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Roleplay - Thhe night clubs by Freak_ / Freak_

on the Dark night streets of chicago something evil roams, Taking on human form and going about their business, no one would even know something wrongs, though these creatures, call them night villains or vampires, creep around hidden night clubs sucking blood from the nearest full blood human and making friends with the biggest and the baddest vamps, creating cliques, and navigating on killing sprees.

Roleplay Details

Anyone can join this, just try and keep to the original setting, add twists heree and there to make the storyline more interesting.


Freak_: Tamara lurks around the corner of the Blue moon setting her eyes upon one of the greatest vampires out there
net / Archain: (Archain was standing in the middle of an empty street he was half wolf half vampire he had white wolf ears long white hair that covered the left side of his face. he had perfectly white fangs and pale skin but not dead looking like a full vampire he also had a white wolf tail he hid his tail and his arms which had red markings on them inside his black cloak. His mouth and the bottom part of his nose were covered by the high collar of his cloak) "Such a beautiful night it will be a shame to soil it with the blood of another." (he usually tried to not give into his vampire desire for blood but he also sometimes accepted it)
Freak_ / Tamara: Noticing archain, tamara wanted to meet him, "how handsome he is" she thought, and finaly, with some self coaxing, she moved her feet over to him. "hello there" she said.
Freak_ / Tamara: Noticing archain, tamara wanted to meet him, "how handsome he is" she thought, and finaly, with some self coaxing, she moved her feet over to him. "hello there" she said.
Freak_ / Tamara: Noticing archain, tamara wanted to meet him, "how handsome he is" she thought, and finaly, with some self coaxing, she moved her feet over to him. "hello there" she said.
net / Archain: "Well hello there.." (hmm..he thought cute) "And what is your name?"
Freak_ / Tamara: Nervously, tamara gave the boy her name,
"uhmm, my names tamara, whats yours?" twirling her red hair between her thumb and index finger tamara sought something from this boy, she knew he would be a part of her future.
net / Archain: "Archain"(he got his hand out of his cloak and ran it through her hair smiling) "Hmm... beautiful"
Freak_ / Tamara: Not knowing what to do, all tamara could say is "thank you, you are quite handsome yourself" and even that, her voice was very shakey. Walking down the slender back street tamara stared at archain wondering so much about him, just waiting until he would speak next. did he even care to get to know her?
net / Archain: "Your welcome and thank you. So where were you headed and do you want company?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "i was headed to the nearest nightclub something called "the blue moon" , but now i think my plans may have changed, i no longer wish to party tonight, and yes, i would love company." fighting off tamaras urge to go to the nightclub and feed, she saw something in archain, she wanted to befriend him. *i can go a bit longer, wait until morning* she told herself.
net / Archain: (he pulled her close to him and whispered in her ear) "Are you anything like me?"
Freak_ / Tamara: almost afriad of being too close to the boy tamara whispered back " depends, will you hurt me?" she already knew the answer, but wanted to hear for herself.
net / Archain: "Never would I hurt you. I feel there is something about you."
Freak_ / Tamara: "something about me?" she asked, her voice almost at the point of breaking. "its odd because i sense the same about you. though maybe there is somewhere more private that we can talk?" tamara wanted to figure this boy out, "archain is different" she though as she looked into his eyes.
net / Archain: "Of course let us go back to my house." (ill be back soon so don't leave))
Freak_ / Tamara: "I would like that." tamara replyed looking around uneasily trying to make absolutly certain she wasnt being followed, though she had no reason for being followed at all.
(( ill try to stayy on but i dont know if i can, i think i might have to get off soon. but ill talk to you tomarrow if not then. we can also continue RPing on AIM if you have it, "Love x Arsenic"
net / Archain: (he grabbed her hand and pulled her down the street and round the corner down to a large house he unlocked the door and went in closed the door and sat on the couch her in his lap) "well then as I asked what is it about you?"
net / Archain: "What do you think it is about me?"
Freak_: Looking at archain, and playing with a piece of his beautiful hair, tamara wasnt really sure of the answers to his questions, "Uhm i dont know archain, its just an instinct i guess..." she answered with a small quiver in her voice.
net / Archain: "he smiled it is because we are the same we are both vampires. At least I think thats it am I right?"
Freak_ / Tamara: " You are right in the sense that we are both vampires, yet from a completley different clan, i am a full breed, you are not. it is something different, something deeper" tamara smiles a bit and suddenly becomes more comfertable with her surroundings, she gently touches her hand to archain's cheek.
net / Archain: (he smiles) "Yes you are right I feel it to." (he places his hand carefully behind her head)
Freak_ / Tamara: leaning a bit closer to him, his warm breath now upon her face, she asks him "archain, how old are you?" something a bit random in the placee, but a nessacary question.
net / Archain: "Not too old and not too young...how about you? What about you? I'm sorry I'm not supposed to ask the age of a woman am I?" (he smiles)
Freak_ / Tamara: " i dont consider myself part of the norm." she replys chuckling a bit, " but i am 15, a very young age, yet still old enough to keep myself alive without a family." Tamara slides off of archains lap and sits beside him, taking his hand in hers a tracing the lines on his palm.
net / Archain: (he smiles) "I'm the same age actually interesting." (he pulls her close to him and kisses her cheek warmly but it is also a strange kiss)
Freak_ / Tamara: "how ironic, i do believe you look older then you say, 19 at the very least." Tamara savours the kiss archain had just givin her, she had wanted to do it since she met him. It felt a bit strange on her end, but she couldnt put her finger on it. " would you kiss me again?" tamara wonders aloud.
net / Archain: "The cheek or the lips?" (he smiled) "After all you asked it is your choice." (he ran his finger down her cheek)
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled, she knew she liked this boy very much, his company was enjoyable. "why dont you suprise me? ive always been the adventerous type" she winked at him, not wanting to be shy any longer.
net / Archain: (he smilled as he ran his hand down her cheek lightly and reached around running it next through her hair and then he kissed her deeply on the lips) "surprise" (he said quietly)
Freak_ / Tamara: Tamara kissed back, warmly, yet rather shakey, he really was the only boy she could trust,and she had only known him for an hour. she had been raped a few years back, at the age of 12, her uncle felt she needed to join the clubbing expirience, she no longer wished that. but she would not tell archain about her past, it might freak him out a bit, she is a vampire for gods sakes, how could she not handle herself?
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I want to know about you. tell me about you." (he lightly stroked her hair)
Freak_ / Tamara: " you were not a part of my past archain, you can be a large portion of my future if youd like, but nothing more." she smiled at him, and ran her fingers down his chest, "why dont you tell me about yourself, i will then tell you something of mine."
net / Archain: "My past was not a happy one but I will tell you....only you. I was born of my mother who was part wolf part vampire and my father a full vampire..I am 3/4 vampire. They died in a fire while I was away they couldn't get out. I was sent to an orphanage and was adopted but they beat me so I left I found a job and worked my way up and then left my job. they didn't like me there. Then I met you and actually it seems for maybe the first time I could reamember I am happy."
Freak_ / Tamara: " you seem well off, this is a nice place you have here, not nearly as welcoming as mine. im sorry about your past, its a pity really, no one should be treated that wayy." tamara smiled reassuringly at him ," why do you think you are suddenly happy? i have done nothing but kiss you."
net / Archain: "and that was all it took though just meeting you I felt happy. I am happy just knowing you."
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled shyly, suddenly her cheeks flared up, she was embarassed, " so, would you liek to see where i stayy? i have a car, i shouldnt drive it, but id o anyways, it aroudn the corner" tamara smiles wryly and pecks archain on the cheek before standing to stretch.
net / Archain: "Sure"(he said smiling he rubbed her hand gently) "I would be happy to."
Freak_ / Tamara: " im very happy that i met you" she smiles and pulls his hand for him to stand up, they both head for the door, and kissed one last time before exiting. outside the night was musty, the smell of blood filled the outside air, she wanted to feed, needed to actully, but she wasnt about to ruin this night, *ill wait* she thought.
net / Archain: (he had seen the look on her face he bit his lip causing it to bleed and kissed her on the lips)
Freak_ / Tamara: " she kissed him back, thankful for his generosity, and let him move on to the passengers side, " archain, you are something else, how might you have known that i needed to feed?" she asked him and turned her black honda civic on.
net / Archain: "I don't know I just had a feeling you wanted to.."
Freak_ / Tamara: " what is with us and these feelings?" she drove down a ways, to the other side of town, more crime oriented, where she lived.
net / Archain: "I don't know. Maybe we were meant to find each other. Maybe that is why maybe. I don't know we were meant for eachother."
Freak_ / Tamara: " do you really think so? ive never really had a boy in my life, ive tried to keep away from them" tamara gripped the black leather stearing wheel trying her hardest not to cry.
Freak_ / Tamara: (( gottta go sryy. but ill be back on tomarrow probably around, 3.15ishh?))
net / Archain: "I won't hurt you. Because I love you. I swear I would die before I would hurt you." <<ok>>
Freak_ / Tamara: " but how can you love someeone you just met an hour ago?" tamara questions the boy, though loving his answer.
net / Archain: "How can I not when you are the one I met?" (he smiles and kisses her)
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara just smiles at him and walks up the stairs to open the door to her studio apartment. drawings and poetry line the walls. "So this is it" she laughs and grabs a water bottle from her refrigerator, "good enbough" she tells herself.
net / Archain: (he looks over the walls) "Interesting......I like it..."
Freak_ / Tamara: " You like the place in general or simply the mad art covering the walls? " tamara plops down onto her couch, "so archain, what shall we do tonight? the night is young"
net / Archain: (he just smiled) "whatever you want to do."
Freak_ / Tamara: " hmm..." tamara hesitated, " i want to...walk someplace, im feeling rather antsy, why dont we go to a party? maybe you can introduce me to any friends you might have?"
net / Archain: "Sure." (he smiles) "id love to go to a party with you."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara looks at him, " any ideas?" she wonders, twirling her hair.
net / Archain: "well I know of clubs in the city but I don't know if we should go there. Maybe somekind of house party around here we could find."
Freak_ / Tamara: "yah, i would rather" she said, looking at him " so you know of any? i prettymuch keep to myself when not feeding, as you can see" she pointed her finger around the room to all the art and writing.
net / Archain: "Me to I like to draw and do art I have a room I will show you when we go back to my house. I think I saw something going on a few houses down from here wanna go see?"
Freak_ / Tamara: " id like to" she smiled at him, "then id liek to see your room, what kind of art are you into?" she asked him standing up and moving to the door.
net / Archain: "I draw what I feel like if I am mad they may be violent images. If I am happy they may be soft and happy as well." (he smiles and grabs her hand) "Wanna go to see that party now?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "i do" she took his hand and smiled. they walked out the door.
(( got to go sryy. bb tomarrow))
net / Archain: (as they walked out he turned around and leaned against the wall holding her close and kissed her then smiled and began running down the street holding her hand)
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara tried to savour his kiss, he was amazing to her, she ran with him down the street, she could see a faint light in the distance and rave music vaugly rang her eardrums
pao: then, they go to the party. in the party the guy was meet his friend in the party.tamara was bored and she told kenche " kenche ill go to the comfort room. tamara meet another guy; the guy was very cute.
Freak_ / Tamara: " im sorry kenche," she told him, " but i already came with someone." tamara turned to look for archain.
net / Archain: (he was standing behind her) "Loking for me?" (he laughed)
Freak_ / Tamara: "heh" yes actully, i was. tamara looked at archain and took his arm, thye walked off through the party and came into a backroom, to see no one in there, tamara sighed.
net / Archain: "what is it? Did you need me for something?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "no, i just didnt want to be hit on" she laughed and adjusted her black tank top.
net / Archain: (he laughed) "well then I will try not to..."
Freak_ / Tamara: "you will try not to what?" tamara looked at archain and smiled.
net / Archain: "hit on you." (he laughed)
Freak_ / Tamara: she chuckled, "i was looking for you to stop other men from hitting on me, i mean i did come to this party with you didnt i?" tamara winked at him and laughed.
net / Archain: (he laughed) "Oh don't worry they try anything they will regret it."
Freak_ / Tamara: "ha, will they now?" tamara laughed a bit and took his hand, she pulled him out of the room and into where a crowd of people were dancing "dance with me?" she smiled.
net / Archain: "yes of course I would love to."
Freak_ / Tamara: they moved across the floor to a slow song, even the big partiers with coccain and such had stopped shooting up. "hm..so where are you from?" she asked him.
net / Archain: "I...I don't reamember sorry." (he moved beautifully with her)
Freak_ / Tamara: "thats fine, and if you just dont want to tell me i understand that as well.." tamara spun out and back into him.
net / Archain: "I really don't reamember I forgot long ago...I am sorry really."
Freak_ / Tamara: "that is not your fault" she said, a faster song came on, they gained speed.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I like this song..."
Freak_ / Tamara: "as do i" she smiled
net / Archain: (he started to dance faster keeping perfect beat) "ready to have some fun?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled at him, "more then ready" she laughed softly.
net / Archain: (he moved quickly and beautifully) "Try to keep up." (he was joking of course he knew she could)
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara whent faster and spun quicker with every moving beat, " ill try to" she winked at him, he was a wonderful partner. the room had circled around them, watching them dance.
net / Archain: (he moved her gently and gracefully yet also quickly along with him) "Your dancing is almost as beautiful as you are."
Freak_ / Tamara: "why thank you my prince." tamara smiled as he dipped her back. the room clapped.
net / Archain: (he smiled and kissed her gently) "My pleasure..."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara grinned and winked. the song stopped and the room hollared. they bowed and walked out onto the porch, into the night.
"what a night this has been." she laughed.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "yah I had fun. What about you?"
Freak_ / Tamara: " a ton" she smiled, "are you uhm..going home after this?" she frowned.
net / Archain: "Only if you will go with me." (he smiled)
Freak_ / Tamara: she looked at him and grinned, "how straight forward," she laughed, "and let me guess, you plan on taking me home with you so maybe you can get a little action then drop me back where you found me?" tamara raised her eyebrows, she didnt want archain to hate her, but she also wanted to know, "did he really like her for her?"
net / Archain: "never...I couldn't do something like that to you."
Freak_ / Tamara: she descended from the porch steps, encircling her arm with archains, "ahh, i see." she responded, "then this wont just be another one night stand?" she looked at her feet as they walked down the block, "i dont think i could handle that"
net / Archain: "i'm not like that I really like you alot and I don't want to hurt you."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled, "so, you live on the other side of town dont you? i think we should walk, i'll get my car tomarrow or something." she replyed.
net / Archain: "Ok then lets go." (he smiled and grabbed her hand)
Freak_ / Tamara: she always got nervous when archain did that, but she loved every moment of it, she really hoped he wasnt useing her. "so" she started, "youve never told me your true age" she smiled wryly.
net / Archain: "in mortal years I am pretty old but vampire years are ageless." (he looked at her) "I will never hurt you i would rather die."
Freak_ / Tamara: "ah, i see" she smiled, "things are different in my clan, im 15 in vampire years, 30 in human years." she stopped him and turned to him, she looked into his eyes, "im very happy that ive met you" the sky started to rain slightly, she didnt take her eyes of archain though.
((g2g, bb tomarrow))
net / Archain: "I am gald to to have met you I was really depressed before..but now I have no reason to be." (he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently)
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara put one hand behind archains head and the other to his waist, pulling him closer to her. she kissed back, deeply. she whispered, "i love you archain.."
net / Archain: (he held her close) "I love you to."
Freak_ / Tamara: the rain was beating harder, as they kissed under they moonlight, tamara pulled away, "we had better get to your house.." she said and turned from him.
net / Archain: "Of course come on it's this way." (he grabbed her hand)
Freak_ / Tamara: they continued down the blocks, passing tamara's house as they whent, "so archain, where did you work? since youve said you quit soon before you met me?"
net / Archain: "I worked in a small office I never even bothered with the company name. Tell me something about you?"
net / Archain: <<hello?>>
Freak_ / Tamara: "hmm...well, ive wanted to go into a writing professions since i was a small child, but now im not sure" she smiled at him.
net / Archain: "I would have liked to sell art and i also enjoy writing." (by this time they were infront of his house)
net / Archain: <<hello?>>
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled, " ah, so we have something in common then?" she chuckled softly as they whent into his house. "nice place.." she whispered, her voice a low hush, his house reminded her of something.
net / Archain: (he unlocked the door) "Come on in."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara looked around fromt the doorway, the house reminded her of something, soemthign horrible in her past that she hardly wanted to remember, she wipped around and grabbed archain, she kissed him deeply, still standing witht he door open, "do you love me, for real?" she asked, she had to be sure.
net / Archain: (he held her close and kissed her passionatly) "More than anything."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara whispered to him, "if you only knew what ive actully been through", she kissed him again, and shut the door with her foot, she took archains jacket off, while still kissing him deeply.
net / Archain: "I want your past pain to be nothing but memories nothing else will hurt you now."
Freak_ / Tamara: "is that right? i have too many fears to simply set them aside.." she replyed to him hushly. tamara took her own jacket off and threw it to the floor, she put her hands around archains waist and kissed his neck softly.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I love you...will you stay with me?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara put her head on his chest and replyed, "stay with you..for the night?"
net / Archain: "Stay with me forever.....stay with me as long as you can love me..."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara didnt say anything, she didnt have to. she pulled her tank top off, revealing only a tan bra, she moved closer to archain once again,and looked up at him hesitantly.
net / Archain: (he kissed her deeply) "Whatever you want I want you to have."
Freak_ / Tamara: "i know so much more than you think..." she replyed, kissing him back. "please dont be afriad of mee.." she told him, and lifted his shirt off of him.
net / Archain: (he kissed her neck) "Why would I be afraid."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara ran her hands down his chest, "many people are...i dont know why..." she responded nervous of archain, but wanting more.
net / Archain: "It's ok I'm not afraid."
Freak_ / Tamara: "youre not afraid of me, of anything about me? of touching me, of being with me..?" tamara sat on the couch in archains living room, she took hishand and brought him with her, he stood in front looking down at her.
net / Archain: "I'm not afraid to take my chances as long as I can be with you."
Freak_ / Tamara: "..i want you to be with me.." tamara stood aain, and walked around him in circles, she ran her finger around his waist as she went, "please archain.." tamara looked him in the eyes as she walked.
net / Archain: (he pulled her close and kissed her deeply) "And I want to be with you.."
net / Archain: (he pulled her close and kissed her deeply) "And I want to be with you.."
Freak_ / Tamara: "..be with you..forever.." she whispered, slowly dragging her hands downward to undo his belt buckle. she looked up at him questioningly.
net / Archain: (he kissed her) "Always I will be with you forever I will love you."
Freak_ / Tamara: "you say such things, " she whispered, "so show me that you love me.." tamara slid the belt from his pants and put it on the floor.
net / Archain: "Before that know I don't want you for just ne night I want your love for all of eternity....are you willing to trust me?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara looked at him, "trust is key.." she whispered "i can promise my heart to you, my trust, all of my love.."
net / Archain: "Then I pledge everything to you my love my life my very being is yours."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled faintly, "youre amazing..show me..." she broke her words up, kissing him deeply on the lips, her arms around his waist.
net / Archain: (he pulled her close and kissed her passionately) "I want you..."
Freak_ / Tamara: "do you..?" she smiled, "then make your move lover boy, i promise i wont bite...i want you too..i think i got it bad.."
net / Archain: (he laughed and lowered her shirt) "Then I shall."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara put her amrs in the air as he lifted up her shirt, he threw it on top of his on the floor. "someplace a bit more, h, prvate?" she asked him, "maybe a bedrooom?"
net / Archain: (he picked her up) "Of course how rude of me." (he smiled and carried her back towards the bedroom.)
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed softly, "i can forgive you, you were distracted." she kissed him while she was in his armss.
net / Archain: (he smiled he kissed her lowering to the bed) "Do you want me to be gentle?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled, "im a virgin if thats what you mean.." she knew what he meant, but would let him make his own choices.
net / Archain: "I am to waiting for the right girl..and I finally found you." (he kissed her neck)
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled a bit, she felt her body light up, "youre amazingg"
Freak_ / Tamara: ((g2g, bb tomarrow sometime))
net / Archain: (he smiled) "To you I am nothing." <<ok>>
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled as she ran her hands along his abs, she kissed his neck softly, "what makes you think im the right girl?" she asked slowly.
net / Archain: "I've never felt happier than when I am with you. I could never be any happier..."
Freak_ / Tamara: " and you trust me archain? enough to...to.." tamara let her words drift off, hoping he might get it.
Freak_ / Tamara: she turned her head away from him, and looked at the wall, as her cheeks flushed in embarassment.
net / Archain: "Yes.." (he gently placed his hand on her cheek) "Only you."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara shifter a bit under him, "im really ready, i want you..no i need you.." she lifted her head up a bit and kissed him softly.
net / Archain: (he pulled her closer to him) "I need you more..."
Freak_ / Tamara: " do you?" she whispered, their breathing getting heavy, "and im not just one of your one night stands?"
net / Archain: "I never had a one night stand. Never wanted any other person but you."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara didnt say much, she smiled and moaned a bit, "you are something else archain"
net / Archain: "Maybe...but it's just who I am."
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed softly, "i guess it is"
net / Archain: (he laughed) "Yeah but wouldn't it be boring if we were all alike?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, "it would be indeed, the wolr would be a much better place with more men like you around, men wiht morals."
net / Archain: "Hmm...? What do you mean?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "you dont agree wiht me?" they turned,, tamara was now straddling him, "this world is os messed up, i kind of feel bad for it, look around archain, there is no one good anymore, look at all the crime, no one has any morals.."
net / Archain: "You're right...they need to change or things may get even worse.."
Freak_ / Tamara: "maybe you could help..." she put her hand to his cheek. "show this world that its not sane anymore, i dont exactly know how but but your perfect for the job" she winked at him.
net / Archain: "would you be with me the whole time?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "that depends, would you want me with you the entire time? im so young,, and hardly expirienced..in anything.." she laughed and looked down.
net / Archain: (he gently lifted her face to look in his eyes) "I want you with me forever and everywhere." (he kissed her deeply)
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara savored his kiss, he was so magnificent to her, "i have a question archain, how did you knwo i was the right one? the right girl to just give it away to? because u know you cann never take this back"
net / Archain: "I don't know when I first saw you I loved you I can't explain it."
Freak_ / Tamara: "its so strange to me..i feel like i know you from somewhere.." she smiled lightly and layd next to him, she put her head on his chest, "ive doen so much wrong, but with you, forgetting it seems so simple.
net / Archain: "If there is one thing I have ever done right it was finding you."
Freak_ / Tamara: "it was so simple how it happened, imagine what a simple walk can do for some people..it had to be fate? if u believe in that sort of thing. it should be so hard for me to say i live you, hell, i just met you, and yet, its so easy..and my heart was telling me not to be ashamed of what ive done with you.."
net / Archain: "i know that I can never love another...I never want to hurt you..."
Freak_ / Tamara: "you could never hurt me archain, it wouldnt be impossible to do" tamara stood, and put on a long shirt of archains she found in his drawer, "im going to love you forever..."
net / Archain: (he smiled) "Marry me...please."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara stood for a moment, unable to beliee what she ways hearing, "marry youu...?" she sat on the bed, "how could i say no..? ive said it once and ill say it again, i love you and always will.." she smiled.
net / Archain: (he smiled and pulled her close) "Thank you....thank you so much..."
Freak_ / Tamara: "i should be thank you..youve givin me so much,,ive never felt this much comfort in my life..i need you" she wrapped her armss around him and smiled, kissing his neck.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "i need you. you are my only love. I want my life to be yours."
Freak_ / Tamara: "and you can have all of me, my heart, my love, my everything.." she looked at him, can i draw you?" tamara saw the best picture in archain.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "Sure.."
Freak_ / Tamara: she jumped up, "im sorry that this is so random, but i must, you have no idea what i see in you" she ran into the living room and grabbed her messanger bag that contained a sketch ad and pencils.
net / Archain: (he didn't move he just laughed slightly) "It's ok.."
Freak_ / Tamara: running back, she stopped and looked at him, "uhm, do you mind maybe taking the blanket off..." she smiled and blushed.
net / Archain: 9he laughed slightly again) "Well ok..." (he dropped the blanket) "Better?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she sat on a chair and began to sketch, "very much so, but if you feel uncomfortable then u dont have to"
net / Archain: "not at all...after all why should I be uncomfortable around you?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she looked up slightly at him and smiled a bit, her cheeks flushing a cherry color, "i dont know..some people are..though its ot like i dont know what was under the sheets.."
net / Archain: "of course..."
Freak_ / Tamara: she was now drawing the outline of his body, his face was finished and he looked so beautiful, it was amazing, no one could bring out so much life in her drawings liek him. she looked up form time to time, "we can take a break if you need to" she asked him.
net / Archain: "Only if you think we should."
Freak_ / Tamara: "i do" se smiled, "i can leave while u get dressed if you need" she started from the room.
net / Archain: "you don't have to leave..." (he smiled and started to get dressed)
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled and sat on his bed, looking over at him, a small puddle of blood lay in the middle, "uhh" she said looking athim and then at the puddle, "im sorry.."
Freak_ / Tamara: ((g2g refer to other rp lol, btw, do you have AIM or yahoo?))
net / Archain: "It's ok don't worry about it."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara wrinkled her nose, "whoops" she said and laughed softly, "so what shall we do tonight? after we finished the sketch i mean."
net / Archain: "What would you like to do?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara thought for a moment, "anything? ive really no specific choices.." she looked at him, "you?"
net / Archain: "Anything you wanna do I don't really have any choices right now."
Freak_ / Tamara: she thought, "i think we should sit on your couch in pajamas and watch old i love lucy reruns" she grinned like a small child, and then you should tell me what made you think to ask me to marry you," she put her hand out and spread her fingers, "its not official until i see a ring on this finger" she laughed.
net / Archain: "well okay then. Tomarrow I will get you the best ring I can.." (he kissed her gently)
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled and took his hand, "Thank you my darling, now where were we?" she pulled him into the living room, "actully" she put her hand to her mouth, "i want to see the grand tour" she grinned again.
net / Archain: "Alright then...well this is the living room." (he laughed and pulled her gently into the next room) "The dining room the kitchen is to the right there are two bedrooms, a computer room, an art room, and a bathroom down the hall." (he smiled and picked her up and started up the stairs)
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled giddily, "an art room?!"
net / Archain: "Art room studio whatever you want to call it...I love to draw,sketch,paint you get the idea.." (he smiled)
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "this is the begining of a beautiful realtionship." as he held her, she ran her fingers through his hair, twirling different strands.
net / Archain: (he smiled and walked down the upstairs hall into a large bathroom it had a larger than the normal shower with 2 things to shoot out water one in the front of the shower and one in the back and it had a large jacuzzi tub) "The master bathroom if you couldn't tell." (he laughed) "Like it?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she looked around, mesmerised, "do i like it? i love it, youll have to show me how to use it sometime." she winked and laughed.
net / Archain: (he laughed) "Alright then I will..." (he carried her into a large bedroom with a large bed he got out a silk sheet and put it on the bed and layed a crimson blanket over the top and put a very soft pillow on it)"You can sleep here tonight."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara looked around, "its beautiful..absolutly amazingg...but, without you..?" tamara looked at him.
net / Archain: "I would like to lay with you but is that what you would like?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "more then anything" she smiled " i dont care where i am, as long as its with you"
net / Archain: "whenever you get tired we can sleep."
Freak_ / Tamara: she looked at the alarm clock on the marble nightstand, it read 3 am, "actully, i am a bit tired, but id like to see your art room first, of thats okay"
net / Archain: "Of course." (he smiled) "well then let's go."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled in excitment, as they made their way down the hall. art was her life before archain came along.
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net / Archain: (he got out a key) "I keep the door locked..." (he inserted the key and opened the door) <<Unfortunately I do not.>>
Freak_ / Tamara: they walked into the room, she gased, "i would keep something this magnificant locked also.." all around her she saw pictures, photography and drawings, sketches and paintings, lined the walls. "this is amazing," she muttered under her breath.
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net / Archain: (he smiled) "Thank you...hmm..." (he smiled and kinda jumped over into his chair and picked up a pencil and started to draw something.)
net / Archain: (I don't have an email address yet it really sucks I want one.>>
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara looked at him, grinning, "i want to see!!" she laughed and started to move about the room.
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net / Archain: (he blocked it) "Nope I'm not done yet." 9he watched her for a second laughing and then started back on the picture)
Freak_ / Tamara: she was mesmerized by his drawings, he was amazingly skilled. ".wow..." she studdered out, unbelieveing of this talent.
net / Archain: "Just a bit more annnnnnnnnddd done." (he showered her his drawing it was of her) "I still can't capture all of your beauty but what artwork possibly could?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she reached for the drawing, it took her breath away, "its beautiful.." she whispered.
net / Archain: (he places his hand on her cheek) "It is nothing you are beautiful."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara looked down and blushed, "if you say so archain.."
net / Archain: "I mean it..everything I say about you I mean."
Freak_ / Tamara: she looked up at him, "im very tired..." she said and smiled softly.
net / Archain: (he picked her up and walked out locking the room then went upstairs and layed her on the bed.) "You may rest."
Freak_ / Tamara: almost as soon as her head hit the pillow she was asleep, trying to drown out her thoughts.
net / Archain: (he layed next to her his hand on her stomach he fell asleep)
Freak_ / Tamara: she jumped a bit, startled, she was snuggled up close to archain, she looked around, sweating, "oh my goshh.." she was scared from a nightmare.
net / Archain: (he opened his eyes and placed his hand on her head) "It's ok Im here no need to be scared."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara looked around, then at the nightstand, 6:30 am. she sighed and sat up, "it was so strange.."
net / Archain: "what is it? What is wrong?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara shuddered, "this..dream...i was running...darkness..." tamara couldnt studder out much more, it was alkmost as if she was dillusional
net / Archain: "hey it's ok it's ok." (he ran his fingers through her hair)
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara jumped at his touch, "im sorry" she said standing, and taking his hand, she pulls him from the bed, "please stay up with me, i want to finish your portrait.."
net / Archain: (he nods) "Of course I will stay up with you."
Freak_ / Tamara: she nods in thanks and walks from the room, they walk down the stairs back to the bedroom she left her sketch in. "ready?" she askked him as she picked her pencil up.
net / Archain: "yes I am ready"
Freak_ / Tamara: archain sat as she began to draw, she wasnt letting up on herself, everything had to be perfect, he deserved simply the best. "im done" she looked up and smiled after a while, signing her name at the bottum she gave the picture to archain. "tell me if you hate it" she said.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "It's perfect...I love it."
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "perfect eh?"
net / Archain: "Yeah..It's the best drawing I have ever seen."
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed soflty, "i doubt that" looking around, "may i take a shower? i think i should get redii for the day"
net / Archain: "Of course take as long as you need.."
net / Archain: "I will get you a towel some shampoo and some soap..Make sure to get some clothes."
Freak_ / Tamara: "Thank you" she replyed, grabbing her messanger bag, and taking out her stud belt, a black tank top, and blue jeans.
net / Archain: (he layed everything on the bathroom sink counter) "Do you need or want anything else?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "uhm..maybe you could turn it on..." she blushed, feelings insanly stupid.
net / Archain: "oh yes of course. (he got in and turned it on getting almost instantly soaked) "WOAH! (he laughs) I forgot how fast it comes."
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, looking at him soaked form head to toe, "im sorry for laughing" she smiled, but couldnt stop herself from laughing.
net / Archain: (he laughed and pulled her in getting her wet) "Well then there now you're soaked to."
Freak_ / Tamara: she lauged, trying to sweep her hair from her face, "that wasnt very nice!" she stompped her foot in a feeble attempt to look angry, but ending up only laughing.
net / Archain: (he laughed more) "Hehheh you still look cute."
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, "and you too" she tickled him as the water ept running between them.
net / Archain: (he laughed and tickled her back then kissed her lightly) "well I better get out."
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "if you must"
net / Archain: " What do you mean If I must?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she winked and took the loose braids from her hair, "if you must" she repeated.
net / Archain: "Would you rather I stay?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "would u rather stay?" she took the earings from her ears now.
net / Archain: "I would but if you would be uncomfotable."
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed softly, "uncomfortable? impossible" she took her rings off and set them on the marble sink.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "well then I think I will stay."
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled but said nothing, she unhooked her bra and her slipped off the shirt she had barrowed from archain, stepping in, she jumped at the heat.
net / Archain: "Do you want me to stay in the shower or wait outside of it?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "suprise me"she smiled and him and pulled back the curtain, starting to wet her hair
net / Archain: "Well then I think I would rather stay with you."
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled and said, "come on in cutie boyy"
net / Archain: (he laughed and kissed her) "So beautiful.."
Freak_ / Tamara: she blushed, "youre unbelieveably handsome" she kissed back, pulling him closer to her.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "Stay with me."
Freak_ / Tamara: she kissed him again, "stay with you? im marrying you, of course ill be with you"
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I meant in my arms with me."
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed soflty, "id stay anywhere you want.." she pushed him gently onto the tile bench inside the shower, and sat on his lap, her arms encircling him.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I was hoping you'de say that." (he kissed her again) "I love you."
Freak_ / Tamara: she kissed him, "thank you...." she said.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "Whatever you need I will give you."
Freak_ / Tamara: "youve already accomplished such" she replyed.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "Anything to make you happy."
Freak_ / Tamara: laughing softly, she kissed his neck, "i love everything about you" she whispered.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I wan't you...."
Freak_ / Tamara: "want me? so have me, i promise your aloud" she ran her fingers through his wet hair.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "Are you sure?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "all too sure" she replyed
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I love you."
Freak_ / Tamara: "and i love youu" she whispered to him, and reached her hand up to turn the water off.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I love hearing your voice."
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled and put a hand to his cheek, "how did i manage to meet you?"
net / Archain: "I don't know but I am so glad you did."
Freak_ / Tamara: "i want to spend the rest of my life with you.." she took the towel he set out for her and wrapped ti around them, pulling him closer at the waste.
net / Archain: "And we shall forever."
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "i want you" she kissed his lips and sat herself upon the counter top.
net / Archain: "Then have me." (he kissed her neck)
Freak_ / Tamara: "you're too perfect for me..." she replyed, leaning her head back and felt his kisses.
net / Archain: "Im not worthy of you."
Freak_ / Tamara: she pulled away from him, and held him at arms length, "worthy of? i find this so difficult to understand, im simply a babyy..." she replyed and put her hand to his cheek, kissing him gently on the lips.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "You're perfect"
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed softly, "hardly" she stood fromt he counter top and the towl dropped from her. she smiled and leaned against the wall, "youre something different archain, ive nevr met anyone like you"
net / Archain: "i'm special that way." (he laughed a little)
Freak_ / Tamara: "nervous?" she askd him.
net / Archain: "Maybe a little."
Freak_ / Tamara: "ah, whys that?" she asked him raising her eyebrows
net / Archain: "Well aren't you?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "maybe just a bit, do i make you nervous archain?" she walked a bit closer to him.
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net / Archain: "No..." <<how old are you first.>>
Freak_ / Tamara: "mhhmm" tamara replyed, "then what does?"
>>haha, im 14<<
net / Archain: "Don't know yet." <<heh same here>>
Freak_ / Tamara: ((hehh, radd)) tamara grabbed her towel and dried herself, she put on her clothes, "well, i wouldnt want to make u nervous, so just tell me when ur comfortable with me"
net / Archain: "Im not nervouse."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara raised her eyebrows and sat upon the marble sink, "really?" she asked, "hmm, then why are you simply standing there, looking scared?"
net / Archain: "and as for comfortable I couldn't possibly be any more comfortable than I am with you."
net / Archain: (he laughed and smiled) "Do I now? I'm sorry for that I didn't know."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled at him wryly, "come here then fool". he was still standing across the room from her.
net / Archain: (he walked to her pulling her close)
Freak_ / Tamara: she kissed his neck, "do i make you nervous now?" she ran her hands downward, "how about now?"
net / Archain: "i don't know are you nervouse?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, "not really, being nervous isnt something i think of when im with you"
net / Archain: "Good..." (he gentally kissed her neck)
Freak_ / Tamara: she put her arms on his shoulders and kissed him, she looked into his eyes, "this is so strange...you look so familiar to me, from the moment i layed eyes on you, i could have sworn..."
net / Archain: "Could have sworn what?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "ive seen you..somewhere...i know it..i just cant put my finger on it.." she got to her feet and looked at him.
net / Archain: "really? Like where do you think?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "i dont know.." she closed her eyes and thought for a moment. suddenly, her eyes sprung open, "ive got it!!!" she screamed and hugged him, remembering, she replyed, " the storm, the night club, about 5 years ago... wow, this is soo wierd, i cant believe i remember you!!"
net / Archain: "Whatever happened to you that night it had been so long since I had first seen you?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara thought, "i was young, and living with my parentss..."
net / Archain: "So you had to leave so they wouldn't get mad? No one hurt you on you're way home did they I mean when I met you again you said you had been hurt before that wasn't the night was it?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed softly in rememberance, "no..no one hurt me that nightt. i just didnt want to get in trouble..i was pouting the entire way home, i didnt wwant to leave, but i had no choice.. this is so wierd, seeing you again..after all these years."
net / Archain: (he smiled) "Yes it is...but what did happen what happened that hurt you?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "its such a burden, i wouldnt put it upon your shoulders..."
net / Archain: "Please I want to know what I can...everything..you can tell me please."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara opened the bathroom door and took his hand in hers, "fine.." she smiled, trying not to show her pain, "lets take a walk though"
net / Archain: "i'm sorry to make you bring this up..but I want to know everything I can and I will just keep wondering otherwise."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara walked outside with him, "i understand" she sighed and thought a moment, "where to start..."
net / Archain: "I guess from the start of before whatever happened happened."
Freak_ / Tamara: she took his hand in hers, "well...for starters, my parents died in horrible crash, leaving me with serious emotional scars, ive been molested, something ive tried to block out for some time now, and it was as if meeting you, made it all seem fake.."
net / Archain: "I'm sorry for all that happened...if I had been there I would have tried to help..."
Freak_ / Tamara: she softly laughed, "its not your fault.." she traced the lines on his palm with her index finger.
net / Archain: "Yah I know...were you a vampire the night we met?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara looked at him, "hardly.."
net / Archain: "If not then it may be my fault."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara looked up, "your fault..?"
net / Archain: "After I left that night I went to find a...meal...but I couldn't find one and then I lost my controle and I blacked out when that happens I get a meal but I never know who it was..."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara frowned.."no..no i wasnt a vampire before that night.."
net / Archain: "was it my fault?"
Freak_ / Tamara: i..i dont know really.. like i said, i was pouting and walking home, then i dont remember much else. maybe..could be.. but you know what? i dont care, being a vampire, has made me who i am, now, more then ever, i am aware of people sarrows, and how different things make them feel, i am so much less self centered."
net / Archain: "then I could have helped you?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "could have..if indeed you were..the one.." tamara took his hands and walked into the middle of the street, "dance with me archain, lets leave the outside world at rest, stop all of this nonsense"
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I would love to."
Freak_ / Tamara: standing in the street now, she pulled him close to her and held her hands in his, moving to the slow rhythms of the outside world.
net / Archain: "he smiled) "so graceful."
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed softly, "i never told you that ive been dancing since the age of 3?"
net / Archain: "I can tell." (he spun her around and then pulled her close)
Freak_ / Tamara: her soft hair fell from the pony tale she had put it in, and she continued dancing, as if in her own world, nothing coudl distract her.
net / Archain: (he smiled dancing beautifully with her)
Freak_ / Tamara: she looked at him, as they began slowing down, "i have a question to ask you.."
net / Archain: "What would that be?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she looked up, "do you..believe in...a god? i mean, a higher power? somthing far more supirior to human existance?"
net / Archain: "Do you?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara looked around, then back at him, "actully, no i dont. i believe that what happens happens, i believe that this world is what it is not from someone making it this way, but from many, armies, of humans raging against it"
net / Archain: "as for me I'm not sure...all I care about though is in my arms right now."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled, "you are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to planet earth..to the vampire existance, to life itself.."
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net / Archain: "No it is you who are I cannot compare."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara laughed softly, "i highly doubt suchh.."
net / Archain: "Oh do you now? well I have no doubts."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara laughed softly, "believe what you believe." she replyed and kissed his cheek.
net / Archain: (he smiled and kissed her back) "what do you want to do now?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "hmm.." tamara stood, "i want tooo...? i dont know, i want to go shopping " she smiled and took archains hand, "lets go!!" she ran down the street, draging him along after her.
net / Archain: "WHOAH! Ok ok just let me catch up before I fall down." (he laughed)
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, blushing, she replyed, "whoops, sorry" she stopped for him.
net / Archain: (he laughed and ran forward extremely quickly picking her up) "It's fine."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara screamed happily, startled from him picking her up, she laughed, "so where to now my prince?"
net / Riku: "Where were you taking me?"
net / Archain: ((srry wrong profile))
Freak_ / Tamara: (( thats alright))
she laughed, "we were going shopping" she smiled, "but you are a guy, maybe not so into that sort of thing?"
net / Archain: "I don't mind. I will go since you want to." (he smiles)
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, "you ARE perfect arent you?"
net / Archain: "not perfect just good." (he laughed)
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, "self centered" she bit her lip lightly.
net / Archain: (he laughed) "Im sorry if I sounded that way."
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, and kissed him on the cheek, "never" she smiled and ran down the street before he could say much else.
net / Archain: (he laughed and followed her)"Hey wait for me."
Freak_ / Tamara: she stopped and yelled down to him, "come onnnn slow poke" she laughed and put her hands on her hips.
net / Archain: (he ran up next to her) "sorry." (he laughed)
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, "its okayy! lets jsut go" she took his hand and strode along the sidewalk.
net / Archain: (he walked with her smiling) "Are you happy...with me."
Freak_ / Tamara: She smiled, "are you happy with me?"
net / Archain: "i am more than just happy...I could never be happier."
Freak_ / Tamara: "happy isnt the word for the emotions i feel for you darling"
net / Archain: "I love you so much." (he held her close to him)
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, she didnt have to say anything, he could tell from her eyes.
net / Archain: (he kissed her and smiled)
Freak_ / Tamara: she kissed him back, and pulled away, then leaned in again, she held him close at his waste.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "What do you want to do?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, "anything."
net / Archain: "So you don't have anything in mind?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "nothing in specific, no. i was hoping to shop but im kind of out of that mood." she laughed, "maybe you could make a suggestion" she winked playfully.
net / Archain: "Anything as long as we are together." (he smiled and tckled her playfully)
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, "heyy!" she tickled him back.
net / Archain: (he laughed and kept tickling her) "Hah hah hah."
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed and tickled back, "youre so much fun" she smiled.
net / Archain: (he laughed and tripped falling down still laughing) "So are you."
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, and fell also, 'accidently' on top of him, "oops" she laughed.
net / Archain: (he laughed and kissed her) "So are you ok?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed and looked around, "i think you broke my fall pretty well"
net / Archain: "well thats good." (he laughed and wrapped his arms around her)
Freak_ / Tamara: she kissed his neck, "im praying to god every second that your with me, that you never leave" she whispered, her voice about to break.
net / Archain: (he kissed her) "I will never leave you."
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "promise me one thing archain, just one thing"
net / Archain: "Anything at all."
Freak_ / Tamara: "promise me, that if youre ever unhappy with me, youll leave..dont stick around to make me happy."
net / Archain: "I will never be unhappy with you I love you I could never be unhappy as long as you are with me." (he kisssed her gently)
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "thats good.."
net / Archain: "Will you stay by my side forever?"
net / Archain: <<hello?>>
net / Archain: <<are you here?>>
Freak_ / Tamara: "of course i will stay with you forever.." she kissed him softly.
net / Archain: (he smiled and kissed her back) "Good"
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "so where were we?"
net / Archain: "Hmm..." (he kissed her again) "I don't reamember"
Freak_ / Tamara: she laugghed, "funny, neither do i"
net: (he laughs) "Well then what do you want to do."
net / Archain: "Huh did you hear something?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara looked around, "yah..wheres it coming from?" she backed a bit away from archain and walked around a corner.
net / Archain: (he followed her) "Around here somewhere."
net / Archain: <<By the way my YIM and Email are archain13@sbcglobal.net please IM me>>
Nilachan / echo: join in life
Freak_ / Tamara: "wierd.." she said.
(( ohh and i did email you =] ))
net / Archain: "yeah.."
<<cool thanks. >>
Freak_ / Tamara: "Hm..maybe we were just imagining things?" she replyed, confused
((heh =]))
net / Archain: "I don't know. Maybe."
Freak_ / Tamara: she looked around once more, quickly, and then turned back with a look of confusion on her face, she shrugged it off and then asked, "so, where were we?"
net / Archain: "I believe I had just kissed you." (he smiled)
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled too, and kissed him back, deep, passionatly. "I love you." she replyed, grasping his hand in hers and continueing to walk.
Freak_ / Tamara: i alreayd did. ha =]
net / Archain: "I love you to. I will stay with you forever."
Freak_ / Tamara: "good" she laughed and held him close.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "What do you want to do."
Freak_ / Tamara: " i want to do anything as long as it is with you." she smiled.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I feel the same. Why dont you choose."
Freak_ / Tamara: "hmm...lets see here" she started, "well, personally, i would like to go shopping, as ive mentioned" she laughed and batted her eyelashes
net / Archain: "Allright then lets go." (he laughed and grabbed her hand) "Comeon."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled, "thank you" she grasped his hand tighter and said, "you can pick the store, i want to see what your first instinct is"
net / Archain: "Hmm...for what I want or what I think you would like?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "hmm.." tamara looked up for a moment, then back at archain, "what you like" she smiled.
net / Archain: (he thought for a second) "Im not sure if you mean for cloathing then there." (he pointed to a store that had strange yet cool looking clothes something that looked like he would wear) "But Im not sure."
Freak_ / Tamara: "anything, i want to know anything about you" she smiled and ran up ahead to the store he had pointed at, she ran inside, and the air conditioning was overwhelming, it felt nice against her skin.
net / Archain: "so um....What do you think?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara browsed the racks, "its interesting" she replyed, she pulled down a gray pair of pants, with chains in the back, "these are cute" she smiled at him.
proud warrior / trace: <<archian go agree>>
net / Archain: "hmmm....Very nice I like them. Hmm wonder If I could find anything here. I really need something new."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara had alreayd run up ahead she was in amazment, "then find something" she smiled.
net / Archain: "ok." (he got a shirt and a black pair of pants one side had a black cloth hanging half way down over the leg) "hmmmm.... I like it."
Freak_ / Tamara: "me too" tamara smiled sweetly, "are you trying it on?"
net / Archain: "yeah I will." (he went back t o a changing room) "Hey it's really comfortable to."
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara sat on a bench outside of the fitting room, she laughed, "just hurry up"
net / Archain: (he soon walked out he had tied his hair to look like a male braid) "What do you think?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiled, "oOoH model?"
net / Archain: (he laughed) "Really do you want me to?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara laughed, "sure archain, why dont you keep me entertained?"
net / Archain: (he laughed and did a pose where his eyes were hidden by the shadow of his hair he looked cool) "hmm...what do you think?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara laughed, "sexy"
net / Archain: "So you want me to get it? Hey why dont you try something?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "yah, i want you to get it" she smiled. "hmm, maybe i will try something, im always into shopping" they walked over to the womens section and began browsing the raccks.
net / Archain: (he walked up to pay but in the glass counter he saw a strange ring it was silver but the crystal in it glowed red it was a beautiful color he decided to buy it for her so he payed and hid it) "Ok Im all done what did you find?"
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara picked up a green cotten summer dress that whent down to about her knees when she held it up to her. "do you like it?" she asked smiling.
net / Archain: (he smiles) "Ohh very nice I bet it will look good on you."
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "thank you"
(errr, sign onto yahoo)
net / Archain: <<ok>>"Id like to see you try it on." (he smiled)
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, "ill bet you would" Tamara walked to the fitting rooms and closed the door, "just a minute" she laughed softly. "i like it" she said gleefully before opening the dooor to show him/
net / Archain: (he looked at her for a second) "Oh wow...Its great...well I guess its more like you are great but It looks great on you." (he laughed)
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughed, "well thank you, i think"
net / Archain: "So where do you want to go?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "back into the fitting room so i can change" she laughed and walked inside. as she was in there she thought about what an amazing person he was, and how happy she was to ahve him.
wallking out, she payed for her dress and they walked out of the store hand in hand.
net / Archain: (he took the ring box out of his pocket) "Almost forgot this here ." (he smiled and gave the box to her)
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara blushed and hesitantly took the box. she opened it and gasped, "its..beautiful" she replyed.
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I thought you would like it."
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "you put it on me"
net / Archain: "Ok then" (he took the ring and her hand in his and gently slid the ring onto her finger) "So how is the fit?"
Freak_ / Tamara: Tamara smiled, "its almost as if it was built just for me"
net / Archain: (he smiled) "I'm glad you like it so where did you want to go?"
Freak_ / Tamara: "i love it" she smiled slightly and then replyed, "the park, i want to go to a park"
net / Archain: "That sounds very nice."
Freak_ / Tamara: "yes it does" she laughed softly and linked her arm with archains as they started off toward the park.
net / Archain: "It should be nice and quiet there." (he hadnt noticed it had been so long since he last had blood)
Freak_ / Tamara: Tamara smiled, "indeed" it had been only a day since tamara had tasted the inky sweetness of the crimson, so it didnt much bother her, btu she noticed changes in archain, "if youre hungry we can eat" she replted, gesturing to everyone around thm.
net / Archain: I can wait for a few more minutes.
Freak_ / Tamara: Tamara smiled, "if youre sure" she ran ahead to a big wooden swing, she sat in the middle of it and laughed, "come push me!"
net / Archain: (he laughs and walks over behind her and starts pushing her)
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara smiles, "i havnt felt this good in such a long time" she breathes in deeply, and closes her eyes.
net / Archain: (he smiles and laughes) "Im glad I make you happy."
Freak_ / Tamara: "you do..." she let her words drift, as she stared into the sky, losing herself, getting higher on the swing.
net / Archain: (he laughed) "How does the wind feel?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she smiled, "great, why dont you get on?" she gestured to the swing next to her.
net / Archain: (he laughed) "Alright then." (he sat on the swing and began swinging.)
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara waited until he could catch to her speed before swinging her legs back and forth, getting steadily on the same pace. she looked over at him, smiling.
net / Archain: (he smiled) I havent been on a swing in a while so this is really fun.
net / Archain: <<Hello?>>
Freak_ / Tamara: laughed softly. "you know, neither have i"
net / Archain: (lughs) so are you having fun to then?
Freak_ / Tamara: Tamara laughs softly, putting her head down a bit, letting a few strands of hair fall into her face, "i am"
net / Archain: Good (swings high and jumps out) HAH HAH I reamember doing this when I was little.
Freak_ / Tamara: tamara laughs softly as she watches him make his way back up from the ground, her swing slowing down dramaticly. "entertained?" she laughs.
net / Archain: "Yeah. How about you?"
Freak_ / Tamara: she laughs lightly, and stands, doing a 180 degree spin on her toe, then ending up a few inches from him, "very"
net / Yuri: "good"
net / Yuri: <<Hello?>>
net / Yuri: <<Ur turn>>
FailureXX / Analise: >>im gonna use analise's account because i dont feel like siging back in with tamara, im using two different account entirly.<<
Tamara laughed and sprinted across the street, paying no mind to the cars in the road, she yelled for archain to follow her.
net / Yuri: He laughed and followed her. "Hey wait up not so fast." <<Im a bit lazy to>>
FailureXX / Analise: > haha, yah<
analise bent over some and stuck her tounge out from across the street "hurry up you slow poke"
net / Yuri: He hurried across the street and hugged her. "Alright alright Ill hurry more."
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled and kissed his cheek, then took his hand, leading him into a store that sold coffee. "would you liek some?" she smiled as they headed for the front desk.
net / Yuri: "Sure..Id love some. What kind do they have?"
FailureXX / Analise: "Any kind" she smiled and ordered herself a small coffee, double cream and sugar." the waitress looked to archain.
net / Yuri: "Ill have the same thing." He smiled lightly. "I love you."
FailureXX / Analise: tamara smiled, "as i love you" she took their drinks and sat at a small booth, she patted her hand for him to sit next to her.
net / Yuri: He smiled and sat next to her and kissed her lightly. "Thank you for staying with me." <<are they getting married in this one?>>
FailureXX / Analise: >>yeah<<
she kissed him in return, "its not a problem to stay with you.." she smiled sweetly at him, taking a small sip of her coffee.
net / Yuri: He smiled. "So when should we have the wedding?"
FailureXX / Analise: tamara smiled in his direction, then looked out the window, "possibly in may?"
net / Yuri: He nodded. "Alright then May it is." He took a sip of his coffee.
FailureXX / Analise: >>how old are again? i forget<<
she smiled and grasped his hand under the table. "im excited.."
net / Yuri: <<cant tell all I can say is my B-day is friday>>
"So am I." He smiled and kissed her gently.
FailureXX / Analise: >>lol, you cant tell me how old you are? classic :P>>
she smiled and took another sipping her coffee. "who do you plan to invite?"
net / Yuri: "Im not sure yet...what about you?"
FailureXX / Analise: "my sister..my nephews..i know that much." she smiled and grasped his hand a bit tighter.
net / Yuri: "Alright....I dont really have anyone to invite...my brother I guess."
FailureXX / Analise: "so itll be a small wedding" she smiled.
net / Yuri: "Yeah..it should be nice...what do you tink your sister will say?"
FailureXX / Analise: tamara laughed, "she's going to want to beat you with a bat repeatedly. btu then the idea will sink in..what will your brother say?"
net / Yuri: "Probably tease me and say." A voice came from behind them. "Never thought you'd get married."
Archain looked surprised.."WHA!"
FailureXX / Analise: analise turned around to see a man standin behind them, she smiled sweetly.
net / Yuri: "A...Aaron?"
"Yeah bro?"
FailureXX / Analise: analise stood, just being curtious, she bowed to him and smiled.
Aaron laughed. "Nothing...it's just Im a little jealouse little brother getting married befoore me."
FailureXX / Analise: Tamara stood, just watching the two, and smiling.
net / Yuri: "Ah anyway Aaron this is my future wife Tamara."
"Heyyy she's cute."
"Yah I know." He smiled.
"Im aaron this kids older brother."
"Im not a kid."
FailureXX / Analise: Analise put forth her hand to him, "Nice to meet you, Aaron." she smiled sweetly at him.
net / Yuri: Aaron shook her hand. "Heh looks like my brother is very lucky."
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled and felt her cheeks turning a rose color.
net / Yuri: He smiled lightly laughing a little. "Yah I am."
Aaron smiled. "So yah Ill be there at the wedding.."
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled, "that would be great"
net / Yuri: Aaron smiled. "Alright then I got to get going see you wo later." He walked out.
"He likes to joke alot.."
FailureXX / Analise: analise laughed and softly pressed her lips to his, "but you are a kid" she winked.
net / Yuri: He kissed her back deeply. "Really?...and what does that mean?"
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled, "nothing at all honey, nothing at all" she finished her coffee and kissed him a last time before standing, "where would you like to go?"
net / Yuri: "I dont know...there dosent seem to be much going on tonight."
FailureXX / Analise: she sighed, "i know, what a bore" she twirled a piece of her hair.
net / Yuri: "What would you like to do?"
FailureXX / Analise: "i want to go dancing" she smiled and bit her bottom lip hopeing he;d say yes.
net / Yuri: "hmm...that sounds like fun...alright lets go."
FailureXX / Analise: analise smiled and laughed "yay" she said giddily, taking his hand and running out of the coffee shop.
net / Yuri: He laughed. "Alright!"
Serenity Sable / Emma Frost: <<All right, im going to be a dancer but give me a brief of the story because it's so damn long>>
FailureXX / Analise: ((feh..so much to catch up on..basicly the two main charactos archain and tamara are engaged to be married))
as they cross the street again, they walk a ways, passed many streets. one particularly busy, "there it is" she smiles and points so a large building across the road.
net / Yuri: He smiled happily. "Come on lets go before we miss anything." He laughed a little then kissed her lightly.
FailureXX / Analise: She smiled like a small child and kissed him in return, "lets" she replyed, running to the double doors. As she entered the buiilding the loud sounds of people cheeering and salsa music filled her ear drums.
net / Yuri: Heh...kinda stereotypical huh a couple of vampires in a club?" He laughed smiling happily at her. "Come on lets have some fun."
FailureXX / Analise: she laughed, and shrugged her shoulder slightly, "why not?" she neared the bar, but realized she was too young to buy any sort of liquor, she smiled at archain sweetly, as she pointed to the alcohol.
net / Yuri: He smiled. "Sure why not." He bought a couple of drinks handing one to her. "Here."
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled at him and drank hers quickly, "may i have this dance?" she laughed and stood from her seat, bowing to him.
net / Yuri: "You may my love." He smiled and stood taking her hand and walking with her to the dance floor.
FailureXX / Analise: "oh, well then, i am a lucky girl. she walked next to him, as a slower song died into a faster paced jingle. she started to gracefully move her feet across the lenolium.
net / Yuri: He moved along gracefully with her almost as one being. "I am lucky to have you my love." He smiled kissing her lightly.
FailureXX / Analise: She softly pressed her lips to his, and closing her eyes, still moving just as gracefully.
net / Yuri: He smiled. "Do you wish to stay with me all night?...do you wish to lie in the same bed with me or do you want to sleep alone?"
FailureXX / Analise: "i wish to be close to you" she smiled as they neared the end of the song.
net / Yuri: "I wish for the same...I want to lay close to you always...when you get tired we will leave.."
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled, "Maybe you should buy me another drink before we leave?" she handed him a ten from her pocket, "get yourself one too if youd like"
net / Yuri: "Ill pay for it...dont worry." He walked over to the bar again paying for a few drinks. then walked back to her. "I got some extra for later on or tomorrow."
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled and nodded her head, "thank you"
net / Yuri: "It's not a problem." He smiled. "Come on lets get going.
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled, "You are tired?" she asked him as they walked down the now dark streets.
net / Yuri: "A bit but Ill stay up as long as you will." He smiled.
TheUnforgiven / Muyrah McManaleese: *She made her way down the street, dark and wrapped in shadow, her gun held nacholantley at her side as her arms swayed back and forth in respect to her steps. The long tail of her coat fluttered out upon the city winds behind her in her wake. As she continued on, she raised a cigarrette to her lips, the tiny flame of a lighter danceing within the darkness there as the cherry burned in crimson orange*
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled, "I am rather sleepy myself," yawning, she continued, "so, it is best we get some rest."
net / Yuri: He smiled. "Yeah that sounds nice." Kisses you lightly.
FailureXX / Analise: She smiles at him, "indeed it does" as they walked on down the street, tamara began to adjust her eyes to the dark.
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiles. "So whose house are we going to?"
FailureXX / Analise: "hm.." she puts a finger to her lips, "Mine?"
net / Yuri: "Alright." He smiled. "After all it is a bit closer."
FailureXX / Analise: "not by much, but a bit" she smiled at him and lightly took his hand. Looking away from him, and averting her gaze to in front of her she sighed.
net / Yuri Valentine: "hmm..what is it? if you are tired you can lean on me."
FailureXX / Analise: Tamara smiled at him and shook her head, "i am fine" they walked a bit further, finaly approaching the clearing near her home.
net / Yuri Valentine: "Alright." He smiled. "So did you have fun tonight?"
FailureXX / Analise: "more then fun" she smiled at him and looked away, opening heer front door with a key. walking inside a small gray cat met her at her feet, "hello Lucy" she smiled and patted her head lightly.
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled and kneeled down petting the cat and feeding it a little fish out of his hand. "Here why dont you try this." It seemed to enjoy it. "Hmm...I think she likes it."
FailureXX / Analise: she laughed softly, "i think she just likes you" she winked at him playfully.
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled. "She is a beautiful cat and playful to..."
FailureXX / Analise: Analise watched as he ruffled the furr on her belly, "well thank you, her name is lucy, ive had her for a while now..saved her off the street" she walked to her kitchen, locking her front door before she went, and she grabbed a bottle of whine from the shelf. "would you like some?" she asked him taking two glasses from her cupboard.
net / Yuri Valentine: "Sure." He smiled. "So your lucy huh? She named you pretty well." He kept petting her and she licked his hand.
FailureXX / Analise: she looked up at them, over the top of her marble bar in front of her kitchen, her dark hair fell gracefully into her face. pouring the glasses she waited to take a sip of hers until he had his, "lets make a toast" she said smiling as she handed him his whine.
net / Yuri Valentine: "Alright what to?" He smiled taking the glass.
FailureXX / Analise: "to life" she smiled and touched her glass to his lightly. "cheers.." she took the glass to her lips, and took a small sip.
net / Yuri Valentine: "And love." He smiled and took a sip also.
FailureXX / Analise: "and love..but of course.." she whispered almost more to herself then to him, smiling and looking up at him through her hair.
net / Yuri Valentine: "Is something wrong?....You dont seem happy as you used to.."
FailureXX / Analise: a small frown grew across her lips, "i am happy..how could you think i am not..?" she walked a bit closer to him after setting her drink on the bartop. she put both hands to his cheeks and kissed him with passion, tounge and all.
net / Yuri Valentine: Smiles and kisses you back in the same way. "I dont know...I must be crazy." He smiled and held you close.
FailureXX / Analise: "must be.." she laughed softly and kissed him harder.
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled and kissed her back deeper. "Come on you said you were tired lets get you to your room."
FailureXX / Analise: she laughed softly and winked at him, "after you" she put a hand out in front of her, "last room on the left"
net / Yuri Valentine: "Oh so you want me to come with you?" He smiled. "alright." He walked odown the hall in the way in which she said to.
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled at him and nodded her head slowly, she leaned up against her door, closing it as she did so, smiling at him from across the room.
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled back. "Hmm...so what was it you wanted?"
FailureXX / Analise: "i wanted something?" she laughed softly, "i dont recall."
net / Yuri Valentine: "Oh well...lets go to sleep then...you did say you were tired."
FailureXX / Analise: "of course" she smiled and walked to her dresser. there, she picked out a small pair of red shorts and and a white lace tank top. she smiled at him.
net / Yuri Valentine: He blinked. "Oh wow.....so beautiful."
FailureXX / Analise: "my clothes are beautiful?" she laughed softly, "why dont you wait until i put them on."
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled. "Alright....But I was taling about your body."
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled, "how can you see it throuh my clothes?"
>>im still dressed hun :P <<
net / Yuri Valentine: <<i know>> "No...but I can tell annyway."
net / Yuri Valentine: <<I gtg for tonight>>
FailureXX / Analise: "youre an ass kisser arent you?" she laughed softly and moved a bit closer to him, handing him the clothes she had just picked out.
net / Yuri Valentine: <<I gtg for tonight>> "Oh thats not very nice." He laughed "So what are you going to do?"
FailureXX / Analise: she laughed softly "what are you going to do is more like it. maybe you could help me to put on this outfit?" she smiled impishly.
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled. "And what are you implying by that?" He laughed "Of course I will help you."
FailureXX / Analise: "good" she smirked at him and stood in front of him, she slipped her shirt off, slow and sexy. "go ahead hun, the rest is for you."
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled walked over and kissed her neck while standing behind her. "So did you just want me to help you change clothes or did you have an alternative motive?"
FailureXX / Analise: she winked at him in a playful notion, "thats for you to figure on your own"
net / Yuri Valentine: "Really now?" He had finished undressing her. "Just as I thought...such a beautiful body."
FailureXX / Analise: she stood in front of him, smiling, but not touching, "you think so?"
net / Yuri Valentine: "Oh yes very..." He smiled and reachead out his hand stroking her side mving his hand along hr breast then her side and waist.."Smooth and soft....so beautiful...not a single flaw."
FailureXX / Analise: she tingled at his touch, smiling at him, "why thank you, my love. she moved her hand over his, that was on her body, she moved it downward toward her stomach.
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled. "Would you like to see my body love?"
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled an impish grin, "please"
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled and slid off his shirt. "I helped you...so how about you help me?"
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled, "thats only fair" she walked to him and unbuckled his belt, she slid his pants off slowly,a nd watched them drop to the ground.
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled. "So...what do you think so far?" He kissed her gently.
FailureXX / Analise: she returned his kiss, soft and slow, "amazingg.."
net / Yuri Valentine: "So...would you like to do something?" He smiled and kissed her again passionately.
FailureXX / Analise: she smiled and kissed him in return, moving herself to her bed, and falling onto it, "whatever do you mean?" she laughed softly and watched him.
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled and removed his under garments. "Oh not much." He laughed and got on his hands and knees over her and kissed her deeply."
FailureXX / Analise: she laughed softly and kissed him in return, deeply, placing her hands to the sides of his neck.
net / Yuri Valentine: "Would you like to...do something...new?" He smiled gently.
FailureXX / Analise: "anything.." she smiled up at him, in excitment.
net / Yuri Valentine: He smiled and lowered himself into her. "Then let's" He smiled and kissed her deeply.
Kasey: <<You know what's annoying? when you find a desent rp, and it's DEAD!>>

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