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Roleplay - Horny Dragons club by QueenOfDarkness / QueenOfDarkness

12th level of hell.....

Roleplay Details

yai, twisted whispers, barry, jyn, beans, spoon, giggles,


Tabris: (what in the world)
QueenOfDarkness / Twisted Whispers: As Twisted Whispers opened her eye's shw relized she wasn't alone. She looked around the room to see her friends there with her but they all looked dead, layin there on streatchers covered in white sheets. She jumped up just as Yai started to scream.
"Ahhhh!!! Im blind!...."
"Yai! Yai you're just under a white blanket!"
Uncovering herself Yai said "Oh, that would explain it wouldn't it? Where are we?"
"To tell you the truth i have no idea."
Giggles flew over our heads and said "Oh good im not the only one awake"
"Giggles where are we? I asked as she flew down to sit on the streatcher.
"We are on the 12th level of hell."
"Whoa what? when did Hell have 12 levels?"
"Actually there are 13 levels, we just happen to stop on the 12th."
"What the hell, the last thing i remember is us at lunch. What happen?"
"I don't know. Oh look everyone is starting to wake up."
QueenOfDarkness / Yai: Giggled hovered over each of the stretchers and scared the crap out of whoever woke up. One by one, they were awake and all needed new underwear (except Spoon, who was a turkey and only wore a yellow and purple polka dotted tie). Beans brandished his trusty axe, Cornbread and growled, "Wer th' hell 're we? I wuz in das middle o' me f-in' pizza fer Cry's Sake!"
"We were just trying to figure that out," TW said watching Jyn scrape some dirt from her tail. "Giggles said we're on the 12th level of hell."
Barry sqeaked to himself nervously and looked around, "W-well then. what d-do we do n-now?"
TW slapped Yai for the comment. "Thanks I needed that."
miroakukirara / sasha adding her intoV: ((humh this is disturbing me but ill join can i be Jyn or just make up one?>>
sinjen / Arista: what do you mean 12 levels is there an elevator or somthing?and how do you no so much??????????????
Lt.Mayfield / Johnny: (hmmmm im on feista deck on level 229 and it sucks the beds are to cramed tagether)
QueenOfDarkness / Barry: "w-w-what...? w-whrers this castle a-and how do we storm it?" skweeked Barry...then TW slapped him as well and explained tho him that Yai is
"a complete and total mind skitz who is not to be taken seriously..."
Spoon let out a loud squak...
giggles flew behind him just in time to colect his egg
"eeewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"shriked jyi
"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... good eatin" hummed beans licking cornbreads sharp edge...
Zanziber: What the fuck is wrong with you people?
Kykaru / Mioko: < 3 and a half fucking year's ago!! >

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