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Roleplay - .x.Naruto.x. [Open] by Satu Takara / thedryerehobo

Woo-hoo, a Naruto Roleplay. Possibly because I have no life. Whatever.
Anyway, this takes place when our favorite ninja are about fifteen and sixteen. Naruto has managed to bring Sasuke back from Orochimaru, who /was/ in custody, thanks to a mysterious ANBU that is suspected to be Kabuto in disguise. This isn't confusing at all, really. Anyway, Sasuke is recovering in the hospital - although it'd be nice to have a Sasuke anyway ^^ - and Naruto and Sakura are ecstatic about having their friend back. But no sign of Sai...where did he run off to? [No real plot, so just, uh, make one up. Woo.]

Roleplay Details

Anyone, OC or Canon. Don't care. I really don't.


thedryerehobo / Satu Takara: Satu strolled the streets of Konoha, the smallest bit of sunlight still not peaking over the hills at this early morning hour. Moonlight still poured onto her lithe form and its surroundings like liquid silver, coloring her hair its normal hue - a lavender-silver color. The rays reflected dangerously off of her crimson orbs, which were darting slowly from side to side as she walked. The forehead protector about her neck indicated that she was, indeed, a kunoichi allied to Konoha. She tugged at her black short-sleeved shirt, which was rather cold at this time of night - or, rather, day - and cast her gaze to the east, where gigantic rain clouds threatened to close in on Konoha. She sighed. /Of course I'd get wet today, too./ And she sat on a bench and watched the moon, a contented expression on her face. [It's short, but...feh. O_o.]
Kid: Kid sat on top of the fourth hokages head engraved into the mountain and stared at the sky, as she thought to herself.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: The storms seemed to be following a boy, a boy whos forehead protecter identified as an ally of Konoha, though wether he actually was, was questionable, Kabuto had easily passed off as an ally, but had betrayed konoha when it needed as many ninja as possible. His hair absorbed the light, but di not reflect it, neither did his clothes, or the metal on him. His Kunai pouch was strapped to his leg and he had a needle pouch on his arm. He was. To sum him up, beautiful, and he knew it. He cast his golden eyes over the landscape, his characteristics identified him as a member of the Tskoki clan (His full name is Cynan Kane Tskoki) The one clan as old as time itself, and that which held the most power in its 'gift' They may not have Sharingan, or Byakugon, but thye had their own, the Necrogan, the Tskoki clan are one of those clans spilt up by time, the main clan line allies of Konoha, though do not nvolve themselves as a whole, only sending a few ninja at a time, yet he traveled completly alone.
Jeneva / Zubaidia: <lol you have no clue...:P
You should read the manga..
Foxninja / Ashurii Kisate: Ashurii Kisate was walking the streets of Konohagakure with her half brother, Naruto Uzumaki.
"I wonder where Sai ran off too...?" Ash was glad to have Sasuke Uchiha back in the village. She was the only one Sasuke never seemed to mind to have around. The only thing that ever pissed him off was the fact that she was stronger than he. Being the only other surviving member of the Uchiha bloodline, she and Sasuke had an interesting friendship.
"I dunno..." Naruto shrugged, hands stuffed in his pockets. They were on their way to the infirmiry to see Sasuke.
amyuchiha / amy uchiha: walks through the leaf village shouting "NII-SAN,NII-SAN",she shout for sasuke,her brother she hasn't seen in 6 years hen stops when she sees Ashirii and naruto
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