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Roleplay - demon wars by vindr / vindr

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vindr: he kisses her again "as long as i am protecting you i won't allow myself to die..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Tears started again. "you better not die..i am lost without you." she wispered the pain slowing.
vindr: he kisses her again and sets her on the bed "i won't now you get some rest... i'll be laying right here..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she pulled the covers over her slowly and looked at him. she tried to fight sleep but she was too tired from the pain she just had. she layed her head next to vindr's and slowly drifted off.
vindr: he smiles kisses her forehead then walks down to the kitchen to get something to eat...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: yamanaka awoke when the sun hit her face. She got up and put on a pair of black pants and a black top. She walked into the kitchen and saw vindr. "I was wondering who i heard in here. good morning." she said and sat at the table.
vindr: "good morning to you too beautiful" he said bringing two plates of breakfast over to the table "how did you sleep?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "good thank you." she said. She wanted to close up her mind but trusted vindr and decided against it. She took of bite of her food before getting up. she walked over to the back door and walked out. She saw Valerian sleeping in her backyard. she ran down the stairs and hugged his neck. He awoke and smiled. "good morning...how are you feeling?" he asked. she smiled. "I feel fine..Vindr's a great doctor." she said and laughed. "Good..i am sorry about yesterday." he said and looked away. "don't be." Valerian looked at her and smiled again. "go...you should eat." yamanaka nodded and hugged him once more before going back inside. she sat don again and looked at vindr. "i had to make sure that Valerian was ok...how did you sleep?"
vindr: he smiles and pulls a chair over next to hers "i slept better than normal considering i usually only get two hours of sleep a night..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled back. "That's good. I don;t sleep very much either. that was the first time I slept wothout waking up." she took another bite and looked at him. "So what's on the agenda for today?" she thought for a moment. "you could train me some more."
vindr: he nods "that sounds good... i didn't really have much planned..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked back at the table. She was scared but knew that it had to be done. "Ok...whenever you are ready."
vindr: he lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes "if you don't want to we don't have to.... you can rest for as long you like..."
vindr: he lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes "if you don't want to we don't have to.... you can rest for as long you like..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled slightly and shook her head. "no...sooner is better than later. I must get control...before it gets me." she said and smiled again st him. "I'm sure i'll be fine."
vindr: he nods and stands up "alright then let's go... i will teach you to put up barriers around the flames..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She stood up and took both plates and walked to the sink. She nodded solemly and put up the barriers on her mind. She made sure that nothing could get through before she thought freely. she knew that he would know that somethin was bothering her because she put her barriers up, but she hoped that he would not ask. when she finished with the dishes she turned around to look at him. "Ok..we can go outside now." she said and smiled sloghtly.
vindr: he nodded with a look of worry on his face "ok... well we really don't need to go out side for this one..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She studied him for a moment but decided not to ask, she had a feeling she would understand why after...plus she knew that Vindr wouldn'y let her set her house on fire. This calmed her down a bit. "Ok..i'm as ready as i'll ever be."
vindr: he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the living room "for this i'll need nangoroth's help... we will split and you must try to let him into your mind enough to speak with you but not enough to steal energy... got that? i'll sit next to you in case you can't pull the barrier back enough... because if you can't there is a possibility that you will go unconcious..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at him. Her mind was sensetive. she sighed. "Ok." she finally said and sat down. she shut her eyes and let the barriers around her mind fall slowly.
vindr: he sighed and split bodies with nangoroth "ok... prepare yourself..." he noded to nangoroth and sits beside yamanaka
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded and kept her eyes ahut. she breathed deeply..to calm herself down a bit. "Ok...you can start." she said and sighed again.
vindr: nangoroth begins to enter her mind attempting to calm her down with mental words while at the same time trying to get past the barriers that are over the power portion of her mind. vindr sits there watching the progress through nangoroth's mind "good your doing good yamanaka... now i'm gonna give you a small challenge... try to enter my mind while keeping the barriers around your powers..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She kept her eyes shut and spoke softly. "how do I do that..i have only done that by accident." she said and squeezed her hands together.
vindr: he puts his hand on hers "you just search the area around you with the part of your mind that isn't behind a barrier until you find my mind..." he puts his hand back in his lap
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled slightly and did what he tolsd her. It was weird being in his mind...it was so different from hers. "Ok." she wispered.
vindr: vindr smiles and sends a picture of him slapping nangoroth across the connection trying to make her laugh and see if she can keep the barriers up...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She did laugh..but tried to remain serious...it was very difficult to keep the barrier up while showing emotions. That was why the barrier always broke...because of her emotions. she composed herself quickly.
vindr: he nodded and smiles "good good... all you need to do is learn to control the barriers of your mind even with your emotions..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she kept her eyes shut while she spoke. "i would not push my strength too far...i am not as strong as you give me credit for." she said and her hands squeezed together. "i am reaching my limit vindr." she said softly.
vindr: he nods to nangoroth and he pulls back his mental probe "ok then we won't do anymore today... i don't want you to get hurt..." he puts his arms around her again
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she leaned into the embrace and put her head on his shoulder. she was breathing a little harder than usual.
vindr: he frowns "are you ok?" he puts his hand to her forehead to check for the fever...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Fine." she said and shivered when she felt vindr's cold hand on her forehead.
vindr: he picks her up and brings her back to the bedroom "no you're not you have a fever again..." he shakes his head "i pushed you too hard..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up at him as he layed her on the bed. she struggled to keep her breathing even. "I'm fine...I just need a minute." she said and shut her eyes. Her head hurt.
vindr: he shakes his head and goes to get an ice pack and some tylenol "we won't do this again for at least a month... i shouldn't have had you do it today..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Why not..I..I have to get stronger?" she said. "I...can;y stay like this...I'll end up hurting you."
draconus / Draconus: (hi guys sorry i haven't been on in a while but my pc has been buggering up.) 'what have i missed?'
vindr: ((you are still out taking care of a camp if you think you still should be)) he shakes his head "you must heal first... today was too soon..."
draconus / Draconus: draconus walked aroung the resting camp waiting for daybreak as he looked at his arm. it was glowing black. he knew this meant the dark army was near but he couldn't fing vindr to report it so he kept an eye out foor his captain and any signs of the black aries aproch.
vindr / dejo: dejo and anna walk into the camp and see draconous standing there. dejo sees his arm and, being of lower status, asks "what happened to your arm sir?"
draconus / Draconus: "somethings coming." he sadi in a whipsper. "i need you to go and find vindr tell him it's urgent."
vindr: he smiles "i'm sure my brother doesn't want to be disturbed... we can handlewhatever it is"
draconus / Draconus: "sir the dark army is on it's way and the soilders don't have enoth enegy to fight." draconus said quickly as he bowed to his leader.
" and there are only 5-6 of us able to fight at all."
vindr: he nods and turns to dejo "as i think you have noticed this is only a copy of me... i need you to use your full ability on this army... hold them off until i can get there..." yurns to draconus "my apprentice has fallen ill and i need to help her before i can return to the camp..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka shook her head. "Vindr...your army needs you...you must go to them...I am fine with Valerian." she said and sat up. "They need you." she repeated.
draconus / Draconus: "sir prohaps my apentise could help her." he said and he got out coin. "boy! boy! can you hear me i need you here right away." he said
vindr: he laughs "i can handle taking care of her and i'm not leaving you yamanaka... you guys can manage until i get there..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka sighed and shook her head. "Your so stubborn." she said under her breath. "Whatever you want." she mummbled and put her hand on her head.
draconus / Draconus: draconus bowed to the comand and went to meet the army that was coming forth. he looked at his arm.
it was getting darker and and darker."i hope you are ready" he said to dejo
vindr: the double disappears and back at the house he turns to yamanaka "i can't just leave the woman i love here with a fever this high..."
vindr / dejo: he smiles and a shadow creeps up his body, when it recedes a large creature with huge white wings and insanely large claws and fangs is smiling "of course i'm ready... now as long as you are nowhere near me when i take the blood of my first victim of this fight then you will be fine... that includes you anna stay away from me until i return to my normal form..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka smiled. "Thank you." she said and she started gasping. It was like she was choking on air. she fell back against the bed.
vindr: he hurries to her side and makes sure there is nothing in her throat before giving her mouth to mouth...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She stops chokeing(sp?) but is still gasping. She put her hands on his shoulders as her gasping slows. she pushed him back gently and looks at him. Her breathing was pretty even. "Thank you...again." she said slowly, trying to keep her breathing even.
vindr: he looks at her concerned "what is going on with you?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she shut her eyes, took a deep breath, then opened her eyes again before answering. "i wish i knew." she said softly. "I really wish i knew."
vindr: he thinks for a second "it might have something to do with the movement of the dark army..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked at him confused. "why would that have anything to do with it?" she asked.
vindr: he shrugs "it is always a possibility... i'm gonna go give valerian the ability to become human for today so i can go kill this army..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up at him. "but I want to help." she said. "i hate feeling helpless." she wispered. she then sighed "Ok...you win." she said and kissed him lightly.
vindr: he frowns "i feel helpless... i can't do much to help you... but i'll head out now so i can get back as soon as i can..." he walks out the door and touches valerian's side and a bright flash of light encases both of them. when it fades vindr is standing next to a blonde haired blue eyed teen "you will only be able to sustain this form until midnight... so i need you to go take care of yamanaka until i get back..." he then disappears and reappears on the battlefield
draconus / Draconus: "we are ready to charge on you comand sir." draconus said pulling out his sword.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Valerian walked into her room and yamanaka gasped. "Whoa." she said. "Yeah i agree. Will you be ok?" he asked. "I hope so." she said and she layed still on the bed.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Valerian came over and put his hand to Yamanaka's head...the third time in the last 10 minutes. "you keep getting hotter." he said and she pushed his hand away. "i'm fine." she said.
vindr: he smiles "i see that... i thought they would be here by now... in any case dejo you can go ahead and charge now... i want the rest of you to flank both sides... i will attack from above..."
vindr / dejo: he smiles and races forward toward the oncoming army yelling "i smell fear i wonder how many now they are going to DIEEE!!!"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka had stayed slilent but now she spoke. "Do you think Vindr's ok?" she asked suddenly. Valerian came and sat next to hyer. "He is fine...you are not." he said. "we need to get you help...but I don't know how to do that. Vindr told us to stay here because of the attack outside."
vindr: his eyes flash white and nangoroth splits from him "you fight nan i need to get back to yamanaka... i've given you my wings and my true forms, so use them as you see fit" nangoroth smiles "altight..." nangoroth then turns to the battl and shifts to the black dragon form and takes off over the dark army while vindr goes back to the house "how is she?"
draconus / Draconus: draconus ran to the left hand side of the dark armies location and propared to attack. he began to somon the energy of light to attack.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Valerian jumped up. With out his sense of smell that he had when he was a dragon...he did not sense Vindr coming. "Oh...vindr." he said and sighed. He looked back at Yamanaka who now had her eyes shut. "not very well...not very well at all." he said and shook his head.
vindr: he picks her up and says to valerian "i'm taking her to a friend of mine but she is not in this demension and i can only transport one person there... and you might want to get out of the house cause the power that is keeping you in that form is about to wear off..." he disappears and reappears in a wierd white world...
vindr / dejo: runs into the first line of enemies so fast he cut two soldiers in half without stopping. he then grabs two others and rips them limb from limb...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Valerian nodded and left the house and got his dragon form back. He hid in the trees.
Yamanaka stired in vindr's hands. "Vindr....?" she said softly and looked up[ at him. "where are we?"
draconus / Draconus: Draconus fired his blast towards the enemy. as he ran towards them his arm began to change again. it turned blue, then red the wight. it kept changing rapidly. then he loked round and saw the arny of water; the army of fire; and the army of light. "oh shIT." he looked round he had to get dejo out of here. "DEJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he bellowed out to him. "THE OTHERS HAVE FORMED AN ALIANCE TO DESTRUY THE WIND ARMY. NANGROROTH GET HIM OUT OF THERE NOW. TAKE HIM TO VINDR!!!!" draconus flew in the air and veiwed the choas that was happening to the wind army who came to battle. they had been ambushed by all the other armies and were being killed. he stayed out of site in the air and began to create mist all over so they couldn't find the wind armies camp. suddenly he stopped in mid air as his inner soul showed him the four leaders about to aprouch each other and shake hand to form a whole knew army of all there elements. he russhed to Vindr to report it. "Sir i have important news to tell you. It's about the other arm'ies. they have formed an new, stronger army. with all but your element. i know it sound rash for me to say this but i think i know a way to destory them al but we can't do it alone.
vindr: nangoroth smiles and bellows to draconus "we can handle this for now vindr is not in this demoension and when he returns his apprentice will have the power to turn the tide of this battle"... vindr smiles down to her "we are in the demension of light... i have a friend here who can help you..." he thn begins to search until he sees a small brown merlin flies out of nowhere to him...
vindr / dejo: he heard nothing of the warning he already had the taste of their blood on his tongue and couldn't be stopped. he had already killed 34 men and only 15 of the bodies could be seen the rest were either in pieces or they were devoured... now the army had gotten smart and are staying in a huge circle around him with spears and swords pointed at him, he laughs and sinks into the shadows that had begun to form around him and seconds later 15 of the men around him begin to attack their comrades...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She became to come to. "What? where? the demention of light...what are we doing?" she had so many questions but couldn't say them all at once.
draconus / Draconus: "do you seriously have any idea what this means." draconus began to vindr "sir the worlds as we know it could change. with there power they can stop you from existing and controlling the wind army. they could even destroy the very fabric of all our sivilisation." he began
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka cringed from pain. she gripped Vindr's shirt tightly. "i don't understand." she wispered trying to stay awake. "vindr...don't leave me...please." she said softly.
vindr: nangoroth lands next to draconus "i told you before he is not here he took his and yamanaka's minds to the demension of light... they will be back in enough time..."... vindr looked at her with love "i would never leave you... now we will follow trouble to my friend... he is going to help you..." trouble flies off and vindr speeds on below him...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at him and nodded before closing her eyes and leaning her head against his chest.
vindr: he kisses her forehead and sighs "please illian help me..." he whispers to himself...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Who's illian?" she asked her voice soft.
vindr: he smiles "he's the one who created this demension and he is the one who will help you..." he trails off as he sees the giant upside down tree that illian created to resemble the tree found in the other world "illian where are you?!?" vindr shouted setting yamanaka down...
vindr / illian: a white stallion trots up and shifts to become a small elvan boy "hello vindr... what do you need my friend?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka put her hands on the ground to support herself. she looked up at the boy but her eyes were partly closed.
vindr: he looks to illian with a sigh "this is yamanaka and she has this fever that won't go away no matter what i try... and it's causing her powers to go all out of whack..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She tried to listen to them but her mind was sliping. "Vindr...." she wispered and them fell into unconsciousness.(sp?)
vindr: he gasps "yamanaka!"
vindr / illian: his hands glow and he puts one on her forehead and the other on her abdomin. he then begins chanting quickly and incoherently...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka felt hands on her but was too tired to react to it. she opened her eyes slightly and looked up at Illian. "What's going on?" she mumbled.
vindr: he smiles and kisses her "he's healing you and he can't stop chanting until it's done... now to speed up th process i'm going to help..." he hands glow green and he places his hand ontop of illian's hands and joins him in the chant...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She felt a calming sensation wash over her and she let her eyes close again. She felt the burning of her skin cool.
vindr / illian: the chant begins to go faster and his whole body begins to glow then everything stops and he sighs "it's done... now you should refrain from using that magic of yours for a while..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her breathing was slower then it had been...which was good. She kept her eyes shut and let the calmness wash over her.
vindr: he smiles and picks her up "thanks illian now we need to get back to our demension... our armies are being attacked..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She opened her eyes. "Vindr...you can put me down...I'm tired...but i can walk." she said and smiled.
vindr: he laughs "no i can't cause this is how we entered this world so this is how we must leave..." they then begin to glow and all the colors return to the world and he sees draconus standing near him "what are you doing here you are supposed to be helping the others!"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up at vindr and pushed his arms slightly so that she could get down. she wobbled slightly but then got her balance. "What can i do to help...if anything?" she asked.
vindr: he kisses her and shakes his head "nothing at the moment... i just want you and valerian to watch the battle until you feel strong enough to use a sword..." he then turns toward the battle and sprints forward his pupils becoming slits, his fangs and claws growing longer, his black wings becoming leathery, and growing to about seven foot tall...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sighed and went back to her house and into the backyard. "Valerian." she said and he came over to her. "you look better." he said happily. "Yeah....Vindr's friend helped me." she said. "I have a plan." she said and ran inside. Valerian spoke to her through mind contact. "what is it?" he asked. "
Well...I can't exactly explain it...but i may get hurt...but that may be enough to turn the battle." she said and Valerian was silent.
vindr: he disappears and reappears in the middle of everybody and starts spinning rapidly cutting of many heads and cutting many in half...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She ran to her closet and took out a sword. "I have never used it and didn't think that i would ever have to." she muttered to herself. She ran out the door and jumped onto Valerian's back. "Where to?" he asked. "Up..on the hill." she said her voice quiet.
vindr: he opens his mouth and flames leaped from his jaws, scorching many men. he then began to tear through men in a bee-line towards dejo...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She jumped off Valerian when they got to the hill and she looked over at the war below her. "Valerian...I want you to stay here....so you don't get hurt...and please...watch vindr for me." she said and took her sword out. she closed her eyes and let the black flames incase her body. "I may not come back the same." she said and jumped off the hill, not looking back. As she came running down, men came and tried to attck her but she killed them all. "get away." she snarled and killed with no other thoughts.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Out in the battlefield theres a man in white armor with a red cloak with a katana out he's walking slowly slashing through people with both his claws and katana
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <eer not cloak but cape>>
vindr: he stops, seeing the men he was cutting through look towards the hill behind them, and his daconic eyes go wide as he sees valerian and no yamanaka "damn it..." he moves faster towards the hill as he calls for nangoroth to return to his body...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her sword was knocked out of her hand and then men jumped at her. Her eyes turned black and the flames consumed the men, leaving them dead on the ground. she picked up her swprd and continued through the men.
vindr: nangoroth speed towards vindr as he ran towards the hill, and disappears sfter touching the tip of his snout on vindr's shoulder... vindr continued to cut through men using fear for a loved one fuel his movements 'yamanaka i'm coming...'
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka saw him coming. "Valerian...now." she wispered. Valerian flew down and grabbed Vindr and pulled him into the air. "Please forgive me Vindr...Yamanaka doesn't want you around her when she is like this. Please...please forgive me." Valerian pleaded and Yamanaka continued on her rampage. "she doesn't want you to be hurt whils she is not in control." he added.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: The man Charges at Yamanaka and clashes swords with her (his sword unbreakable) "Hello.." He says coldy and blood runs down his blade form previous men he killed
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "i will kill you if you don't move." she snapped but jumped over him and ran away, killing more men in the process.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He appears infront of a man she was going to attack and he blocks it "We can do this the easy way or the hard way i wish to talk.."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "What do you want from me?" she hissed.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "i want to talk...about this war and why it is going on, i havent walked the earth for a long time i have spent to much time in the plains of the dead"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her nager was now raging. "If you want to talk...go up to that hill where you will find a dragon and a man...talk with them." she said and she knocked him to the ground and disappeared.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Appears by the dragon and man by hill "U know she could be less rude." He sighs "well whats going on here exactly?" he says as he turns to the man and dragon
vindr: he looks to the new comer after glaring at valerian who still had a hold of him "this is a war between the elements... i am the leader of the wind army, and we are defending ourselves against two other armies at the moment..." he turns back to valerian "let me go or i will be forced to use the only form i can't control... which would mean you and every one else within three hundred miles of me will die..."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "As in you will explode or fight.. if night comes and it happens to be a blue moon... you will die in trying to fight me.." He looks serious "O by the way.. i am a Shadow Guardian so my Element is Shadow.."
vindr: he turns to the shadow guardian "this form wil devour the flesh of every single living thing within three hundred miles... you can't fight it because it is not solid..." he turns to valerian "please i want to stop her from losing herself... it happened to me once before, and i don't want to see it happen to her..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Valerian looked at Vindr...torn. "she will not like it...but I have no choice." he said and let Vindr go. "Go..go an help her." he said and watched Yamanaka below.
vindr / tensaku: he nods to the dragon and leaps down the hill, his eyes turning completely black as he whispers "illian i need you in this realm..." once his eyes return to their normal color he kills the many men surrounding yamanaka...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka turned around and saw vindr...then looked up at Valerian. she stepped away from vindr and dropped dropped her sword, then gripped her head. "Vindr...please..." she begged.
vindr: ((oops wrong profile...)
vindr: he walked up to her and hugged her tight "i will not let you hurt yourself like this... illian will be here in a minute to help get this under control... he asked you not to use your powers... why did you do it, we had this handled..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "No...you don't." she said and looked away from him. "The worst is yet to come." she wispered and closed off her mind tightly.
vindr: he chuckles "yamanaka look around, we have already taken out most of the dark army and we are only using me, dejo, anna, you, and draconus... we will survive now i need you to go up there with valerian until..." he grabs an odd loking man by the throat as he jumps at him and continues "illian gets here..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She backed away from him. "not until...until...." she couldn't finish. she stood there...her face pale and grim. Her flames swirled around her.
vindr: "shit..." he walks over and tries to calm her down and guide her in controlling the flames that are enveloping her "yamanaka calm down and listen to me... you will be fine, i will be fine but i need you to seal the fire up again... listen we have this under control i don't want to lose you..." at this he begins to cry "please i almost lost myself to power because i needed to save someone... it's not worth it, please it's not worth losing all that i love you for..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked at him and put her hand on his face. "don't...don't cry." she wispered. "Please." she said and put her arms around his and gained a little control.
vindr: he hugs her and hears a faint screach "you'll be alright, and so will the rest of us..." he looks up and sees trouble fly out of the sky...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked away and tried to smile slightly but couldn't. she looked back at him and tried to compose her face.
vindr / illian: illian shimers in and trouble lands on his shoulder "why do you need me here so badly vindr?" he looks to yamanaka "oh... you used those flames didn't you?" he sighs "why did you do it? i told you not to so you must have a good reason..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She stayed silent and looked away from him. She was not going to tell illian when she would not even tell Vindr.
vindr / illian: he shakes his head and his hands turn bright red "hold still i will seal them until vindr deems you strong enough to control them..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "no." she said and stepped further back. "it was hard enough to break the seal the first time. I do not wish to have to do it again. you will just be wasteing your time." she said and backed away again.
vindr: he grabs her around the waiste "i'm sorry, but i do not want to lose you... ok illian..." a tear rolls down his cheek as he holds her still...
vindr / illian: he puts his glowing red hand on her stomach and chants a different chant "this one is my strongest seal... last time i thought you would listen and that i wouldn't need this seal..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She tried to get out of vindr's grasp, with no sucess. when the chant ended she fell unconcious in vindr's arms.
vindr: when she falls unconcious he leaps to the top of the hill and sets her on valerian's back "take her back to the house we are going to finish this then i will be there..." he jumps down and finishes off the last of the dark army "draconus!! call half of the army and tell them to get out here and help us!!"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka woke up on her bed. "no." she said and sat up. "He didn't listen to me." she wispered. Valerian bent his head down beside her. "He did it to protect you...he loves you." he explained. she stood up. "But he doesn't know..." she said. She froze and became as still as stone. "Yamanaka?...Yamanaka1!" Valerian cried.
vindr: he runs past, dejo who is absent mindedly chewing on some shrieking fire soldiers, and clobbers a few of the fire soldiers him self as half his army runs out of their camp and attack...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "No...he...he could get hurt...Valerian...My birthday is tomorrow!" she screamed...her anger flowing.
vindr: he get hit in the arm with a flaming arrow and growls "you will pay for that..." his body glows and he grows to gigantic proportions and becomes a huge black dragon, at which time he swallows twelve of the men...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Valerian stared at her..understanding washed over his face. "That means..." "Yes Valerian...that means that...my father...he's coming for me...and..i can't even use my power!" she said angry again. "I guess I could break the seal..If i tried hard enough..." she said and thought to herself. "you shouls tell Vindr." Valerain said. "I...I know...but...I have to do this myself...he can't be hurt because of me...I'm not worth it." she said and picked up a sword.
vindr: vindr growls as he hears nangoroth's voice 'yamanaka is talking about you... you want me to go talk to her?' vindr roars after being stabbed in the foreleg by a spear and he crushes the man who was weilding it 'if you wouldn't mind...' nangoroth forms ontop of vindr's back and then winks before disappearing...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka started pacing. "This is not good...not good at all...I have until tomorrow...Hmm..." she said and cintinued to pace.
vindr: nangoroth appears next to yamanaka "there is no need to worry about vindr... as long as we are split he will never truly die... though we will be weak for some time..." ; vindr begins to melt into a light fog screaming at his men to get as far away from him as possible...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka spun around."Oh...I didn't see you there." she said and sighed. "He better be fine." she mummbled. she continued to pace. closing off her mind so that she could think to herself.
vindr: nangorot smiles his evil looking smile "now what's this i hear about your father coming after you?" ; all the soldiers tried to run away but about 50 of them are eaten alive by the fog as vindr rolls over the fire army and devours them also and he returns to his winged elf form he falls to the ground calling for dejo to finish the last army. he the disappears...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "what?...how did you....Oh it doesn't matter." she said and turned to face him. "do not get yourslef involved please....I am the one who has to kill him if anyone." she said and paced again. She stopped and turned back to him. "Tomorrow." she said. "That's when he's coming."
vindr: nangoroth flinches and frowns "we will help you kill him but you will land the final blow..." he speaks mentally with vindr 'what happened?' 'i used that form...' nangoroth shouts out he is so surprised "you did what?!?!"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked at him stragely. "Are you ok?" she asked worried and concerned.
vindr: he starts to pace himself "i'm fine but vindr used a form that drained almost all of his energy and we won't have enough to help you very well tommorrow... he lost so much he was automatically joined with me so he could get his energy back faster..."
vindr / dejo: he decides to wreak havoc on the final army and sinks into the shadows taking control of 50 men...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka turned around so she wasn't facing him so that she could smile to herself. That was perfect.She would be able to fight her father...with no hope of winning...but then he would kill her and leave. "Ok." she said and turned back to him.
vindr: he laughs at her attempt to conceal anything from him "dear i am one of the great demons of legend you can't hide anything from me, no matter how strong your mental defences are... vindr may be a gentleman and not invade your privacy, but i don't care..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She scowled at him. "thanks." she said sarcastically. She looked at him and sighed. "Well....this is great...war plus my father equals...." she didn't finish her sentence...valerian did. "Death." he said grimly.
vindr: he remembers something someone had once given them "would you happen to have any herbs? there is a potion i would like to show you how t make..." he smiles and vindr says weakly 'are you going to make what i think you're going to make?' 'yes yes i am...' 'thank you'
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at him strangely. "um...in the kitchen." she said and let him into the kitchen and started opening cabinets. she opened up 3. "Take what you want...what are you doing anyway?" she asked.
vindr: nangoroth grabs the herbs he needs and begins to boil water and crush the herbs "well it's an energy potion... and don't even think about trying to break that seal on your powers... you will die..." he smiles
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she rolled her eyes and sighed. "what is it for exactly?" she didn't understnad why giving herself energy would help her in any of the situations she found herself in.
vindr: he laughs "it'll give you energy to use for your own powers... and it's for vindr too..." he waits for her to try to stop him from making this potion and prepares to have her tied down so he can finish...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her face paled. She didn't want vindr to help her. she sighed and walked out of the room. her anger rageing. She ran out the back door and slamed the door. She sat up in a tree. she was smart enough to know not ot try to fight nangoroth.
vindr: nangoroth winces as vindr yells in his head 'why'd you go and do that now she's mad!!!' 'you don't want her to die do you? then shut up...' he finishes the potion and brings some to yamanaka "this will give you a different set of powers for three days, so drink up... and vindr will be helping, because neither of us want to see you hurt..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked down at him. she sighed took it and drank it is one gulp. A shiver ran down her spine. She didn't feel anything different...yet. so she decided to wait. she stayed in the tree and shut her eyes. she didn't want vindr to get hurt because of her.
vindr: he smiles "dear vindr won't be fighting... i am going to be the one fighting vindr will be in the other demension with illian..." he downs the potion "he's only getting his energy up to give it to me..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She glared at him. she didn't like the fact that he didn't respect her privacy. she jumped won. "Well...hope you have fun with that...I'm going out." she said and jumped on Valerian's bvack. "don't wait up." she said and took off.
vindr: vindr retakes control "yamanaka... i'm... sorry... he's a... jerk" he said through ragged breaths
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she sighed. "I know." she said and shook her head. "It's not your fault...I just...need some air." she said and continued away from her house.
vindr: nangoroth takes over just before vindr passes out "you shouldn't even think about taking over again until that potion kicks in..." 'i... know...' nangoroth sighs and walks into the house
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She lfew a good distance away and landed on a hill. she sat down on the edge. "I hope he isn't angry with me." yamanaka said worried. "Yamanaka you know he loves you." Valerian said and layed down next to her. she put her hand on his head and sighed. "I know..I just wonder...sometimes....if he finds me as a burden." she said and watched the sun set.
vindr: nangoroth begins to craft a weapon that he can use 'you know... she think you think her a burden...' 'i... could never... see her... as a burden... i love her too much...' nangoroth laughs 'i see... so we protectin our mate, mate?' 'of course...'
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka jumped down off the hill and started to walk. Valerian followed. "Where are we going?" Valerian asked. "Who knows." she replied not looking back. Valerian looked worried. "i think you need help." Valerian mummbled.
vindr: nangoroth shivers as a cold wind blows through the house 'i take it the potion has kicked in...' yes and i want to talk to yamanaka before we go...' "alright i'll find her..." nangoroth sends out a tendrel of thought to yamanaka and ask her to stay put so they could find her
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She was about to respond when she felt a shiver run through her too. she then responded after she got her thoughts together. "Ok." she said to them and stayed where she was.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at Valerian. "nangoroth is coming...I think the potion is starting to work."
vindr: nangoroth pinpoints her location through the contact and disappears, only to reappear next to her "vindr would like to speak to you before he leaves..." his eyes then revert to the blue-green of vindr's "yamanaka, i love you and as long as you aren't hurt we will protect you... and you could never burden me..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She blushed and looked down..them looked back up at him. she felt tears coming..she didn't know if she would ever see him again. she tried to hold the tears back but a few slipped. she threw her arms around Vindr's neck and kissed him.
vindr: he puts his arms around her waiste kissing her in return. he then smiles "if i were you i would let nangoroth weaken him... he knows how to do that easy..."
Raize: I'm the king of the Fire army and i wish to make war Prepare your self and have a nice day :]
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She pulled away and put her head on his shoulder. "I'll be fine." she wispered.
vindr: he sighs hugging her tight "i don't want to lose you... that is why i am having nangoroth fight, that and because i knew you wouldn't want me to fight..." he smiles before saying "you know nobody can stop him..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded. "Yeah..I just hope that my father...that he hasn't gotten any stronger..I can't put his abilities into words." she said and a few tears fell down her cheek.
vindr: he wipes her tears away "love there are only two people who can find illian's demension let alone get to it so why don't you come with me, and we live there without the worry of wars and such..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up at him and almost said yes. She kissed him. "This is something i have to do...I'll see you in a few days." she said and kissed him again.
vindr: he nods kissing her "then please do one thing for me... let nangoroth fight him for as long as possible to weaken him... then you can kill him..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. "I will try to keep that promose...but with this new power and my anger...it will be difficult..I love you..see you soon." she said and hugged him tightly again.
vindr: he chuckles and returns the hug before nangoroth splits from his body, making him light headed from loss of energy "whoa..." he straightens himself up and then begins to fade out as he heads to illian's demension...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and watched as he disappeared. "so now we wait." she said and sat down on the ground and watched the sun continue to set.
vindr: nangoroth crosses his legs and is hovering in the air extending his aura sensor out to a 2 mile radius all the way around "now we'll know when he arrives..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Don't count on that." she mummbled and looked down. "He is sneaky."
vindr: he looks at her amused "the only person ever able to sneak past my aura sensors is dead... and unless your father can conceal his aura he will be sensed..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her face paled and she looked away. "Um...do you mind...if we visit the cemetary?" she asked softly.
vindr: nangoroth nods and stands "why are we going there?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She stood up and turned her back to him and started to walk then stopped. "My mother's grave." she said and continued to walk while Vafollowed in the air.
vindr: he smiles and follows her continuing to concentrate on keeping the sensor up "i hear dejo was talking to you up there..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "yeah...I first me thim here...something about Vindr's family." she said and walked through the gate to the cemetary. "what did happen?" she asked turning to him.
vindr: nangoroth laughs "long story short his father trapped me in a necklace, then vindr was born a demon to an elf and a dragon about three hundred years after i was sealed, then his father the dragon tied to kill him because he was a demon and vindr released me into his body and i destroyed the entire village.. the village being destroyed was about a hundred years ago..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She closed her eyes. "wow." she said softly. she came to a grave and sat with her back against it. she spoke softly. "this is nangoroth." she said. "Half of vindr I guess." she shut her eyes and sat there.
vindr: he chuckles "no i'm not half of vindr... we are each our own person, just both in one body..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She thought about that. It was a hard concept to grasp. "well then...let me refrase...mother..this is Vindr's good friend." she said. "he saved my life more than once."
vindr: nangoroth frowns scrathing his head in thought "i've saved you? wow... i must have been really intent on fighting whoever was attacking you then..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She opened her eyes and laughed. she smiled and stood up. "Come on...we better get back. If there is a fight...I don't want it to be here." she said and started out of the cemetary.
vindr: he follows her and when they got just outside of the cemetary he stops looking around "someone tripped the sensor... someone weaker than me though..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "what? do you know who?" she asked turning to him. she stepped toward Valerian.
vindr: he shakes his head "no they only tripped the sensor which is two miles out... they'll have to walk into the reader... which is only a mile out..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked confused. "Who are they?" she asked.
vindr: he sighs and relaxes a little "dejo..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she had to laugh at that. "Ok." she said and smiled.
vindr / dejo: dejo walks toward the cemetary with his head down and as he rounds a corner he senses someone in front of him, so he looks up "oh hey vindr yamanaka..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked at Dejo. "That's not vindr." she said and smiled.
vindr: nangoroth looks at dejo showing the black irises "how is my young apprentice fairing today?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Young apprentice?" she asked in confusion.
vindr / dejo: smiles evilly and bows "great nan-kun... if you guys don't mind i came to see my parents, so excuse me..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She stepped aside. "sorry." she said and watched him go.
vindr: he laughs "he loved his parents so much yet he still chose to become my apprentice... i can never understand him..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She thought about that. It didn't make sense to her. She looked up at him. "come on...we better get going." she said and walked back toward the hill.
vindr: he follows concentrating on the two aura wards he had around them...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She winced. Her head was starting to bother her again. She tried breathing calmly to clear her head.
vindr: he loooks toward her a little worried...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her knees buckled and she fell to the gound. she screamed, then the pain stopped and she jumped up and ran toward the hill. She stopped at the top and cursed. she looked up at the sky and sighed.
vindr: he ran after her and yells "what the hell was that?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she turned to him and concealed her fear. "It was nothing. My father was going to attack but decided that i was too protected at the time so he fled...didn't you sense him?"
vindr: he looks confused and siffles through the sensor memory "all i sensed was a small animal like a rabbit... but it was moving fast and i've never seen one move like that unless chased and i didn't see any other animals..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "you didn't sense anything else?" she said scared.
vindr: he shakes his head "no but i should have guessed the small animal wasn't what i thought it was because it was acting odd..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she put her hand on the side of her head. It still pulsed. she sighed and sat down on the ground. she shut her eyes. she was scared....more scared then she ever was.
vindr: he sighs and walks over to her "let me put a curse on you... it is a defensive curse and won't hurt you what so ever..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She opened her eyes and looked at him. she nodded.
vindr: he goes behind her and lifts her shirt slightly and drew a small seal and begins to mutter a small spell before saying "i'm sorry, but i wouldn't hear the end of it if you got hurt.." just before the sleeping spell takes effect...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her eyes shut slowly and she tried to move back. "N-no...y-you can't." she tried to sayd and then slipped into sleep.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<I won't be able to be on until next sunday...my grandparents have no computer..-_-...sorry....that means that i will not be in Hidden either.>>
vindr: nangoroth smiles and calls for vindr to open a portal to that demension...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka opened her eyes slightly and pushed her way out of his arms. She let her flames cover her then disappeared.
<<see you in a week>>
vindr: curses and disappears searching for her so she doesn't die "she broke the seal... she has little more than 30 minutes for illian to fix this before she dies..." he says to himself reaapearing near her mother's grave and disappearing seconds later ((see ya))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<I'm back.>>
She walked through dark smoke and looked around. she din't know what that potion was that was given to her but it gave her a lot of power. She din't recognize where she was. She started walking around. She heard laughing and spun around. "who knew that you would run away from your only protection." a voice said and she gasped. It was her father. "no...stay away from me." she said.
vindr: nangoroth appears beside her "if you are gonna run away at least try to hide your power..." he then gets in a battle stance
NoraNay / Yamanaka: For once she was really glad to see him. She stepped back. "why must your bodyguards always get in the way?" her father mused. "do you want to kill off your whole family?...first your mother...then your brother and now me?" he laughed and yamanaka tried to control herself.
vindr: nangoroth hears a buzzing behind them and laughs "she won't be your killer today... i will be taking her place" at that moment a rift opened up behind them and nangoroth pushed yamanaka inside and vindr closes the rift quickly asking "are you alright?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up at him. she was happy to see him but she was also angry. "what are you doing? I have to...You can't...!" she tried to control herself. she shut her eyes and tried to think. " Vindr...this is not nangoroth's fight...it is mine." she said.
<<i will try to get on whenever i can this week.>>
vindr: vindr smiles "you think i don't agree with you? but how am i gonna argue with a demon that is stronger than i am and he lives within my body?" he looks away "plus i believe he is falling for you as i have..." (ok..)
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sat down and sighed. "No...this cannot be happening." she muttered and put her head in her hands. "this was supposed to be my chance to get back at him...to prove myself." she said and looked up at him.
vindr: he frowns slightly "who do you need to prove yourself to if your father is dead? i don't care if you can kill your father i already know you are powerful"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She almoswt smiled. "I don't need to prove myself to you...I need to prove myself to him...if i almost kill him he'll make a double and i'll end up killing that....he rarely finishes a fight...unless he is 100% positive that he is goinhg to win." she said and looked down again. "I...I hate feeling small and insegnificant(sp?)." she said and wiped her eyes.
vindr: he looks into her eyes "how can you say you are insignifecant? you nearly killed nangoroth... that is a feat unto itself... and believe me by the time nan is done with him he won't have the energy to create a double..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "That's not the point...i wanted...i was supposed to.." she stopped talking. she looked down. "I wanted to get him back...I wanted to make him pay." she said even though it sounded creul.
vindr: he smiles "would you like me to describe what happens when nan is fighting someone who pisses him off?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled slightly. "I understand...but i am trying to explain....it is not the same when someone else does it....it...it makes you feel something...when you get revenge on that person. "If nangoroth kills him...I have accomplisghed nothing." she said and turned her head.
vindr: he laughs "who said anythng abot na killi your father... i just said fighting..." he puts his arm around her "nan puts the persons worst nightmare into their head and just stand's there watching them as they go insane... aparently your father's wost nightmare is losing to you... if you want to kill him i'll send you back but your father will be seeing himself lose to you.."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up at him and smiled. "I love you." she said and kissed him. she stood up and looked at him. "I would like to go back."
vindr: he returns the kiss "ok let's just give nan a minute to effectively establish your fater's insanity..." he then opens the portal and steps out with yamanaka just as her father falls to the ground twitching. nangoroth laughs "come to enjoy the show?" vindr smiles "no our lovely lady wants to kill him..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at her father on the ground and saw her brother;s face when he died. Tears welled up in her eyes and she turned away. "You keep saying how you want to9 get stronger and how you want to kill me...but you never will...you are too nice for your own good....poeple are going to keep hurting you." her father said. Yamanaka tried to hold back tears. "stop." she wispered. "you are weak Yamanaka...you always have been and always will." her father continued. "I said stop!" she yelled and watched as black flames covered her. she disappeared and then reappeared next to her father. She let the flames choke him and then he remained silent. she stood there watching the flames swirl...her anger raging.
vindr: vindr smiles lightly and alks slowly toward yamanaka "it's done... you did it... now calm down please..." onc he gets to her he wraps his arms around her not caring about burning himself...
iownsora / Eleahea: *Eleahea sat in a cherry bloosom tree, touching the bloosoms one by one and making them turn to ashes. She twirled a dagger stained with blood in between her fingers*
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka layed her head on Vindr's shoulder and tried to calm down. she breathed deeply until the flames were done. "Did I hurt you?" she wispered.
vindr: he smiles kissing her "a little but nothing nan can't handle..." he ten hugs her tight "let's go back to your house and relax for a little while
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled up at him and nodded. "Ok." she said and kissed him gently.
vindr: nan melds with vindr healing his wounds and both the lovers vanish. a second later they reappear on yamanaka's bed...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka opens her eyes and looks around her room, then looks at vindr and smiles at him. "Thank you." she wispered and touched his face gently.
vindr: he smiles and kisses her "your welcome love... you must be tired let's sleep" he say pullin the blankets up and snuggling up to her...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She was tired....more than tired...from today's events. She leaned against him and rested her head on his chest. she shut her eyes. "I love you." she wispered.
vindr: he smiles stroking her hair "i love you too"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up at him and kissed him passionately..moving her lips slowly. she could not describe ion words how much she loved him.
vindr: he returns the kiss just as passionately as he begins to move himself over her "you are beautiful you know that?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked up at him and smiled. "i've been told." she said and smiled again. she put her hand under his shirt and touched his skin.
vindr: he starts kissing and nibbling her neck and collarbone as he slowly slides her shirt up.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She giggled and started to unbutton his shirt. then she held the side of his pants lightly.
vindr: he reamove his pants still nibbling her collarbone but his kisses start moving towards her breasts (ooc is she wearing a skirt?)
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<nope...pants.>>
She let her hands trace up his chest to his neck and kissed his neck gently.
vindr: he smiles and toys with her breasts usig his mouth as his hands slide down to the top of her pants "i love you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and nibbled on the skin of his neck then kissed up his face until her lips reached his.
vindr: he pulls her pants off and one hand goes to the wet spot between her legs as he kisses her passionately
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she moaned slightly and continued to kiss him. Her hands feeling down his body.
vindr: he moves his hands up to her breasts as he rubs his hard member against her wetness "you alright... you sound a little wound up" he says holding back a laugh and a moan...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and blushed. "i am wound up...i am still waiting for that potion to wear off....you said it would in three days...it has only been two." she reminded him. "Why am i doing something wrong?" she asked and her hands stopped.
vindr: he chuckles and kisses her "no you are doin..." groan"... great..." he then inserts himself with a loud moan... "i was just messing with you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she groaned as well. she kissed him. "i thought my being bold was bothering you." she teased and pushed against him.
vindr / illian: he starts moving in and out with little grunts "nope... i like it..." he says with a mischiveous grin and nibbles her earlobe
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she giggled and moved against him while moaning quietly. she tried to get as much of him as possible.
vindr: his eyes start turning black as he moves faster and deeper his moans becoming more apparent...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: yamanaka looked at him. "vindr...are you ok?" she asked watching his eyes.
<<Got to go...be on tomorrow>>
vindr: he nods "yeah...oh... i am just using my...mm... power to increase my speed and stuff..oh god... to make it better for you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and laughed....then moaned. "Well....you are..mmmm...dojng...a great job." she got out. then moaned again.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: ((umm...what happened while ui was gone?))
vindr: he kisses her neck again as he attempts to go deeper than before moaning even more and whispering her name ((uhh the war is over and the wind army won...))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She moved his mouth to hers and kissed him deeply. She let her hands trail down his chest again.
vindr: he returns the kissing slipping his tongue past her lips as he thrusts a couple more times and then let's ut a muffled moan as he hits his peak...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<OMG!!! whoever wrote that needs a life!...I swear..i did not write that!>>
She moaned too but continued to kiss him.
vindr: ((i know)) he relaxes ontop of her just continuing to explore her mouth...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<^_^ thanks>>
She did the same. Letting her arms rap around his back. "I love you more that anything in the world." she wispered.
Cheated_dreams: vinder then started to beat the crap out of her. "YOU UGLY WHOREISH BITCH! I HOPE YOU GO TO HELL FOR ALL ENTIRTY AND LIVE WITH THE DEVIL AND BE HIS BITCH!" He then slashed his throat and his own and ran out screaming i am a dick face
vindr: he kisses her neck and slides off of her to lay next to her putting on arm under her head and the other on her hip "i love you too... there is nothing that will stop me from making you happy..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled then closed her eyes. "Don't promise me that." she wispered.
vindr: he smiles and whispers back "i don't promise i swear..." he then kisses her lightly...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She turned to him and opened her eyes. Her eyes looked tortured. "Don't...please." she wispered in a begging tone.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She touched his face lightly with her fingers. "Don't do that." she wispered again.
kairne / kaer: *may i join and if so can someone tell me what has happened so far)
vindr: he shakes his head "i don't understand why women don't want to be happy if it means the one they love must work to do it... i won't die if that is what is worrying you love..." he brushes a few stray hairs away from her face "i just want you to be happy..." ((we are way to far into this to explain what has happened so if you still want to join with no explanation go ahead...))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and looked at him. "Thank you...but I am happy." she said and smiled again.
vindr: he chuckles "well then i don't have to work much more for the full effect of what i am goin for..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and leaned in to kiss him. She heard a knock on her window and knew exactly who it was. "I'll be right back." she rpomised and threw her cloths on and ran to the backyard. she threw her arms around Valerian so fast that it shocked him. "I missed you." she cried and happy tears sprang into her eyes. "I missed you too....are you ok?" he asked. "Yes...i'm fine." she replied. "I heard about everything." he said and smiled. "That potion must be powerful stuff....you actually got away from Nan." he said and smiled. she laughed. "Well...you better get back." he said. "OK." she said and walked in. she went and looked through the mail on the counter and opened a big heaving envelope. she looked at the wrods on the card and dropped in out of shock. The card made a loud noise when it hit the floor.
vindr: he had walked in stretching when she dropped the card "what happened?" he asked looking worried.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled...now embarassed. "Um...it's nothing important...i overreacted." she said and laughed. "i am invited to a cousin's wedding...want to go?" she asked.
<<I won't be on tomorrow...sorry.>>
vindr: he laughs and kisses her "of course... when is it?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sighed. "Well...the thing is...it's tomorrow....but since i was not home...i did not get it." she said. "i'm sure you'll love my family." she muttered darkly and sighed.
<<I am so sorry but i am pulled to go to virginia when i do not want to so i will not be on until thursday....sorry.>>
vindr: ((no prob)) he smiles "as long as your father was the only crazy one then we will be fine..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Define crazy." she said and smiled. She put the mail on the counter and sighed. "Sorry if i am dragging you around everywhere...you really don't have to go."
vindr: he frowns "well crazy as in wants to murder you... and i would love to go anywhere you wanna take me..." he kisses her with a grin...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She kissed him back for a moment then pulled away. "No...not crazy as in wanting to kill me." she said. she took his hand. "Well...I guess i need to scavenge my closet for a pair of nice clothes. Um...you can go back to your house too....if you want to...you don't need to stay with me....I'll be fine."
vindr: he chuckles "this is the first actual house i have been able to call home since my parents died..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She gasped. "I'm so sorry." she said and hugged him toghtly. "Well this..this is your home now...so...don't worry."
vindr: he smiles hugging her back "don't worry about appologizing..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She hid her face against his chest. "You can stay as long as you like....forever." she wispered and blushed.
vindr: he smiles and hugs her tight "of course i'll stay...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked up at him and smiled. "You won;t leave me?" she asked again. she felt like she asked that alot...she just didn't want to get up one day and find him gone.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<got to go...see you tomorrow...bibii.>>
vindr: he kisses her deeply "never..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She kissed him back. Wrapping her arms around his neck and shutting her eyes gently.
vindr: he smiles and whispers "hold on... i wanna show you something..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at him puzzled. "What is it?"
vindr: he smiles as his wings open and begin to glow bright "you'll see, just hold on tight"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She did as he said and gripped him tightly.
vindr: he smiles as they vanish, and seconds later they reappear at the bottom of a ravine where the sunlight is reflecting of millions of gems "i found this place when i was younger... and these are all mine... pick one..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. "I don't need one." she said and smiled at him.
vindr: he smiles and kisses her "just pick one... you'll see what it's for..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She loked at him confused but nodded. "Ok." she said and looked at them. she picked a small clear diamond looking one. It was the prettiest gem she had ever seen. "Ok." she said and smiled at him.
vindr: he nods taking the gem and covers it in his hands along with the smaller bar of zilver. he begins to chant in a low voice and his hands start glowing. when he opens his hands there is a ring with three smaller versions of the gems she chose in the band. he gets down on one knee and asks "will you marry me?" then grins
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She blushed and gasped...then smiled. "Yes." she said as her blush deepened. "You already knew the answer." she said. she was so happy.
vindr: he smiles and nods "yeah i knew your answer... but it's still proper for me to ask..." he kisses her and slides the ring on her finger "i love you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She kissed him back and looked at the ring closer then looked at him and smiled. "I love you too....it's beautiful...how did you make it?"
vindr: he grins "i have been through enough towns and met enough alchemists to learn how to forge a ring with magic..." he then nibbles her earlobe whispering "let's get back to the house..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She giggled. "whatever you want. It sounds nice though..the house sounds better than when you say you're house...it's not just mine anymore." she said and took his hand and kissed him.
vindr: kisses her back and picks her up bridal style as everything fades again and the house fades into sight about three yards away "hmm don't we have to tell someone the good news?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Well...I guess it wouldn't hurt to call my family." shee mused. "Will Nan be ok with this?" she asked amused.
vindr: he chuckles "he's been buggin me since we first... ummm... yeah" he blushes and scratches the back of his neck in embarassment "your family isn't who i was talking about anyway... i was talking about a certain huge friend of ours..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She laughed at how nervous he looked. She smiled and touched his cheek. 'I figure he knows already...our minds are connected." then her head perked up. "wait...Nan was bugging you...why would he care?" she asked curious.
vindr: he looks down "the last girl we had fallen for was killed before we could do anything to make her ours..." he sniffs "it was his fault she died and it took me forever to get over it and let him have some power again... so he wanted to make sure this time we at least have a chance to let you know..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and touched his face gently. "Wait....why do you keep saying we...the girl we fell for...Nan too?"
vindr: he looks up and nods "because of how close we are mentally we share most of the same emotions... and because i love you so does he..." he kisses her as they walk into the house at which point their surroundings fade and the bedroom fades in...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She had to laugh at that. "Nan...loves me?" she asked raising an eyebrow. she couldn't accept that concept. "honestly?"
vindr: he nods "only because i do..." he slowly walks toward the bed setting her in it "and i know he thinks of you as a younger sister because i have become his little brother, but he is forced to love you the way i do because he is in my body and mind..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She tried to process that and giggled again. she smiled at him. she looked down at her hand and realized that this was not a dream and that she was actually engaged.
vindr: he then grins pushing her back on the bed and leans over her kissing her passionately, sliding a hand behind her head and placing the other on her hip...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She laughed and kissed him back. One hand leaned against his neck and the other against his chest. "You seem excited." she noted.
vindr: he nods kissing her neck "yep... you don't mind do ya?" he asked slipping his hand up her shirt...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. "No...I don't mind." she said and smirked. one of her fingers hooked into his pants.
vindr: he slips her shirt over her head and removes her bra (she is wearin one right?) and begins to massage her breast, kissing her neck and chest....
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<I assume so.>>
She got him pants ff and his shirt and she kissed his chest and ran her hand up it.
vindr: his hands move to remove her pants as he nibbles and sucks on bothe of her nipples in turn...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She moaned and touched his private gently. she kissed his neck deeply.
vindr: he shudders at her touch as her runs his fingers tentively over the hot wetness between her legs "you seem just as excited as i am love..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I never said that i wasn't." she teased. she brought his face back up to hers and kissed him deeply.
vindr: he moves himself from the side to in between her legs, positioning himself, his hands wondering all over her body...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and kissed down his nec and across his collarbone.
vindr: he kisses her neck as he plunges himself into her with a gasp...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She moaned slightly and pushed against him. she kissed his neck deeper as her hands ran down his chest.
vindr: he starts thrusting fast and deep moaning and kissing every inch of skin he can reach
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She moaned again and her hands moved to his neck and she massaged there gently. she kissed him passionately.
vindr: he continues thrusting as he kisses her deeply exploring her mouth with his tongue...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She kissed him back, her tongue playing with his.
vindr: his moan is muffled by her mouth as he get's closer to his peak so he starts thrusting a little slower but deeper than before...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She never felt this way before. she never wanted anything as much as she did Vindr. "She let her hands slid down to his waist.
vindr: after a couple of final thrusts he thrusts one more time and holds himself there, groaning as he releases inside of her...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She moaned and then layed her head against his shoulder. Her lips touched the side of his neck gently.
vindr: he nibbled her neck breathing heavily and his hand moved down to play with her clit to get her to orgasm again, in quick succesion...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. "you know what i just realized?" she asked. "i just realized that i have no idea how to plan a wedding." she said thoughtfully and then she moaned.
vindr: he chuckles, out of breathe still "i would be worried about kids more with how actice we seem to have been... didn't we do this just last night?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled slightly. "That would be a problem...if...if it were possible...but since it isn't...you don't have to worry." she said quietly.
vindr: he sits up looking at her worried "what are you talking about love?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at her hands. "I...can't have kids." she said. "It was an accident and i had to have an operation done for it and i just can't...i'm sorry..I should've told you sooner but I...I don't know."
vindr: he shakes his head "it's fine love... there is always adoption... i was just wondering what happened to make you not able to have kids...."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I...got hit....with...well I'm not sure...but it cut pretty deep so they had to operate. "I so sorry Vindr."
vindr: he hugs her and kisses her forehead "the important thing is that you survived and are here today to love me..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and looked up at him. "Yeah...thank you...I guess i need to talk to Valerian now...i'll have to do that eventually...then...i have a wedding to go to...you still don't have to come if you don't want to."
vindr: he grins "what kind of fiance would i be if i didn't go with the one i loved?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smirked. "Don't say I didn't warn you." she said and walked out the door and into the backyard. Valerian was practically jumping. He came over and nudged her. "you're engaged!" he exclaimed. "Can I see the ring?" he asked and Yamanaka held out her hand. "It's beautiful." he said and smiled. "Congrats." he said. "Thanks...hey Val...We're gonna be out tomorrow...we have a wedding to go to...you'll be ok right?" she asked. Valerian snorted. "I'll be fine....have fun." he said and she hugged him and walked back inside. she stood in the kitchen and went to get a glass of water.
vindr: he smiles to himself and hears the voice of nan in his head 'hey you finally take my advice...' 'shut it nan... i had to make it special...' 'i know v i was gonna congradulate you but know i don't think you deserve it...' i know i don't...' at that point v falls asleep...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She walked in her room and saw Vindr asleep. she smiled and took out one of her books on the basics of magic and sat in a chair in the corner and started reading it.
vindr: he rolls over in his sleep smiling and muttering something about "yamanaka" and "beautiful"...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka giggled to herself and continued with her book.
vindr: he opens his eyes and the irises are the off color of nangoroth's "so you two are gettin married... congratz... the little whelp has gotten more confident since her..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka lowered her book. "Hey Nan...hey can you tell me about....whoever her is...I'm always afraid to ask Vindr to his face....is this question...crossing some sort of line? One i should not cross?" she put the book down on the night-table.
vindr: he frowns "you are right not to ask him because, in trying to tell you about her, he would lose all his control and go insane...but i don't mind tellin you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She thought about that for a moment. "Ok...go ahead then."
vindr: nan sighs and starts to talk slowly and as he continues his eyes seem to drift into the past "her name was vexa... when we had first met her she was blind but could still see through vibrations in the ground... we hadn't yet made a bond and i was constantly trying to take control, i was more blood thirsty then... well vexa had decided to help vindr get control over me and came along with us" he swallows the lump in his throat and continues "vindr took her to the mountain where the old woman who had cared for him after i slaughtered his village lived... there was a barrier around this mountain that could hide auras and vindr thought they would be safe..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She shut her eyes. "Nan..you don't need to finish." she said softly.
vindr: he shakes his head "no i need to" he takes a breath "there had been wolf demons living on this mountain and a few of them attacked vindr and vexa causing v to make a deal with me... i don't hurt anyone he cares for and he'll let me use his power as well as any power we devour... i agreed and he allowed me to kill the whole tribe of demons... well he got talking to vexa and got her to agree to let me heal her eyes at which point me and vindr entered her mind... he sheilded her from pain while i worked on the nerves of her eyes..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She shook her head. "I'm so sorry Nan....I'm sorry for Vindr too." she opened her eyes and stared at Nan. "It makes you wonder what would have happened if she lived...Vindr and her would have ended up together....I just wonder...what would've happened to me." she stood up and corssed the room. "i need a walk." she said and left the house and walked to the cemetary. she sat outside the gates with her eyes shut.
vindr: he frowns and vanishes reappearing on a gravestone near her "there was something i found when i was fixing her eyes that i never told vindr..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka looked up startled then sighed and shut her eyes again. "what?" she whispered.
vindr: he sighs "she was gonna die within a month after she got killed any way... she had a tumor even she didn't know about..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka gasped and opened her eyes. "Where are you going with this?"
vindr: he looks up and smiled slightly "he has yet to forgive me for killing her, but i got her killed so she wouldn't suffer... he doesn't trust as much as he should because i saved vexa from alot of pain..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sighed. "um....am i sopposed to say thank you?" she asked in a dark voice. "He loved her....a lot."
vindr: he sighs "so even you think i was in the wrong for helping her out... ok let's say it was you... would you rather die a quick and painless death by a demon or a slow and excruciatingly painful death by a tumor in your brain?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She thought about that. "i guess i see your point." she admitted. "i just feel weird...you know.....i can't explain it right." she looked away.
vindr: he steps in front of her "you should feel good about him asking you to marry him... you are the first woman he even let himself look at like that..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled. "Thanks Nan." she said and stepped past him. "See ya later." she said and walked away. she smiled and sat in the breeze.
vindr: he smiles and falls to the ground unconcious...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She stood up and thought for a minute. she looked around and saw nobody around. she opened her hand and let the flames slowly spread up her arm and tried to just conver her arm. she started to have difficulty.
vindr: he could feel her try to use her abilities and tries to wake up but his body wouldn't respond...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She slowly tried to stop it and it started to decrease in mass. "god...go away.." she whispered and shut her eyes concentrating.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She finally got the flames to disappear and she leaned back against a tree, cathcing her breath.
vindr: he screams in his head and seconds later his body responds letting him wake up. he then runs to where yamanaka is and pants "are you ok?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yeah...i'm fine....got everything...under sontrol." she smiled. "you ok?"
vindr: he nods sittin next to her "why wouldn't i be? and how did i get in the graveyard?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Um...Nan was there...then he passed out and when you took control...you woke up where he was." she said and looked at the sky.
vindr: he looks confused "why did he take control? there wasn't a fight was there?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Um...no." she said and looked away, uncomfortable. "We were just talking." she said and hoped he wouldn't ask any more questions.
vindr: he frowns "why do you look so suspicious? what were you talking about?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She kept her gaze at the ground. Nan told her that if she reminded him that he would go insane. she didn't want that. "Nothing worht mentioning."
vindr: his frown becomes bigger and he sighs "fine i'll ask nan" his eyes become clouded as he recededs into his mind
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanak shut her eyes again and pressed her fingers to her temples.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She hoped Nan would say something else.
vindr: vindr walks up to nan who had been trimming his roses "nan... what were you and yamanaka talking about?" nan smiles turning around "her power..." vindr looks confused "why?" nangoroth begins to laugh "no reason"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka sighed and opened her eyes. She got up slowly and looked over at vindr. "Well...it's getting late and there is a wedding tomorrow...I better get some sleep." she said and smiled.
vindr: his eyes return to normal and he smiles "ok... oh and what did nan ask or tell you about your powers?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She laughed. "Just some tips on concentration." she said and smiled. she headed back into the house and laid back against the bed and sighed. she would have to remeber to thank Nan later.
vindr: he heads in with her and lays down beside her putting an arm around her...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok...so...Layla...that is the cousin that is getting married...her soon-to-be husband is Max...then my aunt diane and her husband steven...and many other various family members who I don't really know." she kept her gaze on the ceiling. "If you remeber those names you should be fine."
vindr: he nods "ok so layla and max are gettin married" yawn "and diane and steven are... layla's parents?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yeah." she said and laughed. "you look tired." she said and touched his face. "you should sleep." she said and rested her head against his chest.
vindr: he smiles as his eyes slowly close and he begins to snore lightly
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and fell asleep.
she got up the next morning and opened her closet. She had nothing to wear. she ended up in long black pants and a black top with silver sparkles. she walked into the kitchen and made breakfast for Vindr. she was too nervous to eat.
vindr: he gets up and reaches out into thin air where his arm disappears for a minute until he pulls it out and puts on the black pants black button up shirt and white dog collar with a teardrop shape hangin from it...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She leaned against the counter and shut her eyes. she did not want to get up this morning.
vindr: he walks downstairs smiling but starts frowning when he walks into the kitchen "you alright love you don't look too good..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she opened her eyes. "Oh...didn't hear you there....morning." she said. "Yeah i'm fine...you look great." she said and smiled.
vindr: he walks over to her huggin her "you really don't look well... you sure you wanna go to this?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Honestly...I don't want to go...but layla would hate me if i didn't go...so i really have no choice." she said leaned her forehead against his chest.
vindr: he sighs "yes you do... where is the wedding at? i'll send them a message tellin them you're sick and that you can't make it..." he kisses the top of her head...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and sighed. "See...that would work...if i hadn;t used that for Aunt diane's wedding...I can't do that to them..even if i don't feel good." she kissed his cheek. "but thanks for trying. i'm not going for the wedding though...Layla told me not too....she said she doesn't want me to burn anything." she whispered and sighed. "So I am only invited to the party."
vindr: he frowns "if you have to go you are goin to both... i don't care if you're not invited to it, they can't expect you to be there if you're only invited to the reception..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Vindr.....I...know you care about my feelings but honestly it's fine...i'm used to it..i have had years of it...I don't want to anger her." she sighed. "It'll be fine."
vindr: he growls as his wings unwrap themselves from his body "no we're going to the wedding not just the reception if we are goin at all..." he then winces realizing he was yelling at her "sorry..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and put her hands on the side of his face and smiled. "It's ok..." she sighed. "Ok...here's the adress." she said and handed him the card.
<<i gotta go....be on tomorrow night.>>
vindr: he raises an eyebrow "so we're not goin?" he shrugs and memorizes the address... he'd need it either way...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sighed and leaned back against the counter, shutting her eyes. "This is the only family i have left...I want to keep my relationship....if I go to the wedding part..I lose that." she whispered. she hoped he would understand how much that meant to her.
vindr: he sighs "alright... but i will let them know how low that i think that is... don't they realize that you might have gotten control of your powers?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She opened her eyes. "do you realize that this is a plus...we...don't...talk. so they wouldn't know...and cpnsidering how bad my control was before....ugh...all of us thought that conrol was impossible...I never dreamed that I would ever come this far." she said and shook her head. "They would never of known."
vindr: he smiles "but if we go to the wedding and you show them your control... they would be amazed..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: It was tempting. "I'm ok with just going to the party....no need to get yelled at by Aunt Diane." she said. "I guess they will have to see my control then." she said and sighed.
vindr: he nods "alright... well are you ready to leave? or do we have to wait a little while?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "We have about an hour to wait before we leave." she said and looked up at him. "Thank you...for understading." she murmered.
vindr: grins "of course love... now if we leave in an hour and i got us there instantly will we be there early?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she grinned hugely. "See i know you...so i already had that in mind when I decided what time to leave." she said and laughed.
vindr: laughs "ok... well what do you wanna do that will take up that hour?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She frowned. "Well..you can do whatever you want...I need to clean the house." she said and smiled slightly as she took out rags and started to clean the table. "I kinda let it get out of hand."
vindr: hr raises an eyebrow looking at the spotless house "uhhh... do you have ocd? cause i don't see anything that needs cleaning..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smirked. "Maybe...I don't think i have OCD...but...who knows." she laughed and started cleaning the counter. "It wouldn't surprise me if I did have it."
vindr: grins wrapping his arms around her "love i'll clean it later if you want but right now you should relax..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I can't relax....i'm too nervous to posibly relax." she said sighed.
vindr: he smiles and they appear in ght living room, where he forces both of them to sit down and he begins to massage her shoulders "oh really? so this doesn't help?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sighed and shut her eyes. she leaned back. "your good at that."
vindr: he nods "i know... so does it help?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded slowly and breathed a sigh. "how are you so calm?" she asked. "you meeting people you have never met before....you don't fell nervous?" she asked.
vindr: he chuckles "nope i haven't been nervous since i lost... her... but that's only because i wanted to learn more about people so i could better defend myself..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She turned top face him. Her face was confused. "Explain that please?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<won't be on tomorrow.>>
vindr: he smiles "before i met her i would avoid people for fear that some among them were assassins... i learned as i traveled with her that i wouldn't be happy that way and it was more dangerous too... the farther away from people you are the easier it is for an assassin to spot you, so i decided to try to get as many people to either be a friend or a comrad in battle, and some of those comrads didn't even like me they just knew not to be on the recieving end of my wrath"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I understand." she said. "but I can assure you that my family will not try to kill you...well at least I hope not." she said quietly and leaned against his chest.
vindr: he smiles "hopefully your family has heard of me and will not dare to try anything... i don't want to have to harm anybody related to you who aren't tryin to kill you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. "I don't think they have heard of you...I had never heard of you...my family tends to be out of the loop....but they won't anger me...they know what happenes when i lose control of my emotions." she said quietly.
vindr: he smiles kissing her neck "you know that shouldn't happen anymore right... if nan was helping you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. "Yeah...i guess." she said warily. looking at him.
vindr: he frowns "what's wrong?" he then turns to look at a clock "oh wow we should be heading out soon..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yeah." she said happy for the subject change. She didn't want to answer his question.
vindr: stands and lightly grabs her hand and pulls her toward the door "well this oughta be fun..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she rolls her eyes. "Yeah....fun." she said sarcastically.
vindr: grins "i didn't mean the wedding reception i meant the traveling... i haven't done this in forever..." turns his legs into clouds and motions for her to sit...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiles and sit on it, unafraid now.
vindr: grins and wraps his arms around her waist and then zooms off at an extreme speed blurring most of the colors together making a beautiful sight
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she saw the church up a head and her face paled.
vindr: kisses her neck "don't worry i'm here with you remember?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she relaxed a little at that thought. "Yeah." she said as they landed and she stood up and took his hand.
vindr: his legs return and he kisses her hand walking towards the church pulling her close...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka smiled as she saw layal. she hugged her. "Yamanaka so glad you could come." Layla said and smiled. "congrats." she said to layla and looked at her aunt diane who was not happy to see her.
vindr: he waves to the glaring woman with a huge grin, still wearing just the black pants and black dog collar he had put on earlier. then turns to layla "hello, my name is vindr... sorry about not wearing a shirt but lately my wings have been givin me trouble"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Layla giggled. "Pleased to meet you." she said. :"This is max...my now husband." she turned back to yamanaka. "where is your brother and father...I invited them too." she said. Yamanaka froze.
vindr: pulls yamanaka closer "ummm you want the truth or the more appropriate reason they aren't here?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "The more approriate reason." she whispered and stood next to vindr.
vindr: smiles at layla "they got a little sick and asked us to wish you two luck..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she sighed and smiled at him. "Oh...well tell them i hope they feel better." she said and walked with max to see other family members.
she turned and glared. "aunt diane."
They glared at each other. "I thought I took care of your invite."
"Well...I got the one layla sent me." yamanaka said and held back her anger as her aunt snickered and walked away.
vindr: smiles again "can i play a small prank pwease... it'll be hillarious... and nobody'll know it was me..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looks at him warily. "That depends...what do you want to do?"
vindr: grins "oh.. trip her with a small breeze..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she studies his face. "I do not think that is a good idea." she said even though she loved the sound of that.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<got to go...be on tomorrow about same time....i hope....bibii.>>
vindr: frowns "you don't want to watch her fall on her face? none of the people here know i can control the wind..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She bit her lip and shook her head. "Not a good idea." she murmered.
vindr: nods and hugs her "ok..." at that moment he hears a scream of terror then the sound of laughter and a few "are you alright?"'s and "are you ok?" he look to see that her aunt had indeed taken a nose dive without the help of the wind "hmm... it seems she is naturally clumsy..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she laughed against his chest. "Yeah." she sighed. "We better get over there...she'll blame me anyway." she sighted and looked toward the party.
vindr: he nods and looks over at her aunt again "shit... we might want to hurry" he then runs over and steps on the head of the shadow...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked confused. "what are you donhg...what's wrong?" she asked confused.
vindr: looks at her a slight fear in his eyes and his voice rings through her head 'dejo followed us and saw how your aunt treated you...'
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her face paled. 'what is he planning' she sent back scared
vindr: his eyes drop to the shadow he is standing on 'i am standing on his head so he can't leave his shadow form... he's the one who tripped her...'
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She glared at the shadwo. "Nan...I can handle myself thank you very much...you do not need to attack my family."
vindr: vindr looks up at her confused "nan? he didn't do anything... it was dejo..." at that point his eyes glow white stopping time for himself and yamanaka and drags dejo out of the woman's shadow
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<sorry my mistake.>>
She glared at him. "what are you trying to do...kill her?"
vindr: dejo looks down "no i was trying to humiliate her for being that mean to a family member..." vindr growls and smacks dejo upside the head "her aunt is already not pleased with me or her and she could easily pin this on one of us..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanak rolled her eyes at vindr. "No9t you...me....and just because she treats me badly does not mean it is right for me." she repeated what her mother had always taught her.
vindr: vindr nods "that's what i was getting at love..." dejo drops his head even lower "i'm really sorry..." vindr pokes his brother "you get about a mile away then i want you to WALK back to this party and we will introduce you properly.." dejo nods and vanishes and vindr starts time again and helps up yamanaka's aunt "you ok?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her aunt yanked her arm away. "Don't tuch me." she snarled and looked at Yamanaka. "you monster stay away from my daughter we do not need another person getting hurt." she said and walked away.
vindr: he sighs "sorry love..." at that point dejo walks up "hey dejo... have you talked with the bride yet?" dejo shakes his head "not yet... i figured i'd find you since technically i wasn't invited..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Yamanaka was still staring after her aunt as she waited for her anger to settle.
vindr: he walks over to yamanaka and hugs her whispering "hey love we have to introduce dejo to layla... he's gonna hang out here anf find out that not all of your family hates you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Layal doesn't hate me." she whispered and stepped forward. "Come on dejo...come and meet my wonderful family." she said sarcastically.
vindr: nods and whispers to her "that's what i meant.. layla doesn't hate you..." dejo nods and puts on a smile...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled slightly and walked over to layla. "Hey layla....you already met vindr...this is his brother Dejo." she said and layla held out her hand. "Pleased to meet you." she said.
vindr: dejo bows slightly and shakes her hand "hello..." vindr grins and whispers "love should we tell them we are going to get married?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sighed and thought about that then smiled widely. "Yes." she whispered. "Hey layal...you'll come to my wedding right?" she asked and smiled. Layla looked confused then looked an Yamanaka's hand. "you and vindr...are getting...married!" she exclaimed and hugged Yamanaka tightly. "congrats!" she said and smiled.
vindr: laughs "well let's finish this party first... and we'll wait long enough for your honeymoon to end before we have the wedding" he says with a grin and a wink...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Layal smiled and nodded. "Yeah ok." she shot her mother a look. "i wioll give you max's adress later so that he will get it and my mother will not." she whispered and Yamanaka nodded.
vindr: stands beside layla and whispers to her "so you don't care about yamanaka's powers? well in that case there are a couple secrets you might want in on..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Lalay stepped back to talk to him. "I don't mind her powers...I try to be careful...her feeling are strong." she said. "what secrets?"
vindr: smiles and whispers to layla as dejo starts up a conversation with yamanaka "well she is getting control of her powers with the help of a friend of mine... well actually he's the demon who is sealed within me... if you want me to stop with the secrets tell me..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Please I want to know everything...I feel like I don't know her...she doesn't trust people...especially her family." Layla said.
vindr: nods "i can understand why she doesn't..." he then looks over "well i am halfdragon... dejo is a dark demon... and i don't know if i should tell you the other part..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Kayla looked confused. "do you mean baout her brother and father...I'm not stupid to swallow her lies...i know she killed them both."
vindr: he grins "actually no... she didn't kill them..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Layla looked confused. "she...didn't?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<got to go...be on tomorrow...bibii.>>
vindr: shakes his head "no i did..." he looks over at her to see her reaction "they tried to kill her and i killed them before they could take her from me..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I heard from avery relaiable source...that she lost control and killed him with her own hands." she said and shrugged.
vindr: looks back through his memories "wow.. your right... it was her brother that i killed... oh well she did it in defense..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Layla smiled. "I have my sources....but I know...her father was horrible to her family."
vindr: nods "yeah... and he messed her brothers head up... which made him attack her and i had to kill him..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I don't know what it was....but he never liked her...even before she ....hurt...her mother." layal looked down. "she almost killed herself after that."
vindr: he nods "well i think dejo's been embarassing my tenshi(angel) long enough... i say you get back to your husband and talk to other guests and i'll go save my fiance..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She laughed. "Yeah...and...do me a favor....take care of her...please? she is the only family...who was there for me...when "i needed it...so just...help her..please?" she said looking up at him.
vindr: he grins "i wouldn't have proposed to her if i hadn't planned on doing that for her... i know she deserves it... even if i don't deserve her..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. "you deserve her more that you think." she said and hugged him. "Thanks for talking to me." she said and went off to find max.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<got to go bibii.>>
vindr: smiles as she walks off "she is way to perfect for any man to truly deserve her but i am glad she chose to be with me..." he whispers to himself as he walks back to yamanaka and dejo "hey have you been annoying my tenshi?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: yamanaka rolled her eyes. "If I had to guess...you would be the older one." she said and laughed.
vindr: looks confused "huh wait what?"
vindr / dejo: shrugs "... i am not gonna get hit" turns and walks away...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She laughed. "You act more mature than your brother does." she explained and smiled. "what were you talking to Layla about?" she asked.
vindr: grins "nothin you need to worry about... just helpin you out with the family, what started the conversation about the maturity of me and my little brother..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she grined. "He likes to talk about you." she said and laughed. "nothing you should worry about....helping me join the family." she said and laughed.
vindr: he laughs and nods "ok ok... well waht do you want to do now?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Honsetly...go home...but I do not think that is an option." she smiled grimly. "So...I guess I will just sit here and be bored." she murmered.
vindr: sighs and chuckles "come on.. we're going to dance..." he pulls her toward the area with the dj and asks him to play a song so she couldn't hear it
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she frowned slightly. "Vindr...I...I don't know how to dance." she murmered embarassed.
vindr: smiles pulling her close wrapping his arms around her waist "neither do i... that's why i asked for a slow song.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked scared. "Vindr...honestly...I'm going throw you off."
vindr: smiles "look all you have to do is put your arms around my neck and sway to the song..." grins as 'teardrops on my guitar' by taylor swift starts
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<Never heard of him.>>
She sighed and smiled slightly. "Only because it is with you." she said and put her arms around his neck.
vindr: ((she is a good country singer... only 17)) he smiles holding her close his forehead against hers as he looks into her eyes
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and kissed him gently. "Thanks for comming with me...you didn't have to."
vindr: he smiles and kisses her in return "what, and let my fiance go to a wedding alone, where a couple members of her family don't like her, i think not"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled. "I thank you never-the-less." she said and sighed. "The things i have put you through and yet here you stand."
vindr: he smiles "love... i'd go to hell and back if i could have you stay with me..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She blushed and smiled. "I'm not going anywhere." she said and kissed him passionately.
NoraNay / Kaname: <<gotta go..be onh tomorrow...you should go on the same time as today i am always on around this time.>>
vindr: smiles and returns the kiss... when he pulls back he grins "i think it's time we got you home m'lady... i'll have dejo tell layla since he's talking to her and max..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and nodded. she was exhausted from all of the emotional stress today. "yeah...ok."
vindr: smiles and his wings wrap around them making them vanish, seeing this dejo turns to layla and max "well it seems those to decided it was time to head home... so i think i'll go and to my lovely lady's house and surprise her... congradulations you two and good luck" with that dejo sinks into the shadows at layla's feet
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Layla smiled and nodded. Yamanak opened her eyes when they got back and sighed. she laughed solightly. "It's finally over."
vindr: grins "not quite..." he then kisses her deeply pushing her slowly back to the couch
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled against the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. "what are you up to?" she asked and smirked.
vindr: grins pressing his forehead against her "heh you just kinda got to my head and i felt like gettin to yours... is it workin?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and kissed. "most definately." she said and ran her fingers down his neck.
vindr: growls lightly and nibbles her neck leaning into her
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she giggled and rumpled his hair lightly. she moved her mouth right by his ear. "i love you." she whispered. Her breath lightly touching his face.
NoraNay / Kaname: <<got to go...see ya tomorrow.>>
vindr: smiles and whispers back to her "and i love you with all my heart" before nibbling her ear and sliding down to kiss just above the collar of her shirt...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she giggled. "mmmmm." she hummed and shut her eyes softly.
<<i won't be on tonight...my favorite show is on.>>
vindr: he continues to kiss her sliding a hand up her shirt...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<I guess i lied...I'm on ^_^>>
she kissed him back and let her fingers trail down his chest.
vindr: shivers slightly, sliding her shirt up, kissing her still "love... i forget... have i asked you... what you thoughts... were on children?" he asked breathing quickly...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She thought for a moment. "not exactly. We know I cannot have any....but I never really thought about it." she said unbuttoning his shirt.
vindr: he smiles kissing her neck "have i turned you yet?" he asks and begins to massage her breast...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she moaned softly and smirked. "Maybe." she said and kissed him as her hands slid to his waist. "i want to know what you put in my food this morning...cuz i can't seem to keep my hands off you."
vindr: stops everything he is doing to her "i can't believe you think i'd drug you... it's probably the draconic instincts that are making you horny... which means you can have kids..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her whole body...forze and she stopped what she was doing. "W-What?" she whispered.
vindr: smiles "when a dragoness loses the ability to have children she becomes irritable when aproached by a male, and she has more of a want to fight... and if you couldn't have children before you were turned to half dragon would have been healed because the turning process heals all internal injuries"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she froze and was thinking quietly. A strange look flashed acorss her face.
vindr: he looks confused "what's wrong love? did you not want to ever have kids?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "It's complicated......if i had kids.....they wouldn't....they wouldn't turn out..
....they would die shortly after...and I..I don't want to kill anybody. My brother was one of the smartest people i knew....we tried everything." she said and looked down.
vindr: smiles and shakes his head "love... dragons like with fire inside their chests, do you think a little fire will kill'em? they'll be fine i promise"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled sadly. "you don't seem to understand Vindr." she searched for words but failed and looked at him. "It just.....it's hard to explain without my brothers formulas." she shook her head and smiled slightly at the memory.
vindr: smiles shaking his head "you don't understand... a dragon hatchling whether born to a half-dragon mother or not is still born with scales and those scales stay for three months protecting it from all elements and as long as we are here they won't die... like i said everything is repaired when the mother is turned..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she bit her lip gently, trying not to make it bleed. "Vindr..." she whispered. "I'm so so sorry...but...i'm 18....I...I can't...not now." she said and stared at the floor.
vindr: chuckles and holds her close "i wasn't saying right now i was asking if you wanted shildren at all... there is a way for me to keep you from having kids and also from having to go through that monthly thing... and trust me if you want this house to hold up you don't want to go through it..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she laughed and leaned her foehead against his chest. He mad everything easier. she smiled. "thanks." she said softly.
<<gotta go.>>
vindr: he smiles and raises an eyebrow "so does that mean you want me to place the seal on you?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded and kissed him. "Please."
vindr: smiles and nods biting his thumb making it bleed then draws something on her stomach and begins to chant making the blood seal on her stamach turn black and glow...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked away and shut her eyes. she wasn't sure what was happening and having vindr's blood on her stomach made her feel sick.
vindr: he smiles turning her to him and kisses her after the seal vanishes "it's not my blood anymore, it's now ink..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she exhaled sharply and smiled at him. "Thank you.....that....means a lot." she sais struggling for words.
vindr: shakes his head as he kisses her again "anything for you my love... now you wanna continue our earlier actions...?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she laughed and smirked. "Hmmm....." she played with his hair slightly and laughed again. "I want to...for reasons unknown...I am not ususally this horny." she said and laughed again.
vindr: grins "i'm tellin you it's just your dragon instincts... when a female dragon gets to the age of maturity and is able to have kids she gets extremely horny up until she gets pregnant... then she is only that way again after she has the hatchlings... now since you can't have hatchling til that seal is gone this is gonna be a constant feeling..." he grins and nibbles her neck and earlobe...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Are you ok with that." she said and ran her fingers through his hair again.
vindr: grins and kisses her "what do you think?" he asks as his hand moves down to between her legs...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I'll take that as a yes." she said and her hand hooked around his pants.
vindr: he grins and pulls her shirt off completely then nibbles her breasts "you know i love you so much..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: I've been told..." she started to undo his pants. "i love you more though."
vindr: grins as he unbuttons her pants and begins to remove them "no you don't... cuz my love cannot even be held in this universe..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She shook her head and slipped his pants off. "not a chance. you weren't alone when you met me...I was...and you gave me everything."
vindr: smiles "ok you win that then..." he then kisses her to prevent her from talkin much more (she wearing underwear?)
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<sure.>>
she smiled. she loved it when she won. she took his necklace in her fingers and looked at the teardrop. "what's this?" she asked curiously.
vindr: he smiles as he slips her panties off "it's the last thing that vexa made me before she..." he sighs and looks away taking the collar off...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She touched i=his face lightly and kissed his ckeek. "i'm really sorry...i know you loved her."
vindr: shakes his head and looks back at her wiping a tear away "yeah i did, but you are my new love... though i will not get rid of that collar..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she frowned. "I don't expect you to Vindr....god...give me more credit than that." she whispered. she smiled at him. "you are most important thing to me....don't think that i would ever ask that of you."
vindr: he smiles "thank you..." he kisses her deeply running his hands over her naked body
NoraNay / Kaname: she kissed him back, slipping her tongue in and taking off the rest of his cloths. she moved her hands down his whole body.
<<gotta go...be on tomorrow...bibii.>>
vindr: battles with her tongue over which mouth they were going to explore, as his hands find her breasts and his hard member finds her warm womanhood...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<They way you word it makes it so much more comfortable...than you ^_^>>
She moaned softly. It was muffled by his lips. she reatsed her hands on the side of his neck and moved her kissed down his neck.
vindr: groans as he moves in and out, and shudders as she starts kissing his neck... (you're welcome ^_^)
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she moaned against his skin and kissed across his collar bone gently, tracing her fingers over the muscles of his chest.
vindr: he moans the blue of his eyes slowly turning into black slits "oh my god... you are really making it hard to control myself... love..." he whispers to her before kissing her neck and nibbling her ear
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She tried to hide a smile. "should I stop then?" she smirked and let her finger move across his chest again.
vindr: grins as he speeds up slightly "if you don't want me to bite that spot again i would suggest you do... the instincts are rising again and the hornier you... make me the harder... it is to resist..." he grunts
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled again, playfully. "If you insist...I want this to be as easy for you as possible." she said and moaned softly again.
vindr: moans "it's still easy... it would just... be a bit painful... for you..." he says as he gets closer...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Painful..I don't mind pain...to an extent." she laughed and kissed him deeply.
vindr: his eyes finally go all the way black with grey slits for pupils and his fangs grow as he moves faster moaning loud into her mouth "you're choice..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smirked. "I'm enjoying myself too much..i'll take my chances...if you don't mind."
vindr: grins and bites into her neck enough to make it bleed then his eyes roll back into his head as he drinks some of her hormone-laced blood and he goes into a sex frenzy doing many things at once causing the lovers to both hit orgasm multiple times...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she moaned many times and grasped Vindr's arms tightly and her head rolled back.
vindr: grins licking up the little bit of blood left and starts kissing her now exposed neck pulling himself out of her "now... time to make you pass out..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked confused. "what?" she asked softly.
vindr: smiles as he moves down licking the salty skin around her womanhood "i am going to get you going so bad with my tongue you're gonna pass out..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She laughed softly. "what if I do not want to pass out?"
vindr: shakes his head "then you shouldn't have released my instincts..." he says as he nips the tender skin...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and moaned, arching her back.
vindr: starts licking and nibbling the soft wet skin while slipping a finger inside moving it around quickly...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she moaned loudly and tried to control herself.
vindr: removes his finger and uses his tongue only to cause all her muscles to spasm in ecstacy... (sorry i seem to have taken parts of yours)
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she did spas and felt exhausted. she tried to stay concious. "Vindr....you're wearing me out." she said softly and smiled.
vindr: grins and continues feeling one more orgasm well up in her "i'll stop in a second... i can't let you pass out feeling sleepy... you gotta pass outin a wave of pleasure..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she moaned one last time and had one last orgasm before everything went black.
<<gotta go for the night...be on tomorrow.>>
vindr: grins and licks off all the juices she had excreted off his face that he can reach with his tongue then wipes off the rest "sweet... dreams..." he says as his instincts and adrenalin wear off and he passes out laying ontop of her...
long.way.down / Ariel Falassion: wth ??? is going on ???
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She woke up the next morning and smiled when she sai Vindr on top of her. she kissed his cheek lightly then gently moved him to the side and went to shower then change.
vindr: his eyes flutter open hearing the shower going he just closes his eyes until the water stopped so he could go take a shower himself...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She stepped out of the shower and walked into her bedroom.
vindr: walks into the bathroom and takes his shower "hey love?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Morning you sleep well?"
vindr: nods and checks the heat of the water "hey... did i... hurt you last night? all i remember is my instincts taking over then waking up later on ontop of you with you unconcious..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "No...not really."
vindr: smiles and nods "ok good... i don't like them that much..." kisses her then gets into the shower...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and layed across her bed content.
vindr: gets out of the shower feeling a bit better as he puts on his tight black pants and the collar again "so what would you like to do now that we have had our fun..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she thought for a moment. "I want you to teach me some more."
vindr: raises an eyebrow and nods "ok well what type of control do you want to learn or do you just want help perfecting the stuff you already know?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she shrugged. "anything you can teach me." she said seriously.
vindr: nods and walks toward the back door "ok well i don't want to ruin the house..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and got up to follow him outside.
vindr: smiles "we're gonna practice making armor of your element, fire..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she looked confused. "Making armor?"
vindr: nods "yeah... if you can keep the armor up when some one attacks you then the attack will be returned ten fold..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she nodded slowly. "Ok...." she thought for a moment. "I have a question.....if my element is fire....was did you let me join the wind army?"
vindr: grins "just because we were the wind army doesn't mean that we can't have other elements in the army... we just had to make sure that they weren't spies... and i couldn't sense anything from you..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled. "good call...i may have ended up on that army if you hadn't let me join." she smiled. "Ok...tell me what i need to do."
vindr: smiles "just picture your flames surround you in a bubble then slowly pull them in til they form to your body and can hardly see them..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked confused. "A bubble?"
vindr: nods and his eyes turn white and a bubble of air surrounds him and then slowly moves around him til it takes his body's form and goes almost clear "like this..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she shut her eyes and did the same, only slower thatn he did.
vindr: grins "now to test it's ability to protect you... this is whi i had us come outside.. it may lash out in all directions instead of the one desired..." throws a small rock at her hitting the armor...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she squezzed her eyes shut to keep the armor in form then breathed slowly to keep it up.
vindr: oofs as the rock slams into his stomach and his pants catch on fire "OW! OW! OW! ok... it worked..." he says putting out the fire...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her eyes flew opene adn the armor fell. "are you ok!? Damn the armor fell." she sighed and walked over to him to see if he was ok.
vindr: nods "i'm fine and you did great... though now we just have to get you faster at it... and eventually you'll be able to make the armor without going through the bubble stage..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she nodded. "Yeah....ok......practice equals no bubble." she laughed and shook her head. "i'll get eventually."
vindr: smiles "and once you lose the bubble then i will randomly throw rocks at you to make sure you can sense danger and get it up fast enough..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Randomly throw rocks at me...right ok....i'm glad you told me that." she said warily.
vindr: laughs and kisses her "i said once your are able to do it without the bubble... so you still have a while til i do that..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. "Great...I guess I'll try again then." she said and stepped swsy from him and made the armor again, shutting her eyes to hold the armor there.
<<gotta go...bibii.>>
vindr: smiles and sends a small bubble of air trying to crumble the armor only to be thrown back 50 feet before hitting the ground and sliding another five "whoa..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She opened her eyes again and the armor fell. "Could you stop that...i worry about you and can't help worrying ecven mopre when you do that." she folded her arms over her chest.
vindr: grins standing up and dusting himself off "i have to check to see if that armor will work with any type of attack..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "You don't need to yell.....it makes me worried."
vindr: grins "i didn't yell i said 'whoa' cause that flyinf was fun..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sighed and grinned. "Well...you make it sound like it is my fault, even thought it is."
vindr: laughs shaking his head and kisses her "i'm the one that attacked you knowing what would happen.."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she laughed. "Then either yopu are unsmart...or you never leanr." she teased and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.
vindr: returns the kiss slowly pushing her into the wall pressing himself against her "no i was just testing the armor..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smirked. "sure you were." she laughed slightly. she rested her head against his chest. "you want to go out...like just camp in the wood overnight...juat for fun..to get out...i feel trapped in my house."
vindr: nods "how bout we go to..." looks down remembering the mountain...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Go where?" she asked staring at his face. "Vindr...what's wrong?" she lightly touched his face.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<gotta go..bibii.>>
vindr: looks up smiling sadly "the one place i would love for you to see is where the only other two people who ever loved me, besides you and dejo, died..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I'm sorry Vindr...you do not have to take me there if you would prefer not to." she said and looekd at him with worried eyes.
vindr: smiles shaking his head "no... i need to go pay my respects anyway... i haven't been to their graves in years... would you like to meet them?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked at him confused. "but you said that they were....dead.." she said softly. "How do i meet them?"
vindr: grins "they are a demoness and a witch... they were good and are allowed to visit their grave on the night of a full moon... i had forgotten about this little detail in my greif and had never been back since hearing it..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded slowly. "what are their names?" she asked still trying to process what she was hearing.
vindr: looks in the direction he knows the mountain is "Istalri and vexa..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her heart stopped when she heard Vexa's name. she looked down quickly and then up at him. "O-Ok." she said slowly, trying hard not to say anything. Valerian walked out into the backyard. "Everything ok....you're awfully pale Yamanaka?" he looked from her to Vindr then back to her. She nodded. "Uh....yeah....fine." did he really want to take her to see the love of his life. she shook her head. "I'm getting cold...I gonna head in." she said and walked back into the house. "What did you say to her?" Valerian asked comming to stand next to Vindr.
vindr: he looks to valerian with slight confusion "all i said was i wanted to take her to see the grave of my former love and of my foster mother..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Valerian sighed and sat down. "you former love...how do you think she feels?" he asked, looking over at Vindr.
vindr: frowns "i hope i didn' offend her... it's just... i loved vexa... but i love yamanaka more... and i thought she'd be a bit happy to meet them..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: He shrugged. "I don't know what she thinks." he said and shut his eyes.
vindr: sighs and pats valerian's neck "i'll go talk to her..." he heads in the house and looks around for yamanaka
NoraNay / Yamanaka: 'good luck.' he sent into Vindr's head.
Yamanaka was sitting on the front steps of the house. she held her head in herhands. she knew she shouldn't of reasted that way but she couldn't help it.
vindr: frowns walking up to her "hey... i didn't mean to offend you i just thought that you would want to meet them..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she shook her head. "No..you didn't offend me....I'm sorry."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "You love her...and i should have been happier for you...I was a horrible person..and i'm sorry."
vindr: sighs sitting beside her "i loved her... she passed on and now i love you... you take priorty over everything else in my life...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she sighed. "I..I don't want to make you choose who your priority is. If you love her with all your heart...I understand that...and that doesn't change the way I feel....but you don't need to choose between us."
inuyasha_miroku / klepoth: i am klepoth demon of darkness i am one of the elders of hell i control dreams sleep love hate death i am over 5,million years old and have the apperence of a 21 year old male who has black hair that covers up horns and horns become more visible when enragedhas wings and is a great war stratigist
vindr: he smiles kissing her "i already have chosen love... i chose you... and i told you i lost her a lng while ago..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. "I know...but....I need to understand your feeling..and I've decided to go....to their graves."
vindr: hug her "alright... even if i were to use my extreme speed, it'll still take us a day..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded "ok. When do we leave?"
vindr: smiles "as soon as you have the clothes you want to wear over the next five days.."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She kept her face calm and nodded. "Ok...I guess we will leave in 10 minutes then." she said and smiled, walking inside to her room and putting her cloths in a bag.
vindr: smiles and walks outside "hey valerian if dejo and anna come over tell them we went to the mountain..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: He nodded. "take care of her ok?" he said smiling.
Yamanak pasked everything into a small beg and threw it over her shoulder.
vindr: he nods to valerian "i will... nothing will ever happen to her as long as i draw breath"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Valerian nodded and smiled. "I trust you." Yamanaka walked outside. 'Ok...i'm ready...we can leave as soon as you are." she said walking over to him.
vindr: nods and his legs vanish to be relaced by a cloud "ok hop on..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she used to be scared of this, now it excited her. She hugged Valerian and got onto the cloud. she smiled at vindr. "Ok...I'm good."
vindr: he wraps his ams around her securing her bag before he takes off at top speed toward the mountain
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She held on tightly and watched the colors mix together.
vindr: he smiles and kisses her neck...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "mmmmm......how do you do that at pay attention to where you are going at the same time?"
vindr: he smiles "i know where the place is by heart.."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yeah...but like...aren't you afraid you'll hit something?"
vindr: he shakes his head and smiles "no... when i do this i put a barrier around me so that anything in my way shatters when i hit it..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Good." she said and kissed himj passioatly.
vindr: he smiles "so do you have an concerns about the mounain?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "not at all." she lied smiling.
vindr: he frowns "i can sense you aren't being truthful love..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She bit her lip and fiddled with her bag strap nervously.
vindr: he stretches himself to look into her eyes "what's wrong?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Just nerves." sher replied
vindr: he smiles "don't worry about a thing love..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded slowly. "If you say so."
vindr: the fly for a little while longer until the colors around them start fading towards black, at which point he comes to a stop "it's not smart to travel at night in this area..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Why not?" she asked half confused, half scared.
vindr: he smiles "there are some stronger demons out here an they'll attack anything that moves in the dark..."
EmotionlessEyes / Felicity: *an elf emerged from the trees,rushing to the water side, a long sword strapped against her back and small bags of element magic perched against her hip, tied to her belt-loop*
Khargath / Erazekial Varansul: The evening was slowly fading into the past as the night twilight begins to envelop the land in it's blanket of shadows. The sun has nearly banked over the mountains and what is left visible emits a dark crimson horizon over the sky. Erezikial stands upon the castle wall, gazing out over the scene. He thinks to himself of the war and why it is even happening. The bliss in which is embedded in the story sickens him.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She shuddered. "Stronger demons.." she said scared.
Khargath / Erazekial Varansul: ::May I get a quick verbal layout of our current position?::
EmotionlessEyes / Felicity: *she emerged to the other side staring to the horizon, the twilight was at strength and so was she. She was still in search of the water demons and decided to lay camp by the river where she could protect herself hopefully for the night*
vindr: he smiles "don't worry i can handle them... it's just i'm not sure i could have handled them if they were to attack us by surprise..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sighed,relieved. "So...we aren't in a lot of danegr?" she asked to make sure.
vindr: smiles shaking his head "nope... as long as we make camp..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and nodded. She broked some sticks off one of the trees and put them on the goround and set black fire to it. "fire done...just don't...go too close to it." she warned.
vindr: laughs and adds a little oxygen to it turning it red "now... for something to eat... be right back"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok."He left and she felt slightly scared. she shut her eyes and didn't even realize that black fore was surrounding her in a fence around her.
vindr: returns dragging a child-sized boar by the tusks "heh to let you know the animals will get bigger the closer we get to the mountain"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She opened her eyes and shuddered. "Thanks for the tip." she muttered dryly.
vindr: he laughs "only the wolves would dare come near me... and i have handled them before" starts to cook the meat snuggling up to his fiance...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She rested her head on his shoulder. "Wolves?...are you trying to give me a heart attack?" she teased.
vindr: he chuckles "not at all...just warning you before you do..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She kissed up the side of his neck. "Thanks for the warning." she murmered against his neck.
vindr: grins turning to kiss her softly on the lips "heh you know how my neck effects me..." takes the meat off the fire...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and stared at the fire. "What was she like?" she asked suddenly. "Your....past lover."
vindr: smiles, his eyes going distant "she was quite the warrior, ike yourself, though she didn't quite have the problem with her powers,but she was blind up until a two and a half weeks before she was taken from me..." he sighs returning to reality "you remind me of her slightly..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled, still staring at the fire. "She sounds nice."
vindr: frowns slighly turning her to face him "she WAS nice... you are all that is on my mind now..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She stared at him. She tried to see what he really wanted. "I know." she said and stared at the ground.
vindr: he sighs "please i don't like seein you sad... that's the whole reason we're going to this mountain... seeing my foster-mother and previous love is just a side trip..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked confused. "Side trip?...so where are we really going?"
vindr: he chuckles "we're going to the mountain but the graves are not on this side of the mountain so we have to go out of our way to get there..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and nodded. "Fine by me..I have no hurry to go home....Valerian's there so I'm not worried."
vindr: nods and and grabs a piece of the giant boar eating it "ok..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She layed back against the ground, putting her hands behind her head. "How many more days of travel?"
vindr: he smiles still eating "we'll reach the base of the mountain by tomorrow night, but we won't reach our destination til the day after"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded and smiled. "Great." she shut her eyes and sighed. "What's your foster mom's name?"
vindr: he blinks in surprise "you know... i never actually learned her first name... i always called her mama kawa..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled slightly. "Sorry to bring this up...but how did she....die?" she asked softly.
vindr: he frowns "now her death i have no idea... i found out she had died when i brought vexa to the mountain... we had gone to see her and her house was in pieces, her body laying dead center..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I'm sorry." she said. She opened her eyes and looked up at him.
vindr: shakes his head smiling slightly "it's fine... she always said she was too old... always talking about how she tricked death into lettin her have a few more years..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She shut her eyes again. "Nothing's going to eat us....right?" she said, smirking.
vindr: he roars in laughter "the only thing that has ever given me any trouble on that mountain died just after killing vexa"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled slightly. "just checking." she yawned and sat up. Shye felt oddly scared, like something bad was going to happen. Her eyes roamed around them, alert.
vindr: he motions to the shadows behind him "it's just a small band of hunter-cats"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Hunter-cats?" she asked confused.
vindr: he nods "they are smaller versions of lions and they are afraid to come near me"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She scooted closer to Vindr. "so they won't some near us then...ok..I think i can deal with that."
vindr: laughs and kisses her "we are safe..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled and kissed him back, her finger trailing along his jaw.
vindr: his hand runs up her back as he leans her back...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her back hit the soft earth and her fingers trailed down his jaw to his neck.
vindr: kisses her neck slowly pulling at her shirt, making it pass through her like a cloud...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She tried to sound setrn, not with much luck. "Vindr...this is not the place for this."
vindr: smiles and nibbles her neck muttering "it's not like there is anyone near here to see... or hear..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She shut her eyes. "We're in the middle of the woods...on the ground." her will to stop him was dissapearing.
vindr: smiles and motions to a tree "that's the only other place there is... plus we can use one of our mats..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: You smiled and kissed his neck. "I guess it's ok then." she grinned now.
vindr: he smiles and quckly puts one of their bed mats on the ground and moves her to it kissing her deeply his hand moving to her thigh
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "You keep pushing me you'll tire me out." she teased and kissed him back.
vindr: grins and slides his hand up her thigh "maybe i want to make you tired..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She laughed. "why would you want that?" she said, hands sliding over his chest.
vindr: he grins and rubs his fingers over her womanhood "exhaustion makes you have a better orgasm..,"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She moaned. "how do you...know that?" she asked between moans.
vindr: smiles and nibbles her earlobe, continues to rub between her legs, all the while whispering "i've tested that theory..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She didn't ask...she didn't want to know. she moaned again and reached for his pants.
<<I will be away on vacation till sunday because where I am going has no comp...so sorry..bibii.>>
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<back!>>
vindr: groans as she brushes against his hard member, his finger sinking into her wetness
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Eay vindr." she moaned, slipping his pants off.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<I meant to type easy...not eay...sorry>>
vindr: smiles and slips in a second finger and kisses her, moving his hand in and out...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She moaned loudly and took the rest of his clothes off. She felt him up slowly.
vindr: he moans softly, his fingers going deep, and he begins to move them faster...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She leaned her head against his shoulder. she was more tired than usual. Her finger trailed down hsi body again.
<<won't be on for 2 days...sorry.>>
vindr: he pulls his finger out and licks them off before pushing in his hard member whispering "i love you so much..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she moaned loudly and kissed him. "I still love you more." she whispered against his lips.
vindr: he starts thrusting hard and fast, kissing back "nuh... uh...." he says breathing heavily
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "you'll never win this fight." she said and smirked. she moaned and kissed him passionately, slipping her tongue in his mouth.
vindr: moans still thrusting "oh yeah?" he begins to suck on her neck
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she maoned and shivered. "Yeah.." she said breathless. "I love you way more."
vindr: his eyes roll back as he gets closer "i love you... so much more that... i am willing to give you pleasure... without recieving any myself.. for a week.."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She moaned and leaned against him./ "I'd go even further than that." she said and smiled, kissing his collarbone
vindr: gasps as he spurts inside of her, then barely manages to say "how so?" before he lays her down on their beds and leans down on her breatheless...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She gapes and waited till she caught her breath. "i should've left a while ago...I could kill you if I didn't hold back so much." she said. "But I love you too much to do that."
vindr: he smirks "not anymore... i fixed that a while ago..." he then rolls off her and holds her close...
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Really?" she asked looking up at him. Her fingers trailed along the muscles of his chest.
vindr: he nods looking down at her with concern "yeah... hasn't it been getting easier to control your powers ever since the wedding party?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yes actually...what did you do?" she asked, studying his face.
vindr: he looks to the sky slightly relieved "i asked nangoroth to help.... he has been slowly sneaking into your mind and implanting information on sealing powers away... the information has been going in in such small incraments you didn't notice that you hadn't known it before, but were unconciously using it to control your power"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she wasn't sure wheather(sp?)or not to be please or a little angry.
vindr: he looks at her smiling "don't be mad please... i couldn't think of a better way of teaching you... your subconcious wouldn't let you learn it any other way"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I guess that's...better." she said sitting up.
vindr: smiles and nods "we need to sleep now or we will not make it to the mountain..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She grinned. "Okay." she said and kised his jaw lightly.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<i am not sure if you will come back or if you are comming back....i really hope you are.....but i will not be here for a week..not until next saturday...sorry...>>
vindr / illian: he kisses back and wrapped his arms around her as they lay down to go to sleep...
the smiling man / aboshi klepoth: <idont mean to interupt anythign but can i join in on this rp i kno it seems kidna late to do so but i was just wondering ifu could squeeze me in somehow>
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She shut her eyes and tried to go to sleep, but she seemed to hear all the noises of the woods around her. "Vindr...you sure we'll be ok?"
<<yay! you're back!>>
vindr: he nods wrapping his arms around her "we'll be fine... the creatures around here know my scent andthey ll fear me..." ((sorry i can only get on on the weekends now.... i had to move back in with my mom.. she doesn't have internet..))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok...I trust you...and tomorrow....I get to meet your lover...well....ex-lover...no offense." she said. she didn;t mean it the way that it came out.
<<as long as you don;t totally disappear...i'm good.>>
vindr: he chuckles and kisses her softly "it's fine... now go to sleep..." ((sorry bout the wait))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled. she felt like a little kid the way he was telling her to go to sleep. she nodded and shut her eyes and rifted off to sleep.
<<no prob...will the wait always be like that?>>
vindr: he snuggles her falling into his old rutine of falling into a trance. this trance allows him to rest without falling completely asleep. ((i hope not... but my mom's been bein a real bitch lately so it might be...))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She woke up and covered her eyes from the sun that was streaming throught the trees. she sat up and looked down at vindr and smiled. she took the fact that he was asleep as an opportunity to change her clothes.
vindr: he smiles opening his eyes and watching her just before she started to undress. he sat there waiting for her to realize he was awake.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Once she was done she turned around and froze. "H-how long have you been awake?" she asked slowly.
vindr: smiles, sitting up "i was awake before you were... i just don't like moving away from you because you are so warm... so i lay there and keep my eyes closed..." chuckles "why does it matter? you are my fiance, and we've already seen each other nude..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She blushed. "Uh...yesh...i know...I don't..I get embarrassed easily. she grinned and sat down next to him. "so...i'm warm?" she smiled.
vindr: he nods and smiles, wrapping his arms around your waist "yeah... and if you get embarrassed so easily then why weren't you blushing the first couple of time i saw you like that?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Because I knew you were looking at me...you didn;t say anything this time." she pointed out.
vindr: he snickers and nibbles her neck "well you shouldn't be embarassed ever... you are gorgeous..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She grinned. "Thanks." she said and kissed him.
vindr: kisses back "you're welcome love... you ready to get going?" he asks
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yep." she said standing up. she picked up her only bag and flung it over her shoulder.
vindr: he nods and forms the seat of cloud out of his legs again and lowers himself so she can climb on "ok then... let's go..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She hesitated for a second then climbed on. "So....where are we going again?"
vindr: he smiles and whispers into her ear as they take off "we're going to the mountain where the only other people who were ever as important to me as you are, are buried..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She looked down. "i know." she said softly.
vindr: he kisses her nack "you seem sad... why?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She arched her neck slightly. "I'm not sad...just...nervous." she said softly.
vindr: he chuckles nearly throwing them off course "don't be love.. they aren't bad people..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I know." she said and looked forward. "you should keep your eyes straight so we don't fall." she said.
vindr: he nods "we wouldn't fall we'd crash into a tree..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Oh...either way...that's not very good." she smiled slightly.
vindr: he laughs "i know... i'm watchin now..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she sighed. "how long till we get there." she asked.
vindr: grins "look..." on the horizon a large dark green silouette is coming up fast "nearly to the mountain..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her stomach dropped slightly. "Great." she said smiling slightly.
vindr: he whispers into her ear, trying to sooth her "don't worry... you won't be hated and you won't be attacked, so don't be nervous..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She sighed. "I'm not....nervous about that." she admitted hesitantly.
vindr: he raises a brow "then what has got you nervous?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she turned her head and blushed. "What if you choose to stay with her?" she whispered.
vindr: frowns quickly "what would make you think i would? first off i love you... second she's only around once a year... third i asked you to marry me..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Yeah...but you wanted to marry her." she pointed out. "you would have asked her to marry you if she hadn;t...died." she said quietly.
vindr: shakes his head "but i asked you.. and that was before... she is dead i know that and you are, and have been since i met you, all that i think about..."
lancerdrag0n / Genown: <Vindr, long time no post, if you don't remember me check the first page of this RP, can you give me a recap so I can join in?>
vindr: (well the war's over and me and yamanaka are pretty much the only one's left)
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and leaned over to kiss his quickly. "And this all started because I was assigned to be your apprentice...that was the best decision ever."
vindr: he chuckles kissing back "actually... there were two reasons i assigned you as my apprentice... no wait three... you reminded me of her at first glance, i thought you were amazingly beautiful, and you could really kick ass..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She grinned. "Amazingly beautiful?" she smiled. "Thank you."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<this dead?>>
vindr: ((hopefully not...)) He smiles "you know it's true love... you are beautiful..."
IcarusDecoix / Tyr: (?)
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<omg!!!!! this isn't dead!!! yay!!! but sadly i will be away for a week because i will be on a cruise...sorry>>>
She blushed and smiled. "Thanks you...though...standing next to you...you don't notice me."
Conchobhar / Stez: <<is it to late to join this?
vindr: ((kinda)) he looks a bit confused "i notice you..."
Conchobhar / Stez: <<damb, i was looking forward to it.>>
Conchobhar / Greta: <<cool idea>>
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<I'm back.>>
She smiled. "I know." she leaned over and kissed his cheek.
vindr: kisses her back and lands near the base of the mountain after a few minutes and smiles "we'll have to walk from here... this place is sacred and it has powers protecting it... we'd be destroyed if i were to use any power..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok." she said and was kinds happy to be back with her feet on the ground. "Which way do we go from here?"
vindr: he points straight forward "the path leads halfway up the mountain then zig-zags around the side til we get to the cottage of my foster mother...."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "and you ex-lover." she muttered to herself, and started forward.
vindr: he hugs her from behind "i can still hear you love... you are my everything now ok?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded. "You can't blame me for beinhg jealous though." she said.
vindr: frowns turning her to him so he can kiss her gently "jealous of what? you actually have more of me than she ever did..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I know...I just...I don't know....I bet she's beautiful." she said.
Herdio: <<Hey I wish to join wat all is open?>>
vindr: ((we are so far into it that the war is already over)) looks into her eyes "you are just as beautiful if not more so..."
Herdio: <<OK>>
A strange cloaked figure walks down a path as the wind blows acrossed him
vindr: ((*sighs* you coming down the mountain or toward it? and have you read the entire rp to get your bearings?))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled. "Thanks...i'llo keep that in mind."
vindr: he smiles and turns to walk up the path, his arm still around her
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "So...won't it be awkward...to have me there...with her?" she asked after a moment.
vindr: he shakes his head "of course not, she knows i have moved on... and i know she would want me to be happy"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "If you're sure." she said and sighed.
vindr: he stops and frowns "you don't want to go?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "no...I do want to go...I want to meet them...i'm just really really nervous." she said. "i know i have a strong hold on you...but I wonder sometimes."
vindr: frowns and places a palm on her head showing her the memories of their meeting, and the emotions tied with it "now do you believe me? that this meeting of my past is only to show respect to her and show you a little about me?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she nodded and smiled. "Thank you."
vindr: he nods and kisses her and then starts walking again.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and took his hand. "how much longer will we be walking?" she asked.
vindr: he smiles slightly "it's at least an 8 minute walk..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Ok....that's not bad." she said. she didn't know how he was so calm.
vindr: he smiles "i'm not..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Huh...you're not what?" she said. He couldn't be reading her thoughts.
vindr: grins and kisses her "yes i am... well actually nan is still halfway between our minds and he can hear your thoughts and is telling me what you are thinking.."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Oh." she said. "And you're not calm? you look calm."
vindr: laughs "yeah i LOOK calm... that's only because i have years of battle experience and can hide just about anything... i knew you didn't need me to be nervous..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "See...you are nervous...it's not just me." she said smugly.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: <<i'll do the best i can but it is hard to get on during the school week.>>
vindr: smiles nervously now "only of what will happen on this mountain... not of her reaction to you..."
vindr: ((ur fine... i may not be able to either cuz i have to work til midnight most days...))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "What's going to happen on the mountain?" she asked warily.
vindr: shrugs "the last time i was here i was attacked by wolf demons..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she shuddered. "you sure this is safe?"
vindr: he nods "of course... i'm just worried about hurting them... they were attacking cuz they sensed a stanger... and had been attacked without mercy before.. they were protecting themselves last time... it would be a shame to have to kill such beautiful creatures"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Never seen any. I...uh...didn't really get out much before i joined your army."
vindr: he smiles "hopefully you won't have to..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She nodded, slightly distraced. she had better things to worry about. Like what she was gonna say when the finally got to wherever they were headed.
vindr: smiles watching her as they walked
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Why did you decide to join the army?" she asked suddenly.
vindr: he chuckles and looks to her "i was one of the five wind tribe leaders to found the army and they placed me at it's head because of my power and nan's battle prowess"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "did you want to?" she said turning to look at him.
Demoncat / Denise: (( can I join the wind army? ))
vindr: nods "yeah i did... the hunters that had riled up the wolves and practically created the demon the killed her were of dark and fire tribes..." (uh sure... but the wars are pretty much over... the only other army is that of light...)
Demoncat / Denise: (( can I join the air army then? ))
vindr: ((*nods* sure))
Demoncat / Denise: (( where do you think I can jump in?, where are you guys now? ))
vindr: ((a sacred mountain... but if you'd like you can be a messenger from my second and third in commands.... you can pretty much jump in anywhere...))
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "Oh. Well...i'm glad it's over...well for the most part. I don't really care for war."
vindr: shrugs "war is what keeps the strong protectors of the world as strong as they are... if we didn't have war there wouldn't be anybody to defend others from the random god-like demons because those ones are o rare no one would get the strength to defeat it"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: "I guess....but something good came out of it. I met you." she said looking up at him.

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