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Roleplay - highschool rp by Akurei Ame / Akurei Ame

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ellesmera: ((i cudve.. bt.. i see sax dieng differantly than everyone else... im real soppy when it comes to him.. dunno why.. guess its cos hes emo on the inside ^_^ and kk... i think itl be a girl)
Sax turned round, facing it, he took several steps back, looking up at the beast and dropping to his knees.
Kane felt a wave of needle sharp priks on his skin, he groaned, arching at the touch.
"You tease" He growled
Adden Lee: caid smiled, "this isnt even close to teasing." she pushed her light out from her body so it brushe dover his full being.
Jaiden turned and started to walk away, "I have a web cam to watch." She laughed and was suddenly gone. The 'puppy' dropped to all fours and prowled toward Sax before diving at him, teeth bared.
ellesmera: Sax screamed as it attake him, h mana to ode, but only slihtly.
Kan shivered, He felt the glamour and energy all around him.
Adden Lee: Caid showed off everything she was. Pale light reflected from her back. Not true wings but wings made of an almost invisible light stretched from her back. She stepped to touch her body against Kanes. She felt her glamore slip around him and hold. She rolled her shoulders sending chills over both of them.
The wolf turned hard and caught Sax's neck in his jaw. he sunk in his teeth and began tearing away at the weak skin.
ellesmera: (ouch) Kane arched to her touch, pushing himself further against her. Lust coursed through hm as he stared at the beauty before him.
Sax screamed one last time as his neck was snapped, he burst in to a million tiny blue flames. The last of the pure mage demons, destroyed.
Adden Lee: caid laughe da bit and moveda foot forward intangling their legs for a spil second before she pulled her leg forward and set him falling back on to the bed that still had a decient amount of blood on it. she fell with him landing on his chest and kisisng him deeply, biteing his tongue a bit.
Jaiden sat watching through the web cam, she was going to be having fun witht his blackmale. She hit the record and the video began saving to her hard drive. She felt the chill and knew her beast had been denied a meal when the demon boy died with flames. She laughed, he would have his meal later with a few of the prisoners.
ellesmera: He crashed on to the bed with a small yelp, which was lost in the kiss, he felt an uneasy flow of blood enter his mouth and he bit her back, capturing her legs with him and pressing his body in to hers, he rolled them over so she was on the bed and he was leaning over her, resting on her pelvis. He groaned pushing in to her slightly harder
Adden Lee: Caid laughed and bit back at him licking away the blood. She arched so her pelvis dug into his and she ran her hands over his back, feeling the blood that had transfered from the bed. she laughed inside the kiss and pulled back, holding her head at an angle that gave him clear shot at her neck, shoulders, collar..or basically any where he wanted to bite.
ellesmera: He took one hand to his jeans, ripping them clean off, He then did the same to caid, wasteing no time. He growled lustfully and he slammed is fangs in to the crook of her neck, the blood filling his mouth almost as quickly as he gulped it down
Adden Lee: caid laughed quietly, feeling his lust and mirroring it for him. She arch her hips and pushed herself against him, hard. Their pelvis bones rubbed together as she arched high and push her neck into his mouth. her heart started to beat faster and as a result, more blood filled kane's mouth at a faster rate.
ellesmera: Blood trickled down the side of his mouth. In his state of lust he had realised that Caid used a lot of her glamour during sex.. Kane wanted to see what would happen if he also used his magyk. The green magyk crackled to lie around them lifting them in to the ai, but it still felt like they had a hard surface under them. His magyk intensified his feelings before magnifieng them, the magyk brushed lightly over them both, like a thousand tiny kissess with every touch.
Adden Lee: Caid gasped, he hadnt use magyc before with her and it was sudden and magnificent. She trailed her hands over the magyc then over his skin and into her own glamore. she glanced down smiling and flexed the light wings that rested on her shoulder blades. Her shirt ripped down the back she she slipped it out from between them. she laughed and bit down into his collar bone as her glamore poured out from the bite on her neck and passed into his mouth.
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): ((new profile for caid, since the finishing school profile fo her and this one dont really match up to well))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Caid had pierced his skin, since he was using magyk his blood was crackling with it, giving his veins and under his skin a green type glow, a small amount of blood filled her outh before forcing its way out in mouthfulls.
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): caid swallowed. She was better than most fey at it, since she had been with more vamps than any of them, but she wasn't as good as kane. she had to swallow fast and eventually pull back and let the blood drain. she licked her lips then licked over the wound, play her tongue over the wound. she loved the taste of his magyc at that moment.
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): (i know.) she smiled and leaned up to him licking a bit off blood away and moving her pelvis from his. "aww, how fun. you want some?"
ellesmera: "Yes" He groaned, trying to push against her again.
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): She giggled and slipped away from him. she used her light wings to lower herself to the bed and smile dup at him. "i think you need to learn patance."
ellesmera: He almost screamed. He dropped next to her.
"I think I deserve a good fuck dont you?"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid paused as if wondering adn shook her head, "i think you should earn it... and if you dont want to take the time, take it for yourself." she luaghed a bit and looked completely innocent.
ellesmera: "How do I earn it?" Kane asked her.
Pouting slightly
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): she smiled, "im thinking you would be horny by the time you earned it. she rolled over to face him, "that leaves one opption."
ellesmera: He let a small grin grace his face.
"And that would be??"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): She laughed and leaned into him, kissing his lips, "take what you want." she smiled and there was something deep in her eyes that asked for what the vamps were known for. atleast witht their lovers.
ellesmera: Kane kissed her neck. There were quite a few bite marks on her necks. He made two more. Biting her neck visciously first, gauging a line rather than a hole, before sinking his fangs in to the fresh wound and forcing the blood out.
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid leaned into the teethand whimpered a bit. she smiled and closed her eyes. shebit down on her bottom lip and breathed deeply to keep from moaning.
ellesmera: He slipped his hands up to her breasts. Running his fingers over her nipples
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): (random bit, this rp makes me miss my boyfriend...) Caid moaned quietly, closing her eyes and pulling away, "you're going to need to do more than that to take what you want."
ellesmera: ((aw.. sorry hun....no how u feel....))
Kane whimpered s;ightly flicking his eyes about the room. A thought suddenly crossed his mind, he pulled his left foot up and looked at the bottom of it, the marks were completly gone. He closed his eyes briefly ten opened them again.
"Is.. Is sax... Dead?"
Adden Lee: Caid froze and looked around slowly. She swallowed, "my guess," she sighed, "Jaiden doesn't leave anything half done. She is the counsel's executioner for a reason." she watched kane's face, waiting for a reaction.
ellesmera: His face hardened.
"The last of the Demem clan.." A smile spread across his lips, it was a sad, unearving smile.
"At least he didnt take me with him... Okay.. so idve come back... but the whole process really hurts"
Adden Lee: caid stared pass him and forced a smile, "I'm sorry." she wasn't sure what his response meant, it had been a long time since her studies with marks. she didn't remember anything of the fey classes anymore.
ellesmera: He turned to nlook at her.
"Sorry.. You must be really confused...." He sighed, looking at the floor.
"A year after lebran bit me i was hit by a wagon .. a spike of wood pierced my heart.. but instead of dusting i was taken to the higher levels.. the council granted me a single wish... the wish was to be a ful pure vampire, but hold the title of pure sire... they met me halfway.. taking al the weaknesses from me, but increased my hunger... they said they would do this if i helped them.. it was a 'you scratch my back ill scratch yours' situation. They wanted me tohold the spirit of the prophet.. and an equaliser spirit.. the elfen spirit... then prophet is the most evil entity in the world. apart from lebran... and the elf was the most pure... though.. the elf has soured to the human race... the prophet was still far more evil than realised, and complete with a vampiric soul, was still to evil for the elf to equalise.. so.. they recovered my human spirit, as he was pure.. if not... broken slightly from his past and channeled him back in to my body. If i die. the prophet, who will destroy the worl is free, the elf.. who wil destroy all humans is free..and my ghostg goes to the underworld while i get returned back up to the council of elders, get the three spirits channeled in to my body agaiin.. and each time it happens it becomes more painful.... its happened 59 times so far.. and its getting to the point where il just not return again and they will have to use someone else.. So.. thats why I couldnt have Sax dragging me with him... And you of course."
(youl be able to post as baily in boys comp soon i think...)
Adden Lee: (umm okay, i left because i wasnt able to keep up. when im in school so yeah) Caid stared at him and slowly pulled away from him. She dropped the lust glamore and put back up the cloak. she looked perfectly human again. she turned to the web cam, "jaiden stop it now."
jaiden gasped and stoped the record and blocked out the web cam for everyone else who had been watching.
Caid looked at Kane. Fey were pure for a reason. they weren't meant to breed with those who werent because it would always end up with an offspring eventually. Caid had just been smacked back into reality. She stared at Kane as she stood trying to put together what she had been thinking. There wasn't much to put together. She shook her head, "Your a vessel then? one to die and be resurrected at the will of the council?" she shook her head, "for once I should have done what I was told." she muttered and started to walk away. she grabbed her clothes, minus her shirt (it was too ripped to wear) and walked into the hall. All students and teachers were in class, so it was abandoned.
Adden Lee: CAid felt her pocket vibrate as she stepped into her room. She pulled out the phone and answered it. "Yes My Lady," she knew she sounded pathetic and was tring not to cry, "I know you saw, Jaiden was recording it.___ He...I'm sorry my lady._____ but.." she was close to breaking down now, "yes my lady. I know where to find him._____ yes my lady. I understand my place and I will return to it and respect it." she hung up and took a deep breath. if she broke down now she would get into trouble. She sighed and glanced at her laundry hamper. she pulled out the black pants and white tank. She dressed grabbed what weapons she wanted and had before, never gone out without them. She pulled on a black leather trench coat to hide weapons and to mark who she was a member of. she glanced in the mirror, "good o' days..." she whispered and left the school starting toward the bus stop.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: Gaara appeared at the front gates. A whirl of sand at his feet.
"I smell... Blood" He growled, his voice sounded almost unused. He entered the school.
"I smell... tainted blood"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid stopped at the door of the school and stared at the one who was coming up. New and his...strength was different. She lowered her head as he walked up and walked slowly, keeping the gun at her back quiet as she moved.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: Gaara walked very slowley.. almost as if he had no reason to be.. or any point to go anywhere.
"Vampire blood" He growled. A twisted smile on his face, blood lust in his eyes. The gourd on his back quivered as the cork started to vibrate.
"Wait" He whispered. He was now level with caid and his eyes were on kanes window. Kane was leaning out of the window, a cigarette in his hand as he looked up at the sky. Covered in blood. Gaara smiled.
Adden Lee: Caid felt her glamore break and went on sudden instinct. Her hand went out and grabbed graa's throst suddenlky. she tightened her grip her teeth glentched, "leave now. You dont want to have to deal with an alreadsy pissed of fey. trust me on this."
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: Sand blasted from the gourd, smashing her hand away from his throat. He growled. The sand flying in a whirlwind around him.
"Fey are nothing to me... Your blood is foul. Though when tainted with humans blood. Can be divine." He regained his laid back composure as the sand remained clouding around him, it would block any attack slower than the speed of light.
2I am not interested in you..." He looked back up at Kane.
"Nor am I interested in the vampire.. I just want to kill him" He walked forewards again, the sand with him.
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): caid's mind ran in fury and she opened the light in her pamls, dropping unnessisary glamore and showing off a bit but loving the feeling. She pushed out her glamore in to him.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: Gaara snarled. The sand recoiled before snaking back over his head, it seemed to be in pain.. not Gaara. It shrank back in to the gord, the stopper returning. Gaara didnt look best pleased. He did some funny hand movements and dissapeared in a blast of sand, reappearing 10 ft away from the main doors of the school.
Adden Lee: Caid forced her glamore over the sand. suffocating it of any magic supply. There was a good side to pure feys. She moved at a normal speed toward the sand her eyes a screaming blue color.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: The dsand reared up again. He didnt control the sand.. It was a living thing... The incarnation of a sand spirit... a species now extinct. Gaara spun round.
"Dont anger it!" He screamed.. A voice that was too loud to have come from him.
"Youl wake it up! Then Ill kill everyone!"
Kane looked down at the commotion. Two wounds on his face, coming from the bottom of each eye to the bottom of his jaw. The classic signs of vampiric self punishment.
Adden Lee: Caid hissed out her words, "you dont touch him. You want to give it a shot, then I'll kill you before I piss it off." A motorcycle engine revved from the street, Caid didn't turn around, "Leave Mickalie. I have business!"
Mickalie hissed back, "You got direct orders from our queen, fallow them."
"Fuck you, My lord."
ellesmera: Kane droped to the ground. He walked over to Gaara and caid.
"Let him try. You have buisiness elsewhere by the looks of it fey. He glared at Mickalie.
"And If I have to smell that bastards putrid bike a moment longer ill be the one killing" He looked at Gaara.
"If you can hit me.. Just once... I might spare your life"
Gaara stumbled back, Kane had gotten so close to him, throuh the sand. something the girl hadnt done.
(vampires move quicker than light)
Adden Lee: (i know) Caid looked at Kane half hurt and turned away, "fine." she mumbled and walked away, toward Micklaie. Micklaie tossed her a helmet and she sat behind him on the bike, "kick, my lord." the back wheel whizzed and slid back and forth as Caid wrapped her arms around his waist. The bike shot off leave a black slick on the road.
ellesmera: "You gonna hit me then?" Kane asked, jumping several feet backwards.
"No.... I... Im going to kill you"
"Tch.. Last person who said that ended up sleeping with me for the next 8 years"
He paused.
"How old are you?"
"Meh.. Oh well" He smashed his fist in to the sand. Which wrapped up his arm and pulled him in.
"Sax sent me.2 Gaara smiled clipping something round Kanes neck.
"Oh fuck.. Wait.. how?"
"He has a body store. His soul just returns to a body.... A clone of hime=self. Hes not coming back in a hurry. Which is good. Because.. Your going to feed my habit... Your not the only one who needs blood. From now on.. You belong to me"
Kane was about to object. All Gaara had done was clip a necklace on him. He removed it easily then put it back on.
"It just lets me know where you are" He smiled. Now.. As far as this school know. Im 16. So.. You gonna agree? Or do I need to fdorce you."
"I agree.. As long as I get a kiss."
"To make this work e will need to kiss in public.. like a couple would. " He sighed.
"Which.. doesnt seem that bad to me."
Kane was stunned.
"Was all that to get her to leave?"
"It was my inner demon. If i need blood. Youll either supply me your own.. or bring me someone".
Kane couldnt believe hed given in to him.
ellesmera: Kane didnt know what had come over.. But hed agreed now. He nodded. He turned around.
"Okay..... Youll know which dorms mine.. so...." He dissapeared inside the school
Gaara smiled. 'All I need to do is get rid of the fey now...' Gaara thought
Adden Lee: ((sry. i got arrested for assulting a cop X.x i know, long story tho. simply put, i gave him warnign and he pissed me off. his fault.))
Caid shook off the blood on her hands. She glanced back at Mickalie, "You want some?" her voice was distant as she offered him her hand. He stepped up, slipping her figers in his mouth and watching her unchanging face as he licked her hand clean. When he finished, his tongue slid up her arm and Caid used all her strength to keep from fighting. She didn't lean in tho. She froze her body as he moved up her and kissed her neck and whispered above her lips, "kiss me back." it was a hissed order the moment before his lips pushed against hers. Her body fought for a moment then she forced herself to open her mouth and welcome the kiss.
ellesmera: (as long as your alright hun) (but still.. tut tut) gaara slowley made his way to his new dorm. kanes dorm
Adden Lee: (im ganna skip this whole sene between the two, basically, micklaie rapes caid.) Caid kicke din the door of her dorm and fell on to the floor, on the far sid eof her bed. She curled up having left the door open and lcosed her eyes. She couldnt keep them closed though. he had done it before but not like this. Caid ran her hand over the new cuts along her stomach.
DarkFlower92 / Kirianna: Kirianna looks around, shly. "Uh, um...hmmmm..." looks around at everyone holding her schoolbag in her hands. Sighs and asks herself "Where do I go??"
ellesmera: (safe to join ^_^) Kane sighed. Gaara had dumped his stuff and left.
"Why do I get stuck with the messed up kids.... A demon beserker, A fey with clan problems and now a mentaly disfunctional ninja..... Have I got 'gullible twazock' stamped on my forehead" He wondered aloud as he slowley passed Kiriaana
Adden Lee: Caid had placed her weapons and moved to the main washroom and started a shower. She finish and stepped into the hall, only a towel, and glanced at the new girl. She gave a twisted smile and leaned on the doro frame of the wash room, watching as kane passed her.
ellesmera: "And why the FUCK am I so fucking HUNGRY!" He was literally screaming to himself as he walked down the hall. Gaara was silently following him.
"Kane" Gaara growled. Kane span round.
"What do you want" He growled.
"Stop bieng so loud, Ill have to silence you if you carry on like that.. and yes, 'gullible twazock is written on your forehead, flashing in bright neon colours." He then dissapeared. Kane leaned against a wall, still in the same hall as Caids dorm, and slid down in, banging his head.
Adden Lee: Caid brushed his leg as she walked by, "You are a loud one, Monsieur." she slipped into her dorm, leaving the door open and pulling on her white tank, ignoring the new hole over the back that showed off the newer tat. Two black line wings caressed her shoulder blades. It was clear it wasn't done professionally, but they were perfect in shape and size. Black ink mixing with blood bruises.
ellesmera: "Caid" He started, he noticed her back and sighed.
He turned away and tried to walk, noticing a chill rush of air he gowled. His eyes narrowed. Something, pureevil was coming closer, and it wasnt gaara
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid pushed out her glamore out of reaction when a chill dropped over her. She turned as she pulled on her pants and grabbed her jacket fallowing Kane. She brushed his back, "I ain't the only one feeling that right? I would hate to become paranoid."
She was slowly pulling her glamore back to her. Brushing an feeling nearly everything in the dorm house as she did. She glance around the room, no one here would be able to since it, except Kane, if she wanted him to.
ellesmera: "This is.. Bad...." (and if i hadnt already made him lob his hair off, it wouldve been worse... ) The cold wind brushed past everything as footsteps were heard. It was obvious Kane would have ran, if he had control over his body.. and only one person could control Kane... Lebran
Adden Lee: Caid's body convolsed before she was able to get her control back. She leaned toward Kane, "I'm not going to be able to kill him, nor is anyone else I can get ahold of." she stared at kane, "of course, you arent scared of your own death, just make sure if he does kill anyone, it isn't a bystander. This is my relm to protect in the way of magic, and no way am I goin stop him."
ellesmera: "Hes not going to kill.. I hope not anyway" He growled as he was forced to his knees, Lebran entered their field of vision.
"Kane. We need a chat." Lebran growled. Gaara stepped out from inside lebrans shado, glaring at Lebran.
"Release Kane" He growled.
Lebran laughed.
"Why would I do that"
"Because, I know how to kill you. Vampire. The real wy" Both Lane and Lebran looked scared now. Lebran slowley released his hold on Kanes mind.
"You talk volumes, small child, what buisiness of this is yours?"
"What buisiness is it of yours to know what my business is?" Gaara retorted. Lebran shot a glance at Kane.
Adden Lee: Caid paused a moment, two magics, she wasn't sure which belong to witch anymore. Gaara had gotten what he asked for and invoked fear with only a single sentence. Caid slid to a wall closer to the two of them and tried to focus, they were standing too close to tell the difference.
Caid glanced at them, "No one kills anyone in this area unless it is ordered by My Lady. I know neither of you have such an order and this is My Lady's domain. you fall the orders of her and her followers or it is open challenge to the fey race and in so doing will be seen as an act of war." the words sound so natural again. she had said them millions of time over the years, so why shouldn't they. She felt like the words should not be so common to say. not anymore at least.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Gaara smiled.
"I hope I didnt imply that I was going to kill him" He paused "As that was not my intention" Somehow, these words were scarier than the fact that he knew how to.
lebran sighed.
"I kill on my own ground.. my own domain" Kane stood up.
"Then leave"
Angel_Of_Death / Tayuya (sin ): sin walks by "umm hi are u ok sir u look like u need some help" she reache her hand out
(sorry about my spelling)
Adden Lee: (ur spelling is better than mine, i just have spell check;;)
Caid watched Gaara and gave a half bow, If you don't plan on killing him than I believe you have some business to take care of. The fey are not expecting a new one. And unless you're demon, you can not be here. and demon, I'll just kill you now and get an order for it later."
Caid gave a weak smile and turned to Sin, "and no. No assistance is needed. at all." she emphasized the late part, maybe a bit to much. It held a threat almost for anyone to say anything about it.
Adden Lee: Caid stood a moment, she had never had to deal with this many beings at once. Atleast not this strong adn not demons. She shook her head, "i can't let anyone here be. Two of you don't belong here and one of you, well, we'll talk about it later....maybe." she stared at Gaara, "And I don't give a shit if your a 'high being' I'll have someone else come kill you then."
ellesmera: "Im not a higher bieng, merley a pawn to be played. And Kane has been sent in as a rook" He almost smiled at his metaphor. Kane indeed was an important piece in this game of chess.
Adden Lee: Caid laughed, she enjoyed the metaphor. She gave a half bow to him, "Then I introduce myself as an opposing Rook." She dropped cloaking and the shine over her skin suddenly blared. she gave a graceful bow keeping her eyes up. She slid the two knives from their wrist sheaths and held them flat on her forearms.
ellesmera: "I have already made it to the end of the board... Check Miss Caiden" Gaara stated. He had indeed fulfilled half of what he must do, gain control of Kane until Sax can return.
Adden Lee: Caid tilted her head. something flashed over her eyes, that was neither human or fey. it was more primitive than that. a sudden pulse of energy fled from her. She smiled and a quiet buzzing began to grow louder. "I guess you could call them my pawns."
ellesmera: "What would that be?" The sand poured from the gourd and shifted in sand clouds all around him.
Adden Lee: Caid giggled, it was as she had suddenly become a little girl. Her eyes blared brighter in the tricolor of them. She glanced back at the window as they darkened and started to crack. "My demi-fey...." she was deffinetly why to child-like now.
ellesmera: "This pawn has reached your end of the board, and has become a queen though" Gaara smiled. "A very violent queen" The sand encased him completley in a huge sphere of solid sand. Imside, he was changing, the sand spirit was taking his body, turning him in to his demon. An invincible demon, as it was already dead. The sphere of sand would protect him from anything until his change was complete. If something managed to get through, youd be able to see the change.
Adden Lee: Caid held up her hand and the demi fey froze as they broken through the windows. the glass showered the ground and caid didnt flinch as part dug in to her back. The demi fey watched her, waiting for the next order. She stepped forward not touching the sand but watched. Her eyes flashed a deep blue and the tempiture began raising to insane amounts in the building. (it gets hot enough to melt sand to class eventually. things will randomly combust.)
ellesmera: The sand slowley poured away. a huge monstor was there, anly 1/5 its actual size.
(http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs15/300W/i/2007/020/8/b/Shukaku_by_Legna03.jpg) It growled low. The temperature may be rising, but it soon started to drop.
"As I said. It becomes a queen" That was the last thing gaara said before loosing control of the blood lust
Adden Lee: Caid paused and stared at the monster. she tilted her head and stared innocently and blank faced. She froze in the position and smiled gently, "fire before smoke." she would take the second move, let the monster move first.
ellesmera: "Then I am smoke" He snarled, this was unlike Shukaku. It was thinking about the result, not the game. It slid a huge claw in to the ground, smiling, deep inside its body, gaara was sleeping
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid suddenly blared out in light. She was engulfed by the light of her own glamore, the room temperature suddenly jumped ten degrees. Her voice came half hissed. "You take my place of smoke and I'll take it seriously." The ground at Caid feet began to smolder. The demi-fey basked in the heat as if they were sun tanning.
ellesmera: "Im made from the desert! You think that will hurt m!" Gaara hissed. Kane fainted.
ellesmera: (ewo? I wo thinking.. wanna make a new rp?)
Adden Lee: (he fainsted?? he sad) caid laughed, "then maybe you would like this one." The heat suddenly dropped. The flames went out and were replaced by a thick chill. Caid giggled and it was an echo of a child that knew the devil was stand behind someone they hated. She pushed out her glamore and the temperture kept dropping. (yay pure shidie...im wont be on much and i cant talk to anyone who is in the US for the next while so if you wanna start an rp ill try to stay caught up.)
ellesmera: (kk.. hes a wimp ^_^) Gaara watched her as the temperature dropped.
"Im made from sand. Can't feel the cold."
Adden Lee: Caid dropped her temperature act and stood there. She was getting pissed. "why do you suck?" She walked up and closed the distance between gaara and herself. She reached out and didn't touch him physically but ran a hand over the energy surrounding him, "you could have been so much fun if you weren't so much of an ass." she let her thoughts flood her eyes so he would get a glimpse of what she was picturing. It was a sight most guys enjoyed.
ellesmera: Gaara scowled and a sand arm batted her away.
"Maybe if you werent trying to hurt me, I might be more.. friendly" He growled. The demon was fading back in, Shukaku was getting to much control, he could win without him bieng out anyway.
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid laughed at stepped back spreading her arms. she glanced back and saw Kane laying on the ground. "pity." she turned to the demi-fey and waved them away. the room was suddenly empty of everyone but Caid, Gaara, and Kane's motionless body. Caid gave a subtle bow. "Then if I stop tring to hurt you, will friendly attitude come?"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid laughed, "Then what would it be to the normals?" She had to hold back her tongue to stop from being a smart ass, it was harder than she expected. She straightened her face, "But I still need some sort of proof that you are here on friendlier terms. You can not be in or domain without permission. Demons, fey, and the rest of them, it part of the deal. We get this city and you need permission to get into it." she held out her hand, "Let's see some proof."
ellesmera: He closed his eyes. He reached in to his gourd and pulled out a letter, stamped, sealed and signed by the elders of the fey, and demon clans. inside it read
'Gaara (demon possessed) is to be granted access in to this domain for reasons explained below.
1: Gaara has been sent by the demem clan to watc over Kane.
2: Gaara must also finish various tasks to pass the demon regulations.' Gaara shifted on his feet
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid paused then looked back at Kane, "Watch him? well ain't you do one hell of a job there." she paused and giggled, "no pun intended." she took a feew stepped to the side and stared at gaara from another angle, "You aren't much of a demon are you? it says possessed. So what, sand man in there is a posseser? never heard of a sand demon doin that..."
ellesmera: "When i was still in my mothers womb.. my father channeled shukaku, a sand demon in to my unborn body... My mother had o sacrifice her life for me, i was to be the saviour of my people.. it went wrong.. I became hated and ever since i was 6, my father has tried to kill me, but shukaku protects me, even when i dont want him to, it is not our choice. but we must live by my fathers wrongdoings" He looked away.
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid crosse dher arms and shook her head, "Parents suck." she turned, "Fallow, bring him." she motioned to Kane and stared to walk down the hall to her dorm. "And damn you if i get in trouble by my leader."
ellesmera: Sand picked up Kanes restingbody and he follwed. "Do you not think I am damned enough already?"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid laughed, "You know the meaning of a demon damn, you have never witnessed what fey can do when they want to kill. It is an interesting thing when you think about it," she leaned on her door frame and stared at him, "Everyone sees the demons as being evil, when in truth, they are probably the nicest of the magical creatures when the full population is seen. But the other are better at hiding what they do. or at least make the effort to hide it." She stepped into her room and unloaded a few of her weapons from her body to the bed. she still had a few blades. "drop him anywhere."
ellesmera: He layed him on the floor by the bed. "Vampires are wimps." Gaara scowled. Kane woke up just as he said that. "H--hey!"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid jumped onto her bed, laying on her stomach and looking down at him, "it's true. You're all whimps." she had a bitterness in her voice. Caid turned to Gaara, make youself at home i'll be back in a bit." Caid disappeared into the bathroom.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Gaara scowled slightly. Kane stood up shakly and left dodgig round gara and the sand that reaed at hm.
"See ya late sweete" Gaara gowled and Kane shook it from his head. 'Gaara saxs cousen in a hman body all i need' He thought as he stabbed knfe in to hs leg.
"Im not a wimp2 he growled every time he did it.He was far fom wimpy to be honest going through what he had, the first time sax had died, his sire hadslaughtered him and pped his eyes fom hs head, handng them in a jar and ordering knae to keep them. Kane had seven jars of saxs eyes, a jar with an angels blue eyes another vamps, a gilrs and a werewolf, eachtme, hed had to watch his lover be aped and mutlated by hs sire. A new ja was on the shelf, only he could see antherof saxs, sx would be back, differant yet again
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid watched from the bathroom door. She shook her head and stepped out into the open room. She was in her tennis uniform. it was the first time she had let anyone outside of when she was playing see it on her. it was short and form fitting, not very practical, but the coach choose the out fitts and she was the only girl. CAid grabbed her raquet and twisted it, "I make this simple, touch my weapons I beat you with my raquet. Touch my cloths, I will kill you with my raqwet." She glanced at kane, "If you need to rest, your welcome to my bed....to sleep when i'm not in it." she turned to gaara, "You stay here until I am able to speak with my master fey or my queen." She stepped out grabbing her sports bag.
ellesmera: Gaara gave a half bow to her.
"That is understood. However, I shall have to go to my room and retrieve my medication, unless you would like a dusted vampire on your return" Kane scowled.
"Touch me Gaara, and ill snap you in half, even your sand wont be able to stop me"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid paused a moment, "You are not leaving the room." She paused and shook her head, "Forgive me saints for allowing this, but it is the lesser of wrongs."S he pushed a small amount of energy out and reache dout to the closest demi fey. A small blue-green fey appeared next to her. caid smiled with slight bow to it and it rested on her shoulder. The demi fey looked around as caid whispered to it in the older tongues. The demi fey zipped across the room and rested by Gaara, Caid nodded to her, "She will do whatever you need outside this room as long as it is not against our laws." Caid turned and started out.
ellesmera: Gaara looked at the demi fey.
"Could you please retrieve my medication from Kanes room" The demi fey disspaeared and came back with some tablets, which he swallowed
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid got to the tennis court and glanced at her choach. he motioned to the court and Caid saw a young man standing as he waited for his opponet. Caid giggled and ran out to the court with her raquet. She gave a light bow and the guy looked at her. He laughed outloud, "off the court little one! im waiting for a match with the schools best player."
"And im here, sever and lets get on with this. I have two young males waiting in my room for me and I have to make sure that one of them is leagal and the other isnt going to die."
he stared and turned to caids coach. "is this the best player? she a girl!"
Caids eyes suddenly went darker and she stepped up to the net, "What! have an issuewith playing with a girl!"
"dont chalange me girl!"
"Then serve!"
the serve came fast and without being called. Cadi jumpedback and returned fast. her eyes suddenly went white and the ball flew backover the net and into the other players head. She giggled and twisted her raquet. "Serve again?"
ellesmera: Kane and gaara were talking through gaaras agreement. "Okay.. so... I give you life.. Through a kiss.... And you dont kill me.. seems reaosnable. When will the new sax be back?"
"As soon as the girl realises my papers are fake" He smiled. "Sax is the only legal demon allowed here from our clan"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): The demi fey glanced between the two and her pale skin flushed red and she dashed out the window and down to the courts.
Caid touched a finger to her lip and looked purely innocent. Her opponent held his nose as blood flowed freely from it. She tilted her head in confusion, "Oh my, did I do that?"
"You little bitch."
Caid eyes flashed a strange view as she grabbed a ball from the court side, "Dont insult me!" she tossed up the ball and leaned back for a serve, she stopped midmotion and the ball hit the ground. The demi fey rested on caid's shoulder whispering frantically. Caid grip tightened and her eyes went to the tri-blue color that were natural to her. She gritted her teeth and walked tension flowing through her and her glamore no longer in check as it pulsed through the air. She went up the stairs and as she reached the level of her dorm room, her glamore was in fury. The doors down the hall blew open as she passed and a wind blew up under Caid, not only blowing her hair and such, but also her tennis uniform. She still had the racket tight in her hand when she got to her door. The solid door blasted open and Caid glared at the two figures in the room. She scream wordlessly out of anger and clenched her teeth. "You Bastards!!!!" She pushe dout her glamore no longer waiting energy to hold it to her. She charge at Gaara.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: Gaara waved goodbye and explodded in to thousands of grains of sand. Kane looked relieved thast he was gone. "Oh shit!" A crack of thunder anounced the arrival of the new sax. He was stood in the doorway.
"Hello there"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid hissed as she turned around. "I am not going to deal with this SHIT!" she pushed glamore into her racket and threw it at Sax at the door. She turned to kane and went up to him, rage building in her.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He curled up. Sax dove in front of Kane, protecting him.
"Im a differant person, whatever i did in the past is gone" Sax spoke clearly and slowley
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid glared at him and felt her blood spin in her mind. She slammed across Sax's face. She turned to Knae, "I wont hurt you. I'm just pissed..." her voice was forced to be calm.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: both bflinched, sax recoillleed.
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid pulled back in her glamore slowly, "why are you back?" her voice hissed out to Sax, "and how do i know your not here to be another threat to us? You narly got me killed and exiled by my race." She turned to kane and a softness flashed on her eyes, "what is going on?"
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax and Kane looked at her, he looked very differant, they both did. Kane wa the first to speak. "Saxs Clan....Can regenerate their body, to some extent, twisting a identityless clone iin to a near replica of their old body...Sax has been killed...40 times now, though ive only known him in seven, because of lebran, i didnt know he was alive and lebran kept killing him. His clan sent gaara to make sure i didnt flee before he returned..."
"We both have the same power source, and because of that, every time Kane is dusted, which so far has been once, his power goes to me if im there when he dies, then he is regenerated with the power he had before he dies, so basically, we leech power off of eachother, beacause our magyk is compatible...." Sax finished
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid took s deep breath, her glamore was still locke dout side of her and pouring with rage. She turned to the demifey at the door, "Child, go get My Lord and tell him to bring a friend." The demifey was suddenly gone. Caid turned to Kane, trying harder than she should of to sound nuetral, "Why didn't you tell me before?"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "I didnt think they would allow him to return here.... That he would have to wait in the demon realm till i left this place" He looked down and sighed. Sax closed his eyes.
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid glenched her fist at her side shaking, "Jaiden, she offered up her wolves to kill him! Did she kill her wolf in vain! Just so he could come back!" Caid hung her head with her hair covering her face, "Kane," her voice was strained over more than rage, "I can't let him live and come back. You leach each others powers. But he...tortures you, uses you." Caid's eyes lifted to both of them in the room, "So what happens if there is no where to hold the power?"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "We both die, if one cant come back, the other will fade as well... then, slowley, each vampire sired by me shall die, and each vampire sired by them will do the same, till there are no vampires left, and each demon given life by sax will also perish"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid faced them both and gave a slight smile, her eyes in a tricolor of blue and red. "Then it sounds like a win on win." Her gripped on the racket tightened and a snap echo through the room as the wooden racket handle shattered in her hand. Caid's face had paled and the glamore around her intensified, there wasn't more, but it had gain a sudden power.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Sax" Kane whispered. He nodded, gripping the others hand. "Bye caid" Green an blue energy crashed in to them, they dissapeared
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid's body suddenly went limp and she looked around the room, her eyes a pale blue. She glared at nothing. "DAMN IT Jaiden!" She hit behind her and make solid contact with the empty air, which in turn flew in to the wall at Caid's back. Caid turned hard and glared as Jaiden's glamore slowly faded and showed the young Fey kneeling on the ground by the wall and glaring at Caid. Caid stepped up and grabbed Jaiden's collar, "Do it again, and I will claim you demon right now!"
Adden Lee / Jaiden: Jaiden gave a weak nodded and turne dover her shoulder, "Don't try to cast me out next time and I wont try again." Her eyes blazed with a red glamore. "I am stronger than you Caid, and until I kill the reason Alicad is gone, I will be. Demon or not, I will be stronger than you." Glamore pushed out of Jaiden's body and forced Caid back. She closed her eyes and was gone, air again.
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ellesmera / Sax (blue): Kane and Sax were packing their bags.
"We outstayed our welcome Kane. " Kane growled and pushed him against a wall with his foor, pinning him there. "You outstayed our welcome. Why did you have to return so soon!"
"Gaara would have...Destroyed everyone here, i needed to return,. as soon as i knew he was here...." Kane let him down, returning to his bags. "Your not a self centered bastard any more are you, this new you.. whats he like"
"I dont know yet Kane...But maybe...Maybe ill be like the first time we met..The first time we fell in love.."
"Dont use that word sax. It sickens me, for a vampire without a heart, ive loved more than i care to count"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid stood and glanced around the room, "I dont care our relation, Jaiden. I will claim you demon."
She wiped off her uniform and moved to the comman room between the girl and guy dorms. She listen carefully as Kane and Sax spoke. She had sen a lot in her years, but she had never heard of a demon able to do what Sax did. Fey, troll, mages or even humans under spells, but never a demon. She leaned on the wall, her arms crossed. she hung her head and sighed, "Now i need a new raquet."
ellesmera: They passed caid without a word as they walked, inside, kane was torn, he didnt love sax, he loved caid
Adden Lee: Caid stared at Kane, her eyes didnt even see Sax. she paused then pushed hard against her own glamore and it pushed out of her body sending a chill through the room. a thin layer of ice cover the surfaces. She turned her back to them and ran down the back stair case.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: Kane watched her, tears streeming down his face, he grabbed his ags from sax nd ran after her, his bags dissapearing in to his room as the elf forced sax out of the school, hed made his decision. He lung himself on to her and hugged hr hard. "Im sorry" He kept repeating it, clinging to her for deer life as tears streameddown his face.
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Adden Lee / Caid (fey): (oh ... i missed that)
Caid jumped as he hugged her. she paused then leaned into him. she burried her face against his neck and breathed lightly against his skin. she laughed and shook her head, "glad you chose me, but Mickalie wont be as forgiving as me." she paused, "I think it's time we call in an old favor for you and sax."
Adden Lee / Jaiden: Jaiden watched her mind buzzing with hatred for the two. She released her energy and pushed it into Caid. She hit a block wall and was forced in to her own being again. she stood there, not moving, not sure if she would be able to. She turned out the window and saw sax. she gave a twisted smile and slowly walked down the stairs, following after him. ((remeber she still has cloak glamore so she cant be seen even by the magic sensor in her own world, much less any other.))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "To hell with them all!" He clung to her and kissed her cheek. He felt heightened that she hadnt rejected him and a huge smile was on his face. His hair was long again, and black. (naturl colour) Just because he felt like it
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Sax was leaning on the gate that ordered the school, he wiped his eyes free of tears and clenched his fists. Lebran would hear aout this. For sure
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): caid ran her figers through his hair, "so in order to avoid the lovelyness of being expelled, should we accually attend class for once? it could give us some time to put together and also tech, we are highschool students still." she smiled. she sujested class because she had nothing else to do anymore but wait for her "old friends" to come to her aid, so why not do what she was suppose to, if not the drama was going to kill her.
Adden Lee / Jaiden: Jaiden stood in front of sax and suddenly dropped her glamore. (so nothing nothing, poof girl two inches from face.) she glared at him and shoved him back. she stepped back from him and hung her head, "he took my cousin from me. he took her from me, my people and our land. he isnt one of us and she can't be with him and us."
ellesmera: "If you want" Kane smiled slightly as he held her lovingly.
"Im so sorry.... about sax"
Sax glared at Jaiden, after the initial shock had gone.
"Caid stole him from me! Not the other way round! You think I want to talk to you? After you ended my life! do you know how it feels to die! ive felt it 8 times now. And heartbreak 4 times as many! So until you know how that feels dont utter a word to me fey! not a word" power was screaming from him, nearlly as much as kane possessed in his 'off mode'
Adden Lee / Jaiden: jaiden's eyes blazed red suddenly and she glared at him, "you think you have such a hard few lives. I am fey raised human. I spent my life with my life saved repeatedly by one wolf. A half lycan werewolf, half true wolf. AND NOW! now my wolf is dead because of you! you do not know heart break until half your body dies and you are stuck immortal in this damn world. until you are exiled by your race and called what they no longer see as living, you do not know the pains of life or death!" she relieased her glamore and it cracked into Sax's, the two powers mixxing.
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): caid leaned into him, "its fine, i should appologize for my cousin. she has a bad habit of possecing."
ellesmera: He nodded then doubled over.
"Sax... Is... Bieng hurt..." He groaned, clutching his head.
Sax pushed his own in to her. He was in immense pain.
Adden Lee: Caid grabebd his arms and stared at him. She didnt want to help Sax, but if it hurt kane what was she suppose to do.
Jaiden giggled and her skin began to lose the fey glow, but the was still a light burning behind her skin, only now it was dark. She stared at him, her eyes blank but giggling. the ground at her feet began to crack. she pushed a dark glamore into Sax
ellesmera: He gritted his teeth and boosted his own magyk, slamming it in to her. His short blonde hair defying graity as his head began to bleed.
Kane groane again and spoke some words in a long dead language. He instantly relaxed. A piercing scream was heard.
Sax dropped to th floor, holding his head. Kane had cut their spiritual ties. It was oer completly between them. Kane had also took all his magic, absorbing it as thechains of destiny released them. He was... Human... No...But he had nearlly no power left.
blackcole: umm hi
Adden Lee / Jaiden: Jaiden knelt down by Sax and started to by with his hair. "Childish to think the greatest magic you have can counter a demon fey." she cringed over the words. that was the first time the fact she wasn't pure fey anymore came out of her mouth. she stared down at sax, "you know, you aren't so powerful with out your little lover are you... is that why you wanted him so badly?"
(through this she detached and contemplating if she should kill him or just play with him for a bit.)
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid slammed her hands over her ears when the old language came from his mouth. She stared at him after the scream echo faded. she dropped her hands and each had a few small drops of blood, but no sign of where they had come from. she pulled him to his feet, "Screw Sax." she paused, "whatever, you know what I mean." she tilted her head and smiled, "let the dead stay dead to you."
ellesmera: He nodded and kissed her.
He looked up at her.
"Hes taken EVERYTHING FROM ME!" Oriionally, he had been stronger, but everytime he dided, his power was given to kane, and he was reborn with his usual amount. He slowley stood up. "Im.. going" He dropped again
Adden Lee / Jaiden: Jaiden laughed, "Really?" she frowned seeing him on the ground and took his elbows in her hands. "Come on, you're pathetic right now. I'll take you home and my demi-fey can heal you. Or demi-demonfey.. who ever is around and smart enough not to fuck with me."
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid cupped his chin in her hand and kissed his lips softly. "Do you mind if we please go back to living with the humans for awhile. I was liking being normal..."
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : He nodded. "One second though, I need to adjust, to the absense of the link, and the increase in power" He closed his eyes and blue and yellow magic clashed, forming in to the virant green he used, it floated like oil on his skin, renewing him, taking away the tired and stressed look, turning his hair blacker than midnight with some red streaks in it. The glow disapeared and he smiled. "I can walk now"
Adden Lee / Caid (fey): Caid rasied her eye brows and smiled, "well then." she took his hands lacing her fingers in his and rushing glamore over herself. The close she was wearing appeared to be the school uniform. As long as no one who would care touched her, the wouldn't notice.
Adden Lee / Jaiden: Jaiden lifted Sax off his fee and closed her eyes. She whispered the older tongues and felt the energy blaze over her and share itself with sax. She opened her eyes and looked at him, "You're use to demon power right?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Demon and vampire" Sax whispered. He wished she would kill him. But he was glad she didnt. Kane kissed her cheek. "What are we going to do?"
Adden Lee: Caid laughed, "nothing yet." she sighed and tugged him down the hall toward the first class.
Jaiden smiled at him. "come on then. you could be fun."
Adden Lee: Jaiden smiled and whispered one lats word. the wind suddenly became heavy and dark. Thick and hard to breath. Jaiden grabebd tighter on Sax as the world suddenly began moving around them. whether it was the world moving or they were moving wasn't able to be desided from their point of view.
ellesmera: sax closed his eyes.
kane allowed hismelf to be dragged
Adden Lee: Jaiden and sax stopped in front of the house Jaiden had shared with Caid. She stared at sax waiting for him to say something. Not really caring what, just something. The strong silent type only worked for so long.
Adden Lee: **im ganna let caid go away for a bit, basically shes sitting in class trying to be human teenager.**
ellesmera: "You live here?" He asked her. looking at it
Adden Lee: JAiden shrugged, "not really, once i allowd myself to become what I am, i have been exiled from the house of fey. But seeing as im stronger than the fey who are living here, it doesnt matter." she pulled both his hands and tugged him toward the front door, "come on then, I want to play." her voice was childish and innocent. it didnt fit te look in her eyes
ellesmera: "p..play?" he asked, allowing himself to be dragged
Adden Lee: Jaidens pupils turned to dark green circles in the light and the iris went from the blazing red to an amber green. When she smiled her for fangs showed to be longer. She laughed out loud, "Yes fun." She puleld him into the house slamming the door.
Demi fey scattered, stay against walls to not be touched.
ellesmera: "It depends on what your definition of fun is" He whimpered. Staring at the woman who had killed him
Adden Lee: Jaiden smiled, "nothing horrible." she walked into the room in the far back corner. The room was all furs and hard wood.across one wall of the black paint was a detailed picture of a full moon raising over an ocean. it looked real. Jaiden dropped on to the bed, sitting back on her ankles. she smiled up at him.
ellesmera: He just stood there, like a complete melon (love that word ) watching her every movements and he ran a hand through his lng blond hair. He growled low, he was fed up of the length it was at.
Adden Lee: Jaiden tilted her head and smiled, "Your hair makes you look like a girl." She summer-salted over the bed and dropped off the far edge. She reached under her bed and popped back up with a pair of scissors, "I think you need to look more manly."
ellesmera: "You arent gonna make me bald are you" He paused. "Or impale them in to the back of my skull are you?" He eyed her warily
Adden Lee: Jaiden giggled. "Now why would I do that if I still had use for you?" She twirled the scissors on her fingers, "And besides i like a bit of hair to play with, making you bald wouldn't benefit me."
She opened the scissors, "Now come sit and let me fix you."
ellesmera: He did as he was told and sat down. He smiled and let her do what he wanted. "What is this use for me then?"
Adden Lee: Jaiden became trimming his hair, she stared blankly. Her eyes held a sudden pain as she did so. The soft color began a deep amber and she felt her mind hurting again.
She forced a smile, "you will find out."
ellesmera: "O....Ok" He closed his eyes. Allowing her to cut his hair. He had, for some readon, decided to trust this girl.
Adden Lee: Jaiden worked over his hair, cutting it short, only two or so inches long. She ran her figers through when she finsihed and shook out his shirt. He looked better with the shorter hair. she tossed the sissors on the ground by him and laid back on her bed, staring up and the thousands of star painted on the cieling.
ellesmera: He looked over at her and felt his hair. He went wide eyed. "...Thats.....Short" He shook his hair and ruffled his hair out. It looked like the 'just got out of bed' style. He looked at her with intense blue eyes. He smiled. "It feels good"
Adden Lee: She gave a slight nod and glanced at the door, "What do you want?" and small demi fey popped in from under the door. "Well?" jaiden nearly hissed at the small creature.
"where's mommy?" the demi feys voice was weak.
"I don't know. she isn't in my good grace anymore, now get out!" Jaiden threw a pellow at the demi fey. it screamed and flew up to the corner of the room, cowaring.
ellesmera: "Whos 'mommy'?" He asked. Looking at Jaiden. He leaned back against her. Half closing his eyes
Adden Lee: Out of habit, Jaiden nuzzled into Sax's neck, "Mommy is no one of matter." her voice became strained, "mommy doesn't love us any more, so we shouldn't love her." Jaiden hidden her face in Sax's neck, snuggling against him.
ellesmera: He turned round and cuddled her, Letting her nuzzle in to his neck.
"I see" He held her close and cuddled her deeper to him.
"..." He felt the coversation dieng
Adden Lee: Jaiden gave a quick flash of her tongue against his neck and was able to taist the stange mixture of oils over his skin. She smiled andlowered down, so she had her head resting on his abs.
ellesmera: He blushed gently but gave in
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He ran his hand through her hair gently and smiled softly
Adden Lee: Jaiden laughed gently and gave his lower waist a quick wipe of her tongue.
ellesmera: He blushed wildly. His tight abs tensed slightly. He wasnt like kane.. He was gay.. Not bi.... Wasnt he?...'God im so confused...This girl could kill me in a fraction of a second...Why is she playing this game with me?' He thought. But they were only hlaf thoughts, as he was distracted. Trying to keep his 'snake' from hardening.
Adden Lee: Jaiden glanced up at him, "You think too much." she glanced up at him, "And I'm not bi or straight either, but you're girly enough that I lust for you." She said blankly she slid up his body and kissed his cheek. "Ever since mother told me how she saw you all tied up by Kane, I have wanted to see and feel you." she bit genitally at his neck, "I think it would be exciting. Mother always thought so too."
ellesmera: He blushed wildly. "....." He couldt think at all. He was so god damn embarased. He sunconciously tilted his head back and closed his eyes.
"I see" Was all he could manage
Adden Lee: Jaiden's eyes flashed a wild amber as she giigled, and bit a bit harder. She moved up to his ribs slowly nibbling.
ellesmera: He leaned back slightly and closed his eyes.
"Where did you learn to do this?" He purred, and not for one second did he kid himself that that would be the last time he said that to her.
Adden Lee: She stared up at him a moment and then smiled, "Does that really matter? As long as I know it and you like it, yes?" her amber eyes reflected the image of his face back at him.
ellesmera: He smiled gently.
"Yes" He stroked her hair gently and closed his eyes again. A purr escaped from his throat
Adden Lee: Jaiden giggled and laid down over his body. she crossed ehr arms over his chest and leaned toward his face, "you amuse me."
ellesmera: He smiled.
"Im glad I entertain you"
Adden Lee: (notice teh random long entrys and then the lil one liners... i found it amusing as i was rereading this.)
Jaiden nuzzled down into Sax's neck and nipped a bit at the soft skin, "do i entertain you?"
ellesmera: He nodded gently.
"Greatly" He ran his hands through her hair as he groaned gently.
"Am I just your little toy?" He purred
Adden Lee: She nuzzled into him and slid her hands up against his bare skin over his arms, "only when i want you to be, and right now, I'd like to be yours." her eyes suddenly grew a brighter amber and reflected the small amounts of light in the room making the two little spot lights in the dark room.
ellesmera: He ran a hand through her hair.
"Im afraid I am not used to bieng with a woman.. Youll have to teach me what you like"
Adden Lee: She smiled, "You have a thing for blood don't you?" her eyes were slowly changing their shape, becoming thinner and longer, but not noticable
ellesmera: He nodded. "Yes" He looked down at the small woman on his chest
Adden Lee: Jaiden giggled and rolled over smiling at him. the back of her head rested just above his pelvis, "ever taste a deamonized-fey?"
ellesmera: He shook his head. "N...No" He blushed slightly
Adden Lee: Jaiden smiled and tilted her head to the side, "best tastes come from behind the ear." she stared at him, "feel free to take as much as you like. immortality is a wonderful thing when others like your blood more than they should."
ellesmera: He nodded and the bit in to her skin. from where she had told him to. He felt the blood fill his mouth and groaned softly
Adden Lee: Jaiden whimpered and found her body trembling. His breath and siliva draining through hrer it was a soild pain that felt wonderful
ellesmera: He continued to drink, his eyes becoming red and slowley becoming black, blood dripped from his forehead as his long hirns curled from his head. His dragon like tail growing as well and slowley his wings came out as well
Adden Lee: Jaidens eyes flashed amber as she gasped. she stared at his deamon features and found blod rushing to the open wound. she felt her living blood draining as the dead blood of others built up mor ein her system.
ellesmera: He slowley pulled away and licked the wounds clean. His tail curled around her. He looked at her with his black eyes.
Zach Cendia: Zach slowly walked into his new school. Clutching his books, he slunk through the halls to his class. He slowly proceeded to enter. People were looking at him.
Adden Lee: Jaiden smiled up and pushed him off of her, shall we return you to your school now. your whole fit in with the humans may require it." she yawned and stretched out rolling her head in the pillows.
ellesmera: He sighed and sat up. His eyes becoming blue again.
"Im afraid that would do more damage than good" He looked away
Ziper / Jazz Johnson: umm hi can i join this game i am still learning this stuff i am new?

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