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Roleplay - highschool rp by Akurei Ame / Akurei Ame

highschool with dorms. beautiful day.

Roleplay Details

6 people max including me. no need to be literate, but no oneliners please. romance allowed.


Akurei Ame: *17 year old aimey sat on a bench. today she wore and orange shirt that said "heres my contume, now gimmie the damn candy" that she had worn last year for halloween and a new pair of tripps.. etnies were on her feet, pure black. she looked around as all the people walked past her, she sighed, her soft brown curly wet hair cascaded over her shoulders*
any bf for aimey?
Akurei Ame: *aimey giggled, turned, and hugged saara* hey, whats up? *aimey chewed on a dogtag shed had since she was two*
Akurei Ame: *she nodded and sat back down and looked for a nice guy to talk to, perferably a skater, but she saw none*
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid looked up at the bleachers from the track and saw aimey and saara. she waved up at them smiling. She changed her path and ran up to the fence. "Hey guys. Wats up?"
Akurei Ame: *aimey smiled at caid* hey, whats up!
Adden Lee / Caid: "not much," Caid glanced at aimey, "You should stop chewing that thing, you know its been everywhere." Caid looked over and saw one of the boys from school smoking. She smiled as he made fun at a teacher passing him.
Akurei Ame: *aimey walked to tenchi with a cute smile on her face* hey, whats up? *she stood beside him*
Akurei Ame: *aimey sighed and rolled her eyes, then sat back down infront of caid, her head down this time* "i shouldnt have tried"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled at Aimey trying to talk to Tenchi. She walk over and reached into her gym bag. She pulled out a pack and handed it to him. "Hi Mr. Tenchi." She was louder than needed and smiling. She looked at Aimey innocently.
Adden Lee / Caid: "Oh aimey?" Caid looked at her and shrugged, "She just likes to study peoples faces to figure out what they're thinking." Caid smiled back up at him and stuck the pack down into her bag. She pulled out a water bottle and took a quick drink. She looked back and Aimey and Saara and waved as she disappeared into the locker room.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stepped out of the locker room wearing jean shorts and a shirt saying "i know the difference in right and wrong...I just don't care." she sat down next to Aimey and Saara, she smiled at Aimey who was still looking down, "Just lighten up when you talk to people. Don't just stare." Caid looked out to the field at the foot ball game and smiled as Tenchi played with a cig stil in his mouth. "that can't be healthy..."
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid laugh out loud as she saw the guy cover Tenchi. She sat up on the fence swinging her feet and glanced back at Aimey who still sat there chewing on the dogtag.
Adden Lee / Caid: CVaid looked back at her friends, "I'll talk to you guys later. I'm ganna go turn homework into my classes I missed yesturday." Caid slid off the fence and grabbed her bag before skipping off toward the school entrance.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid opened the door and saw a teacher run past her, she shrugged and walked on. She opened the door to her first class, "Mr. Tenchi!" she was louder than needed again. She held up a papper and smiled lightly. "Here ya go. I missed yesturday for a tennis match. Hope you don't mind." She smiled big enough to show a dipple in her left cheek.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid's smile slowly faded. She smirked a little and then turned, "Bye Sensei." She sorta skip walked out of the classroom and ran into the female teacher again.
Adden Lee / Caid: *gtg bye*
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid had her ear pressed against the door, listening to the teacher become more iritated. She wondered what the rules accually were for smoking, after all she smoked at tennis matches and no one seemed to care. she shrughed and walk down the hall to her next class.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid walked into her next class and dropped off her papers. Once she finish she sat outside to find that Aimey and Saara had left. She sat for a moment watching the foot ball game then jumped up and walk back into the school. She knocked and then entered Tenchi's room before an answer came. She smiled, "Hello again, Mr...uh Sensei."
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled. And fallowed Tenchi out the door and down the hall. She smiled up at him, "So how come none of the teachers around here like ya?" She accually talked in a normal volumed voice and it wasn't as chippery as when she was around other students.
Adden Lee / Caid: "I'd be nice to know." She smiled, it was a little crooked, "Then i'd be able to get you a gift and sort." She let her eyes linger to the side for a moment before looking back at him for a reply.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stayed walking with him. "20 is a bit young to be a teacher isn't it?" She looked a little cofused. She looked away from him digging down in her gym bag. She was sort of skipping as she walked adding a bit of a bounce into her step. She looked at him with rather innocent eyes.
Adden Lee / Caid: "well, damn." Caid said astonished. She found the pack in her bag and pulled out a cigaret. "you must be smart then huh?" she smiled as she said it, "kinda amazing." she lit the cig.
Adden Lee / Caid: "man wish I had that," Caid smiled blowing smoke as she talked, "I can barley remember where i leave my bag." She smiled, "good thing memory doesn't effect tennis."
Adden Lee / Caid: "then i guess i'm just smart without known it,"she smiled, "Just look at me play and you'll get an idea of that i guess." She blew smoke out her mouth as she laugh at herself.
Akurei Ame: *aimey stood beside tenchi and caid, but stared down and stayed quiet*
Adden Lee / Caid: "I got nothin better to do." Caid said staring off, "Don't wanna go to my home so I figured to fallow someone around. Just your luck that you were around," she smiled as she said it and twisted the cig in her fingers to hide it in her palm as a group of people walked past.
Adden Lee / Caid: "figured you wouldn't care if I smoke, but the rest of the school sure would. I'd be kicked off the tennis team." Caid smiled setting the cig between her lips, "and who cares what they think. it doesn't effect us now does it?" smoke came out from her lips as she talked
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled at him, "So you're a tutor than. People will believe it by lookin at my grades." She nearly laughed to herself, "And put down your finger, it doesn't work for you."
Adden Lee / Caid: "because thats what works for you," She smiled and blew out through her nose. She stared at the stock of cigs in the store and then back at her bag and shrugged.
Adden Lee / Caid: "what test?" caid asked before really thinking. she glanced up at him then and smiled large enough to have her eyes close. "right math." She set the cig back in her mouth and inhaled blowing out her nose. She stared up at him.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stood amoment then turned on her heels. maybe she would accually get around to studying tonight. she shrugged doughting it. She walked up to the bus stop and sat down, she still had a few things to do before going to the dorm. Stop one, street tennis
Adden Lee / Caid: Ciad finally got to the dorms, a hundred bucks richer and whiped. she laid down on the bed still dressed and looked at the night stand, her math book sat there still unopened with almost a quarter of the year over. She reached out and grabbed it. She may have been failing math but that din't mean she didn't understand it, she just didn't care. She had planned on studying, but she never made time for it. She looked at the clock on her wall, 4 AM, not that late. she opened the book and looked down at the chapter on dividing functions. She dropped her head and reluctantly began to read.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid couldn't help but smile as she saw the teacher storm out of the class. She was in her school uniform even though there was still a good two hours before school started. She walked into the class room and smiled as she saw Tenchi throw out the patch and looked up at her.
Adden Lee / Caid: "couldn't sleep," Caid said a little horsed as she sat on the edge of his desk, "Wacha playin?" she started to swing her feet under her.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared at him a moment before breaking out laughing, it sounded a little off as if she needed to chough as she laughed. She shook her head as her laughing died down and stared at him as she continued giggling.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared at him a moment and then walk to the desk in the far back corner and pulled out the math book. She glance back at Tenchi before starting to read the chaper and go over the problems again. Be fore long she had her head propped on her hand and was sleeping.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled at the two accually getting in trouble from Tenchi. She looked back to the test still half asleep and continued to fill in answers. When she finished she turned the test over and started to chew on the eraser of her pencil and staring out the window, watching the guys tennis team volly.
Adden Lee / Caid: **does the sax and kane one count for one or two charactors?????**
Adden Lee / Caid: **well the person who created it said six ppl, but seeing as she doesn't rp on it, i guess that they can count as two people... but it's going to get confusing... **
Adden Lee / Caid: **yeah i made it smaller. and oh yeah, the accalia one was me if ya didn't catch on.**
Adden Lee / Caid: *ne ways* the bell went off and Caid jumped a little. She stared around the room as people began to move towards the door and hand in their test. she stayed sitting until the last person was leaving. She stood and walked up the Tenchi. "would you mind gradin it now?" her voice was quiet and hoarsed still.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid gave a half smile before walking out to the tennis court. She dressed out into the tennis skirt and new pollo shirt with her name on the back. She grabbed her raquet and went out to the one player quart, with a wall on one side, and began vollying with herself. the ball constantly hitting the same spot.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid grabbed the ball in her hand as it flew back at her and turn to face the boys tennis team who were making fun of her. She took a half step towards them but then noticed the basket of tennis balls next to her. She half smiled. She tossed the ball in her hand up and served it into the face of one of the boy, hard. She laughed as he hit the ground scream that she had broken his nose. The other boys faced her angry. She grabbed another ball and served it in the same fasion into another boy between the legs. He dropped. As she went to serve another ball, someone grabbed the raquet out of her head. She turned and looked up into the face of the head master /Shit.../ she cursed to herself. She gave the head master a nervous smile.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared at the two an dturned to Tenchi with a begging face. maybe he could get her out of this. She glance at the head master and saw he was going through her file. She turned back to tenchi begging him with her eyes.
Adden Lee / Caid: ACid resisted smiling until they were out of the office. "THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" she nearly hugged him. "another sespention and i would be kicked off the team." Her voice sounded funny being hoarsed and loud at the same time. "THANK YOU!" she paused a moment. "Are you really ganna stick me on a stand?"
Adden Lee / Caid: ACid covered her mouth to not laugh, "wad ya do ta tick her off?" CAid asked looking up to Tenchi. /i hate fish/ ran through her head, /but better than losin my chance at playin tennis./
Adden Lee / Caid: ACid stared blankly at him. "Under your desk?" She blinked, "that's strange..." She pulled on the nose of the mask and let it snap back into his face, "And it isn't very gentalmenly to scare women with a demon mask."
Adden Lee / Caid: ACid grinned. "Sure, i got a use or two for one." She smiled was morly and evil grin. "So i get to run the fish stand?"
Adden Lee / Caid: "oo fun" she smiled, "can we tamper with the paddles?" She fallowed him, "And trust me, money aint an issue if it breaks."
Adden Lee / Caid: ACid laughed. "So basically let the guys make idiots of them selves and make jokes with the girls standing by." Caid's smile stayed on her face as she fallow a step back from tenchi.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid peered into the drawer and shifted through the maskes. "So this stand is a way to have the guys waist their money then?" she found a mask she wanted, white and red. Her tennis colors.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled and looked around the room. She had left her raquet with the head master. "So much for street tennis tonight." She took the mask and slid it in a side pocket of her gym bag and walk off towards the dorms.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid opened the door of her dorm and found flowers on the bed. She grabbed them and tossed them in the trash. She set her gym bag by her bed and changed into an over iszed shirt and sweat shorts. She pulled out a pint of cookie odugh ice cream and a spoon. She ate the ice cream straight from the carton as she opened her math book.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid opened the door with the spoon still in her mouth. As soon as she saw the raquet her eyes lit up and she smiled. "THANK YOU!!" she stared at him. "So you just walk in to the girls dorm hallway?"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, "It's complete with out punishnment. How much damage can i do before you pull me off the guy?" She smiled already planning against the boys tennis team.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled. "Does it have to be on school grounds?" her eyes showed a bit of mischifness.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, "Tell the tennis guys they'll be able to get a piece of me and the intire team will come running. They don't like me too much." Her smile widened, "Seeing as i swiped out every scholoarship offer that is given for tennis out from under em."
Adden Lee / Caid: "you too, Mr. Sensei." Caid smiled as she closed the door and went back to her math book.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid laugh at the site as she stepped out of her room towards the wash rooms. The senior girls really did need a new hobby. Caid walked past them and into the wash room chewing on her toothbrush and laughing.
Adden Lee / Caid: (bye then.)
ellesmera: "uh..whatever" he said, a bit to loud, he walked past him, showing no respect whatsoever, and walked towards the music room, where sax had just dissapeard to
"so thats where hes hiding.." he said aloud as he passed tenchi
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared from the oppisite side of the hall at the two boys. She shook her head and walked past them to Tenchi's door. She found it to be locked. /damnit!/ she looked at the kane and sax, "have you two seen Tenchi?" she tilted her head seeing how uncomfortable sax was. She shook her head and tapped kane's shoulder. He didn't respond. Cain stared a moment and then balled her hands in to fist. She left loose a right hook into the side of Kane's head. "Ya mind ta stop suckin' the poor kid's face and answering me."
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled when she saw Tenchi. "Mr. Sensei" **am i spellin that right??? i know the sympol i would use but aint to good at spellin** "Wanna come with me to see how people really play tennis. There's fifty percent of the funds if you can give me a ride" Caid smiled with hope he wouldn't notice that she had missed the last bus and was just trying to get a ride.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid scowled but then looked at tenchi and frowned, "PLease tenchi. there's a minumume of fifty bux in it for ya. And you are a teacher you could use the money." Caid stared up at him with large eyes.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smile at allison and shook her head. She turned back to tenchi, she hated to have to beg for little things like this but money was money and when it came from street tennis it made it better mone and easy money. She liked easy money. "So can ya give me a ride then to downtown?" She tried to smile sweetly up at tenchi.
Adden Lee / Caid: CAid didn't respond to him she just stared for a moment and then turned on her heel as she looked at her watch, she was going to miss getting her money down for tennis tonight and that would mean she didn't get any money. She walked out the back door and down the street that lead to Main, she would be able to make it if she ran down main to the courts, but barely.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid reached Main and looked at her watch. Thiry min until the first serve. Three mile, thiry min. Possible. Caid skipped a bit before running off down Main Street with her money, raquet, and tennis ball in the bag on her back. She'd barely make it in time.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid hit her money down on the betting table just before the first game started. she panted and looked at the money holder, "one hundred," she panted out. A few of the other players there desided to try and throw a fit and say she was too late, but as soon as she set down another fifty they were quiet. She pulled out her raquet and stepped up to the court, first game was always hers. It was an unspoken rule among the street players. She boused twice before serving. And started the bets flying in from the watchers along the street.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid finished off a guy with in her first serve. He was tired and she had hardly had to move from her stop ion the court. She smiled and went to collet her money as siron filled the air and the money holder called out, "Scatter!" With in a few seconds the street was in chaos as the newbies tried to find a place to run and the pros grabbed raquets and money earned. Caid grabbed her four hundred earned and turned to run smalling straight into one of the cops. SHe turned again but he grabbed her and it was a lost hope to get free this time. Cops were already clearing out the pros and grabbing the ones they knew to be betting. She hung her head as she was pushed into a partrol car and sunk down. Don't to good for a reputation if people find out you get caught.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid looked at the officer with innocent eyes and nodded. She was tring to hide the money against her back. She looked at Tenchi as soon as the officer looked away and nodded a thanks. She just hopped the officer would buy it, or she'd be screwed.
Adden Lee / Caid: CAid flashed the cop an innocent smiled and stepped up to Tenchi. She slid the money up her sleeve to ide it and grabbed her raquet as she stepped behind Tenchi. She looked at allison and nearly broke out laughing. She again flashed an innocent smile to the officer before looking around to find where the money holder had ducked into. She saw him in an alley and held to fingers at him to show the location to meet tomarro. The games never stopped because of a few cops and this sport was under her control untill someone beat her.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid looked up at him, "four hundred I got know, but seeing as i own the sport, I'll get more." she looked at her feet and shrugged a little, "Thanks Mr. Sensie."
Adden Lee / Caid: **oh and yeah, caid doesn't have much care for laws and has basically a two track mind normally. How to spend money and how to get money. She has a gambling issue...afew accually**
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid glared at Tenchi as he took her moeny but shrugged, she did owe him for getting her out of that mess. She turned as soon as she heard Sax and stopped in her tracks. She wasn't too well liked by the 'outcast' normally. She watched as the sene between him and the man went on. She didn't wiat to see how Tenchi would react to it. She turned on her heels and ran for where a city bus had just stopped. She climbed on showing her pass and sat in the back. she glanced back to see Sax walking to the train. She had something a little more important than spying on a gang tonight.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid looked at him and to the rest of the gang. She pulled her coat on covering her back. "I dont need your money. If you didn't notice, I own the sport. I get enough from you idiots betting on the matchs." She said it all smiling with an inoccent side. She turned her racquet away from Sax to hide the painted sympol. She was waundering if he had even notice or knew who she was. The outcast wouldn't talk to her like this.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid glared at him as he got off the bus. The bus started again and at the different stops the gang memeber slowly disappeared. When the bus driver called out last stop, Caid stood and walked off. The town area was in anciet Janpan style. She walked quickly bouncing one of the tennis ball on her racquet. She entered one of the small building and walked to a table and sat next to a young man with the greek symbol for Alpha tattooed on his hand. They spoke in nearly silent whispers.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid got home a few minutes before sun rise and saw Kane down the guys hall. She walked up to him and kicked his side. He didn't move much. Caid knelt down and held her fingers on his neck. He was alive just knocked out. Caid looked around and saw the hall way empty. Leaving him wasn't the best idea, especailly once the highschool gangs came home. She lifted him up a little uneven and sort of walked dragged him to her dorm. She dropped him on the couch and hit the bed her self.
Adden Lee / Caid: As the sun came up, Caid reluctenty open her eyes to her alarm clock. She looked over at the couch where Kane still sat uncoscience. She shook her head and changed into a loose tank top and gym shorts and running shoes. She left a note for Kane in case he woke up before she got back and left to go run the track on the school's roof.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid ran around the track and saw sax sitting with 3 of the guys from the bus. She sped up a bit so they wouldn't be able to try an dtalk to her or examain the tatoo on her uper shoulder. The were sitting right next to the door though an dshe couldn't just walk past them. She had already run a mile and was going to be late if she didn't leave soon. But she would have to wait for them to leave first or at least move away from the door. She started another lap and hit the button on her watch.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid was finishing her second mile and Sax still hadn't moved. SH edidn't have a choice now though. She slowed down and walked the last quarter mile. She looked at Sax who just sat there. She gritted her teeth and sat down to strech a good distance from him. She finished streching and looked over to see him still there. /why can't he just leave/ Caid felt like cursing at herself for not wearing sleeve to cover her soulder now she knew sax was part of the outcast. She started over and reahed up to scratch her shoulder as a way to hopefully hide the Alpha tattoo.
Adden Lee / Caid: (yeah the pic doesnt have her tat cause i use this profile in other rps and she cant have one in those) Caid stared at him and covered her shoulder, "Yeah. You aint with the outcast are ya?" She looked at his bruised chest and cringed her self. It almost looked as if something was broken. She then looked over Kane's shoulder at Sax to make sure he wasn't listening. she couldnt tell if he was or not
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid avoided the three and walked behind tenchi to avoid eye veiw from sax and bowed her head quickly and descrete to Kane as a your welcome sign when she heard her name. She paused when he lift his shirt again and shared at the broken rib. She gave six months minimum to heal. and that was guessing low. she shook her head and grabbed her gym bag from by the stairs.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid nearly ran down the stairs when she heard sax coming down. She pulled the strap of her gym bag over the tattoo, just incase, and made her way towards the dorms. when she got to her dorm she dropped her bag and changed into her school uniform. She tied back her hair, so much for showers being free in the morning. The girls' dorms were non stop noise at this point, that meant that the first bell had rung. Caid basically ran down the hall towards the school.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid slid into tenchi's room and instantly froze, /right festivle thing/ Caid smiled at all the girls in demon mask and covered her nouth to keep from laughing at them trying to keep them on their faces. Caid wen tto the back of the class and sat down with her feet crossed over the desk. She watched and made little silent comment to herself about everyone there before closing her eyes and starting to doze off.
Adden Lee / Caid: (oh kay. thats funnier) Caid opened her eyes and nearly fell out of her seat from him suddenly yelling. She had nearly been asleep. She smiled at Tenchi, "Ya know, if you had driven me we could have avoid it all big brother." She said it with the innocent eyes she used around cops and other teachers.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid laughed underher breath. "do you even have a licence?" She looked out the corner of her eye at all the student concil people and tried to avoid looking at them. She didn't like them watching her though.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid laughed as she remembered Mrs Allison drunk from last night. /wounder how far that got./ she thought it with a bit of humor and a bit of somehthing else. she put her hand up to cover the rest of her laugh as she laid back in her chair and put her feet up agian, to go back to dozing.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid finished running and the streches she was told to do and reliesed from gym early scince the other girls hadn't even gotten half way done yet. She smiled as sweetly as she could manage at Sax as she passed him after dressing out and saw Kane sudden't dissappear into the library. She titlted her head tring to think of the last time she had been in there. She had thirty minutes to her next class and the tennis courts were full. She shuruged and walked into the libray. Grabbing a book on the Greek Language she took the seat open by Kane.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, "For only being 5 foot my legs are perfectly long enough. and thank you." She paused skimming over the greek alphabet. She looked back at him, "How ya ribs doin?" She was accually concerned, she new how broken ribs felt. And if an enemy of the outcast was hurt, in her eyes that ment an Alpha was hurt, weather a member or not.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared for a moment blankly. She took a second to catch on and then laughed a bit. She pulled her feet up and held her knees. she smiled at him. "so is he your room mate or was he lucky enough to get away?" the night before, of Caid socking Kane flashed into her memories and she pulled her lips together tight. did he even remember after sax's little tiff?
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled at him, "well if you're done reading about how to cause someone to commit suicide. Wanna go play JakX up in my room. Just got it last month and i have all the profiles possible. she set her book down keeping her fingers in place to keep her page.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid flashed a smile and took kane's hand. she led him up to her dorm and opened her entertainment center to reveal a 46" televition and her playstaion. She handed a controler to Kane, "I'm player one and claim Daxter as a driver." her voice was laughing. She sat down and grabbed the remotes. her room had a speeker in each corner and when she started the game thhe room filled with the music.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid hit the finish line and sat waiting for Kane to finish. He cross a few seconds later and Caid smiled, "I'm thinking this would be one of those things for me to start offering betting on." She laughed at it and relized how close Kane was she instandly flinched and turned back to the television. She started to find a new race for them while she fought away a blush.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled at him. "You don't like the idea of me putting on a difficult one do you?" She was laughing in her voice. "Fine, just dont do the ice one it looks easy, but no one can make one of the corners." She was laughing at him as she said this.
Adden Lee / Caid: caid again blew past Kane in the race and laped him. Before the race finished, her pcket started to vibrate. She jumped and left the game unpaused as she looked at her phone. "Damn it, " she stood and went to the closet, she was still in the school uniform. "I have to go" she looked over at Kane, "You can stay if you want and practice. I'll be back in an hour or so." She left on the white shirt and pulled the black leather jacket over it and pulled her black jeans on under her skirt before she removed the skirt. She grabbed her raquet and gym bag before going for the door, she turned back, "stay away from the sinor girls, trust me."
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid looked at him, "I have something to do." She held up her phone, "You should know about the gang style, he calls you go." she smiled,"stay and play, maybe you'll came in only a few minutes behind me with the practice."
Adden Lee / Caid: **uhh, 4th year high school...** Caid froze and looked back at him and stared. Her phone buzzed again. ahe looked at it, "He's going to kill me if i dont go now." She stared at him. "leader or not, The Alpha rule this town. Maybe you relized that when every person whos is winning in the street gambling is one in some way conected to us." She turned her back as her phone went off again, this time ringing, she filpped it open, "WHAT!" she paused, "Yeah I'll grab milk and drop it by in a few minuets." She left the room leaving the door open.
Adden Lee / Caid: **i dont know, last post he passed out with the allison charactor he had created** CAid got back to the room and nearly fell into her room. She stared at Kane for awhile and the shrugged, making her cringe. She pulled off the jacket and reviled the blood soking over her arm. She walked off in to the small tolet room and disappeared for awhile. She cam back out in a black shirt and her arm wrapped. She down down next to Kane and smiled, "wanna play?"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid knew the gaze. Every gang leader had it. She shook her head, "It's the buisness of the Alphas." She stared at him, "You're not an Alpha so you don't get to know, but you're not an outcast, so i don't kill you for asking."
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid nodded, she knew what he meant. No one ever left the Alphas with out a few scars. If she hadn't been next to take the lead she would have quit after today. He held up her arm as she pulled off the pathetic attempt and banaging her arm. the cuts ran from her wrist to her elbow shoulder and back down avoiding the tattoo though.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid grinded her teeth but didn't bite. She turned away from the cuts and swallowed hard twice. she took a deep breath and looked back to the cuts, they were dripping blood every where, she sudden't remembered why she had bought the black rug. She looked at Kane and stared a moment, "You take it, or they make it wourse."
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid looked at his marks and shook her head. /Thats what happens when you want out./ She looked at him a moment and then turned away, she didn't want to see his eyes, "Who helped you out?"
Her voice was sure of it, no one got out of the Alphas alone, once you were in you where there until you died or until a high rank lets you out.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared at him ,"Mickalie is leader now. He killed my brother for the spot, but he earned by our own rules." She paused, "Why don't you stay, the couch is open and I odn't want you alone with Sax." she shook her head, "He's one of the few scary ones." she was laughing.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled. "I don't care. Sorry about the guitar," she paused and a smile flashed across her face, "wanna a cd recorded by him live and then signed." She stood and walked to the closet. She shuffled through a box of cds before finding the extensive bon jovi collection. She held up three cds, a blck, a red and a white. all signed. She looked back over her shoulder, "i would let you have one of my guitars, but they are all back at my house and...well not the best choice to go there." her voice trailed off.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid shrugged, "As long as Mickalie doesn't find out. he's a bit over protective when it comes to other guys." she stopped and bit her bottom lip and stared off. She shouldn't of said that. She went on before he could, "I have an electric signed by Bon Jovi. It isn't the same as the other one i have a feeling, but i don't want it." She smiled at him, "Im more of a Def Leppard fan." she paused and stared a moment, "What am I going to tell the dorm head if they find out?" The sinor girls already had issues with her. Caid broke every rule they set, cerfew, no drugs drinking or weapons, no gang meetings, yeah a lot of os, but they accually inforced only a few, like no guys.
Adden Lee / Caid: (lol i noticed that.) Caid smiled. She was on the third floor, she kind of wanted to see Kane try it. She took her phone out of her pocket and turned it off. "are you ganna go to sleep now? if you are, you mind lights being on?"
Adden Lee / Caid: (wats getting aught? sry im not so good with english yet. my latin is even better than it.)
caid smiled at him, "Good point." she pulled her math book as she dropped on to her bed, "I wont be going to sleep for awhile though, Im failing Tenchi's class and getting threatened to be thrown off the tennis team. I need to start working and that means chaching up on what I already missed." she opened to the first page of problems and grabbed a sheet of papper and a pencil from the night stand.
Adden Lee / Caid: (im from mainly ireland, but i was taught in new zealand, and have been in the united states for about two years. my first language was latin, makes every thing else easier)
Caid smiled and let out a sigh of relief, "Please. I don't have a clue what Im doing."
Adden Lee / Caid: (sure why not.)
Caid smiled and blushed, "algrbra." She leaned the book over so he could see. (yeah basic algerbra) She scooted closer. as he stared to speak, a sudden crash filled the hall way out side her door. she shook her ehad, "trouble down in paradice." she mumbled and stood grabbing somethign from under her bed and walked to the door. she unlocked it and looked back, "you may want to duck."
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid check what she pulled from under the bed and allowed it to show to Kane as a newly bought Thompson 1119c hand gun (silver plated hand gun symply put) She put in a new magazine of bullets and pulled open the door. She rolled her shulders and stepped out. She stood at one end of the hall, and the idiot highschool gang stood at the other. They stared at her. she held up the gun and shot at their feet, "You're out of your limits! Alphas agreed to let you live as long as you stayed in the limits we gave you," she took a few more stepps and shot at their feet again, they all jumped back, "Now do I have to kill one of you to make our point," she kept walking towards them they kept backing up. one of them shook his head and pulled back on the other two. Caid shoot again at their feet and they turned heel and ran.
As she went to walk back to the room, the door next to her flew open and the dorm head stood in front of her. "shit," caid cursed a few times under her breath.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared up at the head master who shook her head at Caid. "I'm sorry. I'll pay for the damage." Caid held out the gun and the dorm head shook her head at her again. "keep your gun, just don't use it in here."
Caid nodded and walked back to her room. She went to put the gun back under her bed and laughed out loud when she saw kane, "You fit under there?" she reached out a hand to help him out.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid walked over and closed the door, checking the hall to make sure everything was clear. She went to her bed and sat down, "most of that stuff isn't even mine. But in the Alphas I hold the Beta position, everything is held here." She paused, and stared at him, "You relize since i just said that, if you become a rival gang, we will need to wipe your memory so to speak." she had a serious look he hadn't seen before. the light in her eyes was gone and it now clearly showed that she was an Alpha and there was a reason for it. She was good at the gang role.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid flashed asmile and grabbed the controler. "wanna bet on it. I still gotta make enough money for my rent."
She started the game and loaded the first track.
Lareth / Rachelle: She walked into class and set her messenger bag on the floor by her desk as the bell rang.She pulled her sketchbook out and doodled silently on a blank page. The sound of the old wood door opening and the teacher coming in made her look up.
Adden Lee / Caid: **hey u all caught up on the happenings??**
Adden Lee / Caid: okay, how far back in post did you read?**
Lareth / Rachelle: ** a few pages i think**
Lareth / Rachelle: ** could you just tell me the importent things quick to make sure i got it?**
Adden Lee / Caid: **kk, so the charactors so far, me, kane, sax and tec tenchi (he hasn't posted for awhile.) the first three there are each a member of a different gang. Tenchi is our math teacher. Kane is bi Sax is gay. umm my gang and saxes gang are rivals, kane's gang is in a different city. Im into street gambling and such. Kane and I are currently in my dorm playin a race video game and sax is having a hissy fit in his room because of it. Sax is realy strong even though he comes off wimpy and he has anger managment issues. i think thats good for now....**
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid laughed out loud as she saw him crash, "Are you just unable to drive?" She was starting her second lap while he was still on the first. She turned her car and took the path backwards just to show off and see his reaction.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid laughed at his comments and nearly crashed. She was pulled her legs up under her so she was on her knees and pushed Kane's shouldr a bit.
As she finished the race a knock came against the door, befor eshe could say any thing, the door swung open and the dorm head stepped into the room. Caid froze and stared from her to Kane. She bit her bottom lip, "I take it you wont except that he's my brother will you?"
Lareth / Rachelle: wandering into her dorm,she fumbled to get the key into the lock. "ugh" she muttered pushing the door open and tossing her junk onto her bed. her dorm was uninhabited except for her because no roomate had been assigned. She looked around and pulled a box from on her bed. Opening it she rumaged through it puling out posters and started tacking them up on the walls. She sat on the floor and turned on the tv and ps2 loading up dark cloud. << kk thank you so much for the recap>>
Adden Lee / Caid: CAid stared at the dorm head, her mind fishing for an excuse. She glanced at the dorm head and saw she had her eyes locked on Kane. she out reached a hand towards him. "Amilia, dorm head of the Girls Only dorms." She made a point to how she said girls only. Caid stared waiting for Kane to react. The dorm head never offered a hand to guys who broke her rules. Caid relised that the dorm head wasn't looking at his eyes, but his tattoo.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared at her watch as the alarm went off. She rolled her eyes, "Well, you have fun with eachother. I have to get to Tenchi's class. Festival is coming up and I am being forced to help." Caid smiled and rather quickly ran out of the room. She just had to avoid Amilia until she cooled down. Can't throw her out unless she saw her. Caid was enjoying her impossible logic at the moment and continued mumbling to her self as she left the room.
Adden Lee / Caid: Amilia stared down at him nto sure what to say. She had had pst experiances with gangs, thanks to Caid, and those hadn't been to pleasnt. She nodded, "thank you." She still didn't look at his face, her eyes were glued to the tattoos. "where are you from? Those aren't any symbols from the gangs here." her voice was a whisper as if she was afraid to speak at her normal tone.
Lareth / Rachelle: Rachelle wandered down the hallway, just pacing because she had no idea what to do. She pulled a granola bar out of her pocket.
Adden Lee / Caid: CAid walked down the hall not paying much attention and ran rather hard into Rachelle. Caid stepped back and stared a moment. "Hey, sorry about that." Caid stared trying to remember who the girl was and couldn't she shrugged, "Who are you?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (im gonna start posting kane and sax seperatly, so you can see what they look like. k?. this is kanes account, those are the tats, if you want a link for the details ask me. sax (blue) is saxs account)
Adden Lee / Caid: Amilia stared at him. "It isn't safe to be from an outside gang here. You shouldn't show those off." Amilia was trying to keep her voice steady but it wasnt working. She was shaking, past experiances with Mickalie from the Alphas would do that to a person.
Lareth / Rachelle: Rachelle looked up as she was now knocked on her butt. "um...rachelle...its okay"
She stood up and dusted herself off.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, "Names Caid." She looked up past Rachelle and saw Sax in the comman area. She didn't move her eyes from him, "I would love to stay and talk, but buisness. and If you need anything, ask, I'm rather good at helping normally.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (caid, i spoke to tensu, hes not oming back, he said we lost him and he isnt planning on returning soon) kane shrugged "caid dont mind, and the alphas know to leave me alone..i earned my freedom...the hard way" he looked at her, realiseing she was shaking, he shrugged and put his top on, along with the arm pieces. "happy?" h said, his eyes wandering down he body resting momentarily on her brests befoe they returned to her face (typical man hey..)
Adden Lee / Caid: (hehee and amilia is one of those women rights ppl. and i figured he wasn't comeing back, bu we are still suppose to be in highschool and i like to keep the story to where you arent going like 'wat happen to the fetizal' type thing.) Amilia fallowed his eyes. As soon as she caught where he was looking she balled her hands in to little fist and slammed one forward into his right cheek. *anime angry symple pulsing above ehr head* she glared at him, "All men." it was bitter as she said it, "And no i'm not happy now. You are a booy in the grils dorms, now out!" she thrust her finger toward the window, not the door.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "you gotta be kidding! you seen that drop...and im not a typical man" he was now stood, his 6ft 3 frame towered over hers (hes not typical man...cos he bi..but typical enough right? lol)
"and if you think i wont hit you back for that..your wrong!!! he raised his fist clenching it in to a ball
Adden Lee / Caid: Amilia glared at him and her hands came up to block his hit. She grabbed his colar and draged him to the window. "what 3o feet never killed anyone on its own." She went to open the window and found it to be nail shut. She became angry when she remembered she had done it as a way to try and keep the gangs from sneaking in. She glared and Kane and let go of him pointing at the door. She was shaking with anger and wasn't a morning person already. this event was not adding to the 'fun.'
Caid walked pass Rachelle adn up to Sax, she made sure he didn't have time to react. She cracked her knuckles before puting a fist into his stomach, "That was for burning a perfectly good guitar signed by one of the Greats!" She went to hit him again, "This is because I was told to!" She went to hook his jaw with her left hand.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane loke at her, he walked out of the door with one of his guitars on his back, he blew her a kiss and walked down to the library
ellesmera / Sax (blue): he stopped her by pinning her to the ground.
"i think you can stop right there" he resistd a cough, knoing it would splatter her with blood, he let her up before staggering to the window and coughing up some blood, wiping it away with a tissue from his pocket, h turned round to look at her
"didnt you see the damage i did to kane, im not afraid to do it to you" he glowered
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid laughed as she jumped to her feet, "Go ahead, You can't do anything Mickalie hasn't done to me already." She brought her hands up just in case she needed to block him, causing her sleeve to fal and the bendages on her arm to show and also showing the blood that was seeping through them. She stepped up to him and went to hook him again.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax blocked her, forcing her to the floor again
"i dont want to. dont make me, ill bet i do something Mickalie hasnt" he growled, letting her up again
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid braced her fall with her good arm and pushed her self up before she fully hit the ground. She wasn't going to back down. She was far more scared of what Mickalie could do than what Sax could do. THere was a reason they were called the Alphas. The full name was Alpha Omega, meaning the begining and the end. They ruled the city for a reason. The outcast were still under them for a reason. Caid didn't bother mentioning this to Sax though. She went for another hit, this time a thin silver blade slid out from the sleeve of her shirt and sunk into Sax's side.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax growled as the metal slunk in, he braced the pain and spun her round, flinging her against the wall, he grabbed her hand which held he blade and pulle it out, he felt his blood on her hand, he grimaced befoe doing the unexpected (spesh cos he gay) he cupped her face and kissed her, at the same time, twisting her hand andmaking her drop the blade
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid's eyes flashed wide. /Isn't he GAY!/ Caid's mind buzzed until she gathered her thoughts, Mickalie was going to kill this guys even if she didn't. Caid bit down and landed a knee in between his leg.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): after he recovered he flashed her a pained smile
"what i say? told you id do something unexpected2 he wiped the blood away with his hand, he started to back towards the door
ellesmera / kane_vampire: unfortuatly, kane had seen what sax had done, as sax ot to the enterance, ane brought his fist down on to saxs skull, knocking him to the floor. he flipped sax over on to his back
"hi caid, dont mind if i take this shitbag do ya?" (ooh..i like it when kane swears..not often) he picked sax up by the scruff of his collar slamming him up against the wall and closing the space btween his knee and saxs chest
Dwinni17: Chalene The new girl sat under a tree outside looking around hoping someone would notice her, she lowered her head letting her long blonde bangs cover her face
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: Rayne was walking round the grounds, he sighed, hed had to replace tenchi (what he teach btw? i never figured it out...) he noiced a girl sitting by a tree and walked over out of bordem.
Adden Lee / Caid: (math teacher and he also heads up the student council. festival coming up by the way.) Caid glared at Sax, "Unexpected my ASS!" *she only sweras when she gets pissed enough* She looked at Kane and shook her head, "KLet me have a shot at something I'm pretty sure he could do with out first." Caid slid her second knife from her sleeve and stepped up. Her eyes were screaming with anger and she wasn't going to hesitate as soon as Kane gave her the shot.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "what would that be, dont go cutting off his balls... i might need them...." he smiled., grabing sax by the arms, holding him in front of caid
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax cowered, trying to shrink away, pulling his legs up to his chest
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid frowned, "Fine, I'll just do him what Mickalie would do to him for pulling such a cheep trick as that." Caid's eyes were dead calm as she ripped open Sax's shirt and set the tip of the knife at the egde of hispants. She didn't have to put presure, it broke skin withotu it. She set it there a moment and then ripped up. She went to just under his throat and then dropped it back down. She repeated this until his entire chest was cut in a zig-zag style. She didn't let anything show in her eyes. She turned away, "There's a reason we are the head gang in town. We don't take shit. Even when they are gay." Her voice was harsh.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "almost as heartless as shark... shed cut his hand off and gouge out his lips, before knocking him out.. but shes insane" he sighed, making sax stand and started to carry him out the door.
"ill fetch my stuff later"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid nodded and waited until the common room was empty before throwing the knife away from her and running to her room. She ran past amilia as she ran into the room. She slambed the door. She was gasping for air as she lifted her shirt and ran her fingers over cuts from last night that Kane hadn't seen. Sax's were nothing compared to them. Caid looked at her stomache, the bleeding had stopped while they worked on her arm. Caid suddenly relized she hadn't finished with Sax. She was suppose to make his scars mimic hers so Mickalia would know which one he was. She had forgotten his arm.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane slammed sax on to the bed.
"your gonna wait here." he ordered, grabbing some rope from his bed (vamps have a lot of handy stuff) he grabbed saxs wrist, and fastened it to his other wrist, fastening that to the underside of kanes bunk, then using the other length of rope he tied his feet together, and tied them to his wrists, curled up behind his back.
kane walked around for a bit, if he went back now...god knows what would happen, he went to caids dorm room and knocked, getting a suspicious look from amelia
"im just colecting some stuff...and making sure shes ok...." she didnt seem to belive him, but left him to it
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax looked at his chest, he couldnt see all of it, as his spine was curved, stretching the cuts, making them bleed more, he let out a shuddered breath, 'wat would the vamp do??' he thought
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: Tskoki was sat behind his desk, his first lesson was tomorrow, he sighed, kicking his legs up and leaning them on the desk, he went over what the previous teacher had taought them...not much..the grades were appaling, apart from a few, he sighed, turning on his laptop and starting on his lesson plans
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid opened the door just before Kane got a changce to knock. She stared at him blankly for a moment. She was in a towle alone and had her bathroom stuff with her. Her face went red. "You're here for your stuff, right?" Caid lifted the top of the towle, trying to find a position that would cover her, the towle was too small to not show a bit of her chest. And on her chest, the scar tattoos that covered her upped body. They were in an accualle patter, starting down around the back of her pant line and coming up and in front. The died srac tissue covered her upper body.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "yeah" kane relied, trying not to look at her, hed noticed the scars and had memorized them, but he wouldnt look at a lady in a towel
"i wanted to make sure you were ok as well, i know the alphas can look after themselves.. before you give me a leture..but your differant to them, and i know you wont admit it... but you are. "
Adden Lee / Caid: (i had to close the program my teacher saw it.)
Caid shook her ehad, "I'm like them in more ways then someone would notice."
She looked down at her arm as she felt it start dripping down her arm. She watched as the blood slid down her finger and dropped of leaving a red circle on the carpet at her feet. The bandages were gone now and you could see the cuts to be deeper than you would think. There were also more than the ones kane had seen, and they were newer.
She looked at him and stepped aside, "I'm going to shower, but you can find your stuff."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane sighed, 'women' he thought then 'alphas' he gathered his stuff and eventually had it all in his room. he walked over to sax and sat on the bed, tracing the cuts with a finger.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid showered and glanced at her watch, Tenchi wa going to kill her (she still doesn't know theres a new teacher.) She dressed in long sleeves and low rise pants so not show show off te cuts or do any more damage to the ones on her stomach. As soon as she knew how, she was going to kill Mickalie for the scars they were going to leave.
She stepped in to Tenchi's room already apologising when she looked up and saw Tskoki. She forgot all manners and the first words out of her mouth were, "Who are you?"
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: Rayne looked up, hed been falling asleep.
" Im.. the new teacer for Maths and Drama. and I think they want me to cover Art as well." He smiled.
"Im Rayne Tskoki. You are?"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid's mind nearly shatered. "What happened to Tenchi? Did they fire him?!" She suddenly had a terrible feeling he had been fired for ling to the cop, along with the many other reasons, but that being the last straw. She tried to shake it, why was she caring? She paused a moment and the answered, "Caiden Lee. Caid. I am a student here and I was suppose to help with the festival as a " she tried to find a betetr word but couldn't "Punishment."
somefuzzybaster: {yo can i join?}
Adden Lee / Caid: {if you know whats going on and understand it sure.}
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: "im not sure what happened to him acctually... they just had an opening.. or a few... so... caid.. nice name.. what festival would this be???" he had closed his laptop and was now opening a bottle of unlabeled liquid
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, if he was anything like tenchi, she knew what would be in the bottle. She shrugged, "The student concil is doing it for the most part,Mr. Sensie was just the teacher so it could get school funding." She sat down on the edge of his next glancing at the bottle and tring to catch a smell of it, "It was a japanese culture festival."
(Eagle) / Sorrow: Sorrow lay stretched across the window sill of a classroom. he was hidden behind a small array of plants that had been placed by the window. Sorrow got up stretched lightly, and squeezed his head between two of the plants. The cat surveyed the room there were a few people talking in groups and a large man at the front of the room. Sorrow darted across the floor swiftly his fur laiden feet not making the slightest sound. He barely made it to through the door as a student shut uit behind them, It had been a rather close cut that time. Sorrow sauntered down the hall his tail flicking back and forth stressfully as he sniffed the air.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: "ah... i see, well, im sure i could replace him in that. now, do you know how far he got in to teaching you? i dont want to make you do things youve already done..." he sighed, draining half the contents of the bottle
(btw never found out, do you have to be human on here? im just slightly curious)
Adden Lee / Caid: (idk...i guess you dont have to be..)
Caid looked at him, "I'm not the best one to ask. I don't pay attention." Her voice was a bit scorned, she had taken a likeing to tenchi and he would have passed her through the tennis season. She didn't know the chance of this guy letting her slide by she desided to add in, "Tenchi normally let me make everything up after the tennis season. I'm the schools only girl player and number one in the state." She was also making the tattoo on her arm clear, a little intemidation didn't hurt, even with the newly bangaaged cuts showing a bit. she smiled at him.
(Eagle) / Sorrow: Sorrow sniffed curiously at Rayne's fingers. They smelled odd but not disguisting. The cat mewed lightly looking up at Rayne with a blank look. His tail flicked partially from it getting stepped on in the hallway and partially because of paranoia. Sorrow cocked his head ot the side slightly still looking at Rayne.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: rayne saw sorrow and smiled, stroking it behind the ears
"im sure you could do that even though tenchis gone... tennis is better than maths.. if only i didnt have this vision problem.. i might have carried on playing it profesionally (partially blind) well, i suppose ill just have to ask whoever knows then hey? this your cat?...." he spots the tatoo "....im sure youll pass" he smiled hesitantly, his sight may be fucked up, but he new an alpha tat when he saw one... his brother was an alpha, til he tried to leave
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, she didn't enjoy how the fear was put there, but she liked being able to put it there. SHe swung her feet a bit and looked down at the cat. She hadn't seen it before. "Uh uh. Must belong to one of the new students. or a teacher." She slid off the desk and turned so she was facing him, "So I can just start doing stuff after tennis." she streched her hands out behind her, "But if i don't have to be here now, i'll ganna go plays treet tennis. I'm short on money and have to pay my tuition soon." she turned and added in a mutter, "and the family's bills." she was iritated at it and she hadn't even seen how much it was going to cost her.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: "you play street tennis? i used to love wathing that.. ah well, pity... have a nice time caid..i can call you caid cant i?", he pulled out a biscuit from a tin on the desk and munched on it
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax yelped as kane ran his finger through the wounds
"kane...im sorry" he had tears welling up in his eyes, he struggledon the bed, squirming upder his touch
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane growled low, diggig his claw like nail in to one of the cuts, getting a scream from sax, satisfied he bent down over sax and removed the rope, releasing him on to the bed, he bent down and kissed up his chest, meaing his lips and parting them swiftly with his tongue (door wide open)
Adden Lee / Caid: (passer byers must love that,)
Caid smiled, "Yeah I play alot." she smiled wdie, "And yeah, Caid is fine." She turned and started out the door, she suddenly woundered what Kane had done with Sax. she glanced towards the stair that led to the dorms and saw two guys walking down, uderly confused. She over ehard them but didnt quiet catch what they had said. /drinking his blood?/ now she accually wanted to know, she turned back towards the dorms.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane had actually licked the wounds clean, and was now kissing him, his long daggered nails clawing in to him, gauging marks in to his back.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): saxs screams were muffled by kanes kissing, he didnt want to kiss back, but couldnt stop himself, once again, kanes nails goauged bloody marks in to his back, neck and shoulders, the edges of his vision was going blurry, sax slipped his tongue in to kanes mouth, trying to gain dominance,a nd stp his bloody rampage, his hand were curled in fists behind his back, as all he had done was cut him loose from the bed, so his arms and legs were still bound.
Adden Lee: caid glanced in the room and saw the two. She laughed, "Well I believe that could be called rape Kane." She leaned on the door frame woundering if her presance would stop him or not, she liked to see Kane over powered.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax bit kanes lip, causing it to bleed, but that didnt stop him, the bed was bloody from kanes claw marks and sax was screaming out in pain, this actually hurt more that caids wound, which had no chane to close
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane stopped, sitting up he turned to look at caid, his lip was mixed with their blood, sax had managed to wriggle free of the bonds and had turned himself over so his back was faing the door and the mirror, he cringed, it was a mess, ppieces of flesh were hanging off and it was saturated in blood, sax snarled, closing his fist he broke kanes nose, kane laughed at the pain, hed had his nose broken so many times it didnt hur, he looked over at caid again.
2do you like my handywork?" he asked, dabing the blood from his lips
Adden Lee: Caid shrugged, "I think you belong in Alpha more than I do." She walked up and ran her hands over Sax's back, "I think I know the reason you're in a gang called vamp though." She smiled. She relized that she really was a bit strange to find this fun. She was becoming more and more like Mickalie and she hated it but at he same time didn't mind. Become the one you need to kill. She looked over at kane. she eyes sparkled with quite a bit of revange thrist.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax flinched at her touch, he gingerly got off the bed walking away from them, his back was burning like crazy, he could hadly stand, he felt sick now, yet he wanted to kiss kane again, he shook the later thought from his head, scowling at himself, he wasnt quite sure how hed sort out his back alone, as he was sure kane wouldnt help, his chest gave an aweful twing, he almost bent over, but that would have made it worse.
Adden Lee / Anita: Caid watched Sax out the corner of her eyes as she smiled at Kane. "I'm pretty sure you finished him for punishment, Mickalie will just assume I did it. He'll forget about me missing his arm." Caid walked up to Kane and sat on the sink, "I kinda like the handy work." She was alway a strange one and the blood had just made her crave for some herself.
Adden Lee / Anita: Caid flashed a smile at sax she nearly laughed. she looked back to kane, she was letting her mind travel to a few new places. She didn't much mind either, "Which parts would those fleshy areas be?" She pulled a silver dager from an ankle sheath (she carries alot of em so she doesnt have to carry guns around school...) she twosted the knife around her fingers.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid shrugged, she kinda wanted to, but her mind was going in to other uses for the knife. She glanced at it and slid it into her arm sheath one hand "I will later, he wont be going far." She slid off the sink so she was extremely close to kane. She smiled and the ideas she was having were starting to be clear through the shine in her eyes.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (and what ideas would they be? hmmm o0????) akne looked in to her eyes, grinning maevalently.
sax was cowering he just wanted them to get it over with
Adden Lee / Anita: (extreme ly kinky ones.) Caid smiled over at Sax, "You could ignor him for a while couldn't you." She slid her thumbs down the edge of her pants lowering them...alot.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: he nodded, slowley, a grin begining to show through, his eyes becoming slightly darker as thoughts started crossing his mind
(u do know what kane used to do.. when he was just turned.. right? if not.. i think it says on profile)
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled and grabbed Kane's colar she pulled him down to her level and kissed him, biting his lip a bit.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane groaned in to the kiss, biting her lip as he slid his tongue in to her mouth
Adden Lee / Caid: caid giggled and slid her hands down his body. she wrapped her arms around him and pulled up his shirt and slip her hands over his bare flesh.
Adden Lee / Caid: (and....kane was drinking sax's blood and kissing him with the door open) Caid giggled as she kissed him and lifted his shirt up over his head, the kisses only breaking for a second.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (m.. yep!!*nods* lol, how far this gonna go? all the way? could get interestin, more people post on here do ya think? lol) kane ran his hand up her backand slowley brought the round to the front, they were stroking her stomach 9under her shirt) one hand slides down to her bum 9under her jeans)
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled as she kissed him. She pulled him back so her back was pressed against the wall. She slid her hands down the edge of his pants, (you can take it as far as you want. i dont care. and what is sax doing at the moment.)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (oops... um.. passed out on the floor, pain to much) kane grinned, he lifted his hands, grabbed her shirt and lifted it over her head, breaking the kiss for only a moment
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid brought her hands around to the front and slid them down his pants. she bit his lip abit, drawing blood and caressed hism (...nice way to say it...)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (yep, lets try to keep it.. remotley, clean...umm...not get to..detailed.lol) kane gasped slightly as he hooked his finger in to her pants, sliding her pants and trousers down at the same time, he griined at this, as he battled for dominance in the kiss
Adden Lee / Anita: Caid smiled. She taisted his blood and laughed under the kiss. She went up on her toes so she wouldn't have to bend down so far. She still barely came up to his shoulder. She pulled off his belt and pants with one hand keeping the other against him.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane groaned, he was highly aroused (nice way of saying it. 464 years old!! omg!!!) he cupped her face with one hand, making it easier to iss her as his other hand roamed around
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled and let her other hand run down his chest, she coul dfeel a few old scars and enjoyed it. She relized nearly her intire stomach was wrapped in bandages.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane smiled as she traced his scars, it tickled slightly, he ran his hand through her hair as he pulled her to him
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid undid the clasp on the bandage and it fell loose droping to the floor. her stomach covered in dryed blood, she bit his lip agian, laughing as she taisted his blood.
(Eagle) / Sorrow: one thing so say Bow Chica Bow Bow
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane growled as she once again bit his lip, he sucked her tongue slighly smiling, he felt his canines begin to elongat in to fangs, he ripped off his belt
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid luaghed as she felt his fangs she pulled back a moment and looked at him, "So that is the reason for the vamp's name." she lifted her self she she could kiss him straight on.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: before she did he nodded slightly laughing his jeans had fallen past his slender hips and his boxers had gone with them.
(got 5 mins)
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: kane picked up sorrow, smiling he put it on his lap and carried on stroking it
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid glanced down and smiled. She did like him. (hehee.) She ran her hands down him and lifted her self with his hips as she bit into his lip, not drawing blood this time.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: he moved his hips slightly as she lifted herslef, he watched her eyes travel down his body (guess where his tat ends....) he held her hips and bit down on her lip (fangs hurt)
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid cringed but enjoyed him biting back now. SHe saw the tat end smiled laugh to herself. her own lower body was spotless. never touch what Mickalie liked. She lifted up using his hip and the wall, she lowered her self on to him and moved slowly...(she has a lot of upper body strangth)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: he grunted slightly as she did, smiling in to the smile, his fangs clashed against her teeth as he attempted to swallow her tongue (nice terms for everything on here, arent we bieng good?)
Adden Lee / Caid: (well considering how bad it could be) Caid laughed and moved against him rather hard..(gatta luv puns)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (yup*nods..its strange.. kanes bieng naughty at the same time in two differant rps, with two differant women, both owned by you....hm..0o) kane groans and 'hrusts' upwards (hehe thrusts)
Adden Lee / Caid: (lol....wow we must be having horny thoughts today) Caid smiled and moved her mouth to his neck, she bit down not breaking skin.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane growled, (he better not bite there... and yeah.. shud see wat tensu wo puttin uva day.. it wo funny more than horny tho.. i hope) he stretched his neck (1 min)
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled and bit hard. she liked biting. (this is entirtain. i just made caid in to a kinky tennis player.....)
(Eagle) / Sorrow: sorrow purred contently his yellow eyes looking around curiously. His tail flicked back and forthina rythm with his breathing (still lol BOW CHICA BOW BOOOOOW)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane snarled, pulling her mouth up to meet his, he kissed her lightly, and bieng the obnoxious prik hes known for, he was half tempted to pull away copletly (he is an obnoxious prick tho..)
(Eagle) / Sorrow: Keep it in your pants kane))lol
Adden Lee / Caid: (sry, but i do plan on accually having this effect the story, its not just us doing this...that wouldnt be right)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane smirked "you sure abut that" he had a slightly evil look in his eye, deep down, he was woried what mickalai (sorry if spell it wrong, im fast typing.) he brushed a strand of hair from her face, his hair, was stil tied (in that wierd style) he grabbed the boble and took it off, as it was getting annoying, his hair fell around him, (one side is short ish *to his chin* the other isto his arse)
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, "Im sure, do anything." Her eyes gleamed of what she had in mind. She ran her fingers through his hair smiling. Mickalie wouldn't be able to stop this.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane grabbed the blankets and thrust them round them both he scowled, holding caid to him.
"excuse me?" kanes eyes had narrowed
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "we werent acting" kane scowled, shrinking several inches as he dissapeared in to the quilt, before his head popped up again, resting on her shoulder.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane rose his head from her shoulder, he slipped from the blanket and closed the door on him (lol..) he returned to caid.
"dont no about you.. but that sort of turned me off..."
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid glared at the door, "Yeah a bit." Her voice was scorned, she had been having fun. She walked up to kane and slid her arms around his neck, "Since when is there a drama club." she slid past him as she finished getting dressed ahe looked at him and smiled opening the door. She walked down the hall to her dorm room, she had buisness tonight and wanted to get a head start.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane watched her leave, and sighed, slumping down on to the bed he looked at theo, he picked up his case and threw it out of the room
"you have no idea how long ive been waiting for some action. " he slipped his shirt on as he had almost finished getting dressed
"alright ill folow you"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid grabbed her gun and slidit into her belt. She was wearing a white tang that showed off most scars and her tattoo. She left her knives on the bathroom counter so she would remember to clean them. She was wearing long black jeans, and over all even with out the tat everyone would know she was Alpha by how she dress and held herself. She stepped out into the main room, instanly it emptied.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: rayne was in the room, he saw caid and smiled slightly
"hello, we meet again..." he saw the scars and cringed
"though im half blinded i can tell thwey must have hurt" he whispered
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: (yeah.. but ones a cat.. so join if you want i suppose.. ask caid)
ellesmera / Sax (blue): kane had folowed him, like he had been ordered to
"so..sir.. you asked me to come wth you.."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane cringed before leaning back on a table "shoot" he looked at him, with piercing green eyes
Adden Lee / Caid: (i dont care if you join) Caid looked over at Rayne and at her scars. She smiled, "Only a sign of my rank." She wasn't in the mood for being nice. Her childish blond girl act had dropped off awhile ago. She was fulled by way too much right now to play it. She shook her head and jumped a bit. she pulled her vibrating phone out her pocket and slid it open. She answered, "Ello Baid. What's up?_ Yeah yeah ill get it and bring it by._i wont. Bye Baid" She hung up with the other person still talking on the phone. She laughed to herself. She didn't care what other said, her and Baid were opposites. She looked up at Rayne and smiled "and they did hurt, but they are scars now so why would it matter what they were?"
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: " your so young, its a shame.." he sighed as she spoke on the phone, not sure if he wanted to know, and posative that he didnt want to ask.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid gazed at him a moment, then shook her head, "I aint young," her smile at that moment was devuilish and childish at the same time, "The only young alpha would be our bebe. He's only ten." Her smile faded and she shook her head, "But he's only in because its an old family tradition." There was sarcsm in her voice even though every word was true. She was glaring while she smiled up at him. "You're new in town so I'll give ya huint for this town, " She looked up at him looking fully deamon, "No one messes with the Alphas those you do understand the full name Alpha Omega, curtisy of Mickalie." She turned on her heels and started for the door.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Name: Kanermatus Tskoki
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Hair Colour: Red/Brown
Height: 6"8
Weight: 7 stone (dunno wat that in lbs)
He hands the sheet back
"that all you need?" he asked, raisingf an eybrow, as he settled bac on the desk
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: "I know who the alphas are, my familys.. had a long running entanglement with the Alphas" (look at kanes post o0 lol
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid shook her head, "Then your family is stupid. Once in a blue moon we'll get a leader who's nicer and will form alliances with others, but as soona s they are killed" she paused her voice had cracked int he last bit, "The next takes over and that bond is broken. The great side of our gang," She turned toward him, risking showing him tears to show him her glare, she had sent a cop in to a fiedle possition with that glare, "We don't give a shit about bonds. Even with in our own group." She turned and started to walk out, she paused, hit the wall next to her hard enough to bust a hole through it. She cursed quietly and walked off.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "not surre i know 11 people.. might have to ask caid there... gotta go now" he said quickly, before he could question him about the little, incident with caid, he was halfway out the door.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: rayne watcher her leave and sighed.. it wasnt a friendly entanglement, it all started from a drug trade gone wrong, he decided to find the new drama teacher.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid had stopped at the market and then by a house before going to the drug deal she had with a rival gang, only communication between them was over drugs. She left the milk and eggs and other essintuals before leaving she checked the room, not much had changed, every thing still a desaster as before and no one around. She left and went down to the street tennis court to wait for the other gang member.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid had stopped at the market and then by a house before going to the drug deal she had with a rival gang, only communication between them was over drugs. She left the milk and eggs and other essintuals before leaving she checked the room, not much had changed, every thing still a desaster as before and no one around. She left and went down to the street tennis court to wait for the other gang member.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax was down at the street tennis court, he saw caid and sighed, he couldnt get away, he was heavily bandaged from kanes enlaught on his back and was limping teribly, he was in the centre of her field of vision.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid glanced up seein sax, no way in hell is this the uy with my current deal. She glared at him feeling his kissagainst her lips again. She streched back feeling the gun in her belt against her back. Itw as a small relief she was her other gang member coming up. She glnaced to the right as if looking at something and then continued on passing her own gang member, a boy older than her, and she stopped a few feet from sax.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax was wathcing wearily as she walked up to another person, slightly older than herself, he was in no position to fight back.. especially against Caid (how r u anyway?)
Adden Lee / Caid: (me as me er...waitt hat confuses me)
Caid glared at him and suddenly froze in her tracks. She stared past him up at the man on the corner. He was watching her. She took a half step back and then shook her head, "Sax don't argue, just trust me and get out of here..." Her voice trailed off but she never took her gaze off the man. He was close to 19 in age and looked rather well put together, like a buisness man. Caid shook her head and walked pass Sax up to the man. She let him embrace her the way a lover would and she stepped back, "What do you want, Mickalie?"
*Mickalie laughed and took Caid's hand leading her away from the street and the courts.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax scowled, not sure if he wanted to or not.. he was however in no position to argue, so he hobbled slightly acros the road and sat down at a local cafe, he ordered a coffee and sighed
(as in 'How are you De? Hows life been treating you?)
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: Rayne came in.
"Hello.. im.." He noticed kane "Mr Tskoki (notice the names?) the new mat/art teacher.. " he paused "thought youd like some adult company"
Adden Lee / Caid: CAid disappeared fromt he corner for a long time with mickalie before reappearing and entering the cafe. She stummbled a bit and sat down at a corner table. She glanced at the waiter who came over with a coffee and told her the usual would be right up. Caid nodded. Her was body shaking. She glanced at Sax and her eyes passed over him. She looked at her bare arms with the newly closing wounds very ovious and ran her hand across her stomach, shelaid down on the table and closed her eyes tring to get rid of the idzyness. blood started to seep through on the lower leg of her pants and drip down her leg on to her socks shoes and the floor.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax saw the blood and closed his eyes (im ok right now.. lol) hesighed, draining hi coffee, he stood up and started to leave teh cafe, he was almost out the door
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid opened her eyes to see half of her gang outside, they were waiting. She didn't have a choice now. She stood, "Sax. The Alpha Omega has a message for you." Her voice was solid and nutral.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): "And whats that?" He wasnt in the mood today, yes he was hurt, but he had a stun gun concealed in his pocket, and she was in range
Adden Lee / Caid: She stared down at him, (even tho shes barly 5 foot) and glanced out the window then back to him, "We're taking the Outcast turf. Move out now or have to deal with us." She stared out the window and caught the eyes of the gang, "We wont be nice. We earned our spot at the top. Move out, or get hurt. Today." She hoped he would listen, she didn't want to have to kill half of the gang members of Outcasts to get her point across. the Alpha Omegas got their name by the brutality. They were called beginning and end for a reason and she was hoping she would have to show it to the kids in the gang.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Saxs eyes narrowed He wouldnt move.. it took him to long to set up the base (vamps are allowed.. so other races are as well.. right?)his hands clenched in to fists, his pocket started to vibrate, he snapped his eyes away from her and retrieved his phone he rejected the call and pu it back in his pocket. he turned round and walked out of the door, pain and anger in his eyes
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax loked at her
"I dont really care to be honest Caid" He soon stopped limping, and he didnt look in pain any more he started to walk faster, pulling his phone out he called a fried
"Hello.. yes its me..round everyone up"
Adden Lee: Caid watched him chagne and saw it. She took a step to the side, "If you are a vampire, im going to shot you myself." It was only half joking. She had seen him heal and she only knew vampires to be able to do that. She stared at him, "And if you plan on going against us, forget it." caid turned before he could say anything and jumped into a passing Mustange GT. She disappeared before Sax would put togetehr what happened.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax scowled
"If only you knew what i was Caid.. you wouldnt be talking to me like that" He had a snarl on his face and his eyes flashed a strange amber colour momentarily before returning to their piercing blue/green (decided he has odd eyes)
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid walked into her math class. She was late, by about an hour. She smiled at her teacher and took her seat, the other kids ignore dher and went on with their work, when she walked in this late, you knew not to ask.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: "Hello there Caid" Rayne said, from behind her, no one had seen him move.
"Write the homework down before you start.. you dont have to do it like.." He whispered the last part so no one could here.. he then walked back to the front, typing on his laptop again
Adden Lee: Caid gave a half smile and wrote down the 'homework.' She streched back and cringed. She hadn't expected that to hurt. She felt the blood go down her side. Streching had torn open the blood clot. She cursed to herself and wrapped her arms around her. She looked and the seats next to her that Kane and Sax had taken. They weren't in class today. She could guess why.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane came in late, knowing the routine, he walked to his seat, next to caid and sat down, surley some of the kids who knew his second name, tskoki, would soon link him with mr tskoki.
'im a 400 year old vampire.. i have slept with many women.. and many men as well.. how many more children do i have.. unless, he is my sisters, he looks nothing like me, and he has her generic flaw, half blind.. hjes not mine.. i can tell, he would be a pure vampire if he was.. and a pure from an ancient does not look human.. hes y sisters.. thats clear.. they will all think im his son, or something like that, i thought things were complicated enough' he groaned and let his head fall on to the desk, he turned and looked at caid, he culd smell blood, grinning beneath his hair, he snuk his hand to the wound and took a little blood on to his finger, he braught it to his lips and sucked it, he looked up at her eyes and smiled at her.
'the best blood i have ever tasted, and it belongs to that which no one can know i want'
Adden Lee / Caid: caid stared at him a moment and got a new glint to her eyes. She looked out the window to the guys tennis team. One of the boys noticed and made a kissy face at her. She turned away. never flip off fellow gang memebrs right? she ignored the rule and flashed him the bird smiling. He glared and tossed a tennis ball up, he serve was good, but not strong enough to break the window. istead the ball hit the window by her head and boused off. She waved before turning her back and looking at Kane. "Where you been?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Thinking, your an alpha.. im a vamp.. who happens to be a vampire and the only surviving person who has left the alphas... mickalai doesnt really like me, me and the new teacher are related and me and you have been signed up for a drama group by a teacher that intruded on our privacy... I havnt been at class because ive been on the roof, wondering if i should leave the country or not" He was completly serious "Then i thought about you..." he trailed off, hed thought about sax as well.
draconus / Damian Lomas: there was a knock at the classroom door. it opened and Damian looked though the door. "excusse me but is this the main student class (don't ask i am to tied to think.) i'm damian lomas, i have just started here." he said nerously. people could tell he was scared. he looked around and found an empty desk next to Caid, so he took it and sat down.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared at Kane for a moment, and the door opened she stared at the new student. New student meant new member. new memeber meant new power. She looked at Kane, "Dips on the new kid." SHe muttered. she preesed down on her skin just above the cuts, pushing blood out. She smiled at Kane, "You like the taist then take some."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane ducked down to her wound and drank a bit, making her squirm slightly, he then sat back up, wiping a bit of blood off
"I dont do dibs" he smiled, no intention of just letting her have him
draconus / Damian Lomas: "hi....i think."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane looked at him and smiled.
"Im kane, you are?" He had a spot of cads blood on his lips
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid slipped the side of her shirt down, so not to show off her gangs handy work, she smiled. She knew how to look, shall we say cute, when she wanted to. She looked up at him, blue eyes bright and blond hair just a bit in her face, "Im Caid." She glanced at Kane, and smiled at the blood, she had wanted to have a bit more fun than that, but if she was to win him, she would have to seem harmless. Letting a vamp feed on you wasn't quite harmless.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (yer.. not quite angelic, letting a creature from hell feast on you.. im gonna bring sax back in in a mo.. and math class is gonna end on my post for drama.. ok?) Kane laughed at her appearence and suddenly stopped as a familure figure sat down.
"Sax" Kane growled
"Kane..Caid" He scowled, his eyes shooting daggers.
draconus / Damian Lomas: "i'm damian." he said as the bell rang. 'now what do i have' he thought to him self. 'drama' right wheres that. "ermm....caid can you show me where drama is."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "We both will, we all have that now" he grabbed caids arm and started to walk to drama, watching damian with a bit-to-keen eye
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian looked at kane oldly (carry on and you will get it at school tomorrow kay)he didn't mind people like him but had never been fancied by one. he didn't feel very safe.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane was laughing inside (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Try me sweetie!! i like the pain!!!) He looked at caid and innocently turned away as he opened the wound u with his nail and snuck some more blood from her
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian stopped. "i'm in a school of weidows." he said to himself. "i have to get out of here...after drama." he said to himself and went a different way.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid glared at Kane, "I may like that, but not when i dont say you can." She watched damina wlaked off and flashed back to Kane. "Damn you." She twisted out and grabbe dhis arm. "Drama can wait a few minutes." She pulled him in to one of the empty class rooms and lifted the side of her shirt. the blood was running from one cut freely now. She waited for him to bite.
draconus / Damian Lomas: "I'm here sir. sorry i'm late but i need the loo. i have a bladder problem." damian said as he sat down at his desk and looked at the board.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (DAMO, dont forget me n caid arent there yet) kane had laughter in his eyes, he put is mouth to the wound and bit, drinking deeply as his hands hld on to her hips, slipping up the small of he back and stomach
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled and placed her hands on his shoulders. She had a bit of blood to spare so to speak. She smiled at her own thought ans watched as he sucked at her side. As the bell rang she looked at her watch. "So what, 30 min work for you to be late?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kanes hand dissapeared up the back of her shirt as the hand on the front did the same
Adden Lee / Caid: "I'll take tat as a yes." She smiled and stretched her side, opening the wound wider. she felt blood seep out. She smiled and waited for him to have his fill. With her blood, she could stand here as long as she wanted, with him dringing and never have an issue with it.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: he finally had his fill, though he ished he didnt, he licked the wound and closed it, faster than natural healing could, this way, it wouldnt hurt her to stretch, unless she cut it open on purpose. still with his hand sunder er shirt he kissed his way upto her neck, sucking on the skin momentarily before kissing her lips, he looked in to her eyes and smiled
"Your so beautiful" He growled slightly
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled giving a half laugh. "Aww, thanks." She was being semi serious but it sounded fully sarastic. She kissed him back and sighed, "I think we should be going to this drama class, I would hate to be caught by the head master going to a class late. especally since tenchi isnt here anymore to bale me out." She took his hand and slid them back down out of her shirt and smiled, "You can have more later tonight if you must."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Yum" He sighed, brushing his hand through his hair
"If you insist... if we get caught... say you were trying to stop me jumping from the roof.. that always works for me"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared a moment, "I think that excuse would get a bit old or end up with both of us seeing a physc." She smiled as she remebered the last time she met the school physciatrist...it only last a few minutes before the guy handed in his two weeks notice. She had that effect on people. She pulled her shirt down and wlaked to the door. she glanced down the hall before steppin out and starting down the hall way.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane ran up to her
"Dont leave me" He sighed, winding hishand in to hers
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled but slippe dher hand out, "You would be surprised who is a memeber. and no one is alowed to touch me with out permission from him." She hung her head, "but we can always have fun behind closed doors." she stuck her hands in her pockets, she hated to fo it though. However, if a member of the Alphas had seen him hold her hand, they would tell mickalie and mickalie would see that he never touch her again, and he didn't care wich of them he would have to hurt. she turned to him smiling, "and besides, closed door are more fun."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "If you say it is" His eyes were glinting"What are you.. to mickalai
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid turned away, she didnt really have an answer he would understand. she couldn't not answer though. She looked back at him face a bit confused, "I am what he tells me I am. I am...simply put, a pet to him." She hated the choise of words.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Why did you join the alphas?..I was dragged in to it by my brothers.. but.. what about you?"
Adden Lee / Caid: She stared at the ground, "They pay well." she muttered. She wasn't there exactly for the money, but at the same time she was. She was the only one, since her brother's death, who brought home money in her family. SHe shook her head a bit, sending her hair into her face. She needed what they paid to keep her family from starving.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: 2Ah..." he paused"Look.. were here" He said as the rounded to the drama door
Adden Lee / Caid: caid paused, "How did i get put in this class." she had just relised she had never even been in the fine arts area and now she had a class. She stared at Kane.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: 2We got signed up after the new art teacher caught us... you know..and asigned us to his class" He sighed, "you ready?"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared for a moment, "Think he'll make me accually do something or do i have to ...perswade him to pass me even tho i sleep through the class." She shook her head , "nevermind. Scratch that bit." she paused, "Ready..."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I think" Kane said, he put his hand on the handle of the door.
Adden Lee / Caid: *oo the suspence* Caid sigh, "Get it over wiht, we only got like 30 minutes left anyways." She pushed the door in and walked into the class. She ignore the stares and mutters and slid into a seat in the back.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane came in laughing, he gave the teacher a glare and slid in to the seat in front of caid still laughing slightly
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid lean forward and whispered, "so how long are we here?" She was already getting a little restless. She would have normally been out playing tennis or serving balls into the guys tennis team. hard. she found her self playing with the longer hairs on the back of kane's head, twisting them in her fingers, she quickly dropped her hand. (last post, might be on later, i have to finish my finals for school)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Half an hour left.. and i think the teacher might want a word with us after"He had tilted his chair back "Anyone in the alphas in this room? you dont need to point them out.. ust yes or no will do"
Adden Lee / Caid: caid hadn't thought to look. She glanced around the room. A few outcast and a few from numerous high school gangs, but no alphas. She shook her head, "Not right now." She leaned on her elbow and stared at the teachr, "Think he's ganna have an issue with us being late?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane laughed "Yes.. but i think i can sort our little problem out...umm.. what we meant to do?" He didnt look worried about it, instead, he flipped open a sketchpad and started to doodle mostly it was victems of vampyres, but a certain figure kept popping up, he had blonde hair and was quitetall, jdging from the picture, he usually had his arm round kane, or was in the same doodle as kane, most were in the bedroom, or invlved biting eachother
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid slid off her jacket showing off scars and her tat. She stared blanckly at the teacher and then looked over Kanes shoulder, "Who's that?" She smiled. she like the pictures alot. she watched the other out the corner of her eye, being sure they noticed her new addition to her school uniform, a silver plated gun that slipped down into the back belt of her pants. she smiled at one student who had been staring they turned away and started shaking. she loved her effect on people.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid looked up at the teacher. She knew what he was saying but already was able to do what he said. SHe stood and stepped up to him, barly reaching 5 foot didn't make her intimidating, but the way she talked and held her self did, "Sir, I believe that what you say is complete bull. What you learn from drama is the line and the proper way to speak. Where you learn to lie, that place is on the streets with a knife or gun held to you and you must covince it's holder that you are in no way related to the raival gang they are refering to. Where you learn to be in love and not show it is in the school hall ways that are filled with other memebrs that no the rule of no one touchs with out the boss's permission. That is where I have learned what I know. In life, not a bloody class room." She stared up at him but it was condesinding.SHe took the torn book from the teacher and handed it to Kane, she would let him take his revange for that. She then went to the bord stared for a moment before earasing what was there and grabbing a piece of chalk. "Alpha Omega" is what no replaced what he had ordered her to copy. She turned back, "No one orders me to do anything. Have fun being a mark." She went back to her seat behind Kane, wraping her arms around his shoulder and whispering in his ear, "His blood is rushing and bitter, dont bite." She leaned away from him releacing his shoulders.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane closed his eyes, sax, who had been sat at the back of the class stood up. "Sir..if you had a knife with you... that would be violating certain laws that are set in place... this cannot prove that you learnt this in a drama class, i could easily turn to you and say could i kill you with this mug?" He was holding up a small mug which had been on thorns desk not a moment ago.
"The answer is yes.. you have a knife, and sax, yes, you could slaughter everyone with that mug, using enough force on their chest, you could crush it past their bones and split their heart" Kane sighed, he had been holding the notebook, one of the rips had gone straight between the picture of sax and the blonde man, seperatig them.
"I cant escape it" He shuddered, clutching the papers
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, "Even if you didn't," She filped out her gun, "The accualle question would be would accually kill me or would i kill you before you got a chance?" she shrugged pulling back on the guns barrel making it click (unneeded but great for effect)She held it steady at his chest, "and I think you should first learn, never take a knife to the Alphas second."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Let him be caid...Hes new... you you can have our fun pissing with his head later..." H paused and looked at thorn "You should watch your back, theres more than one person like me in this room"
"And quite right you are kanermatus!" A silky smooth voice made everyone turn to the back of the room, there, stood where caid had been was lebran lestat, kanes sire, not that anyone knew, all they knew was it was the guy hed been doodling, kane stared at him and fainted
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid paused and stared at the new comer, "Can you teach me how to get him to faint?" She asked with a tone way too innocent for what she was thinking to do with that trick. She smiled at her gun, still pointed and then shrugged, "Fine," she slipped it into her waist ban but kept her hands over the knives in her wrist sheathes, she could always throw them if she needed.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: lebran smiled slitly.
"Its been a fdew undred years sinxce i ad him fqaint...when it isnt on purpose.. e must be sgocked to see me.. a well...i am lebraqn lestat, kanes sire.. you must be te alpha e was dreamin about...Caid is it?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: lebran smiled slitly.
"Its been a fdew undred years sinxce i ad him fqaint...when it isnt on purpose.. e must be sgocked to see me.. a well...i am lebraqn lestat, kanes sire.. you must be te alpha e was dreamin about...Caid is it?"
Adden Lee / Caid: caid paused, "An Alpha Omega to one not from the city thank you." She stared for a long time and then smiled. she did a sweeping bow at her waist with her arms spread to either side, "And yes, I am Caiden. Caid to those I like." She stood smiling.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Ah... well ten caiden do i ave permission to call you caid?" e looks at thorn as e sins skane over is soulder
"And.. if you would mind, could i avete pleasure of you accompanyin me to kanes room?"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, "Oh so proper, so rare no days," she whined the last half. she then smiled up, innocent..ish. "You may call me caid, and i would love to join you. gets me out of this bloody class room." she hissed that at the teacher. students were staring and silent, they had dropped all sound as soon as she pulled the gun, she had expected at least some noice. she had to resist the urge to scream boo! and jump at them.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Very well... shall we go?" Lebran smiled "Yes... manners are very rare"
Adden Lee / Baily: <<i know wrong profile, deal with it>> Caid smiled and started to the door. She paused almost turning to say boo but somehow resisted and opened the door. sticking her hand into a pocket as her phone vinrated. she answered, "What?-no-why-now-where-fine-be there or im ganna shoot someone." she hung up and turned to him, "I will meet you there,I have somethign to do."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "If you insist" (go on boys comprehensive.. r u glad i amde it? and wha colour r u on there?) he started to walk to kanes room.. kane slung over his shoulder
Adden Lee / Caid: (im blue in that one... ya mind if i crate a tye of past between us in it?) Caid disappeared down the other hall with her gun out and ready to shoot if she needed it.
Adden Lee / Caid: <<ive replyed on boys>>
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (no.. dont mind.. so be prepared for me to jump you suddenly) lebran layed kane down on a bed and kissed his lips slightly
Adden Lee / Baily: Caid made her way to the roof and met who had called along with the 'client.' she rolled her eyes and pulled what they wante dout her pocket, "490 no less." They handed her the money and she trade then the think red liquid for it. she started back to the kane's room. (im okay with that. by the way im ganna posesive over the kori charactor. one of thos ei saw him first things.)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: ( u replied to winged.. not boys comprehensive)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (aww.. is baily a gay???) lebran removed kanes sirt, e saw the hip tattoo (not seen rm ones yet) and gasped
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid leane don the door way, "Ya havn't seen those yet?" (not gay ... hes just not sure. when at an all guy school though, he'll take being gay.. *plus hes an irish cat, by personally experiance you cant find a cat in irland thats not gay in some form.)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (a.. kk.. scars were scars souldnt be? o0 dirty tougts)
Adden Lee / Baily: (lol i know. i had to have the comment there just for my own twisted amusment. by the way, ganna be lazy and rarly switch profiles here...just so ya knwo)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (ok.. to get it clear.. wats te history between the two and are yu gonna come to the dorm soon?_)
Adden Lee / Baily: (wait what dorm...and that will develope..basically ex lovers and baily didnt use to be one for full pain, just biting. and kane took it a bit far i guess. baily still like it tho...hes a lil confused by himself...)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (ok.. and the dorm on ere...)
Adden Lee / Baily: (im leaning on the door jam at the room, i just asked "you aint seen em yet" talking about the scars.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (a...kk)"whhat has he done to himself??"
Adden Lee / Baily: Caid shrugged, "Same thing ive done to myself. Tattooed a scar." She lefted the edge of her shirt and lowered her pants a bit to show part of on of her scars. "I kind of liked them..." she stepped into the room closing the door.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane slowley came round, lebran pulled hm in to a lovers embrace and kane burst in to tears (been on assassin yet?)
Adden Lee / Baily: (no...) Caid watch and found her self being jelous. she watched for a few steps away though, waiting to be invited. never come bewteen a sire and his...whatever you would call kane. she looked away though, know her eyes were shifting to a shade of green.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: lebran let im go and looked at caid, " i shall leave, only for a short while... when i come back, i want an explanation.. kane, yyou know what i meen" he left and kane sighed pulling caid in to a hug. "He shouldnt be here.. he died..staked through the heart, byurned and disected over 100 years ago
Adden Lee / Baily: Caid didnt react to the hug, she kept her arms crossed and looking away. she had an issue with envy an dshe knew it, but she didn't care, one of those family trates she had gotten use to.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Caid?" He asked in a worried tone
Adden Lee / Baily: she almost snuggled aginast him, "sorry...a bit of an issue with him around." she unwrapped her arms and held him, playing with the hairs on the back of his neck. she leaned toward him brushing his lips with hers, but not wuite a kiss.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: " he turned to as a hundred yearsc ago togay. he shouldnt be here!
Adden Lee / Baily: Caid shook her head and kissed him. pulling back she mumbbled, "i dont care, as long as i get to have youu mor ethan him." she took his hands down her sides over the wounds and slid his hands up her shirt, "hungry?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "For more than blood" he growled in an aroused voice
Adden Lee / Baily: Caid smiled and edged closer to him. her eyes suddenly flashed something, a color change, amber for a second before going back to the green that had come with her envy. amber was her only color not put to emotion. she had to fight to hide it. she hoped for it to go unnoticed and wrapped her hands around him. leaving his hands to wander under her shirt. she leaned into his neck kissin gsoftly.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: a hand dsnapped her bra open whilst the other openws the clasp on hher jeans/trousers
ellesmera / kane_vampire: otta o.. bbo l8r
ellesmera / Sax (blue): (i cnt understand that...) Sax shrugged
"Kane and caid left after a wierd looking dude stepped out of the shadows, caid put a gun o 'your' head as you were saying you had a knife.. you shredded kanes book and he got pissed off.. but he fainted when the blonde man came in...they said they were going to kanes dorm.. which is also mine
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid felt her phone against her side start to vibrate. She would have left it after it stopped but her palmpilot started to buzz. Only Mickalie was able to hack it like that. She pulled away from Kane and sighed. She slid the pilot from her pocket and opened it. A new memo apparently. SHe read over it, not allowing Kane to see and then grabbed her phone, standing. She flipped open her phone and without saying anything to Kane, walked into the bathroom dialing.
Before long she was nearly screaming at the phone. Somethign of being busy and he didn't need to know her every move. And also something about debt. It went quiet for a long time and she didn't come out. She snapped the phone closed, eyes tightly shut and leaned on one of the walls sliding down to the floor.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Caid?" He called through the closed door as everythign went silant (did u want a new pic for baily??? it says it on the prfile so...)
Adden Lee / Baily: (yeah that would be good, seeing as the current pic has a girl's chest...)
Caid was tring to catch her breath and didn't trust her voice so she reached up and locked the door. She didn't want to see anyone right now. She suddenly felt her chest lurch and had to basically jump to the toilet so not to return her last meal onto Kane's bathroom floor. She choughed and gaged until her stomach was empty. It was more blood than accualle food. She whiped her mouth and let out a shuttered breath.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Caid?" He was becoming increasingly worried "Can i come in?"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid still had her cell and her pilot out but she didn't want to move to hide them away. SHe didn't move then. SHe leaned over the toilet tring to breath and failing. Her fear always got the better half when its was between that and anger. She was shaking violently now...
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Caid went inside the bathroom, he knealt by Caid and held her shoulders "Whats happening?" He was full of concern, hed never felt this much for someone.. apart from with lebran, and sax
Adden Lee / Caid: (he hee, name mix there..)
Caid shook her head and moved to the wall grabbing her phone and pilot, sticking them into pockets, out of sight. She stared at him a long time. she was hardly able to breath, she wasn't going to try talking.
(if i leave suddenly it means i left for church and will be back in a few hours.)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: 9ok...hm...how to handle this situation, before i decide sudenly that lebran should enter again..hm)
"Is there anything i can do? get you any water?" he asked her, it was like the time he dad to look after lebran when a slayer almost got him
Adden Lee / Caid: caid shook gher head, she pulled her self as far into a ball as she could get her self, tring to stop shaking. she pushed herself into a corner and closed her eyes, buring her face in her knees.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Whats wrong??" Kane asked as she pulled herslef from him
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid pulled away from him shaking her head. She took a shakey breath and studdered, "Mickalie is angry with me." Those simple words held more fear than anything she could have said. She was terrified beyond reason, and saying those words made her shake harder. she was near convoltions.
Adden Lee / Caid: (goin now, be on in a fewhours. see ya elle)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane tried to say something but couldnt, he got to his kees and pulled her in to a hug, his green magyk spreading in to her sending calming thoughts and felings, also stpping her from convulsing see u in a bit..ill find u more pics and pm them u)
biibabi: mmmmk im new here But im here just because i really want pple to see my talent and let me know what they think.So Get at me Plez
Adden Lee / Caid: (so what? you wanna join then?)
Caid pulled away from him, "I don't like others using magic on me. I have my own that will do me fine." She had been taught it was an insault for someone else to use their magic, or magyc, to help her. It was like saying she wasn't strong enough to do it herself. Even though she wanted tothank him for it, she couldn't.
She pushed her self back into the corner and closed her eyes. She had to do what she had been told to...but she couldn't. not yet anyways. She tried to focus and concentrait but didn't have much success. Her own magic wasn't going to work.
Caid sat there a long moment and then made up her mind. She trusted Kane enough for him to see. She dropped her magic, her glamor, and showed off her closest to real form she could get in this relm. Her hair turned a paler blond, a inhuman paleness, and her irises changed to three color, blues and silver, pool rings. Her skin pale as well, turning to sheer white. It was as if a moon was shine from behind her skin. She opened her eyes and stared at Kane, waiting to see if he would react.
(so ya know, she's fey. fiarie.)
ellesmera / kane_vampire:
(ok.. whats she got to do? unless it spoils the suprise)
Kane stared at her, he couldnt judge really, hed fallen in love wth a male siren (or so it seems to him) lebran, the first vampyre, a demon, and now a farie. he looked at her and smiled
"So you do"(to the magic thing) he didnt feel repulsed, it was quite the opposite. "Your beautiful"
Adden Lee / Caid: use the word fey, fairie sounds too cliché))
Caid stared at him. She could feel it burning under her. Her glamor had dropped so now her body was full of it being unused. She certainly couldn't go coveer the gang buisness glowuing like a full moon so she had to wait. an Aplha going out glowing might hint off to a few other gangs why the high members just didn't die. She shook her head, "Fey aren't beautifull." She had scorn in that word. She stood, or atleast tried to and fell.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane caught her. "But you are" He held her in loving arms, his magyk, not ever having elt other magyk as powerful as itself wanted to intertwine with hers, he held it at bay, much to his displeasure at having to do it, but she had more or less asked him to not give her magyk
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid turned from him and pushed away, usiong the wall to help her. "I have to do what I was told. Mickalie will be angery if I don't finish it soon." She tried to stand on her own and stummbled but stayed standing. She finaly was able to think straight now and started to focus her glamor on healing before hiding. She was fey and not suppose to eat as much blood as she did. But she liked the taist and could deal with it coming up now and again. She left the dizzyness that had covered her earlier start to fade and sort of walked out of the bathrrom. she made a few steps and then dropped to her knees and shoulder, having used her amrs to grab at her ribs. the pale red light was showing through the shirt. Mickalie was reopening the old wounds to remind her who she dealing with. she didn't let any sound escape this time.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Do yu need help?" Lestat asked as he held the door open he gave kane a confused look, who gave him an 'il explain later if you stick around long enough' look
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid shook her head and pushed her self so she was sitting on her knees. Her voice came out as if she wasn't the one talking, "I need to get to my room, but I can't trust my self to go up the stairs, especialy with so many people around right now. I can't use my glamor to shield what I am and I can't let anyone see." SHe understood it, but how she would do i she didn't know. She stood. not removing her arms from around her. She was shaking again, but now from her blood seeping out of her sides.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Then you shall not be seen" lebran said simly, cloaking her with a hologram of the human caid, the magyk didnt touc her, just block her from view "Kane will walk close to you, and i shall walk with him" he stated
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid walked, stummbling not falling, almost as if she were drunk. She was hoping that would be the conclution ofpeople. The magic around her was still a type of insault to the fey, but she could shut and deal with it until she got to her room and her rosmary. She stummbled to the stair and fell on the first one. his was going to take a long time...
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane watched her struggle, something in him shifted and a 'spirit' grabbed caid and picked her up, an elf formed next to her, hidden by the magyk
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid felt it but didn't bother looking, elves never showed in the open. She staggered up the steps only tripping a few more times. by the time she reached her hall, the reason for stubbinging couldn't be masked by the magic, she was leaving blooded foot prints. She stopped in front her door stummbling her hands over the handle before being able to open it. she wasn't even in the room before she hit the ground again. (if you cant figure it out yet, Mickalie and the majority of the high ranked Alphas are all fey and Mickalie is reopening all her wounds right now with his magic. shes lost alot of blood)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Whos doing this to her?" Lebran asked kane
"Mickalai" You meen the leader of the gang you had trouble with a while ago?"
"The very same lebran" kane nodded, he shut the door behind them, the elf had picked her up and put her on the bed, the elf was working his mind down the mental link between caid and mickalai, slowley disapearing "What trhe hell is that elf doing" kane snarled as he dissapeared, the elf slowley materialised in front of mickalai
Adden Lee / Caid: -Mickalie stared at the elf and instantly sent up a shield. The others in the room did the same, except for the two lower ranks who were mere humans and had no fey in them. The glamor in the room suddenly became thicker and it was hard for any with out a shield to breath. the human st against a wall and closed their eyes. they had seen this before and understood it.-
Caid forced herself up and slid to the side of the bed, searching the edge. She found her gun from before along with two twin daggers. she grabbed an extra mag for the gun and started to stand, using the bed to do so.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Keal snarled and threw a shield up, hed found the source of the pain but had used most of his magyk to do so
kane watched her
"Where u goin caid?"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid mubbled something and went to her closet. She dropped what she was wearing showing off the scars and the cuts that were opening on their own. As if a knife were slide down her side over the old cuts, but nothing was there. She pulled on a white tank top and black pants. Her gun from the class rooom fit nicly behind her ni the belt but her other one slid into a shoulder holster. Her knives slipped in to arm sheaths. She turned to Kane, her skin was almost translusent and her eyes were now liquid colors of blue and metalic silver. "I have to do what I am told." she said, bitter.
Adden Lee / Baily: Mickalie laughed and the door behind the elf flew open. An almost vaccuum pulled on the elf, forcing him to slide bac.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Keal snarled sending a blast of magyk, far to powerful for an elf in to the room, sending them in to an open forest, suddenly, 800 elven bows or more were poised, barrier piering arrows, tipped with opium keal motioned his hand and the arros disapeared, the sound of a thousand or more elves leaving ehoed through the forest, keal raked his knuckles
"what have you been told to do?"kane asked, getting more than slightly nervous
Adden Lee / Caid: Cauid stared at him andshook her ehad. "She pushed pass him and grabbed her phone from her pocket. She diealed.
mickalie looked around and answered the vibrateing phone in his pocket. "What is it Caid?"
"Im going. Leave them a lone and cut your glamor. You don't wont me this wounded when i go to do this."
Mickalie laughed into the phone, "You can work just fine witht he damage done, if not better. Now drop your own glamor and go. I'll levae them alone." At that the phone line went dead and Mickalie smiled. "We're done boys. Come on." He slowly faded, as if dissappearing into the air itself.
Caid snarled at the dead phone line and stuffed her phone into her pocket. She slid down the banister and walked to the street corner. her own glamor was up and she loked as she always had.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Keal screamed slightly as a second entity left him and formed in to a half solid bieng "Well done elf.. your powers fading since you left the vicinity of our possessed boy.. so can you get us back now" Kire slapped keal "And hurry" Keal mutered something about burning all jesters but he got them home, before colapsing on the floor and disapearing back in to kane.
"lebran" Kane muttered as he collapsed i to lebrans arms
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid sat against the wall of the drama class waiting for the bell to ring. She knew that her first target had been in the room, and she planned on having Sax see so he would get the point. The release bell echoped and she slid back on her gun cocking it. She stood up straight and held the gun by her side.The room began to empty, the target one of the first out. She held her gun toward him, piont, "Outcast, 1 of 10." It was a term many knew. The Alphas always had more than one when going after a gang. It meant he was going to be the first of a already set 10 unless the gang desided to do what they were told. She pulled the trigger and sent 5 bullets into the gang members chest and one in to his forhead. "Over kill." She muttered as the blood filled the area he was laying. She looked up in to Sax's eye. "Do what we told you to."
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax stared in horror, he watched as the demons body burst in to flames and cremeated itself, a chain flew in to his hands, the chain was worn by all demons, one symbol showed they were a demon and what clan, the other emblem on it showed they were a memeber of the outcasts, he clutched it tight and stared in to caids eyes, he had a gun in his reach, but for some reason, he didnt edge towards it, instead he grabbed his coat and jumped out of the window as he ran across the school gorunds he rang all the members up, to tell them to get out of school and to go to their homes, to put up barriers and enter the demon world, only 3 did as they were told
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid continued down the hall. People were runnign around and tring to get out. Gang rivalries was not something to get in the middle of. She saw her second target run out. As soon as he saw her though he jumped deminsions and entered the deamon world. She shrugg and saw her next. He looked calm as if what she could do would never hurt him. She held up the gun, twisted the barrle and pulled the trigger holding it down. A large flame burst form the barrle and crisped the deamon. She smiled and she heard it scream, "Outcast, 2 of 10." Her eyes flashed a deep green before shading over in a gray grey, almost black against the white. her pupils were small pinpoins and her glamor had droped so her skin had a slight fey glow showing.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax who had been in the hall, trying to contact them personally sighed, he snet a code word to the mobiles of all the gang members
'Overthrown', he got a reply message from them all
'message recieved and denied, youve been overthrown, not us' (basically theyre saying theyre not budging)
'ok...lets see who the other 8 targets are then' he snet back to all of them, they all pocketed their phones and grabbed their guns "Not going down without a fight" they said to eachother before splitting up, sax sighed, sagging agaist the wall
"I tried caid... Deons are hard to persuade"
Adden Lee / Baily: Caid caught sax oput the corner of her eye and bowed, "Then it is the deamons fault." She stuffed her gun into the back of her pants, safty on, and pulled two silver dagger from the arm sheath, "But i know how to kill every one of them, and i will." She saw one come from a door their back to her. stupid, she she put one arm around him with a knife on the side of his throat and the other knife on the opposite side. the deamon laughed, "Little knifes wont huiirt me."
Caid laughed, "Thats why I have holy silver." She pulled the knives together taking the deamons head off. It burst into flames and then ash. "Outcast, 3 of 10." She turned to Sax.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax was nearly in tears, but they now were filled with rage "You just killed my brother, he had a gun in his hands, it was magyk rienforced, and this style of gun was known as a fey-killer
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid threw up shield and smiled, "I do what I am told. Your gang doesn't listen. Mine does. I do what I am told or i suffer the strength of Mickalie." She turned hearing more gang members begin yelling. A bullet bounced off her shield.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax fired a warning shot at the members, his shimmer fading, revealing him a rather large, rather agressive full demon mage
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, "Big bad deamon wolf. Whata re you going to do? Huff and puff?" She smiled. She knew she shouldn't have made fairy tale referances at the moment but she wanted to enjoy some part of this. And she was hating everything else. SHe wasn't one for deamopn kills.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax glowered at her "Shut it fairy" he snarled ( i also shall refere to fairy tale things) the other members cowered, some werent demons, some were human
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (gotta go) lestat layed kane down on the bed and kissed his forehead
Adden Lee / Caid: (see ya later.)
Caid straed at him, "This little piggy sure doesn't like being called a fairy. fairys are impure blood." She dropped all glamor and looked the way she had back in kane's room. Her side were still bleeding though and the blood was glowing a bright red.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): "Then dont insituat i 'Huff and Puff' as yu so kindly put it, unless your small head hasnt noticed, i am a mage demon.. i use magyk and cunning in battles not brute strength"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared, "cunning or magyc, go ahead. I am given power from everyone around who has any fey in them." Wasn't full true. Mickalie wouldn't give up power to her even when she was doing his bidding. Somethign behind her shifted in her glamore. She didn't even wait. She turned fast pulling the gun, hitting the safty, and shooting. The bullet landed into the deamon forhead, and he laughed. Caid smiled, crooked, and twisted the barrel and holding the trigger. The flame came out a dark blue and caught the deamon. He screamed shrivvled and died away. Caid turned back to sax, "Outcast. 4 of 10."
ellesmera / Sax (blue): The demons stared at the two, backing away.
"Ive told you, its out of my hands.. they refuse to" Sax growled
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid shook her head. "I'm sorry Sax." It was sencirer. She surprised herself with that bit, "But if I don't do what I am told, Mickalie will make. He is very.... inventive." on the last word she held her hands out to her side, palm up, and shook her head. She had no better word for what he did. Being Unseelie, he prised himself for his tortures.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stared a moment. She increased her shields, "Stay away from me Sax. You arent on my list and i have to do as i am told. I cant fight you." She was shaking and feeling somethign behind her. She turned hard, her back to sax and nearly fell over. Mickalie stood behind her smiling. Caid hit her knees head to the ground. "Im sorry. i didnt make time mark. please dont mickalie."
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid swallowed hard. Her body was shaking. mickalie picked her open, "Put your glamor up, you child." Caid instantly did what she was told.She was shaking against Mickalie. Mickalie held her close, "Go to your little kane friend. stay there." He let her go and she stummbled away runnign for the stairs.mickalie fallowed a safe distance away from sax.
Adden Lee / Caid: caid felt sick as soon she saw Kane. "kane!" she ran to him already grabbign a knife from her sheath. she slit her wrist deep adn held it over his mouth please. "Mickalie stepped in, "Where is he?" Caid shook her head, "fire ball thing." she was sobbing anddidnt want to explain.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane reacted to te blood (h wont work most of the time neva will g)blood dripped on to his tongue. e bit on o er wrist.
Sax stood in te chamber of law (or watever i called it, lol) and scowled
"We can do tis later...Take me from Kane aain and you sall al pay" he then dissapeared back in to the room wit kane and he was invisible
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid was shaking in sobs. She was far to drain of energy and this was the third time he had fed on her to day. She opened her eyes feeling something change. she looked back and saw nothing but her magic had dented. She turned back to kane, sucking on her wrist, it wouldnt be near enough blood.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<Am I able to join?>>
Adden Lee / Caid: (no you asked no!)
Adden Lee / Caid: (no you asked no!)
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<ok,god>>
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane ad taken over 7ltrs so far and wqas still oin stron
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid had began to lose sight for a moment before her body gave out. She sat basically limp next the kane, her arm still held up to him. She may have been fey, but even the fey could only take so much. She still felt a rip in her magic, something the earth wasnt going to except, but she didnt have enough to make it shape. She laid her head on kanes chest and waited. letting the blood pour from her. She found her self woundering if ampires could get drunkon fey blood the same as other feys. She closed her eyes, tring to ignore the sounds Kane made. she'd give up all her blood fo him. the only problem would be how long it took her to heal and if mickalie would let her heal.
Adden Lee / Caid: (ppl understand, you want to join put a freakin pst up with your asking for joining. i want to see if you can accually rp before i say fine.... AND elle get on once in a damn blue moon)
Adden Lee: (( by the way elle, it was the room of law... where sax was taken.))
Adden Lee / Caid: (im telling you if you want in to make a post to show how ur style of rping is. and up front ask if you can join, but all in one pst so the ppl youre asking know hwat youre like and if youll fit the rp.)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane had been drinking her blood for an hour or so, e he had drained at least 11ltrs of blood by now and was startin to feel slitly drunk, he could feel te maic pouring from her, he finally couldnt old anymore blood after about 30 minutes after and released er, pantin slightly, e fealt his long dead eart give a painful thud, he let out a cry of suprise and scooped to te oter end of the bed, as far away from caid and mickalai as possible, he started to shake
'whats happenin to me' he thougt as he stared at tem both
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid hit the ground yes closed, magic weak. She was shaking and pale. Mickalie looked at kane, "You're lucky she likes you enough to give her blood to you. You are lucky also that she cant die by lose of blood. Or i would be killing you again." He knelt down by caid and hel dher as close to himself as he could. Caid felt his magic against her and she used the last amount of strength to push him away and move toward kane. she again went limp in a pathetic white heap on the edge of the bed.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid was shaking and her breathing had become very harsh. She grabbed on to Kanes wrist and opened her eyes wide to watch mickalie. Her eyes had ost their color and were now a pale grey, nearly matching the white in her eyes. Mickalie glared at Kane. "She belongs to me. Her blood makes it so." He was starting to drop some of his cloaking glamor and his skin was shining through. Caid held tighter. She hated mickalies power. She had seen it at work. Mickalie suddenly had both of caid's wrist in one hand and was pulling her to her feet away from kane. She couldnt fight back and she couldn't scream. She tried though. She twisted as hard as she could from Mickalies hands but it didnt do anythink but turn her wrist red. SHe snapped her eyes closed not wanting to see anything.
Adden Lee / Caid: Mickalie felt sick sudenly. He let go caid and hit his knees. His forhead to ground he grovled. Caid hit the ground and gave a quite moan. she opened her eyes now and stared at kane. her eyes flashed a sudden matalic silver and her hair flashed brighter blond. she pushed as far from the two as she could before her body gave out again and she hit the ground.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: the door swung open silently
"Out mickalai" kanes voice was there, tiny, but there, kanes body seperated and dragged caid away from the evil magyk he lay her on the bed and wrapped his arms round her
Adden Lee / Caid: (if ya cant tell, her glamor is gone and now that she went against mickalie, it truely is gone.) Caid was shaking, her eyes were closed but she wasn't sure when she had closed them. She opened them again, a pool of silver shining in them and her pupils near lost, as micklie ran out the door and flared up his own glamor phased to the mounds. He was going to be telling the queen soon. Caid turned her eyes to knae and stared. She didnt trust her voice to say anything. heck, she didnt trust her mouth to say what she wanted.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He looked at the prophet
"Get in now" He growled
"I liek it out here kane.. did you really think id go back in? Your more of a fool than i thought"
"FINE!" he cried out as he disapeared back int o kane again, kane sighed solomly and turned to caid, e spoke one word
"home" and was taken to his origional home... an italian mansion, protected by time (literallyt gone back in time to get somewhere safe.
"Your safe here.. youl find all your energy and glamour will eb restored in a few days.. though maybe it might take longer for you.... if you see a young boy, who looks like me... no matter what you feel.. or how much you want to.. dont speak to him, dont aknowledge him, if he comes in toa room, leave... if he tries to talk to you, call me.... i wont tell you why you cant touch him.. jst.. dont" he paused "Im going to make some soup.. dont leave the couch " (thats where you are)
Adden Lee / Baily: caid didnt move or respond, he eyes were staring off into a nothing area. One thing about being a fey she liked is she could throw her mind into another world. She had heard him but didnt feel like coming back enough to answer. She pulled her knees into her chest and pushed herself into the corner. the bit about soup sounded rather good. she wasnt hungry but wanted to eat, the down side of being fey, you cant stop eating once you lose your glamor.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Hello?" A small boy, who looked slightlty like kane, but in old fasioned clothing (tudor times maybe, but they have frills)
"Whats your name?" (the boy, when he speaks, people are drawn to him, want to talk, to interact.. but trust me... dont)
Adden Lee / Caid: CAid glanced at the boy. but didnt move or speak. She stared and then sat straighter and stared at the ground. Her head hurt to much to deal with anyone. She didn'
t want to deal with what ever kane had been talking about. She closed her eyes tring to find her glamor again. It was much use, she was exhausted and her glamor wanted to use energy she didnt have, so she couldnt call it up. She moved her eyes to where she had last noticed kane. Her voice came out harsh and tired, "Kane." She cleared her throat and called louder, but still sounding harsh, "Kane!"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane appeared at the door, upon seeing the small child he growled, his fangs bared he hissed, trhe boy giggled and hissed back, kanes eyes narrowed
"so.. you dont fear me anymore.. this could be.. problematic" he thought aloud, he went in to the kitchen and came bak with a pot of boiling water
"Lets see if your still scared of this" he threw the water at the boy, missing him, and used his magyk to blast him in to another room and shield the room off temporarily, he knealt by caid, putting his hands on her shoulders, the soup floated from the kitchen
"Can you eat by yourself?"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid paused amoment, could she? She glanced at her hands, she was shaking. She desided not to answer and just shrugged. She watched kane a moment and then looked at the door, "Who is he?" her voice was so harsh and quiet it didnt sound like her. Deniing Mickalie had cost her over half her power. She was now an adverage fey and that meant weak. Very weak even to humans. She hated the idea and wanted to go get a new Lord Fey and have back her power, she was even debating on going back to Mickalie and the Alphas.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Me" he paused and lifted a small spoonful of soup
"If you need to.. you can drain some of my magyk... i know you dont like it.. but i have four magykal souls.. i can afford to donate some, my magyk regenerates fast...."
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid shook her head, she wanted fey glamor notkanes magyc. they were different things even if not understood by everyone. She glanced at the soup and shook her head. she didnt want to eat. she was hungry but not willing to eat. she had just denied her blood and it would get to the mounds and to her queen and she would be in trouble before long. that bit of information was starting to set in.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Your quite the stuborn one.." the child kane had broken out of the magyk
"I shouldnt have locked him in there... sorry caid" he tipped the couch up with her on it so she was protected as the mini kane had about 300 knives and sharp metal objects frloating around him
"You know that wont help.. kill me you kill yourself" he whispered low, the child grinned
"But you have lived long... you can die happy now"
"No, my business is not finished.. plus, killme and we shall throw the universe in to a neverending cycle.. lasting 3000 years, then it will start again..." the boy slowley let the knives clatter to the floor, he faded, kane tipped the couch back and put caid on it
"Im sorry.."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Your quite the stuborn one.." the child kane had broken out of the magyk
"I shouldnt have locked him in there... sorry caid" he tipped the couch up with her on it so she was protected as the mini kane had about 300 knives and sharp metal objects frloating around him
"You know that wont help.. kill me you kill yourself" he whispered low, the child grinned
"But you have lived long... you can die happy now"
"No, my business is not finished.. plus, killme and we shall throw the universe in to a neverending cycle.. lasting 3000 years, then it will start again..." the boy slowley let the knives clatter to the floor, he faded, kane tipped the couch back and put caid on it
"Im sorry.."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Your quite the stuborn one.." the child kane had broken out of the magyk
"I shouldnt have locked him in there... sorry caid" he tipped the couch up with her on it so she was protected as the mini kane had about 300 knives and sharp metal objects frloating around him
"You know that wont help.. kill me you kill yourself" he whispered low, the child grinned
"But you have lived long... you can die happy now"
"No, my business is not finished.. plus, killme and we shall throw the universe in to a neverending cycle.. lasting 3000 years, then it will start again..." the boy slowley let the knives clatter to the floor, he faded, kane tipped the couch back and put caid on it
"Im sorry.."
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid tilted her head, she was now confused. she felt the small sparks of glmore under her skin and let out a sigh of relief it wasnt gone permenatly as many fey had done. She paused a moment and stared at kane, "I dont think i want to understand." she leaned forward and kissed kane's cheek. elegant but intamate.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane kissed her back, on the lips
"The couch is a little broken... always has been..." he picked her up in his arms and took her in to a bedroom, unfurnished apart from a dresser, a vanity table and a bed, plus a small broken childs chair at the window
"This is my room, they wouldnt let me have things back when i was a kid.. i.. changed them... mutilated them" he layed her on the bed, it was soft and squishy
Adden Lee / Caid: CAid laid back and stared at hm awhile, "where are we exactly?" she play with the fabric of her shirt a bit abcent mindedly. she still wasnt fully there, part of her was still in the fey hibernation, trying to recover. it wasnt lack of blood so much as deniing her ,now ex, master. She would have to get in contact with the rebel fey to get a enw master and that was much harder than most would relise.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "This is my room, they wouldnt let me have things back when i was a kid.. i.. changed them... mutilated them.. thats why its so bare.. i just said that though... sleep.. small kane doesnt like coming in here"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid had confused herself at this point. She didnt want t sleep, but she was missing parts of what was goign on. She she closed her eyes as tight as she could and reopened them, staring at kane. Shewas still playing with the fabric of her shirt, "I dont want to sleep." she sounded exhausted and she knew it. but her fey glamor was building so that wouldnt last long. SHe pulled him down so he landed next to her on the bed. she rolled on to her side staring at him.
ellesmera / Faustus: he shifted so he was on his back, his arms under his head.
"so.. we just.. lay here?" he looked at her
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid shrugged. She didn't want to say anything until her glamor was back and she was able to speak aturally. She slid her hands down his chest and back up under his shirt against his bare chest. She smiled a bit and rolled on to her side, laying her hed on his shoulder.
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : Kane moaned
"Stop teasing" He sighed, looking in to her eyes
Adden Lee: Caid smiled, she hadn't even relised she was teasing at first. She turned and proped herself on her elbows and laid on her stomach. She smiled at him, her skin had begun glwiing again and her eyes were reflecting the silver in them. Her intire iris was a pool of silver and blue and green rings, showing off the fact of her being pure fey. There was no impurity in her fey blood and that was rare now days. Everyone was mixed with someform of human or other creature except for the two familys, royal and hers. She was the first out of her family to ever take a lover that wasnt pure fey. And now she laid next to someone she wasn't sure what was in his blood and wanting him and only him at this moment.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "You look confused Caid... Is anything wrong..." He was mezmorised by her beauty.. he had been told fey wereugly.. he didnt think so.. quite the opposite infact, he stroked some hair from her face, smiling
Adden Lee / Caid: She smiled, leaning into his hand. She wasn't so much confused as torn. It was a rather great taboo in the fey calture to take another breed if you were pure. But she wanted him. He was the first of any of her lovers who under stood her love of biting. the others were into the binding and toys, but they didnt bite. SHe needed the biting and he had it. She glanced at him, catching his eyes and staring. She was falling for someone she had meant not even a month ago and wantting so much more from him than she had anyother. She finaly shook her head, "Not confused." She leaned into him kisisng his lips, and cupping his cheek in one hand.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He kissed her back, holding her face with one hand, with the other he motioned the door to shut and as soon as it did protection charms flared up, keeping the young kane out, he moaned and probed her mouth with his tongue
Adden Lee / Caid: She opened her mouth a bit, letting his tongue to tease hers. She smiled in the kiss and changed her position abit so he was forced to put one hand on either side of her, basically pinning her and giving him full range. She breathed through her nose to keep from breaking the kiss as she traced oevr the roof of his mouth.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kanes fangs bit in to her lip slightly as his arousal heightened, he unbuttoned her shirt and smoothed his hands over her chest
Adden Lee / Caid: CAid smiled as she taisted her own blood and felt his fangs. She lifted his shirt and pulled back for a moment fromt he kiss as she pulled it over his head. She kissed him again, deeper this time, her tongue teasing around his. She traced her hands over his sides and back.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane moaned and loosened his jeans, sliding them off as he probed his tongue deeper, their mouthes intertwined with blood.
(gotta go.. tlk tomoro)
Adden Lee / Caid: (wont be on til late tomarro.) She smiled a bit and bit his tongue lightly, she didnt have the fangs and her teeth were weak, but she still liked biting her self. She reached down and unhooked her skirt, it was a warp around so she didnt have to slid it donw, just move it out of the way. She traced his lower body with her hands, enjoying it.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane hooked is thumbs in t his boxers and slid them off, running his hands up her body and unhooking her bra
Adden Lee / Caid: (just so ya know, i go as far as you will.) Caid arch her back a bit, her body begging for him as she felt him against her. She nipped at his lower lip finaily taisting his blood . she smiled wide and stared at him as her eye's color began to become more deffinate between the different shades.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (his blood is mixed.. n ill go as far as u want to.. lol) he groaned and clawed her back
Adden Lee: her shoulderz rolled as she kicked away the tennis skirt she had been wearing since that mroning, happy for the relief from it. She was wearing nothing under and began to go against him. feeling her self against him, his tip at her. her body was tight but still ready for hi,. She kissed him deeply as she arched her back and forced his tip a few inches into her.
ellesmera: Kane growled and pushed further in to her, biting but not breaking the skin on her shoulder
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid gasped, her mind swarmed and she twisted the sheets in her hands. her lower body was pulsing as she felt him inside of her tight body. it was a painful plesure over her inter being and she was loving it.
ellesmera: Kane thrust with quick, hard strokes, kissing her neck and working up to her lips
Adden Lee: Caid gasped again and glamore suddenly relised n her. her body began to glow with a light from a fire just under her skin. a pure white light pulsed form her body as she began gasping. she relised her glmore out over her and felt it srat to move to kane. she now understood why so many fey had taken unfey magical lovers. her power spille dout over her and to him.
Adden Lee / Caid: CAid moaned and cryed out att he same time from the presure of him inside of her. Her power continued to build against her intire bopdy and spread out to Kane. Soon she found herslef looking up into kane's eyes as if they were the eyes of fey. her glamore was split half and half over the two of them and it had goven kane the look of a pure fey.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane was well known in a few circles for his outstanding stamina in bed, but with caid, he was having a bit of trouble, hed nether felt anything like it, he was in a heaven of extacy.. He wasnt sure what was happening to caid.. but he knew she was enjoying it, He slowed down a bit, watching the reaction on her face
Adden Lee / Baily: caid stared up at him as he slowed and then leaned up nipping is lower lip and reopening the quick clotted cut. She licked away the blood and arch her back, pushing him into her deep and hard.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane smiled, pushing deep in to her repeatedly, he tasted the blood and his eyes started to dilate slightly, he lowered his head to meet her neck as he nipped and broke the skin, licking gently at the marks, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body
Adden Lee / Caid: caid bit her own bottle lip as kane licked away her blood. she arched her back again this time to meet kane and hit him into he rhard. she felt the bones of their pelvis coldide with eachother and felt the glamor seperate to let the bodys touch closer. She gave out a half moand cry and dug her nails into his shoulder blades.
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : Kane arched his back pushing in further than he had done so far, he was amazed hed lasted this long, her magyk was playing with him, washing over him, sometimes weakening, sometimes strengthening, either way, he was enjoying this trough and through, he moaned loudly as he thrust in to her, he was getting close to the edge.. he could feel it
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid twisted the sheets in her hadns and felt kane begin to pulse inside of her. SHe found her own self pulsing and inhaled deep befor eclenching her teeth and crying out. she felt her glamore relieasing over him as it drained from her a bit. a sudden flood washed over her and she screamed out in pleasure.
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : Kane felt himself lose control, he fell over the edge and in to the oblivion pleasure spiiling in and out of him in floods, a few moments later it was over, he was breathing heavily (yes breathing.. lol.. you made his heart start beating), sweat clinging to his body, his eyes still closed, his arms had no strength letf so he sloled yowered his body on o hers not fully, but enough so he coudl relax
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid panted a bit feeling her body relax. she stared up at kane, the glamore still over him and giving him the look of the seelie court. she kissed him softly and laid back.
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : He fell next to her, panting slightly.. he was worried now, and was sure caid would notice that a vampire was breathing soon, but he couldnt stop, no matter how hard he tried, he felt his heart give a violent beat, as if to say 'oy!! you killed me thousands of years ago.. now im back to haunt you, dont ruin my moment!!!', he jumped slightly and put his hand to his heart
Adden Lee / Baily: Caid looke dta him,"you okay?" she was panting herslef, "since when do you breath?" a sudden tale of the older courts poped up in her mind, a ledgond of fey restoring life to the dead. she had never reallly thought about it and her eyes widened. she was hoping the pound she could feel of his heart was temperary.
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : the heart soon started to slow down, he grabbed his jeans and pulled a pak of cigarettes from it and a lighter, he lit one and took a drag "Im fINe" He kept yelping every now and again when he forgot to breath or when his heart missed abeat
"It feels like turning all over again..."
Adden Lee / Baily: caid sat up and crawled ove rto him swipping the cigerat. "Yay for canser not existing to fey,"she mumbled and took a drag. she frowned abit, "one thing i hate of being fey is i could never be vampire, my blood makes me immortal but not one for the bites."
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : "Not all its cut out to be.. if i dont feed often enough ill go in to a 'coma' sort of thing.. and if im not discovered by another vampie whod be kind enough to help me.. im fucked" He laughed slightly
"Hey! The beatings gone!!!" He wasnt breathing anymore either
"I seriously dont know how people at school dont notice im not breathing!" He laughed again
Adden Lee / Baily: caid laughed and crawled closer to him, "or that you have issues when ever the nurse wants to check your beat." she smiled and kisse dknae, "i thin i like having a non fey...friend." she paused, "my parents will kill me, pretty sure the queen will too. but its still fun."
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : "This does not concern them.. if i have to.. i shall bring an ancient law in to plae, to ensure your protection, i do not like bringing th elaw up.. but.. its there.. and they cannot break it.. it involves all non human biengs... Fabiens law... and.. Lebrans stand... just mentioning those to the fe will have them shaking.. trust me"
Adden Lee: Caid smiled, "My queen was around when thoselaws were forged. But if you believe they will shake her tahn okay. Only the older fey will even know what they are though and few of them know the laws themselves. we were never thaught them. the good side of being pure royal fey is that you are taught everything." her voice had trailed off as if she were talking to herself. she glanced back at him nd smiled as she ran a finger along his chest.
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ellesmera: Kane arched slightly at the touch "I was part of the reson that Lebrans stand was made..
All pures sired by lebran are effected by it.. and those tey have a relationship with. it states that no 'lover' of a pure-sire can be harmed by anyone but said vampire.. in these circumstances" He sighed
Adden Lee: Caid nodded, "Fun." she closed her eyes for a moment and as she opened them again her cloaking glmore kicked in and the glow slowly pulle dback into he rown skin.
2Boring" He sighed kissing her neck tauntingly.
2Boring" He sighed kissing her neck tauntingly.
2Boring" He sighed kissing her neck tauntingly.
2Boring" He sighed kissing her neck tauntingly.
"Come on, were both sweaty" He sighed pulling her up and carrying her tom the shower, he turned the water on and steped inside, pulling her in with him, he kissed her forhead again and smiled as the water cascaded down on them both
Adden Lee: she smiled and reached behind him, turning the qater as hot as it would get. she shook her head and her hair whipped around and hung in her face. she nipped at his neck abit, enjoying the feel of the heating water
Demonic Mystery: Ciara walked in and looked around. Just like she thought, the same boring place as it had always been. She sighed and walked further into the school heading for her locker that was not too long away. She was half asleep as she walked through the crowd.
Adden Lee: Caid nuzzled into kane's neck. tracing his pulse over with her tongue she ran her hands over his wet body enjoying the feel of him. her trailed abit and she smiled, "we have school soon."
ellesmera: "Hm... We do dont we..." He sighed. "Pity.. i was enjoying this" He lifted her up to his fae, he was standing his full height of 6"2, his arms wrapped round her, their bodies sliding against eachother, he kissed her neck and set her down.
"Well.. that was a sudden energy burst" He smiledslicking his hair back again
Adden Lee: (wow talk about high differance...shes just barely 5' 2") Caid smiled, "burst is a word for it." she shook her head a bit spread drops of water out and her hair flooded into her eyes. she smiled, Pulling up the rest of her glamor and left herself looking more human than most of the stuudents around the school. She glanced at kane from under her hair, "my word would be charge." she was going to enjoy knowing sex with him would give her a glamor up when ever she needed it. Caid found her clothes just as her phone rang. She glanced at it, "72 missed calls." she made a confused face, "i think im in trouble." there was a hint of sarcasm there as she began to get dressed.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane sighed
"Ill stand by you.. if you want me to.. its as much my fault as yours.. its mostly my fault" He finished getting dressed, tied his hair back (omg he never does that.. he still has long hair at this point.. but not for long:) lol) He walked in to the kitchen, ushering his child version out of it, there was a snip sound followed by lots of snipping sounds, he used some magyk to get all the hair from him, then came back in to view, his hair short (like in the pic) He smiled
"It gets in the way" He brushed her hair from her face and kissed her.
"Shall we get back to school then?"
Adden Lee: She tilted her head, "I like it..." she smiled a bit, "ut it seams to be teasing." she smiled and kissed back, "i wont need any one to stand by me when i get there. My flesh power is in effcet there." she glanced away and sighed, "to school then."
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : He pulled her in to a hug
"Close your eyes.. people can go crazy when they see this" He sighed
"Ready?" He didnt wait for an answer, his younger self had come in with several sharp knives.
"Altori" He whispered. They were sucked out of time, it felt like bieng pulled through a straw, around them time scenes from kanes life whizzed past, only Kane could see these and be ok.. as he had already lived them, most scenes were not nice, he was either killing.. or going through a 'prostituition' phase. Finally they were back at the moment in time theyesd left.. though in the school
Adden Lee: Caid had snapped her eyes closed just in time. She understood keep past away from others and how most don't understand what is lived through. She wouldn't have wanted him to see her past either. As soon as she opened her eyes her phone was vibrating agaisnt her thigh. She flipped it open and answered. "Hey sis." there was a rather long pause and caid sighed, "No, i didnt kil him, hes still living. I just turned away form him and gave him up as a power sourse." anothe rpause and caid smiled, "yeah Ill bring the milk by later. now get you and John to school." she colsed the phone without a good bye and glanced at kane, "family things tend to spread quickly." She wrapped her arms around kane and folded her self agaiosnt him. get as close as she could and not wanting to let go.
Adden Lee: ((wonot be here the next few days, but when i get back ill post.))
ellesmera: He wrapped his arms round her, resting his head on hers, his short hair made him look like a differant person, people didnt recognise who he was.. which was lucky as sax was walking down the corridor, he saw caid hugging kane, not econising kane.. He snarled slightly and kept on walking, not looking back
Adden Lee: Caid smiled a bit and snarled back. At the moment she felt slightly arragont. the glamor under her skin was building up. if it werent for the cloaking, she would be like a bekin for lost ship at sea. the indian ocean most likely. she nuzzled down into kanes chest and nipped a bit. she just barely caught his skin.
ellesmera: He heard the reply snarl and turned around, the corridor seemed to clear, til only kane, caid and sax were left.
"I know you want to kill him.. but.. dont..." Kane whispered to her, stroking her hair as she bit him
Adden Lee: CAid looked up, "I can killhim from here and have it look like natural causes." she was pulsing with glamor and getting high on it rather quickly. One down side to her glamor strength was she couldnt keep it in check and she would end up high more oftent han not.
ellesmera: "Dont.. I havent finished screwing with his head."
He smiled, kissing Caids forhead. Sax recgnised the voice, scowling, he turned round and stormed off
Adden Lee: I would have more fun with his head," Caid snarled and looked up to Kane. Her eyes dropped the glamor and the tri silver/blue of the color reflected on kane's face. "Just remember, if he starts anything, ill be sure to be the one standing."
ellesmera: "He wont." Kane sighed, pulling her tighter. "Come on.. we have a class or something" He sighed again
(gotta go)
Adden Lee: caid held him close, I got to go to tennis practice or im going to be off the team. no dought memories are earsed or fixed so no one will see me as one who slays deamons." she stepped back letting go of kane since they ended up here. her mind suddenly swam and she felt sick. her glamor was strong enough to cover it though. she smiled to kane, "see ya at lunch?"
ellesmera: He nodded, smiling slightly. "See you at lunch" He sighed, he needed to sort things out with Sax. Just as Caid was out of sigt, Sax came round the corner, he saw the short haired Kane and his lip curled slightly, Kane turned round, not startled by him, and caught the fireball easily with his schoolbag.
"Shes a killer!"
"So am I"
"But..." Kane closed the distance between them, pitting him against the wall. Using the same technique Lebran had used on him all those years ago.
"But what...?"
Sax whimpered slightly, pushing himself in to Kane, Kane moved his bodyout of reach, but still pinning him with his arms.
"But what?" He repeated.
"She...Shes a.."
"A fey? Yes.. She is. You are very observant"
"She killed my gang"
"They deserved it. Id kill you right here.. right now if i didnt bear your ownership on me" He scowled, on the bottom of his left foot was a small toatoo, there was alos one on his wrist, that could only be seen in ultraviole light, or infared.
"Im not reoving it.. Thats the only thig guarenteeing my protection from you and Caid."
"What would it take for you to remove them?"
"You two guarenteeing you will not kill me.. or my clan.. and also guarenteeing you will not hire anybody to kill us for you.. And im sure I could think of a few other things"
"You sick bastard" Kane growled, knowing full well what the other things were"
"Yup" He paused, a smirk across his lips.
"Now. Gve me a kiss.. and we can get to class"
"Actually.. I'm going to watch the tennis."
"Well.. You can kiss me anyway.. And I dont meen a quick peck" Kane scowled, battling inside himself, kissing sax to make his life easier would be wrong, especially on Caid.
"Whats wrong?" Sax asked in mok concern
Adden Lee: Caid slambed the tennis ball down with most of her strength. She nailed the guy in the face and instantly the coach was yelling at her.
"Caid! I told you to watch it! now his nose is broken!"
caid yelled back, "Shows him to not insault me!!"
he had called her a leppy. and that was one thing not to say to an irish.The teacher glared at her, "To the office! NOW!!"
caid through the school raquet in to the net pole, splintering it and sending a piece into her arm. She refused to cringe or touch it as she walked off the court. she basicallly kicked open the head master's door. She dropped in to her regular seat and crossed her arms. her arm bled from the centamerter wide splinter still in her arm but she wasn't going to touch it. She glared at a teacher who walked by and then to the door as it opened and the head master stepped out.
"Caiden Lee?"
"come in."
caid hated the idea of going into the room but did as she was told. she through as much of her glamor up as she could and knew that those who could feel magic would be choking on it. she dropped in to a chair as far from the desk as she could.
ellesmera: "Im not going to kiss you"
"What? I thought you were used to this sort of stuff... or do you only do that for money and blood"
"I had no choice to do what I did."
"Of course you didnt... But disobaying me is not going to earn brownie points.. or make me want to remove the marks..." Kane scowled. He leant forwards and captured Sax's lips with his own, Sax slipped his tongue in to the kiss, Kane wrapped his arms round Sax, Sax groaned slightly, pushing his whole body in to it, inside Kane was seething, He wouldve let Caid destroy Sax on the spot, if it werent for the fact that if Sax died, Kane would go with him. Saxs hand had slippeed int o Kanes trousers, he felt something metal click around him, he froze as Sax pulled away.
"Just to make sure you do nothing of that nature with anyone.. apart from me" He smiled. Kane could feel a metal ring around him.
"You bastard"
"Yes.. I guess I am... Dont try anything wih her. Ill know.. and so will you" He laughed slightly, Kane resisted the urge to have a look at exactly what Sax had done.
"Skipping class?" A voice broke through his thoughts, Kane span round, coming face to face with a teacher, who had bad breath.
"No.. I"
"Skipping class to met your boyfriend?!" The teacher literally spat.
"Hes not my.."
"If hes not then why did you have your tongue down his throat. Hey?!" The teacher didnt wait for an answer. "You can explain this to the head master" She spat in delight, dragging him to the headmasters office, seating him justoutside it on the seat caid had currently been sat on, he could feel the magical energy from her, it was like a drug to him, he felt all light headed and giddy, to the teachers and the heads PA it looked like he was high on drugs
Adden Lee: Caid pushed her glamor forward and the windows in the room shook. The earth out side was wanting in, and yet the head master didnt notice a damn thing. Caid held cloaking glamor up and leaned back in the seat, "'ey there. i aint sene you for a liong time now."
the head master glared at her and dropped her file of referals and detention slips and such on the desk, it was an easy three inches of paper. "Not long enough, caiden."
"IT'S CAID DAMN IT!" she held back her tongue and felt something in the area shift. magyc was close, and that meant kane. She rolled the tennis ball she had in her hand.
The head master glared and contiuned, "I told you of one more time i saw you, i would kick you out."
caid glared back, "you wont, youre too scared to test my blood." she reliesed a bit of glmore straight on him and knew he felt it that time. it pushed him back. Caid smiled and stood. she paused at the door, "leave me be sir, i dont want my masters to get word of you." she opened the door and stared at kane, "what r you doing her?"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, dropping a bit of the glmore so it would make the stronger magics seem so high. She sat down in his lap wrapping her arms around his neck, "broke a guys nose...well accually three but the first two don't count becasue i just got a warning for them. I think they want to take me off the team, but they need me too badly to win state." she paused and stared at the ground, "but the entire team thinks of me as a leepy." her eyes suddenly stunck. (a leppy is basically what you call an Irish [or fey] who you veiw as less than rat. they call her it because she's irish, they dont know shes fey. but because she is its a worse insult than they relise. just a realy bad racial slur)
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid smiled, to much innocense put in fo rit to be true, "It was a clean shatter." her smiled widened and she leaned into him, she pushed up a bit of glmore, this wasn't like before though. It was the reasult of lust. Even the non magic/magyc would feel this. she had prefected it to do so. it was there and powerful and made others lust for her.most of it targeted Kane, but some was slipping out.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid laughed to herself, "i know." She poured a bit mor einto him. her hands never moved, she never moved outside of tilting her head abit, but everyone in the room was feeling this magic. SHe smiled and leaned toward him nipping his bottom lip, "teasing is the fun of it."
Adden Lee / Caid: ill be gone until monday now. im going out of town. ill post as soon as im home tho.
Adden Lee: The head master turned suddenly and basically ran from the room to his office and loocked the door. caid smiled pushing as much glamore as she could around the room, all of it sweeping the full area before pouring into kane. Caid leaned into Kane and slid her handas down his chest to his pants. "Glamore is a wonderful thing." she nipped at his neck a bit.
Caid felt a second magic.magyc in her shield area. She didn't bother focusing. she figured most of the magic left wasn't coming to close to her. She pushed up her lust glamore though and spread it out of the room.
(she basically making every living thing want her and only her. yay Unseelie court.)
Adden Lee: Caid pulled back her hands and the glamore faded instantly. she looked at the blisters on her palms from where she had grabbed kane. she looked back to him and her focus shifted. the magic being in her shield was getting closer. her mind was swimming.
Adden Lee: Caid was on her feet an snarling at SAx. "I wont kill you, but sure as hell im ganna make you wish it!" she grabbed his throat and all cover glamore dropped from her ad her full fey showed along with the cross scars over her back. She had Sax pinned to the wall and her hands around his throat. She began pumping death age glamore into him. (Basically it makes him age really fast. he'll turn black eventually.)
ellesmera: Sax screamed out in pain
"I wouldnt do that Caid" He growled. Kane dropped to the floor in pain. Shivvering slightly
Adden Lee: Caid didn't react at first. but she felt the change in magyc around her. She looked away from sax to Kane and let go. Her eyes flared with anger, "Stop it Sax." it was calm in her voice but regretful. "Please don't hurt him..."
ellesmera: He stopped and smiled."Kane.. our dorm.. 1 hour... come alone" He then walked off.
"I might not be able to kil him, but sure as hell ill make that hour the most painful hour hell ever experiance" Kane growled, getting to his feet.
"Unless... Do you think you might be able to break the little metal ring off?"
Adden Lee: Caid shook her head. "I can't touch anything deamon." she held up her hands and showed the blisters that were becoming very black very fast. She glanced at them and then shook her head. "Im sorry. Maybe we should just agree to him."
ellesmera: "It depends just what he asks for" Kane sighed. " I need to go get ready for the git..." he paused "You comin?"
Adden Lee: Caid puased. She wantted to, but knew she had more to do. "I have chores back at home to finish. I should do it before dinner here. Will i see you or not?" She had a sickening sound to her voice. She crossed her arms over her chest and stared and the gorund. her glmore was slowly pulling back up and hiding away the shine behind her skin and eyes. She looked human again.
ellesmera: "I dont know.. it depends what sick mind games sax has planned, no doubt he wants to get pay back on me for when i tied him up and beat him..." He looked at the ground.
"Illl contact you"
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid didn't answer she turn and walked to the door. After a moment she opened the door and walked off the school gorunds. She waited until she passed the street tennis courts and the Alpha Omega area before she finail began bretahing naturally.
She walked up the street to the corner store and bought what she needed. SHe hated being in the same state as the outcast fey, but the younger ones relied on her and she knew it.
Adden Lee / Caid: Im out of here now. ill be back on in about an hour and a half if you still around. see ya
ellesmera: Kane walked to the room and opened it, sax was sat on his bed, his eyes closed, when he heard the door close he spoke.
"Lock it" Kane did as he was told.
"Strip" Kane hesiatedted, before slowly undressing.
"Fuck the teasin, strip" Kane shed his clothes.
"Get on the bed" Kane did.
"Lie down" He did, Sax clipped handcuffs on to his feet and wrists, binding him to the bed, cold and naked. Sax then stabbed a knife in to his leg and turned his laptop on, plugging in the webcam.
"You sick bastard"
"People pay to see vampires tortured"
Adden Lee: Caid slipped in the front door and heard the typing. Her "cousin was at the computer staring at some new web vidio. caiod ingored it and moved to the kitchen. A few demi fey hovered around her as she dropped off the items she had bought and sat down. she held out her hand and a few demi fey fought over the spot. a larger one finaily took the place on her palm leaning against her thumb. "nothing is new today or ever My Lady." caid smiled, "I take it you heard."
"you are outcast as the rest of us now."
Caid nodded, "Yeah. what makes me MyLady to you?"
"you are older and stronger. No one her eis willing to challage you."
caid nodded and leaned back, the conversation carried, reveiwing the events that lead to cauid being outcasted.
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid paused hearing the computer speakers become suddenly silent. She stood dropping her arm and the demi fey zipped throught hte house to the office in the back. "Hey, Jaiden. What are you doing?" Caid stepepd intot the office and glanced at the moniter. Her glamore all fell back as she saw the picture, it washed over the room and the demi fey scattered. Caid kicked the seat where her cousin was sitting over and hit her knees in front of the screen. Her shock turned to sudden rage and she turned to her cousin. Her cousin stood and bowed low as she left the room. Caid wasn't sending her, she was going by her own will. And when a half deamon half fey goes out on their own, they go for not just the need if it to be done, but for the fun of doing it. and deamon were in the unseelie court, they prided themselves on their torture.
ellesmera: Sax grabbed kanes face.
"Hows that feel? Does it hurt? Maybe you realise how much having the skin of my leg ripped off hurt hey vampire" He litterally spat
Adden Lee / Caid: (im ganna be jaiden now for a lil bit, caids cousin.) Jaiden stepped up to the door and nocked twice. she waited for a responce for a few moments and then kicked it in she glanced at Sax and the kane then the web cam. *caid sat back and waited.* Jaiden took out a small slip of papper and read, "you, sax, are charged with indecent exposure of pain and body over the internet," she giggled a bit and dropped the paper, it was blank but she only ha dit for dramatic effect, "i would like to make it clear, i do this becasue i want to and no one sent me." she dropped all glamore and revieled her self as deamon fey. Her skin was litterally black and her hair was like a black curtain to her ankels she wasn't wearing anything. she smiled a bit and giggled as she spoke, "i stand here now to carry out a sentance of my own devise."
Adden Lee / Caid: jaiden giggled. she lifted her eyes toward him, solid white agianst the black skin. she smiled and the white teeth showed along with the tip split tongue. she glanced at the web cam, "i wont kill you until marks are lifted from your little pet. but i do assure they will be lifted." jaiden stepped up to sax and stood motionles sin front ofhim for a moment. suddenly, her hand was through his chest and gribbed his sternum. a black orb srounded them then cleared the room, taking jaiden and sax with it.
Jaiden pulled away from sax and bowed low to the governing concel then turned back to him. "i am with in all rights given to me by the fey and deamon and DEMON lords and ladys to do as i wish to you. as long as it is in their witness." jaiden was giggling the entire time.
Adden Lee: The desk chair qwas spinnign and caid was running down the street. she skidded into the school yard and hit the door. the bell rang and students started pouring out. it was the weekend and students were leaving the school for the weekend. she worked her way throught he group and toward the stairs, she was hoping kane was still up sairs.
jaidne knelt down and stared sax in the face, "remove your marks from the vamp." her voice echoed in the silent room and the governing concel had every eye fixxed on the scene that was taking place in the lowest relm of the building.
Jaiden stared at him andwaited for the responce.
ellesmera: "No" Was his answer. Though he was now only human, Kane would still be dragged with him.
Kane was clawing at his neck, the emptiness he felt was destroying him.
"Wait a few hours... You dont want to kill the students, or teachers..." He hissed, his fangs slicing his lips. He knew full well he wasnt going to make it.
Ceasing End / Eri Nakoiichi: (( Uh... can I join...? ))
Elfie / Kaitlyn : ((ello can i join??))
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid saw kane and ran to him. She saw his hungry and paused, she whiped emotion form her face, "Kane?" she steppe dup to him as she pulled down on her colalr.
Jaiden glared and him then stood and went to his side, "remove them!" on 'them' she kicked him hard in the side and sent him tumbling.
Adden Lee / Caid: Yo no cuido si usted une.
ellesmera: Kane pulled her to hm and sank his fangs n t her neck, violently he had become the monster he had always tred to push away ( in his ealier years ths is how he wold bite people, it usually followed rape.)He gulped down her bld drawing it out in painful waves. He was overfeeding but he had calmed down he stopped and lifted from her neck stll holdng on to her, his face still in the crook of her neck.
KSax went flying, he stumbled to his feet.
"No" He could handle this it was nothing ompared to what Kane used to do.
(what did your last post say?)
Adden Lee / Caid: Jaiden smiled, "a baby use to torture." that pissed her off. "well there is more than pain in torture." She smiled and moved to a far wall. she held a hand on the wall and was suddenly up above the area were sax was. she sat down in a place close to the head of the councle and watched in silance. after a moment she glanced at the head, "lock it down." a shutter echoed through the suroundings and everything fell silent and still.
caid gasped at dirst but became custom to the pain and relaxed against him. as he pulled back she pushed her neck to his mouth again. wiping blood over his lips.
Adden Lee / Caid: Jaiden smiled, "a baby use to torture." that pissed her off. "well there is more than pain in torture." She smiled and moved to a far wall. she held a hand on the wall and was suddenly up above the area were sax was. she sat down in a place close to the head of the councle and watched in silance. after a moment she glanced at the head, "lock it down." a shutter echoed through the suroundings and everything fell silent and still.
caid gasped at dirst but became custom to the pain and relaxed against him. as he pulled back she pushed her neck to his mouth again. wiping blood over his lips.
it said i dont care if you join))
ellesmera: Sax acted like he was fine, nthough he was now worried about what was next.
Kane licked her neck, sucking on the wounds and licking al the blood from her and him, he growled slightly kissing her
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid leaned into him, "have your fill?" she stepped closer and put their bodys touching. shekissed his neck and pulled her head back staring at hi, "you can bite again, I cant bleed to death."
Jaiden stared at the platform infront of her plave and set her hand on it. a green light reflected on her face from under her hand and a sudden rush of wind broken through the area. (hum, knowing sax's number 1 fear would help here. the concle would know it but i dont know.)
ellesmera: ((His fear... wolves, he was attaked by wolves.. demon wolves, not quite werewolves, but they scare him as well, he gets so frightened he annot move, even in demon form))
Kane shook his head. "Im full... But I want you" He growled in to her as he kissed her neck again.
Sax whimpered, owering against the wall, not liking what was happening, it wasnt as bad as what kane did, but, he felt it ould still get much worse
Adden Lee / Caid: caid laughed, "we have matching minds then." she bit into his neck and taisted blood.
jaiden laughed "here puppy!" a low growle echoed in the area.
ellesmera: Sax went wide eyes, he did not want to face whatever she was refering to as puppy.
"Ill remove them..." He whimpered. "Just dont.. dont bring out the 'puppy'" He shivered as he spoke it out loud. He sank to the floor.
Kane tightened his neck, letting blood slowly fill her mouth, he groaned, pulling her in to his room and slamming the door shut.
Adden Lee / Caid: Jaiden smiled,"then do it now." her miodnwas fallowing her ocusin, /hold on caiden./
caid glared inside at her cousins voice. but she listened. pulling back a bit from kane and smiling runing her hands under his shirt and giggling.
(lets see how your post look and then we'll deside if you can join)
ellesmera: Sax closed his eyes, hed make this as painful for Kane as possible he slowley undid the links, kane droped to the ground paralised by pain. (gotta go)
Adden Lee / Caid: Caid stepped back and whispered, "A'right cousin, sax is being painful on purpose." she dropped down by kane and hesitated touching him, "make him pay as soon as the marks are gone."
jaiden nodded at her cousins voice and waited for sax to finish.
ellesmera: Kane felt something weling up inside him, his mind was buzzing, sax went flying across the room as the prohet escaped through sax, hed have to return to kane soon, but, sax was xausing him pain, once the process of unravveling had started, it cannot be stopped, as long as he killed him just after kane becomes free everyhting would be alright.
sax smashed in to the wall.
Adden Lee: Caid watched in dead silance now waiting for help from the other side of the fight here. Jaiden was giggling at the sight of sax smashing in to the wall. nothing he would do now would let him or any other creture out of that dome below her. She leaned forward for a better view as slowly her newest pets faded through the walls. Ghost Werewolves, morphed in the wolf, soon filled the edge of the dome, all with eyes on Sax. their teeth bared, begging for a taist.
ellesmera: The prophet laughed (im gonna kill sax off n introduce a new char) and smashed in to sax again. Kane writhed slightly as the last bonds faded, he looked at caid and pulled her to him, kissing her
Adden Lee: Caid's eyes widened a moment and then she leaned into him. She cut the link between her and her cousins mind so not to hear her commentary.
Jaiden looked down and stomped her foot. "HEY! this was suppose to be my fun! BACK OFF FROM HIM!" she stomped again and this time the ghost werea moved in on Sax snarling and biting at the air. Jaiden jumped down on the glass roof above Sax and the prophet. SHe screamed down at him, "SAX IS MINE TO PLAY WITH! LEAVE HIM ALONE!"
(mmkay... i have to ask, girl or guy charactor?)
Adden Lee: ((ill be back in about 3 and a half hours if your still around then.))
ellesmera: (either.. wt wud u prefer?) the prophet looked at her.
"You think he shall cause my body pain, and i will watch?" he hit sax again. "ive had my fun..." he dissapeared. (u get to kill sax..)
kane moaned, smiling.
"im free" he smiled.
Adden Lee: Caid smiled, "You can thank my cousin later, right now i have afew ideas for this."
Jaiden smiled, "wolves." the ghost weres laughed to them selves as they looked up at her, "go at him." the ghost charged him. they werent able to touch him, they passed through him, but they still had fun with it.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Sax screamed out as the wolves rushed through him, he was huddled in a corner.
"Ideas?" Kane asked her "Ive got a few as well"
Adden Lee: caid laughed, "you first then, you'll be exhausted when m done."
Jaiden laughed and snapped her fingers. the wolves were suddenly gone. " i could watch for hours but i have work to do." she whistled and a growle echoed through the dome where sax sat. the wall behind him shook as the growle became louder.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Sax was nearlly having a nervous breakdown, he had his eyes clamped shut, was curled tight in to a ball and chanting some demonic saying.
Id rather see what you came up with" Kane growled happily
Adden Lee: Caid laughed and suddenly dropped her cloaking glamore. She laughed to herself as she pulled up a second kind of glamore that spread over her body and slowly her eyes turned pure white and a perfect tri-blue.
Jaiden laughed to herself she was having more fun listening and watching than anything else. She sat down, still on the roof of the dome where sax was cowering. (see through for her not him. thought i would inform you) She claped twice, fast and the growling suddenly stopped. the entire place was dead silent, except for sax's chanting words.
ellesmera: Sax stopped, looking up and around the dome, he had been trying to get his demon powers back, but to no avail. His face hardened as some of his abilities returned.
"I refuse to fear." He said to himself more than anyone else.
"I will fear nothing, Least of all bieng afraid. I know there is no such thing as fear, as it is only a state of mind. I know there is a reasonable sense of pre-caution, care and common sense. I now see everything in its correct perspective and right proportion. This bieng so, I have no need of fear. You may batter my body, and tear at my soul, but you will not make me fear you anymore" He said this to himself, then to Jaiden. (aww.. inside hes a little emo though)
Kane watched as she laughed and changed. He knew some of the things Caid liked to do were sometimes scary, and he was hoping this was one of those times.
Adden Lee: Caid ran her hands down Kanes arms, the light from her skin reaching out to hold on but peeling away from him. She knew he would feel it like millions of needles over him where the light touched.
jaiden frowned then shrugged. "Fine, my fun is done. Puppy, grant his wish of death, but keep hold his soul in this relm, put it where you wish just dont let it pass out." the wall by sax's head suddenly shattered and a large beast stood in the middle. It looked like a half morphed werewolf but was about ten times the size. he turned facing sax and snarling. (you can have sax killed at any point, just make it clear he's head..... and oh yeah, idc if its a guy or girl for new charator it will just deside how caid reacts.))

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