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Roleplay - Is anyone on by Micheal / Laz

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Laz / Micheal: waaaaaa is anyone on
Laz / Micheal: kk
Laz / Micheal: lol right back atcha
BeIIa / Leyla .: I did make this rp called
Do you believe in magic? and i still have no characters so if anyone wants to join it, please do :)
_Demolition_ / Hunter Collin: L.F.S. Slave House could use some more people.
shadow monk / Atachi Sambuko: Highschool-Hybrids
SweetAndOhSoME / Eternia: Yes... If anyone wants to take a trip down memory lane in the tranquility of the Forest of Memories... visit the Forest of Memories...it so involes a human girl... a unknown person...and me...Eternia the mysterious elf. Look up Forest of Memories
FailureXX / Analise: anyone onnnn this morning? (:

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