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Roleplay - Is anyone even on? by DiamondTears / DiamondTears

If your on please leave a message and what time you left the message, and if you need someone for your rp.

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DiamondTears: Im on hello all *silence*
the heartless / Shinto: ya
Emiri / Yakkai: yep, ryou, sereto, hisoka, kino and Yakkai are all on. Till I get off in a few hours (snow day)
ShadowFang / Sake: Im here :)
elva / aria: hello any1 der?
elva / aria: any1????
elva / aria: dis sux im goin off :(
elva / aria: oh hi
elva / aria: wacha supposed 2 do anyway???
elva / aria: on dis role play thing i mean
elva / aria: is it sortof a chat r somthin?
elva / aria: hee hee liked ur bio :)
elva / aria: ??? ok ;( ( suposed 2 be a confused face)
the heartless / Shinto: join Rp School
elva / aria: hi can i join? (write thing 2 do ? :( )
elva / aria: ok ill just look
elva / aria: ok so u just talk n stuff right?
elva / aria: im gonna switch 2 a diffrent charectar
the heartless / Shinto: yo
whiteshadows / Ishmael: hello
whiteshadows / Ishmael: sky
whiteshadows / Ishmael: don't know, I'm bored
Kael Fenshir: Yo
Kael Fenshir: *Dead Silence*
cutenfuzzy5: me!! im on!!
Kael Fenshir: Hey Kaitlen
Hockeygal101 / Kitten: .....well i lied
Hockeygal101 / Kitten: Who the heckydoo are you?
Hockeygal101 / Kitten: ...the one who said my name
Kael Fenshir: who, me?
Kael Fenshir: Great, you dont know who you RP with...
Hockeygal101 / Kitten: ya you... by the way... you spelled my name wrong
Hockeygal101 / Kitten: who are you and how do you know me
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Does this help?
Hockeygal101 / Kitten: YAY!!!!! Hi!!!
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: And I'm sorryI spelled your name wrong, Im on the virge of sleeping
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: And typing on a PSP makes it worse
Finnigan: Hi, I'm here.
Hockeygal101 / Kitten: EWWWW GET AWAY GET AWAY!!!!!!!
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: ?
Hockeygal101 / Kitten: I thought you hated spamming RP's huh?
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: me?
Hockeygal101 / Kitten: no, finnigan
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Right, well I got lots to do
Take care guys.
Hockeygal101 / Kitten: does that mean you're leaving
oh and finnuigan's a total hypocrite!!!!
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: Yeah, I gotta go. What, you want me to go?
Hockeygal101 / Kitten: no... you can if you want!
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: I guess i could stay, lol
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: well i must go anyways, take care everyone
Es user: I guess i been training on my spelling.
nikita2u: hello? someone anyone cheese lonely!!!!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: someone?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: :(
girly101 / silver gates: hay
SincerWritinAsh: hey does anyone agree that if you spend a week away from es that everything you were doing just eft you behind?
girly101 / silver gates: yep,that happens to me>.<
Tradia / Stareta: hallo hallo, hmm only on those rps where there are more than three people..and sometimes where there are two..they stil leave you behind if they are a girl and guy cus they begin to make a romance...darn it..and that ruins it all because perhaps i wanted a romance between my charrie and the other..but no they must continue on without me and so they make me angry..
Peace_Maker / Baeyor : Holy crap, yeah man. I do feel bad when my comp breaks down or something, and I don't show up for a while. Negative things about me then, lol.
-Dark Angel AKA
Danae / Minndell: Yeah, I'm on at 5:58PM Cali time.
nikita2u: yello?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: yayayyaya someone is on finally i shallnow die of shock on some cheese!!!!! O.O
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: hey hun,
long time no see
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: kind of figured lol. so whats up? is this place still slow? havent been here in a while to stay and actually talk to someone in a long ass time okeis i think im repeating myself.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: oh god im going to kill for some cheese in two point one seconds >.>
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: okeis sweet dreams and all. so whats up Tochi?
nikita2u: sorry!
im commenting on a poem and i tend to do long ass ones im here if you still are. ah pics eh? i love mine ill show you my fav one okeis?
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: Hello people realy bored and blah...Oo
nikita2u / Carolina : um i think this is her really i love all my thingys though :) hiya!
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: I like that pic! wait, do i know you? trying to remmeber...
nikita2u / Carolina : umm i have lots of names sure umm kitty kish well kish is like my umm thing anywho you might if you been on here awhile i use to RP a lot.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: No...i have seen you...maybe it was in that one place where i said to someone i wanted to be a carpet...ummmmm...well...yah...carpet. Oo
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Well, I've decided to go with this one for my most used character and personal favorite. I think it works well with who he is.
nikita2u / Candie: i miss RPing :*(
321star123 / Lana: Fluffy? Or Mimi? anyway it was either betwen a carpet or a factory. so yah i went with the carpet and now i am famous. I don't know anymore people scare but i am defintly not werid...GOSH PEOPLE STOP SCAREING ME!! *crys*
nikita2u / Candie: my most used is kitty kish but only when im talking to someone i use to be Silver in the old days and nami was my most played child one other than that i used Tristen or Kanku Re which was a fun RP but that is besides the point i am rambling on if thats how you spell the damn thing! grrrness cant spell.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: i can spell but my brain wont let me.
nikita2u / Arai: ahhh nice lol your cute! okeis yesh i am weird but i had to say it!
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: YAY! I AM SPECIAL!!! WHOOO i didn't get droped on my head when i was little, i got drop on my head today!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: By the way, Fluffy, you can just call me Sorn. It's a lot better than 'that creepy stalker guy.'
Black sun1 / Kajo: Wow....Fluffy, what kind of "medicen" are you on?
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: WEEEEEEEEEE noooo i like creepy stalker guy...
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: OH! i know him, he is that one guy! yah
nikita2u / Natailie: cheese rules! ducks drool! i love fissies!!! god i need to act more my age dont i T.T
nikita2u / Natailie: yay for that one guy! (Whispers: what guys is who?)
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: I look like i am 8, so act like it and get cookies and eat them and be like wow i have issues.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: That one guy....tensu? i cant spell. He scary and mean to me once. *still crying*
nikita2u / Natailie: Name a person who doesnt and THEY have issues. i look ummm 18 but im like 17 but ill be um 18 soon? o.o O.O o.O O.o
Laz / Corren Lightbrand: hey witch
nikita2u / Natailie: omg i love tensu he has sort of a dry humer thing that i love also he can be a sweet heart (you didnt hear that from me >.>) *hugs*
nikita2u / Natailie: stalkers...hmm..chalk....er....s... okies!
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: I will surive. yep blah, do u know him in reals lifes?
Laz: *smirks* Yeah i guess i missed u too, how u been
Jordan Arema / Skye: no im in mi and he is i think in something carolina? or however you spell it i think its going to rain here i may have ADD
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: HI RANDOM PERSON WHO I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan Arema / Skye: *smackes you* YOU GUESS geesh so much love *huggles* god its been a while since i seen any of the old ppls here how have you been? im good been laid talked shit all the good things you do at my age you ol man! ^*^
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: I have a lung diesses (however u spell it) and i am weird like that
Laz: I am the infamous laz, and i am loosing my mind nugget shroud
Jordan Arema / Skye: That is laz!!! he is awesome amazing hot and has a voice that sounds like he is from the mofia or something like that and he gets or (hopefully ) use to get drunk a lot hehe
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: Chiken nuggets?
Laz: Old ?? ME??? *pokes her in nose* noow u listen here... OMG I AM OLD
Jordan Arema / Skye: i have a peeing diseas not really i just have to go to the bathroom why did i just say that?
Laz: NA im a stoner now O.o
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: OOO! there is a guy at my school who acts like a thug but i beat him up, i am only 4'9!!! LAZ!! LIKEY NAME!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO
Jordan Arema / Skye: *huggles graying man* yesh you are sweet heart but hey ill always hit on you :D
Jordan Arema / Skye: wow! im to tall im 5'7" and geesh you go girl *snaps finger then runs into a parked car*
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: Oo i am scared mommy, oh wait i am alllll alone.... *emo face*
Laz: Omg I've lost my mind and found my nugget shroud
(Nugget mean noggin or your head...)
Jordan Arema / Skye: well laz we cant all be perfect like me now can we hehe my ass hurts :}
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: I AM SPEICAL DONT MAKE FUN OF ME JUST BECAUSE I AM A SHORTY!!!! ur jelous
Jordan Arema / Skye: elmo is still scary as hell
Jordan Arema / Skye: yesh i am anyway laz you need to start PMing me so we can keep in touch you ol man!
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: My brain hurts beuase i poked it too much
Jordan Arema / Skye: *huggles fluffy* isnt she amazing?!!!
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: I eated my last cookie.....*crying inside*
Laz: omg i was gunna say sumtain but i forgot
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: *Still crying*
Jordan Arema / Skye: really i always say things i think i should forget or just not say or just say hey! ...?...
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: i am speical....jelous people
Jordan Arema / Skye: *gives cookies steals cheese*
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: NOOOO MYY CHEEESSSEEE oh wait cookie yummy *eats it*
Laz: O yeah i dont think i can pm...
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: I want to PM u just cause
Laz: well i g2g for now ill be on around 10ish
nikita2u / Arai: i dont know when ill be on though miss you already bye byes!
Laz: sexy :)
jus like ur voice
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: I like pie
Laz: byes
nikita2u / Arai: *blushes* of course i am so nener! geesh still sweet arent ya.
nikita2u / Arai: bye bonito i like moon pie i think
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: Spooooooky ghost.....boo
nikita2u / Arai: *laughs*
nikita2u / Arai: *dies of scaredness*
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: I like scaring people, everyone is bestestestetsetstetstetst buddy.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: EVERYONE
nikita2u / Arai: yayay! now i miss laz and i didnt speak to tensu today and i miss him hey i might suddenly leave and i might not be able to say goodbye okeis so if i go im sorry i might not need to but im in a public library atm.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: I stay at home because i can't go to school *tumbs up but quickly puts them down cuase person is staring at me* GO AWAY PERSON!!! (Aka my buddy)
Black sun1 / Hex: as i said before mannnnnny issues.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: OMG!! ITS MARKY-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think.....
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: Marky-kuns a ass perv.
nikita2u / Tristen: o.o schweet anywho *distracted by shiny object*
Black sun1 / Hex: *gasps* your lucky your at your friends or i would hurt you
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DONT HURT ME I HAVE MOKEY ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *swings in a swing and is blowing noes bubbles*
Finnigan: ZOMG, violence.
Black sun1 / Hex: *Stares at you and pops bubble*
nikita2u / Tristen: im going to change my myspace name to cheese. OMG I SO LOVE umm lost train of thought. how are you new person who knows the amazing person with issues?
Black sun1 / Hex: I dont have issues. i am Fluffys...well she jumps on my back and i carry her to classes
nikita2u / Tristen: ickey hey finn!!!!
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: HOW DARE YOU INVADE MY BUBBLE!!! *puts on army hat* its war....
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: ehehehheheheh.....
nikita2u / Tristen: awwwwwwwww that is so sweet!
nikita2u / Tristen: war eh? do we need water guns?
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: He is my horseie. When i play cheese...(YES I AM A NERD!) i think of the knight as him, i taped hhis face on it once.
nikita2u / Tristen: my ass still hurts though o,o
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: NOOooooooo we use PILLOWS!!!!! *attacks Hex with pillows*
nikita2u / Tristen: w..o..w.. that sounds so fun :D
Black sun1 / Hex: Just kinda guna walk away.....
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: Oo
Black sun1 / Hex:
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: EHEHEHHEHEH.....i never weird people stop scareing the milkshakes.... *Pets milkshakes*
Black sun1 / Hex: Well i need to go.....i have track....bye fluffy....*Runs away*
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: NOOOOO i am alllllllllll alone *rocks back and forth in dark room*
Fallenhope / Alie: I am on hi Fluffy
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: *Gasps in shock* ALIE-CHAN!!!!!! I AM SO GLAD U JOINED!!!! I WAS THINKING ONLY THE PERVS WOULD JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!
Fallenhope / Alie: Yeah...so quack
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: ALIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I misssssssssssss you!!!!!!!! and blah...beat that bitch! (OOOOO NAUGHTY WORD)
Fallenhope / Alie: moo
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: That pic fits you so well hahahahahahahah crackhead!
Fallenhope / Alie: If anyone is a crackhead its you
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: Yeah yeah
Fallenhope / Alie: welll then
Fallenhope / Alie: ole
Fallenhope / Alie: wait pan the drunk is your stuff anmail rite?
Fallenhope / Alie: rite......
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: Nina is my favretset person though....she purrtty....where is IKEY?!??!?! I WANT TO TALK TO HIM YOUR FAMILY GO GET DANM IT!!!!!!!!
Fallenhope / Alie: Hold on ur mastisty
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: BLAH?
Fallenhope / Alie: He is busy may i take a messuge at the moo?
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: Tell him to get his cute ass on here or i swear i will kill him
Fallenhope / Alie: He says fuck you.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: AhAHAHAHAHAHAHAH??!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?! *crys*
Fallenhope / Alie: How fast is ur internet?
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: fast whys? Mr.snigglenorffpieblahcatpersonmcfunnymuffins i feel like being random
Fallenhope / Alie: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow................wait....*hides behind tree* I have cookies
Fallenhope / Alie: *sits behind tree*
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: MINE!!! *grabs cookies and eats them crazily* ehehehehehhe
Fallenhope / Alie: *sigh* i g2g mom needs to use the computer...bye Fluffy.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! everyone hates me....if you hate me post and tell me you hate me....*emo music plays and i rock back and forth*
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: I dont hate you
darkmoonchild / Taini: IKEY-KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!! *hugs*
darkmoonchild / Taini: huh?
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: Your my pretty little pony...hahaha that was funny that one time with mark
darkmoonchild / Taini: You emo, you can only laugh on the compoter rite? *Insert smile here!*
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: *nods* yep
darkmoonchild / Taini: EMO BOY!!!! where is alie? SHE MUST BE HERE FOR THE COOKIE PARTY!!!!!!!!!
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: no idea...i think she went to the school to get some stuff....what cookie party?
darkmoonchild / Taini: *eating your head* what?
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: ...oooooook.....
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: Yes i do like girls thank you for pointing that out....
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: *scoot scoot*
darkmoonchild / Taini: NO MY IKEY-KUN! *hugs and kisses* i luff you!!!!
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: *Runs away*
darkmoonchild / Taini: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Tackles u down and hugs* mine....
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: Oo your scary miss...
darkmoonchild / Taini: i kno...i kno.... MINE!!!! he is my bitch! MINE AND MINE ONLY!!!!
darkmoonchild / Taini: i am going to wait for other people ok?
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: Ok.....
Laz: For once i have to say I lost my nugget shroud!!!!!!!!!!
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: No more chiken nuggets?
Laz: <(T_T)> Nugget means noggin which in turn means head...
Laz: ... im laz...
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: Fine god...but you shall be know to me as chiken nugget man....are you scared?
Laz: *Smacks tensu in the nugget chamber*
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: why did you hit the other chiken man?
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: Fine you shall be known as....KITTY! meow!
Laz: lol he jus sliced his head into pieces
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: OMG! EMO!!!!
Laz: lol dont mind me been smokin teh magic blunt
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: You crackhead...i feel normal...OMG...thats bad...
Finnigan: I don't think you're normal at all.
Laz: no
not crack head....
its pothead...crack head would be kyoshiro mibu :)
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: YAY!!!! *hugs that one guy* Your my new best friend.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: .......OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK
Laz: well tensu finn and kael nice to see you guys again
Finnigan: I hope she didn't hug me.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: what...?
Laz: umm tensu i smoke pot not tobacco
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: Don't mind Nina she was droped on her head.
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: Don't mind Nina she was droped on her head.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: CRACKHEAD! oh and Ike, i wasn't droped on my head when i was little it was TODAY!
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: right....
Finnigan: Anyways children, smoking is bad unless you are some Lv. 4 Demon that can resist fire and lightning attacks and has a defense of 44 or higher.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: You nerd.
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: I demand cookies
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: NO MY COOKIES! eheheh hyper suger allllllll day
Finnigan: Laz, you are incarnation of War, duh.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: STOP TALKING NERD!
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: ....
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: nerds
Finnigan: I senses that Nina Moa/darkbunghole is a Lv. 45 Theologists whos is trying to convert me to the side of evil. NEVA!
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: Thank you i am told that offten and i am werid becuase well yah
Finnigan: Okay, please ignore darkbunghole if she's going to be "queer".
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: ...i don't know anymore
Finnigan: I now appoint Fenshir as new Death.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: blah...
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: i feel so lonley you hurt my feelings i am going to go cut myself
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: *gasp* so hurt....but yah, emo-people are nice to me
Finnigan: I don't inflict pain on myself, I do it on others. I'm quite sadistic.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: i don't cut myself, but if your teacher think you do it scares them and thats fun
Finnigan: You must like getting lots of attention, don't cha?
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: thats a good thing emo-boy you live, thats goooood
Finnigan: *Summons giant hand of the void to bitchslap darkbunghole*
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: no i was put on this earth to scare people. And hurt them...but thats not the point
Finnigan: Not you War, I meant darkbunghole.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: YOU WOULD HIT A GIRL?!?!?!?? *Bitchslaps you back*
Finnigan: You're not a girl. Online you are neuter, you have neither penis nor vagina.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: i am hurt...right in the heart you meanies!
Finnigan: Meh...it's just nine letters strung together. nine letters can do so much but in this case it has done so little.
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: she is a girl, i know her in real life. don't pick on her, she has no family at the time.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: don't bring it up ikey and nope
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: i don't hate you person, i hate that one guy i dont even know you.
Finnigan: I wonder who that one guy is? There's lots of "one guys" out there.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: too bad, i call everyone person. That ummmmm i am too lazy to spell his name
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: yah your mean
Laz: Lets make it easy on you its Laz
Finnigan: No, I think it's me. She can't even string a simple name together. IT's just five letters.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: Laz, your a asswhole
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: i hate you too don't worry
Laz: asswhole?? u mean asshole stupid
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: your meaner
Finnigan: And it's "an asshole". Your grammar mechanic skills are on the suxzorz
Laz: *pokes emo bitch with a stick* is it dead *he turns to finn* i think its dead
Laz / Boss: :)
Laz / Boss: i feel alot better for sum reason ROFL
Finnigan: Not you Kael. I was talking to the carrion.
Finnigan: *Laughs*
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: rude
Laz: yes she is and i know her in real life...
Laz: Now for the Wicked Shit O.O
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: not you laz is very rude
Laz: I told her i'd keep it quiet man shes really broken about this
Laz: who ... huh ???
why am i rude...i was jus blowin off steam...
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: rude person but i feel bad for your friend i could relate
Laz: if you all dont mind would you please say sumtain nice so when she gets on in the mornin she can read it. I'd be thaankful
Finnigan: The girl needs to get
Some kind of wonderful life
Stop the cutting, kay?
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: what me? like i don't loose enough blood without cutting myself (Which i don't)
Finnigan: I didn't say you had to cut yourself. Think in mor general terms.
Laz: na man i brought her onto es, she works with me...
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: i have no idea what to say
Laz: ty...
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: .....
Laz: well thanks ill have her get on and read it when she gets to the shop tommarow..shes the reseptionist
Laz: Im goin to bed for now i got to be at Isp at 8
Goodnight my friends
Peace_Maker / Xenos: ello
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Oh, I'm strange now, lol.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: GASP! Person who was aculty nice from last night!
Peace_Maker / Xenos: lol, uhh...person from last night, hey.
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Yeah, Sorn doesn't stalk me. We only know each other, so, explained.
Peace_Maker / Xenos: ROBOT HOUSE!!!!!!!!
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Right-o
Peace_Maker / Xenos: lol. good episode.
Peace_Maker / Xenos: I just downloaded the latest season of ATHF. Damn, good show.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: But...yah your right he was a ass. But its my baanana...mine
Peace_Maker / Xenos: No, they did. It was just really small...
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: eheheheh my friend tried somethng and now she is in the hopstil and has to get a eye patch...
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Let me join in your fist shake...*shakes fist*
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: *watches u and then throws boot at Kael*
darkmoonchild / Fluffy:
Peace_Maker / Xenos: lol, argh...dat dere was a mighty fine shake ladie. And the boot, no boots. I punish thee with thy...baseball bat
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: Well i have....ummmm....ummmmmmmmm...pillows and a...............brick.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: and a cookie...and a panda DIE!! *chucks pillow at you*
Peace_Maker / Xenos: shut up ben, I couldn't think of anything at the time...shut up
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: No he is special like me and says stuipd things *chucks brick at your head*
Peace_Maker / Xenos: screw your bricks, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE HIGHLANDER!
Fallenhope / Alie: You having fun Fluffy?
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Psssst. Fluffy. Sorn is a stalker for real.
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Oh no you did-INT
Fallenhope / Alie: Fluffys a stalker too if that makes you feel beter. she is right outside my house, we live near each other.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: *z formation snap* i only stalk you.....well and everbody...BUT THATS NOT IMPORNTANT!!!!
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Fine. you know what. I'll throw babies through your window. Yeah. That's right.
Fallenhope / Alie: Wow.....your like fluffy, who right now is telling me not to say that she is stalking me. And eating my head
Fallenhope / Alie: Wow.....
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Oh god. OH GOD. Freshmen year, lunch. Yeah, memories coming back. DEAR GOD. The conversations...
Fallenhope / Alie: ...ok...kinda glad i am not hyper right now
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Even the dark lord himself would disapprove of our actions then.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: hmmm...lunch.food sounds good- but hell i have to go shopping for prom...help the sheep. bah!
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: You are both my new best friends! for ever and ever and ever and ever....EVER!!!!!
Fallenhope / Alie: .....Fluffy. *smacks your head*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: YOU!!!!! *jumps on Alie* You both my bestestetstestetstetstetstetstettetstetste buddys forever.....
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Hey, being a minority doesn't mean you have multiple people in your head. Yeah it does Que...shut up you fool...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Muiltple personality disoter guy....
Peace_Maker / Xenos: While we are on that, I don't have multiple personalites. Before on this site, there were many people who did, just to let you know...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: OMG! my friend Nate...one day he thought he was a male striper becuase he has that desises...HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!! It still happens at times...
Danae / Minndell: I'm on...yeah...if anybody who's involved in "demon days" is on, please post...or if you're in "Reason"...yeah, it's pathetic, but those are the only RPs that I'm in that are still alive...T___T. I t sucks 'cuz I wanna RP (romance, fantasy) but I can't find any RPs to my liking that have open spaces for me to jump into!!! Please tell me if you need a romantic interest or any other characters in a fantasy, romance, or school RP!
Fallenhope / Alie: Nate? oh yah....that was gay...but oooooohhhh so funny
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Right-o...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ROFL ^
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: then he was a russain solider one day...a cat the other day. Hes newest one is a doornob
Fallenhope / Alie: what the insane person says is true
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Was one of the objects a lamp?
Fallenhope / Alie: yah....people scare me.
Finnigan: *SIGHS*
FACT: People are insane on Elite Skills.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: could u be a cookie?
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: EVIL PERSON!!!!!!! Finnigan......*evil stare*
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Finny...lol
Peace_Maker / Xenos: I'm freakin insane in the membrane. Why did I say that
Fallenhope / Alie: is that the bitch you told me about Fluffy?
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: *pokes Finnigan with a spork*
Finnigan: You can see what the problem is with the person if you are around them long enough. I can already see what your problem is darkbunghole.
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Finny is just hard to get used to, that is just how he is.
Fallenhope / Alie: Yay...another sane person
Finnigan: Aw, I'm pretty sure you'll find something wrong with me.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: your not sane alie-chan your insane. You were a sandwhich for cristmas
Fallenhope / Alie: yah i know
Peace_Maker / Xenos: YOU SIR, ARE AN IMPOSTER!
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: pickle
Peace_Maker / Xenos: I always wanted to say that
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: well ur a....your...alive
Fallenhope / Alie: no fluffy. he died.
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Yeah, prolly
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: *crys* the person died. But he is in spoooooky ghost form
Fallenhope / Alie: you need your shot again fluffy
Danae / Minndell: Does anybody need an RP character in their RP???
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: no i don't i am perfectly normal if you don't belive me check out pie world #2
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Minndell, I haven't made an RP in ages. Sorry, but I can't help you.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: hehehehhehehe i am sane
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: sowre person person i don't know
Fallenhope / Alie: *sighs*
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: chiken bawk bawk roboty chiken
Peace_Maker / Xenos: I should make an rp...though, not many would join. Nowadays it's school or Vampire, or a mix. Originalities is what I'm looking for. Sorry, I'm an old school man.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: well i just joined a few monuths ago. I WILL JOIN!!!!!
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: well i just joined a few months ago. I WILL JOIN!!!!!
Fallenhope / Alie: i will join too. nothing to do but poke fluffy *poke*
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Well, I would, I just feel like my brain is dusty. All this work I've been having lately, coming up with ideas is harder by the months. What I said before about schools and vampires, I didn't mean to offend anyone if they like those...I'm just saying, I grow weary of it.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: bawk?
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Anyways, if I did, it would be great if people can post some ideas, or suggestions. Themes, settings, details, all that Bajoka. Yeah, I had to use Bajoka.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: old people
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Oh man, Red Rose High. No school RP could touch that man, seriously...
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: i am getting the vibe that you 2 are high....
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Oh, I almost forgot. While you were gone from this site Sorn, many vets here mentioned soem good rps that they remembered, and Red Rose High was greatly known. Congrats on that, everyone loved it.
Peace_Maker / Xenos: What's wrong with being high? lol
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: well then
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: well i can't smoke or i die...but other wise good luck
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: very amazing!
Peace_Maker / Xenos: What, what is the terrible thing about it.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: my lungs don't work right so yah...blah i get sick from even smelling it.
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Understandable. I should start thinking about that rp...damn brain...work...
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...wait i am smart...*shock and gasps* life after death? i dont know
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yes masta. I just have no idea of the era, or setting and stuff. Feudal, future, modern.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy:
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: modern please mommy
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: i like modern fansty but do whatever pleases u mommy
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I am up for fantasy...hmm...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Wait. Did you just call me mommy?
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: blah...so bored. Surfing the inernet
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: yes why mommy? i dont have one at the time
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: tater saled
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Well, I guess it is okay...I would make a good mom. *HORRIBLE THOUGHT* yep...
Anyways, that was the first rp I was in Sorn, that was a good one as well. I might make somethign similiar to that...sequel...prequel...Zequel? Or just similiar
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: can i have a juice box mommy?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Uhhh...sure...I guess...lol
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: YAY! *sits on the ground and drinks juice box* WAIT! what kind is it? geuss right and win
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: defiently the Zequel. I love those. Or just similar. That works too. Or whatever. I'm not here to judge you on the rp you make. The whole mommy thing, however...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: but he is my mommy on here
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Tropical Punch. If it isn't, then forget the juicebox industry in this world. Yeah, I'll start coming up with something. Now about rules...no vamps and demons, people go ay out of hand with those, and the story. Some people take they story into their own hands, at that point, I drop in Rping.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah. We wouldn't want another...well..."you know who" situation on our hands.
Bumbeak: Bad idea. We use different time zones!
Peace_Maker / Koru: Dear god...that makes me want to detail it more. By the way...that pic is good Sorn, that game was really good for a gameboy game, it really was.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: What's a bad idea?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: yes and i think youy should alow SOME fantsy thing.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I guess we will never know...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: oh god my crazy neghboir is singing again..it BURNS!!!!!!!!!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Okay, before I make it, are there any suggestions?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i am good mommy!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Meh, you know what you want to do best. Just go with it.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Right-o. Enrique Sakamoto productions presents...an rp, coming soon to your local run down chat rooms
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Oh god, it better not be made by Enrique Sakamoto. I don't want to see another one of your creepy pornos.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: yay!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ohhh EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW grossssss
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol, oh god, I can't stop laughing, I can' tt type, lol
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: oh, you know you love those Sorn...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Dead on the ground from grossness*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sorry, seven were enough for me.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *comes back to life for a minntue and then slaps Sorn on the head and shoots him with a gun*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: That seemed slightly unessisary.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: okay, now that I've calmed down from laughing, I'm going to make it.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ew i dont know anymore but i am still dead from pervs.
Finnigan: I'm still dead from your uncomplete brain.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: rude person i have a brain buts its not here at the time my i take a messge?
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: eheheh i am smart
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: hurt
VampireMaiden / Srellia: Hey peeps. Join Armeculaturs. Its kewl.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: there we go. Rp is called Scars of War. I need to rest my hands. The entire story I came up with as I typed it. I rarely do that.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Good for you mommy! geuss wha? i am smart
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: It soudns bad though, I haven't came up with ideas in a long time. I would expect it to be bad anyways.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: but he he is man-mommy
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I DONT CARE!!!!! i wanta rp
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Meh, I think it works alright, Kael. Now then, you takin' the first post?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yeah, I'll have the first post I guess. Just give me a moment guys.
321star123 / Lana: I WANTA THE 3rd! (Yes i am useing this person)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I'll be using my IC Sorn character. I tend to use him for fantasy rps.
321star123 / Lana: but i like this one! He is soooooooooooooooooooo cute. Little kiddy
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I don't even know if you were talking about my profile or yours.
darkmoonchild / Cira: your picture it reminds me of the kid i sometimes babysit!
321star123 / Lana: AWWWW! *Huggles your person* little kids are so cool
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: ...okay...anyways, I posted.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: May I also add that when I'm not on my comp, i'm on another machine, so I would have to use a different account. Also, my posts would be slightly...less detailed, which would make me hypocritical if you read my details in the rp...but yeah
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: she posted and now i will!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Are you talknig about your blasted PSP? I hate typing on those things.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yeah Ben, it can be a whore in the morning, but that is all I have. Trust me, when I'm on my other account, that means PSP. So, remember that fellas.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: ...
Anyways, if someone who is in the story had to leave and they were in an important part, liek they NEEDED to respond, don't continue. If you leave, just say, and explain what we shouldn't do. There can be exceptions though, of course.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: sowre tochi
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hmm...I would like to know if anyone would disapprove of me having another character. I need some view from that other kingdom, so he won't be involved much with anything big. Just a whole second viewpoint I guess. I'm just wondering.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: It's all you, Que.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Alright, thanks. Just need to expand, ya know?
321star123 / Lana: Weee more people! even if it is just you
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Que, I expected you to shout something like "Tonight, we dine in Cyril!"
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol. That movie was really good. I just compared Baak with spartans, cause I felt liek there needed to be a more hardcore group, ya know?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Oh believe me, I understand. Still, it amuses me.
321star123 / Lana: *whispers to Alie* what are they talking about. I dont speak guy
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: movie 300.
321star123 / Lana: oooo when i saw that on 'the soup' i was sideways so it looked like moo
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: [IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b367/Little_Ichigo/20070312.jpg[/IMG]
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: well, it was good. SEE IT
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: page was not found Sorn
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Damn, still not BBC code enabled. Whatever. http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b367/Little_Ichigo/20070312.jpg
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol, that is funny
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I'm so going to do that. Probably at school. I can get my handst on some armor.
321star123 / Lana: Woooooooooooooooooooooooow.....that was scary but funny scauny....yah
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: yeah, and I'll be that guy that roars a lot. That random guy. you know...that guy. Yeah, him. If you are thinking of that guy, then that is him. Yup, that guy who does that...
321star123 / Lana: *stares at a cookie*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: But what of the rest of the...I don't even remember our army's name anymore. What did we call ourselves?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: THE DIVINE WIND!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: oh yeah. That was cool, but some folks ruiend it. I was actually going to take that to a high level, but I wasn't prepared for it. If only i had a time machine and invented Wikipedia and hot pockets...oh, and the Divine Wind again. that too...
321star123 / Lana: *stares at the unknown langue* Oo
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Dude, we'd be livin the high life. Well you would and I would leech off of your success. Word.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Shower time. That means delayed next post.
321star123 / Lana: now your hip-hop yo?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Oh yeah, think of the chicks man. Wiki is a chick magnet, trust me. Oh, and what we were talking about isn't a game. It is called Dagorhir. God, the word is like an alien word on my tongue. I haven't done that in so long...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: We can wait. HURRY IT UP
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: sorn has a sexy picture
321star123 / Lana: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..........EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.........ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww......*Washs eyes out with acid*
321star123 / Lana: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..........EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.........ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww......*Washs eyes out with acid*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: That's right I have a sexy picture. It's like me, sexy. Yeah, well, I can't say the same Que. I was there last week. It's why my body was all sore in school on monday. But now, I really am getting in the shower.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: lol I like the picture
321star123 / Lana: lol gay striper....eheheheh that was so funny on the table at school
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: hmm...while Sorn is gone, let's make fun of him, lol
321star123 / Lana: YAY! *Whsipers* he is a person
321star123 / Lana: i know your a person too!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yep...
321star123 / Lana: Alies dead...can i have another juice box man-mommy?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: You're running me short...you know that.
321star123 / Lana: YAY! i am happy now. where is Alie. She talks about this one game all the time. Fire Emblem? I dont know talk to her.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Good game. Challenging, yet good.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: The original one for nintendo. Old style here, lol
321star123 / Lana: TEH ONE ON GAME CUBE IS FUN! i like teh pink-haired girl with the lance. Shes fun to play and hit people she died on my game though.
321star123 / Lana: you oldie testu...no the purple haired girl Mia can kick your girls ass becuase she is a swordmaster and is sooooooo werid. its fun to play as her and move her around and use her speical skill
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Looks like a fight...
321star123 / Lana: *bitch slaps back grabs BB and shoots your head*
321star123 / Lana: *Pushes you down into the well where the grudge girl lives and lets her do the work* Yep eheheheh....
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: OOOOOOOO...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: ooooo...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Wo ist Sorn?
321star123 / Lana: Wait, this is going to piss you off. *hides behind 300000000000000000 foot thick metal* YOU ASS WHORE!! YOU SELL YOURSELF OUT FOR 1$ AND SMOKES POT AND YOU ARE A MAN IN DESGUIE!! YOU LOVE JOE!!!!!!!! *ducks for cover* internet cut out
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: who?What?
321star123 / Lana: she abused me....
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Right...
321star123 / Lana: Me llamo Graciela, me gusta comer, leer, and escbrier. y`tu?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: You already know that, Kael
Finnigan: Delebo equis!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol...this amuses me.
321star123 / Lana: Me lellvo los jeans negro y la camiseta morada. a is femime...right? yah know what, IM me ok?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hahaha, very amusing
Finnigan: Me llevo azul camiseta y azul pantalones. Me gusta comer chicharones a la izquierda, a la derecho, y a la derecha.
Finnigan: Ella es muy estupido. Amor Español y Latina. Come carne y aceituna (sp).
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol, Finny Finny...
321star123 / Lana: lol we aren't talking about you behind your back...
Fallenhope / Kua: we would never do that
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: If you mean me, I know. I know spanish well...Finny is just making this more amusing...
Finnigan: Festina lente. AUDITE! Amo amicos y amabo amicos. Ambularene cum equis?
Finnigan: Is my Spanish rusty? It's been a year now since I've been in a class.
321star123 / Lana: Fea
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol. I know rusty, trust me Finny.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: And could you all stop speaking in spanish, I get enough of it during the day...
Finnigan: Well is it rusty or not? I'm taking Latin right now, and I love it.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Not really. Latin is a real fun class. Do you go over mythology and stuff?
Finnigan: Yea once in a while if the teacher isn't speaking Italian, Spanish, French, or German. I swear, the guy is in love with languages. Half of the time we're learning some other language.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Well, I just finished taking German. I just felt like learning it. Latin is good class though. Teacher at my school is british, which is funny.
Finnigan: Traho ranae. Spectabam caelos sed spectabam nihilos.
321star123 / Lana: blah
Fatedblue1 / Sanao: hey Mimi, Alie
Fallenhope / Alie: Hey Ike
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I...think I know a little of that...
321star123 / Lana: hi ike
Fatedblue1 / Sanao: hi
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Ello ello
321star123 / Lana: Tetsu...? how long do showers take for that one guy?
Fatedblue1 / Sanao: hey
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: well, I'm pretty sure he doesn't take that long. He might be eating, I'm not sure. He takes his time
Fallenhope / Alie: so
321star123 / Lana: ..........wow he takes his time....but fighting boredom
Fatedblue1 / Sanao: yep
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Well, it doesn't bother me, I'm just typing stuff and downloading music.
Fatedblue1 / Sanao: i am on youtube watching robot chicken
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Good show. I've seen every episode though.
Fatedblue1 / Sanao: it gets boring though, i am jus skiming through. And apperntly watching freaky videos that fluffy made
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa:
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: hmm..now I'm starting to wonder myself...
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Okay, I'm done with Latin right now although I feel like I want to engage someone in some talk about it.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Anyone still there?
Fallenhope / Kua: yep
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Right-o then.
Fallenhope / Alie: fluffy has one of her coughing fits so she had to leave. She will be on later.
Starless Knight: *dances across the chat with a wicked smile* lmao. Ever notice how clever satire and sarcasm often masks an anger so deep it cannot be expressed as anger and seems to be slowly festering to hatred . . . or is my imagination running on overdrive again.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: It's okay. Nothing big is going on at the moment anyways. Sorn might be back later, and I have to go in a minute, but I will be on in like...and hour maybe. Please don't go anywhere without me. Just let the others know I will be back
Fallenhope / Alie: k and for starless knight wtf?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hey Starless
Starless Knight: Hello, one and all. How have you guys been?
Fallenhope / Alie: *slams head on keyboard*
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'm pretty good myself, thanks. You know, long day and all, but I'm fine. How about you?
Starless Knight: I am rather upset - but in the usual manner, you understand, so I guess in retrospect I am actually having quite a delightful day.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Well, that is good to hear. Anyways, I have to go for the moment, but I will be back within the hour. It was nice seeing you again Starless, although I'm on a different account...be back later.
Starless Knight: I doubt I shall be here for the hour, but you never do know. A pleasant chat is always nice, of course. If I am not here when you return, though - then I do bid you a good night or day, respectively.
Starless Knight: As I have said, I doubted I would stay for the whole hour. I bid you all a good night.
Fatedblue1 / Sanao: hi
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: hello strangers!
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: i don't know he is *whispers* A EMO he is dealing with "Emotial issues" right now
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: shut up fluffy, i will join. Is it ok if i use this person?
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: do u even know what it is called?
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: no
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: ehehheheh i like teaseing the emo-boy
darkmoonchild: GOOD MORNING! er, afternoon type thing i just woke up
321star123 / Lana: blah....its not my fault that i set my alarm to 101.3 and blast it really loud in the morning.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'm back
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: Hello!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hey
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: sigh....can ikey join that one rp?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yeah, sorry about that last night, it wouldn't let me post anything for some reason...anwyays, yeah, he can join. He just needs to understand what is going on, and follows the rules.
darkmoonchild / Taini: YAY! hes mt Ikey-kun...he will understand. Hold on while i go bug him to get on here.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Okay. I'm just gonna post and stuff. Need to update
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: Hey. give me a update. too lazy to read
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: It's only two pages of posts.
darkmoonchild / Taini: yeah god ike, so lazy
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Sorry guys, I got jewed out of the use of my computer last night.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol, it's okay. I've been in that situation. I'm a lazy guy myself, lol
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: haha, jewed
darkmoonchild / Taini: OOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am jewish.....
Fatedblue1 / Dachi: lol, but anyway...just go on without me for a while. I will post when the time comes
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: My family is jewish.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Mmmmmmyess...
darkmoonchild / Taini: Sorn, post something. *crying becuase is made fun of*
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: How are you being made fun of?
darkmoonchild / Taini: people....people....not you...but people.....
darkmoonchild / Taini: btw ikey said that he would pop up later. But thats going to be a LONG TIME if i know ikey
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: It's alright. I might make use of him later. Yes...but really, I could use him with my other character. Sounds good.
darkmoonchild / Taini: cookies
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Maybe, maybe not.
321star123 / Lana: GRRRRRRRRR! so bored. Picture surfing gets boreing!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'm just waiting for someone to post...
321star123 / Lana: someone posted
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Still need to wait...
321star123 / Lana: no fun........*Falls alsleep on keyborad*
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hey Sorn, you have some Dir en grey, right?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: You looking for some Dir En Grey, Que? I could hook you up.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I have very little man. For some reason, it is troubling to find their stuff.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Yeah it is. I have a mix CD of theres. I also have Withering to Death and The Marrow of Bone, but my burner is having some issues. I burn what I can if my computer decided to not take it up the USB port.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Understandable. I had that problem. My old computer did suck
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: You can dance if you want to...
321star123 / Lana: OoOoOoOoOoOo
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: you can leave your friends behind...
321star123 / Lana: OOoOoOOoOOoOooOO
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol, I had to
321star123 / Lana: *scoots away*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Well it is understandable. I mean, after all, you're friends don't dance. And let's be honest here, if your friends don't dance well, there no friends of mine.
321star123 / Lana: *scoots away father*
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I live by that rule.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Good rule to live by.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Of course. Oh yeah...it be thursday
Starless Knight: What's this about dancing?! *Dances in a manner unfitting for decent society* Well, that settles that. *slinks away to crouch in a corner wrapped around a cup of tea and watching the on-goings like some kind of frightened animal.*
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol, hey Star. Welcome back.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Hey, who said you could have tea, Starless?
Starless Knight: T'is a pleasure, as always. I am a bit put off today - not many of my usual rp companions have logged on - though I do admit even I have been scarce as of late. Still, the RPGs I am in at the moment are quite stationary. *sighs* On top of that, I have a weird bit of self-assigned homework . . . Would anyone here know anything about D&D? I know whatever sophistication I may have laid claim to before saying such a thing is now gone, but it still stand to reason that I need to know a little about character development in that game and I know naught at all.
Starless Knight: And, my dear Sorn, I said I may have Tea. Deprive me of my tea and I'll have you flogged. *Flat stare*
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Well, maybe Sorn can help you with that. I'm not a D&D kind of guy, sorry.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I think I can take you, Starless. Also, what do you need to know about D&D? I don't know a lot but enough to make me a nerd.
Starless Knight: Lol - and I assure you, I am not a D&D kind of girl . . . *sigh* but the matter still stands. *takes a long sip of Tea, decides it needs something a bit more, and pulls out a decorative - unmarked - flask and pours a small amount of liquid into the tea. Sips and smiles*
Starless Knight: Hmm . . . *chuckles* Well, I think mostly I need to know how to develop a character - what makes a character, and what things I must include. I know something ague about alignment and whatnot, but the details are lost on me, I fear.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Just fill out a character sheet. Or is there more to what you are asking me?
Starless Knight: . . . and what is this 'Character sheet' of which you speak?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/dnd/charactersheets
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/dnd/charactersheets
Starless Knight: Much of that makes little to no sense to me. Lets start simple - what does it mean with things like class, species, alignment, religion/patron diety, etc.?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I think Sorn left. He did sign off AIM...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'll be back later. Maybe an hour, or more, I have no idea.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Well, I'm back
darkmoonchild / Taini: *still sleeping*
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol
darkmoonchild / Taini: what? Morning....*Burys head in pillow*
darkmoonchild / Taini: GRRRRR.....so bored Alie's at baseball...and Ikey is with teh band....
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Oh, I see
darkmoonchild / Taini: everyone hates me!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Huh?
darkmoonchild / Taini: avoiding me mean people....
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'm not avoiding you...
darkmoonchild / Taini: ....... i am still sad.....Alies my bestest friend.......
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Well, I'm sorry if I did something
darkmoonchild / Taini: you didn't do anything. I geuss i shouldn't say anything or complain on here...i can do that in real life! I am sowre
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: No problem, it was my fault for not understanding.
darkmoonchild / Taini: no it was my fault for complaining!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol
darkmoonchild / Taini:
darkmoonchild / Taini: can u say something on 'scars of war'?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: What a day...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Well, for this character, I'm waiting for Sorn to post, he is kind of the only one left to reply. I could post on my other character though...
darkmoonchild / Taini: So bored....there is nothing to do!!!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: lol, boredom occurs all the time
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'll be on later today. Bye for now.
darkmoonchild / Cira: bye!
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: wtf is with this thing its like annoying me
Fallenhope / Lunette: the glitch? me too...i hate scrolling over.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: well its annoying I don;t think some people under stand you have to 'scrol over' because of screen sizes. my screen is 19" long
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: The page has a growth now, apperantly...
Fallenhope / Lunette: oh, mines so small becuase this computer is one of thoses tiny-tiney ones. I think its as big as your screen
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Just ignore it for now, the server is beign changed I believe, so, technically, we shoudln't be doing stuff. Just relax, a messed up page isn't that bad, would you rather have no page?
Fallenhope / Lunette: true. Well i need to go. bitching bitch is bugging me to do chores bye
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: it still annoying
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I 'spose...
Starless Knight: I do hereby pose the question which titles this thread!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hey everyone
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: My Glorious return!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: oh, hey Sorn, wlecome back man
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hello all
Starless Knight: Is anyone here?
Peace_Maker: I am here, if you are still on.
Fallenhope / Lunette: HEY PEOPLE!!! Sry i stoped breathing yestday so yah....
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hey
Fallenhope / Lunette: OOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!! my lungs are on fire!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'll be back later
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'll be back later
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'll be back later
Starless Knight: *is lonely and bored again* sigh
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'm back. Sorry about that triple post...
Fallenhope / Lunette: oww...so much pain.....
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: You okay?
Fallenhope / Lunette: i went to the hosptial and they did something to my lungs and neck, now i have a big scar and i am rolling on my bed trying to forget the pain...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Oh, I'm sorry. Shouldn't you like, rest?
Fallenhope / Lunette: no....so bored, they dont care i already slept for....14 hours so i can't sleep and i am covered in bed sores.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Oh. Well, hope you feel better.
Fallenhope / Lunette: yah, thank you. still hurts though...i hope i am ok so i can babysit for this little kid.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Sounds crappy
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: it does, but the little kid is SOOO CUTE! she loves me, sep she makes me read little red rideing hood to her, every day...*twich twich*
Fallenhope / Alie: hey fluffy. How are you and why havent you called?
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: EEEE!!! ALIE!!!! I OWE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! YOU SAVED ME!!!!!!! i will call, ring ring
Fallenhope / Alie: i know i know no need to thank me. You were on the floor chokeing, what was i sapoused to do?
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: YAH! Alie-chan is my hero!
Fallenhope / Alie: yep
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Ello ello
Fallenhope / Lunette: i am not here...i am just a figment of your imagantion.....
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: of course, lol
Fallenhope / Lunette: no.....i am invisble....you cant talk to me because i am not here...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Right...
Fallenhope / Lunette: EEEEEEEEEE!!!! I JUST SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! *hugs your person*
Fallenhope / Lunette: yes.... :P
Fallenhope / Lunette: *Lunette finds a nuke and bombs your house*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Right...
Fallenhope / Lunette: *Bitch slaps you both for not careing*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Right...
Fallenhope / Lunette: *Slaps you for saying right*
Fallenhope / Kua: *gets popcorn and watchs fluffy slap him*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Your slaps do nothing, lol
Nani / Emma Faye: umm.. am i missing something?
Fallenhope / Lunette: He is trying to convert me into darkness NEVER!!!! *attacks him with all her might*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahaha, no Nani, you arn't missing anything.
Fallenhope / Lunette: *strangles Varel, er however you spell it*
Nani / Emma Faye: alrite.. if you don't mind, i'm just going to watch.. this might get interesting
Fallenhope / Lunette: DIE PERSON! *Sticks your head in a pool and drowns you*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Right...
Fallenhope / Lunette: EEEEEEE!! SO CUTE!!! *hugs Tia becuase she is so cute*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Shut up Sorn, this is not your...virtual fight
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Oh wait...nvm, I thoguht you were FOR my death
Fallenhope / Lunette: gosh person.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I have a freakin name. I can call you something else if you want...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Not you Sorn, that other girl...if she isn't going to call me by a reasonable name, someone is going to be cunt punted...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Oh snap! I'll be right back!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: My work here is done. To the shower!
Nani / Emma Faye: o wow.. this is getting interesting
Fallenhope / Ajax: i think that fluffy is going to the hosptial again. There is a amblunce at her house.
Nani / Emma Faye: ...fluffy?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Oh?
Fallenhope / Alie: Lunette, she likes to be called that
Fallenhope / Alie: yep, she be gone
Nani / Emma Faye: oh.. really.. why?
Fallenhope / Alie: she was born as a very weak child. She probaly won't live to 30. she will be lucky to live that long. Her lungs are weak and her heart is too big.
Nani / Emma Faye: that's so sad..
Fallenhope / Alie: yep. she trys to cover it up by pretending that she is happy.
Nani / Emma Faye: oh, i wish i could do something. but i probably can't.
Fallenhope / Alie: she doesnt like it when people feel bad for her. Yestrday she tried to push me out of the room of hosptial and stuff like that. It was kinda funny. She was swearing at the doctors...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: There are things that we wish we could stop or fix, but we know we can't. I feel bad myself...
Nani / Emma Faye: lol.. seems like she's trying to be strong on the inside
Fallenhope / Alie: dont be, when she comes back she will be all pissed at you
Nani / Emma Faye: okay.. let's change the subject.
anybody seen happy feet? lol
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Well, she can be pissed at me if she wants, I'm still staying with what I said.
Fallenhope / Alie: hold on phones ringing
Fallenhope / Alie: well that sucks
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: hm?
Fallenhope / Ajax: apprently, well two things. Fluffy has to stay at the hosptial so she wont be on for...probaly a month, and i am going to move again. Me and my brother live with foster parnets.
Fallenhope / Alie: I fear fluffy when she gets back.
Fallenhope / Alie: meh, i hope she goes to school at least...people are going to give her stuff...its funny becasue she is so short. Picture a girl 4'9 fighting off a bunch of goths.
Fallenhope / Alie: everyday she was at school she always gets suspened. Her mom was a crackhead so she didn't care.
Fallenhope / Fiearo: her brothers a perv too. It was desuting..i am glad he is gone.
Fallenhope / Ajax: i know. Sometimes i wonder why she doesnt kill herself
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: eee! Alie-chan! The doctors are eating me!!!!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Ehh, I've got time. Leaving soon though
Fallenhope / Fiearo: ......Fluffy? Where did you get the computer from at the hosptail? *almost too scared to ask*
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: EEEE!!!! they eated me, i ran away and then found this room with computers....why they have them at a hosptail i will never know...
Fallenhope / Fiearo: ooooooooooooooooooooook then.......
darkmoonchild / Taini: BYE!!!!!!!
darkmoonchild / Taini: damn theses doctors....caught me........i need to go.
Fallenhope / Fiearo: bye
SlanderousLust: Hey! er...Some of you folks should go to the old-styled ES chat room, Its like yesteryear :0
Finnigan: Grindhouse, go see it. It's shock n' awsome!
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Good Night.
Danae / Ani: bump
Laz / Corren Lightbrand: so anyone on this hectic sunday mornin...o wait its easter mornin.... everyones in church...
Danae / Ani: As I was saying Nicole...yes, I know that he's going to read that. I'm not THAT stupid!!!
And what do you mean, what do I mean? None of my characters have ever gone out with Kane before, though they've gone out with Cail (as you know).
Finnigan: ALien!
Finnigan: Yo.
poppi: Not the blasphimers!!they're not in church!!! o crap that makes me one of them
silentblade / Kodoque: Er.. I RPed here a long while ago (or what seems like it anyway) and I was just wondering what's been going on on ES. Anything?
SlanderousLust: http://www.kingpoets.com/chat.htm
Do that.
I'm lonely.
darkmoonchild: Owwwwww......it still burns
Danae / Ani: Cail/Kane, if you're on, please post on demon days and a will of wishes.
girly101 / silver gates: i dont think shes on,im waiten to
Danae / Ani: No I'm pretty sure she is. I think it's her posting in boys comprehensive and that song one.
Finnigan: Nothing really SilentBlade. It's same ol' ES being terrorized by Vampies and Emos and whatever the rest of the minority makes up.
girly101 / silver gates: what u dont like emos?
Finnigan: Nope, I didn't say that I dislike emos. I'm just saying that a portion of the site is part emo.
Finnigan: Not really.
Shika: i died
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: the doctors riped my lungs open! I cant talk no more....
Finnigan: And that has to affect us why? We have never heard you talk before.
silentblade: Ripping your lungs open? Wouldn't that mean you'd be hooked up to a respirator? And you'd be in hospital? Dying? Being able to talk would be the last of my concerns. >_>
Eitherway, Finnigan, I'm not hugely suprised, as soon as I looked at the list I more or less knew what to expect. I'm confused how A Vampiristic Melody is still being posted in.
Finnigan: It's a good RP.
Finnigan: I doubt that anything can surpass it. Not at all.
silentblade / Kodoque: That's not what I'm saying. What I mean is that so far, A Vampiristic Melody is the only RP that I've seen that I remember from before. I thought about posting in it, but then I figured that the story was too deep by then. And Vampires were never really my thing.
Finnigan: Those are the two reasons that I never posted in it. The story does revolve around vampires, but you didn't have to be one. Well, if you look at most RP's, then you'll see that they are carbon copies of existing RP's. There's nothing exciting about some of them. Good to see that you're back though.
silentblade / Kodoque: Thanks. Yeah, I noticed. There's alot of 'Highschool with no rules- You can be a vampire or a neko or a human' RPs at the moment. Ehh, I joined Wordless Meanings. Ryuki usually makes good RPs. I'll probably make an RP tomorrow, hopefully people will join.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: SilentBlade makes some good RP's if I recall.
silentblade / Kodoque: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeah... Now to see what types of RP are popular and make the complete opposite. (Realistic FTW.)
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: a realistic rp sounds like a nice vacation
nikita2u / Tristen: hello? whats up?
silentblade / Kodoque: The ceiling. The Sky. Space. I'm waiting for someone to sign in but I don't think that's going to happen now.
nikita2u / Tristen: ahh. im sorry. well yes the ceiling is up i do see now that you have so grasiously (cant spell) pointed this out...hehe...anywho nice someone is one when im on its a change of pace quite nice if i do say so myself :)
nikita2u / Tristen: then he disapears dun dun dun dunnnn muhahhaha the world shall now explode in a thing of cheese woot woot woot woot.
silentblade / Kodoque: Que? Good lord I have a headache. What RPs are you in?
nikita2u / Tristen: none yet god i miss RPing. it was so fun and i was yesh im not giving myself a big head. anywho HIIIII HIII sorry headache thingy must suck my ass and throat hurt...not what you think trust me i have a damn sore throat.
silentblade / Kodoque: It's the change of season, I reckon. Yeah, I should probably join some more RPs. Or set one up. Which I will.
nikita2u / Tristen: that would be awesome not sure if i seen any of your works.
nikita2u / Tristen: im going to play with some words hope you dont mind.
lets wander together shall we? visit every twist in my twisted mind to see every dust spotted peice of hope and further examination will show the eyes of a murder behind every portrait i have decided to paint in my minds eye.
And along the passage we shall visit the chains of self mutilation that i have (for i dont have a choice nor do i wish for one) forsaken to apease those who in which say they love and will always love me. as who is this "me" i have yet to find out. Care for a visit? or do you wish to take what you see at face value.?
Do you know seek some sort of entry my friends?
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: yay! i get the 1000 post!
silentblade / Kodoque: What a waste of a perfectly good landmark post. Even then, I've always found 1001 to be the best number. It's a tradition of mine. Coz it just is.
Finnigan: I think you're jealous that you didn't get the 1000th post.
darkmoonchild / Taini: jelous.
silentblade / Kodoque: It spawns from jealousy, yes, but it is a tradition. I never make the 100th, 1000th, etc. but I always get 101, 1001, etc. So yes, while I do wish I could get the landmark every now and then, I'm good with the 01s.
darkmoonchild / Taini: 1000th post. I got it heheh...i am very calm right now
silentblade / Kodoque: Hi Tensu. Long time no see. We were talking about how I'm jealous cause I didn't get the mythical 1000th post. But I got the 1001st. Which has 1 more 1 in it. Which makes me number 1. [/badexcuse]
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: right............sure you are
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Darkbunghole is one of the countless ES idiots, please excuse her.
darkmoonchild / Taini: i am still hurt.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Hey guys, I'm a prep.
darkmoonchild / Taini: i hate preps...they are so stuck up on themselfs and dont give a shit about other people. You read my journal, big woop.
silentblade / Kodoque: Americans 9_9. Someone mind filling me in on what a 'Prep' is?
In other news, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do for the RP I'm making tomorrow? Muuuchos gracias.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Hey, I'm so stuck up on myself and dont give a shit about other people. Yay! I also wear Abercrombie and Fitch stuff. WE DON'T LIKE EMUS.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: A prep is someone who wear's nice clothing (i
Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Aeropostle, etc.) and are hated by mostly any other group that isn't preppy (i
Emo, Punk, Stoners, Geeks, Nerds, Band Geeks, etc.) Really, Lil Ms. Emotion over there likes to label.
darkmoonchild / Taini: a prep is like a very prepy person. To say the least, they are like the poupler kids at your school who make fun of the nerds. Btw, i am not a emo. I hang out with emos. But thats only becuase my best friend from kindergarend is a emo.
For the rp, dont do a school one. That has been used way too much and i am starting to get sick of them. Do somthing...like, i dont know, maybe a real life thing, er, something like that....sure why not?
silentblade / Kodoque: Thanks, Tensu.
THE ODDS ARE 3-1 on Finnigan! The Moogle with the.. (what rhymes with Moogle?)
I don't like emus either. They're very antisocial birds. ¬_¬
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Google.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: OH yea, I don't like emu's either. They are almost as ugly as ostridges.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: why do you hate emus? there perfectly fast running birds, descending from perfectly fast running rapters, that were demoted to wierdly named ostrich cousin's whose head is only sometimes stuck in the ground.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Emus are the most annoying birds out there. They're always ",Wah, wah, wah" and all that crap. They don't make sense at all when they type on AIM. It's like they're typing with their wings or something.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: I spy vampire in my li'l eye.
darkmoonchild / Cira: dont be so mean. I will join, just beacuse.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: I'm not mean, I'm just stating that there's another vampire RP. Oh great, this time it's vampires as slaves. What a twist.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Well, its not the most ornagial thing...but a least she had the guts to make one. I give her soem creidt.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: I don't know, maybe it could be a good one, but it has to awe me.
darkmoonchild / Cira: meh, whatever...now that there is a guy there they are going to have a romance and kick out who ever else is on there.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: I have the perfect idea for a roleplay. Complex plot too.
I hate when there's a romance. Most of the time (I won't use percentages), there's a romance. I think that's what keeps the story from going on.
darkmoonchild / Cira: yah, but there are some good RP's that have romance and is still going on. Me, i dont care whether there is a romance or not. I just hate it when they kick you out. Its a nice thing if they have love or not, but just cut back on it a little bit.
What is your RP about now?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: I'm not in any right now. I'm taking a break from others and trying to improve in other areas.
darkmoonchild / Cira: why not? I love RPing, thats why i joined this site. Btw i love your moodle picture. I have a weakness for them.
FailureXX / Analise: im on. let's rp.?
darkmoonchild / Cira: YAY! i love rping are you going to make one?
FailureXX / Analise: haha, i was hopeinggg you could.? im running out of good ideas. ]:
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Well I'm not roleplaying but I'm creating a story. It's called, "Pestilence's Office". Some call it a soap opera.
darkmoonchild / Cira: OO! i read that. Its preaty good. I think if you add a fansty twist on it, just a little. I will make a RP dont worry, sry i was gone. Really quickly had to have dinner.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hmmmmm....
darkmoonchild / Cira: what now?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Fantasy? Well I'm trying to stray away from medieval times and all that stuff that happened before. It has more of a Sci-Fi twist to it. It's present day only it's less realistic.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Si-fi? Well that sounds fun. If you added like a...umm....haha...dont know. Writers block. Well you are doing a good job as far as i am concred. Sometimes i go onto and read it. A little bit mushy, add some more fighting. Even more soapy!
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Oh, I'm just building it up to where they do start fighting. I know that you can see the past 10 posts but there's been some fighting with zombies and then Romeo killed a Cuban.
darkmoonchild / Cira: now i shall make the rp. i dont know what it shall be about....i shall think. omg, Romemo killed a cuban. He shall be missed.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Well what if some Cuban took your chick (in your case man) and threatened to kill a lot of people?
darkmoonchild / Cira: Wow...i would slap that bitch
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Hahah, it wouldn't be that heroic if Romeo did so.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: They've also fought vampires. Some of the stuff that I put in Pestilence's Office is what I feel and facts about other things. For example, the character Juan is the stereotypical Mexican that has hopped the boarder.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: hey any of you seen ellesmera lately or slanderouslust?
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: hmmm...okay. thanks a bunches.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: No, Juan crossed the Mexican boarder and explains what he thinks about Americans. Of course, I'm not a boarder hopper so I had to keep the subject light.
Lt.Mayfield / Johnny: i need a couple people who know about punk or hardcore music for punk
silentblade / Kodoque: I know plenty, but Punk aint my thing, sorry. ¬_¬
Finnigan: ME EITHER! So who's seen GRINDHOUSE? Anyone? It was a great movie, it was. If you didn't see it then you are in for a three and a half hours of fun!
silentblade / Kodoque: Nope. Not out in the UK yet, I don't think. Pointless Tarantino action flick?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Wait. I think that in other countries they will split the two movies together. The first is Planet Terror which is really amazing. It's a zombie flick by no other than Roddriguez. The second is Deathproof which is Tarantino movie. The first half of Deathproof is boring until the middle and then from there on it gets better. It's a seatjumper. What's really great is that there's the faux trailers. They're pretty corny.
silentblade / Kodoque: They split em in non English speaking countries. Anyway, I'mma go play Warrock with a friend. I'd see it for my birthday, but It's an 18.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Oh well, you'd love it anyway. I saw it on Good Friday. Yea...not the best time to see a horror film but whatever. I'm just 15 and I have to go to school in like 10 minutes.
nikita2u: Little observation-
It has been scientifically proven that if we drink 1
liter of water each day, at the end of the year we
would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia
coli (E. coli) bacteria found in feces. Body waste.
In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop.
However, we do not run that risk when drinking wine
(or rum, whiskey, beer or other liquor) because
alcohol has to go through a purification process of
boiling or filtering and/or fermenting.
WATER = poop
Ergo: It's better to drink wine and talk stupid than
to drink water and be full of shit.
There is no need to thank me for this valuable
nikita2u / Tristen: ummmm sure?
Shika: ok *Takes deep breath in* Why are people so stuipd when they see a girl who is...well how do i put this...posibely dieing...and they get all sad and mushy?
nikita2u / Tristen: ah the answer is simple (i use to be that girl grrnsss) they see a child (i assumse since you said young) and see all the things that child shall not expirance that they will. they see someone who shall die before they even discover what it is to live. To go places in the world besides their own backyard. the answer also is they are guilty because (ok not all are but most) they shall live and most likely either forgetthe child or think that they could some how help. but its not like this in all cases sometimes they think that dieing person expects it. like i said. Simple.
Jordan Arema / Skye: Sadly that is the human emotion. they think saying "sorry" will make it all better and that any awekwardness afterward is nothing as to compared to if they said nothing. for instance a cancer patient ( my mom ) would tell someone she has a cancer that has no cure and will pass to her children ( me and my brothers ) so they think "oh im sorry" is enough when usually they ( as in we ) dont really care if they say anything to that matter maybe if they got into an intelligent convo it wont be as bad as someone who says "im soo sorry is there anything i can do" see its just basic human emotion sadly as i stated before and why the hell am i talking likethis? hmmm cheese is good.
poppi / Aiden: WHAT'S WRONG WITH POLISH PEOPLE???????????
Jordan Arema / Skye: *laughs* true im all borededededesteress now im tired.
Jordan Arema / Skye: this is the 8th day since i had a damn sore throat and its annoying me now ><
Jordan Arema / Skye: i miss going to school. gosh im screwing up my senoir year. im in 11th and i havent been in school since the second to the last semester it think.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: I think that the two High School RP's need to battle.
Fallenhope / Fiearo: yeah, they do. Its boreing if you dont do anything, i dont care for High school RP's they are too boreing and focus too much on romance. Yes i am talking about you if you are reading this.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: I like them if they have a varying cast of people. Romance is okay in some parts but it's overdone like the gov., school, vampire, etc. RP's. It's like today's cinema society, most of the stuff is things we've seen before.
Fallenhope / Alie: Yeah, i hate them just beacuase i hate school. I will join one if i am bored.
Fallenhope / Alie: anyway i am bored of this place.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Is that all you people do? You join RP's because you are bored? No wonder why there's no essence to the art of role playing. Where's the epic when you need it? Where's the drama with the blonde girl who was knocked up by the jock? Where's the nerd trying to get the semi-popular girl whom doesn't notice him. Where's the punk people pulling pranks on the preps? I'm just stating that High School RP's are just more than things to post in when you're bored.
Has anyone else notice that there aren't black characters? Most of you people either play some caucasian or of East Asian decent (Japanese). Where are the Hispanics or the Indians? OMG, can the demon be black. OR is that just too racist?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: OH no y'all didn't. I'm going to keep this thing bumped and c&p my previous post until y'all talk about it.
Fallenhope / Kua: wow...didn't see that. I was bored...now i am not...chill out.
Fallenhope / Kua: poor Fluffy-chan *Pats head*
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Sorry, I'm eating fried chicken right now.
Fallenhope / Kua: i have ribs
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Let's get an AMEN!
Fallenhope / Kua: well, people are retards. they have no ideas, i myself being one.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Learn to stop being one then. Learn is the keyword.
Shika: yeah alie-chan
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: 2000th post!
Fallenhope / Kua: ..........ok
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: I think we should actually discuss what we want to make before we do. I think it could save a lot of wasted space for Jimmy and people won't have to be stuck in a rut.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Not really, you are allowed to share your opinions on this site. As far as I'm concern, you are okay.
Fallenhope / Kua: i dont think you are a ass. You are just a little pissed off. I rant when i am mad too.
darkmoonchild / Taini: i am back after causeing much worry.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I like him. I want to go to his shows.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i will. I just really like watching theses things that make me laugh.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ok, bye
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: YAY! awww....so tired now...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i know who will join. I can bug him until he does...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ....well...i am out of ideas...i geuss i will go watch some tv. Or my cat...she does werid stuff and it gives me ideas.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I am going to give you random words! That helps me think, ok....(they shall be stupid but who cares?) wood, sky, robotic, light...i dont know.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: being stuipd is what i live for.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: :P I know. Acully i am not stuipd, i am just meantly chalnged.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: well, what do you have so far? Maybe i can help?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I vote for si-fi, make a futruesitic one...sry, i am such a bad speller.
Black sun1 / Ske: hey
Peace_Maker / Koru: Tiring, all the time. Did a lot today...
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I r on some what
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Can't wait for the weekend. I'm finally going to get down with the London arc of Pestilence's Office.
Nilachan / Echo: hi
Peace_Maker / Koru: Hey Finny...let me ask you something. Do you get tired from rping by yourself in Pestilence? Just curious...
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: what is finn the only one in that rp
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: RPing with myself? Yes, but I'm actually making a story. Does J.K. Rowling RP with herself? Yes she does. Writers do so.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Yeah, Ryota didn't serve any purpose and the cats need to take on some big roles right about now.
Peace_Maker / Koru: Hmm...yeah, I'm going to do what you are pretty much doing. I'm getting sick of certain things, so I'm on my own now. At least no one can screw up a story, right?
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: okay
you should make it so people can read it
Peace_Maker / Koru: Rylord. I don't give a crap what others want or anything. Post once in a while.
Nilachan / Echo: My bf is just retared and wont come on no matter how hard i hit him
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I don't have a bf. heel my freinds don't even hang out with me. I'm 17 I've always been singel and no one wants to hang out with me any more. and my frineds lover stops me from seeing me friend.
Nilachan / Echo: talking bout Ben.
Fallenhope / Alie: So? He is cute. I hate him a little though...he always fights with me...but he is so cute...
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: well at least your friends want you around and ask you to come around and hang out
Fallenhope / Alie: mine is in high-school and he wont shut up. We already had spring break. He is a bi though...is that bad?
Fallenhope / Alie: For god sake Fluffy, you are dateing my brother...
Fallenhope / Alie: wow...thats bad. Thats it, i am dumping Ben right now. Hold on while i get the phone.
Peace_Maker / Baeyor : Yeah
Fallenhope / Alie: yeah...it is
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: A little.
Fallenhope / Alie: nooooo...its werid. Where is teh blade?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: The circular part. It is from a game, don't worry.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: The circular part. It is from a game, don't worry.
Fallenhope / Alie: thought it looked familar....Fanial fansty?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yeah, but I liked the console version better
Fallenhope / Alie: i see.
Nilachan / Echo: anyone on?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: This one kicks Mo's ass and you know it. *Huggles him*
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: I know you peeps are on. Come out, come out where ever you are.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Whoo, more stories of the abyss.
Black sun1 / Hex: i am on, what are you doing to Nate again?
Black sun1 / Hex: i see....
Black sun1 / Hex: pg.42 1-30 text book and all.
Black sun1 / Hex: i am pretty sleepy too. If i go off for no reason. You know why.
Black sun1 / Hex: ...did you get that gum out after Joe dumped you in the trash...again? That was funny.
Black sun1 / Hex: It was funny becuase they sat on the top and didn't let you out...that made my day.
Black sun1 / Hex: I know, your life must suck. Why don't you kill yourself now?
Black sun1 / Hex: how did i would know that you would say that?
Black sun1 / Hex: i am going to sleep now. Nite. Hope you aren't scared for life.
Finnigan: Oh, it's nothing. It's just a codename for the up coming part in Pestilence's Office! Go check out how Part II if you want to. It's a long post so you might want to find something to eat or drink before reading it.
*shoots lazor out of vagina*
Finnigan: Haha, my VAG-cannon does work. That's the whole purpose of it. It scares people. Oh, well I'm going to update my iPod so I might respond t-marrow.
Finnigan: Why would you be scared? The cat's are anthromorphic (human characteristics). Sure, they'll be midgets compared to others. You're the odd one, not how I write.
Finnigan: Lol. I assure you, that if you read the very last part of the post. You'll die of fright.
Finnigan: Hahah, well I better be going. It's like 1A.M. and yea. Not good for the face.
SincerWritinAsh: Hey is anyone actually up and moving on a saturday morning?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I was up til 4:00 in the morning last nite walking around. I only crashed into....3 garbge cans! New record!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i was westleing with a racoon for a while if thats what you mean. I live in the suburbs.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: ahhh...good morning Mimi. I see you are up early.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: Thank you...i slept so good last night.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: did you tell her about old lady?
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: Thats old lady.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: We have overheard her so many times. She thinks...oh god i can't even type it without laughing.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: i fell like making a RP.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: k, its really funny because she is so short.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: i can't think of anything.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: ??? candy? hum..i am hungry now.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: Haha...raman is good. I had some left over pizza for breakfast. Hoorah
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: I am watching my sister wrestle my brother. Its funny.
darkmoonchild / Cira: DONE! *Falls on computer from typeing so fast* now i wait...
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: nice
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: They don't listen to me. I tell them that its their life. Nice RP idea btw mimi.
darkmoonchild / Cira: i know. *Sighs* sleepy Ikey.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: Your listeing to Candy man?
darkmoonchild / Cira: Hell yes. I love that song, ecpeily when they say bite me i am yours, that is so Steven
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: How did i know...well i didn't but you keep on singing it at school so i made a geuss.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Hahahha...that sucks. Cira means deadly, but beastuiful in celitic. And Kumui means ghost.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: yepers
darkmoonchild / Cira: -_-.... No one wants to join my RP? *Sniffles*
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: i think i might join in later.
darkmoonchild / Cira: I know you will when the 200th post comes on...but no one? *Sobs*
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: There there....sometimes you got to wait.
darkmoonchild / Cira: and now i am bored...i will be on IM
Black sun1 / Dedrix: *Yawns* good morning everybody
darkmoonchild / Cira: Morning Mark. Its fine. I slept a little bit.
darkmoonchild / Cira: all of a suden i feel so speical...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: hi people.
Black sun1 / Artic: hey
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i care...i care
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I have chicken noodle soup in a cup.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: chicken noodle soup with sprite. The perfect lunch...er, breakfast thing.
Black sun1 / Artic: i got nothing...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: poor Marky.
Black sun1 / Artic: i had breakfast. Just not lunch.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Hey Mark, you hear that? HAHAA....*dies on the floor laughing*
Black sun1 / Artic: Ooooooh god...Its Daruis...good god...everyday with that
darkmoonchild / Cira: *Dead from laughing*
Black sun1 / Artic: Why are you at the trian station?
darkmoonchild / Cira: *Still dead, but comes back to life to eat soup*
Black sun1 / Artic: i am too. she changes the topic alot. I am used to it.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Mrs.big-sentce-useing-person, lol, thats a good thing. Don't turn into a mark
Black sun1 / Artic: your mean
darkmoonchild / Cira: what did you get on your last report card again?
Black sun1 / Artic: oh, its on now.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Hahaha...its fun to make Marky mad. sept now he will hurt me. *Hides*
darkmoonchild / Cira: Fine. Misses.Big-word-useing-person
Black sun1 / Artic: That reminds me. The doctor had a note for you at school. You could have got out of school again.
darkmoonchild / Cira: SHIT! I will be back later. I am coughing again.
Black sun1 / Artic: well thats bad. Blood this time too?
darkmoonchild / Cira: yep. I can't breath now becuase i have a rag on my face, but my nose is nice. It lets me breath.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Ahhh! there is blood all over my keyboard! DAMN YOU GENTICS!!!
Black sun1 / Artic: That happens everyday. Its nothing. She will be over it in about...maybe a few minntues. Its her lungs.
darkmoonchild / Cira: all done. Back to soup.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: She got some jacked up lungs then.
Black sun1 / Artic: How can you eat soup when you have blood in your mouth?
darkmoonchild / Cira: water. I swish it around and spit it at someone. then i laugh and get hit in the head.
darkmoonchild / Cira: shity fuck. Hold on.
Black sun1 / Artic: coughing again?
darkmoonchild / Cira: yes, and it hurt.
Black sun1 / Artic: Yep, as always. it was just a bomb waiting to explode.
darkmoonchild / Cira: I know. But i do that everyday. So i had to go to the hosptial a few days ago. At home at last. But now i have a scar in my neck and if i poke it it hurts so bad.
Black sun1 / Artic: i know what will cheer you up Mimi. mother looking at me....
darkmoonchild / Cira: heheheeh....
Black sun1 / Artic: There you go. How much soup do you have now?
darkmoonchild / Cira: Alot of soup...i love soup.
darkmoonchild / Cira: But...its shaped like a bunny. Serouisly. It looks so funny. Funny bunny...heheheh
Black sun1 / Artic: You are listeing to 'where you go?' right Mimi?
darkmoonchild / Cira: Yes...how did you know?
Black sun1 / Artic: i can hear it out your window. and i can see you. Wave and smile.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: "Where you go" by whom?
darkmoonchild / Cira: OMG!!! HI!!!!
Black sun1 / Artic: where did you go is by that one guy...i don't know who its by. anyway, she likes it because she thinks of her fiamly when she hears it.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Yes we are. I am changeing the song. SINCE YOU EIOTED WHY I LIKED IT SO MUCH! *Smacks head*
Black sun1 / Artic: you just turned it down. Hey where is Alie. Or Ike for that matter?
darkmoonchild / Cira: SHHHHHHHH! Anyway, they went up north for the week. So its just you and me...
darkmoonchild / Cira: I am going to be hip-hop. turning on the radio...apperntly...'this is why i am hot'....-_-
Black sun1 / Artic: hahaha...thats going to be funny. Wait...play it so you can pause it. I want to watch the old lady listen to it.
darkmoonchild / Cira: No i changed it. it is now 'pretty in punk'...what teh hell is that?
darkmoonchild / Cira: nothing...its just me listening to music and blasting it really loud out my window.
darkmoonchild / Cira: I would if i didn't chuck my stuipd cell phone across the room and it...i mean...hi!
darkmoonchild / Cira: I need to find my camcorter too. It got taken by my mom and she is rehab right now...so where did she hide it?!?!
darkmoonchild / Cira: bunnies are evil.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Bunnies aren't evil.
animethemed / Artemis : hey poppi if your on pot in clash of gods
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Um no. Bunnies are the reason why people haven't been on a killing spree. It's the benovolence that the spread. I say that fish are evil. That's why you eat them during Lent.
darkmoonchild / Cira: No he kidnaps them. Then he takes them to his little bunny hole and does things to them. Why do you think he has candy?
darkmoonchild / Cira: Fishys? Fishys are weird. They stare at you.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: That's because they are from the water. We dump our waste in their habitat, I kinda feel sorry for them.
darkmoonchild / Cira: yep. You never knew that? I fingured it out from my brother. (who scares me) My name is Casey, but i hate Casey, so i changed it to Mimi.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: So are physicians.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Doctors too.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: oh well i think of you from the last world rp miss sydney. yay!
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: These days...who doesn't touch children?
darkmoonchild / Cira: Oh yah! Shay, Kua is going to be out for two days. She says go on with out me.
darkmoonchild / Cira: well...there is sanata...wait....no....i dont know.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Shaun of the Dead is pretty funny. It's on Comedy Central right now, I advise you to watch it. I don't think that Santa touches children.
Black sun1 / Artic: Santa's a rapeist?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: He touches the older people.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Whenever you turn 18, he's all over you X-mas night.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Wait...oh god...*barfs* Ewww...never again. Anyway...Mimi is a name my father wanted to name me but no...it had to be Casey...
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Casey is a fine name for a girl.
darkmoonchild / Cira: I am locking my doors when ever its cristmas. I am going to hide under my bed and wait for the dawn...then...its all over.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Casey is a guys name too. I feel so bad for who ever is a boy and named Casey. I think a guy who built a baseball park was named Casey...
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Santa likes older people. In three more years, I'm going to be hiding under my bed. Sick old pervert.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: There's a few guys named Lesley and Morgan.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Sad. I like Mimi. its funny. I love it. Santa is a perv and iam going to go in my happy place.
darkmoonchild / Cira: i am watching shawn of the dead
darkmoonchild / Cira: i am bored
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Hahah, Shaun of the Dead. Funny.
darkmoonchild / Cira: the ending is werid
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: ME ME ME ME!!!
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: hi people i am on which isn't fun becuase i got so many new things i don't even know if i bought some of them.
darkmoonchild / Cira: *scoots away slowly...oh wait pie yummy.*
darkmoonchild / Cira: oh no u didn't. Its on...oh wait...i was saspoused to ask something...do you want to join hug-aid?
darkmoonchild / Cira: hug-aid is when you find people on the streets and give them hugs. I tried to give a tree a hug but HE WOULDN"T HUG ME BACK!!!!
darkmoonchild / Cira: Yes...i started it at my school and now i have a total of....6 people! WHOOOO!
darkmoonchild / Cira: i am in 8th grade and i hug random people and say they are my best friends! i love random people...sept a few.
darkmoonchild / Cira: glomping is resvered for girls only. At my school, some gay people do it though! food for thought...even it is typeded...
darkmoonchild / Cira: Everyone is my friend...just cause. Well beat this...sometimes...since i look 8 years old, i give them kisses!
Black sun1 / Artic: thats just dustribing...wait if you give kisses...why haven't you given me one?
darkmoonchild / Cira: Becuase i know you mark. That sound like a very tramtrzing expeirnce. Pardon my speeling, i just got back from hanging out with stuipd people.
Finnigan: "The golden crust of the apple pie...gonna be sinkin' soon." -Norah Jones.
I love her. I really do. And right now I'm babysitting. I can watch all the youtube vids on this fast computer.
Laz: Got u one better tensu, Fake rollup grass. Get like 3 or 4 people to hide under it and wait for someone to come by ...if they dont walk on you throw dirt at them and hide...lol it really made me laugh...of course ...we were drunk...
Black sun1 / Artic: fun babysiting. Pay not attetion to Cira. She babbles nonsesne all day, and she talks more in real life.
Onitaro: Finnigan babysits? God I must be lonely if I am posting in this.
Finnigan: That's horrible.
Finnigan: Yea, but the girl only lives right next door to me.
Finnigan: She cool.
Imaginth / Yukiri: Lonely? Need someone to talk to? I can get online if you want Onitaro.
darkmoonchild / Cira: I babysit. Expect she idolilzes me and makes me read little red rideing hood to her...everyday...
Finnigan: The sad thing is that they don't have AIM on their laptop. Don't worry Oniboy, everything will be alright. I'll inform you about the "things" t'night.
Imaginth / Yukiri: Geez sounded sooo stupid! I babysit too, that's how I make my living. I babysit everyday. There are 5 families I babysit for too and I know how that is when you have to read the same story over and over and over.
Finnigan: this is kinda my first time babysitting because she's grounded. The next door neighbors race.
darkmoonchild / Cira: over and over...everyday....every single time...
Onitaro: ...Now Im confused. Thanks Imaginth, but dont worry about it. I do, however think I am going to explode if I dont roleplay and actually keep something going.
Black sun1 / Artic: NEKOs is still on right? Tia and Sero are just out of town right now. They will be on maybe in a hour.
Imaginth / Yukiri: Cira I am right there with you. I swear I can recite the book off by heart!! But I have to read Cinderella to the girls. They never get old of it...
If you make an RPG I'll join. Just so long as no cybering takes place.
Finnigan: Don't join any of the school RP's. Chances are that there's going to be a romance and going to leave you behind.
darkmoonchild / Cira: its only a fun RP if there are 3 or more people in there.
Laz: meh or u can join dark adherant, i got two of my characters in that one
Finnigan: I think that we need a tribute to disco.
darkmoonchild / Cira: disco! I am with Finnigan! i want disco
Imaginth / Yukiri: I know nothing about disco, except that they had awesome pants. And Laz, what's going on in your RPG? I think I want to join.
Finnigan: I'm thinking it's going to be the Pulp Fiction of the seventies. I call dibs on the black diva.
Onitaro: Cybering!? Imaginth who do you take me for!? Everyone knows if I am going to make a roleplay or join one it will have
1)a fantasy setting and
2)No cybering or romance that will leave people behind.
Finnigan: I must bid my adieus right now because I'm going to play some hide and seek game.
Imaginth / Yukiri: I know, but better safe than sorry, right? I mean, people these days tend to erm, forget, what they say in the beginning of an RPG. Well, I gotta go do a few things. May or may not be back.
darkmoonchild / Cira: i am left alone.
Imaginth / Yukiri: I took a break for awhile. some medical problems. But I have returned with better morals. Great, eh?
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: Imaginth If you wish to join my rules are posted, already had to drop ellesmera because she was godmoding... In this I am god so to speak, only to set the rp on its track. If you wish to join you are one of the small group from which I am returning. Each of us except eric has a plague planted inside of us, come up with your own power and make sure you only have one set power, one has light i have darkness and another has weather...I'm not sure what the other person has as it is not required to tell me. MAin rule is no godmoding ....
Imaginth / Yukiri: I will look at it. And believe it or not, but I have become more random than before.
darkmoonchild / Cira: so people...
Imaginth / Yukiri: Wow, I am being weaned off my bipolar meds so I'm starting to get worse lol. Some doctors heh? Sounds like ES has had its up and downs since I left.
SincerWritinAsh: hey whats going on...
Imaginth / Yukiri: Eternal looks good. I have only seen a few Megaman episodes, but I kinda get the drift. I'll probably join tomorrow, depends on what's going on. But for now I'm off, temporarily.
Black sun1 / Artic: hi
Onitaro: I honestly loved Megaman Legends (and also Megaman64. Heh same game.) but there are various reasons I havent joined. I dont exactly feel like making ANOTHER character right now and I am not sure if it would stay alive. I kinda gave up on ES and just sit here hawking.
Black sun1 / Artic: .........what now?
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: I AM ME! Hi! Reply in 'Can you keep a secret?' something really funny is going to happen, i can tell.
Finnigan: I hate New York
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: New York can be bitchy, but she got nice in the second season.
Finnigan: Nah I thought she was the nicest on "I Love New York".
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Yeah, i meant that. Whops. Hahah...i love the guys hair. He shirt is PRETTY gay though.
Finnigan: Zomg, the reunion is fricken halarious.
Finnigan: I kinda think that that guy might be gay. I only think that Paris Hilton and her wannabes carry small dogs.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Chance scared me. I am glad she choose Tango.
Finnigan: Me too.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Tango looks strong. Damn comerical's. Hold on while i got get snacks.
Finnigan: Gosh, I feel like the girl from "When a Stranger Calls". The girl is asleep and I'm the only one awake. I'm hearing voices and the show is back on. Go Mr. Boston! I also hate New York's mom.
Finnigan: Omg, I love when New York's mom starts to sing.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Yeah she is a bitch. Answer on "can you keep a secert?' or i will throw eggs at your head through the computer.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Hahaha...New Yorks mom is not someone you want to meet in a dark ally.
Finnigan: I thought that Heat was kinda bi.
Finnigan: If I'm scared of one person, it'd be her.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: No it means they are gay AND straight.
Finnigan: No, bisexual means that you love two genders. Being straight, bi, or gay does not determine what you are. There's a whole scale of martial stats.
Finnigan: bi is the prefix in Latin meaning "two".
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Rotf old lady....
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: what??? Me no speaky bi
Finnigan: You can't measure sexuality in fractions. What makes a whole? What makes a portion?
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: NOO!! No math...thats only on teh school days. Shit homework....
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: OH GOD! NOT ANOUTHER ONE! *runs away and hides with tv and skittles*
Finnigan: So let's take a gay/lesbian couple. They have sex three times. How do you define their sexuality? See, it doesn't make sense. A woman can think another woman is pretty without being being called a lesbian. If she was attracted to her, well that's another story.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: and if a guy thinks anouther guy is cute...well thats just funny.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Omg...your right....oooooooooooook thens.....
Finnigan: Lol. That's funny.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: No more math....please............i am so tierd....*Eats skittles*
Finnigan: You don't multiply during same sex!!!!!!
Black sun1 / Artic: hahaah...math is fun
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: my little virgin eyes burn...
Finnigan: I was watching South Park one day and I wonder if there were any lesbians here. This is for the straight girls too. Do lesbos scizzor?
Finnigan: Yes you do, you multiply during hetero sex.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: DONT ANSWER THAT! my little virgin eyes burn...i am going to go wash them now...
Finnigan: Add one thing to my previous post: unless there is the variable of a condom/protection.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: IS THAT ALL YOU EVER THINK ABOUT?!?!?!
Finnigan: Nope. This is actually the first time I've brought sex into a topic. Sorry if it is hurting your eyes. I'll stop because then I'll hear some sex story that someone had experienced.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Icky! i don't even like flirting...
Finnigan: Meh, I hate a lot of things. I hate online flirting. That's not all, I hate a lot of things that people do online.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: i am so happy i wont be able to have sex....its so gross...maybe because i got so used to acting like a 4 year old.
Finnigan: Yea, I think that when people talk about sex, it's really overrated, seriously.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Perverted people.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: So people can get raped.
Finnigan: Exactly. One of my no-noes on ES is that no one kisses my characters. I find it akward.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: what about guys?
Finnigan: I'm glad that New York chose Tango. I hate White Boy, he's too chav.
Finnigan: I doubt that there's such an extremity in boys getting raped.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: I am almost glad i am going to die early if i never find a guy
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: well what about Michal Jackson?
Finnigan: I like Micheal Jackson's music. Sure he might be some child molester to others, but I still love "Billy Jean". His music transends through time. In my opinion, I think that he only acts like a child molester because he never had a child life himself.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Micahal Jackson's face scares me. I still have nightmares from looking at him.
Finnigan: Gosh, MJ did mess up his face. I could understand it if he was white before the nosejob.
Finnigan: This house is starting to creep me out. I'm all alone and the windows are all open. Brrrr...
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: he reminds me of a clown. I mite need to go, if i dispaer without any warning, then you all know why.
Finnigan: I predict that you all will join an RP.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: i am sleepy....i walked around into garbage cans last nite again! Whoo!
Finnigan: It's psychic. Not duospscysfudouic. I am quite clairvoyant I must say without to brag.
Finnigan: OH dude, I hate deja vu. It's like the wierdest feeling you can ever get.
Finnigan: Hahaha. One time in Latin class, I tripped over this metal thing and fell on my face. It was not fun. OH YEAH, Charm School is on right now. Go Mo'nique!
Me_and_a_half / Aka: may somewhone plese search "the last of our kind" and join?or atleast look.
Finnigan: Peh, on a Sunday? Wowzers.
poppi / Poppi: hah i got 1,600th post! woo me
darkmoonchild: hi
darkmoonchild: sure
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Paint shop? Do you mean Irfanview?
darkmoonchild: Confusedsed
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hmm...I have...no idea.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Okay, I would like you guys to know that in the afternoon, I'm not using a computer to rp. I am basically texting a post, so it will be shorter. Please remember this. Also, thank you Finny for joining the rp. I really appreciate it man.
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: Your welcome. I was kinda late though and I had used the wrong character profile.
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: Meh, I think that I'm kinda getting rusty. Just a wee bit though.
poppi / Poppi: I'm new at this rp thing but can i get brownie points for having a really shiny penny?
poppi / Poppi: I'm new at this rp thing but can i get brownie points for having a really shiny penny?
poppi / Poppi: I'm new at this rp thing but can i get brownie points for having a really shiny penny?
poppi / Poppi: ok i swear i didn't type that 3 times
poppi / Poppi: haha you texting?
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: No problem. I assure you all, as long as my computer still works (which it won't fail on me anytime soon).
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: I won't give up on the RP.
poppi / Poppi: nice.... well i get a whole week off of school to sit here and wish more people were active on the rp's i'm on.
poppi / Poppi: ehhh i'm having some trouble coming up with a half way decent poem though. I keep having two conflicting ideas and i can't decide on one. I'm just hoping i can pick up some insperation on here.
poppi / Poppi: well i'll have to work on that wont i? I'll come up with the best most fabulouse rp and i'll bug you till you join....don't worry though i still don't know what to do for an rp. I've got writers block at this point. *tear*
poppi / Poppi: oh yea well ones about the treatment of hoosexuals during ww2 and the other is how i feel when i watch the sun set on my trampolin in summer
poppi / Poppi: haha so what would you rather read?
poppi / Poppi: lol.....remember talant is 90% practice!!! hehe i'm just having trouble because my last poem was about aclholism and it was half decent so i'm affriad of letting myself down in sense i guess.
poppi / Poppi: yes yes good advice:0 i'll work on it. Wait for what others? for some odd reason i feel like learning how to play the acordin. haha
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: hey kiddoes what's up?
poppi / Poppi: the sky is up
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: oh and stars and little birdies flying, etc.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Ashley.yours?
poppi / Poppi: oh haha well then i guess i should tell you my real name isn't poppi......its just my most common alias well that and elviaheo(he's a french-maexican) my name is sydney...and yes i'm a girl
poppi / Poppi: how is that pronounced? sorry i'm taking french and i want to be clear.
poppi / Poppi: of course your happy to meet me i'm just so cute and irrisitble *chokes on one stupidity*....if only you could see the face i do with that saying.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: nice to meet you to.hi sydney.
poppi / Poppi: Hi ashley......dooodo i'm now giigling like a moron becuase of the two pronunciations you gave me all i can think to call you is cucumber.........hahaha i'm sorry
poppi / Poppi: ahaha......this, you know, is why people think i'm a stoner. i don't do drugs i swear!!
poppi / Poppi: don't feel bad i call one kid in my school celery stick
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: hmm french huh?the only things i remember from french are the days of the week.dimanche,lunes,mardes,mecredi,juenes,vendredi,et samedi.
yay.im not sure on spelling t
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: hmm french huh?the only things i remember from french are the days of the week.dimanche,lunes,mardes,mecredi,juenes,vendredi,et samedi.
yay.im not sure on spelling though
poppi / Poppi: haha oui!!! i'm getting b though:(
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: i know a kid named broc, who has really curly hair, kinda looks like an afro...every tme i alk to him psych i tink of broccoli. so your not the only one.
poppi / Poppi: haha Yes i'm not alone in comparing people to vegtables!!!! lol so whats your favorite vegtable?
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: lima beans!
Laz / Boss: huh??
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: whats your fav veggie?
darkmoonchild: hi people
poppi / Poppi: totally mushrooms!!!!!!! loved em even since i was little:)
poppi / Poppi: Well what are your guyses favorite vegtables?!?!?! besides ashley who was kind enough to answer me!!!!! i got to know!
darkmoonchild: carrots
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: mushrooms are evil things unless they're cute and powerupping like on original mario bros.
poppi / Poppi: Ahhhhh *hides behind hand* i'm alergic to carrots! isn't that weird. Haha i know its so weird nobody else likes mushrooms................lol ecept the magic ones.
darkmoonchild: i hate this place
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: Yay.
poppi / Poppi: what place this place as in es? or the room your currently residing in?
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: i have no idea. I think i might take a break from here...maybe for a few days or years...idk
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: or maybe i will just leave. It depends on satrday...
SincerWritinAsh / Meshil: ill continue on es until july i think.
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: Summer is the best time of the year to get on ES. I sware, it's the funnest. So many ideas. I assure you that you will love it this summer.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: I am going to join as many RP as i can and try and be happy with them
SincerWritinAsh / Meshil: i know its when i first joined...um two years ago, but i jut started going the rp thing.
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: Hopefully, you all stick around for summer break. My guess is that some of the vets will come back. I'm usually good with the ideas. It's all the work that's getting to our brains. Loosen up.
poppi / Poppi: ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAR! i'm going to disney for the first time in my pathetic life this summer!
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: ...well i must go, and blah see ya
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: Don't fret, you'll still have some of the summer to post. Summer = what's left of your childhood.
SincerWritinAsh / Meshil: im going to work my butt off and save money so i have enough money to fly home on eekends when i go to new mexico.
poppi / Poppi: neatO!!! haha thats a lot of sky miles!
SincerWritinAsh / Meshil: yeah...im going to nmii. college far from home sounds good.
poppi / Poppi: nothings on the telie somebody got any recomendations before i watch deadlist catch for the second time today?
SincerWritinAsh / Meshil: ummm sleep? im think about sleeping.wake up time tomorrow is 4 and i was up way late last night.
poppi / Poppi: hehe i think we're in different time zones..........
SincerWritinAsh / Meshil: maybe...but sleep i good now for atleast me. g'night syd and kual.
SincerWritinAsh / Meshil: ky.eastern time zone 23:20.
poppi / Poppi: Nighty night!!!! sweet dreams of lovely rainbows!
poppi / Poppi: o haha i live in maine! gonna come rape me now?
poppi / Poppi: 11:27 pm.....haha and i'm slightly hyper:D
poppi / Poppi: what's your time?
poppi / Poppi: nice what state are you in? hehe i'm a night person!!! cleaned my kitchen last friday night! haha it was kind of funny because i hate cleaning
poppi / Poppi: oh you bet baby!!! I hope you have good finger dextarity because when i'm done you'll need it! (man i need to spend less time with my pervert friends) hehe i love new york:) you live in the city or the country?
poppi / Poppi: hehe don't worry i'll come kidnap you and we can go to australia or ireland! ugh i could go swimming in my yard. it sucks so much. I love rain but this crap is getting on my nerves.
poppi / Poppi: haha but i would have so much fun kidnapping you! i'd get all ninja and sneak up from behind and then WammO you in a bright red minivan!!!! *don't ask*
poppi / Poppi: hehe what ever you want. Either way its a van.......haha maybe i'll hire someone to drive the van so i can still ride around in my lambo:)
poppi / Poppi: Yes yes it will be!!!! I'll even rape you!!! daaadaaadoooooo now i have random lines from songs and poems running through meh head
poppi / Poppi: *akward silence*
poppi / Poppi: ok new subject........favorite food?
poppi / Poppi: when are you sure? *besides now, that i've scard you for life* lala if it makes you feel safer i'm 14 and i wouldn't really rape you
poppi / Poppi: this is the 'i' that i percieve
so completely undefined..........random sorry i know.
poppi / Poppi: hehe i like cheese and mushrooms. or umm mint chocchip icecream
poppi / Poppi: but the icecream has to be green mint or i wont eat it.
poppi / Poppi: LoL:P~ favorite colour?
poppi / Poppi: YES!!!.... if you said yellow i was gonna have to hurt you!
poppi / Poppi: yea yellow i hate yellow.........my friends joke around saying i discriminate against yellow things
poppi / Poppi: you don't really want to know........my friends are uhhh interesting.
poppi / Poppi: hehe you've been talking to me this long i guess you would.
poppi / Poppi: your very nice, most people would have run from me by now.
poppi / Poppi: nope i'm content talking to you!
poppi / Poppi: YaY!! your interesting so i'm having fun:) i actually signed out of yahoo so i didn't have to talk to one of my friends who had nothing to say. Ok ask me any qeustion you want, any at all and i'll answer honestly!
poppi / Poppi: well its ok... better since i started talking to you. I first got on to kill time because my fav website got deleated, but when people really care about the rp's i enjoy it. I like how the better rp's give me the ability to be flexible and practice my writing skills.
poppi / Poppi: idk though onetime on a bad rp i was in i got pissed at the other chars and i wanted to godmode till they could actually have a decent rp.
poppi / Poppi: do you like spiders? from the few rp post you've seen of mine what do you recomend i work on?
poppi / Poppi: don't worry about negative critscism what do you think?
poppi / Poppi: lol sorry my computers slow. haha i had a pet spider. I'll work on that
poppi / Poppi: i'm watching the whitest kids you know on fuse........i'm slightly afraid
poppi / Poppi: Oh yes! i will try to work on that. Please update me and let me know if i need to work harder after future posts:) i really apprecaite it.
poppi / Poppi: banana
poppi / Poppi: not about es^_^ you've been most helpful.
poppi / Poppi: YaY! laaala so what do you think of es?
poppi / Poppi: long ago.........long ago i could at least pretend to be normal but again things change.
poppi / Poppi: haha how old are you? 78? 29? am i getting close?
poppi / Poppi: o ok:) i'm watching i love new yourk reunion and this dude was crazy over his little dog. What is it with people and little dogs?!!?! my dog would eat them little teacup things
poppi: okie pokie:) goodnight i enjoyed talking to you too:) sweet dreams and i guess we'll rp later
Laz / Boss: :) five thirty in the mornin, and im fully loaded.
ellesmera: anyone on?
ellesmera: lol. God im bored
Peace_Maker: Well, I'm back
poppi: where'd you go?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, it is me, Kaos Uri? I switch back and forth between accounts. Anyways, good day.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: So how is everyone?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I'll be on later, hour maybe.
poppi: oh haha, well welcome back!!!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I'm back again
poppi / Poppi: well welcome back again.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Thank you Poppi.
poppi / Poppi: haha.......i had a dream about a talking cucumber last night.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahaha, interesting.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: what's going on kiddos?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Not much, I'm fine thank you.
poppi / Poppi: nothing really its still raining in maine....why do you call us kiddos? what if somebody on here is like 82 and only has 3 fingers?
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: well b/c its a habit.and if you take off a year for each finger the guy is missing he'd only be 80.plus shakespeare said that last stage of being old was parallel to infancy, perhaps more dependent.ummm its actually nice and sunny in good old ky.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: It is alright here...still cold though.
poppi / Poppi: thats true would his toes count to? ugh its suposed to rain like all week or something:( my friends gonna yell at me now becuase i said it would stop raining today.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Haha...oh, good work on the posting in Dragon's Treasure Poppi. Very good.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Man, it was quite a day today...
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: what made it so 'quite a day' today?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: It was long and tiresome...plus, it was quite rough for me. Let's just say, today was not my day.
poppi / Poppi: thank you i tried to work on it:) that made my day! i'm sorry your day sucks *gives hug*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Thank you. Practice makes perfect, nad you are getting better.
poppi / Poppi: thanks I really appreacaite the support. so what you people up to now?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Not much, just waiting playing guitar while I wait for someone to post in the rp.
poppi / Poppi: nice, what kind of guitar do you have? i have a bass which i need to go rescue from my mothers car actually. I'd post again but i can't *tear* to bad we can't have the people in our rp on at the exact same time. things would go much smoother. oh and i like your post about walking down the mountain. it was a good use of imagry.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Oh god, I have so many. My brother plays constantly. We own like...6, 7 guitars? I use my brother's electric, but I have a bass as well. Fender electric. Alright shape, lol. I also have way too many acoustic guitars...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: And thank you.
poppi / Poppi: Awsome!!! i spent a whole summer convinving my grandfather that i wanted to learn how to play bass and i would stick with it and i would treat his bass like i would a child. whats your favorite guitar that you own or what would be your dream guitar?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Well, I'm trying to save up for a good fender, but I might not buy one so soon. It has quite a nice finish to it, little expensive, but hey. Working for it is worth, isn't it?
poppi / Poppi: do you think it would be ok to make a post just about what poppi is thinking? ehh if not for any other reason then to break up the munoughtiny of waiting for others to post?
poppi / Poppi: Yes its worth it! fender is one of the best companies in my opinion
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah, go ahead and post. Since I'm not with the group, I'm going to slowly climb down, and come to a town, where I can converse with others. So, being by myself, I must detail well, so I won't be a burden. I have nothing against you posting though.
poppi / Poppi: I suppose i will, it will also give a bit more insight into my char.
poppi / Poppi: I suppose i will, it will also give a bit more insight into my char.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Sounds good. Just take your time. There is no rush.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Excellent. Another good post Poppi, very detailed. I will be back in like 10 min, sorry.
poppi / Poppi: oh thank you! well have fun in those ten mins.
darkmoonchild: Hello everyone, how was your day?
poppi / Poppi: it was ok, but now i have to go potty. how was your day?
poppi / Poppi: haha sorry i know you didn't care about me going pee.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I am back. Had something to take care of.
poppi / Poppi: OOO are you in the mob?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, yeah, had to break someone's legs...
poppi / Poppi: cool! lol can i put a hit out on my sister? I'll pay cash........as long as she goes away.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol. Hmm...seems a bit quiet here today.
poppi / Poppi: yea your right, i guess people are busy. i'll b back in like 7-13 mins. I have to flat iron my hair. the cowlick i have right smack above my left temple is bothering me. Try not to miss me to much! jk lol
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, okay.
poppi / Poppi: Hello! i be back:} haha at least i don't look like madusa anymore
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahaha
poppi / Poppi: oh yes the troubles of being female.....oh hahaha madusa, boy that brings back memories
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Medusa...memories? And how does that bing back memories of a gorgon?
poppi / Poppi: hehe cause i go around and eat little kids! no actually last summer i went to six flags great adventure theme park (ever heard of it?) with my cousin *who's more like a brother* and we went on this roller coaster called madusa. we had to wait for like 2 hours becuase the line was so long. So he started making fun of me saying a was an emo and goth and stuff and i was to weird. So it got the attention of these other girls in front of us and we kept talking to them for the whole time it took to get to the ride. One of the girls actually knew the drummer from dashboard confesional. so after that ride i'm all pumped and we go on another roller coaster called nitro..........well it had a lot of loops and it takes pictures of the people who ride it. I bought the picture of me and my cause. We both look like we're on crack.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahaha, sounds like a good time. Dashboard Confessional ehh...
poppi / Poppi: my outh is open and i look like a chipmonk and his arms are above his head with one of his eyes half closed and we're being wooshed around so my hairs flying back behind me too
poppi / Poppi: i'm not a huge fan of dashboard confesional like i really wouldn't buy one of their cds if i had the money. But i think its cool when somebody knows other famouse people its just that whole 6 people around and you would know your best friend before you met them kinda thing
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah. Sounds interesting though.
poppi / Poppi: YaY its party time!!! my friend finally asked my other kinda friend out! it took her forever.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahaha, well good for them I guess, lol.
poppi / Poppi: haha yep. OOOO house is on tonight:D i love that show. whats your favorite tv show?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I have many, I kinda don't have a favorite...I do watch Adult Swim though, lol, yeah.
poppi / Poppi: oooo naughty naughty! teehe i haven't watched that in awhile. actually last time watched cartoon network was........i think because a pokemon movie was on. yes i admit it i like pokemon
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Well...I am a fan of anime. Also, some shows are good too, like ATHF.
poppi / Poppi: hehe:) my friends got me into anime and manga because i wanted something for us to talk about. great my friends trying to make me pee myself over im becuase i'm laughing at her so much
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I love it.
poppi / Poppi: haha sorry, i took so long:( distracted by the same cousin i rode the rolloer coasters with.
poppi / Poppi: whats shows do you like to watch?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Of what, anime?
poppi / Poppi: yes.......sorry i need to work on my specifics
poppi / Poppi: ehh my most recent post kind of sucked. stupid distractions!!! don't even make up good excuses. i'll just go with alains abducted me
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, no worries. Hmm...FLCL, Cowboy Beebop, Evangelion, Outlaw Star, Peace Maker, Samurai 7, Gunslinger Girl, Trigun, Bleach, Blood+. I've seen a bunch more, a bunch, but I'm not going to name them all.
poppi / Poppi: haha well thanks for considering me. I watched like the first six episodes of bleach one night and i was up till 2:30. I fell asleep in ss that day, but it didn't matter to much we were watching a movie that kind of sucked.
poppi / Poppi: oh is that where you got you user id from?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah, when I made this account, I was watching that show. It is a good show.
poppi / Poppi: teehe one time i let media influance me when i wrote a poem and i turned it in for homework. *shudders* then my teacher wanted to 'talk' to me she was concerned i felt like i was going to hurt myself.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I see. Oh, I didn't even notice the time. I will have to use my PSP now, so that means short, lousy, and un detailed posts. I still try, but in comparison with my other posts...ehh. I will use Kaos Uri now.
poppi / Poppi: oh i'm sorry:( but it doesn't bother me so much becuase i know that you do care about it.
poppi / Poppi: no prob
poppi / Poppi: no problem
poppi / Poppi: it depends i like house,bones, stevens untitled rock show, bleach and other shows. But i don't get the chance to watch a lot of anime.
Kael Fenshir: bands?
poppi / Poppi: avenged sevenfold, 30 seconds to mars, say anything,otep, the used. I listen to a lot of music those are just a few. what do you like?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Was anyone else getting that stupid message about mysl... links are messing up. Come back later?
Kimishi: i want to rp =o 8:14 4/17/07
poppi / Poppi: hehe nirvana is awsome:) i like older rock i like to listen to how rock has progressed over the years.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: I'd say that my character is closer to yours than the rest of the chracters. She's around the area, but not right next to you. Get what I'm saying?
poppi / Poppi: every time you call him fiiny i get this image of peewee hermin............*shudders*
poppi / Poppi: *finny*
poppi / Poppi: jimi hendrix or elvis?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: ELVIS!
poppi / Poppi: *this is me poking you with a very pointy stick* >>>>>>>>
poppi / Poppi: haha not you!!!
poppi / Poppi: finny..........do you two know eachother?
poppi / Poppi: finny..........do you two know eachother?
animethemed / Artemis : hey sydney post in clash of gods, ya know ya want to...
poppi / Poppi: yes ok, sorry i was actually trying to visualize what my house looked like.
poppi / Aiden: nice! what college you go to?..... and i posted in clash of gods, took me awhile to think about what to say on it though
Laz / Boss: O.o
Laz: sooooo anyone on???????????????
poppi / Poppi: should i take that comment for face value then?
Laz: most likely lol
poppi / Poppi: i'm refering to the <O.o>
poppi / Poppi: haha ok. how are you? and i supose you guessed by now i was on
Laz: so was I <(O_O)>
Laz: i figured sumtian like that
poppi / Poppi: haha. so how are you? up to anything interesting?
Laz: not really ima bout to crash ...been workin all day T_T
Laz: :)
poppi / Poppi: that sucks. I just rescued my bass from my moms car but now i'll have to retune it becuase the weather here has been bad.
Laz: lol i need to retune...and i only got 3 hours to do it in gotta be up at 230
Laz: specailly when im so tired i forgot i was on a comp and tried to fall asleep ...
poppi / Poppi: yep, i just hate it because i retuned it last week for a bob. i use the fifth fret method and an electric tuner, whats your prefrence?
poppi / Poppi: i would understand if you fell asleep.....my cousin did once while we were having a very seriouse conversation.
poppi / Poppi: ear is always good but i'm just not good like that.
poppi / Poppi: haha i used good twice in the same sentance.........
poppi / Poppi: like what? should i be affriad?
poppi / Poppi: o ok..........lets jsut hope its not while yourdriving. Wouldn't want you to wake up with a tree shovedthrough your chest missing your beating heart my an eighth of an inch
poppi / Poppi: you do have a point there, it'd be one of those things that people don't want to look at but can't help but stare at.
poppi / Poppi: theirs a hacker? if their is i know how to send so many viruse to their computer they have to buy a new one
poppi / Poppi: haha yurp. whats your favorite commercial?
poppi / Poppi: haha thats true. whats your favorite word?
poppi / Poppi: haha maybe idk i just like to know random things about people:) the little things are what make people interesting.
poppi / Poppi: no way!!! your fascinating if you don't mind my saying.
poppi / Poppi: don't doubt me i'm God! *long story*
poppi / Poppi: well haha you are. fascinating people are good, keep things interesting. and i've found with my ahhh 'uniuqe' tendancies its easier for me to have interesting friends.
poppi / Poppi: haha good night. don't worry i never run out of qeustions.
Peace_Maker: I am back
nikita2u: hello?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: i like cheese...and um hi so ummmmm +.+
poppi: i'm here finally!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: yay to the person i think i should know but dont remember! how are ya?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: the worlds cheese supply cannot last another day! damn thing is like fort knox i plan on pulling an oceans 11 on that damn thing! hehe missdeded you hun.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: how are ya bonito?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: i cant get on my messenger hun though i did get your email and wrote back :)
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: ummerm yaya more questions!!! o.o
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: I see a lily on thy brow,
with anguish moist and fever dew;
And on thy cheek a fading rose
Fast withereth too

anykind that doesnt smell like feet...?...
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: that is from um la belle dame merci or Dame la belle merci...something like that by John Kaeats...erm think thats how you spell his name o.o
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: okies but icant right now you have to remind me later cause i have poor memory atm but im in the library and i dont know how long ihave left to be on... :*(
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: 5 more months and im 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!....erm wait that means ill have to buy my 15 year old brother ciggs...that sucks monkey balls and then some >.<
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: grrnesss........that is so awesome! congratz erm uber kisses *huggles till your blue* damn arent i older than anyone! sheesh
poppi / Aiden: your older then me if that makes you feel better.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: of course i remember her oh if i suddenly leave im so sorry and i do miss you guys a lot i miss all the other people iuse to rp with a lot. (u mostly)
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: :)
poppi / Aiden: i think i just ate a peace of tinfoil
poppi / Aiden: :(
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: EEKS! that sounds um painful?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: okies but i have to go my ass hurts and this comp chair is so not helping love yall and remember cheese rule and ducks drool!!!! muhahahaha *kiss*
darkmoonchild: Hello people
poppi / Aiden: hi how are you?
darkmoonchild: sleepy
poppi / Poppi: you could take ahalf nap where you let one side of your body sleep and then the other half. it would take twice as long but then you could still kind of function
darkmoonchild: ......um....maybe?
poppi / Poppi: yea.......maybe not. i guess that would be more like a stroke.
darkmoonchild: YAWN! MAKE HAPPY PEOPLE! I just spent the last few hours with idiots and that is funny...but bores me now
poppi / Poppi: thats interesting
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I DIDN'T DIE!!!!! I DIDN'T DIE!!!!!! WHOO! hahah....just a LITTLE hyper there.
poppi / Poppi: YAY!!! you didn't die!........not that know whats going on.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Doctors....
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: who?
poppi / Poppi: *i'm hiding in a corner now*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *I hide with you with bag of skittles*
poppi / Poppi: skittles........yum:P~ can i have a lemon one?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I like lemon. *Throws yellow skittles at you, eats the other ones*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: What does it mean? I am stupid
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I have no idea what that is....oh wait...no....just tell me! I won't get mad...much...
poppi / Poppi: *ow rubs eye* what lanuage is ara?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: IDK
poppi / Poppi: hehe thats ok neither do i
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Confused inside......
Nilachan / Echo: great
poppi / Poppi: i'm just plain old confused...........
Yorick / Nana: Btw...i instaled a chip in your brains. I am tracking you..right now Flufy, you are in the kitchen getting some fruit
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: OMG HOW DID YOU KNOW!?!??!?
Yorick / Nana: tis you
poppi / Poppi: i'm afriad now
Yorick / Nana: Be afriad...be very afraid...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i will
poppi / Poppi: ahahaa
Peace_Maker: ello ello
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I missed you. Where did you go?
poppi / Poppi: YaY your here!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: My computer got all messed up, so I waited out the problem.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: waiting is boreing
poppi / Poppi: that sucks:(
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Long sigh* someone make a RP i can't stand waiting like this
poppi / Poppi: oh i'm sorry you feel left out *hugs*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah, it did. So how are all of you?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: My lungs are on fire, my feet are black...good so far
poppi / Poppi: a cough drop could make you feel better. I'm fine i guess. my day kind of sucked but i avoided most of it buy sleeping till 11:00
poppi / Poppi: How are you?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I'm alright. Day was quite busy, but I'm done with the busy stuff. You guys need an rp?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
poppi / Poppi: I'm just hanging out waiting for people to post on some rp's
Yorick / Nana: i made one but nooooooooooooooobody joined...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, I didn't say I was going to make one. If I start making one, then I will have to get more involved and...well...I'm planning on leaving after Dragon.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Really? Can i have your AIM thingie so i can keep in touch?
Yorick / Nana: Wtf? I saw that too......
poppi / Poppi: hmm i wounder whats going on. oh whats your rp i'll join?
Yorick / Nana: Autumn Beach Fluffy joined...of course
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: oh...well, it is ASadPenguin24. Hahaha, I have a feeling I shouldn't of posted that.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Never mind...mine is Gaaralovsme@yahoo.com Nobody talks to me...
poppi / Poppi: ok let me create a pro.........hmm i like penguins and at least its not as bad as my yahoo.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: *Sigh*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: What's wrong?
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: i am shrouded by my cosions who are stuipd and having a smashing contest
Yorick / Nana: Abe is cute
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Oh god you have a thing for my coison?
Yorick / Nana: a little
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: *SIGHS HEAVLY* I got two new kittys. One shall be Nina...The other is a guy...*thinking*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Two new kitties huh?
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: I have 6 coisons in my room. All smashing watermelons...all i ask for is one girl...*Queitly* just one..
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: I shall name you squisy....no...Billy...nooo...Peanut..yah...
Yorick / Nana: I like Billy. NO! NAME IT TAKA!!!!!! NO! Tommy
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Jack wins. Nina and Jack...Jack chews the computer and Nina sits and purrs.
Yorick / Nana: Is Nina white? I know you...its gray and white. Jack is black right?
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: NO! nina is white and brown...jack is gray...
Yorick / Nana: i knew it
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Can't believe I'm doing this...what kind of rp is everyone interested in?
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Well...i could go on forver...i like anything! Give me anything and one of me peeps will take it...i like everything...expect a few things.
Yorick / Nana: Nana is bored
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: quick poll: out of all the pictures here...which is the best?
Yorick / Nana: i like yours, but Vrael's is betererer
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: i like yours Nana!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, thank you. Everyone's picture is good I'd have to say. I might make an rp...I'm just asking myself, should I take the time to make something?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Peanut butter is good as well, lol.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: YES! I will join as long as you don't leave...PEANUTBUTTER IS MY HOMEBOY!!!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Leave?
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: You stoped posting on that one..ummm...i forgot what it was...is Oni-boy always quiet on IM?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: AIM?
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Yes...Oni-boy isn't talking....everybody leaves me...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I didn't know he had AIM...
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: i don't know either. I am on Yahoo with him. Hold on i will ask him..if you want
Yorick / Nana: you care too much Fluffy. You are truely sunshine bear...lol
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Uhh..sure
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: And you are emo bear...but thats not the point. The ponit is Emo's don't care enough so i must give them huggles.
Yorick / Nana: we made a school video and she was sunshine bear
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: ?
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Oni-boy has every messagre known to man
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Oh, alright, that's cool
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: YES I AM SUNSHINE BEAR!!!! I WILL STAB YOU WITH A RAZOR NOW! *pokes you with my cell phone*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: ???
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: *Keeps on poking you*
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: who likes hey there delilah?
Yorick / Nana: Thats a really good song
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Emo bear doesn't get to like things
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: I must go for a bit while my coughing dies down. If you hear a big scream, thats me becuase my lungs are dead
Yorick / Nana: i love that song, girlfriend gets anouying
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: There, I posted. I had writers block...
Yorick / Nana: i must go for a bit. Aperntly i must help Fluffy's coisons..she has her coughing fit and they are drunk on cheese.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, yeah
Yorick / Nana: i am back, but she is not, i am going to go take a 7 hour shower now...they...touched me in places and locked her in a closet...
Yorick / Nana: ew dear god...please let them get smited....ew ewe eweweweweweeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee........
Yorick / Nana: i am going to go smack them up and let Fluffy go so she may not die. SUNSHINE BEAR HERE I COME!!
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: EWWWW!!!!!!! ALIE!!!!!!!! *Crys and huddles into teh couner*
Yorick / Nana: MIMI!!!! *Crys with you*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I feel beter in this pic. *Still crying*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: ?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: yep
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: hahahha...Tia
Kimishi: wah whats happeneing o_o
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Don't kill yourself...we will do it for you Tia
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: POPPI!!!!!! *Hides behind you*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: welcome back Poppi
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: POPPI!!!!!!!! *Huggles*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: my Poppi....*grabes her away from you*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I have no idea...lol
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: MINE!!!!!! *Huggles new girl* You can have Poppi
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Welcome to ES Kimishi, hope you have fun.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: POPPI IS DANNII!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHINY!!!!!!!!!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: WELCOME TO ES!!!!!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Sabelle is my friends name. I love it so much. *pokes Poppi in teh head*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahahah...you basically role play here. In this room, you pretty much...talk and chat, goof off I guess. Your call.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Kimi? I like Kimi...(That is your nickname!)
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I would love to, but I'm kinda leaving this site after the rp I'm in...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I WANT TO RP WITH KIMI-CHAN!!!!!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: YAY! KIMI!!!!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Maybe not. Hahaha, you should of joined a while back, then I could of rped with you. Well, you still could...check out Dragon's Treasure. There could be a lot of reading though...
Onitaro: Welcome to ES. I am Onitaro, most likly one of the few Original Elite Skills members around lately. Im also the "Hawk" so I usually see what goes on. Um...Have fun?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: There are a lot of good detailed rps here, and we all know Tensu makes quite interesting ones. He truely does.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ONI-BOY! *Huggles i am much happier on here because you are just so damn depressing*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Tes-tes is a person who never talks to me!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Zechariah is Tensu.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Trust me, It wouldn't change a thing on here if I left. It didn't change much when the others left...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i feel so loved *Sniffle*
Onitaro: Like I said Sabelle. Get used to it. . By the way Kimishi, This isnt exactly the IM roleplay like alot of the chats do. Look around and get what Im talking about. Oh and if you have questions, I might be able to answer them. I get annoyed pretty easily...So dont bother me TOO much.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: here, click on where it says my name, next to the words- Created by. Then it shows the person's account name, and all that.
Onitaro: You acn find out who uses what character by clicking their name under the post. So if you click Sabelle's name you can find out that she is actually "Darkmoonchild" so if any character has that as its creater, we know its her.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Falls on ground dead* but...but...but...i am boreing....its not my fault...its teh pizza
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: You always know who i am
Onitaro: Yes. Story Roleplay. Usually in the form of 3rd Person, Past Tense.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Don't forget to use "theses things" When your person talks!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Its gots shrooms! LOTA SHROOMS! MAKE IT GO AWAY!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i feels so special...you are all useing me as a exmaple
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: No problem, everyone learns in time. Need any help, I'm sure Oni and Tensu will help you. They have for me in the past, I know that.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: shrooms to you! *Huggles for no reason*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: A question Poppi? I would be glad to answer
Onitaro: It used to be pretty populated. Now its basically a wasteland. If there is a character you dont recognize, just click the name and where it says the creator will show you. Not sure what you are asking.
darkmoonchild / Fluffy: Weeeeeee....i feels so special. I use this one too. Its cuter
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Tensu, I need FF withdrawal more than talkign about it, lol. what about it?
Fallenhope / Lunette: i didn't draw mine. U IS GOOD! But anway...i don't like shrooms
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ME TOO!!! *Gives you high-five but misses and falls on floor*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Neko!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Jumps up and then falls on floor* I want to take a nappy-poo
Onitaro: Wow...a cheery one. Thats new. Lately all we see here are dark vampire freaks.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: This site just isn't flowing with me. Plus, a majority of the people I rped with left. Those arn't the only reasons...
Nilachan / Echo: yes...its sad. But anway *looks at Sunshine bear and shakes head* I will join your RP Tensu
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Stay up all night, I always do that anyways, lol
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: KIMI-CHAN!! I WANTED TO RP WITH YOU!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i saty up all nite. Sept i walk into grabge cans
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: KIMI-CHAN!!!! *looks into your eyes baby like* I want rp with you...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Don't worry Kimi, it would be like I wasn't even here. Soon you will get used to rping here, and everythign will be fine.
Onitaro: Its much better if you ask me...Unless you constantly have Writers Block...Or if you are roleplaying with people that post really really small posts. Then it just gets old real fast.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, I may seem like I'm taking it easy, but I'm only fooling myself. I have learned a lot of this site, and made good friends. If you look at it, we barely know one another, but because of a common liking, we talk like we arn't strangers to each other. Maybe I'm just going mad, hahaha.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: No, are you kidding me? I am not one of the best, noooooo way. I might be mediocre, but best...nah, no way.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Peacey-boy good
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: No, I'm not, seriously. There are, and were, better rpers. I myself look up to some of the people here. I really do.
Onitaro: Vrael, werent you under the name of Fenrir? Or something like that? I dont remember you being here for only 170 days. It seemed alot longer.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Well, I do know there are a bunch of nice people here that are willing to help. Poppi, you never really needed help, you were good already.
darkmoonchild / Cira: *Falls on floor from being so bored*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah, I was Onitaro. Kael Fenshir.
Onitaro: Any idea how many days ago you first joined?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I've had troubles with my old account. I try not to use it, only under certain circumstances, like I will tonight. If you ever see someone named Kaos Uri, that is me.
darkmoonchild / Cira: yes
darkmoonchild / Cira: Kimi? I am bored...but so many people to talk too...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I believe about a year ago. Yeah, not that long ago.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Always glad to help though. I'll be back in a few minutes.
darkmoonchild / Cira: i am so populer...10 people!
darkmoonchild / Cira: whooo!
darkmoonchild / Cira: I want to thank...me...because i rock...JK! Everyone is my friend!
darkmoonchild / Cira: *Hugs back* When you are with me...everybody loves you...everybody...wether they want to or not...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: NO DON'T BE TEH KITTY! MY PAWAH!!!!!!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: YAY Vrael!
darkmoonchild / Cira: that is poopie...
darkmoonchild / Cira: i can help. I have experince in it.
darkmoonchild / Cira: this happens to me in real life. I acutly had a boyfriend when i walked in on his hanging himself
darkmoonchild / Cira: idk
darkmoonchild / Cira: Tensu! BYE-BYE!!! *huggles before you leave*
darkmoonchild / Cira: i thought about suasuide before, but now i dont
darkmoonchild / Cira: I WONT DIE! poppi, your name makes me think of the muffiens. (Pronced moo-fins)
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I will never leave...ever....*Scary music*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: TELL ME A STORY MOMMY! *Sits in front of you chibi style and sips juice box*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Juice box? *Hands you juice box*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: HAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!!! *Falls back laughing*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Spits out juice and then falls back laughing again, in fact i am rolling on the floor so hard my side hurts*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Bad poppi! *throws jucie at your head*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: me and Kimi-chan want story time
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I want to join too....
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Chibi form holding juice box* Pweaze?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Huggles everyone* I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Moon-chan to you! I will ask now! We is talking
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: AH! i need to go soon people. Its almost time to revist teh graves!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Teh graves off tis friends!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Sighs*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: eee! Kitty! *Huggles kitty standing in front of me* Say hi Jack! difrkewfp...amazing...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Nina sits and watches Jack. Jack and Nina are in LOVE!!!!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Hahahah...i have a puppy! his name is Puppy!
Laz: sup peeps
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: YEP! Well, he is Alie-chan's puppy. (AKA Fallenhope) But i treat him better...so he became mine!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: LAZ!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: hhhahahahha!
Laz: i got a cat that will chase most dogs off my property :)
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: HI LAZ! EVEN IF I DON'T KNOW YOU!
Laz: i need to start an rp with my god character....
Laz / Damien Lazurus: its been a grip since i even posted wit him
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: person? god person? *Cocks head and crosses arms*
Laz / Damien Lazurus: i look more the part lol
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I AM GODDESS!
Laz / Micheal: well 230 comes too early ill talk to u all later
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i need to go run into trash cans soon.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i want to join, but that is up to Oni-boy, and we are RPing rite now
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: and if i asked when we where Rping...that would be rude *Pokes Kimi*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Huggles Kimi and Poppi* Idk sometimes
poppi / Poppi: i just want to make you happy and adding you in easy.
poppi / Poppi: yurp thats fine! *hugs you back so hard you can't breathe*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: :P
Laz / Boss: meh wrong profile but it should be interesting :)
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Yawns* sleppy-poo good rite? *Dead from huggles*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i feel so left out....
poppi / Poppi: ok well i will work on the post i'll be back sometime.....i'm having truble with the creativity so it might take awhile
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: gomen? what that mean? *Little kid face*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Kimi?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: :P Well i am stuipd
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i feel so left out...i should ask Oni-boy soon
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Well i have a spork! *pokes you with spork* Shut up voices...i know what i am doing...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Oni-boy knows all. He is smart. I want to join though...and Peacey-kun said i should ask him.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Oni-boy isn't on, i will have ta join tomorow. Soon i must go to run into trash cans
poppi / Poppi: well yep i wrote the post but you joined wiff out it haha oops i wish i could type faster!
darkmoonchild / Cira: *Hugs Poppi becuase she feels left out*
poppi / Poppi: aww thank you!! i feel so loved *offers you really shiny penny as sign of gratitude*
poppi / Poppi: hah i'm in maine!!!!!!!!!!
poppi / Poppi: Yes well i love shiny things turns out i have 3 shiny pennies so i could give both you guys one!
poppi / Poppi: hehe do you like shiny pennies Mimi?!?!?!
poppi / Poppi: do you think my mom would be mad if i started playing my bass trying to work on abeat for a song i wrote?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: what i miss?
poppi / Poppi: oh haha no your not mimi sabelle is.......lala idk i think i'll be safe and wont do it because she has to wake up at 5 tomorrow
poppi / Poppi: oh that sucks i hate when my lappy freezes:( *emo tear* i can kick it if you want? *smiles with pointy teeth*
poppi / Poppi: hehe i have a bass and i have some idea of what i'm doing but i suck. just doodle with your guitar till you get used to playing it. and if you can't read music go with tab!!!
poppi / Poppi: I'll look at it....ultimateguitar.com is good too! i keep trying to learn how to read regular notes but i just can't get it.
poppi / Poppi: and thank you kael.......hmm your name is interesting. i like it..........hmmmm i want pancakes!!!
poppi / Poppi: haha:) would you rather have pizza for breakfast and pancakes for dinner or pancake sfor breakfast and pizza for dinner?
poppi / Poppi: yes i always have qeustions! i never run out.
poppi / Poppi: hehe can't beet pancakes. ok so qeustions. favorite place to eat at?

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