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Roleplay - Rose Academy. by Damon....xD / Alysaa

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Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "A soda would be nice. We could get a large and share it if ya want to save some dough.") he said walking over to the counter happily. He was having quite the enjoyable night.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "indeed I am..oh..im guessing your not a student here but perhaps a teacher, am i correct?" she offered a hand to her so she can shake as greetings, she figured her bowing was her way of greeting. (what country does this take place in???)
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: <we still looking for mains xD and i just kicked my door in like like three doors away from a teacher maybe five but still lol and nothing happened :o>
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Humph i like i said but did you ever think of that every character from bleachpeople wanted to join but could not because of that ))
Kaname was walking down the hallway as he saw a guy standing there "you trying to get in there if so then you need a key " kaname told him as he started to keep on walking.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [lol i do not know maybe japan? i dont have any fucking idea HEY GUYS DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT COUNTRY ARE WE IN?! Well im japaneese so you know the bowing was for.]
"well ok ms.Vannile" she said already knowing her name and shaking her hand.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''sure, i'll get some popcorn too.'' she paid for the soda and popcorn. ''Ok lets go.'' she started walking to the room that was on the ticket. ''you pick were to sit'' she said keeping the door open. There were still alot of seats open and trailers were still playing.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: <Ž„‚ÍŽ“Œ¢‚̈¤ i already kicked the door in lol random text =D>
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille shook her hand but then quickly released. "I was going to-" she was about to say when she noticed the banging noise, somebody was frusterated and she began to become curious. "Am i the only new student of the day?" she turned around and started to walk slowly towards the noise, vanille's curiosity always got to her, she was afraid one day it would get her killed.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Cool im japanses too do you live in japan ?? ))
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: <my random text started out japanese now its nothing ...NOTHING!!!!! O.O>
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He walked in and sat down in a back corner. (b "I like it here, we can see everything and avoid being botherd.") he said talking about their unique abilities, but was pretty sure she would take it the wrong way. (b "I mean, no one will notice if our powers screw up.") he said trying to clarify.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: curses room door is now hanging by one screw it drops off onto the floor and has a large hole in it"well i need a new one of those" he said jokingly laughting somewhat" where is the teacher then you need it"he says as he drops his stuff on the floor and lays next to it
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She laughed alittle and sat next to him. She put the soda in the holder and held the popcorn eating some of it already. ''don't worry i know what you mean exactly~..'' she said smirking and chuckling.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [well techiniclly im only part japaneese most of it is philipino and american :P]
"What the hell are you doing?" she asked seeing a new student.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: "ruffing the place up"he laughts alittle at this"i take it your the teacher here to greet me i need a new door this one fell off" in truth he hadnt even kicked it that hard
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He sat down and sighed relaxing. (b "Geez, i can fool a goverment spy with no problem but im acting like such a idiot when it comes to relationships.") he said quietly propping his head up with his left arm on the armrest.
LadyGaga / Vanille: when she got there she glanced over at the door in surprise "ohhh...first day in school and already in trouble, I take it he's a bad boy!" she said clapping lightly but then put her hands behind her back remembering the teacher was still around. "I wasn't impressed" she put on a innocent smile for the teacher.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "next time use the fricken key." she said making a handmotion making the door repair itself.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname started to laugh as he saw what the guy did "damn ill have to give you a high five for that one !" kaname said as he was still laughing ((im in tokoy hehe join www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/131016 ))
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: "i am not the one who failed to hand the key over" he say to the teacher seeming to have an unconserned look on his face
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [im a girl lol]
"what are you talking about?" she asked.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: "i did get no key for nothing all i got was a room number"he smiles at the teacher"there for you can coller my when you are the ones in the wrong not me"
Amara203 / Yiro: hi ppl! i hve a rp and what we need are 2 leaders (dark light) must be guys, umm and light siders. and the rp is called killer forest
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: The lights dimmed and soon were off completely. The only lightsbleft were the ones on the floor, barely noticable though. The movie appeared. Gin took a sip of the soda and then a bite of popcorn. More people were in the room but not much were near them, they rather of been away from the corner.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname stoped laughing as he said "miss. Haku its a door its not like its come to life to kick his ass or will it?"
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Well...I picked up my key, maybe you weren't smart enough to do something about it?" she stared at the guy witha blank expression as she held up her key at him. "i didn't get one but i went for it..your a box of smarties" she bit her lip.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku glared at him."is it just me or did someone is thirsty for blood?" she asked with a smirk.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: "i went for one it took them long and when the guy came back he walked past me and i got no key so i left" he laughts and looks at the other new student"so your the other new student then"
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Adjusting himself, he got comfort able and put his arm up on the chair behind Gin and on the other one. He was more comfortable this way because the arm rests where so hard. (b "This should be some fun.")
LadyGaga / Vanille: "In the flesh" she said in her accent. "And you must be very impatient then, that door didn't do anything to you" she raised an eyebrow at him, she figured he was the complete impatient type. "My dorm isn't far form yours, we can be friends" she said smiling slightly at him to see if she can make peace. "I can't be friends with an old lady" she said talking about the teacher.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: "true that"he laughts and shacks her hand alittle spark like releaces as he touchs her and shocks he alittle he pulls his hand away"eeerm sorry" he is rubbing the back of his head blushing alittle"that doesnt happen often"
LadyGaga / Vanille: "you just shocked me.." she then giggled. "It's okay it didn't hurt, I have my own powers..but i rather not use them..why did it happen?" she titled her head a bit to the side and poked her cheek, keeping the same smile as always.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: "are you a megnit?" he said looking at her" im really not to sure"he lowers his arms and srugs and laughts
LadyGaga / Vanille: "no..I do telekinesis...but not the safe type, I sometimes go out of control..and when that happens then i put everybody in danger" she said as if it wasn't a big deal. "I must be going now, im sleepy" she then turned around and started to wlak away.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''fun? how so?'' her didn't leave the screen but she raised an eyebrow. On the screen were 3 to 4 people talking, then a young girl came in. Her father knew it was a nightmare and went with her to the bedroom, he comforted her and the time skipped. Now it was her and her mother, she was now 19.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Hey you sure? Class starts in 10 minutes."she said crossed arms.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: "ok bye"curse is ignoring the teacher and lays down and one of the bed and yawns not much caring<im gonna leave for the night bye>
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Fun to watch and enjoy your company.") he said quietly to her and continued to watch. He had seen it once before but he still enjoyed watching it.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Placing all her items into her new room, she sets it up just right then heads out the door. Looking at her school schedule, she sees class in a few minutes. Wondering where on earth it could be. She begins walking in a direction away from her room, hoping to find the class room in time.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "ugh oh..well." she said leaving.Then she went to the other new student's room."hello are you the new student?" she asked seeing her getting out of the door
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin shifted in her seat alittle watching the screen. The two girls on the screen went to a garden full of people, meeting two others. Alice went to join a young man to dance with. A few minutes passed by in the theater and soon the girl fell down the hole. She was met by two twins, a rabbit, a door mouse, and a dodo bird. She was bought to a catipillar and learned about the oraculam map. An hour passed and she had seen the march hare, mad hatter, stayne, the red queen, cheshire cat, white queen, and card knights. Soon enough she found herself in knightong ware, then on a battle field. A dragon like creature called the jabberwocky came out, him and Alice fought. The jabberwocky lost and the red queen and stayne were banished. The mad hatter did his dance and Alice went home. Gin stretched as the lights came on.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "I love the Futterwakken. Its an awesome dance.") he said stretching as the lights came on also. He looked over at Gin and smile. (b "Thank you for the movie Foxy.") he said smiling at her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''Me to it was so funny i couldn't stop lau- what did you just call me..'' she looked at him angrily clinching the bag of popcorn.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Im sorry, i meant it as a joke. If you dont like it i wont say it ever again.") he said being appologetic. (b "I didnt know, really. I am sorry.")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [aww screw this forget that post]
Yuki teleported to check up on them and appeared right under the seat."having fun love birds?" she said jokingly getting out of the seat.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''good don't say it again.'' Gin let her grip on the bag go. She noticed Haku and what she said. She hit her in the head. ''we aren't love birds! its just a movie'' she blushed and hit her again.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Hey Haku. And no, we arnt love birds we are just watching a movie.") he said blushing also. (b "How are the new kids?")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Owwww but whats up with your blushing?" she said to her with a smirk.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin hit her harder and was redder. ''SHUTUP!!!'' she walked past her clinching the popcorn the threw it in the trash and walked off.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Standing up, he quickly followed her. (b "Gin, wait up. Gin!") he shouted as he caught up to her. (b "Gin, whats the matter?")
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''nothing..nothing at all, i'm fine. just peachy'' she breathed in then out slowly. ''Just haven't been cooped up with alot of people around for awhile''
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Thats not true. I can tell you are upset and i want to know why.") he said adamantly. (b "Please, im your friend, you can tell me anything okay.")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku went up to gin feeling bad."Im sorry miss gin im really, truly sorry!I just dont get this kind of fun anymore you know?" she said keeping her head down.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''eh im not lieing..sorta, can we just drop it please?'' she rubbed her arm and started walking back to school. ''come on stupid moon come out already..'' she said to herself looking at the sky.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "why?Do you want me go on a rampage and suck everyone's blood out?ha ha." she said laughing.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He continued to follow her a few feet behind her. As they neared the street she was still looking up at the sky and a car was coming. (b "GIN!!!") he shouted at her. Without thinking he jumped out and pushed her away from the vehicle but got hit himself. Flipping over the car he landed on the street and groaning in pain.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "HOLY SHIT!" she screamed.Seeing some blood on the car.She went over to him and dragged him to the alley way so no one would see her and then she healed him."shit the school is gonna find out." she said to herself.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin sat there shocked and not knowing what to do. She stared at the blood and couldn't move. She couldn't stand the sight of so much blood, maybe alittle like from a cat scratch or a small bite, but from a car accident or a sword wound was way enough for her. She was paralyzed now until someone would snap her out of it, which would take a couple tries.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Moving around he regained conciousness. He was still bleeding a bit but didnt care. (b "Gin. Where is gin?") he said looking around. He didnt see her so he tried to stand. It hurt very much but he didnt care. He started hobbling out of the alley twards the street.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "She's fine! just get back to the alley before the school board sees and it will be all my fault!" she yelled.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "No, i have to find her.") he said adamantly. He kept hobbling and saw her in the street where he pushed her to. He continued over to her. (b "Gin. Gin, are you okay? Say something please.") he said walking up to her. He was in pain but didnt care, he sat by her and concentrated for a moment. He caused his hormones to kick into overdrive causing his body's healing rate to increase drasticly. He put his arms around her. (b "Gin, please say something.") he said upset and sad.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin stared at the blood, she could hear Shikia but still couldn't move. ''blood..there's so much blood..'' tears began to fill her eyes remembering her past and knowing the one who got hit was Shikia. She put her knees to her chest and grabbed her head as the memories were to painful.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Healed almost all the way he stood up and looked down at her. He Reached down and picked her up in his arms. (b "I am fine, everything is okay.") he said lifting her up in her arms. HE began to carry her to the school. (b "I am here and fine. I wont let anything happen to you or me. Okay?") he said softly to her as the entered school grounds.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Giin snapped out of it but was still crying. She put her arms around him and her head on him. ''thank you..'' she said quietly to him. The tears ran down her cheeks, she kept her arms around him. As soon as they entered school grounds her ears and tail appeared, her ears back and and tail drooping.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku sighed in relieve that both of them were fine but then she got a text message on her phone.Then her nice smiling face turned to a scared and wide eyed face.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "I wont let any harm come to you.") he said and walked over to the courtyard. He sat her down against the tree she normally sat under. (b "I will always protect you and always be here for you.") he said softly after sitting next to her and put his arms around her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin leaned on him letting him put his arms around her. The last of her tears fell and she wiped the rest away. She layed her head on his shoulder with her eyes half way closed, not because she was tired though. She wrapped her arms around his and her tail around them as much as it could.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [eh.. im posting this you guys probably didnt see this but still this one fits at the right place]Haku sighed in relieve that both of them were fine but then she got a text message on her phone.Then her nice smiling face turned to a scared and wide eyed face.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>Okay then. Hope we arnt in to much trouble. lol<<<<
Holding on to her, he let out a sigh of relief. He was happy she wasnt hurt and wasnt crying anymore. (b "Are you okay? Did you get hurt when i pushed you?") he said. He didnt care so much about himself, but he couldnt live with himself if she was hurt.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [oh... dont worry your not introuble.... i am :D]
"Oh... shit im screwed." she said shivering.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((lol we're Er you're gonna get our ass beat xD had to edit owO))
She nodded wipeing the last of her tears away. ''yea i'm fine..thanks to you..But what about you? you're the one who got hit.'' she said looking at him alittle worried.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Nothing could hurt this bag of bones as much as you crying.") he said softly to her wiping her face. (b "Besides, i am the immortal, the invicible, the all powerful Amergin. Like my name means, Born of Song. As long as my heart sings with hope my body shall forever grow.") he said happily trying to make her feel better.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "G-guys? B-bad news....im gonna get fired." she said."they want me in the school court"She said to them.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((damn cotton candy, i dont know how you did it but now i feel hot. -throws bag at cat- -cat starts eating plastic- what the fuck 939''''''/true story just now))
Gin smiled softly cuddling closer to him. ''good, i'm glad you're ok..'' she said softly while getting closer to him.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [god dammit why do you people ignore me?lol jk but seriously look at my last post.]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Looking up at her he was shocked. (b "What happend. If its about the accident i will stand up and defend you. I will say there was no time to think and i just reacted. Besides, its not like anyone was hurt. And besides, We had you there to watch us and the guy was at fault.") he said to her. He was defending her the best he knew how. He still held onto Gin while he spoke and looked down at her. (b "Besides, atleast with me no one would notice my power or anything.")
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((lol sorry didn't see >~>))
Gins ears perked to Haku's words. ''Fired? oh is it because we went out of school grounds? They shouldn't fire you it's my fault after all.'' she said looking sad again about her statement. ''Aww they just cant fire you!''
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well they might fire me you see if a teacher gets fired or a student gets expelled or suspension they get sent to court where the school board is.It seems a member of the school board had seen us." she said sighing."well...see you in court." she said sighing.After a few minutes later everyone arrived in court.[LOL PHEONIX Wright TIME!!!!lol]"order order order in the court." the superintendent said hitting the hammer."Ok the case is that Ms.Yowane and these two had been caught in an accident in the public."A Security Gaurd said."Alright, Everyone take your seats." The Superintendent said.[lol i need your guys help to get me out of this.]
goodgirlsgobad / Silver (no last name): Name: Silver (no last name)
Room: 57 Bio: Click down below Power: Reading minds, emotions a very powerful mind reader can read what someone is going to do or say before they do, he can go into the deepest and darkest part of anyones mind and read their entire life and he can predict when they will die most times or what their life will be like. He is forced to read everyones mind and I mean everyone and everything. It is both a power and a curse. Personality: Also click link (I am sorry I just wrote his bio so many times I can't stomach re-writting it again)
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [lol ok you can join but change the pic please to anime pics the owner said so im just letting people in and wait untill the owner arrivfes and fully accepts you. Go to the school court when your done you know like the judging court hing :P]
goodgirlsgobad / Blood Silver and Dominic: (Thanks a lot and this is the only pic I have of Silver anime wise and I am sort of on my ps3 so I can't really click on links and change it and can you explain to me what is going on?)
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He refused to sit. (b "Excuse me Members of the board and everyone else. I refuse to let this teacher be fired and i shall be heard. I was the one that was hit, i was the one injured, i was the one that made the rash choice to be in the accident. I acted before Ms.Yowane could act in order to protect Gin Mikazuki from the driver that obviously wasnt paying attention. If i hadnt of done what i did you would be dealing with not only a injury and incident but also a reveild Foxdemon. If you have anyone remove form grounds then remove me.") he shouted over all the attempts of the court's to tell him to be quiet.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): [[ Join? ]]
Name: Tora
Age: 15
Room: 55
Power: Tora has no idea what her true abilities are. Shapeshifter into animals, read into the minds of animals, and has a connection with tigers. Also she has a power over animals, who listen to her.
Bio: Tora was adopted when she was little into a family. Her real father, was a god, and her real mother was a human. They left her into the care of two humans as both of them lived in the world of the gods, waiting until she could join them.
Personality: She is shy around people she hasn't met, and keeps her powers to herself as she is afraid of what she is capible of. Since she was little she always loved animals, and preferred to be around them and not humans.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''wolf..demon'' she whispered to herself. She stood after he spoke. ''It's actually my fault. I started going out of school grounds before any of this. I wanted to go out and eat so i dragged Shikia along. After we went to a movie then this. If i wasn't busy looking at th sky i could have seen th car and stopped before it had almost hit me and Amergin Shikia would not of been hurt, and we wouldn't be wasting our time here.''
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [ya you can join]"That is true but the thing that isnt really what we were talking about its just that you see when she was healing you you stood up and she wasnt even done and everyone knows that if your using magic healing spells the orb of light will still be there after a few minutes if you just stop in the middle of healing it.And also some humans including the person who hit you did realize that there was alot of blood on the car and everywhere and.....then some of the human witnesses saw you running knowing no man could survive that and we estimated teh speed about 115 MPH because it was begining to become a freeway.So, this supersicion will make stories in the human newspaper and then things will get out of hand and it might go back to Rose academy since we do not let students out to see friends or family without a Supervisor.And also She was not permited to go outside of school grounds during the day including lunch we made that rule really clear. But, she also put the danger of the life of miss gin is it?She just joked around and she probably wouldnt stand in the middle of the street and she didnt even stop her so which includes the injury of you Mr.Shika." The Opposing side said.[whoa thats big]
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): [[ Thank you Yuki. Uh... I have no idea how to join in... ]]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [just pretend you are in the crowd in the court or...the jury lol]
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Realizing what he called her he turned around to Gin for a moment and knelt down to her. (b "I am sorry. I got lost in words. I will never speak of it again.") he said softly to her then stood and looked back at the council.
(b "So, what it comes down to is needing a dead body. As per the running off that could be explained by a sudden increase of adreniline, the light could be a metal item imbeded in him during the accident and the body, i can make that. So its simple, give me a dead body and a little time. I have enough conections, money and power to make all of this disappear. I refuse to allow you to fire, expel or remove any person from this school. If you wish to challenge me so be it but i promise you, it will only end in more drama and happenings than we had to begin with.") he said in a serious voice for the first time since coming to the school. He never spoke seriously as he did unless he was absolute in his convictions and anyone whi met him even briefly could tell this about him.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): [[ Ok ]]
Tora was reasonably new to this school, but she been invited to join in the crowd watched the court. Her head buzzed with the sounds of animals around her, speaking to her, callin her to join them. She shook her head, pretending like she was imagining them, but she knew she wasn't.
it was strange, how she always heard voices in her head that were't hers. The only thing she had learnt how to do was how to make them be quieter, but pusing the voices away...
She bit her lip, watching from the crowd. She didn't want anyone fired or taken from the school. This place was good in so many ways for so many people.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "What do you think this is?A cemetery? We burn the dead bodies or seal them in a special area that can not be uncovered by us or the humans." A security gaurd said."Its ok John." the Superintendent said softly but a little oldy since he was like 78."W-well i would say the boy would have a point but it matters to the jury and me so....did any of you janitors over here did not bury or burn any bodies today?" he asked."Well 14 year old Gary Voltson died from a bully fight and the bullies were killed by a demon from the sacred woods so.. only gary's body was planed to be sealed in the caves today." A different Security Guard said leaning to him."Has he been sealed or already read to be sealed?" he asked."No sir they were starting on him in 3 hours." The Guard said back."i see... bring him in.-cough- excuse me." The superintendent said getting an inhaler and giving himself a few puffs of medicene.after a few minutes they brought the dead body infront of the room."Alright then mr. shika please demonstrate but please make it summerized as possible we have different matters to attend to." The Principal said.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Walking up to the corpse he smiles. (b "Okay, so basicly all i have to do is stimulate the hormones and cause it to alter the physical appearance. I will even alter its blood, hair, fingerprints, and organs to resemble the body you need.") he said then ripped off the clothe over his chest and placed his hands on the body. For a few seconds there was no reaction then the body began to move, it's skin crawling and altering to match Amergin's current look. He began to swet and breathe deeply from morphin the dead body to such an extent. It was no big deal on the living but with the dead you also have to bring them back t partial life then alter their body to resembly dying moments after entering the school. After the body was finished morphing it was a one hundred percent likeness of him. (b "There, he he now stripped of all identifiers of his former self. I altered him so the specifics needed to make the autopsy relieved he died shortly after bringing the Gin to the school.") he said looking up at them. He flipped out his phone and altered his voice. (b "Hello, Mr. Jameson, its Amergin. I know General but this is an emergency. I need you to make some documents for a dead 18yr old body. No, look number 57. I know. How long? Good.") he said into his phone carrying on a conversation on the phone then hanging up. (b "Documents will be ready in one hour, including autopsy report. There will be some military personel picking him up and handling the media side.") he said calmly to the council.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "So...what your saying is?" The superintendent asked.He didnt like demonstrations because it usually confuses him.Then he start scratching his grey mustache."Please let this work!" Haku thought.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "I called a general i know. He has false documents for some of my looks. Luckily this look happens to be on record. He will be Jacob Handlon, a new recruit schedualed to ship out in two weeks. The body's time of death is set at forty-five minutes after arriving in the school grounds. They will be saying the body lasted that long due to a phyiscal condition and adreniline. The problem is resolved.") he said explaining himself and sitting down by Gin.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well that was covered but what about the supersicion?There are humans that hate monsters like us some monster races had been at war with humans for centuries even millenniums!" The opposing side said."They will soon find out about us and they might try to kill us all!" He said."He does have a point." the superintendent said agreeing.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Simple, the guy had a plate installed due to a medical issue causing his ribs to be bound and held by a steel plate. The sun refracted off of it causing the light. Didnt i cover that?") he said i as he relaxed. (b "Of course there will be skeptics and thats a good thing. The goverment will also do some false release in some weird papers saying it was a robot man created by the goverment in the skeptical magazines. That will fuel them and prevent the thought of magic and such.")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "I am sorry i am still lost so your saying the person who accidentally hit you had a plate in his head?Im sorry i dont really get it."He said scratching his head.Then a security guard leaned over himi and whispered something."oh...so he forgets or something like that?" he asked.Then the security guard slaped his own face and then he whispered to him."Oh... pff nevermind i see. Well... that covers most of it... well how about words about the teacher?And also she didnt even get gin out of the road she stayed there for some minutes and a school board patrol officer saw her staring at her." he said.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Basicly a plate was in place and that was the reason for the light.") he said. He was bored with all of this already. (b "Listen, the sooner i can get this guy outside to the guys the sooner we can get this crap over with.") he said getting annoyed at the old guy.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Hey dont disrespect the superintendant and this damn case it will help your dumb teacher!" The security guard yelled.Then haku felt a little offended.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin stood quickly. ''hey! our teacher isn't dumb! That fucking super attendent is the dumb ass here! he can't get anything Shikia is explaining.'' she yelled trying to defend Haku.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He took offence to this but decided not to speak. He sat quietly waiting for this to be over so he can get on with his day and so Haku could return to class.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): [[ I G2G sorry. I'll be on tomorrow. Byebye all ]]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku took gin's sleeve and shook her head."Stop it he's right dont disrespeact the superintendant besides its hard for him to understand and sheesh he's an elder."She said quietly.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He put his arm around Gin. (b "I agree but right now we need to just be civil and deal with the BS. Besides, we want him to get done so we can still watch the red eclipse right?") he said softly into Gins ear.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''i don't care! he doesn't have to talk like that about you! you're the best teacher out there, you deserve more then a talk from a low good for nothing gaurd.'' she yelled still and glares back at him. ''anyways we will never get to see that with this old man's mind being as slow as a snail!''
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "HEY SHUT UP!" Haku yelled."DONT YOU TALK TO MY GRAND FATHER LIKE THAT YOU LITTLE PUNK!!!!" Shey yelled."Pff i dont really care anymore fine if you dont want me here to work here....fine." she said giving up angrilly.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Having no clue what to say he looked around a bit confused. He just went through the trouble to save everyone and now they where fighting. Having no clue, he picked up the body and headed outside. Once there he saw a large convoy of Hummers and a army ambulance. He handed over the body without speaking and they left. He walked over to the tree and sat down. He was tired and a bit aggitated by all the crap he just had to go through.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin dropped it and sat back down. She crossed her arms praying this would end already. She glared at the gaurd and the superintendant.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Ahem well since that wierd thing is done i would like to see from the jury i say that she should stay not that she is my grandaughter its that there is really solid information here."Well Sir we the jury Approve that Ms.Yowane should stay." someone said."Well then.... your free to go thank you Ms.Yowane your free to go. meeting adjourned."The superintendent said smacking the hammer.Haku smiled a little but then it went to a little frown emotionless.Then she walked out of the room quietly.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin followed alittle worried. ''hey Ms. Haku, what's wrong? you were just told you can stay..or was i hearing things?'' she asked worriedly.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Seeing people leave the courtroom he gets up and walks over to Gin and Haku. (b "Whats going on?") he asked them both.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "I cant believe you emabrassed me infront of my own grandfather. Your behavior almost got me fired.What's your problem?You called him and his brain slow." she said angrily but quietly.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Name:Hinia Asuta
Room: 020
Power:Hinia can read minds and feel what others are feeling, he can also see if someone is good or evil, and can see things others cant see.
Bio:Hinia left his home when his powers grew he began to see that the people around him were evil and soon after he came to the rose academy hoping that he would find good people. He rarely talks because he has no trust for people.
Personality.Quiet, shy, kind, selfless
((can i join))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [ya you can join filler filler filler filler]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''well everyone knows it's true..'' she said crossing her arms. ''i know he's old but i've seen faster old people than that, trust me...'' she looked away from Haku.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (if you dont mind can i get a summary of whats going on i try to read it but when i click next page it says error :( and where should i jump in, sorry)
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Looking between the two he felt a little torn. On the one hand he was very slow about things and could understand the simple info Amergin gave, but on the other he was Haku's grandfather and he should be shown some respect. He stood there quiet hoping not to be dragged into the arguement.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [well im a teacher and ive been brought into court for the danger of gin and shika but im free but im really angry when gin said my grandpa was slow.]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin stopped walkong and turned to Shikia. ''you understand right? i mean you were the one talking to him. You did have to explain it like so many times.'' she said hopeong he would agree. She watched Haku kick some lockers but didn't care.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia was walking around when he seen a girl stroming through the place kicking lockers he kept walking trying not to make himself noticeable, but he kept staring at the girl wondering what she was angry about. (sorry i hope i didnt mess that up lolXD)
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Looking over at Gin he nodded. (b "I can agree with you about that, but it was also her grandfather. We needed to be respectful but yes, it was very infuriating and a bit slow on the uptake.") he said putting his hands on her shoulders. He wanted to show that yes she was right, but Haku was a bit correct as well.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [well sort of you did im not a girl im 23 and im a teacher remember?lol and guys i sort of edited the one with caps its just that everyone in my family had a history of dieseases right?]
Haku stormed out of the building and kicked the door open and headed out of the academy started smoking and started drinking beer...AGAIN.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''but how was i supose to know thag was her grandfather?'' she asked stabding there looking up at him. ''oh yea..the body you have now isn't it supose to be dead. You know you can't be seen outside the school grounds like that, unless you want to stay that way. Doesn't to me.'' she shrugged and started walking again to her room. ''ugh crap i almost forgor we share the same room.'' she looked for her key once she reached the room. ''hun? uh oh..forgot key in the room..great..she's not going to let me in after that episode..''
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (lol i think i got it now) Hinia followed the woman outside and caught her smoking and drinking, he slowly walked towards her hoping not to freak her out by following her
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Well, i dont have a roomy, why not stay with me til things calm down. Besides, i need to change anyway.") he said offering her a bit of kindness. (b "I mean we can put up something to seprate the room if you want.")
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku grumbled and looked at the sky as her cigerette was in her mouth."Stop stalking me,dont try getting detention on your first day Hinia." she said already know his name.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia stared at her confused, he pointed to the door and then he pulled out his ID pointing to his room number. He hoped she would understrand without him speaking.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''sure sounds good. And there's no need in seperating the rooms. Unless you're scared of having me sleep in the same room as you.'' she said getting in his face.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Upstairs 3corners to the right." she said simply saying that.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Why would i be afraid of you? I care about you. I was just trying to be modest.") he said calmly. He didnt think she had to be so mean to him.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia nods and looks at the bottle of alcohol and then shakes his head. He smirked and reached for the bottle.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''sorry if i sounded rude.'' she said apologitically. The sUn started setting soon, the moon was clear to see but not enough yet. ''great the moon is coming soon...'' she said looking out a hall window. She headed for outside to watch it set. ''any moment and it will be nighttime.''
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Following her, he watched her quietly. He didnt know what to, he wanted to support her but he felt the urge to go find Haku and talk with her.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''you know..you don't have to follow me everywhere. There's still about an hour until nightfall and the eclipse..go on and do something if you want. I know you want to.'' she looked at the sky, her tail moving side to side slowly.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He looked down feeling bad. He lifted his head back up and walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. (b "There is somewhere i would like to be, but this is where i want to be.") he said softly to her. He wasnt gonna leave her, no matter what crap happend. He promised to be there for her and he ment it.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She looked down but then back up again, sighing. ''as you wish..'' was all she said while watching the sun leave, in place of it was a red moon.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He let go of her and looked at her. (b "Whats up? One minute we are close and having fun, the next i get the cold shoulder. I mean what is it? Do you just like screwing with me or something?") he said calmly looking at her. He was confused about her and how she felt about him. He could tell there was something but didnt understand what was wrong. Was it him, did he do something to hurt he so bad.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia stopped and truned away and waved to Haku, he walked up to his room and turned the light on seeing many unpacked boxes all around. There were about four boxes he unpacked. Hinia began to feel some tension going on somewhere. He walked at and looked around, he finally got to room 015 and thought to knock but hesitated. He thought that this is where this feeling was coming from.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: She turned and looked at him. ''No its not like that. I just thought you wanted to be somewhere else right now is all.'' she said looking into his eyes.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Like i said, i want to stay by your side. I want to be with you. I mean I risked my life to protect you, doesnt that show you how i feel.") he said looking at her.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia knocked on the door softly hoping he wouldnt be too loud when interuping the two. He stepped back from the door a bit and waited to see if someone would answer.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''i know, i get it..stay then'' she turned back around and looked at the sky again. She stood motionless watching the sky as if something was going to happen, and something fast that she was afraid to miss. But nothing happened. All she waited for was the eclipse.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He walked up to the tree and sat down. He looked up at the sky. He was looking up but not really staring at anything. He was a bit upset with her but didnt really care.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Her ears went back and she sighed. ''i'm going to the roof early...'' she went to the side of the building were a ladder was and climbed up to the roof. She sat down sighing once again. The eclipse hadn't started yet but she thought she should get up there early.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Nobody answered so Hinia went up to knock again but at that moment hee felt his chest begin to hurt and then he fell to the floor and passed out, his heart stopped, it had happened before but no one else knew that.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): There not gonna let you in or out hehe damn i go tp sleep and this is what i find))
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Watching her climb he remained under the tree. He sat calmly trying not to think to much but his mind kept flooding with diffrent thoughts.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin wanted to know what he was thinking and what he was doing at the moment. Her eyes didn't leave the sky. A few minutes later the eclipse started. ''oh..it started earlier than what it said.'' She looked around and no one was there to share company with, she just sat there holding her knees and looking at the sky.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Noticing the sky he ran up to the ladder and climbed as quickly as possible. Getting up there in time, he laid down next to her breathing heavily. (b "Made...It...") he stammered catching his breathe.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''was wondering when you were coming..'' she layed back watching it. ''Its so beautiful..i can't believe i'm actually watching this..'' she said layong down next to him.
((goin to bed very tired =____=))
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>>Have a good night. Im gonna catch some Zs also.<<<<
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: While Jake was unconcious, pictures filled his head. Strange images of events that hadn't happened or maybe already did. A boy with black hair, a leather jacket, and two katanas stepped into dorm 20. Then there was a flash to Ms. Haku who was smoking and drinking on the school premisses. She was pissed off about something, but Jake did not know why. What was going on? Was he seeing the future, or the past? Jake tried to wake up but he couldn't. He laid still letting the images fill his head.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: < WOAH why is jake unconcious x_x damn im really not up to date lmao >
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): <<Me either...I'm only on an hour or two daily...>>
Alysaa / Alice_ x: <Well i guess i should post or something x_x not sure whatsgoing on tho. >
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo wandered around, still not sure what to make of this world, he was letting his mind wander back to Koga prefecture, when he walked into a girl. "Ah, are you okay?" He said, embarrased. Her school bag said "Alice".
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at him and nodded. She did a thumbs up to tell him she was ok. Alice was wandering around the school, she didnt have classes at the moment so she was just exploring the school.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Umm..." Raizo stalled, he hadn't really talked to many women, even back home, much less ones that were practically aliens as far as he was concernede. He had no clue what he was supposed to do. "Are you from this world?" He asked, self-concious of how insane he must sound. This was all their fault. How could they betray him like that? Hadn't he saved several of their lives? It was so unfair. Some of his anger must have showed on his face, because the girl shrank back a little. "Ah, I'm sorry. I'm not angry with you, I'm just frusterated. Your world is so different, and I have no clue where to stat adjusting to it. It's overwhelming." He decided that honesty would serve him best, until he could figure this person out.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice giggled but it made no sound. Alice stook out her sketch pad and drew a picture of a boy with a halo and wings, then a girl and then a baby and showed him pointing to the baby. She was trying to tell him she was half angel and half human. Not speaking was proving difficult today.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Was this girl mute? Or was she just messing with him? Eiher way, he thought, he wasn't making much progress.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Hey anyone and dose anyone want to roleplay with me??
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Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>Cough..hack..hack..cough...greetings from the world of the not so healthy. How goes it?<<<
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Ok))
Kaname had just left his dorm and started to walk down the hallway as he looked into the darkness thinking about skipping the night class.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice was sitting on the floor in one of the hallways. She was skectching a door and had decided to skip dinner and just stay here. The hallways were empty. Alice heard footsteps and turned to see someone coming towards her. She Panicked and threw one of her pencils at it. preparing to run away.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((Gutan Tog Shikia. ugh i still feel the pain of 5 am cotton candy..How are you?))
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: curse lays in his room he has yet to even attempt to goto class and does not plan on going yet. He is still alittle tired and is thinking about going back to see tho he doesnt really know for sure maybe he would unpack first he sits up and opens his back pulling out his stuff and starts putting his stuff away
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname jumped as he picked up the pencil and said "oh its you dont do that ok i could have killed you with lift of my finger" as he walked up to alice .
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>>Sick still but loving life...or atleast thats my story and im stickin to it. lol<<<<
Having not left the roof after the eclipse, he changed his appearance to something a bit more colorful since he cant use one of his looks again and went to sleep.
Waking up after the nice night he looked around to realize he fell asleep on the roof. He felt a bit embarrased for doing it but didnt mind since he slept comfortable. (b "Geez, what a day yesterday was.")
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at him scared. She didnt think that Kaname would ever kill someone. he was so kind to her. Alice still looked like a frightened kitten but she waved at him forcing a small smile. It didnt matter that she couldnt die, she just didnt like the thought of someone wanting to kill her.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname smilled back as he ran his figers through his hair saying "look i dont kill people unless i have to ok its just that you scared me thats all so dont be scared of me"
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: curse picks up is bag and a ball falls down to the floor he smiles somewhat and kicks it at the wall it crashs throut it leaving a hole in the wall and the room opersit mine at this curse falls over laughting
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice bit her lip nodding. Alice did signlanguage knowing that Kaname probly wouldnt understand her.
"Please Dont Kill." She moved her hands quickly then looked at him and smiled.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin had woke up early and was now walking around school. She tried getting in her room until she remembered she forgot her key. ''i guess i should get a new one'' she said to herself biting her lip. She went to the office and got one, once at the room she entered, first peeking her head through to see if Haku was there. She entered all the way and sat on her bed after grabbing a rice ball, jelly flavoured.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname nodded as he said" i wont oh umm here your pencil " as he handed her the pencil .
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at him and tilted her head. She moved her hands again using signlanguage.
"You understand this?" She signed. then she looked at her pencil. It was still in perfect condition but she knew that the led in it had shattered. Alice sighed. That was my favrioute pencil. She thought.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname nodded as he said "when i was at cross academy i leaned alot stuff before i woke up raven from her sleep see im a pureblood like raven all vampire's fear me and raven we are like king and queen of vampires which is why somethimes im quite or im reading because i know that they are not dumb enough to mess with me "
Exotique / Sycorax Quinn.: She blinks.
Eyes half-narrowed, nose wrinkled as she peers closer at the glossy page of her magazine. The very last collumn of that damn Crossword, and she just (i can't do it).
This is Sycorax Quinn; elder Student of Rose High. Currently sat upon her balcony, eyes slanted in their sockets as she taps her pen against the side of her pursed lips. Looking at her, you'd think Sycorax to be any other human. Long legs, a petite frame. Until, that is, you look up. Her hair is a shade of glorious blue, eyes that of Liquid Amber; depths of a hate not even the Damned, nor the Undead...
Sycorax lifts her head, becoming deeply irritated by the fact she is failing at a four-letter-word. Staring out across the Academy Grounds, the warmed breeze lifting her blue hair up, letting it flow around her face. She wonders, if only briefly, who shall be about today... If anybody, that is.
vipershore / curse seimeiryoku: curse would head out of is room as he need a hole to be fixed its letting in a draft"where are the teachers when you need them" he looks around to find a teacher and gets lost horriably" great now im lost"
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled at Kaname. Her eyes widedned. She gasped though it made no sound. She was talking to a king. She smiled and did a little curtsey. She thought Kaname would make a very good king apart from he wasnt very sociable.
"Just because your better than them.... doesnt mean you shouldnt talk to them." She signed smiling at him sweetly. Being childlike in her mind, she never hesitated to say what the thought. She didnt understand that even though she was pure and inoccent she might offend someone else. Alice played with a piece of black ribbon from her hair smiling inoccently.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: Flipping down from the roof to a nearby balcony, this body of his was a gymnast. He liked this, he could do some parkour freely. He flipped around and landed next to a girl he haddent met before. (b "Um, hello there lady. How goes it? Im Amergin.")
Exotique / Sycorax Quinn.: Sycorax almost leaps out of her skin -
The soft (i thump ) of a weight hitting her Balconys' surface sends a jolt up her spine. Head snapping around, blue hair fanned around her paling expression; sunlight dappled off the surface of her lightly tanned flesh, muscles tensing only briefly. In a heart-beat, she is calm. Widened eyes returning to normal, dark lashes not so stark against the exposed white of either eye any longer.
(bold "Hey," )
Tone delicate; soft, floaty, as if she is speaking from somewhat far away, (bold "I... Don't think I know you." ) A soft frown creases her flawless face - body swivelling upon the balconys' surface to face the boy, a face full of question, (bold "I'm Sycorax... Though, call me Sy, everybody does." )
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "i did have friends but we all went our different ways so i havent seen them in along time two of them are models "
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin let her hair down for the day. She didn't feel like messing with it so all she did was leave the hair holders on her bed and grabbed an extra rice ball. She made sure it was Jelly flacoured and not leek, she hated leek rice balls. She took a bite out it and left the room, closing the door behind her. She wondered the halls until getting outside. Sitting under the usual Sakura Tree she took another bite and got a sketch book from her bag. Gin started drawing but nothing came out right. She made hand signs and the eastern wind dragon came from the winds, the problem was that it was bigger then before. Only alittle bigger then an arm though. She started drawing it as it flew everywhere, surprisingly it came out perfect, with background and everything. The dragon rested on the tree above her and she started drawing people nearby as they talked and walked. Or they were standing or sitting. She drew the tree above her then she drew herself under the tree drawing. She was happy that she could rest and sketch for awhile. The dragon scattered in the wind leaveing once more.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "I am Amergin Shikai. It is a pleasure to meet you Madam Sycorax.") he said bowing to her like a gentleman. He stood back up and moved his hair from his face. He had a calm and dosile tone of voice but it had a sence of seriousness to it. (b "Might i ask what you are doing?")
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice nodded. She didnt smiled this time. Her eyes were sad but she tried to ignore it. She had never had friends. They were jealouse that her father was a angel, or they hated her for being a monster, or the thought her inoccence and purity was fake. Alice looked at Kaname and forced a smile.
"It must be nice having friends that care." She signed.
Exotique / Sycorax Quinn.: The breeze -
Warm, soft upon the side of her face. The golden shades splash against her form; the black of her strap-less top, and a pair of shorts that (i really ) shouldn't be classed as shorts. An enamel of bright colours glaze her nails - bright oranges, neon yellows and greens... All flashing as she raises a hand, running it through the wild depths of blue. (bold "Just doing a crossword, y'know," ) Her lips curve. Forming a loose, almost hesitant smile, (bold "Got stuck on a four-letter word. Can you believe that...? Four letters..." ) Voice trailing into silence, she blinks.
This one is a Gentlement, for sure. Full of a certain air of confident seriousness, yet, laced with calm... Strange, it is. Very peculiar that She has yet to question. (bold "Please, Sy... Sycorax makes me sound... Evil." ) A chuckle escapes her lips, almost bitter in her mouth. Before she merely smiles, posture relaxing as she leans against one side of the balcony, (bold "How'd you get down here, anyway?" )
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin looked around for somthing else to draw. She saw a balcony with two people and put her thumb up to see how to draw it. She drew then both, her ears swiveling like a radar dish or satelite dish. She could barely hear their conversation, its not like she even wanted to. All Gin heard was their names, Sycorax and Amergin Shikia. She finished drawing soon and set her pencil and book down.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Well they dont care they had to be my friends but i could care less i guess" kaname told her as he sat down .
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "I hopped. Ya, this body is quite nimble actually. Oh sorry, i should explain. I can manipulate and alter hormones at will. I can alter anything about anyone just by touching them.") he said smiling at her. He was having fun with his power lately by messing with his other classmates periodicly.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice frowned. "I thought having friends was a good thing." She wroe on her writing pad not bothering to sign anymore. "I thought you...love your friends?" She wrote trying to remember what he had told her about love. "arnt we friends." She wrote. and showerd him.
Exotique / Sycorax Quinn.: She eyes him - head-to-toe. Taking a rather cautious step away from the stranger, her confusion evident as there is a ripple across her muscles. Every inch of her body tenses; just by touching them? Just a single brush of skin? Sycoraxs' amber eyes widen a fraction, exposing more of the white. Appearance that of a rather distressed animal, caught in the headlights of a rapidly approching truck. Despite her emotions, she nods, (bold "Cool, I guess..." )
Another smile.
Curving her lips, eyes flashing beneath the fall of her fringe. So. T'was as easy as touch? Sycorax is always on edge as it is, even down to a regular mortal touching her skin. Why, not really anybody knows. All they (i do) know is that there is one hell of a scar that stretches across her chest, and ends at the jutt of her right hip. A diagonal slash, (bold "I can manipulate metal... And create Force Fields... Not as cool as yours', in all honesty Amergin." )
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "Oh dont worry, I have to want to use my powers on some one. I wont do anything unless i feel threaten or asked to assist.") he said trying to calm her down. (b "But your power is quite awesome as well. I mean, you can control metal and bend it to your will. Besides you can create force sheilds to protect yourself.")
Exotique / Sycorax Quinn.: (bold "Nah." )
Her expression crumples; she brushes past him, opening the balcony glass door. Revealing the giant mess that is her room - socks, open magazines, screwed up drawings and the remains of a broken lava lamp strewn about. Gel pens litter a cluttered desk, doodles pinned to the walls and photographs of the Parents she wishes she could recall from the dead...
A blue laptop, closed, and a half-full mug of fruit juice on a shelf. Books, paper, memories. All jam-packed into a generally small living space. Slowly, Sycoraxs' head raises. With her back to the other, she needn't let him see her face when her tone drops to a steely level, (bold "All I seem to do, with any 'power' I may have, is cause is a problem." ) Then, her head turns abruptly. Smiling at him, the shadow of doubt fading as she asks, (bold "Wanna' drink? They don't serve nothing good in the canteen." )
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: (b "That would be nice. I will be happy with whatever. Besides, once you get your powers fully controlled they will be quite beneficial.") he said smiling at her.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname he said" i do love my friends all of them and that means you too but one of them something bad happen " as he didnt finsh what he was saying .
Exotique / Sycorax Quinn.: Sycorax potters about her room. Gingerly stepping around in the rubble, clutching random coloured pens, and what appears to be a set of coloured beads. Though her expression be sun-shine happy, that smile lingering, she is far from it. Almost hesitant, reserved around this newcomer. Briefly, Sycorax hops off into what seems a Kitchen-Like area.
More pottering.
Tinkling of moving glasses; she emerges with a healthy glass of red liquid, the substance shimmering in the dim light of her room as she pads towards him, (bold "Ah well... We all have potential, Amergin." ) Extending her hand, she offers the glass. Head tipped, smiling in the only ray of sun that penetrates the theshold.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin took another bite from the rice ball, finishing it. She grabbed the other one biting it. She spit it out jumping up. ''uck! ew gross! uuugh i hate leek!!'' she yelled getting up to throw it away. ''i could of sworn that was Jelly...'' she said to herself throwing the rice ball in the trash. She went back to were she was sitting and looked up to the balcony. She watched Sycorax and Shikia but looked at her sketch bag quickly. She looked at her drawings then put them in her bag. Gin stood up and brushed any dirt that got on her off. She walked around the courtyard for awhile.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: He took the glass and smiled at her. (b "Thank you very much. This looks lovely.") he said kindly, he took a small sip of it. (b "Interesting. What is it?")
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at Kaname. Even if she did have a childs mind she knew to not push. "I skipped dinner, will you come with me to the cafateria?" She wrote showing him.
Exotique / Sycorax Quinn.: (bold "That would be telling, wouldn't it." )
She exclaims, clapping her hands together; a smile on her face, head tilted and fingers interlocked - somebody of such a Sadistic, fearful status in the school... Yet, she becomes excited, happy even, over the concept of some (i berry juice)? Unbeknown to Amergin, he is the first physical person that our Sycorax here has spoken to in (i weeks).
Four, long weeks of Solitude.
Of silence, lone for the heavy thumping of the bass in her earphones; addicted, it would seem, to her lonesome. Even the cat doesn't come anymore, fear for the blue-haired girl who suffers a trauma beyond any other, (bold "You can have the bottle if you want! I have plenty." )
(bold OOC: ) (i I be offski now. :D Pleasure RPing with you. If you want to carry on without me, go ahead, but I'd appreciate it if you could wait; I like the style of the RP we've got here. :D Ciao! )
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Umm sure im skipping night class anyways so lets go maybe they have packs" kaname said as he got up and held his hand out to her.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [srry for not explaining but Jake's unconcious but he got really sick. His head hurt and he collasped. Something weird is going on in his head. Sad to say, his friends won't visit him. *cough* *cough*]
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia woke up in his room remembering what happened. It had happened some times before, when he feels strong feelings they are too powerful for him to handle and his heart stops. This problem is the reason why he came to rose academy. He walked outside and looked around a bit.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake moaned in his sleep. "Savethem....save them." He turned his head as sweat dripped from his face. "No.....no..." He groaned. "Save them..."
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): (im not sure what to post i think alice ditched me ))
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [ well Jake is writhing in his sleep and your his friend.... so i don't know make up something. :D]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [hey im back@ so recap please? filer]
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [hinia passed out then woke up and Jake is moaning in his sleep. he collasped and is in the nurses office]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [may i have the permission to come in and help you out?:D]
Btherainbow / Sylas Lithium: Age: 16
Room: 02
Power: Can momentarily steal someone else's power
Bio: Sylas is a soft-hearted and weak young man, and has been taken advantage of most of his life. Still, this is a regular part of life for him, and he had never fit in. When his also frail-hearted mother started to notice his odd symptoms and behavior, she signed him up for the academy, so he could live his life with others like him.
Personality. Kind, sweet, shy, week, and a pushover.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [sure.... he's unconcious so he wakes up when he wants to wake up. but you can look into his mind and see what he's seeing.]
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): <<Jeez...Y'all post so much...Unforunately, I actually have to live my life even though I hate it...>>
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [ok you can join :D im not the owner to tell you the truth but your alowed to join in.:D and by the way guys haku is in a bad mood if you didnt hear from gin and shika.]
Haku felt pissed....real pissed.She just wanted everyone to leave her alone she felt like she's just being a drag she stoped smoking and drinking on hold.Then she put her hands in her pockets and went to the nurses office to check up on jake and seeing him on the floor."Oh my god! hey you ok!? Wake up!" she yelled shaking him.
Btherainbow / Sylas Lithium: << Thanks! :) So, where is everyone, then? >>
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [well the i'm in the nurses office which is next the the main office where you check in and nothing else exciting happened that's near you. feel free to do whatever. :D]
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo was still just sitting on the ceiling feeling sorry for himself when he heard a woman scream. "Finally, something (i I ) cand do." He said and his Shundo got him thre in seconds. "What happened?" he asked alarmed to see the kid from earlier on the ground. Now he wished he hadn't slept through all his medical training.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake shook his head. "save them...save them.... don't hurt Alice..." Jake moaned.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "What are you talking about?Alice?"she said still talking to him.[oh by the way new guys im a teacher]
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): <<Yes I've gathered that much. Only my (i character) is a baka.>> "‚±‚Ih Raizo swore in Japanese. "Just what the hell is going on here?"
Btherainbow / Sylas Lithium: Sylas walked through the large front door, his soft and lazy eyes coming to rest upon some wooden-carved chairs and a dirty red carpet.
The boy poked out his bottom lip, going on and walking into the hallway. This wasn't like home at all.
His two suit cases had been taken to his room and he was all set to go, probably starting his school courses the next day.
"...Well, here I am, world!" He said with a forced smile, trying to be positive, and hoping to God that he didn't say anything loud enough for other people to hear.
Truth be told, he was not ready for the world.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake continues writhing. "Run....run, Raizo....save them...." Jake groaned
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): <<Appearently this ite does not support Japanese. Sorry about that!^^>>
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at them as he said "what everyone else said " as he had alook on his face that might be talking about him or his return of rido
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Whoa! He learned my name already?!" Raizo had never been good at remembering names or faces. "Save who umm...Kid-from Yesterday?!" Raizo bent down. This kid helped him out, or at least tried to. Raizo was determined to return the favor. "Hey! Kid speak up!" Raizo said shaking him once or twice before realizing that probably wouldn't help.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: She sighed and puts him on the bed and tucks him in with the covers."Its ok guys he's just ok i think he was just too nausious i guess."She said scratching her head seeing a new face."hello are you one of the new students?" she asked.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake reached out his hand, while still in his sleep trance, and pointed at nothing in mid air. "there....kill him....kaname...kill him..."
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia walked arounded looking for the nurses office and finally found it. He walked in and saw Haku and the man laying on the ground and walked over to them and kneeled down beside Jake. Hinia looked at the teacher and mumbled "is..h..he?"
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname started laughing at them as he said" shut up will ya and listen to the guy he's trying to say somthing "
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake grabbed Hinia's jakcet. "Don't...." he groaned. "Don't...hurt him....don't hurt Hinia.."
Btherainbow / Sylas Lithium: Sylas sighed for a moment, burying his face in his dainty, cold palms.
Who was he kidding? He couldn't be happy.
Then his ears perked up, and he could hear several voices from another room.
Ah, real live people.
"Oh!" He said, and the edged of his thin lips curled into a smile.
He ran into the room, opening the door and peering in his horrible shy eyes and a crooked smile.
Inside was a redheaded boy, someone holding a rose, an injured catboy gasping for air, and an older woman.
"Oh... Hello, um, I'm SO sorry... I'll leave..."
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well i guess you guys can leave this to your own. sorry." she said bowing.Then she left the room."Hello you new here?"she asked seeing the other new guy who was here earlier.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at him as said "theres nothing happening but abunch of people around this guy "
((kaname is not holding a rose !!))
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin walked around and went to her room dropping her bag off. She went back outside to the tree. A gust of wind surrounded her and once it stopped in place of her was a silver wolf. ''wow i haven't done this in awhile.'' she thought to herself as she started to run around. Her ears perked as she heard people talking once she was inside. She went to the room running into someone in the doorway.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Kill him...Kaname.....don't look into the eyes..." Jake groaned. "Haku....heal him......heal him..."
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo was out of practice talking in groups. He had always been somewhat of a loner, and had barely spoken to anyone in weeks. "Oh? Yeah I'm new. And who don't I hurt? Wait kill who? Kaname?" Suddenly he regretted giving his word, but it was too late now. "Hey is any one of you Kaname? Cuz' this guy's gonna kill you..." Raizo said bluntly.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at him as he said "kill who if someone in my familly i can do that but is this person in this room??"
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Its ok."She said smiling holding out her hand
Btherainbow / Sylas Lithium: << I just ASSUMED! XD >>
Sylas nodded shakily to the one with dark hair.
"Oh... Oh, okay... Look, I'm SO so-"
But before he could get the words out, he was knocked onto the ground and with a loud thud.
"AAH!" He let out, clutching his ribs. He whined in pain for a moment, and looked to a beautiful lady who had stumbled onto him.
"Oh, I am SO sorry! Excuse me!!"
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''wrong room..'' she stood and shook her fur. She sniffed the air in her wolf form. ''Oh Ms. Haku is in the building..and new people.'' she ran down the hall, her claws making noises once they hit the ground. ''Ms. Haku!'' she howled sitting waging her tail. She looked up at her and panted. ''I'm sorry Ms. Haku i didn't know that was your grandfather please forgive me.'' she said. The wolf sat there waiting for Ms. Haku to anwer, hopeing she would take her apology and forgive her.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake's face winced. "It hurts! He stabbed me! Help..." Jake cried. "Kaname kill him! Raizo! Save Alice!..." Jake cried. His boady shook violently.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "ugh... its ok alright?" she said quietly.Then she looked to gin."Hmph..." she huffed.Then she took his hand to her classroom which was empty."Take a seat on my desk please." she said to him.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Faster than anyone could blink, Raizo was behind Kaname, holding Kagehime, his legendary sword to his throat. "Sorry, but my friend over there isn't up to a fight yet, but since I owe him one, you can fight me instead. I may not be from your world, but wherever I am, I always pay my debts." One thing that still applied in this world was his pride. And here, it was all the more important. Here, he was alone, so his personal pride was the most important thing. And his pride would not let him leave a debt unpaid.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia pulled back and put his hand on Jakes head and looked into his thoughts. Hinia pulled back in shock seeing many disturbing things. He stayed in the room for a while and looked around. Hinia wondered what Jake had been meaning by dont hurt me. He couldnt see much in Jake's thoughts.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [Jake's in a trance. A new ability is growing in him. He's seeing visions and he can't break out of it. He needs help.]
"Help me! I can't get out!" Jake shouted. Jake gripped the side of his stomach. "It hurts! It hurts!"
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname didnt do anyrhing as he said "kill who im not doing anything untill you tell me"
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia runs back over to Jake and grabbed him. Hinia lifted Jake and his eyes glowed. He tried waking him up by putting his thoughts into Jake's mind.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Kaname kill the creature! Kaname kill the monster!" Jake moaned as his body continues to shake.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin decided to stay in her wolf form for awhile. She trotted after the new kid and Haku. Once she caught up she peeked in the room to see what they were doing. Her wolf form made her more curious then before. Gin just walked into the room and jumped on a desk, sitting down, wagging her tail. She barked alittle telling Haku she was there.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "What monster is he in this room right now tell me !!" kaname said he turned to look at everyone .
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake body shoook harder. Hinia's power started to take effect. Jake stopped shaking. Jake's hand quickly reached over and gripped Hinia's hand. "help.."
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia looked around the room looking for a spirit or something he couldnt find anything. He began to flood Jake's thoughts with his own. He thought about when he woke up that Jake would know almost everything about him.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake suddenly bolted upright panting hard "NO!!" He yelled. Sweat poured down his face. His hand still gripped Hinia's.
[srry i have to go brb in a few hours]
LadyGaga / Vanille: (alright im back)
Vanille yawned slighty as she came out of her dorm and looked outside the hallways. "..hmm..must of slept for a long time" she said in her usual british accent. She was afraid she wouldn't find her new friend from yesterday, she started walking around a bit confused and wondered if she had any classes to tend but she didn't know her schedule yet.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin jumped off the desk and went into the hall way. She walked around with her ears back for no reason. Her tail wagged side to side slowly. The silver wolf wondered the hall ways. Gin loved being in her full wolf form, she could smell and hear better, she could move faster.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at him as he said "tell me who the monster is so i can kill them
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo let his sword away from Kaname's throat. "Hey! Hold on kid! First you tell me to kill this Kaname guy, now you tell him to kill me?! Whose side are you on any way!" Raizo was completely lost. If they wanted to kill him because he was half demon, let them try. He would kill them all. They were no different from the others. "AAARRHH! YOU'RE ALL THE SAME! I DIDN'T CHOOSE TO BE LIKE THIS!! Just die! Iron Wolf: Crimson Drop Fang!" Raizo used the legendary Iron Wolf style Kung Fu, said to be the ultimate martial art. Raizo was the only living practicioner, having learned from the recorded soul of the first great master. He kicked Kaname into the bed, snapping it in half. "You're the real monsters, ALL OF YOU!!" His anger and frustration, the feelings of betrayal all poured out of him as sheer destructive force. His chi spiralled out of control, as the walls and ceiling cracked under the pressure. "WHY ARE YOU ALL SO BLIND!!"
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille just kept walking till her eyes had caught something strange, a girl who looked..not human, she titled her head to the side and poked her cheek in confusion. "You don't look human" she said loudly enough for the girl to hear her from a short distance, to vanille it was a way to start conversation.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia felt his hand being grabbed and it began to hurt. Hinia didn't want to do this but he yelled out "Wake up damit!". at this moment he began thinking about all the evil things he saw. All these thoughts were put into Jake's mind
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin stopped walking. She tilted her head also. Her ears perked. The gust of wind that changed her to a silver wolf changed her back to her half human half wolf form. ''That's because i'm not, about everyone here isn't.'' She answered staying in her one spot looking straight to the girl.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): <<Are you guys....ignoring me? -_-'''>>
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku walked out of the classroom and saw gin and vannile."Hello."she said with her hands in her pockets with her eyes being blocked out from the shadows.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''oh. Hey Ms. Haku.'' she said smiling. The gust of wind came back and Gin turned back into a full silver wolf. ''I find this form much more better.'' She said wagging her tail. she sat down and scratched her head with her hind leg, then she stood back up on all fours.
((would change picture but i don't have a comp. and i'm on my phone ''>~>))
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at the guy as the school started to shake and kaname eyes glowed a dark red as he hissed and moved his finger and sent him flying out the room.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (srry raizo you can chill with me jake is gone so i can leave the room)) Hinia put Jake down and put him back on the bed. He should be ok now he thought, but if he wasnt he would be back to help. He looked at raizo and stuck out his hand.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "thats very cute, and good day Ms.Haku" she said in a sweet tone. "I'm sorry i didn't tend classes yesterday, i was just so tired..you can understand right? I traveled for such a long time" she giggled nervously but then dropped it right away. Vanille then turned to Gin. "I never asked your name, what will it be?" she bit her bottom lip.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [ok then :P wait did the eclipse already started?]
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin looked at her, ears straight up. ''My name is Gin Mikazuki, what will your name be?'' she asked tilting her head slightly.
((yes it did U.U))
LadyGaga / Vanille: "My name is Vanille, very nice to meet you" she was about to offer a hand but then stopped herself, she wasn't even in her human form anyways. Vanille thought of what else to say till she felt a shake in the school. "Is that normal?" she looked around. "I hope not.."
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [good cause i didnt want to go on a biting spree but i felt dissapointed :(]
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): The tremors stopped, and Raizo slumped to his knees, most of his chi had bled off in his rage. "I'm sorry. It's not your fault. I mean the kid's unconcious." Raizo looked back once, then leaped out the window, even though it was the fourth floor.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((aw sorry yuki!!))
Gin felt the shake and her ears went back. Her original wolf instincts came in and she growled. ''that's deffinitly not normal..'' she started running down the hall to were the power came from. ''geez that's alot if power i feel.'' she said to herself staying in full wolf form to move faster.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: hinia turned to Kaname and put out his other hand. He didnt notice the others at first he was so off in thought.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "shall we see then" she smiled at Ms.Haku as she followed gin quickly, she wasn't a wolf but she was fast enough to keep up. "Not to quickly now" she said with a sweat drop.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo hit the ground running. "How could I have lost it like that? I was lucky I didn't kill that Kaname guy. It's a miracle that he survived the Iron Wolf."
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ''crap missed it..'' she got to the room disappointed then walked back to Vanille and Haku. ''Guess it was nothing, i dont know i got there to late.''
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well then.....see you in class."she said quietly and she started to light up a cigarette and puts it in her mouth.Then she puts her hands in her lab coats pockets again and headed to her classroom.
LadyGaga / Vanille: she stopped running seeing gin was coming back. "aww..well it was a good try" she put her hands on her hips. "oh, ms.haku..Do i have any classes right now?, i dont have my schedule yet" she asked.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [repost]
"well then.....see you in class.And yes it starts in 10 minutes"she said quietly and she started to light up a cigarette and puts it in her mouth.Then she puts her hands in her lab coats pockets again and headed to her classroom.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): im gonna repost ))
Kaname looked at the other guy that held his hand out as kaname looked at him as he said "if touch your hand what are you going to do to me??"
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin followed Haku to the class. ''Come on Vanille!'' she yelled back running into the class and changing back. She sat in a desk in the middle of the class and waited.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "I see..very well then, I'll be going to class as well" She then started her way towards class too but taking her sweet time as she walked slowly.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia pulled his hand back to his side and frowned a little. He didnt say anything back but shook his head no meaning he would do nothing bad.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at him as he nodded and gave him his hand as he could trusted him at lest .
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku spit out her cigerette out of the window and waited till everyone walked in.She got up and started writing questions on the white board.
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille walked into class silently and walked over to Haku. "where do i sit?" she raised a eyebrow slightly as she watched her spit out the cigarette.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia took Kaname's hand and showed Kaname who he was by sending his thoughts to Kaname's mind. He also learned who Kaname was. He let go of Kaname's hand and pointed towards the door. He mumbled "talk more?"
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: Gin saw the questions on the board and answered them before class started. She walked up to Haku, handing her the paper. ''Done, here ya' go Ms. Haku.'' she smiled and sat back in the seat.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname nodded as he said "alright "as he walked to him and then added "where should we talk at?"
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "whatever and you can sit anywhere that is empty." she said to her.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia looked at him confused he hoped that Kaname wouldnt misunderstand. "Ms. Haku?" he asked. He needed to talk to miss Haku. "Where?" he realized that he sounded ridiculously stupid, but he hadn't learned to speak much.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo wandered in unsure of whether this was his class or not, but hoping no one would bother him in a classroom. "Don't mind me." He said to Ms. haku as he came in and sat down in the back next to the window.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Miss.haku is in her class room come on but tell me how much do you know about me ??" kaname said as he walked past him .
LadyGaga / Vanille: (you people move really quickly >_> )
Vanille nodded once and went to a empty seat by the corner were she sat alone and quietly now. She looked around at all the students and knew what she was in for already. "This school is full of drama.." she said to herself quietly as she frowned, she wasn't sure if she would fit in with such angry people.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia followed behind Kaname and said, "I dont know much just your name" he was actually used to saying something like that since he has met so many people like he did.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo spent the entire period just staring out the window, making no move to get up, even when the bell rang.
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((hey guys, imma' gonna' go for awhile. i have no idea what to do right now and i'm tired. be bck later or somthing =-=))
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname then said "you was in my mind you must know some thing its fine with you knowing everying "
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille tapped her feet on her chair bored out ofher mind, she wanted to talk or something. She looked over at a guy who was sitting by the window, she wondered if he was really bored too, by the look on his face..he must of been. "being all the way over there by the window where its lonely isn't going to make things any better" she said a bit loudly as she turned her body to the side, away from facing the front to look at him.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: "I made sure not to learn too much." Hinia pulled glasses out of his pocket and put them on then looked at Kaname, and put them back in his pocket. He mubmled to himself "Blue."
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku turned off the lights and made a handmotion and then the orb of light in her hand."Ok class i want to see if you can do spells while using light."
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): The girl's voice pulled him back to reality. He turned around and jumped. 'She looks just like HER...' he thought. "Huh? Uh, I don't know the answers." He said lamely. It couldn't be her, he thought. She was dead. He saw her die.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "What dose blue mean ??" he asked as he looked him and then said "i guess you know that im a pureblood vampire and im also king of vampires too" and then opened the door to miss.haku's classroom
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia looked around the classroom and then back at kaname "yes i do, and blue means i can trust you." Hinia walked to a seat next to Vanille, and sat down. He stared between the two for a while and then waited until Haku was done.
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille stared at the boy confused at his shock. "Ummm..I wasn't asking you for any answers..I don't cheat..unless I must" she joked around, smiling. "Did i startle you, I'm sorry" she twirled her hair around her index finger, she wondered what was on the boys mind.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo put his head on the desk, letting his arms hand by his sides. 'She's dead.' He told himself over and over, but kept glancing over at the girl...he snapped his head forward again. "She's dead. I watched her die." He muttered.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname walked in as he said" sorry im late this is night class right miss.haku they changed my classes around again so i can get more sleep." and he looked at the boy as he said "ahh ok i get it now"
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille hadn't heard what he said but then just turned away from him and kept playing with her hair still in some confusion but ignored it, she looked forward at haku as she teached, though she wasn't really paying attention.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia could hear what Raizo was thinking and he looked over at Raizo. He pointed at the girl and then slammed his hand on the desk. Nevermind he thought. He didnt know what to say. Hinia walked up to Ms. Haku and remembered her drinking and smoking outside the school. This is Ms. Haku he thought.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Vannile pay attention." she said snapping.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at miss.haku as he was standing in front of the class room leaning on the board .
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Finally he couldn't take it anymore. "Aaahh! You witch!" He yelled jumping out of his seat and pointing at Vanille. "Your illusions won't fool me! She's dead! I saw it happen!" He yelled, verging on hysterics. "I won't believe your lies witch!" He cried as she started to reply. "Your tricks are useless! Show yourself vile temptress!" The entire class had ground to a halt, watching Raizo lose it.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "what are you talking about? im a white witch you idiot." she said massaging her head getting another headache
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille was beyond confused now. "I'm very sorry..I'm still tired" she giggled nervously trying to safe herself from any trouble. (ohh..I just remembered..Vanille has a Southeast Australian accent..not british, my bad e_e )
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille in shock from what she was hearing stood up and looked at the crazed boy who called her a witch. "Me!?! A witch!, I think not!! I'm just some young girl in school, how very rude of you!!" she stuck her tounge out at him, shes never had anybody hate her before, so why start now. "You sir are crazy.." she almost gave him a dirty look.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Pushed him self up as he said "shut up you to and listen to miss.haku for crying out loud" as he crossed his arms and shot them alook.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo's head whipped to Ms.Haku. "Not you!" He snapped. "I meant this witch!" He yelled pointing emphatically at Vanille.
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille ignored kaname and shot a glare at Raizo. "Call me that one more time and I promise you won't be leaving in peace.." she said now in a dark tone as her eyes turned darker and the empty desk's began to float with everything else outside and inside the class, she was angered now and she knew she was about to lose control, she knew she had to control herself but she couldn't ..not with this anger. "I never died" her voice was as deep as it can get when suddenly she moved a finger and the windows shattered into peaces, she was at the point where she was about to carry the school now.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia stepped back looking at everyone in the room. and mumbled "umm..Ms. Haku" He walked over to raizo and put his hand out to him. He thught that he needed to learn what this guy was talking about.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "So! You won't drop your disguise? Well then...Let's go!" He leaped into the air, launching kunai at Vanille.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname walked over to her as he said" i told you two to stop now stop!! " As he started to get mad .
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille watched him jump up in anger when suddenly she pushed him back, sending him flying towards a wall with just by moving her other finger, she was losing control, her feelings, her everything as the school began to shake, only because now..everything was floating, because of her dangerous telekinesis. "your dead!" she screamed as wind began to blow harshly into the class room.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname unleashed his power as he as said "enough is enough!!! "As he moved his fingers and sent them both flying as the walls cracked and started to spilt apart.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia quickly ran ovr to Vanille and grabbed her. His eyes were Glowing again. Her powers were hurting him, but he still held her. He told her to stop and calm down. "you dont know what he's talking about, you look like someone he knows". Hinia always talked whhen he was angered. suddenly he was thrown against the wall (lol i changed it for ya)
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo's fingers flashed, weaving signs, then he was enveloped in flames, the fireball growing, swallowing up everythin it touched. "Stay out of it Kaname!" Raizo's voice boomed. "This witch won't insult Shaya's memory ever again!"
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname flicked a hand move ment as he said "as the king of vampires its my job to help and save other people" as he moved his hand again that sent his fire back at him.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "let go!" she shouted but then her veins started turning black seeing he was still going to attack. "THATS IT!!!" her voice was loud when suddenly the wind turned black and the ground started to crumble with the walls, destroying everything in its way, now she started to float up with Hinia holding on to her, the school was floating all the way up in the sky now till she heard the name "Shaya..who's shaya.." she said silently as the black wind still kept devouring everything, eventually it was going to reach students like kaname and most likely die.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "Do you relize what you have done?" haku said with her voice getting all mutanty and her eyes glowed red.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): The fireball finally evaporated, taking a large portion of the building with it. "Just...DIE!!" Raizo yelled, his hands a blur. "Heven-blizzard typhoon!" Millions of tiny ice shards appeared blown by hurricane winds, shredding everything before them.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia held on and looked down. He thought and now im floating...well. Hinia mumbled to Vanille "please calm down." Hinia flooded his memories into Vanille's mind. Hinia has had to do this twice toda and when he was done he wouldn't feel too well.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname went the girl as he sent her put the room and was woundering where raven was as he turned back to the guy left his hand as he kept on moving the girl away. Kaname then looked at the guy as he up on him pulling him up as he choke him .
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille raised an eyebrow and stopped the millions of tiny ice shards before it even reached her, she was still angry but realized what she was doing now. "your confused" she said as she looked down and the school started going back down slowly, touching the ground again and everything dropped. "Your not worth releasing my phonex..are you trying to get everybody killed" she said quietly as she released Hinia "thanks for calming me" she frowned at him and walked towards the door, walking out and still looking down, ignoring kaname's power since she was blocking them away from her, why did anybody even bother to try and stop her by force when she can stop them.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia watched as the girl walked away his eyes were back to normal. "What the.." he said and then he sat in the desk. He was'nt feeling good again. Reading Vanille's mind taught him how to speak better. "Ms. Haku?" he asked.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku jumped on raizo and started biting his neck.She was a vampire and she put a sleeping poison on her teeth.Then he should be sleepy in a few seconds.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo walked out through a hole in the wall. He needed to be alose and blow off some steam. 'That's what I was doing, when that witch showed up.' he thought sulkily.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku jumped on raizo and started biting his neck.She was a vampire and she put a sleeping poison on her teeth.Then he should be sleepy in a few seconds.
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille walked in the hallways seeing the lockers were destroyed, she wondered exactly in how much trouble she would be in. 'why was he calling me a witch' she thought to herself but then felt dizzy but kept walking. She hasn't used her powers in awhile, she wasn't use to it. As she kept trying to walk when she was feeling weaker she suddenly collapsed to the ground. "oops.." she mummered as her eyes blinked slowly.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname sealed his power up as he said "your comeing with me raizo miss.haku get off of him even if your a teacher you have two listen to me"
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "haku glared at kaname."if thats what you want...get him fixed or else he's going to be introuble.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia followed Vanille out the door and saw her collapsed on the floor. He went over to her and shook her a bit. "hey" he said.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Oww! get off me you crazy vampire-lady!" Raizo exclaimed. One of the few benfits of being half-demon was that he couldn't be poisoned. "They'll revoke your teaching licence!" Raizo hopped around in circles, trying to shake her off. "Dammit! This was not in the brochure!"
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Hey.." she said hardly feeling strange for being on the ground. "I'm not normally like this, well fighting and that dangerous that is, I'm a nice person" she smiled slightly as she then tried standing up but then fell to the ground again. "Damned legs" she argued at herself.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname then shouted "MISS.HAKU GET OFF OF HIM NOW AND YOU RAIZO ARE TO COME WITH ME NOW !!!!"
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia held out his hand "here ill help you up." Hinia was a little hesitant at first, but he thought he should help her out. If she grabbed his hand he would read her mind though.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo finally shook Haku off and glared at Kaname. "Huh? Why would I do that, punk?" Why the hell won't they leave me alone? he thought.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at him as he said" one you listen two you can get your shit and fuck off or three you can do what i say "
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille took his hand and stood up. "Thank you very much" she only spoke but didn't think at all. "I'm new here and I can't believe what ive been through in one day" she giggled as she dusted herself off. "I need to try and avoid him, plus im in big trouble for all this damage" she looked over at the destroyed doors and lockers, including the windows. "thats not good.." she sighed.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "I say four! You leave me alone for awhile, or I'll kick your ass!" Raizo countered. If this punk-vampire wnted a fight, he came on the right day.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at him as he said" i hate being king but oh well" as he lifted his finger and said "come or ill make you come now which one it and watch what you think"
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia helped her up. "im new here too." he looked around at the damga and then said "Vanille, is that your name?"
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Yeah, well, unless you're the new Emporor of Japan, i don't care (i what) your random title is!" Raizo was getting fed up with this guy.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Yes,yes it is and your name is Hinia correct? I overheard the crazed man that attacked me call you by that, look i need to apologize to Ms.Haku, I almost lost total control, i hardly knew what i was doing, but im afraid she might not even want to talk to me now.." her australian accent was heavier then usual this time as she walked back towards the classroom and peaked into the destroyed room but then stepped in slowly to see kaname,the crazy guy and Ms.Haku.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at him as he walked up to him and said" well because your already here get to cleaning up now "
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia followed behind her and walked into the classroom. Hinia still needed to speak with Ms. Haku. "Yeah thats my name." He looked around the room and raised an eyebrow and thought wow this class is seriously messed up now.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Not you again!" Raizo said in exhasperation, seeing Vanille come in. She looked exactly like Shaya, but her accent was so weird. Raizo burst out laughing as soon as she started talking. "Haha! If you're gonna impersonate shaya, witch, you need to work on your accent!"
LadyGaga / Vanille: "I'm not trying to be shaya..I don't understand what your problem is but you have me all misunderstood..and my accent is australian, you have issues freak.." she had a blank expression put on her face, she hated him just for thinking so wrong of her, he didn't even knew her and he was calling her a witch, he was crazed to vanille. "And to get things straight, the name is Vanille..freak" she glared lightly at him.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [uh guys i read the last posts raizo.... i did get off of you it was like a minute before your post]
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Australian? What the hell? What the hell are you talking about? If you're gonna say something, make sense!" Raizo hated not being in his own world. He figured that this was probably common knowledge on this world, but he didn't care right now.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [uh guys i read the last posts raizo.... i did get off of you it was like a minute before your post]
LadyGaga / Vanille: "your full of hatred, Get one thing straight..Nobody in here..is pretending to be this girl your talking about, and neither am i" she then looked away from him and focused on Ms.Haku. "I am very sorry for all the destruction that has happend here today, If..you want me expelled..or suspended, I understand" she said in a sorryfull voice, she didn't mean for any of this to go down.
xLaylaxRynx / Ka&#039;rin: (I would like to join if that's alright?
Name: Ka'rin
Age: 21
Power: She can control the weather around her. She is usually happy so it's usually bright and sunny out, but when she is mad you want to avoid going outside.
Bio: She was orphaned at a young age so she fended for herself living amongst various people she met. She hides all her troubles and pains that she's had in life behind a happy exterior.)
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia started fixing things up arond the classroom and tried fixing the wall problem but it was no use he couldn't lift the whole wall by himself, but he kept trying anyway.
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille seeing she wasn't getting a response yet looked over at Hinia who seemed to be trying to lift the whole wall by himself but failed. "Let me help, I did this..not you" she then moved a hand up and the while wall came back up to its place. "There we go.." she smiled at him brightly, regaining her possitive attitude as always.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (sorry it took a while to reply, slow computer)
Hinia smiled back at her. "Thanks." He started picking up the rest of the stuff on the ground "I got all this, you dont have to help."
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [sorry i was off well anyway uh... is the school down yet?your off to court after this lol muahahahah no really.]
LadyGaga / Vanille: (lolz, oh no..your going ti fine me...im sad? xD )
Vanille nodded at hinia and backed away slowly to give him space.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [dont worry your going to win lol]feer
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: "Australian?" Hinia mumbled. He always wanted to go to Australia. Actually there a while ago Hinia would of went anywhere. He was kind of homeless.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake burst throught the blasted doorway. "What the hell is going on here?!?!?!? Why is everyone fighting?! This thing has been my fualt, I had vsions of something horrible. You all need to hear this."
xLaylaxRynx / Ka&amp;#039;rin: She enters not knowing what was going on, but a smile still on her face. She looked at her map then back up again. "Um...hello! I've seem to enter at a bad time, but can anyone tell me where..." She looks at the map one more time while still talking, "...The Rose Academy is?" She looked at everyone with a friendly smile upon her face.
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille sighed at the dramatic guy who just busted in and started yelling, she was tired of drama and she didn't really want to know more. "I think your a bit to late boy.." she frowned slightly at him. "yes well...my country isn't that great..its just like any other place" she responded to Hinia.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia looked at her confused. "Why does everyone hear me when i mumble?" He laughed and looked at Jake "oh Jake your awake, You ok now?" Hinia finally looked at Ka'rin "and you are?"
xLaylaxRynx / Ka&amp;amp;#039;rin: Ka'rin smiles. "Hi! I'm Ka'rin...it's pronounced Kah-Rin. Not Karen...everyone makes that mistake." She paused for a second. A good thing too, otherwise she would have rambled on about her name. "I was told there was an academy for special people with special abilities." She giggled some, "But I'm having some trouble finding my way around."
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((hey guys i'm back =-@..ugh don't know how to pop in...uuuuh i might wait awhile until i can o.o))
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille raised an eyebrow at the new girl. "well your kind of already at the academy.." she then smiled brightly as a huge chunk of wall suddenly fell to the ground. She laughed nervously. "disaster picked the wrong day to strike" she then started to play with her hair. Vanille wasn't going to be the one to explain what happend.
xLaylaxRynx / Ka&amp;amp;amp;#039;r: She tilts her head to the side confusingly and looks around at everyone. Then she bursts out laughing. "I see how it is! Play a trick on the new girl. That's a good one." She continues laughing some. "So...can you point me in the direction of the academy?" She smiles again.
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille kept playing with her hair as she listened to the girl. "I guess I have no choice then to be the one to explain..well..Me and some crazed guy ended up fighting..and the school turned out to be the wrestling ring...well..not wrestling of course, we used our powers and I alost killed everybody" her tone of voice was calm with her accent, she said it as if it weren't a big deal. "I'm sorry to tell you but..this is the academy, just ask Ms.Haku if you will" she then turned to look straight forward at the girl.
xLaylaxRynx / Ka&amp;amp;amp;amp;#0: She blinks. The smile slightly fading from her face. As it fades the sky seemed to get a bit cloudy. She talks very low "Well, I was hoping to finally have a place to live." She then shakes her head and the smile comes back to her face. "Oh well! I guess that's just my luck! I can help rebuild it when that time comes." The dark clouds fade away back into sunshine.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia points at Ka'rin. He thinks for a while and then sees the wall fall and sighs "You are at the Academy Ka'rin." he looks at vanille. "dont worry i got it this time" Hinia lifts up the wall but struggles at first. Then he thought how he would continue talking to the people in the classroom still and he let it go.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well then.... is the school back on the ground?"she asked jokingly when she entered the room.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Yes, its touching the ground very well indeed" she smiled brightly at Ms.Haku. "umm..I'm guessing im getting a very big trouble for this right?" vanille poked her cheek, shes never been in trouble till now.
Thepoet4u / Amergin Shikia: >>>>>Can we have a second character for this RP?<<<<<
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "yes very your being sent to the school court."she said grabing her hand."your coming with me young lady"she said dragging her to court.
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xLaylaxRynx / Ka&amp;amp;amp;amp;am: She blinks. "Heeeey! What about meeee?!" She piped up following them from a few feet behind. She waves her map around and then stops. "I would still like to stay if you don't mind!" she calls out to them.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia walks up to Ka'rin and puts his hand on her shoulder. "Hey, you can hang out with me for a bit, I dont know if we can go in the court room." Noticing that he had put his hand on her shoulder he blushed and pulled his hand away. "umm...sorry."
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Court?! Heavens!" she paniced at the thought, she didn't want to get sewed or get kicked out at all, she had friends now. "Ms.Haku don't you think were being to rash about this, I mean..what if i get expelled?!" she grew with even more panic, all can she do was think positive as she was pulled along. "Oh don't worry, she'll be with you in a sec" she smiled at the new girl but then quickly turned back.
xLaylaxRynx / Ka&amp;amp;amp;amp;am: She smiles. "Ok! We could hang out! But where would we go? What would we do? Do know much about the area around here?" She beams.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "no im just gonna give you a lollipop.....Yes im getting you to court you made the school float and its being seen by the public!" she said angrilly.Then she called the school board on the phone.Then after 30 minutes later everyone in the school board sat down, the students gathered in the audience, and the jury sat on the posts.
LadyGaga / Vanille: (I have to go for the night, bye bye)
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia smiled and thought about where they could go. He thought maybe they could go to his room. "Well now that you think about it i don't know this place well, just where my room is." Hinia just realized that sounded totally perverted and expected a slap.
xLaylaxRynx / Ka&amp;amp;amp;amp;am: She blinks. "Haha! Well if you don't know this place well, then let's explore it together!" She laughed. "Yaaaay exploring!!!" She danced around some all excited to explore the area.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia followed her and noticed her dancing and thought well damn someones happy. "So, Ka'rin?" He tried to dance a bit too but he was terrible at it so he stopped. He was actually surprised she hadn't slapped him or something, with that stupid comment he had said.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora walked around the campus of the school, a blacbird flying strangely above and around her. To others it would seem the creature just had a strange liking to Tora, but they were actually talking. But instead of speaking to the bird, she spoke through her mind so she would look like less of a freak.
(#380B61 (i I feel jealous of you. Your freedom though I know your burdens.))
The bird tweeted, but Tora knew it better as a sigh. (bold "You think this, but I can see you do not believe even yourself. You fight with yourself every day. If you can read my mind, and speak to me. You must be able to do more.")
Though Tora knew the bird was right, she didn't want to say it. (#380B61 (i I have no idea. Now, you must return to the wild, as this place has many things you do not wish to see.)) She said, with a bit of the lip.
The bird nodded its tiny head and took a big flap and took off.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at miss.haku as he said" are you crazy there eat me and alive out there not to say that my sister/fiancee is on the court board she's gonna yell at me for this im on the court board and this just wrong that we have to do this "
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (hi where are you at? I thought everybody was gone for the day)
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: [sorry I've been gone for so long my computer died well I'm back now kinda on my iPod]
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Who her or me im just a post when haku gets back on when she do i might be in school or home))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [hey guys well im not haku lol im her brother so... ill be filling out i guess. :P]
"What are you talking about?" she said trying to put her in.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (I guess i should just wait for Layla and I meant everybody on i guess)
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "we let this happen and i let her lift up the when could easly put the school back down but i didnt there yell at us for it well im gonna get it the worst because im a court meminber andhere i am going to court for leting this happen raven is gonna kill me!"
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: [what's happened so far. I feel soooo lost filler filler.]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [HINIA!!! WHY ARNT YOU GOIN ON ZOMBIE PRISON!?]"ugh fine but seriously dude i was in court yesterday and you didnt even said that to me?" She said to him.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (Well Jake was in some sort of trance and predicting thefuture then a fight happened between Raizo and Vanille but me (Hinia) and Kaname tried to stop it but the fight desroyed part of the school, now Vanille and Raizo have to go to court)
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "How can i am i sppose to yell it from the court meminbers table to tell you that??" kaname said as he ran his fingers through his hair.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Comming back after a couple days of absents, she notices half the school gone. Looking out the window, her mouth dropping a little. "what the..." was all she could say. Stepping out of the taxi and running into the school, she is releaved to find out that nothing happened to where she was living. If something did she thoughtto herself someone would pay. Leaving her room she heads out to the fields and begins her fire training. Standing alone in the center of the field she begins to concentrait . The wind picking up a little all around her, blowing out her dark red hair. Calling upon the powers of the fire god, her eyes glow red as her arms both ignite in flames. Learn to harness the energies, those words coming to her mind, feel the energies, work it, live it, breath it. Slowly she raises her arms, opening her mouth she begins speak another language as she controls the fire around her. At that moment the thoughts I'm doing it enter her brain, and almost instantly the fire around her explodes, sending a wave a fire in all directions, quickly disapating. Falling to her knees then laying on her back, she groans out loud, "why can't I do this?" she asks now staring up into the clouds.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): [[ (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/131262 You have a look. Not mine tho...) ]]
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Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [hinia lets a go :P filler filler]
"whatever do what you want if my grandfather, the superintendent disagrees with your disicion im not responsible." she said walking away.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (lol where did everybody go??? well you were here)
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "they cant disobay my orders "
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [I really don't know what to put now..... my whole little "revealing of the vision" thing just got messed up... I'll have to put it in when I get back from school :(]
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "If you are going to try and fine me for this, you should know that I have no money." Raizo said, crossing his arms and leaning on a bit of wall, which fell over. "Hey wit...I mean Vanille! You tore the foundation out! This whole building could collapse!" Raizo said, quickly jumping outside and using jutsu to raise rock supports for the building. "Well, that should hold it up for a while at least..." He sighed, this was all so pointless. He shouldn't even be here in the first place.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: < hmmmm so my darlings. anyone wana gimme a update ?>
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): <<Umm.where to start...let's see, a big fight (2 actually) and now the school is wrecked. Vanille looks exactly like raizo's dead girlfriend, which is driving him nuts.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Ah. ok well that sounds intresting. hmmm where should alice come into this. ..
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): <<Freaking out that the entire building might collapse?>>
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Ahhh ok sounds good xD >>
Alice was sat in the corner of one of the class rooms. She had her brown eyes closed and she was praying to her father, an angel, that he would save her from death. Alice tryed screaming but she still had no voice. Alice started to bang on the walls hoping someone would find her before the building collapsed.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo walked up behind her and siad, "I wouldn't do that. This area is pretty stable, but I'm sure that isn't helping." He walked up beside her. Maybe she won't think i'm a monster he thought. He needed at least one person in this world who didn't hate him.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked up at him and smiled. Thank god someone was there. Alice stood up and brushed her dress of. "Its going to fall." She wrote on her paper. The wall didnt look like it was going to fall but Alice could see the small cracks slowly getting bigger. "How did this happen." She wrote looking at him.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Oh, um...There was a bit of an arguement..." He said evasive ly. He wove some hand signs and stomped, Sharp stalagmites driving into the wall, holding it up. He didn't want this girl to hate him too...
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice nodded. she didnt really understand. Alice looked up at him and grabbed his hand leading him out of the classroom. Alice wasnt able to hate or even dislike. A pure soul cant hate.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo sighed in relief. (i maybe she doesn't care if I'm a half-demon...) he thought, enjoying the feel of her warm hands. He hadn't felt this good since Shaya was alive...
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice let go of his hand when they got into the hall way. "I dont want there to be hate in this school." She wrote andlookedat himsmiling.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo just nodded. He wasn't really sure what to say, but was glad she was smiling. "You know, you are the first person who has smiled at me since I came to this world." He said quietly.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at him shocked. Everyone smiled around her. Alice felt her face get hot though she didnt understand why. She looked at Raizo and smiled. Why wouldnt someone smiled at him, he seems so kind.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo smiled back, but only breifly. His facial muscles weren't used to it. And he saw all the people glaring at him, pointing fingers and muttering. they were all the same. (i But not her..) He thought, wondering why that was. (i She's different.)
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice decided it was best for them to go outside. She took Raizos hand and led him out side. She sat down under he favrioute tree and looked up at him. "Why are you at this school. What power do you have." She wrotepassing him the paper looking at himcuriously.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): ((im on did i miss anything ?? Hehe im gonna have kaname walk around ))
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "I was banished from my own world for being what I am. This is where I arrived after exiting the gate. I am not familiar with your world, and this is a place to learn. My powers are not a secret that I share willingly, as my enemies are not few in number, and have many ears." Raizo said. For some reason, he wanted her to know who he was. He wanted to know who she was too. "What about you? Why do you trust me? You barely even know me. I could be a terrible monster." his last sentence was full of venom.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice giggled though it made no sound. "Im the daughter of the most powerful angel. My father is a monster. You are not. I cant speak because i am half angel. Im called a pure soul. i have the mind of a child so when i came here i started to learn about hate and love." She stopped writting and looked up at him smiled and then carried on. "If i didnt trust people i would be alone." She wrote and passed him the paper to read.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): He read it a few times not really able to read english yet. "um, could you teach me how to read your language?" he asked, embarassed at looking so dumb in front of her.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at him. She had never been asked how to read. She bit her lip and closed her eyes. "Would it be easyer for me to talk to you like this?" She asked sending her words into his mind.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname saw alice and that guy as he sighed walked up to them as he sighed "alice have you seen raven i need to talk to her and i cant find her" and said at the same time that sighed it to her.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice turned to see Kaname.Her eyes lit up and she waved . "No, Maybe shes in her dorm." She signed. "I havnt seen her all day." Alice signed again biting her lip. She normally saw Kaname and Raven walking around.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Hey cool! That works great! But I still need to learn the language eventually..." (i I'm glad she doesn't know I'm a demon...Oh, wait...If I can hear her thoughts...I'm...BUSTED!!) His thoughts, as usual, did not move very quickly.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice saw the worry on Raizos face. "I can only hear people thoughts when they think about me." She said into his mind. She didnt want him thinking she was going to read his everythought. "If you dont want me to talk to you like this... just say so." She said into his mind. She looked up at him and smiled sweetly
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at alice as he said "she's not there how in hells name can a queen disaperere like that ?" and looked at the dude as he hand him a note "ill see you in court tonight man "
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): Raizo sighed in releif. "No...It's fine." Raizo looked at the note blankly. "That jerk. He knows I can't read." Raizo was seriously considering assassinating kaname, when it dawned on him that he had no idea what he was talking about. (i Hey, Alice? ...Whats this note say?...I can't read it...) Raizo hated being dependent on other people, but he didn't really mind asking for Alice's help. "An angel huh?" Raizo said having no clue what it meant. Not that it mattered. Unlike all these other people, I don't care what anyone is. Just (i who) they are. He thought.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at him as he said " i cant die and im way stronger then and no i did not know that you could not read besidee im not a jerk but you are for starting a fighing a fight with a girl for some reason im in trouble to and i guess for destroying half of the school too" as he sighed after reading his mind.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alices eyes sparkeled at the word queen. She had forgotten that Raven was a Queen. "Kaname, whats court." She signed to him then looked at Raizo and read his the note. "An angel... well some are evil like my father but others are good, like me." She said smiling at him. "Kaname if you want i will go and look for Raven in the girls shower room" She said standing up and brushing mud of her dress.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Hey! If you wanna talk, talk right! I can't understand you when you say it all like one long word!" Raizo didn't like this superior jerk. he was always looking down on him.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "thats ok she's coming any minute and i can tell she's very pissed" and then looked at him as he said "look man im just gonna say it was a huge miss understanding ok that way i wont get in trouble and you wont either."
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice didnt take any notice of Kaname and started to walk to the school again. "Raven.. Ray-vennnn. Ray" She called out with her mind hoping she would answer. Alice had the habit of just walking of when people were talking to her. She was still like a child and didnt understand that she was supposed to sit and listen to people.
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Raven came up to them as she said "kaname shame on you now i have to see you in court why in the hell would you do that ?!!! And you mister can you at least stop makeing trouble ok ?!!?" as she sat down and wraped her arms around kaname as she kissed him and said" i love you big brother"
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname throught to alice as he said *alice she's over here with me and that other guy* kaname looked at raven as he said "its a long story ok so dont get mad and dont get mad at him either because its not cool ok?" as he watched her wrap her arms around him as he kissed her back saying "i love you too"
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Is anyone online besides from me and christina ??))
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake wandered the school for a long time looking for his friends. He really needed to talk to kaname, Raizo, Hinia, and Alice. Especially Alice. Then He caught the scent of Raizo and Alice. Since Vampires didn't have a scent, Kaname would have to be searched for. Jake spotted Alice, Raizo, Kaname, and some other girl which Jake believed was Raven. Jake ran over to Alice.
"Alice! I need to talk to you, Raizo, and Kaname. It's really important. I think I know what happened to me earlier." Jake panted.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at jake as he said" come on talk ive been waiting what are you talking about ?? " he asked as he looked at raven who was still all over him.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake breathed deeply beofore explaining what he saw in his vision. "There's a dark creature coming. It's made of death or something like that. The only way it can be kill is by ANOTHER undead being. Vampires are technically undead right? The person I saw go after it was you."
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Well me and raven are unborn we was born as vampires and the strongest shall i keep on going ?? But i think i can" kaname said as he turn to raven "raven you hear that ?" as he kissed her forhead.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "I know that. I think that's why you were sent after it. I saw Raizo watching over Alice. That's very important becuase Alice is the only one who can break some sort of curse on some one or some thing, but I don't know who or what." Jake explained. He placed a hand on Alice's shoulder. "Raizo and I willl protect you. The monster is coming after you, Kairo, Vannilla, and some one else. Do any of you know who Sylas is?"
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Made of death? Sounds like the Ouran Kujaku I killed in Kyoto. For once, I might be of some use here. After all, I am a professional monster hunter." Raizo said. Well, monster hunting was part of his job...
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "I know. You , Hinia and I are gonna have to do some partner work in a lot of this. I saw it. We're gonna have to protect teh ones that are targeted. Ms. Haku will have to talk to the Headmaster to see if we can get this school evacuated."
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((ugh on late =/ er what's going on exactly? im to lazy to read right now =-=))
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Alright but raven stay's with me she's not leaveing at all" kaname said as he looked over at her and then alice to the other guy.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [there's going to be a creature of death coming to the school and Jake was telling everyon ewaht he saw in his vision about it.]
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Raven wasn't with you when you went hunting." Jake raised an eyebrow. "She wasn't anywhere near you."
KasumiMienai / Gin Mikazuki: ((ahh ok thanks, i'll pop in sometime until i find a place at least =_=))
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: [hey guys re cap please? filler filler]
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at him as he said " what are you talking about if she was not with me then where was she??"
Raven looked at him as she said "im not leaveing my brother/finacee and you cant make me ok?" as grabed him tightly .
((im playing as both great)
Alysaa / Alice_ x: < Well x_x i wonder where i should come into this. :D >>
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "I don't know...I don't remember her there..." Jake said slowly as he tried to remember if he had even SAW Raven in the visions.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [Alice, Raizo is gonna protect you and Jake will to cuse your one of the kids being targeted by the creature of death. I think you frekaing out would be like something any one would be doing righ tnow. lol]
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice walked up next to Jake. She didnt know what was going on. everyone seemed confused or angry or upset. Alice didnt do anything she just stood there looking at jake trying to figure out what was going on.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake placed his hand on Alice's shoulder. "We won't let anything happen to you, I promise. You've been good to me, and to everyone. I can see why you called yourself a pure soul." Jake whispered to her.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Your spouse to be with us alice))
Kaname looked at them as he said "its gonna have to change it looks like the court is cancled now"
Raven nodded as she said" yeah what he said its gonna have to change" as she looked around and then back at them.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "Court? Court for what? What happened to regular dentention or AAP?" Jake said quizzically.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at him like he had just told her he was actually a women. "Why would something happen to me?" She wrote looking up at him and smiling. Whatever was going on it was scaring her but she did her best to act happy.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: {alice you can speak to Jake through thought, he doesn't get scared.]
"remember earlier when I felt really sick? I think that A new ability was growing in me. I collasped and fell into a deep trance where I was seeing strange images of the past and future. I foresaw an evil creature attack students here. It's targeting you and a few other people. But raizo and I will protect you I promise." jake ensured her.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled and nodded as if it was something that happened everyday. Inside she was scared. so so so scared. "Im ok, you dont need to protect me, just protect the others i can look after myself." She said. Alice moved closer to Jake hoping he wouldnt notice. She didnt want them trying to look after her when others were in danger, but at the same time she was terrified.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname nodded as he got up and pulled raven as he said "on a three we releash our power togeather ok one,two,three!" As they both realeshed it as the winds started to rushed past then kaname eyes was new red color of blood and raven hair was matching kaname hair as her's was longer and she had a staff in her hand as they looked different. Kaname looked at then as he said" we are ready!"
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake thought back to Alice. "I HAVE to protect you, every fiber in my being is telling me that Raizo will keep you safe, and that I need to keep you safe. Others tht are strong will take care of the targeted kids, but you are important for something. The creature is favoring you for some reason."
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "The creature will strike at midnight. We need to get the others safe first." Jake said.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "what is about this...Creature?"she said appearing behind them droping from the cieling.[lol dont know if we're inside but if we are outside just say sky lol]
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "It's coming to kill everyone. THere will be lots of injuries made. You can heal right?" Jake knew te answer he just wanted to see if Ms. Haku was ready for what lied ahead.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice knew that it was best if Jake and Raizo looked after the others. "Jake im stronger that i look." She lied. Alice felt sick from lying. "If i need to i can get my father to look after me, Hes the strongest Angel, even if he is evil he wont let me get hurt." Alice looked at the floor so Jake couldnt see that she had started to cry. She was scared but she didnt want to cause others trouble.
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "I know your strong. I believe you. Just trust us on this. Can you do that?" thought back.
[srry i have to go :(]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "well what will it do would you mind giving me details?"She asked[hey can i be controlled by the creature?:P its been awhile that i havent been evil.]
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice sighed and grabbed onto Jakes arm. "I dont want to die." She thought quietly she didnt know if he would hear it. Alice wiped her eyes and carried on looking at the floor. "Im a strong healer, i can heal the others aswell." She said biting her lip, "You have to let me help someway."
(( Got to go aswell xD ))
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "no one will lay a finger on you raven will be with you ok?" as he turned to jake "im sending raven with her she can heal fast and shes stronger then anyone here even me thats why im sending her to alice."
LadyGaga / Vanille: (ummmm...wow..I already read everything so I have an idea of whats going on here, i don't need recap xD )
Vanille stood outside away from the others, they were so loud she already knew what was going on, she knew they were planning to protect her, as if, they didn't know what she was capable of. "More fighting..already" she sighed lightly as she leaned against a destroyed wall that had cracks, she was light so it wouldn't fall apart so easily.Whenever this evil thing came she would protect herself if she had to.
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Well then Kagehime, looks like we have some flesh to carve." Raizo said, his demonic side awakening, exited at the pending combat. The sword made an odd ringing noise, almost like it was being unsheathed.<<think spaceship noises>> "I agree kagehime. This (i shold) be interesting." Raizo's teeth began to turn into fangs, and his chi grew enormously.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "I wonder when my court starts..might as well ask" she said quietly as she then walked over to the group, she hated to involve herself but still, she had things to take care of. "May I ask when does court start for me and Dear Raizo here?" she just glanced at him but then looked at Ms.Haku and kaname, she ignored the form they were in, she wasn't in the mood so she just didn't care.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at the guy as he said" i wouldnt do any thing yet just chill " as he looked at raven and said "are you ok ??" kaname looked at the girl as he said "there is no court because of this@
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "Back for more? And (i don't) call me Raizo-kun." Raizo had cast a translation jutsu, so he hears everyone in Japanese.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "No court, very well then, not like I wanted to go" she just smiled slightly and tapped her foot on the ground a couple of times, she was angered for some reason, she just kept tapping her feet as stuff behind her like the walls and chairs began to float up again. "Damned day this has been.." she said quietly to herself.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname nodded as he said in english to anoy the guy as he said" your spells or what ever can work on me besides im japanses retard"
LadyGaga / Vanille: (oh and Raizo, Vanille speaks english just that she has an australian accent so yeah and she understands japanese, So it works xD )
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): "So? I don't care what you have to say. This is so I can understand what they say in class!" Raizo said, his voice different coming around his fangs. His skin was now ashen, and red tattoos covered his arms in arcane patterns.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname sighed as he said" kids there soo hard headed well no court so that means my ass is off hook for now"
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Kids?" Vanille gave kaname a slight dirty look. "Old man, Look whos talking..you couldn't even manage to stop us when we were fighting, instead, some other young 'kid' stopped me just by telling me to calm down, please" she insulted him, she hated being called a kid, it annoyed her. "I wouldn't be calling us kids..weren't not even normal" she said in a attitude problem.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname laughed as he said "i could not show my true power but now i can because i have her " as he pointed at raven .
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Thats no excuse" she almost hissed in her sentence but calmed herself, she's been angry enough for the day, she decided she would be calm now. "Anywho..I hear theres something thats coming to kill us all" she bit her lip but then opened her mouth. "I won't be needing any protection, I'll stay away if you like but do not expect me to depend on anybody" she smiled brightly after her sentence.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "watch what you say after this we still have court you know and im one of the juge's like she is"
LadyGaga / Vanille: "You Don't scare me Grandpa" she responded in a sweet tone, she's never been so..mean or rebel-ish till now, but she wasn't herself at all at the moment, maybe later she would apologize in court, where then she would have to shut up.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Im not old stupid im only 23 and raven is 16 ok !!!" kaname said as he made a face at her he said "old you really tried me "
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "what the hell is going on here?!" haku yelled coming to them.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Kaname is getting all butt hurt cause he's old" Vanille raised an eyebrow at Kaname as she held in a giggle. "Its okay kaname they have wrinkle cream when they start kicking in again" she then bursted out laughing, she couldn't believe how rude she was being, but she felt free.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname hissed as he said "im 23 ass hole thats why your ass is guilty in court tomarrow !!! " as raven pulled him back and said "kaname is 23 so stop it or else!!"
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Kaname, I believe I really wouldn't be guilty, Raizo did after all attack me first and attempted to kill me, I was just defending myself so I had every right" she glared at him slightly. "And maybe you should have checked my records about my powers, I can't really control them when I use it for a long period of time" she pointed at the destroyed school as a example. "I wouldn't be making decisions so quickly now, shall we reconsider?" She figured he knew damn straight what she was talking about, none of this was really her fault, it was by force in her eyes.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "He is to and half of it came from my power when had alittle amount of it "!as he turned to raven as he said "yeah i did half of this too"
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: [Sorry I haven't posted all day I was at a funeral and now I'm on a phone and it takes forever to type lol ill post when I get home and what happened to karin]
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "I DONT CARE YOUR BULLSHIT IS GETTING EVERYONES ATTENTION!"she yelled and then she took the two to her classroom.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "oh no look what the cat druggin !!!" as he sighed and grabed raven.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: Haku took them to the class room and then she slamed the door behind them."SIT DOWN AND STAY QUIET!!!!"she yelled and then she sat in her desk getting another head ache.THen she took out her pills and started taking a few.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname laughed as he got up and walked over yo raven as he sat on the floor talking .
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille took her seat and raised her hand. "Sorry to bother you but is this detention?" she then poked her cheek.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): I agree with her" said kaname said noddeing at the girl as he hugged ravens leg as raven ran her fingers through his hair.
Shirayuki / Ms. Haku Yowane: "YES IS IS!" she said angrilly."God!" she yelled with her head hurting like nuts.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Oh, Well then.." she looked over at Kaname who was with his gf, this place seemed more like a love tunnel then detention.She then stood up. "Okay, I have to go too the restroom, I won't be long" she then walked out the door smiling.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (Can i get a recap? Finally after 7 looong hours of driving im home)
LadyGaga / Vanille: (ummm..Vanille pissed off Kaname in a argument then haku put them in detention while the rest are still talking about some monster who is coming to destroy us??...well..i think
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname and raven both said "us too" as they went out the room and then started to laugh as kaname wraped his arm around raven as she said "come on big brother lets get ready for the so called fight"
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille overheard kaname and his gf behind her, after the word brother she quickly turned around to look at them. "Did you just-" she was about to finish her sentence but stopped herself, she pissed them off enough already. She shook her head which meant 'nvm' and continued walking, not towards the restroom though.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "yes raven is my sister and im older brother which is why we are so close hehe " raven nodded as she said "yep what he said" as smilled
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Don't you find it a bit aquard?" she titled her head becoming curious now fo their relationship as she turned to look at them again.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname laughed as he said "see our parents are brother and sister too raven was made to be my sister and my wife thats why im 23 and she's 16 " as raven nodded holding on to kaname as she smilled too.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia knocked on the door to the detention room. He had seen Vanille and Kaname being escorted there. Damn I still haven't been able to talk to Ms. Haku he thought.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "I find that very strange..and odd, but i guess everybody has their own ways of doing things" she just smiled slightly at them, though it was weird and they really were happy with eachother then it wasn't a problem she guessed. "but still..i suppose its..sweet" she admitted. "but you make it so obvious by calling kaname brother raven" she looked at raven
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Yeah some times i do or not if i dont then they think im his girlfriend im not im his fiancee " raven said as they walked up to her and kaname looked around as he said "yep she is"
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille turned to look back at the detention class to see Hinia was knocking on the door trying to get it. "Hello there Hinia" she shouted and waved him over. "Ms.Haku is the only one there" she pointed out.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Raven and looked too as he kaname said "we should go like now before she come open the door and then we are busted or are you planing on going back??"
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: "You won't die, I swear on my life." Jake promised in his mind. He looked at Raizo's new form adn smiled. "Just like I saw." He thought. He knew about Raizo's past. Raizo would supposivly tell him later in the near future, but Jake wasn't going to tell him that now. "There's something I need to tell you before we go. The monster. It takes form of your worst nightmare. Everyone will find it harder to fight this thing than they realize. I don't doubt everyone is powerful, but this creature, is more. We will have to fight together." Jake explained.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "ehh..well..I don't want to go back and be out of my mind, then again I don't think being out here will be any good..might as well" she then started walking back to class.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Yeah im gonna go too kaname coming ??" raven said to kaname . kaname looked at her and said" no im gonna talk to jake" as he said" the only power full monster is my uncle andi killed him this monster is not power full unless rido found a way to come back"
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: [srry got to sleep now..........we'll catch up on this tomm. see you soon]
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia walked into the detention room and observed the people in it. He walked to the back of the class and leaned against the wall and nodded at Kaname and then at Jake.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname smilled as he ran to raven poking her in the arms as he reminber he was wearing a cross uniform.
LadyGaga / Vanille: Vanille entered the detention room quietly walking in her usual girly way. "Hinia, very nice to see you again" she smiled at him sweetly as she took her seat next to him. "It's been such a long day" she then twirled her hair around her index finger.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia sat down at the desk in front of him which was next to Vanille. "H..Hi nice to see you." Hinia began to mimick her and started twirling his hair.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Raven and kaname walked past the door as they was heading to there dorm wjen they got there kaname got on the computer as raven laid down on the bed.
LadyGaga / Vanille: "You sound nervous, calm yourself" she said staring down at the desk. "so..what is your powers exactly?"
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia smiled at her. "Not nervous, just not smart. I read minds and can exchange thoughts between people. I can also feel feelings that other people feel. I have even spotted spirits when others couldnt. I can see if people are good or evil, or if they can be trusted. I know it seems like a lot but I dont know how to control...How about you?"
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Telekinesis..but its the complicated type, the only of its kind..Phonex, Its complicated" she laughed slightly. "Not the safest power to play with" she whispered but then frowned to herself slightly. Now that she thought of it, her power couldn't do anything but harm and kill.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia scooted his desk closer to hers. "So that is what I saw when you and that guy got in an argument?" He was a little afraid of her at first, but now she seems interesting.
LadyGaga / Vanille: She nodded at him. "Yes..thats why i prefer not to use it but sometimes i get so angry..and i need to protect myself somehow!, I didn't mean to carry the school and destroy it by accident..this is worse then that one time I carried the river..that didn't go well neither"
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia stared at her and thought for a while. After a long pause Hinia pointed at her, "You split the red sea?" He made a hand motion bringing them together and broke them apart. "Like this?"
LadyGaga / Vanille: "Yes,I almost lost control at that time, it could have been much worse" she then looked at him smiling. "Don't think of me as a bad person, I'm not really" she try to convince him with a small smile.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia smiled back at her, "Well don't worry about that i know your a good person." He pulled out his glasses out of his pocket and put them on Vanille. "Can you see the glowing colors people give off."
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora sat on a bench outside. She lay down on the table, eyes closed but not asleep. She was part sunbathing, part trying to get away.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia took back his glasses. "I got to go for now." Hinia walked off and went outside. He saw Tora laying on a table and went over to her. "Hey...uh..uhh are you ok?"
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora opened one eyes slowly, calm and relaxed. Her dark purple eyes traced over Hinia. (#380B61 "I'm fine.") She muttered, then closed her eye again, hoping he would just leave.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia walked around her a few times observing the girl. "You want me to leave." Hinia backed away sensing that this girl was a bit dangerous. "Oh...Uhh...o..k"
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora slowly lifted her top alf of her body up, so she was sitting on the table She looked at him cautiously. (#380B61 "You read minds?") She asked, her voice calm.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia looked at her a littled scared. "Ye...Yes I do." He walked over to the table and touched her shoulder exchanging memories with her, Hinia's eyes had glown blue. "Sorry I dont mean to be so weird or anything, but this is how i let people know me."
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora closed her eyes, and it was like someone just put something into her brain, making her mind scan it. Then, her opened, and she smiled. (#380B61 "Its ok. I guess I should tell myself about you, huh, Hinia?") She muttered, then smirked.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia smiled "You can if you want Tora." He began to notice that everytime he exchanged memories he spoke better for a while. "What the hell.." he said under his breath.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora looked at him, confusion spread over her face for a moment. (#380B61 "Are you okay? You seem very doubtful of something.") She said, looking at him with her dark purple eyes.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia sat beside Tora. "I don't know if you know but I cant speak well and im not very intelligent, but every time I share memories with someone i gain knowledge, but sooner or later I always forget. I don't know how to remember." Hinia put his hand on his head. "I came to this school to learn to control my powers."
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora smiled at him, and touched his shoulder, ignoring the new flood of memories that rushed through her. (#380B61 "It's ok. Thats the point of this place, isn't it. I came here to further my knowledge of my powers, as sometimes I am not in control of my own body.") She said, then laughed lightly at herself.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia felt a rush going through his head. "So what are your powers?" Hinia started to feel a little sleepy and his eyes began to feel a lttle heavy.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora let her fingers slip of his shoulders, and watched them as they landed in her lap. Her eyes stared at the ground. (#380B61 "My powers? Well, its confusing but I can hear the thoughts of animals, and I can communicate with them. Im also able to shapeshift into animals. Theres a strange connection with me and tigers, it confuses me. And if I need to, I can make, but I prefer the word convince, animals to do my asking.") She said.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: "Oh so that explains the tiger i saw in your thoughts. That is awesome to have such a connection with the better nature of this world, animals are so interesting, If only I could read their minds'." Hinia's eyes closed and his head tilted onto Tora's shouler. He quickly moved his head back up. "Oh damn I'm sorry about that I feel really tired."
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora shakes her head. (#380B61 "No no. Its fine. I can handle it.") She said with a soft smiled. Then she looked to the sky. (#380B61 "Yes, animals are much simplier. I just had a great conversation with a bird before, it was interesting. And the tigers are what I see in my dreams, and also the reason I ended up here.")
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia's head fell back on to Tora's shoulder. "I wish I could speak to them. Being able to read minds isn't all that good. It hurts when you feel others pain and that's pretty much what happens. I'm sorry i'm leaning my head on your shoulder, but I don't feel well."
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): She smiled at him. (#380B61 "Its great, I learn to block it. But I do feel pain of others, and other things which hurt me emotionally. And its ok. I said I could handle it and I see your unwell.") She said, kind of getting used to the information passin through her.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: (Heya I would really like to join, I tried to join earlier but my computer died on me so i've been kinda not here.)
Name: Kasumi Hinotama
Age: 18
Room: 096
Power: Can control Fire, lava, earth and anything else that is extremely hot like that. she has the ability to forge many hellish weapons, at will.
Bio: Her parents were recently killed off, because of that she was forced to go to this new school. She has quite a hot temper and will try and burn you if you try anything stupid. Her parents were part of a special clan and worshipped the fire God. After gaining his favor her parents were told that there next child will be given all his powers. Due to her age and lack of knowledge in fire magics, she doesn't have a firm control over the magics within her. Every now and then if she sneezes or coughs she will spit out a fire ball.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia's eyes were glowing again. "Can you see it?" He asked. "Can you see my parents?." Hinia's parents had treated him terribly. They knew he had these powers and they treated him terrible they would abuse him and always thought he wasn't good enough because he was different. "Can you see my brother?" Hinia's brother had been murdered a few years ago. He was the only one Hinia got along with, His brother shared his powers, then one day his brother disappeared. "It h...h.hurts"
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora's teeth gritted together, and then she jumped off the table, tears were slowly falling down her face. (#380B61 "Uh. Sorry. I couldn't keep watching and seeing. You must be in so much turmoil. I could feel your pain. You are so sad, and I can't help...") She said, looking at the ground.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia layed on the table know looking like he had been beat. '"Did I hurt you?" Hinia felt the pain in his chest again and he fell asleep.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora went to say 'no' to him, but he looked like he had gone to sleep. She went and sat next next to him. She stroked his hair. (#380B61 "Its ok. I'm fine.")
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia didn't stay asleep for long this time, maybe it was because she had stroked his hair. Hinia slowly opened his eyes and saw Tora. "Oh h..hey."
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora let her fingers slips out of his hair. She was worried about him. (#380B61 "are you ok?") She asked.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia looked at her confused. "Of c..course i'm al..right." Hinia began to blush a little at the fact that he never really been this close to a girl. "D..Did something happen?"
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora tilted her head, and frowned. (#380B61 "You kind of feel asleep...") She said softly, looking at him.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia bolted up with his eyes wide. "I did wh..what happened, why d..did i f..fall asleep?" Hinia had forgotten what had happened when he flipped out showing her visions of his family.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora sighed, and stood up from him. (#380B61 "You were showing me things of your family, then you just leant back and fell asleep.")
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia smiled "Really?" He laughed "Hey T..Tora?" Hinia passed out when he felt strong feelings around. "How is th..that p..p..possible?" Hinia was seriously confused about what was going on. Waht did i show her exactly he thought.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora thought for a moment before answering. (#380B61 "Maybe you became tired, as you were already tired, and sickish. Maybe your power drained you energy.") She shrugged.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (i Kasumi I would think that your able to join I wouldnt want to get you kicked out or anything though)
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: "I've never passed out b..by using my power?" Hinia sat back down next to her. I promise I won't freak out again he thought "Did my eyes glow before i passed out?" Hinia thought that he might have been freaking her out a bit. "I'm sorry am I freaking you out?"
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): (#380B61 "yeh, they did. But your not freaking me out. I'e seen weirder.") She said, and giggled, then frowned trying to figure this out.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia smiled at her. "I didn't pass out cause i used too much power." Hinia wrapped his arm around Tora. "You helped me a lot." Oh damn what the hell am i doing Hinia thought.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora smiled back, but was unsure of what he meant in a way. But she didn't mind his arm around her, it felt nice. (#380B61 "No problem.") She smiled.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Staring out the window in the back seat of the taxi listening to the engine rumble along. She looks towards the driver, "Are we there yet?" She asked with a smirk on her face. The driver looks into the rear view mirror with a look of fear on his face. She loved to torment taxi drivers, a little fire display always put them in there place, and keeps there eyes from wandering to any parts that they may enjoy looking at.
"N.. no, no ma'am. We will be soon though." He said back.
Sighing loudly, she continues looking out the window. Off in the distance she can see the large building. That will be her new home for the next little bit. She missed her parents tons but, whats done is done. A few minutes later the taxi parks up by the front doors and she steps out, fixing her hair and pulling down her sunglasses a little onto the bridge of her nose, she looks around inspecting the place. She noticed that the driver got out quite fast and grabbing her back from the trunk he places it on the ground beside her and runs back into his taxi and drives away really fast.
Walking into the front door, she looked around. "Wow." she muttered to herself, her eyes growing in size. "Hello, anyone here?" She asked, looking for any sign of life.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia pulled out his pair of glasses and showed them to Tora. "These Glasses show you the true nature of people certain people have a glowing Aoura around them depending on what the color is you can tell if people are good, bad, or neutral. I was wondering if you could put them on. You can also see what people around you feel about you."
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora nodded her head, and took them from his hands. (#380B61 "So what does each colour mean?") She asked, then placed them on.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: "If you see Green, they are good, Red is evil, and Blue is neutral, this is what i see all the time." Hinia thought about how crazy and amazing this sounds but he wants her to see something.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora smiled, then looked at him first. She was surprised. To her, he was a mixture of colours. Arund her head was red, around his torso was green and the rest was blue. Like he was battling himself. Then she looked all around. (#380B61 "So this is how you can tell of others.")
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia held her a little tighter. "What do you see when you look at me?" Hinia just barely met this girl, but he already truted her very much.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (i Kasumi if you want to join in you can at any time lol. i mean after your first post which i read)
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora looked around for a bit more, then looked back at him. (#380B61 "I see red around your head, green around you torso, and blue around the rest. Its quiet strange and peculiar.") She said, taking off the glasses and looking at him.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia looked back at her staring into her eyes "Oh well that is quite weird, I haen't seen that before, What does it mean?" Hinia looked down at her lips and back at her eyes, his heart was beating really fast, Hinia began leaning in to kiss her, but he stopped and let go of her and ran away. Oh Shit, What am I doind he thought please don't hate me he kept repeating in his head.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora was about to say somethin, but his actions caught her mind blank. (#380B61 (i Ws he just about to - to kiss me?)) She wndered, but was unsure if she ws going to push him back or return the kiss. She looked around. (#380B61 "HINIA!") She called, and stood up.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Not finding a single person, she sighs loudly and grabs her bags and heads off into the school. Finding her way to the office she looks inside and still it's empty. Odd, she thought. Setting her bags down, and walking into the hallway waiting for someone, she decides to practice a little with her fire. Conjuring up a fireball, she starts playing pass with it, left hand, right hand etc etc.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia found a bench and sat down on it shaking like a chihuhua. What did I do, I don't really understand what happened he thought.
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): Tora stood up, and closed eyes. She called to the animals around her to locate Hinia. Once they told her of his location, she walked to where he was. When she saw him, and stopped a bit away and just looked at him.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Hearing someone around the corner, she snuffs out the fireball and peeks around the corner. It must be a student, she thought to herself. Walking slowly around the corner and up to this new person, she smiles sweetly. "Hi there," she said looking at him and giving him a little bow. "uhm, I'm new here and, theres no one here." She said, trying not to sound stupid. Her dark red hair, slowly covering her face and her deep red eyes.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia was so caught up in thought he hadnt noticed Tora was behind him for a while. He slowly turned around and frowned "I..I..I'm sorry" I dont know what happened he thought. Hinia stood up but stayed where he was just stood there staring at Tora. Then he looked at Kasumi and kept his frown 'Oh h...hi." he looked back at Tora
StrayKatt / Tora _(SKC): [[ G2G sorry. Should be on tomorrow ... :) ]]
She just smiled. (#380B61 "Its ok, I promise. I just wanted to say I'll see you around, ok. I got to go somewhere. See ya.") She said, with a kind wave and walked off.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia waved to her "bye." Hinia sighed and looked back at the girl. "I'm sorry , I'm really confused right now." Hinia didn't understand what just happened. I just tried to kiss her he thought.
(good night. see ya)
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: A look of confusing crossed her face, I think i was there at the wrong time she thought. "Sorry for bothering you, i'll just wait over here." she said with another little bow and walking backwards and back around the corner. Sitting down against the wall again and conjuring up another fireball, she begins to shape it, just like a potter makes a vase. Careful, she thought, moving her hands expertly around the flames, when suddenly, her mind wandered and the entire ball exploded. "AHHHHHH," was all she managed to get out in shock, before getting up and quickly putting out the flames. Sitting back down now on her hands, she puts on the innocent face, hoping that no one heard her or will notice the black mark on the floor.
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: Kyo walked down the hall only to notes the burns on the floor and the girl blushing with seaing on her hands. "So where you thinking of making a camp fire." said sarcastick voice.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (i sorry kaumi but i gtg im really tired but i will be on tomorrow. good night)
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Giving him a dirty look, "Well if you want I can, quite easily in fact." She knew she should shut up now or it would be another school transfer, especially when they find out her powers. Her mind raced, he's soooooo asking for it, it took all of her will power not to stand up and start throwing fireballs at him for that remark. "Sorry, she said I'm new here and I have no idea what I should be doing or where to go." She said, trying not to show her heating temper.
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: Kyo smiles a little and walks to the girl and looks down on here "You know you shouldn't say sorry to me put the porer floor look what did it ever do to you I bet know in the future your going to get it." said kyo small smile at the end.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: The temper burning inside her, hold back Kasumi hold back, her brain kept telling her. She brushes away her long red hair showing her red eyes, slowly they begin to glow like embers, the hotter her temper gets. "What's that suppose to mean," She said to him, her temper really starting to show and flare up. Standing up, and almost able to look him right in the eye.
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: Kyo puts he's hand and pats the girl's head feeling the heat of heer anger^^ "It means don't worry about being yourself here at this school im sure things like this happens all the time." said Kyo as he put he's bag behind him winks and smiles at here will showing he's power of shadow forming and a small black bird on he's shoulder.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Looking now quite bewildered, feeling herself cool off, maybe he wont get roasted, she laughed inside her head a little. Standing there a little shocked as well, as her brain began to processes this information. "So, what your saying is, I can actually be me? No more hiding?" She asked quite hopeful. "And uhm, sorry to be a bother." She said begin to blush again from her actions earlier." But I have no idea where to go and there's no one here at all." She said bowing slightly.
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: "One thing is yes edless that what the prinspal brout me here for."Said Kyo as he turned and started to walk down the hall.
"But to help you now... I guess I take you and show you around a little.....First lets try finding the classroom for starters. Come on!" said Kyo with bigger smile then he before as countuined walk the hall *To think i thought never smile again.* (oc: ha its late for me a but ill be back on in 6 to 7 hours later ok well get started on showing you around late k^^)
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Grabbing her bags, she quickly follows behind him. Looking all over the place, in this gigantic school. (It's really late for me too lol well i'll ttyl too have a good night :))
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Can i have a re cap please ?? If anyone is still online))
nekoscythe / Raizo (nin): <<I second the motion...I'm completely lost. You guys did like 3 pges...O.O RECAP!>>
Alysaa / Alice_ x: < Well that makes three of us. Last i remember was with jake xD >
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Anyone online yet again or is it just me ??))
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Oh i am xD well i am now D: hmmm so ... is any one still here ?
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Yeah me im online hehe im just gonna have kaname walk back to jake because they was talking ))
Alysaa / Alice_ x: (Ok . im still next to jake. so umm could you pretty please start XD )
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): ok))
kaname left the dorm so that he would not wake raven as he walked down the hallway he reminber that he was talking to jake and went back to him as he said "hi guys again"
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice smiled. "Hi Kaname. Im going to fight on my own." She signed to him smiling. She knew Jake wouldnt let her so she would try to get Kaname to side with her and maybe perssuade Jake to not protect her.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname sighed back as he said "ok but im sending raven at your side ok ?? You two get along well " and smilled back as he turned to jake.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice shook her head. "No i want to go on my own. i dont need help i can look after myself." She signed. "Jake is just being silly he will soon see that i dont need him to look after me, he you all need to look after others." She smiled at him avoding looking at Jake
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname sighed as he sign back "come on alice i cant look after her besides your pure you need evil on your side besides all she's gonna do is watch your back " as he spoke.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice bit her lip. "But i wanted to prove that i could do it on my own." She signed. "Plus what is she gets hurt you will never forgive me." She looked up at him worried
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Raven cant get hurt if she do she will heal me and her heal fast see" kaname said as he bit into his risk and it heal fast .
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice nodded giving in. "Thats fine, well i guess Jake cant get mad that im not being protected then." She smiled. She didnt want to upset Jake she liked him alot but she didnt want to be ' protected ' when there were others indanger. "Kaname are you going to protect people at school, or dont kings do that." She signed looking up at him.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Just because im a king dont mean i wont fight im fighting all over again like before which means i cant be active much" kaname told her as he laughed.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at him. "Would you like me to give you some of my white energy?" She asked. She wanted to use her healing powers but she hadnt found anyone to heal. "Oh i guess you dont really need my help. your so much stronger than me." She signed.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at her as he said "no reason to be sad i mean really ok so cheer up ok besides raven would not be happy if you sad because of me"
Alysaa / Alice_ x: "Why would she be sad?" She signed. Alice didnt want Raven to be sad. She liked Raven alot and she thought it was like a fairytale that she was a queen.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): "Because your sad she loves it when her friends are happy " kaname said as he looked at her before making. A funny face .
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice giggled even though it made no sound. Alice didnt want to make Raven upset becaus she was sad so she smiled.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname laughed as he started to dance like hyde as he laughed saying "hyde has nothing on me !" and kept on dancing .
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia walked but to the detention room and went in the room with his head down. He didnt come in looking around and he just sat at an empty desk in the back and put his head down on the desk.
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: -.- Kyo standed there aww strack by the persons danceing."I got to say I thought I was look at a monster for a sec there that dance should be legal to do." said Kyo as walks up behind the person.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice jumped and turned to look at Kyo. She quickly hid behind Kaname looking at him wide eyed. Alice still wasnt good at talking .. or signing to new people and was shy. but around her friends she was ok.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname stoped as he turn around and said "if hyde can do it then anyone can do it hahaha" as he laughed and then ran his fingures through his hair .
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: "HAA?? What was that about im not going to eat or anything..... yet!^^" said Kyo as he saw the girl hide behind the person dancing make a small devil like small on the end at her.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked at Kyo and her bottom lip started to wobble. He was going to eat her. He was going to EAT HER!? Alice held onto theback of Kanames top whimpering silently.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: (i are you all in the detention room or somewhere else lol)
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at him as he said "your not going to eat anyone so why dont you just run along like a good puppy !!"as he felt alice wobble as he then said "and stop scaring her "
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: ((I think out side i think??)) Kyo looked at the of person a as he made the pretty boy look with a emotionless face "F@G!" said Kyo as make a shadow demon behind the girl to scare her*Poke, poke the shadow waves at at her as she turns around.*
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice jumped and tripped over her own feet falling onto the floor. She looked up at Kyo. She didnt understand people like him. But he scared her. Alice didnt bother to stand up and just sat there looking up at him with a blank face.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname made a face as he pulled her up and said "come on alice lets go he's not worth it "
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: "Damnit! don't give me that look! Anyways look at these thing it couldn't harm a fly as the big shadow demon changed in to a small plush like doll from him pulling on its chicks *AWWAWW* as it makes a playful demon like smile not to try and scare her* "Sorry!" said kyo as the demon wakes him with a small malt hammer on he's head which does not thing to him.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at him as he said" your the one acting like a creep " as he looked around waiting for someone to show up.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice brushed her skirt of nodding at Kaname. Alice grabbed onto Kanames arm clutching to it like a child. She didnt want to seem rude to Kyo but the Shadow demons were scaring her.
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Im on ))
Raven jumped down in front of kaname as she said "why are you messing with my brother its not nice!!"
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alices eyes lit up when she saw raven. She smiled like a child. She didnt care about the scary shadows now.
walterguy / Kyo Kenshu: "Fine! I accipt that so i'll help you out see you late." said Kyo in a sad tone of voice and wave to them as he walks behind a tree's shadow and disappears into it. Popping up into the school's hallway look down at the gang.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname yelled to the guy as he said "you dont have to leave just make the shadow's go away ok?!" as he looked at raven and said "hello there"
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Raven smilled at kaname as she "alice !!" and hugged her as she said "alice rules ,alice rules ,alice rules yay alice!!!" and then hugged her again.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice giggled and hugged Raven back. She waved at her and signed hello. "Raven imgoing to fight on my own." She signed smiling with her back to Kaname so he couldnt see wehat she said.
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Raven smilled as she signed back "im still comeing with you but i wont get in your way unless i have to ok?" and looked to. Make sure that kaname was not looking.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia walked outside and spotted kaname and two other girls he went over to them hoping that they might be able to help him make sense of everything. "Ummm....h...hello."
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice nodded. She needed to prove to Jake she could protect herself. Alice turned to Hinia and waved then looked back at Raven and Kaname. "What are we even fighting again." She signed looking at them confused. Jake had just said something was going to attack her. Not what it was.
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Raven looked at the guy as she said "hi i never seen you before who are you??" As she then sign alice "i dont know either"
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Looking away for a minute at something, she turned back to her guide and he was gone. Dropping the bags to the ground and sighing loudly. "Now, I don't even know how to get back." She said to herself. Well maybe someone else will come by who can help her, she thought.
AcEOfSpAdEs / Hinia Asuta: Hinia smiled at Raven. "I'm Hinia." He quickly returned to a frown. He walked over to ALice and Raven and lightly touched their arms sending his thoughts to their minds. "Nice to meet you Alice and Raven."
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jake didn't understand sign language, but he knew that Alice desperately wanted to fight by her self. He couldn't let that happen. In his vision he saw Alice being wounded by the monster. Her worst fears being brought to the surface. He couldn't leave her for one second. After all, he did have strange feelings for her. He hid it so that it wouldn't make him seem weak and sway him. It was for the best. "We have to prepare for tonight. We need weapons and whatever else we can find to defend ourselves." He said as though he was a leader. He wouldn't be a leader even if he had to. He was too humble for that. Leading was Kaname's job.
Lilshiro / Raven kuran: Raven smillled as she hugged him "hiii " and then looked at jake. As she said "im with alice she wont get hurt" as she held her hand out and her staff aperered in her hand.
Alysaa / Alice_ x: Alice looked up at Jake smiling. "Raven is going to protect me." She said into his mind hoping that he would belive her and let her fight on her own. Alice clung onto his arm smiling up at him.
skyline339 / Kasumi hinotama: Picking up her bags, after a couple minute break, she begins walking again hoping to find some people. After a few more minutes and turning another corner and notices a group of people. Putting down her bags and brushing the hair out of her face, she walks up to them "uhm, uh, hi." She says quietly, on the outside of there circle.
Lilshiro / Kaname kuran(vk): Kaname looked at jake as he said "you guys need wepon's i dont" as he stuck his finger into his arm as blood came out and kaname sliced a tree with it . Kaname looked at the girl as he said "hi im kaname"
Ummwhat365 / Jake Miller: Jzke smiled back. He snet a thought to her. "I trust Raven and I turst you, but the things I saw about this monster are too horrible. I saw kids DIE right in front of me. People we may know. I'm just not sure." He looked down frowning. His ears and tail drooped.

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