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Roleplay - Love Story by Katana Ryoko / Katana Ryoko

Castle in the clouds. The princess is being courted by many different people. She has a dark secret that noone would believe.

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Any characters
No extreme characters
Be imaginative


Katana Ryoko: Princess Katana sits in her room alone in the dark. She thinks of the proposal her father made to her: Pick a husband or he'd pick one for her. And the person her father had in his mind was the last person she wanted to marry.
Elite: Princess Katana wanted her father to marrie someone that she would like.
Katana Ryoko: Princess Katana stares out the window of her castle room. She stares at all the tents cluttered around the castle gates. Eligible bachelors from all over the world have come to court her and hopefully win her hand in marriage.
Katana Ryoko: There is a knock on the door and she calls for the person to enter. The castle's head maid tells her that the viewing of her suitors will soon begin. With a sigh, she follows the maid to the throne room. She sits in the throne and with a wave of her hand the doors are thrown open to reveal the first bachelor.
daughterofdeath: And who did her father want her to marry? The richest prince in the world. Prince Augins was the richest, and in Princess Katana's opinion, the most annoying person she had the displeasure to meet. He believed he was the best any woman could get. Since Princess Katana was the most beautiful in the kingdom, he wanted her to be his wife. And since he is the richest, her father wanted her to marry him.
Katana Ryoko: She saw to her disgust that the first person to enter was none other than Prince Augins. Of course, Princess Katana thought, he would demand to be first and get his way because of his riches.
brokenHEARTed09: she scoffed at the sight of this man
Katana Ryoko: ((I need someone to play as Prince Augins))
Katana Ryoko: ((Come on people noone wants to play as a Prince))
Blaque / Arc: <is it alright if i play as Prince Augin? is this a romance?>
ced / nikita: <can i join?>
AshleyDenman / Alice Human Sacrifice: [yes...as long as I get to love you]
ShayRain / -Shay-: -Please join High School....Anything else?-

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