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Roleplay - HockeyGirl World by Shade Unarie / the heartless

Hockeygirls own little world, she has the power to crush you kill you, she can do what she wants

Roleplay Details

only hickey can god mod, everyone must bow down to her (use your real name not your rp profiles)


the heartless / Shade Unarie: <lol I made this and yes its an rp> "whats going on" he looks around "OH MY GOD HOCKEY ISNT ON SO IM TRAPPED IN THIS VOID OF NOTHING"
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: What is going on, im in this white box, and there is another with the words add next to them. Wut the hell is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
the heartless / Shade Unarie: this is confusing THIS VOID OF EMPTY NESS, ZEROTH WE NEED HOCKEY HERE IF WE ARE GOING TO RP AND COME ALIVE, im scared will you find hockey so she can hold me
Hockeygal101: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH wtf is this lol
the heartless / Shade Unarie: its your own little word NOW SAY SOMETHING SO ME AND ZEROTH CAN GET OUT OF THIS ENDLESS VOID OF NOTHING
Hockeygal101: I don't feel like it right now :D
Lady Dark / Maya: eats pizza while watching them in the void
the heartless / Shade Unarie: please let me out, I wana be in your imagination
Lady Dark / Maya: laughs and looks at tensu.
"Should i let them out", she asked him, handing him a slice of pizza
Lady Dark / Maya: lol, puts him in abother void.
"Sit...stay....good doggy
Lady Dark / Maya: Gasp. makes ramen apear by her.
Lady Dark / Maya: eye twitches. Everything blows up in the void exept him.
Lady Dark / Maya: ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, apears in void. Pushes him away and begans to play games
Lady Dark / Maya: punches him in the head and starts another game
Lady Dark / Maya: she grinned and put in a race car game. She began to play, and kick his ass.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: *Watches everything take place.* So, funny. *Said in the void near them* Beat him! *Pulls out Ramen Noodles.* Yep, everything is better with noodles he was right.
Lady Dark / Maya: "Yes. I could kick his butt in sparing or fighting", she laughed and took out ramen.
Lady Dark / Maya: As the noodles fell from her face her ears turned red. Her eyes twitches and she jotls up and pushes valix to the ground
Laz / Damien Lazurus: Wow Looks interesting valix
Laz / Damien Lazurus: ......................................................................................................................................................
Lady Dark / Maya: eyes turn red and and everything caught fire around Valix.
"Move and get burn", she said as if she was crazy.
Lady Dark / Maya: laughs and snaps her fingers. The fire goes out and she falls to the ground laughing.
Lady Dark / Maya: laughs even hard and starts to turn red not able to breath. Which, be the way, has happend to me before and they made me go to the hospital. The weid thing, I don't know why i was laughing.
Laz / Damien Lazurus: Thats borderline sycosis lol
Laz / Neo Carin: hmmm ok apparently she's not the only one losin it WOW.........
Lady Dark / Maya: catches breath anmd wipes tears away.
"Your stupid".
Lady Dark / Maya: "So, at least I'm not stupid", she said pointing at him smiling.
Lady Dark / Maya: "At least I'm not stupid ^.^
Lady Dark / Maya: Bit's his arm and pins him down.
"No your not"
the heartless: ummm
Hockeygal101: What was that?
Hockeygal101 / Kay Name: Heck, can't you just look up how to make your own bomb and set it.
Hockeygal101 / Kay Name: I have never been stabbed by a knife ever. I can juggle them and never get stabbed. I know I've done it before.
Hockeygal101 / Kay Name: ew, no I had never done that, but you know Kayame? She was playing hockey and this one kid pissed her off so she started to beat the shit out of him qith her stick.
Hockeygal101 / Kay Name: lmao, I'm still getting used to living in a house. When I lived with Kayame it was a two bed room tri-plex.
Hockeygal101 / Marsha Smith: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY
Hockeygal101 / Marsha Smith: I is now -counts on fingers- 15 and this family has money to buy me a present
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: ok then , I'll be waiting for it ^.^
proud warrior / trace: valix tell me where to get pictures like yours
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: trace leave this board, Brittany said that your pissing her off and not to rp with you, so I won't! and it's ok, I'm not used to getting gifts anyways -pats valix's back-
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: Gah,ok...but...get...off...ryan....can;t...breath *starts to turn red*
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: lmao, well all the muscle alot crushed me. I weigh in about 93 pounds, so I'm very light
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: Ahhhhhhhhhh, *hangs on tightly to him, closing eyes* high high high, I don't like hights, I was in a plane crash before, I'm still scared of high places
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: I would think. I once fell off the roof of a two story house, fell through a tree, and landed on rocks. That hurt like hell.
Wraps arms around his neck gently to keep he balence.
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: ouch, I think you win the person how has been hurt the most award. Jeez, reming me not to walk near a street again <.< >.>
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: I've been in a car accident, attacked by a rapest, stabbed in the back, shot in the shoulder, and been attakced by a group of dogs
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: what you've been attacked by a rapest <.< >.>, j/k I guess we do ^.^
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: O_O what an asshole. I've never shot someone becuase I don't like guns but I've stabbed a may of ppl before
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: I believe that if you use a gun to kill someone, your to afraid to face them up close. that and ever since I was shot I had a huge fear of guns
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: THat's my life for you. Odd and strang, just like me
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: I don't even know my adress yet i moved so many times from family to family, I just gave up on remembering htem.
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: That's like Kayame, she has lived at her new house for about 8 months now and she has to ask her friend for her own phone number
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: um.................................................................................................................................................
Hockeygal101 / Ashe: A video game pops up and Marsha starts to play a hockey game on it.
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: old memories...sigh...i miss hockey
the heartless / Ryan Stripe: Prayer to anyone who reads this:
Hope your life is sweet, sweeter than anything, that you may smile threw pain, that you may find courage threw your fear, that you can find the light even when in darkness. That you can stand up and say, "I won't ever fall, I will stand every day."
For the rest of your life, lets walk with smiles on our faces.
In memory of Hockey, and for gosh sakes, come on hockey get on more!
the heartless / Shade Unarie: Ahhh, I miss hocket, good time good times, I guess this rp isnt just a tribute to Hockey, its a tribute to anyone who was on ES long enough ago to remember her

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