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Roleplay - Sandbox by Kitty Kish / nikita2u

Place to Talk with your Kickass Friends, Place to fight with your enemys or a place to be a jackass like my dear little brother drakor.

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Okies something bad has happend to me since the last time i was here and yeah lets just say i was going to miss a lot of you. My dear friends Tensu, Elles, Tenchu, Drakor, DarkAngel (and others in her) i am just glad as hell that i can still come back and not shiped off on another relative. So this i dedicate to you my dear and wounderous friends.


nikita2u / Kitty Kish: I LOVE YOU ASSHOLES! *huggles and kisses*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: i was abandoned up north since thursday havent had my anitdepressents since then also was getting kicked out of where i am now bc of my fuckhead therapist had to fight like hell to stay home just got home tired dizzy and lightheaded as fuck lol dat me story matey
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: yup!
nikita2u: ohohoh i gots her twin! um the chick in your pic
Amatiel / Belle: Why do you all keep making more of the same titles? Can't you stick to one little room?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *dances on head* O.o
Drakor: *blinks* O.... k....... >> T_T I didnt see this... >>
Drakor: HEY!!!! >> I jsut red the description of this place... BAD nikki... BAD. >>
Tyasuke / Sousei: heylo anyone on o.o;
Tyasuke / Sousei: -hugs back- heylo
Tyasuke / Sousei: could be better and ill brb k? -has to go take a showers- brb!
Mehndi Rose: *peeks inside* yellow?
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: hi ^.^ i looked at your rp Cold and i like it a lot im going to join
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: i joined but i might have to get off for a bit because my labtop is broked and im using my dad comp and hes waking up now so hes going to want to go on...ill definately be on laters tho
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: hmmmm so how was your thanksgiving?
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: oO why not?!
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: im guessing no one around then...
Black Angel: I;m here
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: cool im bored...are you?
Black Angel: yeah I;m going to make a new character and rp
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: i just made this character so now im just kinda bored and im lookin around for other rpg sites
Black Angel: kkkkkk
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: no way! you have my pic for Archiel! i made her like a week ago....creepy
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: see???
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: anyone on?
Mehndi Rose / Viktoria: i am and ltnt kitty
ellesmera / Cail: i are!!! am
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Hey my wounderful Friends,
Well those i can call a friend. What inspires a person to betray another? What goes through there mind when they know that they are riping your heart out?
How can they look at you smile and laugh with you all the while they wanted to keep what they have done to you away from you. Considering they just want to save their own asses and not that what they have done could rip me apart. What inspires someone to hurt another as badly as my "Friend" has done to me?
I dont understand and frankly i dont think i ever will. The thought of betraying a friend alone sickens me but To do so over and over you would have thought i would have expected the person to do the same to me. But i guess i am to trusting. I give so much of myself in the name of "friendship" and it doesnt matter in the end. In the end they stab you and laugh at your dying corpse. In the end you relize they were never your friend.
A sick and twisted word. One i never wish to hear or experiance again. What did i do to drive a "friend" of mine to do that to me? What could i have done to stop it?
Again the answers avoide the light of discovery. I guess it will remain that way. i guess its time for me to go.
all the love
Dead and desolated.
okeis going out to eat wanted to share thats and ill be back late love yall!
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: wow...you are talented maybe ill talk to you later then bye kitty!
Drakor: I ish on, ish you?
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: Me?
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: Bye everyone.
Danae / Minndell: i am soooooo bored! i am in like five or six rps and practically nobody's answered ANY of them!!!! *cries*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: The endless night, the endless sorrow of
to marrows plight. We've led to deceiving
grounds, mistrust breeds like an infectious
They sit there and begin to pounder a useless
game she must play. Selfishly she holds on to
her shattered bits of sanity, tears of blood
begin to warm her heartless soul.
The weight of this world no longer is a
burden but something that keeps her feet
on the ground. The pain is nothing, yet they
still silently laugh in her face.
Without this pain though there is nothing
to hold in her fears. Her deepest terrors on
an endless river of all her failures float into
her mind.
Their faces are above her there sneers of
evident injustice grace there bloodless lips.
Haunting sounds fills this child's head.
The secrets of her pounding heart bleeding
from the depths of her soul.
She is nothing to you. Nothing but a game piece
you are forced to move. No power play needed
she is already yours. Boredom comes evident
in your cold voice.
Her useless cries of pain, are of no importance
to you. Her scalding tears are burning through
the mask you forced her to wear. She begs
of you to let go of her.
But no she is a priceless piece. One has
never been so shattered as this. She is a
rare oddity in your collection you have massed
together. Keep her in chains, but you know she
wont just run away.
Please let her go, for you already let her
down. She feels safe in the dark recess of
her mind. The side where you yourself cannot
touch nor bind. She feels safe away from
your cruel hand and words. She feels safe
in this short amount of time.
You still carelessly whisper to her tender
words of love and honesty while you hold
up the glinting knife grinning maliciously.
Nani / Kiyana Matsuya: hey everybody! great peice Nikki! this is like really really late. but..
I Hope You All Had An Awesome Thanksgiving!
--From yours truly, Lisa a.k.a. Nani
Alandono / Allan: calling all available people! if anyone is interested please join code of chivalry we could use more people, after all the story has only just begun. Good guys, bad guys all characters welcome as long as they are medieval.
nikita2u / Tristen: heyo
nikita2u / Tristen: la la la so bored are you bored cause im bored we are all bored!
You scored as Vampire.
You are a straight up !Vampire Your hobbies may include drinking the blood of innocents...or not so innocents. You tend to shy away from crosses. Your bed is a coffin with the dirt from your homeland inside. The light is your enemy, and will destroy you should you be lured into its trap. Garlic is not your favorite spice in the kitchen, though it does make for a very nice weapon along with the holy water you stole from that priest awhile back...Just watch your back you never know who might be lurking in a dark alley!
Black Witch
You are a Demon
You are a Vampiric Elf!
Fallen Angel
nikita2u / Tristen: You scored as Fallen Angel.
You my friend are a Fallen Angel!You were amongst the closest to God, yet love led you down a path of self-destruction. You find yourself crying a lot, because of the pains of this world. Yes it is very crewl, yet you know there isn't a thing you can do about it. Follow your heart and you will find some of your former happiness.
Black Witch
You are a Demon
You are a Vampiric Elf!
Fallen Angel
Drakor: *blinks* >> anyone here? >>
Adden Lee / Baily: ppl rply too fast vv. i leave for a few days and have pages worth of rp to reead. i really should work on being able to get on the internet, i got the handheld for a reason adn now i cant even keep up with that. ....okay random rant there yes, but no one seems to rant or rave or simply things anymore. *i liked the random food fights*
nikita2u / Tristen: anyone on! cause i am! missded me! (laughs)
Adden Lee: hum...VV where is everyone of whom i rp with??
Ashuri: Yo waddup ppl n e 1 here?
Ashuri: tired ad bored to death, sorry it took me so long to answer i kinda spaced out there lol, got really distracted readin somethin, hey n e new interestin discussion u wanna start up
Ashuri: adden r u still there or was i too late?
Ashuri: lol i'm dazed out too, cept i only had 2 hours of church but then my pastor and his wife took me out for an early birthday brunch kinda thing
Ashuri: lol i guess it's bcuz i grew up knowin them even if i didn't start goin to their church til like a few years ago, they saw me grow up and we were talkin bout the past at the restuarant and they said how funny it was when i was in first grade and use to ride by on my bike and that i was such a little runt back then, lol but for some reason i can't remember those years as clearly and by the way y would ur pastor hate u, u seem really nice.
Ashuri: wow sounds like what my pastor thinks of my sis lol (yea long story too) cept she doesn't right poetry she's just rude and snotty and ect.
Valle_Siddious / BagBoy: hello.
nikita2u / Tristen: Morning!!!!!!!!!!
Ashuri: hey valle and adden that was a really good and interesting poem, mind if i add it to my fav?
Ashuri: hi nikki waddup and wow it's mornin where u r? over here it's like 3 in the afternoon
nikita2u / Tristen: no lol its 4:13 pm
Ashuri: uhhhhhhhhh huh? 1414? okay now i'm confuzzled and dazed
Ashuri: welll tryin not to kill my self from boredom and workin on an art project while also typin a story
Ashuri: lol, i have a sub in art, she's here for a whole semester and i was unlucky enough to land art in the second quarter so i get stuck with her, too bad i won't get to meet my real art teacher, i hear she's a lot nicer then the sub i have
Ashuri: u kno what, i think it would be kinda kool to have a gay guy for a best friend, cuz i see it in the movies a lot and it seems like a hilarious experience that u wouldn't want to miss out on lol
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: lol this convo rocks hope you dont mind me coming in. i do have tons of gay friends! Target and Pier 1 must have like some strick if your a guy you must be gay thing going on. i havent met any straight guys there but all the gay guys are so good at shopping!
Ashuri: i kno lol, i have a friend who's kinda feminim but he's not gay, he just kinda has that sense to him, but that's just cuz he's the considerate type of guy and i think he's hot, but he's goin out with someone else, sad really but o well, all of my guy friends r straight and when me and my friends get mad at them we call them gaywads and man sluts lol
Ashuri: bye adden and hey...i'm guessin kylie...am i right?
nikita2u / Tristen: Finally wrote that damn poem!
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: lol yeah i have gay and straight guy friends but the straight ones act more gay than the gay ones sometimes lol but yeah they are pretty cool
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: yep kylie
Ashuri: gosh i seriously wish i could live ur life, i mean i have not once met a gay guy or at least i didn't kno bout it...n e ways waddup? i'm bored and the gay guys subject is dwindling so what do u wanna talk bout, books, music, n e thing?
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: hmmm like any bands? i got about 1,000+ that i like:
Dark Fairyland
Kelly Clarkson
Three Dyas Grace
Papa Roach
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Rise Against
Matchbook Romance
Armor for Sleep
Relient K
Lacuna Coil
it goes on
Ashuri: okay i know bout half of the band on that list and the one i like the most is RELIENT K i mean HELLO they r the BEST
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: agreed! be my escape is AWESOME! sorry but i haveta go maybe we can talk about the other bands later? ta ta
nikita2u: oh im sorry for blaming you, for everything i just couldnt do and i hate myself by hating you. Some days i feel broke inside but i wont admit. sometimes i jsut want to hide but its you i miss.would you tell me i was wrong would you help me understand are you looking down apond me are you proud of who i am there is nothing i wouldnt do to have just one more chance to look into your eyes and see you looking back...
Ashuri: OMG LOVE THAT SONG and who i am hates who i've been too and okies bye ttyl!
Ashuri: and hey nikki and i love that song too hurt is like soooooo good
nikita2u / Tristen: i know im listening to it on repeat *laughs*
Ashuri: lol i'm listenin to american rejects it ends tonight on repeats, i just luv that song
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: currently listening to:
From First To Last
Ashuri: *breathes a sigh of relief* thanks for breakin that awfully long awkward silience
Ashuri: okay that had a lotta typos in it, ignore them plz, i do kno how to spell correctly
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Ashuri, i haven't talked to you since our last Rp.
Ashuri: yea lol i guess we haven't hehe, so u wanna talk now? i'm soo bored, i should join an rp but i kno i won't be on very long in the next few days so that will be pointless
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: So whatever happened to ESCAPE.
Ashuri: i got ur message, but i totally had this busy week and when i managed to get back on i ws totally lost sorry ^_^;; we could always start another one
Ashuri: hmmm...i guess u left...o well..
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Indeed, or we could gather everyone up and try to do so mouth to mouth to bring this RP back from the grave.
Nani: Ash.. i kinda knew you were here so i decided to log on. but not for long. so can you like log onto MSN?
Ashuri: lol well lisa maybe, but she said she sorta quit and nikki is an absolute no no, cuz she says she quit for sure...so that leaves us and darren and analise, i think...
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Cole(Analise) hasn't been on for like two weeks.
Plus, i think that shes mad at me....
I kinda fucked up.
But thats another story.
Possibly.....a sequel?
Ashuri: okay lisa 1 min
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: We could just skip some of ESCAP's story and say that we destroyed the Lordo of the castle and Escaped.
Then we could focus on adjusting to life without the castle.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Just a thought......
But yeah, we should definitley start
another RP up.
That is when your nor busy.
Ashuri: oh really...*grins wickedly* i'm kinda nosy and i have plenty of time on my hand so y don't u tell me
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Time for what?
nikita2u / Tristen: Derik Niederquell: how fucked up am i ?
Derik Niederquell: Way to go your REALLY F***ED UP!! I recommend getting some counsiling before you hurt someone
Derik Niederquell: hahaha
nikki: okies here i somethng for you
Derik Niederquell: sure why not
nikki: in a deck of cards
nikki: a woman once said this to a man
nikki: a man is like a deck of cards...you need
nikki: a heart to love him
nikki: a dimond to marry him
nikki: a club to smash his fuckin ghead in and
nikki: a spade to bury the bastered
Nani: hey Valle. i would help you out and stuff.. but i quit ES. lol but i don't think anybody's read my journal but it's not like they give a shit.
but, if the whole hacking/glitch thing is over, i mite come back after a while. but this whole thing is.. so frustrating.
well, i'll talk to you sometime in the future
Ashuri: well this whole week is gonna be really busy, specially at the end since thursday is my b-day and i think the only days i'm free this week is probably monday and maybe friday
Ashuri: uh the story bout u messin up and cole being mad at u
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: I thought that the Webmaster put up some hacking barrier, but i'm not sure Nani.
How sad that such talent go to waste with you not on ES.
I know that things have been a little fucked up, but thats no reason to trow it all away.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Me and Cole started "Talking" after the Escape RP, and i really got to know her and started to like her.
But a lot of confusing crap happened, some of which i'm not sure how.
And now she'll never talk to me again.
Nani: lol.. well i joined a forum to help out some people.. but it's not the same as here i guess.
and thanks for the complement, but i think you're so much better off without me. but.. if there's ever a fight, tell me and i'll start swearing in vietnamese again.. omg that was so fun!
Ashuri: yea u kno he's right lisa
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: lol, i can't stand how everyones always fighting on here.
I look upon Rp's as a thing to enjoy.
An art in a way.
But everyone else is worried about NOOBS and moving to other sites.
Yes, there will be some NOOBERIFIC dumbasses on here that don't know how to RP.
But we're going to have to either get over it.
Or move to a different site.
Point blank.
Ashuri: and i'll have to translate for her since she actually doesn't really kno n e swear words in vietnamese well barely and u'd better not let ur dad see the screen, lol i gotta tell u somethin really funny that happened between me and mack
Nani: i don't really care about noobs. as long as they don't join an experienced rp. but, yes, there will always be noobs no matter what. i don't know why everybodies mad at them because we were all noobs at some point. i was a complete noob on here, and didn't even know what i was writing, but with time, we'll all improve..
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: sorry about my nasty mouth,
i'll tone it down a bit.
Ashuri: lol u should've seen me the first time i found this site, i was a total noob til black angel hepled me out, i'm sure it was her, can't remember tho
nikita2u / Tristen: oh god i remember when i was a noob ugh i still remember what RP i was in and im still fucking embaresed about it! hehe
Nani: lol. i swear, i think the first rps i was in, nobody understood what i was trying to say. i guess i was in lala land.. but that's like always me tho.
Ashuri: no prob, when i'm pissed off i'm not very lady like myself, tho i try to be
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: And which RP were you in Tristen?
nikita2u / Tristen: http://s61.photobucket.com/albums/h42/manta1250/?action=view&current=crackkills-1.jpg
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: My first Rp was ESCAPE.
The first on ES that is.
I used to RP way before ES even was a thought.
nikita2u / Tristen: mine is young love...or yeah thats it omfg i hate it im still not able to look at it!
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: WTF?
Ashuri: hey i typed half ur posts i was so not in lala when i wrote them...then again...*shakes head* nope surely i wasn't on that much sugar
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Well.....
nikita2u / Tristen: *giggles*
Nani: lol. wow. i didn't think i would miss this place. but i miss talkin 2 you guys. it's very.. interesting
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: GTG.
Talk to Yous peoples lATER.
Ashuri: *wacks lisa with a rubber chicken* dang seriously i haven't broken out the infamous rubber chicken in a loonnggg looonggg time
Nani: bye. yea. where has Tenchu been? i think he's still gettin his hand healed or fixed or whatever
Ashuri: bye valle! ttyl
Ashuri: what happened? man i seriously feel sooo out of the loop
Nani: dunno. just know that his hand doesn't work and he types slow now. but i'm gonna get off of here. so i'll talk to u on messenger
Ashuri: kk imma get off on here too, night n e 1 who's still on!
SoftPetal_Tears: *sighs* i miss tenchu! lol
SoftPetal_Tears / Angelia: Bye honey
Tensu: Was iu missed?
Tensu: !***Oficial Notice***!
I am getting sick and tired of being the victim of this glitch involving character creating. If the problem is not fixed by midnight three days from now, or if the asshole doing this isn't caught, I am officially going to resign from Elite Skills in entirity. I wont come back like las time, this is a final notice and a final warning to any RPs that I'm in.
nikita2u / Tristen: Tensu are you still on hun? and yes you were missed you asshole! *laughs*
nikita2u / Tristen: Tensu when you get on check your PMs
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: from thursday here on out, at 11:59pm thruday night I will leave. and go to a different site. If I am attacked one more time I will take this plan of action. I will though finish up and continue to be in any rps that I am currently in untill they die. After that I will come on under my test account and talk in these chats or maybe rp with the user name. if I feel like it. if this ever all clears up I will come back and be apart of the site once again. if any one has troubble under stading this please tell me.
Laz: tut tut tash what u thinkin
nikita2u / Tristen: LAZ!!!!!!!!! OMFG I MISSDED YOU GET YOUR ASS ON THAT PHONE AND CALL ME! Sheesh you all but beged for it now call! i missded you my dear friend you!
nikita2u / Tristen: talk! *tackle huggles and nibbles to death*
nikita2u / Tristen: well umm you still have my IM right? i really dont want to lose touch with you hun okeis? ill miss you like crazy O.O *huggles* pweeze write me
nikita2u / Tristen: And i am back!
nikita2u / Tristen: >.<
Mehndi Rose: bore-ed
Danae / Ani: Hello Sandbox peoples!!! ^-^
Mehndi Rose: hiya Ani, whats up?
Danae / Ani: Ohhh, just waiting for somebody in code of chivalry or Meow! or Days Worth Living or ANY RP that I'm in to get on.
Sadly, most of them usually get on around 9PM. :(
Mehndi Rose: ugh i know what you mean. id post in one of those if it wasnt for the fact im in none of them.
Laz: missed her again i see...maybe??
nikita2u / Tristen: laz you dork sheesh try and catch me! anywho whats up everyone?
nikita2u / Tristen: *nibbles tensu* missdedederest you!
nikita2u / Tristen: the itsy bitsy spider once found a lighter.he lit up some pot the itsy bitys spider didnt know when to give up so now he is in jail with tons of children needing suport...the itsy bitsy spider finaly relized he was really fucked up
ellesmera / kane_vampire: im soooooo bored, waiting for adden.. or maybe squall at least sum peoples i nos are on..lol
ellesmera / kane_vampire: did i miss u out tensu? sorry..
Tensu!! your on!!! woop woop!!!..
now.. would you mind posing on skin tight again please?
ellesmera / kane_vampire: OK.. FIRST OF ALL
ellesmera / kane_vampire: http://www.eliteskills.com/u/naruto113 thats his thing.. hes pissin me off bad.. think hes stopped now but...
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: yer.. i just had a really bad day.. lost several friends.. well.. it turned out they were only friends with me for:
Christmas/Birthday preasents.
To borrow my stuff
Backup hangout spot and
to piss with my head.. ive just had enough of it, bien bullied 4 bien a vegatarian n all that, bien calle emo.. it all mounts up and i cant handle it.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'm sorry to hear that Ellesmera, any way I can help? Or just talk to
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: If you need anything or help, just ask, I would be glad to help
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: There really isn't anything wrong with being a vegetarian...I have plenty of friends, very nice ones. Hey, check your PM in a tad, this might help, I'm not really sure
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: some people just don't understand...
ellesmera / kane_vampire: yer... ah well.. gotta go soon hunni.. i hope ill speak to you tomorrow.. if not.. ill miss you.. oh by the way.. have u got an msn adress? if so, pm it to me
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Don't worry about me, I'm pretty much on everyday. And about that msn adress, I'll get back to you on that, I think I have one, but I'm not sure what it is, kinda confused
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yeah, it is kinda hard to explain, but no worries. You just try and cheer up, okay?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Well, take care Ellesmera, I hate seein people down
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: As for myself, I really need to find an RP badly, it is my life, and I haven't RPed in a very long time...though I would probably be very crappy, hahaha
nikita2u / Tristen: anyone on that i know?
nikita2u: The heart is connected to actions. for someone to believe that you love them u must prove it. it may be in some form as flower or a love letter. it may be in other forms...sick forms but you believe they are right. my uncle "loved" me so in his form of love molesting me should open my eyes to his "love" so as u can see im beyound the process of self blame. I am now looking into his side of the story. a story that has not ended yet bc i refuse to let go. am i a sad pathetic child to believe this? i only have been touched others raped yet i act as if my world is over before it began. am i being overly dramatic? or has more happen to me than i allow myself to remember. what is wrong with me that i cant let go? that i hold the hatred and self loathing to myself? am i just another product of self delusion...or is something else wrong with me? is the depression that i have slowly taking over me? am i falling into a web of my own creation a web of misery and pain? do i sit at this key board and hope to escape my own reality through the typing of finger tips? i am cold yes an overplayed story line...death sorrow all that shit we all hear. but i am cold. you say u love me i may say it back..but how can i love you when i dont love myself? or so the old saying goes. i will lead u to believe that i love you back i will hold your heart and care even less.....
Now you may hit me call me a bitch hurt me use me..i dont care...never will. i may be your victem but again i dont care. i hate living but to die is to easy. living hurts and welcomes pain. so i guess i will live for the time being. i do think of killing myself. late at night i would sit up with my lamp on a sheet the only covering i have and wish i could go down stairs and take all the damn lexapro in the bottle. go to sleep and never wake up. i am a dumbass person so much in life is ahead of me yet i want to end it. but im a coward also. im a coward bc i will let u abuse me and not say a word. i will let you beat me and i wont even cry. i will let you hurt me ill welcome u with open arms. i am a child brought on from proverty abuse and self hatred. memorys even the good ones cause me to hate myself...am i freak? is it normal to feel so traped and alone when there are ppl here to help me? am i even making sence in my depressed state of mind? *sighs* i dont know anymore i guess ill never know. but really does it even matter. does any of what i say matter? those who read this wont remember me after words. im just letters on a screen not a real person. i am your fake person for u have never met me..or have you? even if you did you probley would forget this on your way to a game...to a family gathering to your safe bed to your video game. ill shall disappear. was i ever real to you? as im typing these questions are running through my head. so i must ask even if i never get a reply.
so i will sign off this journal entry...hoping you have taken something from this and place it in the back of your mind for the next time you either read another of my journals or u meet someone close to my way of thinking and let this lead you to that person. love your nabor so they say. please when u read this open your heart to the next person u see in pain. do not pass them by for they need someone even if they refuse to admit it. pain and depression are powerful allys so they are powerful enemys.
sweet dreams my loves. sweet dreams...sleep well...and dream of me.with the cold love i can try and offer....
nikita2u / Tristen: sooooooooo bored. >.<
Tensu: This is the last straw, not only has this idiot spammed this site again, he did so with one of my characters. I am Quitting Elite Skills as of this moment, I'm sorry for whatever RPs that I'm in and are still active, but I've had enough of this. As nice of an RP site as this is, I think it should be shut down until that bug is fixed or the assholes taht exploit it are banned. Thats all, Good day.
nikita2u / Tristen: *sighs*
nikita2u / Tristen: Bye honey.
nikita2u / Tristen: how hun?
Peace_Maker / Rokin: I am on, and I won't leave. Oh, and hello everyone
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hmm...what exactly is happening here that is troubling everyone?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'm sorry...I had quite a bad day myself. The glitch that allows others to use your profiles is very annoying, it has happened to me many times.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: May I ask who is on?
Yosho: I guess I am, but I just signed up on a reference from a friend of mine.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Oh, well welcome to ES. Do you know what your friend's name is? On this site of course.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Josh...I'm not so good with real names, but if you point him out sometime, I will probably be able to tell who it is. Anyways, welcome to ES, and I hope you have a good time here.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: he plays as the character tensu
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Tensu?...Tensu...hmm
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: he's........ he's the guy who left te one waso kept getting targeted like me by the hacker. thats who
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I know who Tensu is, I haven't talked with him for a very long time, very long. It's kinda hard to explain, but him leaving is intriguing me. Somethign is just odd...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I haven't taked to him...since he left ES for awhile cause he had to ship off. Quite awhile ago
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hey Sereto, have you checked out that new site lately? I'm the one who had joined, but it appears that no one has been on in a very long time
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: thats cause well......... I'm trying to get some one to kinda recreate the site for my in html and we are planning it out at school and seeing if we all have the skills to make something like this. so go programing club go (ps: we suck at html) and tensu came back a while ago, and the last tiem I talked to him was in a email like three days ago.
Mehndi Rose / Elleira: hey people whats up?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hmm......anyways, I have a feeling you will be doing well here Tenchi. I have a feeling though, that this site is slowing down...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: And a good habit of being a good friend. I know him as well Tenchi, he wouldn't ditch out on ES so quickly, especially after all this time. He is like...a part of the family, hahaha
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: hes leader. any way, ya he and I have secret plans and things like that
ellesmera / Faustus: *sniffles then dies*
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: Whats up with you?
FMC / James Thomas: Wow, you must have been angry...or drunk...probably angry. Nice throw. It isn't worth anything unless something is broken.
FMC / James Thomas: Hitting someone in the face always settles anger.
Personaly, I'm 6'2", a big boy(not fat), so I don't really have people messing with me. Of course, I'm more of a gentle giant and won't try and hurt someone without REAL good reason.
FMC / Rake: Just go home and cry every day, it works for me.
No, just find a friend you can talk to bout it, by shooting game and go online pwning bitches, or punch a pillow. At least, that is what my friend told me to do.
Why would anyone ever think of you as a slut? Do you even act that way?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I wish I could help Ellesmera...
nikita2u / Tristen: Hello my dear friends.
FMC / Rake: Yeah, so the isult was just a stupid dumbass not being able to think of anything else? Yeah, I'm around idiots just like that everyday.
nikita2u / Tristen: um honey who said that about you?
ellesmera / Faustus: ne1 on
Mehndi Rose / Elleira: i am but that's obvious isnt it?
FMC / Rake: I am. I may not be too much longer, hungry and want to make some dinner.
FMC / Rake: Probably later tonight, a few hours or so I'll try to get back on. I'm babysitting my sisters tonight so I'll probably be able to get back on without any problems.
Oh, and not that it is important or anything, but when you refer to me outside of an RP could you please call me FMC, my account name? It isn't a bid deal or anything, just...you know...
FMC / Rake: It's about 6pm here, so when I get back on you'll probably be already asleep.
FMC / Rake: Yeah, I'll be on tomorrow, unless something comes up which I doubt something will. Not too much exiting things happen here.
FMC / Rake: I do too, you're fun to RP with. I'm really glad I found this site, the other one I post on kinda slowed down a lot in the RP department. The few good ones that come out never do as good as they should. This one is pretty fun to post on.
FMC / Rake: Cool, cool, the other one I post on is www.neoseeker.com
It's a large forum site, mostly for videogaming, but there is a roleplay section:
It is more organized, with a good set of rules that are annoying but are good cause it does a good job at seperating people who can write and those who can. It's fun if you get a good RP going, but that rarely happens.
FMC / Rake: See ya.
And when you come back I'll go ahead and answer. I actualy took a short break from Neo RPs, so at the moment I am not in any at all. I am planning on starting a new one up soon though.
nikita2u / Tristen: She ran, as hard as her legs and as far as they
could take her. She ran like a coward from the
raging pain. The thunder drove her the ground
shook beneath her. This fallen angel once loved
by all now hated beyond that of human capacity.
He sat idle looking far and wide for the next
opportunity to hide. No longer shall this beast hurt from human folly. The danger lay awakened
in his body of perpetual darkness. His heart incased in stone but through the cracks...she saw pure gold.
She gazed at him the fog of her pain lifting the
mysticalness the sleepless nights
of him in her head. His glorious self never once was diminished in her eyes of innocents broken.
Like a phoenix out of the ashes she rose to her
feet No longer is she known as the angel of the night her hopes have risen for she has fallen in love.
He paced back and forth tossing away her advances. his mistrust of her held onto a firm
ground he decided to cement it. She was cruel,a child he hurt before. Out for revenge nothing more. For who could love a beast so foul. Who could love something of the night. He didn’t know that she could see his hidden light.
Broken inside though she wont submit to his desires for her to quite to leave him in his
restless peace. But she looked into his eyes and saw a burning passion for love and life she refused to give up she decided to keep on and she stood on shaken ground.
Day after day she stood by his side. Through storms and thunders, her tears may have continued but she continued on as though there was no tomorrow Her love for him only grew. His plan to make her see the beast he truly was back fired for each carefully spoken word
her heart became his. For each cynical remark she grew more certain in her quest for his heart.
The day finally came the beast opened his eyes. No longer where they crowded from the pain of former lives. He embraced her wholly left no place in his heart covered. He gave her his all and still melted for her. She no longer cared for the others that have hurt her. She found her missing soul, she found someone who wanted her.
Happily ever after, this story may say. I say no ever after this story shall continue to play. No longer are they alone this beast and fallen angel. No longer is the worlds anger enough to bring them to their knees. For the love of each other helps bring them to new sunrises everyday. The strength of their wills no longer clashing but connecting, no longer grasping but clinging. She is his for he is hers. She shall never let go of her beast, and he has helped her regain her wings.
nikita2u / Tristen: tensu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tensu: hello Nikita....
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: tensu what are you doing back here
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: not that I'm mad or anything its just you were quite angery and said you left and I thouhg you were gonna go thru wiht it
Laz: Anyone i know from the old es here??
ellesmera / kane_vampire: laz.. did you have a char alled damian/ damien (4get which 1) lazarus?
ellesmera / Faustus: anybody on?????????
girly101 / anny: hay
ellesmera / Faustus: hi there.. u bored as i am?
girly101 / anny: yes sadly.whats up?
ellesmera / Faustus: not much.. but im sooooo bored wanna post on an rp?
girly101 / anny: sure what about?im not in any now.
ellesmera / Faustus: lol, u cud try any of these
zombiez 2, insane institute, draconus' school, haunted hotel, elemental, from blood to tears.. any
girly101 / silver gates: i g2g soon
Tensu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-7cEruJ9bA
nikita2u / Tristen: i miss laz!
nikita2u / Tristen: over the hills and far away he swears he will return someday over the mountians and blue seas in her arms he swears he'll be!
nikita2u / Tristen: someone say HI NIKKI! sheesh rude or what *sniffs*
nikita2u / Tristen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb4FIROgaoQ <------turns me on like nothing ever did in my life!
nikita2u / Tristen: its a song honey lol
nikita2u / Tristen: oh i used underworld to play with it nothing bad hon
Peace_Maker / Rokin: *Sigh* I really need to find an interesting RP...
nikita2u / Tristen: *huggles*
Adden Lee / Anita: ....so anyone here or what??
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Im on!!!!!!!!!! hu else is on???????? adden...keep posting on highscool and assassins.. cos im realllyyyy bored.. can you tell by the n00bish writing.. sigh
Tensu: *Smackes Elles around like a rag doll.*
ellesmera / Cail: ow!!!! *cries* what was that 4 tensu!!!!!!!!!
(lol.. hi hunni)
Tensu: To get you attention away from your boredom
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: hey tensu came back
ellesmera / Faustus: yep he has!!!!
Tensu: I'm bored, bite me.
ellesmera / Faustus: *bites tensu*
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: *glares* last time I bit some one I got hit with a lead pipe
Tensu: Ok, I didn't mean to literally bite me.
Tensu: set-chan, join Rejection Academy please.
Elfie / Naoki: lol I did tensu I did I'm bored and having fun any way. lol. my crazy ideas
Tensu: Thats why I made that RP, for crazy ideas
girly101 / silver gates: hay everone whats up lately?
Elfie / Naoki: I'm gonna bug you so much there you'll see
girly101 / silver gates: huh?
ellesmera / Faustus: lol ys that
Elfie / Naoki: just cause I'm bored and I need something to do so I come up wiht wacky charactes
girly101 / silver gates: ok no one resspond....Hmph!lol
Elfie / Naoki: not you silver I'm just bored
ellesmera / Faustus: Im looking ay sexy bishi yaoi on deviantart..lol
Elfie / Naoki: woot
I'm looking at sukisyo sunao pictures for this character
Elfie / Naoki: tensu post and stop shooting things
ellesmera / Faustus: sexi bishis rule!!! i got horo+lenn as my background.. u no, from shaman king
Elfie / Naoki: if tis not originaly yaoi its kinda sick. and I hate Shammen king
ellesmera / Faustus: lol, well.. im looking at vampire yaoi.. its sooooooooo wierd.. and theres lots of blood
girly101 / aleana: im bored,i changed her info to be a lot more descritive{silvers i mean}
Elfie / Naoki: there vampires there would be blood
Tensu: not that big on vampires anymore, when I first joined, the original Tallow character I made was a vampiric essence that was the Original Tensu's darker side.
ellesmera / Faustus: cool...i have lot of vampire characters.. but thats because they are from a book i am writing, and thats what they are, faustus was from a webcomic though.. im lookin at xapolin showdown yaoi now... im switching!!!
Elfie / Naoki: I just like the manga vampire game thats as far as I got into vampires
ellesmera / Faustus: lol, im just lookin at my artwork now
and my writing :)
Tensu: but I created that tallow over a year ago, and have since then, deleted him.
ellesmera / Faustus: cool.. so ur vampire free?
Elfie / Naoki: if you want something funny to watch watch princess princess on youtube
ellesmera / Faustus: i dont like youtube.. it never shows up on my computer
Elfie / Naoki: oh sorry then
ellesmera / Faustus: nah its k..lol on rejection acadamy Faustus is gonna get rate messed up.. lol
Elfie / Naoki: kk
ellesmera / Faustus: tum ti tum
Elfie / Naoki: damn some one needs to make an all boys high school rp
ellesmera / kane_vampire: umm.. i cud
Adden Lee / Anita: why an all guys one....and would that mean only guy cjarators or only guy rpers?
ellesmera / Faustus: character... otherwise i wunt b able to make it.. think of all the hormones flyin around
Adden Lee / Caid: lol fun.... i like playing guy charators more...atleast when they arent the classic "i need sex" guys i like them more. it fun
ellesmera / Faustus: lol, most of my guys are always horny.. so.. if im gonna make this rp.. peeps please tell me what you want in it.
Elfie / Naoki: I have like two this cross dreser and another one. thats the the rest are femmale
ellesmera / kane_vampire: lol.. still.. what you want it to be like... a normal high school, hmans only or only certain species..
Elfie / Naoki: ya or one wiht a twist
ellesmera / kane_vampire: well? humans only or not?
Adden Lee / Anita: no!!!! never humans only!....sry i hate rps that do that. just do no god creatures.
Adden Lee / Caid: im gone
ellesmera / kane_vampire: byes babes
ok.. ill.. ill make it tomorrow.. unless sum1else does.. co i gotta go
Sereto_Uesugi: damn no one is here this sux
Sereto_Uesugi: ya you do but your not posting or making anything so kinda you don;t count
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: ? anyone here?
Laz: yeah been a grip
Laz: i missed ya all too ... i cant stay long tho got work in morning
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
nikita2u: damn it did i miss laz again! oh so we got a tensa now not a tensu?
lancerdrag0n / Genown: SAME PERSON!
Laz: Yawn* im back what i miss??
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *tackle huggles laz!!!!!!!!!!*****
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: your ass better be on msn!
Laz: Snorts slightly
nikita2u / Tristen: *nibbles on laz*
Laz: *Flicks her ear*
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: Sorry Genown, but Tensa Zangetsu is the name of Ichigo's banaki release for his zanpakto, if I were Josh, I would have said so by now, so stop calling me Tensu.
Tensu: Do I want to know?
nikita2u / Tristen: God i missded you laz sheesh long time since we talked with our old friends isnt it im still in contact with mikey but not eric though i miss him also do and jann anyway i have to go love yall hey tensu i missdeded you muy muchos! *huggles and kisses all*
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: Why are you such a whor?
nikita2u / Tristen: umm im sure he didnt mean to insult you either hun its a simple mistake that was made.
nikita2u / Tristen: what can i say its a gift *laughs*
nikita2u / Tristen: whore* is what you ment im sure dear one
nikita2u / Tristen: check ya laters! *virgin whore bows out and leaves with rose petals falling around her* Nener!
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: um... I was told a hacker is still around here, so I didn't make that whore comment.
Laz: hmmm
Tensu: dammit, that asshole is still around here?
nikita2u / Tristen: ya...okies...cheese!.....umm...your weird but hey what can i say im the weirdest person you may even meet here so far so no worries!
Laz: what an elaborate lie tash lol
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: so that now makes both of my characters he's copied, great.
Tensu: Delete them, it's the only method that keeps him from making a bigger ass out of you.
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: I wuv my characters.
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: you know, thats not a bad idea to be honest.
Tensu: see
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: YHAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: MEOW.
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: Josh and I are lovers. *licks lips*
Yosho: .... A smart person wouldn't talk like that, whats your IQ level, 47?
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: Stop talking to yourself.
Yosho: how am I talking to myself when it says your character no longer exists?
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: You no longer exist.
Laz: whats goin on??
Tensu: Go ahead and stop now Yosho, he's just getting under your skin and your playing his game by his rules.
Yosho: why the hell should I?
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: Yay! Tensu admits he's defeated like his mom to rauchettey porn!
Tensu: no, I'm too busy banging your mom like the slut she is to argue with you, your not the only one that can play that kind of shity game.
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: I like how you say, "Go ahead and stop now Yosho, he's just getting under your skin and your playing his game by his rules."
Yosho: I'm getting confused.
Laz: ok im lost what the hell is happenin
havent been here very long
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: Tensu is a hypocrite.
Laz: some one please explain...
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: His mom likes rauchettey porn.
Tensu: And your a submissive bitch that can only mimic peoples actions and faces why you lack the capacity to create your own identity, therefore, dragging the original owners of the faces you stole with you into your own hole in the wall where you go to cry yourself to sleep at night because you have absolutely no possible chanse of getting laid now or in the future by no one else other than your own mother.
Yosho: still confused
Laz: bah wow...
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: Wow, did you get that from the back of a cereal box? I like how mature you are responding to all this crap. I feel sorry for some lonely boy who lives in his mom's house that does gets you laid. Yet again, hypocrite.
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: Yea, Tensu boy is pretty much cool because he can act like some rebelious teenager.
Tensu: And that post is proof that you lack the mental capacity to come up with your own words to use against other people, your tring to turn my words against me, and it's not going to work on me. If you want to turely battle me with wits, graduate middle school and try again in a year or so.
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: -You fail at grammar.
-You fail to make me feel bad.
-You fail at role playing.
-You fail at life.
-you fail (period)
Yosho: Now I'm getting pissed.... what the fuck is your problem, you want to prove him wrong, they quit hiding behind someone else's name and use your own dammit!
Laz: ROFL thats the old tensu i know LOL
Laz: Tensu ignor this ignorant Fck he is about as smart as my left toe even that is sayin a lot more...
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: See Tensu, you need people to help you. *tear* *hark* *cry* Your role playing sucks and so does your attitude. You bore me while trying to insult me. Now go along and watch your Bleach, or Naruto, or your Inuyasha.
Tensu: I, nor any of the people I call friends are childish enough to make a post like that, it's a sign that your failing even more to come up with your own words to fight with, who else are you going to impersonate to try and counter?
Yosho: Wait... I'm confused again.
Tensu: If I were tring to insult you, I'd ignore you, I'm just giving you a shovel so you cna dig your own grave.
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: Wanna know who I am, I'm nobody.
Tensu: your right, you are a nobody, because if you were somebody with half a brain cell, you would have noticed I was using your tactics against you, if you were somebody, you wouldn't ber afraid to let people know who you really were.
Xenos_Hunter / Tensa Zangetsu: Um yeah whatever, if you actually listened to what I said, I'm nobody.
Laz: tensu he is bein honest i think i remember a profile named nobody he was a witless wannabe writer who cant write or speak.
Tensu: lets see, you've targeted me, and the people I RP the most with on this site, so either I've insulted you in the past, or your jealous in some way shape or form, I don't really care who you are, but I'm curious to know hte reason for attacking me.
BleuFairy: Sorry, I was peeking at the conversation, and I caught on to the nobody thing.
Tensu: damn, no that you mention it, I remember him, he did the same shit after everyone was dissing him for his poor abilities, but if I remember correctly, I was one of the few people that stuck up for him back then, or atleast tried to help him improve.
Laz: me too ...seems like he doesn't remember it
Tensu: that or he resents us for pitying him.
PrincessOfDark / Kagome-Kaiba: adrian? i cant believe he hacked into my account. that ass.
PrincessOfDark / Kagome-Kaiba: i used to stick up for him too.
Tensu: when was that?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I wouldn't jump to conclusions yet...
BleuFairy: He could be posing that nobody guy.
Laz: Might be true Might not...
PrincessOfDark / Kagome-Kaiba: a long time ago. i du remeber. tensu reply in meow.
Laz: bad thing is i can see adrian doing that cause we pittyied him..
BleuFairy: I don't know who this Adrian kid is but, I don't want to role play until something is fixed.
Tensu: ok, ok, I'll post in Meow, I've calmed down enough to do so.
Peace_Maker / Koru: Just try ignoring him, that is what I do. Or, you can just keep arguing with him/her, and it will go nowhere.
Laz: also change your es password i think that might be how he was gettin in
Peace_Maker / Rokin: No, do you guys know who to use other profiles?
PrincessOfDark / Kagome-Kaiba: he will get your password anyway. i know how but i will never hack. i have to many friends. like tensu.
Laz / laz: It is quite easy, by the way, it is me, Tetsu. It isn't hacking, it is just a small glitch with the profiles. I prefer not to say how, but it isn't hacking.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: People just take advantage of that glitch, and mess around with others.
PrincessOfDark / Kagome-Kaiba: okay. but people do mess around and hack into ES. adrain does it to me because i broke up with him. only because he lied to me. oh well he is a dumbass.
Tensu: as smart as I am, I don't know how to do it, and I prefer to keep it that was to maintain my innocence on the matter, and as for ignoring him, I did that for a week, right up until he had copied every single one of my characters and was spamming the board with them, so I'm fed up with ignoring, he wants to play mind games, I'll shove them right back down his throat.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'm just surprised that they haven't fixed the problem for...how long was it?....almsot a year, well, of what I know
Laz: hhh nicely done adrian...
Tensu: and changing your passowrd won't help against the glitch because I tried when I was first told about it.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Uhh, Laz, that was me that used your profile, it is quite easy to do, I myself had found out long before Adrian, but I didn't use it to mess aroudn with others. I wouldn't want to be an asshole.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I would liek to tell you how I know this, but I kinda can't. Anyhow, I will never be an ass and use your profiles. I have been screwed by it myself a year ago, and I know how it feels.
PrincessOfDark / Kagome-Kaiba: well at least every guy i know is not an ass. good to know. and i now how to hack into ES i just refuse to do that shit to my fruiends.
Laz: see i havent been here in almost 6 months
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Same Laz, I know how it feels. I just hope that who ever is using that glitch wrongly, will stop. I don't want to name names, because that is wrong, unless I have proof of who is doing it. I will try my best to find out who it is though.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Anyways, I'm very sorry for interrupting your conversation, but I would like it if you guys could continue in the RPs. Thanks.
PrincessOfDark / Kagome-Kaiba: i allready know who it is.
Laz: see i know how to go into the program that holds Es together which is easy but even i dont know how to do that
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: What? Use other profiles?
Tensu: We only assume it's adrian because he's known to do it this maliciously, and he has a track record of it in the past.
Laz: yeah , i can easily hack into the admin program to create and delete certain things ((but shhh dont tell))
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: May I ask how all of your days were?
Laz: mine was pretty good how bout u??
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: It was fair, thanks. I just hate people who mess around and ruin stuff. I just can't stand that a site that I've been on for a year and more is breaking down, to a immature kid.
Tensu: registered for college, got accepted into the classes I want, and will only have class four hours a day for three days a week starting in january.
Laz: gives you the feeling like what is the world comin too...
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Good for you Tensu, that is great news man.
Tensu: if anyone is an ES geezer on this site, it's me
516 D
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17.2 Months 73.71 Weeks
5.16000e+7 Heart Beats
-There you go eggman
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hahaha, you beat me by a month Tensu
Tensu: really, your account says 34 days.
Laz: yeah im a little over half
Signup Date: 267 D
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8.9 Months 38.14 Weeks
2.67000e+7 Heart Beats
-There you go eggman
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Tensu, I changed my name on ES awhile ago. I made this account 34 days ago. I changed my name so people wouldn't know it is me, which I am not going to say who I am. Sorry if that doesn't help much, but I would like to keep my identity secret
Tensu: This is your data Peace Maker,
34 D
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1.13 Months 4.86 Weeks
3.40000e+6 Heart Beats
-There you go eggman
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Say what you want Tensu, but I know who I am. I have my reasons to change my account.
Tensu: oh, nvm
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I would really like to tell you who I am Tensu, but I'm not sure if you would keep it secret.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I am quite disappointed in that many of the older members have left. And that Vampiristic Melody has ended. That was going on for so long, hahah
Tensu: try me, I've kept secrets that would get me court martialed if I were still in the Navy.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hmm...well, it has been a long time since I've truely talked to you. check your pm in a bit. I take your word that you will tell no one.
Tensu: Vampiristic Melody and White Thief are what I call Cockroach Rps. They'll never die, just wait.
Finnigan: Sorry Tensu, but I beat you by 1xx days.
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6.26000e+7 Heart Beats
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hey Finnigan
Finnigan: Hey Tetsunosuke.
Tensu: Damn, I tohught I recognized how you RPed, but as a man of my word, I'll more than likely forget about that PM, resulting in me forgetting all together.
Tensu: haha, then I guess me and you are just a couple of old geezers on ES Finnigan.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Thank you Tensu, hahaha, when I started RPing again, people were ignoring me, thinking I was some...rookie or something, cause of how long I was here. But anyways, I appreciate it.
Finnigan: Oh, well before Elite Skills, I've been RPing a long time.
Tensu: thats how I keep secrets, I forget them, only remembering them when the time is conveient.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I guess it is good to be back...but seeing how others have left, I feel like an artifact on this site, and you guys as well I'm assuming. At least you guys are here, I guess that is why I came back.
Tensu: Remember AA, he was one of the more comical ones with his return after saying he quit.
Finnigan: Bad time to come back don't you think?
Finnigan: Elite Skills is like crack for him, he can't get off it.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hahaha, yeah I remember. Lots of good times back then, hopefully it will continue. My RPing is a little shitty, well, I think it is. I just haven't seen any RPs like they used to have. Maybe I'm too old for all this new stuff.
Tensu: how old are you?!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: 800 years old, lol. Not sayin Tensu, sorry
Tensu: old enough eh, I know that feeling.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yeah, but I'm not leavin again, I can't quit on ES. I just need to get used to these rps
Tensu: well, you've been here since I was still a novice, unfortuneately the only one truely great Rp I did can't be redone so easily, and as good od an RP that Red Rose High was, it's been done too many time is too many ways.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hahaha, my friend made that, BleedingAngelX, I know him personally. He left ES when it started to die out, but I stayed. That was a good RP, very good. Another would be awsome, but it would be harder than you think...
Tensu: I've tried, but to me, Dark Tournament and Red Rose high have been two of the best RPs I was ever in.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Dark Tournament I remember as well, but I never had a chance to join, it was too far into the RP, I just couldn't pop in. but yeah, definitely originals.
Tensu: I've tried twice to raise dark tournament from the ashes, but both times, it has died before post 250.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I'm not going to make an RP anytime soon, people will just ignore it, or make it worse. I'm just going to join RPs that I think will make it. Hopefully I won't be ignored, hahaha.
Tensu: I've only seen a few episodes of hte Peace Maker series, is it any good?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: I own all the episodes, and I think it is good. You don't see a ton of fighting, but when you do, it is quite good, and graphic. At first you think it is a kids kind of fighting or show, but just keep watching. I liked it.
Tensu: from what I saw, it reminded me of Kenshin.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Well, I must go, but I will be on tomorrow. I'm usually on everyday now. Hopefully ES will jump start and pull itself back together, I just have a feeling it will. Well, cya.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yes, it is similiar, very.
Sereto_Uesugi: hellow is anyone on. I will be on for a small amount of time
nikita2u / Tristen: hey peoples good morning my dear friend! *huggles* so who is on this lovely day?
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: heylo anyone on?
nikita2u / Tristen: hey whos on that i know!
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: Kish? its Tenchu!
Tensu: how many times are we gonna say, is anyone on?
Tensu: I'm starting to count less and less, so don't feel bad.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Tensu!! dont say that!! i lvs ya 2 mch, lol.. all my friends meen the world to me.. hows everyone today?
ellesmera / kane_vampire: due to a chat i had with others on here yesterday, i said i would make an boys only rp.. characters must be boys, but RPrs can be either sex.. check it out, Boys Comprehensive
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: Well Damn.
ellesmera / Faustus: well damn?
Tensu: ?
ellesmera / Faustus: ok.. im now confused
Tensu: whats up Gunner?
Tensu: well he started this with 'well damn' what the hell did he mean by that?
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Good evening everyone
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: good afternoon!!!
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hey Ellesmera, good to see ya
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: different picture
Tensu: can someone go check out the nameless RP and give me a suggestion for a name before I remake it.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: heylo peoples!
Mehndi Rose / Devin: the nameless rp? or the gender one?
Mehndi Rose / Devin: nvm thats the same one
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: MEHNDI! -glomp-
Tensu: don't bother now, it's name is Conflicting beliefs
Mehndi Rose / Devin: *is glomped* ltnt
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I can join tensu if you would like me too
Mehndi Rose / Devin: *eats salami while waiting for your reply*
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: -sits on Mehndi- so....what to t-OMG GODZILLA!
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: ?
Mehndi Rose / Devin: *shoves salami in your face* godzilla where???
ellesmera / Erika Snow: Glomp...haha funny..gets a tub of ccokie dough and watches the glomping
Tensu: It's nice to have na intrest in an RP, but Set-chan, if your gonna be a man, your mindset would preceve women as flesh eating monstores unless they caught you and convinced you otherwise.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: -eats salami with mehndis hand- oveh thereh _mumbles eating-
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: gah bad tenchu! *takes hand out and hits you with salami thingy then throws at godzilla and she eats it* wasnt godzilla a girl tho?
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Hahaha, what's this? Another side of Ellesmera in Beliefs? Hahaha
ellesmera / Erika Snow: another side of ellesmera? i have no idea what you meen
*innocent smile*
*a fake halo plastered to her head*
*attempts to stick wings on with sticky tape*
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Hahahaha
ellesmera / Erika Snow: *sways liek a little girl*
i want a candy cane!!
*baeyor turns in to a cand cane.*
*runs over and tries to fit head in to mouth*
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: man is erika on crack or something she's like all angery in one rp and here she's all "I want a candy cane"
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Hahaha, ya haven't changed, unless I truely don't know how you act, lol
ellesmera / Erika Snow: oh this is how i act, trust me.. im good at rping, im not really angry.
*trys to consume baeyor, stil thinking its a candycane whilst covered in stickytape and paper wings, her halo falls off*
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: whoa, you guys are going to fast in the rp, take it slow, and put more in your posts, I'm, waiting for tensu to post
ellesmera / Erika Snow: me 2.. well, im waiting 4 sum1 to interact with me.. now.. read my previous post or die
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Hahaha
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: sarra did interact wiht you erika
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: sorry! back
ellesmera / Erika Snow: i no..lol, im bien rate..hyper.. i replyied...lol, baeyor, u like my post?????
v (hint, look down 2 posts)
Mehndi Rose / Sri and Nila: nofin ta say
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: lol, you want me to die?
ellesmera / Erika Snow: no..
oh this is how i act, trust me.. im good at rping, im not really angry.
*trys to consume baeyor, stil thinking its a candycane whilst covered in stickytape and paper wings, her halo falls off*
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Oh, alright, lol. For a second I thought you wanted me to die, ya scared me, not to mention cry...
ellesmera / Erika Snow: aww..im sorry
*hugs while trying to eat candy cane baeyor, gets both covered in stckytape and paper, falls over*
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: lol, tis alright, tis alright. At least you take me for a candy cane than a fool, hahaha
Tensu: ???
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Now...where was I? I already forgot what I was gong to post...
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: im just gonna gho cyas
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: byes
ellesmera / Erika Snow: *realises its not a caycane when she chokes on hair. sits up in a strop as best she could only to fall over again cos shes strapped to baeyor by sticky tape*
you could have told me you werent a sweet
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Hahaha, funny, lol
ellesmera / Erika Snow: *hugs * ahh!! get the sticky tape away!! it burns!! it burns
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Of course,
*Unsheaths a sword and slashes wildly at the tape, until it finally comes off*
ellesmera / Erika Snow: *Hugs and thanks*
thank you
*shows him the burn marks the tape had left*
i said it burns
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Hmm...
*Picks her up and throws her into a large pond*
ellesmera / Erika Snow: *splashes about*
come on in
*lol* sorry gotta go)
bye babez!!!! dont leave me behind or jump my ship or owt.. i meenz it!!! ill be on tomorrow, i promise
hugz all round, dissapears in green puff of smoke
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Lol, alright, I'll tell the others not to jump ahead too far, cya later
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: we'er gonna any way
nikita2u / Tristen: hey loves how is everyone
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: fine tensu post in that rp you made
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *wants to nibbles on tensu*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: we can nibble together! yay!
Tensu: What the hell!
nikita2u / Tristen: *giggles*
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: ya exactly I'm watching anime hell can't get enough off it
nikita2u / Tristen: hmmm ever heard of literotica?
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I'm gonna make an amv wiht thesong man I feel like a women and some clips from gravitation. I think that would look funny.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: any one think that would be a funny idea
Tensu: haven't seen Gravitation, so I couldn't tell you, I know the OVa of El Hazard would work, because the male lead in that was dressed up like a girl for most of it.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: gravitation is like a light yaoi thing. and youtube wastake over by google so its being edited of everything good
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I'm sorating to like american musci (starts haivng and astham attack) I hate american music its normaly emo but I found something that is not........ its creepy
Tensu: http://www.youtube.com/profile_play_list?user=Siokotsu
I've started making playlists of the anime I like or find interesting, the most recent addition is Burst Angel.
Sereto_Uesugi: I can't watch any thing right now I'm dling some anime and I have to dl move maker cause I used to have nero and I got rid of it and my computer won't let me use the computer caues it skeeps telling me to 'reinstal nero' and its annoying so I'm getting a new verson. I will subscribe to you r be friend wiht you on there I really never got used to useing the system on youtube.
Tensu: its confusing some times, but I'm getting used to it.
Sereto_Uesugi: damn this program. do you know a better movie making program or anything like that
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Burst Angel is good, and I'm back by the way, hey
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Wha!?!?!?
I'm gonna need an update on that RP, I'm kinda...what's the word I'm lookin for? Lost. lol
Tensu: goody! the oekaki site I go to is back up
Sereto_Uesugi: ya but I can't fine the rp part on it at all
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Does anyone know if they could join Golden Dreams? Some more people might help, it really would.
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: who is still on
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: No one is really on, well, the ones that I RP with.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: I AM HERE!!
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: so sleepy any one know a program for making movies on the computer bedised windows movie maker. mine is kinda messed up.
Tensu: sorry, no I don't, I'm a sprite comic arist and a 3d artist on a computer, if you wanted a program for making 3d objects, I could name one or two.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: helyo so whose on?
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: nvm i gtg cyas!
girly101 / silver gates: hay guys
nikita2u / Tristen: hey who is all on?
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I am on its like 3:30 here in michigan
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Good evening people
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: its not that late yet. but the sun is gona start to set soon cause of the seasons.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Well, it is different for everyone, time, or anything. Would 3:30 be in the morning?
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: 3:30 pm sry I didn't make it that clear.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: who is online
Valle_Siddious / Kurt Vonegutt: I am online.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: okay is anyone eles online or anything eles there has to be more then two people online.
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: There are, there is always someone on. Some people are just waiting for others to post.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: ya I'm in the possion its just a pain in the ass.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: I'm looking for some skilled RPers.
Starting a new RP.
The Island.
If you are familier with ZOMBIEZ 2
or Cirque' Delago'.
I'm the creator of those RPs.
If anyones interested, it's a protected RP.
Just request to join.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Kinda slow today...hmm...
Sereto_Uesugi: ya it is
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: any one wanna type something inapropeate
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hmm...it has been very slow today...
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I know its driveing me insane
nikita2u / Tristen: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Tensu: Zzzzzzzzz
nikita2u / Tristen: *sneaks up to tensu and gently kisses his cheeck puting a blanket on him and smiling*
Tensu: *reaches up and grabbes Nikki liked a child would a teddy bear and pulls her down next to him.* Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
nikita2u / Tristen: *snuggles into him wraping arms around MY teddy kissing his forhead*
Tensu: *startes to suffocate in Nikki's chest, resulting in his face turning blue.*
nikita2u / Tristen: *laughs and rolls away so you can breathe*
Tensu: *face gets stuck and rolls with her(actually got into a situation like that once, can't count how many times I got called a pervert after that.)*
nikita2u / Tristen: lmao!
nikita2u / Tristen: *helps you out while laughing calling you a perv!*
Tensu: (the two japanese words for pervert are Ecchi and Hentai.) Not my fault you clung to me!
nikita2u / Tristen: yup and i like it! so nener!
Tensu: Your a very strange person, aren't you?
nikita2u / Tristen: omg...did you just figure that out? sheesh yes i am and thats why so many ppl like me!
Tensu: Your stranger than my last girlfriend, but your probably taller than she is. she was easilly 4'11 5'
nikita2u / Tristen: im 5'7"
nikita2u / Tristen: hey hun i have to go sweet dreams sleep well and thanks for talking with me sweety.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I'm 5 4 yes I know I am short
Tensu: 6'! sorry, but my father is a tall man and my grandfather is a tall man. height order between the three of us is in order of age, starting at the oldest with 6'4, and my dad at 6'2
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: lol wow you like tower over me (shrinks away in fear) I think this pick really fits me here with angery eyes thing. lol and man tensu your family is tall
Tensu: Just the men's side, my mother and grandmother are about 5'2, 5'3
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: wow. dose your mom ever ask you 'whats the weather like up there' she's shorter then me. I was only supost to be about 5 feet but I am still growing. I think the last time the doctor checked I was at like 5'4or 5'5 and I'm stsill growing even though I'm like 16. I find it sweet.
Tensu: no, but she does have me get things she can't reach and threatens to kick me in the shin to bring me down to her level.
Tensu: Ive seen taht pic before, what anime is it from...
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: idk what its from and thats funny. I would just but a dog collar and leash on you and pull on it when I wanted something. but thats funny. I have been messing wiht itunes for like three hours. I have to load all the music from cd's then seprate it. then load it. then deleate it off the computer and clean everything off. its so annoying.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: post in the orgy thing thats funny
Tensu: GAHH!! I've seen taht girl in an anime before and it's gonna drive me crazy because I can't rmember which one it was (clear sign that I've seen way too much anime, their starting to blend together and I'm noticing a lot of over used plots.) but yeah, give me a second.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: okay I just though the orgy thing was entertaining cause its something we cna be stupid in. and I watch a lot of anime too. I have a lot of dvd's of bought dled things and lists that I watched on youtube. its so funny. and try divx or dvix I can't remember how its spelt. that site is really good. every thing is to orriginal porportions so it looks a lot better. and all animes are in groups with all there eps almost. its just hard to find anime but it pays off.
Tensu: in the past three months, I have watched over 80 full seasons of anime, thats a little too much now that I think about it, a plus side to all of this, is that my anime drawing style has improved.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: wow thats a lot. I have school so I don;t watch that much anime but dude thats a lot of anime i didn;t know that much anime even existed
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
I've got this feeling
so appealing
for us to get together and sing - SING!
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding
Donana phone
It grows in bunches
I've got my hunches
Its the best
beats the rest
cellular modular
Tensu: of the Gundam series, I've seen atleaset six differnet ones, and three of them were over 50 episodes, Bleach, I've seen all 104 episodes taht are currently out, one piece, I got up to ninty and quit, I've seen all three seasons of Full Metal Panic and the ova for TSR.
Kiddy Grade 26
Tenchi Muyo OVA 1 1-6
Tenchi Muyo OVA 2 7-13
Tenchi Muyo OVA 3 Ryo ohki
Tenchi Muyo G 26
Macross 36
Vandread 24
Karin 24
.Hack// SIGN 26
.Hack// Twilight 12
Outlaw Star 26
Cowboy Bebop 26
Trigun 26
Cowboy Bebop Movie
Excel Saga 26
Mahou Snesei Negima 26
Negima!? 9 current
Macross Plus OVA 4
Love Hina 26
Love Hina OVA 3
Onegai Teacher 26
Scrapped Princess 26
Ai Yori Aoshi 12
Ai yori Aoshi S2 12
Macross Zero OVA 5
Erueka Seven 54
Green Gree 12
Ruroni Kenshin 95
Blue Gneder 26
Ah! My Goddess 26
Ikkitousen 13
Mahoromatic 26
Kage Kara Mamoru 12
Crest of the Stars 13
DNA2 15
Silent Mobious 26
Dual! 14
Black Lagoon 26
I can name a few more, but those are either still airing or I don't know their names.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: holey crap wtf man you have mo life. ever watch a flash animation called madness combat.
girly101 / silver gates: hay anyone on?im so bored!!!im at school rite now so if i disspaer its cause i switched classes.
Tensu: its not taht I don't have a life, I've had nothing else to do, I don't have a license, so I can't drive, and due to that, i can't seek employment.
girly101 / silver gates: heloo to u to tensu..lol
girly101 / silver gates: ellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Adden Lee / Anita: gatto go all. be on later, once i get home from school.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey everyone
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: any one there hello, sexy uke any one want him , he's free ;p
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hey guys
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: lol
yes me add got some attention woot. sex dose sell. lol
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Right...
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: sorry I'm just bored
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: lol, not to worry, I as well
nikita2u: i agree and whats up?
Adden Lee / Baily: hi there....
nikita2u / Tristen: hey adden
Adden Lee / Baily: how are you??
nikita2u / Tristen: i ish bordededesss and just woke up lol
Adden Lee / Baily: lol, hum...no one has relly been on to rp for so long....
nikita2u / Tristen: omg read this!
If Santa Answered His Mail Honestly.....
Deer Santa,
I wud like a kool toy space ranjur fer Xmas. I'v ben a gud boy all
Yer Friend, Billy
Dear Billy,
Nice spelling. You're on your way to a career in lawncare. How about I
send you a book so you can learn to read and spell? I'm giving your older
brother the space ranger. At least HE can spell.
Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl all year, and the only thing I ask for is
and joy in the world for everybody!
Love, Sarah
Dear Sarah,
Your parents smoked pot when they had you, didn't they?
Dear Santa,
I don't know if you can do this, but for Christmas, I'd like for my
mommy and daddy to get back together. Please see what you can do.
&nb sp; Love, Teddy
Dear Teddy,
Look, your dad's banging the babysitter like a screen door in a
hurricane. Do you think he's gonna give that up to come back to your frigid
mom, who rides his ass constantly? It's time to give up that dream. Let me
send you some Legos instead.
Dear Santa,
I want a new bike, a Playstation 2, a train, some G.I. Joes, a dog, a
drum kit, a pony and a tuba.
&n bsp; Love, Francis
Dear Francis,
Who names their kid "Francis" nowadays. I bet you're gay. I'll set you
up with a Barbie.
Dear Santa,
I left milk and cookies for you under the tree, and I left carrots for
your reindeer outside the back door.
; Love, Susan
Dear Susan,
Milk gives me the shits and carrots make the deer fart in my face when
riding in the sleigh. You want to do me a favor? Leave me a bottle of
Dear Santa,
What do you do the other 364 days of the year? Are you busy making
; Your friend, Thomas
Dear Thomas,
All the toys are made in China. I have a condo in Vegas where I spend
most of my time making low-budget porno films. I unwind by drinking myself
silly and squeezing the asses of cocktail waitresses while losing money at
the craps table. Hey, you wanted to know.
Dear Santa,
Do you see us when we're sleeping, do you really know when we're
like in the song?
Love, Jessica
Dear Jessica,
Are you really that gullible? Good luck in whatever you do. I'm
skipping your house.
Dear Santa,
I really want a puppy this year. Please, please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE
could I have one?
; Love, Timmy
Dear Timmy,
That whiney begging shit may work with your folks, but that crap
doesn't work with me. You're getting a sweater again.
Dearest Santa,
We don't have a chimney in our house. How do you get into our home?
Love, Marky
Dear Mark,
First stop callling yourself "Marky", that's why you're getting your
whipped at school. Second, you don't live in a house, you live in a low-rent
apartment complex. Third, I get inside your pad just like the boogeyman
does, through your bedroom window.
Sweet dreams,
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: thats funny so funny............. I'm bored really really bored
nikita2u / Tristen: *sighs* sadly me to
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: ya what should we do but those are really funny
nikita2u / Tristen: lol i know
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: what is there to do there I'm watching azumanga daioh but I cant really watch it that well I sorta hate it a bit
nikita2u / Tristen: im actually RPing im glad the person i RP is usually on lol
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I'm always on its just no one eles is on at all
nikita2u / Tristen: im always on lol
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: me too its just no one eles is
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: me
nikita2u: cheese!
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: Kish! hey
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: gtg cyas but i hope ur on later kish >< cya!
Tensu: A quick poll, of I were to make a new RP, how many would join?
ellesmera / Erika Snow: hi any1 on
Tensu: I am, if I were to make a gundam RP would you join?
ellesmera / Erika Snow: gundam? explain and i might
Tensu: Don't know the details yet, but there hasn't been a gundam RP in a while, I can tell you that it wouldn't be based directly off any of the existing series.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: OK.. what is GUNDAM?
ellesmera / Erika Snow: OK.. what is GUNDAM?
Tensu: yes Gundam, as in giant mechs fighting both on earth and in space.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I'd join but I have to leave soon
Tensu: thans Sereto, but if you do join, try not to treat it like an NGE rp.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: I know
I can't join till like late tomorrw or I wil lget lost. I can some in as a new person or get captured.
Tensu: how you come in is up to you I'm afraid.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Hey everyone
Tensu: because I don't know what to tell you, it's a figure of speach, and hey Peace Maker.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Yeah...in conflicting beliefs, I'm kinda lost and behind, so I'm not sure if I can continue...it's not that don't want to, I think you catch my drift...
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: well I know that. and p.m if you wan to continue tell me what you want to know nothing has really chaged that much. in the rp.
Peace_Maker / Baeyor: Thanks, well, I'll start to read up and such, so don't worry about me. I'll find a spot later to jump right back in.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: gotta go.. buyz.. dont loose me on rps plz!!!!!!!!!
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: Anyone on??? Tensu.. u there or r u sleeping again??? Got any sake???
Tensu: *throws a bottle of sake at Elle while keeping one for himself.* Just woke up, why?
Tensu: maybe, got 7500 yen?
girly101 / silver gates: hay everyone whats up?
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: Hello guys, just woken up ay? *Hits tensu* wit my mate, sleepin over. tensu r ya still in te marines?
Tensu: it was the navy and I was officially discharged on September First this year. but I still owe them some money though....
Tensu: atleast three walmart gift cards, like last year, and a proper electric razor, thats as much as I know, as for what I owe the Navy, about $115
Tensu: are you going to post in Gundam again, I asked you a question in that and you've yet to repl.
ellesmera / Faustus: wiil do sexay!!! stickytape rox!!!!
Tensu: your pic disappeared.
ellesmera / Faustus: i no.. its stupid... u got a mobile????
Tensu: a cell phone or a mobile suit in the RP?
ellesmera / Faustus: cell/mobile phone if u av, pm me ur number please ;)
ellesmera / Faustus: u there,or i scared u off?:(
Tensu: no, sorry, no cell phone, I'm 18 and I don't have a cell phone, go figure, I may get one by the new year, but I don't know yet.
ellesmera / Faustus: haha sad.... when u get 1 gimmi ur numba.. k sexy??? lol, 18 no mobile? i feel sorry for u babe...:) get a gd camera phone, i cnt live wiowt mine.. tho no one texts me..lol. wuu2? got sum ramen or owt out? u usually do babe.
Tensu: damn, you mention food and I just realize that its 2245 here and I haven't eaten anything since 1330
ellesmera / Faustus: awww, u must be feelin so unry.. et me a candy cabe.. the ones thhat are red n white nd are all yummy!!! im a littlew angel arent i????
Tensu: your as much of an Angel as Nikita is, it's starting to scare me a little, how much your starting to act like her, and the multi colored candy canes are better.
Tensu: Last one was a couple of years ago, had a lot of fun and did things i wasn't suposed to, and Nikita is the biggest flirt I know on this site, calls everyone 'hun' and she claims she does it out of a habit.
Tensu: I'm calling it a night and I have a lot of things to do tomorrow, so I may not be on much.
ellesmera: any1 on
Tensu: yo
Peace_Maker: Hey guys
Tensu: I don't remember calling you a whore, and I would have said it to your face if you were here, you baka, so don't jump on my case because you misunderstood something, and I could have been a lot meaner.
girly101 / silver gates: hay nikki!!!!hows everybody?
Tensu: bored.
girly101 / silver gates: join club,im not on long sadly moms like hurry up!!!grr
Tensu: I thought you hadn't been on much.
girly101 / silver gates: i havent been on much,but moms a pian>.< well i g2g love everyone talk to ya later!!
Tensu: Later, Nikita, you still mad at me or something?
girly101 / silver gates: I could never be mad at you hun!
Tensu: Ara, now I'm confused, why are you posting under someone else's character....
girly101 / silver gates: oh shit...
Tensu: I'm gonna get off soon, decent movies on for once.
girly101 / silver gates: awwwww...byeeee!
nikita2u / Tristen: silver why are you pretending to be me? that could get really annoying.
nikita2u / Tristen: anyways tensu i wasnt pissed i was being sarcastic hence the innocennt thingy lol
nikita2u / Tristen: *huggles tensu and gives him a candy cane to make him feel like a big boy hehe*
girly101 / silver gates: who was under my name?
girly101 / silver gates: hello???
ellesmera: any1 on?
girly101 / silver gates: hi
girly101 / silver gates: do u no if elite was screwed up or somthin last nite?cause someone{i think nikki}was on under my name,and no one has my password or anything,like if u look on this page u will she were she was talkin after i said by.
ellesmera: no.. i was on last night til about 7am GMT+0 from about 3pm GMT+0 so... i saw nothing funy as i wo tlking to tensu most of the time and adden lee
girly101 / silver gates: awwwww...byeeee!
Created by silver gates at 2006-12-09 19:01:27
I'm gonna get off soon, decent movies on for once.
Created by Tensu at 2006-12-09 19:00:10
oh shit...
Created by silver gates at 2006-12-09 18:58:05
Ara, now I'm confused, why are you posting under someone else's character....
Created by Tensu at 2006-12-09 18:52:46
I could never be mad at you hun!
Created by silver gates at 2006-12-09 18:51:44
Later, Nikita, you still mad at me or something?
Created by Tensu at 2006-12-09 18:48:58
i havent been on much,but moms a pian>.< well i g2g love everyone talk to ya later!!
Created by silver gates at 2006-12-09 18:48:09
{well here it all is back words start at the bottom,it shows were i say by then someone talks under my name.
girly101 / silver gates: weird isnt it?
ellesmera: ah...i see.. so she was caught in the act, well, just change your pass and possibly change your email adress, incase it got tapped... its like the hacker problem
girly101 / silver gates: thx ill trie that
girly101 / silver gates: im bored....
is anyone on?
girly101 / silver gates: bored
girly101 / silver gates: boreder
girly101 / silver gates: borediest
girly101 / silver gates: tada 3 different tenses of bored!!!
girly101 / silver gates: wow u can tell ima bored when i start doing school stuff>.<
ellesmera / kane_vampire: lol, im still on.. posting in rps tho
girly101 / silver gates: cool
girly101 / silver gates: r u still postin in haunted hotel?
ellesmera / kane_vampire: imm gonna pop back in.. and add a char possibly
girly101 / silver gates: cool
ellesmera / kane_vampire: yup...im reading this comic right now.. its funny.. try it.. its called
girly101 / silver gates: lol there funny,i just looked at em,there stupid tho lol.im so booooooooooored
girly101 / silver gates: lol there funny,i just looked at em,there stupid tho lol.im so booooooooooored
girly101 / silver gates: lol there funny,i just looked at em,there stupid tho lol.im so booooooooooored
ellesmera / kane_vampire: i like em.. theres a few concealed jokes within the computer banter..but youy have to be a nerd ish person to understand em...
Tensu: would a person with an IQ above 125 understand them?
ellesmera / kane_vampire: umm..probably.. have a look..
Tensu: their interesting, the artwork is on par or slightly better than VG cats
ellesmera / kane_vampire: ye..i like em.. and its a running comic, they update regularily... another good ones called fallen.. and it has links to good webcomics/mangas, but i like aoi house and flipside the best
ellesmera / kane_vampire: gotta go pretty soon, only for half an hour or so.. but im drawing adden a piccie for baily cos i cant find a good one
Tensu: I'm more if a sprite comic guy, mainly because I like the older video games as such, the funniest ones are the megaman spinoffs and final fantasy spinoffs
girly101: hi im back
ellesmera / kane_vampire: yeah..final fantasy spinoffs can be funny.. when tastefull.. i like some pokemon spinoffs... some are really funny, bt i like ones like applegeeks as its funny, and theres constant banter between the opinions, its farfetched and belivable at the same time, and a comic with a talkinsquirrle gets my vote, i like gomangas sites, like hollow fields, aoi house and earthsong, as they have good art, i appreciate good art and graphics a lot more than the quantity, or the actual storyline
girly101 / silver gates: so boredddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Tensu: this is one of the funnier megaman spinnofs on the web.
girly101 / silver gates: lol ok,will do
girly101 / silver gates: hay i just did a survey at bored thing and says ima live till im 69 is that good or bad lol?
Tensu: well, at 69, your almost garanteed to have grand children, so I guess it'd be ok.
Tensu: 'smacks Elle a bit and drops her into a pool full of jello.' Snap out of it!
girly101 / silver gates: lol
girly101 / silver gates: well im going to be the dictator of the WHOLE world by then so u have to have my premmision to blow it up
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey I have returned from my trip. bet no one knew I was gone
Tensu: hey set-chan, welcome back. (dumps Sereto into the jello with Elle)
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: *starts eating jello* mmmmmmmmmm jello, but what happened to that one rp about the genders thing I was looking for it but I can't fine it....... unless it died.
girly101 / silver gates: I want JELLO !!!!!*dives in*
Tensu: genders?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: (sighs) not that thing I found the one, it was the thing tensu made wiht the fighting genders and that other thing I am in I'm kuri, damn it!
Tensu: oh, that one, and you said you'd join the gundam RP I made, it's on the third page.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ya I'll join it I just don't know how yet........... I don't know if I will I'm kinda tired I was up late last night and I couldn't sleep at the boyscouts camp place. I'm part of the adventures its like a co-ed boyscouts.
Glenrir / Alzyiath: Lol hey peeps. Yeah um...thats alot of pages this RP has. so whats up?
Tensu: you think this has a lot of pages, go and look at hthe other sandboxes and be amazed!
Ashuri: hey everyone, waddup?
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: heylo anyone on?
Ashuri: Tenchu!!! hey long time no see, how r u?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hi peeps I'm eating bread
Tensu: chees flavored munchies
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: -glomps ash- ASHIT I MI9SSED YA! and i could be better and nice to know ur eating bread sereto
Ashuri: i'm eating toast lol
Ashuri: wow i haven't been in the rp section since a few days before my b-day, so that would be like almost 2 or 2 1/2 weeks ago, there's so many new ppl and rps, so r there n e rps i should join that r like really good right now?
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: i cant think of any i bareally post anymore on here ¬3¬
Glenrir / Alzyiath: lol i WAS eating eggs, but now im bored as hell tring to do a stupid report. lol. Soooo..what characters does everyone have?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: idk I'm just kinda here
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: well there was my rp kudan but kish bareally came on and we were waiting for her to post so it sort of died
Ashuri: i rarely even go on the poetry side n e more too, i joined this new site called hidden imperium, but it's not much better, cuz the rp section is kinda slow, not many rps or repliers
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: hehe and remember that rp lisa made that i totally killed?
Glenrir / Alzyiath: lol thats so funny. i post a message then like 1 mihnute later theres like 5 new ones
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: lol you guys are stupid......... hey some one I know wahnts to know when gay pride da is any one know, I'm not asking I'm being asked by some one
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: no idea and alzyiath u think this is fast, omg they're holding back cuz they kno i'm super slow, but tenchu here can type like a maniac
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: hey im no maniac and i cant nowe stupid cast -stabs right hand pinning it to desk- see im not a maniac ; -looks at puddle of blood-o.o;
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: JUST BECAUSE I STYABBED MY HAND MEANS NOTHING IM NOT A MANIAC -thinks- i prefer mentally impared
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: oh god what did u do to urself now?
Tyasuke / Sousei: eh? lisa didnt tell you i broke my right hasnd -two bones to be exact-
Glenrir / Alzyiath: lol well i think its fast : )
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: well she said something bout a hand, but i didn't hear bout broken bones and a cast yet, then again she hasn't been on here in a while and niether have i so i guess we only brooch the subject quickly in school, see i have been quite busy and overrun by my hectic schedule again so we rarely hang out.
Tyasuke / Sousei: well she didnt know abnout the broken hand or cast she only knew i damaged it on my own accord its no big deal really
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: *wacks tenchu with the golden rubber chicken* god U damaged UR hand by URSELF????? IT IS A BIG DEAL!!!!! r u tryin to kill urself again cuz i will personally kill u myself if u ever try that again u dork
Tyasuke / Sousei: -riubs back of head- OW!!! u know i wont kill myaself i havent even cut myself i had an emotional breakdown slaimed my fist into the ground and *CRACK* like i said no big deal
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: so what was the emotional breakdown for huh?
Tyasuke / Sousei: ........ DOTS OMG MAN EVERYONE DOTS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD DUCK AND COVER! -hides undetr a bolony sandwich ¬3¬
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: stop trying to change the subject dork *drags him out from underneath the sandwich* hey also n e one here wants to make an rp that i could join?
Tyasuke / Sousei: well it was worth a shot ¬3¬ ill try to think of one
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: okay sure, but u still have to tell me about ur emotional breakdown, pm me if u have to
Tyasuke / Tenchu: 1 iuno how to pm 2. why does it matter all that much o.o;
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: cuz i'm just as nosy as ever and omg forgot to tell u this, but i am now officially 13, yay me!!!!!
Tyasuke / Sousei: HAPPY BDAY and uhh u being nosy really doesnt inspire me to tell you ¬3¬
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: hehe a lil late for that it was way over, but for some reason my friends r still sayin happy b-day to me to tick me off, see i didn't want n e one to kno, but one of my friends have a VERY large mouth, so all day the whole grade was running me over with hugs and they sang happy birthday to me at least 4 times, the most embarassing was at lunch cuz then the 8th graders joined in, god that was a terrifying day, sometimes i wish i was shy so that the whole grade wouldn't kno me at all.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: heh it woirked anyways im 16 now and doesnt seem diff at all...
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: yay!!! do u happen to be ellesmera? oh and how did monopaly go?
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: n e wayz tenchu when's ur b-day, cuz if u r on here on ur b-day, i'll annoy u to death by sayin happy birthday every 2 minutes hehe
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: its aug. 31 =P
Tyasuke / Sousei: the day i hate the most....SO WHO LIKES ICE CREAM!
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: omg my sister's birthday is august 30th so now i'll remember urs for next year :P
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: heh right....
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: what do u mean u hate ur birthday, cuz if u weren't born then u wouldn't have gotten to meet me ^_^ hey did u make that rp yet?
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: o.o; o ill do it now...
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: okies, take ur time hehe
Tyasuke / Kokou: ok got my character time to make a rp
Tyasuke / Tesu: ok now how to put it in words
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: lol okay, so what's the rp goin to b about n e ways
FMC / Kirk: What's up everyone?
Tyasuke / Tesu: well the [person that owns a huge city/empire commands that all nekos and wolf demons be hunted down and slaughtered and peoplecan use alchemy
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: not much really
Tyasuke / Kokou: also the people that owen taverns hide them and help them outy it would sound alot better if i coulsd put it into words also can anyone see my tesu character pic.
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: oh kool, so what kind of character should i use? i think i'm gonna go and look through my characters real quick right now
FMC / Kirk: Mind if I join that RP, once it gets up and running?
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: yea i can see ur pic
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: u could be a neko a general of the hunting force or a wolf demon and yeah anyone can join
Tyasuke / Tesu: so u can see my tesu pic i cant just a red x
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: okay i think i'll use arianna and be a general of the hunting force since all of my other characters don't really work for this
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: actually nvm cuz now all i see is a weird square
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: you can also be a tavern user and the five generals specilaize in an element of fire wind metal lighting earth so yeah
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: what are you all going on about lol
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: WERE ALL BEING CRAZY IDIOTS WOOT! -looks for neko pic.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: (blinks) okay I'm gonna go over here now away from the idiots and the insane.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: NO ASH WE ARE EMBRACE THE CRAZYINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT RUN FROM IT KURI EMBRACE IT!!!!!!!! BWUHAHAHAHA -BRB-
FMC: Wow. Crazy people. I like fish tacoes.
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: okies i'm back
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: why is it that none of the photobucket pics i get WONT WORK!
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: because idk it's photobucket? normally the photobucket pics don't really work on here
Tyasuke / Kokou: -anime sweat drop- now u tell me
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: :P lol it's not my fault ur retarded, hehe jk
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: im not retarded! IM JUST CRAZY!
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: find ur crazy that's all, hey i gtg soon so i guess we can post pone making that rp
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: like not today, but maybe tomorrow after school, so around 4?
Tyasuke / Tesu: ITS A DATE =P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tensu: hello all.
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: but i'm not sure, so if i'm not on u can choke me to death, also i if i'm not on at 4 then maybe 5 or 6 ^_^;; hehe
Tyasuke / Tesu: GAH ITS TENSU ok i gtg to cyas
Ashuri / Arianna Dimarlio: bye everyone ttyl!!!
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey tensu I'm sorta slow on the uptake. and I'm really out of it
Tensu: why does everyone run when I get on?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: maybe is has something to do with the hack this maybe people are still scared of us or something. I'm like holding back so many urges to cut. I'm not emo I just sorta get realyl depresesd then my parens yell or smack me and I want to hurt my self to punish my self for being bad. I'm like so holding back and its driving me insane
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: and now everyone ingores me how nice
Tensu: no, I'm getting sprites for a sprite comic
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: thats nice
I'm so lost right now its not even funny. I'm deciding to get drunk or go find a sharpy or something like that I really am not in the right of mind I want to know what causes this
Tensu: mental shutdown with a subconcios backup operating as a supliment until your main persona is normal again?
Adden Lee / Baily: ...cutting is in no wy related to emo, emo is those who are desprate for the attention.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: okay and tensu are you telling me to cause my self multiple personality disorder. I sorta had that when I was little it was quite scarey til lI fought it. I will not let that happen again.
Tensu: no, I'm not saying you have a split personality disorder, I'm just giving out ideas, although what I said could be used with a computer AI as well.
Tensu: would you like to spend some time in the eggshell white padded room?
Adden Lee: they arent really white room anymore... they're a pale pale green or blue
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: okay and you would know because
Adden Lee: i was there for 6 month last year. a pathetic attempt for me to stop talking to myself and stop cutting.
i ended up haveing a lovly conversaton everyday and biting my lips and tongue until i nearly bled to death.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: okay........... well thats intersting..... my arm hurts a bit, that about it.
Adden Lee: i know, most ppl wouldnt admit that but i have fun being proof that the system for the insain in the US doesn't work.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: it never will any way so who really cares, I jsut can't seem to shead enough blood right now
Adden Lee: go across the pelvis, tends to get alot of blood.there or go deepr
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: uh I don't want to like indanger my self or anything
Adden Lee: so then go across your pelvis, it bleeds and will continue to if you keep it open, but it will clot fast if you dont keep it open.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I said I don't want to hurt my self I just sorta need to teach my self a lesson not cause my self pain and get in troubble, or kill my self
Adden Lee: working for blood tho arent you?
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: no to teach my self a lesson I just sorta say I need to bleed more as in the lesson is not taught if I do one big one that;s like doing a small one
Tensu: hello, just got back on after being made to watch a movie
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: robbert is makeing me better now
Tensu: um.... ok
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: ya I have like major depression but robert kinda is lifting it some how
Tensu: bored right now, may remake a Cowboy bebop rp, see how many I can get to join, and if I do make one, please don't act like the last you joined Set-chan.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I'm do depresed to eve nhave a happy charact
more or less I;ll sit in the back saying random things of death and doom
Tensu: *dunks in a pool of cheese dip and grabs a large bowl of nachos*
Tensu: If I didn't like you, I wouldn't dunk you in cheese dip, I did the same thing to Nikki-chan when she was here and I did it to Elle once or twice, would you prefer jello or chocolate instead?
Tensu: ok, I'll have a 50 gal. drum of jello to dunk you in when you get back.
Tensu: 'pulls 50 gallon drum full of green jello out of trench coat pocket and pulls lid off with a pull tab.'
there, jello as promised
girly101 / silver gates: hi all
nikita2u / Tristen: CHEESE! NUMMY CHEESE! i mean hi yall lol
Tensu: 'places a hand on set-chan's sholder and kncoks her feet out frome under her and dunks her into the jello.' I'll get to you in just a sec Nikita-chan.
Tensu: 'throws a balloon full of cloth eating nacho cheese at Nikita and hits her in the head, cause her to get covered in cheese and her clothes to be eaten by the cheese.'
Tensu: yep, its a living organism and for some reason likes eating women's underwear and bathing suits more than any other kind of clothing.
Tensu: no, I've just been watching too much anime and am now a pervert in some areas.
Tensu: watching something called gunXsword right now, it reminds me of trigun, only there are mechs in it called Armours.
Tensu: the only one's I'm a pervert with are you and Elle.
Tensu: although its hard to be a pervert when you post as those childish characters, it makes me feel immoral inside.
nikita2u / Tristen: geesh i almost forgot about my RP lol
nikita2u / Tristen: wounder if the guy i was RPing with though i abandoned it hmm im ganna have to leave a pm or something i guess. *sighs* long day.
Tensu: no clue.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: bored *nibbles on tensu*
Tensu: 'turns into a chibi death god and floats out of Kish's reach.'
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: TEDDY! *jumps up and tried to grab you*
Tensu: For the last time! I'm not a teddy!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *grabs tensu gives him a big kiss after pining him to the ground jumps up and goes bye bye* hehe bye honey sweet dreams sleep well and no nightmares okies?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: YOUR MY NEW SQUISHEY TEDDY!
Tensu: id don't know if thats good or bad....
Adden Lee / Caid: so who's here...if anyone.
girly101 / silver gates: hi
Tensu: yo
girly101 / silver gates: whats up?
Tensu: maybe, I saw it already.
girly101 / silver gates: nikki i pmed u back.but i wasent yelling,srry it might have sounded like it..
Tensu: therem i modded my first post in the original.
girly101 / silver gates: I would never do that to u!!!i loves u<plus i dont no how,but thats beside the point that i wouldent>i no u didnt hack me.ur not like that
Tensu: are you two still going ob about yesterday?
girly101 / silver gates: sadly i have to go to school>.< but after 2nd period<lunch> ill go to library if i can and join it okies?love u!!ttyl
nikita2u / Tristen: Okies peoples see you in two hours! thanks for joining tensu and sorry that i had to aboandon this and not give you a way to continue it wont happen again.
Tensu: ok, this one'll probably take a different course then the last one anyway.
Tensu: you should know be now Nikita-chan, I'm normally always on unless its a very slow day.
Tensu: your not gonna hit on me are you?
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: hey kish! use a diff pic plz? im in school =P
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: sorry honey is this better? how are you i missded you bunches! *tackle hugs* (im in school to hehe)
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: -huggles- i missed you to Kudan died because u go bye bye v.v;
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: have loves have to go ill post again but im ganna be late for my next class post in a few hours love yall!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: restart and ill join again i was in a bit of trouble
Tyasuke / Tesu: dont worry about it and k =P im making a new rp also
ellesmera / kane_vampire: hello.. is anybody on ? (cliché question sorta stuff but im bored!!!)
Tyasuke / Tesu: heylo!!!!!!!!!!!! sup everyone?
Tensu: ZZZzzzzzzzz
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: hey sexy people what up
Ashuri: hi everyone, n e 1 still here
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: me too
Ashuri: hi then...sorta...lol jk ^_^
Ashuri: *shakes head sheepishly* nvm
Ashuri: ... awkward silence...o well since no one's talking, imma go now bye!
Sereto_Uesugi: is the site dead for the day
Sereto_Uesugi: sny one want to play with me
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: is any one on today cause if not I'm gonna go do something eles
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey is any one here I'm bored
girly101 / silver gates: hiya
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Hey peoples is anyone on that i RP with! i ish boreded tensu if you read this can you please post in ElvenBane?
Tyasuke / Tesu: heylo sup everyone?
Tensu: yo
YukinoDarkness / Aphrodite: im back and bored and wow that was the longest/smartest journal i have ever written yes i even shocked myself at my own maturity. *dies* anywho whos on?
Tensu: ...
nikita2u: whats up tensu? im ganna post a random thought in here in a moment as it is lol not my smart ass journal just something i just came up with out of sheer bordom *kisses*
Tensu: ok.(starts eating a cup of noodles.)
Tensu: ?....... nope, still confused.
Tensu: o...k..........
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: hey peoples I'm here lets have a sex party
Adden Lee / Anita: lol hi there guys. luv the random thought bit
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey peoples
girly101 / silver gates: hey peoples i love,whats up?
girly101 / silver gates: lol that sounds like fun tensu.
girly101 / silver gates: im so borededededededededddeeedededededeeddeddedddededeeddeddedd
girly101 / silver gates: is anyone in here from haunted hotel?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: lol
I'm bored too looks like tensu is back to making characters again.
girly101 / silver gates: that char looks weirdO_0 lol.
girly101 / silver gates: ok sorry Zechariah sir,i must hurt u terribly deeply...hehe
Sereto_Uesugi: okay Z-man thats what I'm calling you boy-o k K. accept the name damn it. some one gave me an antidepressant and my arm is bleading. I'm all happy. og I write a poem to ask some one out I know any one want to read it.
Tensu: there
Tensu: nice
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: yep don't ask why I am in this account I sorta up got rid of it / abandoned it but its nice to be back.
Tensu: was it my pic, or set-chan's pic you were saying was wierd?
Tensu: No, just now giving it thought, it's from an anime called GunXSword
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: god dude when you were at te arm were you having anime withdrawles or osmething I need to know caue I could see that happening
Tensu: no, I spent my free time doodling, and once I was in seps, I could do it more freely without getting discriminated against ot have the Chief of Petty Officer shouting at me fore slacking off. I was only gone for a month, and I've only recently gotten more into it, hell, before 9th grade, I didn't really know what anime was.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: lol.......... I need help really bad ly, but ya wow I've knowen about anie and manga since like well, seventh grade
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto: ya. I took an antidepressant and its like wearing off and that sux. and I ran out of my asthma steroids they make me happy this sux
girly101 / silver gates: heys
girly101 / silver gates: is n e 1 on?
ellesmera: im on now, sooooo bored, gotta go real soon then b back on, still at scool u see, what a fakin mess of a day
girly101: back srry is n e 1 stiil on
girly101: oops never mind i gotta go agin lol.ttyl
ellesmera: any1 on??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Adden Lee / Baily: any one on?
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: heylo everyone sup?
Adden Lee / Anita: hi there. not much here, just bored and stuck in the libray for an hour and a half... fun *shoots self in foot*
Tyasuke / Tesu: lol that sucks i posted in assassin if u want to post
Adden Lee / Anita: not so much for assassin right now...i was kinda hopin for elle to be on so i could rp in highschool, but she aint here... *shruggs* but i would rather be here than out side with the rest of my class playing soft ball.... dont even know what it is really....but i like it in side
Tyasuke / Tesu: well i dont really have anything to do right now so yeah -yawns-
Adden Lee / Anita: go make a cake. cake makes everything better. cake and cookies and mary jane are what makes the world go round.
Tyasuke / Tesu: hey Tensu ands anita im in school o.o;
Adden Lee / Anita: HI!!!
Adden Lee / Anita: ..ooooo.....maybe cake and mary jane wouldnt be the best idea..... well sucks for you.
Tyasuke / Tesu: ¬¬ thanks....
Adden Lee / Anita: hehee. i wanna go home....but i still have two classes after this.... and im out of coffee now!!!!!
Tyasuke / Tesu: i get to leave school early today heh =P
Adden Lee / Anita: >:P gur at u
i have to stay after even becaue i got detention for cusing at a teacher. she didnt even know what i said cuase it was in latin but another student told.
Tyasuke / Tesu: that sucks...well i gtg cyas!
Adden Lee / Anita: bye...you here tensu?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: cheese!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: NO THEY TOOK AWAY MY KITTY! *cries horrendouslY*
nikita2u / Tristen: *sobs uncontrolably*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: im such a dumbass i ment this!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: do you see it!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: umm okies? but hey what about dis picture!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: okies so this is a good picture for my kitties? hey brb my cousin needs to check her myspace hold on okie dokie?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey sexies peoples wet tee-shirt party
Tensu: no
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: y not
Tensu: because as far as i know, you and I are the only ones on here, and while I know that your a girl, your under aged and I don't feel like putting potential blackmailing evidence on here.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I'm not under I'm 16 I'm leagel. in the state of michigan.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: lets talk in here tensu
Sereto_Uesugi: do you use aim, msn, icq..... well not really icq or yahoo I can talk better in there
Tensu: well, in the majority of the US your still under age. and I'm slow right now, bite me.
Sereto_Uesugi: I'm slow too. well I'm leagel in michigan so bla, that mite be why we have a lot of teens pregnate here
Sereto_Uesugi: I know but that kinda sorta explanes its
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: umm im 17 and do i honestly want to know what this is about?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: umm okies anywho miss me! THOUGHT SO!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *plays with the bell on me and rolls around on the floor trying to bite it*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *listens to old ass music called tom petty and likes it so stick it up your asses!*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *goes wide eyed and jumps at it!*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *bites tensu to get to the cheese*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: cheese is da bomb!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *cries* no one is RPing!
Sereto_Uesugi: okay *walks away slowly then breaks out into a run*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: u ever felt the feeling wen u realy realy realy like some1, but u dont want
to. u love them more than the air u breathe. u would trade ne thing for
them, but yet u would trade ne thing not to put ur self through the pain of
knowing it could never be. the feeling that just can't be described, even
though im doin the best i can. u feel every thing all at once:the love of
them in ur lives, the hate of them charming, yet enjoying the charm at the
same time. the giddy, stupid dog feeling u get around them, but the sinking
feeling in ur stomach that ur afraid of what it realy is. I have had this,
this, this feeling, all over a girl for a while now. When ever I go near or
talk to her, some1 always comes along and takes the chance from me. I keep
telling myself its just a crush, and nothing more. Just a mere, harmless
crush. And yet, wen ever my mind clears, shes there. I say its just a crush,
like the rest of them, yet it feels so much more than that. It makes me feel
warm inside, and ice cold on the outside. Sorry for this, im kinda new at
the opening urself up, but, I need some1 to talk to. Some1 that understands
Her names Holly. I she swims with me. She swam last year, and is swimming
this season to. Over season brake, I convinced myself I was over her. I
stopped the obsessing. I, just let go. And then, once I saw her again, I
felt the emotions come right back. That shes the 1. the perfect girl. That
she would make every thing better. I feel all of this in my gut, and then in
my heart, right next door to these feelings are the feelings that are the
exact opposite. I go weak in the knees, heart stops, not just skipping a
couple beats, a whole set of them. I know, this is the way shes soposed to
make me feel, but, it feels so good, and yet not ment at the same time.
Please give me some advise. I sure could use ur helping hand.
Nikki,I know im askin a lot of u here, but please. Im not used to being
afraid. The only thing I was ever afraid of was the Lord himself. Now, I
feel this.
Sorry for writing so much, I just realy needed to get this out, and to ask
some1 for their help. Thank you so much for listening, love u...
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: and this is what i said back
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: wow honey,
i just got your email...she already hurt you? what happend did you tell her how you felt?
anyway love lets get this out in the open she hurt you but do you still care for her? damn she must have done something horrible for you to call her a bitch..shit. Ok let me understand this...first i think your the poet here because that was amazing what you wrote. okies sorry to digress but just had to say that.
Well i could be of more comfort if i knew more of what went on but i dont want to pry so ill just stand idley by until you need me. Im always here for you my dear friend always and forever. Understand that once i get a job (im so damn lazy) that i will come down and personally hurt anyone who hurts you because your to good of a person for pricks to treat you like shit. Your above that and i admire a lot in you Nick.
What you also need to know is this thing does happen...quite often...sadly my so called "crush" lasted since 7th grade until 11th grade..yes im pathetic i know. but hey things turned out cool...we were just friends.
Understand also that im going to give you some advice when you DO finally meet a girl who can make you fall to your knees when she just smiles at you, that you need to first and formost DO NOT come on to strong you'll either scare or intimidate her or make her think your a smug egotistical asshole trust me thats NOT a good thing.
Dont give in to her every desire one because she will take advantage of that quickly not all but most do. So know that you have your own limits. Love her not just in sexual ways but poetic romantic thoughtful ways. Dont be overwhelmed or let anything get in the way of what YOU want. Treat her with kindness and dont blow her off in front of your friends to make it look like you control the relationship..cause then ill have to kick your ass hehe.
Be your own person not who she wants you to be. When you have sex remember to use protection. (i know im not your mother but a friend of mine who is 15 is now pregnate.)
Understand im always here for you and will never leave you unless you ask me to.
I love you also my dear friend Nick!
Love always,
Nicole Ann Roscoe
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: had to say cheese lol couldnt resist!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: oh come on someone say something sheesh! i dont bite very much damn ppls!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: -.- smart ass so what did you think!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: okies....are you guys like that cowed by these things? *sighs* fine okies got the point LOSEN UP MY BUTTONS BABY!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *grins through the cheese then gives you a BIG ASS cheesy kiss!* http://youtube.com/watch?v=nni0zzCbVag&mode=related&search=
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Yes and you know it sadly though i have to go before i continue to hit on you *sighs* oh well be on tomarrow and i shall! muhahaha *cheesy kisses*
Sereto_Uesugi: sry had to fixt the internet again
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: ignore that one i just sent its a dud
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: okeis tensu say bye byes to your nicole (nikki) hehe okeis bye yall! *texan drawl* okies damn it tensu call me sometime im really bored.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: agreed!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: creepy O.O
ellesmera: hello anypone on.. well, there is.. lol. is tensu on???? n hows u nikki????
vampiriox / Vampiriox: arg dont these time zones things annoy you,
i rarly get to talk to ppl, cus im either so far ahead or so far behind atm its 4:30 over in britain
vampiriox: jeez 11:30 blody hell no wonder why ppl arnt on when imon, im too far aheead lol
vampiriox / Vampiriox: meh no one sucks i just think its all lame
Tyasuke / Tesu: hey sup everyone?
vampiriox / Vampiriox: The sky, timezones and boredom here
vampiriox / Vampiriox: dno bout anyone else thats just wats up my end
Tensu: well, the only reason I'm on, is because I currently am out of school until january, and even then I'm only at school four hours a day for three days a week.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Well my dear friend I call my journal, I had a fun yesterday with my aunt Deb. Wow I have a headache though. What we did was went out and got something to eat because she didn’t want to really cook that night. Also we went to get a tree.
Now the place we went to get a tree was at Hastings Nursery. It’s a place where they grow flowers and they have a tree farm near by (an apple orchard next door also).
Well we went into the “store” and I loved it! It smelled like pine and the trees where so beautiful and more than most where even taller than me! I know not a big deal but I loved walking between the trees its soft branches brushing against me. Well we decided on a 7 foot tree that had really soft pine needles. We loaded it in her van and then went to her house.
Well that was actually the best part…kind of. We unloaded tons of boxes of decorations from years ago (she has an ornament made in 78) I mean she has so much stuff we didn’t even have that much room to move things. Once she got the tree in I had to saw off the end of the tree with a dull handsaw, I looked so ridiculous! It was worth it though. Once we got the tree up I had to get on a ladder and clip part of the top off so we could see the angel. Then untangling the yards of lights was….fun…..
Anyway she works today so tomorrow I go over there and that’s when we start baking and wrapping the gifts. Well an update on Mrs. Naught and Mr. Monkey, we are now talking and laughing you can say though I have some other bad news but it doesn’t involve them.
This guy named Terry…says he loves me and shit but he has become obsessive.
Last night I got in a fight with him and we started yelling at each other so I hung up. So he kept calling and calling to the point I was almost in tears because it was late at night and I wanted to sleep. Then I got over 32 texts from him in about 5 to 10 minutes.
I called him and told him to leave me the fuck alone but he wouldn’t go away.
Most of the things he said that I didn’t tell Mr. Monkey or Mrs. Naught. But I started to cry last night he just wouldn’t leave me alone.
Well so far that’s the only update I have about him when I get more ill let you know but I threatened the ass saying that ill call the police on him for harassment but he just laughed in my face saying they wouldn’t do shit. Maybe he is right but shit never had a guy go all obsessive like this on me and it’s a bit scary.
Nicole Ann Roscoe
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: hey people! okeis i really hate honors english...considering....im lazy in that class lol we are learning about emerson fun let me tell you at least its not another fucking animal farm that is so annoying! anyways im here pretending i have something to do in the library as it is...CHEESE!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: blah! anyone on?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: -.- scared yall away again didnt i
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *plays with a thing of mistle toe and tries to eat it*
ellesmera / kane_vampire: what???
iu think im hyper on fudge hot chocolat.. o0
~~; im tired .. but im wide awake as well o0;
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *blushes at the kiss...then tackles you and smothers you with them!* hehe im finally home! i have a few minutes before group so i thought i would stop in and say CHEESE!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: why arnt you on yahoo sheesh man! *jumps on your head and curls up playing with your hair with dese tiny paws* hehe
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: hurry up and talk cause im walking to mental health and i have to be their at um 4 and yeah...blah!
ellesmera / Erika Snow: lol, wuu2 nikki?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: uh whoey?
ellesmera / Erika Snow: ?? whats everyone up 2????????
im eating cheese!!!!!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: making a poem with someone how does this sound?
bryan rocks: hate an ok topic?
nikki: everything is cool
bryan rocks: hate is like a ghost that moves through you
bryan rocks: your turn
nikki: its tendrils of frozen malice enter your viens and grips your mind.
bryan rocks: crippling it hooks your soul tugs and pulls. nulls and holds
nikki: No color but red as the moon weeps tears of silver your hatred burns up this atmosphere its oceanic waves smashing into those around you
bryan rocks: Rocks fall into the water. Ripples collect at the middle and break the foundings of your father
nikki: Reaching for those memorys long thought dead once risen again this monster now abides but you have no will for your will is consumed with this emotion, this sickness that has entered your soul.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: sounds good.. im making an rp.. plz check it..ill post the name in a mo
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: bryan rocks: Danceing under the moons trance. Your mindless body pants like a dog. Stiff as a log, But ready to strike when there is no fog
nikki: Your mind as clear as ever yet you cant see much infront of you the illusion that of what you wish to see comes over and fills you with a tempting jelousy.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: Poem Gamez.. try it
ellesmera / kane_vampire: well, gotta go.. at least av a look at it n ill be back in about 14 hrs..
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: bye yalls and stuffs (hill billy sounds)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: byes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tensu: Zzzzzz..........................
Mehndi Rose / Lior: HOLA AMIGOS! those are the only spanish words i know
Mehndi Rose / Lior: scratch that! HOLA AMIGOPS! lol youll get it if you watch Jimmy Nuetron
Tensu: I grew out of children's shows back in 8th grade.
Mehndi Rose: eh i have a little cousin who loves that show and i get stuck watching her and i cant watch my shows because she's too young
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: lol ya it is. and for porn there is lost of porn
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: hey back sadly
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Im sorry.
Im sorry that I put you in so much pain. Im sorry for all the disappointment that you stood to gain. Im sorry for the way it seems that I threw you away. Im sorry that when I cry I cant stop. Im sorry for being me. Im sorry for blaming you. Im sorry for not loving myself. Im sorry how you think of me. Im sorry how you treated me. Im sorry that you hurt me. Im sorry that I love you. Im sorry that I went away. Im sorry that I wasn’t there for you. Im sorry for running away. Im sorry for not being open to much. Im sorry for sharing to much. Im sorry for every scare I caused on my skin. Im sorry for wishing you would let me in. Im sorry I couldn’t take care of you. Im sorry that I hide away. Im sorry for all the horrible things I ever said. Im sorry for the times I couldn’t help you Im sorry for the way I was mistreated by you. Im sorry that you don’t know who I am anymore im sorry for all this change. Im sorry that I couldn’t keep all your tears away. Im sorry how I choose my words carefully before I speak to you because I do not trust you. Im sorry that I wish to stand with you yet you wish to fall alone. Im sorry that I took a chance and you tore my heart. Im sorry that I gave you everything and it wasnt enough. Im sorry that for every love song we ever sang fell like dust to the ground. Im sorry that I wasn’t strong enough to hold you up. Im sorry that I failed at keeping you safe. Im sorry I wasn’t the one you needed. Im sorry that I gave you heartbreak.
Im sorry how im beginning not to be sorry for all my mistakes.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: sad poem. added to my sadness. I'm in so much pain. but I like it. it made me sry a little. I say I'm sorry all the time. and I'm aslo crying from a bit of pain too. lol
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: its actually a letter i wrote to those who i hurt or who have hurt me lol
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: oh
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: lol
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: ya
girly101 / silver gates: hay tensu
girly101 / silver gates: im sooooooooooo bored no ones on or any rps im in!!u?
girly101 / silver gates: *is bored so much that sanity runs away,madly tries to catch it*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: back again sadly
girly101 / silver gates: it ok im bored so i understand
girly101 / silver gates: it ok im bored so i understand
girly101 / silver gates: im gonna get u drunk,get u drunk,wit all dat junk inside ur trunk
girly101 / silver gates: im gonna make u work,make u work
girly101 / silver gates: lol
girly101 / silver gates: okkkkkkkkk weird
girly101 / silver gates: *sigh*bored
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: cheese
girly101 / silver gates: lol what up nikki
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: going i guess *sighs* bye yall
Tensu: do I wanna know?
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: might peeps I got school tomorrow and I need some zzz
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: anyone on that i know?
girly101 / silver gates: ya
girly101 / silver gates: i haves to go tho.ttyl
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: okeis
nikita2u / Tristen: anyone on! trying to show shayne what to do but he is an idiot
Tyasuke / Tesu: heylo sup anyone to which who is on?
Tyasuke / Tesu: lol if u think im new its me Tenchu =P if u were refering to me
Tyasuke / Tesu: o then what was with the statement o.o;
Tyasuke / Tesu: o that sucks o.o;
Tyasuke / Tesu: i got 2 rpies on my mind to create but i have no idea how to put them into words v.v
Tyasuke / Tesu: what is it called?
Tyasuke / Tesu: crap i gtg cya
KotaNashi / Kenai: (I know your gone but..) hi tesu! (its kota :3) teehee seeya!
ellesmera / Erika Snow: i think i remember the previous red rose high's, they were good
Mehndi Rose: o.o i love your pic!
ellesmera / Erika Snow: lol, im actually updating it now. watch this space
ellesmera / Faustus: done it.. and pleace, call me elle *giggle
wat u all up 2
ellesmera / Erika Snow: (oh blah.. i hate that char....)
ellesmera / Erika Snow: ah.. (looking at your chars profile.. mildly perverted 0o :) lol) 10 days til xmas 4 me!!!! cant wait, getting a job hopefully.. £3.50 an hour...
Imaginth / Mage: It's been so long since I logged in! How has ES been with those hackers?
Imaginth / Mage: That's good. I need to get back in some RPGs. Any ideas would be nice. So, how is everyone? Or if it's just you two, how are you two?
Imaginth / Mage: I joined Rose Red, I liked the original and I'll go check out Behind Eyes and Dragon War. Thanks.
Imaginth / Mage: I have to go now, I'll leave one or two posts. Please don't leave me behind. I'll be on later tonight.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: gotta go
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j256/Muichini/tensu/
sry it took so long tensu but there a two pictures there. loo kat them there so funny and they remind me of you
Imaginth / Mage: Lol! Nice Tensu, having fun doing it?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: what happened while you were there. ad what is the navy like? and do you like the pictures at all.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: umm scratching your ass eh tensu? nice -.- hehe
Imaginth / Tika: Kitttttttty! I havent seen you in soooo long!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: foxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *tackles foxy*
Imaginth / Tika: *Rolls around with Kitty and then rolls catnip ball to you with paws*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *barys face in your fur sneezes and jumps on the ball landing on my head* oh foxy i gots something pretty to show you!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Tears of a starless moonlight, it’s gossamer wings spread over this world of enchantments. The unicorn’s diamond hooves are heard in the distance along with
each clash of the emerald waves.
Silently singing, the wind glides through, like that of silk on a child’s skin.
The jewels of amber flicker on and off as the lemon scent of moonflowers perfumes the cool spring air. Songs of enchantment howled by the leader of the wolves pack.
Birds nestled in the trees their soft down closes around their young.
The world of dreams open up as fantasy blankets the earth. Whispers of magic, and horrible spells. The crack of a dancing fire throwing glowing embers into the spring air.
Lovers embrace souls melted into one by the burning of their hidden passion. Soft moans and sighs as bodies move; slowly they become united in one form. Predators on the prowl their pray in sight, a beauty in their sculpted body, natures own lovers of the night grace flings forth with the pray which lays in a helpless heap gazing at its magnificence.
Sleep tight little one as I continue to sing this song of the night…
Imaginth / Tika: That was excellent! I could see the entire thing in my head. You are a very talented writer!! It kid of reminds me of a bedtime story, a really soothing one at that. *rubs against you swishing my tail lightly over your nose*
girly101 / silver gates: hay guys!!!!!!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *ish tickles and nibbles on your tail* thank you!
Imaginth / Tika: Hey Silver Gates.
Your welcome Kitty, you deserve it. *moves tail up and down along with your head and side to side*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: aw look what ash wrote me!
Ashlee Summers: well damn no hi hehe
Ashlee Summers: i did not see u on
nikki: oh thanks -.0
Ashlee Summers: i wrote you something my dearest
nikki: i wrote a poem also!
nikki: its like a bed time one!
Ashlee Summers: Don’t you fall little dove,
don’t you fall.
Hold strong baby girl,
hold strong.
Don’t you cry baby girl,
don’t you cry.
Close your eyes baby girl,
and leave this hell.
Open them,
and know all is well.
Rest your head my precious love,
and let your problems fade.
Let me take your pain,
and lift that bolder away.
Stay with me baby girl,
and please... don’t leave this world.
Baby girl... I love you.
girly101 / silver gates: hiya
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *sits on your head batting at your ears*
girly101 / silver gates: awsomes i loves that poem!!!!*takles nikki*
Imaginth / Tika: Cute poem as well. *goes cross-eyed trying to see you play with my ears*
What's up Silver? Life being good to you?
girly101 / silver gates: pretty good,as good as life goes u?
girly101 / silver gates: i gotta goes sadly,im at a freinds!!love ya all ttyl
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *ish tackled*
Imaginth / Tika: Bye then!
*rolls catnip ball in front of you*
Imaginth / Tika: Hey Tensu.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *jumps off your head hitting my nose on the floor..sits up and rolls on back playing with the ball* muahahahahahha *nibbles on tensu*
girly101 / silver gates: back lol!!!i was gone for 2 secs...so long rite?lol
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: YUPPERS! *TEAR*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: i miss laz and enrique and ryan and tensu and tenchi and rick and tim and and all the others i started to RP with
girly101 / silver gates: how long since u talked to enrique?
Imaginth / Tika: Tim as is Archerion? I haven't talked to him in soo long I think I'll call him up! lol
It was like an eternity waiting for you to get back Silver! I died seven times! (not reallllly...or is it? oO)
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: forever and no not that tim I MISS ENRIQUE THAT ASS WAS SUPOSE TO HELP ME WITH MY SPANISH dated him for a bit miss him lots!
Imaginth / Tika: Oh well, I don't know anyone but Tensu on that list then.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: yeah tensu is hawt
girly101 / silver gates: smeone can have a hot personality,i no for a fact..
girly101 / silver gates: smeone can have a hot personality,i no for a fact..
girly101 / silver gates: kool
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: TENSU GET ON YAHOO I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: okeis then the other guy i kept mixing you up with anyway GET ON YAHOO ITS SO FUCKING AWESOME!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: if my hair wasnt so curly it goes like way past my damn boobs i need a hair cut getting to long ugh!
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: woot tensu likes the picks. am I right in saying that they are like you or no. and I'm talking about the pciks I posted for tensu to see yesterday. and thanks for telling me about the navy a bit.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: that is weird. but I guessed the number of finders sme one was holding up 20 times in a row while it was behind there back and I had on no glasses.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: uh never mined and nice pick. guess what I came in second in a little tournament for uh the bamboo swords. shinta right I came in second. I'm so happy I learn so fast.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ya theres a lot of things on there. my mom doseon't like pictures on te computer so I keep like 100 on the computer and the rest go on photo. and I tihnk is shinta its the bamboo sword like the one yahiko has in rurouni kenshin
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: (smacks head) there are a few weird rp's being started
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: maybe or what about the people that type like this.
Hi My NamE iS SerETo aNd I tYPe WeIrD.
that annoys me. I like leet though . P|-|3R3 //3
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: okay I forgot again. and the orange I have has beter typeing kills then her.
it dosen't even type, but its better then her.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ugg. lets make it in to a training ground and remake it later. its better then suffering for three months
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: I saw. uhh I'll make a training ground things and help you a bit I guess, its better
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ya and when you type and talk you use " "
so its would be like:
sereto walked in to the room, she smiled and looked at everone, "its nice to see you" she smiled happly.
and never refert to your self as I always as your name. unless its in convertaion text or here.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: I have to see this this is going to be some funny
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: that was about when I first jpined and you messed wiht my first rp, you ididot (slaps tensu) had skill when I joined. look at the first post of white thief. onyl the first now tis like a laughing ro we hve sorta did omse stupid things wiht it
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: cause people use ** some times when they are typeing for things like this *kicks tensu in the crotch* things like that
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: britnay needs to do this too I think
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: you mite want to tell her how to read the first post
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: no it dosen't and sorry about the other rp thing it will fade, but I had like 5 ES windows open and that one so I kinda posted then I was like.......... shit.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: its me sereto and a little over a year most liekyl I wanted to improve my weiteing and spelling skills and this site has helped a lot
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: I am sereto I'm in another rp and I'm too lazy to swich between characters.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: is this better?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: yes
I have I think like six characters. four that I really use a lot they are:
sereto uesugi
and ichigo
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ehh sorry J I told you I had 5 windows open. I well hit send saw the date and was like. oh shit. I hit the bruse on my head from the shinai that hit me.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: past or things where I can make my character fly
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: k I have to watch a movie any way
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: any one here
Tensu: back.... well I guess wierd Rps like this is a change from the spamming RPs ment to discredit someone....
Imaginth / Vexa: Hey Tensu do you like or know of a series called Fate/stay night?
Tensu: I've heard of it, thought about watching it a few times, why?
Imaginth / Vexa: I was wondering if you knew one of the character's names, that's all. It's pretty good so far.
Tensu: Saber and Archer are the only two I can remember off the top of my head, give me a sec.
Tensu: Shiro Emiya
Tensu: Saber (Fate/stay night)
Tensu: There, that should help
Imaginth / Vexa: IIya is the one I was looking for, thanks. I had seen her name in the sub titles a few days ago, but couldn't remember it.
Tensu: Saber?
Imaginth / Vexa: No, the litte girl who controls the Servant Hercules.
Tensu: Her?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: cheese!!!!!!!!!
Imaginth / Vexa: Yeah, that's her.
Tensu: hello nikita, and before you ask, I'm not gonna get on yahoo.
Imaginth / Vexa: Kitttty!!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: ummm wasnt going to ask but okies anywho im swamped as it is look what this loser said seriously i hate this line!
djizzle0128: hey asl
nikki: *bashes head into the wall* that is the most annoying line known to man
djizzle0128: sorry
nikki: im 17 female michigan remember that cause it will be the last time i say that
nikki: dont be i just get it a lot sadly
nikki: and its annoying
djizzle0128: ok
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i mean *coughs* hiya! hehe
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: im the nikki bitch! *evil laughs*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: -.- so talkative...
Imaginth / Vexa: Sorry, half rping and watching a show. I hate that 'asl' thing too. If they want to know then ask one at a time and at different times in the conversation.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: omg someone just wrote me a poem! its so nummy! *smiles* thats so sweet of him.
delicious delicate fantasy,
under the fires warm glow,
seeing her body lay,
sprawled out,
in a star point…
as Icarus I fly,
circling the four directions,
my waxen wings flutter no more,
and send me,
of passions shelter,
my heart flown like Pegasus wings,
to the company of my goddess,
her spring form,
lovely if it were winter,
to take this bladed demon,
ad infernum,
my holy rite,
the budding of her life's flora,
aching to be germinated,
the trenches
where the magma settles,
and life comes forth,
the peaks,
where the rain of the goddess,
perpetuates the life cycle,
the lips,
from where her sweet words,
provide a symphony to my soul.
the aroma of rushing river,
and body sweat,
loosen the beast,
and let him forage,
among the fruited field.
the flesh as it nears and draws,
to cause the abyss to tremble,
and pour out brimstone,
the power of nature's goddess,
and the sacrament within.
her silken raven hair.
like night's church,
I seek to bless our senses.
as my heart earth shatters,
in ecstasy,
and horns bleat,
while the shadows play.
her in pleasure,
arching, aching, writhing, groaning,
the highest order of my desire.
Imaginth / Vexa: That was nice, good, and great choice of words. Unfortunately, I have to go now. I may or may not be back later tonight. Depends on what time it is when I get back from my date. Bye everyone!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: bye hun!
oh here are some other poems he wrote me!
Animal Roughness
clawing at you with my talons,
the beat of music, shamanistic,
my body taken over,
as you attack me,
tangling with you,
in flame ridden ecstasy,
ill chew on you,
bite into your peachiness,
drawing oozing red colors,
salty to the tongue,
you growl wickedly,
and take me into you,
viciously pounding me,
in rhythms,
seemingly hard enough to crack bone.
you cry out the name of the creator,
and unto me, my name,
as I do the same,
we both finish shaking,
in animal sweat.
michael valdez
To Explore such Beauty
embroidered masterpiece of the heavens
for such beauty intertwined in shapely curves
dare ye to call this sin?
I long to marry my flesh to yours,
snake my hand down into you,
unravel the gift so graciously given,
to impress my cerise velvet plumes,
upon your mounds, and between the chasms,
I shall be as Lewis and Clark,
to forage through the wood,
paddling the river of delight,
like Columbus,
sailing into the depths of your seas,
yes my love you are natural beauty,
and wondrous to explore
Imaginth / Vexa: Nevermind, a certain someone isn't ready for the date. (Mehndi) Now our boyfirends will have to wait, I don't think they mind really. They are watching the hockey game while we wait on her.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: yay! he is sweet omg he wrote me like so many damn poems hes a cutey!
Imaginth / Vexa: Are you going out with him? He seems to really like you.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: nope he does dosent he
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: ohoh look at this one!
o my love, dear, heart and soul...
I traveled many a path in the dark wood,
and now reflecting on those so called "loves",
to ever think I would be graced by such beauty.
you are my Eve my Helen
my souls only reprieve
affixed on your heart the sun
with a goldenness in it,
that none will trespass.
holding you with I as in a play
and you my eternal bride
in the ballet of life
as you gently ride with me
on a carpet of lucid dreams
grant me a kiss of Venus
I'd turn from the river Styx
longing for a taste
from your Dionysian lips
like Alexander you have conquered,
set your empire in my mind.
with the magic of the east,
the trials of the west,
from pole to pole,
it is you that makes this world.
to hear your voice call,
a gift to my ears,
and treasure to my mind
take this hand my only love
I'd tend to court as in the days of old,
like doves together above this earthy realm.
and then I shed my beastly robes
naked as the day we were born
you and I on a beach at night
with her majesty the moon
and stars to cloak ourselves in
the waves to pound our flesh.
'twas a man in disguise
whom you have so nobly found
with porcelain heart
no matter how fearsome the look
I give all to you for all its worth
from that day I said I love you
till love itself exists no more
you are the great sanctuary
guarded closely by seraphim
and nestled by cherubim
joyously reverberated through the wood
written elegance upon the stone
'tis my dogma my essence
the culmination of all my dreams
to have my heart given to you
for you to be my woman
and I your man
Imaginth / Vexa: Lol, Tensu if they asked you out willingly then you must have something attractive about you. But, hey, not really my place to say.
That is really cute of him! But if gets obssesive about it, then its creepy.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Tensu your an idiot you have tons of good quailites about you so shut up and take this as a compliment dont shrug it off your a kickass guy and any girl would be lucky to have or are dating you. So geesh man!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: ha! i love being aggressive
Imaginth / Vexa: Lol you're really good at it too.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: yeah i get that alot some ppls like it hehe anyway found another song that turns me on besides wings of steel.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: naw just iratating when nice people put themselfs down is all i guess *shrugs and plays with mistle toe nibbles it*
Imaginth / Vexa: And what song would that be? Wings of Steel was good too.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: umm hello allie? anyway its the lunitcs have by collide
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: alli why is it when i click on your name thingy it brings me to my page?
Imaginth / Vexa: Haven't heard it yet. Do you like the one song...trying to remember...Town of Hipocracy? Lostprophets made it.
Imaginth / Vexa: It does that to me too...it came right up to my page.
nikita2u: okeis just was curious anywho im so fucking in the *blank* now cause of this song.
Imaginth / Vexa: Hey Nikki, do you think curly hair or straight hair is better? I'm talking soft and simple curls and not pin straight hair, more like a nice semi straight hair.
Imaginth / Vexa: That's what I tried to tell my friend, thanks for the help. I think you mean Cosmotology, I know a couple people in that field as well. I can't do it though, I generally suck at it.
Imaginth / Vexa: Cosmo is hair, make up, manicure, pedicure, etc.
Imaginth / Vexa: A form of war paint? lol that happens to be the absolute best explanation I've heard from a guy. Sorry I kinda got kicked off temporarily by my dad. I have to go in like ten minutes so I will only have time to read whatever you posted Nikki. I'll comment later.
Imaginth / Vexa: Er, not comment. Nevermind, I was confused.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey people
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey I'm back
ellesmera / Sax (blue): u there still?
ellesmera / kane_vampire: gotta go, bye
Imaginth / Vexa: Hey everyone or no one.
Imaginth / Vexa: Gah, I have to go now. Stupid parents!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: hey honey how are you?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: hmm sounds interesting watching on youtube? wow i just looked at that dance dance dance one...a um bit uhhh weirdish i guess...erm
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *sighs* its a bit sad but hey i was like them once maybe they'll improve can i have the link?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: wanna see something weord tensu its called strawberry eggs and I was like wtf is this its so weird.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: blahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: okay
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: wow i watched something sad *tear* *huggles tensu*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: this is really sad lol *sighs*
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: lol
I have no head phones right now so I'll watch it later. email me the links later I'l too lazy to save it
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ya I am sorta watching something funny though
Tensu: hey
Tensu: bored and eating donuts.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: im creating my web site well designing it anyhow.
Tensu: moved up to white chedddar popcorn and watching anime.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: nummy i moved up to fucking this dumbass page up hehe
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: there all better
Tensu: ?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: oh sorry i fixed the page i was working on i needed discription and key words i messed up by adding three pics so i went back to two im using a yellow parchment background look called daisys and now im using roses to fix it up im on the seconed link page called Poetry.
Tensu: Ahhh.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: yup and i just messed up my table layout lol didnt think ahead so now i have to use a toggle and shit so yeah funnnn
Tensu: good luck.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: thanks love *kiss*
Sereto_Uesugi: hey I'm at school doing some stupid thing
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: bye teddy
Tensu: I'm not a teddy!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: you are to my teddy!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: yup your my squishy teddy!!!!
*nibbles on teddys ear like its cheese!*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: wow i actually like that post i just made in rayne.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: anyone on that i know?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Hope that kirk person is here cause i want to RP tensu you can still join if you wish as someone we meet on the way all you have to do is figure out where you fit in. i always wanted to do a semi serious RP with you cause even before me and you started talking i think that was before you left for the navy i always admired your skills as an RPer.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: do you now dis kitty? *jumps on your head*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: mmm cheese *bites you*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *sighs* who made that dance RP? cause its...eccentric....thingys...*sighs* anywho is anyone still on sheesh!
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: -pokes kish- course i know you kish !
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: yay! cause i missdedededededestestestessies you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ish poked the smacks you with a paw*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: then* hehe oh had to change my picture cause it got erases *tear*
Tyasuke / Tesu: o.o; lol i missed you to -huggles Kitty kish- you need to post in kudan i posted but you never did =3
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: did you restart it honey?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: dats me! *giggles*
Tyasuke / Tesu: i did o.o;
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: yay! do you want me to be nami again? i think i changed her picture though
Tyasuke / Tesu: its ok i dont mind yeah be nami though =P anyone see mehndi though?
Tyasuke / Tesu: you could make sophia another character in the rp o.o;
Tyasuke / Tesu: nothing against having 2 different characters in the same rp right?
Tyasuke / Kyoujin: alright
YukinoDarkness / Aphrodite: G2G two min bell rang ill be on after school wont let you down! *hugs and kisses* *smacks tensu* bye yall!
Tyasuke / Tesu: -huggles back- bye Kitty Kish
Ashuri: hey n e 1 still here?
Ashuri: waddup tensu?
Ashuri: me 2, i'm sick and stuck at home, the only kid in my town who's sick today so i have no 1 to talk to -_-'
Ashuri: ....okay...i'm delusional and talking to myself...well i'mma go now so if u do come back, bye! ^_^
Imaginth / Vexa: Who is around ES? Or shall I talk to myself about bubblegum and my dog Choco?
Imaginth / Vexa: I see how it is. Everyone on ES is reading this and waiting to laugh at me while I rant on to myself.
YukinoDarkness / Aphrodite: *laughs* god i love you! hhahhaha hehe hey whos on?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey people. I'm kinda sick
Imaginth / Vexa: Hey.
Imaginth / Vexa: What's up?
Imaginth / Vexa: Bye people!
Adon Galra / Rajan Alexander: Wow, this place has actually somewhat changed since my last visit. Sup new people.
Sereto_Uesugi: hey people
Imaginth / Vexa: Guten Tag I'm baaaack to kill you all this Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/Rammadan Season!
Imaginth / Vexa: gah bye!
Adon Galra / Rajan Alexander: you been here longer than four years? If not then you probabobly don't. Und wer sind sie, zum ich zu bedrohen?
Adon Galra / Rajan Alexander: nope, anyways I got finals, Seeya. Tchus
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *curls up on tensu's head and bats his hair with a paw*
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey tensu
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: whats with that anime its like porn my mom asked me if I'm gay!
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: dears thats the link you gave me. the email says inukami but the link is to dears. my mom is like watching me
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: I dedicat this song to tensu! *giggles* muhahahaha yesh its old deal with it :P
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: http://youtube.com/watch?v=aERDUf7YMZ0&mode=related&search=
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ya you should be sorry. she's going all insane saying my way of life is imoral and dirty and she going insane
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: omg i love journy dont stop believing yesh another old song but i love it!!!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: looking down the bolivared there shadows serching in the night street lights people...hiding somewhere in the night! (guitar)
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: dude I am so going to kill you later. she wants to send me to some place to make me correct, she's realyl religious and anti gayish.......... man she's annnoying
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: I didn't know she was awake. she was freeking snoring then she shot up asking if I was gay. I was like hoe can you see this from where I am sitting and why would I be gay.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: I am sorta bi. for like one person but thats cause of other reasons, that I will tell people if they want to know. but any way I just can't stand people telling me how I think why I think and why I do things.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: you adopted and tensu what the hell is your sexual prefrence. and I have selective hearing I am also my dads hunting dog cause I can hear the replys or animals and I can follow them quitely
YukinoDarkness / Aphrodite: *kisses dear ol tensu* bye my wounderous friends *giggles* love yall huggles and all that good stuffs!
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ya okay good. I was like from your last post 'is he bi' and that make me freek abit. but ya thats sounds a bit sad and if you tell me where the guy is I can snipe him off. there should be a gun in this house wiht that abality
Sereto_Uesugi: me sorta, I'm at school again
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: i am to
Sereto_Uesugi: okay well there are people that are here at least.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Tensu? are you still here? umm anyone here? someone! hello ello ello ello (echo) anyone one one one....CHEESE EESE EESE EESE your a dumbass ass ass ass asss NO YOUR A DUMBASS ass asss assass YEAH IM BORED!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *huggles and kisses your cheeck* hey hun whats up?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: i dont know why but i keep looking at that dance on and "tears coming down there cheeck" is in every fricken post! i want to like help them cause its that sad but then i cant cause i dont want to offend people but that is plain horrible/really just plain horribley bad! *sighs* gahhhh! its like an insult to this site...wow im a bitch today...yup PMSing gatta love Birthcontrol...y dunno just do anywho.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: omg i have a nephew named Ezekiel we call him zeke and he says im his girlfriend or his wife and he is only 1 years old its sooo cute!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: wow takes forever for shit to load on these dumbass comps. anyway im going to be here in study hall hope to see you i dont have to go yet but i will in a bit.
nikita2u / Kanku Re: Sorry yeah um shuting up yeah uh im a ganna go now see you in study hall and stuffs if i said its because im bi polar that i did that? or is that another lame ass excuse hehe bye yall.
Linzi: hey everyone, can people please join the rp 'unforgton fairytale'?
nikita2u / Namashi Kish: you have to admit that is an awesome pic!
nikita2u / Carolina: Hello! why do ihave a feeling im talking to MYSELF!
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey people I'm back
nikita2u / Carolina: Thank you tensu im decideing to redo all my charactors well mostly all and start new RPs with em since the ones i am in are slowing down again.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ya I like hashiki's too in a weird ways. its different
nikita2u / Carolina: i know i thought that pic was awesome and since i dont normally play evil people i thought why the hell not
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: its not that evil though
nikita2u / Carolina: true just twisted baby steps here lol
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: not even that is completly nice
nikita2u / Carolina: Namashi Kish is my fav though anyway im bored now.
nikita2u / Carolina: umm the chick underwater is completely nice??O.O
nikita2u / Carolina: i know im waiting for her to post so i can post something
nikita2u / Namashi Kish: you have to admit its a vast improvement to there RP though.
nikita2u / Namashi Kish: ok i just read the post she put up...i think im ganna cry....anyway i just have to remember i was like that once have to its like yup i was horrible omg read what she put!
nikita2u / Namashi Kish: well i have nothing better to do might as well try to "improve it" considering you just hit me with a golf ball and im lieing prostrate on the bathroom floor thanks to that damn toilet. *sighs*
nikita2u / Namashi Kish: well tech. im not helping im annoying so yeah lol
nikita2u / Carolina: okeis this is another awesome picture!
amanda99737 / Annie: correct Tensu
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *sighs* im bored dumbass RP's can never stay active long can they.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Virgins suicide is a depressing movie. and very confusing
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *sips cup of hot coa coa and burns tounge*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: I never had a dream come true till the day that i found you even though i pretend that i moved on you'll always be my baby i never found the words to say your the one i think about each day and i know no matter where life takes me to apart of me will always be with you....
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: I can tell. you were bored. my mom was on the computer and it was acting up so no one was aloud on it.
Sereto_Uesugi: hey people I am here for a small amount of time
Imaginth / Vexa: Hi
Imaginth / Vexa: I like that picture. Life being fair to you?
Imaginth / Vexa: Oh I've seen that picture before I might of saved it to my computer as well. I wanted to use it once but I decided against it. And no I won't shoot you for saying coolies. I'll just act like it never happened.
Imaginth / Vexa: Is it just me or is anyone else tired?
Imaginth / Vexa: Same where I am but today just dragged.
Imaginth / Vexa: No the only thing I did today was crotchet and move from class to class. Well, I'm going to go crash on the couch and probably watch some mindless television show.
Imaginth / Vexa: I vote scavange for food on a break or fansub. I'm going to go now, bye.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey people
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: I bet I know who you are
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: aw shit not this crap again
nikita2u: A rare oddity, one of such profound uniqueness,
A solid gem, among the fools gold, so ungraciously worn.
A compromise you wish to make to seek the ends of old.
The terror and plight the horror and spite all linked together with
The colors of rubies.
Oh gems of peaks I wish to bind you to myself with this
Diamond stone. Forever marriage entrapment despite the horrors
Of tomorrows light.
Seek what shall not be found. Bind what shall not be bound.
Hunt what shall not run away.
Carelessly throw these thoughts away.
A game piece of chest one so intricately made. Move the queen and
You’re in check mate. Cross the lines pawns are nothing reach your goal of
Ultimate destruction. Crying falling flames abound. Nightmares wash
The world in fear. Haunting satanic sounds pass my lips I caress each word
With a loving tongue. Teach and be taught harbor then bought. Hated with love
Melted with fires of unjustly goods.
Brimstone, sex, wandering eyes. Fingers grabbing, backs arching, moans escaping.
Oh wondrous humans, oh fatuous Demons. Walk on long limbs of histories. Repeat follies of old and new come together as I come unglued. Boundless wonder, enchantments galore, wandering spirits wandering whores. SPEAK! I command that out of you my slave. WORSHIP! This ground on I walk on today. SWEEP away this thoughtless attitude. BOW down to the mastery of my craftsmanship of this decade. I weave a spell so tightly made you cannot help but never wish to escape so made with loving hands of heartfelt bearings of fruits you wish to caress with your lips.
Oh wandering knight, prince of mine. I am your doom but do you honestly wish to fight this destiny this heartless hopeless plight of hatred coldness yet a peek of light? Do you honestly wish to run and hide? From this glory I offer this whore that is lain on a stone offering to you to keep you here? Oh does the sin of this sexual desire attract you more or make you wish to fly away on those broken wings? What comes to your mind my love as you read my coldhearted words?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hey people guess what I got hacked
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: was I in inyasha thing?????? or was it the hacked me. my friend is working on a program to hack him. and make his computer smoke.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: maybe I should deleate sereto and use something eles for a character like this. but sereto is kinda like my name. my teachers call me that.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: that rp sounds intresting
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: I'm staying out of that rp then
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: lol
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: where are you going tensu
the heartless / Sin: hmmmm, is there anyone that remembers me, are i know here......hmmmmmmm its been so long.....ok 3 months isn't that long on my watch lol
the heartless / Sin: nothing is there anyone that remembers Ryan?

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