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Roleplay - Red Rose High by Gail / Bleeding_AngelX

In the middle of a beautiful campus stands an old Victorian style building. It was once that of a great and wealthy family, but now it has been turned into a school. This place has everything you could want in a school. Dorms are provided for all students and are located on the second and thrid floors. An indoor track, various sport courts, and a swimming pool are all on the ground floor along with courts and fields outside. A large fountain stands in the center of the courtyard amongst the lush greenery and fresh air. Although it has all of this, it is no ordinary school. Red Rose High is open to students of any kind. Most that attend the school are special in some way. No one that enters the schools doors will be discriminated against or turned away becuase of what they are. Their specific gifts will be nurtured by the teachers, one of the main focuses being self control. What goes on within these walls are a mystery to all of those who do not attend the school, but for those that do, it is home. This is Red Rose High.

Roleplay Details

All are welcome, as is stated above. Of course, there is no godmodding, killing of other characters, and try to keep swearing down. I dont really care if you swear, but others might, so if you are going to, make sure it is well deserved. Fighting is alright, though the teachers may disagree. Of course classes are also to be had(this is a school after all) and speaking of that, if you dont hurry, you will miss first bell.


Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: ((The old Red Rose High got way out of hand and the plot line got far too muddled up. No one really knew what they were doing any more, so we're starting over, I think. I'm not really sure if that's what everyone wants, but new people are always welcome. Please, don't ask if you can join, I welcome all. The more the better as long as it doesn't make the plot too complicated again.))
Gail ran down the hallways. He couldn't believe he was late. His uniforms' white dress shirt was open and blew wildly as he ran. His hair was still wet from a hurried shower. His messenger style bag swung with every rushed step, the flap left open carelessly. He slid on the tile of the main lobby as he tried to stop. The large clock on the wall of the labby showed the time as being an hour before classes started. Someone had changed his clock. He clenched his fist in front of him. "John, you are so dead." He muttered to himself.
miroakukirara / nolane: <<yeah i think thats my fault about the other one but hey it's back and so am i so can i join back in hello hello is anyone hgere?>>>
miroakukirara / nolane: he ran into nolane and she got up rubbing her head
"where you headed gail?" todays a fre class day you can take any class off today where you going?" she asked confused
BloodtornAngel / Angel: (lol I'll try not to be so much of a nuisance this time and get on more often. But hey Im BAAAACK!!! dun dun dun)
Angel walked down the hallways lately shed taking to walking since she got back she didnt want any more retakes of the last time she was here. She smiled when she saw nolane and Gail.
Onitaro / Crimson: <<I dont really like remakes but I guess it was for the best. By the way, I saw every post and read it as you guys posted but I didnt feel like saying anything, as always. I guess there is always room for improvement. Anyway, I'll join....Again. But when the time is right>>
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: "Mornin' all." His playfull anger quickly turned to joy as he looked out at all of his friends. He then turned to Nolane who he had run into. "Sorry about that. Because of my room mate I thought I was late for class. I'm getting him when I go back up." He shook his head, drops of water falling to the tile floor. "So, what are all of you up to this morning?" He grinned brodely, happy to see all of them today.
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: ((Valix, look to my first post for your answer.))
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: "Fooling around like always." Gail shook his head You know, sometimes I just don't know about you two." Gail laughed, his hand on his forehead. "Any way, you guys doing anything?"
((Yeah, that confused me. So much wsa going on.))
BloodtornAngel / Angel: Angel looked at them all "Well seems like we have most of the gang all back together again" she shook her head messing up her short hair "Maybe this time we can ALL stay out of trouble?" she asked cautiously
miroakukirara / nolane: <<hey im back wat happaend?>>>
BloodtornAngel / Angel: "YOU were the STart of all the trouble last time" She playfully shoved him
Onitaro / Crimson: Crimson walked down the hall and walked right between everyone, not even bothering to make a glance at any one. A darkened glare was comming from his eyes and his arms were tucked away in his cloak, making no arm movements. He continued to walk as if he hadnt seen any of them.
BloodtornAngel / Angel: Angel straightened as Crimson walked by and her eyes went wide "Crimson" Angel called after him "You don't want me to play the chase game again the least you can do is say hi to us"
Onitaro / Crimson: "What good is a game of chase when only one plays?" He said, still walking. "To say hello....would mean to say goodbye." He said as he stopped infront of the door of RedRoseHigh.
miroakukirara / nolane: nolane wondered what to do next she pinned up her long brown hair and started singing every heart until she was interupted by a familiar voice
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: "And let's all be glad of that!" Gail spoke loudly as he walked up to the two of them. A gust of wind blew through the cafeteria sending one of the chairs at their table spinning around for Gail to sit in. He grinned brodely at them. He had become so much more carefree since last year. For once, he felt accepted in a place like this. "I would hate to have you digging deep into my thoughts. That just feels...wrong." He looked at the girl Kotetsu was with, sitting their with out showing any emotions. "Why so glum? Did g'ya tell her about what happened last year?" Her asked, looking puzzeled. He had missed a lot of what had happened, but was told about it upon his return. He still hadn't forgiven his parents for taking him out of the school when things were getting hot.
fehness_of_me / Ayne: *Mika walked onto the school grounds and looks around. She has a pair of tight jeans and a t-shirt on. She has a pir of sunglasses on her head and she has her ipod on (Eminem - When I'm Gone)*
fehness_of_me / Minako/ Mina: oops...wrong chara..and name)
miroakukirara / nolane: nolane ignored the man and ran intot he cafetiria where hse saw her brother through adoption and walked over to him and begab hugging on to his left ad rem and smiling
"what you up to big brother?" she asked with a small grin on her face and giggled to herself with hwer hair still pinned up
"you today's the day that we have to fast right.. umh are you going to eat not very religious to our magic now ist it" she said seductively
miroakukirara / nolane: <<am i the only person on again why me?>>
Gothik / Hiro: (your not alone, i'm just slow right now.) Kotetsu looked at Nolane and sighed.
"I'm tring to forget I'm a telepath remember?" He said and teleported with her still on his arm. They reappeared on the roof he took Mare to earlier and he set the golf bag down and drew one of the swords.
"The new girl has an interesting gift, almost inadvertently killed me." He said and started swinging at nothing with the katana.
the heartless / Shinto: <can I join>
Gothik / Hiro: (sure, i think it's an open RP.)
the heartless / Shinto: <can you make a suggestion where a new student could start>
miroakukirara / nolane: "what do you mena and interesting gift one that the group of ops could use?" she asked moving her hair and taking out her double blades
"come on big brother lets sparr i wanna kick your ass again, and this time i wont use my pistol" hse said smiling and standing int eh fighting stance
miroakukirara / nolane: "umh kotetsu who's that guy over there he looks lost" she said looking down to the ground
the heartless / Shinto: <can yall tell me when a good time to join would be *glares at hockey*>
the heartless / Shinto: <I mean to meat yall>
the heartless / Shinto: as he passes by the two, his face hung in the shadows of his hair, he silently walks past them
the heartless / Shinto: he just kept quiet and didnt talk as he walked threw
the heartless / Shinto: he looked up and his face was calm with serousness, then he just walked around her (Hes shy plus he isnt a good talker)
the heartless / Shinto: he opened his mouth to say something then he just turned around and ran
the heartless / Shinto: he got into some bushes and jumped into a small door he found earlier, that apperntaly no one knew about, cause inside the furniture was old and dusty
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: A gust of wind blew through the old room, sending dust every where. Gail stood behind Shinto, laughing to himself. "Sorry Newkid, I just couldn't resist." He laughed a little while longer before finally he settled. "Or do you like the room better dusty?" A second gust came, blowing all of the dust right back to where it was. "Better?" He asked, still smirking.
the heartless / Shinto: he just sat there in the corner with his head hung down, he had a small notebook and pencial
the heartless / Shinto: he finished his drawing, then flipped the page as he sat in the corner of the room in the ground under the bushes
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: Gail had moved to the roof, standing atop one of the towers. The object he had carried around last year strapped to his back, still wrapped up in dirty white cloth. He stared out at Kotetsu, then Mare. This game had started out goo, but for a spectator, it had grown rather boring. Gail hoped that one of them would make a move or else he would just go back to his room.
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: "Oh my." Gail said to himself, watching as Mare touched Kotetsu. "It looks like she's won." He said, laughing a bit less then he normally would have. Gail had only managed to catch Kotetsu once and never again. And even then it had taken him a while to manage it. "This girl must sure be something special."
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): gamble steped out in to the open of the yard. "not much.." she walked closer to the school holding a news paper. gamble jroped the news paper into the trash can as she walked by "..one.." the trash can then exploded gamble kept walking she truned around as she heared sirens coming closer."..darn.." she took off and ran into the school truning to make sure that the sirens had passed with out seeing her. she smiled as they drove by "a nother for the count" gamble walked through the halls she looked for someone but who. "..this place its.." as she walked through the halls she could remember small incidents of a small girl who she had named ishka for some reason. "..what am i looking for?.." gamble kepted asking her self as she walked the halls.
the heartless / Shinto: he woke up "hu....O MY GOD" he got up so fast he left his notebook in the place, he ran up the stairs and darted out the bush, he lost now "where am I"
the heartless / Shinto: he sighed "Ya Im lost now, I kinda fell asleep, and forgot everything can you show me around"
the heartless / Shinto: "I dunno" he looked around "mabey can you show me all the classes" <yo Hockey can you join Harvest moon>
the heartless / Shinto: "thanks" he followed beside her <use Kashe >
the heartless / Shinto: "Nice" he looked around acting like he wasnt focused wandering if she would attack him
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth had been a student here most of his life. The teachers have noticed him as a great student and a fighter. He could of already graduated, but somehow he loves being here at Red Rose. As he was walking, he bumped into some students he never seen before. He decided to introduce himself. "Hmm, you two must be new here, my name is Zeroth. Im actually a student here, but since I've been here so long, they think of me as another teacher for the training grounds. Now tell me, what are your names?"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth laughed at Kotetsu. "Aww, come on Kotetsu, no one comes to the training grounds unless they want to fight." Zeroth said looking back to the two."Here, since your new, how about a little warm up, just to show you guys how its really like here."
the heartless / Shinto: "Shinto"
the heartless / Shinto: "leme try against him" he had no wepons are anything but he seemed ready
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth always liked a good challenge. He had been here for a long time, and neve really had a good opponent. "Hey Kotetsu, I have been here a little longer than you, your almost graduating. You're gonna have to do your final test of fighting, why dont you practice on Shinto here?" Zeroth said getting a weapon for Shinto.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth liked that the new girl named Mare wanted to fight him. While Kotetsu would fight Shinto, him and her would fight. "Okay, here, follow me Mare."
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth liked the idea. Anyways, it did seem fair, he was the best fighter in Red Rose. Zeroth nodded to the idea, and motioned the two to follow him.
the heartless / Shinto: he dropped the sword and looked around then covered his face in shadow "Ill just watch then"
the heartless / Shinto: he follow them cause he wanted to watch, to him all he had to do was watch one fight and he could learn their style, "Oh well"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth lead them to a large room, with one wall full of weapons from wood, to actual real weapons. Zeroth took one of the wooden swords, so he wouldnt hurt her of course. He then walked over to the other side of the room. In the middle were obstacles that were for cover. He then laughed. "Are you ready Mare?" He said.
the heartless / Shinto: he stood in the sidelines and watched
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Yea sure, i just joined this, go right ahead>>
the heartless / Shade Unarie: he just wanted to fight the best "This is gunna be fun" his eyes glew slightly red, then he blinked, he was so exicted he was starting to break from his humanity
the heartless / Shinto: <sorry wrong character oh and Hockey you need to post on Harvest moon>
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: ((Yeah, just joining with out permission, Que? Naw, this thing is open to all who want to join. Don't ask, just do it.))
Gail walked into the training room. There were whispers on the wind of a sparring match with Zeroth involved. Gail always loved to watch Zeroth fight. He was a little shocked to see Mare as his opponent. "Zeroth, are you serious? One of the new students? Don't you think that's a little unfair?"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth noticed that many came to see the fight. He would show them his best, but he would go easy on Mare. Zeroth quickly ran over to the center, and jumped to the left of Mare. He quickly rolled behind her.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Ben, is that u?lol>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As Zeroth rolled behind her, he quickly moved his feet to trip Mare, for Zeroth was the fastest in school. As he tripped her, and jumped back from where he came from.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Forget my last post>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth could sense some skill from Mare. Maybe she could be the next best fighter at Red Rose. Just maybe. Zeroth laughed to himself as he got up. He quickly ran to Mare, but then jumped behind her, kicking her in the back.
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: "Good point Koetesu, she's already done a lot better than me at that little game, but that doesn't mean she can beat Zeroth. You still remember the last new kid." Gail thought back to the kid he saw lying in the informory. "So many injuries. I really wish he wasn't pulled from the school." He had a bit of a light air to this comment, as if joking.
((Of course it's me, who else would it be?))
the heartless / Shinto: he closed his eyes and wispered "There is nothing good about blood shed" he kept reapeting this over and over
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth felt like he was he was being too harsh on Mare, but it wouldnt hurt to show a new comer some good moves. Zeroth rolled back, jumping on a large block. He then brought his wooden sword up to his face. "Come on Mare, is that all you got?"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Nice that ur on ben, k, lets get this party started!, pls excuse my me, iv had too much cheese today>>
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: Gail stood, watching the fight. His hands clenched into fists and then relaxed. It had been a while since he last sparred. He could feel the staff on his back calling to him. He shook his head free from the enchantment and then turned, still wide eyed, to watch the fight again.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth laughed. He felt this fight dying. "What, we're done then Mare? Hmph, and I thought you had skill..." Zeroth said mockingly.
the heartless / Shinto: he loved to fight, btu it always led one thing to another for him, he was stuborn when it came to a fight, even if he was about to die he wouldnt give, unless he blacked out are something, he thought "Why did I come to this school"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth pretended he was down for the count. He waited and groaned as she walked by, but then got up and tackled her to the ground. "Never take your eyes of your opponent Mare, never forget that." Zeroth said in her face.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth liked that she never gave up. "I like how you fight, your different than the others. If you would just be trained a little, maybe you might be good." Zeroth said sheathing his wooden sword. He then walked over to the others. "Okay, anyone else up for a challenge? Or am I just gonna have to sit around and wait."
the heartless / Shinto: he tied a cloth around his eyes "Ill give it a try"
Hockeygal101: She walked out of the room and went to get a drink, leaving the sword in the room. She ran up to her room and went through her bag and took out the vile. She drink it down and layed downon her bed, sweating slightly. She was glad he ended it when he did, or soemthing bad mighthad happend.
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: Without hesitation, Gail jumped to the center block, aided by a sudden gust of wind. "I am!" He shouted, pointing at Zeroth. "Let's go, Old man!" He paused for a moment, puting his finger to his chin to think. After a moment, he spoke. "What kind of weapons? I sorta forgot about that." He said laughing nervously.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth nodded. He wanted to fight Shinto, but he was bored with the usual one versus one matches. He wanted something different. " How about one more for a free for all fight, three people or even more." Zeroth suggested.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth laughed. Gail had been his friend for a long time. He only fought Gail once his life time, so he agreed. It would be Gail, Shinto and Zeroth.
the heartless / Shinto: he walked out into the ring and thought "he moves fast so I cant use my eyes"
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: "So, any weapons we want?" He asked, the staff still calling to him. He could no longer ignore it's call. He hadn't used it in battle in so long. He had finally learned to control it's power so he didn't have any fears of destroying the school.
the heartless / Shinto: he didnt grab a wepon though he took a dagger and cut a good 3 inch cut on the palm of his hand then put the dagger up
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth thought about it. "Yes, any weapons of your choice. Rules are no teams, and nothing harsh. Got it everyone?"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth told the three to get into each corner of the room. As soo as they did, the fight would begin.
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: Gail grabbed the object on his back and hefted off, breaking the cloth that strapped it to his back. He gripped the dirty white cloth at the top and pulled it off. Under neathe was a briliant white staff. At the top was a cross within a circle with angel wings at the back of the circle. At the bottom, the cloth still clung to it, rising up to wrap istelf around Gail's arm. "Let's do this!"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth nodded, and quickly ran torwards the center. He was used to multiple enemies, but hardly fought with a teacher. He was ready for an attack.
the heartless / Shinto: he focused and stayed quiet as he heard and felt everything that happened
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth noticed one of the teachers was underneath him. He quickly jumped back, doing many somersults having his back against the wall.
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: The cloth sprung to life, shooting itself at Zeroth. It wrapped around Zeroth's leg, binding tight. "Gottcha!" Gail shouted, leaping at him aided by the wind once more. He readied his staff to strike him.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As Zeroth waited for an attack, he began to think about his fight with Mare. He realized that she was good, especially for a new comer. He remembered her moves from somewhere. He had fought with someone before who had used those moves.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As Zeroth thought, he forgot about the fight. He then noticed that Gail caught his leg. Zeroth then slashed his sword down cutting the cloth, but the cloth re- attached itself. Zeroth ignored it, and jumped at Shinto. He wanted to see how he fought.
the heartless / Shinto: when zeroths blow came to close, he swung his hand and the blood shot out and turn into a massive curved blade, as he blocked the blow with it
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: "Alright, if that's how you want it." Gail muttered. He could tell what Zeroth wanted, and truthfully, it's what Gail wanted too, but he wanted to test the newkid. Gail let the cloth come undone and leaped back to his corner. He readied his footing and put the staff in front of him. The cross glowed a vibriant white. He focused all of his energy on that one spot. "By the Air that is Her breath." He said under his breath. The area in front of him began to spin with powerful winds. Soon, it grew into a full blown twister on a smaller scale, blowing in the direction of Zeroth and the new kid.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth noticed at what Shinto did. Zeroth thought wrong about him, but none the less, they were in a fight. Zeroth quickly took out a hidden sword within his cloak. He always liked to surprise his enemies. He quickly brought his other sword up to Shintos neck. "Nice block Shinto, you too are god." He said jumping back to the center.
the heartless / Shinto: "ahahaha" the figureine that he "plz you think I would I be like that now thats no fun" the ring became over shadowed with dust all around and he appeared on 3 sides of the arena
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth turned around to see Gail conjure a small twister. Zeroth quickly escaped it of course, but it was still going torwards Shinto.
the heartless / Shinto: 2 of the figures turned into blood and shot back at where Shinto was when it hit him the blood wrapped around him, like armor as he smiled he disappeared are thats how it seemed
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth had many tricks like Gails and Shintos, but he never used them in school. They were too dangerous to mess around with. He thought of something not as powerful as he ran back to Gail.
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: "Do you think dust will throw me off?" Gail laughed as he spun his staff. A second twister of dust engulfed him, masking his form. Once it completly covered him, the dust blew out all around the arena. "Hopefully that will destroy his little illusion." He said to himself.
the heartless / Shinto: he reappered on the other side of the ring and just stood there not able to see he still knew each thing that happened
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth thought quickly. He was trying to think of something less dangerous for the two. Something that wouldnt hurt them, but yet throw them off guard.
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: "Let's have a bit of fun!" Gail removed a small dagger, the hilt and blade both a deep blue. He placed it over the staff and held both out in front of him. "By the Air that is Her breath and the Living Waters of Her womb!" A thick mist filled the arena, making it difficult to see something that's right infront of you. He looked at the new kid right as the mist was forming. This owuld only effect Zeroth. He thought to himself.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth then thought of something, something that would annoy them. He then took his sword and stabbed the ground, making a red circle appear around him. Strange markings apeared, and then Zeroth started to glow. He decided to tel them what happened. "This little trick will make me teleport all around the arena, fast enough to attack you both at the same time." Zeroth said loudly enough.
the heartless / Shinto: "ok enough" he took the cloth from his face revealing his red eyes then his hands drentched in his own blood he slammed them together, thenjust disappeared, when he was realy just moving realy damn fast
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth then quickly teleported behind Shinto and kicked him in the back. After he did that, he teleported above Gail, dropping on top of him.
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: "Crap." Gail muttered. He had seen the attack before. His gripp tightened on the staff. He tried to think fast of some thing to help. He would only move fast enough to attack the two of them, no sense wasting energy. He got it. He waited until Zeroth attacked.
the heartless / Shinto: as he was moving the blood on his hand turn into a small orbish thing, he kept making them out of his blood and smashed them into the ground all over the ring
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth dropped down on Gail, but then teleported yet again. This time far from the arena, near the edge. He wanted to think of something else before his final move.
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: The wind blew past him very strongly. As it blew, seven images of him blew around the arena, forming a circle around Zeroth. The one that he landed on dissappeared as quick as the wind blew. The other six just laughed a loud. "Come on, let's see it, Old man." They all said in unison.
the heartless / Shinto: HE SCREAMED OUT "STOP" as he looked around at all the orbs and smiled "you touch one and watch what happens, I wont this alitte more fun"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth was starting to get ticked off. This fight was nothing to him. Zeroth stood there mumbling some strange words, until another circle appeared around him. He then brought up his fists, which were now glowing red, and punched the ground. Within ten feet of radius, flames appeared around him, as a shell for defense.
the heartless / Shinto: thought to himself "I feel like Im back at the lab with those guys" he sighed
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth knew that even if nothing could penetrate the flames, he couldnt attack. It was just time to think about his next attack. Just time to think...
the heartless / Shinto: he knew he never found A good way to get around these orbs but he thought of a way, it was foolish just jumped into the "O crap" blades bursted from his cuts at Gail and Zeroth, as he flew back down at the orbs "I think I messed up"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth sat down within the flames, thinking about another spell or trick he could use. He ignored everything around him and thought for awhile.
the heartless / Shinto: as he landed on one of the orbs he quickly jumped from one to another he thought to himself "well I cant right now find a way plus I wana get this done with so, its a draw" as he jumped from one to another they each exploded and millions of little red blades flew out
the heartless / Shinto: <excuse me for the crummy attack but my guy hasnt mastered his moves yet>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth knew nothing of what was going on outside the flames. He then thought of something that an old teacher taught him. He then started a long meditation for which was needed for the spell. The problem was that if he did something wrong, would have dire consequences.
the heartless / Shinto: as the darts hit him in the back he fell over "this is what I hate" quickly before the darts injected poison into him he turned into blood and got away from the darts but he roamed around the ring now as a puddle of blood and thought to himself "OH CRAP I STILL HAVENT FOUND AN PERFECT WAY TO REFORM"
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: As each of the Gail's was struck in turn, they dissappeared, leaving none left. All six had vanished. Up above, a cacoon of dirty white cloth hung limply from the cieling. It unraveled and Gail feel to the ground, un harmed by the blades and explosions. Gail so wanted to unleash his full power, but that would surely get his parents to send him home again since that was what they feared most of all. "This'll have to do." He made a slashing motion with his staff, sending out a gust of wind like a blade.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As Zeroth finished his meditation, the flames disappeared. He then stood up and waited for the spell to take place. As he stood there, he felt power grow within him. But something happened. Shortly after he felt power, he started to feel pain in his body. The spell must of back fired. "Shit, I shouldnt of done the spell, dammit." Zeroth said feeling his body change. Something was growing within him. He could only wait for what it would do.
the heartless / Shinto: he tried reforming, as a blody figure rose from the puddle almost in Shinto's form, only it had a sword
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth couldnt answer Mare, for he was paralyzed from the spell. He felt his arm spazing, and his nerves pulsating. Something was wrong, the pain grew more and more with each effect.
the heartless / Shinto: finaly the blood took Shinto's form, only its eyes were a black hell, his body was red, it was blood, it was silent and dripped blood, cause it was blood
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: Gail tossed aside his staff. It stuck out the cloth to brace itself, then wrapped itself up. He ran to Zeroth's side, dropping to his knees to support Zeroth. "You alright, Old man?" He asked, worry thick in his voice. He thought about something, anything he could do to help.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth choked out the words leave, but then screamed in pain. As he yelled, his skin was ripped off, allowing a hard form underneath come forward. Thne a pair of wings ripped out from his back, but then he lost control of himself. It was like something else was controlling him.
the heartless / Shinto: it looked around to see what happened and it walked towards Zeroth, it said in a liquidy voice "Are you ok"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Yea, i g2g, i'll post tomarrow, cya>>
the heartless / Shinto: <bye >
the heartless / Shinto: "mabey I can help" he said in a liquidy voice as he point his hand towards Zeroth's face
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: ((Bleek!! I need to leave as well. Good bye all! Chu!))
the heartless / Shinto: "this might help him, or this might kill me, but Im hoping it will help him" he grinned then his bloody form flew inside of Zeroth <EW NASTY lol >
the heartless / Shinto: when she grabbed it went right threw him "I still havent figured out how to turn to my regular form"
The_Angelic_Dea: Ieni looked stuned. - Floored early in the fight she'd walked to the side and watched the fight - as it got out of hand she'd scanned the minds of them all.
"Good intent is all very well. But - next time you WILL stop before it gets any further - we do not cause one another perminant damage without good cause"
She walked onto the mat and over to the recumbant form of zeroth and proded him with her foot
"He'll be fine - Kotetsu was right, I'm not sure what the hell that was" She raised a meaningful eyebrow at Shinto "But you will NOT e using it again in practises."
"Good fight"
She wrapped the wire around her arms - useless though it had been in the fight - and it sunk in forming faint tattoo's
fehness_of_me / Ali: can I join..I know it's prolly a bad time..but yeah...)
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Back every1, k i'll update>>
Zeroth couldnt control himself. He couldnt move his arms or legs. He shouldnt of performed that spell. It was too dangerous for him and everyone else. Suddenly Zeroths arm moved, but it wasnt him that was moving it. He felt like something else, like another presence inside him was. He then pushed everyone of him. "Get off me, I dont need your help." Zeroth said but with two voices at the same time. It seemed like someone was using Zeroths body. Zeroth then brought his hands up and somehow spawned a real sword from his palm. He didnt know what was happening, for he was in no control of it.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Oh and Ali, im pretty sure u can join, i mean, i just joined yesterday, so yea....>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Any1 there??? I hear crickets>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: << Uh-huh...........>>
the heartless / Shinto: "Hes possed" his form of a body of red blood turned black as he started getting serous
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Oh, hey shinto, thnx for postin, oh yea, i think u need to post in Fear, thnx>>
the heartless / Shinto: "Reguardless I have only one sulution" a small red beed came from his hand thought to himself "my last one, after this I want be able to see her anymore, my only way to talk to her, the only comunication to my love, but her life will be better without me" sighed, he walked up to Zeroth and with on foot slamed his hand down, and with his other he did to the other hand, "This is my only way I think I can help"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth was starting to lose sight. He still couldnt control his body. He tried to remember the spell to stop this from happening. His old teacher who used to work at Red Rose left shortly after he taught Zeroth this spell. It was weird for him to do that. Only a handful of teachers knew him. Zeroth looked at the weapon he had spawned, and brought it up to his face. He tried not to, but couldnt stop it for something was controlling him. " H-Help me..." Zeroth said with another voice.
the heartless / Shinto: he became his normal form "FINALY" then the from his palm went onto the beed and he shouted "ARTHRE CUSTAMA" he slammed the beed into Zeroth's head so hard the beed went inside of his head "Hold tight"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As the bead went inside his head, Zeroth felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. He screamed in pain, so did the other thing inside him. His body started to spaz and then his body jumped into the air. He started to hover with his new wings, but he wasnt doing it. The host inside of him fully took over. " No..." He said quietly. He then started to hover higher into the air.
the heartless / Shinto: "Thats cause its not done, you have to fight herself, help me out here" he gripped his hand tight into a fist, and it seemed as a red energy wrapped around Zeroth "HALTREND, from the pits of hell to my mind send this wrecth from none divine" the blood shot from his hand and he fell from his needs still holding up his hand "I will not flee from this curse, I fear nothing not even the worst" his head blew back as a big shot of blood flew from the freshly opened wound on his forehead that come from no were
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth then took his sword and threw it at shinto. He guessed his host did not want to leave just yet. His body then seemed to grow thick spines off his back. It appeared he kept changing every minute or two.
the heartless / Shinto: as the blade flew in his stomach he stood up, his body was being thrased by something, but nothing was there, wounds opened up from no where "Taken this skys and lieing from trying, waiting from dieing, kept inside from waiting from my hell, send you back with this hellish spell" as his whole body just cracked, each bone in his body just broke into peices, he felt the great pain, but he couldnt stop, this was killing him but he wouldnt die
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As they blocked the attack, Zeroth tried speaking, but this time in another language. It appeared to be some ancient, but he couldnt understand it. He then put both his arms out creating two large fireballs. Somehow he knew what he was going to do. He then threw them at both Mare and Shinto.
the heartless / Shinto: "Death to lost, but I shall not lose, for the one we call Zeroth take the beed and distroy all curses, For our father who are in heaven, please here my call, give him strength, give Arrim the strenght" (he was refering to his blood) as the blood flew from his hand and wrapped around Zeroth, he howeled in pain, as he tried to help Zeroth something in him awoken also, it was his true self awakening from his slumber "I wont let this happen any longer" he had a new voice it was an angel voice, but it was a demonic voice, The blood wrapped around Zeroth turned into an extention of his fingers and, a black fame engulfed the blood as it flew from his fingers
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth tried to stop what he was doing, but he still had no control over himself. Then suddenly a horn appeared on his forehead. He was sick of changing every moment.
the heartless / Shinto: one last push, although if this couldnt stop what was going on then nothing could "AAAAAA, distruction in lies, hell and pain, give me as sacrfise my humanity and leave me for sain" a whitish energy flew from his hand, it hit Zeroth so hard you could here something as if a million claws on a black bored "TAKE THIS AND DIE, DIE I SAY DIE" his neck cracked and his eyes widened as he fell on the floor blood was pooring from his mouth, but his hand stayed in a fist hanging in the air
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As he changed, he felt the pain within him die out. He then felt numb, and darkness started to consume him. He then passed out, along with his body. He quickly fell to the ground, but something was wrong. He didnt change back to his old self, he stayed the same.<<Just take me to the informory or somethin...>>
the heartless / Shinto: "take him to the informory" his fist fell to the ground "I think I stopped it, but I dont he will change back, unless you use the reverse spell" his fist loosened and turned into a hand, then it 'SEEMED' as if his breathing stopped
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Even when Zeroth was passed out, he could still sense another being inside of him. He guessed it was kocked out or unconsceous. For the time being, Zeroth was the one in control...
the heartless / Shinto: he coughed it up and "Fool get that away from me, thats tained poison to me" <Remember his blood is alot difrent form normal> when he said that, THAT WAS NOT HIS VOICE VOICE AT ALL, it seemed Demonic, but it also sounded heavenly
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth felt himself waking up. He opened his eyes to see Mare and Shinto, but Shinto was passed out. Zeroth then rubbed his head. He could feel his body changing back to normal. He thanked Mare, and sat up. He wanted to help Shinto.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth wanted to apologize to them both. "I am sorry you two, I have never performed that spell before, one of my old teachers taught it to me." He said slowly turning back to normal. He then stood up. "Even though you have saved me, it feels like the daemonic being is still inside me. I know that you can never truely get one out of yourself." He said sadly.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth too noticed that Shinto's voice sounded different, almost like how he was before. Zeroth knew something might of hapened, but he could still feel the demon inside of him, just still sleeping.
the heartless / Shinto: his eyes open as he got up, just being by him sent a cold wave of fear through you "Arrim, Ill kill you, you took control of me for all these years, I was the best I shred armies to peices now I am a mere kid again" he squeeses his hand into a fist "the beed where is it, my love I can no longer talk to you" his eyes glew a hell red "ARRIM I WILL KILL YOU ONE DAY" he howeled
the heartless / Shinto: he looked around at them "Oh well, Mare and Zeroth this is who I am not the nice over comfedent guy you met, Im the guy who will merciless shed blood in a few seconds, the man who will distroy all that stand in his way, now Mare I beleive you were showing me around the school"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth walked back, confused on what was going on. Somehow something wasnt right. He then slowly and quietly took out his sword, so no one noticed.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth nodded and slowly sheathed his sword. He wanted to kee it just incase.
the heartless / Shinto: he follow Mare "Sure why not"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth followed but not too closely, for Shitno was acting weird. He then ordered a coffee, but nothing else.
the heartless / Shinto: he took some Tea "Why are yall so scared of me, I hate when people are scared, it makes me wana be bad" he took his sword out alittle
the heartless / Shinto: he just sat down "do you think I would kill you"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth gasped. RAMEN NOODLES. This is why he loved Red Rose, lunches consisted of Ramen Noodles and meatloaf.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: Zeroth sat down next to Ieni, one of his favorite teachers. "I need to talk to you, about something important." He said quietly so the others didnt hear.
The_Angelic_Dea: <heya>
Keepingv her face still whilst she kept one ear on the conversation she reached out her mind to zeroth
{once lunch is over follow me to my room - i can get you out of next period. Inmy experience that is never a good phrase to hear on the lips of a long time student}
hinata / gamble (serena oshi): gamble walked down the halls and into coridors. "..i know ishka walked these halls.." she stoped and looked around. "..where am i supposted to go?!!" gambles voice echoed down the halls. ".opps.." she sat down on the floor.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: <<Dont worry, same here, i just dotn want to change so much...so yea...>>
Zeroth nodded, knowing his teacher understood him. He then walked over to a table about ten feet away.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: <<Just askin, could any of u guys or gals, mind joinin last stand? u dont have to......>>
Tabbie Kat / Kais: Just then the bell rang. Zeroth knew it was time to get to his next class, but he had to see Ieni.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: Zeroth knew this chool so well, he could go through it with his eyes closed. He went to his class, and then had himself excused. He began to go to Ieni's room.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: Zeroth eventually came to Ieni's office. He then stepped inside. He saw her there waiting for him. Even though he had been here longer than any other student, he had only been here a few times in his life. "I would like to tak to you Ieni." He said. Zeroth usually never adressed teachers like he was supposed to, for he was basically one himself.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: Zeroth nodded, and sat down. " Im not sure if you know what happened today in the training grounds, what I did. I shouldnt of performed that spell, my old teacher taught me. Yes Shinto and Sheka saved me, but Shinto is different, I think he might be possesed as well, for the demon inside me is still there." He said. Ieni was his favorite teacher to talk to if he was ever in trouble.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: Zeroth felt sad that he made Ieni mad. He looked around the room abit until he continued. " Not many teachers know him, I never mentioned him before to anyone. His name was tharken, he usually worked in the spell area of school. The weird thign is after he taught me, he left school, not telling anyone." He said pausing.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: Zeroth continued. " He said that the spell was called Arkraden, and it had dire consequences if performed wrong. That was my first time using it. Im really sorry, am I going to be expelled or fired?" He said.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: <<Look below, lol, for the name of the spell>>
the heartless / Shinto: <ya>
Tabbie Kat / Kais: <<The bell had rang, so get to class now though>>
Tabbie Kat / Kais: <<lol, thats k, i understand>>
the heartless / Shinto: as he sipped the Tea in no hurry, he glanced over and watched Zeroth eat, raised his eyebrow then looked at the celling as he sipped on his Tea again
Tabbie Kat / Kais: Zeroth waited for Ieni to say something. " Whats wrong? Is Tharken dangerous or something? He has already left the chool, but without warning. I think he has tricked me about this spell..." He said still having the feeling of something still inside of him.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: <<Im with Ieni in her office, so just say i left or something>>
Tabbie Kat / Kais: Zeroth waited for an answer from Ieni. " I may be in danger, but Shinto is to, we must think of something here, and not let any other teachers or students know."
Tabbie Kat / Kais: <<Hello??>>
the heartless / Shinto: he had not been here long so he had no idea where he was so he got up and walked into the hall and wander up and down the halls
Tabbie Kat / Kais: Zeroth nodded. Something bothered both him and Ieni. "Okay, I will leave, but one thing I dont understand is why did he only teach me this spell, and what would he gain from it?" He said getting up. "Yes, I'l ask them, but I believe that no one else should know what happened earlier." He said walking out. He liked that Ieni was the only one he could talk to, she was always understanding and wise.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: Zeroth walked through the halls to find Shinto and Mare. He went to the cafe, but saw no one. He had to find them soon.
the heartless / Shinto: as he walked down the hall a black firgure stopped him "who are you"
the heartless / Shade Unarie: "I am Shade, your new mentor I havent had any students only one, he is now dead he was to confedent, but Ive seen how you fight, how your blood acts, and I want to help you, I know your strong already you already surpass alot, but you need more training to become the best"
the heartless / Shinto: "so who was he" the man answered "acutaly Ive had only 2 students, one you might know, Zeroth"
"I see, and why did you choose me"
"Because your power, its, its well if you mastered it then you could become imortal and deafet millions"
"Ok teach me them"
the heartless / Shade Unarie: he walked as Shinto followed him, then they got to a room as they walked in, it was empty "First rule: Dont be afraid to kill
second rule: dont be afraid to use all of your strength
third rule:Dont die" then he stepped back into a small room "Ready" he clapped his hands and slammed them onto the floor (ok hes an alchimest so what) suddenly 3 giant mosnters came from the ground in front of Shinto "Lets see you fight these"
the heartless / Shinto: he pulled out his sword, then the man said "No no, no wepons your gunna use your fist"
"Fine" he put his sword up, he ran at one of them, the monster slammed is giant fist on the ground, then Nyko jumped up before it hit him then he ran up teh beasts arm and on his shoulder, he threw a punch at the larg things head, a giant crack went threw the rock beast and the head fell off, and as the body fell to the ground he jumped to the next one "The bigger the stone, the harder it falls"
the heartless / Shinto: the next beast was a giant dirt giant, it sucked him in itself, he thought "errrr I cant breath" suddenly a light appeared in the monster as he puched and broke away the monster flew to peices his arm was covered in a blood thing it was armor made from blood, "Whats this" he looked at the other dirt giant "lets try it out" he ran at the monster and jumped into teh air, he spun around, then punched the monster, A light blaster from his hand and the monster disinagrated "Whats this new power"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth ran until he came across Mare and another boy. "Mare, you must come with me quicly, Ieni wants to talk to us and Shinto. Wait. Have you seen him? He could be dangerous at the moment." He said panting.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth looked at her with sadness. " Dont worry, yes that is going to be devastating news, but Ieni must see us, this school is in grave danger, I believe Shinto and me are in danger to the school."
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth nodded, but noticed that the boy was still there. He couldnt let him know what was going on, he forgot that he was still there. His plan was to take him to Ieni, and have her erase his mind of what Zeroth said, for no one shouldnt know what was going on. " Follow me you two." He said quietly.
Renada / Misha: <<OOOOOOooooo, you re-made it. can I join again, I've read all the post>>
the heartless / Shade Unarie: "Shinto your Endurance is high, but lets make it higher" suddenly chains wrapped around him, he walked up to shinto, and stabbed him over and over leaving the knifes inside of him, "Your in my class, lets see you break away before you die"
Renada / Misha: <<kool>>
She walked through the hall ways trying to find out who was crying. She walked out side, where she heard it first. She noticed the body of a teacher on the ground. She could tell she was dead, but stayed calm. She walked back into the school and went into the first room she found.
"Mrs.Ieni, there is a dead teacher out side. I think you should check it out", she said calmly yet siriously.
Renada / Misha: She bowed slightly and begain to walk back to the entrence and walked out. She walked up to the body and stopped about an inch away from the body.
"I believe no one did it on porpose", she said looking down at the body.
Renada / Misha: "I have defence class, but all the class' are almost over in the next....five minutes", she said looking up at the sky then back a tthe body.
the heartless / Shinto: as each knife gose threw him "AAAAA" then he pushes, suddenly the chains on him shatter as he brakes free "Damnit" he pulls each knife out of him "WHAT THE HELL MAN"
the heartless / Shade Unarie: "I told you shinto this class is the hardest in this school, now do you want to continue are quit, look at your power now just from 2 lessons"
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Can I join?
the heartless / Shinto: "fine, give me more pain" suddenly 1 black dark figure appeared behind him and grabbed his neck "Oh damn" suddenly he turned into blood and reformed behind the figure and swung his claws but missed, he jumped up at the figure and sent so many blows with his claws at sonic speed, but missed each time
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth led Mare to Ieni's office. He knew that it would be easier to find Shinto if the three of them could search for him. They eventually came to the outside of Ieni's office. Zeroth looked at Mare. "I think I should go in first, then I'll tell you to come in when ready, dont worry." He said walking inside.
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <my bad didn't know if this was open or not, lol>
Hayden tall, muscular, and pale as a bone, leaned up against the wall, watching the scene in front of him. He was new to this school, only came a few days ago. Long silver chains hooked onto black pants were his regular attire. His trench coat and black skull shirt simply caused more aversion of the students to his presence. His golden eyes piericed through any willing enough to stare him straight in them. Heavy black makeup and self piercings plaugued him. Hayden was never a person to love a soul in his life, though he secret longs for it.
the heartless / Shinto: "WHAT ARE YOU", the figure answered him "The Black death" then Shade's eyes opened "No, I didnt summon him I promise you, I didnt"
"Whats The Black Death"
"The curse of this school he was supose to stay locked away, but somehow he has broken out, and choose you to kill first, SHINTO RUN"
"I never run from a fight, NO MATTER WHAT" then the black figure ramed his fist into shintos face sending him flying fastly into the wall, his body made a creator in the wall "errrr, I wont quit" he got up, and the blood started to float off of him "I WONT QUIT" suddenly the blood wrapped around him and an explosion came, blowing up the whole room (witch was like a big part of the school" he looked around and the figure was there but it looked like it was in major pain, Shinto's body was thrashed "I wont quit" he got up and took out his sword, and so did the black image, they walked towards each other and held up there blades and both said "I WONT QUIT"
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden gave a bitter laugh, and muttered "supposed to be locked away,". He turned to walk away, trying to go unseen.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: <<Excuse me if im on a wrong profile...>>
Zeroth looked back. He still had some things to say before Mare would come in(Im just saying this cause she aint on) " Ieni, I am not sure, but I believe that my old teacher may be in school as we speak, Shinto may be in danger, or might becoem the danger." He said. Recently, the demon inside of Zeroth was starting to awaken. He grabbed his stomach in pain. He then told Ieni it was ntohing.
the heartless / Shinto: the two ran at eachother, finaly the black figures blade was in shinto's neck "I wont die" he said slowly getting up, then the figure said "Your ment to die" then took his sword out and swung it at shinto "NEVER" he said in a demonic voice, suddenly the blade was gone into a million peices "I SHALL NOT DIE" then the figure walked slowly back in fear, then it screamed as it fell to its knees with boths hands on its head, Shinto's hand had turned to a fist and was ripping the figures mind appeared "Death and vengence is mine" suddenly as if time stopped he took out his blade and slammed it to the ground, a massive explosion was delt blowing up the figure and about A mile of explosions in a straight line, he was on the ground in a puddle of his own blood "Shade I said I wouldnt lose, and I will never loose"
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden trying to listen to the conversation as he walked away was caught off guard and ran into another student knocking him off balance and sending him crashing into a locker, catching the others attention.
Tabbie Kat / Kais: <<Damn, i gotta go soon, so kinda have me follow u or stay in the room when i go>>
Zeroth looked up. He didnt want her to know what was inside of him. " No, dont worry, I had an report of some disturbance where Shinto should be at around this time." He said trying to ignore the pain. He was hoping that he wouldnt turn into the daemon again.
the heartless / Shade Unarie: he ran over to shinto "I said my class was gunna be hard, but you did the inpossible, you killed the black death, the plague of hate, the curse of this school, Shinto you shall live in this schools memmory, you gave your life for this school"
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Several bystanders shouted at him. He was well hated, for his beliefs and the way he was period, even if his powers were like theirs, well, some what like theirs, they shunned him. Ignored him, treated him like dirt. He would make them pay.
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <you will aknowledge that I'm in this rp too, won't you? :(>
Tensu: Kotetsu sat on the floor inside of Ieni's office , knowing that Mare was right outside and said nothing. He kept his presence a secret from everyone else but Ieni, who knew he was there anyway.
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden snarled under his breath and began scrathing symbols onto his locker door until a staff member gave him a nasty look.
Black Angel: <<It's happend again, what has happend>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden shot a slight glare at him but said, "sure, why not," in a half snarl. "You're the only person who's spoke to me since I got here, well, anything that's not an insult, anyway." Hayden hated letting his guard down, but something was telling him that it was okay, even if he didn't want to believe it.
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden shot a slight glare at him but said, "sure, why not," in a half snarl. "You're the only person who's spoke to me since I got here, well, anything that's not an insult, anyway." Hayden hated letting his guard down, but something was telling him that it was okay, even if he didn't want to believe it.
the heartless / Shinto: <Im not sure, but Im *supose" to be dead in Shades class>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <lol, yes, "dead">
Hayden led him down the hall towards where spy class was held. "I have this class, too." Hayden said. He walked inside and sat in a seat far in the back of class.
the heartless / Shinto: <Im in the part of the school that just blew up>
Kael Fenshir: <<Well im back, i have no idea wuts going on with shintos part, now hes dead? is it me or is this confusing...oh, and i'll post, just hang on a sec>>
the heartless / Shinto: <my teacher is the like the most elite fighter in the school, some dont even know about the class, thats why Zeroth was in it, but my guy is reavling to himself why he was put into this class> he opens his eyes "Idoit I cant die, at least not now" he struggled up to his feet "No matter what you send, no matter how many wounds I have, no matter how hopeless I will fight"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth felt like it was too dangerous for Mare to come. " Ieni, we should just have Mare stay here, we can handle the problems ourselves, and I want to know more about my old teacher, I want to find out things for myself if you will." He said.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Alright, thats wut i thought, im k now>>
the heartless / Shade Unarie: "Fine" smirked "Still, I dont even think Zeroth could beat the The Black Death, how did you.....well it matters not now, Ill tell them later" he swung his hand and more beast emerged from the ground "Now you said no matter how many wounds, lets see about this, GO MY POISON FIRE" the firey beast ran towards Shinto
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Even past the pain from the daemon inside him, Zeroth could sense another being within the school. It was bothering him even more. "We must hurry Ieni." He said trying to ignore the pain.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Ummm any1 here?>>
the heartless / Shinto: suddenly after the beast charged at him, black branching claws shot from his fingers and ripped the beasted appart, abliterating them to nothing "what the, that wasnt me"
"of corse it wasnt, it was me" the black firgure's head came from the back of his neck "Im back" it started to rip out of his back, opening a bunch of small wounds as it came out "I though I killed you"
"Fool, its gunna take alot more to kill me"
"I DONT CARE I WONT LOSE" he took out his sword and it started glowing with a white fire
Kael Fenshir: Zeroth nodded and hoped that everyone was alright. He still couldnt wait to ask his old teacher a few questions...
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As they were getting closer, Zeroth felt the pain inside him grow. He knew that Shinto must be nearby.
the heartless / Shinto: he turned around at the black figure "Black Death, I can beat you, even if all others have failed, I will rise. NOW FEAR ME" he charged at the beast with his white flaming sword. The black figure ran at him too, only his sword was in black flame
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth looked around to see chaos and destruction. He let go of Ieni, and ran forward. He jumped between Shinto and the other man. "No, we demand what has hapened here." Zeroth said with the pain growing even more. He held his sword up too.
the heartless / Shade Unarie: he quickly jumped and grabbed zeroth pushing him out the way "YOU FOOL, you couldnt deafet this creature, now its Shinto's turn, and do you have any idea whats about to happen" he got up and picked him up the collor "we cant get to close" as he dragged him away
the heartless / Shinto: when his white flame met with the black flame strips of grey intense light shot out, now it was to see who was the strongest, the curse of the school, are Shinto
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth looked back. What was Ieni talking about? He pushed the man off of him and jumped back. He looked closer to find who it was. " No...but you left long ago, why are you here? I demand you to answer my question!" He yelled at him. He brought his sword up, now realizing his old teacher was corrupted. " What you tought me had dire consequences, I now have a demon inside of me!" He screamed.
the heartless / Shade Unarie: "its people like you, WHO TRASH WHAT I TEACH, Its not my fault you cant learn right, you tried to turn the spell around to make yourself powerful, see that beast the, THE BLACK DEATH REMEMBER IT ZEROTH, THE HORROR WHEN YOU FACED IT, YOU COULDNT EVEN HURT IT, BUT NOW I THINK I HAVE FOUND THE ONE"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Rage grew inside of Zeroth. Not just the fact that his old teacher was pointing that he was bad, but that he taught him a spell that could kill someone. Someone like Zeroth and others. Zeroth yelled and jumped onto Shade. He cut his arm, but thats all he got, for Shade already threw him off. Zeroth backed off and got ready for another attack. Zeroth tried to hurry, for the demon inside of him was starting to awaken.
the heartless / Shinto: his blade broke, and so did the black figures, right when that happen, a giant explosion happened "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I...WONT.....LOOSE!!!"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Just then everything around Zeroth almost came to a halt. no one was moving, and there was no sound. Zeroth's body became numb, and he started hearing a pulse. Was it his own? He tried to move but couldnt. Then it happened. The demon had awaken again. Everything came back to normal, except for Zeroth. He had changed again. This time, he couldnt help who he was attacking.
the heartless / Shinto: "THIS ISNT A LESSON THIS IS A WAR" as he ripped his hand threw the darkness into the figures face, suddenly all you could see where a black figre and a white one fighting at rapid speeds tearing eachother apart
the heartless / Shade Unarie: "Aras valleno"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth which was now fully complete on being a daemon, started attacking anyone on sight. He had lost control. He howled and spawned a sword covered in flesh and blood. He grew his wings again, and started to hover.
the heartless / Shinto: nothing concerd anything now, his body wasnt even his now, finaly the light grew entenser but the fighting stoped, he turned around his body look something as if a god, his voice was something as if a god "The Curse Has been lifted, but others surface" (realy his an angel now)
the heartless / Shade Unarie: he lauphed histerably "FINALY I GET TO SEE THE Demon Of Ashes, and the Angel of Death fight" he jumped into the air and grabed leni as he went into the air
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: << u can be an angel, and me, a demon, opposites>>
Zeroth grew sharp claws and spikes formed all around him. Zeroth thirted for blood. He looked around at the people in the room. Any of them would do...
the heartless / Shinto: <actualy if you can be a demon I can be an angel> he lifted his hand up and grasped for air, suddenly a sword made from a white light appeared in his hand, his two feathery wings appeared as the light dimmed abit, he didnt have a halo but he had a white fire on his hands and his eyes were glowing white
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth's mind was now bent on death and destruction. Nothing coudl save him now, for he was death incarnate.
the heartless / Shinto: he thought "Zeroth what have we done and become" he stayed without movement as he laid his eyes on Zeroth "WHY CANT THIS ALL STOP"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth looked up to see his old teacher in the sky. Ieni was with him, but it didnt matter. Zeroth had no emotions or thought. Just death. He roared and started flying torwards them with his new scythe.
the heartless / Shinto: "errr" he flew quickly up after him he jumped in the way and was sliced around his stomach, but he had to press on he plumeted them both to the ground "ZEROTH CONTROL YOURSELF"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth's wings dripped with blood as he flew torwards them. All he wanted was chaos everywhere. The demon laughed. " This body was a perfect host. Now I shall repay you teacher with your own blood!" He said bringing up his scythe.
the heartless / Shinto: "errr" he flew quickly up after him he jumped in the way and was sliced around his stomach, but he had to press on he plumeted them both to the ground "ZEROTH CONTROL YOURSELF"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth kicked off Shinto. " Hahaha, Shinto, dont you see we are the same? If we join together we can destroy all. Forget your past life and let your true power come out." He said to Shinto.
the heartless / Shinto: "I will never use my full power" he ran at Zeroth with his bright white sword
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: The demon laughed. He brought up his scythe like it was nothing. He brought his face closer to Shinto's. " Cant you see that if we join as one, nothing can stop us? You know deep down that you cant hide that." He said calmly.
the heartless / Shinto: he ducked under the blades and pulled out a knife and stabbed Zeroth in the heart "errrrr" the wound across the chest opened abit
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth stumbled forward and grabbed his chest. Instead of screaming in pain, he started to laugh. " Yes...show it to me, for you are the Angel of Death!" He yelled quickly turning around impaling Shinto with his scythe. Zeroth was in pain though. The bad thing was all the pain was going to Zeroth, not the demon. That was the worst part of him being the host.
the heartless / Shinto: the dagger started glowing white, as he felt the sythe's burn on him "I wont give, I shall press on"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth laughed and pulled the scythe out slowly. He then kicked Shinto back, and looked back at ieni. Now it was time for her suffering...
the heartless / Shinto: as he flew back, his wings caught him and he stood straight "Come on lets show them my love" his voice was doubled with something else. The feathers on his wings turned to blades still connect to his wings millions of blades shot out at Zeroth, they couldnt hurt the mortal flesh, only the evil spirit "This blood on my hands is though wine, as Ill offer myself a sacrifise"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth laughed. " Are you too afraid to go against something that might be stronger than you?" He chuckled raising his scythe.
the heartless / Shinto: my last post gose here
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth stopped laughing and looked back. He saw many blades come at him. He tried blocking all of them, but a few got past. most of them got lodged in his leg. Sharp pain grew in Zeroth's leg, but the demon ignored it. All the pain was just goign to Zeroth's body. Zeroth then turned around to get back to him and Ieni.
the heartless / Shinto: the blades were merely to hold him in place he charged at zeroth, when the sythe was slashed at him he clashed it with his sword, but quickly let go diving to the side as he pulled out a dagger the shape of a cross, he stabbed it in the back of Zeroths neck "For every demon there is an angel, ready to fight" watched as a black aura emenced from the wound
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth yet again ignored the pain, but what Ieni was saying kept annoying him. " If you wish it, I will fight you then." He said closing his eyes, and his body emitted black smoke. He then smiled. " Now, where were we?" He said. He did what Ieni had asked, letting himself take the pain now. He brought up his scythe and charged at ieni.
the heartless / Shinto: "NEVER" he grabbed him by the leg and slammed him into the ground, white fire burned in his eyes "You fight me" he slammed his firey fist into the demons face
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth finally felt pain. He had never felt it for what was an eternity. " Ahhh, I forgot how pain felt. Thank you Shinto." He said with blood coming out of his mouth. He wiped it and looked at it. The blood was purple. He then kicked Shinto off of him and got up. He looked at the daggers and pulled them out . " hahaha, I also forgot how weak you angels are." He said throwing them away. He then brought up his scythe.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth awoke with sharp pain in his leg. He heard Ieni and got up. " I think, I just have to regain my strength." He said trying to stand up. He saw the demon that was possesing him thw whole time.
the heartless / Shinto: suddenly he gripped the demons back neck, and started crushing it "I am no angel, I am death" then he bursted his fist threw the demon bursting in flames
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: The demon threw off the flames, and looked back. " Yes...death...of course." He said grinning. He then took his scythe and started to make strange patterns in the air with it. the patterns stayed in the air, and were coated in blood. He thought of something deadly.
the heartless / Shinto: he ran at him, as the white flames grew "Sabirine death" as he grabbed the demon face, they both started to faid away
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth cursed at Shinto as they started to fade away. He also knew that it would be easier, since it would be only him and Shinto.
the heartless / Shinto: <wait Im lost, Im fighting the demon right>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Yes>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<that was my bad, i meant to say the demon, not zeroth>>
the heartless / Shinto: as he disipated "I dont think there is another way"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Yes, me and shinto r with u, and the daemons r somewhere else>>
the heartless / Shinto: <But Shinto is the angel of death, weird sideeffects of his blood, dont ask>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<I'll just wait, for where ever the daemons r going>>
the heartless / Shinto: as they started to faid away "I will never die in battle" then a shiny blinding light appeared around them so no noe could see, after the light dissappaited shinto was there kneeling on the ground
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth looked up and saw that the two disappeared. " Inei, we must do something, two demons fighting could lead to something bad." He said wiping the blood of himself.
the heartless / Shinto: he looked up and with the angel of death's voice "The curse has passed, you shouldnt tamper with things beyond your control" then he fell forward into a puddle of blood <SHINTO IS THE ANGEL OF DEATH DAM HE WAS SUPOSE TO DISAPEAR WITH THE DEMON BUT HE COUNTERED HIS OWN ATTACK>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth nodded and walked out. He stayed behind Shinto so he wouldnt see what he would do. Zeroth decided to chase the daemons on his own. He went another way, thinking what he could do.
the heartless / Shinto: <dude Im laying down in a puddle of blood right now.....man he was right people ignore to much>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Im srry, im so busy, im leaving like right now, srry, cant post>>
the heartless / Shinto: his body was still the angel of death "I wont give up" he said weakly as he started to get up
the heartless / Shinto: he opened his eyes, and they were shinning bright "Armas Ciyon" suddenly his body started to turn back to normal
the heartless / Shinto: <well im still uncontions>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden put his feet upon the desk leaned backwards, trying to pay attention to what the teacher was talking about. The task seemed only slightly difficult to him. At his old school, they taught only dark arts. Black magic so powerful it was feared by all. He didn't want his secret to be let out. He didn't want anyone to know that he had went to that school. He didn't even realize that his mind had wandered away from paying attention to thinking about things, that he really didn't want to think about....
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Snapping back into reality, Hayden faced the task that was ahead of him. Concentrating with all his power, he managed to unlock the casket with just a glance. The objects inside lay yet untouched by magic or otherwise. First he memorized their order, placing a mental picture in the back of his mind. He then levitated them out of the box without a single chime of a single bell. Then gently magicked them back inside the box, not an object out of place.
the heartless / Shinto: <my head hurts just looking at your post>
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: A crow pecked at Gails head. He swung his hand at it, trying to scare it off, but the crow was persistant. After a while of failed attempts, he heard a voice. "Cut that out and come to Ieni's office." Gail looked around, seeing no one, even the crow had taken flight. Gail simply shrugged. 'With what happens at this school, who am I to judge.' He thought to himself as he walked the distance to Ieni's office. One there, he entered, looking around at every one who had gathered there. "What's going on in here? Was I not invited to the party?" He asked jokingly.
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: ((Bassicly, Elsren is coming back to Ieni's office with Nawat and Hayden. Nawat being an NPC. Help some?))
the heartless / Shinto: finaly he woke up "where am I" puts his hand on his head "Errrr, what happen, all I remember was, a white light, an explosion, then nothing"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth looked around at everyone. He hoped that everything would be okay, but he knew that it wouldnt. He just couldnt wait here and sit around doing nothing.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth looked up. He knew Kotetsu read his mind. " I can do what vere I want Kotetsu, why does it matter to you where I go, you havent been around to help at all during the last few hours. You have no right to talk." Zeroth said looking down again.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth had found himself on the roof. He walked over to the edge thinking about what happened, him being a demon, and attacking his teacher and Shinto. " You dont understand Kotetsu, I'm cursed with that thing. I just have to deal with my problem. I thank you all for helping me, but I must do something now." He said.
the heartless / Shinto: he looked up at Zeroth "What are you talknig about? I killed that thing in you. Errrrr" the wound across his chest opened up, and the opening in his back opened up
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth looked back to see Shinto there. " No fool, you cant "kill" a demon. It's almost impossible to do that. You just banished for the time being. We must find it quickly, or it will happen all over again." He said.
the heartless / Shinto: with the same voice as before "Then Ill distroy it fully when it comes back" shook his head "Now stop being an idoit"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth looked around again for the last time. He knew he had to do something. " I'm going, and no one will follow me, or they will regret it." He said jumping off the roof. As he landed he performed a spell that concealed his mind, and a barrier from teleportation. He didnt want the others to get hurt. He then ran off not looking back.
the heartless / Shinto: "fool he will help no one by doing this, and he knows it so what is he trying to accomplish"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth could still feel the markings of the demon inside him. Somehow he could sense where it was. Where it was hiding. He knew that if he encountered it again, he would lose his life. But this did not matter. He had to stop it.
the heartless / Shinto: he turned around at him, "FOOL" then looked away "The answer he seeks has been here all along, the riddle is being solved, he will leave and be cursed forever"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth ran until he came across a river. He decided to stay here for awhile, and regain his strength. He didnt want to fight the demon while he was weak. He then drank some water from the river.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth then sat down and leaned against a tree. He then thought of everything that happened today.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth was startled to find Elsren next to him. " Elsren, I told everyone not to follow me, no one gets it, I have the burden of destroying what I have created. Even with an entire army, no one will be able to stop the demon. I just have a feeling that my part is not finished yet." He said. He then got up and continued to walk.
the heartless / Shinto: he went back to the court yard and into the room he found, "THATS WHAT THE MARKINGS ARE" he looked at the blood stained markings on the wall "The demon is not a curse but a mere pawn, the angel is the other peice to the puzzle, once the clash the first time, the angel will win, the second time the comming again of the demon many shall die, and on the third the clash again they will both be distroyed forever, that is only the begining" his eyes widened "I see now, no force can kill eather one of them, they have to kill eachother, but.. then what happens"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth didnt even look back. He continued to walk for another ten feet till he stopped. "Elsren, don't worry, I can handle myself." He said beginning to walk again. " This old man has yet to live before dying." He laughed walking away.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth knew that he shouldnt of ditched Elsren like that, but he thought that it was too dangerous for him.
Lt.Mayfield: Johnny was walking to his class looking at his schedual. he had medium long hair, he is a calm, quiet, and a jumpy person because of hi dark past
BloodtornAngel / Angel: ((Hey Guys I'm finally alive so fill me in fill me in tell me whats up. oh P.S how is everyone? sorry i was gone for so long i have been round and round in my head and sorting out multiple home problems.))
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: ((It's good to have yo back, Angel! This is still Gail, *points at self* which many of you probably already know, Chu!))
Kael Fenshir: Zeroth walked again for about an hour. He forgot about everyone back at school. He knew that Ieni and probably all the other teachers would be upset with his leaving, but he had to do this. He felt like he was being watched, so he looked back. He turned around to find nothing. He ignored it and continued.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<K, i'll post, nice to see u back ieni>>
Zeroth continued to walk. He was getting tired, from running and the stress from what he was about to do. He decided to take another brake, and think about things. He hoped everyone was all right back at school...
GravitationRage / Dante: <<Ya there Ieni???>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: After he was done thinking and resting, Zeroth continued north. The fartehr he went, the greater the pain inside him. He knew he was gettin closer to the demon. He also thought about what Elsren said. They would help him, and they could stop it. He just hoped that the demon didnt go back to the school. If it did, they would be doomed. Every hour it rests, it gets stronger. He just had to reach it on time.
GravitationRage / Dante: <<Hello????>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden was surprised that he was held back, from moving on to his next class and murmurred to Elsren slightly, "I'm going to be late," but otherwise sat down in a seat and waited for an explaination of his being held back.
Lt.Mayfield: he walked up to elsren "i'll join...... i dont have anything better ta do"
Lt.Mayfield / Johnny: he walked up to elsren "i'll join...... i dont have anything better ta do"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth finally reached what seemed like a small canyon. He had never been here before, so he knew he had walked for a long time. He sensed something coming with one of the caverns down below. He decided to check it out.
Lt.Mayfield / Johnny: <sorry sometimes i read and i kinda get some of the stuff mixed around>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<np man, just continue>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth took his time going down. He didnt want to be tired incase of something happened. As he reached the bottom he saw a crow fly overhead. He knew something as up. He looked back at the cavern and slowly walked through.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Yea.....no ones here>>
Lt.Mayfield / Johnny: <Iguess not>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <wut be you all talkin bout, lol, I am very much here>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Hahaha, like after a couple of hours, lol>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Here, hayden, just post somethin to keep it up>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <k, lol>
Hayden followed Nawat down the hall like Elsren suggested, a slight grin on his face, shacking his head in an aggravated sort of way.
BloodtornAngel / Angel: Angel sat up in bed after listening to the going ons in Kotestsus mind and connected to Kotestsus mind *I heard everything from your point of mind I think we should help even you. I know this probably seems a bit like what happened last year at school but even if we have to fight it won't turn out like that we've all become stronger. I'll be around soon don't come looking for me though I'll find my way. If you could fill everyone in on my little 'Secret' it might help greatly*. Angel stood up pulling on some jeans and a black shirt. She grabbed her rose sword from the corner and a pistol and placed it in her belt.brushing her short hair from her face she grabbed a burrito from her microwave and started looking for her way to Ieni's office.
BloodtornAngel / Angel: "It might be easier if i show you." she said softly. she stood under a light in the middle of the room and throughout the rest of the school the lights went off except for the one right above her. Angel then rose into the air and began changing from her right shoulder came and angel wing from her left a demons her right eye turned blue and her left turned red a halo apeared above her head and demon horns and a tail grew from her she then landed "My name stands for Angelic Demon where i am from as you can see i Am both an angel and a demon"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth slowly walked into the cavern, and stayed on his guard. As he walked further in, he heard noises. He then took out his sword just incase.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As Zeroth walked in, he saw his old teacher standing next to a small form. Zeroth kept his distance and watched what he was doing. Zeroth didnt expect to find his old teacher here, at this cavern.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Ummm is any1 there at all?>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden walked behind Zeroth inside the cavern looking around. It was a perfect place to hide, if anyone needed to hide. He liked it here.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: << May i ask how u r suddenly behind me? its k, im just askin>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <I dunno, I'm really confused becuase I dunno where everyone's at, lol>
miroakukirara / nolane: nolane ran down the empty hallways with nothing on but her undies <<what the hell am i writing?????>> when she spooted zeroth she quickly covered hwerself wiht the nearesr kid
<<once again i ask waht the hell anm i writheing help me>> nolane ran baack into her room and put some clothes on
"thank god no one noticed" she walked outside and began talking to zeroth
"hey Z wahts up haven't seen you in a while, and i haven't sparred with you in while hey you wanna go right now?" said nolane jumping in fornt of him and smiling that irresistable smile that no man has ever been able to resist <<how do you think she got her father to buy her and kotetsu beer when they were twelve>>
"come on let's go" she grabbed his arm and took him onto the roof of the school <<she's only sparring him because hse has a crush on him>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<...........................................................................................................................nicely done nolane, lol>>
miroakukirara / nolane: <<oh were all in lenis office humh okay abort the other post unless zeroth reply's to it>> nolane walked into lenis office holding a file folder with a whole bunch of scribbles on it
"umh yeah big brother we kind of have a problem see you got a nother mission and the problem is that................................... the people you have to assasinate are in this room" she slowly slipped the folder into kotetsu's hand adn gave him a small kiss on the cheek i'll try to hold the others off
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Lol, thats k that u didnt know>>
Zeroth slowly crawled closer to his teacher and the demon. It seemed to be in a stasis, and his teacher was observing it. What is he doing? Zeroth thought to himself.
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <Okay then I was probably in the office, so so so sorry about that, lol>
Hayden, not caring about the reaction, sat on Ieni's desk, one foot on top as well, his other leg hanging loosly down (not that it was broken, just relaxed, lol). He put his arm on top of his knee and looked around at the rest of those gathered there.
<I really sorry, I didn't know where evryone was, lol,>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Thats k man, dont worry. happens to all of us>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <suuure, lol, but that's good to hear>
BloodtornAngel / Angel: "There is no need to bow to me Elsren" Angel said touching his shoulder as she changed back to her human form. She then in turn touched each of there shoulders except kotetsus for she already had a link to his mind. "If there is ever a serious need for me you may now reach into my mind and call me. I accept a place as commander but i expect none of you to treat me differently" she smiled warmly. and moved her short hair out from her eyes as they changed a warm orange.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth walked even closer to hear what his teacher was saying, but then something happened. the demon exploded from its stasis, now ready to wreak havoc again. But this time, he was different. He was bigger, and had a larger scythe. Zeroth knew he had to take it down, but he also knew he might die trying.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth thought about it, and then nodded.{ Yes Kotetsu, I think I should come back after what I have seen here. The demon is now stronger}
KillMeSoftly / Aya Kaomoto: Aya pressed her ear up against the door. She heard faint voices on the other side. "did they say needed a healer?" she whispered quietly to herself. "Could this..." she was cut off.
KillMeSoftly / Aya Kaomoto: Aya stood up straight, blushing. She was caught. "Oh snap," she said under her breath. She waited for someone to open the door bervously.
BloodtornAngel / Angel: Angel walked to the door and pulled it open "Hello miss" she said softly touching her shoulder. She then walked over to Zeroth and touched his shoulder also.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth sat down. He tried to tell the others what he had seen. " The demon...it...it killed my old teacher, and now it comes here for revenge." He said panting.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth didnt even look up. " When I was the host for the demon, it left me a clue to its weakness. If I let it use me again, I may be able to destroy it, but I will need help." He said.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Oh, hey, good to see ya back>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth looked up at everyone. " the demons weakness is its core. The only unprotected part is its insides. If it takes me again, then maybe I could destroy it.<<Last post, srry>>
KillMeSoftly / Aya Kaomoto: Aya's eyes looked around at each perosn in the room. Death, it was such a final thing.
"I was sent here to heal. I am la curandera, the healer. If my death will save another;s life from this beast, then I'm willing to risk it."
Her eyes locked on Ieni's. Here face was emotionless as she awaited a response.
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <sorry, i haven't been on for awhile, been really busy.>
Hayden rubbed his eyes, which were burning from a lack of proper sleep. He picked up a pencil, made his index finger nail grow into a sharp pointed claw, and started gauging at it.
KillMeSoftly / Aya Kaomoto: <<I saw that new one and i was like...whaaa?? i was so confused...lol>>
KillMeSoftly / Aya Kaomoto: Aya smiled at Ieni, pleased with her reaction. "Yeah, what now?" She said.
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden looked to who they were talking to...a slight leer in his eye.
KillMeSoftly / Aya Kaomoto: She noticed Kotetsu's strange exhaustion. She went to him and put her hand on his shoulder.
"Are you okay?" she said. Her voice was soft and smoother, like water. She eyed him nervously, she was waorried about him.
KillMeSoftly / Aya Kaomoto: She started rummaging through her bag, the sound of glass potion bottles clinking against each other. She finally pulled out a plastic container and squeezed out some of its contents onto her hands while chanting a prayer under her breath.
"Give me your hands," she said holding out her own. "This'll help. Exhaustion in a situation like this is dangerous. It's a misture of plant oils i mixed myself, it's copletely safe." Her voice was serious now.
KillMeSoftly / Aya Kaomoto: Aya held his hands in hers and repeated a prayer under her breath. Suddenly she felt sucked in as if in a trance, but no one really saw, her trances were not obvious ones. She saw the tree and Kotetsu and someone else. She saw him back into the tree and she felt her ownself being pierced by something in her chest. Looking down, she saw blood. her hands pulled away slowly, untintentionaly, causing her to come out of the trance quickly. She looked at him concerned. "What was that?" she whispered. She was frightenened and confused. This wasn't the first time this happened, but it was the scariest one. She just blinked at him.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth didnt even listen to what they were saying. They ignored him, and for some reason approved of it. " The only person here who knows its weakness is me, and they treat me like a child..." He said quiet enough so no one could hear.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth nodded and got up. " I need some air. I'll be back in a little bit." He said leaving the room. He decided to go to the roof.
miroakukirara / nolane: <<umh meow sorry can some one clue me in im trying to keep to my promise angel im just having som much got damn trouble connecting to the internt see they crossed my lines so when i get on and hte person im crosseed with picks up the phone and i can hear the whoole conversation and they say some real wierd shit it's kinda scary and one time oh i dont think you want to hear that story it's just too creepy but im getting it fixed and i hope yall will still allow me in the RP and im gonna keep my Lap top with me all spring Break whooooo so there will be no interruptions except a life potty breaks and oh oh yeah vacation whooooooooooo but besides that im all yours>>
miroakukirara / nolane: nolane ignored kotetsu's orders and followed anyways drilling into his mind seeing formn his poinut of view [kotesu where could you be going and why are you so]
"urg damn it he knocked me out again, im getting to the bottom of this" she said quielty
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth sat on the edge of the building and stared out at the horizon. Soon he knew that the demon would come, and that he would have to sacrifice himself in order to kill it, but he told no one of it.
KillMeSoftly / Aya Kaomoto: Aya sat in the same place worried about Kotetsu. She just looked around at everyone in the room. "What now?" she said. Her mind was still on kotetsu, but she didn't know what else to do.
miroakukirara / nolane: " i dont want to sit i want to come with you please big brother im worried about you" she said crying
miroakukirara / nolane: "okay kotetsu just promise youll be back inside okay" when she saud that a huger explosion happened
"umh kotetsu i think we should do a scan of the area caues theat a very huge explosion and it's in lenis office" she said using her poweres
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As Zeroth looked off into the distance, he saw an object come into view. Zeroth quickly knew what it was. The demon had come.<<Oh yea, i was the demon in the past, so i'll stay as the demon>>
BloodtornAngel / Angel: Angel trained her ears and heard it coming she turned to her angel form and jumped out the window heading toward the roof. "Zeroth, I know you probably think you can do this on your own. You need to realize that i NEED to help though" she said sitting next to him her wings fluttering restlessly "Last year when everyone was off saving everyone one else... i didn't help, all i could do last year was heal people or encourage them. Not to mention Crimson" she looked at the setting sun and waved her legs back and forth "But this year... I'm not chasing Crimson wherever he goes. And I know how to fight and use my powers." Her wing flaired out and then settled against her back "So no matter what I'm going to help fight that demon... and since I'm the leader..i geuss... I order you to let me fight with you."
*As for everyone else keep your wits about you and don't let your guard down be ready to fight and and meet us up on the roof when i give the signal* she relayed to everyone in Ieni's room
miroakukirara / nolane: *okay angel just make sure you keep us updated alright im still kinda worried about Zeroth and just make sure that if you need any help just give us a telepathic ring*
"alright you guys you heard the woman make sure you stay on your guard okay"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Back guys, srry i wasnt here>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth saw the demon fly into the air, and block out the sun. It was time. Zeroth then brought up his sword.
miroakukirara / nolane: *zeroth make sure you survive okay i dont know what ill do without you* <<hey zeroth where'd you go didn't nothice you were gone>>
"okay you guys stand your positions, kotetsu help me scan the perimeter" nolane said in a commaniding voice after sending zeroth the message
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Hey nolane, yea, i was away. BUT NOW IM BACK!>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth heard Nolane, but couldnt respond. the demon seemed to begin a fire in the air. Soon chaos happened. Dark shadows came forth from its body, and circled the school.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth looked around the school, and noticed that the darkness consumed the school. " Damn, what is he doing..." He said looking up to find that the demon started on fire.
miroakukirara / nolane: <<yayayayayayayyayaya>> nolane could feel lenis barrier weakening
"kotetsu stay here and keep the others safe im going to go help leni" nolane astropojected herself to where leni was
"i had a strange feeling you needed some help with your barrier"nolane said sticking her hands out the barrier began to gte stonger and surrnounde the black smog
"what with all this smoke?" nolane asked
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth put up his sword and hands as a stream of blackness came forth at him. Zeroth tried to fight it, but eventually as consumed by the darkness. It was starting all over again.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As Zeroth opened his eyes, he noticed he was in a dark place. Everything was black, but no one was around. He heard noises all around him. " the hell...I must be inside the demon now." He said taking out his sword.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth was angry, but glad after. The only way to destroy the demon was to kill its core. Zeroth then noticed a small opening infront of him. He then decided to go through it.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Is any1 there at all?????>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<k, thnx>>
Zeroth opened his eyes to find that he was back in school. He walked forward and saw his teacher and others. As Zeroth began to talk, they started to grow wings and spawned weapons. Zeroth then realized it wasnt real. " You are trying to put my friends against me." He said bringing up his sword.
miroakukirara / nolane: *zeroth you really need to hurry im still trying to holld up lenis barrier but im starting to get weaker by the minute so just hurry i acant sit in your mind right now and guide you threouh the demon im kind of busy and leni wont wake up*
"leni wake your ass up i cant hold on to your barrier much longer now get the hell up!" nolane shouted
"damn it angel zeroth whats takeing yall so long" nolane whispered to herself
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth could hear nolane, but some of it was blocked out by the demon. He then was attacked by his fake friends. Zeroth jumped at shalshed at them.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: As Zeroth finished killing off all of them, he saw another opening. Again he decided to go through it.
miroakukirara / nolane: "ok how long do you think it'll take because my astro projective poweres ownt hold up bmuch longer and i need to find a way to help zeroth" nolane said pushing her power harder thane she ever had before
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: When Zeroth went through, he still wasnt at the core yet. This time he was somewhere he never wanted to be at again. He was at the time when his old teacher taught him the spell. Zeroth then grunted and walked forward to see himself with his teacher. It was like a dream.
miroakukirara / nolane: nolane's heart was punding harder than it ever had before she was running out of energy and fast it was beign draiedn throuhgt the barrier and she didn't know how much longer she could hold it
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth sat down and watched his old self and his teacher trying to perform the spell he had recently used to summon the demon. Zeroth hated this, for now he knew what it really did.
miroakukirara / nolane: "great here i go" nolane jumped off the roof and touched the ground drainging energy from the earth her spiruital guider
*zeroth dont you worry im on my way* nolane said n ehr mind she ran as fast as she could openinng a door in the barrier the closer she got to the demon the thinnere the air got
"whats going on i can hardly breath" nolane said she began solwinfg doen "i cant stop now" she began crawling but collapsed befor she even got to the foot of the monster
the real nolane could feel her astroprojection fading away
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Zeroth watched his teacher teach him the spell. Zeroth got up and yelled at him. His teacher couldnt hear him, but then another opening came. Zeroth turned back and slowly walked in.
miroakukirara / nolane: <<umh zeroth my mother wants me to come with her to the nail salon ill be on in about an hour ok so if you want you can control my ccharacter through yours ok byebye>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<alright, no prob, cya later>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: << I'll just wait for ya guys, and u Nolane. I just dont want to mess ya up and get u angry by using ur character>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Well, im in the demon, but im not controlled anymore, and nolane is coming after me, and ieni is weakend by the shadows or darkness consuming the school>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <okay, if I'm a little off on where we're at please correct me, I'm so, so sorry I haven't been on, I feel like a complete idiot>
The sense of a dark presence surged through Hayden, and not weakened, but strenghthened him. He didn't want it do so...but there was no helping it.
<yeah, I need help and I need some people to include me in their post so I know where we're at, lol>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Its alright hayden, ur not an idiot, oh, and like very1s gone for now, so i kinda cant help ya. just say that ur ienis office helping her regain her strength>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: < okay, but what happened to her?>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<The demon used darkness and shadows to cover the school, and ieni tried blocking it, but used up too much power, just try to help her>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: < okay thank, very appreciated>
Hayden ran over to Ieni and knelt down beside her. It wasn't in his nature to feel sympathy, much less worry for someone, but for some odd reason he did at this moment. Ieni was muttering words but not making much sense, but she did recognize those once merciless eyes of Hayden Parker flicker an emotion of within.
He placed a shaking hand above her forhead...taking in the energy around him, and transforming it into something good. Trying to reverse the energy into something that would help her.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<any1 there?>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<I guess not>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <wut you talkin bout, I'm almost always here, you jus don't see me, lol>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<lol, k>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <or don't you want me to be here?!?!?! jk>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<WHAAA!?!?! of course i dont, i mean do......hehehe>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <that hurt>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Lol, sorry>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <it okay, so where's Zeroth in all this?>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<in the demon, and nolane is just outside>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <oh so do we like have to fight you???>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<no, im not possesed, im tryin to find the core and kill the demon from the inside>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <okay, sorry, lol, I'm just trying to figure this all out.>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<No prob man, dont worry>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Any1 back yet?>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <still here>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Lol, yea, but every1 else is gone>>
miroakukirara / nolane: <<ok you guys nolanes back sorry zeroth that took longer than i thought>>
miroakukirara / nolane: <<okay that was wierd>> nolanes opened her eyes in lenis office her power faded
"urg damn it i coludv'e helped im just so weak" nolane said cryign
*zeroth i couldn't help something went wrong i think it was that smog* nolane said telepathicaly
Kael Fenshir: <<Sorry every1, i was away for the time being, but now im back>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Any1 there??/ im by myself.........im so lonely.........................>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Hello???????????????? im so lonely..............>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Lol, of course>>
miroakukirara / nolane: <<i have a teddy u wanna borrow mine?>> nolane forced all her power to make a nother astroprojection and ths thime ended up in the demon where zeroth eas
miroakukirara / nolane: <<hello is anybody here?>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Im here>>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<And yes, i'll borrow ur teddy nolane, lol>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <me too, lol>
miroakukirara / nolane: <<yay i cgot confused too lets go back to where we all left off and retrack from ther and start over>>
BloodtornAngel / Angel: Angel stood up and using her wings kept the smog away from her *Zeroth can you hear me?"
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden stood back from Ieni..."Are you okay?" he asked, grinding his teeth for caring about someone.
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden hesitated for a moment...fearing to leave Kotesu behind, but ran out of the office to check on the others.
miroakukirara / nolane: nolane rejected the demon and cmae back to lenis office
"what the hell is going on here the demons retreating and hes taking zerotht whith him it said thats all it came for damn it i promised i would help him my brother has his charges and i have mine but i can even keep up with them damn im so weak" nolane said to herself
"its like i cant be trsusted anymore so im leaving into the fog" nolane said aloud she began to walk out the door carryiong her m16 on her back
"see ya" she said to the other sbefore they could stop us
"but what are we supposed to do?" a male student said as nolane waslked out hoping it wouls stop her
"i dont know what... i guess tensu and leni will have to help protect yall and the school" she said as she dissapeared into the fog in the hallway but wasn't fased by it this time
"maybe it was just my astroprojection that felt that way or being in it too much" she said to herself crying feeling useless as she walked out of the barrier the fog and smoke began to let down
"maybe i was the cause of the smog"
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: Hayden went out into the hall and stood next to Kotetsu. "What's going on here?"
<sorry, I'm really confused, and didn't know what to put.>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Im so sorry guys that i was away, pls forgive me.....>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: < forgive with my whole heart, mind and soul, lol>
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<lol, well im srry>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <it okay>
Laz / Corren Lightbrand: ((been a long time since i seen any of you people, valix, zeroth.))
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <I not Valix, I'm Hayden, lol>
"Alright," Hayden said and went off to go get Kotetsu's sister.
<one question, who is your sister? lol>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <okay, lol, sorry>
Hayden ran through the thick smog and eventually came across Nolane. "Hey, come on...are you okay?"
miroakukirara / hikaru: <<nolanes here i think hey wats happened so far>>
miroakukirara / hikaru: <<you look like my friends caharacter avallonis hahah just only if you had boobs hayden parker>>
miroakukirara / rane: <<hold on>>
miroakukirara / nolane: <<okay someone post>>
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <lmao, hikaru>
<nolane, I was adressing you in my last post, lol>
"Are you okay?" Hayden asked. "You didn't cause that smog, nolane, you know that right?"
Toxic_Rayne / Hayden Parker: <this rp is dead as hell....>
miroakukirara / nolane: <<well i haven been on in a while so>>
Bleeding_AngelX / Loki Adin: NEW ONE!!!
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: I think you can figure it out now.
NoraNay / ellesmera: can i blw it up then?
maybe the name is cursed?
NoraNay / ellesmera: i have a rp u cud join.
theres unnatural and dragons cave. they are cool......
Bleeding_AngelX / Gail: No, you can't blow it up. It was already kinda destroyed, but we rebuilt it and reopened it. There's a new red rose high rp that I made to check out. That's pretty tricksy though, promoting an rp in a dead one. I like it.
Kasey: Does anyone post here anymore? Apperently not...
TOCarlyn / Carlyn: ((I ooc: we need more guys so please rp in here http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/87512 thank you its called orphan rp.))

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