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Roleplay - Kingdom Hearts by Trace / proud warrior

I dunno the story for kingdom hearts, I only know how it starts out, so from there on out lets just make up the rest like a new KH

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net / Archain: <<I know all about KH played and beaten all 3 games but if I screwed up ur last one I won't join this one>>
proud warrior / Trace: (I get Sora's part ) "Where am I....Is this for real.....I mean can any of this be true" wakes up on the beach and rubs his head "Where am I"
net / Archain: <<so are you gonna leave riku with sora or go with the game script?>>
net / Riku: <<okay so they are still on the island>> "Hey sora come on stop layin around"
net / Riku: "were finally almost done..."
net / Riku: "we should be"
net / Riku: (riku stares out at the sea) "We can finally leave. We can find out what's out there! What if there really are other worlds out there? Think of what we are gonna see sora."
net / Riku: << I have to go I will be back tomarrow>>
Whispering wind / Kairi.: She saw the two of them walking a bit father ahead of her. She got up from where she was drawing in the sand with a twing. "Hey! Sora! Riku!" She waved a little as she shouted out their names.
Whispering wind / Kairi.: She ran towards them and came to a stop panting a just a little. She looked up and smiled at both of them. "What's wrong you guys?"
Whispering wind / Kairi.: She giggled at him as she looked up at the sky. "Ya, I guess it is, but that makes things intresting."
Whispering wind / Kairi.: She got behind him, and shook him slightly. "Sora, your no fun anymore! You and Riku have gotten so boring since we were little." She whined softly and pouted at the same time as she sat down next to Sora.
Whispering wind / Kairi.: She shook her head, and sighed. "I don't know. All I know is that we're gonna go out together, and discover new worlds. Explore them then go to the next one."
net / Riku: "Of course we will sora." (he smiles) "If we didn't believe we would then why would we be doing all this?"
net / Riku: "Everyone is nervouse. After all none of us have ever left the island before" (he smiles) "But think this could be the start of a real adventure."
net / Riku: "hmm? What do you mean? Heh your not scared are you sora?"
Whispering wind / Kairi.: She sighed still sitting on the log as she watched them. She looked up at the sky that was turning pink, orange, yellow, and some red. The sun was setting. "Come on guys don't act like this."
Whispering wind / Kairi.: She jumped up and stretched and smiled at the two. She walked up to Sora, and took his arm then took Riku's. "Come on! Let's go check on the raft!"
Whispering wind / Kairi.: "Probably already headed home. The sun is setting." She kept on tugging on their arms as she walked ahead of them.
Whispering wind / Kairi.: They finally reached the raft, and she let go of their hands and bolted towards it. She jumped around a bit to excited as she sighed with a smile. "This is gonna be so much fun!"
Darkstar9500: Ansem watched them from afar on top of a cliff. "Hmph... So this is the one the keyblade has chosen. He doesn't seem to fit the type. No matter, this world will soon be consumed by darkness."
Darkstar9500 / Ansem: Sorry didn't log in.
net / Riku: 'Yep soon we'll be out to sea. So what are we gonna call this raft I was thinking highwinds what about you?"
net / Riku: (yeah but we can do something else or just not name it)
net / Riku: "so sora do you even wanna name it?" (he looks at sora with a funny smile)
Whispering wind / Kairi.: She sighed leaning against the mast, and looked up at the sky again. "HOw come I feel like we're gonna stay on this island all night..."
Whispering wind / Kairi.: "Ya, but what about our parents? We have to say goodbye to them you know. It won't feel right if I don't say bye to my mother."
net / Riku: "we can leave letters and meet back here tonight. That way we won't have to be here all night."
net / Riku: "SEE YOU GUYS SOON!" (he ran off towards his house)
net / Riku: (as he gets to his house he starts the letter)
Darkstar9500 / Ansem: <Are you guys going to stick to the exact story line? It's not that cool if you don't add little twists to it.>
Darkstar9500 / Ansem: <You mean the keyhole?>
net / Riku: (riku starts to get a funny feeling) "Hmm....whats this feeling" (he looks out his window to notice how late it's getting) "OH NO I'M GONNA BE LATE!"
Darkstar9500 / Ansem: "The door has opened. It is time.", Ansem says while looking up at the black sky.
net / Riku: (he ran towards the beach tripped falling face first into the sand he got up and looked around) "something isn't right."
net / Riku: <<welcome back>> (he saw shadows on the ground) "What the?" (he pulled out his wooden sword) ((hey can I have it change to riku's soul eater ithink that's what it is called keyblade?>>
net / Riku: (the soul eater is the one that looks like a red and black wing they both get keyblades in kh2 so can I use it cause a wooden sword wont protect him>>
net / Riku: "Damn where's sora when I need him?"
Whispering wind / Kairi.: She paniced as she was on a boat at the dock watching all over the place. "S-Sora! R-Riku!!" She yelled out as she gripped to the dock and clenched her eyes shut feeling uneasy.
net / Riku: (he heard her and started running towards that area)
net / Riku: "KAIRI WHERE ARE YOU?!"
Whispering wind / Kairi.: She heard him, and tried calling out, but a storm and thunder had started to build up strongly. She breathed in to try and calm her nerves, and shook her head. "RIKU!! OVer here by the dock!!!"
net / Riku: (he ran over to her and grabbed her hand) "Kairi I'm so glad your ok. Do you have any Idea what is going on?" (suddenly shadows popup from the ground and surrounded them) "what are these?"
net / Riku: (he lost hold of kairi and she got pulled away) "KAIRI!!...........crap"(he started to hit the shadows with his wooden sword just to see it wasn't doing anything) "Oh hell......" (he ran towards the islands across the bridge where he kairi and sora had sat the day before staring out into the ocean and talking)
net / Riku: (you forgot he dosen't dissapear until after seeing riku but oh well) (suddenly Kairi is pulled away from his into the darkness under them it then starts to cover him but he closes his eyes) "Kairi I will follow you I will not fear the darkness." (riku is pulled into the darkness)
Darkstar9500 / Riko: <Darn it. I didn't get my chance to talk to Sora about how dumb he is. Lol. Oh well.>
net / Riku: <<hello?>>
Darkstar9500 / Ansem: <<I guess this kind of died>>
iownsora / Eleahea: *walks along the side of the ocean on destiney beach. feeling the warm sand beneath my feet, i spot sora laying down on the sand staring at the blue sky*
AlexhanderXIII / Alexhander C Cross: (( Can I join?))

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