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Roleplay - Werewolves RP by Caid / Adden Lee

yeah make it as ya go....

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No godmodding ppl. basic rules. besides that, yeah have at it


Yazzeh / Leo Zodac: Leo Zodac squirmed through the crowds in the shape of a burly wolf. This definitely wasn't the best time for him to be running around, not when the people were all chanting something about a wolf. Now why on earth would they... Ohh that's right. Guess who's in wolf form... He was. Oops. Not that there was anything he could do about it until he got out of the town limits. Then he could really sink his fangs into the plump chicken he'd plucked from the stands. The poor fowl hadn't stood a chance from the moment Leo had scented it.
Russet fur flickered through the mass of people, pushing its way through to an ultimate escape. It so close, he could almost smell the earth scent of the forest beyond. Just a little bit more... and freedom. Amber eyes widened with releif as the pathway became clear. Or at least it was clear until he noticed a woman not far off.
Skidding to a hault, Leo kept to his wolfish form, not daring to reveal himself infront of anyone he didn't know. What to now... what to do... Dully, he glanced back and forth between the crowd behind him and the woman before him. He had a choice to make and none of his options were particularly appeal. It was better to sit tight and play the bashful dog, an act that he pulled off quite well if he didn't say so himself.
Yazzeh / Leo Zodac: What the!? A dog!? She was a shifter too? This world was certainly a crazy one, but it wasn't exactly his place to talk and it certainly wasn't the time. Now was the time to run away with the tail tucked tightly between the legs while chasing a female that sparked a peculiar interest. His larger canine form against a small dog... what an unfair race it would end up being. Chancing a quick glance over his shoulder, Leo checked to make sure that he wouldn't be missed and then spread his limbs in a full on pursuit in hopes that he could overcome the woman/dog and maybe hold a conversation. Yes, a conversation.
Yazzeh / Leo Zodac: Wolven paws kissed the ground as he flew over the earth. This was almost too easy. The village and its people were out of sight, but a challenge presented itself as soon as the dog shifted. This time, the woman was a now a girl and the child was shimmying up a tree. Peachy. How on earth was he supposed to follow her up a tree with a chicken in his mouth and no thumbs? His mental question was answered as soon as she climbed back down and sat upon the tree's roots with a smile that flashed canine fang. Bravo. So intimidating.
Leo willed his mitts to pause, slowing down enough so that he could approach with cation. Growls errupted around his catch, warning her that she shouldn't steal his bird or even consider such a motion. Then he shifted back to his human form in one, fluid-like moment. On his hands and knees, Leo looked up at the girl with narrowed eyes and a lifted eye brow. Who was she?
"Care to explain why you don't stick to a single human shape?"
Yazzeh / Leo Zodac: Leo's eyes narrowed. Such a cheeky little child/woman/wolf/dog thing. If he hadn't been slightly embarrassed by the chicken hanging awkwardly from his human mouth, he probably would have said something to cover up for the insult she'd thrust upon him. Instead, he scrambled into a seated position, crossing his leg, and then held onto the chicken and began to pluck away it's feathers. "Good..." he muttered, still watching her with weary eyes. "I'm not in the mood to share. Unless you have chopsticks somewhere on your persona... Leo Zodac."
Yazzeh / Leo Zodac: "So chicken's too good for ya huh? Picky, picky." Shaking his head Leo rolled his eyes and peeled away the skin, digging into the chicken's breast and pulling out a raw piece of muscle. A quick glance in Lia's direction made him decide to dangle the meat infront of her nose, almost taunting her, before he tossed his head back and swallowed it whole. "Mmmmm... I bet you'd want a piece of that if you weren't so full. Ohh but you're too good for chicken. My bad."
SonOfDamascus / Colton S Vanes: "Dont We All Just Scream Wolf?"
Colton Walked Out From Behind where the Trees Thickened. He Hadnt Seen This Many 'others' Outside His Tribe since he left it years ago.
He Ever Longed To Start One Of His Own.
Perhaps These Young Ones Could Help Him.
azura / Freak: << can i join?>>
SonOfDamascus / Colton S Vanes: <i Would Imagine that you could.. Just Start Posting>
SonOfDamascus / Colton S Vanes: <forget it. Im Going To Bed And Im Not Checking again...>
Colton Stepped Out in Front Of The Mob.
"I Will Only Ever Wander Alone"
And Proceeded To Get Shot Through The Head With A Silver Bullet.
azura / Freak: Galecia hovered along the edges of the forest, her otherworldly eyes looking at thse creautes. Werewolves, they were called. Shes was a half-wolf at a time, but her death had turned her into this, a wandering spirit. She didn't know why she wandered, because there didn't seem to be anything that she really wanted. "Why am I here?"
One particularly caught her sight. A commanding one, with full formed wold features. She stayed behind the foilage, watching that one.
crazyhusky / Harper Gemstone: Harpor walked out of town. She looked around, there were two people by a tree. She coked her head to the side and walked over to meet them.
nobelninja / Royale: [join?...update me?]
akarikyuuketsuk / akari (werewolf form): anyone here?
coralinejones72 / Merilyn: can i be a werewolf named carmen?
Breagha / Cali Isabella: hello
Breagha / Cali Isabella: hello
boyslikegirls / Nick Danvres: ( can i join in?)

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