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Roleplay - Draconus' school by Draconus / draconus

deep in the mountains of deep sorrow and pain lies a school that teaches magical people how to hide what they realy are from the human world.

Roleplay Details

teacher 1-wizard 334/Draconus( draconus' son can turn in to what his dad is.)
rules do as you are told.
practise your magical skills in human form as well as your natural form.


draconus / Draconus: "right class as we started." draconus says as the class start to stand up and turn in to human form without the extra featcher like a blue tale.
draconus: Draconus souldenly felt someones powers being used. "ok class cary on your work. i will just be a minute or two." he left the classroom and walked around the school and stoped dead. " you know your powers are a great gift but you should be in class." he created an orb and blasted it upwards. a body fell from the roof.
draconus / Draconus: " No Snake. You will not be having any vacation because we are finaly going to split your two soils up and put them in knew bodys and then you go your own way. you stay in the room and remember i will be watching both of you.
draconus / Draconus: "they are in the room" he said. "why? u seem so interested in them."
draconus / Draconus: wizard 334 we are having two new students in soon and one will be going in the room.
draconus / Sid: Sid looked at teh school from the outside and it was the type of place he felt calm inside. he walked in and the place felt empty, just like his mind, and found the place to be more off a home then a school. he went up the floors and floors of stiars and found the heads office
draconus / Draconus: Draconus heard a knock on the door. he used his power to open it and saw Sid. he signaled him to come in and sit down. "hello Sid i am draconus your head btu we dont tend to use sir so get use to the name sof some teachers, ok. right if you just wait here someone should be along to pic you up and show you around." he left and went down stiars. in the corridor a figure in a brown robe was stud paisently and was waiting for draconus.
draconus / Draconus: Draconus heard a knock on the door. he used his power to open it and saw Sid. he signaled him to come in and sit down. "hello Sid i am draconus your head btu we dont tend to use sir so get use to the name sof some teachers, ok. right if you just wait here someone should be along to pic you up and show you around." he left and went down stiars. in the corridor a figure in a brown robe was stud paisently and was waiting for draconus.
draconus / Draconus: Draconus heard a knock on the door. he used his power to open it and saw Sid. he signaled him to come in and sit down. "hello Sid i am draconus your head btu we dont tend to use sir so get use to the name sof some teachers, ok. right if you just wait here someone should be along to pic you up and show you around." he left and went down stiars. in the corridor a figure in a brown robe was stud paisently and was waiting for draconus.
draconus / Sid: sid turned round and pulled down the robe. his blonde hair flowed on to his dark metalic blue t-shirt. "im sid. and it is an honour to meet you." he grabed her hand and kissed it. his eyes glissening to the light.
draconus / Sid: "Yo dude relax. im new. the names Sid and i also have a message for you. your friend kimiko had to leave. her family was killed and she had to take over. she asked that me and you read something out at there service. she said she'd tell us what to say." Sid said. he got up and shook snakes hand. "you need a shower dude."
draconus / Sid: Sid stopped snake from talking. he could feel some kind of enegy behind the door. he opened it to see a young person in robes stud there. Sid knew who it was emediatly and had no reason not to lash out at him.
draconus / Draconus: There was a sudden flash " whats going on hear?" draconus had been disturbed by the comotion. he looked as everyone except the oldder student who went back to buissness. he pointed a fingure at Sid and Fin. "you two tell me what happened hear! NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!" he was in a really bad temper
draconus / Sid: "sir it was all my fault. Drake came to the door and i atacked him then the others came out and forced him in to his room because he siad he would kill me. then snake took the mick out of worm and thorn had a go at him then his sister came and pushed him down there." Sid replied. he could tell everyone apart from Drake would be in troble.
draconus / Draconus: "well i dont stand for bullying, and you would be out of this school. but because you told the truth i will put you all in detention." he pointed the way.
draconus / Draconus: meanwhile in the staff room, draconus is atlking to wizard 334 about some of the older students.
"well i think Riku is one of the best tempered students i have ever had, and there is somthing about him that reminds me of my sister." he looked outside the window as an owl came up to it with a whole document. it was from kimiko asking that snake and sid would read a poem at her pairents funeral sevice. draconus didn't yet know anything about this and looked at wizard 334. "why didn't you tell me about kimiko." he asked calmly. he could tell that wizard 334 had honestly forgotten to tell draconus all about it. "never mind i will go and tell them myself. i need to ask that one called sid somthing anyway." he left the staff room and headed downward. he came to the door and knocked three times. "boys i need to talk to you. acn i come in please."
draconus / Draconus: "it's about kimiko. she has sent this for you two to complete for her pairents sevice." he dropped the 500 page document. he looked around the room. he saw that the two boys clearly had there own side of the room and was equal in all ways. "Sid could i have a word in my office if you dont mind. don't worry you don't have to come right now but after dinner if you don't mind." he smlied and left the boys to it.
draconus / Sid: after dinner Sid went up to the heads office and knocked three times. after the day he had all he wanted to do was go on to bed but he was asked to come here, nicely so he did as he was told.
the door opened and a head came from the door. "you wanted to see me sir."
draconus / Draconus: " oh yes... do come in Sid. now i am not awear off your past and you are probably the only person who can die..... but i would like you to tell me about Drake, as i gather you two were once friends. what happened?" he said as sid sat down. he paced his study wiating for a responce from sid.
draconus / Sid: "i don't realy want to talk about it but if you insist then i will tell you. Me, Drake, Fin, Thorn, Mac, Rod, Pup, and Worm were all the best of friends. that was untill Drake killed everyones mother and they ended up killing them selves. as soon as he killed my mum i wanted to die but i knew it was him from the start. i fond him and killed him, and as soon as i saw him today i just lashed out because he shouldn't have the chance to 'live again' if you know what i mean? now if you dan't mind i have to get some reat. tomorrow is a hard day for me. as you know i have to read at a sevice of people related to someone i met for not even five minutes." he left the room, slamming the door, and ran for his bedroom. grabbing his gitare he wnet out the window. the door to his room opened. who could that be he tought. and then he remembered that he was a room mate with someone.....
Strator: With the light shining through the door, he tried to pull himself back up to the window. Instead he just fell down the two story wall. Hitting the ground with a big thud, the air in his lungs temporarily knocked out of him, his roommate looks down the wall for his body.
"Any one down there?!" Shouts his roommate. Snow was beginning to fall now. As his body began to feel the cool breezes, he finally regained conciousness.
'Man...that hurt.' He thought to himself. His roommate had left the window sill.
" I guess he didn't see me lying down here..." He whispered to himself. As he looked around, he noticed that his guitar had fallen into a puddle. A few strings had split...but otherwise, things seemed to be fine. He trys to move his legs...for somereason he couldn't feel them.
draconus / Sid: after telling snake the story he told draconus, sid let out his anger by breaking his bed. "i want to die so i have the choise to 'live again' or not. and i would choose not because once your mind is made up you can't change it and i can be away from him for good, dont you see. i dont belong here. i am the only one who can die as it is and thats bad as it is. i dont wonna live, and i don't wonna fight forever." he broke the door to his closet and broke snakes bed.
draconus / Draconus: "if that is what you want then i chose Sid, Snake and pup. i am sure you will be hppy with them. i have not known pup that long but she is very good at her fighting skills and has a good beat to bad news. but we should get some rest we have a funeral tomorrow." he said and showed her to a room.
Strator: Reply to Snake/Z...I thought the whole Idea of this thing was to make up your own part of it and everyone can follow or change it around? Am I right?
So....if that isn't the case, then this is a huge waste of time.
Shadow24968 / Knightmare Shadow: Yo damian, Why you teaching us magical stuff when we can kill things:P Matt
draconus / Draconus: wellcome shadow (matt) i take it you found me then dude. wellcome to the school. tips: watch out for kane and sax, they are gay boys (soz elly)
draconus / Sid: Sid looks at kane and sax. they stop and says
" we are the dreamers
and we dream to well.
we dreamed to much
that we couln't tell
we forgot all the pain
and we forgot all the tears
but what we forgot most
was that of the fear.
why are we like this
why dont we care
is it we cant notice it
or that we are to scared.
so listern to your heart
and listern to the soil (splet it wrong again soz)
for if we do this
we won't have this no more"
he satrted crying and went to the back
draconus / Draconus: Draconus waited and stopped Pup,Snake and finaly Sid. "Follow me you lot" he said as he lead them to the top tower. " you three have been chosen to help kimiko protect her relm from the reeper family, five dangerous people who want the imp and spider relm. thats why kimiko's whole family is dead. and they want to kill her. you will come to school on different days and my newest teacher (coming soon) will teach you what you need to know. and if you want to know why i have chosen you is because
Sid- i dont want any fighting in this school so you are away from drake that way.
Pup- because i know from watching from your past life that you are agreat fighter
Snake- because you are the closest thing kimiko has to family. and you need to help her keep a calm mind. i admire you all for doing this and i will be there whenever you need me ok." he opened a door to a portal and they all went in.
after that he wnet down and got all there things and sent them to kimiko.
draconus: (kay what u on about. you have to fight with Z as a partner. seperate battles.)
Shadow24968: (then shadow says f*** this I'm outta here!)
Shadow24968 / Knightmare Shadow: Shadow comes back with a pint of beer and waves his sword round senselessly
CrypticBard: Tillik blushed as a blue tail began appearing, being one of the newer students he found that he could not adjust as fast as the rest of the newbies. He stood as straight as he could muster in the strangeness of the human form. It was not an itch so much as a slithery feel as bone and muscle banded into place with the restricting force or tensile tendons and ligaments. It was a feeling he would not forget, very sensual and lithe but unweildy at the same time. The human form will take some getting used to. But his immediate concern returned to the sprouting appendange. Sweat began forming on his brow and other crevices of his new found form. What was called the armits were darkening as his tunic began absorbing the moisture. Between his thighs, at the vertex he felt perspiration bead up and lubricate his groin. Why is this apprehension causing his body to react in such manner? He stole a glance at the magnificent teacher-wizard but did not dare speak. The tail did not grow any longer than the few tufts that sprouted.
draconus / Draconus: " you must be the newest maember... now what is your name again... tillik isn't it. i hope you fing this school very usfull for whatever you may want to learn. now i am the head, come to me if there are any problems. i hope you apresiate what we are doing for you. we don't usaly allow dragons (please say you are a dragon)in the school but we are making an actseption. also please dont fight with anyone unless it is for the lesson. now if you follow me my boy i will show you where you will be sleeping, and if you have any questions i will anwser them in good time." he started leading tillik around the school.
draconus / Draconus: "Kane, Sax are you in there lads. its draconus. i just want to cheack up on you." Draconus said as he saw pictures fall down around him
draconus / Draconus: draconus broke the door down. "what the fucks going on here"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane walke din to the dorm room, floppinng down on a couch, he groaned and let his eyeas close..all he needed was 5 more minutes with sax and... he stopped his thoughts there
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax sat in the blue comon room, smiling contently to himself
(make sure to read from your post damo..me n kane av split profiles)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane screamed in to a cushion he needed sax..and he knew it, not that he wanted to admit it
"sax..." he moaned to himself, grabbing a piece of paper he scrawled a message on it
meet me in the hall in 7 minutes, I need you
Kane' he sighed, folding it up and using a tendril of magyk to transport it to him, he hauled hmself up and walked in to the main hall, draconus was still there, he walked in casually, not looking at the head, he pulled a chair out and sat on it, facing towards the door towards the brown room.
"i hope he comes" he sighs to himself
ellesmera / Sax (blue): a message floats down on to his face, he opens an eye lazily and opens it
" meet me in the hall in 7 minutes.. nothing better to do." he sighed, missing ht ename at the bottom, wondering who it was, he pulled on a jacket and left the room, sauntering to the hall, he entered through a differant ay, he saw someone in a chair, their back to him, he smiled and walked up to them, drawing a chair and facing away from them
"what do you want?" he stated
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane started, spinning round and hauling sax against a wall, kissing his neck slightly
"sax..i need ou." he admitted as he held sax to the wall by his shoulders
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax laughed as kane finally admitted it, he hadnt seen draconus yet, he laughed more, his whole face lighting up
"kane..you prick." he started grabbing kanes arms and puling him to him, kissing the crease in kanes neck, sucking on the skin gently before backing him up.
"were in differant groups now..we...we cant do this." he pushed kanes arms away and started to walk off "you were put in the black group...your a bad person...all vampires are..find someone else ka..vampire" he was shuddering as he said this he ran down to the blue section, flying in to his room which he didnt know who he shared with..if anyone, he flung himself on his bed and but in to tears, tearing several pillows in the process
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane broke down in tears as soon as hed left, he collapsed on the floor. " now how am i supposed to feed, or anything..without.. without hunting again"
draconus / Draconus: "you know, i can give you a pass to hunt Kane." he clicked his fingers and gave Kane a pass. "every two weeks we will hunt and get you enoth food of the 2 weeks and so on. but i am sorry you will not be able to see Sax. meet me tonight at 8pm and we will go hunting." he the left the hall and found Sax on the third floor he was crying. "Sax i want to say that what you just did took a lot of guts, And i am very proud of you. Here take this, if yuo dont want him to contact you then wear this ok. then he will not know where you are or what you are doing. also if you want to get out for a while, for some peace, then this will take you there." he pulled a book out of the shelf and the case opened.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax nodded
"thank you..i didn want to.." he shook slightly as he exepted the item and stepped in to the passage
"where does this go?" he asked as he pulled the cloak round him
draconus / Draconus: "it goes to a small meditaion tower, and only one person at a time can go in. it's just so you can get some peace of mind." he walked sax along the secret passage and up some stairs. tehn a dragon temple gaurd stopped them. "draco dragon denta" teh gaurd let them both past... !"here you go. now i wil come and creck on you later and have an elf bring some food." he said and left sax there. "oh by the way it can also be in any attmosephe you want as long as it is caming."
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax nodded, he looked around the room, he was always calmest in snow, he sat n the middle o the floor and closed his eyes, falling in to his happy place, he opened his eyes, to see his hapy place..a roling field, covered in snow, the single dead treet, iced over and snow leaves dangled from it, not a sound, not a whisper, he siled in his mind, watching a black dot circle lowere and lower from the white sky, the black dot turned out to be a raven, a cythe jutted up from the ground, having ben jammed there long ago, the raven landed on the icy blade, sax smiled, stroking the raven as it watched him
draconus / Draconus: draconus ran down the stairs to get reddy to meet his sister. she was a real bosy boots, and he didn't want anything to be out of place. he was nervous and everyone in the staff new it. they were nervous as well. she nearly ruled the school and no one was allowed to make one small misstake.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane was stood about in the main hall, trying to finish his fag before he was caught, he was down to twos, a few more drags and he could return to his room, (when had he started smoking?o0 didnyt no he smoked and hes my character...thislle be a 1 off, stress relief thing, as the only thing he can get addicted to is blood. he saw a car pullup, and a woman get out of it. he put the fag down and called draonus as he rushed past
draconus / Sid: "my sister. she can be a real pain in the a....Dracoby nice to see you. and were are the rest." he said.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Dracoby...He sees her now at the door, his fag was still lit, it was down to ones and on full view to dracoby, and one of the rules int he scholl as no smoking on scholl property, he looks at her and gives her a 'dont tell draconus cos im in enough trouble as it is' grin
Dracoby: Dracoby looked at kane with discumfort. she could tell he was a vampire and felt unsure if she should have this job. but she was asked nicely by her brother and walked past kane pretening not to notice him. she went to her new office and opened her bad. "empto" she said as her things came out of the bag and grew bit by bit. when her bag finaly emptied she walked around the school to get the drift of things around the school. and looked where her students would be. she always siad as long as they get along with people they should be find. even though one is a robot, one turns people in to flowers, one kills people with poison, one turns people in to mice and then turns himself into a cabra, one is the future king of all magic creaters(not including the school.), one of them is a were wolf, and all the rest. she had a lot of work to do in an hour.(elly have you started you english corsework yet. hope so. i hav'nt.) she went to the hosue she would be looking after. after 30 minutes ahe stood outside and waited for her students. she liked to be early.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (no, not understand the fucking frustrating crappy crap stuff!!!! do you?)kane watched her walk around the school, unsure of what she thought of him, when she returned to the origional place he smiled, e as now stood outside,in her view, but to one side slightly he was talking on hi phone
"you have no idea how hungry i am..sax? we..fell out, you? noh u dont taste that nice..yeah i know..IM NOT BIENG pickey, fine, ill meet you at that funny looking lake on the grounds in about 10 mins? 15..ok, laters....yeah im looking forward to it as well" he sighed as he closed the phone, closing his eyes and thinking about the blood hed soon be tasting, coppery as it wasm his fangs slid out, laying over his bottom lip
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax had left the tower, he saw dracoby and decided to say hello, he walked up to her, a smile on his face, forced, but he hoped she couldnt detect the pain he was trying to bury. he was soon about 3ft away "hello, you must be the new teacher." he greeted her
Dracoby: dracoby looked at him. then she looked at the sky. "thats right. what of it. are you in my house" she said rudley and lokked at her watch and back at the sky.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): "umm..im in the blue house" he said, trying not to snarl, thouh his eye twitched
Dracoby / Lomas 91: Traveling at a very high speed Lomas 91 and the others from Dracoby's school were almost to an end to there journey to Draconus' school. also on the train was toxin, yodan, zimbab, cobra, wolf, king, zina, rose, zoe, zia and Storyteller. they were all a sleep apart from Zia who never slept in the day. Lomas 91 couldn't sleep because he is part robot. they had about 200 miles left to go, when Zia got out her jurnal and started righting in it. after about an hour the train began to slow down and everyone woke up. Lomas 91 went to the drivers seat and stopped the train in frount of Dracoby's feet. he opened the door and everyone got out. he went to Dracoby dragging Wolf and Yodan who got on the train without premission."would you like me to send them back marm." he said to her. she shock her head.
Dracoby: "There will be no need for that Lomas 91. i am shure there is plenty of room here. right now. everybody gather round and i will tell you what will be happening at the school. right after something to people did the school has been put in to houses so Toxin, Yodan and Lomas 91 you are in Black house. Zimbab, cobra and wolf you are in Brown house. King and Zina you are in blue. And the rest of your are in my house red." she took out her map of the school and copied it so that everyone had a copy. then she made timetables for everyone. "now i want you to add the following to your time table every wednesday, friday and sunday night we will meet up hear on the train so you can first of get your things from our old school then we will just have a chill out period." everyone departed leaving Dracoby and Storyteller alone. "and you are the new sports teacher. i think you know what sport Draconus wants them to lean and have compotitions on so get it planed your first lesson is tomorrow at 11 am
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax was watching, he was getting angry
'if i get much worse they might need to rethink my house...to black' he sighed
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane had his eyes closed, he walked straight in to sax, nocking them both over, growling he stod up, grabbing sax by the collar and thrusting him to the wall(next to the teachers but oblivious) kane looked in to his eyes, his gang was waiting for him bu the pond, his eyes travelled over sax
"youve grown soft saxermatus, demon of the 4th clan of howari, a week ago you would have pinned me to the wall instead" his voice turned to a snide whisper "i still love you sax" his eyes stayed as sharp as ever though his voice was saddned (teachers can hear this) he whispered again
"ill let you go.. though id rather not.. id rather take you here and now..." ehs topped, closing his eyes, he released his colar and looked at him, before turning round and started to walk off
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax stared, 'the black dot... kanes gang, the vamps.. they leave the black dot on those that they...' he fainted
draconus / Draconus: (Shadow is in black) Draconus ran to where sax was. if what he had on his arm was what he tought is was then he would been in danger. Draging thorn with him, draconus looked at the the stone dragon as it said. "he fainted. about 5 minutes ago." draconus and thorn ran past with the flash of light. he saw sax laid there motionless. he looked at thorn. "get the healer. and hurry." he cheacked sax's vital sings. he was sill alive thank god. " vitos humo kimbay. (show me what happened)" he saw how kane grabbed him. he saw that ether kane or dracoby could have given him that mark. he made the meditation tower in to a hospital ward and put sax on the bed. all he could do was wait and pray.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): (oh yeah.. srry) sax slowley came round the first word he said was "bastard! what a fucking bastard!" he screamed more than spoke as he flung upright on the bed
draconus / Draconus: "Calm down. you need to rest." draconus said as he tried to pull sax down in to his bed. "now tell me what happened. all the way from me leaving you here earlyer up to when you fainted. take your time. the healer will not be here for a long time yet." he got up to get his wand out (Witch he hasn't used for ages) and made them some mint hot cocholate. he gave one mug to sax.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax was to shakey to hold the cup steady, taking deep breaths he slowley calmed down, by which time, half the contents of the mug had spilled over on to the bedsheets.
"new teacher.. talked to her.. after i left ... she..wasnt nice, then kane came up.. said 'ill let you go.. though id rather not.. id rather take you here and now...' not sure what he ment.. then.. then..the black spot.. he.." he closed his eyes and sighed
draconus / Draconus: "you rest now, i will make sure no one comes in without my pass. i wount be long." he walked carmly out of the meditation room and then jumped off the stair cases all 999 of them and landed softly on the ground. he then went to the black hosue portait "even the head has to give me the password." the portait said. Draconus just smiled "i see you know your full job disscription. blood fang." he said. the door opened and draconus flew in. he saw Drake and the head of house jet. "you 2 if you see kane rip up his out of school pass and tell him sax acepts his challenge. they will fight in to mouths. jet its the black dot sictuation again." jet nodered and draconus left. he then found wizard 334 and told him what had happened.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane growled, holding lex in his arms
2dont go supernova on me hun" e growled in to his ear, biting again on his neck as he watched fin leave
"Jackass" lex growled, inspecting his hands wearily (cant wait to see wat jet does.. EEK)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane drew blood, until lex fainted, once he had, kane relaxed, the threat of supernova over.. he then started to worry.. about what would happen..
draconus / Draconus: Draconus was sat near Sax's bed. he looked at him with deep consern. 'surrley he will recover. but he has a lot of work to do. i just hope his mind is training in there.' he thoght to himself. he made a seprate room for him in the meditation room. it was full off books on battling. he looked up a book called ' the black dot: aftermaths' he flicked though it and saw a name he new. 'jet peterson: whole family died from the black dot challenge. people say that he has a challenge but he is no where to be found.' draconus read on. 'it is said that is a child sees a member of their family died the afects can be dramatic. people say jet could have stopped the black dot curse but it never happened.'
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax murmered as he rolled over, falling of the bed
"Crap!" he groaned, his body was healed now.. and so was his mind, he stood and stretched, not noing draconus would be able to hear him he spoke to himself.. reliving a cursed memory..(its a flashback.. his powers are at that extent where his thoughts canbe seen and heard) kane and sax were sat toghether on a bed.. hardly dressed. kane holds sax to him and whispers
"Sax.. well always be together.. right? we.. wew were made for eachother" his tone was worrying, flashback sax nodded
"Of course we will, together, we can do anything.. our powers were ment to be together, dymonyk magyc water, and vamyryk magyk, the prophecy said we would stay together.. and die together, and if all fails, take the world to are graves" the flashback ended and sax was sat on the bed crying
draconus / Draconus: draconus saw sax get back up on the bed. he drifted it to a trance. he never liked them but he couldn't stop them.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): "We will die together.. andif we do.. drag the world with us" (basically.. if they die/kill eachother, the whole world wil be destroyed.. the must be together)
draconus / Draconus: "if no one takes his place i will." said draconus as wizard 334 came running up.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax looked at them
"NO!! HE CHALLENGED ME!! HE WONT KILL ME! AND NOR I HIM!" sax stood, his blue magyk flowing through him, wrapping his body completly in the blue, apart from his face two wings, made from the stuff opened on his back, his eyes were the piercing blue
"I the blue magyk wielder have a prophecy to fulfill.. whih way it goes.. fate and kanes actions will decide..i refuse to ,let you fight for me" his voice didnt sound like kanes.
(come on!! hit kane already!! its fun!!!)
draconus / Draconus: "if that is what you choose then so be it." draconus said blackly to hide his fear.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax calmed down and the blue slowley faded, he fell on to the floor, exhausted from pushing that much magyk through him at once, like trying to get a rhino through a mousehole without damaging either, kanes telepathic link with sax tingled, sax sat stack still
2Kane wants to see me" he said
draconus / Draconus: "only if he promises not to try anything." he lead sax out of the room and set a meeting for the staff.
draconus / Draconus: "so everyone is clear on what to do if things go wrong.....good. i thinks it best if we get some sleep." said draconus after the meeting. he went up to his office, when he heard a voice from the distance. "your not a very good headteacher are you." it said, as it talking to draconus. "letting to students fight the ultimate battle and not stopping them." draconus was confused who was talking to him. Show yourself, or are you scared." draconus replied.
" PLEASE AS IF I COULD BE SCARED OF YOU. do you not know who i am or are you just lost in the past. now you remember me don't you. you fought you killed me all those years ago. well guess what i'm back and i want revenge." it said loudly. but only draconus could here him.
"Draygon, you died and was banished from here long ago." draconus said back.
"not true, i lived, and you know what that means don't you. we haven't finished are battle of the dot. havn't you ever wondered why that dot is still on jets hand. you took his place what an idiot." the voice bellowed...........
Cody Martic / Ivan Cooper: azair walked up to the front gates of the school his long blac robe adorned his tall and slender form. To complet his look he wore a warlockian hat upon his head with a spiderweb trinket a the tip laying down uselesly and swaying as he walked. His pale white skin , in contrast, to his blood shot red eyes and the blackness unerneathe them, made him looke erie in nature. He didn't smile or did he show much emtion but you could tell he was a loner. He hid his left hand underneathe the robe as he stood there the wind bloing his long black raven hair around him. He was an intellectual and was very handsome but because of his birth defects and a spell gone horribly arie he was shunned from society. Now he looks up to the school with a new hope as he whispers to himself "maybe they can assist me here..."
Cody Martic / Ivan Cooper: *no one here?*
Cody Martic / Azair: *sorry was on wrong character*
draconus / Sid: "why not." he said as he set the battle room out.
"do you want a time limit."
draconus / Draconus: draconus was still hearing the voice of draygon in his head. (kk people untill draygon dies he has to be played by dracpnus so when there is writing in [] that means draygon is talking. just so you know.) [still trying to find me aren't you. you'll never find me draconus, never. do you want to know why..? because i'm part of you draconus i'm in your head and the only way to kill me is to kill yourself, but you know the rules of the black dot the last man standing is the victor and healed to full health.] draconus sat at his desk, his head in his hands trying to fight the voice. [not easy is it draconus. knowing the only way to kill me is the only way i will win.]
"i will beat you draygon, you haven't won yet.!" draconus struggled to say before he fainted.
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian sat in the red dorm doing homework for his new head of house and then he had five more esays to do all for the next day. he smelt something. it wasn't a usual smell that you would smell everyday, but a emotional smell. something was wrong. he never liked getting in the way so he went for a work to get rid of the sent. he wondered what was happening to his family on the other side of the galaxy. he had never been so far from home but he was hand chosen by someone to be sent away with other slaves, when the wars began on earth. he got lost and developed his gifts' but never new how to use them.
draconus / Draconus: draconus' mind battle was the worst anyone would see. draconus himself didn't think that he wouls suvive it but he had to fight on for his school. if draygon stayed alive and won he would take over the school in draconus' body, his powers combined with draygon's.
ellesmera / Faustus: Faustus sighed, he looked at the school he was to spend a good few years in, he slung the carpet bag further up his shoulder, only to have it slip again, he sighed once more and entered the emptyish hall, for he had not seen kane "Hello? anyone there?" he called out
ellesmera / Faustus: Faustus lughed
2Come on vampire...were on the same level here, two creatures of the night.. 1 willing the other through blood loss..theres nothing much differant between us two.. apart from i have a massive scyth that will chop you to pieces before you can bite me" Faustus had an evil glint in his eye (ur in black.. and judging my persons char i think he shud be n all, tho its up to draconus n his chars)
ellesmera / Faustus: Faustus sighed
"Im not a full abadon.. my sentence was to be in this school... by order of the almightly lord.. i am not here to cause trouble...i have done enough of that already.. an abadon has wings.. and unless you are blind i have non...white or black"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane slowley let him go, though he didnt want to.
"He doesnt smell evil.. i can grant him that..were you the start of the war.. or a pawn?" he growled
ellesmera / Faustus: (damo u ruin my fun !!!) Faustus burnt in hellish flames and died
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Bit harsh that, natures, you need to get your temper in check" He laughed and sparked another fag up, putting it to his mouth hetook a drag
Shadow24968 / Knightmare Shadow: shadow was in the black dorm waving his sword around while drinking beer. he saw drake come in.
"hey what to join me for a bit of boze." shadow said as he hicupped.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane stormed in, slamming the door so hard a lightbulb smashed, he punched a dent in the wall and growled, green magyk enveloping his hands, one hand formed a bottle and the light went out, a bottle of sake in his hand, he took a swig, lit another fag and swore blatently in vampyric, it sounded like you needed your tongue removed to say it.
"QJLIA FRWVTYRE!!!!" He swore loudly as the bottle exploaded, he saw shadow and drake, he had a strange glint in his eye, his fangs were out, boy was he hugry...the people of the black dorm wouldnt sleep safe tonight, the others hadnt noticed his fangs so he drew them in "Boy.. am i hugry" He growled, stil looing at both of them
Shadow24968 / Knightmare Shadow: "get away from us you gay bastard." shadow said as he and drake went towards the training room. the whet up there to get more pissed and start fighting when they got bored.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane laughed slightly, he wanted to piss with some head, in the middle of the training room he suddenly appeared, then, shadow was thrust against the wall by an invisible force, kane gone from the room a voice boomed from nowhere "Gay? that wasnt very nice was it now" Kane formed in front of shadow, his hand round his neck, strangling him, he had wedged kanes body imobile with his own
"And you dont want to piss me off right now.. plus im not gay" he smashed shadowns head in to the wall and dissapeard "Im bi"
Dracoby: Dracoby grabed kane from nowhere. " SAME FUCKING DIFFERENCE" she said as she tossed him though 20 walls until he was out side, then he traveled across the fields, and in to the great lake. he stopped when he reached dracoby's train. she court him and made the train move. it stopped at her old school. she hit him again untill he was in her office. he was trapped in the room. as he staid in the it became his nightmare. prity pink flowers cdame and the walls began to grow little pint butterflies. as time passed it got worse all cute things like fully rabbits and daisyes. then the office began to spin more and more. dracoby left him there till he change his ways, or untill the match with sax, wicthever came first.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (change his ways???) Kane sat, hishead spnning, where was the darkness. the blood, he tried to kill the rabbits.. to see the gore he needed, but always they stayed just out of his reach, he slowley calmed down adn threw his telepatic guards open, spreading his mind out he let magyk come from his fingertips, slowley, everything in the room started to wither and die
Glenrir: <<im sorry people, but how do i get photos onto my guys profile. i try to ii goto photobucket and i copy the web page thing, and it has an error. so how do i do it please?>>
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (everythings going to die in there, the fool and the elf are getting pissed off, all three combined would fuck the world up, you cant always be stronger, kanes actually bieng used as a door for spirits of himself in previous lifes, and hes had thousands, so thousands of spirits, non of them ever human, their power in 1 body, that meeans that when kane finally does lose it, itle be THE apocolypse, spreading though every dimension, only2 people can calm him down and sax is not allowed to see him, and lebran is supposedly dead) all the new life that tried to come died instantly (wont natures sense this, she is a guardian) and painfully
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane stood, the door to his mind flung wide open, he imagined sax, hed be asleep right now, he closed his eyes and when he opened them, he was stood in saxs room, he closed his magyk, sax wasnt asleep, he was sat up in his bed, watching kane appear
"Get the fuck out" he growled. kane couldnt reply as hed already colapsed on the floor
draconus / Sid: unnotest cid had also heard everyword in the office. as soon as he heard danger he went to find the others, (avengers) he gathered them up all except drake. and told them what he heard. "guys i know we have only been here a few days but we have to help. whos in."
draconus / Damian Lomas: Damian was at the stairs. "I'm in. i may not be part of your group but i want to help, please." he said as he put his hand in with the rest of them. "we won't be able to do it alone, we need more help and i know just were to find some." damian ran to his room and found what he was looking for. after returning he showed them a book. and he pionted to a few things. Hedarth, Dalgon, Ellesmera, and Saphira. after pointing to them he looked up and a figure appeared for each one he pointed to. "ellesmera i want you to find Kane and sax and keep them seperated.. The rest of you come with us." he said
Shadow24968 / Knightmare Shadow: Knightmare sees Cid and invites him for a drink at the kings heart
draconus / Sid: "soory dude i am busy saving the school." cid said as he followed damian
ellesmera / Erika Snow: (Ellesmera) Ellesmera flits to kane and grabs him, She appears in kanes room and lays him down
draconus / Draygon: Draygon was already 20 steps ahead of the children. as soon as ellesmera put kane in his bed his army stormed the castle. they began serching the dugeon and then the training room to find the kids there. they surounded them, unawear of drake being on the top level. the teachers didn't know the army was there, they were to busy looking over draconus.
draconus / Draygon: Draygon's army started beating drake untill he was powerless to stop them. then three of them got out a death blade each and struck Drake........
draconus / Sid: Cid got in the way of all three death blades, not with a sword but with his back. cid colaped on Drake, his eyes wikering and breathing slower than a snail. "i''''''m sssssss sorry." cid said as he colaped and died
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax fealt the deaths, his eyes snapped open and a green surge of magyk blasted from him. he appeareed in the room with the army, floating above their heads, spotting draygon he growls sending an arc of solidified magyk through the army, killing a dozen or so
draconus / Draconus: draconus sudenly awoke from the trance and jumpped up. "come on the children are in danger." he said to the staff members that were there. they looked at him as if he was crazy but damian walked in with cids body and draconus was down in the main hall in a flash. draygons army were there waiting for anyone to battle. "now this is what i missed from the old days." he said as he got his sword out and begam slashing draygonjs first britailon, the kid were faceing the 8th so they are getting a but wooping.
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian sat near Cid's dead body and wept. 'what am i going to do. i have nothing to fight with or anything' he said to himself then it stroke him . "echo can you hear me. i need you to send me my shaper costume and i need you to make a hell of a lot of drones." he said in to thin air. 'if i can't fight as a human then i will fight as a shaper.@ he said to himself as he changed in to stelf form and went to the top a the school were air atcks were being held.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax had destroyed about 70 people with that one ark, the most source of magyk seemed to be coming from him, all the evil it touched shrivled up and died
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian turned to gunner mode and started shooting the bad guys then after he started shooting at the army in the field to give the others a hand
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Yo! Didn't miss anything did I?
Shadow24968 / Knightmare Shadow: I've come too (Knightmare and his son arrive to hopefully enter a battle scene)
Shadow24968 / Shadow (Super Saiyan): (Shadow powers up to his maximum strength and is now ready for battle (who should I kill?))
Now, Lets finish this!!!
draconus / Draconus: "shadow come with me." draconus said as he ran past him on the second floor. he ran to the main hall. "shadow do you think you can handle them. they are one of the best squads." he said as he left him to find jet and draygon. he knew they would not start without a jugde to anoce the victor.
Shadow24968 / Shadow (Super Saiyan): Bring it on! (Shadow strikes as Jet manages to block! Shadow sees one conclusion, he needs to power up even more!)
Shadow24968 / Shadow (Super Saiyan2): Shadow Strikes again but this time at Draygon and hits him directly in the neck!
ellesmera: kane screams, hhe its ellesmera ikn to a wall aain, tryin to et out, only to be trust on to te bed and it in te balls
draconus / Draconus: "shadow don't hit draygon or jet. go after that squard and make sure you help damian after, he is on the roof." he said to shadow. he began the battle between draygon and jet.
draconus / Sid: Cid's spirt was at a place called bembo. his life was being juged by the wise and powerfull viking Gods. he didn't know what to expect. however looky for him drake was the last person they delt with and he had put a good word in for Cid. Before they returned him to the real world they asked him to chose two gifts (powers) he would like. he chose the power of imagination and his human body back. but it was going to take some time for Cid's sprit to get back to his body.
draconus / Sid: after five days battleing for the school every good person was tied but wasn't ready to give up.
cids body sprit returned as a foot solider of draygons was looking at him when he lashed out. cid then ran and jumped of the staircase and landed on the ground floor and through to the training room. he created 6 pokemon balls per person in the room. "choose the pokemon you want and they will come out." he said as he ran towards the outside of the castle but was attaked by the top squard. he flew back and crashed in to a wall. "bastered" he said as he got out one of his poke balls out
kinkabell: Kinkabell had the talent to reach into minds and she could make things grow in the most barren of places she had got droped off at this school she felt scared and alone she sat on the tarmac and cryed did no one want her?
Dracoby: "if you want to help the school then get up to the clock tower and help the crazy bastered of a student up there." dracoby said to kinkabell. as she went draygons cloaked hunter apeared around Dracoby. " can i help you? " she said to the ten of them.
(these are the highest soilders in draygon's army that why there are so few)
they got out there ice blades and stud in attack formation waiting for dracoby to prepare herself.
she craked her knukles and put her hands in an orb shape as a light came out and shone for mile. when it faded she was in a black and green dress with weapons on her back and side. then on her left hand was a wight glove. (thats the hand she does her magic with.) and she also got in attack formation but held her weapon over her back.
"it's a good day to die" she said to herself......
Dracoby / Yodan: Yodan went to help Storyteller. he was on the third floor and had to travel ten more and to do that he had to get past half an army. he only saw one option.... Free fall.. he fell towards the ground and transformed to dragon form. and flew to the games room.
draconus / Sid: "i agree" Cid said poping next to Dracoby. "hope you don't mind miss but i think you'll need some help with this." he said as he himself propared to battle with an old friend weapon.
draconus / Draygon: draygon took the oppatunity of contacting his troops from the planet base to come and attak while he battle jet. he needed energy and the more troops on the school sight the more power he had to fight and defeat jet. but once he killed jet he knew that draconus would battle him so he had to keep still for the time being. "it's ashame your mother and father aren't here to see their little boy fight before he dies." he said to jet. if there was one thing draygon could do it was play mind games with his opponant.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Shadow woke up as he entered the battlefield wrecklessly slashing at people to reach the fridge, when it wouldn't open he punched one of draygons goons in the nose
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla had been knocked out and she was laying on the battlefield if someone did not find her she would surely be finished off.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: As Shadow eats he begins to realise what has happened, a war was occuring right in front of him, he quickly grasped his dark masamune and Dark blaze and rushed to the battlefield immediately
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla moaned in agony.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Shadow walks slowly to Shayla, looking at her agonised body, he quickly reaches to a medical drink in his trenchcoat pocket and hands it to her.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla takes it causiously"Thanks."She mumbled."Looking at this stranger."Who are you?" she asks.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: The names Shadow, Come on, I'll help you outta here. (He holds his hand out)
Druecilla / Shayla: She reached up taking his hands."My name is....I don't remember it just yet."She looked a bit scared.
draconus / Damian Lomas: "shadow, thank fuck you are up. listern this war has been going on for agers and we didn't want to wake you up because.... well you remember." he looked at shadow and Shayla and helped the both to a safe room. "shadow your friends hurt i will take he to the healer and yuo need to fight the new britailion thats coming your the only one who has the stegth to fight them at the moment. i will help you as soon as i get this one to the medical room." he said to shadow as they seperated " don't worry about me i will be fine. go." and as he said that the new britalion came in the school sight and began to seach for some one to beat.
Druecilla / Shayla: "where are you taking me...wait shadow please i want him to stay with me" she looked up at this stranger.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Sorry, but you have to go to the medical centre, I'll be fine! (Shadow draws the dark masamune) No light has any victory over me! Trust Damian and you'll be safe.
Druecilla / Shayla: "ok."She said a bit reluctanly."will i see you again?"Shayla asked.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: I'll see ya in a few! *Shadow runs toward the heavily guarded battalion with nobody but himself, Striking every opponent that stands in his way.*
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla let the stranger carry her to the medical room.
Druecilla / Shayla: She looked up at him"Thank you"
draconus / Damian Lomas: "wright now where is it." damian said looking in the medical cubords looking for something out of shayla's sight. "here it is now you need to drink this. it's and elixer but it will knock you out for an hour or two to build you stregth. now drink." he said as her poored it down her thoat.
Druecilla / Shayla: She coughed alittle but soon felt drowsy.
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian watched as she slept and then put a protego spell over her. after that he saw shadow fighting and new he needed no help whats so ever so he went down the school and saw a new britalion.
"perfect....just what i need." he said idioticly as he got out his dueling deck and samori sword and went in for the attack. as he ran he said to him self.
(p.s.note: this is going to be one of the new poems on my user soon.) " may the gods of vallhala for give me as i take the plunge to ever lasting death. and may they protect me for the jorney i have to make. the time for action is now and i will fight fo what is true and right. help me great sprit of the sky as i am now in your hand. protect me from evil as i fight for you freedom to roam in the afterlife..... help me make the deathly blow to evil." and as he said the last sentence out load he leaped in to the air and bulleted down towards the new fighting force and began to spin as an eagle would when it protects it's young, both his sword and dueling disk spining like talons. then as he got closer the enemy could see a golden eagle surounded by the powers of the viking gods. then they was scilence...........................................................................................................................................
BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the enmy flew in all directions as he plumited the ground and was still able to stand. he had done what he wanted. he devided the britalion so he could fight them easyer.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Shadow had finished off the first battalion he met, now he knew it was time to help his friends, he walked down to the medical room and only saw Shayla sleeping "Where the hell has he gone!?" Shadow began to panic as thoughts of losing another person in his life had struck him.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Shadow quickly checked Shayla to ensure she was safe. He recognised a protective shield around her, and knew Damian was still alive. He ran quickly to the gigantic school and saw Damian attacking the battalion, "Damian! Hold on I'm coming!"
draconus / Damian Lomas: "!its about time" he yelled as shadow came ruuning towards him.
draconus / Draconus: draconus senced the danger his students were in and knew he had to do something about it, but couldn't. only he could keep controll of the battle between draygon and jet. he had to make sure their was a fair winner. he didn't want to but he had no choise but to stand where he was watching the fight take place while his students were fighting for their lives against and evil that no one but him could truly understand. he felt sick to the bone and he hated waiting for the fight to end. he knew he shouldn't have let jet take his place.
draconus / Sid: cid was fighting along side dracoby knowing she couldn't do it alone. he got his blades and showed the black britalion a thing or two about fighting.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Shadow fought alongside Damian, slicing every opponent on sight, When they had finished Shadow turned to Damian and said "Lets check if Shayla's okay!
draconus / Damian Lomas: "after you my friend." (matt did you get that pm i sent you.) damian followed his as the went in the school knocking anyone in there way. damian stopped and saw draconus stud watching jet and draygon. "shadow go without me." he stud next to his head teacher and watch the battle.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Shadow ran quickly to the medical room to see Shayla still asleep, He walked up to her and realised the protection was gone, she must be awakening (Yeah I did)
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian couldn't belive what he was about to do next but he went for it. "stop the fight!!!!" he yelled to jet and draygon.
"listen you" he began to say to draygon. "i have been fighting britalion after britalion for years in this school and i know it will not stop untill you die or jet dies. so i have a deal for you. you let the school rest for a week and then i will battle you one on one. no side battles, and to the death. winner takes all. do we have a deal." he said as he put his hand out to make the deal shake.
draconus / Draygon: Draygon stud a thought a moment about the sictuation. afer about 10 minutes he looked at Damian and drew out his hand and shook it. as there hands shook four coulored bolts of lightning traveled around the two hands as the armies, the britalions, and draygon began to dissaper. "one week." he said to damian as he finaly disapeared from sight.
draconus / Draconus: "do you have any idea what you have done boy." draconus began in his office as the rest of the people in the school rested in their dorms or in the medical room. "you have lituraly made a deal with the devil. well worse than the devil. what made you stop that fight? why did you have to interfear." he began to pace his room more and more as he couldn't think properly. "what do you think you have to beat him?"
Shadow24968 / Shadow (Super Saiyan): Shadow stormed into the office, "So your headmaster Draconus eh? I have a proposal to make, so are you willing to listen?"
draconus / Draconus: "if i must." draconus signed as he drew up a chair and sat on it.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: As a starter why don't I fight draygon, You said no side battles, but never said anything about a warm-up. If I could wear him down, perhaps Damian could stand a better chance at finishing him off. Besides, Don't tell me all this bull where its like challenging the devil, I'll show you the Devil in combat soon enough.
draconus / Draconus: "it wouldn't work. he will not acept you challege shadow. now go to bed both of you. damian be in my office fist lesson. don't worry about your exams you will be fine.....go on bed." he said as he opened the door for the to boys. when they left he paced is office again and again.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Shadow obeys and goes to beddy byes
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian watched shadow leave the office.
then he walked out himself.
Shadow24968: In the night, Shadow sneakily left the school whilst leaving a note, and a charm behind for damian. It said: Use this charm in your battle, it can summon satan, I have to fight a tournament in a distant land.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla still in the infermery starts waking up she has this searing pain in her head."Owww."She moans lightly trying to get to a sitting position.
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian couldn't sleep. he tought about the rest of his family, out there, somewhere. he didn't have a clue where to start looking but came here for starters. as he looked out of his window he saw a figure walking out of the grounds and on to a thorn as it flew off. then not second after a peice of paper flew in to his face he looked at it and read.
*dear damian, just to let you know i have had to leave because there is something wrong at home. if i am not back when you are in you battle with draygon then use this spell. it can soman my power to you.* damian looked at the spell and memorised it. then the paper note burned in frount off him.
draconus / Sid: Cid went down to the rest dorm and saw his friends all there resting all execpt drake. he could sence him somewhere.
draconus / Sid: "how could i forgive you for what you have done..." cid began " how do you expect me to start forgiving you...i wanted to tell he world what you did...but i had no proof...and the only evidence was that jurnal you wrote and you wrote as if i had done the crimes...and you think i could give you forgivness after that....after the pain you put me though...you...make...me...feel...aboslutly...repulsive...that....even...knew...you." cid left the rest dorm and went to bed. his bed was next to damian's and he couldn't help but start crying. he tried to hide it from damian but failed dimly
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian looked at him and then looked away.
"i know how it feels to lose a loved one." he said to cid who was know in a state of pain and misory.
"the past kills you. that what i have said. you need to let it go. you will never forget but it will not always be on your mind...accio tissue... now wipe your eyes i am sure you mother would not want you to be this upset know would she." he said as he gave cid a tissue.
"you should get some rest. i may need you help in the morning." and at that damian got in his own bed with his MP3 and droped his eyes lifelessly shut and drifted to sleep.
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian was still awake when wizard 334 entered the dorm. the rest were either asleep or in the medical room. he looked at his head of house and knew something was happening. "can i help you sir." he said in a quiet voice so he didn't wake anyone else up.
Shadow24968 / Knightmare Shadow: *Knightmare bust in on the scene* Where's Shadow!?
I know you have him somewhere! Tell me, or feel my dark blaze on your throats!
draconus / Damian Lomas: "he left...three hours ago. now if you excuse me." damian said as he walked past knightmere shadow. he walked over to cid's bed and woke him up. "Cid we are leaveing. i will explain everything to you later you rest i will sort out your stuff." he looked at the trunks and then cid's body. "locamota cid and trunks." he said as the liftede in to the air and he moved them down to the train and they set of. (these two chatacters will be off for a bout two weeks to us so if you wanna know what is going on go on dracoby's school.)
draconus / Draconus: "enter" he said as he heard the door. he looked at Cid and strolled along his study. "now then what am i going to do with you............"
draconus / Draconus: "you will just have to train wont you. i dont want to see you around shcool or in your lessons. do you understand." he said after a long silence.
draconus / Damian Lomas: After a mounth of training Damian had returned. he came of the ghost train with Dracoby, and Cid. he was ready. he walked slowly to draconus' office to report to him.
draconus / Draconus: "i take that you are ready. you have two more days left after tonight so tomorow i want you to battle the teachers one by one including me. is that understud" draconus saw Cid as he remembered his talent. "Cid come here. i understand that you can create anything you want........ don't answer that i want you to make Damian a weapon if you don't mind" he told them to leave and then sommoned the staff. "we will be battling damian tommorow."
draconus / Damian Lomas: "what a complete b word" cid said as he came out the office with cid. "i want you to fight all the teachers" he said imetating Draconus. they both walked to the dorm.
"Password" said a voice from the door.
they looked around "excuse me"
"you need a password if you would like to enter"
"we don't know it" damian said confused
draconus / Sid: looking at his friend who was completely dumb struck broke the scilence. "what"
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian got up and stud next to the window. he was thinking about his training at dracoby's school. he forgot the others were there untill wizard 334 sent them to bed, but damian staid their, glued to the spot not wanting to move. when everyone left he waited five minutes and then ran to the office of draconus and knocked on the door. there was no answer. he rote a note and slid it under the door, and then left to talk to Cid. "cid" he said gently "i am trusting you to make that weapon for me. i need it ready for tomorrow morning" he left and sat back down in an arm chair looking at the sky.
draconus / Draygon: "just one more day" draygon kept reminding himself. he was outside the grounds paceing the area wanting to enter now. but he made an unbreakable deal he would wait or die.
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian went down stairs and ate breakfast. people were around him asking questions about where he was and why he stopped the battle. he just ignored them. leaveing the table he walked the grounds and questioned the fact that he had to kill draconus to stop draygon from getting it. after half an hour he went back in side to his dorm to prepair him self
draconus / Sid: Cid waited for damian to come in to the dorm. it took him a while but it was ready. he was just giving it a few more tests as damian came in to the dorm."it's ready." out of the case cid pulled out a a staff. at both ends were blades and indented in the middle was `you are your own weapon` "i thought you would like a riddle"
Dracoby / Storyteller: "i hope you are ready boy" storyteller said behind damian. you are to battle me first. meet me in the hall in ten minutes." he walked out and telepoerted to the hall. "he is on his way" he said to the others.
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian met all the teachers in the hall and stud in a corner. with him was Cid and sprat. he looked at draconus remembering the note he had put under his door. then the bell struck three and over his head were every student watching. damian stud on the dojo battlefeild and pulled out his staff.
Dracoby / Storyteller: storyteller pulled out a sword and they began. storyteller ran towards damian sword in the air and sashed it down.
draconus / Damian Lomas: Damian raised his staff a lifted himself over storyteller and began to bloke atack after atack
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian though storryteller to th back wall

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