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Roleplay - Slavery by Raven light fellow / Wyrven_king

In medevil times some would take a huge tacktick <sorry i cant spell>>and capture any strong creature to use as a weapon.

Roleplay Details

You may pick your side master/misstress or slave.


Wyrven_king / Raven light fellow: Let me out!He said starting to cry.Why am i here!?He looks around while waiting but only sees complete darkness.
Ariana Angel: A young woman sits in a cage in a darkened room. She is silent, her obvious submissive nature proving that she is in no need of any further restraint appart from the metal collar hanging from her slender neck. Her dark blue eyes gaze upon the floor in silent contemplation as she hears the yells of a man in the same room. Still, Ariana stays silent.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg walks slowly down the long dark stairs to the cellar. Her father had aquirred some more slave canidates. Even though she couldn't speak she always went to come them down. Already she could hear shouting from the bottom. When reached the foot of the stairs she took the lantern that hung by the door and went inside
randa16 / Countess: Countess sits in her cage in the corner waiting for a mistess to take her in. She strokes her hair with her fingers uknowing that this is very attractive.

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