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Roleplay - vicious love by Lady Vicious / CutMeDeeper

anywhere, anytime, just a city and lots of people and scenery.

Roleplay Details

mostly girls, rick and josh, you're not allowed! lol, and just to let u know, im bi...


miroakukirara / nolane: <<humh i will join>>
elva / lacia: can i join?
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey walked down the sidewalk in the park, writing poetry in her head, thinking of that girl she saw the other day in the park and thought was just so beautiful... she stopped herself and reminded herself that no one would ever accept her, especially not a girl... she had no chance at that one.
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey stared at this girl. She was so BEAUTIFUL! she closed her eyes and shook her head. "no, it doesnt matter that i think shes pretty, just dont say anything stupid" she thought to herself. she stood up and offered her hand to the girl who had run into her "im sorry, let me help you up." she pulled the girl to her feet. she stared into her pretty eyes as she spoke "my name is evey. what's yours?"
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey ran after her and slipped her hand into Cani's. "No, wait!" she said softly as she pulled the girl around to face her. "I was just thinking how beautiful you are too" she said softly, staring at her feet as she said it.
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey shook her head. "no, i have a feeling that was supposed to come out. I mean, I dont know for sure, but i was thinking the same thing and maybe we were supposed to find out that we both had the same thoughts about each other and i dunno, i guess, i, well, i " she studdered, then just stared into cani's eyes and smiled. "wanna take a walk?" she asked as she stared
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey slipped her hand into Cani's and smiled. "So tell me about yourself, because I really would love to learn more about you."
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey smiled back. "I dont really know what I want to know... just, " she paused "youre SO damn beautiful thats ALL i can think about!" she giggled and pretended to be upset about that.
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey's eyes danced as she looked at Cani and smiled at her. "Well then, you ARE beautiful, Cani." she suddenly stopped walking and took both of Cani's hands in hers. she stared into her eyes and moved slightly closer. She wanted to kiss her, but hesitated.
Osborne112: Then the two girls became Christian and dropped all lesbian thoughts and became the best of friends.
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey stared smiling after Cani, shocked at what had just happened, enjoying the sense of her first kiss with a girl, and then she realized she might not ever find her again. she started to run after her in the direction she had run. She found her, and watched as she ran into a guy. She hurried forward, interested to find out who he was and why she had run away "Hey, Cani!" she shouted as she approached.
CutMeDeeper / Evey: <lol, i have no idea where this is going, but its fun so far!>
CutMeDeeper / Evey: "I"d love to" Evey smiled and winked at cani, hoping to let her know that she wasnt upset over their kiss. "You live in a hotel?" She asked in a calm voice, stepping closer towards Cani.
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey turned to tanner. "I'm evey by the way." she held out her hand and smiled, trying to calm herself down enough to turn back to cani and keep her hands from shaking.
CutMeDeeper: Evey felt her stomach fill with butterflies as Cani placed her hand on her shoulder. she instinctively reached for Cani's hand and sliped her fingers inbetween cani's. "That kiss was amazing" she whispered into cani's ear as she attempted to keep up wtih her.
CutMeDeeper / Evey: <whoops, sorry forgot to log in! eek!>
CutMeDeeper / Evey: evey smiled and stared at cani. "why would i be upset about it? i mean, i told u that u were beautiful!"
Elite: i don't even have no clue what yall are talking about but it sure is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey reached for her hand. "I never say anything I dont mean" she pulled cani to face her and she brushed a stray lock of hair away from her face. If i say ur beautiful, then u are! she stepped closer to Cani and clasped her other hand.
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey giggled. "Me too. but thats ur fault!" she smiled widely.
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey's eyes grew wide. She giggled and squirmed a bit, rubbing her body against Cani's loving the touch of her legs. "Hm, this is something I have NO experience in" she frowned slightly. then she leaned in and kissed cani again, running her tongue over her lower lip
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey giggled. "no, seriously, i have no experience in being with a girl. id never even KISSED a girl until today" Evey smiled. "my eyes are only as mesmorizing as the ones im looking into"
CutMeDeeper / Evey: "Oh, your right, i am mistaken. your eyes dont mesmirize, they draw me down right to ur soul and fill me with passion and love." Evey smiled and she could feel the heat of her breath against Cani's lips which were close to hers. She slipped her hands around Cani's waste and pulled herself closer so that their bodys were completely touching
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey giggled in her cute way and rubbed her nose against Cani's. "Oh, is that so?" she asked, still giggling as she kissed Cani on the lips. It was a playful, quick kiss, but by breaking the barrier between her lips and Cani's had a strange effect. She kissed her again, lingering a little longer this time, then kissed her several times, nibbling on her lips a bit with hers. She giggled and ran her hands up and down Cani's sides, then began to play with Canis hair and kissing her at the same time, playful, teasing kisses.
CutMeDeeper / Evey: "oh, im sorry!" evey smiled and rested her hands behind Cani's back and continued to kiss her teasingly again. "oh, how is this kinda cheating?" she asked, smiling from ear to ear, saying one word between each kiss
Breathe_of_life: "because your the first girl I have felt this way for instantly in a long time" she smiled and pulled evey in and kissed her holding her there for awhile before pulling back
CutMeDeeper / Evey: Evey smiled "Is that so? Because ur the first girl ive ever even kissed, so I guess thats a good thing." she blushed and kissed her again.
CutMeDeeper: evey smiled. she suddenly stood up and stared down at cani. "you gonna show me the rest of ur appartment? or just sit like this all day?" she giggled playfully.
CutMeDeeper: evey smiled. "its up to u love." she was kinda nervous, not knowing what the next move would be, but definately knowing she needed to make one. suddenly, she realized her parents were going to be gone all weekend and she was supposed to ask her friend lauren if she could stay with her. "CRAP!" she said outloud. "um, sorry, but i just realized I have absolutely no where to stay all weekend"
CutMeDeeper: Evey smiled. She was puzzled by her dissapearence and wondered what she was doing. She sat on the couch and waited, wondering what was going to happen next. She found herself playing with her long hair as she waited for Cani to return.
breathe_of air: <<< hey jen i do believe that this is where u told me to go!!>>>
breathe_of air / shimira: suddenly there was a knock on the door. as shimira waited at the door for cani to answer the door she thought to herself," i wonder if cani has a guest over? i really dont want to intrude!"
CutMeDeeper: Evey pulled Cani close and kissed her. She didnt care if there was someone at the door or not, she wanted to stay right where she was with Cani. "you know ur beautiful?" she whispered, then pulled her closer and her hands began to explore her body
CutMeDeeper: evey became very confused and sat quietly on the couch looking around the room trying not to feel uncomfortable and trying to pass unnoticed. whoever this girl was, it was obvious that cani knew her well.
CutMeDeeper: Evey beamed. "you are seriously asking me out?" she kissed her back "of course cani!" she kissed her once more then stood up and gave her sister a hug to. "If you're anything like cani, I'm sure ill LOVE you!" she giggled.
CutMeDeeper: Evey smiled. "Don't worry I didnt forget!" she licked cani from the tip of her shoulder all the way up her neck to her ear then whispered in it "ur so sexy" and nibbled on her earlobe gently
breathe_of air: "how cute... I just stopped in to see how my older sister is doing but since you have your girlfriend over I think that I should leave you two alone" Shimira told her siter hoping not to actually look at what was going on between them.She felt kinda lonely seeing what her siter had and what she couldnt find easily.
breathe_of air / shimira: <<<srry i forgot to log in as shimira.>>>>
breathe_of air / shimira: Shimira turned and headed toward the door hoping that she wouldnt interrupt the two girls.
breathe_of air / shimira: <<<hey hun what are you doing this weekend??? I might come down to visit this weekend and i just wanted to know>>>(directed to JEN)
breathe_of air / shimira: <<<ok>>>. i was trying to not see this stuff this week. she told her older sister
CutMeDeeper: Evey sighed as she sat on the couch, waiting. she had thought she was sooo close to getting to be with Cani and spend more time exploring her beauty, but now, she was quite sure that chance was ruined... and she was hurt and saddened by that.
breathe_of air / shimira: " is that a prblem for you ?? i mean u seem kinda busy so it is no problem but i am not sure if i am going to be at home later." shimira said then she turned to evey.. " hey evey, it was nice to meet you and i hope to dee you again i hope i didnt make you think that i hated you or anything." Shimirra turned again and started toward the door and waited for her sister's response.
breathe_of air / shimira: <<<jen, my mom and i got into another figt so i am sorry but i might be living down there again this year.>>><<i'll tell u about it when i come down there this summer>>>>
CutMeDeeper: "its ok. I understand" evey replied, slightly confused and overwhelmed. She suddenly felt shy and stopped kissing cani for the moment. She felt oddly like a schoolgirl, afraid to make the next move, but wanting to make it so badly.
CutMeDeeper: "no no, see, I DO want to, i just, im shy....." evey muttered. She looked deep into Cani's eyes and smiled. She found her so beautiful, and yet she was too scared and too shy to make any more moves. <<i usually get on later at night, like 10 or 11 my time... i got a new sn too poemwriter37>>
breathe_of air / shimira: <<< i am moving in with my dad next year i hope and i will tell you about the whole thing when i am down there this summer>>> Shim left and went toward the exit.
CutMeDeeper: Evey suddenly turned to cani, and tackled her in a huge passionate kiss, pressing her body against Cani's and rubbing against her hips and tits like crazy.
CutMeDeeper: Evey smiled. "ya, but ur just so beautiful, i couldnt help it any more." she giggled and kissed her more, nibbling on her lower lip, her hands searching cani's body, moving up and down, exploring everywhere...
CutMeDeeper: evey giggled more "yes, u are tooo beautiful!" She smiled and her hands slipped up Cani's shirt she made an "oh!" face and then smiled
CutMeDeeper: Evey giggled and began kissing cani's neck and her shoulders, licking in between kisses, sucking on it occasionally, and squirming a bit, loving the feeling of her body rubbing up against Cani's. She stared straight into Cani's eyes. "You're turning me on love" she said and she began rubbing her breasts at the same time as she kept kissing all across her shoulders and neck and collarbone.
breathe_of air: <<Jen, I might not be able to make it down there this weekend cuz I gotta watch Kayla n I need a ride in order to get there and my dad doesnt have a car and my mom doesnt have the money so I need u to get on to Yahoo sometime so I can see if ur on to tell u what happened. Things between my mom and I are going better now that she had to call the cops on me twice for refusing to do the dishes and go to my no-aired room.>>>>
CutMeDeeper: Evey giggled outloud "never done this before, but im just doing what feels natural" she whispered "and NO i do NOT want to stop" she managed to whisper into cani's ear between nibbles and licks on her earlobe. she licked from one shoulder across her collar bone to the other shoulder, then down her neck, then slid her fingers inbetween her waistband and her belly, rubbing back and forth, kissing and licking passionately at the same time <<sorry, i was out of town in costa rica for 10 days and just got back love>>
CutMeDeeper: Evey was slightly disappointed but backed off so cani could answer her phone. "HURRY BACK, I WANT YOU" she mouthed to cani as she answered the phone.
breathe_of air / shimira: <<<jen, I am here so what are you gonna do now???>>> <<< I really missed you so come over here tomorrow morning please??>>>>>
breathe_of air / shimira: <<Jen, I am staying at my grandpas for most of the summer but b 4 i come back i want u 2 give jared a hug 4 me please!!!>>> <<< I love u gurly>>>>
Breathe_of_life / airwen morningstar: <<<KITTI!! go to the new thing i made no choice its called need to talk>>>
breathe_of air / shimira: <<<jen, i cant seem to get in to need to talk and I really wanted to get on there to talk.>>>>>
breathe_of air / kitti: <<<<jen i got ur messages but i cant get on to reply. what name did u put down so i can get on. it says that it is a private rp and that i dont have permission to get on it.
breathe_of air / kitti: <<<<Soulcloud47..... is that jared??? i need to talk to him again so yea help plzzz.>>>>>
Breathe of air: <<<<just ignore that stuff plzz>>>>>
Breathe of air: <<<<Jenn r u gonna chat or wat????>>>>>
Breathe of air: <<<<sis, what r u up 2 i know ur comin home soon cuz i leave Thursday to go to FL and u come bac then.>>>>>>
Lloyd lionheart / The gaurdian: Jason was riding on his pitchblack fernir at the free way passing through the cars and looking at neon lights of the city. Soon he stopped at the bar for a drink or two he took off his sunglasses and smiled.
He entered the door and his friends greeted him "YO Jason!!! Long time no see boy!" His friends yelled. He wasn't quite amused with their pranks and jokes. "Yeah yeah good to see you too guys" He said and sat on the table with his friends drinking a martiny.
Lloyd lionheart / Jason Ricardo: <<Whoops wrong charcter>>
Breathe_of_life / airwen morningstar: "look why don't we get a drink or somthing I need to catch my sis anyways" she stood up and walked to her sisters house and then beating on the door annoiyed the neighbors
Breathe of air / Shimmi: Shim answered her door."Cani!!" she pulled her sis inside her apartment."How are you?" Shim had a huge smile on her face. She loved it when her sis came to visit.
Breathe of air / Shimmi: <<Thursday, i meant wed.
Breathe_of_life / airwen morningstar: "umm okay" she smiles then looked at her sis "I wanted to knoe if you wanted to party tonight me and my girlfriend are going just to go you want to join?" she asked smiling with that begging look on her face
XxJoliexX / Danger: <<my name is no longer canilia I deleted the profile cause I was gettin hell from one of my friends and umm I am using Danger now>>>
Breathe of air: she pretended to think for a while and then replied"sure, is it going to be just the three of us??"
Breathe of air: <<hey sis who was givin u hell about cani?? ill give them hell!! lol!>>>>
XxJoliexX / Danger: <<Hatii was giving me hell about it but its all good he hasn't ansered his phone in awhile i am starting to get worried about him since I haven't talked to him in awhile>>>> "actually it'll just be us two I beleive that my 'friend' went home" she smiled then hugged her sister "lets go before all the good tables are gone"
Breathe of air / Shimmi: << i probably would b worried too>>>She grabbed her sweater off the coat rack by the door. " okay let's go!" she exclaimed.
XxJoliexX / Danger: "well your excited!" she smiled teasingly then shut the door behind them as they started towards the restarant
Breathe of air: "Possibly! What does it matter? I get to spend time with my sister!" she exclaimed laughing as they walked out of Danger's apartment.
Breathe of air / Shimmi: <<<< SORRY SIS I FORGOT TO SIGN IN UNDER SHIMMI AGAIN>>>>>>
Breathe of air / Shimmi: <<<where u gone to? U left me alone.LOL! I b back down next weekend and I c u soon. Luv u lots!>>>>
Breathe_of_life / Renee Corinota: "your a dork sometimes I swear we're not related" she laughed and grabbed her sisters arm then pulled her out the door and down the street to the diner "sit down missy" she said demandingly but in a giggled sarcasm
Breathe of air / Shimmi: " since when did my name become missy??" she chuckled and then sat in the seat across from her." do you know how long its been since we have ate out like this together?" she asked seriously.
Breathe of air: <<< ok now this is a lil mean sis, u havent been on in forever.>>>> <<< i wuv u wots!>>>>>>
Breathe of air / Shimmi: <<C'mon sis now this is outta hand! ur never on! Wuv U wotz!>>>>>
Breathe of air / Shimmi: <<hmmm how long has it been now?? a few months? almost a year? hmmm...>>>

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