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Roleplay - cannibal instincts by kira hikarashi / miroakukirara

london everyone has cannabalistic instincts but some moore than others a band of vampires seek out to become the humans they once were but in order to do that they have to eat and drink enough humans so that their bodies can maintain its chemical balance during the return to themesleves

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no god moding one of us has to die eventually but you can always come back as another character try not to single scentence cause ill try not to


miroakukirara / kira hikarashi: her fangs showed brightly in the moons rays she called out to selene the goddess of the moon to grant her streghtnt she saw a big buff man walk down the street she went in for the kill slowly she drank his blood letting it touch her lips the warm thick liquid that was thicker than wine thicker than milk until she heard someone coming
"a vampire a vampire!" she guard screamed out loud based on her instincts she jumped out with her brown hair following behind her and her black eyes glistening withiout the light of the moon
Roseyness: Kiriana [sorry cbb to sign in just yet, lol] creeeped up behind the un-expecting teen lad. About 19 he was.
She could almost hear his blood pulsing through his veins; she could hear his heart puonding in his caged body. She felt an instant attraction towards this morsal, adn she knew why- he was virgin, and she had been turned when she was.
She lusted for the blood of Virgis; the most innocent, but they had to have completed puberty.
She could sense his thoughts: he was worried someone was following him, but he was too afraid to turn around and see.
She edged closer towards him: smeeling his sweet after shave, adn the roughness of his deodarant.
His , already, red shirt was beginning to cover itself in sweat as his pulse and fear risened. His black trousers refelected the darkness of Kiriana's soul.
She hated doing stuff like this, but this was her only chance at becoming human.
Taking advantage of the young man's vulnerable and innocent state, she grabbed him from behind.
He never even had chance to fight, he was just startled. Almost like a bitch tags at it's toy, she brought him closer to her. Feeling hungry adn lustfull, she moved his head slightly to the side, and forced her fangs into the flesh above his jugular vein.
Blood flowed like a river, into her mouth, and onto his shirt. She thrived off the sweet taste of his blood, and almost grew power from it.
He was the prey, and she was the predator. She continued to draw his blood-ignoring his gasps of horror and pain. His eyes closed as hers opened turning a deep crimson: A sign that she'd drained all his energy.
The body fell lifeless against her petite but strong body.She pushed it off her.
Ignoring the remorse and guilt, the only bit of her consience and soul alowed her to feel , that she was now experiencing, She walked away from the sight, and left the darkening street.
It was only 8Pm, adn wasn't fully dark, but it was cloudy and this allowed her to come out without getting scolded by the sun.
She left his body in teh middle of the deserted street- A street well known for it's hauntings adn mysterious deaths. She made no attempt at hiding it. He was dead, and she'd get away with it, just was she'd always had. Sometimes she wished someone would kill her, but at the same time pushed that aside in her mind.
With no tail between her legs she walked slowly out of the street, just as a warrior might just walk away from killing a Prince.
She denied her emotions, and carried on walking.

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