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Roleplay - Elite...dead? by Onitaro / Onitaro

Not an RP. But I just wanna know...Who exactly is still ON elite?

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Onitaro: The past days, weeks, etc. Not many people have been comming on Elite lately. It seemed Elite Skills has been slowing down a bit...on the RP section at least. No new RPs, not many posts. Has Elite actually died?
saggy89 / Crono: I'm still here, but I don't count for much do I?
saggy89 / Crono: Hey Ryou, good timing, can you join Night and Day?
saggy89 / Crono: all of hte old frequents aren't on as much, and the newer Rpers don't know much, making hte new Rps kinda suck because their turning out to be remade old ones.
Onitaro / Black mage: ya its ryou I'll join tell me what to do and how to start off plz
saggy89 / Crono: well, I'm heading back to the light world's wind capital, you can start off there and see me landing or something.
Onitaro / Black mage: will do or sorta not I kinda started it off weird with............stuff
Onitaro / Black mage: and no I'm not a new rp-er
Onitaro / Black mage: Al right whos still on please tell me
Onitaro: well I mean im here every day but see no progress in RPs except for a few. It kinda sadens me because I have nothing else to do. And Tensu, glad to still see you around, but we need more people.
Onitaro / Black mage: ya. there are like three rps I'm in now 4 and white theif has been around since november but one member is on vavation till tues so its on standby.
saggy89 / Crono: yeah, well in about 2 and a half months, I go to boot camp and won't be able to post for 9+ weeks.
Onitaro / Black mage: you suck...... and why do you have to go to boot camp
saggy89 / Crono: I joined the navy
Onitaro / Black mage: why did you join the navy? world domination? or your love of the hell hole called america? (sry I sorta lost my pride in the country)
Onitaro / Black mage: I sotpped creating rp's they last for a week then there like little kids and get bored
saggy89 / Crono: no, my family is pro navy and it beats taking a year or two of shit courses in college when you can learn it straight up in the military, don't worry, I'll pay for my choice cause my boot camp is in Great Lakes Ill.
Onitaro / Black mage: well I'm in michigan and if you wanna do that go for it since I think the military pays for your clooage. Bit I would go wiht collage and no boot camp cause then I get a high paying job in some forain country.
saggy89 / Crono: well what I'll be ding afterrward is high paying and I'll be in many foreign countryies. and with the GI bill, all you have to pay for is text books in college.
Onitaro / Black mage: I'd goin something later if I was a guy or I wasn't lligaly blind. and like I said if I was a guy but my collage is prepaid and I really only want to go to france or japan
Onitaro: Illinois? Awesome, thats where Im from.
Too bad about inactivity though. I was gonna make a forum for Roleplaying so I could find something to do but im not sure how far i would get with it.
saggy89 / Crono: well, I'm suprised that character recruiter i made is still being used.
Freak_ / Tamara: yahh, i use the rps here, but it really is wasting my thoughts, i would much rather find somethign more serious, but for the time ebing, im here.
Onitaro: I was kinda thinking that . I would just look at the list and it would make me wonder how long that will be used.
Onitaro / Black mage: its still sad that your leaving but hey thats life
Finnigan / Kenji Haruno: Well we'll miss you when you leave Tensu. I'm on the boards but there is nothing to post in. I have no will to post in these boards no more. They're all about the same thing. And we need to teach people how to actually post a message in the correct way and elaborate on posts. And I like it back then when people would just jump into the story making there way into the plot. Everyone is either shy, too stupid to post the right way, or doesn't seem interested in the material. Let's take some time to remember some of the good rp's that we actually finished to the end. Lemme see...I have on my list only one, "Relichekai Castle." Can any one else name some so I can read them. I think I should take some time to time to examine them carefully and ask how to get a good rp like that. I'd like if you all would share some good rps so I can read over them.
saggy89 / Crono: My shipout date is the 27th of july, so you guys can harass me about it til then.
Lareth / Khanriish: i am
Lareth: (i am khan, just to let you know)
net / Archain: Im here alot
whiteshadows / Rowan Evershade: I'm here most always. I just don't really use this character much (he was my first character and he's still badass, lol). I've noticed that elieskills has been slowing down, but that happens every year around this time. It's finals for me, which is why I haven't been on as much and I may get a job soon, which will mean I'll be on even less, but I'll still be on.
Desser / Desser Kratmir: Sorry, i missed everything, and I'm too lazy to read the posts before, but whats going on with you Tensu???
Desser / Desser Kratmir: Cool...sounds like fun. Have fun and good luck with that. What caught your interest with the Navy?
Desser / Desser Kratmir: Ah, interesting. I thought about joining the Navy myself. Still not sure if that's what I wanna do just yet. You graduate school yet?
Desser / Desser Kratmir: Thats cool. You'll be traveling alot around the world once you get all trained up, wont you?
Imaginth / Mage: Hey! I'm back from a month of grounding. Let's ust say I was a bad girl ok? No details.
What is this I'm hearing about ES starting to die out? Why not do something about it? Get everyone, but noobs, and use those heads I know you have! Make a great RPG because I can't do it alone.
Xillie: this place is DEAD
KillerDemon / Kasandra: Studd like this is what's going to drive it to be dead
It's making people think that it really is dying and they're leaving.
Just throwing my opinion in...
NefariousSmirk: H
NefariousSmirk / Nefarious Smirk..: (b(#3BF0F7 Well, Miss.Ninjai. You may think what ever it is you wish to think.))
MaskedxXxOne / -Mask-: }Waits patiently for Vermalin...{
Vermalin / Fiarce Carman: (b I'm here now.)
MaskedxXxOne / Gift for Elias: Alright, I need your opinion on this.. As a female. }Chuckles slightly{ Do you think Elias will like this? I picked it up for here a few hours ago..
Vermalin / Fiarce Carman: (b Awh, I think it is beautiful. Are those dragons? I do like me some dragons. o.e)
MaskedxXxOne / -Mask-: Thanks.. It took me an hour to pick out which one to get her.. Yes, it's dragons. }Chuckles{ Though I have a slight problem.. I don't know two things.. One, how to get it to her.. And two.. If she even wants it from how she acted yesterday.
Vermalin / Fiarce Carman: (b Well, you could send it to her through mail? How did she act yesterday? Just say it's a Christmas present.)
MaskedxXxOne / -Mask-: That's a grand idea. And.. Well.. I made a poor mistake in judgment and kissed her.. }Sighs{ She then resumed to push me away and I felt like such an ass.. Because.. Well to get down to the point. She left me because I wasn't around enough.. Though I changed my schedual, skipped a grade in school so I didn't have so many classes, and eased up on my charity work.. Just so I could be now.. And.. I still really like her and to be honest.. I still think she's the one I want to be with.. But.. It's apparent she doesn't want to be with me..
I could do that..
Vermalin / Fiarce Carman: (b Why don't you have just have a private conversation with her on some sort of IM?)
MaskedxXxOne / -Mask-: Even when I do.. She feels akward about the entire situation.. yesterday, she even said.. That she didn't know what she wanted.. And then there's Dalex.. Whom she's obviously taken an intrest to in my opinion.. }He sighed{
Vermalin / Fiarce Carman: (b I thought Dalex has someone. That Lydia chick who's in his pictures that he's using right now.)
MaskedxXxOne / -Mask-: Lydia's pregnante and getting married.. I'm not so sure it would be Dalex who she's getting married to..
Vermalin / Fiarce Carman: (b I really think this is something you need to talk about with her. You're not going to get anywhere if you don't communicate.)
MaskedxXxOne / -Mask-: Communication is out of it's way right now.. Because she doesn't feel comfertable about the particular conversation..
Vermalin / Puppeteer Alec: (b I'm sorry. Then, I don't know what else to say.)
Vermalin / Puppeteer Alec: (b I'm sorry. Then, I don't know what else to say.)
MaskedxXxOne / -Mask-: }Shrugs and smiled a little bit{ Eh.. It's alright.. I'll figure out some way to talk with her on it.
Vermalin / Puppeteer Alec: (b I wish you good luck. *Poofs from this chat and deletes it off.*)
Vermalin / Fiarce Carman: (b LDg, ./4twe.gtdsb f;hf)

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