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Roleplay - Pirates Raid by Selvork / Ry

You are a pirate raid town capture people steal/burry tresure but will you be tratior's and go against the cap'n

Roleplay Details

Every one is human you can be a pirate or some one who gets captured no killing other players inless they say so and no god modding guns are allowed just dont use them all the time and you are not an expert with them if your a pirate play like a pirate if your a captured person you anit going to take down lots of pirates


Ry / Selvork: selvork stood in the tower with a telescope "aye cap'n there is a villiage up ahead are we going to raid it then burn it" he slided down the pole grabbed the ropes and started pulling in the sails selvork was the captains first mate
elva / aria: arias green eyes looked up at the village that would soon meet a sad end. she once lived in a village like that before the pirates raided it. she had put up a good fight and was asked on board. not that she had any choice. a strand of hair fell over her eyes hiding the small scar on her cheek she had gained when fighting with them. she sighed deeply and picked up her blade. she was ready. (can we use swords?)
Ry / Selvork: ((of course)) he didnt trust that woman he beat but for some reason the cap'n wanted her alive so he followed that order he looked at her "dont try anything or you will be dealing with me again aye" he then looked away and waited for the boat to dock all the pirates started rushing off and selvork just slowly walked behind "aye a fine place this be"
elva / samura: aria glared at him and winding a cloak tighter round herself she walked down the side , staring at the water, her emrald eyes shining in the light of the setting sun.
elva / aria: wrong profile!
miroakukirara / Neko: <<can i join>>
elva / aria: <sure>
elva / aria: as they got closer to the decks someone pushed the hilt of a blade towards arias neck and told her to draw her sword. she did so and glared at the person menicingly,like a wild cat and reluctantly did as she was told.
miroakukirara / Neko: neko placed her blade in her small pouch and jumped into the water she did sometinfg to cause the water to glow and jumped into the air grabibing onto ther plank. she saw a woman being hastled and ran to help her
"neko to the rescue and at your serviuce"
she shouted but before sohe could get there she tripped over a barrell
"okay not the exct intrance to fool any guys but itll do"
she said getting up from the ground slowly
elva / aria: oh crap gotta go be back in about 2 hours - sorry!!!
Ry / Selvork: he punched the person in the head who had hold of aria he grabed his blade and impaled it through the person then draging his body to the floor he then walked off and saw neko "you want to oppose me and my pirates" he picked up another cutless
elva / aria: aria walked forwards loftily brandishing her own blade. "stay out of this kid" she whipered "its not worth your life" her green eyes falling on neko.
Grey_nightmare / Kei: Kei was heading up to deck she was the reason this ship was still working. She did repairs and things like that. She was wiping off a cut she had gotten from a broken piece of wood. Kei ducked right away as she was coming above deck.
"Mind telling me what's going on?" She yelled to Selvork and Aria who were both fighting.
The only thing she had was a gun and she had little experience with it, she hardly had to use it. Someone stepped on her hand and she yelled. Kei got up and socked him in the face looking towards Selvork and avoiding blows to the head.
Ry / Selvork: he ducked an oncomming sword kicked the guard stabbed him the chest then threw a cutless at the guard who was trying to hit her it hit the guard in the neck he ran over and picked up the cutless "you ok mate just stay down deck and youll be fine and just let me deal with these land lovers"
Grey_nightmare / Kei: She nodded but added one last thing.
"Don't expect me to fix all the damages!" She yelled jumping below deck. She locked the top gate and went to the boiler room used for the cook. She turned down the heat because it might blow if any of the pipes were blown by gun shots.
She watched the feet scuffle above her and wondered how Selvork and Aria fought like they did.
Grey_nightmare / Kei: (Selvork is a cool guy, I'm sure he won't mind. He isn't on right now, but I don't think if you join he will mind.)
ShadowFang / Zenn: ((Nah go on Selvorks my mate he won't care)).He looked at Kei and stood up making a loud crash as the pan fell tot he ground, he picked it up and looked at her and smiled.''I must of passed out, proberly drank too much as usual''.He said as his cutlass shined through the light coming down through the holes.''Me names Zenn, and you's be?''.He said looking at her with a raised eyebrow and not caring about the battle above.
Ry / Selvork: ((sure you can join)) he was fighting 2 guards on his own he stabed one of the guards in the leg whilst the guard was holding his leg he drawed the guards sword and stabed him he turnt around grabed his pistole and shot the guard point blank in the face "how many of these guards are there?" he wonderd to himself he saw most of the pirates being slain "grrr back to the ship!" he orderd "grab any hostages you can!"
Grey_nightmare / Kei: She looked to Zenn with uncertainty, not knowing what to think of him.
"My name is Key or Kei, I prefer Key." She said not having seen him beforehand. "I'm the Key for the ship staying in one piece." She told him.
ShadowFang / Zenn: ''Well then what would you be doing on this ship?''.He said looking down at her and then picking her up over his shoulder.''We're going above Selvork needs our help''.He said unlocking the latch and walking help just missed getting hit by a sword but not caring, all the soldiers we're tiny compared to him.He drew his cutlass and put key down.''Back away you navy dogs''.He said moving over to Selvork.
Ry / Selvork: "about time Zenn no more drinking for ya" he said jokingly and then threw a guard of the boat "we gotta leave this place there is to many of them" loads of guards with rifels came "ah crap.." he jumped behind the back of the cabin hearing loads of gun shots
ShadowFang / Zenn: ''Sorry selvork matey, i've been a bit drunken in thee past but not this much''.He said with a groan as he hid with Selvork and Key.''Soo....how long this been going on matey?''.He said looking over and ducking quickly as a bulelt nearly hit his eye.''Jeez....they've sure gone overload there haven't they?''.He said as he took a deep a breath.
Ry / Selvork: "got any plan at all" he looked at the sea and jumped over bored and dived under swiming he got out of the water and ran behind a house he then was sneaking behind the guards who was shooting
Grey_nightmare / Kei: She looked to Zenn and Selvork her eyes wide.
"Aw man I forgot to turn down the boilers!" She yelled at herself. Then she remembered that if a bullet hit the right pipe it could end up burning everyone severely.
"Zenn! Selvork! Aria! MOVE!" She said pulling out her hand gun. She aimed it just at the right pipe two feet away from her. She fired and the bullet hit right on target.
The boiler steamed from the inside out and geisers from the large holes and newly formed cracks. Key ran to the open latch and jumped right in.
elva / samura: oooo u guys have gotten far
elva / aria: aria moved and ducked. someone grabbed her hair and whispered quiet threats into her ear. it was one of the people on her ship. and , knowing she would later pay,managed to through him of. she continued fighting the remaing guards,the ones who had not perished in the flame or explosion, her green eyes concintrating furiously her blade swinging at great speed.
elva / aria: but at the point when three of them where fighting her , one slashed his blade down her left shoulder leaving it in a bloody mess. she gasped in pain . but kept on fighting. she could see selvvork glareing at her as if she had just done something to slow their progress. she caught his gaze for a second and glared defiantly back . she wasent going to act like a helpless little girl.
elva / aria: <c-mon some-1 join!>
Ry / Selvork: he threw a throwing knife towards her but it went past her and hit a guard in the head "dont just sit there kill them already" the guards with rifles turnt towards selvork and started shooting selvork ran into some trees and the guards follwed selvork was up in a tree whilst there guards was walking he hung upside down and slit the throte of the guard who was behind the rest of the other guards
elva / aria: aria glared at him momentarly slowing , just enough time to be pinnend to a far of wall by a huge guard. "oh,little miss" he groweled softly as aria stugled. "whats a pretty little bird like you doing in a pirates raid?" he held the knife to her throat,displaying rows of yellow teeth."ill av you,when your little crew of scavengers is crushed by the reinforcements being sent in " he whispered. arias eyes widened, she spatin his face. his face contorted with rage and he pushed her closer into the wall, "ill have you doing everything i like once i spare your life,s'not everyday that a feasty little bird like you falls into my hands" he chuckled,pressing the blade to her throat . "ill have you doing all-sorts" he whispered into her ear. aria burst. she was not standing for this , she kicked as hard as she could , making him stagger back and sliting his throat.she glared at the clumpled bleeding figure on the ground.she was sick of being treated like that by the crew and was not going to let her opponents do the same.she took out her sailors hat and tried to cover her long dark hair. but her smooth pale skin and emerald eyes she would not fool anyone.suddenly she remembered what the man had said. she had to warn the others,large reinforcements were on the way!
elfboy_22 / brett: (i'm bring this back)

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