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Roleplay - code lyoko by vencix / vencix

your in the froest regoin of lyoko you are surounded by zana monsters odd and yuumi are pined down what do you do

Roleplay Details

space is limted


Twisted / Saiman: (( I don't know Jesse, I'm suppose to be Yuumi))
himura lyoko: ((i'll be Eilata!))
himura lyoko: ((is no one else gonna join?))
Adden Lee / Anita: (can i join?)
himura lyoko: ((yeah, what character do you want to be? I'm Eilata and Saiman is Yuumi.))
Adden Lee / Anita: ill take callum... ; guy or girl?))
himura lyoko: ((ummm i don't know.))
Adden Lee / Anita: ((well great with me knowing and all, whocreated the rp.
himura lyoko: ((again, I don't know))
himura lyoko: ((...))
himura lyoko: Eilata sat inside a tower, Jeremy wasn't on so she stayed foccused on searching for Zana.
vencix / Bailwolf dragovia: srry all havent been on elite for a wail im back and callum i my cachter srry for all that

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