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Roleplay - Koininia by Niccy / Moyra

two girls are transported to another world, where they are givien magnificent powers. when they wake up from their dream, they realize how real it really was...

Roleplay Details

Niccy-Universalist who is very outgoing, but can be protective and edgy
Kat-Niccy`s best friend, who is a Christian
Patrick-Koininian man who falls for Niccy
Sean-Koininian Elementalist who falls for Kat
Hades-The Dark Lord
The Great One-GOD
Allyandra-Koininian Prophetess of the Great One
Andromeda-Spy who befriends Niccy
Electra-Evil wife and right hand of Hades
Dshonothon-Allyandra`s fiance
Andromeda eventually reveals herself as Electra in disguise. Niccy is hurtful, and she gets her only comfort from Kat. Eventually, Niccy does become a Christian.
Please refrain from bad language. Acceptional words include Crap, Suck, Frickin, things like that. Words like S*** and F*** are not acceptional. Niccy can have a foul mouth, but the only words you are allowed to type out are hell and god. For any other swear refrence, type in *bleep* or @#$*&%^!. Thank You.


Moyra / Niccy: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz...............
Kat rolled her eyes. No matter how hard she tried, she could not keep Niccy awake in church. She shoved Niccy off of her shoulder. "Niccy! Wake Up!" Niccy awoke with a start, to hear the final prayer of the pastor. Kat groaned. "Great, because I was trying to keep you awake, I barely heard any of the sermon!" Niccy grinned. "You`re Welcome." The two headed for the stairs that led them from the balcony to the main floor. Niccy-being a klutz-tripped on her skirt and began to stumble. Kat tried to grab her, but both friends tumbled down the stairs, blacking out...
Moyra / Niccy: *note* they wake up in koininia, the language there is called Quine*
Linzi / Carla: ((hey i'll join this rp if you want i'll play either Niccy or cat))
Linzi / Carla: ((well do you want me to? i'll make a different character profile))
Moyra / Niccy: (sorry...sure, you can join...i`m niccy, so....or there`s allyandra the prophetess...)
Moyra / Niccy: niccy moaned, unsure of where she was. she saw kat blushing and knew a crowd was gathered around them. she sat up, and pushed her hair away from her face, "phew! i almost thought i`d died there...where are we?" kat shrugged and tucked her hair behind her ears. the crowd gasped, scooting back. niccy heard a ripple of fear go through the crowd, "a youkai! evil youkai!"
gwenn sundala / yumi kumiko: (wow this look neat i`ll be allyandra?)

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