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Roleplay - Dark Age by DiamondTears / DiamondTears

It is the dark age and light is constantly being hidden behind large rain clouds, its slightly into the future and people scramble to shelter in the pounding rain, A city of rain and darkness, and suddenly there is a power out...

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No godmoding
No single sentancing in most cases
Have Fun


Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba looked up into the rain, feeling it pelt his face. He hardly worried about how cold it made him. He looked down and saw someone, a girl, walking. He was curious now, but didn't move. Why were these people trying to get away from the rain? It didn't really matter, this was his element. Darkness.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: <<lol, your in two of my rps>>
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba saw a girl dancing and he almost burst up laughing, but he managed to force his mind to not lose composure. She was graceful, but not a lot of others enjoyed the rain as much as he did. He smiled, not being able to help himself. He wouldn't say a word unless she noticed him or said something about his watching her.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: With her acknowledgement, he nodded his head and began to walk away, the smile fading from his face. As he was leaving he pulled at his open leather jacket a little. He was not planning on going anywhere in particular, just away from people.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba glanced back to see that the girl was being called inside. She was younger than he thought. He stopped and waited, knowing that in this lighting, not many could see him. After a bit he saw a dim light erupt in a room. What next, he thought, making himself curious. He had to find a place to stay and it didn't look like he had many options. The inns were full of travelers like himself. He would just sit and watch the town. He told himself. He walked over to a porch, making sure no one would care. He sat down on it and looked down the street, each moment his body becoming more drenched with the rain. He could live with this.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: <<weird '?' but do you mind if your character's parentals were killed? Just for excitement. Not by Nakueba either, unless you want it to be like that?>>
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: ~A loud noise broke out, a screech before, the screaming of a woman and shouting of a man.~ Naki's eyes widened. What was happening?! He sprung to his feet and sprinted to the door where the girl had went. He threw the door open and stood before two bodies. His mouth dropped open. The smell of blood was strong, but there was also another smell, a foul smell. ~Then the demon looked up, but turned and vanished.~ Nakueba attempted to follow, but the woman on the floor grabbed his leg, which made him fall on his face. "Murderer," She said, not knowing who she was talking to in the darkness.
Kikio / Kikio Light: <) Can I be your Friend that is acrossed the street? (>
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba stood up, blood all over himself just so he could kneel down next to her. "I was not the one who did this to you, ma'am." His tone was even an clear as he took up her hand. "The pain will be over soon." He remained still and sent a surge of his own energy into the woman's body to make it feel painless like a morphine drug. He stood and headed out the backdoor where the demon had gone. He hoped that the girl hadn't seen his face.
Kikio / Kikio Light: <Nvm G2g>
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: When he got outside he saw no sign of the demon. It would be impossible to find it in this weather. This angered him, but he had a duty, he reminded himself. He had to find out who else might be alive in the house. He turned and walked back inside, the door or his feet not making a sound. He was stealthy and practiced at it for over a hundred years. His changer had taught him that atleast--how to be stealthy. It was a quite useful skill.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba caught a glimspe of Mai and walked up behind her covering her eyes with his blood free hand as to not even let her catch a glimpse of them. It was a grewsome sceen. "Shhh.." He said nudging her forward and out the front door. When they were outside, he moved his hands from her eyes and asked, "Anyone else in the house?"
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: Nakueba looked at her, "Your brother?" He turned around and rushed into the house. Seconds later he had the boy in his arms, sleeping hard as a rock. "Do you have any place to go?" He asked, not even bared down the her brother's weight.
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: He looked at her, wanting to whip her tears away, but didn't. "You need to go there and stay put. The demon couldn't have got far and I'm sure he'll come back to his house, that's it." He reassured her, "Lead the way." He pulled his leather jacket off and placed it over the boy's face as to not wake him with the cold rain hitting his face.

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