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Roleplay - True Loves Quest by Linzi / Linzi

500 years ago a Princess was Kidnapped and locked for eternity into an ageless glass tower. No age could get to her, though centuries past, still she remained eighteen. Prince’s from kingdoms far and wide, and from centuries long since past, all attempted this quest, but none were ever heard of again. For a lying heart which desired only her kingdom and glory, would age so quickly he would die within a few miles of the age line that surrounded the tower. Through the glass tower, the Princess could view the world, for it so often reflected in the glass. She knew of the suitors who attempted the quest, and with weeping eyes, she watched them fail one by one. She had never seen one person so selfless that could come within a mile of the age line, but she knew that the evil that lurked behind it would make all other evil look milled. Especially when the evil was fresh from 500 years of rest, and more ready than it will ever be. Weeping on the edge of her bed, and cursing at her life and loneliness, she saw the tower reflect (for the first time in 50 years) a young man, more handsome than she had ever before set eyes on. She had never seen him before, yet his eyes…she knew them, they seemed so familiar to her somehow.

Roleplay Details

Princess Felicity – The Fair Princess that has been kidnapped for five centuries by a rival wizard (Edgar) of her fathers kingdom, which has vanished until Felicity is free to claim it. The legend suggests that the kingdom and all its people are also lost in time, until its rightful Princess meets her beloved Prince who will free her and break the spell.
I will play Princess Felicity!
Prince Cortez – The wizard’s son who killed himself when Felicity was taken away from him. The two were lovers, but because of the rivalry of the two kingdoms they were forbidden to see each other, but they did in secret, for many months, until they were caught by Edgar, which lead to the Princess’s kidnapping. Cortez was over come with guilt and killed himself, but he left a spell to reincarnate him, and left it in a place where it wouldn’t be found for exactly 480 years. When a very young Princess would find it and read it, and he would be born into her family as a Prince. After 20 years of dreaming where Felicity was, he formed up a map in his dreams and set off to find her.
Edgar – A dark wizard who also lives in a part of the ageless tower. His mad rage when he found Felicity and Cortez together was driven by jealousy more than his son’s disobedience. Edgar had always desired Felicity, but knew he could never have her because the kingdoms were rivalry and she would never want him. Once he has her, whenever the moon becomes full, his lust is uncontrollable and he violently ravishes her, and then follows a month of apologies. He wants to keep Felicity at the tower with him forever, so he sets evil creatures through the woods, and worse ones through the age line. He torments her by showing her the suitor’s quest, and making her watch them all fail, one by one. He tells her that if she agrees to marry him and join their kingdoms, then they will leave the ageless tower and live a normal life side by side.
Three main characters, but there can be lots of evil creatures or good and helpful creatures that appear in the forest. This is a detailed roleplay so don’t join if your only going to type a couple of lines, also don’t just type anything to make the text appear longer. If you’re not a detailed roleplayer then please don’t attempt this roleplay


Linzi: Felicity sat watching the reflection of the Prince's quest from one of the chambers of the tower, her heart was beating fast, but she wouldn't dare let herself be hopeful for fear of being disappointed once more if he should fail. But there was something different about this Prince. His eyes, they seemed so familiar somehow, yet how could they be, she hadn't been allowed to leave the tower for 500 years, and this Prince couldn't have been more than 20 years old. The longer she watched him, the more she seemed to recognise him, but she couldn't understand how. She blushed, and felt instantly guilty, she had sworn to love no other but Prince Cortez, but he would have died long ago, and it was so cruel that she was still here. She touched to image in the glass, how she longed for another’s company, but more than anything she longed to be free. She couldn’t even remember how it felt to taste the fresh air, or feel the warmth of the sun on her fair skin. She barely remembered anything from the outside world, and it surprised her how 500 years or being locked up with her sorrow and disappointment hadn’t driven her to insanity. But she felt that having to watch this Prince fail would drive her there quite easily.
bloody_raven / Danielle: Felicity watched in silence, she could see the Prince and the rest of the forest, and just how close he was to the age line. For a moment she was hopeful, he had gotten the closest to the age line so far and it hadn’t began to take effect on him. But soon, her hope was fading for the Prince started to age. She felt tears come to her eyes again because she knew if he didn’t immediately turn away he would age so much that he would die before he could get much closer.
Linzi: (that last post was written by me, sorry i forgot to log out of the other name)
Linzi: (It is set in medieval times. Sorry, I didn't know u was playing the Prince because his name is supposed to be Prince Cortez, did you read the description about him? Yes, as he gets further back his age will restore again but not many figure that out. To get through, he must do something really selfless and something that will prove how much he loves Felicity (make it up). I didn't want him to get to the age line straight away; it needs to be longer because other characters need to be introduced as well)
She once again grew hopeful as he withdrew from the age line, she knew this one was smart, but she tried to keep her emotions level and not get to hopeful because she hated the disappointment when Prince’s failed. She knew Edgar was watching the Prince’s quest also, because she heard him scream with frustration, and she watched as he sent some evil creatures past the barrier of the ages line in search of the Prince.
Linzi: (Ok. Do you happen to know any other people who would be interested in joining in this role? Because new characters are needed right about now to make the role interesting) Felicity smiled for the first time in years as she saw him fight off all the wolves, but she knew the more he achieved, the more harder things would get for him. Her smile faded, she really didn’t want to see this one fail, she feared her heart couldn’t take it. She stepped closer to the glass, touching his check, as a flashback ran through her mind; it went too quick for her to tell what it was about, but the one thing she did recall from it was his eyes. She knew now that she had definitely seen him before, but where?
Linzi: (ok i'll try, but we really need other people to join in this one)
Linzi: Felicity watched as the evil was drawing closer to him, her heart was thudding violently in her chest because she had never seen this evil being tested on a Prince before, for none had come as close as him. She could see the exhaustion on the Prince’s face already, he hadn’t had rest for days, yet these demons had 500 years of rest behind them, and they were more than egger for a challenge. They were so close now that Felicity had to raise her hands to her eyes, she didn’t want to watch, but she couldn’t not watch. She looked through the gaps in her fingers, not daring to move her hands from her face. She was so worried for him that her heart felt as if it was in her mouth.
broken_dollie / Logianth: Logianth raised her head suddenly, hers ears picking up a strange noise. Human footsteps. She jumped to her feet and started banging on the treehouse door. "Human!" she yelled loud enough for only the creatures in the tree to hear. "We've got a live one! Close to the line! Hurry evil comes soon!" with that she flew away her wings streching out as far as they could. She heard bangs and knew the other fairies and nymphs and other creatures were coming to help to. This would be a Prince worth helping, not like all the other fools who tried. This one was close and as Logianth breathed deep she could smell something. Braveryand honesty. This one wasn't in it for glory. It was for love.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane heard the voices of the forest..a live one..a prince..close to the age line. he swore..hed promised himself to help cortez do this..all those years ago.. he swallowed his tears and flew to the clearing, he was th first to arrive..about 5 mins before the evil, seeing the face..the eyes as they attempted to sleep, knowing that it was cortez he swore in vampiric in to the sky a piercing howl that made even the evil stall, picking cortez up and standing him on his feet shaking him and swearing violently in vampiric in to his face.
Linzi: Felicity stared at the reflection in the glass amazed, never before had she seen the creatures of the enchanted forest help a Prince on his journey. Maybe they thought this one was worthwhile, and it was true, he was close to the age line now and it hadn’t affected him, did she dare let herself get hopeful now?
No, not yet, she saw the demons getting closer still, and once again she covered her eyes. “Wake up Brave Prince” she whispered, and to her astonishment she heard her words echo loudly in the forest.
Linzi: Felicity watched the scene curiously. How did this Prince know Kane? Kane hadn't left the forest in the last 20 years. A thought crossed her mind, "Kane was Cortez's best friend, could this Prince be...”
“No, that would be impossible, but his eyes..." she thoughts trailed off "no, it couldn't be" she forced herself to stop thinking about it.
Gothik / Hiro: Edgar finnaly woke up from his slumber, taking a look at his crystal ball he frowned his eyebrow's muttering to himself: "This one might be a problem... If the time line do not affect him, then I shall take care of this one myself" On those words he released a mad grin, heading for the dungeon, he stoped in front of the princess Felicity. He stared a few moments as he stared at the princesses eyes, carressing with his old hands. "Don't worry princess, my love, this one won't get trough either, soon we'll be finally alone, and besides I know how much you desire me, I will just be prudent and crush this bug. When It'll be done, I'll make you something to drink, something that might open your eyes on all the love I have for you... My sweet Felicity" Once said, he looked deeply into the scared eyes of the princess and licked the cage of glass, feeling it was the closetst he could get as a kiss. He took the stairs and freed a succubus. Those creatures could destroy the will power of a man only by looking into their eyes, if that would be the case, Cortez would be defeated instantly...
Linzi: Felicity pressed her hands against the glass devastated; she began sobbing more than ever making her body shake. She was scared to death of Edgar, and the thought of having to stay here forever with him petrified her. Looking at the Prince’s reflection, her heart sank; he was lying on the ground again, helpless.
She began to doubt that he would even make it a few more meters, but she preyed for him not to die. She wished that he would turn back so at least he wouldn’t get killed, he’d be lucky enough to get on with his life as normal, if only he left now, before Edgar could do anything.
Gothik / Edgar: Edgar took a deap breath before giving a last look at the princess. Noticing the sadness in her eyes, he glanced at her. "Don't worry my dear princess, I won't let this prince go near you. He will never make you sad again" On those words, Edgar threw his crystal ball on the floor laughing madly. The sky were now turning grey, and an heavy rain started to fall. This black magic was only meant to make the succubus faster and stronger. Edgar stared at the sky with flames of madness in his eyes.
((sorry for my last post, I used the wrong character))
Linzi: (Ok) Felicity sat down on her bed with her back to Edgar because she didn’t want him to see her cry. The tears feel down onto her thighs and her hand was raised to her mouth, as she watched the prince’s reflection worriedly.
He still hadn’t got up of the floor, but she could see the force of the rain had woken him and he stirred on the ground. “Wake up” she kept saying over and over in her head until finally it echoed into the forest again, which confused her. Then she became worried in case Edgar had heard it.
Gothik / Edgar: The sound of the tears falling on the floor was like a drumbeat in the head of Edgar. He covered his ears with both hands and felt on his knees yelling and screeming. "AAAAAARGH!!! I swore this prince wouldn't made you cry and look at you now!" He got back on his feet with flames in his eyes. He stared at the window only to see the thunder crashing on the ground. On this dreadful sight Edgar calmed down a little and approached the glass cage. Again he had his head leaned over the glass, carressing it with his filty hands. Emotion were gone from his eyes. "Soon pretty princess, I will free you from this cage and you will marry me, but in order to do that, you shall make me an infant first." He chuckled. Filled with rage, he started to destroy everything in the room with fiery lightning bolts. "Can't you see my power princess, can't you see I can give you your heart's desire... Of course you can see it..." he whispered, "What those this prince possess, I don't have?" he questionned her...
Amayarin: Amaya stood watching sol on the ground, running over to him she prodded him with her paw, making sure he didn't wake before she turned into her human form, she looked up at kane "so this is the prince? he doesn't look very good" she sighed while turning solover to get a better look at his face, "oh my" she gasped "it's it's cortez" she shook him to wake him, when that failed she frowned, "felicity will be happy knowing your back, i miss her so" amaya thought back to a memory she had, when she was just a cub, playing with fellicity in the gardens, she loved her mistress so, and missed her terribly. her thoughts where shattered, when she felt the ground termble and saw the red in the sky, "quickly, we have to hide him till he's strong enough to stand kane"
Amayarin: (hope you don't mind me joining)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: ane nodded, cradling cortez in his arms as he felt a change in the winds, he threw him over his back and strode in to the confines of the forest, he caught a smell, a smell that revolted vampires, almost as much as the smell of a slayer
"a subbacuss" he goaned
"follow me....Termine isto." he said to the other creatures and elves, who nodded
"if we must wise one" they groaned as the located the subacuss, surrounding it and trying to stop it from getting to them, the vile thing thrust them away and caried on its path
(not to sound stupid or owt, but what a subacuss look like? and does it have the same efects as a siren?)
*termine isto* = stop it (in vampiric)
Gothik: ((a succubus has merely a woman form with scaled wings on it's back, which means it's a flying creature. Her body his generally made of light grey and dark red scales. Unlike the siren who seduces men with their voices, the succubus can penetrate the mind of it's target with a stare. Her voice is also hypnotic in some way. The essence of a succubus is to bring the caracter in his own fictions, his fantasy. Once the character's lost in his mind, he feel no longer the need to go further nor to move. THe succubus usually consume the spirit in a few minutes.))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane pushed his way through in to the hollow of a tree, casting a short spell in there it would close once kane wished it to, he walked through it and appeared in his hut, laying cortez on a bed
Linzi: Felicity quickly moved to the other side of the cage away from Edgar. She was frightened, and didn’t want to make him angrier, but she couldn’t help but say “I will never marry you, or have your child”.
She made sure she was stood as far away from him as she possibly could. Her body was shaking madly and she didn’t meet his eyes because she hated to look at him. She had to take deep breathes to calm her self because she was so frightened.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (someone control the creature please..i didnt sumon it)
Linzi: ((I would but I don’t really know what it does properly so I can’t. By the way Amayarin of course your welcome to join, sorry I didn’t reply sooner by I didn’t see your post))
EmotionlessEyes / Felicity: ?
Amayarin: amaya fell behind standing waiting for the subacuss, "you won't hurt theis prince" she yelled. she changed into her human form, her hair long and blue following gracfully in the wind, anger piercing in her eyes, she called the winds of time to aid her.. the sky turned dark and thunder roared, holding her hand close together she congentrated forming a ball of wind turning it into a tornado throwing it at the subacuss hopeing it will delay it enough for the others to get the prince to a safe place.
Amayarin: once amaya had thrown the wind attack she ran quickly, turning back into her wolf form, disappearing into one of the tunnels behind the water fall.. she sat there until she was sure she wasn't followed, before finding her way to the moles quarters, if she knew kane he would of brought sol here
Linzi: Felicity had once again turned her back to Edgar and was smiling at seeing the creature’s help Sol. Deep down she knew now that the Prince was Cortez, but she didn’t want to let herself believe it in case he didn’t make it.
Her eyes lit up hopefully as Amaya’s spell worked, delaying the subacuss and making it confused. She noticed other creatures were helping to delay it too, and wondered if they could keep it up long enough for Cortez to have a proper rest.
She was also deliberately standing in the view of the reflection in the glass, (Despite Edgar’s shouts and orders for her to move) so that Edgar couldn’t see what was going on.
Amayarin: Amaya stopped suddenly and turned getting the feeling she was being watched but not by evil, Felicity she thought and smiled. turning into her human form she walked slowly to the den, where she found sol and kane, she sat down on one of the seats and rested, her attack on the subacuss had drained her abit, she sighed "this is going to be hard kane, i hope the prince knows that it's not easy. the others hae failed, but cortez, i mean sol does have an advantage" she nodded and drew her knees up to her chin hugging them tightly. just want this to be over"
Linzi: When Felicity heard Amaya say her name she remembered instantly who it was, she could remember the memories in the garden with Amaya when she was free. She felt more reassured knowing that Cortez was with her because she knew Amaya was so loyal to her.
Gothik / Edgar: "My succubus has been vanished!" Said Edgar which seemed troubled... He turned over the princess and looked at her right in the eyes and screemed: "Why on earth don't you want to love me!" On this dreadful silence, he noded whispering to himself. "We'll see princess how many more people shall die for your sake." Edgar went out of the castle watching at the sky, as he started to brandish his magical rod to the sky, the clouds in the skies made a whole letting a magestuous red dragon fly by the castle and lended on the tower. "Corpus et Nor Mortus". The dragon fled the castle and headed for the castle, putting fire in the trees of the forest. As he grinned looking at Felicia a malicious voice echoed in the forest: "LIVING CREATURES OF THE FOREST, YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOSE ALL OF YOUR HOMES, IF YOU WANT THIS CARNAGE TO BE STOPPED HUNT DOWN THE PRINCE!"
Linzi: Felicity was shocked and worried, she didn’t want more creatures to die for her sake and she didn’t want them to lose their homes. “Edgar please, stop it. Don’t do this to them, why are you making them suffer?” Her hands were pressed against the glass again and she quickly looked down at the floor to avoid looking at him “If you leave them alone I will love you” she said as a strong sense of dread came over her.
Amayarin: amaya heard the voice of edgar, and shivered "we're not safe here! and i feel Felicity will so something she'll dread for the rest of her life" she shook her head, "sol! wake up!!! you have to save Felicity, before the creatures kill you!"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane stood
"leave him..i an handle the fire." he sighed" id have more power if..if sax were here...." (sax is a recent addition..so felicity and amaya (sorry if i spell names wrong) wont know him..yet, hes a demon) kane siged, calling saxs name in arabic as he went in to the forest, climbing up to the top of the waterfall, he stood on a ledge, letting a green magyk crackle from his fingers and eyes, cloacking him in it, he sent it forth, turning it to water as he attempted to douse the fire, his legs buckled and he found himself on his knees, he wasnt strong enough alone
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax heard his namer called, he arose from his seat
"im sorry council members..a...friend needs my assistence"
"senator! you cannot leave for your boyfriend!" the council members cried
"im not the senator now, im the meporer, and me and section b are goung to go help my friend"
he burst in to flames along with section b, corps 1 and seven of the demonic army, the mages. he was next to kane suddenly, pulling him up and clasping his hand, blue magyk crackled from him, bursting in to life, rekindling kanes dyeing essence, they joined hands with the demonic mages, blasing the fire away, along with a very powerful mental blast to edgar, which would send even him across the otherside of the room, sax cried out in to the sky
"princess! sol will come!! he will find you! cortez is coming!" as he had read kanes mind about the plan
Gothik / Edgar: Edgar, was still a bit stunned from his last assault. He stayed layed next to the wall not moving. Only his lips moved: "Corpus et Nor Mortus." He stood up pityfully "Corpus et Nor Mortus" he said again. Eyes filled with flames he commanded the dragon to attack the demons knowing that dragons were magic-proof it had nothing to fear. The only thing he could have feared would have been to get this dragon controlled by his enemy, "Sipiritum Ar Nor" he yelled. Now that the spirit bond was broken between Edgar and the dragon, this creature was now unstoppable with the only last command implented in it's head to scavenge every last creatures of the forest. "Love me princess. Love me with all of your heart and I promise to stop all my actions." Said Edgar looking at the carnage at his window.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "sax..thanks for coming..but..you..you better go..look what mr big n nasty decided to send us for christmas." he pointed to the dragon which was getting rapidly closer
ellesmera / Sax (blue): sax kissed him lightly.
"i will watch over you..here" he handed kane 2 pendents, protector charms. he nodded to kane and dissapeared, along with the demons
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane put one around his neck, kissing it lightly, he swung himself down and back in to the tunnel, dashing to sol and putting it round his neck. he went bak outside and to where he had been
"if this dragon is going to kill us..lets give it some trouble, he summoned up the winds, and threw them at the dragon at hurricane speeds, the dragon was caught up init, they had about an hour. h sighed
"felicity" he cried out "i promise you! cortez will come!" he paused before whispering "even if it kills me.."
Linzi: Felicity was watching the scene amazed, never before had she seen this happen. She continued to stare at the reflection in the glass shocked; if she agreed to love Edgar then she would lose all chances of seeing Cortez again, but if she didn’t then there was only a slim chance that he would make it here. If he couldn’t, he would die with many other creatures of the forest.
“Why are you doing this, to Cortez, to your own son?” She said angrily to Edgar and gave him a look of pure hatred.
“What gives you the right to do this? They are my friends, you’re going to kill them” she started to cry again.
Amayarin: Amaya ran up to kane and sol.. "go on, i'll look after the dragon and see if i can slow it down" she breathed heavily, before summoning a lighting attack, hurling it at the dragon getting it to follow her, her plan worked as the dragon ignored kane and sol, running amaya turned into her wolf form, she kept teasing the dragon to get it away from them
Gothik / Edgar: Edgar glared at the princess "Edgar you say, what a shame that he putted himself in my way... A well at least both of us know who must face each others." He said fiercly. "And as for your question" he said with a grim smile on his face, "I do it because I can and have the power to. You've seen nothing of my power yet... but if you need a demonstration then I'll show you." He reached a key that was hanging on his neck inside his shirt and unlocked the black chest on the wall. The lid wasn't even lifted and dark grey smoke escaped of the chest. Edgar covered his mouth with a hand and opened the chest with the other to take a dark purple sphere out of it. All the madness Edgar felt was projected in the room while the sphere got swallowed in the hand of Edgar. "I have enough power now!" he took a long breath and said for the third time "Corpus et Nor Mortus." the spell was now complete. The sky turned dark... not because of the cloud but ghostly shades started to descend from the sky and landed to earth... All the dead prince, all the dead creature, all the monster they had defeated... now forming a legion of undead creatures... thousand of em urging to kill the prince. "See princess, all you had to do was ask".
Linzi: Felicity gasped in horror and was speechless from shock for a few moments, she just stood back from the glass and tried to say something but she couldn’t quite manage it. Her hand went straight to her mouth again, not knowing if she felt more repulsed or scared.
When she finally got over the shock a little she removed her hand and glared at him “if you let them kill Cortez I will vow to never ever love you, or even look at you again” She was angry, and every word was forced because she was seething inside and horrified, and she had to literally force herself to stay calm.
Gothik / Edgar: "That would be a real shame my dear" said Edgar. He continued: "Farewell princess... I suppose I can't force you to love me.... unless I put a charm on you!" Slowly, he walked back to the stares talking to himself: "Anyway the dead army will take care of this little problem we have here".
Amayarin: Amaya shivered from seeing the sky, the dragon had fled, she turned and saw the dead army rising, she was scared but didn't run, she stood firm then forced herself to move to get to sol and kane, she ran quickly calling the army of the wolves to help..
Amayarin: (i forgot) before amaya reached the age line she pulled the pendant around her neck, and drank the contence, a youth potion she had kept it around her neck just incase this would happen that a prince worthy of help would make it this far, the taste was horrid and she made a disgusted look on her face, still running. (there recified it ^_^)
EmotionlessEyes / Felicity: Felicity sighed and sat on the bed faced away from Edgar, she had her arms rested on her knees and her head in her arms. She was too distressed to cry or argue with him. She didn’t want to watch the reflection of Cortez’s quest either, because she was scared of what was going to happen to him and her friends.
Felicity didn’t move from that position for ages, she refused to talk or look at the screen, ignoring how much she wanted to look at it because she felt she was so close to going mad. “I love Cortez” she thought over and over “I will never love you, Edgar, no matter what you do to me”
Linzi: ((sorry i used the wrong character))
Linzi: Felicity heard it but it was quiet the first time and she just assumed that she was imagining it or she could hear it on the screen. It was becoming louder and she was sure she wasn’t imagining it; it was confusing her because it sounded like it was coming from inside the castle. But it couldn’t be, could it?
She looked up at the screen as she couldn’t help herself and it surprised her that Sol was actually in the castle and running up the steps.
She gasped excitedly; she was going to see Cortez properly for the first time in 500 years. However, as he came closer, her excitement turned to fear, if he came in here then he would have to face Edgar and what ever other evil he created.
georgia / A.aro!n: WHOEVER READS THIS PLEASE ADD april_yummy2006@hotmail.com FOR A NICE ONE - ON - ONE CHAT... FOR THE GENTLEMEN ONLY...
Amayarin / Amaya: (i know wrong profile but yeah same name) amaya stopped she was now surrounded by the army, she changed into her wolf form jumping over them but ended with her being swung to the ground, she kept trying and eventually she got through, she didn't want to fight the souls she once knew
Linzi: Felicity’s heart was beating so fast, she was excited, nervous, fearful and angry at the same time. She stared at the entrance of the dungeon because she could hear sol’s voice getting even closer.
Her body trembled slightly from being so anxious, and she couldn’t quite believe that Cortez was so close to her, that he actually made it through the age line and into the tower.
Linzi: “Cortez!” she exclaimed, even though she had been expecting him to burst in through the door for the past…fifteen minutes, the shock still hit her when she actually saw him. Felicity watched him try to find a way to get in and she knew it was useless because she had tried countless times on every part of the glass.
“You can’t get in, there is no way in or out” she said with sadness in her eyes, because she knew only Edgar knew how to get in and he wasn’t likely to tell him.
Gothik / Edgar: Edgar was kneeling on the floor feeling his magic essence fading out of his body. No body knew but it was his magic that allowed him to stay alive across all those years, now with his powers gone he started to age rapidly. He reached a dagger at his belt and with his last strenght he walked slowly trying not to fall down and aiming for the heart, he stabbed once. All the room was spinning aorund him as he tumbled on the ground in agony. When he opened his eyes he could see cortez bleed, but it wasn't his heart but his shoulder. With a low weak voice he looked at Cortez filled with fear, a sentiment he never felt before... soon to vanish. For the first time in 500 years Edgar smiled, looking at what his son became: "You really remind me of your mother now. If only you would have known her better you would note the difference. I am sorry for all what I did, it is now time for me to leave you my son, be happy with this woman you love... be happy for me... The answers you are looking for are on the scroll on the highest shelf of the library." On those words, he gently closed his eyes and his heart everyone tought been gone with madness had stopped. With his magic gone, the dead creatures of the forest vanished as well as the dragon.
Briannan / Arya: (looking for people to play characters in Harry Potter...it says whos taken and not, we need solid players for ron and harry, OCs (origional characters) are allowed
Amayarin / Amaya: amaya reached the castle, and ran up the stairs seeing Felicity in the class cage, she kneeled quickly, agaisnt the glass.. "it's so good you see you mistress" she smiled, and looked for a weak point in the glass so it could be broken.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: kane walked to her, sol was in the library
"It can be opened only with a key.. or something like that"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Not that i am aware of Felicity.. It has been o long since i saw you.. i have forgotten what you looked like.. I can see why cortez loved you.."
EmotionlessEyes / Felicity: ((sorry wrong profile))
EmotionlessEyes / Felicity: “He doesn’t remember me either; he was just reborn with the knowledge that there was a princess he had to save. He doesn’t know what our life was like before”
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "He loves you.. ive seen it in his eyes. im sure once you are together... without glass seperating you both, he shall remember
EmotionlessEyes / Felicity: “Maybe” Felicity sighed disappointedly. All these years what had kept her sane was the thought of Cortez returning and now he couldn’t remember who he was never mind her.
vindr: ((still need people to join?))
Linzi: ((yeh sure))
vindr: ((ok well i may be a wind demon but i am a good guy i'll help the prince))
vindr: "cortez you should get moving there are demons on there way" the voice of the wind whistled around sol/cortez as a fog built up around his feet and started to form into the shape of a man a few feet away
Aculara / Sillina: -does someone want to start this up again?-

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