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Roleplay - Rose Academy. by Damon....xD / Alysaa

Rose acadamy is for the gifted. the people who arnt human. These children are sent to this school to learn like a normal human child aswell as special training. The children can never have contact with there family and friends outside of the Academy.
Welcome to Rose High.

Roleplay Details

Room: (1-100 2 people per room)
Power: (in detail try to make it unique)
Dont have to ask to join just jump in and post ;]
Have fun x
Alice and the rest of the gang x


Alysaa / Damon....xD: Alice sat on one of the long benches in the entrance hall. The Teacher were going to give a speach in half hour. She was sat on her own with her writing pad clutched to her chest. She carried it everywere because people didnt understand her language. She could project pictures into people minds but they normaly screamed and ran after. Alice flicked her hair over her shoulder and sighed soundlessly.
ChocolateChan / Whomever: A blonde haired male casually wandered the hallways of his new school. Forest green eyes searched the hallways before looking down to the bright blue piece of paper in his hands. He was searching for the main hall in which a speech was to be given. "Why does this schhol have to be so big?" he questioned, pushing through a door, looking up to see a blonde female sitting alone. He stopped, unsure of what to do. "Eh,... are you here for the seminar too?" he asked, a hint of hope in his voice.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [if you saw my post... nevermind. lol]
Haku walked out of her room with her black suitcase.She been here for 2 years and everything seemed normal. She saw a few former students and greeted them.She went to her class and then writes her name on the board as new students began they're first day of school.She sat down and started reading a magic spell book.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked up at the boy. She smiled and nodded. she tapped The pen in her hand against the pad. She wrote
"Hi Im Alice. " She flipped the pad and showed him. She then put her finger on her lip and made it look as if she was zipping her lips. "Mute." She wrote on the pad and showed him again smiling her inoccent smile.
ChocolateChan / Whomever: Aksel nodded, sitting on a bench opposite of her. "I'm Aksel. It's a pleasure." he grinned, shoving his hands into his jacket's pockets. "Mute, eh?" he questioned, tilting his head ever so slightly in a questionable manner. "That has to suck at times, huh."
Alysaa / Alice_ x: (Ok jake i added you in just post.)
Alice nodded and wrote.
"Yea i guess it can be bad, but it makes me diffrent right?" She wrote and looked up at him smiling inoccently
Alice put the pad on her lap and looked up as the headteacher started to talk.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [RETYPE lol sorry]
Haku saw some students come in and then she put on her glasses."arnt you guys supposed to be in the entrence hall?" she asked the students that came."ya...but we all been here before so the principal says the same old things." they said. "heh true. well im gonna wait in the crowd.you guys ok staying here?" she asked."yes Ms.Yowane." they said.Then she nodded and waved and closed the door going to the entrence hall.She saw 2 people talking away from the chairs."hey. Arnt you two supposed to be on the chairs?" she asked.
ChocolateChan / Whomever: Aksel looked up at the teacher and gave a sheepish grin. "Eh... I guess so. I'm new this year so I kinda have no clue on what's goin on." he looked down at his shoes, before looking back up to the silver haired teacher. "I guess we should move, huh Alice?" he questioned before standing up, heading towards the before mentioned chairs.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice nodded and followed him over to the chairs and sat next to him smiling.
"Well im new aswell, so i dont know whats going on." She wrote and then put her pad on her lap and her pen with it. She looked over at the headteacher and smiled. He was thinking how boring this year was going to be. Alice didnt like hearing people thought so she turned them off.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname was sitting under the tree as he was reading one of his books thinking about something as he leaned on the the tree sighing as he closed his book and got up he start to walk off to his dorm and hang out there for awhile.
Ummwhat365: Jake walked down the empty hall. He pulled up his jacket hood to hide his ugly black ears. He walked silently and kept to himself. Rose High School, his new and only home now.
He didn't have friends; he didn't need them. Not one person would even stand within three feet from him. The stupid rumors spread like a virus. Jake, a cold-blooded murder. It wasn't true, but who would believe him?
A long black tail figeted behind him. It was how he kept his balance. More than onc ehe tried to cut it off, but it was no use; it hurt too much.
Jake stopped in the middle of the hallway. There were people standing next to a door. A small girl, some blonde newbie, and a unfamilar teacher. Jake was a little taken aback. Wasn't everyone suppose to be at the seminar?
Jake kept his face down and tried to sneek passed them quietly.
ChocolateChan / Whomever: Aksel shifted a bit uncomfortably in his seat. As long as Alice and him didn't touch he would be fine. As long as they both didn't put their hands on the arm rest, they would be fine. He knw this school was for talented children, and he was scared of what he might see within Alice. She seemed sweet enough, but he could never be too sure. He ended up shoving his hands further into his jacket.
Ummwhat365: wait am I in this rp? I'm not sure...
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [ya....lol]
Miss you dont have to communicate that way communicate using your mind i dont mind.She said to her.She read her profile so she knows almost everyone in school.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at the teacher and bit her lip. People who knew how inoccent she was. people who knew she was a pure soul, they tried to hurt her. Alice moved back in her chair scared.
"I dont like using my mind, i only do it in emergancys." She said into the teachers mind.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori looked up at the gates of Rose Academy.She wasn't so fond of going into this school,she was informed about this one particular school from her Father.It was filled with students that are gifted as in having powers or being an angel,demon,vampire or along this lines of supernatural beings.She entered throught the gates and walked up to the front of the school,she glanced around ever so often getting familiar with the school premises.
( Thanks for letting me join! ^^ )
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [oops sorry my internet froze and it made it do it twice.]
"are you sure? how can it be limited" she asked using telekineses.
Ummwhat365: Jake arrived at the seminar right at the introductions. All of the seats had been taken except for one that was at the end of a row. The blonde guy and th esmall girl that Jake had seen before sat next to the only empty seat. Jake rolled his green eyes and sat down without saying a word. he pulle dhis hood down further so it wouldn't slip off.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: "Its not limited. But i think its better to write than use my powers. And sometimes it can make people become... addicted to my voice in there head." She said shivering. She turned to Aksel. She realised she had moved closer and he was looking freaked out. "Are you ok." She wrote and put her hand on his arm smiling.
ChocolateChan / Whomever: Aksel looked up as another pserson sat beside him, only making him wish he was smaller. Carefull he put his feet on the back of the seat that was in front of him. He rested a pale forehead onto his knees, keepining a calm breath. Alice seemed somewhat out of it, and the new comer didn't seem to interested in wanting a conversation.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "come'on im sure your going to be fine this school is for the supernatural so just calm down ok?" she said with her mind.Then she smiled and waved."well see ya in class." she said going up to the stage and sitting where the teachers chairs are.
Ummwhat365: Jake tucked his tail in his jacket as best he could so that the guy next to him would see it. Jake eyed the two new kids with his watchful diamond pupils.
"You new?" He whispered under his breath.
ChocolateChan / Whomever: Aksel turned his head to look to the male who spoke and gave a curt nod. The Head Master of the school began to speak up stage, the lights dimming over the room. "Yeah." he said softly, casually looking to Alice. "She is too." he didn't really like answering for people, but since she was new and couldn't speak he felt obligated.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori swiftly walked into the school building and looked around,she was knew and no one could really blame her for not knowing where anything was.She walked around trying to find the room she was supposed to be in,where all the new students were to be addressed.Finally she found the place and took a seat quickly next to a male making sure she wasn't noticed for being late.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice waved at the boy sitting next to Aksel. She wrote on the pad. "Im Aly." She showed the boy and then looked him up and down. She didnt know what he was or what Aksel was. She could look into their souls and see but she didnt like to, she found horrible things in the soul. She leaned her arm on tthe arm rest and rested her chin on her hand smiling.
Ummwhat365: "I'm Jake. I've been at the school before. It's easy to get lost." Jake whispered.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: Haku watched the 4 new students that were in her class.Then she took her eyes off from them and went to the headmaster.Then the head master started presenting the teachers."wonder whats up with the blonde kid next to her....oh ya.. i remember." she said.
ChocolateChan / Whomever: "I noticed." Aksel replied with a slight smile. This wasn't so bad. He usually didn't like to make too much conact with people, but he knew if he was careful things would be fine. At least for awhile. "I'm Aksel." he said, almost reaching a hand out to shake, but drawing it back into his pocket. "So, what grade are you in?" he whispered.
Ummwhat365: ( how do you get the picture thing?)
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [get a picture right click, copy image location, and paste on the Custom pic URL thing]
Ummwhat365: Jake noticed that Aksel put his hands into his pockets while he was about to shake hands. Jake made a mental note of that. "Tenth grade this year. What about you two?"
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori was seated next to a guy who was next to a blonde girl wo was beside another guy.She heard then talk to the girl but heard no response from her,instead she noticed that the blonde girl wrote on paper (i She probably can't speak) She thought looking at all three of them.She was quiet so she didn't they noticed her or even knew she came a bit late.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alysaa looked at Aksel. She wanted to know wha his power was but it was rude to ask so she kept quiet. She hadnt told his about her being a pure soul. Alysaa looked at jake. She pute her fingers up so they counted 10.
Ummwhat365: "Another newbie that's late." Jake smiled as he nodded over to the pale brunette. "This is going to be fun."
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: Haku looked back at the headmaster."Ok now next is Ms.Yowane.She teaches Medicine and White Magic." he said.Haku bowed and sat back down.Then she went back to the 4 people. She used telekeniss and heard whatever alice hears.
Ummwhat365: (telekeneniss is the ability to move abjects with ur mind)
ChocolateChan / Whomever: "I'm a freshman." he stated, looking to his shoed. He felt so young and... unexperienced. He was the underclassmen. He looked up to the new girl and smiled slightly. He gave a small wave before placing his hand back in his pocket. Up on the stage the principal had stopped talking and the lights slowly grew in brightness.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori looked over to the guy who had mentioned her,she glared at him slightly not liking the fact that he called her a 'newbie',she then saw the other guy,she smiled back at him and the other girl.Even though she was new,she didn't like that nickname it irritated her a bit.She then turned her attention to the teacher who was called to the stage.
Ummwhat365: "Why does that new teacher keep looking at us?" Jake asked uncomfortablly. "She's making me nervous."
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [ha ha ha i know lol just correcting its a habit :P]
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname walked into the class room as he looked at everyone and then the teacher as the teacher said "nice of you to join us kaname"!as he nodded and took a seat in the back.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori looked toward the male
"I don't think she's a new teacher" She said her voice a bit soft but was loud enough for him to hear.Her Father had been to this school and had told her all the teachers that would teaching in the school and whatnot.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled. "She seems nice." She wrote then turned to the other girl. "Im Alice. nice to meet you." She wrote and flipped the pad to show her and waved with one hand. Then she turned back to aksel and giggled soundlessly. "You dont seem young, i thought you were way older than me." She wrote and showed him.
Ummwhat365: "She must be teaching under classmen then. I've never seen her before." Jake smiled accidentally showing his pointy canine teeth.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "Ah... yes her father....i remember him." she thought thinking about what koari said.Then she continued watching and hearing what everyone was saying.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori looked at what the other girl wrote on the pad.She smiled
"Nice to meet you too,I'm Kaori Yuizaki" She whispered loud enough for Alice to hear "No I'm pretty sure she teaches both but more of the upperclassmen" She answered.
ChocolateChan / Whomever: "I don't know. Maybe we're in her class." Aksel said to Jake. Forest green eyes widened in surprise as he looked to Alice. "Did I say that out loud?" he questioned, running a hand through his hair, slightly embarrassed. "I could have sworn I was thinking it." he laughed softly, making sure to not make contact. He was already making a fool of himself.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice saw his teeth and smiled. "Shapeshifter." she thought and tited her head looking at him. He looked scary , like a bad boy. But he seemed so sweet on the inside like it was all a cover up. Alice stood up picking her bag up and started walking towards the headteacher. She was used to just wandering of and not telling people where she was going. She didnt expect people to follow.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "wow these children are interesting.I guess i do have a shapeshifter in my class... hmm very..interesting....i should stop for now." she thought.Then she started to pay attention to the head master again.[timeskip?lol i dont know.]
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at them as he said nothing and then he sighed loud as opened his book and went back to reading .
Ummwhat365: Jake's face redened. So Alice was a listener, one who could read thoughts and supposively, see their soul. Jake would have to keep an eye on her and Aksel.
ChocolateChan / Whomever: Aksel looked as Alice headed off and then smiled at the two people that were left with him. "I'm gonna head off to find my room. Whatever they have to say, I'm sure we'll find tu again another time." He stood up and was careful to slip around Kaori, making sure not to touch her. He headed out of the mainhall and took a deep breath. "I can't believe I made it through that." he said.
Ummwhat365: "I'll show you guys around the school after the thing sover." Jake offered to his new aquantices.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname got up as he said "miss what is going i came and i would like to know whats happing !" as he looked at her moving his hair out of face so he could see her good.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori looked around the blonde haired boy as well as Alice had left so she was left the boy who was a shapeshifter.
"Apparently it's only the two of us" She said looking at him with her honey-cloloured eyes.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at Kaori. "Im going to find my dorm." She wrote and ripped of the piece of paper leaving it on her seat and walked out of the hall towards the dorms. "Room 001. room 001." She thought to herself. she found the room and walked inside. She sat on her bed and sighed though it made no sound. She held her hand out and a bubble of water appeared and she drank it. Pure water. "I cant belive people spoke to me and didnt try to kill me or.. or do other things." She thougth shivering thinking of her old school
ChocolateChan / Whomever: "Thirteen." Aksel said with a smile, looking up to the unlucky number. He walked inside and gave a faint smile. On the bed was his suitcase and a couple boxes littered the floor. He had requested a one person room and was glad to see that there was only one bed. Actual classes didn't start until the next day for him, so he would spend the rest of this day unpacking what he could. "I'll be here for the next fur years, hopefully." ( I have to go. So yeah o.o)
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori took the piece of paper that Alive had written on
"Seems Alice went to look for her dorm" She said "Hm....what do I do now? I have a really bad sense of direction.." She muttered.
Ummwhat365: "Come on, Kaori. I'll show you around." Jake stood up. As he did, his black tail slipped out. He felt his face blush with embarresment. "Uh.." He mumbled as he tucked it away.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice laid down on her bed. she was so tired. She closed her eyes and slowly fell asleep. Alice didnt dream. she just pictured colours. ( sorry its short ;] gtg x )
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Aww...bye bye Alice and Aksel )
Kaori turned to face the guy
"Ok then oh mind telling me your name?" She asked and realized his tail "Neko?" She asked looking at Jake with her honey-coloured eyes "No you're a shapeshifter"
Ummwhat365: "Jake Miller. And I'm not really a shapeshifter. That's just what people call me." He said as he pulled down his hood to show his ears on top of his head. He was ashamed of who he was. His green diamond eyes glanced down at the floor then up at Kaori's honey eyes. "I was born like this.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori looked at Jake's appearance
"Not really a shapeshifter...in other words you're more or less a neko?" She asked looking into his green diamond eyes "I've never met a neko,it's pretty interesting" What Kaori was interested in was his ears.
"Can I touch your ears?" She asked,it looked all soft and furry and it looked cute.Kaori just loved cute things.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): ((can some one tell me who is the head master or head misstess ))
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [no one lol we dont know and sorry i was eating. well where is everyone?]
Ummwhat365: [idk srry u should ask Alice when she's back on]
Jake blushed and grinned almmost. "No one's ever aksed that, Kaori. Sure. I didn't know that some one like me was called anything besides teh usual 'monster' term."
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Me and Jake are still here,Alice and Aksel left a little while ago )
"Monster? I don't think you're one or even close to one" Kaori answered and smiled as she slightly tiptoed in order to reach and touch his ears,it was definitely soft and furry.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): All right ill join you two then if its ok yall kaori))
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Lolz XD Sure no problem Kaname~ XD Hey cool cosplay of Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight XD )
Ummwhat365: [go ahead, that'll make it more interesting. u can run into us in the hall.]
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [Wait you guys are going to class right?]
Ummwhat365: [I was going to show Kaori around the school or show her her dorm]
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Well Jake was going to show Kaori around the school )
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Alright and thanks))
Kaname was walking down the hallway as he bumped into kaori and jake as he said "sorry my bad"
Ummwhat365: Jake glared at the guy that ran into them. He sniffed his nose. Vampire, he thought. "Watch where your going." Jake snorted.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: When Kaori was about to turn around she accidentally bumped into a guy with black hair.
"No it's my fault,sorry" She said looking at him and then she turned to look at Jake.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "your not talking about me are you?" she asked behind jake.
Ummwhat365: Jake's ears turned back as the teacher spoke. He turned around.
"No." He said dryly. He didn't take too kindly to teachers at the school.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname eyes looked at jake as he gave him a cold look and turned to look at kaori "no i was reading my book i should have been looking, oh im kaname kuran nice to meet you"
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori turned around and noticed the teacher that was looking over at them when all the students were in the auditorium where the Headmaster had addressed the new students.She then turned back to the guy she had bumped into
"Ok then,nice to meet you I'm Kaori Yuizaki" She said.
Ummwhat365: "Yeah nice to meet you. Come on, Kaori. Let's go." Jake said. He was getting antsy with so many people around him.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "strange shapeshifter." she said to herself."nice to meet you mr.Kaname." she said bowing then she left following the 2
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori then looked over to Jake
"Ok Jake" She said and bowed slightly to the teacher showing her respect.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname smilled as he said "nice to meet you too and dose any one know where dorm 666 is?" as he looked at them running his fingers through his hair.
Ummwhat365: [srry i have to go. we'll have to start this agin tommrow.]
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "its around the corner 2nd door on the right." she said pointing.
Ummwhat365: Jake glared at the teacher and grabbed Kaori's arm gentlely. "Let's go." Jake whispered.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Alright thanks" he said as he walked away hoping that they dont noticed the cracks in the wall's.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [crap i have no one to rp with.... :( filler]
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( I gotta go do a few things might take me like an hour or so >.< )
"R-Right" Kaori said as Jake gently pulled her arm,once they were far away from the teacher she looked at Jake
"You don't like her or something?" She asked.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): You can follow kaname if you want but ill be back))
Ummwhat365: [srry i'm back i had to do things]
Jake shifted agitated. "I just like some teachers around here. I guess it's a personal problem or whatever."
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [hey anyone here? fillelr filler oh by the way that army guy was just my brother we take turns using the rps.]
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [i'm here i had to eat. maybe we should do this later]
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [awwwwwww oh well then maybe 30 minutes? lol see ya.]
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [sweet. if anyone gets back on, just likedo ur part and let every1 know ur on or whatever.]
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Ok I'm here! XD )
"A personal problem?" Kaori asked tilting her head slightly to the side curious.She looked at him with her honey-coloured eyes (i How can a student that's new have a personal problem with a teacher?) She thought.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [jake's not new. he's been there for three years at least]
Jake rolled his eyes. "Yeah it sounds weird, but it's more of a habit. I've been going to this school for three years. I kinda have a trust issue." Jake said as he wakled up the stairs with Kaori. Othe rstudents that walked by gasped and avoided walking near Jake. Jake sighed and stuck his hand s in his pocket.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Oh crud my bad >.< )
Kaori nodded her head (i Oh so he's not knew...I've got to stop jumping to conclusions...) She thought.She noticed some students stayed far away from Jake,it was rather weird.
"Why do they look like they're scared?" She asked glancing over at Jake.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [it's fine, glad i caught that for other pple]
Jake groaned under his breath. "Since your new, I guess you haven't heard the rumors around here." Jake said as they arrived on the second floor. "Last year, some senior died here. People kept saying tha tI killed him because he would always bully me about the way I looked. Believe me when I say that I would never want to hurt anyone, but some days I wished I was the one who killed him. I didn't though. I promise I didn't." Jake said.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Lolz XD )
Kaori looked at him curiously.She listened carfully about what he was saying
"I believe you didn't kill him,you don't look like the killing type of guy to me" She said.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "i heard about that but i know who did it." she said to them
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Really? Can you clear my innocence? The headmaster refuses to let me off campus, and I have to stay here year-round." Jake asked hopefully as he turned to Ms. Nagato
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [its Ms.Yowane to you lol.]
"Yea sure but he's dead so but i dont think that will give you any luck." she said looking at him.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori looked from Ms.Yowane to Jake.She had no idea what was going on so she kept her mouth shut listening to both of them talk.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Crap. So anyways. It's just rumors. So where's your room, Kaori?" Jake asked.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "Its not a really a rumor ive seen him he almost killed me actually." she said to him.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "What a jerk. Sounds just like him." Jake muttered.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "So.. i killed him.But there some security cameras around the school and it might catch it.No one really uses the security room anymore but somehow the cameras are still running.Wonder why we have a security room. its a highschool...oh well." she said."care to join?" she asked.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori looked confused about the whole thing but only gathered that a senior died and Jake was the blame and Ms.Yowane knows about it.She snapped back from her train of thoughts when Jake asked which room she was in
"I'm in room 18" She answered.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [srry i'm redoing mine]
Jake smiled. "That's next to my room."
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: "Ok then" Kaori said smiling back at him and turned to look at Ms.Yowane with reference to what she had said "So you killed that Senior that Jake was talking about?"
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [lol fail.]
"How convienient thats 3 rooms from me. im room 15" she said stretching her arms."no i killed the murderer" she said.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Wait.. it was you?!?! A teacher? Killed a student? I got blamed for what you did!" Jake sounded enraged.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "who started the blame."she said with a stern face.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori folded her arms across her chest and tilted her head thinking
"Ok so Ms.Yowane,you killed the person who killed that Senior" She said.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "I don't know who started it, but all I know is is that I got blamed."
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "ya....." she said awnsering kaori's question. Well then.....maybe we should look at the camera room." she said to them.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "No way. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to my dorm. It's been a long day." Jake said backing away.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "you sure? class hasnt even started yet." she said still serious.[wait did class already start?]
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Don't know about that >.< )
Kaori tilted her head slightly again
"When does class start Ms.Yowane?" She asked.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "5 minutes." she said to them."Homeroom is only 1 corner away from us.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Classes start tommorrow for me." Jake said
Cassie911 / Caralyn: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/130648 Sorry for spam, but please join this RP.) <--link. <3 thank you if you do join.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "no its not and theres no such thing as a free day in here." she said to him."well see you in class." she said dissapearing on the corner she entered the classroom and sat down on the desk.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Pssh. I don't have classes. All of mine start tommorrow. Here let me see your schedule, Kaori." Jake said.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [srry i have to get off for a little while. brb in a few minutes]
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori nodded her head.She sighed a little,tiredness was one of the factors.She then looked at Jake for a little while and gave him her schedule.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: Haku started teaching the class some diseases and illnesses.She seemed to notice that the two kids werent here."dont like class huh?" she thought then she started writing the diseases and writing the cure and how is it being made.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Hey mind if i bring in kaname late to class and brb my ipod wont play music.))
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [ya... sure :D filler filler filler]
Lilshiro / Mesia: ((thanks))
Kaname walked into the classroom as he said "sorry im late " as he took a seat and sat his stuff down.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "well mr. Kaname your late...oh well at least i just started class ill let this slide through.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Kaori, your home room is on the third floor. It's in room 315. I feel sorry for you. Your teacher is Mrs. Crawford. She's stricted." Jake smiled.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "fine" and then looked around the room to see if anyone was watching.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: "I don't mind" Kaori said taking back her schedule from Jake "Who do you have for a homeroom teacher?" She asked as she looked over schedule.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Ugh some weird teacher. Mr. Vankmen, I think. He's really odd and creeps everyone out. It's on the Fourth floor in room 432." Jake shrugged.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [hey guys....you guys have me for 2nd period lol.]
"well then class im pretty sure what this shot is for...so... what is anesthesia?"she asked.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [wait i thought i had you for fourth block or period or whatever. I'll just have your class tom.]
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Lolz XD Ok then XD )
Kaori laughed slightly
"Ok then,ah it seem I have Ms.Yowane for second period" She said.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Alright, see you soon?" jake asked as he backed up smiling.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori smiled
"Alright then,see you soon Jake" She said as she headed towards her homeroom.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake walked to his dorm adn plopped on his bed. He folded his arms behind his head and rest on the clean sheets. He crossed his legs adn fell asleep.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [-_- crap i need someone to rp with its either we timeskip a period or something else.]
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Sorry ill brb chorse i have to do ))
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [I'm gonna stop for today, we can catch up tom.]
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( I'm gonna time skip to next period XD )
Kaori heard the bell ring and gathere up her things for her next class which was with Ms.Yowane.She looked at her schedule making sure what room it would be in.
HisuiNiiMii / Nika Suomiku: ooc: i just wanted to ask may i join please?
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [sure... im not the owner but you can i guess :P just go to my class room.]
After the next period.She writes her name on the board again after erasing the marker writings.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori walked along the hallways and found the classroom,Ms.Yowane was there already and a few students,she said a good morning to Ms.Yowane and took a seat.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: Haku said good morning to kaori with a hand up.When everyone was there she got up."Hello class im Ms.Yowane i will be your 2nd Period teacher this year.Im pretty sure all of you know that i teach medicine and white magic so today ill start with medicine for the first 30 minutes and the rest of it is white magic."she said walking around."Well for today we will start talking about Shots. First question,What is anesthesia? anyone?" she said looking around.
HisuiNiiMii / Nika Suomiku: Name:Mimi
Power:controls the powers of earth and fire. she can also take over others minds.
Bio:Her father is a demon while her mother is a angel. they had forbbiden love but never care and became soulmates making Mimi half-demon and half-angel
Personality: dangerous temper, short-tempered, a fighter, gentle, and calm.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [lol i live in room 15 lol i guess your my room mate and guess what im your teacher for 2nd period lol!}
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Ah I gotta go now sorry >.< I'll be back tomorrow~! ^^ )
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [-_- fuck. damn oh fuckity fuck fuck fuck.lol well see ya tomaroow then :D]
HisuiNiiMii / Nika Suomiku: (cool!)
Mimi ran into the classroom, panting for breath, "I'm...sorry for...being late Sensei!" mimi then looked at everyone and glared but then stopped and looked at Haku. "Would you like me to do anything for being late?" she asked trying to be as nice as she can
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "no that wont be necessary mimi since this is your first day of school and we just started ill let this slide now go take a seat" she said pointing at an empty desk with her expo marker."ok back to my question....What is anesthesia?" she asked the class.
HisuiNiiMii / Nika Suomiku: mimi nodded and signed in relief as she walked to a seat, "yes sensei!" Mimi listen to the question and her mind went blank. Mimi raised her hand up. "Sensei is anesthesia a loss of bodily sensation with or without loss of consciousness."
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "good...." she said to her."well im tired of talking so im just going to put the questions up.[just put a random fact of shots or something just search it on the internet or something lol]
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname sighed as he looked at the board and made it split open as he looked down as his power disappered.
HisuiNiiMii / Nika Suomiku: Mimi smiled and nodded as she wrote the answers on a piece of paper. she walked up to her teacher and gave her the piece of paper. "here you go sensei"
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: haku looked at the paper then she smiled."Very nice mimi this is sort of paying off the late incident."she said to her."ok everyone next is white magic take your spell books out." she said to them.
HisuiNiiMii / Nika Suomiku: Mimi toke out her spell book as she sat at her desk. she smiled happily as she got ready for the lesson that was next
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname took out the book as he said "what if you cant do magic?? I mean im a pureblood vampire so what dose that mean??"
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [KARILL!!!! WASSUP! well this is 2nd period right now so get your butt up here!lol]
"Well actually everyone can do magic its just that it takes years for it.It is sort of easy for the humans like me. dont worry right now you can do magic its just not the right ones and its sorta weak so dont worry."she said to Kaname."well first take your hand and do this motion.She held up her hand and made a circular motion once and a blue light appeared.
HisuiNiiMii / Nika Suomiku: Mimi watched the hand motion and tried to follow it. a light blue appeared and surprised Mimi a little. she watch the blue light in awe. ooc: i g2g to sleep now!
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "your joking right my power is stronger then everyone in this school why would i need magic ??"
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [see ya]"It was magic and magic is really useful especially when your not in battle and if you dont want to learn magic then why the hell did you choose white magic as one of your choices of class?" she asked.
Btherainbow / Annatha Tabs: Age: 16
Power: Can suck someone's soul out, if having tried hard enough; She doesn't attempt this often, though, as it is rather difficult. She has only succeeded once.
Bio: Annatha was banished from her village after having sucked the soul of a human out, making them deathly ill. She had lived with her mother for 16 years without being hostile, but other villagers had become afraid and started a protest. She is a demon, but a rather weak one. Annatha is usually seen sucking on sweet and exotic candies, though nobody really knows where she gets them from. She also enjoys sitting in sunny windows.
Personality: Quaint and polite, but easily angered.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [O_o uh... you can join but is it ok if you change the pic? that one is creeping me out but if you cant its ok i dont mind.]
Btherainbow / Annatha Tabs: << But dear, that is the POINT of the picture! Annatha is a rather creepy girl herself. >>
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): I love that pic hehe))
Kaname looked at her he said "if i was you i watch your tounge and its the only class i did not take "
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [O_o ok i understand sorry... but im going to have nightmares now.O_O OH... WELLL!!!! 8D your my 2nd period student come to class please.]
Btherainbow / Annatha Tabs: << Thank you so much! :)
So, could I just have a quick recap? Where everybody is, and the likes. >>
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "Whatever its rather you behave or you just leave." she said to him.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [ok well....nothing really big happend really everyone in the rp is in class except for the owner and another guy but you know lol im not the owner lol]
Btherainbow / Annatha Tabs: << Fanks! >>
Annatha walked around the lobby of the school, pacing from one red wall to the other with her doughy soft arms folded in front of her pearl-studded chest.
(i I don't like it here... No, in fact, I hate it here already... These red walls are giving me a headache... See, THIS is why I hate it here... Then again, my walls were red in my bedroom at home... It must just be the smell of this place... It's so musty...)
Random thoughts shot through her head with every step, and there was a visible pout forming on her small, pale lips.
(i I'm sick of waiting, too. Let's go see who all is here...)
When the old, busty secretary wasn't looking, Annatha snuck past with light, graceful feet and headed out the door into a long hallways.
"Oh, the classrooms! I bet all the little magpies are learning good rules."
She walked up to one are pressed her nose against the glass of the door, staring at every student.
(i Let's see who notices me first...)
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "If i could i would but i cant now go back to doing what you was doing" kaname said as he started to get pissed.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "anatha come out of the door." she said writing some words on the white board.
Btherainbow / Annatha Tabs: << Hold on, I'm a bit slow to this. Are you a teacher? The secretary? >>
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [teacher and did you just calle me busty? lol]
Btherainbow / Annatha Tabs: << Hn, no, I had called a secratary busty. >>
Annatha whipped her head around to a white-haired, red-eyed woman. The first thing the demonic girl thought of looking at her was that she resembled red velvet cake.
She must have been a teacher.
"...Oh, hello." She said, bringing her face away from the door, where there was a white smudge of her thick makeup.
"And who might you be?"
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "Im miss Haku Yowane your medicene and white magic teacher please take a seat>" she said to her.
Btherainbow / Annatha Tabs: Annatha entered the room, furrowing the muscles where her eyebrows should have been together.
"Alright... But I'm quite new here. I don't think I'm supposed to learn my good rules today, like all of the other magpies, though." She took a seat anyway, the wooden desk creaking as she sat.
"How quaint..."
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "take your spell book out and turn to page 3 please." she said to her.'Ok class since the blue light spell is done ill show you how to make it bigger about...10 inches tall.' she said to them.She made the blue light appear again and then she made a circular hand motion with her left hand while the other making the blue light ball.
Btherainbow / Annatha Tabs: Annatha gave the woman an odd look.
"...I don't know who you think you are, exactly, but I don't even have the book you speak of. And I must say, that orb is rather blinding. May I please leave, now?"
Probably not a very good first impression with a teacher, but Annatha stuck with it.
Besides, she had never been to school at all, only had a tutor.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "anatha no offence but if you dont like it here and you have a tutor why are you here?" she said to her.
Btherainbow / Annatha Tabs: You could literally see the anger rising in Annatha's face.
"Ttttth, stupid woman. I was SENT here, I did not come here willingly. My tutor is back home with the rest of my family, too. Now, am I excused? The busty old office woman should be done with my forms by now." Annatha tapped her long, black nails on her desk and pouted.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "stupid woman?hell your a brat a big hot head. fine we're even so ya go." she said angrilly
Btherainbow / Annatha Tabs: Annatha shot up from her seat with unhappy, pursed lips and shot out the door.
"Hm. Some teacher YOU are." She huffed and left, slamming the door behind her, and took her seat back in the lobby.
Her papers still weren't done yet.
<<Sorry to cut it short, but I have to go for tonight. Bye!>>
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Name: Gin Mikazuki
Age: 15
Room: 015
Power: Shapeshifter, Okami, Demon
Bio: She has lived alone most of her life but lived a happy one, no matter how painful the past. She was abused and neglected, left alone with no defense. She loves art, from danceing to nature, to drawing and design. She has a mega sugar tooth and will eat almost anything with sugar in or on it. She isn't the one to go to when you need a driver, please beware. She absolutly loves parties and tries to go whenever she can. She can be pretty annoying, beware again.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [ok see ya. and hey giN!!!! :D your in.Im a teacher and im your 2nd period teacher.So come to class late lol i'll go easy on you lol]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Name: Amergin Shikia
Age: 17
Room: 13
Power: Hormone Manipulation - Can alter the hormones within himself and others by touch. By altering the hormones he can effect the sex, behavior, growth, and body type of himself and whom ever he touches. As a result it can cause him to increase body strength, speed, skin tone, or even weight along with other such items as mentioned.
Bio: Born into a normal family for the most part, it was first realized he could alter his hormones when he was three. He simply caused himself to change hair and eye color. As he grew he learned to control his power and alter himself to look as he wanted at the time. He learned of his ability to alter others when he was ten and turned his best friend from a boy to a girl after pushing him. He since began to practice and develop his powers to the point where he can easily change himself with the slightest thought to it as well as others.
Personality: Varies.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [O_O wtf poet why are you appearing everywhere that i am!? god!!!lol im just really pissed not annoyed by you lol whatever you can join read my post before this.]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((ah yes..my life long dream is to be late for second period, right inbetween being a spie and a hoodie ninja..mhm mhm mhm..what do you think steve???? -talking to self- ah yes i forgot to introduce steve..how rude am i? steve is my alternate personality, she is cool with a very colourful mustsche o3o))
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [O_O what??? well anyway make your post and by the way you picked room 15 which means......YOUR mY ROoM mate!!! YAYYYY!lol you picked my room lol]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>>What did i do to make you mad at me? I just found the link to this RP and it seemed like the only good one up<<<<
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((yes yes i know ^^ oh speaking of vocaloid -looking at your piccy- im going as neru to the st. louis. anime con hohohohoh *=*))
Gin walked into the academy clinching her bags. She breathed in then breathed out. She then got her room number and key, heading to the dorm. She walked in flicking her tail once, then twice. She sighed looking around the place.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [-_- im not angry i was just playin im just so confused that your appearing at rps that im in.]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>Im sowy. I am just bored and it seems you and i have similar taste. I guess i should be honored to share the same taste as such a nice person.<<<
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [ya... lol send me a picture of you wearing it!lol no seriously but oh well can you continue your post you need to get to class its alread 2nd period!MOVE IT SOLDIER MOVE YOUR DAMN ASS!lol make an introduction shika lol shika.]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Walking slowly into class, he walked up to the teacher. (b "Forgive my tardyness, please. I am new here and dont know my way around these parts.") he explained to her bowing his head to her. (b "I am Amergin Shikia. It is nice to meet you.")
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((BUT IM IN NO SHAPE TO EXERCISE!!!! lol ok, its gonna fail though xDDDD))
Once in the room she looked at the clock on the wall. ''OH SHIT'' She set her bags down and ran out the room to second period. Gin entered the room catching her breathe and laughing alittle. ''haha sorry im late teach' lost track of time..''
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "-sigh- Alright Mr.Shika and miss gin please take a seat.Your gonna have to go here for detention after school." she said to him."how manny late students are there?!" she thought.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin looked around until she saw an empty seat. She sat down looking straight to the front of the room resting her head on her hand.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He walked back to an empty seat in the back and sat quietly. He wondered what the detention was like. He watched the teacher for interest, he wondered why she was so upset with him being late on his first day.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "Ok you two get your spell books out and turn to page 3.Ok class continuing the light process here this is how you can make the ball of light move around instead of just your hand." she said.Then she held up her hand and then made the hand motions again and then blew on it and the ball started floating around then she said to come near her."ok the ball of light is really a piece of your soul it moves around wherever you tell it to. If your evil the light is blue if your eh.. neuteral its blue if your good its white. So thats why its black norman." she said glaring at a kid infront of her.[lol]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin raised her hand quickly. ''what if someone destroys that ball of light, like you said it's part of your soul. Do you lose that part? or can the light even be destroyed?'' she put her hand down.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Deciding it was time to mess with the teacher, he altered the hormones within himself to make him into a girl. He was for every aspect that, a woman of the same age as he originally was. (b "Teacher, the new boy just snuck out the room.") he said raising his now girl hand in a soft gentle woman's voice.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "congratulations Mr.Shika you just earned yourself an extra hour of detention." she said to him.Then she turned to Gin"Well Ms.Gin the ball cant really be destryoed its like a ghost so nothing can destroy it well if you asked the ghost busters to suck it up ya its destroyed." she said laughing then she stoped."hahaha eh... ahem nevermind." she said to them."ok now i wanna see you guys do it." she said to them.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin stared at her like she was crazy for a minute but then she tried. A faint light appeared and flickered, then it gained its full strength. ''haha i did it!!'' just then the light froze and shook in one spot. It got brighter and grew consuming everyone. ''ugh what the fuck!? i thought i had it!'' she covered her eyes as it was to bright.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Geez, never get to have fun.") he muttered as he turned back. He held out his hand and began. For some reason his kept shifting colors and wobled in size. (b "Huh, must have something to do with my ability. Shifting hormones does cause a shift in personality after all.") he said looking at the orb in his had curiously. He held it as best he could to show the teacher.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: Haku sighed and then she made some hand motions and then the ball's[lol] intensity began to lower."ok you did a good job just dont shake your hand that much it does that." she said to her.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Is this okay?") he said holding up his for her to see. (b "I think mine is weird.")
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin looked over at his and sighed. -no fair i'm the only one who can't hold mine..ugh i am such a failure..- she thought to herself then tried again. This time the light didnt even show, well it did slightly. She gave up and went back to her seat. She slammes her head on her desk keeping it there.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "hey dont be hard on yourself gin.This is your first day usually everything starts out rough you'll get the hang of it." she said patting her back.Then she went over to Shikas."hmmmm wierd its fuzzy.show me your hand motion." she said to him.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He did the hand motion as she showed them. (b "See, im weird. I think its due to my power more than my hand motion. I mean, if im wrong tell me so.") he said looking up at her. He smiled and thought about his time in detention with her. He wondered what kind of weird and interesting things she might make him do.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin stuck her tounge out at her then tried again but messed the signs up. ''oops..'' instead of a ball of light it was a small eastern wind dragon. It floated around the room gracefully. This move was hard to learn, but yet Gin did this by total mistake. ''woah..'' she watched it fly.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "HOLY FISH SKIN HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT!?" she said staring at a blue glowing dragon."Ahem what i meant was how did you do that? thats like in the advanced level " she said smiling.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Looking up at the dragon, he grazed his hand against Yuki-sensai's but that was all he needed. As a joke he altered her slightly. He just simply changed her eye color to a purplish color. (b "Ya, that is quite cool.") he said knowing no one would ever notice unless they are eye to eye with her. It was even so minor she wouldnt notice it, but it was more than enough to make him happy.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She stared at them all with a very blank expression. She blinked a couple times ''i dont know..''
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "oh... by the way shika....Put mY EYES RED OR ELSE YOUR GETTING ANOTHER HOUR." she said to him angrily.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: The dragon came back to gin without her command and dissappeared leaveing a small mark on her hand. ''what the hell does this mea- wait a minute this is the mark of oboro, the serpent biteing its own tail...WHAT IS IT DOING ON ME??'' she shook her hand frantically. The dragon passed by many people but left the mark on only one or two people, not in the same place as gin though.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Only if you make it worth my wild.") he smiled. He didnt care, he was above all the crud. All he needed was a change in clothes and he could alter his own appearance beyond being recognized by magic or any other form unless he told them who he was. That was the nice thing about his power, whatever he changed, it made it a natural part of the person and undetectable through magic or even the closest study. Only the person's natural twiches could give it away and he spent his life learning to hide his. He reached up and brushed her hand again turning her eyes back.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "na..." she said to him. Then she went to Gin."what do you mean by that?" she asked.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''this mark wasn't here before!!'' a couple complained but their's disappeared. ''why me?? WHAT DID I DO TO THAT FRIKIN' DRAGON!! HOW DID I EVEN DO THAT??'' she yelled and complained waveing her arms around.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "so what?' she asked not knowing what she was talking about.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''ugh forget it!'' she stood and walked straight out of the classroom. ''im leaving!! and don't come after me!'' she walked down the hall and to her room.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He found this to be quite funny. He wanted to see what she had done, but instead sat in his seat and leaned back ready to sleep.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "ugh! Come back here!" she yelled. Then she went after her and took her hand."TELL ME NOW!" she yelled.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She stared at her like she wasn't listening to her own consversation. ''what..'' she blinked and just stared.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: She blinked and her eyes glowed red."Tell...me.....now..." she said in gin's head.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''what the fuck? tell you what? i forgot'' she smiled innocently and stuck her tounge out.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Bored and since the teacher left the class, he got up and headed out the class. He walked by them (b "Hey teach, nice class. So what time is detention?") he said smiling widely at her with his things over his shoulders.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: Haku ignored Shika and then she grabbed gin's shirt and pinned her to the wall."LISTEN HERE BRAT!!!! TELL ME NOW OR ELSE IM FUCKING HAMMERING YOU DOWN TO THE WALL!!!!" she yelled angrilly.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Damn. Okay, i take it from you silence and ignoring me that detention is canceld.") he sai looking at them a bit curious as per what was happening. He turned to walk down the hall and head to his dorm.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin still smiled. ''seriously i forgot.'' she chuckled still smiling. ''hehe'' she started laughing.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: She lift one finger up and a ball apeared around shika."SHUT THE FUCK UP PUNK!" she yelled at him.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "if you forgot then why did you walk out?" she said angrilly calming down a little.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''heh not real sure, second period is such a drag is all...i gor tired. When im tired i'm cranky.'' she smiled more putting her hands behind her head.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>>Sad thing is this is exactly as i acted back when i was in High school. lol<<<<
(b "Damn, teacher got fangs.") he laughed. He didnt care, it was school polacy for the teachers not to kill the students. (b "So, um...does this mean i still have detention or are we gonna play a game?")
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [-_- its a good thing your older than me because you would be the most hated person i know if you were in my school.]
"alright then..... ill just leave you alone... sorry i'm hot headed." she said letting go with a sigh."See you in my room i guess class is dismissed everyone."Mr.Shika....see you after school i guess." she said making the ball disapear.Then she went to dorm 15 and went in and fell on her bed feeling down.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She followed. ''hey dont forget me! you said i have detention too!'' she sat on her bed and started unpacking since she didnt have time this morning.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "your... excused i guess." she said to her on the bed.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''aw why? i was looking forward to haveing detention on the first day of school..well for me at least.'' she layed down and turned on her side.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "meh... i dont care....." she said groaning as she turned."How about you help me grade peoples paper instead of detention." she asked.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''ngh..fine..'' she closed her eyes slowly. ''im so tired!! read me a story or sing me a lullaby..'' she said almost serious.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>>Most of the teachers didnt care because i was barely in class anyways. They just sent the days work home with me and let me do as i pleased as long as i didnt bother the other students.<<<<
He continued onward to his room and unpacked. He hung up his girls and boys clothes, which was a conversation he didnt want to xplain right now. It was bad enough he was gonna have to explain why he saw a guy one moment and a girl the next. (b "Geez, i didnt realize i had so many dresses that were out of season. I need to go shopping. Oh, i know, i need some new heels and boxers anyway so i will see about going to the dress shop as well later.") he said happily.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "ya sure i feel tired anyways.So... what book you want me to read thers like 40 of them in that bookshelf over there." she said pointing.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin sat up and walked out of the room.''well im gonna walk around..see ya' later'' she walked down the hall and out to the courtyard. Gin sat under a sakura tree on a bench. She looked up at the sky.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "fine then..." she said as she went out."Kids these days..." she said with her arms hugging a pillow.Then she fell asleep not caring about the other periods.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He ignored the bell, what did he care. He was in his senior year and every class he took now was just extra crud, he already had enough stuff to graduate. He just didnt feel like graduating early. He looked through his clothes. (b "I wonder what i should look like for detention. Maybe blonde with pigtails, or brunette and a muscle shirt. I dont know.") he said thinking out loud.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin ignored all the bells for period as well. ''hmm..i wonder if i can make that dragon again..eh who cares, what does it even do? why is it so special?'' she said with no one around. ''hm a movie sounds good tonight, now to find some people to watch one with. Maybe a horror movie, no sappy romance ones that are to predictable..let's see who could i ask? i don't even know anyone here except for my room mate..'' she sighed and went into a long thought.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Awe, perfect.") said then changed clothes and fixed hair. (b "Now this is a nice look.")
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin layed down on the bench. A wind blew and she watched the sakura leaves blow. one landed on her nose but she didn't bother with it. She sighed and layed there to tall for the small bench. ''i picked the wrong day for a small kimono..'' she blushed with embarassment and closed her eyes ignoring any people walking by.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Walking down the halls, Amergin saw Gin. Walking over to her she waved happily. (b "Hey Gin. What ya doing?") she said very happily.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin opened an eye to see who it was then closed it. ''hi, im good i guess..how are you?'' she blew the leaf off her and sat up pulling the kimono down alittle.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Oh, sorry. Its Amergin from Ms. Yuki's class. I forgot to explain, i can manipulate hormones within myself and others. I am both a man and a woman. Its quite interesting since i ccan control it.") she said smiling at her as if it was a normal thing.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''i kinda got that seeing it in class, just didn't exactly know it was you.'' she stretched, yawning. ''im so bored today..''
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, i got detention in a bit, but after that you wanna go dress shopping with me? I need some new ones cause my old ones are out of style. Besides, i also saw this cute pair of heels i wanted.") she said happily. She had never had anyone go shopping with her before because most people where freaked out by her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: she smiled. ''that sounds weird comeing from a boy, if you're actually a boy that is. But sure i'll come i guess, got nothin' better to do''
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, im not a boy persay. When i was born my body kept switching so on my birth certificate they put M/F for both. It seemed i was born with these abilties, but after a bit i stopped switching and was a baby boy til i was three and began to change my appearance. At about five i started altering my sex at will and have been ever since. Its actually kinda fun.") she smiled at her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''how do you change other people then? mind?'' she asked, actually pretty interested in his ability.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, when i touch them i can instantaniously alter their hormones in their bodies and change them as i see fit. I can swap and alter their hormones like my own, changing the smallest detail like eye color to their sex, behavior, or even sexual preference. I only like to do it on the willing or those that threaten me. Or some times for a laugh, but them i change back.") she explained.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''so you can't touch someone without changing them?'' she asked yet another question. Her ears twitched and her tail swished back and forth.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "No, i can touch them and not effect them. Its a choice i make to alter them, in trueth i can do anything a normal person can, just looking however i want. I mean i can hug a person and not turn them into a little five year old girl if thats what you mean.") she said watching Gin's tail as if mesmerized by it.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''hmm..cool now you can make little people for the world without turning your partner different looking!'' she said jokeingly, her tail still swishing. Gin chuckled alittle and smiled, sitting back on the bench relaxed.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, its quite interesting really because at my old school the other girls asked me to, um, improve, we shall say, their bust size. It was quite bothersome actually how much others fretted over that. I personally think a natural beauty is better, mainly because i guess i have no natural form myself.") she joked and sat on the bench next to her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''heh natural beauty huh? do you have a normal form that you consider yours at least? i mean you must have one!'' she looked at her/him as her tail stopped and another breeze went by.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "I dont know. Everytime i try to turn to my true form it changes into a diffrent look. I still havent decided what look i want to use. I like being a girl some times, but then again i like being a guy. Its rather annoying for me.") she said looking at her tail still. (b "Im sorry, but can i please touch your tail, it just seems so fluffy and cute?")
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She stared at her/him for a second but then grabbed her tail. ''uh..strange thing to ask but ok i guess...'' she held her tail in front of her.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: She reached over and petted it. It was so soft and lovely she could barely contain herself. (b "Oh that is so soft and comfy. I wish i had a tail like that.") she said petting it one more time then pulling her hand back. (b "So you know what i am, but what are you?")
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Wow, i fall asleep and i have no idea who everyone is x_x
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''oh me? im an okami..a demon..and a shapeshifter..i guess i'm sorta like you, no one know's my true form even if i say 'this is my true form' no one believed me..'' she smiled and closed her eyes.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, i believe you if that means anything to you.") she smiled at her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin smiled back. ''thanks, you don't know how long i have been waiting to hear that'' she looked to the sky, clouds rolled by slowly. The tree's rustled in the light breezes, and the birds chirped. ''aaw yea i love it this time of year''
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "I know. I love warm weather because i get to show off my new clothes.") she said happily and rubbed her hand on her dress.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''how about we go to the mall now? i dont feel like going to class..'' she said standing up and stretching again. She yawned and smiled.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Sounds like a plan to me. How shall we get there though?") she asked wondering about that.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''good question..how will we get there?'' she sat back down and thought.
((i gtg i am so tired ;A; cya tomorrow nite nite))
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>Night. cya 2morrow.<<<
She stood back up and started to walk off. (b "Sorry, i got detention. Maybe some other time though.")
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice Brushed her hair and put her bow in. She picked up her paper and pen and slung her bag over her shoulder. She left her room locking the door and headed towards class. "Oh no i forgotten where my class is." She thought and started to wander around lost.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: {wait are we starting a new day? or is it the same day except its just 3rd period?]
Alysaa / Alice_ x: ( Uhhh new day. its easyer :D sorry ^^ ) filerfilleriflelr
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [its ok i dont really like today anyway.]
Yuki woke up with her labcoat on.She brushed her teeth and took her suitcase to her class.When she ran around the corner she ran into Alice."oh. hello Ms.Alice"She said to her.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled and waved. She bit her lip and looked around again. She looked at Miss Yuki and shrugged. "Lost." She put the word in Yukis mind and hoped she would understand.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "oh... i see um are you going to my class? there was an empty desk." she said to her.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice nodded and then slowly put two of her fingers on Miss Yukis tempels. She projected a picture of her oversleeping into her mind and then stood biting her lip.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "oh...I see....ok follow me." she said smiling.THen she started walking.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice nodded and followed. She had slept all yesterday from jetlag and now was going to class. Alice bit her lip and smiled. "I wonder if Aksel will be in my class." She thought. it would be nice to know at least one person.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: 3 minutes later they reached the class room.Haku opened the door for alice she got inside and then haku went after her.She sat down at the desk waiting for everyone to come in.When everyone was here she got up."Good morning class.Today since we covered medicne shots i want to see if you know these viruses." she said to them.Then she took an expo marker and wrote 10 viruses on the board."Its ok if you dont know these just leave or guess on the ones that seem hard." she said puting down the marker.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname walked in as he said "ack you again !!" as he looked at mis.haku and sat dowm next the alice as he sighed a bit before shacking his head.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "kaname?Why are you here?Arnt you supposed to be here for 2nd period?" she asked giving him a little glare.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "This is my 2nd period class for some reason im stuck with you !! Besides its my last year anyway's" kaname told her as he shot a look back.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Wow a lot happened since yesterady night >.< Where did you guys reach? o.o )
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [hi kaori :D]"alright then..." she said with her glare dissapearing."just just dont do anything annoying ok?I didnt take my pills." she said to him.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Hiya Ms.Yowane! XD Seriously where did you guys reach? o.o )
Kaori walked around the hallways of Rose Academy not knowing what to do at the moment.She was pretty confused on where to go.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname was about to unleash his power but stoped as he said "alright im just gonna read my book ok"
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice giggled silently as Kaname and Yuki argued. She looked around the room. She wished Jake Kaori or Aksel were here, she felt lost and alone. Alice flicked her hair over her shoulder and rested her chin on her hand.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori heard an argument coming from one of the closer classrooms,it wasn't that much of an argument.She walked towards the class and poked her head through to see Alice,Ms.Yowane and Kaname.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "ok class begin awnsering the questions please. ugh......" she said massaging her forehead.She sat down and then she started grading classwork from yesterday.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname shot alook at alice as he said" what are you laughing at ?? As the board cracked and then cooled off a bit as he said "im kaname kuran"
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake walked into Ms. Yuki's class and spotted Alice.
"Alice! Good morning. You have the same class as me. Hi, Ms. Yuki." Jake mumbled the last sentence.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice started answering the questions. She saw Kaori and stood up and waved her over pointing ot the empty seat next to her. Alice smiled inoccently. Alice smiled and waved at Jake and then looked at kaname.
"Alice." She wrote on the papaer and showed him smiling.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori smiled at Alice and walked into the class.
"Good morning" She greeted everyone as she made her way over to the seat next to Alice.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "hello kaori and jake and its ms.Yowane." she said still massaging her head."Look at the questions on the board and write the anwsers on the paper please." she said faintly.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake sat in front of Alice and started writing the answers on the board. He slippped a piece of papar to Alice. At the top it rad, "To Alice and Kaori:" In small writing it said, "See that both of you made it to your classes alright."
[gtg :( see ya later srry bad timing]
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori looked at the board and took out her notebook and started to write down the answers to the questions written on the board,she saw Jake write something and handed it over to Alice.She wasn't the nosy kind of person so she just concentrated on the answers that she was writing.She didn't think the little message that Jake sent to Alice was something that had involved her or something.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname sighed as he said "cant you at lest try to find out why i have you for all my classes its giving me a head ache" as he moved his finger sending a line through the qustions .
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled and pased the paper to Kaori. She finished the questions and then looked at the board. She lifted her hand and the line in the board disappeared. She looked at kaname and smiled sweetly. "Dont be mean to her." She wrote on a piece of paper and passed it to him.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: Haku got up and looked around."Is everyone done?" she asked to them.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori looked at the paper that Alice gave her,it was the one from Jake.She smiled and wrote on it
(b (i Kind of,got lost a little but it was fine) She then passed it to Alice.She answered the final question and was finally done.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice didnt read the paper. She thought it was rude to read others notes. She passed it to jake and the looked back at Kaname. She had used her White Magic for the first time in years. She looked down at her answers.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname took the paper as he lift a finger marked into the board as he said "what is this for??"
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "hey is everyone done?" she asked the class.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at him and smiled. She found it hard to get people to understand she was mute. She sighed and looked at him. "I said, dont be mean to her, shes only a teacher." She said into Kaname's mind and then turned back to her work smiling inoccently.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "Ok...wats up with the notes?" she said coming to the group.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said" are ok or it geting to your mind because there are no notes here" as moved the other hand the papers disaperered .
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "Nice try....hand me the notes."she said puting her hand out.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice frowned. "Stop teasing her." She wrote on her pad and showed Kaname. Alice looked at Ms. Yowane. "Sorry Miss i was passing notes." She wrote.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "-_- -sigh- its ok... i guess. since this is the 1st week ill just give you guys a warning." she said to her.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname throw the note in the air as he moved his hand and it flew to her as he sent a dent in the bored .
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: "why the hell is there a dent in the board?" she said.Then she did a hand motion and then the dent went away."better....whos note is this?" she asked picking up a note.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alices eyes widened. "Is that my note." She asked Kaname in his mind. She didnt like getting in trouble with teachers.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: Haku opened the note and noticed that it said dont be mean to her."ok who put dont be mean to her?" she asked holding up the note.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice being a pure soul couldnt lie so she put her hand up and sighed. She hated getting in trouble, especially on her firsdt day.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: Haku knew she was talking about her because she's the one who is being annoyed by kaname and school conflicts doesnt really start after the first 3 days or more usaully."Sigh- well alice i would give you detention for this but since you were talking about me...i guess your off the hook for now. thanks for caring." she said messing up her hair with her hand.[she's usually nice just dont piss her off lol]
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at them as he opened his book and went back to reading like he was by him self.
Daran: ( Can I join???)
Power: vampire with the ability to separate from his soul he in this form can either hide in small places or take over objects and make them do his bidding but it has no effect on living organisms.
Bio:he was an orphan most of his life he taught himself he was smarter than most people at the orphanage when he was young he got attacked by a wolf and ow has a scar going down his left eye it stayed blood red all his life he didn't get adopted until he was thirteen he had a loving family and wished he didn't have to leave it for the academy.
Personality.kind generous a great all around friend.
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [eh.... sure im not the owner but you can join in.]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((what the fliggle flaggle did i miss? were are we in the rp? o.o -balancing a smoothie while typeing all of this-))
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [everyones in class we started another day.]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((ok ^^'))
Gin woke up slowly noticing what time it was. ''mmgh late for class..'' she stood and got dressed in her usual kimono. She brushed her hair and teeth then got her bag. Gin soon left the room to class, but very slowly hopeing to miss most of it. She randomly started whispering a song, ''little doll little doll, were are you? please come back home were you belong. Little doll little doll, were are you?'' she then yawned, wondering if there was more to that song. She entered the class soon. ''mornin' teach' miss me?'' she asked jokeingly.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Im still here hehe im just waiting for some one to talk to kaname ))
Shirayuki / Yuki_Nagato: [lol]
"your 10 minutes late gin take a seat and anwser the questions on the board with a piece of paper please." she said to her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''fine..'' she sat in the back of the room, getting a piece of paper out. She anwered all the questions with ease. ''i'm done teach'!'' she said waveing the paper around.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku went to Gin and took her paper and looked at it."good." she said puting down the paper on her desk."ok since everyone is done i would like to move on to another spell." she said to them."but is everyone ok with staring with healing spells." she asked the class.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin layed her head on the desk and waved her hand in the air. ''fine by me'' she anwered tiredly.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "ok then" she said after that the class said yes."Ok first we start as a simple cut just... like ummm a paper cut its the easiest one." she said to them.She moved her right sleeve and then she bit it and blood came out."ok class this is how you heal yourself from these kinds of cuts." she said gputting her hand out and made 2 circular motions ontop of it and it made glow and she slaped the cut and the cut was healed just blood is left."Ok you guys ready?Get a dummy over there at the closet and make a cut on somewhere and it will bleed and do the same thing i did." she said making a hand motion making the closet open.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>Sorry, crappy morning. Im here now.<<<<
Waking up, she looked over and saw his alarm clock didnt go off. (b "Oh great. Well, im sure miss Haku is gonna love this.") she joked. She got up and began searching through her closet for her look of the day.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin stared then walked over to a dunmy. It was the last one. ''guess it's you and me buddy..'' she stared at it as if it were real. ''uuh..anyone want to help ir what ever..?'' she asked looking around the room.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [its haku in this role play shika >:D]
"Im sorry what did you say?" she asked.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''well dummies creep me out alittle..so i kinda need help'' she looked at the teacher with lazy eyes.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Turning into his now male body, he throws on a school uniform he had. (b "This aint bad. Well, off to class.") he said happily and headed to class. He went outside and attempted to enter through the window in the back by his seat.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname got up as he said " i can heal without magic so i can i leave ???"
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [WTF?! lol shika your power is wierd and i hate your guts.:D]
"You know you dont need to shout out and be rude you know." she said to kaname with a sigh."Well...what parts creeps you out?" she asked.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>>A persons hormones effect everything from sex to behavior and anything else. IT said to make a unique power and i do believe i did that."<<<<
Sitting down quietly he laid back and pretended he was there the entire time. He watched what everyone else was doing and followed along as best as he could understand.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Nothing scare's me but can i leave like go to the computer lab ??" kaname said as he looked at before saying "sorry"
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [whatever.]
"Good morning Mr.Shika your 20 minutes late."she said still looking at Gin."well... its ok you can be excused since it looks like you dont need this." she said to kaname
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Sorry Ms. Haku. I was busy trying to pick a body. I deeply apologize for my tardiness, it appeared as if my clock didnt go off. I wish to continue with the lesson though. Please may i be filled in as per the assignment?") he said quite politely and calmly unlike his attitude yesterday.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin stared back at Ms. Haku. ''can i be excused too?'' she asked looking away out the window.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "hmm sure as long you dont get me into a rampage like yesterday." she said."Get your spell book out and turn to page 3 and get a dummy and do what exactly it says." she said to him.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well there's 30 minutes left and i was gonna let you guys do a spell that you want to try out in the spell book if you want to go out thats fine just do the spell on the dummy and you can go." she said tapping an expo marker on her desk.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he got up and took his book with him as he walked off puting the book away.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well thats because its not serious."she said to him coughing."crap." she said looking at her watch."Class stay here im going to the nurses office to pick up my pills and if someone leaves ill put you in detention." she said.Then she started coughing as she walked out the door.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''ugh fine..'' she got the dummy and tried the spell a couple times. At first it didn't work but she got the hang of it unlike the ball of light. She got her bag and went to the door. ''ok see ya, like ya' said i can leave after i do the spell..'' she said starting to walk.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Hearing her say this, he quickly flipped through the book and found his spell. It was a simple incantation ritual to summon a familiar. He began to speak the words and perform the handsigns. All was going well until another student caused an explosion and his handsign failed. All there was a rather large boom infront of him that threw him back against the wall and split his head open so now he was bleeding. (b "Geez, just flippin lovely.") he said holding where his head was bleeding.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at them as he laughed saying" loser's !!! " As he smilled before puting his hand on the door.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku walked out of the nurses office and she took a pill and then she heard an explosion.She put the pills in her labcoat and ran to her class room seeing that the class has been wrecked.Seeing everyone ok except Shika and a student that was on the ground."HEY WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND?!" she yelled.Then she went to shika and then she did some hand motions and healed his head and skull.Then she checked up on the other student and she healed him and called a nurse up.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at them as he laughed saying" loser's !!! " As he smilled before puting his hand on the door.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku walked out of the nurses office and she took a pill and then she heard an explosion.She put the pills in her labcoat and ran to her class room seeing that the class has been wrecked.Seeing everyone ok except Shika and a student that was on the ground."HEY WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND?!" she yelled.Then she went to shika and then she did some hand motions and healed his head and skull.Then she checked up on the other student and she healed him and called a nurse up.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "That young man went boom, causing my spell to missfire and throw me backwards into this. I do appologize for the destruction.") he said kindly smiling up at her as she healed him.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "-sigh- its ok i know magic anyway ill repair this later...anyone hurt?" she asked.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "I do believe all is well except my injury, but if you would let me i would like to help you clean up this mess. After all, it is partially my fault as well.") he said standing up and smiling at her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((sorry phone screwed up))
Gin payed no attention to the explosion and just sat on the bench under the Sakura Tree. She got out a small box from a pocket in her kimono. ''crap forgot something..oh well...'' She got a cigeratte from the box and snapped her fingers to create a fire. ''guess i shouldn't do this on school property..'' she got up and walked to the sidewalk across the street of the school.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [its ok my internet srewed up too lol]
"No really its ok." she said smiling.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname came back as the school started shaking as the windows broke and a huge amount of power came from him as he looked around and said" which one you block heads made that explosion ??" As he held up his book that was dust.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "No, i insist. I couldnt let a young lady handle this much work by herself.") he said picking up a desk and putting it back. He didnt mind cleaning up after all, he was partially responcible as well. (b "Besides, concider it a thank you for not harming me for coming to class late.")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "calm down kaname." she said."well you can clean up the objects on the floor." she said smiling"but thank you." she said then she said something and made some hand motions and the walls and windows were repaired.Then she gave shika a broom.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: HE began to sweep and clean up things. (b "So, Haku-sensai, how did you come to work here?") he asked trying to make conversation.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname calmed down as he said "someone owes me a new book !! " as he looked around and said" im leaving ."
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin stood across the street with the cigarrette in her mouth, she stared into the window of which the explosion came from. ''hm? i wonder what happenee up there..'' she said talking to herself. ''best go back then..'' she walked back into the courtyard with the cigarrette still in her mouth. Then it caught on fire as she threw it so no one could find out. Once she had gotten into the school she had remembered she smelt like smoke. She used wind magic to blow the smell off.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "I'll give you another book after school kaname." she said to him."Well you see i used to be a 3rd grade teacher and its hard to hide my existance so when i heard there was an academy for the supernatural so i had to go but its hard my 3rd grade class was like...crying. heh heh." she said awnsering shika's question.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Interesting. I bet the class must miss you still.") he said smiling back at her while he finished sweeping. He looked down at his watch and snapped upright. (b "Oh goodness me. Its already that time. Im sorry Haku-sensei, i must be keeping you from something. Listen, im finished here. If there is something you must do, by all means go ahead, i will put the things away and lock up.")
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin walked into the classroom. ''wow what happened here?'' she asked laughing. ''geez who messed up a spell?'' she started laughing even more.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "ok then." she said smiling."Gin...its not funny 2 guys had severe injuries and me and mr.shika had to clean up this damn room.Ugh...i feel tired."she said sitting on a desk.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname nodded as he lift a finger sending gin out the room as he said"i dont see anything here funny know i say you better change that attude of yours right now"
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Awe, Gin. We were supposed to go shopping for clothes werent we. Do you want to come with me to my room so i can change?") he asked looking over at her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''sorry but it's so funny that someone actually messed up a spell so bad..'' she said smiling and stepped in looking at everything. ''how bout i help?'' she asked picking up what's left of some paper. she looked over at Shikia. ''sure uhm, yea'' she smiled at him.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "I shall return in moments.") he said happily and ran off down the hall to get into something more befitting what he needed to shop for. As he got to his room he began to search through his things for a decent look.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "true well kaname heres you book i thought i left it in my room so nah... here you go." she said handing him a book.Then Haku stoped for a bit."did you say you guys were planning to go out of the academy?" she asked.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at them as he leaned on the wall not saying anything as he looked at the teacher and shook his head.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: she looked at Haku. ''uep to the mall!! i was already out of school property earlier anyways..i wasn't shot down or anything.'' she sang picking up more stuff.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Ahem you do relize thats against school rules?" she said starting to get pissed.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Finding a lovely outfit to match Gin, she quickly changed and put it on. She did her hair and got her purse. (b "Ah, this is nice.") she said happily as she walked down the hall back to Gin.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname the book as he said" thank you and im sorry my behavier i havent had any sleep im a good student but if i dont get any sleep or blood im like that if you dont mind but i will be leaveing campuse as well to get some blood"
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "ok thats ok you can feed on me if you want." she said jokingly with a few giggles/
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he disaperered out the window as he droped to the ground and walked away.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well seeya." she said walking out of the room when he got on the window."Where are those two?" she thought.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She stared at her. ''hmm..well then we'll be off..'' she stepped out of the room and caught Shikia. ''alright let's go, but quickly..'' she made her ears and tail disappear and took shikia's hand running out of school.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Accepting her hand they took off running. (b "How did you know it was me. I thought i did a pretty nice job of hiding my self.") she said in a soft toned voice.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "ah..what the hell." she said to herself.Then she teleported infront of them."Hey you dont mind if i join you two do you?" she asked.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''that's a secret.'' once they were off school grounds she let go of her hand and started walking. ''let's see..which way now?'' she looked around confused.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [bey peoplz look at my post down under yours.]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Um, hello Ms. Haku, and yes yo may join along.") she said smiling at her.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "cool.well its against school rules but...eh.... lets see... we got 3 hours so.. ya... so off to the mall are we?" she asked.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''yep to get shikia some dresses and stuff.'' she smiled and started walking in the wrong direction. ''lets go!!''
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "O_O uh... Gin the mall is on the left not the right."She said pointing.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''right i knew that!!'' she said turning around. ''off we go then peoplez!!'' she skipped off now in the correct direction.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "The other way.") she said grabbing her hand and pulling her in the right direction. (b "I need some nice dresses and a pair of heels for a gown i have.") she smiled.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [is it the next class? I'm lost.]
The bell rang which dismissed students to their next class. Jake walked with Kaori and Alice.
"Who's class do you guys have next? I'll walk with you guys." Jake asked as the three of them walk together.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori looked at her schedule as she walked with Jake and Alice.
"Hm...elemental class" She answered "I'm looking forward to that class" She said smiling.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [lol hey guys and ya its next period 2nd period actually me and the owner said we should start another day.]
"hmmm na.... nevermind ill go back good luck." she said leaving.Then she hurried back to the academy and started walking some stairs running into kaori and jake."oh hello." she said.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: ( Hi could you give me ann update :D sorry i left . )
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Wahhh I gotta leave just when I get to rp >.< *Sighs* Oh well I'll rp with you all later tonight! XD )
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''alrighty then, lets go shikia!'' she continued walking to the mall. Once there she knew exactly were to go fir her. ''here ya' go, knock your self out'' she said entering a dress shop
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [Jake has your class 1st period. what a mix up. maybe the classes should alternate? like a block system. you know 'A' days 'B' days. adn 4 blocks in a day instead of periods. it would take less time to do.]
Jake's hands clinched a bit , but relaxed them. "Zup, Ms. Haku." Jake turned to Kaori. "I have elements class too."
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [lol ok then by and i was teaching the class and then some guy infront of shika made a spell which accidentally exploded and then the class was destryoed i healed shika and the guy who made the spell and then i repaired it and shika and gin are going to the mall for new outfits for shika and stuff lol]
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: {Alice, we're going to next class. we should have alternating classes]
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice walked into the class after coming back from the medical room with a headache. She sat down next to Jake and smiled. She was glad he was in her class.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [wait what class am I in now? elements?]
Jake leaned next to Alice and whispered. "Hey, what are you doing after school?"
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled and shrugged. She quickly wrote. "Nothing why?" And passed him the note smiling.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake smiled. "Read my thoughts." He grinned.
There's a party going on in the garden tonight. I can't go by myself. Aksel and Kaori are going too. Want to go with me?
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled and nodded. "Sure sounds good." She wrote and then pretended to do her work. "But what if people there dont like me." She wrote and passed it to him.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''hey shikia i have to go, forgot to turn something in for class.'' she said leaving the store and walking out of the mall. She snuck back into school grounds, letting her ears and tail reappear. She then went to her room and got the paper she needed. ''Ah here it is..now to find the teach' '' she said skipping down the hall.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake wrote in the note.
quote I'm sure you'll be fine. Just stick with me. These parties are always the best. quote
[***********just to let everyone know there's gonna be a welcome party in the gardens!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku walked down the hall and puts a lolli pop in her mouth.Then she went into her class.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [what class am I in?????????]filler filler filler
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at him and nodded. "Well were should i meet you incase i cant find you." She wrote back.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake opened his mind up to Alice right as the class began.
quote Meet me in my dorm after fourth block. It's room 25. quote
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((i dont even know what class im in o.O))
gin could smell the lollipop. ''oh my gosh..sugar!!'' she ran down the hall and found Ms. Haku in a classroom. ''Ha!! i found you! now cough up the candy!'' she demanded handing the paper to her.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled sweetly. She leaned her head on the table. She didnt want to leafrn now, she wanted to go to the party. She turned her head to look at jake. "What do i wear?" She asked in his head.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [lol stay in my class cause if you dont ill do something bad.I HAVE A P.H.D IN KICKING YOUR ASS!lol]
Haku looked at her with her face facing her then she took the paper.She took out her little lolliepop making a smacking sound."Thank you but i wouldnt give it to you this is the only one i got." she said putting the paper on her desk.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake shrugged. "I'm a guy. I don't do clothes remember. Just wear something pretty I guess. A short dress or whatever." He smiled and got out his notebook.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''oh come on! i haven't had any sugar since i got here!!! and i do mean the candy sugar..i dont care about the othe- you know forget it! i'll get my own..'' she said crossing her arms.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "UGH fine." she said throwing 2 chocolate bars at her.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice giggled silently and looked at jake. She lent forward and stoked his ear, her eyes widening. "So cute." She thought then quickly took her hand away. "Sorry, sorry." She said into his mind and moved back in her seat.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''yey!'' she started eatong them, but not like a hungry boar of course. She sat in an empty seat not paying any attention to anything but her candy.
((lol just learned why zombieland is rated R xDDDD))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Ooooo its almost lunch." she said getting out a wooden box wraped with an handkerchief.SHe unwraped it and got some chopsticks and started eating the beef and rice and drinking the coke that was on her desk.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname walked in as he said" i feel so much better miss.haku !!!" as he looked around and went back to reading his book.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "-gulp- thats good." she said eating her lunch.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Yeah i guess so its luch time ?? I asume " kaname said as he kept on reading his book .
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake blushed as Alice stroked his ears.
"It's ok. That felt good."
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "ya." she said to him.Then she puts away the box."-sigh- well.... so....im bored." she said.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [what should happen now?????? i don't have any ideas]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [thats why you should hang out with me i respond quickly i check up on the rps every minute you know.]
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [ it's not that it's just what should happen next in the story? it's starting to become blaaaaaah.]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [ya... i know i usually know what to do lol]
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: The lunch bell finnaly rang as all of th egifted students headed toward the large wooden cafiteria. Jake, Alice, Aksel, Kaori, and Kaname all sat together talking about the party later on.
"So is everyone going?" Jake asked.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku got out of her seat and went to the cafeteria seeing some of her students.She went to them."hello. i heard you guys are having a party can i come?" she asked.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake looked up at the teacher oddly.
"Uhhhh. I didn't think teachers were allowed." Jake sneakered to himself.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin wentbto the cafeteria and got her lunch. She looked around for somewhere to sit but didnt see any spot open. ''look like it's alone time in the restroom for me..'' her ears went back and she started walking.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "theres a quiz on friday and i wont give you guys the quiz and you get an B- on it." she said crossed armed.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake waved Gin over. "Hey Gin! Come sit with us!" Jake welcomed.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Hmmmm. B- isn't gonna cut it. Would we have to be seen with you or not?" Jake grinned.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Her ears perked. ''hm? oh.. uh ..ok..'' she walked over with her tray of food and sat down. She started eating some of the food slowly.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "B+? and i dont need to be with you guys and also is it outside of school?" she said.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''watcha' guys talking about? that party that's goin' around school?'' she asked eating her food.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "so the party is in school?" she asked.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "I don't know what do you guys think?" jake asked the group.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname up to them and said "hey guys how are and the quiz not for me right ??"
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((i gtg watch sherlock holmes bbl o.O))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well you seem to know what your doing so... you get a B+ anyway." she said looking at kaname.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "What happens to A+ or do you just give B+" kaname said as he looked at her trying to understand.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "There is an A+ its just that you seem not to participate so i just have to take a few grades off." she said crossed armed again.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Mmm cant use magic but what ever besides ill take a B+" kaname said as he looked at her.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "thats my vampire student." she said hugging his head.[lol]
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he smirked and laughed as he said "yeah yeah "
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: She laughed and she was still hugging him as a joke.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname smille droped as he said "alright turn me lose this is weird " as he looked at her
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "NOt to me!!!" she said happily.[lol she gets carried away lol]
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "yes you before my sister finds out that your all over me"
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "oh fine pushy." she said letting go of him.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname laughed as he said "raven is stronger then me for some reason and she get mad when any girl hang's all over me even through she's my sister"
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "I see... heh your sister is wierd."she said sitting down.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "No she's not see our parents was brother and sister raven is my lover " kaname said as he laughed and sat down too.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "I see... alright then ha ha." she said happily.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Yep i dont mind it i just wish that i was with her right now" kaname said as he looked at her kind of smilleing
((im going to make a skelly for her ))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [alright then :D]
"ummm ok then.....Well....i dont know what to do now haha." she said rubbing her head.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((im gone for two hours and i have no idea were to pop in..;A;..any ideas? kthnxbai~))
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Name:raven kuran
Power:same as kaname but she's stonger and has a staff too can make turn people into vampires and make them human again or bring them back to life.
Bio:look at kaname's
Personality:nice,fun ,a bitch when she see's a girl all over kaname.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [oh... i dont know lol filler filler filler]
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Hehe yeah))
Raven was walking through the school as she went to cafetira and saw kaname as she ran and hugged him as she said " i found you big brother !!"
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((hey yuki do you still go on your pokemon rp??? just asking...>~>))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [ya.. i sometimes get bored with pokemon sometimes you know.]
Haku saw a girl come up to kaname and hugging him."So.... your Kaname's sister right?" she asked smiling.
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Raven looked at her as she nodded "yep i am im raven" she said still holding on to him .
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "oh... nice to meet you im Haku Yowane... his teacher." she said leaning with a smile.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at raven as he said" hi raven !" huging her back as he pulled her as so that she would sit down.
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Raven smilled as she sat down and said" nice to meet you too i also have you too but why every other period??"
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "i dont really know heh heh." she said scratching her head.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "so you get to me everyother period."
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku yawned and looked at her watch."well -stretches- i guess 3rd period is starting in about 15 minutes. see ya." she said messing with kaname's hair as she left the cafeteria to her classroom.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [anyone online that wants to rp with me?]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((hi =3= i'm here..just watchin House..so i have nothing better to do..i can rp!))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [yay.......... ^^ please continue the rp please!!! :D Filler ]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((erm i'll try..ehh hold in let me think...-thinking very hard-))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [well then make a post hurry up i was just waiting for you!]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((ok so it's third period right?))
Gin was done with her food, so she got up and followed Haku. She caught up with her in the classroom. ''hey, do we have any homework? what arebwe doing today? how are you? i think we should have candy with lunch..what about you? do you like art? how are you? oh wait i just asked that.'' she asked alot of questions and smiled wide sitting all the way in the back of the classroom.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "you ask alot of questions do you? heh heh well.... we do have homework but your lucky because i just want you to read 5 pages from the spell book we left off and just practice the spells we did in class, we're going to do viruses and to bend and shape the blue light orbs we can make, and its not good to have candy with lunch unless if you brush your teeth after that before you sleep, I like art i made sketches on my free time, and im fine and yes you said that question twice."haku said it fast just at the same speed she did without breathing once and made big inhale of air.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: she blinked a couple of times but answered. ''purple..'' was all she said. She didn't understand what Haku had said since she sais it all to fast. She smiled still.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well then... shall we go to class?" she asked opening the door for her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''yea sure'' she answered going in, all the way to the back. ''now when do people come in?'' she looked at the clock.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Quickly walking, he was actually on time for once. (b "Ohayo gozaimasu. Im on time i guess, or am i being a baka like always?") he said smiling.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well they should be here." she said looking in her watch.Then after a few minutes people started walking in."ok good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and hello mr.shika but its afternoon not morning. Please get out your note books and pens or pencils and start awnsering these questions on the white board.Then we can start talking about the viruses." she said sitting down.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Sitting down and pullin out his things he got rteady for class. (b "Um, viruses. I wonder if we will be covering STDs?") he wondered aloud as a joke.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin was done quickly and raised her paper in the air. ''here ya' go teach'.'' She usually did get her work done quickly, with every answer correct. She may have gotten every answer correct, or usually her work done quickly but she tried skipping it all. ((she is sorta like shikamaru i guess huh? o.o..wow what a drag..))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [lol you got his catchphrase right too lol]"Sorry mr.Shika we dont have time for jokes." she said writing down 3 more questions on the board.Then she started fliping the marker quickly.Then she went to her and then she read the paper."hmm good." she said putting the paper on her desk.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin did the new questions and waved the paper in the air. ''done..again'' she said trying to get Haku's attention.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Finishing the questions a bit after her, he sat back in his chair and got comfortable. (b "Boredom breeds lazyness and lazyness breeds me.") he joked then closed his eyes and put his headphones in.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku walked to gin and took her paper and went to shika and did the same thing."no music mr. Shika" she said while passing by and started collecting everyones papers."ok since everyone is done... ok first lets get into diseases....What is...AIDs, HIV,and the H1N1?" she said writing down them on the white board.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Hearing her words he jumped out of his seat and ripped out his headphones. (b "One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song?") he sang as loud as he could, then laughed.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "thats it..." she said.Then she did a hand motion and Shika's mouth closed shut."I tryed being nice to you mr. Shika but you gave me no choice." she said."ok back to the question anyone?" she said.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin had rested her head on the table and soon fell asleep. She payed no attention to noise, since she couldn't hear anything. She had fell asleep with her iPod in and her music as loud as it could go. If close enough you could almost hear the song Redemption by GACKT, and then switching to Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Angry that she did this he stormed up to Haku and grabbed her arm making sure to touch her flesh. He drained her hormones a bit to almost completely remove her adreniline causing her to feel weak and lacking energy. (i Not so funny now is it?) he thought letting go of her.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "YOU IDIOT DONT YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU DONE!?" she shivered with her eyes going wide.Then she fell on the ground sitting up and she was going against the wall.She was shivering like crazy and a headache occured and it was a big one.She put her hands on her head grunting.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He rubbed his finger against her forehead quickly turning her back to normal. He crossed his arms and looked at her with a smile. (i Be happy i was being nice. I could have done much much worse.) he thought as he looked down at her. He could have just as easily altered her sex or even cause her hormones to reverse and turn her to no more than a toddler if he wished.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "YOu idiot you could of killed me i have a health condtion! Low adrenilne makes me so weak that i get a really big headache that makes me shiver to death!ILL SUE YOU FOR ThAT IF YOU DO THAT ONE MORE TIME!" She said into his mind.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: A song that was ayt first quiet soon became loud and Gin jumped up. Her ear phones fell out as she had jumped. ''not the taco evil monkey!'' she yelled before relizing she wasn't asleep anymore.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He stood before her with his arms crossed still. HE had his mouth shut so he was unable to speak. He simply looked at her chest where her heart was. He knew that with a couple of treatments from his ability he could cure her heart condition by altering her estrogen levels to fix the issue, but that would mean being nice to her and getting along in a personal enviorment for a few hours a day.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku saw his face and knows what he's thinking."Dont try sucking up to me even though you cure me ill still hate your guts!." she said into his mind and added a glare.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (i Im not going to do a thing until you reverse this stupid ass spell and quite being so hateful to me. We had a bad first day, but since then you havent given me a chance so why would i be nice?) he thought as he unfolded her arms and looking down at her.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "I would but i wanted to be nice but you keep on interupting class!!!!" she said into his mind and then she took the spell away."THERE YA HAPPY!?" she yelled then she stormed out of the room.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Finally.") he said happily. He took after her in a rush, he wanted to help her and he knew he was in the wrong, he cant help it sometimes. That was his curse, even though he could control them in himself for the most part, because of his power he would periodicly loose control over his emotions.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Bitch fucker everyone here are mother fuckers."She said to herself over and over again."I dont need this damn school i can just leave and live in my house in peace!" she yelled.Then she went into her dorm and slammed the door shut.Then she sat down on her bed and started drinking beer and crying at the same time.[lol ima drunkard]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin was alittle confused. She stood and stuck her iPod on her pocket and started following them both. -picked a wrong time to sleep hm? wonder what happened.- she chuckled silently to herself and kept following them.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Walking up to her dorm, he knocked. (b "Open up. We need to speak.") he said in a stern voice.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "GOd dammit leave me alone."She said in a crying voice.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin stepped beside him. ''here let me help'' she smiled and winked gettong out hr key. She unlocked the door and opened it. ''now you can't kick me out, i live in this room too..come on in shikia'' she said sitting on her bed.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He walked up to Haku. (b "Put that down.") he said talking about the booze. He was gonna say what was on his mind whether she wanted to hear it or not.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "What." she said cover her face with her knees.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "First put away the beer. I wont talk to a fool that drowns themselves in alcohol in order to ignore whats around them. And to bad for you but im not leaving here until we talk.") he said softening his voice looking down at her.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "FINE" she said harshly and threw the booze out the window.
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu:
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [hi kyo well you can join but im not the owner so you can join in]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Now then, first i wish to apologize for all the crap i put you through. I shouldnt have done all that idiotic stuff but i lost control. Secondly i want to say that if you left many people would miss you here. Your a fun and unique teacher.") he said looking down at her. He enjoyed her classes, it was just that he was a bit weird sometimes because of his hormones would periodicly screw with him and fluctuate.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Your just trying to get me to stay and besides its not only you there are some students that were like you...I cant take it anymore."She said quietly.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''it's true Haku..don't leave, who will give me sugar and candy when i need it?'' she said hopeing she will not leavw.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He sat down on the bed beside her. (b "I would be upset if you left. I really would. You shouldnt care about what the bad guys think, only what those that care for you.") he said trying to comfort her. He would happily take care of those others that bothered her. (i A nice rise in there estrogen would really make them see a more sympethetic side of things.) he thought to himself. He wasnt above hurting others in order to protect himself or someone he liked.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [Kyo? i said you can join.]
"ar-are you sure." she said showing her eyes filled with tears.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Of course im sure. You are my favorite teacher and more then anything else, you are a wonderful woman.") he said kindly to her.
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: Name: Kyo Kenryuu (k, K-chan friends only)
Room: 002
Power: Inhuman Strength and Speed- Demon, can control light and darkness and manipulate he's on blood to create weapons favorite in swords of light and dark with blood whip second and blood claws last but can do of other thing).
Bio: He lived with he's mother and sister until he's mother dead from illness that had no cure made. With only he's sister and himself they lived together until he was 15. At that time he's sister was abused by a gang of thugs which lead to Kyo's awakening of he's demon side which made him take the lives of the thugs. The only thing that stopped was he's sister in the end when he can to he saw the horror and ran away from home after taking her to hosptial. After ranning a long way from home he was find half past died be the prinapal after being feed a will rested the prinsapal made a offer to him that he could not refuse so now he's a new studnet at Rose Academy
Personality: Cold hearted, anti-social, quite, and hot tempered when pushed, but can show a kinded side to.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [you can join kyo ok?]
Haku smiled but her mouth was still hidden."ok... i think ill stay for now." she said trying to keep her smile.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: 'yey!'' gin jumped up and clapped. She then glomped them both. ''i'm glad you stayed! i don't want to be lonely in this room, and it is true. You are the best teacher.'' she smiled
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: (#B40404 "So this is the the school i'll be going to I got to be careful of how I go about this thats for sure. sigh") said Kyo as he walk up to the school and had bag in hand and puts it behind him and sighs a bit.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Im very happy to hear that. School wouldnt be the same if i didnt get to enjoy the interuption from the boredom. Besides, if you left i couldnt help you.") he said happily. He moved a bit of hair out of her face. (b "See, now smile and have a beer. We got to handle all the issues and handle things.")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "na... i only drink beer when im depressed haha eh..." she said. "ahem so...how about we go back to class?" she asked leaving the door wiping her tears running into a new student[kyo]."oh im sorry."she apologized with tears still in her eye.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin looked over at shikia, sitting next to him. ''have you ever had beer or vodka or anything else that can make you drunk?'' she asked stareing at him in curiousity.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "No, i cant drink. It messes with my inhibitions and screws with my hormones. I end up spending the night in more regret then i want to remember.") he said looking over ay Gin. Trueth was he got drunk once and it made him spend the night switching his appearance every minute it seemed.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''oh ok..hm i guess i'll just ask Haku what it's like to get drunk, if she has ever been drunk, and what it tastes like..hey isn't that party tonight?'' she asked yet another question.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Party? Which party do you mean?") he was curious because he was invited to a few diffrent ones in his various forms. He liked his ability because he could get in anywhere and get away with almost anything, he even had a warant out on one of his old forms that stole quite alot of things.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''i think it was the garden party thing...'' she answered wondering how many parties there were exactly.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Oh, thats right. I get so mixed up about events that i forget alot.") he said smiling at her and standing up off the bed. (b "So are you going?")
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: (#B40404 "Don't you think a teacher should watch where there going!") said Kyo as he gave Haku a piercing stare to her (#B40404 "Jess!! take it a stop crying!") said Kyo as notes and stop to give Haku a naken to wipe the tears and walks away.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''eh..i don't know'' she shrugged and stayed on the bed. ''are you going?'' she asked the same question back.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Dont you think a student should calm down i just recovered from something important and your just being rude."She said getting anry.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Eh, i might. I just dont have a date though.") he said stretching. He didnt like to go to those big formal events alone, they always felt to stuffy to him anyway.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''me neither..same reason of why i'm not sure yet.'' she shrugged and stood walking over to the window. She bent down amd rested her head on her hand on the frame of the window.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, if we are both going because we dont have a date why dont we go together.") he said looking over at her. He didnt mind going is she was becasue then atleast there would be one person there he liked.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She looked over at him and shrugged. ''yea, ok i'll go with you then'' she smiled and then looked back out the window.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Geez, what is so interesting out there?") he asked and walked up behind her gazing out the window. He couldnt see much but kept looking anyways.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Pff whatever you need some manners kid." she said to him.The nshe left to her class room."HEY LETS GO!" she yelled.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''not much..well from this view. I think it would be better from the top..'' she smirked and climbed out the window, she then got to the roof. She sat down and looked up. ''i wish it was night time already.'' she stretched and looked down from the roof to the window she had came from. ''come on up the breeze is fine and the sun is shinein'.''
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Pff whatever you need some manners kid." she said to him.The nshe left to her class room."HEY LETS GO!" she yelled.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: HE smiled as she climbed. (b "You are quite nimble.") he smirked. He began to climb the window upwards carefully. Finally arriving up top he sat down next to her. (b "Geez, you sure know how to show a guy a good time.") he joked at her then laid down looking up at the sky.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "GOD DAMMIT I SAID LETS GO!!!" she yelled in her dorm.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: < hahhahahah can i have a recap <3 thanks x x x >
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She ignored Haku's call to go to class, she didn't feel like going this time. ''heh i just like watching the clouds go by and seeing what shape they come and go in. At night it's the best when there are no clouds, you can see the stars lighting up the sky for miles.'' she looked to the sky and smiled.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [yay... alice is back!!!!! i dont know lol sorry i cant really remember things :P]
Alysaa / Alice_ x: <Pahaha thats ok il just jump in for a while before school.>
Alice was sitting in a class room on her own. she had gotten lost again. She tried to find other people but they had all left.
walterguy: (#B40404 "I thought student and teacher relationship are not welcomed at all schools but this school is not a normal one now is it.") said Kyo as he look and the three from the roof stairway door.[thank for letting me join sorry if i came on strong Haku^^]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [well it was sort of rude and i hate rude people but its ok besides you just ruined my momment lol]
"What the hell are you talking about?!" she said facing him.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He was already out of the room and he was busy trying to calm down from the climb. (b "I know what you mean. This place has some briliant night skies.") he said looking over at Gin and smiling.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''yep..oh looj at that cloud it looks like a fish!'' she said pointing at a medium sized cloud. She chuckled alittle at the fish cloud as it moved along the sky.
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: [Again Sorry i get it character to quickly lol]
(#B40404 "What ever!") said Kyo as he walk to the edge of the roof jumped on top of fince. (#B40404 "Ha!) You looking at the guy clumbing down (#B40404 "You know which way to the Dorms.) said Kyo waiting for the guy to answer
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Looking up at the cloud he squinted a bit. (b "Maybe a fish, or a hamster kinda. I cant tell really.") he said with a bit of curiousity in his voice. He was never very good at guessing what something looked like.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''ha. ok how bout that one?'' she asked pointing to another cloud. ''sorta looks like a dragon's mouth or maybe a bird'' she said tilting her head alittle. ''or maybe a heart..no wait steak''
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice heard people on the roof above the class room. She decided to climb up. "Oww. stupid pipe, move. ow." She thought as she clumsly climbed up. Once she got up she saw two people looking at the sky. She sat down and watched them smiling.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "I guess. Im not very good at this kinda stuff, i just like to look at it because of how simple and yet complex the sky is. It sort of helps me to feel at home.") he said softly. He had a bit of sadness in his voice when he said the last sentance.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''oh..sorry didn't know bringing you up here would make you sad.'' she said noticing his voice change. Gin heard someone climb up to the roof and her ear twitched. She turned to see alice. ''oh hello, you're alice right?'' she asked smiling.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Nah, im fine. Just thinking about the past.") he said to Gin then looked over at the girl that just came up. (b "Oh, hey there little lady. Im Amergin, nice to meet you.") he said calmly.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Whats your problem!?" she yelled then she teleported to Shika and gin."UGH Im SO FUCKING MAD AGAIN!Owwwww it hurts!"she said having a headache.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Hi there can i join (thanks Yuki for the link, you know who you are!!) here's the skelly
Name: Kasumi Hinotama
Age: 18
Room: 096
Power: Can control Fire, lava, earth and anything else that is extremely hot like that. she has the ability to forge many hellish weapons, at will.
Bio: Her parents were recently killed off, because of that she was forced to go to this new school. She has quite a hot temper and will try and burn you if you try anything stupid. Her parents were part of a special clan and worshipped the fire God. After gaining his favor her parents were told that there next child will be given all his powers. Due to her age and lack of knowledge in fire magics, she doesn't have a firm control over the magics within her. Every now and then if she sneezes or coughs she will spit out a fire ball.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [hey whats up kasumi?! filler filler filler]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She looked at Haku ''hehe..hey Haku were you calling, so sorry we didn't hear you.'' she said innocently.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Looking over at Haku, he could see she had a bad headache. (b "What happend?") he asked standing up and walking infront of her. (b "Shall i get rid of that headache?")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "THe New kid doesnt have any manners!" she yelled rubbing her head."No its ok." she said taking some pills.
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: [night everyone bedtime money day^^]what i was on the roof you will you went to class room:o
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well the new kid sounds like an arse to me. And you are waisting your time with the pills, there is a much simpler way. All you need is a good rush of endorphins to relax you and make it go away.") he said then muttered some stuff very quietly afterwards.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "a what?" she asked.She was starting to get dizzy.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: [sorry for just randomly posting but do i have to wait to get accepted or can i just join in...?]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Endorphins, they are a chemical that is released to relax the body and cause a spike in the pleasure recepters.") he said calmly offering his hand out to her. (b "Dont worry though, it wont mess with you in a bad way though.")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [lol dude your accepted.. you could of joined in an hour ago lol.]
"ummm sure." she said touching his hand.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin stood and stretched watching Shikia and Haku. She yawned looking at the sky once more then back at them.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He grasped her hand in his. (b "Brace yourself.") he said smiling at her. He triggered her hormones and caused her body to release endorphins. He grabbed onto her because he knew she would start feeling really good and her body would go limp.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [ewwww that sounded wrong:P lol jk]
Haku closed her eyes feeling a nice feeling."Is it done?" she asked.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>Look up what they do. They block the pain recepters and cause a bit of a euphoric feeling.<<<
He stops and looks at her. (b "There you go. That should help ya.") he smiled at her and chucked. (b "How is your head?")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [i know dude i still have my imatureity in my head]
"i guess its ok." she said smiling.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>I know, i thought the same thing. lol, i could have always used other hormone triggers to mess with you.<<<<
(b "Im my own personal drug dealer.") he said joking at her. (b "Just let me know when you need another hit.")
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''hey Haku you're going to the party right? who are you going with? anyone in particular?'' she asked walking over there.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "eh...I dont know heh. are you two going together?" she said rubbing her arm.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Staring out the window in the back seat of the taxi listening to the engine rumble along. She looks towards the driver, "Are we there yet?" She asked with a smirk on her face. The driver looks into the rear view mirror with a look of fear on his face. She loved to torment taxi drivers, a little fire display always put them in there place, and keeps there eyes from wandering to any parts that they may enjoy looking at.
"N.. no, no ma'am. We will be soon though." He said back.
Sighing loudly, she continues looking out the window. Off in the distance she can see the large building. That will be her new home for the next little bit. She missed her parents tons but, whats done is done. A few minutes later the taxi parks up by the front doors and she steps out, fixing her hair and pulling down her sunglasses a little onto the bridge of her nose, she looks around inspecting the place. She noticed that the driver got out quite fast and grabbing her back from the trunk he places it on the ground beside her and runs back into his taxi and drives away really fast.
Walking into the front door, she looked around. "Wow." she muttered to herself, her eyes growing in size. "Hello, anyone here?" She asked, looking for any sign of life.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Oh, uh sorry.") he said letting go of her hand forgetting he had it ahold of it. He scratched his head being embaraced. (b "So, ya. What about that party.")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Its ok.why?is it embarrasing to hold hands with a teacher?" she said jokingly.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin turned around ''i'll be back later..i'm going on a walk..'' she went to the edge of the roof and jumped onto a tree nearby then to the ground. Her ears and tail disappeared as she left school grounds. She went across the street and started walking.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "No, its just um...well. Its just that well, im just...and your well.") he stuttered and stammered at Haku's question. (b "Never mind.") he said and slumped down, sitting with his knees at his chest.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: After about a block away she got her pack of cigerettes out and lit one. She slipped into an ally way so no one could see her. She didn't want anyone at school knowing she smoked. She slumped down with her arms outstretched on her knees, she looked to the sky and smirked alittle.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Looking to the right and left and not a single person in site, she grabbed her bag and sat down in what looked to be a waiting room. "HELLLLLOOOOOOOOO." she called out again before she begins to play with fire. Holding out her palm, a fireball appeared out of no where. Throwing it from hand to hand, she carefully begins changing the shape, sculpting the fireball into something much better. As the fireball landed on her right palm, she put in too much energy and it exploded sending jets of fire in all directions for a split second before she could get it back under control. Looking around hoping no one saw that, she sits down looking all around trying to look innocent.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((nite peoplez gettin real tired =-= fillerfillerfillerpurplefillerfillerfiller))
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>>Anyone still on?<<<<<
(y Fillerfillerfiller)
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Me and raven are still on hehe well for a min
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: {ok I'm gonna need some one to catch me up on what's goin on...}
Alysaa / Alice_ x: < Wow im so confused ^^ imma need a update ?? >
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((morninz' people, anyone on???))
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: [Hi there, :D I just joined last night so I'm really not sure what was going on LOL]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((yeyz people. lol hi. Uh yea i'm not good help with that kinda stuff ^^' sorry))
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: [Well I posted an intro and an extra little thing, so hopefully I can begin meeting people hehe]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>We are all going to classes and skipping them. So far all you really need to know is Ms. Haku is your second class of the day.<<<<
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Walking around the school, he decided to stay in this body again. This was fun, people are actually recognising him and he didnt have to worry about things. As he walked dow the hall he bumped into the new girl (r [Kasumi]). (b "Oh, sorry.") he said smiling at her.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Thinking to herself, well at least I'm not the only one here, she smiles "hi there," she said looking at him. "Uhm could you help me, I'm new here and well I have no idea where to go or anything."
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "That depends, are you heading to a class or avoiding them as much as possible like the rest of us?") he joked and smiled at her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin walked down the hall to class singing Brand New World(Inuyasha ending) to herself. Once in class she relized she had forgotten her bag. She ran back to the room and found it in the fridge. ''How the fuck did that get there?'' she asked herself in her head. She went back down the hall to see a new girl and Shikia. ''Hey Shikia! Who's this?'' she asked walking over to them.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): ((hey im online can i get a recap please hehe))
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: She smiled, "it all depends if..." Stopping in mid sentence, she felt a sneeze coming along. No not right now she thought. Her face gets that weird look like someones about to sneeze. "Ah ah ahhhhhhh CHOOOOOOOOO!. She sneezed, as a giant fireball came shooting out of her nose and mouth, leaving a black chard mark on the floor in front of them. As she looks up she knew it was up, another school transfer again.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "HOLY CRAP!!!") he screamed jumping back. (b " That was absolutely AWESOME!!!!") he said very excitedly. He had seen many things but a girl who sneezed fireballs was very cool to him. (b "I am Amergin Shikia, this is Gin. Who might you be?") he said motioning to Gin when he said her name.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: < Hii Kaname . well im not sure whats happened. not alot really. just new people keep coming and im so confused haha >
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''wow that was cool'' she said agreeing with Shikia. She looked at the charred floor and then at the small flames still on the ground. She looked at kasumi smileing in awe. ''so you're a fire breather?''
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): ((ok im gonna have kaname and raven outside sitting under a tree my friend is playing as her on my account hehe))
Alysaa / Alice_ x: (( ok alice will come meet them. you post first then and il join you xD ))
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>>So far Haku has a heart condition and Shikia had offered some hormone therapy to help her. People have been messing with Haku as well making her feel unwelcome. Gin has been good at class, but besides that nothing much.<<<<
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): ((ok))
Kaname was sitting under the under the tree as he was reading his book and listening to raven talk as she sat in front of him as she moved her arms around talking .
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice walked outside and saw Kaname and someone else. She walked up to them. Being childlike she didnt really understand personal space. She waved her hand and smiled, hoping Kaname would remember she couldnt talk.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked up and saw alice as he waved her over to where they were at as he smilled and then nodded to her as he reminber that she could not talk.
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Raven looked at the girl as she gave her a half smille and looked at kaname as she shot him a look before she looked at the girl and nodded for her to come over.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''so Shikia, you goin' to class today?'' she asked smiling, looking at him. ''and what about you new girl? are you going to class?''
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice walked over to them and sat down. She looked at the girl and got out her pad and wrote. "Hi im Alice." She then flipped it over and showed the girl then smiled at Kaname
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Havent decided yet. I should so i can see my handy work.") he said with a evil grin. Trueth was he found a couple of guys last night that where giving Haku a tough time and he altered their hormones in their sleep. He turned two of them into girls but left them alone for the most part so they would really have problems and reduced the muscle control in the others causing them to become very weak.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin's tail twitched noticing the evil grin. ''Uh..i don't think i wanna know..'' she was alittle worried after that. ''hmm oh yea, Shikia what are you doing tonight?''
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at them as he said to alice "this is my sister but she will tell you her name."
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Raven looked at the girl as she said" im raven kuran nice to meet you alice " as she hugged her and then sat back down.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled. "Your lucky that your sister goes to the same school, your not alone." She wrote and showed him.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "I dont know. I finished what i had to for the most part tonight. Why, you got something planned?") he asked her a bit curious.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She nodded pulling a newspaper out. ''Look.'' she pointed to a picture of the red moon, a digital picture of it. ''A red eclypse is tonight. They don't happen much so i was going to go sit on the roof and watch it. Surprisingly it starts earlier than most, at 9:00 tonight. They also say it's going to be surrounded with so many stars, it's going to be one of the biggest hits tonight.'' she smiled and handed him the paper.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): kaname smilled as he said "she's more than my sister and yeah i guess i am" as he held out his hand for her note book as he looked at raven to see her leaving as she said "im going to unpack see you later"
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Name: Raizo Shiriyaku
Power: Koga-ryu ninjutsu(the real kind, not naruto), Iron Wolf Kung Fu
Bio: Expelled from the Koga clan of ninja when he was possessed by a demon and turned into a half demon.
Personality: Stoic, but friendly if you get to know him.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled and waved to Raven. "Shes nice." She wrote. "Extremly cute." She wrote underneath and then giggled soundlessly. "You like her alot?" She wrote and looked at him tiliting her head.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo still didn't have any classes. He wandered around wondering what a medieval ninja like him mwould do in a modern world like this. He had never seen anything more high-tech than a cannon before.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said" yes she's nice and i dont like her alot i love her .see our parents are brother and sister me and raven brother and sister she's my lover" as he smilled back at her.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice bit her lip. Being inoccent she didnt quite understand. She nodded and smiled though she wasnt sure. She had never heard of love or anything like it. She only heard of hate and some kindness.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Taking the paper he looked over it. (b "Wow, thats nice. But wouldnt that be something you would want to take your boyfriend to?") he asked her looking up from the paper. He thought a beautiful girl like her had someone like that already. He wasnt big into relationships for the most part because most would not stay with him because they feared his power.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "you dont know what that means do you ??" as was willing to tell her .
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She looked at him like he was crazy and then bursted out laughing. ''boyfriend?? me?? no way! you thought i had a boyfriend?'' she quit laughing and wiped a small tear away from her eye.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "What? What did i say? Look at you, you are kind, gentle, smart, and you have such soft skin and fur.") he said complimenting her happily. He was suprised she didnt have one, she was all that he said plus she was so strong.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice shook her head. She still haad the inoccent mind of a child. She crossed her legs and looked at him wideeyed waiting for him to explain.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''aw thanks. But my luck on getting a boyfriend is the same as a wolf finding a yummy penguin on the tip of a cliff in the desert.'' she laughed alittle and slightly smiled at him.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname laughed as he said" you know when like some one alot you start to love them its like a mmmm wow this is gonna be hard ....ok take me and raven we are brother and sister but we like each other which turns into love"
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Why do you keep putting yourself down? Geez, you know you have a better chance than a hormone flutuating, gender swapping, people augementing freak like me.") he said being nice to her but also hinest about himself.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice nodded trying to understand. "So if i like someone. then that means i love them aswell? So i love you and jake and Kaori and Ms Yuki and my favrioute pen." She wrote wondering if she had got the right idea.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''oh come on you have a chance.'' she tried comforting him. She smiled again and looked outside.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname laughed as he said "something like that but there's different types of love through"
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, putting aside the fact we are both damaged goods.") he smiled and joked. (b "I would love to see the eclipse with you tonight.")
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled. She was glad she got it right. "So you love Raven, what type of love is that." She wrote tilting her head and smiling. She liked learning things from Kaname, he told her the strangest things. She had never heard of love but she thought it was strange and wonderful .
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''great the answer i was expecting.'' she smiled and looked across the street. She sighed -i can skip out on that today, i've gone longer- she thought to herself thinking about smoking. ''let's go somewhere today, i dont feel like staying in school. i'm so tired of it.'' she suggested still lookong across the street. ''and i don't feel like eating school lunch, and i can't cook or make a decent box lunch''
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): I love raven as my wife my one and only besides from her being my sister" kaname told her as smilled and laughed when she tilted her head.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, how about we head out to a nice place to eat then we go see a movie or something?") he said smiling at her. He wanted to waste time as well since class had become such a bother.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''yea sounds good to me!'' she yelled dancing out to the courtyard. ''let's go now! hurry before class starts so teachers don't catch us.'' she said waving for him to follow.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: "Wow you love her in alot of diffrent ways. do i love anyone?" She wrote looking at him like a child who was being told about santa for the first time. Alice hadnt realised her hands had started to glow from excitment and soon her whole body would be glowing.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "your body is glowing and i dont know im not you "
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Running after her, he qickly grabbed her holding her hand and pulled her along. (b "Lets do this then.") he said pulling her along happily across the street. (b "So, shall we go eat?")
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at her hands and frowned and theyt stopped. "Well i dont know either. you know more than i do." She wrote smiling again. She thought about her mom. She loved her but not in the dame way Kaname had told her about.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She was alittle surprised at first but smiled wide, grabbing his hand back. ''yea! were though?'' her ears and tail disappeared quickly as they crossed the street. She couldn't wait to find out where they were going to eat at.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Well if you love your parents then it means that you love them and i dont mean the way i love raven" kaname told her as watched her body stop glowing.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Pulling her along, he stops infront of a beautiful resteraunte that was obviously very high class. (b "Well, shall this place do?") he said looking over at her.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice nodded.She was starting to understand it. "Wow i wish i had someone who told me things like this more often.Peoplethink because im a pure sould im not aloud to know things." She wrote showing him
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''WHAT!? how are we supose to pay for this'' she yelled stareing at the sign. ''it's a great place, but do you know how much this place cost!?'' she still held his hand looking in the window confused.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Ya, its no biggy.") he said happily. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a large roll of hundreds. (b "Its a simple thing to earn money when you can alter your appearance.") he said smiling at her and then putting it away. He pulled on her hand and lead her into the place. (b "Table for two, and make it snappy.") he said slipping the matradee a hundred.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Why is that ?? I mean like how come??" kaname said as he looked at her
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''that reminds me of what i've done to get money, haven't done it in awhile though'' she scratched her head and relized what she had said. ''oh wait nothing like that!'' she turned red with embarassment once she said that.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Walking back to the table he looked over at her. (b "Geez, nothing like that. Just some company espianage stuff and crap that my abilities could help with. You know, augmentaion of women and men as they want. Its a lot less invasive compared to botox and surgery.") he said whispering to her. As they arrived at the table they sat and he ordered some tea for them to drink.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''yea i got it hehe..'' once the tea arrived she sipped some. She started looking at the menu. ''wow that's alot of exspensive food..i barely even recognize all these different types.'' she said reviewing every food on the menu.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "What ever you want. Anything at all.") he said happily looking over the menu. He stopped to take a sip of his tea then looked at it again. (b "I will probably get the Kobe beef and salad.") he said happily looking over at her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''oh i've heard of this, it's supose to be a very famous cuisine. I'll have the kaiseko-ryori!'' she smiled back taking another sip of her drink.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [Ok I need a recap.. I was at school.]
Jake walked into the classroom. There were lots of kids there, but only two of them he knew. He walked up to Alice and Kaname. Though somehting was off about Jake's mood. Even he did not know what it was. It was much more quiet than he had been lately, and he looked sick. His face was pale and his head was pounding making his vision blurry.
"Hey Alice and Kaname." Jake mumbled.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo wandered up to the three people. as much as he hated asking for help, he could'nt deny he needed it. "Uh, Hi. My name is Raizo, and I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I'm new here." He said. He hoped they would agree.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He waves over the waiter. (b "Yes, we will be having two kaiseko-ryori.") he said to him and handing him the menus. He took another sip and then looked at Gin. (b "This is a lovely place to have a meal isnt it.")
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''yea. i've dreamed of coming here for so long!'' she said happily. ''hey wait why did you change your order?'' she asked handing the menu to the waiter.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, it sounded good and i havent had it before. I normally have the Kobe and salad while im here but what you ordered sounded great so i ordered it as well.") he said explaining it to her. After the waiter left he scooted up to the table a bit more. (b "So, where are you from anyway? I suspect japan.") he said smiling.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake looked up gloomily to the kid who spoke. "Uh, sure I can help you I guess. I'm Jake. What's up?" Jake wanted to help the new weird kid,. but he was feeling a bit feverish. And he was the only one near that knew the school well enough to help.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: woah wait dude! i was typing my part!!!!!!! can you edit yours to match mine? razio-guy?]
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [ Raizo is new guy asking for help, Shikia and Gin are out eating and Jake is coming down with something really really really bad!]
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Huh? Oh Arigatou Gozaimasu." Raizo said, falling back into his native Japanese. "Ah. I mean, thank you very much." Raizo said. Would this person abandon him too? Not if he deosn't know what I am, he thought. "I am new to your world. I don't know that much about it."
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [cool ill help ya out lol filler filler where are you?]
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [ok i'm in a different class with Alice and Kaname]
"I feel ya dude." Jake commented. His face started to pale a little.
"I'll help you as much as I can. Is it getting hot in here to you?" Jake fanned his face.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( I'm here as well ^^ )
Kaori walked around the school while reading a novel,she managed to duck and dodge anything that was in her way while keeping her eyes glued to her book.She smiled slightly glad that she hadn't bumped into anything or anyone yet but then bam! She walked right into a classroom door and fell back slightly
"What the?! I'm pretty sure this door wasn't here!" She exclaimed "Oww..." She got up and poked her head through the door of the class,she saw Jake and someone new.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [hey kaori! come to my class! Jake about to faint or collaspe or something! he's really really sick!]
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: ( Lolz XD Alright alright I'm gonna edit my post XD )
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Not really, no." Raizo replied. He wasn't sure what to do now. He had secured a guide in this world, but hadn't really thought past there yet. I guess the next step is to find someone to hire my services to as a rougue-nin, he thought.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku was in her class teaching and then she was about done for the period.She looked at the clock and then she was a bit....happy today since she doesnt get headaches today.She drank some sprite and waited till class ended."Crap i forgot the worksheets." she said snapping.She went to jake's class seeing a teacher at the bored."Hey sorry for interupting but can i have some of the extras of medical worksheets?" she asked.The teacher nodded and pointed at a cabinet.She opened it and took a small pile of papers.Then she saw jake being pale."Hey mr.Miller are you alright you look pale." she said to him carrying the stack.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((sorry had to do cats and dishes. =-=))
''mhm im from Japan alright, not sure exactly were i was born but i spent most of my life in Odate, Nikko, and Osaka.'' she said anwering his question. ''what about you? were are you from?''
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake nodded. "Yeah well. To tell you the truth. I don't feel great. Am I running a fever?" Jake's ear's flinched back to hear Kaori runn into the door. He turned. "hey Kaori." He said glummly. He turned to Ms. Haku.
"Actually I don't feel that great. My head hurts a whole lot and I realy can't see well." Jake admitted.
XxHainexX / Kaori Yuizaki: Kaori nodded her head
"I'm fine Jake" She said simling slightly but then frowned looking at him,he looked paler and well...not very happy like the way she used to see him.
"Hey are you ok..? You don't look so well" She said watching him with her honey-coloured eyes.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [ i editted my last post lol srry...... filler filller filler filler filller ]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, im from the US, China, Britan, Bolivia, and Japan as well. I had multiple birth certificates made for what ever my appearance was at the time, both male and female. Yet concerning origin I am from the U.S. I was born in a flat boring place called Kansas.") he explained to her smiling.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well then..." she said lifting his eye lid and puting a shine of a flashlight on his eye."hmmm i think..wierd you look fine your just pale did you eat anything that seemed funny?" she asked putting down the stack.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake shooke his head. "I ate cat nip, but it never did this before. It's just my head. I can't really see...." Jake mumbled.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''kansas? never heard of it..what's it like?'' she took another sip of the tea and looked to the kitchen to see if the waiter was coming with the food. She looked back at Shikia.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Hmmm well your not blind thats good." she asked."do you feel nausious or something?" she asked.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake nodded. "uhhh yes to all of them."
[ srry i have to go for a while. brb]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Flat and boring. Only good thing they have is great bar-be-que. Besides that its not that fun.") he said simply. (b "What about you? What do you like to do for fun, besides smoking that is?") he said smiling over at her. A few seconds later the waiter showed up with the first course. (B "Awe, looks quite good.")
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''smoke i don't smoke!'' she wondered how he found out. ''oh looks good, well time to eat hahaha!'' she broke the chopsticks apart and started eating.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: following her he began to as well. (b "The moment i touched your hand i could tell. Smoking messes with the hormone receptors. There is no need to lie about it though, i dont care.") he said stopping for a moment then eating again.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well go to the nurse i have things to do alright?" she asked.Then she carried the stack back to her class giving them to the students while the walk out.She wanted to see whats gin and shika is going to so she teleported behind the resteraunt and entered it seeing them in."hey whats up?" she asked waving.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''i didn't want anyone to find out but i guess for some people it's hard to hide from'' she took another bite. ''oh hi Ms. Haku..wait what are you doing here?'' she asked suprised.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He smiled up at her. (b "Bout time you joined us. Please have a seat, everything is on me.") he said happily to her. He waved over the waiter and had him bring over a chair for her. (b "Sit, sit. Its all good, we just got tired of the cafeteria food and neither of us could cook. Order whatever you want, anything at all.")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well you guys are going against the school rules but it clearly stated they can go out of school as long they are supervised." she said putting her glasses in her labcoat." and thank you and that is the reason why i make my own lunch." she said laughing.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, are you gonna sit and join us or just stand there while we eat.") he said taking another bit.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "heh whatever." she said sitting infront of them.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''So Ms. Haku..did you hear about the red moon eclipse tonight?'' Gin asked taking a drink of her tea finishing it.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "yes but this may be a bad night." she said smiling like nothiing happened.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He waved over the Waiter again. (b "Fresh round of tea for us all if you would be so kind.") he said happily. He looked over at Haku. (b "So, how has your day been. I made sure a few of those troublesome students wouldnt be quite so annoying anymore.") he said smiling at her.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "-sigh- yes i suppose that im ok." she said smiling.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''oh..a bad night? how so?'' she asked looking alittle worried. ''do you mean weather wise? or just for you?''
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "its just me and a few others."she said smiling taking a sip of tea."to tell you the truth im part vampire." she said still smiling.[LOL just like academy 51 lol i love vampire stuff not the emo ones that is kinda like twilight im not saying twilight sucks!!!its just that the vampires look emo. O_O]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>DEATH TO SHINY VAMPIRES!!! DEATH TO THOSE EMO BITCHES!!!<<<
He looked over at her. (b "What's your point. I knew that when i touched you the first time and i thought it was pretty normal, i mean normal for the school.") he said as the waiter brought them their tea and walked off. (b "So what, you gonna go hunting tonight i take it or is it your powers are gonna go wild?")
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((blech! i hate twilight!!))
''oh ok..phew at least the weather will be good'' she sighed in relief and checked the time. ''so lets see..isn't school over in a few hours?'' she asked still lookong at the clock.
"Well actually both my eyes go from blood red to glowing red and i start having a biting spree but eh...doesnt really hurt anyone or turn them into anything." she said lying back."yup" she said.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>Whats the diffrence between a sparkly vampire and an emo? The emo has the curtosy to cut himself. Bad joke i know, but it was the first one i heard as soon as i left the theatre after the first movie<<<<
(b "Ooh, sounda a bit kinky.") he said joking. (b "Anyway, there is a simple answer to this. I can hinder your adreniline a bit this time not so severely but to tranquilize you and calm you down.") he said sipping on his tea.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): I feel offended really offended its not cool man ))
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''you know what's weird..i've seen alot of anime that when a vampire bites someone it feels really good..'' she sipped her tea. ''hmm but its mostly with a boy vampire and a girl vampire..they seemed to like it..'' she sipped her tea again.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Eh.... not really...well ya if your fucked up ha ha." she laughed."well no thanks ill suck people's blood even if you do that even if i'm a vampire ill still do that.But if you take away my vampireism ill kick you in the ass because vampires are cool." she said angrilly.[well sorry but the twilight series just made a fool out of vampires the facts arent true.]
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Its the emo part that offened me !!!!! ))
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>I have nothing against emos, as i said it was a bad joke i heard. But in all honesty i cant wrap my head around how a person could enjoy that series.<<<<
(b "Why would i take that away? I think its pretty cool. Actually i wonder what i taste like, i mean with my ability im sure my blood must have quite the unique taste.") he said looking at his veins in his wrists. (b "Anyway, what do you usually do for food, just find a random person and do it?")
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Ok so if twilight sucks then house of night sucks too because its not true too then. ))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [oh... your were talking to him well sorry but i dont really watch vampire shows or movies so doesnt really offend me. :P]
"well randomly well to satisfy my thirst but since im part human i also eat REAL food. heh heh." she said to him.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''hey weren't we gonna go see a movie to?'' she asked dropping the conversation. ''yea..what movie do you wanna see Shikia? i'll pay this time!'' she suggested smiling.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "How about we go see something entertaining, maybe Alice?") he said finishing his cup of tea and calling for the bill.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): I meant everyone on here duh and christina are you still online??))
bionizach / Arron York: May I join? I can't fill out a skelly now .... sorry. Maby in like 5 minutes
"I dont know." she said looking around.
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Yeah im on raven and what she said its not cool ))
Raven was walking back to kaname as she saw them having fun and got alittle jealus so she walked to then with a attude .
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''yea sure Alice sounds like a good movie to watch.'' she finished her tea and waited for him to pay the bill. Then she got her wallet out. ''lets see..yep just enough for us both.'' she said putting it back in her pocket.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Getting the bill he placed a couple of hundreds on it. (b "There we go. Keep the change.") he said standing up and handing it to the waiter. (b "Shall we be going then?") he said smiling at the girls.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''uh yea..'' she stood and went to the entrance opening the door. ''alright let us go!'' she said waving them over.
kaname looked at raven as he smilled and said "so nice of you to join us raven we missed you" ((brb christina))
bionizach / Arron York: Name:Arron York
Age: 16
Room: 13
Power: He is a 'Pentak' he is able to physicaly pass through the bariers of the human and the dead planes....
Bio: He has no parents, only a friend. But when this friend died he became heavaley interested in ghosts and death. He preformed a spell on himself to make him a spirit that could passs to the world of the dead once a month. But it went horribly wrong he now phases through the worlds randomly, is there a cure for his probleam?
Personality: confused, in pain, but maby he will open up. Has layers like an onion.. im not sure yet...
((ill not be on for the rest of the eavning... sorry...))
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Getting up he walked over to Gin and grabbed her hand. (b "Alice and wonderland it is. You sure you got enough for ur?") he asked looking at her.
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: ((ok raven))
Raven smilled as she said "yeah im settled in now so what are we talking about now" as she smilled back at her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She grabbed his hand back and smiled. ''yea i'm sure i have enough..'' She blushed alittle and waved to Haku to follow them. ''Come on hurry up! If you're wanting to see the come on!!''
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [-_- i feel bad for your loss but dont you think just a sec here? i was just joking around man are you that sensitive? god.]
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Raven friend is was her lover duh raven is bi if havent figuerd it out yet ))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [how am i supposed to know? i was at school all day.-_-]
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: You should have throught about it from her last post duh you should be thinking too ))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [dangit stop duhing me. im sad right now from something.]
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Yeah ok im bored not when raven comes back on tell her ill be on tomarrow))
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [Alice? Raizo? are you guys still on?
"I don't think I can walk to the nurse's office by myself...can't walk straight." Jake murmured.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Alright christina ))
Kaname smilled as he waited for alice answer ."she asked me qustion and im answering her" kname told raven as he smilled.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: [Hey sorry for disapearing some stuff came up. So what did I miss?]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [hey you guys still there? filler filler filler]
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): ((im here but one to rp with yet or untill tomarrwo))
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((im here FILLERFILLERFILLERFILLER))
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>>Still here as well<<<<<
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((i'm just waitin' for someone to anwer my last post =3=))
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>>It was Haku's Turn since we are both up waiting on her.<<<<
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [oops sorry having a little crisis here.]
"-Sigh-sorry." she said coming with them.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "You wanna go see Alice in Wonderland with us?") he asked smiling at her.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Ugh... fine but im pretty sure im not going to enjoy it." she said.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''why not? you don't like Alice in Wonderland?'' she asked still holding Shikia's hand. ''if you want i can give you money so you can see a different movie..''
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Looking over at Haku, he offered his other hand to her. (b "Cant we just go and watch it. Worst case you spend time with your friends and be a little disappointment.") he said smiling.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Ugh... its ok i dont mind the movies i see these days are sort of dumb."she said looking around.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Grabbing her hand he began to drag them along. (b "To the movies we go. No one complains and no one gets agressive.") he says joking as he pulls them along.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''heh no need to worry! movies movies movies movies!'' she sang and followed them holdng his hand , not too loose and not to tight.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: Name: curse seimeiryoku
Age: 17
Room: 006
Power: Controls lighting/electricity, healed by lightning/electricity, powerful legs(jumpings, kicking ect...) tracking ablilitys (strong sences)
Bio: curse lost his family long ago and inroled himself into rose academy he has been hurt in the past but seems happy but he is a fighter
Personality: happy at times but queit at others, headstrong
yo can i join
LadyGaga / Vanille: Name:Vanille
Power:Telekinesis,very deadly type, called phoneix (like jade from the X-men)
Bio:She doesn't have any friends or family, she's always been alone but yet she's still positive, she tends to go everywhere but stays away from ordinary people because of her powers and one more important thing, she's british and has an accent.
Personality:Friendly,tough,short tempered and always positive,clumsy.
( May I Join???)
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [well im not the owner but you can join]
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: <how do you know that :o i know most people would let me in but still>
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): No talk back curse !! Besides how is the bleach rp going ??))
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: <why dont you look my posts have gotten way better then before (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/127148 bleach rp) we have a story line and everything now
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille stood in the hallway of the school, she was nervous to be new but at kept her-self confident.She then started her foot steps walking to her dorm, she was excited to see who was going to be her dorm partner.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "you know what sorry i gotta go i heard that are 2 students coming in and its my job to greet them and stuff." she said getting a call.Then she teleported infront of the dorm hallway seeing someone going to dorm 1."hello are you the new student?" she asked.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Letting go of Haku, he looked back at Gin. (b "Well, i guess its just us then.") he said happily. (b "You know, if someone saw us they would think this is a date.") he sajoking with her as he pulled her along.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): ((curse i droped your roleplay for three reasons its for made up's one girl left because there no mains and its counfuing too and the people there are rude))
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: curse was at his room along time ago and was currently tring to get in as he had not yet gotten his key or run off before they gave it him "open open open"he kick the door in not at his full streath ofcourse tho it was some what lound curse isnt really in a quiet mood right now he looked down the hall and sees to other people the walks into his rooms his bag over his shoulder
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''heh yea probably'' she followed behind as he pulled her, blushing alittle. She smiled and sped up alittle to be right next to him. ''i bet this movie will be great, right?'' she looked to the side at him smiling.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Slowing down so they where at a calm steady walk so they could stay beside each other. He looked over at her and saw she was blushing. (b "Well, um. I mean its not like we are...i mean, we arent actually doing. I mean, we could but its not like.") he stammered. He was used to leading others on and messing with them to get what was needed but never concidered being in a real relationship.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: <we are not that rude :o well maybe some of us are lol but thats just them i just asked you to read my last post im really happy im getting better xD>
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''lets just get to the movie, kay?'' Once at the movies she let go of his hand and opened the door. ''you first'' she said motioning him to come in.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Ahh good for you !! Im not saying you are but the others are no wounder kumma and everyone else left))
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He walked in and waited for her. (b "Um. So we are seeing Alice again right?") he asked looking around. He was a bit nervous about things now because of what just happend.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: <yeah its like a 2 or 4 person rp now .-. we will get ontop yet xD lol>
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Not if the made ups take all the captains see that one girl throught that the made ups are for the squads but when she found out that there was no mains she left i think she wanted kenny...,,, dose any want rp with me i have no one rp with))
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She followed in and walked to the ticket counter. ''that's the one you suggested. Two tickets to Alice and Wonderland please.'' she said giving the money to the person in exchange for the tickets. ''here ya' go.'' she handed him a ticket. ''want any popcorn or soda?''
LadyGaga / Vanille: "oh uhhhh...Yes I'm new, My name is Vanille" she said in a british accent, a very light british accent though. (yeah i probably should have mentioned that in my bio) She smiled at the girl sweetly, glad to meet somebody finally, she didn't want to be alone exactly.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: <we was looking for the mains aswell and all three captain space are taken or reserved by rper who pick the mains chaptains that are left>
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [actually im 23 and im your 1st 2nd or 3rd or whatever period teacher or you can stay in my class lol i dont know]
"hmm i see your from britain nice to meet you.Im Ms.Yowane the Medical and WHite Magic teacher." she said smiling and taking a bow.

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