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Roleplay - ZOMBIEZ by Gunrunner Mars / Valle_Siddious

A Dawn of the Dead type Rp. Your in an underground mall smack dab in the center of New York and Millions of zombies. Good thing the glass is shatter proof. It's more of a Land of the dead feel though. Long live the Resistence!

Roleplay Details

No GodModing
Guns are avalible but be sparringly,
I'd rather stick to swords and stuff
they don't run out of ammo!
Zombies are killed through the brain.
No Vampires PLEASE! Be HUMAN!
Humans Only!!!


Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars flung the door open and slammed it behind him.
"Fuck!" he said exaustedly.
"What are those things?"
He locked the door behind him and could soon feel the battering fists.
The groan was sickening and they just kept coming.
The mall was abandoned supposivly closed today for construction.
They was before it all happened.
Mars walked from the door and began locking all the doors to the outside that he could find.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars had just locked all of the doors and began to walk around and explore.
"All of the stores are locked." He mumbled quietly.
"Gotta find the control run."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: The door had control run stamped across it in red.
Mars slid open the doors and looked inside.
There were levers and switches galore.
But one stuck out amongst the rest.
"Open Shop Gate Main"
Mars hit the switch and watched as the shop doors opened on the television screen.
He then looked to the outside camares.
"They're starting to crowd around the building."
he said worridly.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars began to think.......
"Should i lock all of the doors."
"Nobody else will be able to get in."
Mars walked over to the supply department.
There was a big metal door used to carry out bigger purchases.
"I'll make a sign." he said calmly.
He then began work on the sign. It would signal others who are trying to find shelter.
Valle_Siddious: Mars sheathed the katana he had been looking at and snapped the belt onto his waist.
This kept the sheath in place.
Next he went to the gun store.
Breaking the glass he grabbed a handgun and some ammo.
As he was loading the bullets he heard a ladies voice in the distance.
"Is anyone in here?"
Mars loaded the gun and walked forward out of the store.
"Hello?" he said curiously.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <sorry wrong profile>
Mars sheathed the katana he had been looking at and snapped the belt onto his waist.
This kept the sheath in place.
Next he went to the gun store.
Breaking the glass he grabbed a handgun and some ammo.
As he was loading the bullets he heard a ladies voice in the distance.
"Is anyone in here?"
Mars loaded the gun and walked forward out of the store.
"Hello?" he said curiously.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars lowered his gun and placed it back in the holster.
"I don't know what they are."
"But they're everywhere."
he looked her down, and up.
"Can you shoot a gun?"
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars walked over to the gun store counter and grabbed two more pistols and a twin holster.
"Here." he said bandly.
"Just in case some of those bastards are inside already."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Sorry wrong profile again>
Mars looked from the gun to the camrae.
"Yeah....theres a knife store just a couple stores down."
"I don't trust guns."
"They can fuck up on you at any moment."
He looked down at his pistol and then back up a her.
"At least if i fuck up with a blade.....it's my fault."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Yeah....i fucked up again!>
Mars looked at her strangly
"A fishing store?" he looked at her and chuckled
"Whats your name mysterious lady?"
"And tell me......how do you fit all of those blades in your trenchcoat so gracefully?"
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Hey gtg.>
<Fucking work shift.>
<Might get on later.>
Valle_Siddious: <Nice thinking.....>
Valle_Siddious: hello
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: (ok kool) Xander was outside and needed to get into shelter, he was bloody and tired. he killed his way out of a nearby gas station and had made it close to the door and started screaming to let him in, "anyone...pleaz open the door, anyone in there?....i need some medical help...my shoulder has been sliced by glass...help!" he started banging on the door while beating the zombies heads.
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: "There zombies." Ryan says matter of factly. He steps out of the shadow, having come from a sewer access in the basement, making damn sure he closed it behind him.
"Living dead either brought by incantation or angry spirit. Doesn't happen very often or in this big of an amount." Ryan looked at the girl and the guy,
"You bandage well, but we need to get you out of here, that isn't going to hold up all night." He began walking over to them.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "As a matter of fact yes, it will last."
Mars said looking to the new guy.
"Those doors will certainly outlast us."
Mars walked over to the door and checked the lock.
"With shatter proof windows and titanium alloy doors, yes we'll be ok."
"Hunger is what i'm worried about; not that there isn't plenty of food in the back rooms."
Mars closed huis eyes and rubbed his temples.
"They didn't bite you did they?"
He looked up and stared in his eyes.
"If they did you need to be quarentined immediatly."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars pulled back his long white hair into a pony tail.
"These are not zombies of the magical type sir."
"Trust me, i know."
He looked around at the people in the room.
"My name is of unimportance, but you can call me Mars.....Gunrunner Mars."
"These creatures are part of my fault you see." "As a professor in nano technology, it was my job to work with nano's and how they can enhance human life."
He sat down beside the fountain pulling out his katana and began polishing it.
"After many attempts of creating the perfect nano ehancer, we suceeded."
The blade gistened in the light as it was turned from side to side.
"But there was a cache'....." Mars said gloomly.
"Zombium, was indeed a sucess."
"But it had terrible side effects.
"The nano's leaked into the brain and caused a cannabilistic tendincy to occur."
Mars put the blade back into it's sheath.
"We called them Zombies......due to the medicines name."
"Word got out of these zombies and rumors started spreading."
Mars looked towards the sky light and sighed.
"The whole project was shut down."
"But not too long ago, the last supply of zombium was stolen from our test labs."
"And needless to say......it's been a disaster."
Mars stood back up and looked around at everyone.
"This is why we are stuck here....."
"Almost all of New york is knocking on our door."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "So look around at the people in this room."
Mars began.
"They are your last hope for survival."
"I don't think that any of us want to go running through that crowd outside."
He smiled and looked at the ground.
"So we have to come up with a plan."
"We need to sleep on it."
Mars pointed to the bed store.
"Don't worry people, i don't think that the doors breaking down any time soon."
Mars looked to the door and shook his head.
"As for me, i'm going to explore to upper floors."
"Casse', come with me."
"We got to turn those damn camrae's on."
"Just the ones we don't need."
Mars walked off toward the elevators.
"You guys just hang out for a while."
"Check out the gun shop on the east wing of the mall."
Mars walked to the elevator with Casse' behind him.
He pushed the 2nd floor button and waited.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars stood in the elevator, listening to the music.
"The thing you have to understand Casse' is that i had no control over the samples."
"If it had been my choice, i would have dumped them down the sink."
"Blame the CIA, they rejected our permission for elimination of the Zombium samples."
The elevator music was still tooting softly.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "You ok?" Mars asked curiously.
Casse' was shaking uncontrolably.
"Your shaking!"
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Sorry, wrong profile.>
The elevator opened and they had reached the second floor.
"Do you smell that?" Mars said sickenly.
"Smells like maggots."
"Definitly some Ghouls up here so be care full."
Mars checked his gun and unsheathed his blade.
"I'll take hall A, You can take Hall B."
"But be careful." He looked at Casse' and smiled.
"I need you."
He stopped and looked her in the eyes.
We'll meet up at the elevators after we're down with the dirty work.
"Stay Alive!" he said bluntly.
With that he walked of down the corridor.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars laughed and pointed down her hallway, his voice was afar.
"The zombies!" "Ghouls...Zombies."
"Same thing."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars looked up from behind the crate. There were four of them feasting on the corpse of some unlucky victim.
"Fucking gross!" Mars wispered under his breath.
He unsheathed the blade and went to work slicing of the first ones head.
This alerted the other three and mars backed up.
He swing back up with a upward slice and cut one in half and the arm off another.
The headless one was still standing and finally fell to the floor with a "Thump!"
Mars stomped on top of the half bodied zombie and returned to the other two.
"Fucking Bastards!" Mars yelled coming in with a downward chop that split the armless one in half.
Out came Mars's leg and kicked the last one back.
Pulling out his gun, the zombie tried to sit up.
It didn't get to far before it's brains were splattered across a wall of boxes.
It too fell to the floor with a "Thump!"
Mars reloaded his gun and stuck it back into it's holster.
Also with the sword he wiped off the maggoty mess and placed it back into it's sheath.
"BACK TO THE GRAVE WITH YOU!" He laughed walking out of the room and back dowm the hall.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars jumped and turned around.
"Fuck dude!' he sighed
"I thought you were down stairs?"
"You scared the shit out of me."
"Did you get a gun from the shop?"
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Xander, don't forget to read the story before you start posting.>
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: (Sorry...been busy)
During all of the action, Ryan had disappeared from sight after he told them they had been zombies. He didn't like working with others too much. But right now he was underneath the little town, deep in the sewers. He wanted to know how these things were getting everywhere at once.
"Alright, where are you bastards?" he mumbled to himself. He was walking directly under where Gunrunner and Casse were. It was a big sewer, but he saw a ladder leading to an exit hatchway.
'They have to be going up through there...' he thought. Ryan began climbing up when something began grabbing at his feet, he looked down and saw a corpse trying to drag him down. In the span of about 1.5 seconds Ryan had unholstered his gun and blown a hole in the corpse's head. Pretty much severing it from it's body.
"Ha!" he yells. He really enjoyed his job. He started to climb again. When he got to the top, he saw three more corpses making their way up the ladder. He fires a couple more rounds knocking them back, but not killing them this time.
"Damnit...alright, you wanna play, eat this." Ryan unhooks to hand grenades and chucks them down after the zombies. He opens the hatch real quick and shuts it. There were little holes and he could see the zombies get blasted.
Ryan began looking around at his surroundings.
'Hmm...I have no fucking clue where I am at.' he though to himself.
"See this is why I don't come to strange towns, look at what happens." He says allowed.
Ryan began walking toward the gun shop...
(I don't know when the next time I will be able to get on. I don't have computer access at home. Can't wait to read what happens next.)
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: (So when are people going to continue? lol)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Yeah, sorry i had to work last weekend.>
<I never get on during the weekends anyway.>
<Always too busy.>
<So let me fill us all in.>
<Me and Casse' are on floor 2.>
<Clearing out zombies and securing the perimisis.>
<I'm guessing Ryan was working on clearing out the sewers.>
<Xander is.......well i'm not too sure yet.>
<He might have left.>
<For now i won't kill him yet.>
<Not until i'm for sure he is gone.>
<I'll give him until friday to post.>
<If he shows up after that, then i'll bring him back to live......some how.>
<That goes for everyone else too.>
<I plan on keeping this RP going for a long time.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Yeah,Casse you were looking for the control room, so we could turn off the camrae's.>
<My question though is.....why?>
Whistling, Mars pulled the blade out from the corpses forehead.
"Hey Xander." he mummbled amusedly.
Xander was reloading his gun and looked up at him.
"I just remembered, Casse' was looking for the control room."
He wiped the blade onto the zombie clerks ripped shirt.
He ran back towards the elevator shaft, sure that he had cleared this level of the building.
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: "thats good idea, lets do that..." xander started to go back
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: Ryan had finally gotten out of the sewer hatch whe he realized he had taken a wrong turn. He was in the middle of the town now, instead of being on the outskirts like he wanted.
"Oh well...I guess I have to work my way out." He says to himself. He began walking, but there were no zombiez anywhere.
"Ok, this is weird." As he continued to walk, he noticed a line of zombiez walking to a building. It looked like a gun shop or sometime of building.
'Isn't that where the others went...?' He wondered to himself. He began heading over to it. A couple zombiez noticed him.
"Time to party!!" Ryan yells. He brings his mini rocket launcher out of his bag he was carrying. "
"Eat flames!" he shouts. He hits the ignitor and watches as the rocket soars at the zombiez. Without even realizing it though, he had put in a heat seaker instead of a regular rocket. And it headed for the top floors of the building.
"Shit!" He began running toward the building, getting out his double pump shotgun, he began blasting the zombiez. He watched also has one side of the building got demolished by his heat seaker.
"Hope there alright..." he mumbles to himself.
Valle_Siddious: <A mini rocket launcher?>
<Come on guys lets be reasonable.>
<We don't need to destroy the mall.>
<It's our only hope for survival at the moment.>
<I think your confused Ryan.>
<We're in the mall, the gun shop is in the mall.>
<We're trapped in the mall.>
<Thats what this rp's about.>
<We need to reproup.>
<Return all of your characters to the Mall lobby.>
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: (lol...my bad, I must have missed that little detail. Lets just say that I hit a gas station with the rocket launcher and it blew up as I made my way to the mall. K?)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <yeah we're starting back up again.>
<I was just gone for the weekend.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <I'm gonna set this straight k?>
Mars stepped out of the elevator. Behind him Xander was cussing and swareing.
Casse and Ryan were sitting on the fountain looking over curiously.
"Floor two is cleared." Mars said happily.
"This will give us acsess to the furniture store."
Mars looked at the group and gave a half hearted smile.
"At least we'll have a soft bed to sleep on tonight."
Again another half hearted smile.
"If there is any thing you want from the stores be free to take it." Mars said surely.
"It's not like we're going to get arrested or anything."
"Even the cops are Zombies." he noted.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <No we're not restarting.>
<We're continueing.>
<Just ignore the whole rocket launcher thing.>
<Everything cool?>
<Just have to get orginized.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Ok, recap.>
<I got to the mall.>
<Met Casse' who was also in the mall.>
<Xander started beating on the door and we let him in.>
<Then Ryan came from the sewers after blowing up a gas station on his way to the mall.>
<Me and casse went to clear out the second floor.>
<Xander pops out of nowhere.>
<Me and Xander clear out West wing, while Casse' and Ryan clear out East wing.>
<Then the group met back up at the fountain to talk.>
<How's that?>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "Die?" Mars said amused. "I don't plan on it anytime soon."
"If none of us get infected, we have enough food in this mall to last us five years."
He looked at Casse' and smiled.
"That is not counting the food in the basement storage room."
Mars pointed below his feet and looked at Ryan seriously.
"Where the fuck did Xander go?"
Mars said frustrated.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Later guys. logging off for today.>
<May get on later in the afternoon.>
Mars walked down the hallway.
Xander was on his knees looking up at the video game store.
Tears were flowing down his face.
Mars knelt down and put his hand on Xanders shoulder.
"I know it hurts Xander.....i'm sorry."
"The best we can do now is fight."
Mars said firmly.
The memories now flowing through his mind as well.
"I loved her Xander." Mars said quietly.
"This is your chance to make something of yourself."
"Fight for the cause."
"We are the resistance."
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: Ryan didn't know what to think through all of this. Casse was definitely attractive, but he didn't have time to just sit and wait for the zombies to come to him. He lost his wife and his son is out there, and he needed to find him, what if one of these zombies got him.
He began to stand up, a look on his face of sheer determination.
"I think we should come up with a plan on how to eradicate this problem." he stated. Looking at Casse,
"What do you think?" he smiles at her.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars was chewing on the back of a pen, when the question was asked.
"What should we do Mars."
It echoed inside his mind.
"Like i said to Xander," Mars began.
"We have to start a resistance."
"A group of survivors brought together for a cause."
He looked at Casse' and Ryan.
"The resistance!" Mars said strongly.
"Is our main goal."
"But right now we have to work on our own protection."
The setting sun shined into the skylight and landed upon Mars's face.
"We have to clear out the rest of the mall."
"Ten floors."
Mars retied his ponytail, pulling the starch white hair out from his face.
His brown eyes meeting the rest of the group.
"Survival is of utmost importance."
"In other words......don't... get... infected."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <You all are a chattery bunch of RPer's.>
<Yeah, It would probably be better to use the Sandbox to chat.>
<Unless you have something that the whole group needs to hear.>
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: Ryan finally gave up....
'Fine, resting for right now is alright, I can live with that...' thought Ryan to himself. He looked down on her.
"I wonder where our lives would have ended up, if zombies hadn' come up?" he mumbled. Seeing if Casse heard him.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Damnit, keep using the wrong profile.>
Mars looked at Casse calmly.
"Tonight we will rest."
"But as far as weaknesses go.....no."
He crossed his arms sighed looking off into the distance.
"A shot to the head will kill them, you have to destroy the brain."
"You all need sleep, the zombies bodies have been disposed of."
"Me and Xander took care of that earlier."
Mars took a step toward the fountain, stopping at the edge.
He scooped up a handful of water and splashed it on his face.
"As for me...." he groaned.
"I'm an insomniac, i'll sleep eventually."
Mars pulled out the katana and smiled.
"But i'll be working on floor three."
He adjusted his black tie and began walking towards the elevators.
"Furniture store is on floor two."
"If anyone is coming with me, now or never."
The sun sank below the horizon, and the mall night lights clicked on.
Mars walked over to the elevator door, and pushed the up button.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Hey Xander, how come your profile says your a vampire?>
<I'm not gonna kick you off or anything.>
<I just don't want any vampires.>
<ES has too many vampire RP's anyway.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Later guys.>
The doors closed behind as the elevator began it's climb.
Mars looked at Casse who was looking like she was about to freak out.
He simply looked her way and then looked back to the elevator buttons.
All the time, the soft tooting of the elevator music was flowing through the room.
"Floor two." Mars stated softly.
"Xander, you need some rest."
"You should go with Ryan and Casse."
he said concerned.
"It's been a long day."
Mars put his hand out to stop the closing door.
Ryan and Casse had already gotten out.
Xander stepped from the elevator and mars patted him on the back.
"Good night guys." Mars said calmly.
Mars pushed the three button.
The elevator doors closed.
And he began his climb to the next floor.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Sorry guys if i improvise for your characters part.>
<If your not here, i'll just improvise.>
<But i'm not trying to take over your character or anything.>
<Peace out.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Yeah, sorry.> <I Got carried away.>
Mars took a sip of the coffee. It was exactly what he needed to stay awake.
So far he had not seen a single zombie so far.
He had searched the East and West wing of the third floor but came up with nothing but a good java hut.
Mars took another sip and then stood up.
It was late into the night, but he still had to check the forth floor.
Mars found a smoke shop and grabbed a couple packs of cigerettes.
Snatched a lighter from the counter he lit up a smoke.
Mars walked back to the java hut patio and sat down.
To many thoughts were whirling through his mind.
"Lets Recap," thought Mars.
"First, the zombium samples were stolen from the lab."
"Next, i was fired due to the groups so called FUCK UP."
"Then the samples got out into public."
"Afterwards the zombies attack, infect the whole city, and trap me and a couple others in the mall."
Mars took a drag off the cigerette.
The smoke bellowing around his face.
Then he began to think, he began to ponder on the thought he had been trying to push away all day.
"Amy." Mars wispered.
The memories of his daughter came flooding back.
He hadn't seen her since this morning when she got on the school bus.
Mars feared he may never see her again.
A silent tear came rolling down Mars's eye, but he wiped it away quickly.
He walked over to the backpack across the room, unzipping the pocket he pulled out a beautiful combat shotgun.
"The only gun i trust!" Mars stammered.
He then unzipped the rest of his backpack, reveiling a crap load of shotgun shells and pistol rounds.
Mars unhooked the Katana holster from his belt laying it behind the counter.
"Sorry but i got to travel lighter." he mummbled.
Then strapping a double blade holster on his belt.
Sheathed inside the holster were two black metal machete's.
"Much better." he said gripping the rubber hilt of one of the blades.
Mars began loading the shotgun, dragging on the last puffs of his cigerette.
He cocked the gun, throwing his cigerette on the ground.
A hard foot came down, stomping out the ashes.
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: Ryan was spaced out most of the time thinking about his family. He didn't have a wife anymore, so he didn't feel guilty about Casse being all over him. But his son, he needed to know if he was alright, it had been two years since he had seen him.
He heard Casse's question about Xander.
"Yes I do..but we all are stuck in this situation, and I don't have much sympathy right now." Ryan looks at her.
"I am curious though...you seem pretty battle ready, where did you get your skills?" As Ryan was asking this question he started to yawn, and yet, he had a lot of energy, and wanted a release.
He started to look Casse over.
(Won't be on again until tomorrow.)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: It was early in the morning before Mars found rest.
Mars lowered the shotgun upon the twitching body of a Zombie dog.
The Pet store had proven itself to be quiete a surprise.
Mars stepped over the body of the security guard.
The gaurd had been feasting upon the body of this dog when he walked in.
After dispatching the guard, mars walked over to the dog, and now he stood.
A shot erupted from the gun blowing fragments of dog brains all over the cages.
"And thats a rap." Mars said jokingly as he recocked the shotgun and lied down on the mall bench.
He was exausted, but had managed to open up two more floors.
"Only six more." he thought.
"Then what will we do?" he thought curiously.
Mars pushed the thought along with the aching pain of his missing daughter, away far into the back of his mind. Removing the machete belt, Mars stretched across the belt and drifted off into sleep, a cautious sleep.
He hugged his shotgun tightly.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Later Ryan.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Later Ryan.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Yeah sorry, wrong profile.>
Valle_Siddious: Mars watched the two drag themselves to the table.
Ryan still half asleep.
Casse looking like a criminal.....<LOL>
"So....did you sleep good?"
Mars said trying to contain a laugh.
Valle_Siddious: <Lol...of all the times to use the phrase,"Dead on his feet." you had to use it in a zombie RP>
Mars looked at her curiously.
"Lets hope he's not......dead..on his feet."
Mars said softly.
"Because we're going to have to rely on each other."
Mars took another sip of his coffee.
"I want to live just as much as all of you, but even i'm not going to be able to start the resistance by myself."
Mars took another drag off his cigerette.
"Floor four hasn't been cleaned up yet, and this floor didn't have any zombies on it."
He looked over at Ryan who was starting to snore with his face upon the table.
Smileing he carried on.
"So where is Xander?" Mars said softly
"Still sleeping?"
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Remeber people, Xander is on a different time scheduele.>
<So lets not try to rush him or anything.>
<I think that he posts at a different time than us.>
Valle_Siddious: <Hold that thought.>
<Gotta go.>
<I'll try logging on this after noon.>
<But if i can't hold the story.>
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: Ryan had been so tired, they didn't realize how much work it was wading through those sewers. He finally started waking up, when he realized he had been moved and everyone seemed to have been drinking coffee.
"Hmmm...that smells good." he says, somewhat sluring his words. His eyes were still somewhat foggy with sleep. Ryan began shaking his head, trying to get the sleep out of his mind. He looked around, taking in his surroundings.
"So what did I miss?" he asks the group,
"Nothing good I hope..." he smiles at Casse. Ryan stands up and stretches his body. Cracking his back a couple times, to loosen up.
(Just to let you Casse, I don't mind you doing that, just as long as my character doesn't die. lol. But yea, I try to get on here, but I have a lot of stuff going on. Just don't get so far ahead that I can't catch up. lol
But yea, this will be my only post for today, as far as I know. Just out of curiousity, where does every one live at, don't need exact place, just cities, or countries if need be, so I can have an idea of how different time zones are.)
Valle_Siddious: Mars put out his cigerette in the ashtray.
"I'm here....because....."
he began.
"I'm a unlucky bastard." he joked.
"No, actually.....yesterday morning after i sent off my five year old daughter off to school."
"My house was attacked by what seemed like homicidal maniacs."
Mars took another sip of his coffee.
"But they were zombies....."
"They began increasing in numbers."
"During the afternoon i realized my house was no longer safe."
He looked to ryan and casse softly.
"I had to find somewhere safe."
Mars layed his face into his hands and slunched over.
"I couldn't find her anywhere." Mars began calmly.
"I searched the school, I looked through the park."
"She was gone."
Mars stood up from the table and removed his glasses.
Wipeing his face he continued.
"I found refuge in the mall."
Mars mummbled
"Met you all.....killed zombies....blahh,blahh,blahh."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <I'm in kentucky.>
<Vacation thing....nevermind.>
<It's 12:30 P.M.>
"We need somewhere permanent."
Mars began.
"For now we have the mall, but you can't start a resistance headquarters in the mall."
"Yeah and i know i keep going on and on about this...resistance."
Mars looked at all of them seriously.
"But this isn't just about OUR survival."
He said grimly.
"This is about the survival of the human race."
"All the survivors need to regroup, build a secure quarintined area, and fight for our existance."
Mars light up another cigerette and paused.
"I know that none of you want those bastards wasteing up our world." He pointed towards the outside.
"It's OURS....and we must fight for whats OURS!"
"We must prevail."
Mars took another drag off his cigerette and sat down.
"Who's with me?"
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "Of course we're not the only survivors."
Mars said calmly.
"There has to be others, hundreds, thousands."
"And thats just in New York."
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: Ryan smiles at her....
"I have to agree." he turns his attention back to Mars.
"If we are the only ones, then, this isn't going to be much of a resistance." He had a grim look on his face. He stands up and heads over and gets a cigarette from Mars and lights it up.
"I mean, I am all for it. I have a missing son, and I would love to see him again. But the only way to do that is to take care of the current situation. So...the only thing I can propose is, we need to find a military instalation, and stock up on weapons, and possibly see if there are any places still inhabitated with living people." he exhales sharply.
"Understand what I am saying...?" he asks more of Mars then Casse. Ryan was in the military after all.
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: (Sorry....that was supposed to be before Mars replied.)
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: Ryan didn't think that was right...
"How can you be so sure about survivors...? When there seemed to be so many people turned just in this area alone. Not everyone knows how to shoot a gun and defend themselves." he states.
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: (And just to clarify, I live in Ohio. Casse, it's pretty cool you live in England. So as we can tell, we live pretty far apart. lol)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Wait casse this is morning.>
<My character spent all night clearing floor 3 & 4 remember.>
<I just got done waking you up.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "As far as i'm concerned ryan."
"We're not the only people in town with a sturdy
building and ammo on hand."
"The police station, like casse suggested is probably housing a few people."
Mars put the cigerette up to his lips and smiled.
"We're not the only bad asses in town."
"We're also forgeting about the armory."
"They're probably housing hundreds.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Yeah thats right.>
<So it is morning time.>
<Your characters still need some sleep.>
"We need to gather up the people from downtown,
the police station,. and the secure churches."
"If there are any survivors, we bring them back here."
Mars took a drag off the smoke.
"But we have to be careful to keep all infected people out."
"We'll bring them back here, and then we'll use the mall buses to make it to the armory."
<Yeah i know, i stole that from Dawn of the Dead.>
<I love that movie.>
"We'll have just enough gas to make it to the armory, so we'll have to travel on foot to the police station."
Mars looked down at his coffee, a fly had landed in his drink.
He threw the cup away.
"So yeah, it's a suicide mission."
"But it's better than being a pussy and setting in this mall for five years."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "Now get off to bed, you all need somemore sleep."
Mars said calmly.
"I'm going to clear out floor five."
"Then we'll be halfway done with extermination."
Mars rolled his eyes and stood up, he took the last hit off his cigerette and put it out in the ashtray.
"Time to kick some ass." he said smiling.
Mars cocked his shotgun and walked towards the elevator.
"Go to bed, and we'll meet up here later."
Pushing the button on the elevator, the doors closed.
Santa Clause / George: George began kicking the window of the front door to the mall in. The glass shattered and he slipped in. Turning he began firing wildly with his shotgun. His bag filled with goodies. Guns of multiple rate and caliber. He saw a small bench close to the door. Grabbing it he attempted to pull it in front of the newly formed hole but it would budge. Looking down he saw bolts holding it to the floor he shot them shards of medal spread across the floor. He pulled the bench to the hole shooting one zombie as it attempted to come through. He wedged it with a bar he found on the ground once pleased with his work he turned around to explore the building that stood before him.
Mehndi Rose / Devin: (Casse sorry it took so long for me to join I was catching up on all the posts. Hope this is good.)
Devin was leaning against the wall out of breath and worn out. Her heavy breathing filled the echoing hallway. She was covered in blood and cuts, not from the zombies. She had ran through jagger bushes and the woods to reach the mall. To her luck the zombies hadn't seen the fire escape ladders.
She had climbed up easily distracting them by throwing a rock at one of their heads. Once she had reached the roof she had gone through the ventilation system. She had finally broke through by kicking one of the vents in a store. So there she was breathing heavily leaning against the wall.
Devin was nineteen, but in reality she looked about sixteen. She was short, being only 5' 4" and petite no less. She stood there leaning against the wall not to far off of the bed store where Casse had gone into.
"Please...someone." She said before collapsing to the floor.
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: (I will be on a little bit later, go to go to class. Good story so far.)
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: Ryan had been somewhat in a trance when he realized everyone had left.
"Damnit." he mumbled to himself. Casse came back a second later and lays on the bed. Ryan stands up and heres something. Ryan starts jogging toward the other side of the mall. Pulling out his gloc9 handgun he realizes someone had come into the mall. He stops, slowly approaching. He sees something on the floor.
'Looks like whoever that is came through the ventilator shaft. Smart move...' he thought to himself.
He realizes it is a young girl laying there. As far as he could tell, she wasn't infected,
"Hmmm..." Ryan picks her up. Carrying her back to the area where Casse was, he sets the girl down. She had some scrapes and bruises on her, but otherwise just seemed to be exhausted.
Ryan studied her for a minute and then the thought popped into his head.
"Shit." he shouts. Running back to where he found the girl, he cocks his gun, preparing for the worse. For when the girl came in the shafts, she didn't cover her tracks. Now they were liable to have zombies coming in. Ryan gets into a fighting stance and waits.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars pulled the machete from the zombies putrid skull.
A deep black oozz was running down his cloths.
He walked over to the bench across the pool area and sat down.
His pulled his long white hair over into his eyes.
A severed zombie hand had a tight grip on his ponytail.
Mars pried the white bloody hand from his hair and threw it across the room.
The zombies no longer made him squemish.
After clearing out three floors by himself he had learned to deal with the rotting bags of blood.
"Fucking maggots." Mars wispered.
Then thinking back to what he's fighting for mars grabbed the ring on his neclace and sighed.
It was hers.......
"I still love you honey." he said as if his wife was standing before him.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: *Floor five is now clear, it seems to be a spa and pool like level.
The only stores are medical and health stores*
Mars began cleaning up the floor dragging the zombie corpse of an old man out from one of the hot tubs.
Mars put the lid over that hot tub and walked away shaking his head.
He lit up a cigerette and began pacing back and forthe.
He had heard the crashing of glass from upstairs, but he was trying to put off having to go down there and look.
He was completely sure that no one was hurt, he was comfortable thinking that these people can handle themselves.
But the noise kept echoeing and the guilt kept building.
Mars cocked his shotgun and placed both of the machete's back in their sheaths.
Walking over to the elevator, he pushed floor 1.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Ok, so we have new ppl.>
<Welcome, guys.>
<Devin, welcome.>
<George, welcome.>
<For now george we're sticking your character in quarintine.>
<Thats only because you haven't posted in three days.>
<We don't know if you've dissappeared or not.>
<Devin, you posted and gave enough information so welcome to the plot.>
<We're not sticking you in quarintine cause you've already interacted with the characters.>
<I don't know if george is still in this or not.>
<I'm going to wait until he posts again, but until then.>
<George, welcome to mall jail.>
<Devin, thanks for joining.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars walked out from the elevator door and aimed his shotgun.
The man was walking towards him staggering weakly.
"Who are you?" mars bellowed loudly.
With that the man crumpled to the floor and fainted.
Mars studied the scrapes and cuts on his body, there would be no way to determine Whether they were zombie or natural scratches.
This man had to be quarintined until further notice.
Mars dragged the man back to the left corner of the lobby.
In the back of a medium sized room lined six jail cells across the wall.
Taking the keys from the wall, mars unlocked a cell and layed the man upon the bed.
Nezt searching through the guard cabinets, he found a ring of guards keys.
This would come extremelt handy in the more secure sections of the mall.
Mars shut the cell door behind him and walked out of the door.
He stuck the shotgun back into it's back strap holster.
Walking over to the glass across the floor, he looked up at the broken window.
The hole was not big, just big enough for a single man to crawl through.
Mars began to think worridly,
"I thought these were shatter proof windows?"
Then he looked from the broken window to the unbroken windows.
The broken window was the wrong replacement.
The mall construction crew had placed a regular window instead of the shatter proof, only in this one spot though.
Mars could see blood smears where the man had tried to bust down the other windows.
But they were definitly shatter proof.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars found the replacement window lieing in a janitors closet not too far from the broken window.
He dragged it over and kicked out the rest of the window.
As he was doing that, a zombie from the crowd just around the corner can stumbling his way.
Mars fummbled with the glass and slid off balance.
He dopped the glass sheet and it fell to the floor, not breaking but clanging loudly.
Mars face fell forward and his eye jammed straight into a shard of the glass window.
He cursed in agony as he pulled a thin shard of glass from his eyeball.
Yanking the shard his whole eye came out with it.
He covered his eye and shot at the zombie, sending brains all over the pavement.
Mars put his eye socket to his sleeve and stepped back and sat down on the bench.
"Fucking Bitch!" he screamed loudly.
Mars grabbed back up the window hurridly and slid it into place, locking the window into safety.
Blood still oozing from his eye.
He didn't care about his own safety, he just cared about getting that window up.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars walked across the room and picked up his eye off the floor.
A big shard sticking out of it, nerves still twitching.
"Give me some cotton pads and a eyepatch."
he mummbled weakly.
He continued to press the sleeve of his shirt against his eye.
"I've already replaced the window, your safe."
He said assuringly.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars walked over to the garbage can and threw his glasses and eye in the trash.
"Not like i'm goin to need theses anymore."
He shook his head and walked back over to casse and sat down on the bench.
"Doesn't matter, those were reading classes anyways."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars sat as Casse began opening up the medic kit.
"I was replacing the window, when a nasty little bastard came at me from outside."
"It took me off balance and I tripped and dropped the glass."
He readjusted his hand over his eye which had began to clot.
"I fell fast into the shattered window and my eye was not too fortunate."
Mars took off his black tie and bloodstained white button up shirt.
He used the shirt to wipe off his hands.
He was now just wearing his black tanktop.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Sorry, wrong profile.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "Thank you casse." Mars said graciously as he began stuffing the cotton pads.
"Glad i have someone i can trust."
He said slipping the eyepatch over his eye.
He pulled his hair out from under the staps so that they were concealed underneath his long white locks of hair.
"Half-blind, half dead, and half-afraid."
Mars said softly.
"Sorry Casse," Mars began, "Thanks for your help, but i think i need a little time alone."
He stood up, lit a cigerette, and walked over toward the elevator door.
His hands sghaking as he pushed the up button.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Sorry, x it out that i dressed my own wounds.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars arrived on the fourth floor.
He had seen a nice looking clothing store
up here the night before.
He had seen a nice pair of black cargo pants in the window of Hottopic.
He walked over to the store and picked out his size.
He walked over to the dressing room, taking off his machete holster and pinstripe pants.
He slipped on the pants, they fit comfortably.
Mars then walked across the store and picked out a pair of finger gloves and a new black tanktop.
grabbing a pair of combat boots from the back of the store, mars noticed a nice looking Black Aviator coat.
It was black leather and lined with white wool.
There was a white Anarchy sign on the left sholder and a pentagram on the right.
It fit snuggly ending right below his waist.
He left it unbuttoned and began his walk back to the Java hut.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "So what do you think?" Mars asked stepping out of the store where Casse had been waiting.
"I'm done fucking around with these god damned zombies."
"It's personal now."
He had left both his shotgun and machetes in the store.
Mars and Casse were walking towards the elevators and away from the store.
"I need to stop by the Java hut to get my katana back." Mars said unsmiling.
"You can come with me."
Valle_Siddious: Mars and Casse arrived at the Java hut and Mars walked over to the counter and pulled his katana and the sheath from behind it.
He sat down and lit up another cigerette.
He pulled a sharpening rock from a comparment in the sheath.
He slid the rock across the blade, sharpening it as he took a drag off his smoke.
Stopping to look up at Casse.
"Thanks again Casse."
"You can leave if you want, i'm alright."
Mehndi Rose / Devin: (Thanks for the compliment Mars.)
Devin groaned in pain. She hadn't even opened her eyes yet and already could feel the pain. She had hurt her knee while kicking at that vent shaft. When she did open her eyes she immediately closed them again, it was too bright.
No one was around her when she managed to sit up on the soft bed she had been laid on. Devin's hoodie was far too big for her was covered in jaggers and other various cuts. She sat at the edge of the bed, her feet not even touching the ground. Devin stretched her body out as she stood up on the ground.
Eventually, she felt awkward being there alone. So, she wandered off. Before turning corners she peeked around to see if there were any zombies. She had no idea if this mall was safe or not, so she was better safe than sorry. After sometime of wandering she came upon some people who were by the vent she had come through. Devin stayed back around the corner, just watching them to see if they were a threat to her. Lately, with the zombies everything started to be a threat to her.
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Devin shook her head "no". She wasn't much of a talker to be perfectly honest. Her eyes looked over Casse's odd flowing skirt. It seemed as though there was a breeze of some sort. But, Devin didn't say anything. The power was on so there was a good chance it was from the vents.
She stayed there, against the corner of the hallway in which it seperated. Devin wondered how long they had been there and if they had sealed all the entrances. Though Devin was childish looking she was a mathematician and a good one at that. She was doing what she called simple calculations in her mind. But, to others Devin's simple calculations were beyond comprehension.
Already 19 and Devin was a college graduate, she had finished high school when she was 16 and college about a year ago, when she was 18. A company known for its prestigous mathematicians had hired her right out of college. The company had her designing rocket efficiency at different velocities for the space program. Sometimes they asked her for other jobs such as decoding some encryptians of ancient civilizations. Devin had somehow wound up here in the mall, so now to keep her ever-growing mind at bay she was calculating how many average male zombies could fit in the vents at once. Since she wasn't talking to Casse, she also calculated how many zombies could fit through the vents at random heights, weights, etc.
Mehndi Rose / Devin: "N-no." She said feeling scolded. She had already shook her head saying no, but apparently Casse hadn't seen her. Devin's calculations were interrupted and now she was just frustrated. She had a thing for not being able to remember what she was just doing if she has been doing her simple calculations.
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: (I need to know whats happened since I posted. So I don't have to read from then, because I don't have time to read it all...)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Ok ryan, recap....>
<You stopped at the vent.>
<Devin fell from the vents.>
<Mars got his eye put out replacing the window downstairs.>
<He's wearing an eyepatch now.>
<Yes.....i guess i do look like a pirate.>
<Now my characters coming upstairs to close the ventalation hatch and stop ryans worrying.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <We're on floor 4.....ok?> <Just left floor 3.>
Mars stepped out of the elevator, katana at his side, patch over his eye.
Looking like some kind of pirate Aircraft pilot.
He spotted Ryan off in the distance gun pointed up towards the air vent.
"Don't worry ryan, they're not smart enough to use the latter outside."
He lit up and cigerette and smiled.
"Much less climb through the ventalation systems."
"The zombies have delayed reactions, movement compared to that of a drunk."
He took a drag off his smoke and blew a cloud of grey off toward the left.
Mars walked over to the latch and closed it tightly, pulling the wheel around in a circle.
"But it's getting late Ryan, the suns setting."
"Tonight i shall sleep."
Mars took another drag and blew smoke to the left.
"We're half way done clearing this hole anyway, only five more floors left."
He smiled and dropped the cigerette to the ground, stamping it with a boot he threw the butt in the trash.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Sorry guys if my posting is a little late.>
<I can only post at school, just moved in with my dad.>
<Shits been a little crazy.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars looked Ryan in the eyes and walked away.
Taking the elevator down to the second floor.
He walked to the bedstore silently.
The day had taken a lot out of him, he was physically and emotionally exausted.
He walked into the store, Casse and Devin were talking amongst each other.
Mars walked across the room and layed down on a bed, unhooking his sword from his belt he spread out across the bed.
Putting his hands behind his head he sighed deeply.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "Sore." Mars mummbled.
"But nothing a little of asprin and achohol can't fix." He said jokingly.
"How are you holding up?" Mars said calmly.
"Oh, and by the way....who's the new girl."
Mars looked over to Devin suspiciously.
"She's not infected is she?"
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Sorry, gotta go.>
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Devin had followed Casse and Mars, but had stopped at her favorite store. She changed into a new pair of jeans, a tee shirt which was underneath another big hoodie. She fixed up her hair, mainly parted it better and brushed it out. She looked normal once again, but she didn't feel normal.
Devin eventually wandered off, finally finding where Casse and Mars were. She kept her distance for fear of being rude and intruding in their conversation. Though, she could still hear them. Her mind was currently preoccupied with playing a handheld game she picked out of from the Game Stop they had in the mall. She was playing Grand Theft Auto for PSP, no sound on.
Valle_Siddious: Mars looked to Casse who was now staring at his eye patch.
He felt the blood dripping from his eye.
Wipping it away with a hand, he turned his head embarassedly.
"Arrrg." Mars said jokingly.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Yeah, i gotta go.>
<I'll post early in the morn tommorow.>
<Later Casse.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars stared at Casse' calmly.
"Well, after we clear this dump, we'll hit the town and check for survivors."
"If there are any, we'll bring them back to the mall, then we'll go to the armory until we can set up a resistance."
He looked at her curiously.
"What do you think?"
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "We can't not give her a chance."
Mars said looking off into the distance.
"She's done nothing to double cross us yet."
He took a cigerette out of his pack and looked over at the girl.
"Besides, shes not infected, and she may come in handy later."
He lit the cigerette and smiled.
"You afraid she's gonna put some moves on your man?"
Mars began chuckling.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Gotta go.>
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Devin couldn't make out what Casse had said just a minute ago. But she did hear that they didn't trust her. She didn't blame them. Devin hardly knows them and can see that the feeling is mutual. No one had asked her name yet, but they just call her the new girl.
Staying in the same place was making her anxious to do something more. She had put down the game down and gotten up. Devin wandered off until she found some paper and a couple pens. She sat down outside the shop writing down calculations. She had numbers upon numbers on those sheets of paper. She had written the topic of her numbers above the calculations. Devin had put together the calculations for a gun, catapult, various clothes, the size of the shops around her and some other random things. At least this way she was comfortable and keeping herself busy.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "Well then i guess i have to talk to her."
Mars walked over to the girl.
"Hey, didn't mean to ignore you or anything."
"Sorry about the wispering."
Mars sat down outside the shop with her.
"I know your probably upset, as am i."
"So i don't want to upset you anymore."
Mars looked at her calmly, she was writing words and calculations down on paper.
"We're just a little paranoid."
"Things have been a little crazy."
Mars looked down to his sword.
"Yeah, and i know it's crazy being
stuck in a mall with a bunch of wierdo's
carrying guns and swords."
He joked.
"But i promise, as long as i'm alive i will
try my hardest to protect you and all of the others in this mall."
He smiled at her happily.
"I want to know i've changed someone elses life,
even if it means my death."
He said seriously.
"I know thats crazy hearing that from someone you just met, but, the people in this mall are all i have left."
Mars looked to the floor and frowned.
"Don't be afraid."
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Devin looked up from all her papers. She honestly believed him. For a few moments Devin peered at all her jumbling numbers. At that moment they didn't seem so important. She had depended on numbers all her life, but now they just looked useless. It was like a crutch, but now she could walk.
"Thank you." She was soft-toned. "Everybody has a way with dealing with fear and pain. I use numbers as you might be able to tell. You may never know how much I appreciate what you just said."
Her voice broke off slowly, almost decresendoing. Devin put down her pen and papers. She looked at him, but not a stare. Just the way her eyes looked at people made them feel like she was a cute little puppy or kitten.
"It isn't a big deal if you whisper about me. I really don't mind and you had valid reasons to in the first place. You and your friends, I assume, don't know my name or where I even come from. My name is Devin if you were wondering."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Sorry, weekends over.>
<Time to post.>
Mars meet her eyes in a gaze.
"Mars," he said calmly.
"It's a pleasure to have your company."
He smiled and winked at her.
"Everyone has a way with dealing with the pain, don't be embarassed."
He pulled a black notebook from the side pocket of his satchel bag.
"I write poetry." he said softly.
"It helps me to relax, it lets out the pain."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Xander, you haven't seen my character since my eye was removed.>
<Don't forget to play your part people.>
<So if anything changes about a person, make sure that your character notices.>
<It adds to the artistic flow of the RP.>
<I don't like to think of RP's a game.>
<I'd rather look at them from an artistic view.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <By the way, were the fuck is Ryan?>
<I'll give him a couple more days.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <I have an eyepatch over it.>
<Good interuption though.>
Mars looked up from Devin furiously.
He was trying hard not to lose his cool.
"What the fuck do you think happened to my eye?"
He said sharp but still calmly.
"It's gone Xander, Shit happens."
"Sacrifices are made."
He rubbed the eye patch irrantantly.
"I had to make sure that you all were safe."
"Replacing the downstairs window costed me my eye."
He looked away from Xander and stared off into the distance.
"That Xander.....is what happened to my eye."
He walked back into the bed store and lied face down on his bed.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars looked up at her soft hearted.
"Ok, is a state of mind."
"I think i'm loseing mine."
He put his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling.
"The truth is Casse', I'm scared."
"Yes, i'm scared.....not afraid to feel."
He started shaking his head.
"But it's not the zombies i'm scared of casse."
"I'm scared that i'll die, in vain."
Mehndi Rose / Devin: (I can't say I noticed your eye, partially because I don't think I was there when you had two eyes.)
Devin stared at Xander for a few moments and then her eyes roamed to Casse and Mars who had left. They were both out of her view so Devin looked back to Xander. She was unsure if she should talk to him, even though Casse told him to talk to her.
"Hi..." She let her voice trail off, just to see if he was listening. "I'm Devin..."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "Me a hero?" he said calmly.
"I'm nothing more than a man with a gun."
He looked over to the pistol on his nightstand.
"All i want to do is make a difference."
"All i need is my daughter."
The sun was beginning to set along the horizon,
a horizon for Mars that may be hiding his only hope.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <I don't know where the f*** he is.>
<He hasn't posted in forever.>
Mars looked at her softly.
"Your father was a wise man indeed."
Mars said softly.
"But we cannot be hero's setting here in a mall
while thousands of people are out there dying."
He picked up his gun and placed it into the holster on his thigh. He then attached the katana from the floor and attached it to his belt.
"I'm going to clear out the rest of the mall."
he said grimly.
"You can come with me if you want, but i'm not resting until it's done."
Mars walked outside the store and looked up through the mall skylight.
The sky was black with stars shining bright.
The mall lights had kicked on an hour ago, so this meant it was getting closer to bedtime.
"Choose whatever you want, but i'm through fucking around."
"We need to act now."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars looked to Devin and spoke.
"You can come too if you wish."
"But going is not a requirement."
Mars lit up and cigerette and sat down on a bench under the skylight.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars nodded and they both walked over to the elevators.
"We have five more levels left to clear."
he said calmly.
"Then it's time for the next phase of our plan."
He looked at her as they walked into the elevator.
"But we'll talk about that later."
Mars cocked his handgun and smiled.
"I've cleared the last three or so floors, so i've kind of gotten use to zombie corpses."
"I'll clean them up after we're done, all you have to do is kill them."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: *Mars and casse stepped out from the elevator*
"You take east wing, i'll take west."
"You know the drill." he said confidently.
Mars unsheathed his katana and winked her way.
"We'll meet up at the elevator after we're done."
"Good luck."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Later casse.>
Valle_Siddious: "Why do i always pick the west wing?"
Mars thought as he walked down the hallway.
He hadn't seen much, but shot a couple zombies back at the bath and body store.
His blade was ready and at his side, having unsheathed it earlier.
Mars walked over to the restroom and stopped.
He had heard a noise coming from the back storage room.
Mars readied his katana and kicked the door open, breaking it off it's hinges.
It flew into the darkness and clattered across the room.
Mars looked the left, then back to the right.
Dead silence.
Scurrying echoed throughout the room.
Mars heard the footsteps and the sweep of a blade, instinctivly he threw up his sword and sparks flew as two blades colided in the dark.
Mars stepped back and got ready to parry another attack.
This time the swing was low and curved, the person must be using a rapier.
"Donovan!" Mars screamed.
The attacker stopped and came in to embrace Mars.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: *The two conversed and led down the hall to kill the rest of the zombies on the east wing.*
Strator / Ryan Mickenly: (Sorry I have been gone so long, been very busy.)
Ryan was missing out on everything it seemed, he didn't quite no where he was at first, making sure though that he wasn't in enemy territory, Ryan gets out his glock and aims in front of him. Scanning for zombies, and anything else out of the ordinary.
Ryan began to get up, looking around to see if the coast was clear.
'Where the hell is everyone?' Ryan asked himself. He walked to elevator. All of a sudden he remembered what had been going on and didn't know why he had been asleep.
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Devin had followed them, even though they didn't know it. She just wanted to see some zombies die, mainly because of her anger towards what they did to her mentally. Only, she didn't want to shoot them.
Her footsteps were extremely hard to hear due to the fact she was only taking a step every so often. Devin, having never come to the mall, found the stairs after she got lost. She was looking around a bit frantically to see if anything was there. It wasn't until she heard something that she started to get a bit panicked. She had stopped moving all together, looking up and down the staircases.
Abruptly, she felt something gooey just barely skim her shoulder and drip down to the floor. When she looked up she saw a zombie half off the railings above her. Devin scrambled for her gun that she had stolen from a store outside of the mall as she was coming. She aimed it, her hands shaking and fired.
The zombie was shot in the head well enough so that it fell right off the railing and splattered on the floor infront of her. The shot echoed through the stairs, very loudly. Devin panicked and ran up another fleet of stairs so she would be above it if the zombie still could move. It twitched and Devin fired again. This time she hadn't shaken as much. It stopped moving altogether now.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars turned to Donovan who had also heard the shots.
"Sounds like it's coming from the east wing."
Mars said panicly.
"Casse might be in trouble."
They both ran down the corridor and down toward the east wing, were Devin was sneaking around.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <later.>
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Devin continued up the stairs. She was holding her gun with both hands facing down. After seeing one zombie it made her nervous if she didn't have her gun out. She kept looking up and saw that quite a few fleets of stairs above her were more zombies.
Devin became bug-eyed as she saw about five more in her path. One tripped and hit its head on the wall where the stairs changed directions. It knocked its skull right in, Devin almost gagged seeing so much of the brain and what was left of the zombie's head. Soon after that one came the others, she aimed until she knew that it was basically impossible to miss. She fired at each one about once, sometimes twice just to make sure.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars ran up the stairs to meet with Devin.
"Looks like you could use some help."
he said pulling the katana from it's sheath.
He walked over the corpses of the newly fallen zombies and started slicing the remaining into pieces.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "Yeah, this is floor seven." Mars said assuringly.
He turned and looked to Devin.
"I thought you said that you were going to wait downstairs?"
Mars said curiosly.
He slashed the head of the last Zombie in half, slidding his katana back into it's sheath.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <Ryan, you can come upstairs and meet with us if you want.>
<Where's Casse'?>
<She dissappeared off the face of the world.>
<Xander, you can join in on the action too.>
<We're clearing out the rest of the mall.>
<After this floor, we only have three more left.>
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: "Yeah sure." Mars said calmly.
"Just be careful."
Mars scratched his head and began to think.
"Ryan and Xander are somewhere downstairs,
Casse is somewhere on the floor below us,
And me Devin and Donny are here."
Mars started the begin worrying about casse.
"I hope shes alright." he thought grimly.
Mars caught himself staring off into space.
"Devin, you can come with me if you want to."
"We'll clear the west wing."
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Devin smiled. "I never told you if I would come or not. I'll help clear out the west wing if you want."
She watched as Donovan left, not remembering him. She must not have met him then. She knew Casse, Mars and Xander, but no one else that she could recall. Devin didn't think too much of it since Mars obviously trusted him and for the other fact that he had just helped her. She wondered how those two could wield such swords, Devin knew she couldn't. She once picked one up, maybe a broadsword, but she ended up dragging it for it was too heavy. She was more of a gun person anyhow.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars looked at Devin amused.
"You don't have to come."
he said calmly walking beside Donovan.
"We can handle if,but your help would be greatly appriciated."
Mars looked down at her gun.
"You seem to be a damn good aim with that gun."
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: <I'll seee you guys after thanksgiving break.>
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Devin felt a little awkward as Donovan looked at her in such a way. She looked at her gun for a few moments and then looked back at him.
"My name's Devin." She looked to Mars and said, "My father used to take me shooting when I was younger."
She could remember her father taking her out to the shooting range. It was like some sort of tradition in their family, only it was supposed to be that the men went to the range. However, due to the fact she was an only child her father took her. Her father didn't mind the fact she was a guy because she could shoot better than any guy he had seen. On her first try, well besides taking practice shots that the instructor taught, she shot right in the head of the target. As time progressed she could shot right between the eyes. It was mainly because she could calculate exactly where the bullets would go and by what angle she needed to shoot.
Her math skills were unmatched, but without them she couldn't do anything. She couldn't shoot, have a job, or just about anything. It was her crutch, but instead of just supporting her it was most likely attached to her. Devin right now as they spoke was doing calculations. She was focusing on what angle she would have to shoot if she saw another zombie.
Mehndi Rose / Devin: (Excuse my spam.
didn't mind the fact she was a guy
should be:
didn't mind the fact she wasn't a guy
Also, I'll be gone for about two or three days as well. Bye.)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars looked down at the zombie corpse, he picked up his foot and smashed it down into the creatures face, brain flowing freely onto the floor.
Devin, Donovan and himself had cleaned out the rest of floor eight.
It soon grew dark and the mall lights clicked on.
"Two more floors left." mars said wiping the dark black blood from his face and cloths.
"You holding out Devin?" he said curiously.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: (Who all is still here.)
(People are dropping like flies it seems.)
(If your still in this RP, type in your name.)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: (By the way, The Dead Life.)
(If your in this RP, just leave a post and pick up somewhere in the plot.)
Mehndi Rose / Devin: (Still here, just out shopping like this whole weekend.)
Devin smiled and rolled her eyes as a joke.
"I don't exactly hold back, its just I'd rather find a different way to kill them. If I waste one bullet per zombie I will need approximately one thousand bullets. The weight of one thousand bullets is more than I'm willing to carry." She said.
Devin wasn't particularly strong, but she was really acrobatic. Acrobatic in Devin's case meant that she was really flexible and gymnastic. She could do front flips and back flips in combinations. However, she wasn't strong in the sense that she could lift heavy things or punch hard.
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Casse smiled as she stood up "78" she said
"79" she knifed one that had snuck up behind her, slitting his throat and snapping the head on in one quick motion, without looking or turning back
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars led the way up the stairs and into the main hall way of floor nine.
"Devin...Donovan." Mars began.
"You take the east wing and i'll take the west, as always."
He walked off down the corridor eagerly.
Mars could here gunblasts from the floors below.
"Casse." he mummbled with renewed hope.
He had still seen no sign of Ryan.
Standing beside an air duct Mars could hear the mummbled voice of what seemed to be Xander,
Another sigh of releif.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars began his patrol down the east wing.
It was pretty much abandoned.
Posters and signs announcing some kind of boxing convention.
Nothing really of faint interest.
Mars was walking by a video game store when he heard some commotion in the back.
He Put the blade of the katana in his teeth and tied his long white hair into a ponytail.
Readjusting the back strap on his eye patch,
a box fell over startling him to alert.
Mars kicked over a shelf of video games and found a boy of seventeen hiding behind them.
Mars had him a draw, tip of his blade to it's forehead.
"Speak." he said demandingly.
"Or die."
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Devin sighed having seen the sign.
"That's just my luck..." She muttered under her breath and without looking raised her gun. She looked up and aimed. She fired three shots without budging from her spot and three zombies started to twitch.
She had shot them in the head but it hadn't killed the three she shot right away. So, she shot again and this time they went down with a large thump. Devin would have to find another way to kill them without wasting so many bullets.
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Devin's attention had been turned to Donovan and during those few second she got hit in the back of the head. She felt a little dizzy at first, but then turned around and shot the zombie. She didn't get cut or anything, but she did have gross bits of the zombies hand stuck in her hair. That was going to be hard to get out.
"Why did it have to be wrestlers?" She said outloud.
Devin ran to one of the store's large glass windows and she ran her finger over the glass. It was shatterproof from one side, they assumed someone wouldn't break the window from the inside. Devin looked backwards and shot some more zombies that were headed her way. After she went inside the store and grabbed the largest object she could find and she chucked it from the inside onto the glass. It shattered into large pieces, about the size of two hands but some were smaller.
Devin occasionally shot at the zombies as they got closer. She kicked a huge chunk of glass with her foot but as she brought her heel backwards she scraped it. She had a cut going from the back of her knee down to her ankles. She winced in pain as she grabbed her leg with her hand. She was kneeling on the floor and as she looked up there was one zombie only a few feet away. She stared at it wide eyed for a minute then realized she should shoot it. So, she shot it and a couple more at that.
Devin tried to get up but she had to lean entirely on a wall or a nearby object. She picked up larger pieces of glass and with all her strength hurled them at the zombies' heads. If she got it at the right angle and speed then it sliced a chunk out of the zombies, not a big one but enough to make it twitch on the ground and die. (Die? I didn't know.)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: (Yeah Casse, your with Xander on floor seven.)
(That floor was highly infected.)
(Damn those tourists.)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: (You can join up with Devin and Donovan on floor nine.)
(I think that they need some help fighting the boxing zombie horde.)
(Work that scene until my guy shows up.)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars licked the boy over who was crouching on the ground.
There was a huge hole in his intestines in which his internal organs were protruding quite nastily.
"Or don't..." Mars said softly shoving his katana through the boys forehead.
He kicked the body one more time for good luck.
"Yeah, he's dead." he mummbled.
Then mars heard the clip clopping of foot steps.
A man in a black ski mask ran past the store.
"Wait stop!" Mars yelled running out the store after him.
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Devin stood up on her own and shot at the ground. She figured where the pipes were and shot. If this mall was like any other with the right shots in the right place she could have the ground collapse. She fired until the edge started to cave in on one side of the floor. She had been right and hit a support beam.
"Move it Donovan!" She yelled already shooting at another support beam. After that one gave in she started on a third one. The floor was starting to cave in little by little while she worked on the third support beam. Finally half the floor caved in as Devin finished up the third support beam.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars ran after the guy as fast as he could, skipping three or four steps at a time on his way up the escalator.
The man continued to run on, not losing a beat.
This pursuit continued on until the man reached a fire escape and climbed up the stairs to the roof.
There the man turned around and looked at Mars curiously.
Mars could just feel the wicked smile that lied behind that black wool mask.
The man reached up to pull the mask off.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: (Casse, when you make your way up to the floor Devins on.)
(Put in your post that Xander came with you.)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: (Later People!)
(Gotta go!)
Mehndi Rose / Devin: (Sure I'll just put this until they post.)
Devin stopped shooting having seen more come. Obviously, her idea wasn't as good as she had guessed it was going to be. She sighed and was unsure of what to do next, besides shooting them in the head.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars watched as the man removed the black ski mask.
The face hidden underneath was none other than George.
Mars looked suprised as the mask dropped to the ground.
"I thought that we placed you in quarintine."
Mars said trying to regain his cool.
He looked down to the plastic explosives that were tied to his chest.
"It's funny what a couple months in quarintine can do to a man." George said insanely.
Mars looked the the bombs and swollowed the lump that had appeared in his throat.
"It can make, or break a person." George said shakily.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars watched as George paced impatiently across the rooftop, detonator in hand.
This was life or death.
"You left me." George said coldly.
"Not even knowing if i was infected or not."
Geroge sent a scowel Mars's way.
"It was my only choice, you were unconchise!"
Mars argued.
"For a couple days!" George yelled back.
George was starting to shake again, his pacing had increased to a rapid speed.
"Fortunate for me, you dropped the cell door key upon grabbing the keyring from the security room."
George smiled evily.
"I was so angered with you that i decided to unlock the air vent door."
George said crazily.
"Serves you right, little bitch!"
George jumped up and down sporadically.
Mars looked at George with flooding anger.
"Do you realize that you may have killed the only friends i have left!"
His words echoed throughout the air, out amongst the groaning of the zombies floors below.
"The only...."
Mars said weakly.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Mars watched solemly upon the sight as Donovan walked over to the man and grabbed his hand tightly.
"We can help you," Donovan said softly.
"We can help you."
Mars saw it coming out of the corner of his eye.
George mashed down the detonator blowing everyone back and throwing dust and debri through the air.
The Last thing he remembered was the very haunting feeling of free fall.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: TO BE CONTINUED!
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: (Casse' before you or anyone else post.)
(I've got to make the new ZOMBIEZ 2.)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: (We've came to the second part of the RP.)
(And going on with an old RP isn't my kind of thing.)
(Zombiez 2)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: (No, the next one continue's were the other one stopped.)
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: (I've already made it and everything.)
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