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Roleplay - Daughter of Egypt by Starless Knight / Starless Knight

We will start when the last Queen Cleopatra is still princess, sometime just after Pompey first visited Alexandria.

Roleplay Details

I'd like to keep the plot historically accurate, but I am not opposed to the usage of magic or mythology. You can be anyone you want, but it would be nice to have all the importat roles filled first.
Just so you have some options, heres some info on the Royal family.
The oldest sibling she had was Cleopatra, second would be Bernice, and the third oldest is the cleopatra who later became so famous. After the king was dethroned, berenice and cleopatra the oldest siezed the throne. Caesar came and chaced them away, and restored King Ptolemy to the throne, having the two princess killed for their betrayal. She had a younger sister named Arisnoe famed for her beauty, who later took up arms against Cleopatra during her rein and was executed as an enemy of rome by Caesar.
Caesar - His wife, Calpurnia, was not fertile, which later on caused problems. His son by Cleopatra was nicknamed Caesarion (which means "little Caesar" by the people of Alexandria and his real name was Ptolemy Caesar.


Starless Knight: Cleoptra was not happy with her father's embarassing acts of dancing and such before the visiting romans, but it was not her place to chide him. Instead, she had done all in her power to charm Pompey - and indeed it worked, for even though was was young even he had seen her wisdom. Though at that time it was not known that she would ever rule, none could deny that that was something very regal about her.
Now, exausted from the day's work, she lounged on her low couch and enjoyedthe light breeze that floated through the window and stirred the light linen clothes she wore. It was something that had made her laugh many times before - how as princess of Egypt she wore the lightest of cloth, but then was weighted down with a lot of gold jewlery. She wore a think belt with turquios decorations, with a collar-like necklace that spanned wider than her own little hand. Her arms were encased in serpant-like bracelets, and there were even jewels in her thick black hair, which cascaded down her back with a slight wave. She looked up as she heard someone aproaching, and watched the door expectantly. She had amzingly keen hearing - all the better for a Ptolemy, since apparently no one acended the throne by honest means in her family.
Starless Knight: Cleopatra raised a brow, allowing the hint of a smile to grace her lips. From behind a curtain, a monkey came about and started fusing at the girl, and the Princess laughed. "Before you offer such a thing, I should introduce you to Karus, a servant who was presented to me by the Queen of Nubia," she said with a laugh. "I am afraid she would be insulted if I were to say I had want of anything," she said. She waved a hand, and the monkey subsided for a moment, scampering off to her usual spot. "Besides, my dear, I dare say you cannot lie to me. At the least, it has not successfully been done to the best of my knowledge," Cleopatra mused. She waved a hand to a luxurious couch, offering for her to make herself at home if she wished. The Princess was still young, and could afford to invit anyone she wished to chat with her without causeing political scandal.
Starless Knight: ((You are welcomed to join, Koji! So far nothing much of interest has happened. Princess Cleopatra (me) just met saara. You can choose anyone of the time period - it would be nice to have the royal positions filled, or even the roman ones though the romans don't show much interest in Egypt until caesar comes along.))
Starless Knight: Cleopatra greeted her sister with a large, lopsided grin. Cleopatra was not known for her beauty - that was their youngest sister, arisnoe, but in her own blatant and honest manner she was at the very least not un-pleasant. "No trouble at all. Have you spoke with the romans yet? I have organized a tour tomorrow, hopefully us Princesses can erase what the romans might think of Egypt because of father. I warned him the romans disapproved of dancing, but he is so stubbornly dionysian!" Cleopatra said, exasperatedly. She loved her father, but there was naught much to do if he was going to present the Egyptians as undignified drunkards. "Will you be joining me to repair Egypts reputation?" Cleopatra asked lightly. They both knew they were repairing something far greater, though. Rome had turned it's greedy eye to egypt, and if they made one false step rome might even attempt to devour the Land of the Nile. Cleopatra, of course, was going to do her best not to let that happen.
Pheonix389: Caeser ran his fingers through his coarse dark hair. His nerves were on end. He truely hoped he would meet cleopatra tonight..
Starless Knight: ((We have a problem here. Caesar didn't appear until Berenice and Cleopatra the Older took the throne and forced their father to beg the help of the romans. Then Caesar came, had both berenice and Cleopatra the Older executed, and left the famous Cleopatra as the oldest. This is when cleopatra was stationed outside of alexandria with her troops, and she had to sneak into her own palace in a rug to meet with caesar. So . . . woul you mind being Arisnoe, the youngest sister, Koji? Later on Arisnoe tries to dethrone cleopatra and ceasar defeats her, but it is said she was so beautiful she charmed the roman public and they would have rioted if Caesar had killed her, so she went into exile, to come back later and cause trouble after Caesar's death. Just some things to think about, anyway. We'll sau Cleopatra is in her camp, then, if this is what you decide to do.)) Cleopatra claped a hand, and a large, expencive rug was brought into the tent and unrolled on the floor. Cleopatra looked at her sister with a mischievious smile, "I have been summoned before Caesar, but I can't even get through the streets. So, I have a plan. I'm going to send him this rug as a present," she said. Then she couldn't help but laugh, "With me in it! What do you think of my plan, sister?" cleopatra asked. She was known to be clever, just as much as Srisnoe was known for her beauty.
Starless Knight: Cleopatra nodded. "Then perhaps it is time to prepare," she mused. She called in her maids, Iras and Charmain. She bathed in water mixed with oil of white roses and lilies - specialties of Egypt. She dressed in the sheerest of egyptian cloth, with the most elaborate of egyptian gold all about her. She finished off with two earings made of the largest and most perfect pearls ever brought up by divers. She wanted to be overwhelming, as well as overwhelmingly egyptian. She even wore an elaborate headress to acompany her royal diadem. Of course, her costume was somewhat limited with the fact that she would have to be rolled into a rug. Later that night, her guardsmen rolled her up and made their way into the palace to present this royal present to caesar himself. It was uncomfortable, and dizzing since she could not breath very well - but it was all worth it. This one ruse would surely make it's way into a fine tale for all of time!
Starless Knight: ((Could we bring this back, perhaps? I need a ceasar.)) Cleopatra was brought into Caesar's very chambers, and set down before him. Two of Caesar's guards unrolled the carpet with a kick, and laying there - dizzy and a little disoriented, but glorious and rather sexy in her majestic but slightly disheviled appearance - was the Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. She did not move except to lift up on her arms, gazing up at Caesar with a warmly mischievious and utterly dazzling smile.
Starless Knight: ((Pretty please?))
SincerWritinAsh: (ill play ceasar if y'all like)
Starless Knight: ((All are welcome! lmao Just keep true to history as much as possible.))

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