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Roleplay - Slave Market by NoraNay / Danae

Many a half-demon and human (as well as others) have been locked in cages and chained up to be sold. Will you recieve a kind master/mistress? You'd better hope so....

Roleplay Details

Let's try to keep the sex slaves out of the picture, okay?!?!? Thank you! *sheesh!*


Zarraenla / Zarraenla Boltsummoner: Zarraenla waited impatiently in the entrance hall for the proprietor to show up. She was desperately in need of a strong slave to serve as a guard. Her business often took her on dangerous missions and she needed someone to watch her back.
SpiritWolf / Hitori: Shouting, Hitori tried to pull away from the chain that was around her neck. Somehow this chain kept her from using any of her powers. Tugging as hard as she could, no matter how many she had injured, more would come to keep her from getting away. Lead into a large room, she could see others in chains that sat on large, wooden chairs. They sat her into her own chair, with a sign in front of her, telling what she was and what she could do. Crossing her arms, she waited until the ones that would take her away would come.
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: CloudWas Chained Up really hard to the wall not allowing him to sit or even touch the ground and he was struggling really hard that It made him look like a monster in chains he tried to use his demonice powers be he couldn't " AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! " he shouted then looked at Hitori " HOW CAN YOU STAND IT HERE HOW CAN YOU SIT STILL NOT DOING ANYTHING???!!! "
Zarraenla / Zarraenla Boltsummoner: Zarr tapped her foot impatiently. "Really!," she thought to herself, "If they don't have better service than this, then how can they expect to sell any slaves?" She walked back out, grabbed one of the door guards, and demanded to be shown the slaves immediately. "At least I can peruse them while I wait," she said impatiently. The guard led her down the stairs to a dark dungeon. The torchlight flickered as she entered and looked around the large room. She slowly walked the circumference of the room, inspecting each chained prisoner individually.
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: sensing someone comming this way he turned half-demon from anger and shouted in a monsters voice " YOU! WHOM EVER IS COMMING DOWN TO SUCH A FILTHY PRISON , GET ME OUT OFF HEEEEEERRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!! " his shout came loud and furiuos.
Zarraenla / Zarraenla Boltsummoner: Zarraenla turned as one of the prisoners down the wall starting shouting incomprehensibly. He looked young and strong and a little bit wild. He obviously hadn't been here long, as some of the other prisoners looked broken and run down. She considered him thoughtfully. She needed someone strong enough to protect her, but at the same time she didn't want him turning on her nor did she want a slave who turned out to be crazy.
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: Cloud so her and started " HEY LADY! LOOK HOW ABOUT A DEAL? " he said while he was still half-demon " YOU GET ME OUT OF HERE AND i SHALL DO WHATEVER I CAN TO HELP YOU , WHAT DO YOU SAY?! "
Zarraenla / Zarraenla Boltsummoner: She stopped in front of him and looked him up and down. Yes, young and strong...and very handsome. She would have to be careful with this one. She beckoned the guard over to ask him what the slave's skills were, but being only a door guard, he hadn't a clue. She stamped her foot in frustration. Where was the proprietor?
Zarraenla / Zarraenla Boltsummoner: She raised an eyebrow at the impertinent slave and slapped him with a summoned gust of air. "I assume from that screeching babble that you at least think you can fight. But can you ride and swim? Can you read and write?"
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: now he was really angry but still amussed of her acting a bit Naive " DO YOU THINK I WAS CAUGHT YOUNG? , OF COURSE I CAN DO ALL THAT! "
Zarraenla / Zarraenla Boltsummoner: She laughed at the arrogant slave. "You'll do," she said. "I like a bit of intelligence and spirit in my slaves." She waved her hand and replaced his chains and shackles with bonds of air, making sure to inhibit any latent magical power he might have. She threw a bag of coins at the guard and said, "Tell your master that I won't be buying any more of his slaves if this is the way he does business." With another wave of her hand, she forced the prisoner out the door ahead of her.
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: " I DON'T REALLY care if you are going to get out of here this way but atleast am out now to my side of the deal and do you want me to do for you Ma lady? " he asked while turning back to fully human
Zarraenla / Zarraenla Boltsummoner: "For starters, shut your mouth and watch my back," she said as she dissolved his bands with a snap. She stalked off to the center of town, muttering under her breath. She quickly reached the inn where she was supposed to meet her contact and settled in to wait.
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: He smiled and bowed " very well , Ma lady! " " I think we started on the wrong foot , so I would love to be almost like a friend to you if you don't mind , and don't worry I shall protect you with all that I got , Ma lady " he said trying to be nice
lancerdrag0n / Genown: Genown laid there in his cage. He opened his eye to see Zarraenla and Cloud walking out and the gaurd picking up the bag of gold. "Hey, these chains are loose, how am I sapose to stay here when the gaurds are too incompitant to tighten the chains all the way." Genown shouted at the gaurd. The gaurd came in and grabed that chain and studyed them. "These chains are as tight as we can make them, now shut up." The gaurd said, smacking Genown with the handel of his sword. "Oh thats too bad." Genown relpyed, looking at the gaurd with his eye. He grabed the Gaurds sword and shatterd the chains and sliced through the gaurd in one movement.
lancerdrag0n / Genown: Genown took the guard's sword walked out of the open cell and picked up the gold and pocketed it. Sevral gaurds came rushing in after hearing the comotion. The gaurds begain to charge as Genown chanted, "Thine beast, that destroys life, that spreads inferno, Feiry Blade Bahamut" and swong the blade, cutting though all the gaurds, and shattering his sword. He walked out killing the rest of the gaurds with his bare hands.
Cody Martic / Azair: a tall and slender man, clad in a cloak of blood crimson and a warlock hat adorned upon his head, had walked among the rows of cages looking for a suitable slave to aid him. His skin was as white as dove down but his eyes shown with great malice and shown the same tint as his cloak. The bags under his eyes shown that he might have suffered from insomnia. He had long black midnight hair that reached down to his lower back and it is noticed that he hid his right hand inside his cloak behind his back. underneathe the cloak you saw light armor adorning his legs arms and chest but that was it. he seemed to be a calm person who didn't seem to be to social. He took a seat after walking for quite some time and sighed thinking where would he find a suitable slave...
Cody Martic / Azair: azair stayed seated for a long while e still hiding his left hand out of sight. Thinking this may be a waste of time he begins to stand up when he noticies something that catches his eye. A pendent the size of a half dollar was dropped carelessly to the ground. he pickd it up and he notcied that the pendent was a solid ruby color matching his eyes. The ruby was circular in shape and around te edges you saw a black metal inthe form of a tribal symbol. After helookedat it for quite some time hegnetly placed it around his neck making sure not to know of his warlockian ha n the process. he liked the heavy feel onhis chest. It made him feel... alive *sorry if their are some eror my Keyboard is messing up.
Zarraenla / Zarraenla Boltsummoner: Zarr waited impatiently for her contact to show up. She began to worry that something might have happened to them. This was very dangerous work and people were known to die unexpectedly. Well, she still needed information, so she set up a plan devising a way to get it.
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: Cloud Grinned an Evil Grin and said " don't hesitate to ask for my help Ma lady! " then he laughed
Angel_from_hell: Roxy sat in her cage with her eyes closed hugging her dirty knees she had a anti magic anklet on her foot so she couldn't clean her self or stop the pain. Roxy was half witch half human. Most of her past masters were okay with that but some beat her and made her cry she was only 15 years old she had been a slave since she was 5. "Please let me go" she shouted but all that replied was her echo.
Delilah Kay / Karlee: I sat in a cell alone my wrists cut and arms bruised.My right leg was chained to the wall while my left was nearly broken..i couldn't feel it.I tryed to scream for someone..but no words would appear to my pale red lips.Alone i sat..waiting to be taken or sold.which ever was to come first.
Ariana Angel: A slender young woman sat in a cage in silence, her hands folded gently in her lap, her ice blue eyes downcast. It was evident in the way she sat and the surprising lack of bruises or struggle marks that she was submissive and had been taken without a fight. Her arms were slender but long. Ariana's black hair fell around her pale face and her lips moved with a silent prayer to her goddess, though she still was not able to tell what she was praying for. Long ago she had lost her faith, but it gave her a subtle settling feeling to know she could talk to someone in this darkened room. Her eyes rose slightly to a man as he approached her cage, picking up the ruby pendent she hadn't realized she had dropped, the stone being last of her family, though her mind told her better than to ask for it back.
ThatOtherKid / Azure Divine: Azure sits in her cage...sadness wells in her eyes.
Nereus / Nereus Boukyaku: Nereus appeared in a flash of white mist, standing patiently. He looked about the cages for a few moments, observing what he may get. "Hmm." His face was blank and emotionless, as always. He kept his empty scabbard slung over his back, not expecting to use it any time soon.
Vynn / Harkonin: <<Mind if I hop in?>>
Nereus / Nereus Boukyaku: [[Not my place, go ahead.]]
thelastman / Hikomoshi: racist basterds
Vynn / Harkonin: Harkonin slowly walks past the dead guards, "Useless..." He mutters to himself. Seeing an empty open cage he sighs. He continues on into the main room, seeing the man and the woman looking about the cages. He approaches, his armor looks to be a mix of metal and bone, under his hood was a eerie green glow. He carries no weapon and shows no sign of being able to fight. A very low lying dark fog follows his footsteps.
Nereus / Nereus Boukyaku: Nereus glanced at the figure blaintly. He kept his hands in his jean pockets, blowing a small amount of mist out of his mouth. He looked as if he was a normal teenager, though he was obviously not. The amount of power radiating over himself gave it away easily.
Vynn / Harkonin: His movements are rigged and somewhat mechanical. "Ssomething I can help you with boy?.." He mutters as he continues past him inspecting every cage. Pulling on door every now and then assuring these were locked properly. Turning to the ones in chairs and checking the neck restraints.
Nereus / Nereus Boukyaku: "No." He said simply, watching his movements some. He was curious, nothing more, nothing less. He did not find this thing a threat, but he thought he could learn something or another from it.
Vynn / Harkonin: He continues about his inspection, coming across a neck restraint that is looser than the others. Looking to the slave, "Not to day..." He grins, drawing a rune on the metal with a claw. As he mutters something the rune begins to glow, and the metal tightens. "Just let me know if you find something you like." He chuckles, pulling on the chain and bringing the slave face to face with him. "Do not push my hand..." He lets go and walks around a little more.
Nereus / Nereus Boukyaku: [[I think I'm gonna leave. I'm gonna be in the boarding schools.]]
AikoChan / Kaira Litee: {{Join as a Half-Demon slave?}}
Nereus / Nereus Boukyaku: [[Not our place. Go ahead.]]
AikoChan / Kaira Litee: {{I'll wait for owner.}}
Nereus / Nereus Boukyaku: [[I will too. Or until more people come]]
heartbrokenspaz / Hanna: <<can i join as a human slave??>>
himura lyoko / Sam Himura: ((Join?))
LodeMazuki / Lode Mazuki: (( may i join, as a non-human Master, who is mysteriously, constantly, covered who uses a voice changer? ))
CanUCN2MyWrld / Yuki Juroki: Join neko-human slave?
thelastman / Hikomoshi: eey ey whats up[
Elessarina / Alanna: ((Can I join?))
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: - can i join? -
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: -Can i join as a Vampire Master?-
amyrambo / amy leela uchiha: - i want to be a slave -
Visili / Visili Amana Rei Ashekra: (Let me join, won't you?)
Devyna / Elisabeth Inmoar: can i join and be a vampire slave?>

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