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Roleplay - I Miss The Old ES... by Zoey Orimoto =) / SaralynnCurtis

<(I Sadful face)> This is for the older members who miss this ES...

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SaralynnCurtis / Repo Dyakonu-Fallen: I miss this ES a looooot
5secondsforme: ME MORE!! We can relive it, start rping here, keep it alive!
Kitkara: I miss it too... :(
KateWatkins / Derik: Same here. All my friends have left this ES but have not really posted in the new one
Kitkara: Yeah... That does suck. No one posts in the new es for me either.
KateWatkins / Derik: Well I found three people on the new es but two of them have not been online
SaralynnCurtis / Repo Dyakonu-Fallen: I like the old ES, but this one holds memories, ya dig?
juggalodan / Darius Enson: i do miss this one. Some of my best RPs were on this one....but, because search is disabled, I can't find them now except for going back pages and pages. :S.
i use the new one too, though, and I quite like it, though it's phone friendly with the character changing thing.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: -smirks- I dont think ANYONE could miss the old ES as much as I DO! Ive been here nearly since the creating of ES, minus a few short months. -sighs- But the new sight is alright, my rp picked up again there so its not ALL that bad...considering the old rp here has been going since 2005! AND STILL GOING STRONG!!! wewt!! I can still get to my old rp here, I had it bookmarked ^_^
PaintedSkin / Edwind: I MISS OLD ES!!
Best One Can Find No Reason Why They Made A New One >:D
shatia / Khthonia: -p I had some great RPs here.I wonder why they decided to make a new one,(b Alot) of peoples RPs were lost.
PaintedSkin / Edwind: Yeah It Sux >3<
I had some good one too.
shatia / Khthonia: -p Do you have an account on the new ES yet?
PaintedSkin / Edwind: Have one but don't use it...
And You?
shatia / Khthonia: -p Awww you must be really dedicated to the old ES. @_@
PaintedSkin / Edwind: Haha not that much
New ES Annoyes me because it has all this crazy stuff now.
Profile Pages and Stuff Idk
I came one ES to Write not to have a thing like FB or MySpace
SaralynnCurtis / Repo Dyakonu-Fallen: Jimmy made the old one because this one was coded badly and the new one runs much faster.
izumiueshima / Hikari Nishimura: I have an account on the new ES,but it sure can be confusing at times. I like the old ES much better than the new one.
SaralynnCurtis / Repo Dyakonu-Fallen: I know how to work both quite well... It's just the memories this ES holds that keeps me coming back here.
Kitkara: Yeah... All my work is on here... Though it has nothing to do with the roleplay... I guess I still wish that he'd move everything over, or not have the new one at all. It seems... Unfinished.
alyssafrench16 / Lyss: I miss this place too. So many memories.
iRuska: I just found a way to sign up for the old ES... I'm slow... It's Repo, by the way.:)
alyssafrench16 / Lyss: (#FF0080 oh i know. :])
xxdellybooxx: same its so much better
shatia / Azula The Fire Lord: Yo?
juggalodan / Darius Enson: hellooooo
xxdellybooxx / edel: hi
izumiueshima / Hikari Nishimura: Hiya
juggalodan / Darius Enson: Mwahahahahaha
izumiueshima / Gail Christian: Ok wierd..lol
juggalodan / Darius Enson: I'm bored. :P
kietra: Oh, I know. :( *sigh* it's all lonely here now.
juggalodan / Darius Enson: yeah it is. It makes me sad.
izumiueshima / Hikari Nishimura: I wish they never made the new ES. I mean isn't the old ES just as good?
juggalodan / Darius Enson: well, i'll admit that the new ES is easier to get around and posting RPs is more simple. But I like both.
izumiueshima / Gail Christian: I still think the new ES is some what confusing.
juggalodan / Darius Enson: I got used to it really quickly. This one took me a while to get used to but I'd never been on an RP site of any kind before so...yeah.
alyssafrench16 / Lyss: (#FF0080 Mhm.....)
iRuska: The old ES, however, was poorly coded, and is very slow when many people are using it.
Kylesa: oh yeah i miss it tooooo! :(
iRuska: I do miss the old days... This is where I started...
WolfKing / Shining gundam: brings me back
alyssafrench16 / Lyss: Hm......
trapt87 / -Jason Voorhees-: Ah the memories..
OperationRepo23: Sub? O:
WolfKing / Shining gundam: wow
OperationRepo23 / Ryou Bakura (Repo): What?
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: I miss the old ES....
Animefan127: I miss it to my friend I miss it too
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: Yea I miss it. A lot. All my characters have been stolen on the new site. )=
ikoshima / Vivien: Definitely brings back memories.
Silencer: ah the memories of my 17 year old self on ES role play
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i see its been three days.....anyone still alive? i swear its like a zombie apocalypse and there are only a few of us left....so far i have found noone.
trapt87 / NightWing (Dick Grayson): Repo? >.>
soifon345 / squall lionheart: what?
wolfprincenick / Prowler: Hey
OperationRepo23 / Leafeon (Repo): Yus!
alyssafrench16 / Lyss: > I am in misery.
trapt87 / NightWing (Dick Grayson): Hello Repo!
HayleyJay / hayleyjay: I really do miss this. =(
KaityKins: anybody wanna do a 1x1? i'm bored with the other site
OperationRepo23 / Leafeon (Repo): Hello Sub!
Good luck finding an RP partner.
trapt87 / NightWing (Dick Grayson): Huzzah for someone I know coming here!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ello people!! sorry i havent been on for quite a while but ive been busy. ......anyone on?
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: I miss this ES. The new one means nothing to me.
Paterfamilia / Deathwing: Yo! Anyone here?
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: I'm around somewhat.
OperationRepo23 / Leafeon (Repo): A lot of people don't come here anymore. =/
JuggaloBaMBaM / Harley Dubs: People don't come here anymore because of the ascension. Grow with it, or you'll be left behind.
Drayelya / Drayelya, the Aphotic: Or you could just ascend and come back to enjoy seeing some of the old stuff you used to write. I am as a ghost in this place moving from corridor to corridor as I read and re read.
Jamirus: I know right!? Gosh, the good ol' days back here when people actually knew how to rp. ;/
ZXV / XII-Roxas-: Wow... it's true...I miss the old ES....I mean the new one is great and all but...the old one should still be part of it since it's the origin of the new one. >> And most people still come here...geeze...they should keep this one on the list still. -_-
the heartless / Wrath: 5 years ago I joined this sight...and man....I dont even think any of my old ES buddies still ever come here
wolfprincenick / Prowler: I don't care if this is dead... As long as it's here I'll be coming here
I'm on the new ES too under the same name... Do greet me if we ever meet there
AsukaAzumi / Anna.: Does anyone still check this.
KarloZ / Ezequiel: If that many people really miss it, why doesn't everybody just come back? It's not like one can no longer post. If you're one of the few who miss the old ES so much, just start hanging around here again.
OperationRepo23 / Leafeon (Repo): I don't miss this ES as much as my old name. ._. I kinda regret asking Jammy to change it, but I do like my new username too. >.<
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: I'd rather be left behind. I don't mind that one bit.
wolfprincenick / Nick Darkwind: I do check this... If anyone creates a thread here I'll join.
SweetAndOhSoME: You and me both.
It was once my home away from the world.
Retired / hayters gonna hayte: you can come home with me. I live on the moon.
SweetAndOhSoME / Armit le Caprino: That's pretty rad. I think I might. (:
Darien / Sonya (angel): I don't miss it terribly... I wish I could still access my old characters so I could get the picture urls to move to the new sight... but other than that... nah... I'm pretty happy with the new site
Bleeding_AngelX: I think they're more missin' the community than the actual site itself.
Retired / hayters gonna hayte: I don't miss you. That's for sure.
KarloZ / Ezequiel: I second Sorn.
SweetAndOhSoME / Armit le Caprino: Yeah,
Definitely the community,Benny. (:
Retired / hayters gonna hayte: I miss you
SweetAndOhSoME / Armit le Caprino: Me? I miss you, Brudda. (:
WinterRavenRz: I totaly agree with you sonya, i wish i could log into my old accounts and charectors instead of having to recreate everything.
I don't miss it terribly... I wish I could still access my old characters so I could get the picture urls to move to the new sight... but other than that... nah... I'm pretty happy with the new site
Created by Sonya (angel) (Darien) 29 days 11 hours 38 minutes 56 seconds ago. [ ]
Jamirus: I miss this site because of the people and the way role plays seemed to live and not die. People were on more and more..
Sakurako: I dunno, I miss the clean feel of the site. The layout was a lot simpler and much more user friendly, in my opinion. Easier to use means more fun, and more fun means more roleplays and roleplayers. This place is dead and gone now though. Not much we can do about it except sit back and reminisce.
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Ditto.
RZKEngel: Wow Krow lives
KarloZ / Ezequiel: He does?
Jamirus: OMG he does! :D
SaeKatnear: As do I =[
crimson_panda: Everything looks so...ancient.
Vermalin: It gives me mixed feelings.
MrSandman / Sandy Sandman: I miss this place..
Kemy542: Wow....so many memories D:
TheCourier: I Miss this site so much. I was here from the beginning as well(i have missed a some months though)
I Lost my Best RPs when it moved to the new site. and i havnt been able to find any of my old RP friends......hell i can hardly find any decent RPers these days :/
alyssafrench16 / Lyss: Hm..
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: I'm having so much trouble finding role plays in the new site right now. And roleplay partners. Yippy.
Jamirus / Alesha: Gosh, Protector! I am having the same problems. Maybe we could figure something out?
KarloZ / Ezequiel: No one around, Im guessing?
crimson_panda: No one is ever around.
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: Nope. Never ever....except ghosts

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