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Roleplay - Street fights by Sid / draconus

Any street, any where, any time. This is a world championship where you meet and fight any one in the compotion. As i said this is a world championship and if you are challenged you can't refuse it. you must fight.

Roleplay Details

The reeper family may give players a challenge week where you have to find someone and fight them. you are allowed weapons, but no guns, and the winner gets the losers best weapon. once you are told you are out you can help other people in the compation. GOOD LOOK


draconus / Sid: In a dark English street one person draws his sword and looks around for the one that had killed his best friend the previous year. He knew that he would enter this compation and this was his chance to get revenge. He found him in the shadows waiting for someone else, then he saw that another person was looking for him. he stud in the way "If you want him you have to beat me. I want his head." he said to the figure as it got closer.
draconus / Damian Lomas: "If you want it that way. Then so be it." said Damian as he acsepted his challenge "but we fight without weapons." he watch Cid put his sword away and get in to a fighting postion. they began, Damian forced into Cid stomach with his sholder and Flew into the air. then as Cid got up Damian came down and started attacking him with kicks
draconus / Sid: Cid dogded as many kicks as he could this person was tough and he knew it. Cid then found a weak spot and he went for it. Cid did a five summersalt flip and he kicked the stanger in the right shoulder. bang on target. but it wasn't over....................
draconus / Damian Lomas: "not so fast" he grabbed the foot and flew up in to the air. he got Cid over his head and dropped him towards the ground. "It's over" he looked for the next person but he had gone. "Drat" he fanished.
NightAssasain / Andromier: Then as the fight went on Andromier stood just outside of this fight, watching intentivley, smiling. "who'll win? im thirsty for blood i kill winner." He sat there as they traded punches and knees, he just sat and laughed.
NightAssasain / Andromier: <<oh oops i didnt read that last post forget that i posted that most recent one.>> Then Andromier came and stood in front of damian and stared into his eyes. "its my turn to have some fun" and laughed. Daimian through a powerfull punsh at me but i grabbed it with my hand and then twisted it, smiling at the anguish he was in. I kneed him twise and then through his head into the wall, but he got up like nothin happened and elbowed me. Blood came out of my mouth. i kicked him and dodge a kick, then sides stepped to dodge another. As i finished this man off i laughed. Then someone from behind me stabbed me with a sword. But it was only on the end so i wasnt severe.
NightAssasain / Andromier: <<oh oops i didnt read that last post forget that i posted that most recent one.>> Then Andromier came and stood in front of damian and stared into his eyes. "its my turn to have some fun" and laughed. Daimian through a powerfull punsh at me but i grabbed it with my hand and then twisted it, smiling at the anguish he was in. I kneed him twise and then through his head into the wall, but he got up like nothin happened and elbowed me. Blood came out of my mouth. i kicked him and dodge a kick, then sides stepped to dodge another. As i finished this man off i laughed. Then someone from behind me stabbed me with a sword. But it was only on the end so i wasnt severe.
draconus / Sid: Cid had grabbed Damian's sword and had struck Andromier in the back. he knew it wouldn't do to much dammege but it would help the one who has his weapon. "use my bone blade. element srike. do it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." he said as Andromier thew cid as far as he would let him. he then ran to a wall and jumpped for it as if he was trying to break it but he made it so he laurnched himself towards Andromier. "if you want blood you can take mine." he said as he traveled towrds him and then swoung his legs round to hit Andromier in the brige of the nose. SNAP!!!!..........
draconus / Damian Lomas: Damian picked up the bone blade and put it a bove his head. "Element stike." the blade began to glow all coulors of the elements as he hit Andromier across the chest with the powerfull blast. the bright lights made it impossable to see but when the light faded Damian and Cid were gone.
draconus / Sid: Later that night Cid was sat in rest centre, made for the turnament, and looked over the battle with Damian. what power he had, how can someone fly and produse such power on a weapon new to the body. it took Cid over three years to master his mega move. he went to the bar and stood there waiting. the bar man was talking to someone in a cape. the man in the cape gave him a note and the bar man nodded. "Can i have some sevice please?" the bar man came and looked at Cid. "What can i get ya." he said with a forced smile.
"Anything to get rid of this head ache." Cid replyeid. the bar man looked happy and went to the back, and came out with a blue liquid.
"Drink this and go striat to bed. you can sleep in room 156. hope you don't mind having a room mate." he said to Cid.
"no. i don't care." he said taking the key and walking to the room. after gettin in a bed he drank the drink and colapced
Briannan / Arya: arya walked in and looked at the bartender
"alfie! give me sum suger!" she cried as alfie rushed round and scooped her up
"Arya darlin, how are ya?" he asked, the smell of alcool heavy on his breath, she pushed herself off him
"gagging, get a breathmint, im ok, just arrived, wheres my room?"
"156..theres 4 beds in there, sum obnocious lad just went up"
"thanks hun, see ya tomorrow" she smiled as she walked past him, pocketing the money she had just pinched from him, she walked up to the room and opened it, seeing the lad there, she scowled
"at keast hes already asleep" she sighed, slipping in to her bed fully clothed
draconus / Damian Lomas: The capped one was still sat at the bar when Arya went to her room.it was in fact Damian. he had given the bar man ,jonh, orders to give Cid the blue drink. Damian was fasinated with with the power Cid's bone blade posest. 'but the kid isn't a saiyen. how could he have so much power in him and not be so powerful by body.' Damian sat for a while. 'If i train him he could be the best. but he may also want to kill me.' he went up to room 156 and sat there waiting for Cid to wake up. he saw Arya there peacefuly. 'What power does she have.' he read he oura and saw all her power. the sun came up and Damian saw Cid drifting into conousnus and stood next to him. "Morning Cid, how did you sleep." he said as he put the bone blade next to him. "I ow you this back. thanks for telling me how to use it. i have a propasition for you. how about i train you the art of saiyen. that way your power will increase by a load. what do ya say....................."
Briannan / Arya: (you cant tell her ower damian, and thats cos im not quite sure wat it is yet.) arya had been watching the pai, she saw him waiting for the kid to wake with a smile on his face, she ouldnt help it
"are you two lovers?" it had just slipped out, she blushed a crimson and stuffed her head under the quilt, giggling with such ferosity that she fell out of the bed, still giggling she wrapped the quilt round her and stuffed a wad of it in her mouth, she sat on the floor shaking with her mufled giggles, her young appearence gave her the age of 13, when she was actually 19, her eyes were full of a childs mischief
draconus / Sid: "First of yuk! and second of i don't know what a saiyen is but if it can get me a bit of power then shure." he looked at Arya and saw her blush and laughed himself. "Hi i'm Cid and you are...?" he said to both of them.
Briannan / Arya: she pulled the blanket from her mouth
"Arya" she was still giggleing and was now on her side, clutching them
"im sorry for what i said"
(damo, u get the file?)
draconus / Damian Lomas: (What file. go on elite chat.) "Damian." he said as he pulled out a note pad that started flashing.
it had a message. "Oh you probbably don't know about the reeper family. they give use a task week every few times." he opened the pad and a projector with five people came out........
Briannan / Arya: sahe squeels as the hologram comes up, she leaps out of the quilt and launches her lithe form on to sids knee, putting her arms round his neck and burying half her face in his chest
"its scary, those people are scary, i dont like them" she whines in to his chest
(yes, she can pass for a 9 year old, never mind 13, lol, shes ment to be 19, wats wrong wid her... im on chat, no talk to me!)
draconus / Sid: Cid looked a little shocked but he had seen the family before. he loked at Arya and then back at the hollowgram.
Briannan / Arya: "i thought you two looked scary! that woman! and that girl i have to beat..." she looked like she was going to burst in to tears, she clutched sid shoulders and buryed her face in to his chest completly. she started to shake
draconus / Sid: "So does this mean i can't be trained by you?" cid asked Damian. if it was anything he wanted it was more training and more power. He looked at Arya as she weeped on his shoulder. Cid went in to great thougt. for allmost 30 minutes he just stood there. "Do you know Goku the saiyen. if so then you should know i have beaten him before, but only just. but if i can't start my training with you yet because of this fight then train Arya she needs it. I know Kimikos power and it is very good. Arya do you have a weapon."
Briannan / Arya: aryas personality shifted, her face became hard as she stood up, a wind whipped throuh the closed windows, ebvaloping her in a fog, soon a 19year old version of the 13 year old stood before them.
"i need no training" she walkes over to her bed, the wind returning her to her 3 year old counerpart, she picks up a very lage scythe and smiles
Briannan / Arya: arya was in the training dome, battling sims, she swept her scythe under them before sashing through the electronic bodies, kimiko better watch out, she so much as nick the blade her souls would be dragged out of her body. she twirled her scythe, a blast of icy wind destroyed the sims
draconus / Damian Lomas: "good work. keep at it Arya." damian started thinking to himself. 'they both have a lot of power, but they don't know it. if i could only keep them at it. but i don't have much time.' "hey arya try this." he turned his blade in to a scythe and showed her a power drive slash. "All you have to do is drag it behid yo9u then jump up and do an over head slash
Briannan / Arya: arya was thrown out of her trance as he spoke, she flung round to see himexecute the move, her form became that of a demon wind god, 35 ft tall, her scythe enlarged to match it, smashing the scythe end down on the grund she growled
2i have been wielding this scythe for longer than i care to count, dont instruct me, it is my job to know how a scythe works" she turned back to the 19 year old and blasted him 20ft or so back with a blizzard storm, created by her scythe, it was glowing, a spirit was in it
Briannan / Arya: Arya shrunk again and walked towards him.
"Sorry.. ive been stressed lately"
draconus / Damian Lomas: "you are doing fine. just don't let your anger take controll." damian said as he gave her a hug.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: (i deleted her profile by accident so im usng erika instead of arya) erika hugged him back "Im sorry.. but ive spent 8million years wielding a scythe..."
draconus / Damian Lomas: "i understand but anger can majke you lose any battle. you have to go in to a fight with a clear head." damian looked at her with patients
TheHellWithin / Darth Desolus: <<hi could i join if this thing is still alive ofcourse>>Desolus walked down the road as the wind swept the empty streets with an eerie song.Bah!! is there nobody who can equal the power of the DARKSIDE!!! he yelled in frustration.he drew his saber quickly and erected the energy blade from its handle with a ghastly buzz.he slammed the blade deep into the concrete tarmac,the sound was a sizzling grind as it ripped into the concrete the earth shook as it felt the rage of the darkside.he stayed in place with his head down for a few seconds then he disengaged the blade.as it floated back into its holster he let out a sigh of frustration and continued on looking for a worthy opponant.
Goddesssarah / Freya Celestia: Freya felt a dark presence as the earth shook for some reason.this power was immense,unlike any force freya had ever come to discover.she knew she had to fight this force and destroy it.she followed the sense through the streets as it grew stronger & stronger eventually she came across a dark figuire walking in the opposite direction to her on the road.ten feet behind the figuire was a steaming gash in the middle of the road.HALT FIEND!! she yelled & prepared her battle stance....
TheHellWithin / Darth Desolus: Desolus heard a beautiful yet fiery voice from 20 feet behind him.Who dares address darth desolus as such trash? he snarled & turned around with his dark armour coming into view & his cape flying in the wind.hmmm you are not like most warriors i have seen....who are you and what do want vermin? answer me or feel the darksides wrath!! he snarled.
Goddesssarah / Freya Celestia: Darth desolus huh?She flicked her hair as the breeze swept it across her face.I am Freya celestia legendary dragon knight and i WILL end your path here i sense nothing but pure darkness emitting from you! but you are still not strong enough to defeat a dragon knight she exclaimed.she began to walk closer to desolus.we must fight and i will end you!
TheHellWithin / Darth Desolus: He chuckled with delight he finally found an opponant differrent from the countless troops & armies.very well then vermin we shall fight but be warned NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE DARKSIDE!!. he drew his saber & erected the blade & took his stance waiting for freya to attack.Ladies first? he mutterd with a dark low tone....
Goddesssarah / Freya Celestia: <<i just realized we cant fight to death lol but yeah you know the rules already>>That is some sword but enough chatter!!.She charged him & unleashed a flurry of kicks spinning & flying through the air with amazing grace
TheHellWithin / Darth Desolus: <<lol nvm about that i actually forgot myself for a sec>>He took most of the blows to his chest walking backwards slowly & then he grabbed her foot Fiesty one are we? he growled & threw her into the side of a building causeing her to smash through the glass window.freya IM COMING FOR YOU he yelled
Goddesssarah / Freya Celestia: Freya smashed through the glass & corrected her fall in mid air.He is strong she whipered as darth walked up to the window menacingly she was nowhere to be found....as he scanned the interior she leape down from the roof & wrapped her legas around his throat & threw him back out into the street.she then charged him with her blade.you wont walk AWAY!! she promised him.
TheHellWithin / Darth Desolus: He flipped up almost weightless looking & drew the saber as it hissed,Haha you FOOL!! he growled.he thrust the blade away to the right & kneed her in the gut he then grabbed her long hair & threw her up the street she hit the concrete with a THUD!! he walked slowly towards her with blade in right hand....
Goddesssarah / Freya Celestia: Bastard...she cursed under her breath its time to shoe you the power of light she said as stumbled to her feet.She raised her blade high and chanted the holy words of the dragon knights.a bright golden beam shou down from the sky * lit her sword up with a gold flame she swung it hard vertically as it released an energy wave that took out the streetlights as it hit delolus hard.he flew back into a dark store smashing the glass window apart.she ran towards him with a battle cry....
TheHellWithin / Darth Desolus: <<lol this reminds me of soul calibur>>As she sprinted towards the store she was suddenly choked of all breath she dropped her sword & shield & her feet lifted off the ground as she held her neck in agony.Haha you just dont understand the power of the darkside do you freya? he snarled.he raised her higher and kept a firm grip with the force.He stumbled out of the store with burning & steaming armour from the impact.i will tell you what freya i shall let you live if you gove up those fancy weapons of yours hmmm? well what do you say?
Goddesssarah / Freya Celestia: <<lol are force powers even allowed? oh well nvm gtg good fight!>>Do i have a choice? she squeezed out of her contricting wind pipe.
TheHellWithin / Darth Desolus: <<lol kk bye this was awesome we HAVE to do it again>>Hahahahaha never mind freya i will spare your life & you may keep your weapons he said with remorce.he let her down softly & his saber floated back into its holster.While i am not a man of good i am a man of fair play you have fought well.therfore i shall let you go free
TheHellWithin: <<you here sarah? :|>>

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