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Roleplay - Final Fantasy 7 by dark pendragon / dark pendragon


Roleplay Details

Any characters but Cloud I am him , and classes
Go with the flow in this RP!


dark pendragon: Cloud was sleeping in the inn, his gear next to the bed.
borregales1234: now?
net / Sin Von Balen: (Ive played the game Ive seen the movie Ive played Dirge of Cerberus If I can join I'll be vincent.)
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: Squall Came near the Inn and looked around , Squall was some sky-pirate and had his own craft to manage but he was in a vacation in this area and decided to try Inns in this area so he signed in and went straight to bar and got some drinks.
net / vincent valentine: (Vincent was sitting at the bar his golden metal covered arm holding a glass)
Squall Leon Hea / Ged: Ged a Wizard from afar that has set on journey around the world in search for wisdom and it happened that he entered midgar on his way , so he goes to the Inn and signs in and goes up to his room and gets plenty of sleep so he can go on his way later.
besjan: aries came in and was wearing nuttin but a robe!
besjan: cloud woke up and was aroused by her beauty
TuabeShwan / Terren Tigerlilly: ((Can I join? Wants to be Sephiroth!))
DevyDarkside / Devy Darkmoon: <<Mayi join?>>
AlexhanderXIII / Vincent C. Cross: (( ....Oh. :P))
AlexhanderXIII / Vincent C. Cross: (( Nvm ))
SarahGoodwill / Sarah Goodwill: hello
693vampire / vampire ruka: "hey guys"
693vampire / nija miyu: "wats up" :P
SarahGoodwill / Sarah Goodwill: hi
SarahJackson: I'll join if you want.
Shishimaru: damit lol i am cloud looking for a rp without cloud :P

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