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Roleplay - RP Character Recruit by Tensu / Tensu

It's a cockroach, it won't die.

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If your Rp is short on Characters or someone hasn't posted in a While, Make it known here so you don't bog down other Rps with spam posts. No fighting and no Trash talking. AND THIS ISN'T AN RP!


*Cough*, thank you.
Itzunori / Amanda Wosoba: Can people plese join Rock on????? I would like it a lot.
Itzunori / Lamila: Join Omisey please.
Santa Clause / Timothy Wilhelm: Join The Fallen World.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: Tensu-bozu is a cockroach, he will never die.
Tensu: Point?
ellesmera / Cail: Join Shielded
The Creator: join any of these, the age of darkness, the story, the concrete angel, dark annihalation, forbidden eternity, insane institute, creation, werewolf 2099, and vampyric summonings.
.The Creator.
Khargath / Darren Glandri: I am creating a medieval fantasy role playing site based around a celestial realm called "Khargathalaun" and I am looking for role players who are considered atleast decent and have experience with role playing. PM me or leave me a message if you are interested for more information.
Khargath / Darren Glandri: Don't worry Chisori. Almost everyone who has been an active role player in The Crystal Helm, Trade City Baranor, The Araenugeth, or _Inevitability, are going to be invited to the site, because all these RPs are based around The Realm of Khargathalaun
Twisted / Saiman: Needs peps for either RP: Vampiric Seduction, Saiman, or Valley of Echoes. Please and thank you.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Azune, watch it man. Maybe people don't like you becuase you're so hostel. Also, Red Rose seems to be like a cockroach. Thanks for making one, Tensu. I was thinking about bringing the old girl back myself. I smiled when I saw it up.
AeronFreeze / Nani: Azune...im guessing your either an ass a good rper or just full of yourself anywho whats up?
FokusTeleepy: Oh, so you're saying I'm hostile? I've been all quiet and pleseant, even BEGGING for someone to join. Why not take a look at all the posts I've made just ASKING for Someone to PLEASE JOiN! ALl you people see, as I can tell, is a boring rp. I know it. Tell this as a message to Lauren, I'm not going to be on Aim any further.
Khargath / Derek Vir: DEAD INTERVENTIONS needs modern characters to play as survivors in a hostile city of zombies. I created a small site for it on freewebs and here is the link. Please join if interested!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yes. Do you call this not being hostile? Listen, you're new here, not everyone likes every idea. There are things that some people don't like. Not every rp you make is going to excell just becuase you made it. I've made quite a few rps in my day and only about one stuck, Red Rose High. Apart from that, they all faded out. Roll with the punches, man. Have you even tried to get involved in other peoples' rps? Get to know some poeple. The more people know you, the more inclined they are to join your rp.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: The first was the best, it just got a bit out of control with the assassin thing. It was a cool idea, it just got a bit to cluttered. Dark tournament was pretty cool. I was in the first one for a while and tried my hand at the second one, but I kept falling out. I have a nasty habbit of that.
Danae / Ani: Come and check out Betroathal if you like a good romance RP! <3
(I didn't make it, but it's pretty cool-and relatively new!)
Also, if anybody wants some people for a medieval or romantic RP, please post here and tell me the name of it, or (preferably) PM it to me!
FokusTeleepy: Well, if you hadn't noticed, I've already been in several rps, but I'm giving up. I've left Valley of Echoes with no say, and because of this is because no one joined my current rp that I'd dwelled on for so long to only have it THROWN AWAY.
AeronFreeze / Nani: hey tensu posted in nocturne omg i had that ahppend to me guardien of stones i think it was called i worked on it forever and i dont remember if anyone joined but i do know it died after a couple of days but im not sore about it i just moved on maybe ill recreate it later.
Danae / Ani: I don't mean to belittle your situation, Fokus, but that happens often. It's one of the prices of finding a good RP. I think I'm only involved in about three good RPs, and I've been on for a bit. Good luck, though!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Look up crimson shadow or glass castle. They had a reletivly good run, but do you know how much effor I put into those suckers? I have maps drawn up of all the places, character sheets for every npc that even has a mention in it. Seriously, don't get so worked up. Wanna join Red Rose High? And actually, I was scoping out your rp when it was first put up. The only reason why I didn't join was becuase I didn't really know you and it was my first time on in about half of a year. I was trying to join the rps of people I recognized.
Danae / Ani: Hey Sorn! I was looking into joining Red Rose High, so I searched it, and um.....there are 5 of them! Which do I check out?
FokusTeleepy: Forget you all then, I've waited patiently for 3 days and checking momentarily every now and then. I've only got one message. Does it MATTER to know the person THAT WELL?! Hm? I don't know anyone and I'd join more rps if it WEREN'T About SCHOOL so much.
AeronFreeze / Nani: if you where a chick i would say take a pmsing pill wait...are you a girl? anywho calm down seriously they are only trying to help and your coming off as a prick.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yes, there are a lot of school rps and I guess I'm partially to blame for that. There really weren't too many of them when I was arround, but Red Rose sorta sparked it. By the way, the one that's on the front page is the newest one. The one made by Tensu. School rps are in high demand I suppose. I too would like more medievel or fantasy rps, but you need to either make your own or wait for others to make 'em. Just becuase your first rp got ignored, means you should try again. With just a tight knit community as ours where every begins to know you within a matter of days, its very easy for an rp to get lost and ignored. If not enough people like the idea, it fades away. That's what happens. You just need to not over react when it happens. Come on, I don't want to see any fighting in here anymore. I thought ES was finaly through all that crap. No offence.
FokusTeleepy: If you think I'm just gonna remake it over and over until someone decides to join, or even so, if I decide to join another rp, would take me atleast 5 months to decide so ebecause the rps I see here at this hour, this day, are seeming to be created deemful or low minded imaginations. I took the ideas of atleast several things to ATLEAST create the PERFECT idea ever. Fine, have it your way, I'll just start joining atleast 15 rps.
AeronFreeze / Nani: and im ganna like try not to snap at you right now cause you are an egotistical ass who is full of himself but ill be nice to you...somehow.
Sereto_Uesugi: the fist rp I ever made is still alive lol its been a year too I feel so stupid cause it went in a odd direction. really odd. so odd it should be deleated
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Not with that attitude you wont. I have to agree with Nani, you're coming off as a prick. No one's going to want to have you in their rps with that kind of attitude. I was trying to be nice, but you have the attitude of a godmoder. The PERFECT idea? No idea is perfect. At all. And I never suggested remaking it. Maybe, after a time, it can be remade, but for the time being, you should try making a different rp with a different angel. Don't just bitch at all of us for not joinning the one you've made. We've all put a lot of time into at least one rp that bombed. Seriously, just get over yourself.
Sereto_Uesugi: what thing did he make?
AeronFreeze / Nani: other words shut up get over the damn menstral things you ass and just join something and if you are a complete asshole as you have come off as it leave or just plain get a life damn i hate being mean to people but yeah people like you are the reason people like me are on medicine.
FokusTeleepy: I'm sorry Nicole, But I'll have to leave you behind in the back of my head now. So far as I know, you should know me by Robert, goodbye.
AeronFreeze / Nani: *nibbles the cheese then jumps on tensu*
AeronFreeze / Nani: ok im glad im in the back of somewhere Robert.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: robert who? cause if your the robert I'm thinking I'm gonna hurt you so hard the next time I see you.
FokusTeleepy: Sorry Lauren, but I can't take it, I've been ignored by this site for atleast 1 year total. Ever periodically and ever so only 1 rp has it been I see conceited and actually worth rping in, was Valley of Echoes, but I won't be getting on Aim or even the computer anymore so this may be my last message; but, I will be on myspace so don't despair for me Lauren.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Alright, I've had enough. Sorry for anyone who gets mad at me. (Not including you.) Leave the god damn site already! If you've been here for a fricken year and no one wants to rp with you then maybe, just maybe, it's your fault, not theirs! They probably know to stay the hell away from someone so self centered as you! God! It's like Valix all over again!
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: hey you ass don't leave me you jeark, your being such an ass hole, you fucking bastard you made me cry, Fu robert, thats just plain cruel!
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: he left tensu. that just kinda crushed me really badly. I think I should just go do something or take my sleeping pills and go to bed or something.
Onitaro: Arrogance. Drama. Ignorance.
I have been on this site for what? Maybe 2-3 years?(I dont remember...my memory isnt all there) They are just gone or not interested. And dude...I know that I am pretty arrogant at times but seriously...you arnt that great.
Hey Sorn long time no see. Same goes for you Tensu.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: please just drop it or something. he's gone so drop it I don;t want to hear anything more about him. he just freeking crushed me or what ever and I would like it if we just droped this and talked about something eles. or move to the sand box
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah. I left a while ago, but the allure of ES was far to great.
Khargath / Derek Vir: What the hell?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: yes it was, I would go away on vacation and just be like. 'I wanna rp I wanna rp I wanna rp I wanna rp.' I did that once and my mom is one of those religous people and started freeking out
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah. It's pretty much a drug. I go through the school day waiting to get home so I can rp. It's the reason why my grades are so bad.))
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I'm trying to write a paper thats due tomorrow but I was just kinda..... crushed. I don;t know if I really wanna write it right now. its 80% of my grade too.
Khargath / David Stone: Um... this is like.. the 6th thing on my list of drugs. Most of them are musical instruments of some sort... and skateboarding.. lol
Finnigan: *sighs*, another "villain" of ES that I haved missed. Oh darn.
Khargath / David Stone: Tell me of this 'villian' you speak of?
Khargath / David Stone: villain***
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: it was just robert. I'mtalking to him on myspace whish isn't making me feel any better. but he's some what emotional for some reason. and wants to get a life away from games and the internet, and fourms and aim. cause all he gets it crap from people in them
Khargath / David Stone: Wow... someone else on ES that has a myspace... I'm shocked.
Khargath / David Stone: Myspace is for fags and complete losers.. and emo fucks... and dumbasses... and whores... and.. uh... I'll add you guys later :p
Finnigan: I wonder why. Now let me tell you of the "villains" of ES. I'm pretty sure if you go through the countless sea of RP's you'll find the accounts of four mishappenings. These are the AA (Robert) Saga, Hacker Saga, Invasion Saga, and ES_user Saga. Hacker occurances have been the latest.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I use it to learn css codeing thats the reason my mom let me have one. my frinds and I just like to be stupid. I also sell stuff on the school page and make money. so it has its nice points
Khargath / David Stone: For those of you who care and would like to add me-
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: heh. your an idiot
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Ah, I remember those villians. We did our best to stop them and in my opinion it worked. I don't believe I was here for the AA one though. Was I?
"Myspace is for fags and complete losers.. and emo fucks... and dumbasses... and whores... and.. uh"

Which of those are you?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I think I may have missed something.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: ya. I gtg I think I need to type a paper and I'm crying too much I can;t see the fourm that well
Khargath / David Stone: lol... I like the Mario clip.. and I've seen the "End of the World" one.. that's funny as hell
"Chuck Norris!!!!!"
Khargath / David Stone: Oh um... probably a loser and dumbass... take a pick
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: ya thanks I found those and I was laughing. I like the banana phone thing
Finnigan: I say loser for condradicting yourself. My face feels tingly. The soothing that toothpaste does.
Khargath / David Stone: Are you trying to be clever tonight? Haha.. let me know how that's going for yah.. ;)
Finnigan: Well I must take my leaving, I'm going to sleep.
FokusTeleepy: And I ain't trying to be all high and might like yall are. And a Villain, how am I that? You're the actual true villain cause you're just forcing people out instead. My steed, I have nothing done other than saying that yall have ignored me, never even 'Seen' me for the facts, and become ignorant bellowing fools. I'd have not been 'HOSTILE' if you'd atleast done 'Something' that'd atleast make me feel 'Better' but now, all I can say is, I'll break every heart I can, every link I have, every relationship I have over this site. Good day.
Tensu: Jesus fucking christ, did you not read my last post?!
Itzunori / Amanda Wosoba: Can people join Rock on, please? We at least need a drummer. But some more characters would be apprecieated.
vindr: i need three characters for a medeival rp named awakening
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: I'll join.
vindr: would you be willing to be a vampire or a young boy?
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: A young boy.
vindr: ok you can join as illian check out the rp to find out about him
eggshells / Ridecule: hey hey hey... i kinda need recruits for my rp. anyone up for it? medieval, dark, sorcerer thing, agic, demons, angels, god, lucifer, and the whole shebang.... anyone?
eggshells / Ridecule: hey hey hey... i kinda need recruits for my rp. anyone up for it? medieval, dark, sorcerer thing, agic, demons, angels, god, lucifer, and the whole shebang.... anyone?
the heartless / Crises: can someone join A Fight for Freedom
Nani: i could help you out if you want. but, i don't think you want it because i don't know much about war
canicus / Cassiel: whats the rp Ridecule?
the heartless / Crises: i dont care who joins or what, just join lol. if you dont know anything about war, be a medic, i dunno.
ellesmera: Could someone join Bad Days??? Or at least check it out????
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: tensu tensu, ya well I think the mod backed off none the less. oh I made a rp fourm that will link to my site (when I fix it, it got deleated some how. lost my hosting) but the adress is www.sereto.freepowerboards.com
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I return again. I have brought back knowledge...or nothing, lol. Anyways, I did notice my friend came back, which is why I did...
Rose_s Thorn: I need a few people for "Summer Road Trip". It's an old rp that Sarah Black revived. It's basically just a bunch of kids on a road trip. It says in France, but I think we can changet that. Please? We need people.
Sarah Black / sarah black: were not changing that it is in france we take a plane to france to celebrate that another year of school is over or what not and we need people. also, I need people for Blood and chococlate, if you've seen the movie great I love you if not ask me and I will tell you about it. elite skills has been getting short on people and we need people desperatly in theses rps it would help us alot if you would join, thanks so much
Olivia Jade: If anyone is interested The Tipsy Lady Could use some more players. It's medieval fantasy based.
amanda99737 / Shimmer: anyone interested in a mermaid story?
Black Angel / Siren Kimchen: this is back again -.-'
Sarah Black / sarah black: were realy using it becuase we need people it seems es has lost alot of people and we need more in our roleplays
Black Angel / Siren Kimchen: hun I know what this is for. I was here when tensu made the first 500 of them, but I guess I can't complain after all the Run rps
Sarah Black / sarah black: true do you know anyone who would like to join one caled summer roadtrip, there going to paris to celebrate that another school year is over or
Blood and chocolate, about werewolves and how vivian falls in love with a human who is writing a graphic novel on there and he doesn't know she is one and stuff
Black Angel / Siren Kimchen: um....strless and net might like blood and chocolate, but they were already in an rp like that so I;m not sure
Sarah Black / sarah black: alright well if you could tell them about it it's good and I actually need guys to becuase in the movie she is the main girl and then there are her cousins and his frineds and then they guy she falls in love iwht. Im basing it of the movie it is reallly good. and then summer road trip should be interesting
Black Angel / Siren Kimchen: I won't join either not my kind of rps i don't like ones based off other ppls ideas, and road trip just sounds stupid -.-'
Sarah Black / sarah black: well they go to paris or whatever I was board and revived it and yea then it fell again :( lol yea I have to go for a bit but I will probley be on later
girly101 / silver gates: oo I luv blood and chocolate!great story

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