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Roleplay - Comrad vs Hanyou by Duke of york / ComradBrody

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(picl http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/2161/61055317.jpg)(bold run into my old pole)
(bold with the granny strippers)
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HanyouMokushi: Hot damn!
ComradBrody / St. jimmy: BOOM!
HanyouMokushi: (#7EC0EE Making a big scene as always eh?)
(#7EC0EE Well since you did create this thread, what did you have in mind to play around with?)
ComradBrody / St. jimmy: Well originally it was going to be like Chat with Comrades but just us two...so kinda like a open message system you know.
Stuff like that.
But now we are rebels breaking the system lol
HanyouMokushi: Ah, I do see what you mean.
Haha, well there's nothing wrong having a little fun, rebellious as it may be. Not that that has stopped you before now has it?

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