gone far in the course of two years,) she thought as her expression went from happy to calm.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang jumped a little when he got the small shock, and only frowned as she walked out. It wasn't like he was actually going to say anything to Havoc. Sighing he glared at the only pile of paperwork on his desk. Glancing to Havoc he wondered if he could shove this one on to him as well, but the other had barely gotten anywhere with the current one.
Glaring one last time at the pile hoping it would disappear, he grabbed the first few papers and started working through them.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Riza didn't really comment on what she said but a spark of attention appeared in her eyes where a frown was gathered above.
(b "You are a woman. He laughs,") she paused only shortly, to straighten her jacket and back, holding a calm blank look on on her face.
(b "Did Colonel get harmed in the process too? If so, I'm afraid I will consider you as an enemy and arrest you,") she said that so serious and neutral that for some people it could even be funny.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "About that,") she said as she inched away slowly, (b "We did actually fight after I got here, so its possible.") She read Riza's expression and not wanting to risk anything she ran back into Mustang's office. (b "Your girlfriend wants to arrest me for attacking you,") she said as she walked over to him.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang looked up and gave Cate a weird look. "Girlfriend? I'm not dating anyone at the moment..." Mustang started to say, then turned a little red, "Cate... you better not be referring to...".
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Riza kicked open the door of Roy's office and dropped on the ground the papers she carried in. Dramatically.
Her hands pulled out two of her guns and she launched herself from the ground until she landed in front of his office, on one knee, holding her guns pointed at Cate without hesitation.
(b "Colonel Mustang Sir! I need the affirmative of negative about this person, Caterina Ariande, whether she tried to or did attack you and is dangerous,") she quickly talked, keeping her eyes fixed on the female before her, without even blinking but occasionally peeking with the corners of her brown eyes at the male.
All that as a few papers were landing everywhere only now.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang just continued to watch the two women in surprise, before sitting down and laughing a little. "Stand down Lieutenant. All she did was give me a small shock, and isn't a threat,". He wasn't sure what was going on but this definitely was getting to be a little ridiculous.
Looking to Cate he chuckled a little more before asking, "What on earth did you say to her?".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "I told you,") she said as she jumped behind the desk. Ducking down she looked at Mustang from the corner of her eye, (b "That I shocked Ed then told her I attacked you when I go here.") She didn't feel like getting shot today or any day and at the rate things were going she probably would.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: From the very first movement, Riza's guns followed naturally Cate's figure, being aware as usual. After remembering once more what Roy told her, she slid her guns back and straightened herself up with her stoned frowned face, saluting for a bit of moment.
(b "Understood,") then she shot a little friendly look at Cate, like nothing happened whatsoever, beginning to pick up the papers from wherever they landed on.
(b "Excuse me Colonel. I'd suggest you to mind the military's work rather than attacking a woman,") now she was making (i him) the guilty one, but she always liked to snap his senses into his head and sort of tease him.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang was speechless for a few seconds, then shook his head returned to his paperwork before muttering to Cate, "Look at what you did now,".
Looking up at Hawkeye for a brief second, he noticed the pile she was holding and groaned, "More?".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Your fault,") she said as she leaned her back against the desk and rested her arms on her knees. (b "I hope you know that I don't plan on moving from this spot till she's out of the room. Getting shot isn't on my list of things to do.") Reaching over and grabbing her hat she tore the inside lining out and a silver pocket watch fell into her lap. She still wondered why he didn't take it from her before the first fight, so she picked it up and maneuvered her hand to placed it on the desk. (b "You may want this back.")
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: After finally managing to bring up into her arms all the papers, Riza checked trough them a few times calmly.
(b "I am afraid yes,") she replied bluntly and dropped them on his office, before giving a sharp, analytic glance at whatever Cate was giving them, making sure it wasn't anything for an attack or whatnot.
(b "Reports to be exact, Sir. Several destruction has been lately caused but we don't know by who,") yes, she could hear fine and well that Roy and Cate were communicating something but she wasn't the type to interfere and simply did her informative duty.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang sighed before looking to Cate, "Do you want to look at these reports for me?". It seemed like it was the military's goal to pile millions of paperwork on top of its officers. He ignored the watch and looked back to Hawkeye.
"You aren't going to go look for more work for me to do?" He asked dreading the answer. Why was she so dedicated to this job?
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Love to but then you'd be called a traitor because I'm not part of the military any more,") she pointed out as she turned her gaze back to the window. (b "Man do I feel bad for you,") she muttered as she closed her eyes out of boredom. (i I didn't think today would be this eventful, but my past was bound to come back and haunt me sooner or later,) she thought.
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CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: ** Goodbye, be back soon. **
Riza closed her eyes and lifted a chin, as already a refuse for any possible request from Roy to have her check the papers.
Soon, she sketched a tiny smirk to cover up for her serious frown and looked trough her pockets, placing another paper on his desk where stood simply written:
She knew Roy could be both stupid and clever at times, but that message which was a continuation of her statement about destruction was rather obvious.
(b "Do you need anything before you begin the work,Colonel?") she questioned neutrally,letting the hint of smirk fade a while ago.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang leaned back looking a little defeated, then said, "No there isn't lieutenant,". He looked at the paper and nodded before burning it and swiping the ash of his desk. He turned back to what he had on his desk and continued going through the papers.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate opened her eyes and looked at her hands. Out of sheer boredom she began sending an electrical current through the tips of her fingers. (i This is so boring,) she thought as she let the rest of her thoughts wander. As she came back to reality she accidentally shocked herself, (b "Ow.") Sighing she looked back at Roy, (b "What do you think it will take to get me reinstated?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "A complete removal of the established government," Mustang answered not even looking away from the papers in front of him. He only had suspicions, but do did Full Metal, that Bradley was connected to the homunculi.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "I don't even want to know,") she said as she got up and looked around the room. She only glanced at the pocket watch for a brief moment before looking back to Roy. (b "I'm going home, you go the answers you wanted so there is no need for me to stay here,") she stated even though the last half was a complete lie and she really didn't want to leave. Not waiting for an answer she walked towards the door and stopped before opening it. (b "If there is anything else, you know where to find me.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Why leave? Just because you aren't a state Alchemist, doesn't mean you can't help," Mustang called out before picking up the watch she left behind.
"Oh and don't forget about this,"He said walking over and placing the watch in her hand.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "I'm not leaving because I'm not a state alchemist, I'm leaving because I have a different life,") she said as her fingers closed around the watch. (b "Besides, other than doing paperwork and listen to you complain about doing it doesn't exactly sound like helping.") Now she felt guilty about even saying she was leaving, (i Not even two words and I feel guilty for leaving.)
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "You could always hang out with Havoc, let him tour you around the city. Times have changed," He said grinning, "And hunt down the Homunculi with the Elrics help,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate forced back a glare before whispering, (b "That is low even for you.") She leaned against the door and looked at him before glancing over to Havoc who was still doing paperwork. (b "Fine I'll stay but you have to find me a new place to live so I don't have to ride the train 2 or more times a day whenever you feel like giving me something to do.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "As long as you don't spill secrets Hawkeye can share an apartment," He smiled at Cate, "Otherwise I can find a place to put you up easily,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "You want to stick me with your psychopathic girlfriend? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!") Her calm expression faltered slightly when she yelled. Stepping away from the door she opened it, (b "And the only secrets we'd share are the ones that concern you and the burn marks you left one me,") she said coldly before walking out and slamming the door behind her.
<g2g for a bit>
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I guess she still has that temper of hers Havoc," Roy muttered running a hand over his head, "I'm going to go apologize, meanwhile do you mind calling any of our usual apartments,".
He opened the door then quickly ran after her.
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: "(bold Who're you calling so small he could ride a grasshopper!)" Ed shouted angrily after Al, giving chase, "(bold Get back here so I can show you whose not a shrimpy, half-pint, mini midget!)"
Of all the people, now even Al was poking fun at him? Would his little brother be laughing if Ed shrunk his armour so they were the same size?! No, he would not.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc sighed slightly, twitching, looking at Roy and watching him run off. "Alright sir." He sighed heavily, leaning back in his computer and relaxing slightly. Havoc smiled, lighting a cigarette and deciding he wouldn't start his paperwork for a while.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate stood by the main doors looking out into the rain trying to decide if she wanted to leave or not. She turned her head slightly when she heard footsteps approaching and after seeing who it was went back to staring at the rain. (b "Do you always chase after someone who slams a door in your face?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "What can I say, I'm a very stubborn person," Mustang shrugged as he reached her, "Look I'm sorry about the whole teasing you thing. Now can you just come back with me, there's no point in going out just yet,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "When have you ever not been stubborn,") she asked as she turned and looked at him. (b "Fine I'll go back, but next time you tease me, I'll hit you,") she said with a smile and started walking back to the office.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "As long as I can return the favor," He replied shoving his hands in his pockets.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "No comment, but you are aware that I have to go back home sometime to get my things,") she pointed out sounding bored. (b "Then again, whats wrong with me going home now other than the fact that you'd follow me just to make sure I came back?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Wait till it stops raining, and you can take anyone to escort you and make sure your trip is safe," Mustang told her, "So long as it is one of my men,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Why you don't trust anyone else,") she asked as she tried not to laugh. (b "And shouldn't you be the one assigning escorts? Wait, why do I even need an escort? Never mind don't answer that,") she already knew the answer to her last question so it didn't matter.
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MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "After what I've seen I'm surprised I don't trust anyone," He told her a little saddened, "Any way I would assign my second most trustworthy officer but I'm afraid you would make good on your earlier threat,". Normally he would send Havoc or Armstrong, but the latter was on a mission some where, and of course, she would think he was teasing her if he told Havoc to be her escort.
mekazou: "come on brother" he giggled jog backwards" its only a short distance, or do you need to ride that toy poodle" he broke down laughing, we was being cruel
DarkFire / Edward Elric, Alchemist: "You better hope I don't catch up, or your going to be a tin can!" Ed shouted, grabbing a pebble from the road and threw it at Al, "No, a tin can has too much respect, I'll just cut off your legs! Let's see how well you get around on stumps!"
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: (Yeah but Mustang isn't smart like that... but I'll let him continue)
"If I were to pick one it would be Havoc, since he is almost as good with a gun as Hawkeye, and knows you well enough," Mustang added stepping a little away from her in case she decided to hit him.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate was tempted to hit him after that comment but decided not to. (b "You have a point on that so I can't hit you,") she pointed out, (b "Do you still have that (i God complex) (b thing I over heard Ed talking about a few weeks ago?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "What did he mean by God complex?" He asked his hands twitching. Oh if Full Metal was spreading lies again he was going to kill the pipsqueak.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate looked at his hand when she noticed them twitching. Inching away slowly she said, (b "Um, well, technically I'm not suppose to tell you. Its a secret.") If there was one thing that scared her it was when Mustang got mad about someone mentioning how he acted.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Cate... tell me what that shrimp said," Mustang drawled turning towards her. Oh that boy was definitely going to get burned.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "I told you, its a secret. I'm not aloud to tell, then again I'm not even suppose to know,") she muttered as she continued backing away. (i What have I gotten myself into,") she thought as she looked around for some source of electricity but only found the lights above her.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "C'mon Cate I'm not going to hurt you," Mustang said trying to calm her, (i Its Full Metal who will be getting hurt)
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "He said you have a god complex because you act all pompous and what not when he comes to tell you what he found out then finds out that you already know,") she squeaked out before regaining her composure and going back to normal. (b "Though I can see why he said it. You do act kinda pompous sometimes. Maybe you really do have a god complex.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Thanks Cate glad to see even my friends agree with that Pipsqueak," He muttered storming back to his office. (i That kid is kindling next time I see him)
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Oh relax would you,") she said as she ran after him. (b "I said sometimes. Then again the last time I saw you was 2 years ago so I wouldn't really know how you've been acting.") She knew that part of what she was saying was a lie, she just didn't know which part. (b "As for the escort stuff, I'm leaving tomorrow so you better know who you're sending with me.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Well seeing as you didn't seem to protest too much; Havoc will go with you," Mustang said walking into his office still a little peeved at Ed.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Unless you crack some joke about it then there is no reason to protest. You really shouldn't freak out on the kid. I mean, he is a kid after all, they say stupid things. If I remember correctly, you said your fair share of stupid things when we were kids.") She shrugged off the conversation as she followed him into the office. There wasn't really anything else to talk about unless he decided to ask her how she has been the past two years which she thought was highly unlikely.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Yes but at least I wasn't a constant smart mouth to my superiors," He muttered looking at Havoc, with a dark look.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Are you referring to me or shrimpy,") she asked before looking around cautiously for Ed. She noticed the looked on Mustang's face and instantly hit him on the back of the head, (b "Be nice or I wont help you with your paperwork.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "To shrimpy; and you actually want to look at this boring stuff?" He asked looking at her in surprise, while also rubbing his head a little.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Its that or randomly shock people and get arrested,") the mention of that peeked her interest and her eyes lit up. (b "Come to think of it, that does sound better than paperwork. I might just do that instead.") She knew what the answer to that would be even before it was said but it was fun to see his reaction.
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MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Don't expect me to bail you out if you do that," He told her before sitting down behind his desk.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate made a quick pouty face before turning to the door, (b "You're no fun.") She placed her hand on the light switch for a few seconds causing the lights to flicker before walking out of the room. It took her a few minutes to remember that she wasn't wearing a uniform so to most everyone thought she was dangerous. Around 10-15 minutes later there was the sound of a gun being fired outside. (b "WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?WHY DID YOU JUST SHOOT ME,") she yelled ignoring the fact that there was now a bullet lodged in her right arm.
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MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: (Okay. So I guess bye)
Mustang sighed as he just finished getting through half of his paperwork before getting up and walking out. "Cease fire, she's with me," He shouted as he stepped into the hallway and dragged her into his office.
"You might want to be a little more careful," He told her as he looked for something to pull the bullet out with.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "I was careful,") she said lying through her teeth. She looked at her arm with an irritated expression. (b "You should have known better than to let me walk around on my own when everyone thinks I'm dead. The guy thought I was a homunculus, which to me is the biggest insult on the planet. Do I look like a blood thirsty crazy person out to rule the world? That is a rhetorical question so don't answer that.")
<Sorta...aside from that I'm your average 17 year old girl(soon to be 18)>
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: ( Same here actually)
"Well I was going to say that you definitely didn't look bloodthirsty," He chuckled pulling a small set of tongs, walking over, he didn't even warn her before he began to feel for the bullet then yanked it out.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate glared before cringing as the bullet was pulled out. (b "Warn me next time,") she muttered as she placed her hand over the wound. (b "And I know I'm not blood thirsty. So how come you only told a few people that I was still alive instead of letting them assume I was dead?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Like I said the higher ups can be a little trouble," He told his returning to his desk and pulled out a roll of bandages. Walking back over he unwrapped it and gently started to cover the wound.
"Only my team and those associated with them know your alive. Since we didn't actually include your discovery in a report your still considered officially dead," He explained as he fastened it.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Super. I hope you kept it out to protect your job because if you tell me that you did it to protect me I'm going to call you an idiot,") she said as she cross her arms and shook her head. (i So I've caused trouble, yet again, and he still isn't mad at me. What the hell is with that?)
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "It was a little of both. If it found out I failed to kill you then was harboring you I would be called a traitor. The other was because I didn't think you would want some one other than my group coming to pay you a visit" He explained giving her a small smile.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Yet another good point,") she said as she walked over to the window and sat down in front of it. (b "You should have done it mainly for your job because that is one thing that can't fight for itself.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Oh don't get me wrong it was; Can't have the 'hero of Ishbal' be considered weak," he said sarcastically leaning against his desk.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "I think I was unconscious for that,") since she couldn't remember it she probably was. (b "So when everyone finds out that I'm still alive what do you think will happen,") she yawned out.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Oh the fuher might have my head and you'll be executed as well, unless...." He drew out the last bit before saying, "We initiate a strike ourselves,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "He isn't human is he, the fuher I mean,") she asked softly wondering if he knew. (b "I saw him a while ago at the train station. he was talking to 3 people I knew couldn't be part of the military.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "No he isn't but it isn't smart to be saying that around here," Grabbing a few folders he walked back over, "Do you remember Hughes?".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "A little why,") she replied not looking away from the window. After a few seconds of digging through her memory she asked, (b "He's the one that talked about his daughter a lot, right?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Yes but he was murdered a couple of years ago, by an homunculus. It was because he figured out what was happening and so they killed him for it" Mustang explained handing her the folders containing Hughes' research.
"The Elrics and I think that the Homuculus that did it could be the one that framed you,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate took the folders and set them in front of her. (b "I see,") was all she said before crossing her legs and opening one of the folders. Her left elbow rested on her knee while her head rested on her hand as she flipped through the pages. (i How can he be dead? What was so secretive that they had to kill him for finding it out,) she thought as she stopped on one page that instantly grabbed her attention. (b "Have you already gone through these folders?")
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MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Yes; Why?" He asked moving so that he was next to her.
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SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate handed him the paper to him, (b "Read it carefully. There is something there that doesn't make sense.") Pulling her hair back she pinned it up and continued going through the folders. Each time she came across something interesting she set it aside. From what she could tell each piece that was set aside made it into some sort of puzzle and all they had to do was find all the pieces and fit them together.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I already knew that some parts didn't make sense, but I didn't know how to connect them. You were always better at that then I was," Mustang said starting to look at all the papers, "I think we're going to need a map,".
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SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "What can I say, I like a challenge,") she muttered as she closed the folders and looked at the papers to the left of her. Sliding the folders over she started placing the papers in a random order. After getting all the papers in the correct order she stared at them. (b "Yep, a map would definitely be a good idea, along with a maker or pen.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang began digging around his desk trying to find a map, and eventually found one beneath a pile of papers. He walked back to her and unrolled it using random knicknacks to hold the edges down.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "You have way too much paperwork,") she said as she grabbed the pen off his desk and looked at the map. Looking at the papers and reading the locations she circled them. Her eye twitched a little as she noticed that one location she circled was the town her home was in. (b "That can't be good.") Standing up she looked at the map with a blank expression, (b "There is probably more information in the remaining papers of Hughes' research.") Leaning against the desk she crossed her arms and kept looking at the map. (i This doesn't make any sense, something is missing.)
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "One thing I can tell you, is if you connect these together, it starts to resemble a circle of sorts," Mustang added looking at the map before sorting through the final pages of his friends notes.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Thats the part that bothers me. Look at the center of the circle,") she said as she pulled the pin from her hair and tossed it to the center of the circle and watched it stick there. (b "Its Central and HQ is dead center.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Well it definitely explains why everyone is causing a commotion in central," Mustang muttered still looking at the papers.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate nodded crossing her arms before sitting back down and circling one last place. (b "What I don't get is why Ishbal{sp.} is on here. But if it helps I think this map may confirm your suspicions on the fuher,") she said whispering that last part.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang nodded and leaned back, "We definitely need to keep an eye on your town. You should stay in central, after you get your things of course. This way you know when the troops will start moving, and get a head start,".
mekazou: "brother, were do you get these names, ive never called you that, nor any one else" he laughed sprinting in to the station and heading to the ticket desk
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (b "Head start for what? I figured something like this was bound to happen sooner or later so I rigged the gas tank under my house to explode by tripping a switch in the kitchen.") She shrugged as if it were nothing before saying, (b "The part that might bug you is that I didn't actually plan on leaving there alive. But it shouldn't be too hard to reconfigure everything and make it so I do survive.")
Leaning back against the wall she waited for him to say something. Looking out the window she noticed that it had stopped raining. (i Yay I finally get to leave,) she thought as she looked over to Havoc who seemed relaxed. (i Guess that since Roy neglected to tell him about being my escort I'll have to tell him,) she thought as she walked over to Havoc's desk and stood in front of it. (b "You're lucky, you get out of paper work for the next few hours because Colonel Trust Issues thinks I need an escort.")
<Mustang has a new nickname>
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Cate..." he drawled giving her a warning look. He moved back to his desk then started working on his remaining paperwork.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate flinched at the way Mustang said her name and she quickly moved to the other side of the desk. (#7401DF "Well I wouldn't have said it if you didn't think I needed an escort home. But hey, at least you picked someone that isn't a hot head,") she stated with a devious smile. For some reason she felt like pushing his buttons before she left and if she had to she'd literally pull Havoc out of the room so they could leave before Mustang got too mad at her.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Too many people have died, and I rather you didn't join them" he told her with a serious look. He wasn't angry, just annoyed and he wasn't in the mood for her teasing.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Now why do I find that so hard to believe. I should have been swimming with the fishes a while ago but here I am,") she said as she walked over to him. (#7401DF "And to top it off, I figured something out that you couldn't. What does that tell you? If you haven't noticed, you need me when it comes to the complicated stuff because you can't just snap your fingers and solve it with fire.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Seeing that every one thought you were dead, it's not surprising that you are alive. Now though you've been rediscovered your in danger again," He told her leaning back.
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SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I know I'm in danger and I don't care. If you haven't noticed I'm more concerned about the safety of those that actually matter. Like you, Havoc, Hawkeye, Ed and Al, there are so many people I am afraid are going to get hurt for knowing I'm alive,") she said her voice cracking a bit but her expression not faltering. (#7401DF "My life doesn't matter it never did.") Looking over to Havoc then Mustang she shook her head, (#7401DF "I'll be at the train station if you need me.") Turning she walked out of the room silently and quickly hoping she wouldn't be seen by too many people.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang looked at her in slight surprise not knowing what to say at all. He glanced down at the pile of papers in front of him then back to where she was. His disappointment at her thought that she didn't matter, their lives was more important to her was unbelievable and he was not happy. Looking to Havoc he sent a look telling him to go after her. Mustang needed a few more minutes to recompose himself before saying anything to her.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate stopped at the main doors and shook her head before looking behind her. (i I'm pretty sure he is mad about what I said but you know what its the truth so he'll just have to get over it,) she thought as she left the building slowly. (#7401DF "Lets see, what would my parents call me if they were alive? A coward, self righteous, weak, egotistical,") shrugging off the thought she kept walking. After about 20 minutes she made it to the train station and noticed Ed and Al. (#7401DF "Do I even want to know why you two are here,") she asked as she walked up to them.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: {I'm here but I set it up where he's waiting for Havoc to leave but...}
Seeing that the blond hadn't gotten up, Mustang glared at him and raising a hand. "What are you still doing here? Get after her!" he barked at him.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc quickly jumped up and saluted. "Yes sir!" He rushed after Caterina, shutting the door behind him. He hopped into his car and made it to the train station faster than he thought he would. He climbed out and smiled at Caterina, rushing over to her. "Hey, sorry Cate. I'm uh...Escorting you."
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I know,") she said while reading his facial expression, (#7401DF "Are you nervous about something?") She placed a hand over her bandaged arm and smiled, waiting for an answer. (#7401DF "Sorry you had to get stuck with me.")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blinked, saying quickly, "Oh no! I'm not nervous just...Uh...I-It's nothing. I don't mind being stuck with you either." He then blushed and said, "Oh well I mean, I uh...I mean, you're a nice girl, Cate and you're fun to be around! I mean uh...Uhm..." He sighed heavily and quickly changed the subject to, "Oh look! The train!"
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang relaxed seeing that the boy finally had decided to leave his office. He leaned back in his chair a little. Letting a small amused smile appear on his face. Knowing Havoc, he probably was stumbling all over his words and acting like an idiot. He was always nervous in front of women.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate raised an eyebrow at him and she started laughing a little. She stopped at the sudden change of subject, (#7401DF "Relax would you,") she looked at him suspiciously and took a step closer to get a better look at his face, (#7401DF "Why are you blushing.") She had a few theories about it but decided not to say them out loud. (i This is one trip Roy is not going to let me live down) she thought as she stepped away from Havoc and headed towards the train. (#7401DF "You don't have to answer that question either.")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blushed a deeper red when Cate neared him. He swallowed slightly and heard the train pull into the station. He looked at Cate and quickly followed her, trying to cover up the blush as best as he could. "I'm...Uh, I'm sorry." He wasn't srue what he was apolozing about, but he was apoligizing. Havoc stepped into the train and followed Cate, wondering where they would sit for the train ride.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate looked around for a second before picking a random place to sit and sat down. (i Two years and he's still losing his cool around women. I bet he is still having girlfriend problems too,) she thought not wanting to mention it in public. (#7401DF "There isn't a need to keep apologizing I'm not Mustang so it shouldn't matter.")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc sat down beside Cate and blinked slightly, his blush fading. "What do you mean you're not Mustang?" He looked out the window and then at Cate, looking into her eyes and smiling slightly. He wanted to keep his cool, wanted to remain calm and wanted to win her over, but he felt as though he was simply handing her over to Roy. Maybe he figured he shouldn't bother with wooing over the girls anymore. Not when Colonel Mustang was around, anyway.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I mean that if you mess up I wont yell at you. The only person I have ever yelled at is Mustang because he can be a real jerk sometimes,") she pointed out before noticing him smile. (#7401DF "You know, I don't think I'll ever get tired of your smile,") she stated smiling. It took her a few seconds to realize what she just said and she shrunk back in her seat slightly. (i Me and my big mouth,) she thought shaking her head.
<Is it bad that I find this funny? And too bad Mustang isn't her type>
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc smiled and laughed slightly. "Yeah, the Colonel can definately be a pain in the a--" He stopped, blushing and swallowing slightly. He had to think of SOMETHING to say, but his mind always went blank at moments like these. Maybe this was why he always sucked at getting women. This must've been why he never got a girlfriend. He went blank.
"I uhm...Don't think I'll ever grow tired of your smile either." Havoc smiled again softly as he felt the train jerk and he sat back in his seat, sighing softly.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Thanks,") she said as she looked out the window. Sighing she turned and looked at him, (#7401DF "Is he still taking the majority of your girlfriends,") she asked in a slight hushed tone in case anyone was listening.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc twitched slightly as he replied, "The bastard still steals...Pretty much 99% of them, if that helps." He sighed heavily and slipped off his military jacket, before relaxing in the seat. He looked out the window and asked, "How long is this trip again?" Havoc smiled at her, trying to forget about the girlfriend thing. He hated Roy for it, but he still obeyed his Colonel no matter what.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "About an hour or so, sadly there isn't much to do other than talk or sit in silence.") Her fingers tapped on her leg out of boredom. (i Hey that gives me something to do when we get back,) she thought as she placed her hands in her lap. (#7401DF "So how have you been?")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc thought about something to talk about as he shut his eyes. Well, maybe if it was a guy or Roy, it would be easier...But he'd never really been around a girl this long before. "Hm?" He opened his eyes, looking at Cate. "I've been pretty good. How about you Cate?" He suddenly thought about the whispers and asked, "What were you and Mustang talking about...Earlier?"
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I've been as well as could be expected,") she said moving some hair behind her left ear. (#7401DF "We were going through Hughes' research and found out some disturbing things. There are 6 places on the map that I circled and it seems that they create a bigger circle abound Central,") she turned and looked out the window before finishing, (#7401DF "One of the places circled is the town I live in. So when we get there its an in and out job.") She didn't feel the need to mention having to blow up her house and hopefully getting out alive.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc nodded, murmuring, "Right..." He thought about it and about Hughes. Suddenly, he didn't feel so excited about going on this mission anymore. He sat up slightly in his seat and asked, "Are you scared at all?" Havoc looked her in the eyes, or, tried to, as he spoke gently. He hoped she wasn't afraid and that she would trust Havoc with this. However, not very many people trusted him with very much anything. Well...Maybe this was different.
"I'm...I'll always be right here, Cate...I-If you need anything, y'know?"
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "No I'm not scared and I trust you,") she replied before asking, (#7401DF "Are you scared?") Truth was, there wasn't very much that did scare her anymore, not even death. She was about to say something else when the train came to an abrupt stop and her wounded arm hit the window. Wincing she muttered (#7401DF "Damn it,") looking out the window she noticed that they were already at the train station near her house.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc looked at Cate as he replied, "No...Not scared....More of a uhm...Well, an unknown feeling. I'm not really sure what I'm feeling." He felt the train jerk as well and looked at Cate with a bit of alarm. "Hey, is your arm okay?!" He stood up, reaching out his hand for her. Havoc hoped she was okay. If she wasn't Mustang would give him hell about it when they got back. That was definately NOT what he needed.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I'm fine, I don't exactly fair well against flesh wounds,") she said as she took his hand and stood up. (#7401DF "The same goes for guns, which might explain why I got shot in the first place.") She yelled at herself mentally for mentioning being shot since he didn't exactly know about it.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc nodded, keeping his mouth shut and avoiding the questions he wanted to ask. This was one of the many reasons why he hated his Colonel to the ends of the Earth: He never told him ANYTHING. Yet, it was okay to tell people like Riza and Cate EVERYTHING about himself. Havoc sighed slightly, slipping on his jacket and saying softly, "It's fine..." The smile had faded, something he hadn't wanted and was unaware about. "Let's just...Get this over with." He then smiled, not very well, and said, "I want to finish this quickly so I can get back home. K?" He began walking off the train and made sure to stay close to Cate.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "He had self esteem issues when he was a kid, the Colonel I mean,") she said as they got off the train. She knew she probably shouldn't have told him something about Mustang but she figured it would lighten the mood a bit. (#7401DF "He also had anger issues which I imagine he still does.") Laughing a little she headed in the direction of her house which was only a block or two away.
<I'm sorry>
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: <Why are you sorry? O.o> Havoc blinked slightly and looked at Cate. "Self-Esteem issues?" He thought about it, wondering why he would have such issues. Havoc then asked, "How...?" He didn't understand why Roy would have such issues and become the smartass he was today.
When Havoc was growing up in the country, he had acted pretty much the same way he did now. However, he was a lot more of a loner then than he was now.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: <Mustang feels hated>
(#7401DF "He was slightly on the chubby side and got made fun of a lot and now the prick has an 8-pack,") she said smiling at the first part.Shoving her hands in her pockets she kept walking. (#7401DF "There are things about your Colonel that would shock you if you were ever to find out. Come to think of it, I know pretty much all of his dirty little secret, which for him is bad.")
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: <You've got a point there...and the fact that he's getting all info he could possibly need on Mustang from Cate makes it better>
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc nodded, smiling softly. "I see..." He sighed slightly and thought about what she said. However, he wasn't about to pry any deeper. If Roy didn't want Havoc to know, then Havoc wouldn't listen. If Roy never intened to allow Havoc to hear of his past, then Havoc would never learn about Roy's past. If Roy didn't trust Havoc enough yet to tell him things he told Hughes, Cate, and Lt. Hawkeye, then so be it. Havoc didn't care. Although at points, it did suck not knowing anything and feeling like an idiot for not knowing it.
"Do you know anything about the others?" He looked at Cate, in a way hoping she hadn't dug into his past. He had been bullied constantly at his school and he was nothing but a weak little kid. Some things never changed, it seemed.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Sorry but no, so if you're worried about me finding out about your past hen you're safe. I only know the stuff about Colonel Mustang because I grew up with him.") When they reached her house she quickly unlocked the door and went in. (i First thing is first, clean the bullet wound and put clean bandages on it,) she thought as she walked into the kitchen and grabbed the stuff she needed to do so. Unwrapping her arm she tossed the used bandages in the trash and began cleaning her arm. (#7401DF "Some pasts are meant to stay secret and hidden so there is no need for me or anyone to try and find something out about someone unless it was necessary.")
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YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc nodded, smiling softly. He followed her into the house and asked, "How do you know what I'm thinking?" He looked at her, watching her change bandages. Again, he wanted to ask she was shot, but decided to stay quiet. He then smiled and said, "So that's how you and Mustang get along so well. You both hide everything like no one's around you. No matter how much trust you have someone...You don't spill a single thing about yourselves." Havoc leaned against the wall and sighed, saying gently, "It kinda sucks for the people who are waiting to take you guys in their arms..." He looked at the floor and then blushed, looking back up at Cate. "Y-You know! For comfort!"
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Guesses really,") she said as she finished taking care of her arm and looked at him. (#7401DF "I haven't exactly been relationship coordinated which is why he's the only person that knows the most about me.") She thought about what he was saying and grabbed the already packed back on the couch. (#7401DF "My parents died when I was 7 and I grew up with my grandparents. They lived near when Mustang was growing up and we became friends which is why we're so close.") Sighing she grabbed her black jacket from the closet and put it on, that was the most about her past that she had ever told anyone.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc nodded, murmuring, "So..." He looked up at Cate as he finished, "Why tell me? Mustang doesn't even trust me with this stuff...So why do you?" Havoc thought about what he was saying. Was he saying the right thing? Or did he sound too sappy? Did he sound needy? Or did he sound just right?
Ugh...This is why girl business is left to the professional: Roy Mustang.
Havoc, however, couldn't take his eyes off Cate. There was something about her that he found charming, almost loving about her. He loved the way he felt around her and he didn't knwo what to do about it, either.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I don't really know actually. But what I do know is that you should probably go outside and hide behind the oak tree,") she said as she threw her bag out the window towards the tree. (#7401DF "Actually better yet,") she said as she flipped the switch in the kitchen the grabbed his hand and pulled him outside and far enough away from the house before it blew up. (#7401DF "I bet I'll regret that one day.") Even though she just blew up her house and possibly put them both in danger by this point she still felt safe.
<yes you can>
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc twitched slightly, turning back to the flames. He looked at Cate and asked, "Were you going to tell me you were blowing up your house?!" He sighed heavily and hung his head. "Dammit, Cate. Why'd you do that?" Havoc looked up and was reminded of the Elric brothers. They had been so young...That was where they had grown up and been raised. How could they simply...Catch it on fire? Or, in Cate's case, blow it up?!
"I don't...Understand. Why did you blow up the house?"
animeluver / new sloth (angel frost): Angle grinned walking around central she was the new sloth
she seemed to have split personas and act diffrent day after day
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate flinched slightly as she stood up and dusted herself off. (#7401DF "No I wasn't going to tell you because I didn't want you to worry or tell me not to do it. The reason I did it is because according to Military records I was killed by Roy Mustang 2 years ago after Envy made it look like I was a traitor. Thats why I've been gone.") She leaned back against the tree and looked at the ground. (#7401DF "If those that wanted me dead knew I was still alive then they'd first come after me and soon those closest to me. Which would include you.")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc flinched slightly and yelled, "When in the hell were you planning on telling me this?!" He hated when he was stuck in these kind of situations. It always made him feel like the person was thinking (b "Oh hey, I'm not going to tell Havoc anything that's going on so he'll have a higher risk of dying." )
Havoc screamed angrily, scratching his head and glaring at Cate. "DAMMIT, WHAT IF I DECIDED TO RUN BACK IN THERE OR SOMETHING?!" He looked at the house and sighed, pacing and trying to calm himself. "Agggh....You're more liek Mustang's sister than his closest, damn friend! It's like having a mini-Mustang, but mixed with Ed, so it's like having a Mustang and an Ed all trapped in one, tiny, puny, cute little body!" At the time, Havoc hadn't realized what he had said...But it would sink in later...
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate's head shot up at what he was saying. (#7401DF "WELL EXCUSE ME FOR PUTTING YOUR SAFETY ABOVE MY OWN AND I'M NOT PUNY,") she snapped as she grabbed her bag and looked at him. (#7401DF "You know, lecturing me about my reasons for doing or not doing something makes you sound a whole hell of a lot like Mustang. So I'm sorry for not telling you that I was going to blow up my house. When I originally came up with the plan I wasn't meant to get out alive.") She wanted to say more but the words wouldn't come out so she walked away heading back to the train station. Inside she was crying now but refused to let her emotions take control like they did in the past.
<Yes it is and you get to deal with a crying Cate when they return unless its solved before hand>
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc grimaced slightly as she screamed back and was about to yell something, until she said he sounded like Mustang. Havoc froze then and watched her walk off, twitching slightly. (i Mustang...Well...I was just mad that she almost got us killed! She put her life in dan--! ) He stopped suddenly, finally realizing why Mustang was such an ass all the time It wasn't because he hated anyone or didn't trust anyone, it was to keep them safe. The feeling of people not understand that...Hurt. And now, Havoc understood why Mustang probably didn't talk to a whole lot of people.
Havoc rushed after Cate and grabbed her wrist softly. "Cate, wait! I'm...I'm sorry I just...I don't want you to get hurt." (i Okay, that was good. )
"You mean a lot to me, Cate, and I...I don't want to see you die before my eyes. I don't want to have to throw away our lives when we could've done something with them."
(i What are you doing?!)
"Cate I...Y-You mean the world to me and I just...Don't want you hurt. I don't want you to think you're alone, because you're not. I'm right here...And I always will be."
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (i Is he really saying what I think he is saying,) she thought as she processed everything that was just said. (#7401DF "Guess you finally found someone that the infamous Roy Mustang can't take away from you with his charm,") she said with a smile. She looked around and some people were staring, though she figured it was because she didn't really talk to anyone in public anymore. (#7401DF "We're going to miss the train if we don't hurry.")
<Because this is that good>
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: <Oh...I see. XD Thank you!> Havoc smiled slightly, sighing in a bit of relief. He walked beside her and wiped a few of her tears away. He stretched into the air and then twitched, looking at Cate. "The train's not gonna blow up, is it?" Havoc then laughed slightly, staring at her. His face then suddenly paled over and he felt a gust of cold wind blow. "Hey wait...What is Mustang gonna say about this?" He looked at Cate and sighed, murmuring, "He's gonna give me hell..."
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "No it isn't going to explode. But fun fact #4 about me, I love explosives,") she said before shrugging about his comment on Roy. (#7401DF "He gives you hell then I give him hell so you've got nothing to worry about.") She smiled and got on the train and once again picking a random place to sit.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc sighed slightly and murmured, "Of course." He smiled at her and said softly, "I see..." He then said kindly, "No wonder you get along well with Mustang. He likes flames and you like explosives." He sighed heavily and looekd at Cate. Havoc followed her onto the train and sat down, sighing softly. "Man...I can't wait to get home and sleep." He looked at Cate and then out the window. "We've got to check in with Mustang first..."
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Thats one of the reasons,") she said as she leaned her head against the back of the seat, (#7401DF "But there is more behind it than either of us chooses to let on.") She sighed and closed her eyes but didn't fall asleep. (#7401DF "Have you ever wondered what he would be like if he wasn't the Flame Alchemist?")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc nodded and murmured, "I see."
(i Damn secrets )
He smiled softly and settled down in his seat. "I won't pry. I'm sure you guys have your reason...s." He looked at her and blinked. "Well that's an odd question." He thought about it for a minute and then said, "Well...I've never thought about it before...But I think he'd still be the same person he is today..." Havoc looked at her and asked, "Why do you ask?"
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "No reason, just a random question is all.") She inhaled sharply before saying, (#7401DF "He had my back when things got rough for me after my grandparents died when I was a little older than Ed. Everyone kept calling me an orphan and making my life hell. After that we've had a close friendship. There really isn't more to my past than that.") Yawning she turned her head towards the window and ended up falling asleep as the train began moving.
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YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blinked slightly looking at her. He still didn't understand why she would tell him things like these at random. Was it simply out of boredom? Or beause she truly trusted Havoc? He couldn't tell...And he didn't care at the moment. Havoc soon fell asleep as well and was jerked awake by the train. He stood up and rubbed his eyes, shaking Cate softly. "Come on, Cate." Havoc yawned and stretched, extending his hand for her. "We've gotta go see Mustang now..."
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: {Finally I can post again...}
Mustang was asleep at his desk, his head buried in his arms. He had been reading through Hughes's research again trying to find anything they had missed earlier. He had finished most of the paperwork as well.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Do we have to,") she whined sounding like a little kid as she woke up, (#7401DF "Don't answer that.") Sitting up her eyes went into focus and she looked around. (i I am never sleeping on a train again,) she thought as she took his hand and stood up. (#7401DF "Its now or never I suppose. But please don't tell him about almost getting us killed.")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc laughed slightly. "Alright, I won't." He then walked off with her and sighed heavily, stretching again as he got into the car. He waited until Cate got in as well until he drove. He yawned and looked at Cate. "Sleep well?" Havoc returned his eyes to the road, thinking about what Mustang was doing at the moment.
(i Knowing him, he's either obsessively cleaning the windows or sleeping. )
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Well I dreamed for the first time in 4 years so I'm assuming so,") she said after yawning as well. (i I wanna go back to sleep,) she thought as she watched the scenery change. (#7401DF "Did you sleep well since I'm guessing you fell asleep too?")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc smiled and laughed slightly. He then sighed slightly, saying, "I fall asleep anywhere. So...Yeah, you could say I slept well." He smiled at Cate and then parked at the familiar HQ. He sighed, looking at Cate. "Well...Let's get this over." Havoc got out of the car and walked into the building, making sure Cate was with him. He walked up a few flights of stairs before coming to Roy's door and knocking. "Colonel, It's Havoc and Cate."
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Roy heard the knock groaning as he raised his head off his desk. He turned an angry glare towards the door before saying, "Come in Havoc...". He yawned and leaned back on the chair forcing himself to stay awake.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc sighed as he murmured, "He was sleeping again..." He pushed open the door and smiled at Roy. "Home and back again; safe and sound, sir." He stood in front of Roy's desk, looking at the papers and then at Cate.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate stood next to Havoc with an irritated/tired expression on her face. (#7401DF "Wow you actually did something while we were gone, I'm surprised,") she said as she readjusted her bag over her shoulder.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Don't sound all that surprised," Mustang muttered giving her a small glare "So anything to report?". He didn't have much to say, though he was curious as to how those two were getting along.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "No,") she replied a little too quickly as she looked at Havoc. (i We are so screwed if he finds out,) she though as her facial expression faltered a bit. (#7401DF "Anything else?")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc sighed slightly, taking a seat at his desk and knowing that Roy had caught the look and expression. He began working on some paperwork as he kept an ear out as well, waiting for Roy's response.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Did you find a room for her yet, Havoc?" He asked him giving him a pointed look. He knew something had happened but he wasn't going to ask Cate seeing as he knew she wouldn't tell him.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc looked at Roy and blinked. (i A room? ) "Sir?" He asked slightly, standing up. "A military dorm room...Or an apartment?"
(i Hey...She can stay with me for the time-being right...? )
"If she needs an apartment, I can find her one, sir."
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I'd rather she would stay away from the military if it were possible," He answered flicking through some of the other pages on his desk.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate kept silent while watching the two talk. (#7401DF "He already know the story I told him,") she said as she sat down on the floor and continued watching the two.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blinked and looked at Cate, then at Roy. (i What story? ) He wondered. She had told several so it was hard to know which one she was talking about. He scratched his head and waited.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Wonderful," Mustang drawled sarcastically, "So you mean to tell me that you told him that I almost killed you,". He wasn't comfortable with one of his subordinates holding that little tidbit. He hasn't even told Hawkeye yet, and now Havoc knows.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc then looked at Roy with a bit of surprise, a raised eyebrow. He looked back at Cate and clenched his teeth.
(i Wonderful...More stories )
Havoc sighed and murmured, "I'll just excuse myself tehn..." He walked for the door and opened it, stepping outside.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "There was a few things I told him,") she replied in a cold manner out of irritation. (#7401DF "He should at least know more about the person he had to guard don't you think?") She got up and walked over to him. (#7401DF "Its my past and I felt like telling him so swallow your damn pride and deal with it.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: He glared up at her for a few minutes then stood,"I get that, but I haven't told anyone about that time, no one," He walked over around his desk and to the wall which still had a gaping hole in it. Sighing he decided it was best to do as she said, and maybe have a little fun with her.
"Is the fact he was guarding you the only reason why you wanted him to know about your past?" He teased looking back at her with a smirk.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "No it wasn't,") she said simply as she turned and looked at him, (#7401DF "Go ahead, taunt me all you want I don't care anymore.") She figured that by saying she didn't care about the taunts would probably take the fun out of it.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang just continued to smirk, "So I take it Havoc and you had a nice little talk then,". He didn't tease her to get a rise out of her, even though it was a nice bonus, it was just the way he felt like messing with her in order to avoid conflict. Her temper at times was worse than Hawkeye's.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Not that its any of your business but yes we did. Are you done asking questions yet because I'm done answering them,") she said crossing her arms and watching the hole. (i I'm bored now,) she thought as she waited for him to comment. (#7401DF "Havoc you can come back in at any time now.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang chuckled a little before sobering up and turning to the door. He wasn't sure about what Havoc had learned about his past but he knew that once he brought Cate here, things probably he never wanted to think about again would surface.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blinked, as he re-entered the room. "So...Issues all settled? Secrets been told?" He asked a little sarcastically, rudely almsot. However, he hadn't meant for it to come out that way. He was...Well, he was slightly pissed but he didn't want anyone to know. Havoc yawned and sat back down, asking, "Sir, when are you going to fix the hole?"
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate yawned again and sat down once more. (i Great more talking. I think I'll just fall asleep on the floor,) she thought as she closed her eyes and slowly drifted in and out of sleep.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang frowned at his tone before turning to Cate. "I don't know Havoc, I've had other things to do,". When he noticed she fell asleep he smiled softly down at her, chuckling a little. "Do you know where she could stay at least for tonight?" He said looking at the blond.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc nodded hesitantly, standing up and picking her up. "Yeah," he said softly. "Yeah, I've got it, sir." He made his way out of the room but then looked back at Roy. He smiled and said gently, "Have a good nigth, sir." He shut the door and walked out to his car, setting Cate in the passengers side and then setting himself in the driver's side, driving off and sighing.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Yeah Night Lieutenant," He replied going to grab his jacket and walking out. He probably should go home and sleep a little before dealing with them in the morning.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc sighed slightly as he parked outside his apartment building. He lifted Cate out of teh car and carried her up to his room. He placed her gently on the cough before shutting the door and sighing, looking at Cate. Havoc smiled softly and walked over to Cate, rubbing her hair softly. "Cate...I love you." He chuckled slightly, standing up and taking off his jacket and walking into his room, yawning, changing into pajamas. He picked up Cate again and placed her under the blankets in his bed. Havoc was about to crawl in as well, but was unsure how she felt about that. So, he took his pillow and a blanket, and got ready to sleep on the couch, laying down and sighing.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: <If we get any>
Cate woke up with a yawn and looked around. (i Where arm I,) she thought as she sat up and noticed that she was laying in a bed. Getting out of bed she walked to the door and walked out into the hall and headed to the living room. The corner of her mouth twitched when she noticed Havoc sleeping on the couch. Walking over to him she leaned over the back of the couch and poked him, (#7401DF "Time to wake up.")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc grimaced slightly as he slept, the couch not being as comfortable as he remembered. He grumbled something in his sleep and pulled the blankets up more. He yawned and mumbled, "What time is it...?" Havoc wasn't even sure he was still dreaming. Was he talking to Cate...Or dream Cate? He couldn't tell and at the moment, he didn't care.
Havoc sat up and mumbled, "I'm gett ing dressed..."
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Not sure but you'll probably be late. Oh and you can have your room back,") she said smiling not wanting to mention what she heard him say while she was sleeping. (#7401DF "By the way, why didn't you just let me sleep on the couch? Seems to me you would have preferred sleeping in your own bed.")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: <Sorry, gotta go. :) Night guys!!> Havoc nodded as he walked into his room and began getting dressed. He slipped on some pants and his black T-shirt, walking out of the room and saying, "Well yeah, but I figured that since you're company,you could have the bed. I didn't mind. The couch was...Somewhat comfy." He sighed heavily and smiled at Cate.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate returned the smiled before she walked up to him. (#7401DF "I heard what you said last night,") she said as she considered how to say the next part. (i Now for the hard part,) she thought as she looked him directly in the eyes. (#7401DF "I-I love you too.")
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YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc smiled softly at Cate as a blush crawled onto his face. "R-Really?" He stopped slipping on his jacket and simply stared at her. He couldn't believe this was happening. To him of all people! Havoc swallowed slightly as he walked over to Cate and looked her in the eyes. "So...Does this mean we're dating now?" He smiled softly as he tipped her chin up towards his face and kissed him on the lips, smiling as he did so.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: {I guess it would be... I guess I should drag the Colonel out}
Mustang was already back at his office watching a few of the other alchemists try to repair his wall. He chuckled as they fumbled around trying to fix it up, making a larger mess in some areas. Oh the pipsqueak was going to have a lot to answer for, next time he saw him.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: ** Whoo an opening. Finally. **
Riza was just heading back from wherever the heck she went, stopping in front of Mustang's office. Quickly opening the door, wearing her normal calm and serious expression, her brown orbs locked with the Alchemists struggling to fix one single hole from wall. Walking in, she cleared her throat and straightened her back.
(b "I hear there might be a strong storm in a few days. With that hole, I wouldn't be surprised if all the important documents went missing,") she pretended to say that to herself, but it was loud enough to reach the others' ears, causing them to accelerate the work.
Super, now they panicked, but at least they were working faster.
animeluver / new sloth (angel frost): angle wandered centrle
she was looking around standing in the centre where the state alchamist place was she didnt know either she wasnt the type of person to listen
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang looked to Riza letting his smirk fall into a smile. She definitely knew how to motivate people. "Have you seen Havoc or Cate yet?" He asked curious as to where his new favorite sources of entertainment had run off to.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate kissed him back before pulling away. (#7401DF "Thats one way to put it, but yes it does,") she said before remembering that she hadn't changed yet, (#7401DF "5 minutes.") She grabbed her bag off the floor and went into the bedroom closing the door behind her. Pulling a pair of black capris, a black tank, and a white over shirt she quickly changed. As she walked out of the room she pulled her hair back into a ponytail leaving only bits of her bangs down.
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CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: (b "I'm afraid not,") she replied simply then relaxed her shoulders, walking over to pour herself a glass of water then sit down on the couch from his office.
After taking a long sip, she frowned at the workers of the giant hole. In her opinion, those people being this often near Roy wasn't a pleasant idea. Plus, they seemed like stalkers.
But that's why she was here, armed and dangerous.
(b "Sir, shouldn't the culprit be the one fixing this?") she questioned passively, since...well, she was a fan of justice and thought the ones who did something had to pay for their mistakes. Even if it was only a hole.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: <It's fine. I don't mind. :)> Havoc smiled at Cate and asked, "So, we're off to Mustang's huh?" He laughed slightly and began walking for the door, opening the door and yawning slightly. Havoc quickly slipped on the rest of his jacket before saying kindly, "Well, let's rock and roll then."
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MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "He would be, if it weren't for the Fact that Full Metal skipped town yesterday," He growled recalling what Cate had said about the boy's comments.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "You are aware that if/when he finds out we'll both be tormented, correct,") she pointed out as she grabbed her black jacket and followed him out the door. (i Actually, who cares about the torment. That man can't keep a girl if his life depended on it, aside from Hawkeye that is.)
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Riza simply kept gazing at him thoughtfully for a moment but eventually closed her eyes and drank the last remain of the glass of water, placing the glass down.
(b "Caterina is in love with someone, isn't she?") that question was purely out of the blue and especially not one to ask Roy, but when she wanted to make sure of something, she didn't hold in any kind of comment or question.
A few Alchemists fixing the wall leaned a bit forward in, curious at the topic opened and Riza offered them a quick, sharp glare forming also a deep frown, one of them losing their balance and falling over.
Hawkeye returned to her passive calm expression.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Roy glanced towards Hawkeye, a little surprised by her question before crossing his arms. "Yes, she is," He answered smiling at her then asked, "Any particular reason why you wanted to know that?". It wasn't like Riza to ask about some one's love life.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc nodded and sighed. "Yeah...Yeah, I know." He walked out to the car, hopping in. As he started it, he smiled at her and said softly, "But I don't care." Havoc began driving and he yawned for what seemed like the hundreth time. He looked at Cate for a minute, before looking back at the road. "When do you think he'll find out? Before or after we step into the room?"
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I'm pretty sure he already knows but the torment will begin the moment we walk through that door,") she pointed out as she turned her head to look at him. (#7401DF "You're still tired aren't you?")
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Riza couldn't help but after a long deep and serious stare at Roy to close her eyes and pierce a light smile, shaking from her head.
(b "Nothing special. Just...") she paused and shot her Colonel another serious, warning look.
(b "...if it was you then she would have a dangerous and miserable life, which I wouldn't like to see her have,Sir,") actually she was teasing him about that and managed to say that bluntly, straight, calm and like it was a normal thing for him to get mixed up with women and then have a whole revenge drama.
Which actually was normal.
(b "But I'm sure it's not you, either way you'd be day dreaming now with that weird smirk of yours. Sir,") she still kept her polite tone, but was obviously teasing him,by every time adding the 'sir' part after, with the fact she knew him far too good.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: He smirked a little at her before standing up and walking to over to her. "Me and Cate would never have that kind of relationship, mostly due to the fact I've known her for too long," He said sitting down next to her. He watched her for a few minutes before looking to the door. Havoc was late, so that probably meant he took Cate home with him. Mustang let his normal smirk broaden as he waited for them to arrive.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc shrugged and murmured, "A bit." He then smiled and said, "But I'm always tired." He parked outside the military base and heard thunder boom overhead. Havoc smiled and looked at Cate. "Looks like Roy's alchemy is useless today." He walked into the building and made his way to Roy's office, sighing as he knocked on the door and then opened it. "Sorry we--I'm late, sir."
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: (b "Well then,") Riza began but then stopped in her tracks, quickly turning her head to the part of the hole from wall, where all the workers were gained, listening intently like they were at cinema of something.
With a swift move, she pulled out a gun, pointed it to one man in there and shot the bullet that way it missed his head only by one inch.
(b "Storm,") she simply stated past the dumbfounded people in there that quickly returned to their own business.
Riza slid her shotgun back to her back and turned her attention over Roy and then the door,at Havoc's entrance.
Her eyes nearly sparkled.
He had that 'woman involving' look on his face, but she wouldn't get in details like that.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "So is mine,") she muttered as she followed him into the building. The moment she stepped into the room she read Roy's facial expression and instantly she felt irritated. (i Wait for it, not even 30 seconds in this room and we'll be lectured about being late and blah blah blah. Doesn't he ever give it a rest,) she thought crossing her arms.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang stood an walked back to his desk not wanting to give Cate any thing to tease him with, seeing that he wanted to have a little fun with them, "Have a nice Havoc? What about you Cate? Was he at least a gentleman when he let you sleep at his apartment?" He was grinning now, already in his chair and watching the two come in.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Are you implying that something did happen,") she replied coldly to the question. Stepping to the side she leaned against the wall and waited for an answer. The moment she woke up she knew that it was going to be a long day. (#7401DF "I told you he knew,") she whispered to Havoc as she watched Roy closely.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc twitched slightly, resisting the urge not to glare at his colonel. He stood in front of his desk, clenching his teeth. Havoc then looked at Cate and back at Roy, snapping slightly, "Unlike you, sir, I don't sleep with a woman and ditch her the next day." He then looked at Cate and smiled, looking back at Roy.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "No but his look does," Mustang answered nodding to Havoc watching the two for a reaction now. Havoc only wore that look when he got himself a girlfriend, which usually prompted Mustang to go find out who she was, and have a nice shat with them, but this time the girl was probably Cate so there wasn't any point other than to have a little fun.
"Neither do I Havoc seeing as I just enjoy having a nice dinner with them," He retorted giving Havoc a small glare.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Riza didn't say a word in that. She didn't like indeed when their job was turning into a love drama, but if things would turn out way too lovey-dovey, she would say a word.
However, she couldn't help but place her index finger under her bottom lip and laugh quietly to herself at Havoc's statement past Roy, especially since it was true.
It happened sometimes that the wheel of teasing was spinning and changing the roles.
Just sometimes.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Nothing happened last night,") she said the corner of her mouth twitching as it wanted to pull into a smile, (#7401DF "But something did happen this morning. End of story.") Walking up to Roy she looked at him, (#7401DF "Did you find anything else out from that research?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang raised his brows before leaning back and answering Cate's question, "Sadly no, there wasn't much that he found out till that circle. Only thing I could add is so far only a few of the areas that were circled have had an actually uprising that military was sent to put down,". He would stop for now, only because he knew that Cate might start on Hawkeye next.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Are you having fun picking apart the aspects of my life that are personal,") she asked before yawning slightly, (#7401DF "because I'd love to start picking apart yours and revealing everything there is about you.") Sitting down in front of the desk she noticed the workers and sighed. (i Great, and uncomfortable amount of people have just found out things they shouldn't,) she thought before her eyes widened and she quickly moved behind Mustang's desk. (#7401DF "You are aware that if they're smart enough that they'd go around telling people I'm alive, right?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Thats why I chose them. They don't know who you are and if they say anything, I have the ability to stop them," He whispered dropping his smirk when heard her earlier comment casting a small look towards Hawkeye.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Anything else you want me to look at or am I just going to be sitting here all day doing nothing,") she asked as she looked out the window. It had begun to rain again so it was unlikely that she'd be going anywhere even if she wanted to.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "You take one last glance at these just in case," He replied, "Or make sure Havoc does his work back there,". He wasn't sure if the latter would get him a comment or not, but it was the truth.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "He'll do his work with or without me making sure he does it,") she said calmly as she began looking through the files again. It was a long shot that there would even be anymore hidden messages left so she thought it highly unlikely that she'd find one.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Thats what you think," He muttered under his breath pulling out a new stack of files that Sheska had dropped off this morning. He read through several of them, and was growing bored as he did.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate hit his leg, (#7401DF "Have some faith in him for once and be thankful he hasn't quit yet,") she said with a shrug. Leaning her head back against the desk she looked at him. (#7401DF "He made a comment about how we get along so well. According to him we both hide everything like no one's around us, o matter how much trust we have someone, we don't spill a single thing about ourselves.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I don't know about you but he's at least right about me, since the only one who knows about my past before Alchemy is you," He whispered with a sigh as he continued flipping through the papers in hand. He wasn't too ashamed about that fact but he was a private person.
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SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Actually he has a point about both of us which is why I told him what you did and just about everything I could about my past. I don't want to be a hard ass like you and shut everyone out,") she said as she closed the folder and placed it back on his desk. Standing up she looked around the room, (#7401DF "Anything else?")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc sighed as he stared at the paperwork, drifting off into his own little world. He looked at Riza, wondering what she was doing and what she was thinking about. Riza was always a mystery, but at least she opened up like a normal person. Havoc sighed as he twitched, looking back down at the papers and thinking.
(i Well...Then again, Mustang and Cate aren't normal. So maybe that's why they keep secrets? Nah...I'm sure it's just to "protect" everyone. If you ask me, secrets just make things worse. )
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Not really," He sighed, knowing she had a point but wasn't going to admit it. He looked at Havoc for a second then to the girls before shaking his head and returning to his work.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: ** I'm back. **
Riza placed her leg over the other one and glanced briefly at her watch. She didn't ant to interfere a conversation she wasn't apart of by doing any random comments.
However, her attention got stolen by Cate's question. She locked her half lidded brown orbs with her person and without offering any chance for an answer coming from Mustang, she quickly stood up, arranged her collar and closed her eyes.
Eyes that got opened to reveal her serious, yet interrogative expression.
(b "Caterina. I'll take it you know what a Homunculus is,") she began and before going on with her conversation, she slid out her gun and shot down the stair of a worker, having all of them move away.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Well this sucks. Are you sure there isn't anything for me to do,") she asked as she turned to the window. (i I wonder if I could find any explosives around here,) her eye twitched at the thought when she remembered the argument her and Havoc had the previous day. She looked over to Hawkeye when she heard the question. (#7401DF "Yes I know what a homunculus is. Why do you ask?")
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YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blinked and jumped at Riza's sudden fire of a gun. He looked at Roy and then at Cate. (i What the hell is going on here? Homunculi? ) He looked back at Riza, waiting for her to speak.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Once her eyes scanned the zone closely and once she made sure all the workers were now away and not peeking,Riza walked over Roy's office and looked trough some of the many files, eventually taking out two certain ones.
She gave Caterina one and frowned lightly, yet her expression didn't lose its calm.
(b "This is a rapport for recent destruction caused in the area of Central,") she began talking and moved a quick gaze past both Havoc and Mustang, as if to tell them to pay attention even though they might know what she was going to say anyway.
After a long break from her which she offered Cate to read over the paper, she cleared her throat and deepened her frown.
(b "We have reasons to believe it's caused by (i them)(b ,") she added and once more looked at the hole to check for any possible curious workers.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc furrowed his brow. "So they're just destroying Central for the hell of it?" He looked at Roy, then at Cate, and then back at Riza. "Are there any patterns in the killings?" He sat in his chair backwards, arms crossed on the top of the chair and his chin on his arms, waiting.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate looked at the report for a brief second. She then looked at the other three a slight bit of concern showing in her expression. Looking back at he report she sighed, (#7401DF "Its them and from what it looks like, they may be after something or someone.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Roy leaned back an watched not sure where Hawkeye was going with this, but she obviously wanted him to pay attention. He leaned forward onto his desk then looked to the alchemists noticing that they were eavesdropping. He sent a few sparks their way prompting them to return to work.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "What exactly are you getting at Hawkeye,") she asked setting the report down. There was something behind what she was being told but she wasn't sure what all she knew is that it couldn't be good.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Riza glanced at Havoc neutrally and closed her eyes,giving a light nod at Cate's statement.
(b "No. They want something. There have been rumors of a group keeper of the Philosopher's Stone. Ever since the rumors began, also the destruction began,") she replied and placed the few documents back on the desk, narrowing her eyes scarily at a hand that seemed to be used for climbing, in an instant her gun shooting a bullet right between two of its fingers for no harm.
(b "Do you know anything about this?") she asked bluntly over Cate, after she turned her head over the female.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate froze at the mention of the group, her group. Her hands were trembling as she looked out the window hoping to avoid answer the question. (#7401DF "Yes I know about it,") she replied before turning and walking out of the room. She wanted to add more to that statement but thought it was better not to.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blinked and quickly stood up, rushing after Cate. "Cate, hey wait a mintue!" He shut the door behind him as he walked over to her, whispering, "What's wrong? I don't get it. What the hell is going on?" Havoc looked at her as he grabbed both of her wrists, forcing her to be turned towards him. "Come on, Cate, please. You've got to tell me at least something."
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang noticed her change in attitude in Cate and started to worry a little. Looking to Hawkeye, he sighed trying to come up with some sort of excuse to get his lieutenant at least to back off of her. He would have to talk to Cate later, and hopefully she would tell him.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Riza couldn't help but flinch lightly at Cate's reply and even open her mouth lightly at her sudden rush out of the room.
(i 'Oh really?! She does after all...It was part of my duty to ask her but didn't expect it was true,') she thought and calmed herself only a bit, furrowing from her eyebrows.
But now, Riza didn't let emotions get in her way and although Cate still had to give some more answers,she decided it was the best to have them later.
After all, her nervousness was obvious.
Slightly confused, she closed her eyes and shook her head, deciding to let Havoc deal with Cate.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I told them not to use it, I told them. They didn't listen, they never listen.") She bit her bottom lip and looked at him, sighing she said, (#7401DF "That group Hawkeye was referring too was the group I've been with for the last 2 years. They found the Philosopher's Stone and I told them not to use it under any circumstances. After they told me what they were planning on doing with it I refused to have anything to do with them, which caused them to want revenge on me and to destroy whatever they could.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Hawkeye come with me," Mustang muttered after he had walked over to her then headed out the door. He wanted to explain to her a little bit more about Cate, hoping she wouldn't cause his old friend any more trouble.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc nodded and murmured softly, "You have to tell Mustang, Cate. You have too. I know he's a pain in the ass, but he'll help you with this. He's good like that. Why the hell are you keeping this to yourself?" He looked her in the eyes, trying to make sure she was okay. He couldn't believe that the Philosopher Stone actually existed..She had had information about it for this long.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Trough a quiet sigh, Riza nodded and tried to maintain her neutral and calm expression by also sticking her arms to her straight body.
Soon she followed after him and after she had kept gazing at him wonderingly, she closed her eyes and stopped.
(b "Before you tell me anything about how I shouldn't harden her life and be like this, I'd like to tell you that you should better warn her to be careful of the Homunculi,") she spoke and lifted her lids only half way, dropping her glance down to the ground and to a side, waiting for whatever he wanted to say or do.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Thats what I wanted to tell you. She already knows about the homunculi. They framed her years ago," He whispered walking into a empty room. He couldn't believe he was actually going to talk about this. He never liked bringing up his past, but now he it seemed he had no choice.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Tell him what exactly. He'll go into that fight without even thinking it through first and most likely get himself killed. I kept it to myself because that is the one thing I know I can take care of without getting others involved.") She felt guilty now for all the secrets that she was keeping, mainly the one that she just told. (i I really have to stop with all the stupid secrets. This is the perfect way to screw up a relationship,) she thought.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc made a strange face as he grabbed Cate's arms, hissing softly, "Cate! You're not doing this alone! I don't care what the hell you do or say, I'm not letting you do this alone! And if you won't tell Mustang..." He thought about it for a minute, wondering if he should tell Roy. "Th-Then I'll tell Roy. He can help and he won't rush into this one! You've got all of us to help you out and I want to prove that to you! You are not alone!"
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Judging by Roy's acts, tone and...basically everything, he was going to inform her of something he either didn't want or supposed to.
But since she didn't want to mess up anything and throw unwanted actions or speculations, she simply followed and once she reached in, she got straight to point, forming a serious frown.
(b "How?")
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Fine since obviously there is no point in arguing, you'd win anyway,") she said calmly. She winced a little when his hand gripped her injured arm. (#7401DF "Please let go of my arm,") she said as she cringed at the pain now surging through her body. (i I think I need pain killers,) she thought.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang sighed and tried to calm himself. (i Here goes nothing). "The homunculus created evidence showing that she was a traitor. I was sent out to kill her, and almost succeeded," He said bluntly, "Fortunately she survived and since she seemed to know more about our current enemy I had her brought back to central,".
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc quickly removed his hands and said softly, "I'm sorry...I'm sorry, I uh...I completely forgot." He blushed slightly and swallowed, looking back at Roy's office, then at Cate. "Okay, so we'll make something up, alright?" Havoc asked softly, looking her in the eyes. He really wasn't sure what to do, since he didn't know the story very well, but he knew they had to do something.
<It would be really funny if Bradley walked by him after he said that last sentence. I can see him now. "Excuse me?!"
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate placed her hand on her arm and walked into the office. (#7401DF "As long as it doesn't involve me having to run for my life I'm up for anything.") She stopped right at the doorway and turned to look at Havoc, (#7401DF "You know, I think you're the first person ever to convince me that I don't have to take on the world alone.")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blushed and looked at her. He smiled softly and murmured, "Well...I just uh...Don't like to see you fight alone like this. I'd prefer that you depend on me a lot more is all." He grinned softly and sighed, following her into the office. <Gotta go. see ya guys!>
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I just don't want to see you hurt because of me,") she whispered looking around the almost empty office. She noticed that someone was going through the files on Mustang's desk. Her free hand flew to the light switch and electric sparks started flying before she moved her hand and electricity shot at the man sending him through the window and into the rain. (i Oops,) she thought as she looked around for a place to hide before Mustang showed up.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: {Guess I'll do it}
Seeing the lights flicker slightly he walked out quickly. Something had to be going on with Cate, and when he saw his door open he knew where she was. Walking in he looked around for her, then he noticed the window. "Is there some one out to destroy my office now," He muttered glaring at the window, before resuming his search, "Cate, where are you?".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate's head popped up from behind Havoc's desk. (#7401DF "I panicked,") she said as she got up and walked over to him. (#7401DF "I could have screamed but hat would be too damsel in distress and that isn't my thing. Havoc and I walked in, one of the workers was going through the files on your desk. I didn't think I used that much electricity.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "You could just knock him out," Mustang pointed out, moving to his desk, noticing that some one had messed with his desk. Reordering it he turned to Cate he asked, "So what was with earlier?". He was concerned and wanted to help. Hopefully Havoc convinced her to inform him.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I was so hoping you wouldn't ask that but because I was asked to tell you I suppose I have no choice.") She sighed and straightened up, (#7401DF "That group that Hawkeye mention was the group I had been with for the past 2 years. The leader was the one who brought me to the hospital, he too is an alchemist. Well a few weeks back they found the Philosopher's Stone and told me. I asked them not to use it but then they told me what they were planning. After an hour long argument I told them to leave me out of it and that I wouldn't use my alchemy for their sick purposes. They vowed to get revenge on me, hurt those close to me, and destroy whatever they could for whatever reason.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang sat there waging an internal battle of either cursing her out for not letting him know, or walking over and try to see if he could understand better. His temper won out but he controlled it as he gritted his teeth and said, "Why didn't you tell me?".
He stood up and moved his broken window, "We've been good friends, and ever since that day I've worried and regretted doing that to you. I would've been glad to know you were alive and would've helped you if I could!". He knew he was being a little irrational, but he was a little shocked about that.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Glad to know you're being rational about this. I would have kept it a secret longer and gone into that fight alone but someone told me that there are some things in this world I can't do by myself,") she said making a reference to what Havoc had said to her. (#7401DF "He was right.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Yes they are right, and I've had to learn that as well," Mustang said looking back at her, "Thats why I have this team,". He shook his head and sighed, "Anything else you need to tell me?".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Not that I know of,") she said before remembering yesterday. (#7401DF "I take that back. I almost blew Havoc and I up yesterday, then he yelled at me for not telling him about the plan to blow up my house, and I walked away crying.") She held a straight face through all of that as if it were nothing. Then again, she knew that he would probably yell at Havoc for making her cry so she was planning a counter for that.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Well he does get that way, but do want me to tell him off for making you cry?" Mustang asked walking over to her.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Only if you want o be joining that worker outside,") she said with a teasing smile. (#7401DF "No we actually got everything figured out which somehow managed to bring us closer together, which is why we were late this morning,") she said before quickly ending with, (#7401DF "And before you come to the wrong conclusion he slept on the couch.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I knew Havoc wouldn't do anything to you, that's why I let him take you last night," Mustang told her with a smile, "He's a little too innocent for that,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "So you let the innocent take the not so innocent girl who likes explosives back to his place. What kind of sick man are you,") she said trying to keep a straight face as she recalled yet another part of the argument from yesterday. (#7401DF "Did I mention that apparently I'm you and Ed trapped in one, tiny, puny, cute little body. The tiny and puny part pissed me off but at least he thinks I'm cute,") she said sounding slightly on the happy side.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustan blinked trying to imagine Ed's and his personalities clashed together, before he shook his head and looked at her. "At least he complimented you in the end... Though I can't see how your like that pipsqueak,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Probably because of how my height. I'm what, 5 inches shorter than Havoc, which is slightly irritating. Oh and he said I'm more like your sister than your friend,") she looked at his expression and guessed he was imagining his personality and Ed's in one body.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "In a way you could be my sister," He said grinning, "Known each other long enough I guess,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "2 year age difference, close to the same personality, yea you're probably right,") she twitched slightly at the thought of being the younger one. (#7401DF "WHY DO I HAVE TO BE THE YOUNGER ONE!?!?!?!?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I am older, so whats your complaint? Also I act more mature than you most of the time," He said chuckling at her reaction.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "And yet you're the one that abuses women and has a head full of hot hair, whose the more mature one now,") she retorted crossing her arms in irritation.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I don't abuse women; Havoc exaggerates. You like to blow things up randomly, and has just as bad of a temper as I do!" He retorted smirking.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Yes but I can quit anytime I want, I just choose not to. And you are such a liar, I have seen you with 50 different women in the course of 2 months, when I was still part of the military that is,") she pointed out in a blunt way as she sat down by Havoc's desk. (#7401DF "Plus I don't have a god complex.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I've gone down in the number, regardless of what your new boyfriend says. An I don't have a god complex," Mustang snapped glaring at her a little.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate narrowed her eyes at him as she stood back up. Walked over to him she stood only inches from his face, (#7401DF "You have a god complex and you know it,") she snapped looking down. (#7401DF "Why do you think we fight all the time?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I don't Cate, and you would have to ask yourself that, seeing as you start them,". Mustang retorted standing up, so that he had to look down at her.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate bit back a comment before reaching up and decking him. (#DF01D7 "If I hadn't blown up my house yesterday I likely would have gone home. Well actually there are two reasons the second of which you know so I wont say it. Don't push your luck with me Roy because I am done playing your games.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Who said I was playing games?" He growled rubbing where she had hit him, before he suddenly started laughing. They really were like siblings, even to the way they argued. Oh he definitely missed this sometimes.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: {Want to give yourself up so soon? But Alright}
Mustang slowly recovered himself from his laughing fit, and was about to say something, when he saw a figure in the doorway. Bradley. What was he doing here? He watched the King smile and walk in his eyes on Cate.
"Who is this Mustang?" He asked drawing closer to the group, causing Mustang to step in front of her.
"She is an old family friend," He said trying to block her from view.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate froze immediately when she heard an all to familiar voice. Turning her head slightly she saw Bradly then her view was blocked as Mustang stepped in front of her. (i This isn't good, if he finds out that I'm alive we're both screwed,) she thought and for once as glad that she was shorter than Mustang.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: {Just wanted your opinion}
Mustang watched Bradley trying to see if he managed to recognize her but if he did he didn't show it. He was nervous, if she was caught, he would be cast out of the military, ruining his plans for an uprising.
"I see well tell your friend, if she visits again she should be more careful. We have people here who don't trust outsiders," Bradley said as he turned and walked out of the room. (i Interesting so she did survive. Father might need to know this).
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: <K>
(#7401DF "He knows, if he didn't then he wouldn't have made that comment,") she said as she turned and looked at him. (#7401DF "I don't think I should come here tomorrow, not if he knows I'm not dead.") She sounded unsure about not showing up tomorrow, almost afraid if you knew her well enough.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I agree, and you should stick to your boyfriend now. I'll get him on vacation so he doesn't have to come in and leave you without protection, and keep you informed easily" Mustang said sighing. This was a set back, but he wasn't going to let Bradley win.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "He has a name so please don't refer to him like that,") she said calmly taking a deep breath. (i If he knows then soon they'll know and then I'll be in more danger. Why my,) she thought as she turned and picked up the file from before that she had been reading when Hawkeye mentioned the group she had been in.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "I'd rather they not know that," Mustang whispered, walking to where she stood.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "What do you mean by they, sorry if I sound completely oblivious but my mind is elsewhere right now,") she said looking at him before looking back at the file. It bothered her to read the reports but she'd have to know more about what was going on if she had any chance of going against then.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Anyone that you don't know in this building" Mustang replied looking around the room before looking at her. He stepped to the side and tried to find what she was reading.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "By now they've probably figured out that I didn't die in that explosion and likely know I'm here. If you look at where the attacks started they are slowly making their way through Central and will soon end up here.") She turned the paper and showed him the list of places attacked so far.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "The homunculi work too fast," Mustang muttered as he looked at the list. He didn't know what they could do to stop them. The seemed to be so many steps ahead, that he could barely keep up.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Its not just the homunculi that have me worried. That group Hawkeye mentioned, their leader is an alchemist. Once part of the military years go, turned traitor. He is the one that kept me alive and he is very powerful,") she said shaking her head and flipping to the next report.
<I just fell out of my chair>
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Roy looked at her with a bit of a worried glance. Great not only did they have the Homunculi to deal with but they also had to deal with a rogue Alchemist. Things were getting better and better. "What can he do?" He asked, since they would eventually meet up he would like to know more about the possible enemy.
{Sorry you're okay right?}
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "He's like Ed, only he just has the auto-mail arm but has the same abilities nonetheless. He told me that he lost it trying to bring his wife back after an alchemy accident,") she said setting the file down.
<Yea...my phone was ringing and i had to answer it, and somehow i fell out of my chair>
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Great..." He muttered walking away from his desk. Lovely another person that can perform alchemy without a circle. This definitely seems to be getting harder by the minute.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Havoc doesn't know how powerful he is which is why I didn't want him to know. He'll get himself killed if he goes up against Carver. Even if we're with him,") she whispered before looking at the hole in the wall. There was only a small hole now, so it would be done in about an hour.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Hawkeye would probably would get hurt as well," He whispered thinking about how she was determined in protecting him at times. He looked at the wall as well, not sure about what the future was going to hold for them.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Looks like we're in a sticky situation. Why is it the ones we're closest to are always trying to protect us. You obviously people want to protect you because its their job, me on the other hand, I still haven't figured that out.") She shrugged and walked over to the window. (i Someone is bound to die I just don't know from which side it will be,) she thought with a sigh.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Yeah, but don't forget I'm one of those people who want to protect you. Hopefully they'll listen to us when this battle comes around" He said, placing a hand on her shoulder.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "You know as well as I do that they wont. I've already tried to tell Havoc but the man is stubborn,") she stated shaking her head. (#7401DF "There is no way he'll stand on the side lines same goes for Hawkeye.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: He sighed rubbing the back of his head, "Yeah, but one could hope. Havoc could probably be made to see reason, but Hawkeye...". The girl was so serious about keeping him safe yet never showed any sign of caring about him. That was probably the cause of his commitment issues.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Looks like we've got our work cut out for us. I'll talk to him tonight about it. You on the other hand need to find time to talk to Hawkeye and see if there is anything you can do to change her mind,") she said as she sat down on the floor. (i I wonder how quickly he'd freak if I told him I wanted to go for a walk,) she thought as she tapped her fingers on the floor.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "That is going to be almost impossible," He muttered darkly looking to the nearby door. She never has stepped down from that duty even when he asked. Though she never would be in much danger as she would be this time.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I can try talking to her, but the fact that she acts suspicious about what I did the past 2 years is going to irritate the hell out of me,") she pointed out while looking at the ceiling. (#7401DF "How mad would you be if I told you I plan on going for a walk?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "As long as I went with you not so much, mostly cause I need one myself. I think I've had enough stress to last me a lifetime in one day," He said leaning against his desk.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Fair enough, at least it stopped raining so if we run into trouble you wont be useless,") she said with a slight smile before nodding at the mention of stress. (#7401DF "It'll only get worse from here on out.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: {Sorry had to do something}
"I wouldn't be the only one that would be useless. Though Hawkeye has forced me to carry one of these whenever I go out," He holds up a small pistol then places it in a pocket on the side of his uniform.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "You are so whipped,") she said as she got up and noticed the workers leaving the room. (#7401DF "Your wall is finally fixed. Can we go now? Oh and fair warning, I have enough electricity going through my body to cause a power fluctuation for this entire building if I chose to.")
<Its fine>
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "If only she would see it that way," He muttered walking towards the door, "Yes we can go now,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Finally,") she said as she jumped up and followed him. (#7401DF "Wait did you just admit to being whipped? I never thought I'd live to see the day, ironically I did but that isn't the point.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Just don't say a word to any one else," He muttered his cheeks a little red. He was used to telling things about Cate that he didn't tell anyone else so it just kind of slipped out. He sighed. Oh well its not like he can unsay it.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I swear on my life no one will know and I promise that is one secret Havoc wont hear,") she said as she mentally noted Roy's blushing. Walking out of the building she shoved her hands in her pockets and waited for Roy to catch up.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Roy slowly made his way to catch up with her, then said "Good. I'd rather not hear his comments on my love life more than what he already says,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "That I can not stop you brought all that on yourself,") she smiled at her own remark towards his love life. She looked up to the still slightly cloudy sky and sighed, (#7401DF "I can't remember the last time we walked together.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Probably before we joined the military," He said trying to think back. They used to do this a lot when they were kids but when they both enlisted, especially after Ishbal, he became more career minded and forgot about stuff like this.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Sounds about right,") she said shrugging and kept walking. (i Taking a walk was a good idea because now I can actually think,) she thought looking back at the ground.
<Would a homunculi go so low as to attack someone when their guard is down?>
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: {Depends on which one. Envy yes since he did that with Hughes. Gluttony yes. Pride Yes. Lust not so much. Wrath not so much either. Greed no. Slothe wouldn't care}
"So what else have you been up to other than joining strange Alchemy cults?" He joked looking over to her wearing his smirk again.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate laughed a little at the question, (#7401DF "Lets see, playing with explosives and making them more dangerous, and I've been helping people who've lost those closest to them. Not very eventful if you ask me,") she said sounding like she didn't really care about the questions.
<Just curious>
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "More exciting than mine has been. I've been living in paperwork most of these past few years. I think the most excitement I've had was when I almost was attacked by a serial killer," Mustang said recalling the day he ran into Scar.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate came to an abrupt stop and looked at him. (#7401DF "Come again? You were attacked by a serial killer? Please tell me you didn't rush into the fight without thinking it through first,") she said as she started walking again.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang paused and almost started chuckling a little nervously, "Not at first. Originally we were just going to arrest him, but then he started resisting and I forgot it was raining. I guess having Hawkeye around at that point was good since she kept me from actually fighting,". Ooooh boy he was going to get it now. She always lectured him about jumping into fights without thinking but now...
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR EVER LOVING MIND,") she shouted causing people to stop and stare. (#7401DF "If you wanted to die so damn bad then why not just jump into a bloody spike pit and get it over with?") She closed her eyes slightly and shook her head in irritation. (#7401DF "Have you lost all common sense?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang just stared at her in surprise. "I didn't want to actually die, I just wanted to fry that jerk. He had been killing many of the local alchemists, and was almost about to kill Ed," He knew this wouldn't placate her but at least it should calm her a little.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Let me remind you of something. IF ITS RAINING YOU'RE USELESS,") she said before calming down. Then he mentioned Ed and a dark look plagued her face. (#7401DF "Who what it?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang resisted the urge to try and snap back and answered her question, "Ever heard of the man they call Scar?".
SilentLullaby / Carver Bryant: (#1B2A0A "She hasn't because she is too young and naive to listen to what is going on around her, but I have,") said a deep voice as a man rounded the corner stopping in front of them. This caused Cate to freeze in place not wanting to move. (#7401DF "Roy, run,") she said as she regained her composure and whirled around. (#7401DF "Carver, why am I not surprised you're here?")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang stopped as well, but didn't do as his friend told him. He turned his head slightly trying to get a good look at who she was talking to. (i This is the Alchemist she was talking about?)
SilentLullaby / Carver Bryant: (#1B2A0A "You knew I'd come looking for you, how obvious. Tell me, how is the new boyfriend? Jean Havoc, am I right,") he asked in a sadistic tone knowing that he'd get a rise out of her. (#1B2A0A "You must be Roy Mustang, the man that tried to kill Caterina. I must say, you did one hell of a job. It took 3 months to remove all those burn scars from her body.")
Cate's eyes narrowed even more than they were at the mention of Havoc. Small sparks of electricity came from her fingers as she walked up to him and looked him dead in the eyes. (#7401DF "Don't you dare. You leave him out of this.") With that she took another step back and looked at Roy.
<Okie dokie...I have to go as well..night>
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Turning to face him, Mustang studied him closely keeping the hand he couldn't see prepared to ignite his flames. He glanced to Cate, hoping she was all right before looking back to Carver.
SilentLullaby / Carver Bryant: (#1B2A0A "That look does not suit you one bit Caterina. I wont hurt him unless he interferes in my killing you,") he said nonchalantly as he took a step closer to Cate. (#1B2A0A "Of course if he does interfere then I'll just kill him.") That last statement he knew was enough to cause Cate to snap.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate took a step back once more towards Roy. (#7401DF "Please, just leave him alone,") she said sending electricity towards him. The moment it connected he went flying a few feet. She turned to Roy and said, (#7401DF "We need to go, now.") She hadn't noticed Carver get up and walk over to them again. As she was about to walk away she felt someone grab her wrist and turned her head to see that Carver was unaffected by the shock.
CandyHeart / ~Riza Hawkeye~: Riza spent a little while pondering about what Roy had told her until she remembered a pretty big deal: her duty.
Going back to her serious expression, she stood up from a chair and frowned, checking her back pocket for her guns before she started heading out of the base, hoping to bump into her Colonel and Cate as soon as possible.
Suddenly, she head a few noises coming from a certain direction and in moment her feet were jogging quickly right there.
In her vision entered Roy and Cate. That happened. Really. She gritted her teeth spotting a stranger person, seeming to have caused the trouble.
Swiftly she slid her guns out and crossing her arms, she shot with her normal precision two bullets at the stranger.
(b "Remain right there!") she called and eyed Mustang to check on any kind of injury.
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MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang was surprised to get him back up and was about to do something when he saw Hawkeye approach. Great this was the worse time for her to happen across them. Seeing her draw her gun he tried to come up with a plan and fast. When was the pipsqueak when you needed him?
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate looked at Roy and sighed, (#7401DF "Use the flames,") she whispered as she tried to pull her wrist away. Her eyes shifted to the figure of Hawkeye, (#7401DF "For the love of, HAWKEYE DON'T SHOOT,") she yelled.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang nodded and snapped his fingers aiming for Carver's face and arms, then dashes over to Hawkeye. "Please not now," He whispered to her before turning back to Cate and fired more blasts to the strange Alchemist.
SilentLullaby / Carver Bryant: Carver yelled as the flames connected with his flesh. During the brief period that Mustang hadn't sent flames at him he noticed that the flames weren't even touching Cate. (#1B2A0A "What the,") he was about to say something else when the flames hit him again. Releasing Cate's arm he retreated back into the alley and soon disappeared.
Cate stumbled a little when she lost her concentration and looked at Mustang. Her hair had fallen out of the ponytail and was now a mess, (#7401DF "Well at least you listened.") Placing her hand on her forehead she walked over to Mustang and smiled. (#7401DF "Not a word of this is to be said to Havoc.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Understood, lets get out of here," He said nodding and walking away from the group. He was glad that the guy seemed spooked by his flames. He guessed that maybe it was a good thing that not everyone knew his fame.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I am never asking you to do that again, for two reasons. One, it got way too hot and two using electricity to counter so I didn't get hurt takes too much energy,") she said as she pulled her hair back once again. She looked briefly in the direction Carver had ran but then shrugged and followed Mustang, (i He'll be back.)
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "It worked at least," Mustang snapped, "It seems he at least has a weakness for fire,". It definitely made things seem a little bit more interesting.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "There are a few weaknesses he has, not just fire. Lucky for us I know all of them so we've got an advantage. But the fact that he somehow found out about me and Havoc is creepy almost stalkerish.") Her hand twitched before forming into a fist, (i Next time I see him I'll kill him,) she thought before looking at her wrist. (#7401DF "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME,") she shouted in disbelief at her now slightly burned wrist.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Sorry but once the fire reaches its target I no longer have any control," He said rubbing the back of his head. It was the truth. Fire was just as uncontrollable as his temper was, though he would never admit that out loud.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Never said I blamed you. I just didn't count on him releasing before you were done.") she pulled her jacket sleeve over the burn hoping it wouldn't be seen by anyone. (i Man oh man he is going to freak. Eh whatever, I'm going to have to stop with the damn secrets sooner or later, so why not start now,) she thought before taking her jacket off and letting the cool air blow across the burn.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Just make sure the lieutenant understands that," He said as they reached HQ.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc sighed as he sat at his desk, smelling the familiar smell of cigarette smoke as he was off in a random daydream. He sighed again and closed his eyes, trying to think, but coming up with nothing but blank topics. Havoc looked down at his paperwork before tapping his ashes into the ashtray and then continuing with the smoking, still off in "Lala Land".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "Yea yea yea because you would so burn me on purpose. Oh wait I take that back, you already did,") she said in a sarcastic tone as she walked into the building. She stopped at the office doors and looked at him, (#7401DF "You first.")
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: Mustang stared at the door in front of him then sighed. He shoved it open and looked to where Havoc was seated, before proceeding to his desk. He would let Cate handle the explaining. Knowing Havoc he would take everything the wrong way.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc looked at Roy and Cate before looking back at the wall and mumbling, "Hey..." He stared at a few scratches on the wall, wondering what was once there. Maybe someone had committed a murder there? Havoc dumped some more ashes into the ashtray before turning to his paperwork. Havoc continued staring at his paperwork as he said, "Not very mad..." He looked at his ashes in the ashtray, thinking millions of things to himself.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate took a deep breath and walked into the room with her burnt arm behind her back. She wanted to yell and blame Mustang for fun but kept her mouth shut. Closing the door behind her she looked at Havoc. (#7401DF "How mad would you be if I told you I did something stupid?")
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate moved her arms so that the burn was in plain sight. (#7401DF "Before you freak out, yes it was his fault but only because I told him to,") she said taking a deep breath preparing to tell the story. (#7401DF "We went for a walk, Carver showed up, I snapped, he grabbed my wrist and told Mustang to use his flames and when Carver finally released my arm I got burned.")
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YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: <Okay. >_< I still feel bad!> Havoc nodded, looking at Roy for a second. He then looked at Cate, asking softly, "Do I even WANT to know how you got caught up in this?" He looked at the burn on her arm and felt sick all of the sudden. Havoc felt some kind of feelings rushing to the surface, threatening to be exposed. He then sighed heavily and stood up, pushing his chair out behind him. "Look...I'm going to get some fresh air." Havoc said, snapping slightly, "Go ahead and tell more secrets. Okay? I'm just going out to smoke a little more." He walked from the room, trying his hardest not to slam the door behind him and making his way outside, sighing angrily at himself.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "He's still such a drama king," Mustang muttered as the other man walked out of the room, "You should probably go explain to him that I'm the only one keeping secrets now,".
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "And they wonder why I have commitment issues," He mused once he was completely alone. Things were too complicated already, why make it worse?
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate turned to the wall and started hitting her head against it. (#7401DF "THIS IS GOING TO DRIVE ME INSANE,") she shouted before inhaling sharply and following after him. She stopped running when she caught up to him, (#7401DF "Mind telling me what that was about or are you going to try and hide how pissed you are behind a smoking excuse,") she asked crossing her arms behind her back and looking at him.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc ran a hand across his face, wiping away some sweat. He sighed heavily, looking up at the sky and putting his hands into his pockets. He swallowed softly and heard Cate talk to him. Havoc looked at her and then at the ground, mumbling, "I'm not pissed I just..." He sighed heavily and finished with, "I'm fine."
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "No you aren't, please don't lie to me,") she said tilting her head to look at him. (#7401DF "He was there and I was in danger, what was I suppose to do, get myself killed,") she asked calmly before standing straight. Placing a hand on his cheek she said, (#7401DF "Jean please look at me. I'm not hiding anymore secrets from you and even if I did I wouldn't keep them from you.") She blinked in slight shock toward herself for actually using his first name for once.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc looked at her and sighed slightly, looking into her eyes. He thought about what she said before he looked back at a nearby tree in the middle of the Eastern Command. He sighed and mumbled, "He didn't ahve to burn you. He needs to be more careful..." Havoc ran a hand through the blond part of his hari before looking at her again and murmuring, "I don't...Want to lose you, okay? And I feel like...Like you and Roy are hiding so much in effort to save us. But that's not saving us, Cate. That's killing us, okay?"
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I'm not hiding anything from you,") she said dropping her hand and sighing. (#7401DF "It was mainly my fault I got burned because I neglected to pull out of the way before I got hit. The only person that is hiding stuff from you is Roy and that is his right but I have no more secrets.") She looked up towards the sky and remembered something. (i Oh right, Carver has actually seen all of me since that was the only way to remove the scars,) that thought sent shivers down her spine. (#7401DF "Wait I take that back. There is one more. Carver is a creepy guy who can use alchemy like Ed, he spent 3 months removing the burn scars from ever inch of my body, and I think he's in love with me,") saying that made her cringe slightly but it soon faded.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc looked at Cate and sighed softly, smiling as he asked no one in particular, "Why am I always falling in love with the crazy ones?" He ruffled up her hair softly and looked at Black Hayate, listening to him bark. "I know Mustang's hiding secrets...He always does and he always will...That's just who he is." Havoc smiled at Cate, lifting her chin up so that she made eye contact with him. "I love you, Cate...And I just...I want you to rely on me more. I want you to see how much I love you and how scared I am everytime you leave with Mustang on some stupid trip." He chuckled softly and murmured, "I just...I love you too damn much to stay away from you, Cate." At that moment, he kissed her and when he pulled away, he murmured, "So...What do we do next? Track down Carver? Personally, I'd like to kill the man..." He trailed off, wondering if Roy could see them from his window.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "You really think that I'd do anything with an ego maniac like Mustang,") she asked with a smirk, (#7401DF "But I'm the lovable type of crazy so it isn't all bad.") She made a pouty face when he kissed her then pulled away, (i NOT FAIR!!!) Then she heard his comment about killing Carver, (#7401DF "You could hunt him down but it I give it 3 days before he shows up again. Oh and Bradley knows I'm alive so Mustang wants to put you on vacation so you don't have to leave me by myself. But you'd have to talk to him about that.")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blinked and twitched slightly. "Wh-What so...We're ont he run now?" He sighed slightly and kissed her again, pulling away slightly quicker this time. Havoc grabbed her wrist and began walking back into the building, saying softly, "We should probably get going as soon as possible then, huh?" He moved his hand down to hers, grasping it softly and mumbling, "I love you, Cate."
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "He can't do anything because the only proof he has is a glimpse which technically doesn't even count as proof. So no we aren't on the run. We just have to lay low,") she pointed out as she looked at their hands. (#7401DF "I love you too. I bet he saw that whole thing that went on outside.")
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MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: {I was but I didn't want to ruin the cute moment}
Mustang chuckled as he returned to his seat, then stopped as he thought about earlier. He couldn't believe that Hawkeye had shown up. He couldn't risk her getting hurt again. Looking back to the window, his face changed to a sad smile as remembered the two love birds. Cate definitely deserved getting a guy like Havoc. Maybe the blond would actually thank him for taking all those girlfriends now... then again probably not...
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc sighed as he walked into the room, letting go of Cate's hand and looking at Roy. He then looked at Cate and asked, "He coming too?" Havoc looked at Roy and smiled softly, feeling slightly bad for the man for a minute. Maybe he kept secrets was because he had gotten hurt sometime ago. Maybe he had trusted someone but then ended up betraying them in the end. He sighed heavily and looked Roy in the eyes, mumbling, "Sorry...For all of the nasty things I said about you, sir...Uh, the ones you heard." He smiled slyly.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: Cate looked at the two before slumping down against the wall. (i I knew it, he was watching us,) she thought before looking directly at Roy. (#7401DF "Did you enjoy watching us,") she asked with a raised eyebrow before finishing with, (#7401DF "Do we have your approval?") She finally decided to admit to herself that her and Roy acted more like siblings than friends so that last question was referring to that whether he saw it or not.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Save it Havoc we have more important things then your sudden feeling of guilt. As of now you are on a paid vacation, but don't even think of leaving the city," Mustang said smiling as he leaned forward on his desk.
"And it was definitely interesting watching you two, but did you really need to ask?" He said to Cate still smiling.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blushed softly as he looked at Cate and then at Roy. He sighed heavily and murmured, "Yes, sir." He saluted and walked back over to the door, holding it open until Cate finished her converstation with Roy. Havoc swallowed softly, looking at Roy and realizing just how much the man cared for Cate...But as a sister/brother relationship.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "And no going after Carver,") she stated as she stood up and took a deep breath, (#7401DF "Its already bad enough he said he'd come find me again.") Looking at Roy she smiled, (#7401DF "Try and stay out of trouble would you.") A small pink tint appeared in her cheeks before fading quickly as she walked out of the room.
MystKnight / Roy Mustang~ Flame: "Try telling that to the people trying to kill us," he shouted before she left.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc saluted to Roy once more before following after Cate, shutting the door behind him and smiling at Cate. "Finally, I can relax in some jeans and sneakers." He yawned, stretching his arms into the air and looking at Cate. Havoc wondered what they would do and if he should plan something romantic or something...He figued not to, considering that Cate seemed like the girl who simply...Didn't like things too over the top.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "I'm guessing you spend most of your time in that uniform,") she said as she shoved her hands in her pockets and looked back at the door for a second. (i I'm surprised, last time I dated someone he gave this big speech about if they hurt me they'd be dead,) she thought before shrugging and looking at Havoc. (#7401DF "Do you know where I could get explosives?")
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: Havoc blinked, giving Cate a strange look. "Explosives? Uhm...no." He sighed softly and smiled, slipping off his jacket. "Yeah...The uniform is practically my own skin. Or a second layer of skin." He made his way to the car, stopping outside his car and looking at Cate with a look of confusion. "Uh...Why do you need explosives anyway?" He knew she had told him a while ago...But a country boy like him couldn't remember much...
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (#7401DF "So I can blow up Carver,") she said simply as she looked at him, (#7401DF "Oh well.") There was more behind the wanting explosives, she mainly just wanted to see if she could make them so they could cause more damage. To her it wasn't exactly a secret so she wasn't really hiding anything.
YaoiLuver121 / Jean Havoc~Cool Dude: (b Gotta go. Sorry. D: I should be on either tomorrow or Wednesday. )
Havoc sighed heavily as he got into the driver's seat and began driving off. He yawned and murmured, "I just want to go home and take a nap." He looked at Cate as he started the car, then looking back at the road as they drove off. "How about you?" It took him a minute before saying quickly, "I-I MEAN, I-If you don't consider, y'know, my place to be home, then uh...I mean, what do you want to do at the house--er, my house oh but wait...It's an apartment. DAmmit..." He sighed heavily, blushing.
MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: Lust was standing trying to ignore the other Homunculi argue, when Wrath walked in. "So what is King Bradley doing away from his post?" She asked standing and slowly walking towards him.
"I have news for father," He answered curtly, moving quickly to the room where their leader sat hidden away. Lust just stared on and let him continue on his way through the door.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (r "What is it,") he asked as Wrath walked in. (r "I hope you have some news that will be effective to us.")
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MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: {It wasn't too bad}
"The girl we used Envy to frame, she was friends with the Flame alchemist, is still alive," Wrath told him, "She was supposed to have been killed by her friend, but it seems he failed,".
Meanwhile Lust stood just outside and eavesdropped on their conversation.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (r "How is that possible? Envy was suppose to make sure he finished the job,") he said calmly, (r "Unless someone interefered. That girl needs to be dead.")
<Haven't watched any episodes with him in it so that mkaes it hard to be him>
<I still haven't figured out why Envy framed her yet>
MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: "Whats worse is Mustang knows the truth, and is protecting her," Bradley added not wanting to withhold anything.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (r "I see. How did he find out,) he asked wondering if there was more behind what Wrath was saying.
MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: "That I do not know, but that Alchemist is very inquisitive and has found out more things than he should know," Bradley said looking to the door, which prompted Lust to move away.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (r "Probably because that girl was able to finish Hughes' research. She knows more about us than anyone who has run into us which is why she was to be killed.")
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MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: "I checked and she is no longer in the central building, but one of Mustang's subordinates has taken a vacation suddenly," Bradley finished.
{Could use Lust to try to get close or have her meet up with carver}
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: <That works>
(r "Must be someone he trusts to guard her, not that she needs guarding. If I remember correctly she can drain anything with electrical power and use it to her advantage. The Lightning Alchemist she was called, correct.") He didn't wait for an answer before saying, (r "You should reinstate her so that we can keep a closer watch on her.")
MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: "Understood sir, but there also is another group causing us problems. The one led by Carver," He had just received this information today, "If you recall we let them have part of the philosopher's stone,".
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: (r "Carver,") he muttered before saying, (r "Send someone to look for him. I was told by Sloth that he was the one that saved her and removed the scars from her body.")
MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: "Understood Sir, I'll sen Lust seeing that she seems to know this all ready," Bradley said, raising his voice at the end.
Smiling a little Lust opened the door and bowed before grabbing her coat and walking into the open air.
SilentLullaby / Caterina (Cate) Ariande: <Last post for the night>
(r "You may go but make sure Roy Mustang is the one to deliver the news to her,") he said as he heard the door close signaling Lust leaving.
SilentLullaby / Carver Bryant: Carver walked around trying to find a way to get revenge on Cate and Mustang for what they did to him. (#1B2A0A "I should have let her die. Why didn't I just let her die,") he muttered as he adjusted his glasses. (i I could always take out those closest to them. But that look in her eyes when I mentioned him, she'd do anything to keep him safe. What I wouldn't give to have that look meant for me,) he thought as he rounded another corner and kept walking.
MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: Lust watched Carver from across the street, before fluffing up her coat and walking after him. This man seemed pretty deep in thought about something and she was slightly curious. He definitely looked annoyed about something, and she wondered if she could twist that in her favor.
SilentLullaby / Carver Bryant: Carver continued thinking of a way to either kill or hurt Cate. (i What to do what to do,) he thought before stopping at the sound of footsteps behind him. (#1B2A0A "Can I help you Miss Lust,") he asked as he turned around and faced her. That thoughtful expression still plagued his already dense features.
MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: Lust paused and stared at him in surprise. "You know who I am?" She said walking closer smirking slightly, "Here I thought I was the most reserved of our little group,".
SilentLullaby / Carver Bryant: (#1B2A0A "I know enough about the homunculi to keep me alive. Now if you don't mind, please answer my question,") he said as he placed his hands in his pocket and watched her.
MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: "I was only sent to find you," She answered crossing her arms delicately. This man was interesting but nonetheless he was still an ordinary human.
SilentLullaby / Carver Bryant: (#1B2A0A "Why,") he asked simply before looking around to see if there was anyone else he should be concerned about. (#1B2A0A "I was told you guys don't come out unless there is something you want or need included.")
MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: Lust smirked even more and stepped closer to him so that she poke a finger into his chest, "That is none of your concern, and you should know that we never tell our secrets,".
SilentLullaby / Carver Bryant: (#1B2A0A "You didn't have to tell any of your secrets. I happen to know the girl that knows them all,") he replied as he gently pushed her hand away. (#1B2A0A "I'm sure you know her as well and that she is in fact alive.")
MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: Lust just chuckled as she stepped away, and lowered her hand, "Actually I never met her but I had heard of her, though she has barely skimmed the surface of our secrets,". Humans were always interested in secrets, and he might be an asset... for a little while at least.
SilentLullaby / Carver Bryant: (#1B2A0A "Really then, how is it that in the course of 12 hours she managed to pinpoint your hideout, find out what exactly you're planning, and still managed to maintain her relationship with a man that doesn't deserve her,") he asked with a thin blond eyebrow raised.
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MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: "As I said only the surface," Lust said moving away starting to grow bored, "Though she had help of course,".
SilentLullaby / Carver Bryant: (#1B2A0A "The only reason she had help was because Roy Mustang pulled her away from me before I could get back. Tell me, wasn't she framed by one of your kind then labeled a traitor because of it.")
MystKnight / *~*Lust*~*: "Maybe... Why do you care? It already appears that she doesn't care for you very much..." She asked pausing in her stride giving him a glance over her shoulder, her fingers already becoming pointed.

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