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Roleplay - demon wars by vindr / vindr

The battle has been raging for 100 hundred years; which element is stronger. humans, demons, and other creatures of element are split into five main armies wind, fire, water, light, and dark.
Vindr, top dog of the wind army, is looking for more troops after the loss he took in the last battle.

Roleplay Details

NO GODMODING, if your in the wind army you answer to vindr, other than that first to post as another element is top dog of that army, i will post as vindr


vindr: "anna i need you to go into town and try to recruit some soldiers" vindr barks. *vindr is a wind demon; he loves the battlefield, unless he loses. anna is a vampire who was one of the first to join under vindr's lead, she is one of his most trusted generals.* "alright sir"
DeathTone: If I join the army, will I be able to fight?
vindr: "yeah, vindr sends some of his elite soldiers on recruiting missions in between battles. the battles have been growing in number lately" anna replied a look of enjoyment on her face. "you'll have to fight some of the higher ranked soldiers to see where you are in the army" she says, a look of question at the recruit.
lancerdrag0n / Genown: Genown came walking round a building and saw Anna with some soilders from the wind army. He walked up to Anna and said, "If you guys need a fighter, I'm a merc. If the price is right, I'll fight for you". He had prevously fought in the fire army and light army. He is highly skilled with any form of weapon and posses inhuman strenght.
vindr: anna turns to genown, "your the one who killed gerdo, you have got to be good to have beat him, the pay is 6,000"
draconus / Draconus: Draconus hid behind a barrel listening to anna talking to the new recrut. He had to tell the leader of the light army (whoever that is.) he went off and crashed into one of anna's men. the force hit him that much that he ended up on the floor. "Hey what the big idea." he said not realizing who he walked in to. "You should watch were you are going...." he looked up and saw them...
Glenrir / Anumis: Andromier stood before a charckled body, smirking. " Get this maggot and clean him up.This man got what he deserved everyone! he did not follow my orders and so he to be taught a lesson."Andromier took off his gloves and walked away. "excuse me, Andromier, theres a rumor going around that you know the element of dark as well. is this true?" He hesitated to answer, for moments he stood their silent, then said. "ov course not, thats obsurd, that would take years and i would be thrown out of there reigion before i could."
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draconus / Draconus: "how dare you get rid of me. arrghhhhhhhhhhhh" he formed a blast that took out the two people that had hold of him. his angel wings had come out as he raised himself. "Don't forget this warning. i will have my revenge." as he he crashed thew the roof he formed a all element blast (thats wind, fire, water, light, and dark.) he flew off and zoomed in to a medow over two hundred miles away.
NightAssasain: "Why isnt this working!" and then it worked. In his room where no one disturbed him, the fire nations, best warrior. Some say hes better than the leader, because the leader does whatever he says and never puts his own work above Andromiers.There Andromier was, focusin, and then he did it. A seeiring black flame with flares of darkness going every direction went soaring out of his palm. He smiled and said "finally i did it, now to only keep it a secret that i know the element of darkness, and to keep who i really am a secret." he went out and taught a class, starting with the technique in which to use when fighting a water elementalist.
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vindr: "SIR!!" vindr turns "ah, anna how many new soldiers do we have." anna, lokking scared "sir, my men found a light army spy, he escaped, but not before taking out two of my best men." "i didn't ask how many we lost, i asked how many did we recruit," he barked angrily. "sorry sir, we recruited 5 humans, and 3 demons, including the one that killed gerdo, he's a merc, and has fought for fire and light," she said straightening up. "good, good, send in the merc i want to talk."
lancerdrag0n / Genown: "Yo," Genown was behind Vindr before Anna went off to get him. "You want to talk to me?"
vindr: " ah, so your the merc, what's your name," arms crossed, looking very interested
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: From the shadows, Anidori-Kiladra sole leader of the Southern Dark Demon tribe, watched the people beofre here. 'If some of them are as strong as they say they are they should have senced me by now. Maybe i should just kill them and get it over with.' she thought
lancerdrag0n / Genown: He explained, "I'm Genown, and as long as the money is good, I won't slit your throat." he had blood lust in his eye. He had not seen battle for a while, after the fire army stoped paying him for using there soldiers as human sheilds.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: She walked silently out of the shadows and tapped Vindr's shoulder. "I am here for the battle."
vindr: "excuse me, but anna we hav a visitor. would you deal with her?" vindr asks anna, not taking his eyes off of the merc.
lancerdrag0n / Genown: Genown turned to Anidori, "Your pretty good, I think I like you." and turned his attention back to Vindr.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: She was sudenly in fromt of hima Dagger to his neck. "If you do not want the best killer in all the lands fine. I will find my work else where. But don't you ever diss-miss me like that." Her eyes were glowing red.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: Her attention went momentarily to Genown. "Your not so bad yourself. I might Like you as well." she said then putting her attention back to Vindr.
lancerdrag0n / Genown: Genown said to Anidori, while facing Vindr, "Ya, but you have much to learn, like always keep an eye one every threat." and with that Genown side steped and grabed Anidori's knife, his hand was protected by a gauntlet he wore, and yanked the knife out of her and and threw it into the ground behind Vindr.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: She laughed Evily. "Yes but you do not know me well." That igure of her disaperaed and the real Ani came up behind Genown. A knife to his neck. "Don't make me hurt such a good thing like you."
lancerdrag0n / Genown: "Looks like its stale mate." Genown said, pulling a fire army gernade out of his coat, it was allready set to explode. After Anidori put her knife away, Genown carfully slid the pin back into the explosive divice.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: She wsalked in front of Genown. "Fire demon. Nice. I am Anidori-Kiladra leader of the Southern clan a Darkness Demons. Soon to be leader of them all."
vindr: calm as ever "i never said i didn't want you to fight for me, i just wished to see how good you were,after i talked to genown here; now anna will you escort miss... i'm soory i didn't happen to catch your name."
lancerdrag0n / Genown: "No, I'm not fire demon, I just have lots of connections." He smiled while saying this.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "Anidorr-Kiladra. Thats my name." SHe said not takeing her eyes of Genown. "What are you then?" she asked him.
lancerdrag0n / Genown: "Genown, I have no last name, its a waste if time." he said to Anidori.
vindr: <<i always seem to be behind everything so sorry>>
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "I didn't ask you for your name. I asked what you are? Demon. Half-breed. Human. Dragon. Vampire. Elf. Troll. Witch. i can keep going. i know alot of people in the bussiness i am in." she smirked.
vindr: "i can see you two are getting along very well you can help me test each other," vindr says while walking to the middle of the camp.
lancerdrag0n / Genown: "I'm Genown, it doesn't realy matter what I am." He said, "Besides I don't like you enough to tell you that."
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "That's because you don;t know me. At least not yet." she smirked again and Fallowed Vindr. "What do you mean est each other? Fight? i don;t want to kill Genown. i don't know him yet."
vindr: "i don't think you'll kill him, and it's the only way i can decide your rank," walks up to a horn on a pole with speakers on top
lancerdrag0n / Genown: Genown followed Vindr also, "If we continued from where we left off, everyone would be dead by now. I perfer it as if I don't win then neither will my enemy".
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: ((did you not read the profile?? baka g2g anyways bye bye))
"Very well." she said takeing out two Kunai and one shurikin.
vindr: "unless you want to be a bottomfeeder of the army you'll do as the commander says," anna says. "anna i think if they wanted to and i let, which i would for the way you were just talking to our friends here, you would be dead. she is right though you won't be very high rank, but you definetly won't be a bottomfeeder," vindr says while activating the alarm.
lancerdrag0n / Genown: Genown walked away, "I don't care what rank I am, just as long as I get paid." he explained.
vindr: "alright you'll be anna's second in command, and i'll have to find some one willing to fight you," looking at the crowd of soldiers now surrounding them.
lancerdrag0n / Genown: (Whos second in command me or Anidori)
vindr: <<you>>
SinCeer05 / Redemptsin: I come to fight as a hellion of the devil incarnate of the ages. I represent the fires of hades.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: She put her Weapons away. "I don't need money to kill. it just comes naturally. plus i like it."
lancerdrag0n / Genown: Genown tilted hes head back so one of his eyes saw Anidori, "So do I, but whats better than killing, is geting paided to kill." and contiuned to walk away.
draconus / Draconus: "found it." Draconus said he telaported of and found himself at vindr hide out. he went in to the place and eventually found him. "vindr i have come to ofter my sevises to you sir. i was once a night of the light army, and the fire army, come to think of it i was in all. but not this one. i wish to be in your army because i want vengence on the leader of light. please i can do anything you ask, if you give me a chance.
DeathTone: Just then a man cloaked in a black hooded cape - who's face could not be seen, steps up and says "I will join this army, not to serve any of you, but for the thrill of the battle". Every one turns to look at these two people with amazment. "I come will challenge any that would request it". "So Can I Join?" asked the cloaked man.
vindr: "alright, you the knight i want to test your abilities. fight anidori here. and you in the cloak, you will fight me." vindr answered gleefully
vindr: "the knight and anidori are first to fight, then me and the cloaked man will fight. i will stop the match when i see the full extent of your powers as fighters or one of you is dead. do you still wish to fight?" vindr asked with a sneer on his face
draconus / Draconus: Draconus looked at Anidori. "do you use weapons or do you use you fists and magic for battle?" he asked her. his wings came out as he carged his hands with an orb. he rose up in the air and his hand came near his stomach. "Elemental blast." he fired a beam out with power of all 5 ellements. he then regenorated Anidori and went up in the air again. this time the orb in his hands looked like stars. "Universal blast" the blast formed a giant star shape as it closed on Anidori. draconus revived he again. this time he dissapeared and 10 black fire rings formed round Anidori as they closed in on her Draconus began to reapeare.
vindr: "anidori are you gonna take that" he said smiling slightly
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: ((onfg ai am back@!!!))
"I use all three!" she disapearing and then reappearing behind him. "Boo." she whispered in his ear. Then quickly she mad a fire ball with some blue-white in it. "Fire/ Ice blat!" she yelled ad she put it against his back." Then she disappeared again.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: ))g2g bye bye))
vindr: "hmmm... at the moment i only have one really high ranking general... ok draconus you are directly under me, you and anna are of the same rank, and anidori you will be the leader of the black ops group i have
draconus / Draconus: Draconus bowed to vindr "Thank you sir" then he stud up and went to the wall and stud there watching everymove they made. he needed to do this so he knew who he was working with. he always did it. but he looked at the other person who was with him. he wasn't to sure about him but for now he gave him the benafit of the dought.
vindr: "and now it is time for my fight with the cloaked man. if he will now step forward into the ring of soldiers." vindr said standing in the middle of the huge ring of soldiers
lancerdrag0n / Genown: Genown sat there watching as Draconus left the ring of fighters. 'He might be a chalange if I ever have to fight him' he though to himself. He layed back and watched the clouds drift by.
draconus / Draconus: draconus looked at the match up and predicted the win to be Vindr's but he knew that vindr would probably stop the match before that
vindr: ((you are a clever one))
draconus / Draconus: (why thank you.) he saw that the night would probably use a good defence and then advance to attack. but vindr will probably see a good person for the defence. any how he could be wrong but he might as well look at the action, while it lasts
vindr: "are you going to fight or not, but i must warn you i did not become leader of the wind army on looks alone. though i don't look it i'm only 19 if that gives any of you an idea as to how good i am" vindr said to the cloaked man
draconus / Draconus: Draconus went in to a sudden trance. (when ever this happenens it means he is seeing a bit of the future.) he then got up and dragged Anidori and vindr out of the way of a dark fire blast. but he looked up and saw two people from his past. they had done a combo move.(one is in the dark ary and the other in the fire.) 'not know' darconus tought to himself. he pulled out his wand and shot up in the air like a bullet and started in a epick battle. he ended up having to use the only attack they didn't know. "acid rain" out of his wand came a could the shape of a skull. it began to rain on them. them acid devowed them untill the only thing left of them were their hearts and pendants. he grabbed them all and put them in paches in his bag. he then went to his leader. "are you ok sir."
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: She looked at him, hey eyes emotionless. "No one has ever saved me before. Thank you i think." she said as she walked away to go look at the people she would be commanding (black opps) but she suddenly fell to the ground on her knees. (she is haeving a vision) she saw a man who looked like her afther being dragged into a dark cave. his screams of pain suddenly can be heard. when she stood up she thought out loud. "That must have been from the past. my father is dead...but my visions are allways true..."
lancerdrag0n / Genown: Genown looked over to Draconus, 'Suck up" he thought to himself. He returned his gaze back to the clouds. (Wow, two visions in a row, thats amazing!)
vindr: "i'm fine thank you now if you'll excuse i think i have a battle" he said smiling knowing he made a good choice on mking him of the same rank as anna
draconus / Draconus: Draconus looked at the ring for a minute. 'who had got them there.who told them virdr was here. is there a spy among these people, or was someone after him and not his leader.' this he had to find out.
vindr: "if we don't get this fight started now i'll have to make you a low ranking foot soldier" vindr said looking directly at the cloaked man getting angry
draconus / Draconus: Draconus started to get very board. he got out his sword and started polishing it. the siver of his blade was blood and as soon as it came of it tuned golden. he then started waving it around. 'this person better urry up. if not i will end up attacking him. im fact thats not a bad idea.' draconus thew a dagger at the capped figure only to find him missing. he wasn't there.
vindr: "now where did you go?" vindr said sending a few soldiers to search the camp
draconus / Draconus: "if you ask me sir, and i know you probably wouldn't, but i think he was one of those goons that attact us. i think he was the one who told them where we were." he said as he walked the camp.
vindr: "ok then that's the last of the fights for positions. now to get down to buisiness" vindr replied "woild you happen to know where the light army camp is?"
draconus / Draconus: "the easten border. about 20 days walk from here, but for you it should only take a few days flight, because of the storms that are about." draconus said to vindr as he pointed east. "not even the mighty dragons of the east could get past it all at once. if you would like my opinion, i would chose the best fighters to keep watch while the rest get here. let them have some sleep then chose you few and let the rest travel in the morning.
vindr: "that is a plan" vindr replied "but i'm going to add to it, anidori could you take the black ops and leave right now, i need a scouting report from up ahead" he said to anidori ((by the way there are only twelve black ops soldiers but they are the best in stealth and assassination))
draconus / Draconus: "sir, can i ask you a question? it mat sound odd but why do you fight?" draconus asked Virdr. it was something he asked anyone, but it was bugging draconus because he usaly doesn't have to ask. he can usaly see it in the peoples eyes. but virdr was hard to read.
vindr: "i fight for three reasons: i lost my family to light and fire armys when they had joined forces to try and wipe out the wind army about fifteen years ago, i have people to protect now, and i just love the thrill of battle" he said with a gleam in his eye
vindr: "yes, yes you may" he said surprised
draconus / Draconus: "I will leave you two alone them sir. i feel that you two should have your privacy. maybe i will have chance to tell you why i fight one day."
vindr: "yes thank you" vindr replied "anidori please continue"
draconus / Draconus: Draconus went in to a tent and took of his pouch bag. it contained herbs, remidies, ect. he made himself a herble tea and got out o book called 'journey to the west' as he read, time past and he began drifting to sleep.
vindr: "so anidori what was this vision about that you said you had" vindr said getting serious
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "It was of my father. He was being dragged in a cave. after that you lost sight of him and could hear his screams of pain. in an other case I would have loved the screams but they where from my father. But this can't be. My father was killed years ago by this war. so i don't know how he could be alive still. and my visions are allways true." she said looking down at hre fists trying to remember what her father looked like.
vindr: "ah so you wish me to help you, alright i'll help but you must be back with my black ops group by sunrise" vindr said just as seriously as she was
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "I don't know. all i want you to do is find out if my father is still alive. and that is not considerd help." she snaped. she was used to people not helping her, ever. she was allways excluded, because she was the strongest.
vindr: "fine if you don't want my help then i want you to do as i asked before" vindr said getting a little angry that she held up his plans for attack "i'll send a few soldiers to the cave after you tell me where it is"
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "It is north of here. Surounded by a tiny village called Mukai. The cave is called Shu Nei Ai which means the death cave. And i will be with the blacks opps by sunrise." Her voise had stayed the same. "You honestly don't have to get mad. I am just not used to people helping me. Last time that hapened they tried to kill me. of course they didn't live to see their own attack follow through." she got up and readed to leave.
vindr: "your part of the wind army now we help each other out so get used to it" vindr said leaving the tent
draconus / Draconus: draconus woke up with a start. another vision had acured while he was sleeping, witch is very rare because he usaly sleeps through them and figures them out. but this one was serious. he sat up and got in to a meditation state.'think of nothing but the vision.' he repeated to himslef. it finaly came back. he saw the pain, he saw the heartache, and he saw anidori finding the truth about her past. the another bit came, it was happening now. he saw the fire army heading this way. his rose his head up and got out his tent. he went past the camp and saw torches copming towards them. then he looked past them. "dragons" he said to him self. "misto fortuna" he created a thick mist to slow them down. 'wheres vindr tent.' he found it. "sir wake up, sir wake up." he shock his leader but he wouldn't wake up. "this is why i hate hevy sleepers. now think who's next in charge. me."
he ran out and found the warning bell. "everybody get up. the fire army is on its way and they have dragon riders with them." everyone came running out. "gett in to defence formation. and whatever you do don't get the dragons angry." he said. 'igore, gardion of the sky, come on out with bretering bold. we need you, i need you old friend.' in the distance a best arose and flew with its fleet towards Draconus.......
vindr / dejo: "good show i see i made a good choice now i need those men who i chose last night to leave with the given directions" vindr shouted and ten men ran off to the north "do as draconus said before but i need anidori and the black ops to take some men and a quietly as possible get behind the fire army and take out those dragons"
vindr: ((sorry wrong profile))
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: She left him. Getting used to people helping her was something she could not do. But she might as well try. she walked into black opps and surveyed everyone their. 'Not many women, but it will do' she thought. "i am going to test your strenght. show me your strongest power." she comanded.
vindr / dejo: "yo i'll show you mine" dejo who just happened to be vindr's younger brother and a dark demon stepped on one of his companions shadows and then the man raised his sword to his throat "satisfied?"
vindr / dejo: "yo i'll show you mine" dejo who just happened to be vindr's younger brother and a dark demon stepped on one of his companions shadows and then the man raised his sword to his throat "satisfied?"
draconus / Draconus: "how about a lift Anidori." draconus said as a fleet of giant eagles landed behind him. he looked at the leader."igore i want you to take them past the dragons without being seen then after i want you to do code 666, do you under stand." the eagle noded ans it looked at Anidori as if to tell it to get on.
vindr: "alright men i want you to keep the attention of every singl soldier of that army until you see every dragon fall then full on attack" vindr shouted at his men as they scrambled to get ready
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "Allright." She climbed upon the beast. Never have been flying on anything like it before she thought she might fall.
vindr / dejo: "if you do not wish me in your head i would watch your shadow" dejo warned the eagle
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "Where shall this beats take us?" she asked.
vindr: "i am sorry for correcting you my dear leader but these are no beasts they have thoughtful minds unlike their smaller breatheren" dejo said appauled
vindr / dejo: ((sorry wrong profile))
draconus / Draconus: "they will take you half way there. and don't worry about the shadows they don't have any." draconus said
vindr / dejo: "ok then i won't worry, and they don't have to either, about me learning their secret thoughts" dejo with a blank expression
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: She patted its neck. "very well. not beasts."
vindr / dejo: "now how many of the dragons would you like me to take out before i kill the one i'm in control of" dejo asked as they flew behind enemy lines
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "Pardon?"
vindr / dejo: "once i take control of one of the dragons how many of them do you want me to kill" dejo said again
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "How ever many you feel should be done away with." was the calm reply.
vindr: "alright men i have just gotten word from the black ops get the attention of the army now" vindr started screaming
draconus / Draconus: Draconus made the thick mist go away so the army could make a direct attack. he went with them for the charge. he made them soung like giants.
vindr / dejo: dejo made himself look like the shadow of a bird and snuck up on a dragon's shadow until he was inside of it then he rose ur out of the ground and took control of the dragon 'i want you to reach back and eat your rider' he sent the thought to the dragon and it did just that
draconus / Draconus: Draconus struck the fire army, ten at a time. this was his kind of battle.
vindr / dejo: after the dragon was free of it's rider dejo started attacking other dragons and getting closer to the other dragon's shadows in case the one he controlled died "come on you guys fight take out some of the riders if you can" he yelled
vindr: "there are only a few dragons left move in for the attack" vindr shouted as he saw the dragons falling one by one to another dragon with no rider and knew he made a good choice in drafting his little brother
draconus / Draconus: "i will hadle them" draconus rose in to the air and got the dragons attention. they follwed him in to the air. "universal blast" the blast destoied the dragons with only a tooth from each left. draconus colected them. he came down and started fighting again.
vindr: "dejo do you still have control of that dragon?" vindr shouted across the field
vindr / dejo: "yeah yeah i do but he ruined all my fun so i'm going to make it kill itself" dejo shouted agrily
vindr: "no!!!! dejo i want you to make it attack the rest of the army now!!!!" vindr shouted right back
vindr / dejo: "alright jeez" dejo replied "i will but tachnically i am supposed to do what anidori says not you"
vindr: "i am the leader of the wind army she is part of it and so are you so you both answer to me" he shouted back
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka saw all of the comotion from the top of the roof. She hopped down and teleported over to where the comotion was. She looked at the big dragon. Then she turned to the man who had shouted. "May I be of some assistence." She said. I have powers. I can fight." She looked at the two men. She wanted to help fight. And she knew that they neede all the help they could get. She had been watching the fight fo a while and now was her to join.
vindr: "we've this handled unless you're joining my army" vindr said to the new comer
draconus / Draconus: draconus' wings attaked more mebers of the army. "sir the leader is in our ranks somewhere. watch your back."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yes,I wish to join your army. I am Yamanaka. I can fight. May I join?" Yamanaka looked at the army leader.
PrincessOfDark / Kagome-Kaiba: 'Don't you have to test her strehght?' she sent this thought ot Vidr.
vindr: 'yes she does need to be tested btu at the moment i need fighters' vindr answered whoever was talking to him in his head "you may join but for now you are a low ranking soldier" he replied to yamanaka "oh and i knew he was here all along as a matter of fact he is moving in to attack anidori at the moment"
draconus / Draconus: "Androi(soz if i spelt it wrong.) watch your back. igore code 43 now." igore loop the looped so the enimy couldnt attack.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka smiled. "I will fight well. I will prove myself." She was happy that she could join. She had wanted to for a while and now was her chance.
vindr: "ok i need you to go find my little brother and have him erase the dragon's mind, the one he is controlling, and make you the new rider, you can ride right" vindr asked while giving orders
vindr: "by the way his name is dejo" he said before she could ask
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "Watch my bakc why? if any one trys to harm me i will kill them." she said. ((who is mobeing to attack me?))
draconus / Draconus: draconus ran to the last dragon "dejo, we have to get you out of there. your brother needs you." he said and went back in to action. he then got on the last eagle and flew up. "sir would youlike to kill the leader or shall i." (Xander Valkolf i don't see why he can't join, just don't be in the fire army.)
vindr: ((to anidori the leader of the fire army was going to attack you, to xander the wind army has been taken by me and we're fighting the fire army now , so there are watern light and dark armies left))
vindr: "draconus you may take his head" vindr said as draconus flew past him
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "yeah, I can ride. Ok I'll do it." Yamanaka left to go find Dejo's brother.
draconus / Draconus: Draconus jumped of the eagle and flew with his own wings. he detected that the leader of the fire army was on egores brother, hossus. draconus flew to him and grabbed the leader with his leggs. he then made it so he could float in the air. "possetion attack." draconus turned in to ghost mode and went in to the leaders body. all of a sudden the body was starting to tear its self limb from limb. after about ten minutes of the leader suffering pain, draconus came out of him and ripped of his head. the batle was over. "sir i would take this chance to get some new recrutes." (i want to put another one of my users in to the fire army so draconus could teach him to respect you as a leader. please and if you say yes his name will be jet.)
vindr: (sure why not if you want him to join and by the way yamanaka my name is vindr and my brother's name is dejo) vindr's body became a roiling cloud and he grew to an emmense size and boomed "any one of this army who wishes to live join this army now"
draconus / Draconus: draconus looked at the boy with some thogut. 'he is just a child. not even 16 and he was made to fight with no training at all.' he flew over to vindr and whipered in his ear. "sir i would like to take that one under my wing if you catch my drift. you see he hasn't been trianed yet and he is only 14 at a minimum age we can mould his mind to think of nothing but helping his leader.
vindr: "that is true... hmmm... that's a good idea you take this one and if you find anymore i need you to send them to me and i'll up training with others" vindr replied in a whisper
NoraNay / Yamanaka: (o,ok, you are Vindr.) Yamanaka looked back at them as some of them started to leave to attack. She started to walk toward where she would find Dejo.
vindr: "hey dejo did you do as i asked and wiped that dragon's memory to give it a new rider?" vindr boomed to his little brother from across the field
draconus / Draconus: draconus picked the boy up and took him along with the rest of the wind army. he then set up a blancet for the youth to rest. "i want you up three hours before dawn. meet me at the river." he said as he left the boy there and looked for more recrutes. he put a spell on the tent so only him can go in or out.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<I am very confused. can someone tell me what happened here?>>
vindr: ((sorry i didn't expect draconus to kill the leader that quick and thought you could fight but you can still be my dragon rider of the army))
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: ((okay what has happened????? sorry i have been gone for like EVER!!!! but i has=d stuff to atend to))
vindr: ((we have two new soldiers yamanaka and jet. yamanaka is going to use a dragon we stole from the fire army and draconus is training jet))
draconus / Draconus: draconus was meditating when he senced jet. " i see you came then. sit down. we will start by closing your mind of all emotion" he pointed to a mat next to him so jet could sit.
vindr: "do you need to introduce yourself to the dragon before you practice" vindr asked yamanaka back at camp
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yes, I think I should introduce myself." Yamanaka turned to the dragon. She rubbed her hand on the dragon's forhead. "I am Yamanaka." The dragon nudged her. "I will name you...Valerian. That is a nice name." she turned to Vindr. "So, how do I ride him?"
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: ((what do i do?...i willbe at balck opps base.medatating))
she sat in her room. blocking off her mind. thinking of nothing. she was allready 2 feet off the ground. the liked it when she did this. it was the only thing she could do to make herself happy. getting away from her thoughts about her mother, and father.
vindr: "you said you knew how to ride... nevermind you just climb into the sadle there in the nook at the base of his neck hook your legs into the loops there and hold onto the nob on the front, you need help up?" vindr asked
draconus / Draconus: draconus had gotten up ever so gently and aimed a kick to the side of jets head.......
draconus / Draconus: draconus looked at jet with disapointment. "right lesson one: keep your mind closed to all, like you were doing. why don't we try you with a blindfold." as he said blindfold he made one with a fether. "know do what you was doing before, use what comes natural. do you understand." jet noded as draconus put the blindfold on him. "i'll give you a moment to relax." he waited for jet to relax and struck again.
vindr: "ah that is beautiful don't you think dejo" vindr said watching the dragon fly then turned to dejo "you should know that you can never surprise me"
vindr / dejo: "i know but i wasn't trying to surprise you i was coming to ask why you changed the leadership of the black ops" dejo said angrily "i was doing fine with commanding them and then you put in a new comer why?"
vindr: "this is exactly why you can't take orders and if you can't take orders then i can't trust you" vindr said calmly
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka was amazed with how beautifully the dragon flew. She loved it up there. "Ok, Valerian, slowly go down to the ground." Valerian then slowly went toward Vindr and Dejo. "So, now, what do we do now." she then turned to see the other guy standing there. "Oh, you must be Dejo." she smiled at him. "I am Yamanaka."
vindr / dejo: "hi" he said turning around and walking away quickly
vindr: "don't mind him he is angry because i took his command away from him by putting anidori there instead" vindr said turning to yamanaka "hmm we still need to test your abilities... hmm... we might have you fight... no you'll fight me"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka was shocked. "Um...are you sure?" she said. She didn't want to kill him. She was told never to use her dark magic unless she was protecting something. "I guess I will have to use a sword until a real battle" she thought to herself. "I don't want to hurt him. "Ok." she said and she put her hand over the top of her sword.
vindr: "ok then let's go" he said joyfully his arms slowly forming into blades
draconus / Draconus: draconus stopped attacking jet and watched him untill he fell to the growned. he looked at the boy's horrified face and then took him to the tent. he made a herbal remody for the head and the spirt of him. the vision he had must have been strong. he reached in to his pouch and pulled out a glove, then he put it on and rested his hand on jet's head. he saw jet's vision. after 20 minutes looking at it he noticed another bit. he saw jet as a younger boy, but then horror struck and he saw why jet was in the fire army in the first place. he let go of the boy's mind and went to vindr. "sir i have a report to send you." he said as he came towards him, "but if you don't mind i would prefer i told you in my tent. so i have evedence of the report." he said as his eagles came flying by.
vindr: "can it wait i'm kinda busy" vindr said as he jumped forward to attack
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka took her blade and blocked him. Vindr spun around to get her from behind. She quickly dodged it. "He's fast." she thought to herself. He went to hit her from the side. A direct hit. Anger flew up her. She lost all control of her emotions. "No,not the dark magic!" She panicked. A black flame went up the blade and started to crush them. Vindr yelled in pain. She fought and eventually beat the anger. The black flames dissapeared. She ran over to Vindr. "No! Vindr, I'm so sorry. That power was supposed to stay hidden." she bent down to check him wound. "I tried to fight it, I really did. I'm so sorry." she looked up at Vindr.
vindr: "hahaha that is the kind of power i'm looking for, no one has ever hurt me like that but what you did after that was foolish because this fight isn't over" vindr laughed as he grabbed her ankle and yanked then put the blade of an arm on her neck "now it's over"
draconus / Draconus: "Sir now can i have a word." draconus said a little impatiancly.
vindr: "yeah what is it" vindr said still laughing
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Wait, Vindr. Um...does that mean that I'm in?" she looked at him. She felt the power running throught her.
vindr: "yeah it does you'll serve under me but not as a second in command but as an escort" vindr said not even turning around "oh and draconus gave me an idea you'll train with me, too, every morning after breakfast, about an hour after sunrise"
draconus / Draconus: "i am hounoured that you want to use my technenique." he said as he moved the leader towards his tent. "sir my student had his first vision and i have to tell you that you need to see it for yourself." he said as he put the glove on vindr and placed his hand on jets head
vindr: he winced as the vision entered his mind he had never gotten used to visions but as it ended he said "i saw things i didnot understand but i do know this if anyone is to survive the armies must die one by one and not in one battle or all will be destroyed go get anidori and have jet get anna we're gonna stop this vision from happening
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka was supprised by Vindr's response. "I get to train with him?" she thought. "I just hope my dark powers don't get out of hand." she thought of the possibilities. She shuddered.
vindr: "i hope they do because that will make it more fun but it will also allow you to find the center of these powers and control them" he said walking up to her "do you think you have enough of a bond with your new friend to go on a mission with me as part of your training"
vindr: ((uhh you are being summoned by vindr because he has special plans for the other armies, oh it's draconus who is coming to get you))
draconus / Draconus: after waking jet up and giving him orders, draconus got on to eagore and flew to find anne
vindr: vindr set up his tent with a map of the land which he set a gruop of gray tents to show where his camp "now i need to know where the other armies camps are" he said to himself still waiting on yamanaka's answer
draconus / Draconus: draconus landed in frount of anne. "you have to come with me vindr needs ever soilder he has to report back to him asap." he said as the rest of the eagle fleet came to give them a lift.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "uh..Valerian, you up for it." the creature roared with pleasure. "Yeah, we're good. And Vindr...by losing control of my powers, you know that you could get injured badly...you can still change your mind." she looked at him.
vindr: this mission should help you with the control thing but if it doesn't it will at least take out the army we're going against" vindr replied laughing hearing the sound of wingbeats he walked out of the tent told both anna and draconus to come in
draconus / Draconus: "what is it sir" draconussaid as he came in with anne
vindr: draconus you said you knew where the camp of the light army was?" vindr asked "could you put these white tents on the map to show their location"
draconus / Draconus: "here, here , here, and here." he said putting wighT FLAGS around the map. they were about 300 hundred miles away from the wind army camp in all direction.
draconus / Draconus: "here, here , here, and here." he said putting wighT FLAGS around the map. they were about 300 hundred miles away from the wind army camp in all direction.
draconus / Draconus: "here, here , here, and here." he said putting wighT FLAGS around the map. they were about 300 hundred miles away from the wind army camp in all direction.
draconus / Draconus: "here, here , here, and here." he said putting wighT FLAGS around the map. they were about 300 hundred miles away from the wind army camp in all direction.
draconus / Draconus: "here, here , here, and here." he said putting wighT FLAGS around the map. they were about 300 hundred miles away from the wind army camp in all direction.
vindr: "how many men in each camp?" vindr asked as draconus placed the flags while anidori and jet walked in
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "This is not going to turn out well" Yamanaka thought to herself. She stroked the top of Valerian's head. She looked at him in the eyes. "This is really not going to turn out well." she said to him.
vindr: "what's not going to turn out well?" vindr said smilng "have you figured out my plan already?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She turned to look at him. "Um, no I haven't, uh...I was just talking to Valerian." she looked at him and she could tell that he saw the fear in her eyes.
vindr: "with the power of you valerian and myself no one will be hurt so don't worry besides we'll be by ourselves so no one else can get hurt" vindr said still smiling "or at least with us"on that last word he looked at draconus
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "ok, I'm ready." she was still uncertain, but she trusted him.
vindr: "now draconus how many men are in each camp?" vindr said getting serious again
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Um..I'll be with you guys in a sec. I need to check up on something." she left them and walked up the hill until she was not seen. Then she took a shortcut route that she thought only she knew. She walked over to the graveyard gate. She jumped over it an walked inside. She kept walking until she went up to the gravestone with her mother's name on it. She still remembered how she died. The worst fire ever in 50 years. Her mother had pushed her out of the house and gave away her own life for her. She sat down by the gravestone and wispered "This is not going to turn out well, mother."
vindr / dejo: "hey aren't you that new dragon rider?" dejo yelled from across the graveyard walking back from his parents graves
draconus / Draconus: "500 000 per army, but the fire army only sent half of there men last night. may we ask you plan sir." draconus looked at jet. in jets eyes draconus could see great power inside him, but couldn't understand why he hadn't controlled it yet. unless he didn't know what power he had.
draconus / Draconus: "500 000 per army, but the fire army only sent half of there men last night. may we ask you plan sir." draconus looked at jet. in jets eyes draconus could see great power inside him, but couldn't understand why he hadn't controlled it yet. unless he didn't know what power he had.
vindr: "why we're going to destroy the light army" vindr said as he started smiling again "you, jet, about half the army will go to one of the camps that is about 600,000 inexperienced men" then he turned to anidori and annah "you two will take the other half of the army and go two another camp, while yamanaka, her dragon, and myself will go to a third camp" at this he turned to the map and knocked over three of the camps
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked shocked. She didn't know that anyone came to this graveyard anymore. "Um, yeah. I am." she looked at him. "Your Vindr's brither? aren't you?" she looked at him.
draconus / Draconus: "so that leaves the dark army. will we be meeting you and the rest there to get rid of all the dark. or are we coming back here." draconus asked.
draconus / Draygon: (hope you don't mind me joining as leader of the dark army.) Draygon walked his tent at a strong pace. he has the sight of ANYvision seen and the one jet saw was powerfull, and knew that someone would try and stop it. for once he didn't want to stop them but he had to, because who ever had read it read it wrong. he called for his hench men to go to the other armies and tell them not to fight. however the one that was to go to the wind army died before he had chance to get there. so all he could do was wait, slowly patently.
vindr: ((we have a dark army leader, and draconus didn't you say there were four camps))
vindr / dejo: "yeah i am and sorry about earlier i was angry that vindr took away my position" dejo replied "our parents graves are back that away but why are you here"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked down at her mother's grave. "Um, my mother." her face turned pale. "Sorry about your parents. You and Vindr are good fighters I heard. It is good that you two are in the war on this side." she looked down at her feet. "I am burdened with this curse of mine, but Vindr thinks that it will help our side. I just don't know what to do. I just don't want to hurt anybody." she looked up at him and blushed. His eyes made her feel safe.
vindr / dejo: "my brother is a good general and he knows what he is talking about, he was the reason they... i didn't just say that please don't tell vindr i told you" dejo pleaded "vindr has a seperate demon mind that when he was younger he lost control of when he got angry and went into his full demon form; well the fire and light armies came and attacked our viliage and nobody was doing anything to stop them so vindr went full demon to try to stop them but lost himself and killed our... parents" he said looking down
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka would never of guessed. "So, he's like me? Is that why he wants to help me?" It was now like everything was makeing sense. Valerian came over and nidged her in the side of her neck. She scratched his head. "I understand." she smiled a little."
vindr / dejo: "please don't tell him i told you" he said looking scared "even though he has controlled it if he is in over his head or he gets angry enogh he let's it out and... and... i don't want to die so please" he continued
draconus / Draconus: "yes i did but you have only covered 3 of 4 sir." draconus said.
vindr: "exactly we will all converge on the last one and destroy the last of the light army so that vision will not come true" vindr said smiling, he was almost laughing histarically
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I promise. We should be getting back to Vindr now." she out a hand onto her mother's grave and then hopped onto Valerian. She hald out a hand to help Dejo onto the dragon.
vindr / dejo: "thank you"he said taking her hand and climbing onto valerian
draconus / Draconus: "very well sir me and my student shallleave now and meet you here in five days." draconus said pointing to a psr (point of safe return)
vindr: "yes that point is fine and if you're leaving now take the half of the army you want and depart" vindr said then he turned to anidori "you never got around to that mission about your father, so that is what i want you to do take the black ops and find your father"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: They flew down to where Vindr was. "ok,ready to go." she said andshe helped dejo off of Valerian.
vindr: "ok well that is two of the three attacking partys ready to leave, anna you ready?" vindr said looking back. anna nods and vindr tells everyone to move out.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka was still a little bit worried, but she felt more comfortable now that she knew about Vindr. "Everything is going to be fine." she told herself.
vindr: vindr flew in the form of a giant cloud concealing yamanaka on her dragon "we're coming up on the camp we better slow down so we don't look suspicious" he said as quietly as possible
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "you heard him Valerian. Slow down a bit." Valerian slowed his pace and Yamanaka scratched his head showing her approval. "Ok, so what exactly do we do at this camp, and how does it involve me?" she looked over at Vindr.
vindr: "we're going to destroy this camp and recruit anybody who does not wish to die" vindr said with a little chuckle
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked blankly at him. "Well, how do we know that the recruit will not just join us and them betray us? And how exactly will we destroy this camp?"
vindr: "to destroy this camp we will kill the leading general of the camp, and the recruits won't betray us because they won't have an army to betray us to" he said with a maniacal laugh
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka just looked at him blankly. "I do not find the point of doing this." She looked down at her hands. "And what must I do to help with this. Do I have to use my curse?" she emphasized the word curse.
vindr: "the reason we are doing this is jet, the new recruit, had a vision that said if all armys joined in combat on one field the world would be destroyed so we are eleminating that possibility by eliminating one of the armys" slowing his maniacal laugh
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Great." she said blankly. She still wondered if she would have to use her curse. Vindr hadn't answered that question.
vindr: vindr's face appears in the cloud in front of yamanaka "you will have to use your curse if no one wishes to join us and we have to kill them all, but i will have to use my own" he said frowning
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka did not want to seem like she knew because she had made a promise to Dejo. "What do you mean?"
vindr: "i have to minds a more human mind and my demon mind my demon mind was locked up by my human mind until the fire and light armies attacked my village and i unleashed the other mind to defend my parents and killed everyone but anna and dejo" he said without a trace of regret "i am sure dejo has told someone but that doesn't mean a thing to me because that will only make me more feared and then i won't have to kill as many young souls" he said this sounding sincerely sad
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "So, your like me?" she said softly. "except I have no human mind. That is why I have no control. I hurt almost everyone I come in contact with. I even hurt you." she looked up at Vindr.
vindr: "no yamanaka that just makes it easier to control you know what you're thinking i don't know what my demon mind is thinking, and that injury you gave me was the first one since i released the other mind so you are stronger than me" he said sincerely
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka was shocked. "I don't want this burden." tears started to come from her eyes and a black flame formed around her. "No! Not again! Vindr what do I do?" Yamanaka started to panic. "I can't control the flame!"
vindr: "calm down and close your eyes then picture the flames in you head and force them to dull down" he said calmly "then picture something or someone that is dear to you and use that as a barrier"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka tightened her grip on Valerian's reigh and closed her eyes. She pictured the flames and tried to get them to dull down. They would dull down then get bigger again. She was fighting with herself. The side of her that wanted control and the side of her that wanted power. She pictured her mother. Her mothers long black hair and her face always smiling. She was struggling with her inner self. "Control...I need control." she kept telling herself. "I can do this." The flames started to dull down, until they were no more. Yamanaka kept her eyes shut.
vindr: "yamanaka you can't allow the fire to die down too much or you will lose all strength" he said trying to wake her up "if it is to low you will have to let me in your mind and i can fix it but it will be painful" he said a sadness in his voice
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka did not open her eyes. She felt weak and her hands slid off of Valerians reighs. Her head felt dizzy and she was not focused. She could hear Vindr's voice but did not know what he was saying.
vindr: vindr sees yamanaka falling off here dragon and brings her dragon to the ground then changes back to his human form then touches her forhead and enters her mind "oh my god" he said as he relizes her flame is out completely and tries to bring the flame back to life and gets it going slightly
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Vindr?" Yamanaka said sofly trying to get her eys opened. She tried to move her body but had no luck. "Vindr? are you there?" she said again softly and she tried again to move her body.
Khargath / Viriziel Took: <<Has fire or light been taken?>>
vindr: he removed his conciousness from hers as quickly and painlessly as possible and said "i'm here yamanaka i'm sorry for any pain i just caused you" he removed his hand from her head and collaspes breathing hard
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka pushed herself up. Her eyes half open. "Vindr are you ok?" she asked and then tried to keep herself up.
Khargath / Viriziel Took: <<Have either fire or light element been taken yet as to who is the leader?>>
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<Um..I'm not sure.>>
vindr: ((fire needs a new leader and light is about to be attacked by the wind army at three of four camps)) "i'm alright i just used alot of energy brinnging your fire back to life" he said tired
Khargath / Viriziel Took: <<I believe I will take charge of the Fire Element, if nobody has any objections>>
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka held her head. She could feel it pulsing. "Thank you vindr." she said and tried to smile. Her eyes were fully open now and she was regaining consiousness. She tried to move and was making progress but slowly. Her whole body ached. She stopped trying to move and looked over at Valerian to make sure he was ok. When she saw that he was she moved her gaze to Vindr. "I'm..i'm sorry." she said.
Khargath / Viriziel Took: <<Sorry to spam, this is my last OOC post. I am finding it difficult to find/create a character I see appropriate for that role, though I believe I have one who might fill the "Dark" Element, if that is unoccupied.>>
vindr: ((go ahead)) "i'm ok just a little tired but it's not your fault i didn't explain about what would happen if you put out the flame, i'm sorry, it is my fault you almost died" he said sitting up
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Well, if you don't mind, I think now would be a good time to explain." Yamanaka sat up a held herself up against Valerian.
vindr: ((we seem to have two of them)) "every demon no matter what element has that element as a life force if that life force element is extinguished then that demon dies mine is wind yours is a dark flame" he said trying to stand " i told you to make it dull down and you took it as extinguish it, it is my fault that you almost died so i brought that flame back"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I think that I understand." she moved Valerian over to Vindr so he could get on. "Here hop on. We still have a mission to accomplish." Vindr got on and Yamanaka told Valerian to fly. They went slowly behind the clouds. "Well, I am happy that you are my teacher. Maybe soon I can control it." she looked behind her to make sure Vindr was ok.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<I have to go. I will try to post tomorrow.>>
vindr: "i'm fine i just need to rest so if you could wait to attack until i say we will stand a better chance" he said slumping slightly
vindr: sits up feeling revitalized "okay i'm ready let's go" then levitates off of valerian and becomes almost full demon "when we get there i will become a fog and find the leader and will kil him i wan't you to yell from valerian that the fog below has a mind of it's own and that if they do not wish to die they will join the wind army"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok, sounds good. I don't have to use my curse." Yamanaka felt calmer now. She would not have to face her other side again,as long as she kept her emotions in check. This was difficult for her and the worry showed on her face, she new Vindr saw this.
vindr: "i am sorry to say this but if they wish to die instead of joining us then you will have to fight" vindr said with sadness in his voice
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka turned to look at him. She turned away and took a deep breath. "If I must I will. If anything bad happens, at least I know that I have someone there to help."
vindr: vindr puts an elongated arm on her shoulder and says "yes you do" then goes to the ground and spreads himself into a thin fog that rolls into the camp
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked down at Vindr. "Should I yell yet?"
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: ((sorry i have been gone so long. where am I?))
draconus / Draconus: darconus, jet and the rest of the army draconus reseaved were on there way to the dark army. he stopped them. "if any of you want to turn around now then i surgest you go. but let me tell you something, i am just as scared as you are, many people have died from war agaist the dark army and i know how hard it is to keep your cool. but if we die today, if we all die today in the frount of battle then so be it. what say you are you with me. to day we fight not only for power but for peace to the world. what say you." he belowed.
vindr: vindr in his fog form continued to billow into the camp and into a tent in which he killed the leading general of the camp, and then his face appeared in the fog so only yamanaka could see from the air and smiled
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka took that as a yes. She started yelling. "If you wish to live you will join our army and fight for peace!" She hoped they would all join them and fight for peace because she had her emotions calm for the moment and did not want to use the curse.
vindr: vindr starts to morph into full demon as he heard laughs from part of the camp and then he boomed from the center ofthe camp "your leader is dead i have killed him before you knew we were here now if you do not wish to meet his fate you will join me"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka motioned Valerian to go lower to the ground. She was just above Vindr. "Are they joining us or do I have to fight?" she asked with fear in her voice.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka motioned Valerian to go lower to the ground. She was just above Vindr. "Are they joining us or do I have to fight?" she asked with fear in her voice.
vindr: "if you wish i could allow nangoroth, my demonic side, to take control then you wouldn't have to fight" vindr said with a sadness in his voice
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "No! I couldn't allow that. I would feel bad. I'll fight." Yamanaka let her anger, hate, sorrow, sadness, take sontrol of her. Black flames flew all around her. "Stay here." she said to Valerian. "I will call you when I need you." she jumped off and landed on the gound below her. She took her hands and killed the two men running at her. She felt new strength. She only had one problem...how to stop herself from killing too many people. "Just keep control, keep control." she said to herself. The other side of her wanted power and she had to keep that side under control. flames still covered the outside of her body..like a sheild.
vindr: vindr watched her jump down from her dragon and then he divided himself into two normal sized people nangoroth and vindr both identical and both speaking at the same time "don't hold back they will all die because they do not wish to join us" they said one laughing maniacaly, the other almost crying
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka felt no mercy for these people. Her other side was in control now and she craved strenth and the blood of these people. She killed 20 others with a blast of black flames.
vindr: both vindr and nangoroth split up and destroy every soldier in their path then they meet up right after they killed the last man there "we are done here you can calm down now" they said combining again
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I'm not Yamanaka. She is weak and only wants good. My name is Danae. I am the strong one." Danae looked up at him, the black flames still surrounding her.
vindr: vindr and nangoroth split again and vindr says "yamanaka calm down and take control again" at which time nangoroth says "danae if you want power than you must help the other mind in that body"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Help her why. She is weak. She does not want power because she knows that it is her fault that our mother is dead. She does not want power." Danae looked at Vindr and nangoroth. Yamanaka started to regain control. "Go away Danae." Yamanaka gripped her head. Yamanaka regained control over her body and the black flames stopped but did not go out like last time. "Danae I am not weak, I just do not want power like you do." Yamanaka started to stand up stait now. "fine...but I will be back." Danae said before giving full control to Yamanaka. Yamanaka looked at all the people she had killed. "Did I do this?" Yamanaka said with horror on her face.
vindr: vindr said "no you did not danae did it all" and nangoroth asked "was danae created before or after your mother died?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "After my mother died. I don't know how, but she was. And she killed all of these people." Yamanaka looked around. "She won't leave me alone."
vindr: nangoroth looked down "oh then i will be of no help" and vindr said "you have to make her relize that power can only be had by working to gether because if you are forcefully put aside then your power will be lost to her but if you are willingly taken over like my self and nangoroth then your power will enhance hers"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I don't want power. I hate this curse!" and with that Yamanaka ran off away from Vindr. She stopped running when she lost sight of vindr and called Valerian over to her. Tears were running down her face. she pushed the emotion aside and rubbed Valerian's head.
vindr: vindr and nangoroth combine again and chase after yamanaka "she doesn't get what i'm saying" he said to himself
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka was angry and sad at the same time and didn't know what to do. She knew she would have to go back to Vindr. she had no one else who acted like they cared for her. Vindr was all she had.
vindr: vindr finally catches up to her and says "i wasn't saying you wanted power i was telling you of a way to keep her from hurting your friends" he then sits on the ground breathing heavily
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I know you weren't." she said calmly not looking at him. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I ran." she finnaly looked up at him.
vindr: "you see i let nangoroth take sometimes just so i can rest but because i allow him to take over it doubles his power and if you make danae relize this you will have already come half way to controling the curse" vindr said standing again
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "She doesn't listen to anyone but herself. I've tried reasoning eith her. Nothing comes out from it." yamanaka stood up next to vindr.
vindr: "then let me talk to her" nangoroth said vindr letting him take control
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "How will you do that?" Yamanaka said relising that nangoroth was talking.
vindr: "i will make her relize that the power she wants she can get from you if you let her take control" nangoroth said looking her in the eye "and if she relizes this she will leave you alone until you need her to take control and eventually you will become closer than you ever imagined"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "She hates me because even though you don't think so, i did kill my mother and she was right a bout everything." Yamanaka said with no expression.
<<Got to get off now. I will get on tomorrow.>>
vindr: vindr has control again "that is how nangoroth was in the begining he hated me for creating him to kill" looks up thinking "as a matter of fact he was exactly like danae"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I did not create Danae. My brother did. His name was Kain and after I had killed my mother, he hated me. he did not believe that i did it by accident. So he created Danae to kill me from the inside....but she didn't. She was too weak at the moment so instead when she takes control she kills people and tries to gain power. I do not think that nangoroth is anything like Danae." Yamanaka looked away from Vindr.
vindr: "until about five years ago nangoroth wanted to kill me and almost did but i stopped him and told him about what i had discovered about his powers" vindr said looking down
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "His powers?" she asked not knowing that they had different abilities.
vindr: "yeah he has different powers he has some telepathic abilities as well as telekenetic" vindr said smiling "and i can control water and not just the wind"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "That must be useful. But....fine I'll get Danae." Yamanaka said and closed her eyes. After 5 minutes her eyes opened. "What do you want?" Danae said angirly.
vindr: ((...))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<What who are you?>>
vindr: ((it was me i was on the wrong profile))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<oh, ok.>>
"And why should I listen to you?" Danae replied.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<hey Vondr are you still in the RP?>>
vindr: ((i'm still here)) "if you wish for more power you will stop taking over by force that only reduces your power" he said preparing for a fight "the more in sync you become with your host the more power you will gain"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka relised that he was getting ready to fight and Danae let the black flames control her. "I will kill you where you stand." and Danae ran at Vindr.
<<I won't be on over the weekend but i am still in this RP.>>
vindr: nangoroth smiles and his eyes become cloudy and his body becomes less solid "i am not vindr and i'm not as slow as he is" as he said this he seemed to melt from one spot to another not being touched "i will not harm you because that would mean harming a friend of vindr's"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Careing makes you weak." Danae said and tried to hit nangoroth but his body was not solid. Her fire though burned him. It was not normal fire. nangoroth yellped in pain. Yamanaka fought for control and Danae gripped her head. "Enough Danae!" and Yamanaka was in control again. Yamanaka ran over to make sure nangoroth was ok. "I am so sorry." she said coming over to him.
vindr: "it's nothing for all i need is water and i can heal my body for it is only a flesh wound" he said cringing "you should have let the fight continue i can show her true power without harming you"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I doesn't matter anyway. I am better with out her." and Yamanaka helped nangoroth up.
vindr: nangoroth accepts her help graciously and lets vindr take over again "if you want i can remove her but that would only make you weaker" he said looking at her with sadness in his eyes "or i could put her into a deep sleep that will allow you to tap into her powers, but there is a possibility that you may go to sleep and never wake up also..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "No..no, it's fine. she is my burden and I will counquer her."
vindr: "i just want to help because i know that what you have to go through is hard" he said trying to sound less worried than he was "that is why i made the deal with nangoroth"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "What type of deal?" she asked scared of what he would tell her.
vindr: "i let him use my power to gain his own and he gets to eat the souls of powerful enemies to gain his own powers" he said looking down "but that is my part of the deal his part is that i choose when he takes over and he doesn't harm my friends or my allies"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I do not understand." she said solemly. She did not want him to get hurt.
vindr: "basically i let him eat the souls of the strong people we fight and he doesn't hurt the people i don't want him to hurt" he said looking her in the eye
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "No, i will not allow that, she is my burden." Yamanaka looked sad.
vindr: "it's less of a burden if you don't have to fight her i should know" vindr said smiling a little
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "i don't care, i will fight her myself."
vindr: "i wish to help if i can, but if you don't want me to i won't" the sadness returning to his face
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I did not mean to offend you, it's just....." her voice trailed off and horror came upon her face. "Maxim!" she said in horror. Vindr turned around and saw a man dressed in all black. "Hello, yamanaka, happy to see me?" he said and he smirked. "Danae didn't kill you yet? I'm dissapointed." he smiled slyly.
vindr: at the sight of this man vindr and nangoroth split once again into two seperate beings "what do you want?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: The man turned to Yamanaka. "You never told him about me? I thought that you would've told him about me."he turned back to Vindr. "My name is Maxim and i am Yamanaka's brother." he put on a wicked smile.
vindr: vindr and nangoroth go to opposite sides of maxim and say in unison "so you are the bastard who did this to her" both of their eyes becoming pure white as they go to full power
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "So, what if I am, what's it to you, you barely know her. She is a murderer." flames surrounded Maxim but red flames not black. "She killed my parents she deserves to die!" Maxim shouted. Yamanaka looked at the ground.
vindr: "we know her well enough to know that she doesn't deserve this pain or the pain of death" they said both of them moving farther apart to make the best of the move they are about to use "yamanaka back up"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka backed up. She didn't know what to say or do at that moment. Maxim started to run at Yamanaka and knocked her to the ground. she was not prepared for the rebound blow she took to the head. She mouned in pain and looked up and saw Maxim above her. "Danae failed to kill you, but I won't!" Yamanaka was barely concious. She tried to withstand the blow she took to her head. Maxim's body was covered in flames.
vindr: vindr moved so fast that his body left trails of cloud "you will not touch her" it took a minute for nangoroth to relize what happened but when he did he followed vindr
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked up at her brother. His shoulder length black hair mixed with the flames was mezmerizing. she struggled to keep herself concious. she saw vindr running toward her and she dropped to the ground. He brother raised a hand to give the final blow, and Yamanaka was prepared for it.
vindr: vindr tackled maxim allowing nangoroth to get yamanaka out of harm's way "i said you will not harm her" vindr said taking the air out of his lungs
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanak was placed gently on the groun. She did not know what was going on. "what....nangoroth, what is going in?" she held her head. she was slowly falling deeper and eeper into sleep but tried to stay awake.
vindr: "vindr is fighting your brother with a passion i have never seen from him" nangoroth said with fear in his voice "he is stealing power from me and draining air from your brother..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Maxim!" Yamanaka got up with strength she did not have and ran over to Vindr. She saw then fighting. "No! don't kill him! " she looked down. He is my only family." she said softly. she ran up to him. "Vindr, stop!" She shouted still running toward him.
vindr: maxim had passed out when vindr heard yamanaka and stopped "he was trying to kill you" he yelled still pinning maxim down
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I know. But...I.." she didn't know what to say.
she wanted him to die, but danae didn't. "i don't know." her brother looked so different when he was out.
vindr: "if you don't want me to kill him i won't but i will atleast paralyze him..." vindr said putting his hand over maxim's spine preparing to use air pressure to pinch the nerves in his back
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "fine.' she said softly. There wa something different about vindr. She had never seen him protect her like that.
vindr: vindr's eyes turn white and he felt a pop then his eyes return to normal "there now he won't be able to hurt you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Thank you." was all she could say before colapsing. She hels held her head. It hurt so much. She held it in her hands.
vindr: vindr runs over and kneels next to her "you okay?" nangoroth walks over puts his hand on vindr's shoulder and shimmers out and is once again part of vindr
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She was still holding her head. "Yeah, i will be.>> she smiled faintly at him.
vindr: "is there anything i can do?" vindr asked putting his hand on her back
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "No, i am fine, honestly, thank you." she looked at him and held his arm for support while she stood up slowly. "thank for everything, both of you." she smiled at Vindr.
vindr: "it's nothing" vindr said standing beside her making sure she was all right before letting nangoroth take over "it was my pleasure helping you" he bows to her and then vindr regains control
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "you risked your life for me which is more than what anyone else has ever done." she put her hand on Vindr's shoulder. "Oh, i forgot about Valerian." she called him and the dragon came down. she rubbed his head and appoligized.
vindr: "i protect everyone of my soldiers as best i can," he said looking into the sky "but you are different, you have the same troubles i had a few years ago..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Tell me, i know little of your past. You do nat have to speak if you do not want to." she looked up at him still holding onto him.
vindr: "you already know how nangoroth became part of me... well it took me 14 years to get him to stop killing people without a reason... i finaly did five years ago, i was fourteen and made the deal with him..." he said looking down
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "What deal?" this was still all confussing to her.
vindr: "you don't remember me telling you of the deal just before maxim showed up?" vindr asked looking confused
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "My head hurts, I'm not thinking at the moment. It will come to me though." she thought for a minute. "Oh, yes about making each other powerful and helping each other." she slowley walked over to her brother. He looked so helpless. like she did when he was attacking her. she knelt down by him.
vindr: "i understand why you don't want hin to die but i don't know why you sympathize him..." he said looking at maxim
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "We used to be close. but then I killed my parents by accident." Tears sprang from her eyes but she fought back her emotions. "then he came to hate me. But we were close so i still love that part of him..even though it is gone." she did not look up at vindr.
vindr: "well i could help with that also..." vindr said sadness creaping into his voice
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "what?!" she spun around and clutched her head.
vindr: "with nangoroth's powers i could erase that part of his memory and put in a manufactored one..." he said the sadness definent now
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled, but then the smile faded. "i would love that, but then....he would be living a lie. Let him hate me, it is better than living a lie." she smiled at Vindr and held his arm to push herself up.
vindr: "well then i am forced to make him live the rest of his life paralyzed" he said looking down
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I am ok with that." she said putting her hand on vindr's shoulder. "you did the right thing. Thank you." she smiled at him. "we should head back to camp. There is nothing left to do here anymore." she said.
vindr: "no we must head to the fourth camp and wait about a mile out for the rest of the army" vindr said smiling
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "ok." she said. "i need to get my strenght back though, so I will try to stay out of any fights. i have had my share of battles for now." she looked up at the sky.
vindr: "i can lend you some of my strength..." vindr said looking at her with a feeling he hasn't felt since before his village was destroyed...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok, thank you." she said blushing a bit. She let go of his shoulder.
vindr: "it's nothing i am glad to help if i can..." he said putting his hand on her forehead and transfering some of his strength to her
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she felt the strength coming back to her. she stood up with out having to support herself on vindr. "Ok, you lead the way." she said. "wait." she walked over to her brother and removed a bracelette from her pocket. she laid the bracelette on Maxim's stomach. she kissed him gentaly on his cheek." she stood up again and walked over to Vindr. "i took it from him before I left home. We have the same bracelette." she said showing hers. "ok, now we can go."
vindr: "let's ride valorian at the moment i can't change shape..." vindr said
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "ok." she called Valerian down and they got on. "You contro him, i don't know where we are headed." she handed the reighns to vindr.
vindr: "i already told him the directions he can get us there on his own now... and sorry, it was rude of me to speak to him with my mind without permission" vindr said climbing on to valorian
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I's fine, honestly." Valorian flew up in high in the air. "valorian, try to stay behind the clouds." Yamanaka said and Valorian followed the instructions.
vindr: "ok well in any case i'll ask next time..." vindr said leaning forward a little
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Valerian landed. "Where are we?" she asked. The camp looked like an awful place to be. It had bad tents. "How do these people live here?" she asked still bewildered.
vindr: "something is wrong this camp is supposed to have the most soldiers..." vindr said looking around "we should leave"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka stuVindr's face and knew something bad was going to happen if they stayed. "Ok, where to." just after she said that a mob of sorry looking soldires cam charging at them. "What?!" she said getting knocked down by some of the soldiers. All of a sudden black flames filled the area. "Alright, no more holding back." she said, killing 5 soldiers at one time.
vindr: 'these can't be the elite soldiers i was told about, i could take them out with one blow' he thought to himself "yamanaka don't ware yourself out i think there are more lieing in wait..." vindr said killing twenty soldiers without even going to full demon
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Great." she said. she stared walking toward the camp. Soldiers tried to stop her but with one touch of the flames they fell to the ground. she was more powerful than before. she headed for the camp. He head was clouded by weird thoughts.
vindr: "yamanaka what are you doing?" he yelled killing more of the soldiers
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She did not respond. She kept walking, she did not know what was happening, her head started to hurt again and she was full of the anger, sadness, and sorrow of the soldiers.
vindr: vindr and nangoroth split again, nangoroth fighting the soldiers vindr running after yamanaka "stop you'll get yourself killed going in there without backup..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka tuned everything out. She listened carefully. She heard every though of the dying soldiers. The yells and cries. she continued walking. something was pulling her into the camp, she did not know what it was.
vindr: vindr went full demon to keep from getting injured by the flames then grabs her arm yelling "stop!!!"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka held her head and realised where she was. "Vindr!" she yelled. "So many voices!" she said.
vindr: "was danae moving you?" vindr asked killing a soldier behind her which brought him closer to her without him relizing it
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "There is something in the camp...that Danae wants me to get to." Yamanaka was scared. She held her head in pain. "So many voices!" she screamed.
vindr: since he was already there he pulled her closer not knowing what he was doing "whatever it is we will kill it... nangoroth can help that headache"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: A beats suddenly came put of the camp and threw Vindr away from Yamanaka, she went in the other direction. she stood up slowly and looked at vindr. Flames started swirling aroung Yamanaka and she had a blank stare.
vindr: vindr sees the beast and yells "nangoroth i need your help!!" then he runs toward yamanaka again trying to save her from herself while nangoroth grows and attacks the beast borrowing energy from vindr to do so...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka started walking toward the beast. Her body moving without her control. Flames were spinning and she saw sorrow and pain and hate.
vindr: vindr knew he couldn't do anything with the beast still alive so he launched himself at it faster than even nangoroth thought possible "raaaawwwwr"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka realized that Danae was not with her. she had stayed with her bother and left all of her power with her. She could not control this pwoer and it was consuming her, which was what danae wanted. she continued toward the beast.
vindr: vindr smashed into the beast's head knocking it back "you will die!!!" he then proceded in creating a vortex bubble around it's head drawing every ounce of breath from it's lungs
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka stopped walking and stood there. The flames were starting to engulf her. She held her head in pain and started to hear the voices again. The falmes started circling her.
vindr: "it is finished..." then turns to yamanaka and relizes he was almost too late, so he moves as fast as possible to her...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka saw Vindr running toward her and tries to put a hand out to him. She still stood there frozen with fear that she had never felt before. "Vindr, help me." was all that she could wisper at that moment.
vindr: vindr took more energy from nangoroth to speed himself up when he hears her voice "i'm coming" he whispered as he was only feet away
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanak was about to fall to the ground when she was caught be Vindr. "Vindr, it's consuming me." she wispered to him as she layed there unmoving.
vindr: "you will not be consumed... i will not allow it" he said then he put his hand on her head and it glowed white as did his eyes he entered her mind and placed a barrier around the flames so he could work on them without using much energy or causing yamanaka pain...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka felt the pain start to leave her. she then saw her past like a movie in her head. The black flames around her house. then her brother with the stone that unleashed Danae. Danae was not with her though. she felt Vindr, going through her mind, consealing the darkness that lerked within her.
<<go to go, be on tomorrow, bi.>>
vindr: vindr slowly extinguished the flames making sure they didn't go out completely and watches what happened in yamanaka's past and noticed a discrepency... ((ok))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanak slowley awoke and looked up and saw Vindr. she held her head, she did not rmember much of what happened. "What...is going on/' she questioned.
vindr: "danae left you with her power unbound and you couldn't handle it..." he said a sadness in his voice then he smiles "i have bound them to your soul so you can learn to control them and won't allow her to take them back..." without thinking he leaned down and kissed her, but when he relized what he was doing, he pulled back saying "i'm sorry i shouldn't have..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka blushed and looked away. "It's fine." she said and she leaned up and kissed him back. When she pulled away she looked away from him.
vindr: vindr smiles "...do you still wish to try to control danae's power?" he said looking around making sure there were no soldiers anywhere near
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yes." she said standing up. "Could you teach me?" she asked, still blushing.
vindr: "i would love to..." he said his face a deep shade of red...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok, then let's get started, i can stand." she said moving out of Vindr's arms to prove that she could do it. Her head was stil in pain though, but she could handle the little bit of pain that she had left. She noticed that his face was red also and she smiled.
vindr: he chuckles "well i can see you can stand, but you won't be able to concentrate on controlling the power if we start now... plus i'm not in any shape to delve into your mind again..." he then motions for her to come sit down "nangoroth has most of my energy so he can hunt down the remaining soldiers..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sat down next to him. She never realised how much vindr had meant to her until these past few days. "Ok, but you must promise that you will teach me." she said and she blushed again.
vindr: "i will, i will, but at the moment that barrier i put up to protect your mind from here power isn't strong enough to rebuild itself..." he said smiling "which means that if you open the barrier now it will stay open and let to much of her energy out..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok, I understand." she said smileing at him. She saw nangoroth coming toward them. "hey, look who's back." she said to vindr.
vindr: vindr turned around and saw nangoroth coming up with blood all over him, but vindr knew it was the blood of the soldiers not his other half "i need my energy back now so i can get us something to eat..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked at nangoroth. "Are you ok?" she asked, she knew that it was not his blood but she wanted to make sure that he was not hurt.
vindr: nangoroth looked at her, his eyes completely black, "i'm fine, though i still have a bloodthirst..." he then turns to vindr "i'm going to my demension and hunt..." the rejoins bodies with vindr
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka was confused. "his demention?" she asked not sure what he meant.
vindr: vindr smiles "about a year after i made the deal with him he discovered a demension that had many animals but no humans, demons, or elves..." he said twitching as the energy nangoroth borrowed comes rushing back "well he built himself a house and when he is not in control or in his own body he is in that demension..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I understand." she said and this information brought thought of what did Danae do when she was not in control, which was most of the time. "Um...Vindr...when you go hunting, can i come too?" she asked him. She did not want to be left alone in this camp.
vindr: "yeah sure... i was going to ask if you wanted to come anyway..." he said standing up with some stiffness
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Thank you." she said and she took his hand in hers. She stood up next to him. She turned to him and smiled.
vindr: he smiles back and kisses her on the cheek then turns toward a forest that is about a mile from the camp
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka smiled at him and followed him. They reached the forest and started to walk inside. It was dark but Yamanaka felt safe next to Vindr.
vindr: he smiled and opens up his mind to find a creature to eat and brushes yamanaka's conciousness by accident
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka felt her mind being entered. she cringed. She hated that feeling. Her grip on Vindr's habd tightened.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<Got to get off, be on tomorrow if I can.>>
vindr: winces as the bones in his hand rub together "i'm sorry the mental touch was me..." he said then he finds the deer he was looking for and uses his mind to kill it
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She calmed herself down. "i'm sorry." she said looking up at him. she losened the grip on his hand.
vindr: "it's ok... you weren't expecting the mental contact... it should be me who appoligizes" he said grabbing the deer and lifting it up on his shoulder "let's leave this forest it is too hard to see... i don't like it"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok." she said and followed him out. They went back toward the camp and just being there sent shivers though her. She mentally contacted with Valerian to make sure he was ok. When she found out that he was she continued to follow Vindr.
vindr: he frowms wondering where the rest of the army was they were supposed to be here "hey yamanaka can you ask valerian to fly up and look for the rest of our army?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok." she said and she sent the message to Valerian. She waited for about 5 minuted then turned to Vindr with a grim look on her face. "Valerian said that there was a fire, many died, he is not sure if any of them are living, it doesn't look good though. i'm sorry." she sadi with sadness in her voice.
vindr: he stops dead in his tracks "oh no dejo... and anna..." he said then he turns to yamanaka "where was the fire? i have to get there..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She asked Valerian. "In the mountains. Here Valerian is coming." she said and Yamanaka hopped on valerian and extended a hand for vindr to take.
vindr: he took her hand and hopped onto valerian trying to hide his fear "we need to get there as fast as possible..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok." she said and Valerian took off. They got there very quickly and they both got off. Yamanaka watched Vindr run over to where the dead soliders layed.
vindr: he searchs the faces of all the dead soldiers and lets out a sigh of releaf "dejo and anna are not here..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka stayed where she was. she hated to be around the dead. "So, where are they?" she asked standing her ground, nothing surprised her anymore.
<<I don't think that they are in the RP anymore.>>
vindr: ((the two people i'm talking about are me)) they are probably in hiding from that beast... they probably don't know it's dead..." he said walking back over to her and upon seeing her face he said "we can leave here if you want"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up her face was pale and she nodded. Just being here made her shiver. It was like a death field with burned bodies and ashes everywhere. The fire had taken many lives. She turned to vindr as she climbed up on Valerian. "How come i can hear the thoughts of other peolple?" she asked.
vindr: he looks at her in surprise "where are these voice, in what direction?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "No, from before. I could hear the voices of the soliders that we were fighting. I could hear their thought. Why? How?" Yamanaka had so many questions and did not know what she wanted to know first.
vindr: "do you leave your mind open?" he asked hoping on valerian
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Do i leave my mind open? Open to what?" she asked. She did not understand all she knew was that she had heard all of the voices at one time.
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vindr: "when you speak with your mind you are opening your mind and conciousness to that person..." he said making sure he was ready for the rush of take off "and if you leave your mind open and you are around people who can't close their minds you will hear their thoughts"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I understand." she said. The got back to the camp and for the first time she entered the camp. It was dark and empty. She looked for a tent that was still intact. whe she found one she walked in with Vindr and sat down and started to make a fire to cook the deer on.
vindr: he looked at her while the deer was cooking and noticed she was still pale "are you ok?" he asked concerned
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up at him and tried to smile at him. "I'm fine." she said trying to sound reasureing.
vindr: "are you sure?" he asked sitting closer to her "cause you look like you're about to puke..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked away. "I'm fine." she said in a steady tone.
vindr: "ok..." he said staying where he was and stoking the fire "the deer will be done any minute"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: When the deer was done they ate in silence. Yamanaka sat and looked down at her plate. she barely ate anything. She was too shaken up to eat anything. she stood up. "I'm going to get some air." she said and she statted for the door.
vindr: he watched her exit while taking control of an ant and crawling onto her shoe to make sure he could help if there was a need "you might not want to wander to far there may still be some stray soldiers..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok." she said dryly and she left. She wandered around the camp, looking into random tents to see if anyone was around. She found no one so she sat with her back against a tent and shut her eyes. She was thinking about all of the past events. Then she thought about how vindr had defended her against her brother. He was the pnly person who cared for her and that meant a lot.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka stood up after thinking and walked back to the tent. She walked in and aaw Vindr on the floor, sitting by the fire.
vindr: he smiles as she walks back in "what did you have to think about?" he asked with a big smile "and don't tell me nothin cause when someone 'has to get some air' they're thinking about something..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at him and smiled. she sat down neat to him byt eh fire. "Just the past events." she said to him and she looked at him and blushed.
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vindr: he looks at her resisting the urge to kiss her again but says "has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes..." ((ok see ya))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up suprised. "No,But thank you." she said and her face redened more. She looked away so he wouldn'y notice.
vindr: he smiles and turns toward the fire "i'm sorry if i embarassed you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "No, it's ok." she turned back to him. "no one has ever treated me like you do." she said. She smiled at him. "Thank you for everything."
vindr: "it's no problem, i'd be happy to help with anything..." he said returning his gaze to her
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and leaned in to kiss him. Her lips touched his lightly. she pulled away and her face turned red. "I'm sorry....I just....." her voice trailed off and she turned away.
vindr: he smiles and turns her face to his and kisses her, when he pulls back he says "it's fine..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled at him. There was no need for words. They both knew what each other was thinking. "It's getting late." she said standing up. "We should get to bed." and she walked over to one of the cotts and sat at the edge of it.
vindr: he smiled and nodded "yeah we should... i'm going to do something first..." he said walking out of the tent and asking nangoroth if he is ok to watch over them "yeah i'm good..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka layed back against the cot and sleep came easily. But she had many nightmares, most of them included either Danae or Maxim. she awoke and was breathing hard. she looked over at Vindr but his back was to her so she could not see his face. she walked outside and sat against the tent.
vindr: nangoroth,who had been keeping guard of the tent, walked over to yamanaka "what's up?" he asked sitting next to her knowing vindr was awake
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up at him. "nothing...just a bad dream...that's all." she said trying to push the subject away.
vindr: he could tell she didn't want to talk about it, but nangoroth wasn't the type to give up that easily "you mind telling me?" he asked making a connection with vindr so he knows what's going on
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "It's just....my brother....and Danae....they are still out there." she said looking down. "It is haunting me." she said still looking at the ground.
vindr: "do you think danae will leave your brothers side?" he asked remembering what vindr had done for her
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "No, she will only help him get stronger. That is what i am afraid of." she said and she shivered from the night air.
vindr: "ok then, why are you worrying? he has been parylized, until vindr fixes it" he said smiling and relaying this info to vindr who sits up and starts to head out of the tent "and now i must go, i'm tired..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok. Good night." she said to him and she watched as vindr came out. "Hello." she said looking up at him. she smiled slightly.
vindr: "hi... i can reaasure you he won't be able to reverse what i did..." he said sitting next to her
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She let out a sigh of releif. "I know, i worry too much." she said looking up at him. "i guess it's just a habit." she looked down again.
vindr: he put his arm around her "no... you can never worry too much... but unless danae can control air he won'tbe moving..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "That's a releif." she said and she smiled up at him. It was cold and she shivered in the night air. "That's good." she said still smileing.
vindr: he frowned and pulled her closer "you wanna go back inside the tent?" he asked concerned
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yes." she said standing up. she walked in and sat down by the fire. Trying to warm herself up. she looked up at vindr. "So where to next?" she asked eager to leave this camp.
vindr: "actualy i hadn't thought past the fight at this camp..." he said siting next to her again
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok, i guess we will stay here al long as we need to, take your time." she said and she smiled at him, but behind her smile was fear.
vindr: "we can leave as soon as you like... i need to find my brother anyway..." he said sensing the fear that was behind her smile
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "i hope he is ok." she said. "But i9 do not want to rush you." she looked down. She fought the urge to get close to him.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<got to go, bi be on tomorrow.>>
vindr: "we'll leave in the morning... i don't want to make you stay here any longer than you want to..." he said putting his hand on hers
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She blushed and looked down. "Thank you." she said looking at him, her face still red.
vindr: "my pleasure..." he said looking into her eyes "i don't want you to be... uncomfortable..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked away. His hand was still on hers. "Vindr....I..." her voice trailed off. She wanted to try and explain how she felt about him, but she could not find the words.
vindr: he samiled "i know..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She blushed again and smiled back. she kissed him gently and looked back at him. "good." she said.
vindr: he kisses her again "and i feel the same about you..." he said remembering the first person to ever make him feel this way
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at him, almost studying him. "Something is on your mind. Want to talk about it?" she asked.
vindr: "it's nothing just... a happy memory..." he said smiling
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled at him. "Good, if you are depressed then that's not good.....for me anyway." she said laughing a little.
vindr: he chuckles and kisses her "i won't be getting depressed anytime soon..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. She stood up and walked over to her cot and sat on the edge. she couldn't wait for tomorrow to come, she would finally leave the camp. she opened her mind and reached Valerian. "are you ok?" she said to Valerian. "Yes, of course. Are you ok? You were really shaken up before." he replied calmly. "Yes, thank you, everything worked out. We will be leaving tomorrow." she said. "Good i will be waiting. Good night." "Night." she replied.
eggshells / Excaleon: "what thoust demons mark thy day with beriddled contradictions that they may bestow my life with more dispelling concoctions? Thou be-ist a foe of a region for thy?" Ecaleon rustles ontop of his horse, he examines the startled face of the young woman, yet is puzzled by the stern look of the male, he wonders if they be the ones causing trouble in this distant land.
eggshells / Excaleon: "what thoust demons mark thy day with beriddled contradictions that they may bestow my life with more dispelling concoctions? Thou be-ist a foe of a region for thy?" Excaleon rustles ontop of his horse, he examines the startled face of the young woman, yet is puzzled by the stern look of the male, he wonders if they be the ones causing trouble in this distant land.
vindr: vindr sat on the cot across from her "why don't you ask her if she wants to sleep over here..." nangoroth asked, with a slight snicker "i will not... i'm not going to make her mad at me..." vindr replied feeling a little angry, he returned his gaze to her knowing she wouldn't hear the conversation that had just gone on in his head...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up at him, feeling his gaze on her. "Valerian will meet us tomorrow." she said smiling. Her smile faded when she saw anger in Vindr's eyes. "you ok?" she asked concerned. she hoped that she had not said something wrong.
vindr: he smiles "ok... i'm fine, just nangoroth being himself... he said something he shouldn't have..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She laughed slightly and layed back in her cot. she started at the ceiling. she heard a voice in her head. "You will die!" said the voice. She knew it was Maxim's. Her face tunred pale and she turned her body away from Vindr. she did not want to worry him.
vindr: he smiles "ok... i'm fine, just nangoroth being himself... he said something he shouldn't have..."
vindr: he smiles "ok... i'm fine, just nangoroth being himself... he said something he shouldn't have..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<You repeated yourself,look below that I replied.>>
vindr: ((i know my comp fucked up...)) vindr could tell something was up he could feel it in the air "what happened?" he asked sitting up
PrincessOfDark: ((omg i am here this is ani. i am back. someone fill me in.))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looekd at him, her face was pale. She did not reply. "Valerian, be careful." Yamanaka said to him. "I will." he replied. she shut her eyes and took a deep breath. "I'm fine...I-It's n-nothing." she said trying to calm down.
vindr: he stood up walked over to her "please tell me what's wrong" he kneeled next to the cot "i want to help.. cause it doesn't seem like nothing..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She took a deep breath. "I-It's....Maxim." she said tears starting to well up in her eyes. "Danae is getting stronger." she said now tears rolling down her cheek.
vindr: he sits on the cot and pulls her close "i won't let them near you... and as long as i'm protecting you, so will nangoroth..." he said wiping her tears away
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled slightly and leaned against him. she started to cry again from fear and stress from these last past days. "Danae is going to train and get strong enough to come after me. I don't want you getting hurt." she said the tears slowly stopping.
vindr: he smiles "and while she's training you will be too... or did you forget?" he kissed her forehead "so it will be three on one and i don't think she will like those odds especially with the power from that creature nangoroth devoured earlier..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled. she remembered that he said that he was going to train her and help her control her power. she kissed him and shut her eyes slightly when she pulled away. "Thank you." she said and smiled again.
vindr: he smiles "it is my pleasure... the first step can be done while we fly with celemir tommorrow..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Good, i am ready, but I am incredably tired." she said.
<<What is Clemir.>>
vindr: ((sorry wrong dragon... on another sight i have a dragon named celemir... i meant valerion)) "ok you go to sleep... i'm not tired and need to prepare anyway..." he said getting up off the cot
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and layed back against the cot. she shut her eyes and sleep came to her. she slept through her nightmares. she got up and saw the sun shining through. she sat up and looked at Vindr. "Good morning." she said and smiled.
vindr: he smiled "i'm ready to go unless you want breakfast... cause i'll make some, but it will take a little while" he said taking out some of the deer
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "i'm not hungry." she said softly. "so, we can go." she said.
vindr: he puts up the deer meat "ok let's go everything is ready..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: They walked outside and she called Valerian. He flew down and she ran over and hugged him. He smiled back at her. "Did everything go ok." he said to her. "Yes, everything was fine." she said not wanting to talk about her dreams.
vindr: he waits for her to get on valerion first before climbing on "ok we're gonna go through the first lesson in your training..." he said when they got airborne
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She was worried and excited at the same time. "Ok, I'm ready." she said.
vindr: "ok... look through your mind until you find the barrier..." he said smiling and preparing to delve into her mind to put up another barrier
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She shut her eyes and thought hard until she felt the barrier of her mind. "Ok." she said."Next?"
vindr: "ok now i want you to break a small hole in it... so that a small amount of the flames escapes..." he said putting his hand on her head
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She did and she felt dizzy. "Ok, next?" she said lowering her tone as she felt the power rush through her.
vindr: "now try to ignite the end of your finger without igniting the rest of your body..." he said keeping his hand on her head
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She thought hard and then a flame appeared on her finger. It slowly crept up her arm and she struggled to control it. She squeezed her eyes shut and her head was in pain.
vindr: he saw it creep up her arm and entered her mind to reseal the barrier "that was good, you just need to learn to concentrate..." he said smiling a little "lets wait a little before we try again"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sighed. The word concentrate rang in her head. How could she concentrate with everything wirling around her mind. she sighed and looked away. "Ok." she said looking out into the distance.
vindr: he turns her face to his "you did pretty good for the first try..." he said then his kisses her
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. "Thank you. Maybe i will concentrate better once this war is over." she said half sarcastically. "i hope we can find your brother too." she said smiling at Vindr.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<won't be on until thursday...going on vacation..sorry.>>
vindr: "he'll be fine, he can take care of himself and he's with anna..." he said smiling "i want to help you first..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled at him. "Thank you." she said blushing again.
<<See you thursday.>>
vindr: "it's my pleasure..." he said his face turning slightly red "we can start again when you're ready..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<Cool i can post a few more replys before i leave.>>
Yamanaka took a deep breath. "Ok, i'm ready." she said trying to be optimistic.
vindr: "ok... go through the steps again..." he said putting his hand on her head again
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<Hey I'm back.>>
Yamanaka took a deep breath and shut her eyes. she concentrated hard of the wall around her mind until it cracked a little and she felt the power ron through her. she let the flame appear on her finger tip and then she slowly opened her eyes and smiled.
vindr: "good... now try to move the small flame up your arm without it getting bigger..." he said smiling
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She shut her eyes again concentrated. Her eyes flashed open when she smeled smoke. Her flame lost control and started to get bigger. The smell of smoke made her remember when she had killed her mother with her fire...it also made her remember her brother's fire. she shut her eyes tightly again and took control of the flame. It started to get smaller and she let out a sigh of releif.
vindr: when he saw the flame grow larger he entered her mind and saw the memory so he pulled back not wanting her to get mad because of what he saw...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She made the flame disappear from veiw. she looked at valerian. "Is that where we are headed?" she asked him. "Yes, why are you worried?" he said sympathetically. "Wherever fire seems to be...Maxim is there." she replied gravely. "Well, vindr is strong and will protect you with his life. i am here to help as well." he said. Yamanaka calmed down a bit and shut her eyes. "Everything will be ok." she told herself.
vindr: he nods "i will protect you, nothing will hurt either of you and that i swear..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at him. Her face was still pale. she smiled slightly and looked down. Valerina started to land. Yamanaka got off and looked across the land. The tents were on fire and the smell of smoke filled the air. she felt hate,anger and sadness fill her and she fought with the emotions, taking control. she looked away from vindr.
vindr: looks sad and hops off valerian "you ok?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I'm fine." she said bluntly walking a head of him. she didn't want to talk about it. she stopped and looked back at him. "Im sorry...it's...just memories that will not leave me alone." she said looking down.
vindr: ((sorry off topic but is your pic daisuke from dnangel?)) he looks into her eyes "you know i can help... just say the word and i will..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up and blushed. "The flmaes....they remind me...of when....my mother..." her voice trailed off as she heard a voice. she spun around. "I always knew that you two would get together. How pathetic." the voice said. "Danae!" Yamanaka said her face turning pale. "What are you doind here?" she said fear entering her. "i am here to kill you finally. I told your brother I would." she said. "Where is he?" she asked softly. "He is away from you. He can't help...and it is your fault that he is parlysed." she snapped. Yamanaka gripped vindr's hand.
<<I don't know who the girl in the picture is.>>
vindr: he pulls yamanaka behind him "danae you will not touch her..." he splits as nangoroth begins to talk "i tried to warn you danae, i told you you would die if you didn't help her..." vindr turns to yamanaka "we'll handle her you and valerian take off..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I'm not leaving you." she said trying to hide her fear. "i will not allow you to get hurt because of me." she said looking up at him.
vindr: "i'll be fine.." he said kissing her "now go before you get hurt..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked up at him. "i am not leavong you with Larxius." she said knowing he had no idea who that was. "you and I are not the only ones with other sides. My brother's...Larxius will kill you without my help." she said her body becoming covered with black flames.
vindr: "are you sure you can control it?" he said worried
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I can try." she said her voice strong. "Aww, is the weakling acting brave." came a harsh voice. "Larxius!"she said not fear rising up in her. Larxius looked just like her brother but his hair was white instead of Black. "Yes, Larxius, she thinks that she cand efeat us." Danae said laughing.
vindr: both vindr and nangoroth go full demon "you are still outnumbered and you will not touch her..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Larxius laughed. "Yeah and whose going to stop me?" he asked and her disappeared. "vindr be careful. He can turn invisable and appear someplace else." she warned turning around to try and spot him. she yelled out in pain as she felt Larixus grab her and burn her skin with his flames. He took her and threw her towards Danae. He then blocked vindr from reaching her. she layed on the floor in pain from the burn.
vindr: vindr snarls in anger as his eyes begin to glow bright white, but nangoroth jumped in between vindr and larxius "you go help yamanaka i'll take him..." nangoroth said, vindr nodded his eyes still bright white
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked up and Danae and stood up slowly from the pain. Danea knocked her down again. Yamanaka's flames started to fade. Danae laughed. "you thought that you could be striong. Ha...you are pathetic." she said snickering. "I will finally kill you. In your brother's honor."
Larxius' hands were red from the flames and he hit nangoroth in the arm.
vindr: vindr comes to stand in between danae and yamanaka "to kill her you will have to go through me..."; nangoroth laughs as the punch fizzles on his arm "you think fire will destroy me... i have the mixed abilities of shadow and wind..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Danae laughed. "You are weak if you choose a girl like her. she will never hel you in life." Danae's hands got covered in black flames. "Damn!" she yelled. "you sealed most of my power in Yamanaka when i left her now this is all i can do. No worries though. i will still kill you." she smirked. Yamanaka was still on the ground behind vindr. she stood up slowly her flames still fading. Larxius growled. "i will kill you. no matter what abilities you have." he yelled.
vindr: vindr smiled his eyes so bright they looked like mini suns "you haven't seen my true powers i haven't had to use them on you yet..."; nangoroth gives an evil smile and begins to fade out of sight saying "you aren't the only one who can go 'invisible'..." as he faded a small amount of fog billowed out from around his feet
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka held her head...her flames still fading as she tried to gain control. Larxius looked around frightened. "Show yourself!" he yelled into the air.
vindr: vindr hissed "yamanaka you go rest... i've got this..."; nangoroth's voice floats from everywhere "you will never defeat me... yamanaka will not be harmed.. and danae will die..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka stood there for a second and looked to her side. she saw her brother laying on the ground. she ran to him and knelt by his side. "Maxim!" she exclaimed. Maxim was paralysed and could not look back. "what do you want...you demon!" he exclaimed. Larxius heard this and took this to his advantage. He disappeard and grabbed Yamanaka again burning her. she did not have the strngth to fight back. Her head fell limply in his arms. Larxius laughed. "Can i kill her Maxim?" he asked knowing the answer. "Of course..that is why we are here....then we can leave." he said bluntly.
vindr: "raaagghhh" vindr screamed grabbing larxius's face "you will not harm her any more..." nangoroth's voice came as a growl from above danae, where the fog was creeping closer to her "i told you if she is harmed danae will die..." the fog began to encase danae and she can't move
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka fell to the ground when larxius was pulled away by vindr. she couldn't feel her arms. They were numb from the pain. she hit the ground and fought to regain conciousness. she tried to hold her headn up. "vindr....?" she said her eyesight blury. danea could not move. "Where are you? show yourself." Danae was scared. she did not want to die. she tried to move but could not.
vindr: vindr lifted larxius up off the ground begining to crush his skull "let's see you escape from this you coward.." vindr said his face not able to be seen his eyes got so bright; nangoroth laughs "look around your feet you insulent welp, i'm not hiding i have become the fog... and now you will die!!!" the fog began to cover her face
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Danae started to suffocate and soon she fell...dead. Larxius had the same fate. Yamanaka tried to make out what was happeneing. she looked up and felt pain in her head again. she heard Maxim's voice. "This is all your fault." he said calmly. she looked down feeling herself become weaker. "Kill me Yamanaka. i have no will to live anymore." he said. "Do it for me." she looked at him tears welling up in her eyes. "but maxim..." "just do it." he said. "I always loved you...even when you killed out parents, but i was weak and let Larxius get to my head. Kill me now." Yamanaka let the flame around her hand move to Maxim and suffocate him. he died and yamanaka fell back down and tried to stay awake.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: (hey i wanted to join ealier but ive been busy. is it too late, if not plz give me a small summary and a niche to fill)
vindr: vindr dropped the lifeless body of larxius and kneels next to yamanaka, his eyes returning to normal "are you ok?" nangoroth returned to vindr and they became one again
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka tried to focus. "Vindr...what..what happened?" she asked softly. "Did you kill them....Danae and Larxius?" she added.
vindr: vindr helps her sit up leans her against him his arms around her "yes i killed larxius... and nangoroth killed danae..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked up in disbeleif. "i killed...Maxim." Tears started to run down her face. "He asked me to...do it...for him." she said between sobs. "He said that he loved me." she said looking away.
vindr: he held on to her trying to comfort her "please don't cry..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she stopped crying. "i am sorry. It is my fault that you were slowed down. If you were not with me..than you would've found your brother..and would've not been put in danger. i am so sorry." she said leaning into him.
vindr: he couldn't stand to see her like this "no i said dejo can wait... he can handle himself... right now i want to be here... and i put myself in danger" he kissed her "i love you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: The words stayed in her head. 'i love you' sounded so wonderful to her. "I love you too." she said kissing him passionately. she put her hands on his shoulders.
vindr: he smiles and pulls her closer, kissing her again "i would have told you sooner... but i got a little nervous... and you were preoccupied with your brother..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "i understand." she said and she smiled at him. Feeling the warmth of his body against hers. she kissed hi again and all of her fear and oain melted away from her.
vindr: he sits there smiling and holding her "where do you want to go?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "somewhere where I can lay down." she said relising how much pain she was in. she was exhausted and now she could sleep knowing that her brother and Danae could not get her.
vindr: "ok hang on..." he said as his eyes flash black and nangoroth is standing behind them "we need some help..." nangoroth sighs "with what?" vindr smiles "a place to sleep..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she held her head. she sighed and her breathing started to get faster. she felt weak and her arms still burned.
vindr: vindr felt her breathing speed up "what's wrong?" he asked as nangoroth laid out blankets for bedding
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "nothing...I'm...i'm fine." she said trying to catch her breath. Her face felt hot and she tried to stay awake. "i'm juts tired....that's all."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<got to go.>>
vindr: "no you're not fine... you have a fever..." he said setting her on the bedding
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka fell back against the bedding. she felt her head getting hotter and she felt unbearable pain in her head. "A fever?" Valerian asked her. "Yes...so I am told." she replied. "Yamanaka, you rest. i am here if you need me." he said moving toward her and laying down. She tried to keep herself up for reasons she did not even know. she didn't feel safe. she wanted to be there is vindr neede her so she tried not to lose conciousness.
vindr: vindr grabbes his water skin and a clothe screaming "nangoroth i need herbs!!!" as nangoroth sprinted off to find the plants that were needed vindr soaked the rag and put it on her forehead
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She felt the cool water against her head. Her breathing speed increased. "Vindr, will she be ok?" Valerian asked him worried.
vindr: he looks to the dragon "i'm not sure... i don't know what ailes her so it will be hard to heal her completely..." he said returning his attention to yamanaka "and to make matters worse my knowledge of healing isn't very good..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: A worried look came upon Valerian's face. He grabbed the water skin and tried to give Yamanaka water to cool her down. she would not drink any. He tried to get into her mind to tell her that she must drink but her barriers were up. "she's not letting me into her mind, and she's not drinking." he said to Vindr. Yamanaka moaned in her sleep and Valerian nuged her lovingly.
vindr: vindr felt her head as nangoroth returned "what do you want me to do v?" nangoroth asked setting the plants next to vindr "i need you to crush the roots of that red one there and mix it with some water..." vindr replied putting a new rag on her head
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "i tried giving her water...she won;t drink any." Valerian said windering what vindr was planning to do to get her to drink.
vindr: vindr frowns taking the water with the crushed root in it "i'll get her to drink somehow..." he tried putting the waterskin to her lips but she wouldn't take a drink "hmmm... i need a long reed..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Allow me." Vlaerian said taking off and coming back shortly with a reed in his mouth. He dropped it by vindr and went back to Yamanaka's side.
vindr: vindr nods in thanks and slides the reed into yamanaka's mouth "i hope this works..." he said slowly pouring some of the water into the reed
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka felt the liquid enter her mouth and she coughed. Valerian put one of his arms over her to keep her down so the liquid would go down her throat. when she stopped coughing and all of the liquid was down he removed his arm and looked up at vindr. He was releived. He layed his head down by hers. "vindr, you have worked hard and fought hard today. i will watch over you two while you get some rest." he said.
vindr: "thanks but i'll be up for a little while longer... i'm gonna make sure the roots worked..." he said removing the rag from her forhead checking her fever
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She felt his hand against her head and she opened her eyes slightly. "vindr,what's going on?" she asked softly, trying to open her eyes completely.
vindr: vindr smiles "you had a fever... i gave you some water with a root that i learned drops a fever... go back to sleep you need the rest..." he said making a bed for himself next to hers
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled at him and shut her eyes again. she felt herself drift off to sleep, despite how much pain she was in. she woke up in the middle of the night and her head felt like fire. she attempted to sit up but was too weak to succede. she layed against the blanket and put her hand to her head it was burning up. Valerian looked up at her. "Yamanaka how are you feeling?" he asked her. "Horrible. " she replied trying to think straight. "i feel like I am on fire." she said calmly. Valerians head shot up. "That's it, you are reacting to the fever so seriously because of your flames...insode you." he said. "i can't think about it at this point." she saod softly. "Everything will be ok." he said trying to calm her. Valerian told what he had thought of to vindr.
vindr: vindr slaps himself in the forehead "i completely forgot about her flames..." he scoots over putting his hand to her head again this time entering her mind to find the flames out of control and raaging through her subconcious sapping her energy...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka squeesed her eyes shut when she felt him in her mind. She felt her head burning up even more and her breathing increased.
vindr: he tried to put the flames back behind the barrier, but it was becoming increasingly harder "yamanaka i'm gonna need you to calm down it's making this worse..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She tensed for a moment but listened to him. she calmed herself down but she could not slow her breathing down. Valerian came over to her and put his head next to hers. He tried to calm her with his mind,and it seemed to be working.
vindr: he could tell she was calming down because the flames began to recede behind the barrier, with help from him "you should be feeling better here in a second..." he said as he finished containing the flames
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka's fever went down...not all the way but enought to not make the fever life-threatening. she opened her eyes slowly and looked up,seeing vindr. she smiled at him. "Thank you."she said softly. Valerian's stomach growled. "i am going to hunt. i will be back shortly" he said and he took off. Yamanaka sat up and sqieezed her eyes shut from the pain in her arms. she pulled up her sleeves and saw burn maks down her arms.
vindr: vindr turns to nangoroth "do you remember the plants i gathered for... her... back when you were still trying to take over me?" he asked, "yes what of it?" nangoroth replied "i need those plants... and a bowl..." vindr said turning back to yamanaka
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanak looked at him. "What are you going to do with that?" she asked. Proping herself all the way up. she was feeling better.
vindr: he makes long strips of clothes "i'm gonna wrap your arms..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and looked down. "i thank you for your kindness." she said calmly. She felt pain on her arms when Vindr started to wrap her arms.
vindr: "i'm just going to put this on here for now... i'll be able to help better later when nangoroth gets back..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded. "It's fine, thank you." she said and kissed him gently. "i feel much better thanks to you."
vindr: he smiled his face turning slightly red "you're welcome..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She rolled her sleeves down and winced from the pain. she stood up slowly, feeling the pfisical stress that it had on her body. she finally stood though and smiled to herself. she had been through so much,but with vindr's help she did not have to fear her brother or Danae anymore.
vindr: "are you sure you're ok?" he asked a little worried
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yes, i'm fine." she said standing up straight. Valerian flew down. "What are you doing? You still have a slight fever." he said worried. "i'm fine Valerian, honestly, I'm fine." she said trying to calm him. He snorted and turned his head. "I hope you fall." he said coldly. Yamanaka laughed and put her hand on his head.
vindr: "well since you're feeling better and valerian is here... i'm gonna go get us something to eat..." he said running off toward a group of trees
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded as he left. "He cares a lot for you." Valerian said. Yamanak could not tell what he meant by that. "Yes, i know." she eyed him suspiciously. "I'm just saying because i know that you feel strength when you are with him. I just like brigning it up. I like it. He is kind." "Well, i am glad you approve." she said sarcastically. Valerian laughed and lowered his head.
vindr: vindr heard bits and pieces of the conversation through the mental connection they had developed, he smiled just before bringing down a deer that had crossed his path...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked at Valerian. "Ok, i have to get my strength back to what it was before my fever, so, i need you to attack me. not fast yet because i am not ready for that." Valerian rolled his eyes. "If you get hurt, i am not responsible." Yamanak nodded and Valerian rose. He sent his tail at her and she b;ocked it and was pushed backwards. "not so hard." she said trying to catch her breath, but he sent his tail again. Yamanaka was ready this time and moved out of the way. They continued until Yamanak coulnd't do it anymore. she sat down and leaned against Valerian.
vindr: he walked out of the shade of the trees with the deer over his shoulder and his eyes returning to normal
vindr: he walked out of the shade of the trees with the deer over his shoulder and his eyes returning to normal
vindr: he walked out of the shade of the trees with the deer over his shoulder and his eyes returning to normal
vindr: ((sorry my comp is crap...))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked up and saw him coming. she stood up but was pushed down by Vakerian. "you still have a fever, watch it." he said sternly, putting his face in hers. "I don't want you getting hurt." "i'm fine honestly." "But you still have a fever. It is those flames of yours that bother me." He said.
vindr: he smiled as she was knocked back down "what you don't like her standing up, valerian?" he tossed the deer to the ground and starting a small fire
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Valerian looked at him. "i don't want her fever getting worse." he said calmly. Yamanaka looked at him as her took his hand off her. she sat up. "i am fine." she insisted. she smiled at vindr and sat next to him.
vindr: he smiled and kissed her before turning to the deer and skinning it "so how do you like your meet?" he asked trying to stiffle a laugh
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She rally had no idea so she looked blankly at him. "i really never ate meat until this I started traveling with you, so I have no idea." she said embarrased. Valerian laughed and looked at them. "i am exhausted and therefore going to sleep." he moved bak away from the and layed down and shut his eyes. shr rolled her eyes at him and looked toward the fire.
vindr: he put strips of meat on some stones he placed in the fire "i was joking... anyway how do you feel? lightheaded? dizzy?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "no, nothing, it scares me, i have never felt nothing, so not being in pain scares me a bit." she said, keeping her gaze on the fire. "it is a strange calmness."
vindr: he nods "that is what i intended... for you to feel nothing not get scared... but there is no need to be frightened the flames are still there but are behind a very powerful barrier..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she nodded. "i know, It just feels different. I am fine though." she said still gazing at the fire.
<<got to go.>>
vindr: ((ok see ya)) he pulled the meat out of the fire, perfectly cooked, and handed her some "you must be starving..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "not really. i have gone longer than this without food." she said teking it from vindr and thanking him. She ate it slowly then put her plate down and sighed. Everything had happened so fast and now it seemed that time had stopped. "so what is next on our list of things to do?" she asked looking up at him.
vindr: he started thinking "well i want to find my little bro... but i won't leave until you're ready..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "i'm fine...we can leave whenever you want to." she said looking back at the fire. Th elight iluminated on her face. "Valerian can fly us."
vindr: he shrugs "ok we'll leave tommorrow... but i want you to come with me instead of valerian i want to show you something..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "how do I come with you if there is nothing to fly on? are we going on foot?" she asked, confused.
vindr: he smiled and his eyes begin to glow as his legs disappear while a shelf of cloud appears at his waiste "you forget i can change shape... and this is as solid as a saddle..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Amazement appeared on her face. "Oh, ok then, I'll go with you. Valerian has to fly over head though....or he won't agree to it. He is over protective." she said, looking at the clouds.
vindr: he smiled and his eyes return to normal his legs extending to the ground again "of course... doesn't want his rider to get into trouble..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yes." she said and she looked into his green eyes.<<i am guessing they are green from the pic>>
she felt her face turn red and she looked away,back toward the fire.
vindr: vindr lifted her chin kissing her, just brushing her lips with his, and pulled her onto his lap trying to get her as close to him as possible ((they're a light blue with a small tint of green around the edges))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka kissed him back and moved close to him, feeling his warmth. she leaned against him, putting her hands on his shoulder. she was glad that Valerian was asleep.
vindr: he smiled kissing her again, and putting his arms around her not wanting to let go...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She felt his embrace and smiled. she put her head on his chest.
vindr: he sighed with content and rested his chin on the top of her head...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She shut her eyes and leaned against him. She didn;t feel her fever anymore and she just felt happy to be there with him. "you wonderful." she said softly.
vindr: vindr smiled and kissed her forehead "i am nothing compared to you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka smiled. "Thank you." she said softly. She shut her eyes again and leaned closer to him. She felt tired and was comfortable against him.
vindr: he hugged her tight "you go to sleep you look like you need it..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and stood up. "Yeah,if we are leaving tomorrow, I guess I should get sleep." she said. she kissed him and walked over to Valerian. She leaned against him and shut her eyes. she felt sleep come to her. Valerian put his wing over her for warmth and shut his eyes again.
vindr: he layed down next to valerian and as he succombs to sleep his body becomes a light mist...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: when the sun came over the horizon line Yamanaka was nidged by Valerian. she opened her eyes slowly. "Good morning." Valerian said. "Feeling better?" "Yes thank you." she said sitting up. Valerian took his wing off her. "I am going with vindr." she said. "why is that?" he replied. "I'm not sure...he said he wants to show me something...I don't know what though." she said. she liked talking in her mind.
vindr: the mist on the ground slowly began to cover yamanaka lightly touching her skin...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka was scared at first but then remembered Vindr's ability. she sighed and looked over at him and smiled.
vindr: the only thing left lying there when she looked was his head, but as he opened his eyes his body returned "you ready to go or something?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked up at Valerian and he nodded. "Yeah we're ready. Valerian you fly overhead." Valerian nodded again and took off. "Ok." she said and smiled again.
vindr: he sits up and stretches "ok gimme a second.." stretches his legs before they turn to a shelf of clouds "ok hop on.."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked at the mist for a second then jumped up onto it. She gripped the sides. It was not like Valerian's saddle.
vindr: he smiled putting his arms around her "clouds are softer than a saddle aren't they?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yes." she said scared that she would fall off. She looked at him and smiled slightly.
vindr: he smiled reassuringly "you won't fall... they are as solid as my arms around you... and i've got a hold of you so don't worry"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and nodded. she calmed down. "Ok...then let's go." she said.
vindr: he smiles and the rocket off only a few feet above the ground "i wanted you to see the colors of the day while going at this speed... i have always thought it was beautiful.." he said as the colors began to mix in beautiful patterns
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and looked at him. "It is...very beautiful." she smiled at him...the look of awe across her face when while she watched the colors blend.
vindr: he smiles "the only other person to ever see this is..." a tear slides down his face "you remind me of her..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka turned to him and wiped the tear away with her finger. she looked into his eyes. "I'm sorry." she said and she kissed him lightly.
vindr: he smiled a little "it's nothing that can be helped.. thanks anyway..." he kisses her gently
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled at him. "So where do you think your brother is?" she said trying to move to a better subject.
vindr: he shakes his head to lose the unhappy thought "he is probably going to head back to our camp..." he said then smiles mischeaviously "unless anna is with him like i think she is..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "what?" she asked. she had only ever heard about anna. she never actually met her. "I don't understand." she said but then held her head as she felt a jolt of pain. "Yamanaka...what is wrong?" Valerian asked. "nothing...what did you do that for?" she said...remiving her hand from her head. she looked up and saw him overhead. "I felt sorrow in your heart...we are connected..remember?" "right sorry. No i'm fine." Valerian growled in annoyance. "You keep those barriers up around your mind. They are string...too string." he said and she turned back to vindr. "So..what about Anna?" she asked again.
vindr: looks at her wierd "well anns and dejo think noone knows they are dating... they insult each other when they are around anyone else of the army... but i caught them making out one time..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked at him blankly. She always thought that emotions as strong as that were private. She tilted her head to the side and tried to picture that. She had met dejo once...in the cemetary where her mother was. "So...are we going back to camp?"
vindr: he nods "yeah i wanna find out why nobody else was there..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded and smiled slightly. she could visit her mother...she hadn't for a while and had much to tell her...she used to sit against her gravestone and talk endlessley. she smiled and looked up at the sky. "Good...I would like to go back to camp."
<<Got to go.>>
vindr: ((ok)) he smiled back not knowing what she was thinking...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at him as they landed. "I'll be right back...you go into camp without me. You cane enter my mind...only if you need me." she said and she jumped on Valerian's back and went to the cemetary. She sat facing the gravestone and told her mother everything. she tried to tell her about vindr...but couldn't figure out how to put it. "He's wonderful." she said and Valerian nodded in agreement. she stood up after she had said everything and looked at Valerian. "So many things have happened is so little time." she said softly. she leaned against Valerian...she didn;t want to go back to camp yet.
vindr: he walked into the camp and stopped a soldier "why is everyone still here?" the soldier's eyes widened and he stands at attention "generel dejo gave us orders to stay here and that he and anna could handle it alone..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka finally left and landed in the camp..."What's wrong?" she asked as she walked over to vindr and saw the solider.
vindr: he shook his head and dismissed the soldier "dejo and anna think they are strong enough to take on a camp of five hundred soldiers by themselves"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she sighed and fear crept into her. "Well, i guess we have to go after them then." Valerian nodded. "I have to go to home first. You coming?" she asked him. She had to change her cloths and pick up something.
vindr: he smiles "we won't have to go after them... but i will accompony you to your house..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she nodded and she and vindr got onto Valerian. when they got to her house she told Valerian that they would be right out and she went in. when they entered there were books of all sorts laying about the living room. "i'm sorry...it's a mess. Be right back." she said and she came back in new cloths. she motioned vindr to the couch and she sat down next to him. She was wearing all black bit her arms were showing..you could see the scars down her arms from when larxius burned her. she handed him a cup of warm tea and looked up at him.
vindr: he took the cup of tea looking at her arms with a frown "i can get rid of those..." he said looking up into her eyes
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "no...it is the mark i got from the battle...I am not ashemed of them." she said looking away. "but thank you." she added with a slight smile.
vindr: he turns her to face him "i want to show you something i haven't shown anybody..." he said removing his shirt to reveal what looked like a vest made of black feathers
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she felt the feathers lightly and looked up at him. "what is it?" she asked softly.
vindr: he smiles "i found out a on my 13th birthday that my mom had actually been a dragon that could change shape..." he opens the black feathered wings that he had kept hidden for many years "my father made me a demon... and my mother made me a dragon..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She ran her hand over the wing. It felt cool against her skin. "So...you can fly." she said and smiled at him. "Like Valerian."
vindr: his smile got wider "that's not all i can do..." he pulls out a feather and it begins to glow and change into something else "because of my demonic and dragon powers combining i can create things through these feathers... and i can also change into a black dragon..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and looked at the feather. She had no words for what she saw. "It's...it's amazing." she said and looked up at him.
vindr: he hands her the black rose that had replaced the feather "they can also heal any type of wound... including scars..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she took the rose and smiled at him. "i am fine. I am proud to bear these scars. They are now a part of me." she said softly, lowering her gaze.
vindr: he nods "i understand that i was just telling you i can heal scars..." he kissed her as he wrapped the wings around his chest and put his shirt back on
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and kissed him back lightly. she felt out of place in her house. She felt an odd sensation...she couldn't describe it. she looked away from vindr and let her eyes wander around the room.
vindr: he frowns looking around "do you smell that?" he asked sniffing the air "it smells like... rotting flesh..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka's face turned pale. "It better not be Valerian." she said standing up. she ran out the door to see Valerian killing soliders by the door. "Valerian! What is going on!" she yelled. "Help me! explain later!" he said taking a hit from the side. she ran and killed 5 men with her flames...trying not to overdo it.
vindr: he decided this time he was going to fight in his dragon form and a flash of white outside and there was a black dragon ravaging the rest of the soldiers while yelling "get back i'll handle them tend to each other!!"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She killed the solider in front of her and started to tend to Valerian's wounds. She wrapped cloth around them. she felt a blade hit her back and she yelled out in pain. Valerian got angry and fire lept from his mouth...burning the mand. "Yamanaka! are you ok?" he said banding his head down. Yamanaka could not hear anything..and then...it all went black.
vindr: he heard valerian in his head and looks back. he roars when he sees yamanaka on the ground, he devours the remaining soldiers before running over to yamanaka changing back to his human form "what happened?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Vaklerian felt anger and hate toward the soliders take over his body. "She was hit from behind while she was helping me. Those backstabbing bastartds!" he roared. He looked at Yamanaka and pushed her body so that he could see her face.
vindr: he looked at valerian "you are going to see something i want you to keep secret..." he said taking off his shirt and opening his wings "i can help her but i want you to swear that you won't tell anybody about these..." he pulled a feather out of the wings and it begins to glow
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "i swear my life to it." Valerian said as he watched the feather glow.
vindr: he nods and runs the glowing feather over the wounds and they seal up instantly "yamanaka... don't die on me now..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Valerian nidged Vindr lovingly then put his nose on Yamanaka's chest. "she's breathing." he roared and started to pace. He was angry and frustrated. He looked at her for a moment then started pacing again. "what person has barriers around their mind that are that strong." he blew smoke from his nostriles. "Maybe you can find out. I know that her mother was kind,her brother had no problem with her until she killed her mother,so I will have to guess that it is the fault of the only family member that she has not spoken about....her father. Maybe you can find out." he blew more smoke. "i have to hunt to calm my thought. PLease take her insode and protect her." he started to walk away then looked over his shoulder. "she cares for you a great deal. We are connected...I know." and with that he took off into the air...leaving Yamanaka in vindr's hands.
vindr: he nods, picks her up, and walks into the house "why are there barriers in your mind?" he wonders to himself...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: When she was placed on the couch...she opened her eyes slowly and pushed herseflt up. Moaning as pain surged through her. she waited until the pain subsided then she looked around frantically. "where's Valerian?! What happened?!" She looked at him. Her face still pale.
vindr: he gently pushes her back down "valerian is hunting and the soldiers are dead... you had a pretty bad wound on your back that took almost all my energy to heal..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She breathed a sigh of releif. "I was careless." she said calmly. "i appologize for taking you strength." she smiled slightly and layed back when she was pushed down. she felt pain in her head as well as her back.
vindr: he smiles "there is no need to appoligize... it was my fault you got hurt... i told you to help valerian and then didn't help protect you..." as he spoke the smile faded from his face
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She touched his face lightly. "It is not your fault...my mind was closed to what was around me." she said and smiled again slightly.
vindr: he takes her hand and kisses it "well even if you had your mind open to your surroundings that guy shouldn't have gotten close enough to hit you... i promise i won't let anything happen to you again..." he then kisses her lightly on the lips before laying down next to her on the couch
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She moved her body so it was leaning against his. She shut her eyes slowly then opened them and kissed him back lightly. "I will try to protect you as well." she said softly.
vindr: he tries to slide his arms around her without huring her "if i need it i will be glad to let you protect me... but if anything happens to you i don't know what would happen to me..." he snuggles himself closer to her
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and pulled herself closer..felling his warmth. She shut her eyes and let her mind wander. when she felt the pressence of vindr's mind she put up her barriers quickly...making sure that they would not fall.
vindr: he raised his eyebrow when he elt the barriers "why are you putting up barriers it's not like i'm trying to take any information from you... i love you..." he said kissing her again
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She held the kiss then looked at him. "I know..I just get nervous." she said looking into his eyes.
vindr: he smiles "there is no need to be nervous around me... here i'll put a barrier up around the house so that only i can touch your mind..." he says trying to reassure her
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She calmed down and opened her mind up slowly. "People can take control of you...if they have enough power." she said looking at him. She let the barriers fall and leaned against him again.
vindr: he nods and leans his head on hers "yeah they can... i've done it plenty of times..." he "accidently" sends a thought across the connection 'i wonder what she thinks of becomin half dragon...'
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She heard the thought. "i think it is very nice actually." she said answering his question. "I like it." she kissed him slightly and looked at him again. An image of her father flashed through her and she pushed it away quickly...hoping that Vindr had not seen.
vindr: "so would you like to become half dragon?" he asked as the image flashed to fast for him to see very well "was that... your father?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She was silent for a moment. "Yes." she said softly. "Yes it was. We don't talk anymore though...I don't know what happened to him when he left." she said and moved her gaze down and started at her hands.
vindr: he squeezes her a little tighter "you know i'll help you with anything... if you want to find him i'll help..." he kisses her forehead
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her face turned pale. "i do not under any cercumstance want to see him. Even if it saved my life." she said raising her voice a bit. "I'm sorry..I don't know why i am yelling."
vindr: he nods "ok we won't go see him... and i don't mind the yelling... just think before ya do it next time because i think i'm deaf in this ear..." he said chuckling...
Black Raptor: Not taking his chances the spy from the dark army immediately left the scene. He began chanting a spell. A spectre came rushing from the ground. "You called me?" said the spirit. "Keep an eye on these two. This conversation may have some importance." said the dark one. In an instant he slipped past the two and out into the cliffs. He laughed at Vindr's carelessness, for Vindr did not place a spell over the area. His maniacal laughter echoed in the dark cliffs. He was nearing home. The dark ones are beings that can only be seen in the light. To see one in the dark is almost impossible without a spell of Clarity of some sort.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka smiled slguthly but the smile faded almost as fast. She got up slowly and stumbled and then quickly caught herself and stood. She walked slowly toward the kitchen and walked in. She got a glass of water and walked back to the couch. She stopped in the middle and felt her legs buckle from under her and she fell...landing on her knees. She moaned from the pain she felt in her back and her head. The glass of water dropped and the glass shattered.
vindr: he moves quickly to help her back to the couch a little worried "what happened?" he asked looking around while cleaning up the glass
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She leaned back. "My legs are not strong enough yet to hold me up." she said softly. "The situations i put myself in." she said. "I should've been more careful." she said. "Thank you for cleening up the glass."
vindr: he nods and sits down beside her "will you be ok?" he asked reaching under his shirt to pull out a feather...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "i will be fine...it is just the pain from my back...is seems to be effecting my head as well." she said and put a ahdn on the side of her head and shut her eyes slowly. "I will be fine." she said and kissed him lightly.
vindr: he returns the kiss as the feather glows and he sticks it behind her ear "that should help with any pain in your head... may i see your back?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded and turned her body do her back was facing him. She squeezed her eyes shut from the jolt of pain.
vindr: he raises her shirt some and runs a couple of fingers across it "i can't believe i missed it before..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She felt his touch and it sent shivers down her spine. "What did you miss?" she asked confused.
vindr: he shakes his head pulling out another feather "there is a small tear in one of the muscles on your back..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She relaxed a bit as the pain left her. She turned back around. "your hands are freezing...you ok?" she asked looking in his eyes.
vindr / illian: he nods "yeah just a little cold..." he says trying to scoot closer to her "can you help keep me warm?" he asks smiling
vindr: ((sorry wrong profile...))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and leaned against him...putting her arms around his shoulders. "I can help." she said smileing and kissed him gently on the lips letting the kiss hold.
vindr: he smiles and pulls her up on his lap trying not to hurt her when he pulls back from the kiss he says "well that's a little better but i'm still cold..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She thought for a moment then smiled slyly. She unbuttoned his shirt slowly and felt his wings under her fingers. She let her hands heat up slowly..making sure the flames would not escape. "Tell me if i hurt you." she said and kissed him again.
vindr: he smiles and returns the kiss "you couldn't hurt me... but if you do i will tell you..." he kisses her again lightly
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and moved her hands up his chest slowly. Letting her fingers touch his skin. She leaned closer to him. Making almost no distance between them.
vindr: he raises an eyebrow smiling and his wings wrap around them hiding them from unwanted eyes "what are you thinking?" he asks his smile getting bigger
Black Raptor: Three days had passed. The Specter returned to the land of darkness. "Report my humble servant!" said the Dark One. "Master it seems Vindr has a fascination with that woman. That was all I could ever get from the two master" said the spirit. "So Vindr has found himself a girl?" asked the Dark One.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled as well. "I guess you will have to wait and see." she said. "Are you warm enough...or must I get closer?"
vindr: he smiles and acts like he's thinking "i might just need a little more warmth..." he kisses her and let's her do what she wants, his wings still around them...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled again and looked at him. "Well,I can't control this flame for much longer...it is taking away my strength. So I guess I'll have to get closer." she said and leaned closer to him. Making them inseparateble."Better?"
vindr: he smiles "if that's as far as you want to go than that is far enough..." he kisses her again...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: His response seemed to throw her off. She thought for a moment. She had never had a relationship with any one...but she trusted him. "I will go as far as you are ok with." she said softly.
vindr: he smiles his hand sliding up the back of her shirt "i don't want to make you uncomfortable... so if you want me to stop just tell me..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded. she felt shivers as his hand traced her back. "The same goes for you." she said as she moved her hands up to his shoulders.
vindr: ((i've got a question... is your character wearing a bra?)) he nods and grabs the bottom of her shirt...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<I guess...I don't really care...either way you want it.>>
All Yamanaka had to do was finish unbuttioning his shirt and it slipped off. She let her hands then rest on his waist.
vindr: ((ok let's say she's not... because that just causes more trouble...)) he started to lift her shirt slowly looking into her eyes to see if it was alright...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled slightly and nodded in agreement. she moved her hand to his belt anf undid it, letting his pants slowly slip off.
vindr: he smiles as her shirt and his pants come off "hmm we don't seem to like undergarments..." he says noticing she didn't wear a bra and pointing out he doesn't wear boxers or anything of the sort...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She laughed and smiled at him. Leaning closer to him until she was almost on top of him. "you make it sound like that's a bad thing." she said smirking slightly.
vindr: ((are you wearing a skirt or pants?)) he laughs and kisses her "it's not i was just stating a fact..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<Pants.>>
She kissed him back and smiled. She let her hands move back to his shoulders and massaged them gently. "You tense...losen up a bit." she said kissing him again.
vindr: he nods and his hands move to her pant "well you seem a bit... covered up..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She was confused about his words and looked at him puzzled. "Covered up?" she said. she had almost all of her clothing off. Was she missing something?
vindr: he chuckles "i'm wearing nothing and you still have pants on now how fair is that?" he start to untie her pants
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and let her pants fall to the floor. They were still covered by Vindr's wings which gave her the privacy she wanted. she moved her body against his...pushing a little...trying not to hurt him. "Better?"
vindr: he smiles and kisses her neck "yeah that is much better..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Tell me when it gets uncomfortable." she said and pushed a little harder against him. His skin was cool and smother against hers. she moaned slightly as she pushed against him...bringing her lips back to his.
vindr / illian: he smiles and shakes his head "you could never make me uncomfortable..."
vindr: ((sorry wrong profile...))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled at him. "i'm glad." she said and she leaned her head against his chest. She moved her hands up from his waist to his shoulders...making sure he felt every touch from her finger tips.
vindr: he shivered a little from her touch and kissed her her forehead "do you have somewhere more... comfortable... like a bedroom or something? because this couch is getting kinda small"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. "yes...my room. We could go there...if you want to." she said and looked up at him.
vindr: he nods and his wings begin to glow "tell me exactly where it is in the house and i'll get us there in a few seconds..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She thought for a moment. she had been away for a while. "down the hall. thrid door on the left." she said, making sure she was right. she then nodded. "yep that's it."
vindr: he smiles and whispers "ok we'll be there in a second..." as his wings flash once and they are sitting on the bed in her room
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at the walls lined with books. "i haven't been in here for a while." she said and looked around.
vindr: he smiles and kisses her neck "do you want to remenisce(sp?) or continue our... fun?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She had a playful smile across her face. "Conitueing is fine with me." she said, an odd tone to her voice.
vindr: he smiles and rolls so that she is lying on the bed with him leaning over her "well then let's continue..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and pushed into him. she made herself comfortable against him and let her head rest against his chest. She let her fingers move up his body slowly.
vindr: he shivers and looks into her eyes asking permission to do something...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked back into his eyes and nodded. she trusted him and knew that he would do nothing to hurt her.
vindr: he smiles and his hand travels down between her legs "i won't hurt you intentionally... but if this is your first time..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at him and nodded. "don't worry...if you do...i'll let you know." she said and she kissed him.
vindr: he returns the kiss while he rubs her clit "well i'm trying to keep from hurting you for as long as possible..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She felt his touch and shivers ran up and down her spine. She moved closer to him,she never felt the way she did now. "I love you." she wispered in his ear.
vindr: he kisses her "i love you too..." he then moves his head down and begins to lick her inside and out...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She felt his warm tongue against her body and she arched her back feeling warm pleasure filling up inside her. She let her hands grip his shoulders gently.
vindr: he smiles still trying to pleasure her as best as possible...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She let him do as he wanted and then pulled him up to her lips and kissed him repeatidly(sp?). She let her hands move down to his waist and then up again. trying to get to every part of him.
vindr: he pulls back from the kisses and smiles "you ready? or do you want to wait til another time?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She loked puzzeled for a moment then smiled. "I didn;t come this far to push it off." she said and kieed him lightly on his neck.
vindr: he smiles kissing her on her neck and slowly sliding himself into her "i'm sorry..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She moaned slightly from the pressure but then adjusted. "don't be." she said and moved slowly against him.
vindr: he nods and and begins to move in and out slowly trying to bring as little pain as possible "is this your first time?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at him and nodded. "People feared me...they didn;t want to be near me...I..I was a monster." she said and moved her gaze away from him. "I guess I can't blame them." she said softly.
vindr: he shakes his head but continues the motion "all i see is a beautiful lady, not a monster..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She blushed and smiled at him. "Thank you." she said softly. "for everything."
vindr: he smiles and returns the kiss "it's true..." he flinches as he hits his peak...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She blushed again. "You speak without knowing fully of my past."
vindr: he shakes his head rolling over so he is laying next to her "your past doesn't matter... all that matters is the present..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She thought about what he said then looked over at him. "your right." she said softly. "But the past is still a part of you. It sticks. I must sound crazy." she said and laughed slightly.
vindr: he smiles "i know what you mean... use your past to fuel your power but do not dwell there..." he kisses her
vindr: he smiles "i know what you mean... use your past to fuel your power but do not dwell there..." he kisses her
vindr: he smiles "i know what you mean... use your past to fuel your power but do not dwell there..." he kisses her
vindr: he smiles "i know what you mean... use your past to fuel your power but do not dwell there..." he kisses her
vindr: he smiles "i know what you mean... use your past to fuel your power but do not dwell there..." he kisses her
vindr: he smiles "i know what you mean... use your past to fuel your power but do not dwell there..." he kisses her
vindr: he smiles "i know what you mean... use your past to fuel your power but do not dwell there..." he kisses her
vindr: he smiles "i know what you mean... use your past to fuel your power but do not dwell there..." he kisses her
vindr: ((sorry bout that my comp sucks...))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She thought about it. 'It is hard enough to control it without any 'fuel'. i do not wish to make it any worse." she said and returned the kiss.
vindr: he laughs "i've found that the more you use a single emotion the more control you have over your power..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "A single emotion." she laughed slightly. "I'm not sure if that is possible for me..I feel a mix all the time..never just one...it confuses me." she said. Her mind seemed to be elsewhere..away from where she was now.
vindr: he sits up "well there has to be a memory that brings only one emotion to your mind..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up as if brought back to what was around her. "yes...the one for my father...that one emotion...hate." she said looking away from him. There was no other way for her to explain it.
vindr: he nods "well just think about that thought when you're in a fight and you'll have more control..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She laughed...in a sarcastis way though. "control..i have no idea what that word means anymore." she sighed. She turned to him and studied him in silence for a moment before turning away again. she wrapped a balnket around her and felt the warmth.
vindr: he leans over and puts his arm around her "what's the matter? did i do something wrong?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she avoided his gaze. "no, you have done nothing. I am fine." she said trying to sct convincing.
vindr: he pulls her closer "come on i know something's wrong... i know you... please tell me..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "i'm just a bit shaken up....from these past events." she lied. images of her father flashed across her mind. she was unaware that her mind was stil conected to his.
vindr: he snarls and stands up his eyes turning white "do you know where he is? i'll get rid of the last threat there is to you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She realized what she had done and cursed at herself quietly. she leaned over and gripped his arm and pulled him close to her. Tears were slipping down her cheek. "no." she wispered. "please..no more killing." she wispered into his chest.
vindr: his eyes return to normal and he hugs her tight "i won't if you don't want me to..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she leaned against him. her tears finally stopped and she stayed with her face against his chest. "Pkease don't." she said. "I do not want to be like him..I want to be the furthest thing from it." she wispered, letting hersled face him.
vindr: he kisses her forehead "ok i won't... please stop crying... it doesn't suit you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled slightly and nodded. she let her head lay on his shoulder. she shut her eyes gently. "I don;t want him to hurt you like he did me." she finally said breaking the silence.
vindr: he pulls her hair out of her face and kisses her "how many people do you know that could beat or want to even face a dragon?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled slightly. "none." she said. she let her lips press against his. she shut her eyes and kept her lips on his for a while. she pulled back and looked at awafrom him. her expression grave. "If you ever find out where he is...do not tell me..ever..if you do..i will lose myself to my fire...and i'm not sure...if i can come back." she said trying to hide the fear in her voice.
vindr: he scowls "if i find find out where he is he'll be dead before you know i'm gone..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her face paled. She wasn't sure if she wanted him dead. A part of her wanted to kill him herself..ver badly. she was deep in thought looking him in the eye.
vindr: he puts his forehead to hers "i won't be hurt and i don't want to lose you to the fire... so i won't go looking for him..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. It made her happy that he would not go after him. she knew that he would cross their path eventually and then she would have her chance to kill him, and give back all of the pain he had given her. she kissed him lightly,shutting her eyes. she moved her lips up to his ear. "Thank you." she wispered.
vindr: "your welcome" he whispered back before kissing her neck...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She put her hand on the back of his head as he kissed her. she liked the moment and didn;t want it to end. she felt a rip surge through her body and she oushed him away. she jumped to the other side of the room and sat with her back against the wall. "vindr...stay away from me until I can calm down!" she yelled clutching her head. "I will not hurt you...no matter what. do not come close to me." Images of her father and the pain that came with them ripped through her body. "Stay away!" she yelled at herself.
vindr: nangoroth stepped out of his body "as long as we're like this niether of us can die completely..." vindr walks forward trying to calm her down "just picture earlier... try to think of the happy moments only... please..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she kept her head in her hands. she finally looked up at him. "Please...I will never forgive myself if you get hurt! There is more to me then you know.
she stood up despite the burning pain ripping through her. she screamed again. "Please...leave me."
vindr: he shakes his head and continues to walk slowly towards her "seeing you in pain hurts me more than any physical pain you could bring me"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked at him with tears blinding her sight. she could no longer tell how close he was to her and she sunk back down to the floor. she wrapped her arms around herself. she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to ease the pain.
vindr: he sits next to her and puts a comforting hand on her back "my love i don't want to see you in pain... what can i do to help you?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She stayed silent them opene her eyes and looked at him. Her eyes looked totured..like she was being ripped open from the inside. she layed her head on his chest. "pl;ease...just stop the burning." she wispered unable to scream any more.
vindr: a tear fell from his eye and he hugged her while pulling her mind into his body to prtect her from the pain "i won't let it hurt you... nangoroth will find what is making the oain in your body..." nangoroth walks over and puts his hand on her head and his eyes rool back in his head...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she tried not to let her mind wander but it was despite her effort. her father was the only think she was thinking of. the hate that had now been released now that she had mentioned it. It was that hate that made her fire all out of control. she squeezed her eyes shut as she stayed in vindr's embrace.
vindr: 'i can hear your thoughts my love... you are a guest in my body...' vindr's thought reached her and nangoroth started snarl and growl "i will kill you... die father... hahaha now you won't hurt me anymore..." he started to mumble when he returned to his body he passed out...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka held on tight. Her father's last words rang in her head. "i'll see you..on your 19th birthday." he warned her and she higged him tighter.
vindr: he hugged her tighter than ever "i won't let him touch you... if he wants you he will have to kill me and nangoroth..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: That idea brought a new fear into her. "no...he is stringer than larxius and maxin put together. I cannot allow you to waste your life on me." she said trying to reason with him.
vindr: he laughs emptily "i wasn't using my full power on them... i didn't want to reveal my true form at the time... the form i had shown was my full demon form..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "either way...i can not allow you to waste you life on me." she said finally looking at him.

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