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Roleplay - Roleplay Request by Onitaro / Onitaro

Kinda like that "-.-" that Analise made, but now you can just go ahead and tell people what you would like to see or just go ahead and make plans about RPing on Messenger. Why am I doing this? Well for one, no spam and instant messenging is a TON faster.

Roleplay Details

-Ok...how this works I guess you can say what type of RP you want to see and if you want, give your Messenger name and talk to people about making it or just going ahead and RP privately.
-Try not to argue. If something of the sort pops up, just try to let it go.


Onitaro: Ok...The kinda RPs I like are filled with mysticism and magic or something of the sort. Am I a Final Fantasy freak? You have NO idea!
MSN: FF_Hybrid@hotmail.com
(I can give my Yahoo...but I prefer not yet.)
Onitaro: God damnit! Now I feel bad for being hypocritical about useless topics. I am bored...and I have a TON of stress. I just NEED some some place to RP! So for those that complain...STFU!
Kael Fenshir: Same here, but I would like to see less based on the series. Too many, and give ya a heart attack, heh
Kael Fenshir: lol, yea, too many complainers...well, what can we do...
Onitaro: I dont care anymore. With all that goes on with me, Im willing to just RP. We need that damn chat to come back...maybe people will actually ROLEPLAY on that damn thing!!! All of those assholes that just use chat rooms for your own little pleasure and get a rush knowing if the person on the other end is like you and would like to hook up...get away from me. It is not only Elite that is dieing because of people like that.
Damnit, Im ranting again! Anyway...just do whatever. Alot of people arent that great of roleplayers. Im not the best...but I am alot better than some on here. I will NOT point names...Im only saying that for someone who took the time to register on this site should at least take roleplaying seriously.
Kael Fenshir: Yes, I understand what you are saying Onitaro, we have gotten a lot of new people lately. I wont say noobs because I'm not like that...
Onitaro: I have a way to have people come into a made chat...But I dunno if I wanna tell it. Selfish? A bit...but deal with it. Actually...wanna give it a try? I do it with some of my friends.
Kael Fenshir: The thing is, in my opinion, I'd rather RP with a bunch of bad grammer kids who are kind, than RP with people who are stuck up and think greatly of themselves. But like I said, that's me.
Kael Fenshir: I would try it, but I'm not on a computer. Maybe another time, sorry.
Kael Fenshir: I would try it, but I'm not on a computer. Maybe another time, sorry.
Onitaro: I dont care really...I like the grammer and spelling really. I honestly think I need spelling...but I have a friend who really cant spell so Im use to it I guess. Just as long as they roleplay in the right format, Im ok with it. You know...Third-person--past-tense or ever it was actually called.
Onitaro: damnit...oh well. But I think I may go crazy X_X. I have quite a bit of problems ya know? Oh well...
Kael Fenshir: Sorry, this thing sucks at doing stuff. Anyways, I do agree. If they are focused on the story, then I'm okay. I mean, everyone was new at RPing at some point...
Kael Fenshir: It seems like everyone has been having problems...and it's only making ES worse...
Kael Fenshir: It seems like everyone has been having problems...and it's only making ES worse...
Onitaro: Yea because of the recent spam. I have only spammed at the most of 5 times. I will not doubt it to be less. I hate spam unless its in a spam topic. Your right about the noob thing but sometimes they can be so can just go over the limit.
Kael Fenshir: Yes, sometimes they can be annoying, or short on expectations, but that's what we are for. We are there to help them become better, and learn more. We can always help them if they don't understand something. We are like role models. We arn't making ES better if we tell them they suck, or they arn't good enough to RP with. They just lose interest and we lose more and more people...soon its only the ones who think they are the best, and that won't be fun to RP by yourself, is it?
Onitaro: Im not disagreeing, geez. >_> You can do that...but my anger problems could not let me take the patience. Besides...I dont teach people...I help them with their problems.
Kael Fenshir: Well I'm glad you are helping, unlike others on here...
Kael Fenshir: I'm sorry but I'm a bit tired. It was a pleasure conversing with you. If you ever need to talk, I'm usually on, or check my messangers. Goodnight and take care.
Triflingblood: By the way, I just finished reading the first page.. Elite Chat has been fixed, just not on the roleplaying page. YOu may access ES Chat by going through the Poetry page and accessing it there.. :/ Hope it helps abit because I saw atleast 13 people some other day.
today / james*: whoever made this i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.............waia minute you might be a guy.......well good job man...unless your a girl......than if your a girl ...i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....for making this smart thing.
Lareth / Therone: hey onitaro... i think what nero needs is another character and a little boost... whadya say? can i join?
Lareth: yeah... well i guess i meant to post that as this profile... you said request to join here... so thats what im doing...
Onitaro: Ok, Im gonna revive this thing I made because I really need some help. Instead of remaking this dumb thing.
I really want to try out a new character of mine, but the character I want to use is more of a side character, so Its no use making a story just on him.
So If I could ask...Is anyone willing to start a new RP?
Tensu: whats the name of your character, Demon-san? (Oni is japanese for demon)
Onitaro: Lol thanks, Im aware Oni is Japanese for Demon. Your not the only Japanese fan around lol.
Well, I am kinda searching for a name...But so far, I just kinda call him "Imp" since I havent found a good name yet.
Tensu: I explain things like that because those that don't know japanese and read this wouldn't understand it, and it helps keep it somewhat fresh in my memory. I'm planning on remaking a cowboy bebop style Rp, you could use him in that until you figure out what he's best suited for.
Tensu: theres one person on here that has the four celestial gods, Seiryu, suzaku, byakko, and Genbu. I haven't RPed with him yet, but he snet me an e-mail asking if I was japanese, I found it kinda funny though.
Onitaro: Actually, He is more in a demon type setting. Honestly, I never watched Cowboy Bebop and only saw it maybe twice.
Cant really watch with only cable, so I cant say I would really fit.
Tensu: the guy's name is shinsengumi, and the only one of the four I really know about is Seiryu, azure Dragon of the East.
Tensu: seiryu, blue drabon of the east, associated with spring and a statue of him is sometimes placed in gardens to ward off evil spirits.
suzaku is the red bird of the south and is associated with summer.
Genbu is the black tortise/warrior of the north and is associated with winter.
and Byakko is the white tiger of the west, fall.
thats all I know after looking them up.
Tensu: seiryu is the only one i know a lot about because I was into drawing dragons and such once I started getting good a drawing.
Tensu: yep, that you did, and the Rp is called Lost Cosmos.
Tensu: ..... in any case, when you read this, it's good to see your still around Oni boy.
Onitaro: Thanks. Ive been a tad busy lately, But Ive been here for awhile. I just never post and kinda "Hawk" the place.
Since the forum is running a little slow with not much activity, I look here more than I normally do. And since there isnt much roleplaying there either, I was thinking I could start here once more...
The place doesnt actually look that bad anymore. But of course, i havent been looking that long.
Tensu: consider joining Lost cosmos and I may join the next RP you make.

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