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Roleplay - Burned hopes by Allana / me me

No place to go they can turn back to the place were every one dispied of them. So they have to find a place where there hopes and dreams wont get frozen or burned in other peoplez hatered. Only because they are diffrent

Roleplay Details

I need people to be my friendz cursh boyfriend and evil


me me / Allana: "NO i cant stand this" as Allana got thorone to the ground and locked into the chicken coop with noway to get out
broken_dollie / Logianth: She jumped from shawdow to shadow trying to get closer to the coop without getting noticed.
She shifted her foot a little in the dirt trying to get a better footing for a longer jump. "I have to help her." she thought staring at the girl.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba walked down the middle of the street, not really caring about the traffic that was coming toward him. He could avoid it. he stepped into the shadows.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: As he walked Nakueba happened to catch a glimpse of a girl meditating near where he was headed. He tried to ignore her and seem casual but he had a since that he would be seen.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba bows his head slightly, "No where in particular." He smiles and bowed with most of his body this time, "And how about you miss?" He said as casually as he could.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba, becoming aware of the girl behind them, because of his hearing, shock hands with Mai, bowing his head again. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I cannot teach you Ti-Chi though, miss. I have my own manner instead." He shock his head. "I'm sorry."
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba shock his head without looking back, even though he really wanted to just to see. He could smell that she was human and that was when he was glad that he had self control over his starving senses. It had been forever ago since he had killed anything. He refused to harm humans at all despite he could easily overpower some of them. He was too gentle for a vampire, some noted.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba let a smile out. Normal was definently overrated. Expecially for him. It really meant little though. He touched his side, forgetting about what was there and let out a light hiss, hardly audiable as the pain erupted like before. It was taking forever to heal at all.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba turned and disappeared and within seconds returned with a handful of whatever kinds of food he could think of. It helped him get his mind off of other things. He looked at the assortment, hoping that it would be enough and what they liked. He shifted it in his arms before walking forward. He waited for a couple minutes to make it seem as if he ran at human speed. He walked forward, his hunger becoming almost unbareable. He layed it next to Mai and looked to them both. "Hope you're hungry."
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Naki looked at her kind of shy like, "It's nothing." He resisted reaching for the area. The reminder made it harder. He could feel slowly that his mind was beginning to swirl and he was beginning to feel dizzy. He didn't want to say that he was a vampire in cases it might frighten them. He only signaled to a spot next to Samantha, "May I?"
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: "No." Nakueba said almost too eagerly.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba shock his head, sitting down and looking straight ahead, but distantly. "No, nothing special." He hesitated to go on be decided against it.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba nodded also, smiling widely, trying to look enthused.
_forgotten_ / abbi.: Sam smiled. "Okay." She said. This was only one thing she could do. She was also part vampire and a bit human. She walked closer and closer until she was fully into the pond. She closed her eyes and gracefully hummed. Soon the water rised and was in the air. Sam had also change her whole body into what looked like a different person.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba attempted to look amused, but his numbness was not allowing much of any emotion to seap thru. "Neat." He commented without enthusiasm. He then suddenly caught a wiff of something, blood. He looked from Mai to Samantha casually to not make them suspect anything. Someone was hurt and it wasn't him or either of them. Maybe an animal? He almost jumped to his feet but just slowly got to his feet, watching Sam still. It was quite a talent, he thought. All he could really do was destroy, cause harm, and fight. They were not outstanding qualities. This was all he thought of himself, but others thought differently.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: He looked to Mai, "What about you, Mai?"
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: "Do I seem like I am?" Nakueba asked innocently.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: He shock his head. "Something or someone is hurt. They're bleeding pretty bad--" He abruptly stopped, realizing his mistake. Humans couldn't smell blood. Idiot! he thought to himself.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba looked up at her, his eyes fading of all the shyness before and becoming like steel. "I have to keep my distance..." His voice trailed off, "If they're alive.."
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: He reluctantly nodded, "Follow me." As he started off he reminded himself to not go too fast.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba nodded, "Something like that." Before long, they came upon some sort of massacre. He clenched his jaw aware of what had happened. He walked up close, but slowly to one of the bodies and looked down, trying not to smell. He did get a whiff and it made him fall over. He was becoming to weak without anything.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: "Dammit." He mumbled under his breath, drawing his hands up to sit on his knees. By the looks of the wounds it looked like they had been murdered by his own kind, but why had they been so messy? He thought over it then suddenly it hit him. "A trap," He mumbled, raising to his feet.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: "It was my fault." He dropped his head slightly. He looked over at Mai, "You said you can run fast? You need to." He looked to Sam, "Don't move." He scooped her up into his arms and began to run. "Come on, Mai!" He called back over his shoulder. He had a feeling Mai could keep up. He had the same speed as he would any other time if he weren't carrying someone. It all would have seemed a blurr if he were human but he was aware of every second. He turned his body awkwardly as to not let Sam get harmed when he slammed, back first into a tree. He cried out only slightly before he asked Sam, "Are you alright?" They were faster than he thought.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba looked around, and saw Mai missing. He took a deep breathe, hoping she was okay. Maybe it would have been best if he left Sam with Mai instead of taking her here for more of a chance for a death sentence. He had to protect her at all costs.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Naki looked into Sam's eyes, "They set a trap to kill us, because of what I did." He frowned, how else could he explain all of this to her.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: <<im terribly sorry, but i have to go to work. continue later?>>
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: have a good day, ladies

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