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Roleplay - Is anyone even on? by DiamondTears / DiamondTears

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poppi / Poppi: hehe ok. do you or did you play any sports?
poppi / Poppi: cool:)i like some sports but i suck at them....unless jumping very high on a trampoline counts, then yes i am a very good athlete. do you have a religion?
poppi / Poppi: thats cool its all about believing what you want. do you have any pets?
poppi / Poppi: YaY now i can say i know a jewish person!
poppi / Poppi: ^_^ doggie YaY!!! real christmas tree or fake one?
poppi / Poppi: i got 2,500 post!
poppi / Poppi: have you ever eaten something you liked then but you now look back on and find totally disgusting?
poppi / Poppi: hahaha sorry i just find that amusing. Can you write in calligraphy?
Kimishi: night
poppi / Poppi: hello how are you people?
Peace_Maker: Hey, sorry about last night, I couldn't post or anything.
darkmoonchild: Its been a pretty good day, i am looking forword to tommorw
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Tomorrow?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hey Kimi
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Uhhhh...peanutbutter?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Mine was good, thanks. And yours?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I have fruit. And it good! I WANT JOIN YOUR GUYISE RP!!
Imaginth: Hey peoples.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Well, it really isn't my rp, it is Onitaro's. If you asked him and he said it was alright, then sure.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Imaginth! HI!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: BUT ONI-BOY JUST LEFT! *sniffes and sits on ground*
Imaginth: Hey darkmoonchild, been a long time since I talked to the inhabitants of the ES aquarium. Sorry I wanted to feel smart temporarily.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Huh? ahhhh...
Imaginth: You want me to get Onitario back in here? I can ask him and hi to you too Kimishi.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Oni-boy rude
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I'm sure he would allow it. Just be patient, he will come back.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: < Hi , I just saw this RP grow from time to time and I just thought , I might come around and say Hi or something , for it is hard to find people on when you are , so Hi and take care >
Imaginth: Sabelle, Oni-boy isn't online at the moment. His sister is online.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: HI!!!!!! *Grabs Kimi and shoves her in front of you* THIS IS KIMI! I will read
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I don't have to geuss...you are all in a cave after doing something with a dragon
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, well, at the moment we are in two different point of views. Areas, actually. Kind of hard to explain...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ah
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: IP Goooooood....
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: DODODOODODO!!! *Waits for someone*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah, Erika/Finny has just encountered my character on the mountain where the dragon lives, which is quite a ways from the mountain where everyone else is. If you need to know anything else, just ask.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Finnys a girl? FINNY IS RPING!??!?!?!? *Shock and dies on floor*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I am making a guy, you guys are in need of one
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yes, yes we are, lol.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hmm...I have to go for a while, I will be back in maybe an hour or a little bit more. Try not to go crazy or anything, lol. Be back later.
poppi: hey well i'm here again did you guy miss meh?
darkmoonchild / Cira: I DONT KNOW!
poppi / Poppi: how can you not know if you missed me *emo tear*
darkmoonchild / Cira: i am bored...
ellesmera: god im bored
poppi / Poppi: do the hokie pokie....trust me you wont be bored anymore after that! or get anew yahoo like i did! ooo then we could start a club
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: YAH! Can the pickles club?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I HAVE YAHOOO!!!!
poppi / Poppi: WOOOOO yes it could be the pickles club that would be awsome!!
ellesmera: I cant do the hokey pokey.... Im on crutches!!!! lol. Yahoo doesnt like my laptop.. o0
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: FIRST OFF! I WANT TO BE GIR!!!
poppi / Poppi: idk.........hmm well umm my yahoo is poppi_rawr24@yahoo.com incase you wanted to talk to me or e-mail me. we could just have a club meeting and talk about pickles for an hour. Crutches must suck as clumsy as i am i've never had crutches........i've fallen down enough stairs though.
poppi / Poppi: haha ok your gir
poppi / Poppi: haha like pickle smily faces
poppi / Poppi: ok kimishi i added you to my contacts.......i think. I'm a computer dumbnut. laaala i love the chesire cat!!!!!!!
poppi / Poppi: haha!!!! gir i awsome!!! both girs are awsome!!! i want to be the chesire cat in the pickle club?!?!
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: < how is everybody? , am sorry if am bothering you , but am bored and wish to talk and as I can see you guys are talking so if I may join? >
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: < thanks , I sure am confused what is a GIR ? >
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: thanks * starts tickling her *
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: * laughs and Tickles both of them * so you didn't tell me what is a GIR?
poppi / Poppi: gir is the cutest robot from a show called invader zim
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: I see you fancy him alot
poppi / Poppi: oh hello new person in this convo I'm syd haha slash poppi............lalala i want to be a groundhog when i grow up!!! *wiggles around moronically*
poppi / Poppi: haha can i burrow under you then?!?!?! *pkes you in the head*
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: ??????? * confused *
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: ??????? * confused *
ellesmera: Hi guys!!!
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: hey Elle
poppi / Poppi: *pokes squall in head too* hehe sorry i just confuse people like that!
ellesmera: U all okais?
*Glomps Squall*
poppi / Poppi: Hello ellesmera!!!!!!!!!! *hugs you really really tight and strangles you*
poppi / Poppi: MROOOOOOw I'M A KITTY!
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: * sighs and starts tickling her and this time he won't let go * you still scared from Squall Elle?
ellesmera: *Dies as head pops off. Body chases head while Poppi is clinging on for dear life.*
Me: I want to be a clingon!! (jk)
poppi / Poppi: i'm begining to think i'm a skitzo and you all are some delusional fantisie of mine i invented to entertain myself............nahhhh
ellesmera: (add)
Yes.. Squall scares me. Scares me muchly.!!!
poppi / Poppi: mrwooow mroow!!! lets go of body and chases head!
ellesmera: *Head screams and sprouts legs.*
poppi / Poppi: ahahahhaaha *kitty sits and looks innocent*
ellesmera: *Head jumps back on body and Elle growls.*
You scared me headless!!!
poppi / Poppi: *turns around and jumps on Squall's head playing with his hair* mroow mrooow i'm a vicouse kitty!!!!!!!! fear me!
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: hahahahahahhahahahaha wierd head * Chases behind the head *
ellesmera: Squalls a big meany.
*Throws cheese at Squall*
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: * Eats cheese * nice pic
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: ...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hey
ellesmera: ewwo!!
*glomps Squall and smothers with kisses*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Party eh? I thought something was going on here.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahaha, geez, was I missed that much?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Nice. So you now know the basics of creating a character?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Well Kimi, if you need to know anything else, there are plenty of people here who can help.
darkmoonchild / Nina Moa: MEW!!!!!! *Nina comes in and since she is so BOREING sits there and watchs you guys*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah, some of us are in different time zones, so it is hard for all of us to be on at once. I trust everyone will keep going in it though.
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: hey if Elle is Around * kisses back * and please come on the RP avater-ground school
poppi / Poppi: ahhhhhhhhh i can't decide on one char to use!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I'll brb as well.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Back
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, whoa
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahahaha
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: < sorry to intrupet but is Elle around? >
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Haven't seen her, sorry
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: < okay , sorry and thank you >
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yep, no problem Sora
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Oh, it's still me, Vrael
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Wait, found?
Peace_Maker / Xenos: I've used to have many pictures
Peace_Maker / Xenos: I was found on the edge of the world. The point where no life exists. Yep...
Peace_Maker / Baeyor : Sonic Youth here
Peace_Maker / Baeyor : STP?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I'm not big on that...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Stone Temple Pilots
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Soundgarden?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, no you don't scare us. You just extremely frighten us. Velvet underground?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: hmm...let's try more latest stuff...Pearl Jam?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I'm a fan of Velvet Underground
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: nope. Hmm...how about Underoath, chiodos, Saosin?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: the sounds, no. Fall of Troy?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Disturbed, yes. AFI and all that. I'm not really into the new stuff, but there are some exceptions
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I am a man of older stuff. I respect all types of music, just certain stuff I don't like. older grunge is my fav. Nirvana, Alice In Chains, that stuff.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah, I have a few songs.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Sex Pistols?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah. R.E.M.? RATM? Rush? Queen? The Police? Pantera?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: hahaha, Warrant. Good song
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: 17. The Offspring, Muse, Motley Crue, Metallica, Meat Puppets, Manfred Mann, Lynard Skinnard, Led Zeppelin
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah. Seriously, Prince was alright. A little weird, but...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Kiss, Korn, ACDC, Keane, O.A.R, 311, Sublime, Alice Cooper, Audioslave, Beastie Boys, Beatles, Black Sabbath
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I got a engish accent
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Paul Oakenfold?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I love dance, pop, hip-hop, R&B, rock, anything really!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: True Sydney
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Sydeny?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: KORN IS WERID!!!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I only like a few songs from Korn. Them and Slipknot, I'm not big into.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Korn is very werid
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: BILLY TALENT?!?!??!?! OMG! FALLEN LEAVES!!!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, bob Marley, Radiohead, Ramones
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Korn is werid name.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah, some j-pop. I'm not a Slipknot fan.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: BILLY TALENT IS MY BOYFRINED!! after music
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I have heard of those bands, but I don't think I heard their music yet.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ....MUSIC!!!!!!! WHOOOO! i am so hyper i am going to crash into a few things now.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: At the moment I'm kind of into Wolfmother and Silversun Pickups.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Silversun Pickups? Lazy eye? Omg...very good song! I LOVE THEM!!!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Lazy Eye is very easy to play.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Lazy eye is the song i once played at this bar. It was fun because i got to sing it.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Hahaha...Poppi is scared...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: What kind of guitar did you have?
poppi / Poppi: yes always affriad......lazy eyes are creepy and you have to admit it! *no offense to you guys if you have one*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, none taken.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Rite now i have a acuistic gutatir...(Really bad speller :P) But i had a Rosa Hurricane type, with black and blue and a few guns on it. It was cool.
poppi / Poppi: i'm listening to a band called the faint now......i think its techno. haha but their cd is danse macabre!!!! am i the only person who know the history behind macabre?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Nope sry Poppi!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: The Faint...now where have I heard that before...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: OH! Linken park? Good song
poppi / Poppi: hahaha well its probublly better considering macabre is the more gruesom bloddier side of death. but when it first got invented in like 17-1800's sometime in their it was about a skeletoon or reapor dancing ith people and bringing them to their graves
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I don't like Linkin Park that much
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Violinte mind today?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Linken park, hooked by my friends.
poppi / Poppi: ahahahaha.......don't yell at me i'm slow!!!
poppi / Poppi: linken park is ok......
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: AHHH! MY EARS BURN!!!! PUSSY CAT DOLLS! RUN AWAY!!! *Hides*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: CCR?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: beep...eww....its so gross...
poppi / Poppi: oh no i feel so bad for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *covers your ears* ccr?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Creedence Clearwater Revival.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: sure? Eww...brothers are gross and perverted
poppi / Poppi: ahahha i should have known that i listened to them the other day!!!! haha and yes ccr is fantabulouse!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ......sure
poppi / Poppi: wow i'm surprised you know about them.......haha i listen to my parents radio to much
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: They are awsome
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *looks around* So alone....i am going to ask Oni-boy if i can join the RP!
poppi / Poppi: have you guys ever heard pat benatard (sp?) or heard the song hell is for children?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I love music from 60's to now. I'm not really centered on one type or decade.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hmm...I don't think I have...maybe, but at the moment, I don't recall the name.
poppi / Poppi: haha YaY!!!! i'm a total music nerd! for my final project in 7th grade i did it on the history of rock!!! i got an a too!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol:} rolling stones?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ONI-BOY SAYS I CAN JOIN!!!!
poppi / Poppi: YaY!!!!!!!!join join join wooo!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: tell me whats going on because i am too lazy to read!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Rolling Stones, god yes. Ihave so many songs by them...
poppi / Poppi: great.........my sisters ratting me out to my mom! get some cheese for the little rat! i got mad at her and maty or may not have said something mean to her.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: shame. If i ever swear at my brother. (Which i used to do, but he is not here...) I would slap him and make him not tell!
poppi / Poppi: haha sorry i had to ask......i mean i have friends who don't know who sid vicouse is.......lol...ahahahha
poppi / Poppi: yea right i could slap her but then i'd get in even more trouble.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahaha
poppi / Poppi: i have to go now..........that retard!!! i'll be back in like an hour ok? don't go to far in dragons treasure with out me please.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah, sure, go ahead and post. Just take your time and make it detailed.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I'll be back in a few minutes.
Imaginth: Hey peoples.
poppi / Poppi: i'm back yaY!
poppi / Poppi: thanks:) what happened with out me?
poppi / Poppi: WOOO i love you!!! i love everybody though...haha ok well their are some eceptoins!!
poppi / Poppi: Roooar!!! i'm still waiting for meh dinner! i got to see if its done!
poppi / Poppi: hehe........don't worry Kael i love you too!!! oww my pizza be hot:(
poppi / Poppi: WOOOOOOOOOO i posted on dragons treasure!!!
poppi / Poppi: pizza is not hot anymore but now i got crumbs everywhere!!! what am i gonna do with myself?!?!?
poppi / Poppi: YaY thank you:) i feel so warm and fuzzy inside now......haha maybe its just the pizza
poppi / Poppi: now all we need is for you to post!! *pokes with pointy stick*
Fallenhope / Lunette: Finny-kun is here rite?
Laz: Ima die... a very violent death
poppi / Poppi: oh what was wrong?
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: VOLTAGE!
Laz: nuttin i went and got my fortune told to me...thats what the bitch said...
poppi / Poppi: ok............lala how are you?
poppi / Poppi: well if you live inside a bubble you wouldn't have to worry about a voilent death
Laz: no way in hell am i living in a bubble
Kimishi: back
sry i took so long lol
Laz: so poppi u gunna post in dark adherant
poppi / Poppi: oh yes!!! thank you for reminding me..........lala sometimes i'm conviced i have a.d.d.
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: i posted think clearly before responding, it will determine what happens next
meanwhile ill seeya tommorow
Tensu: I attempted at a medieval RP or sorts, who would complain if I made a variant of the One Piece side story?
Tensu: for an idea of what I'm talking about, look up one piece episodes 292, 293, and 303. those are the only ones I know of that involve the side story in question.
Tensu: Hey Kaos, check my question below and give an answer please.
Tensu: The idea I have is to base it off of a short series thats based off the actual series, if that doesn't work, I'll base it off hte actual series with a few twists.
poppi / Aiden: thats cool..........dooo doo if that doesn't work though you could make an rp about pancakes:P~
Tensu: one's already been done about waffles, and that was too random. I'll make it after i work it out in my head first.
poppi / Aiden: YaY!!! i hope you figure it out. wouldn't want that dragging on your conciounce
Tensu: if I don't make it, I'll forget.
poppi: hello sorry what did i miss?
poppi / Poppi: Good morning is anyone here?
ellesmera: Im here
poppi / Poppi: YAAAAAY^_^ *glomps you*
ellesmera: *glomps back*
Wha=ere abouts in the world u live?
poppi / Poppi: maine..........trust me its not as fabulouse as they say. at least the snow is gone. where do you live?
ellesmera: England.
Its as boring as people make out. and rains twice as much. ^_^
poppi / Poppi: haha...rains not so bad unless you get hit with the great "nor'easter"! i thought my house was going to float away.:(
ellesmera: lol.
Its boring.. Bieng alone innit
poppi / Poppi: you could set a firecracker off in someones pocket if you wanted excitment!!!!....... haha just and idea *smiles innocently*
ellesmera: *Chews gum* Lol... Ah..... Firecrackers.. Happy memories ^_^
poppi / Poppi: should i be affriad?.......*raises eyebrow*
ellesmera: Nah... Bonfire night.. Last year. Funny times.. Frecracher shot up my uncles shirt and through the front, he got away without a scratch, was wetting mesen
ellesmera: lol.
He hasnt gone near fireworks since.. ^_^
ellesmera: lol. I dont like em...
ellesmera / Faustus: *flicks nose* Bad kitty!
poppi / Poppi: MRRRROOOOWWW *kitty look of shock and horro* haha how are you today?
ellesmera / Faustus: Im gurd.. finished scool a few hours ago...
poppi / Poppi: haha school sucks....and busses are smelly! i had vacation this week^-^
ellesmera / Faustus: were all gurd!!!
Nah... I go by car
poppi / Poppi: Hello!!! i'm ok my day so far has kind of sucked. How are you?
poppi / Poppi: ehh i think was really because i ate my ceriel to soon after i brushed my teeth...colgate and yogurt burst cheerios don't mix.
poppi / Poppi: yep...what have you been up to lately?
poppi / Poppi: yes i'm so happy now i'll i need is to find my other flip flop....i think its under my bed *shudders* your posts were execellent yesterday. i liked the detail in them.
poppi / Poppi: that does suck, maybe of you used really really small font and slang you could get more words in. It would be a bit harder to read but it would work.
poppi / Poppi: toodles:]
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: hello?
darkmoonchild: Well i am not dumb, its just that my brain sometimes goes on extened lunch breaks
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I'm back
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: hi Gir fans came by to say hi
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Gir fans?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Cya Kimi. I guess I should go post now.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Hugs til a mix betwen potato, blue, and 7* HEHEHE!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Oh, sorry. I''m just kind of tired today. Be right back, posting.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: AHAHHAHAHHA!!! *evil french laugh!*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Draws evil french mushtace on Vrael*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Draws pig on his arm* Chicken go moo
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Tiring day...well, for me.
darkmoonchild / Cira: FOR ME! i stayed at home and walked to a diffrent state! Live near teh border
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: What state are you in?
darkmoonchild / Cira: SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! a place
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Okay...
darkmoonchild / Cira: HAHAHA!! i win...10 points! *swish*
darkmoonchild / Cira: BRB!!! Coughing again
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: you know it really is fun here but , someone might think it is a retard area , but who cares?! , fun is fun , I love fun and being a retard!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Oh, now I'm a retard? Hahaha, just kidding. I don't really come here to goof off, just to help others or talk. Kind of like a break area...
darkmoonchild / Cira: WHOO! yah being retards!!!!!!! *High fives*
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: you related to Dr.Phil???
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: No, I'm not a douchebag. What I meant was I help them with rping, or learning the basics of this site.
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: so hey , I wanna ask you all a question and answer honestly , what do you feel when you RP???
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: To Cira: Have Onitaro post first, then you can
Sora: Explain this question a little better
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: How do you feel when RPing??? , how do you feel towards RPing?
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: for me Rping is like entering another world , it is like living the actual world , you meet them in your mind and they meet you in their's , it's cool , a world in a world , take care all
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hmm...depends. I always love to RP, but there are times where I do it for certain reasons I can't tell. Usually how I feel also depends on the people who I rp with. If it is someone I am comfortable with rping, and I know they are good, then I feel good, or what ever. But if they annoy me, then I tend to change how I post.
darkmoonchild / Cira: ME!!! *Sighs and then Mr.Gloomy appers and starts to rain on me*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Well, my problem on this site is times when I get too into it. sometimes if I really like the rp, I'll go crazy on the posts, or put weird things in it, or exaggerate on things. Sometimes I gt off topic and try to modify the story for my liking. I know people hate it when that happens, but I love to write stories, and I'm just used to creating it, and doing it by myself.
darkmoonchild / Cira: *Emo tear*
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: somehow , it is almost like mine , for me sometimes , the Story of the RP twists and turns the attention to me , and that is something I like and don't like
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: * wipes tear away and smile *
darkmoonchild / Cira: EMO VERY HAPPY! *nuzzles Sora and Kimi and eats cookie like a kid*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Is Onitaro on by the way?
darkmoonchild / Cira: I don't where he went, i was talking to him on IM and he just left!
darkmoonchild / Cira: It usaly says. *Mr.Gloomy comes back becuase of Oni-boy leaveing me*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Well, you can't tell who is on. People just use any kind of messanger on here, like Yahoo, MSN, AIM. All that.
darkmoonchild / Cira: BUT! If you look on their page it should say days away, i stalk you guys when i am bored!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah, but that really doesn't help to know if they are on...they just explains how long they haven't been on the site.
darkmoonchild / Cira: I know. But i know, becuase you guys say somthing on here! And i become...POPPI'S ON!!!!!
darkmoonchild / Cira:
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Well, I have AIM...I do have yahoo, but I have to get a new one. All of my friends use AIM.
darkmoonchild / Cira: I AM YOUR FRIEND!!! heh...right?
darkmoonchild / Cira: YAY! *Hugs back*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Yeah, I don't know many who use yahoo.
Laz: sup
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: HI LAZ!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hey Laz
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hmm...I'm surprised to see you on at this hour.
Laz: got off work early time to get STONED its 420 Woo Woo
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Laz is a bat
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Well, he normally comes on way later. Don't you Laz?
Laz: im not usually on till 10 or eleven at night when i get off work
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: A stoner bat
Laz: not a bat hun those are angel wings :) dark angel
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Oh, hahaha. 4 20 eh? Both a good day and bad day I 'spose.
poppi / Poppi: i'm here can i eat now? *pleading eyes*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: FINE! a dark angel stoner..
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol, welcome back Poppi.
Laz: that works for me
Laz: i swear I looked llike a crackhead when i took that picture
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I hugged poppi already
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: But its meth right?
Laz: No i was in wrestling i had to lose weight to go into the 150 class
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Good? *Glomps on Poppi becuase i feel left out*
Laz: that was three days after i made it to finals i was so drunk me and a friend glued the wings on my back And i went to school like that.... almost kicked out cause i didn't have a shirt lol
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: AHHHH! I need to know that!
Laz: know what?? i was drunk all night and went to school drunk it was fun, everyone knew it but no one said anything cause i made it to the finals lol
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahaha
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: meh...*hides behind Poppi and Kimi*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: There. Yahoo is now up again.
poppi / Poppi: who's the stoner?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: There. Yahoo is now up again.
darkmoonchild: *Draws on Laz's face* this is funner
Laz: i am, jus rolled a blunt
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Now I do. Took me a quick second.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: LAZ IS HIGH!!! *Hides again, with cookie*
Laz: *pokes dark moon child in the eye* "gerofff"
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Hides in fear of teh Laz...*
poppi / Poppi: haha i hope you don't play sock puppets like my one friend did.........*shudders*
Laz: no i just get fasinated with how fast life moves and how much i do not lol
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahahaha
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *Still hidding from Laz and makes Kimi poke him*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: madscythe24
poppi / Poppi: hahahaha i don't think my friend would want me to tell you that.........ahahaha. stoners make such interesting friends.
poppi / Poppi: oh yes hehe *hugs everybody in giant smashing group hug*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: EEE! Scary pothead!
Laz: hey zeroth u make any recent good rps???
poppi / Poppi: i accidently stummbled upon the stoner community...........i should have known the only people that would talk to me with out fear would be the stoners.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: No Laz, I kinda gave up on making rps long ago, no one would join them. Most people ignore me here man. all the old rpers left.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I am not a pothead! I may act like it..but i am not!
Laz: i came back...join dark adherant...im bored sine
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: maybe....still a little scared
poppi / Poppi: i have a booboo on my hand and i don't know what its from. everybody in school thinks i'm a pothead...ecept my friends, they just know i'm crazy
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: pothead is fun to say!
poppi / Poppi: i'm more partail to great googlymoogly or wiggly.......be affriad
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: CRACKHEAD! HAHAH! so fun
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: lol
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: soooooo much fun
poppi / Poppi: anybody here ever been tazord?
poppi / Poppi: just curiouse
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: wha?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: No...maybe...hmm...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: sure
poppi / Poppi: oooooohhhhhh haha!!! ^_^ i personally am lucky enough to never have been tazord.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: MEW?
poppi / Poppi: soy sauce!!!!
poppi / Poppi: soy sauce is brown but it comes from green plants............amazing isn't it?
poppi / Poppi: not me:( anybody seen charlie the unicorn?
poppi / Poppi: yes i think so. you really should watch it.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: moofins to you
Laz: so stone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!d
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Heh?
poppi / Poppi: hey their laz you forgot to put the d before the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: LAZ!!! *dies on floor from laughing*
Laz: ooopss
poppi / Poppi: i think we need to keep a close eye on laz...........vrael are you still their?
Laz: or oppps or ooopppsssss
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: yes he is. Laz...you are werid!
Laz: Be sure the shadow you chase is not the one you cast.
poppi / Poppi: youtube doesn't work for me:'( it takes like 40 mins for one video to load! don't laugh at me and my stupid dialup!
Laz: and he was like SWAP
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Laz......meh?
poppi / Poppi: i'll get right on that Laz
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *scared*
Laz: 1. If any one ensnare another, putting a ban upon him, but he can not prove it, then he that ensnared him shall be put to death.
2. If any one bring an accusation against a man, and the accused go to the river and leap into the river, if he sink in the river his accuser shall take possession of his house. But if the river prove that the accused is not guilty, and he escape unhurt, then he who had brought the accusation shall be put to death, while he who leaped into the river shall take possession of the house that had belonged to his accuser.
3. If any one bring an accusation of any crime before the elders, and does not prove what he has charged, he shall, if it be a capital offense charged, be put to death.
4. If he satisfy the elders to impose a fine of grain or money, he shall receive the fine that the action produces.
5. If a judge try a case, reach a decision, and present his judgment in writing; if later error shall appear in his decision, and it be through his own fault, then he shall pay twelve times the fine set by him in the case, and he shall be publicly removed from the judge's bench, and never again shall he sit there to render judgment.
6. If any one steal the property of a temple or of the court, he shall be put to death, and also the one who receives the stolen thing from him shall be put to death.
7. If any one buy from the son or the slave of another man, without witnesses or a contract, silver or gold, a male or female slave, an ox or a sheep, an ass or anything, or if he take it in charge, he is considered a thief and shall be put to death.
8. If any one steal cattle or sheep, or an ass, or a pig or a goat, if it belong to a god or to the court, the thief shall pay thirtyfold therefor; if they belonged to a freed man of the king he shall pay tenfold; if the thief has nothing with which to pay he shall be put to death.
9. If any one lose an article, and find it in the possession of another: if the person in whose possession the thing is found say "A merchant sold it to me, I paid for it before witnesses," and if the owner of the thing say, "I will bring witnesses who know my property," then shall the purchaser bring the merchant who sold it to him, and the witnesses before whom he bought it, and the owner shall bring witnesses who can identify his property. The judge shall examine their testimony-both of the witnesses before whom the price was paid, and of the witnesses who identify the lost article on oath. The merchant is then proved to be a thief and shall be put to death. The owner of the lost article receives his property, and he who bought it receives the money he paid from the estate of the merchant.
10. If the purchaser does not bring the merchant and the witnesses before whom he bought the article, but its owner bring witnesses who identify it, then the buyer is the thief and shall be put to death, and the owner receives the lost article.
11. If the owner do not bring witnesses to identify the lost article, he is an evil-doer, he has traduced, and shall be put to death.
12. If the witnesses be not at hand, then shall the judge set a limit, at the expiration of six months. If his witnesses have not appeared within the six months, he is an evil-doer, and shall bear the fine of the pending case.
Editor's note: there is no 13th law in the code, 13 being considered an unlucky and evil number
14. If any one steal the minor son of another, he shall be put to death.
15. If any one take a male or female slave of the court, or a male or female slave of a freed man, outside the city gates, he shall be put to death.
16. If any one receive into his house a runaway male or female slave of the court, or of a freedman, and does not bring it out at the public proclamation of the major domus, the master of the house shall be put to death.
17. If any one find runaway male or female slaves in the open country and bring them to their masters, the master of the slaves shall pay him two shekels of silver.
18. If the slave will not give the name of the master, the finder shall bring him to the palace; a further investigation must follow, and the slave shall be returned to his master.
19. If he hold the slaves in his house, and they are caught there, he shall be put to death.
20. If the slave that he caught run away from him, then shall he swear to the owners of the slave, and he is free of all blame.
21. If any one break a hole into a house [break in to steal], he shall be put to death before that hole and be buried.
22. If any one is committing a robbery and is caught, then he shall be put to death.
23. If the robber is not caught, then shall he who was robbed claim under oath the amount of his loss; then shall the community, and . . . on whose ground and territory and in whose domain it was compensate him for the goods stolen.
24. If persons are stolen, then shall the community . . . pay one mina of silver to their relatives.
25. If fire break out in a house, and some one who comes to put it out cast his eye upon the property of the owner of the house, and take the property of the master of the house, he shall be thrown into that self-same fire.
26. If a chieftain or a man [common soldier], who has been ordered to go upon the king's highway for war does not go, but hires a mercenary, if he withholds the compensation, then shall this officer or man be put to death, and he who represented him shall take possession of his house.
27. If a chieftain or man be caught in the misfortune of the king [captured in battle], and if his fields and garden be given to another and he take possession, if he return and reaches his place, his field and garden shall be returned to him, he shall take it over again.
28. If a chieftain or a man be caught in the misfortune of a king, if his son is able to enter into possession, then the field and garden shall be given to him, he shall take over the fee of his father.
29. If his son is still young, and can not take possession, a third of the field and garden shall be given to his mother, and she shall bring him up.
30. If a chieftain or a man leave his house, garden, and field and hires it out, and some one else takes possession of his house, garden, and field and uses it for three years: if the first owner return and claims his house, garden, and field, it shall not be given to him, but he who has taken possession of it and used it shall continue to use it.
31. If he hire it out for one year and then return, the house, garden, and field shall be given back to him, and he shall take it over again.
32. If a chieftain or a man is captured on the "Way of the King" [in war], and a merchant buy him free, and bring him back to his place; if he have the means in his house to buy his freedom, he shall buy himself free: if he have nothing in his house with which to buy himself free, he shall be bought free by the temple of his community; if there be nothing in the temple with which to buy him free, the court shall buy his freedom. His field, garden, and house shall not be given for the purchase of his freedom.
33. If a . . . or a . . . enter himself as withdrawn from the "Way of the King," and send a mercenary as substitute, but withdraw him, then the . . . or . . . shall be put to death.
34. If a . . . or a . . . harm the property of a captain, injure the captain, or take away from the captain a gift presented to him by the king, then the . . . or . . . shall be put to death.
35. If any one buy the cattle or sheep which the king has given to chieftains from him, he loses his money.
36. The field, garden, and house of a chieftain, of a man, or of one subject to quit-rent, can not be sold.
37. If any one buy the field, garden, and house of a chieftain, man, or one subject to quit-rent, his contract tablet of sale shall be broken [declared invalid] and he loses his money. The field, garden, and house return to their owners.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Oo
Laz: <(O_O)>
poppi / Poppi: ok then
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Laz is VERY VERY VERY HIGH!
Laz: i am sooo stoned i just typed in old rules and that came up from somewhere
Laz: 16 bong fuls two blunts and im smokin a bowl....
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Heh? *Pokes laz* How much did you use?
Laz: 2 oz's for 420
Laz: "And they wanted to know if I would trade 10 juggalos for a 100 main stream fans And I said I wouldn't trade 10 juggalos for a 100,000 mainstream fans 10 juggalos is priceless to me"
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I dont want to know where you get it. Or you get your own?
Laz: I gots love for my homies, members of the Lotus
United we stand, squashing all deadly forces
Been to hell, could of spent eternity there
All the bad shit I've done, I should still be there
Juggalos can ya feel me, feel me, worldwide, worldwide
Running with the hatchet straight out the Lotus Pod
Always got your back till the end screaming juggalos
Dark lotus, psychopathic that's the way you go
Laz: rule 2 dont get high off your own supply
Laz: So many people in the matrix die alone, hey
Not me, my soul belongs to juggalos, they
Keep me going when I'm down and out
I pick the phone up drop them a line and here them shout
Saying Twiztid is the shit, and I'm down with the clown
Dark Lotus for life until I'm dead in the ground!
I give a dap to all my homies and killaz who get it started
All my juggalos always represent for the departed
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Heh? Hehehhehe.....*backs away slowly*
Laz: Mass murder makes me happy!
Dead bodies make me happy!
Say what you will of me
I'll always have juggalo family!
Mass murder makes me happy!
Dead bodies make me happy!
Say what you will of me
I'll always have juggalo family!
Laz: ehhhh better song its CALEED MR. HAPPY
poppi / Poppi: i'm laughing incrediblly hard right now, even though i'm slightly frightened
Laz: anyone ever heard the song called Mr. Happy
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Heh? Uh....scared for me..i am afraid to look behind me...
poppi / Poppi: i think so
Laz: trust me im there im behind you when u never know it when you turn and see that person out of the corner of your eye and hes not there, thats me , when you hear the noises outside at night, thats me im here to strip you of your future, your mind and your life
Laz: paranoid yet....i am
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Stalker?
poppi / Poppi: you may be the stranger that scares me but i am the little voice in the back of your head saying you can't do it!!!!
Laz: heh hun i killed that little voice in my head a long time ago
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ....NOO! VOICEY-KUN DIED!?!??! *Crys*
Laz: i believe when you stab it in the nugget chamber it dies ...but im just mister HAPPY
Laz: I'm kind of fat and I sweat a lot
but that's the only bad quirky dinks I got
that and maybe the whole murdering aspect
but we really ain't even got to that yet
I love people, I love everything about them
and that's why I gotta live life without them
I know it don't make any sence to you but fuck you
this songs about me exclusively
murder, murderous, murderation
the murdering mentality without an explanation
I'm Mr. Happy and I ride a bike
I ain't got a seat I just sit on the pipe thing
I whistle, I sing, ill pet your poodle
ill twist and squeeze your neck like a wet noodle
cause I'm so happy ill stab your ass
and lay down next to you dead on the grass
and sing
Ooh it feel so good every time I murder I get happy
happy happy happy
I'm happy, happy, happiest
I'm happy, happy, happiest
I'm happy, happy, happiest
I murder murder murder you (must kill you)[sung during murder murder murder]
ill murder murder murder you
ill murder murder murder you
ill murder murder murder you
I love you, so hand me you neck
let me teach you about love and respect
respect the fact that I love to kill
wait a minute y'all I gotta take my pill
Zanoffs.. it works : down to only 3 people a day
my victims, I give them love and care
I don't wanna get blood everywhere
I don't use a chainsaw or a butcher knife
that's so 90's get it right
I never mutilate or chop my loves
all I really need is a pair of gloves
or maybe a car, ill run 'em down wit it
I know that can be messy but the birds will get it
don't you see that I love you
I'm mr. happy I'm all about fun
Now get into the pit and try to kill someone
Ooh it feel so good every time I murder I get happy
happy happy happy
I'm happy, happy, happiest
I'm happy, happy, happiest
I'm happy, happy, happiest
its found murder murder murder you
ill murder murder murder you
ill murder murder murder you
ill murder murder murder you
my bike has a basket full of strawberries
I picked them myself along with apples and cherries
lemons and oranges and boogers and limes
plus there's a faygo in there but that's mine
red flowers like after your dead
I plant seeds and growem out the side of your head
I got flowers all over the back yard
in the form of a jokers card
Uh ohh feels good
I like the chuckel of my neighborhood
I'm one of them midnight creeps at dennys
talking to myself and lickin my pennys
I got a french fry hangin out of my beard
(don't go near that guy he's weird)
you know I'm all good and everythings all right
when you hear this scream in the middle of the night
like this:
Ooh it feel so good every time I murder I get happy
happy happy happy
I'm happy, happy, happiest
I'm happy, happy, happiest
I'm happy, happy, happiest
its found murder murder murder you
ill murder murder murder you
ill murder murder murder you
ill murder murder murder you
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Chicken nuggets
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Murrder me? Why?
poppi / Poppi: i wouldn't murder you!!!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Laz-kun got a gun...
Laz: all i got is a twelve gage :)
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Laz? Would you shoot me?
Laz: prolly not, im to nice to shoot someone
poppi / Poppi: oh thats all..............i hope its locked away right now far far away from you
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: YAY! *Hugs you*
Laz: actually im cleaning it between bong hits, oh now running someone over with a car or sumtain like that i can do :)
poppi / Poppi: wouldn't want you shooting your foot
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *lets go and backs away*
poppi / Poppi: sometimes i wounder about you laz!!!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: SCARY!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Laz: y me im just psycopatchic
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Laz is one of a kind, you too giggle-kun
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: DONT LEAVE GIGGLE-KUN! *crys and clings to you*
poppi / Poppi: giggle-kun? are you reall pyscopathic?
Fallenhope / Lunette: Giggle-kun=Vrael
poppi / Poppi: YOU can'tleave!!!! not yet I'll miss you *tear*
Fallenhope / Lunette: YAY!!! GIGGLE-KUN IS TEH BESTSESTEST!!! (or teh shit...but not rite now)
poppi / Poppi: we could.........haha and i'd keep asking you extremwly riduculouse qeustions.
poppi / Poppi: i'd sure hope so:}
poppi / Poppi: if you do leave though you got to wait till dragon's treasure is finshed up please
Laz: back was gettin more stonefied
Fallenhope / Lunette: YAY! SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! just a little scared at Laz...but THAT IS NORMAL!
Laz: y u scared at me again????
poppi / Poppi: PLEASE *pleading eys* and i'll have you know i'm very good at begging!!!!
Laz: we know poppi u like to beg :)
Fallenhope / Lunette: yes
Fallenhope / Lunette: dont go! *Crys*
poppi / Poppi: LAZ you perv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fallenhope / Lunette: Laz is a perv?
poppi / Poppi: yea did you read his comment..........?
Fallenhope / Lunette: EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EWWWWWW!!!!!!!
poppi / Poppi: see what i mean..............i really need to spend less time with perverts.
Fallenhope / Lunette: crackhead pervs
poppi / Poppi: haha poor laz we keep making fun of him
Fallenhope / Lunette: Laz is kool. *Hugs laz*
Sereto_Uesugi: hey I'm bored and just got back from an anime night and I have yaoi on the brain and one wanna make a yaoi rp?
Laz: lol im like fried ...no deep fried and extra crispy..... munchies.....chicken....
Fallenhope / Lunette: CHICKEN!
Fallenhope / Lunette: CHICKEN IS GOOD! REALLY GOOD!
Laz: heh i luv laptops im tryin to cook deepfried chicken wings im too stoned for this
Fallenhope / Lunette: Heh? Being stoned is not good. BAD LAZ!
Laz: *growls* Grrrr
poppi / Poppi: you are strange!! hah one time my friend had the munchies at school and she ate my whole lunch!!
Fallenhope / Lunette: Laz...*takes crack away* WATCH OUT HE WILL KILL ME!!!!
Sereto_Uesugi: any one wanna make me feel better. some girl hit me and she said some rude things. and I 'can't get over them
Fallenhope / Lunette: ITS GOING TO BE OK! *Hugs you* its all right...
Laz: *Runs over lunetta with his car laughing like a maniac*
Sereto_Uesugi: thats what my friend said and I keep thinking of it
Fallenhope / Lunette: *Already dead, AND ITS LUNETTE!* its ok.
poppi / Poppi: ok i'll post sorry i've been having a very intersting convo with kael and mimi:}
Fallenhope / Lunette: HAHAHAHH!!!!!
Fallenhope / Lunette: HI!
Laz / Boss: U really dont understand how powerful eric is lol
Fallenhope / Lunette: mew?
Fallenhope / Lunette: MEW?
Fallenhope / Lunette: MEWW!!!!!! =3
darkmoonchild / Cira: Kero?
darkmoonchild / Cira: I am a kero?
darkmoonchild / Cira: Kon
darkmoonchild / Cira: Yes...wait...no...sound a fox makes in jappeness? I dont know. But yes...very cute Kon is
Laz / Boss: ??? WTH
darkmoonchild / Cira: Your the one on crack, so i wouldn't say anything!
Laz / Boss: X.X
darkmoonchild / Cira: Hehe! my oppsie
Laz / Boss: i am not on crack and ur dead so shush
darkmoonchild / Cira: Aww...ok. i will shush
Laz / Boss: *Growls at poppi(just for effect)* then think of something to stop my bordism
Laz / Boss: LIKE posting
darkmoonchild / Cira: Mere? *cocks head*
darkmoonchild / Cira: NO EATING PEOPLE! I WANT TO DO IT!
Laz / Damien Lazurus: *Kills poppi for growling at him* jk
darkmoonchild / Cira: YAY! =3
darkmoonchild / Cira: *just sits there playing with halo*
Laz / Damien Lazurus: Im an angel...and a demon, so bite me *Damien Just tears off crazy womans head and throws it to tensu.*
poppi / Aiden: My reaper will destroy you!!!!!!!!!!!!! fear me for i shall win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laz / Damien Lazurus: *Damien takes the rapier from the reper dude and shoves it up his....coat making him go poof*
Laz / Neo Carin:
*does jig* I am the shiznit, of godlyness lol
poppi / Aiden: *laughs at your patheticness and stabs you in teh back with my scyth! you shall be lead to you graves!*
Laz / Neo Carin: anyone got fire cause ill use him :)
poppi / Aiden: i have a lighter..........
Laz / Neo Carin: *wonders if poppi can read :) if so reread my last post as angel guy, ur cut in half if not then ur naked....
poppi / Aiden: *gasp horror* i'll read oh haha thats you....lala small world.
poppi / Aiden: on what rp?
poppi / Aiden: *does back flip and avoids as you crash into wall and laughs but off at your sorry ass!*
poppi / Aiden: yea you pervs!!!!! i'm not some cheep whore! just ask my pimp!
poppi / Aiden: I am not!!! have you know I go for 500 bucks!!! well me and the other hookers my pimp has and for all of us in any kind of theme you want (dominatrix,bondage, star wars ect.) its $22,000. hahaha this whole thing got discussed last halloween.
Laz / Neo Carin: *tries not to fall asleep from to much stonage
Me_and_a_half / Rajin: i refuse to answer that question!
Laz / Neo Carin: Star wars ????
poppi / Aiden: *stabs your foot with fork* hahaha I'm perfectly content in the little dark whole!
darkmoonchild / Cira: Omg...HAHAHHAHA! *falls off couch laughing and can't stop*
poppi / Aiden: yea star wars.........whats wrong with star wars?
darkmoonchild / Cira: NEKO!
Me_and_a_half / Rajin: DAOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo
darkmoonchild / Cira: MEH?!?!??!
darkmoonchild / Cira: Mew?
Me_and_a_half / Rajin: Whos foot?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: BAD ZEZA! *attacks*
Me_and_a_half / Rajin: <<just cause im bored im joining.>>he walkes through the door with c4s exploding around in the back roudnd.he gave off a smile and turned to the other room seeing the others.umm...is this a bad time?
darkmoonchild / Cira: cake? YUMMY!
darkmoonchild / Cira: CAKE! *goes into battle mode and steals cake while beating him up*
darkmoonchild / Cira: AHHHHH! I HAVE COOKIE CAKE! *Dances with cookies in mouth*
darkmoonchild / Cira: but i have a spork
darkmoonchild / Cira: spork?
darkmoonchild / Cira: SPORK PARTY! *Throws sporks all over*
darkmoonchild / Cira: DODODOODO! POW! *smacks sporks and marrys one...don ask*
darkmoonchild / Cira: *marrys it and then devoirces* idk
darkmoonchild / Cira: It died...it fell of a cliff...'accidnetly'
darkmoonchild / Cira: heheheh....
darkmoonchild / Cira: MEWNESS! *mews around and hits people with a bat*
darkmoonchild / Cira: Ok...NIGHT!!!!!!
Finnigan: POOR LIL' BABY.
darkmoonchild / Cira: OMG ITS FINNY! How are you? its been so long!
Finnigan: Actually, it hasn't. I've been on a few times but I don't post in this place often when I have small time. BOMB dEH twist.
darkmoonchild / Cira: But i missed you either way!
Finnigan: Oh,okay.
darkmoonchild / Cira: hahah...i am so werid today for some reason!
Finnigan: OH, I thought you were always wierd. Wierdo. Wierdesto...who rhymes with pesto. A queso, fe fi fo bo bueso. Aren't you going to lace yo? To the toes to the teeth we rock it to the beat. Diddy be saying last night, I be asking about Ta-night. Y'all mean? Ma Fuh. Ma fuh.
darkmoonchild / Cira: Well yes...but i really didn't want to see you rap it. But that is ok!...little scared though.
Finnigan: It's not rap if it's crap.
darkmoonchild / Cira: HEH?
Finnigan: Is she real? *Commences Art of a Thousand Paper Shuriken*
darkmoonchild / Cira: Who is real now? *doges and punches your head for talking about something i have no idea*
Finnigan: Hahaha, you would of seen through my "Art of Mirage" attack if you were smart! Maybe if you could comprehend art and not crap you would know what I was talking about. *Art of Giant Paper Shuriken*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *just stops hitting you and stares* what?
Finnigan: *Art of Making-you-think-that-I-am-going-to-punch-you-but-actually-kicks-you-in-the-crotch-area* If you can't understand what is happening with very little detail, why do you continue? It'll just hurt you lil' brain.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: you pervert
Finnigan: How is that being a pervert I may ask? If I kick someone there, it makes me a pervert? If you're going by that logic, then you've been a pervert many times over. *Art of Logic*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ok?
Finnigan: And thus, you are defeated. *Art of Conquering*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: ok? Not sure of what just happen but i am just going to nod my head carefuly.
Finnigan: Yes, you do that. And maybe you'll want a glass of milk with that. *Art of Sacasm*
Finnigan: Sarcasm* *Art of Correcting*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Neh? what just happened...i am so confused
Finnigan: Hehehehe...*Art of Stupor**Art of Eagle Claw**Art of Crushing Blow**Art of Chain Combo*
Hahahahah! I can attack you with the Arts one after another.
Finnigan: Nighty night.
darkmoonchild: Alright, good morning everybody. Or afternoon? I dont know
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: RAWR.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Good afternoon to you. I feel like making a RP.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Yea, I was gone too. I was watching this infermecial. It was gross cooking.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Why do you ask "why"? I think that you need a perscription of English class. I assure you it will help.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Yes indeed. Maybe you should actually know what you are typing before you type. It would make the world and you a much more happier person.
silentblade: I swear, every time I come here it's always 'Finnigan Lectures darkmoonchild'.. Let's play Devil's Advocate.
Dmc, learn to write.*
Finn, shut the hell up. *
..And that's SB's two cents.
darkmoonchild / Kinaba: Its not always him lectureing me. Its just when you come it happens. You must have some sorta bad luck. Anyway, good afternoon.
Imaginth / Lucien: Hello people.
miroakukirara / nolane: hello world hows it hanging
poppi / Poppi: hello people
miroakukirara / nolane: hi
poppi / Poppi: how are you?
miroakukirara / nolane: im fine how are you.... umh i just made this RP would you mind joining cause no ones joined yet
poppi / Poppi: that seems fine whats it about or which one is it?
miroakukirara / nolane: its called wanna play
poppi / Poppi: yurp okie pokie i'll join!
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: But I like to lecture, it's right behind "Hate" and "Speak Latin". Sometimes I hate to speak Latin, and then other times I like to lecture others in the art of Latin. I never will hate to speak Latin. NEVA!
Anyways, I'm thinking of making a segment in Pestilence's Office where they go to the movies. I need some ideas on what the commericals and trailers are going to be about.
miroakukirara / nolane: but sometimes when people letcure that makes them seem old
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Lecturing makes people all sorts of things. You have to learn how to lecture a certain way to get the results you want. Get what I'm saying?
miroakukirara / nolane: oh yeah i understand i just dont wanna sound like im 80 at 18
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Ello
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Delete, luxeria et acedia. Mala sunt. Videte ex vero. Navigabo ab Italiam.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I was quite busy yesterday...I'll go post in Dragon now. Sorry about that.
miroakukirara / nolane: hey can people join both of my new naruto rps
darkmoonchild: What happened?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: It's okay, I was just practicing my Latin and posting in PO.
Nihilum eris. Militibus pugnaverunt.
Shika: ok, so not much.
miroakukirara / nolane: dont mean to be pushy or rud but <<join join join plesase>> man im getting annoying
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: There, I posted. Man, I seriously just woke up...
miroakukirara / nolane: dont mean to be pushy or rud but <<join join join plesase>> man im getting annoying
miroakukirara / nolane: dont mean to be pushy or rud but <<join join join plesase>> man im getting annoying
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Well...I know nothing of Naruto really...I would only ask a ton of qustions, and plus...I might be leaving soon.
ellesmera / Faustus: I know naruto really well.. watching every single one all over again. ^_^ ive joined both.
miroakukirara / nolane: yay i love you people
miroakukirara / nolane: yes
ellesmera / Faustus: im bored.. post!!!!
btw.. http://www.naruto-kun.com/naruto+jutsus/ninjutsu.html
it has all the jutsu n everything on there.. ^_^
ellesmera / Faustus: hahahahaha. lol
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Yeah, I'm sorry Nolane. I would join, I just wouldn't want to mess it up.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Yeah, I'm sorry Nolane. I would join, I just wouldn't want to mess it up.
miroakukirara / nolane: <<if you mess it up we can all fix it>>
ellesmera / Faustus: IM BORED
ellesmera / Faustus: u GUYS TYPE SLOW.. O0
ellesmera / Faustus: Well.. I posted.. U could meet up wi my char?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: lol, well, maybe some people are posting real slow, for good detail. That or they just post real slow. lol
ellesmera / Faustus: I post quick, n my detail is good.. Sumtimes speelings off.. my friends say im estlyixic.. (i think they meen dyslexic..or wahtever.. dunno how u spell it)
miroakukirara / nolane: <<hey i did post like 20 mins ago>>
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Alright...I am going to make an rp in a bit. the setting is earth, the year is 2017, kind of like an alternative life, a bit off from a modern rp. Very little sci-fi, all humans. No powers or anything. It is about a group of big corporations that have dominated the industry world in the future. They are creating wars and it is slowly destroying civilization. Tell me if you are interested. I don't want to waste my time.
ellesmera / Faustus: I respond quickly.. unless I fall asleep..
miroakukirara / nolane: <<my last post took so long because i was on the phone>>
miroakukirara / nolane: nice to meet you too
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I might make it, I'm not totally sure.
ellesmera / Faustus: i joined some time last year. Im elly. Nice to meet you ^_^ Only time my posts take long.. (like just now in the naruto one) is if im researching something for my post.. i was looking up all the jutsu.. ^_^
ellesmera / Faustus: Yup ^_^ http://www.naruto-kun.com/naruto+jutsus/ninjutsu.html is hlping me to spell them right... theres some real cool ones.. Im adicted t Gaara and will probably use a lot oof sand based jutsu in the rp.. ^_^
ellesmera / Faustus: I wanna marry gaara. I cried a lot when things happened to him.
ellesmera / Faustus: Not yet.. Im watchin it all on youtube.. on episode 112.. or sumat.. sigh.. gotta find time to watch em. Gaara des dunt he? Ive bene told he dies, which made me cry.. I gtg for about 10 minutes.. i gotta switch to my laptop.. n go for a fag
miroakukirara / nolane: <<awesome im watching dat same episode>>
miroakukirara / nolane: i might know hey mitara you wanna join the new naruto
miroakukirara / nolane: i might know hey mitara you wanna join the new naruto or wanna play
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: You girls and your jutsu. Muahahahah.
Finnigan: Does any one else get that glitch when you try to logout of a character, you don't?
Finnigan: OH YEAH! *Art of Exclamation*
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hey Finny. If you're interested, I made an rp.
Finnigan: Nothing really. Just really slow and I stay in often. Not good for one's health. They should at least get five minutes outside.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: It sucks though, I hardly even planned it
ellesmera: IM ON DEVIANTART!
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm not forcing anyone, lol.
darkmoonchild / Taini: i am going to join i geuss, nothing better to do.
darkmoonchild / Taini: i dont because i am a loser and nobody wants to see my drawings.
darkmoonchild / Taini: never mind, no offence Que, but i am just in such a bad mood right now. I will join if the RP survies.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: No problem. Take the time you need. I'm not forcing anyone to.
ellesmera: ne1 on the new naruto still online
Fallenhope / Briana: Mimi is all pissy today, i doubt she is going to be on again.
Fallenhope / Briana: She has been like that all morning. Sabelle? oh yah... i see her right now sitting in her room. She is upset becuase she is being droped out of school.
Fallenhope / Briana: Yes, she is lives across the street.
#1: She misbaves alot
#2: she misses so many days from being sick
#3: her grades are good, she just doesn't turn in any homework
#4: she has been really angry and nearly slaped a teacher, that was really funny
Nilachan / Echo: She almost slaped a teacher. she is mad becuase she has to go to a pravite school. She is still going to live at her friends house, its just that she has to wear the unforims and nuns and her? It won't be long til she has to come back. I should tell you the story of the teacher and Sabelle.
Finnigan: Slapping your teachers is not funny, it's stupid. You people have issues, lots of them. That's why the world is in peril of complete stupidity.
Fallenhope / Briana: She is the one who is acting all moody. It took the whole class to hold her back from hurting the teacher.
Fallenhope / Briana: She is tough for a shrimp. Supriseingly...
Fallenhope / Briana: My name is Alie BTW, i am her bestfriend
Fallenhope / Briana: lol, yeah...
ellesmera: hi guys.. completly random, bt thinkin of startin an rp.. any ideas?
Fallenhope / Briana: We need more Neko RPs i love cats...or something modren fansty
Peace_Maker / Zanu: There have been enough Neko Rps...same with school...same with vampire
ellesmera: I can do neko kitsune fantasy.. thatd be fun, bt still, need more stuff, along those lines.. to get inspiration.
brb... goin for a fag
Fallenhope / Briana: school ones are getting anouying.
Fallenhope / Briana: Yeah, if the fighting gets too long, and they start being like a god. Then its no fun. I vote for fansty.
Fallenhope / Briana: exactly. But i am so bored right now...there is nothing to do...*Falls asleep on keyborad*
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Yup. I can spot a fool through their posts. when you attack someone in rps, if they actually post damage against you, or move your character, then you know they are bad.
Fallenhope / Briana: yep...so bored...going to go nite-nite til ellesmera makes her RP
ellesmera: Well. Hows this sound.
The wind blew as the cold night ebbed away, chased away by the warm rays of the dawn, The birds start to chirp merrily to each other and the cold heads to the warm day as the clear skies grow lighter. The small town slowley woke up as the people got ready for the day. Shops started to open.. The bakery smelt of fresh bread and soon the butchers was also busy with morning tasks, the ironsmiths soon filled the air with clanging as they prepared weapons and other items the villagers and travvelers might need. Soon, the small town was full of life and the children laughed as they headed towards school.
(set in alternet universe, electricity, cars guns n stuff are non existant.. only electricity is found in storms and in the mages hands. Magyk is the power source and there are many towns, the largest city is the capital, ddragsil. You can be any species, any age, and have more than 1 char if desired.)
still workin on it.
Fallenhope / Briana: Btw, dont call me Brania, call me Alie, Alex, Al, or Alie-chan...if you hear someone call me Miss.emopants...slap them.
Fallenhope / Briana: Your new? Whats your name? (Sry if i am being so straight-forword, thats my personaltity)
ellesmera: Lol..... Use steven Dorm in the rp. He looks cool ^_^ his attitude kicks butt by the look of of his profile. anything u can add?
Fallenhope / Briana: Yeah, he injoys hunting chipmonks and likes to bug people. Steven is based off a real person, my adopted little brother.
Nilachan / Echo: Kimimish? can i call you Kimi?
ellesmera: Anything anyone wants me to add to it? Kimi!!! Kool name
ellesmera: Made it, comp glitched before I could add title tho.. So.. Its Dreamweaver.
ellesmera / Magpie: Anyone gonna join then?
ellesmera / Magpie: Yes.. wud still love anyone! I love everyone ^_^ oh.. n magpies piccie isnt ment to be cut of.. would have it smaller, but it comes up blank otherwise..
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Turkaturkaturkaturka...love?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Woooooo. Wha?
Kimishi / Kuroske: uuhhh,,,*pokes Vrael* u ok lol.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Boooka...GAH
Kimishi / Kuroske: oh god....whats happened to Vrael!!!
Peace_Maker / Zanu: ?!?-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D
Fallenhope / Briana: ??? *backs away slowly*
Kimishi / Kuroske: Vrael has a crazy side
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Tehehehehehehe...
Fallenhope / Briana: there is something i must tell you all...i am normal
Peace_Maker / Zanu: TEHEHEHEHE...
Fallenhope / Briana: I can get A LITTLE sluty at times...and sometimes i can get A LITTLE crazy, but i don't compare to you guys
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Nah, I'm not crazy. I am quite normal and behaved. Go ahead, ask the monsters if I'm crazy.
Fallenhope / Briana: i can adimt that i have probalms...
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Shakakakaka KP? I'll join.
Fallenhope / Briana: Boom shakla. Mimi tells me your werid
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm weird?!?!? what about her.
Fallenhope / Briana: She is insane but that is not the point
Fallenhope / Briana: exatly...:P
poppi / Poppi: roooar! lol:}
Fallenhope / Briana: Peanutbutter
poppi / Poppi: and chocolate makes reeses!!
Peace_Maker / Zanu: lol
Fallenhope / Briana: NEVER ASK! Cuse you never heard anything....
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Right-o
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Pssssssst. Everyone tickle Poppi, just do it.
Fallenhope / Briana: *tickles Poppi?*
Peace_Maker / Zanu: she hates being tickled, hahaha
Fallenhope / Briana: *Scoots away farther*
Peace_Maker / Zanu: hahaha
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Me?!? Who is giving out false fishing tips?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Steven, don't ask Poppi for fishing tips...my ears lost their virginity...
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Then why did you...ah, forget it. Hey wanna know something?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Listening? To what?
darkmoonchild: what?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I was going to say something?
Fallenhope / Briana: Mimi, you on?
darkmoonchild: No, just stoping to see if any of my RPs on active. But since there are none i am leaveing.
Fallenhope / Briana: ok?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Yeah sure
Peace_Maker / Zanu: What?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Who?
Fallenhope / Briana: Huh?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm lost
Fallenhope / Briana: *Dizzy*
Fallenhope / Briana: hey
Fallenhope / Briana: I think i might puke.
Fallenhope / Briana: I went to Mcdoanlds with Mimi, my older brother, Mark, and this other guy and i got too much.
Fallenhope / Briana: Me and Mimi look severly thin. So i was trying to gain some weight.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Dont barf, that is bad
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: hi
Fallenhope / Briana: your in a good mood
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Me?
Fallenhope / Briana: hahah! That was funny...no Mimi.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: yep
Fallenhope / Briana: Yay! *Hugs*
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Good
Fallenhope / Briana: I feel so special
Fallenhope / Briana: Hey Kimi.
Fallenhope / Briana: nothing
Fallenhope / Briana: click Rp list
Fallenhope / Briana: STOP BEING EMO MIMI!
Laz: Whats Up Peeps
Fallenhope / Briana: hi...Laz
Laz: sup...bri.. lol
Laz: which rp??
Fallenhope / Briana: i might join later
Kimishi / Kuroske: ur staying were?
Kimishi / Kuroske: u-ur staying...*her eyes widen then close tight with excitment*
YAY VRAEL IM SO HAPPY *attacks him*
Laz: ummm ok what kind of weapons if any and hows the known tech of each side, both the three and the rebels
Kimishi / Kuroske: im a rebel!!! =P
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: how bout robotics??
Kimishi / Kuroske: poisens? from teh toxic waste god knows what kind of stuff u could make!
poppi / Poppi: hello people!!!
Kimishi / Kuroske: what made you figure it out Vrael?
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: k gimme a bit of reading time and ill post
Kimishi / Kuroske: POPPI! *glomp attack* VRAEL IS GONNA STAY!
Nilachan / Echo: hey poppi
poppi / Poppi: Yay!!! hello People did you miss me........never mind of course you did!!! because i'm so cute and irrisitible!:]
poppi / Poppi: oh no :( *tear* i hope you don't mimi *attacks kael for being mean to me earlier and trying to get people to tickle me*
poppi / Poppi: ok don't worry about me, if i join i'll behave!!! promise
poppi / Poppi: what? you better not be shocked kael!!! you secretly an evil personand your just mad cause i discovered you ruse!!!
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: thgat work for you homie??
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: I dunno if ur evil but i work for karn, we want you not to kill u but to basically use u to take out the other guys :)
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: and if u want to be technicsl read my pic it tells u what i am, and what i do...in this case i fight for who i believe in as i waas once human...
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: hey poppi post in da either that or eric will have to, but whatch ur ass these archers are excellent aim even in the dark....
poppi / Poppi: atom spliting............thats a massacer right there!!!
poppi / Poppi: ok i will your so demanding you know that!!! whats next you want asandwhich?!?!
Laz / Boss: what kind??
Laz / Boss: O.o secret ingrienient sounds like sumtian u secrete...
Laz / Boss: ROFL
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: done
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: So i geuss the fact nobody wants to join my RP means i am not wanted?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: well i must go
Laz / Boss: had to show u what eric is and what laz is ..in about 200 years :)
Laz / Boss: everyone leave??
Laz / Boss: lol i hear ya kael, y u gunna smack him poppi
Laz: hmm interesting no defence to rudeness...lol
Laz: *Tickles poppi, for some strange reason* Ok kael ill tickle her but u need to tell me fish story lol
Laz: Kael how long we known eah other lol
Kimishi: back, sry
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: lol jus follow along with my post minus the incompent part and u waving
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: i will be here soon once i realize certain truths lol
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: well all i gots to say now is RUN cause in the next two minutes im posting again lol
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: lol
darkmoonchild: k, i am back...
darkmoonchild: cuse. *pushes away* in a state of depression.
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: MUST RUN FASTER
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: My dad is dead, and i just recently found out that my mom killed herself
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: Poppi when u get chance post in DA :)
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: sry girl sounds bad, btw keep running lol
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Blah, its whatever. I didn't care about her.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Peanutbutter
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: And you know that its hot...i geuss.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: what? i feel left out.
Laz: mustard is only good with salami :)
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: *sigh* but i shouldn't be saying anything but i will anyway, geuss what?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i cut myself. And it didn't help one bit, so i went out on the street and started to beat up trash cans. So i had to run from the cops.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: It hurts. What is that saspoused to do? It just stings. So i swore at some cops and now i am in hideing...SHHH!
Laz: meh had to move on with da it was starting to bore me :)
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I don't want to get fat! But whatever, i would do it again if nobody cared about me. Thats why i am not a emo. I have people who care
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: and now i am having coughing fit....it helps..right sure
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i would if i didn't suck. Oh yes, that reminds me, the doctors cut my life short again. *shakes fist at them* Damn you...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I am going to die in 10 years. Yep...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Because i was born with very weak lungs.
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: Ima finish this blunt and then im crashin ...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Laz is a pothead
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I am almost happy
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: no im a stoner there is a big difference
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: sorry
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: Wrong its the potheads u cant trust, they steal for pot.... stoners are nice and honest... :)
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: sure
Fallenhope / Alie: WHOOOA! Mimi what the hell was that?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Nothing, just me expersseing myself
Fallenhope / Alie: And then do you want the cops to find you? Damn girl.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Well it hurts? Dieing hurts
Fallenhope / Alie: I bet it does...but you didn't have to scream like that! I felt the earth shake.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Well i am sorry about that. Do you want me to just kill myself right now and let you be eased of this burden that is me? Cuse i will, right now.
Kimishi / Kuroske: o_o
Fallenhope / Alie: Don't even think about it, put that knife down now, tomorow we are going to the doctor
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: No, i swear if i go to the doctor tomorow i will hurt him. Just leave me alone.
Fallenhope / Alie: Mimi, i am coming over. If you put the knife down we can talk alright?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: If you come over i will run.
Fallenhope / Alie: I feel kinda werid we are having this converstion on here. Could we talk later?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i might not be alive tomorow
Fallenhope / Alie: no, this is serouis. She has a knife in her hand and is doing that one thing...sept she misses alot...how do you type?
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: Well im crashing, make it the rebel station i just wiped out ill post in the mornin...
Fallenhope / Alie: Maybe, i use my mouth and a pen. what else?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: haha...what the hell?
Fallenhope / Alie: i knew you would say that...i am watching you...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: stalker
Fallenhope / Alie: you know it. Now i am coming over, we are going to have a long talk...
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: fine
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: does everyone really hate me becuase they wont post in my Rp? Thats why i might quit.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: i geuss so
poppi: hello people!
Kimishi / Kuroske: hey guys
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Crap, my thing crashed down last night, so I couldn't respond...sorry guys. anyways, I'm back.
Kimishi / Kuroske: its ok wb
gah just woke up lol
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Anyways, how was everyone's day?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Or is, should I say
Kimishi / Kuroske: good so far
Peace_Maker / Zanu: That is good to hear
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Munch munch munch...
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Nibbling on something, yup.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Back foul beast!
darkmoonchild: moo
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Ello ello
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Mooooness....
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Rawr.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Hi Finny
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hey guys. Finny, you interested in joining an rp?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Not currently. I'm trying to focus my attention on PO and Dragon's Treasure. I might join one more, I'm not for sure.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Alrighty
Kimishi: boo
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Finny, hi
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: KIMI!
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Ello ello
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Is "The Project" like 1984?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Sort of Finny. Your the second person who has said that, lol. You don't have to join, it is different than most rps here, and I know it sounds stupid.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: It is different. The things that are currently on the front page are either the unoriginal RP's or carbon copies of other RP or ideas. Now that I look back on 1984, I found it to be more of a true story than a fictional one.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Yeah, I can see where you are getting at. I didn't really mean to base it off 1984, but now that you look at it...weird.
Fallenhope / Briana: Hey people.
I like the things you do
Hey people
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Alie you are weird
Kimishi / Kuroske: 1987? what are you guys talking about?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: 1984. It is a book that is similar to the rp I made without realizing it.
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: I don't know, its too hard for me to geuss...you need to tell us!
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Nekos?
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: She means little red rideing hood! You are creative! She is making a little red RP!
Kimishi / Kuroske: lol how woudl u do thaT?
Kimishi / Kuroske: *sits on Sabelles head* =o ill join ur rp ali
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hmm...how about...a fable rp or something, but introduce new odd characters. Follws same storyline, but it is different a bit...interesting...
Kimishi / Kuroske: It could start off the same, but we coudl make it different along the rp but the same object all the while...to get to grannies house! lol
we could make farytale chars! wah!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: Alie rules
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Whoa, I just came up with another rp idea, lol. Geez, I need to stop...I'm filled with them.
Kimishi / Kuroske: WAH i wanna make a rp too TT_TT one day!!!
whats ur idea Vrael?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: No, it is kind of what we were talking about. Fables but with new characters and stuff. Sounds weird but interesting to me. Go ahead and make Alie!
darkmoonchild / Sabelle: alie is making it!
Kimishi / Kuroske: YAY i must go make a char for htis!
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Cool. I'm not sure who to use...
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Gah! I'm notsure who to use or how to enter...ugh
Kimishi / Kuroske: =P make up a char who would be in the woods!
i talk to the trees....hippy!
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm just waiting for Bri to post in Weaver
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm trying to find a character...I would join, but that is my obstacle. That and an intro.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'll be the hunter. Explain the role though...
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hmm...alright, sounds good. I'll post soon.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: How is this person?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm sorry, but I have to go. I will post later tonight if I can. Sorry.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Hi there!!! I want to make an rp where I can use this profile.. Ne1 got any ideas?`
ellesmera / kane_vampire: I was thinking something along the lines of a futureistic rp... i dunno..
Finnigan: LAST NIGHT, something something something.
Shika: What happend Finny?
Finnigan: Nothing. I was just singing that song by Diddy feat. Keyshia Cole.
Shika: Uh...i am stuipd, what is it again?
ellesmera / kane_vampire: A futuristic Fantasy
Thats a good title.. but now I need something for the plotline...
Shika: Alie has greatness inside of her. Smarty person...
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Any ideas?
Finnigan: 4000 DEATHS OF WARFARE!
Finnigan: *Art of the Deadly Seven Pokes*
ellesmera / kane_vampire: theres too many college/ school things..
How about this?
There is a world, which is divided in to two by a huge wall. One half survives on technology while the other is magic based, the problem is, the wall, which has kept these two realms from clashing is crumbling. Electricity cannot work when magic is around, and things from the futuristic kingdom cannot survive well in the realm of fantasy.. like paper... paper from the futureistic kingdom will crumble within hours of rossing the wall... Things like that.
Fantasy hits futuristic reality.
Shika: ??? oh yeah! That was funny Alie! Ah...good times good times.
Kimishi: WAH!
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Like flatmates.... Explain more....
Finny.. I can poke you!
Kimishi / Kuroske: hey sabelle,
whats going on guys?
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Hm..How about this..
Cafe Indulgence (title)
A cafe had just opened up in the centre of New York. Cafe Indulgence, the owner was quite young, only about 18 and had moved to new york to get away from his family in Texas. Soon there was a sign in th window.
'Help Wanted' Underneath it explained that the staff would live in the house behind the Cafe, with the owner, and to ask the owner for further details.
Shika: HI KIMI! *Hugs and pokes you*
Finnigan: With each of the seven deadly pokes, your body becomes more disfunctional.
1. You feel strange.
2. Your legs start to numb.
3. Your arms start to get heavy, dragging you down.
4. Your mind is scrambled.
5. The heart starts to race.
6. The body fully goes down into a sleep.
7. The heart, lungs, and brain explode.
I like the RP idea btw.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Finny.. that sounds like something from Kill Bill.... Im sure it is, its what she uses to kill bill with... Bercause after that happens.. you can take 5 steps.. then your heart explodes or something like that.
Ill make the rp then. Please all join ^_^
Finnigan: I'm in love with Kill Bill! My move is a variation of the 5 pressure point heart technique or whatever it was called. I might have to join the RP since she knows about Kill Bill.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Heh.. Yeah, any race.
Kill Bill is the best!
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Any1 still here?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I am back
Shika: i am and so is Alie
Shika: i am and so is Alie
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hey Tensu
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm there man. Mech Rp? Totally. Just fill me in with the details.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hmm...AC Nexus with a gundam twist...I am intrigued. That does sound interesting.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Sum1 post in cafe indulgence, or dreamweaver
Peace_Maker / Zanu: The storyline for AC3 wasn't that bad. My friends thought it was garbage. AC4's storyline wasn't amazing though...
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Sounds fairly interesting. If you make it, I might have time to make a detailed intro by today. I'm going to have to text posts soon...sorry.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I switch between computer and PSP during the day. It's not that I want to, I have to. So, if you see me using a different account, that means I'm not on computer. Confusing, I know. Hey, I'm determined to RP like that.
poppi / Poppi: hello people!!!!!!!!! did you miss me?
darkmoonchild: My computer sucks. what i miss?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Sure. I'll go post in DreamWeaver. Also, I would liek to apologize in advance if I don't keep up in rps. I'm in four at the moment, and three more are expecting me to join. Sorry!
poppi / Poppi: ^-^ thank you for acknowledging my presance birdie person. lol
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hey Poppi!
Shika: POPPI! *Hugs*
poppi / Poppi: *hugs back in group hug* yes of course ^-^
Fallenhope / Fiearo: POPPI! *Huggles*
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: I want a hug *pouts*
Shika: *Hugs* Dont feel bad Elly!
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Hi person i dont know! *Hugs*
Peace_Maker / Zanu: lol, I'm trying to fill Poppi in on what Armored Core and Gundam is, she only called me a nerd, hahaha
Fallenhope / Fiearo: HI TENSU-KUN!
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hey Tensu, do you think I could make two characters? I just feel like I want to have two...
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Alright, thanks. I'll go post now. It might take a bit.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: I got a hug! yesh!
*hugs everyone*
darkmoonchild / Taini: YAY! FREE HUGS FOR ALL!
Kimishi / Kuroske: *takes a seat on Tensus head* o_o im here now lol
darkmoonchild / Taini: *Hugs Kimi* HEY KIMI! I LIKE THE THINGS YOU DO!!
Kimishi / Kuroske: WAH! sabelle i like u too! lol
Kimishi / Kuroske: idk why but i luv this char! Kuroske hes kool...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Alrighty...gotta make another post, lol.
darkmoonchild / Taini: Kuroske-kun is REALLY KOOL! *Hugs him* but Mo is kooler
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: *Starts to play with a toy rabbit while sat on a cat.* Im ill
darkmoonchild / Taini: Why? Yous gots the ickys in your body?
Kimishi / Kuroske: Who Mo?
VRAEL! what ya postin...
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Many have lately...
Peace_Maker / Zanu: In Tensu's new rp.
Kimishi / Kuroske: WAH *bows bows* ciute!
Kimishi / Kuroske: Tensu i woudl join ur rp but i kno nothing baout gundums T_T
Peace_Maker / Zanu: You could look it up. Know anything AC? If you do, then that is good enough...I believe.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: 24 hour bug... started 3am yesterday.... ugh.. im soo hungry.. its 3am right now.. and im to lazy to get sumfin to eat
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Moofin
Kimishi / Kuroske: Whats AC ...
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Armored Core. lol. It is up to you if you want to join.
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Boo
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: post on cafe indulgence.
Fallenhope / Fiearo: I did, right after you...*sits there drinking a juice box*
Kimishi / Kuroske: I want to...but ill end up mesing it up since i have no idea what its about. Gomen
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: i thought i posted after that.. my laptop keeps glitching, and so does my brain
Fallenhope / Fiearo: *sighs* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa.......done
Shika: This is the sound a cow makes class...quack
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: okay.. i posted
Fallenhope / Fiearo: *rasies hand* i thought it was bark.
Shika: That grows on a pickle young one
Peace_Maker / Koru: Woooooooooooooooooooooooosh
Shika: Pickle! *hugs Giggle*
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Fallen, post on cafe indulgence
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: $_$
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Que is lost in bling
Peace_Maker / Koru: lol
darkmoonchild / Taini: Bling Bling y0...
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: I get perverted when im ill.. o-0
darkmoonchild / Taini: EWW! Go talk to Alie, she is like in love with yaoi!
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Yaoi...its alright...
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Yaois cool... But i meen perverted, not just bl. Anything you say may and will be twisted in my head ^_^
darkmoonchild / Taini: Omg its Alie's clone!
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: heh. im married to yaoi... but yuri makes me sick....
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Yuri is so gross. Yaoi i love
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: booyah! *slams fist in to air, then wishes she hadnt because she feels sick*
Kimi.. reply to Minas or u will be ignored *evil cackle*
Fallenhope / Fiearo: WHOOO! *gives you high-five* I have found home...*happy place*
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: i might go to sleep soon.
Fallenhope / Fiearo: well i need to go right now, bye everbody
Kael Fenshir: I'm back
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: when will u be back?
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: kimi post on dreamweaver
Kael Fenshir: Thank you Kimi. It is I, Vrael, if you didn't know.
Kael Fenshir: Haha...that Samurai Champloo episode of baseball is the best...
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: im bored
Kael Fenshir: Be back in a bit.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: this is what i call the twilight hour, when everyone has died but me
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: sup peeps
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: you have ruined my moping with your presense... ^_^'
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: :) im like that sometimes otherwise im very paronoid :)
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: *does a small dance*
Im really bored o0
Laz: btw u can join DA again, but only under a different char., the one where he was tryin to kill all of us had to die :) cant be havin godmoding outside the storyline and im had to set the story line :)
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: I had been out of it (major hangover) when i joined first time. how far have you gotten since u killed me?
*is shot*
Kael Fenshir: Nice Laz, nice.
Laz: well we escaped the forest with a massive power overload from laz he kinda faded the whole group to the plains its midday and everyone should be sick from the fade as it is everyone else's first time doing it...think of the movie doom when they travel through the arc. only laz and eric are unaffected, laz and eric are brothers and both are a weird form of vampires
Laz: I had to do it man it was an idea i had since last night and it only got beeter thought u might like that part, my guy is the shiznit :)
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: never seen the movie doom... how would I enter?
Kael Fenshir: brb
Laz: MAke alot of reching noises and be very uncomfortable gimme a discription of ur char and one power they have, you will be one of the younger students as that is all that is left
ellesmera / Magpie: Make a lot of retching noises?
*looks very confused*
Laz: like throwing up... lol i basically just transported you 300 miles away ur very sick :)
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : eww.. im throwing up at the mo.. im ill.
will this profile do? He can control fire and temperatures
Kael Fenshir: back
Laz: I think so just pick one fire or temperature
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : fire
Kimishi / Kuroske: gtg Cya
Laz: k
Kael Fenshir: Cya Kimi
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : Still not sure how to enter
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : im officially bored
ellesmera: Anyone from cafe indulgence online.. oh and if u havent joined yet.. why not!
ellesmera: Everyone please consider joining cafe indulgence
ellesmera / Magpie: ne1 from cafde indulgence online?
poppi: hello people i'm here whats happening? kael you still here?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm back, sorry.
ellesmera / Magpie: Anyone from cafe indulgence online?
nikita2u: hello?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Moooooo
nikita2u / Tristen: tensu? are you still here?
Kimishi / Kuroske: Hey
nikita2u / Tristen: hi
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: sum1 reply on cafe, im bored
darkmoonchild / Taini: Blah?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Ello ello
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hey. So, how is everyone?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: That's good to hear.
darkmoonchild / Taini: PRVITE SCHOOL! IT SUCKED!!!!! *Falls on the ground with homework covering me*
FailureXX / Analise: let's rp.
sounds goood to me :D
darkmoonchild / Taini: ME TOOOOOO!
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Hey! whats up Poppi?
darkmoonchild / Taini: I want a hug...
darkmoonchild / Taini: YAY!
darkmoonchild / Taini: owichiez!
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: is fallen still alive?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: am i? am i?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Poppi the saloir girl
darkmoonchild / Taini: Movies
darkmoonchild / Taini: BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: any1 but me n fallen still on?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: haha...Mimi
Fallenhope / Fiearo: POPPI!
darkmoonchild / Taini: POPPI! *Hugs*
darkmoonchild / Taini: Poppi rocks
Fallenhope: What about me? *sniffles*
darkmoonchild / Taini: GIGGLE! *Hugs*
Kimishi / Kuroske: wah! sry i was pulled form teh computer against my will.
darkmoonchild / Taini: KIMI! *Hugs everyone* EVERYONE HER IS TEH FUNKING KOOLNESS!
Kimishi / Kuroske: does that mean me too?! *hugs her back* and yesh!!! U ARE ARE SO AWSOME
Kimishi / Kuroske: eh?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: ARe you calling me dumb Que?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Boo!
darkmoonchild / Taini: *hugs Giggle*
darkmoonchild / Taini: PRITVE SCHOOL SUCKS ASS!
darkmoonchild / Taini: *gets buried under homework* BUT I MET A GUY! Soooooooooooo...happy....
Fallenhope / Fiearo: good Mimi, good Que
darkmoonchild / Taini: HE IS NOT MY LOVER....yet...
darkmoonchild / Taini: SHUT UP PEOPLEZ!!!! *blushes and turn aways*
Kimishi / Kuroske: *sits on sabelles head*
darkmoonchild / Taini: *looks up and eats foot*
Fallenhope / Fiearo: I was wondering why you dumped Ike
poppi / Poppi: worst prank you've ever pulled on someone and were you caught or did you give yourself up?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: I didn't i lie my way out of it. Its fun to lie sometimes!
poppi / Poppi: well you can tell me later,......but you have to tell me.
darkmoonchild / Taini: *eats Kimis foot* needs something...*adds Poppi* PERFECT!
poppi / Poppi: ahahahaa now that their was interesting. At least you weren't lent to the grim reaper!!!
poppi / Poppi: hahahaahahahaha........true. o wait, now were the midgits dressed? lol are you or have you ever been obsessed with midgits?
poppi / Poppi: you weirdo!!! lol how little could he really be? did you know if your under 4'11" in california your considered a midgit!!!
poppi / Poppi: i'm not maeking fun of short people you make really good armrests!!!........i'm joking lol i'm sorry
darkmoonchild / Taini: i am 4'9.....*crys*
poppi / Poppi: well at least you don't have to worry about hitting a lamp.........*glares at lightbulb*
darkmoonchild / Taini: Evil lightbulb? i must go soon everyone if i am to surive tomorrow.
Laz: Post in DA, and The Project :)
darkmoonchild / Taini: Moo?
poppi / Poppi: damn it you two!!!!! what do you want on your sammiches today?......ooo hehe i had sammich for lunch! it was yummy but the pickles were nasty.
poppi / Poppi: oh and hello laz!!!!
Laz: hi :)
Laz: and he was like SWAP
Laz: Da done again ur turn :)
Laz: mind explosion lol
Laz: dont worry im about to crash hard
Laz: like i said dont worry im crashin soon lol
Laz: everyone post i need sumtain to wake me up in the mornin :)
Laz: im crashin... night yall
poppi / Poppi: Hello Loser I'm here well for a few mins anyway!! Post in your rps!!!! *makes poking motion*
Kael Fenshir: Hey, I'm back for a few minutes
ellesmera / kane_vampire: hi guys
ellesmera / kane_vampire: HU ON?
Kael Fenshir: I would post right now, but it isn't the right time. I'll be back on in an hour, maybe less. Sorry.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: hi ^_P
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm back.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Hey!!! Post on Dreamweaver! Im missing u muchly!!!`
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Okay, give me a sec
darkmoonchild: I am me. And never EVER Think that i will never be not here...sure
darkmoonchild: I will...maybe. Just let me finsh my peanutbutter
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Boy, am I tired...
Fallenhope: I am here, but very pissed off because SOMEBODY!! last stole all the food in my cabints and hid them somewhere...*looks at mimi*
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Uh-huh
Imaginth / Ditali: Tensu still around?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: i dont know, i just got on myself
Imaginth / Ditali: Hmm, well I just had a question for him and since I don't believe I know you, hi for the first time.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm not sure if he is on.
Laz: POST IN THE PROJECT ZANU, at least till i can interaxct wit sum1
Laz: post cause im out for a few hours :)
Peace_Maker / Zanu: lol, I did right before you told me to.
Laz: :) bbl
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Hi, i am Alie, or Al, Alex, or apperelty Fallen
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Okay, cya Laz.
Imaginth / Ditali: Bye Laz, and what would you prefer I call you by? Most people just call me Mage, she's made more than a statement in the older portions of ES.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Elly! My names Kayleigh.. But I get called Elly
Fallenhope / Fiearo: okedokey
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Que...
Breathe_of_life / Evangeline Chrisanti: if anyone finds interest please join Realm of darkness
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Who here is on cafe indulgence, and not posting on it? Tis a terrible crime
poppi / Poppi: I'm here peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FailureXX / Analise: mm , if i joined cafe' indulgence would i have to read all the posts to understand whats going on.? or could i just jump in.?
poppi / Poppi: you could just jump in be a customer, as of right now my chars serving but i was just waiting a little before i posted about how i sat on one of the stools at the counter and spun aroun
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: yeah.. its getting a bit.. saucy innit.. ^_^
FailureXX / Analise: hah , kayy ill joinn.
yeaa i startedd reading it yesturday.. it was a bit, ermm.. riske' . hahah
but its all goood .
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: where is fallen?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Cleaning my room. Which looks fine but NOOO! it looks like a horse pen.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: So...how is everyone?
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: im gud
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Poppi, darkmoonchild.. u can post on cafe indulgence if u want to now
darkmoonchild / Taini: JK! but i am waiting for Kuro, AKA KIMI
poppi: hey guys well i am back now. Whats happening?
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: heh.. poppi.. just in time to tease Cynan and Fie.. ¬_¬
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: ¬_¬ theyre coming back in, and minas needs danniis help with customers
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: fallen still online?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: i am now. And reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pissed off.
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Kidnap Mr.sandy Claws? I love that song
Kimishi: hey guys
Peace_Maker / Koru: hey
ellesmera / kane_vampire: y u pissed off?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Becasue, read my jorunal and you will know...
ellesmera / kane_vampire: fallen still here.. poppi?
darkmoonchild / Taini: GO KIMI! Kimi is the besteset
Danae / Minndell: (^0^)--->HI!
darkmoonchild / Taini: HI PERSON! YOUR MY NEW BEST FRIEND! *Hugs everyone*
Danae / Minndell: i -heart- huggles! ^__^
darkmoonchild / Taini: GEUSS WHAT NEW BEST FRIEND? I was sniffing pixe sticks today and now i can't stop laughing and i feel so hyper!
Danae / Minndell: mmmm....pixe stix=funnnn! i sniff them with a straw. i also smoke them have you ever tried that?
Peace_Maker / Koru: how are ya guys?
Danae / Minndell: u just set the end on fire
Fallenhope / Fiearo: I just repiled after dunking my hair in super hot water, dont ask. Yah, i going to be smoking Pixie stixs with you one day Mia...one day
darkmoonchild / Taini: I was sniffing pixe stixs! I Can't stop laughing and my kittys are getting scared!
Peace_Maker / Koru: Pixies eh...just playin Bass here.
darkmoonchild / Taini: GIGGLEBYTES!!! *Glomps on giggle* I missed you so...seems like tis been forever...*Snuggles*
Danae / Minndell: i have fooooour kitties!!! *holds up 7 fingers*
Peace_Maker / Koru: lol, good to see you guys too.
Peace_Maker / Koru: No, I found it. Character from a anime.
darkmoonchild / Taini: I KNEW IT WAS FROM SOMEWHERE! Ummm.....fianle fansty?
Danae / Minndell: scummy dimmmmmmmmmmmme.....does any1 know if ellesmera is on?
Peace_Maker / Koru: No, Samurai 7. Penny. Wouldn't want a dime that looked like a plague was growing off of it.
Fallenhope / Fiearo: LAlAALALallaLALALLALLALALaLL! *sniffs pixies sticks with Mia*
ellesmera / kane_vampire: mishi? if ur here post in dreamweaver
darkmoonchild / Taini: NITE POPPI! CHICKA AGHHHGHGHGHGH! I am study teh human body in scince....*shuders*
Kimishi / Kuroske: i just poseted in dreamwaever. idk what to do though! there isnt much i need an enemy...and my sword bakc TT_TT
ellesmera / kane_vampire: ill do an enamy 2moz.. igtg its 3am.. o0
darkmoonchild / Taini: NIGHT-NIGHT EVERYONE!
Laz / Boss: SUP PEOPLE
Peace_Maker / Koru: Hey Laz
Laz / Boss: Very emo in the project had to post it like that tho adds more SpiZaz to the SL
Peace_Maker / Koru: No, I like it. You are posting by yourself, I was thinking of adding another character, not sure. Good stuff though, very good.
Laz / Boss: in the mood to write like mad...think i might complete a few chapters of my book :)
Peace_Maker / Koru: That reminds me to continue mine. I have like four going on at once, but I'm just too lazy to continue. I'm always busy.
Laz / Micheal: i hold a full time job pay bills and go to night school...i only have 12 chapters fully done ...
Peace_Maker / Koru: Well, good luck with that man. It takes time. Well, I have to go for the moment, so I will be back in an hour, maybe less. Not sure if you are going to be here or not, but if you do leave, it was good seeing you again.
Laz: same :)
Laz / Damien Lazurus: sup kael
Laz / Damien Lazurus: bad timin tho im crashn prolly now
darkmoonchild: Geuss who?
poppi / Poppi: I know you test different armour but i'm sure people would understand if you hit back
poppi / Poppi: bloo?
darkmoonchild: TENSU-KUN! POPPI-CHAN!!! *Hugs*
poppi / Poppi: owww is all i have to say, ok. did you do anything else today tensu?
Fallenhope: I will kill you Mia.
poppi / Poppi: *hugs back*
Kael Fenshir: Ello ello
darkmoonchild: EEEE! ALIE-CHAN MIGHT MURDDER ME!!!!!
poppi / Poppi: KAEL your here!!! *glomps* be carful tensu is dangerouse!
Fallenhope / Briana: *Glomps Que becuase*
Kael Fenshir: Eh?
poppi / Poppi: Yep he is ask him?!?!? although if your ever being chased by a maniac he would come in handy!
poppi / Poppi: haha practice? that sounds interesting!!!!
Kimishi / Kuroske: ALLERGIES...om gonna die *sneezes for the god nows how many times*
poppi / Poppi: *pokes tensu in the head for no reason,, then giggles like 3 year old*
Kimishi / Kuroske: *sniffle* ty sabelle....
Kimishi / Kuroske: im fixing my piczo! its gonna be so kool
Shika: Tensu-kun is in the renassaoins fair? I was in there once as a little princesses...i threw eggs at people!
poppi / Poppi: yes i know what rf is, and your a lefty? thats cool:]
poppi / Poppi: that would be awsome!!! now where in the world would that take place?
Kimishi / Kuroske: .omg Tensu u work at teh Renessance! AWSOME!
Shika: WHOO!
Kimishi / Kuroske: lol thats so kool. i wanna see tensu at eh renessance TT_TT
Shika: Teh be monkeys...
poppi / Poppi: *image flashes in head* ahahaha i would pay to see that..........i hope you get your armour thing sorted out.
Kimishi / Kuroske: o_O...can i ask why?
Shika: Scary Tensu...let me inmainge that....SCARY! (JK)
poppi / Poppi: i got one of those 55 galloon drums i could mail it too you then it be even cheeper and you could use it as a boat!!!
Kimishi / Kuroske: ooo ali like that pic
Kimishi / Kuroske: japanese? i thought it was renessance
poppi / Poppi: well the japanese were around when renesance was just didn't communicate that much
Kimishi / Kuroske: i kno the whole world went through it but when people say renessance u usualy think, u kno Euroupe
poppi / Poppi: i think that one day in the far off future everyone in the world is gonna fart at the same time and earth will explode!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shika: Boom?
poppi / Poppi: ahahahaha i'm sorry about my previouse comment couldn't help it.........................*laugh like moron*
Shika: YAY! I be hugged by Tensu-kun! *hugs back and cudles*
Shika: Niki? i know her! Nolane? *cocks head*
Imaginth / Gabriel: Tensu, I have a question for you about the series Negima! I saw the first 3 full episodes on YouTube. When I went to go see the 4th, the actual show changed how the characters were drawn and the plot was completely different. So, I checked out some other versions of ep. 4, same thing. What happened?
poppi / Poppi: *giggles then glomps Tensu and Moonchan*
Kael Fenshir: yum?
Shika: OK! i know her
Kimishi / Kuroske: *watching D-gray-man*///so good
poppi / Poppi: *glomps kael* where'd you go?
Imaginth / Gabriel: Oh, no wonder...I was quite mad because I couldn't find the Negima! one and not the Negima!? It was really frustrating and I had no clue where to find Negima! (which was the one I was originally watching) Thanks.
Kael Fenshir: I had to check up on something. How are ya guys.
Imaginth / Gabriel: Me? Or someone else?
poppi / Poppi: ooooooooowawoooooo! running threw another field of girls hmm? *riases eyebrow*
Shika: HI GIGGLES! *Hugs*
Kael Fenshir: Haha...of course
Kael Fenshir: Haha...of course
Imaginth / Gabriel: I checked it out. I'll join tomorrow or when I read everything through. Right now, I'm off to bed. Night everyone.
Kimishi / Kuroske: if u guys look for anime, theres alot on Crunchyroll. try that site it sound funny but its better quality then youtube.
Kael Fenshir: Crunchy egg roll eh?
poppi / Poppi: haha I knew it!!! *attacks you with hug before running away laughing*
Shika: Moo?
Kael Fenshir: Since when were hugs used as attacks...
poppi / Poppi: cowie woooo!!!!! *looks for cowie under laptop*
Shika: BECAUSE GIGGLE! *cudles*
poppi / Poppi: when armies used tickling to take the other armie down!!!!
Kael Fenshir: Haha, I see.
Shika: COWIES!!! *hops like frog*
Shika: ALIE IS MAKING HER RP! But she says not to tell anyone! *shhhhh....*
Shika: ALIE IS MAKING HER RP! But she says not to tell anyone! *shhhhh....*
poppi / Poppi: i thought you would, hahaha! *runs back and hugs you agian*
Kael Fenshir: So many hugs...lol. Brb
Shika: WTF DOES ARA MEAN!!?!??!?! (so unloved) *crys in coner*
poppi / Poppi: *huggles you too*
Shika: *dies in coner from lonleyness*
Kael Fenshir: AHHHH!!!
Kael Fenshir: AHHHH!!!
Kael Fenshir: AHHHH!!!
Kael Fenshir: Whoa...
Kael Fenshir: I better keep it down then...
Kael Fenshir: Of course.
Kael Fenshir: lol. Sorry about that.
the heartless / Sin: hey kael i know u
Kael Fenshir: Oh, hello Heartless.
Kael Fenshir: 9?
Kael Fenshir: Exactly
Laz / Boss: sup people
Kael Fenshir: Hey Laz
Laz / Boss: well at 11 im crashin...and im cold T_T
Kael Fenshir: I'm crashin soon myself soon. I've been busy all day...
Kael Fenshir: I suck now!?!
poppi / Poppi: yes you do your an evil person who trys tickling and confusing me!!!!!! don't worry though i still love you *huggles*
Kael Fenshir: Well, I haven't tickled you for a while, and I'm sorry I'm confusing you...lol
Finnigan: Hey peeps. I was gone for a while, I had things to do. Did I miss anything?
poppi / Poppi: no your not you think its hilariouse!!!! well you know what one day i'm gonna start saying random nubers!!!!!
Kael Fenshir: Hey Finny
poppi / Poppi: *numbers* not much i do believe but you should catch up in your rps, like the rest of you guys! coughcoughdragonstreasurecough
Kael Fenshir: Popcicle, you are gonna get it...haha
poppi / Poppi: who little old me? *looks around innocently*
Kael Fenshir: Okay, I'm hittin the sack. Gotta rest up for tomorrow...
poppi / Poppi: haha i should go too. goodnight oh and your army still looks mildly pathetic to mine night kael night finny night laz! *glomps all of you to death*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hey, I'm waiting for Kimi to post in Project, lol.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I'll be back later
Kimishi / Kuroske: O-HI-YO!
poppi: I'm here!!!!
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hey
Kimishi: Wah brb
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hey guys
Peace_Maker / Zanu: lol, hey Kimi, did you hear something, or was that just the wind? lol, how are ya Popcicle
Peace_Maker / Zanu: hahaha
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm fine, thanks.
PrincessOfDark / Scarlet-Rose: can someone reply in "Kill for pleasure."
Peace_Maker / Zanu: lol, I didn't go to school today. Didn't feel like it.
darkmoonchild: Eating my chicken now! HI!
Fallenhope / Alie: Moo people. *sighs*
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Okay. Thanks for the heads up.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Let's see...sleep...watch T.V....listen to music...play guitar...come on here.
PrincessOfDark / Scarlet-Rose: sup?
PrincessOfDark / Scarlet-Rose: boo frinkin who. eveyone ones lifes sucks.
Shika: *dead*
PrincessOfDark / Scarlet-Rose: *pokey*
Fallenhope / Fiearo: MY MIA-CHAN! *Attacks and then glomps Mia*
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Bass eh. Cool.
Shika: I PLAY TEH GUTAIR! and sing
Fallenhope / Briana: AHHHHHHHHH! *runs away from stick*
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: *slices pointy stick in half with his katana*
None of that now, lol
PrincessOfDark / Scarlet-Rose: well i pokey you *pokes Constentine with stick*
Fallenhope / Briana: *eats stick*
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Creepy...lol
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'm staying out of this one...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I know...just the whole bed thing. Yep...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I think you just F***ed up Tensu at the moment. He even went as far as to slay Big Bird. Dear god.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: You just slaughtered the entire cast of an educational televison program for young kids Tensu. How do you feel? lol.
Fallenhope / Briana: Cookie monster is the best
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: The Cookie Monster was addicted to cookies like crack.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: The cookie monster needed the stuff, ya know? That is why he was crazy with his eyes and talking. Do you think he was normal during the show? No...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: We are discussing behind the scenes with The Street. lol, yup. It was called The Street during rough times.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yo, a majority of the gang was arrested for possession of drugs. You don't have to believe me...but Oscar was behind it all. Do you know what he had in that trash can? I can tell you it isn't candy...
Fallenhope / Briana: Cartoon volince
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: What about Snuffleupagus? They were hiding the snow in his wool.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Actually, Ernie and Bert were gay. They were adults, and they lived with each other. See ya later Tensu.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I salute Tensu for his actions. He not only killed a bunch of druggies, he ended another dumb show.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Alright...now that we are off the Sesame Street topic...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yeah...
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Hey
poppi: hey peeps i be back!!!! did ya miss me?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Of course. Well, I must go, but I will be back in about an hour or so. Don't go crazy on me!
Fallenhope / Briana: Her mom and dad never paid attetion to her when she was a child. Being weak she cried alot, and they just ingored her. So she gets a little needy sometimes. Child neglet and such
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Hey Tensu
poppi / Poppi: let me make that a little less akward haha pretend i said it with this char. hahah
Finnigan: Hello everyone.
Finnigan: Grrrawr. I'm tired, and it's almost the weekend! I'll be updating PO t-marrow!
Finnigan: What do you mean hide the tacos?
Kimishi: hey guys
Finnigan: I don't know what you are talking about Tensu.
Finnigan: Your dinosaur is failure! Muahahahah.
Laz: sup people...Yawn...
Finnigan: He yawned! He obviously has some knowledge of the Arts.
Laz / Micheal: bout rtie...bout time :)
Finnigan: Oh yes. I'm uglier than some crappy INTERNET-made dinosaur.
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: btw ill post in a minute im eTING MY DINNER
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: come come children dont make me send u rto ur rooms
Finnigan: WHAT?!
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: heh naughty imp
Laz / Kyoshiro Mibu: mmmm ok ima post now in all m y rps ... so ill be back
darkmoonchild: So i geuss i wasn't missed
ellesmera: sigh am bored
darkmoonchild: get off of me
Finnigan: You girls and your glomping.
Finnigan: God is testing us. Do you think it's going to be that easy to have a great life? P'sha, the world is a cold place. You have to find your niche and hope.
darkmoonchild / Taini: Sure
darkmoonchild / Taini: A bitch? becuase i am one
poppi / Poppi: meh her attitude is fine, i think we're just annoying her.
Finnigan: Um, how can you say that you are right when there's no proof of what you said?
darkmoonchild / Taini: I am not anouyed, just pissed off
Finnigan: That was to Poopi by the way.
Laz / Damien Lazurus: Why are we having reliogouse arguements ...and what is ur problem girl...
darkmoonchild / Taini: Me? Just mad, dont feel like talking, just want to be alone.
poppi / Poppi: becuase theirs about as much proof behind your logic. the true qeustion is wether or not their is a god but when does scientific logic end and higher powers start?
darkmoonchild / Taini: Can we not talk about something like god right now?
Laz / Damien Lazurus: if u didn't waNT TO TALK WHY DID U GET ON ES??? GRR ima kill this caps key
poppi / Poppi: would you let someone fart in your mouth for 20 bucks?
Finnigan: Looks like you guys haven't visited the Debate boards. Let's just say that we shouldn't get into such a contrevesial topic.
darkmoonchild / Taini: No, and becuase just incase someone wanted to RP, and i was in that. I geuss i will go away if you dont want me
poppi / Poppi: yep ok.....i stepped on a rock..now my foot hurts
poppi / Poppi: i posted in my rp's waiting for others to post and waiting out some of the action in others
Finnigan: Ew, bondage.
Finnigan: If you want me to be mature like you Tensu, that case would be called "growing-down".
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Dissed
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: I like bondage
Finnigan: Lol. People have the wierdest fantasies. People are strange in general. That's why life we live in such a complex society.
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Well i need to resume my post as suicide watcher. So i might be off soon, of corse as Mimi says, "They dont give a rats ass"
Finnigan: Continue to argue with your piers, you don't look much taller than the little branches you think you dominate.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: *sulks in a corner* <bi polar>
Laz: society is not comnplex its the stupid people who do stupid things that make society intolerable...thats why were all on here
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: fallen.. if ur online,
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: fallen.. if ur online,
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: POST on cafe
Fallenhope / Briana: I am right here, just have to finsh something up then go
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: *also agrees with lass, comes of her compute crashing high and mopes in corner*
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Laz is right i geuss
Finnigan: Anyone else think that this site is filled with a bunch of people with problems?
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Me
Laz / Micheal: I am right?? wow thats a first O.o...o.O O.O ok peeps im goin to bed i got to get up at 230...gnight
Finnigan: See, that's what I'm talking about. It's always the drama. That's what leads to all this terror and dreaded end to a once good story.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: enters a high again* im like a friggin pogo stick.. up down up down. *pretends to be a pogostick* be a pogo stick with me!!
Finnigan: Why is it that I'm cursed with these people? Do I really belong here? Where's the offswitch to turn off the light of horrid headaches? Where's the blanket to hide under when there's too much paranoia and stupor?
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: *cries* Tensu.... i dont like that word.....*bops him on head with fish then sits on him humming do wah diddy*
Finnigan: You know that this is a writing site in general. What I'm doing is general stuff. General stuff is usually the bigger selection than just one area. If p, then q.
Finnigan: I'm just saying in an awkward way that we're all different, and this place isn't just restricted to "normal language".
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Tensu.. no offense like.. but you usualy keep me in a happy mood.. but don't start ectures about it or moaning about it.. i no i can't say much.. but at the end of th day, its not my fault i have manic depression. *if this post doesnt make sense, its cos im poking the keyboard with a long stick while sat on tensus heaad*
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Nos!!!! *holds on tightly* Sorry guys if im really... o0 o0 at the moment, lack of sleep brings it out more, and i cant sleep.. o0.... i gtg soon though. *huggling tensu so can stay on head*
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/54078371/ im not sorry.. i apologise
ellesmera / Erika Snow: I have a chest! be happy! *continues to hug* A nice chest as well.. people like to fall asleep on it... in the middle of town o0
ellesmera / Erika Snow: i try to get rid, but it wont go away !! *cries*
Kimishi: lol it woudl be more akward if it was a girl rp char woudlent it?
Kimishi: lol it woudl be more akward if it was a girl rp char woudlent it?
ellesmera / Erika Snow: i didnt say i let them.. they spend so much time on the floor they have the cheek to ask me to wear a skirt so they get to see something.. bloody pervy emo children!
ellesmera / Erika Snow: oh ansd tensu... you can fall asleep on my chest any day.. You may be slightly pervy.. but your funny
Finnigan: That's because she has a man.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: *rolls eyes* i ment nothing by it o0 just saying i wouldnt throw you to the floor and scream that 'im not a cheap whore put on this earth for your sexual entertainment' if you happened to fall asleep on my chest. Plus.. Floody (my m8 who ISNT gay has claimed my breasts as his pillow already and has first grope and ass slap rights.
Finnigan: Yes Nikita. She has a man.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: Finnigan: who has a man?
if ur on about me i dont.. he just likes to perv over me.. i have no man.. or woman before anyone puts that ball in the air
Finnigan: You don't know who Nikki is? Well, I guess she's not important to you then.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: *Sits on tensus head* i think im obsessed with sitting on your head......
Finnigan: If you contract a viral disease from beating the dead horse my dear Tensu, then tis I who has one then.
Finnigan: won*
ellesmera / Erika Snow: *pokes everyone with a large stick* I think im superglued to your head tensu.. im your new hat
Finnigan: What's unnatural to be exact?
ellesmera / Erika Snow: tensu.. dont always think your apponant is smarter than you.. and that metaphor upsets me.. my horse was shot in the eye.. gtg soon *glops tensu*
Finnigan: You obviously need to brush up on your Shakespeare my dear boy. Even Romeo and Juliet should help you. You still have much to learn as well as others. Tis a pity that we live so short lives in such a big world.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: Finnigan.. no offence.. but
WTF ARE YOU? seriously.. im bi polar, multiple personality n everything... i just finished reading that shitty play.. and im sure he has read it... get a brain!
Finnigan: People and such fake affection. It grosses me out that may possibly never know what we all look like. It's probably most likely the best that we don't see who glomps and gropes.
Finnigan: A shitty play? Then what do you call "theatrical art"?
Finnigan: Bye babyboy.
Finnigan: SUPA KAWAII!
ellesmera / Erika Snow: Finnigan.. will u shut up.. it takes a LOT to piss me off... and im a dnger to myself when im pissed off, and ur pissing me off.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: *Ihugs tensu goodnight*
Finnigan: Are you going to cry about it online? Maybe you should stick to the corner and watch from afar my dear. It would be best for the sake of you and others. In fair Verona where we lay our scene...
Finnigan: Ha, I don't think I would barf. I'd probably have disturbing thought, but that's all. Nothing else.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: Oh for fucks sake. Shakespear is by far, the worst load of bull ive ever read! Dont EVER call my my dear again. And i call a teatrical at exactly what it is. Im studieng drama at the moment and if you must know, i do appreciate it, but after 3 months of that, an operation AND discovering that not only do i have a multi personality, but both are bi polar... i think youll find ive ad just about enough to jump from blackpool tower
Finnigan: Oh thank you Poppi, I'd be obliged to have a light intelligent conversation. It will have to span around 10 minutes, that's all the time I have to spare.
Finnigan: You go do that my dear.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: dont call me 'my dear'
Finnigan: That's enough. I don't think we should ignore the others. We don't want to be selfish my dear. By the way, I don't think that SK would like to hear that you don't appriciate the all mighty Sir Shakespeare.
Finnigan: I've only read RaJ. I'm currently debating on reading other works by him. I also have a tendency of wanting the story to end as a happy ending. I mean, Juliet and Romeo could of confronted the families and said that they married their foe.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: I dont care what SK thinks about my opinion on Shakespeare. You seem to have the intelligence of a 4 year old... you have learned of my MANIC DEPRESSION. (I put it in capital letters so your small brain can register what bi-polar meens) and of my suicidal tendencies... how would you feel to learn this conversation with you and your fetish to call me 'my dear' really did drive me over the edge. would you feel proud? guilty? Tensu is correct, talking to you is like beating a dead horse with a stick
Finnigan: My dear, "meens"
You make my day. HAHAHAHAHAH. Now go on and prance along in the little grassy meadows with the cows. Frolic to your heart's desires!
Yea, my English teacher also said that back then that the women didn't have a say in much. Juliet was a bit sneaky in her plans. My favorite characters would be Mercutio and Benvolio.
Finnigan: I liked Mercutio because he was the punster. Being the punster, you had to get his jokes and his lines to know what he was saying exactly. Like Queen Mab. Our teacher had to explain that to us. Very old legend about some fairy and dreams. Benvolio was just the good guy in general, he would never fight and was reserved. I'm glad that Shakespeare gave him little time in the play, it would of made his character some type of suck up.
My dear, your caps of splendid.
Finnigan: Well I have to go Poppi and Kael. Farewell! Don't stay up too late or you'll be tired for school! Get a good breakfast, brush your teeth, spread the good word of whatever you believe in as long as it doesn't corrupt the souls of others. Bam Chikabow Wow!
ellesmera / Erika Snow: I might be on tomorrow.. ive jst smashed a glass and shredded my arms.. bit hard to type right now. well done finny.. hope your proud.. id gone 4 month without self harm.. thanks for that.. new be as well.. bye guys
ellesmera / Erika Snow: bed* by... like i said.. mite be on tomoz... depends how sore it is, or ho much blood i lose
poppi / Poppi: ok let me explain something, but you have to read slowly and carefully ok?
i spend my day with annoying people up my ass. You have a great personality and i don't think it was you that annoyed finny. your very entertaining and i garentee even if you were very very ugly i would still hug you as much in real life as i do now. (i'm not insulting you or anything and i don't think your ugly ok so don't take it wrong. I hug everybody so its not really fake affection)
poppi / Poppi: i like laughing:} the release of endorphants is awsome!!! have you ever laughed so incredibly hard you could hardly breathe and then you feel great afterwords?
poppi / Poppi: see laughing is good:] even if you get stomache cramps. The most recent time i laughed that hard was in science class with my friend but once before that i was sitting in the car with one of my other friends. we got bored and started waving to people. even talked to a few. then some crazy lady came up to the window when i yelled to her hello. i told her i wasn't on drugs but she didn't believe me........i have no idea why
poppi / Poppi: I know!!!!! maybe my hair was bright tropical burgandy and i may or may not have had whole in my pants. i think one day i'm gonna send you a really long pointless e-mial just to make you read it to see if their is any point to it.^-^
poppi / Poppi: goodnight, i should go to lol night night kael:]
poppi / Poppi: haha ok toodles
ellesmera: anyone on?
poppi / Aiden: i am for about ten minuets!:( how are you today?
ellesmera: me? im good
PrincessOfDark / Scarlet-Rose: you are crazy. where did every one go?
nikita2u: hello? cheese?
Kimishi: boo chaka laka!
Jordan Arema / Skye: eeks
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hello
Jordan Arema / Skye: hey hun whats up?
Imaginth / Tika: NIKKI!!! *tackles*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: guess i missdeded ya as always *>*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: SEXY FOXIES LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imaginth / Tika: Good, I'm finally back on my feet and kickin it again here in ES. I haven't talked to you or Caleb or anyone in like FOREVER! And from what I know, Caleb lost internet or something so I can't talk to my hunny!! And you??
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: NIKI YOUR ALIVE!!!!!!!!!
nikita2u: *laughs* wow i tired to say that in one breath woophf anyhoo i have to got right now *tear* drop me a PM sometime okies? ihave to go home and pack im moving into my own place today! a bit scared considering im only 17 but im ready to be on my own i love you bunches do you know if he still has his cell phone? i havent called him in forever but my phone is being turned on soon and i would like to catch up with my old friends.
nikita2u: yay i am alive! whoo hoo!!! lol missded youall but when imove i am goingto restart RPing since i havent since January :(
Imaginth / Tika: I'll PM you his number, just incase. Yeah he has it still. He can still be called too. So, next time you get on check your PMs. Bye!! I'll miss you LOTS!
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: I was worried about you, cya later, *huggs and stuff*
Imaginth / Tika: *Waves with paw* Bye!
ellesmera: im bored
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: ~ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~~ am super bored , my life sucks
Imaginth / Tika: I recommend buying another one and returning the old life.
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: ~sigh~ wish if I could
Imaginth / Tika: Aww it's no fun if you're sad. Be happy!
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: You know, I had a pet wolf, if you find them when they pups they actualy get tammed and wont eat you.
Imaginth / Tika: Really? I had a fox one time and before it died, my dog and my fox were inseperable.
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: Cool! , I love Wolves , and somewhat fox-pups , by the way Tika , smile to life , it might as well smile back
Imaginth / Tika: The fox was no puppy, but I found it practically starving in my backyard (I live near lots of woods) and so I helped nurse it back to life and ever since it had pups (it mated one time when she attracted a few males) and then the mommy died. So I still have two foxes of her litter.
ellesmera: Theres a fox trying to eat my rabbits.. its a cute fox.. so ijust scare it off by standing at the door.. i wouldnt hurt it
Imaginth / Tika: Lol, it was afraid because you were just standing there? My two, Sri and Nila, are so intrusive and bold.
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: lol , little brave-hearts huh?
ellesmera: Im a scary person ^_^ plus.. when i first went out there.. i screamed cos it almost had one....
I scared it bad
Imaginth / Tika: Yeah, they get into all the candy and this Easter I found Sri sleeping in my Easter basket and Nila was snuggled in my clothes pile.
Imaginth / Tika: Wow, my Mom hates my foxes and yells at them all the time, they just rub up against her.
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: lol . sounds like an adurable couple , and hey Elle , you ain't scary
ellesmera: lol. I am *grrrr*
Kimishi / Souel: rawr
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hey Kimi
Imaginth / Tika: Lol.
Kimishi / Souel: hey guys. whats up?
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: hey Elle , who is scary? .... now?
Kimishi / Souel: ahhh...!...scary....ah...o_e
Tensu: yo.
ellesmera: *sits on tensus head out of fear for squall*
You scary! you scary.. tensu save me from scary squall!
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hey Tensu
Tensu: Squall, what did you do?
ellesmera: just be squall.. he scares me... Make him go away leo!! Tensu.. protect me til he goes
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: ~hehehe~ she fears me , for I nearly killed her and Sora * a devilish smile * and now I shall kill her then Sora
ellesmera: NOOOOOOOOOO *Bats him n head with fish tied to a stic, still sat on tensus head
Tensu: *decks Squall on the back of the head with a round house kick.*
ellesmera: MY HERO! *Hugs tensu, squishing him with her chest*
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: ~ow~ ~ow~ ~ow~ * runs far away * you're crazy , lol , take this * and he throws a ball on her *
Tensu: Why do I have a wash board on my face?
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: * walks to Elle and carries her up on his back and starts running around like crazy laughing * sup?!
Tensu: I'm picking on you, so don't feel bad. *pulles a 4' long harisen out of null space and decks Squall upside the head with it.* Stop picking on Elles!
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: * runs to her catchs her hands and starts spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig and spinnig till he collapsed * ~aaaaaoooooowwwww boy~
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: Wow.......only one thingy to do now..... *plays the guitar* lol when in doubt, FUCKIN SHOUT
Tensu: MY STASH!
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: Sora Jumps and pulls Elle and dances with her
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: * pulls him from the hair off Elle and helps Elle up and Punchs Tensu on the back of the head *
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: * leaves with a sad face *
Kimishi / Souel: the violence...lol
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Haha...
Squall Leon Hea / Daisuke Niwa: * comes and takes Sora away with him *
Kimishi / Souel: omg leon LUV dn angel
Squall Leon Hea / Ged: * comes and takes both away *
Kimishi / Souel: what are u guys freakin fighting about?
Squall Leon Hea / BlackCat: * comes and takes the three plus Elle away *
Peace_Maker / Zanu: ...
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: * Sora and his friends Punck him in the face and pull Elle away from the pervert *
Peace_Maker / Zanu: *sigh*
Kimishi / Souel: k...
Squall Leon Hea / Sora K. Heart: looks at her confused , then knocks her out by a hit on the back ofn the head and carries her on his shoulder and walks away and then ties her up
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: *shoots sora in the back with a 12 gage* this is your friendly advisor Ryan saying never hit girls.....or ill fuckin kill you, have a good day
Peace_Maker / Zanu: ouch, a 12 gauge...
Kimishi / Allen Walker: why is there fighting?
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: thats wrong, if only i had time to shoot all abusers in the back with my 12 gauge...mabey the world would be a better place......or would have alot less people on it
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: There really isn't any fighting.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: Vrael what are they fighting about?
Kimishi / Allen Walker:
ok *sits on vraels head* what are they talking about
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Tensu is probably one of the least perverted here...and they are fighting over Ellesmera Kimi
Kimishi / Allen Walker: they both like ali?
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: im just shooting people in the back with my boom stick. (dont even think it.....) Sora, you realise its ES, I didnt realy shoot u in the back you ok? *waves hand* oh well..
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Either the 12 gauge did it, or Omega. I'm going with Omega, though I prefer Ultima.
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: * hangs upside down * why you guys are against Sora? and hey Elle , HOT!!
Kimishi / Allen Walker: i dont get it. whats the video proving? *miss all of the convo before*
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hmm...oh, okay, gotcha now. You know, it would be prety awsome to summon Omega.
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: ahh... i see...sorry tensu, I hate when people confuse me. *shoots tensu in the back* oh well, only about......i dunno how many ES people there are...but until then, Ive got alot of amo to waste
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I'm staying out of this conversation...
Kimishi / Allen Walker: oh...
yea ill go with Vrael
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: So how was your day Kimi
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: yea me too * nd crawls on the cieling away from them and sits beside Vrael * so....you don't talk much do you?
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: Aims at vrael* oh well *puts gun down* you havent done anything to me
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: * jumps * I know I know
I will not say
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Actually, how are all of you doing?
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: Im not effected by anime weaponary........I can just burn the paper.....
Kimishi / Allen Walker: lol why are we guessing bra size?
*glomps vrael* i had a good day, how about u?
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Mine was good, thanks. I'm just glad it is the weekend.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: =P wierd lol
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: * strechs and looks ta Vrael * good day so far , but the mask somehwta became tight , am going to change it soon * then looks at Allen * what size are you? ........... Just kidding , I sure am bored
Kimishi / Allen Walker: dum dum dum dum....*starts humming jepordy theme.*
Kimishi / Allen Walker: lol *smashes a fish into spidermans face* u woudl have to guess.
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: C-CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: The world needs more music.....perferably Metal
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: hey hey hey , can you play " let the bodies hit the floor " by " Drooling Pool " ???
Kimishi / Allen Walker: i like metal, and alternative
J-pop is what i like to draw to so...lot of that lol
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: ~sigh~ this sucks , this is boring , lets boggy or Rock or whatever
Kimishi / Allen Walker: TT_TT i hat emy size....
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: I write metal songs
1: Use me
2: Vengence Day
3: Blood Will Rain
4: The Widow Bridge
5: Soverwet
6: Scarlet Winter
7: Bleed With ME
8: Suicidal Vengence
9: STRYE!!!
My bands name is Suicidal, therefore most of the songs are death...its all metal
Kimishi / Allen Walker: kool
is there some place to listen to them?
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: Elle...who slept on them?
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: * shoots some webs on him and pulls * not too fast
Kimishi / Allen Walker: Wah...
Kimishi / Allen Walker: uh....*twitch*
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: * leaves for good with Sora and the others *
Kimishi / Allen Walker: why do people leaaaaaaaaaaave!
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: Naaa, we did a few opening acts for concerts and shit, but we never hit the big time yet, we havent realy made any CDs that sell, and cant figure out how to get them on the internet and shit, so until we hit our break, we stuck with hardly anyone knowing about us, but someday, your going to see Suicidal as the best band ever, and ill be in the middle, lead guitarist and singer.
And you see
whats ment to be
and the pain....and the hurt
and all your blood will squirt
and as you fall, and you will see
what the hell is my desteny
I made my heart, into a black fall abyss
and as you at me all you will see
is this...
pain and scars, so suffering, gleaming pain, and hoplessness
Love me, and you will see, the end of an eternity, sweet, sweet sweet blood, on the lips of my love. No one to care for me, so you see, im alone...inside this shell of suicidal anger of pain, gone insane.....
Thats new song working on
*Tendency for Blood and Love*
Kimishi / Allen Walker: i know a gay guy named mat....hes bi though! hes kool
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: I haven't left. Just listening to music.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: use myspace, it give su alot of popl;icity
Kimishi / Allen Walker: wah vrael *hugggggg* =P
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: Hmmm, tryed that, and i got banned because in the only video we made, there is a naked chick and dude. lol
Kimishi / Allen Walker: if he let a les girl on him what woudl u say ali?
Kimishi / Allen Walker: if he let a les girl on him what woudl u say ali?
Kimishi / Allen Walker: lol well upload them on like, fileden or somthing and post it in places.
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: Dont worrie dude, someday a guy named Ryan will be in a band that is overall the best, and yall will know that is me, and yall will all be trying to call me to say "HAY YOUR THAT GUY ON ES!!"
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: yea well sorry then , take care
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: ahhh sweet jelousy, one emotion not fully understood until you lived threw it, crushes even the strongest of us. Unless its me, who dosent realy care. Lol!!!
Kimishi / Allen Walker: i doubt that.
it still means somthing Ali u cant let someone on u like that even witha relathionship long distance.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: wah ryan!!!
i wanna kno a really kool guy in a band....yay!
Kimishi / Allen Walker: yea Ryan gotta say
ur really hot from that angle. i luv that hair style on guys!
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: yes...and dont worry allen, I like you (NOT GAY) so someday I'll find you and throw you in a video
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: am saying do as you wish , just now I was joking , you know I will never get angry on you and i told you that many times , but since you hate it that much do as you wish , and am sorry for any trouble i caused.....sorry bye
Kimishi / Allen Walker: lol im a girl just made a char that is ALLEN cause hes so kool...D.gray-man rocks
Kimishi / Allen Walker: its different with long distance. saying somthing like that it hurts.
its bad enough he cant see u but letting someone do stuff he wants to, like being with u, its hurts.
u shoudl understand that ali
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hmm...the weather is looking good. Finally it is starting to lighten up
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: ummm I need a gf that isnt jelous, cause i have like 40 girls that try to rape me......lol...and several guys....everyone in Suicidal has like 30 or 40 girls after them, expect John, he has like 80 guys after him, hes gay....and its weird, cause he talks like a girl so much, it effected his voice, so now he has like a realy high pitch voice its funny actualy
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: okay do as you wish , am not gunna say a thing what is important is that you don't hate me
Kimishi / Allen Walker: hey
lol porr ryan. ive never really been jealouse, then again ive never really had a what u coudl call a bf for real. it woudl be nice jsut want a nice guy and FUNNY woudl be big pointer for that too. hard to find in a ny guy lol
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hahaha, thanks Kimi.
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: i exaderate, girls dont try to rape me, they just try to rip my close off. and its not like 40 i realy dont know how many girls and guys like us, but whatever, I have a shirt that has lipstick, nail rippings all over it, I named it, The wrath of a million fans, lol.
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6Irj79Xsl-g
check it out and I sure hope Elle likes it
Kimishi / Allen Walker: lol except for Vrael of course ur a good ny guy!
lol yea i got that ryan. =P lol shirt!
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hey Fallen. Welcome.
Fallenhope / Briana: Well at leaset someone knows i am here.
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: My perfect girl, actualy 2 of them
1: a catgirl (I dunno lol they cute dont judge me)
2: A girl that won't let me go for shit, always tell me she loves me, and have a big sex impluse (mawahaha, that way when we fight I can just kiss her and everything will be ok). And she won't ever fuckin cheat on me, use me for cash, or anything like that. And she will be kinda bubbly and hyper, and jump on me, and if I don't tell her to get off she will just hang on me =P. And she will be smaller than me.
Fallenhope / Briana: Hahaha...you just descirbed Mia perfeclty. But anyways...*hugs* will
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: im 5'4 and a half I'm short
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: im 5ft 6.. o0 i like short dudes your my ew best friend.. i shall name you bowie and keep you locked in a box
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Hey, if any of you see Tensu, could you tell him to post in Raven's Squall? I would appreciate it very much. I'll be back later.
Fallenhope / Briana: Lol, Mia is only 4'9, now 5'0 maybe.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: wah! that my in a nut-shell =P course ive nevber had the chance to jump on sombody...mwahaha....evil intent!
heeey i said hey hope TT_TT *glomp*
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: hey I won't be on ES much later , so from now everyone take care
Kimishi / Allen Walker: TT_TT im 5'1....no growth spurt why u lie tensu!!! *eats his hand* TT_TT i wanna grow...
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: There is a girl at our school that is like 4'5, if she was alittle shorter she would almost be at my waist *wink wink* lol all i mean by smaller than me is the fact I can carry her around, I work out *flexes*
Kimishi / Allen Walker: lol ryans short!
*sniffle*...vrael left!
Fallenhope / Briana: *pokes hole in your arm, it delfaites* right...
Kimishi / Allen Walker: i used to work out....eh if u call track work out lol...yea track suuuucks.
Fallenhope / Briana: I have to work out, i have a 6-pack. *evil smile*
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: 6 pack to drink or 6 pack to feel ?
Kimishi / Allen Walker: lol one pack!!! w00t!
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: i just have a large chest area... *pouts* post on cafe!
Fallenhope / Briana: I am just tough i geuss, growing up with only guys is tough.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: *glomps tensu* hehe
Kimishi / Allen Walker: know what you mean @_@ lol
i used to be a tomboy but i got alittle girlyer...like now i wear a bra
Kimishi / Allen Walker: im 16...when will the growth spirt come?!
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: I had mine at 13..
Fallenhope / Briana: I am 15 and 5'3. I already grew into my woman-hood type thing, er something, when i was 10. *hugs Tensu*
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: I tried to wear a bra, but it snapped lol, Im lean, not buldgy, well im buldgy in one area *wink wink* and if u try to say anything against that *raise middle finger and gets a minature monkey to dance ontop of it*
Fallenhope / Briana: *flicks the birdie at you* So? I don't care about what people look like, as long as they can feed me......JK
Kimishi / Allen Walker: now that i think abotu it... that soudned wierd!
i ment that now i have a chest and HAVE to wear a bra, not that i just started too ALWAYS HAVE *twitch* since...yea...*catches braeth* yea....jsut clearnign up weird stuff lol
Fallenhope / Briana: I have the biggest chest ever for my age. Its...scary
silentblade: *Walks in* Why do I always walk in when the conversation turns into boob-talk or an arguement? *Rolls eyes*
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: NOO BEPPO!!!! I HATE YOU ZECH!!! *CRYS OVER THE LOSE OF BEPPO*
Fallenhope / Fiearo: Hey person i just met, I am Alie. Nice to meet you too.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: id say i have a big chest too but not weird like. its just annoying =P
Fallenhope / Briana: I swear i dont know what size i am anymore. Perverts if you are thinking what you are thinking.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: ...whos beppo?
Kimishi / Allen Walker: lol im so glad im not D cause ome.... D would look so weird on me
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: the pet monkey that dances on my middle finger, also Jack's uncle has a pet monkey named Beppo (Jack is a dude in the band)
Fallenhope / Briana: I have not choice, i have to wear D's, or else...grrr....Jack? Ok then...*backs away*
Kimishi / Allen Walker: heheheh monkey.....ciute
i would never cheat casuue my last bf, who was long distance, cheated on me...it sucked like HELL.
even easier not to cheat when youv beem cheated on.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: shes not fainting. otherwise she wouldent of been typing.
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: ok...breast sizes dont matter to me, lol, i don't feel like talking about breast..... Someone think of something else...
Kimishi / Allen Walker: stuff you like to do? `
omg its so nice to see a guy who isnt so interested in that TT_TT
Fallenhope / Briana: I once cheated...well i got raped. But that is not the point, i didn't want to. GETTING RAPED IS NOT FUN!
Kimishi / Allen Walker: im really sry to hear that...and i dont htink that counts as cheating.
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: *hugs briana* ya, that sucks.....
Kimishi / Allen Walker: not gonna ask why or how, dont want to bring back memorys so lets change the subject.
So what do you guys like to do?
Imaginth / Gabriel: Hey people. Allen, I love D-Gray Man.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: Yesh! D.gray-man fan! *glomps imag
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: I like to play music, I like to cook, I like to make fake blood and throw it around, like all over the street and the house and stuff.
Imaginth / Tika: I originally had the character but it got deleted by the hacker. I even made an RPG about it. *is glomped*
Kimishi / Allen Walker: lol that must freak people out
I like to draw, alot lol. also like to cook even though im not good at it. i like scary movies too, though non of my friend like them so i can never go TT_TT lol
Kimishi / Allen Walker: omg u made that rp on here? thats how i found ES lol
i was looking for a DGM rp but the one here wasent being rped on.
Imaginth / Tika: Yeah that was me. I was really mad because no one joined.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: kool
YAY u let me find ES! ty!
and omg...lets make one ill join!!! WAH!
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: Anyone ever got shot?
Kimishi / Linalee: nope
but i rather be shot then stabbed lol
its allen =P
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Nick Swardson?
Imaginth / Tika: I did two months ago. In the spinal cord. I'm just learning to walk again.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall leonheart: I have been shot once , and trust me , it HURTS!!!
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: I beet 50 cent, I got shot alot more than him, for those of you that don't know, my dad is satan himself
Kimishi / Linalee: that sucks, at least ur walking again
Squall Leon Hea / Squall leonheart: well don't push your luck kido
Imaginth / Tika: ACtually, I'm not. I won't be able to walk properly for the rest of my life. The bullet hit a central nerve in my spine which, in case you don't know, connect to my legs and arms.
Kimishi / Linalee: omg im so sry
Squall Leon Hea / Squall leonheart: well hey Foxy , fate works in a mytirous way , who knows maybe one day you will walk even better than any of us , and Elle , take care next time , we don't wanna lose you
Imaginth / Tika: Lol, don't be. I swear the person who did it to me will rot in jail for their entire life. The bullet only hurt because of who did it.
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: lol alot of people ask how im still alive, they say im the living dead, my dad like beat the shit outa me, stabbed me, shot me, tryed to kill me, umm when i was 9 on july 21 I got hit by a drunk and like scared my all over, when i was 6 or 7 I climbed on the back of my dad's shreader while it was working, and it caught my sleave and just rammed me into the metal on the other side, almost killed me, when i was 10 I almost got stabbed in the eye by some dude with a pencil that fell over, and a snake bit me and it hurt like hell (curse me natural instinct to not be afraid lol)
ellesmera: oh wait.. i got more time!! its friday! no scool tomoz! and omg ryan... o0 thatle be akiller biography when your band makes it
Imaginth / Tika: Hey Tensu. I still can't find those Negima! episodes...oh well. Any suggestions?
You're dad is evil. So is my ex mom. Lovely. Maybe they will rule Hell together.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I agree with Tensu. Conversations lately...
Imaginth / Tika: I won't say anymore about it unless it's outside of this chat, alright?
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: So, anyone saw 300?
Squall Leon Hea / Squall leonheart: looking for anime online , here are 2 websites that might help
hope you find what you want
hey Elle , do you hate me?
Kimishi / Linalee: boo?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yeah, I saw it. Good movie.
ellesmera: no i dont hate you leo
Kimishi / Linalee: 3000 was awsome, stupid story line but everything else was rockin! the battles were so kool
Kimishi / Linalee: 3000 was awsome, stupid story line but everything else was rockin! the battles were so kool
Imaginth / Tika: Thanks for the links Leo.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall leonheart: 3000????
isn't it 300?
and thanks Elle , now my life makes a bit more sense
Squall Leon Hea / Squall leonheart: no problem
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: Hey fallen post on Blood
Imaginth / Tika: Tensu I posted in Eternal Twilight btw.
ellesmera: i gtg bye
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: so who wants a rockstar for a boy friend lol
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'll be back later, have some stuff to do.
Imaginth / Tika: *raises hand* i want a bf who can play guitar
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: hugs imag and smiles*
Imaginth / Tika: lol hi still have my yahoo? im ximaginthx remember?
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: ya =P
Kimishi / Linalee: i wouldent mind a bf who know guitar.
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: *hugs Imag and Kimi at the same time* lol
Imaginth / Tika: I added you again. You prob got deleted by my sister.
Kimishi / Linalee: wah ima add me *hugs back*
Kimishi / Linalee: wah ima add me *hugs back*
Imaginth / Tika: *huggies* and no not the diapers
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: ya, Im Cybervalix@yahoo.com
Kimishi / Linalee: h.o brb
Imaginth / Tika: I added you too Tensu.
Imaginth / Vesa: Sorry my post is kinda short. I'm trying to multi task and that is NOT a strong point of mine.
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: Hello everybody , your friendly neighborhood super-hero Spider-man is back , hwo are you all?
Imaginth / Vesa: Off. Dad's using it.
Finnigan: A strange tall figure appears from the darkness as if he was being sketched in with a emo pencil. The view is all black and white. The mystery man tips his detective hat and shows half a grin.
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: wow! , tough Crowd , hey I have something for you , what can see and can be seen through and hangs on 2?
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: * looks up * I will accept if you talk while you fight , but first answer my question!!!!!!
what can see and can be seen through and hangs on 2?
ellesmera: am bk
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: * jumps in split a second just in time to dodge the hit , thanks to his Spidy sense * you sure made my Spidy senses tigle hard , welcome back Elle , so how are you Zero? , Zero V.S. Hero , how ironic!
Kael Fenshir: Assassination...and I wasn't invited?
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: Yea! , how silly of me , come and join , the more the merer
Kael Fenshir: Hmm...interesting stuff here...
Kael Fenshir: Hmm...
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: * Spider-man struggles for a while * hey man why don't you chit chat , fit fat kit kat , come on , and I thought ninjas were boring * then he shots some of his Spidy webs on Zero's face covering his eyes and as he lost control Spider-man ecaped , and streched * my bones hurt * and then jumps into a kick on Zero's face *
Kael Fenshir: *sighs* Anyone worth conversing with here?
Kael Fenshir: I didn't mean it in a rude way, I just need to talk or something. Anyways, how are all of you?
Kael Fenshir: I would Tensu, but I'm waiting for Velkan to post. Then I could.
Kael Fenshir: I'm good Ellesmera, thanks.
Kael Fenshir: Okay. Slater Tensu.
Fallenhope: Moo? Did i die? Yes, yes i did. Thank you for asking.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Hey Fallen
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: ~ouch~ that got to hurt , anyways , how is everybody? anyone got the answer for my Quetion?
what can see and seen through and hangs on 2?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I have no idea
Fallenhope / Briana: Nice to meet you too stranger.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I'm...not a stranger.
Fallenhope / Briana: No, teh spider man
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: hey kid Stranger is Danger and am no stranger am your friendly neighborhood super-hero Spider-man , ~jeez~ don't you read the news? , hey can't anyway know the answer?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Oh. Squall?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Whoa! Make what stop Kimi?
Fallenhope / Briana: Yes, sure
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: he's sleeping it's 4:37am over here lol , nope , what does and nerd wear on his face?
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Glasses?
Fallenhope / Briana: Wow you stay up late
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Oh. Well, tell Ryan he isn't allowed to do that. That wouldn't be right for him to make you his slave.
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: Yup!!! , your friendly Spider-man should keep a watch on everything ~yawn~ even if am sleepy , Yup!!!!!!! Glasses , hey change your password now and right your great great great grand-father's name easy
Fallenhope / Briana: Ok then, well...so, yah sure i am confused now.
Peace_Maker / Zanu: Tell him to get his ass on here. Now.
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: or gimme your E-mail and password and I shall change the password and privet massege you the new pass
Peace_Maker / Zanu: I believe we have solved our problem. Hopefully it won't happen again. *glares at Ryan*
Fallenhope / Briana: Ryan? That one guy?
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: good for you ~sob~ , am useless
Fallenhope / Briana: ??? major confuseion....
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: we better chage the subject , how many of you people here use Yahoo?
and in case you do add me Leo_wolf_00@yahoo.com
Fallenhope / Briana: I do, but dont like useing it. I use...well myspace basicly. I am addicted. Sry, But i have Mimi's
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: mimi's????????????????????
Fallenhope / Briana: Darkmoonchild. (Aka, Mimi)
Squall Leon Hea / Spider-man: oh! , so how about everybody else?

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