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Roleplay - survivors please join!! by squall lionheart / soifon345

umm elite skills i guess

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soifon345 / squall lionheart: ok so this rp is for the survivors of the old es. whoever finally decides to come back can join this rp and i dont know.....survive.
RoseEvita: hey wasnt i just talking to u lol...like on the other site, or is this someone else
soifon345 / squall lionheart: this is me lol and yay! wait....are you a survivor? or someone who just joined the old one? lol
RoseEvita: lawlz imma noob XD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: haha well im a noob on the new one lol i get so confused on it
WolfKing / Bartimeaus: I survived
WolfKing / Bartimeaus: I am a noob on neither of them.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: who is this? lol
WolfKing / Bartimeaus: Animus.
soifon345 / Soi fon: ok coolio lol so you made a new name when u switched over?
WolfKing / Bartimeaus: Yes, when I got on the new one I made a new name, then I just made another new one.
soifon345 / Soi fon: ok lol so why didnt you want to keep your old one?
WolfKing / Bartimeaus: I just didn't.
soifon345 / Caim -drakengard-: oh ok lol i guess thats a good enough reason
WolfKing / Bartimeaus:
realy I just wanted to change it to latin
soifon345 / Soi fon: thats neato. is that what it is?
WolfKing / Bartimeaus: Yes it is latin.
RoseEvita: yo lol
AsukaAzumi: Hi
soifon345 / Soi fon: hey people! sorry...once again i kinda forgot about this site lol but im back for now
wolfprincenick / Prowler: Hey... Glad to have found survivors lolz
glich75 / Cream soda: im still here too *~*
Promania / Ellen "Quarry&am: Any one Here?
vampbooklover / Emma Lee: Hello?
Promania / Quarry: Why Did thay let the good, simple ES Roleplay die?!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey people! sorry i havent been on in a while, ive been busy. anyone on?
Jamirus / Alesha: I am made at Jimmy at the moment. I don't understand why he created the new Elite Skills. This one was just fine, everyone enjoyed it here. Oh the good times we have had!
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: It's like walking through a deserted town, trying not to run into the zombies of the neighborhood. And that is why I am so heavily armed. XD
KarloZ: Hello, people. Anyone around?
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: I am..sort of. Sometimes.
Jamirus / Alesha: Haha, love the idea Protector!
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: hurray for swords and shotguns

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