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Roleplay - Unwillingly by Anidori-Kiladra / PrincessOfDark

Ani is a good person, but her Father is forseing her to get married. She doesn't want to so her father has plans for her...

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PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "Dad. I dont wanna get married. You know i dont like any of the guys you pick for me!" her and her dad were haveing another fight about her getting married again. 'Every year at spring he does this. Why?' she hates it so much.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: (may I join? I'll try my best on the PSP)
draconus / Damian Lomas: (hope you don't mind me joining. i would like to be Anidori-Kiladra's characters friend if that is ok.)
"well what do you expect from him?" damian sat next to her on the egde of the cliff-side, his legs out and swinging over the egde itself.
" you know it is coming. so why don't you find someone before he does." he thought for a moment
"you know how he picks the ones from the best families around while at that ball? why don't you sneak out and find someone. and even if you don't like them that much talk to them. remember it is what is in the heart that counts." he waited for her to reply to his idea.
(p.s zeroth that is a great pick)
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian looked at ani and saw he wasn't helping.
" take this" he said taking of a pendant from his neck. "it will help you find the one"

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