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Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: O.o tensu said the word sexy. THE WORLD IS ENDING!!! (starts running in circles and gradualy get s closerto a wall and runs into it bouncing off)
nikita2u: HELLO
Imaginth: I just got on who else is roaming around here?
Imaginth / Yukiri: Was that directed towards me? If it was I have no clue how to join in that rpg.
Ashuri: hey every1 long time no c!
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: yo stippers
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: I like to come in and say something inapropeat
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: my friend used that pic about a year ago
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: y's
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: you remind me of the retarted kid next door
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: okay
the heartless / Orim: so is anyone on
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: its two days before christmass what do you think?
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Hey peoples! Who's here, what's up? Anyone go through their gifts? Not done shopping? anything interesting at all?
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: You gave them or got them?
the heartless / Orim: oh gave, i gave 15 or about 15...I duno who counts =P
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: lol, I absolutely lost track of how many I gave and got. All I know is that the commercialisim of Christmas lost its meaning 100% for me this year.
the heartless / Orim: lol, all I know is a spent about 250$ on presents lol, 3 months work lost in one day lol
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Yeah I know what you mean! I blew about $300 this year on gifts. But my friends spent more because they decided to just give me my Christmas and Birthday presents all at once this year.
the heartless / Orim: lol, my parents are the only ones that give me a gift for B-day or Christmas, sometimes my aunt.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: I'd give you one if I knew you. I have to go for awhile but I'll be on later today! Bye!
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Scratch that my brother doesn't want to go on so I get to stay on.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: my parents make things weird
the heartless / Orim: lol
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: over my entire life I have went thru pain on ever holiday some point in my life.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Hasn't everybody though? I mean, what's a holiday without fighting and throwing of pie?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: normaly it endes with me getting the crap beat out of me or something and me running out of the house and
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: You have my sympathies for having such a horrid holiday. However, I'm sure that you are better than those who beat you or upset you. I do hope your holdiay season will be better this year, unfortunately it isn't in my power to make it so.
the heartless / Orim: lol sounds like me at my dads house....only thats daily basis
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ya my dad is an ass and thanks X-mas was ruined two years ago but I was out in the cold for two days durig a snow storm on new years
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Aren't you both stronger though? Without the things that go on in your lives you wouldn't be who you are.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: with out these things, I wouldn't try to drink them away, or od, or cut my seld till I cry.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Those are your choices to drink, OD, and cut. They are fueled by the things you endure, but in retrospect you cause those cuts, hangovers, and ODs. Why demean someone such as yourself to those things?
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: cause I want pain to go away, and I want to punish my self for all the things that get blamed on me. my dad is a ford and him getting a package is my fault cause he had to look after me instead of go to school that was what he said
the heartless / Orim: lol my dad has been named by the state, satan, he beat the shit out of his neighbors one time, and my mom, and my bro, and me.....ever sence i was 3.........I wana kill that man so bad. oh and I have to go to court this christmas again.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: sounds like fun. I don't tell any one I just try to do things to help me feel better.
the heartless / Orim: its like a mountain its hard going up, but then you just slide down when you get to the top.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ya I hate things like that. I had a chance when I was 9 to get away from him but I lied to the school saying that the hand prints on my neck, the bruses were fom a table. I would have been moved to england if canada if I told them the truth
the heartless / Orim: All things happen for a reason, you will see as u grow up.
the heartless / Orim: I love the rain it washed away all the problems =P
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: I'm 16 I think things have reached there peek
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: smart
the heartless / Orim: I love to lay out in the street, or the driveway and just let the rain poor on me.
the heartless / Orim: ok life sucks, hell sucks, dosen't matter, life gose on shit gose away, things get better or worse, we all die at the end, the only thing that matters is do we go to hell or heaven
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: ya. I'm not notised by any one cause I'm so quite and I act happy it worrkys one of my frineds a bit, but I grew up whne I was about 8 when my dad choaked me till I passed out.
the heartless / Orim: poor thing.....I have heard so many sad stories, I just don't care anymore, my life sucks your life sucks, life sucks, everyone knows it, anyway, just live, just push, dont stop and look back, cause when u do you will turn to a statue of salt. Some of us chose to stop walking threw the thorns and vines, knives and blades, gashes and wounds, but others chose to close their eyes tighten their fist and walk threw the pain, regaurdless of the fact they are alone.
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: lol ya and well I some times stop doing my work at school or something
nikita2u / Namashi Kish: up came the sun and dried out all the rain...
YukinoDarkness / Aphrodite: and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.
nikita2u / Tristen: Smile Please.
nikita2u / Tristen: *giggles* okies!
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: you make one
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Everyone!
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: hi
nikita2u / Tristen: DARRRENNN DARRENNN DARREENNN! *tackles him to the ground* IM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!! oh and i made that rp you wanted.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: How are you today? Faring well, I hope.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: *tackled to the ground* Haha! Hello to you too, Niki! What is the title of the RP?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Bite me? Why would you want to do such a thing to me? *innocent face*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, I apologize for that. ; My free time seems to be getting shorter and shorter. And what character should I be in this new RP?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I think I'll pass on THAT one, Cry. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I think...?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Would you like me to make up a new character, or just RP as Darren? (It's been really long since I've RPed, so I'm a little rusty. ;)
Sereto_Uesugi / sereto uesugi: if anything is made by sereto after this post its the hacker not me okay.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Sorry I left unexpectantly, somethings came up. Back for about half an hour or so.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmm....it seems as though we have an immature little hacker on our hands.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: I can't tell when you're hacked or not.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: just do what I told you to do kay if there are no characters for him to attack then he won't do it to you any more
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: that person dose it to me all the time. tensu and me, thats why tensu gets so pissed.
Sereto_Uesugi: aren't we all
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmmm.....maybe...you should change your password? Just a suggestion.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: there is a glitch in the Psc or html code for this thing and people can take advantage of it and copy your character to there own username. thats why if you deleate all your characters they can't bug you
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Oh, Wow. Now I believe I may be getting a little pissed. All I wish to do it RP in Heartless, and someone is screwing it up.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: we can tell the difference between the two people
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmm....let's try the RP this one once more, shall we? I have made a new one called Heartless & Cold. I'll start off from where we ended....
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: **this WAY
Mehndi Rose / Devin: -_-' This hacker is starting to get annoying.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I am still on, Niki. I just posted.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: I have to go now. Talk to you peoples later!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmm.....
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: My my, it seems as though the hacker has anger issues.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: What I said? I meant literally, the hacker has anger issues.
Valle_Siddious / Mystery Man: I haven't had any problems with the hacker yet.
It's quite weird....
I just don't want to get involved.
Valle_Siddious / Mystery Man: I've been on for quite some time and haven't been bothered.
Long enough for two RP's.
I'm the creator of ZOMBIEZ 1 & 2.
I may not be on all of the time, but enough to where if a hacker wants to fuck with me, he could.
Valle_Siddious / Mystery Man: I try to keep a low profile.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: i would love to lol. I guess this asshole is only seeing me as a sex object *sighs* i dont know the virgin whore lol nice ring. Well hun i have to sign off for a bit and im bored so im going to send you a PM ignore it if you want or do what ever you wish with it. i dont know when i can be on though. *sighs*
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: I'm back and nothing seems to be moving so I assume no one's around.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Cool, what's up?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: missing myself and sad umm you?
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Screaming that I hate Christmas, and how do you miss yourself and what makes you sad?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: i miss being me and im sick of being considered a sex toy lol long story but thats just me.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: If it makes any difference I don't think you are a sex toy.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: What? oO
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Thank you lol *giggles*
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: You're welcome. And are you doing anything special this season?
I'm not in Mis-fits.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Sounds more interesting than my holiday. Hope things are fun for you.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: What's a bonito?
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: So basically we are your beautifuls?
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Thanks In Germany we have this thing called a "Du Friend". When someone tells you that you can call them Du (means you in German) it is the upmost respect. It means you are friends forever and you can't be better friends.
Want to be one of my Du Friends?
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: I live in Germany. Of course I know another language!
the heartless / Crises: this is my WW2 character
Anyway I don't do this for just anyone, only people who are special in my eyes
this is my photobucket account, scroll down abit and there are 4 pictures of WW2 girls, can you pick 1 =P
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Guten Nacht, Friends! Wie geht es Ihnen?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: In other words, Good night friends! (like, Good day) How are you?
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Ich bin gut danke. Und Sie? (brb too)
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Ich bin ziemlich gut Danke.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Alright, back to english.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Froh, es zu hören. Wie ist Ihr Tag gewesen?
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Aww, that was fun you're the first person on ES that can speak German.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, well that's because I've been to Germany.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Ah, did you enjoy your stay?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: (Mein Tag war gut.Und ihres?)
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Yes, I did. It was a great trip.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I'm back ish
the heartless / Crises: lol Im so lost right now
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Where did you go in Germany? (Mein Tag war ausserdem gut. Dank für das Bitten.)
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: We are speaking in German, if you can't understand us then sorry. Find a translator or just ask, we aren't saying anything bad about you.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: what??
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: well talk in english then
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I first went to Brandenburg, then I traveled to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern then Hasse.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: (Mein Vergnügen.)
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Bradenburg had really good Wurst and I live in Munchen, Oktoberfest Capital. I have never seen so many beer brewers in one place!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Bradenburg has excellent Wurst. German is very well-known for it's Beer. It's insane how many people drink it there! And how much they drink, too! They even have beer festivals.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: I know, and the age limit is on 14! I have lived half my life in America and the other half in Germany. When I moved back a couple months ago I had forgotten about the age limit. And school is insanely hard!!!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha. German's are very smart.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Well, sort of. Either they get straight 1's or straight 6's.
the heartless / Crises: I want to Recreate my Book of War series
with a new name and do exactly like Book of War
1 = medivel times (swords and bows and stuff)
2 = modern times (or somewhat like WW2)
3 = Future times (space ships and stuff)
like that
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Sounds cool, I'd probably join. I'd have to make some new characters though.
the heartless / Crises: whats your email archi
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: You can reach me by this email:
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: ...hmmmm...I wonder where Nikki is?
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Oh...I feel dumb because I didn't notice. Now that you say that I do wonder where she went...
And why do you want my email?
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: I'm going to bed night!
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: hi people
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good night Archiel! Guten Nacht!
the heartless / Crises: well I sent you the stuff for the rp, anyone else want to reserve a spot in my new rp tomorrow
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Sereto.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: what rp
the heartless / Crises: im recreating Book of War with a new series
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmm...I am officially bored.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hum..dee...dum...I hate talking to myself.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: hey cry did you get everything fixed
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: well not to make you sader but I'm leaving soon
Ashuri: hi is n e 1 still on?
Ashuri: hey waddup
Ashuri: ...okay sure
Mehndi Rose: Good afternoon everyone.
Mehndi Rose: Since no one's on I'm leaving. I have no idea if I'll be back on later.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello and good afternoon everybody!
Ashuri: so is n e one here....again
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I am here.
Ashuri: hey darren long time no see, how is ur xmas eve going?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Pretty Good. How is yours going?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Ah, Good afternoon Nikki. How are you?
Ashuri: Hi nikki and so far mine sucks, instead of spending xmas like a family in our home, my rents want to go to a hotel, how dull is this gonna be, but n e ways i gtg and pack, we're leaving in like 40 mins, so bye every1, Happy Ramahanuquanmas, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Is that so? I hope you have a wonderful time, Nikki.
nikita2u / Namashi Kish: i dont know why but im jumping through my charactors i guess im that bored. Wow i came a long way this year darren it amazes me sometimes if i look back at who i use to be and this ONE year how everything changed.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *sighs*
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: heye fellow strippers and whores
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: sry I always do stupid things like this when I first get on. I called everone gay one time too. I'm gonna use that again
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: nm just messing around on myspace
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: http://www.myspace.com/wuzzie_duzzie
I make my own layouts and I have to remake mine and redo all the songs I think.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I know there were too many idiots on it and spamming me and it was pissing me off.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I have din din brb
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: back
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good evening, everyone. How are we today?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: depressed how about you :)
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Ah, I am faring well. Thank you for asking.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: thats good. my mom is like really just depressed and she's lost it a nd it feeds my own. she talks about things making me feel like its my fault and that I should die so I don'y bother her. its reall annoying.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hmmmm, yes I'd imagine that would be slightly irritating.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: ya but how is everything where you are? are you haveing a happy holiday?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, Not quite. But at least I'm still living.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: whats happening sounds kinda not fun?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I have to go get ready and wrap things see ya.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Farewell until we meet again.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: hey homo's whats up
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello to you too, Sereto.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: This place isn't too lively tonight, Haha.
the heartless / Orim: *shoots at you but misses and hits a terrorist trying to distroy the world* DARNET I MISSED
Adon Galra: well this is odd, ever RP i join is abandond. What's up with that?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: hey homo's how ya going?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I'm too tired to read all that just tell me what is going on
Black Angel: ladadada
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I did
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: sleepys
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I'm not gonna be on long today.
Sereto_Uesugi: I got $250 thats it
Black Angel: I have the nickleback CD and the Queen greatest hits CD
Sereto_Uesugi: nice
Sereto_Uesugi: I see that, good for you, wanna a candy?
Sereto_Uesugi: I never have I was just being an idiot
Mehndi Rose: Hey, Merry Christmas! What did everyone get? I got a Wii.
Mehndi Rose: Cool, I got some Japanese Tea Cups, Noodle Bowls, and some like Japanese Jewlery Box. I also have been playing Twilight Princess for Wii for the past like 4 hours, lol!
Mehndi Rose: Thanks . Did you have to go to church today?
Mehndi Rose: Neither do I, I am suprised that not many people go anymore. Yet, we still get stuck in church traffic.
Mehndi Rose: Ugh, good luck with that! Hey, I', being challenged as the reigning champ of bowling so Merry Christmas!! (or whatever you celebrate) Bye!
Imaginth: If I'm not too late, I'll rp with you. That is if you're still here.
Adon Galra / Revan Maxwell: bah humbug(I got a wii)
nikita2u: May i ask who tried to restart this?
Me_and_a_half: sorry that would be me
nikita2u / Tristen: why?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: hey strippers how art though
Imaginth / Mage: Hey nice work did you make it on the spot?
Imaginth / Mage: Lol, nothing really. I got stuck in Twilight Princess for Wii so I came online. What's up with you then?
Imaginth / Mage: Same here, except I tuned it out mostly.
Imaginth / Mage: Cheese in a Can.
Imaginth / Mage: Lol! Bread in a Can...where is that from?
Imaginth / Mage: Ok, I'll go read it.
Imaginth / Mage: LOL! That was great!
Imaginth: hi!! im posting from my wii!!!
Sereto_Uesugi: you can get on the internet from your wii?
Imaginth: yeah im on now actually
Imaginth: is anyone on?
Sereto_Uesugi: kinda. how much dose it cost to use the wii to get online
Imaginth: its free because you can download it from the wii for free
Imaginth: hey! welcome back
Adden Lee / Anita: hi all. how be things?
Imaginth: great now that my wii has the internet, how are you?
Imaginth: glad to hear it kish
nikita2u: what the hell is going on!
nikita2u / Tristen: im shaking so bad i think im going to pass out.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: why am I and tensu always targeted for these kind of things
nikita2u / Tristen: Because everyone loves you guys.
Tensu: The ass of a hacker is back, look at the nameless Rp and you'll see what the current events are for this round of things.
nikita2u / Tristen: Hey sexy
nikita2u / Tristen: sorry that this is happening.
Finnigan: More drama, confusion, and spam. That's why I don't go to the ES Chat or here on a regular basis. You got to have a low profile. The only places that you are safe from this crap are the forums and your poetry. Poetry can be a lonely place, since people are just getting stingy with the comments. I'm pretty sure that everyone likes Nikki too. All I have to say in the non-meanest way is, "sucks to be you two".
Tensu: Thanks finn, your making me feel that much better.
nikita2u / Tristen: your sweet fin and since im in a moody kind of thing give me a link to your poetry and ill give you a comment. Just dont be offended i tend to make long ass ones that are honest.
nikita2u / Tristen: im going to do something stupid but im sick of seeing those dumbass things up so ill get rid of them well of this chart at least.
Finnigan: Hahaha, the longer they are, the more happy I am. I tend to put long comments on others too. Choose one of them, but not the latest. It's kinda cruddy. Maybe the "10 ways..." one.
What can I say Tensu, it's the truth.
nikita2u / Tristen: im pulling up old rps hold on love i got the tensu one off so im working on bonita,
nikita2u / Tristen: there we go. ok fin ill go to your page.
Tensu: I was wondering why I was seeing relics rising from the grave...
Sereto_Uesugi: I though people hated me on here thogh. most people don;t even really know who I am?
Sereto_Uesugi: okay
Sereto_Uesugi: uh.. hi
Tensu: back, has he shown back up yet?
Sereto_Uesugi: idk I'm just kind of sick of it. I'm not that famous on this site really. why am I a target.
Tensu: I think your a target because he's after me and you are a friend of mine, same with PrincessofDark.
Tensu: why would anyone willingly do that?
Tensu: good enough for me.
Tensu: I may remake an old Rp you resurected to push down those spam RPs, it was called Eternal Blue, but I've gotta redo the storyline if i remake it.
Tensu: *kisses and hugs from behind while resting chin on your sholder.* Hey Set-chan, do you have anything against PDA?
Sereto_Uesugi: wtf, and what about pda like the hand held or something
Tensu: public display of affection, if you have a problem with it, I'll cut it out with Nikki-chan.
Sereto_Uesugi: I was just wondering who it was twords thats all. and what about a pda my dad broke moine a few years a god
Sereto_Uesugi: *ago
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *sighs* cheese.
Sereto_Uesugi: what about chese
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Nothing just...cheese. Im out of it dont mind me lol
Tensu: of course you wouldn't mind Nikki-chan, your the one I'm giving it to. also, I remade the RP, let me make the first post before you join.
Sereto_Uesugi: I'm kind aof well I think too out of it to rp. but I could try if you want me there
nikita2u / Carolina: okeis honey. Thank you! *hugs*
Sereto_Uesugi: I'll get one of my characters to play the clueless one
nikita2u / Carolina: ummm cheese? anywho i didnt really know what to post but i put that hope its ok.
nikita2u / Carolina: brb im sorry getting kicked off so sorry! brb!
Sereto_Uesugi: any one here
nikita2u / Carolina: im back!!
Imaginth: Hey everyone who might be on. Or hey to everyone who might actually have a life over Holiday vacation and are not roaming around the internet talking to people.
nikita2u / Carolina: hey hun,
Imaginth: Hi, I like your new character.
nikita2u / Carolina: thank you im just waiting for people to post in tensu's new RP its awesome actually.
Imaginth: Last time I tried to enter in an Eternal Lunar Blue RPG Tensu made I bombed it borribly. lol
nikita2u / Carolina: really how?
Imaginth: Well I tried Wikipedia to get an understanding of it and I must of not understood it properly. So when the time came for me to post all my posts were wrong in some manner and eventually it died.
nikita2u / Carolina: ah well im at a disadvantage to cause i have no idea what it is cause i never heard of eternal blue but im trying my best and i actually love the plot line. Im assuming im now playing the part you use to play.
Imaginth: Most likely, but I would rather be RPing in something I won't wreck.
nikita2u / Carolina: i agree but i always wanted to RP with tensu so this is going to be fun! yay!
Imaginth: Lol, I've been in a lot of RPs with Tensu. Well it is my turn to go play Zelda for my Wii so I'll bbl! Have fun RPing with Tensu!
nikita2u / Carolina: hope he gets on soon and thanks love.
girly101 / silver gates: hayss n e 1
girly101 / silver gates: hayss n e 1
girly101 / silver gates: im so bored
Imaginth: I don't think I can help, sorry.
girly101 / silver gates: lol thats okie
girly101 / silver gates: people plz check out
nikita2u / Carolina: i just called my ex...tim...my ex....wow.....im stupid
Mehndi Rose / Aussa: Why?
nikita2u / Carolina: he asked me to...im in shock...i call tim...tim...Tim...the tim...i called HIM...ME...wow...and yeah im in shock....did i say that? oh i did. sorry forgot what i wrote...i called him...wow.
nikita2u / Carolina: yeah i think im ganna be sick...cause he is calling me back...wow.
nikita2u / Carolina: im going to go okies yeah im ganna go and take a bubble bath and maybe drown myself...wow.
Mehndi Rose / Aussa: Okay, sorry it took so long to reply. I'm busy, check your pms when you get back.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I r bored and I r high. ENTERTAIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: *watches rolling across the floor* wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fun, magnum sharpie
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: y
I'm really dizzy
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: there was this weird one but I can't rember name. think was strawberry eggs or something idk I too wwwwwwweeeee to thinks
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: is it with these people in a uh......... like renting rooms and they are trying to like uh, idk. is there a crazy old lady bouncing around
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I wonder if there is any one on that would like a yaoi rp or somtehing
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: I was gonna make a private school one or osmething like that. give it a plot. not 'screw screw screw' something more normal. but no one is on so whats the diff
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: that was me lol
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: not really kuri is the main maile. ryou is just for this one rp that I made thats still alive.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: yep I know that .what happened to that rp that we were in that you made the other day.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: are you like a stalker to know that or something?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: the one where I used zerosu and it was wiht this girl that you found in a crystal or osmething
Me_and_a_half / Aka: can someone plz join the darkness!
Mehndi Rose / Aussa: Hey people, if that is your true race.
Mehndi Rose / Aussa: Oh woops, I'm in Mehndi's profile, hold on and I'll change.
Imaginth / Mage: Much better.
Imaginth / Mage: How goes it?
Imaginth / Mage: That's Amy Lee from Evanescence. And hi Safire. And Tensu that is a very wacky simile.
Imaginth / Mage: Oh and Safire I'm looking to join that Micah RPG of yours, but how would you like me to post? You are the main character obviously, but you use it in the format of the book I assume. Should I write my posts using I or do you care?
Imaginth / Mage: Alright, I'm going to go take a shower then I'll join. If my mom comes up with some wacky reason why I am not allowed back on the computer you can count on a post tomorrow.
nikita2u / Carolina: hey backessssssssssssssssss im out of shock and im really sorry about that suddenly leaving just suprised at my stupid ass hehe.
nikita2u / Carolina: yup way over the asshole not worth my time so yeah. im better! yay! asshole is gone and now im back!
nikita2u / Carolina: anywho now that im over myself can you post in Blue.
nikita2u / Carolina: no not that tim that was caleb i though she was dating him? i talk to caleb all the time no tim is a dumbass ex.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: this one use this sand box
Me_and_a_half / Aka: may i know if theres anything i may join?
nikita2u / Carolina: miss me!
nikita2u / Carolina: guess not sheesh. =.=
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: hey gay people what up?!
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: lol in what?
The Creator: well, im sorry it is so boring on here. i dont know if anyone has been on for a few dayz so ive been off.
The Creator: im freakin tired, i havent been to bed yet...ive been creating a comic book. its long work!
Tensu: yo.
The Creator: me? im 16...turning 17 in may...why?
The Creator: srry ill be back...i gotta go to the store. aw i see...well uill be back on soon. bye.
nikita2u / Carolina: hey i made a comic book once! i made it to make fun of a friend of mine but he loved it so kept making it until i had to move to hastings *laughs* good memorys.
nikita2u / Carolina: in a bit im ganna make me some ramen if no one is on!!!! sheesh i miss ppls
nikita2u: HELLLLLOOOO!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: My mom wants me to come over and get drunk with her for the new year and she is acually going to give my lil cousins and brothers alchole the youngest is 5 her name is sophia lol thats where i got the name.
Mehndi Rose / Hiita: Helllllo?
girly101 / silver gates: hay mehndi
girly101 / silver gates: u still there?
Mehndi Rose / Hiita: Yep, just distracted. What's up?
girly101 / silver gates: nm just bored.tryin to clean at the same time-watchin tv so at commercails i do
Mehndi Rose / Hiita: Oh sounds like so much fun to clean! *sarcasm* I am bored as well and I can't find a good picture for a new character I want to make. If you want you can enter The darkness like I did. Sort of just show up, lol.
girly101 / silver gates: i did to lol,so whats up?o wait allready asked that*hits self in head*oops
girly101 / silver gates: so boredddddddddddddddddddddddd
nikita2u: hello?
PrincessOfDark / Scarlet-Rose: hi
Mehndi Rose / Hiita: hey
the heartless / Orim: Can I use Orim =P
nikita2u / Tristen: you are cuddly! okies okeis what about..PUPPY! o.o
nikita2u / Tristen: of course you can be anyone and anything basicly this isnt one of those to serious RPs i make to much of those so i wanted to just relax a bit and make this.
nikita2u / Tristen: posted in the black stones like i said i would hun.
Mehndi Rose / Aussa: Me=bored.
Mehndi Rose / Aussa: Hi Azuna/Tensu. What's up?
Mehndi Rose / Aussa: Hi Bored, my name's Bored too. (I feel so pathetic saying that.) I am going to take a shower, I'll be back later.
the heartless / Orim: I like cheese, and bacon
nikita2u / Tristen: http://youtube.com/watch?v=4ppQb71Ow I LOVE THIS SONG!
the heartless / Orim: I think Ima go play WOW later
nikita2u / Tristen: anyone im bored someone think of something to do im like this close to being like gahh! *wraps tensu in a soft blanket and kisses his forhead*
the heartless / Orim: lol
nikita2u / Tristen: *huggles heart* love ya guys see ya tommarrow. Sleep well sweet dreams and no nightmares Honeys. *blows you a kiss*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good afternoon
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Or maybe for others, Bad afternoon.
Imaginth / Yukiri: Afternoon Darren.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Ah, good afternoon to you too, Yukiri. How are you doing today?
Imaginth / Yukiri: Good, thanks. How are you doing? Life treating fairly?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmmm...not as fairly as I'd like. But the good news (Or is it bad news? I'm not too sure) is that I'm still alive.
Imaginth / Yukiri: I do believe that for the moment it is good news. I suppose it depends on how you view yourself. In any case, it's none of my business.
I have a craving for yogurt. Now I need to go find some.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Alright. Have ....fun getting yogurt?
Imaginth / Yukiri: I already got some. Kind of awkward, don't you think?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hm? Not really. People have awkward food cravings. They come out of no where. Like...the other day for instance, I had a craving for sushi.
Imaginth / Yukiri: I don't have cravings for sushi, but normally either nut strudel or pickles. I have only had sushi once.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Nut strudel? I don't think I've had it before. Pickles are a little salrty, kind of like the seaweed on Sushi. I have no idea why I just related the two, but ...okay.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: **salty. **sea weed. Sorry for so many errors,I only got about three hours of sleep last night. I was on a plane for a while, and didn't get home unil VERY late in the night. (Or early in the morning) And it was difficult for me to sleep.
nikita2u / Tristen: *tackles and sits on darren* whats up bonito?
Imaginth / Yukiri: Lol, you must not be German then. Nut Strudel is very, very good! It is like a soft pastry dough, not really flaky, and it is rolled like a cinnimon roll in the middle. Only it is filled with a nut based mixture.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hey Niki. Nothing really, what's up with you? And strangely enough Yukiri, I am German. I can't believe I've never heard it before, though. hmmm...
nikita2u / Tristen: hehe i missed your hmms I LOVE CHEESE!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, is that so?
Imaginth / Yukiri: o.o Wow, you're German and you have never had strudel. I'm sorry but that's sad. If I by some miracle lived by you I would bring you some but I don't think I live by you.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I need to go for a little while. I'll try to be back on later! Good bye for now! And just for the affect, hmmmmmm.....
Imaginth / Yukiri: Cheese from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends? (I know, I'm a sucker for cartoons!)
nikita2u / Tristen: of course *huggles*
Imaginth / Yukiri: Bye Darren.
Imaginth / Yukiri: Oh Nikki I have a picture for you that had your name written all over it. I figured it was good for you since you're always teasing Tensu.
As soon as photobucket works again I will give you a link.
Imaginth / Yukiri: Here we go!
Imaginth / Yukiri: Lol, I hoped you'd like it.
Tensu: Boo!
Ashuri: Hey everyone! Long time no see, here's a joke to lighten up the mood of ES, hehe ^_^:
10 reasons why it sucks to be a penis!
01. -You've got a hole in your head.
02. -Your master strangles you all the time.
03. -Your head is smaller than the rest of you.
04. -You shrink in cold water.
05. -You never get a haircut.
06. -You always hang around with 2 nuts.
07. -Your closest neighbor is an asshole.
08. -Your best friend is a pussy.
09. -Your scalp gets cut off if you're Jewis
10. -Everytime you get excited, you throw up.
Hehe ^_^;;, yea joke of the day (*Cough* Dare *Cough)
Ashuri: ...lol that was weirder then what i posted ^_^;;
Ashuri: *literally rolling on the floor laughing my head off* so waddup ppl?
Ashuri: huh?...confuzzled @_@ what does that mean?
Ashuri: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dude i'm 13, why the heck r u asking me that lol
Imaginth / Yukiri: Lol, I love when people get drunk! They are so much more fun and interesting.
Ashuri: lol here's another joke:
10 things to never say to a naked man...
Uh...top 10 things not to say to a naked man:
10: Awww...that's cute
9. Well, at least you're good at other things
8. Do you think it'll fit my old Barbie® clothes?
7. My li'l brother has one like that.
6. Are you cold?
5. ::giggles::
4. Maybe we should just be friends
3. Can you make it dance?
2. Umm...maybe you should get dressed
1. Oh...look...its hidding
Ashuri: Okay...I did get drunk b4, in Vietnam this summer, but lol I did not get drunk on New year's Eve.
Ashuri: Okay lol one last one and then I have to go. Hehe enjoy and oh yea sorry to all the guys ahead of time, this is only a joke, I repeat onnnllly aaaa jjjooookkkeee (lol jk):
Top 10 Reasons God Created Eve
10. God worried that Adam would frequently become lost in the garden because he would not ask for directions.
9. God knew that Adam would one day require so one to locate and hand him the TV remote.
8. God knew that Adam would never out and get himself a new fig leaf when his seat wore out and would, therefore, need Eve to get one for him.
7. God knew that Adam would never be able to make a doctor's, dentist, or haircut appoint nt for himself.
6. God knew that Adam would never be able to re mber which night to put the garbage on the curb.
5. God knew that if the world was to be populated, n would never be able to handle the pain and discomfort of childbearing.
4. As " eeper of the Garden," Adam would never re mber where he left his tools.
3. Apparently, Adam needed so one to bla his troubles on when God caught him hiding in the garden.
. As the Bible says, "It is not od for man to be alone!"
And finally, the number ONE reason that God created Eve...
1. When God finished the creation of Adam, He stepped back, scratched s head, and said, "I can do better than THAT!"
Top 10 Reasons God Created Eve
10. God worried that Adam would frequently become lost in the garden because he would not ask for directions.
9. God knew that Adam would one day require someone to locate and hand him the TV remote.
8. God knew that Adam would never go out and get himself a new fig leaf when his seat wore out and would, therefore, need Eve to go get one for him.
7. God knew that Adam would never be able to make a doctor's, dentist, or haircut appointment for himself.
6. God knew that Adam would never be able to remember which night to put the garbage on the curb.
5. God knew that if the world was to be populated, men would never be able to handle the pain and discomfort of childbearing.
4. As "Keeper of the Garden," Adam would never remember where he left his tools.
3. Apparently, Adam needed someone to blame his troubles on when God caught him hiding in the garden.
2. As the Bible says, "It is not good for man to be alone!"
And finally, the number ONE reason that God created Eve...
1. When God finished the creation of Adam, He stepped back, scratched His head, and said, "I can do better than THAT!"
kk everyone goodbye and goodnight!!!
obsidiandreams / Shoma Kisarugi: I got hammered on new years, lmao.
obsidiandreams / Shoma Kisarugi: I play magic lmao, I've done every pre release tourni sense Mirrodin, lmao. and i do drafts every friday
obsidiandreams / Shoma Kisarugi: I've been concidering quiting for awhile, but never really came around to doing it, then the new sets got me into it again with all the new stuff, I commented your writting on your page, and i will comment on more later but for now I need to head out.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good morning.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: anyone on? dinner time round these parts.
Tyasuke / Tesu: sup everyone thats on
Tyasuke / Sousei: is anyone on at all? o.o;
Tyasuke / Sousei: your right i dont know you so nice to meetcha and acctually i was looking that rp over already i might join depends
Tensu: Now there's a name I haven't seen in a while.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Woah, you're back!? I was just about to ask if the one doing that was you, but I guess I was wrong. So, decided to change your ways? Good. I didn't like it when everyone on here was fighting. It was stupid. By the way, I'M BACK!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I'm aware that it wasn't hacking, I used the glitch to mess with Keal a few times as a joke, but I am glad to see you back so long as it doesn't happen again. I missed our happy little community.
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *sighs* i miss enrique. anywho who is on?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *huggles tensu*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: omg! i havent heard that name in like YEARS!O.O *tackles you and huggles till your so damn blue you look purple!*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: (whispers: TALK PPL!)
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: God i missded you. Like really really bad i should like kick your ass for leaving! *tear* so mean just leave me here by myself...wait i have tensu...BUT THATS NOT THE POINT! sheesh i had to look for a new favorite person. >.<
nikita2u / Carolina: tensu...puppy if your still on is your RP eternal blue still going?
nikita2u / Carolina: i know they are attacking tensu and sero really badly im just so glad you came back love.
nikita2u / Carolina: New idea my ppls.
the foot prints set in snow and encased in ice our fortunes already set. our hearts already searching our dreams already have expanded.
The coldness of this closed off world. the mind so set in one direction it refuses to view another path. Of that of a murderer of that of a lost child. we believe our most precious times consist of what our forefather achieved before us. Our footsteps concealed with gold encased in stone.
so what path have you fallen into the world that you thought so open to such a youthful trust and love did you think you could escape this so called path we were born to? this destiny of hatred so far flung that we must hide our deep inner thoughts of freedom we must run from these our hearts are hidden are paths predestined.
Yell out your independence scream out the freedom you wish to hold with pride. Leave you set of foot prints for future generations....just have it go in your desired direction not of those who wish to steer you. Love is strange...heartbreaks even worse...don’t give up my hearts open up your wonderful minds and seek your own set of footprints..
Encased in stone covered with snow...your set of footprints are now being lead by you.
nikita2u / Kanku Re: ~singing~
everybodies got something they had to leave behind...theres no use back oh woundering how it could be now or might have been or this i know but still i cant find ways to let you go i never had a dream come true till the day i found you even though i pretend that i moved on you'll always be my baby i never found the words to say your the one i think about each day......
Somewhere in my memory i lost all sence of time......
Imaginth / Vexa: Hi Nikki.
Imaginth / Vexa: Have you heard Lithium yet from Evanescence?
Imaginth / Vexa: Me too, except the myspace thing. How's life been to you recently?
Sereto_Uesugi: good evening. if I say anything offencive right now its cause I'm depresed
AeronFreeze / Nani: anyone want to join my new RP?
AeronFreeze / Nani: its ok hun hey safire i got the video up on my myspace. www.myspace.com/nikki_roscoe
Imaginth / Vexa: Yep!! I'm watching it for the catrillionth time.
girly101 / aleana: awsomeness!!!love it.hehe*jumps on nikki sing ing"someones in love*
Imaginth / Vexa: Same thing as Tensu.
girly101 / aleana: hay nikki whats the url to the lithium vid?
Me_and_a_half / Aka: somone please join the darkness!
Linzi: Can someone join the rp 'foretold prophecy' please?
Me_and_a_half / Aka: i just got an idea.......and now i lost it.damn human intelligance!
girly101 / silver gates: hehe,ur not losing ur thoughts to human intelligance,only urs!!i mean...oops?*throws a pie at him,*there all better
girly101 / silver gates: laughs
girly101 / silver gates: i no im bored 2*helps tensu up*okie?
girly101 / aleana: so bored
girly101 / aleana: *picks tensu up and lays him on a cloud-bed covered in silky blankets and cotton pillows*
girly101 / aleana: srry gotta go
girly101 / aleana: srry gotta go
girly101 / aleana: srry gotta go
Imaginth / Vexa: *pokes Tensu with a vase* Bedtime already?
AeronFreeze / Nani: Tensu?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Everyone!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yo. So, just as bored as ever. Damn. Stupid Enrique. Me and him could have this place fun for at least me and him in no time. Bastard.
AeronFreeze / Nani: i love enrique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyasuke / Sousei: Kish is that you o.o;
AeronFreeze / Nani: OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackles*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Nani.
AeronFreeze / Nani: while ur at it can someone join my rp
Tyasuke / Sousei: *ish tackled huggles- Kish ive missed you ;.;!
AeronFreeze / Nani: -.- its me nikki sheesh.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Um...I can't say that I love Enrique, but I do miss him. Just ignore the fact that I Was sitting with him today on the bus. I'll yell at him tomorrow to come back. How long's he been gone anyway?
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: children of time.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Yes, I know it's you, Nikki. I'm not lacking THAT much 'smartness'.
AeronFreeze / Nani: yes you are lacking you "smartass" hehe two hands together in complete...alone...and the game will always play go my children go go to crimson flames...go play our children.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: dude all the rps i were in like bit the dust o.o;
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Thanks, I feel so loved.
AeronFreeze / Nani: *huggles* i sowwy!
AeronFreeze / Nani: you are darren and you know it.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Yes, I guess I am, haha. *claps for Kyoudan* Kudos to you.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: thanks now if only reality could be abit easier =P
AeronFreeze / Nani: cheese!
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: DUDE CHEESE WHERE?! -glomps cheese- MINE!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: erm....alright?
Imaginth / Vexa: You aren't supposed to eat Cheese! Not the one from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!! DUH!
AeronFreeze / Nani: cheese is so mine!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Take all the cheese you want then.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: NEVEH KISH!!!!! IT SHALL BE MINE!!!!
AeronFreeze / Nani: *hugs darren and strange cheese man who eats cheese friends kisses tensu who i also known as TEDDY and ummm huggles and kisses everyone and goes back around so nener!* dat means i have to go lol love yall! *tear ill miss you*
Imaginth / Vexa: I don't like the edible cheese, except for piled on pizza.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: bye Kish! v.v
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: *hugged*bye Nikki...
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: pizza....ROCKS I CAN NEVER LIVE WITHOUT THY PIZZA!!!!-as if u cant tell im extremely hyper )
Ashuri: hi everyone! waddup!
Imaginth / Vexa: *Pokes Kyou*
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: ASH HI ! -ish poked o.o;- WAKAMISHIA!!!!
Ashuri: nvm i gtg 4 a lil bit i might b on l8ers bye ppls!
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: bye v.v;
Imaginth / Vexa: *balances a vase on your head*
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: -looks up at vase- cool i can FLY! wait what does balancing a vase on my head hacve to do with that o.o;
Imaginth / Vexa: *puts a flower in the vase* there all pretty
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: o.o; YAY!
Imaginth / Vexa: ES is boring when its slow. *puts some water in the vase and plant food* there now itll live longer
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: -balances on one foot with vase on head- this ish hard o.o;
Imaginth / Vexa: *puts a ball under your foot* no now its hard, *smiles*
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: darn you Dr.Fish! or is it mehndi o.o;
Imaginth / Vexa: i am talking to you online, take a wild guess lol g2g
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: -glares at Tensu while he gets hit- damn you!
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: -falls backwards burns it off glares at Tensu- DAMN YOU AND YOUR 'MEMOS!'
Ashuri: hey i'm back! yay me!
Ashuri: ...and no one's here...
Ashuri: i don't think he's here n e more...
Ashuri: lol yea n e wayz i gtg too bye
Adden Lee: is anyone on?? im going to die of bordom... no im going to be forced back into my own mind out fo bordom! please some one be on.
obsidiandreams / Shoma Kisarugi: blah whats up people localized ranting so anyways last night i go to friends party get all hyped up and we stat walking down to tashas house(this really hot chick im "friends" with) and these guys try to mug my friend so long story short I got arrested for beating someone with my bone breaker for trying to mug a buddy of mine.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good morning everyone.
Imaginth / Vexa: Bored, in school and absolutely hating it.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: lol well igtg sorry ;
Imaginth / Vexa: I didn't know you were on until I saw your post. Oh well, bye then.
Imaginth / Vexa: Now I have to go too. Bye anyone else who may be on and wasn't talking to me.
Tyasuke / Sousei: anyone on? o.o;
Tyasuke / Sousei: hellllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooo anyone on?
Imaginth / Vexa: *raises hand* I am for like two more minutes then I have to get off for awhile.
Tyasuke / Sousei: awww ok post in 500 and when will u get back?
Tyasuke / Sousei: nvm im gonna go
Imaginth / Vexa: ill be back later tonight maybe 6ish
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Everyone.
nikita2u / Tristen: anyone on that i know or RP with?
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: KISH!
nikita2u / Tristen: hey honey! *tackles*
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: -huggles- how are ya?
AeronFreeze / Nani: im actually to hot right now lol im an idiot as it is how are you love? omg i just so made my kickass myspace way better hehe im so modest.
obsidiandreams / Shoma Kisarugi: what might that myspace be, if its so wicked we shoudl see it right?
AeronFreeze / Nani: www.myspace.com/nikki_roscoe
AeronFreeze / Nani: love the pic btw
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: wdf! im im ........AN ICE CREAM CONE?!
AeronFreeze / Nani: hmm i need to add more stuff cause i just redid it i love music at youtube for some reason
AeronFreeze / Nani: ICECREAM! O.O
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: DONT EAT MEH! -runs
obsidiandreams / Shoma Kisarugi: I love it to, someone sent it to me a long time ago.
AeronFreeze / Nani: *nibbles Tyasuke*
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU -melts into water
obsidiandreams / Shoma Kisarugi: ur myspace is pretty cvool, ima add u as a friend. lmao
Imaginth / Vexa: You melted him. Why didn't I ever think of that?!
AeronFreeze / Nani: im good at the melting thingy hehe. Okies thanks for the add hun
AeronFreeze / Nani: ok i added you nice page btw
AeronFreeze / Nani: http://youtube.com/watch?v=iV6puTzzHP0&mode=related&search=
old song dont care i love it.
Tyasuke / Sousei: -looks at Kyou puddle- how did ice cream turn into water?
AeronFreeze / Nani: im melting cause of this pathetic song hehe.
Tyasuke / Sousei: then turn the song off! I DONT WANT YOU TO MELT ;.; <3
Tyasuke / Sousei: then turn the song off! I DONT WANT YOU TO MELT ;.; <3
AeronFreeze / Nani: dont tell me its not worth dieing for...you know its true everything i do i do it for you. look into your heart you will find theres nothing left to hide...take me as i am....take my life...i will give it all i would sacrafice dont tell me its not worth fighting for i cant help it its nothing i want more...you know its true everything i do i do it for you. Theres no love like your love and no other could give more love theres no way unless your there all the time....all the way.....
AeronFreeze / Nani: *huggles* to late already melted honey.
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DO THE GOOD HAVE TO DIE YOUNG -fell to knees raising hands towards sky as he shouted-
AeronFreeze / Nani: *bites your nose* IM NOT GOOD! *giggles* im ina good mood now! ^___^
AeronFreeze / Nani: *giggles and jumped on you* your cute hun
Tyasuke / Sousei: lol i know -gir type voice- *Zim "what did u leave at home?" * Gir "the guidy chip thingy" * Zim" WHAT!? WHY DIOD YOU LEAVE THAT AT HOME" * Gir "to make room for the cup cake!"
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Sorry, I drifted for a while...
Tyasuke / Sousei: im gonna go es is being all gay right now and screwed up ><! byes
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good bye, Sousei.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Maybe I drifted for too long...?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Ah! Finally! Someone to talk to. One can only stand talking to themself for so long. Hello Zechariah.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I see. How are you?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yo. Damn bored.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: This place isn't too alive right now. ...hmmm...bummer.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah. When you're on enough, you see it get like this a lot. It sucks.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Yes, it's too bad.
AeronFreeze / Nani: hey
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Nikki!
AeronFreeze / Nani: hey darrennnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, Yes I do!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *huggles*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: -huggled-
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: More like, "oro"?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Ah. Sorry about that, then.
Imaginth / Yukiri: Off to bed! Night peeoples!
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: maybe we should talk in here? that would be nice, maybe
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Maybe.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Okay, well this is where this really belongs. Sorry for making so many posts in the recruitment thread. Roberet, seriously, fuck off and die. You're the one acting high and mighty. I tried to make you feel better. Tried to be nice. I'm sick of it. Get a life and don't get so worked up over this shit. My life is pretty much rping at this point, but don't let things get so out of hand.
Imaginth / Vexa: Anyone here?
Imaginth / Vexa: Yay I get to talk to myself, how boring...
Tyasuke / Sousei: awwww poor dr. fish
Imaginth / Vexa: You know its true, I do get really boring. I'll be in here for maybe another eight min then I'm off to dreaded swimming class! woo i hope they all drown
Imaginth / Vexa: Change of plans, g2g bye. I will be on late tonight. ttyl maybe
the heartless / Orim: yo
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good afternoon, everyone. Unless you're in Baghdad, then Good evening.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: And a mighty fine afternoon to all of you.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Same to you, Sorn.
boneyard: hi
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Hey man. I hate this place right after school, no one's ever on.
Me_and_a_half / Aka: i am somtimes
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: This is generlly when I'm on, or late at night.
Me_and_a_half / Aka: i cant get on late anymore because i dont have my computer.Its a long story.By the way im sorry to stop a conversation but i godda go.sorry
Tensu: I would have been here, but I just spent two hours at the DMV on to fuck up on my road test.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: So I take it it didn't go very well?
Tensu: gotta wait til next friday and I have to pay $82 do cover the cost of the license and the restoration fee that I forgot about.
girly101 / silver gates: hiya guys
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: yo
girly101 / silver gates: whats up?
Tensu: Hey Silver.
girly101 / silver gates: hay tensu
girly101 / silver gates: this sucks me and Aka r never on at the same time to Rp!!!
girly101 / silver gates: anyway im bored so whats up?
AeronFreeze / Nani: hello?
AeronFreeze / Nani: *catches and nibbles*
AeronFreeze / Nani: *laughs* hey hun is eternal blue still going?
nikita2u / Carolina: akon- smack that i was drunk and listened to that lol
nikita2u / Carolina: sorry love.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello everyone. Good evening to all of you.
AeronFreeze / Nani: anyone on that i know?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Why is everyone on when I'm not? How awkward.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: hey tensu I have somethings that are funny I want you to watch
you'll die of laughter
AeronFreeze / Nani: im on darren sheesh!
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: sry I just found it important to tell tensu and if you want watch them too. but how are you
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, Hello Nikki.
AeronFreeze / Nani: *hugs*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: So, what's been going on? How are you?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I be okay I guess
AeronFreeze / Nani: im cool http://youtube.com/watch?v=UT4jY9Gpli0&mode=related&search=
my fav song of nightwish
AeronFreeze / Nani: once and for all and all for once Nemo my name forevermore
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: your not well lol silly girl
AeronFreeze / Nani: *giggles*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmmm....
AeronFreeze / Nani: I love phantom of the opera!
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I'm depressed dose that count.
ellesmera: umm.. yer.. yep, it does
im bored.
tired, cos its 5 am n i no sleepies
im also ain 4 a fag
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: well my lover said something mean to me sorta. and well he was an online lover and sorta said that he was no longer comming online and that I could talk to him in e-mail. which is very mean.
ellesmera: ouch, thats nasty. Somat like that happened to me once..
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: well I was leaning on him a bit. he made me wnat to live, I was useing him like a crutch then it was like pulled ou tfomr under me. I trusted two people in this world. Yuki chan and him
ellesmera: ...O...
My ex, who used to live in calafornia, was raped by is ay best mate... es in a mental ome now...
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: I was raped by some one and I'm fine kinda.
ellesmera: Thats horrible!
he was oin tru a tuf patch, is uncle commited suicide thhe day before...
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: oh that would explane it then.
ellesmera: yup.
he stopped eatin... well... hhe just stopped tinkin, he said e ad to let me o, cos hhe was onna dra me with him if he didnt, and ive been so close to suicide before...
Sereto_Uesugi / ^Ryou^: I'm a drinker and I'm a cutter I if clothing covers that sopt on my skin there a cuts there. and I am planing to kill my self when I turn 18 that is my wish
ellesmera: i used to cut, wen i stopped, i took up smokin, et tru 200 a week by look of it...
i still av scars...
ow old r u?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Damn. I use to cut. Nothing like rape in my life or that kinda shit. All I got is multiple personality disorder and schitzofrenia. Yeah, I can't spell it. Now I don't do anything, drug wise.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I'm 15. I've been doing this for a while.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: (16 not fifteen)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: How do you mess up your own age? Wait...nevermind. I've done that before, but now I'm use to being sixteen.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I'm almost 17 thats the funny thing and the fact I have only gottne one hour of sleep in the last two days just mite contribuate. it was like hald rape or something and I don't really do drugs eather, I just have a mental disorder where I think everything is my fault. I don;t care about the rape really I just think everything is my fault
ellesmera: mmmm... ad skunk once or twice (im 15) smoke.. not to eavily.. ad meninococle septacimia oter year, doctors said i would neve r be able to smoke, id ave my lungs colapse on me in 2 years more or less.. ad 30 today, i drink, ot rpetative compuslive disorder, but itd oin, cut for 3 years.. smoked for a mont or so.. still cut, secretly... ot a strict mum, n im not exactly ealty eiter.. im fucked up.. not to mention i seem to ave a split personality, or several, and ave lenghty conversations withhh my wall about pickled egggs, o and i et anry for no reason...
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: .............. your typeing is hard to read are you drunk now cause my typeing used to be like that when I was drunk til lI got used to typeing like that
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: It's sad cause I can understand everything she says.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I could its just right now I've had ONE HOUR OF SLEEP for the last two days. my brain is not really working that well
ellesmera / Erika Snow: (some of the keys refuse to work.. or are stubborn, i try to et tem all.. but sometimes i forget.. sorry
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: its okay
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: going to bed night people
ellesmera / Erika Snow: i ave been drunk a lot lately... and ive ad roughly 30 mins sleep for...3 days.. and 2 of tem are scool
ellesmera / Erika Snow: me this is
"Save Me"
Had a bad day, don't talk to me,
gonna ride this out,
My little black heart, breaks apart,
with your big mouth.
And I'm sick of my sickness
Don't touch me, you'll get this.
I'm useless, lazy, perverted,
and you hate me.
You can't save me,
You can't change me,
Well I'm waiting for my wakeup call,
And everything, everything's my fault.
Went to the doctor, and I asked her,
to make this stop. (whoa)
Got medication, a new addiction,
Fucking thanks a lot.
I had to relapse, I'm bad at rehabs
It ruins everything. (whoa)
So point your finger, at the singer,
He's in the pharmacy.
You can't save me,
You can't change me,
Well I'm waiting for my wake up call,
and everything's my fault.
You can't save me,
You can't blame me,
Well I'm waiting here to take a fall,
and everything, and everything's my fault.
And I'm a death threat haven't slept yet,
Baby why the wake up call
I'm the bad boy tell the tabloids
everything's my fault.
Whoa whoa whoa yeah, write it write it,
Whoa Whoa whoa everything's my fault,
everything's my fault.
I went to heaven, but couldn't get in,
For what I have done.
I said please take me, they said you're crazy
you had too much fun.
You can't save me,
You can't change me,
Well I'm waiting for my wake up call,
and everything's my fault.
You can't save me,
You can't blame me,
Well I'm waiting here to take a fall,
and everything, everything's my fault.
You can't save me,
You can't change me,
You can't save me,
You can't change me,
You can't save me,
You can't change me,(everything's my fault)
You can't save me,
You can't change me,
Everything's my fault.
girly101 / silver gates: hay,i like ur unfinished song thing!
girly101 / aleana: boredddddddddddd
girly101 / aleana: srry im in so many rite now,i dont really wanna join n e more.do u wanna join the darkness?
girly101 / aleana: there i made a place,u could put the RP name in there
Linzi: ok thanks
girly101 / aleana: its boring rite now,no ones on!
Linzi: yep, i'm from the uk so i think i have a different time zone to most other people
girly101 / silver gates: srry took me so long to respond,it wouldnet let me on!!!!man it was pissin me off.
girly101 / silver gates: boreeddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good Afternoon everyone.
girly101 / silver gates: that was me
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: How are you?
girly101 / silver gates: good,u?i havent talked to u in a billion years
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, I know! It has been so long...
girly101 / silver gates: so u been good
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I've been alright.
girly101 / silver gates: thats good
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Yes, I suppose it is. I'm a little tired, though. It's difficult to fall asleep for some odd reason. I'm getting annoyed because of it. But other than that..."it's all good".
girly101 / silver gates: ya,everyone says there ok and there good,but no one really is.You no what i mean,its easyeir just to say u r than give them the explanation u no theyre gonna want
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: That's very true. Except for those rare moments when they actually ARE happy.
girly101 / silver gates: yes but like u said RARE.I miss talk to people this place is emptie all the time
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Yes, it is.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Azuna.
girly101 / silver gates: im bored.eating eggs and crackers w/ cream cheese*randomness*
girly101 / silver gates: *sigh*i have to clean>.<
girly101 / silver gates: not yet tho
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmm..I'm a little hungry, so I'm going to have a quick lunch. I'll come back on later though. It was a pleasure talking to you once again, silver gates!
girly101 / aleana: u to but call me safire hun.
girly101 / silver gates: ok i have to many chars,i keep talkin under them all,and every1 is like who r u?im like oops wrong char.ne way im done cleaning
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: lol
girly101 / silver gates: so who all is bored out of there minds?*jumps up and down*im hyper,drink hot chocolate
girly101 / silver gates: .....ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.....
girly101 / silver gates: im so bored........
the heartless / Shinto: where is everyone
AeronFreeze / Nani: anyone on that i know?
Linzi: ...
AeronFreeze / Nani: whats up with the dots?
Linzi: just to see if anyone was guna reply to what i said lol sorry
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: hey. I jsut got new glasses and my eyes haven't ajusted to the new line so lol its kinda hurting my head.
AeronFreeze / Nani: its cool lol hey hun sorry bout the glasses *hugs*
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: its okay I needed them my eyes stoped getting worse and are getting better. even if I have had 4 years of bifocles
Linzi: I have glasses but i only wear them when i'm in my house, i wear contacts the rest of the time.
AeronFreeze / Nani: life is da bestest! o.o
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I can't wear contacts I ha ve to wear mine of I'm like almost blind they took away my leagaly blind thing
((aka; I just wanted to see what time it was by posting this))
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: loo kat the little clock on the computer idiot
AeronFreeze / Nani: The late october air so hauntingly fimilar, the love of the mockingbird so ironic in its own sence. No falter of footsteps no pause in breath, no dream dare corupts this love this holyness of life. The birth of a new day the sun's rays so exquisit in its design a tear shall grace the marrows cheeck for it could not be born today on this glorious time of love not heartbreak.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good evening everyone.
AeronFreeze / Nani: hey darren!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Nikki!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *dies of fright after hugging darren* cheese mi amigos!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *tackles and suffercates you while trying to get it*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *runs up a pool eeping*
girly101 / silver gates: hay guys!
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: hey tensu I have two vids I want you to see on youtube
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: hey
girly101 / silver gates: is darren still on?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I'll go fine them. you laugh a lot trust me
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfkHAyymQ5w
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: watch the second one its all of them together
AeronFreeze / Nani: im watching the first one that is weird.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: its out takes
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: "I was taken advantage of cause I couldn't move. I wanted to call it date rape, but my lawer told me I didn't have a case" I love that and the combo one and the one with the ballon and heilum
AeronFreeze / Nani: me to hehe
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I like the way that they do it with the mouth movements as a joke. I like the fart one too.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: there are some more too if any one wants to watch them
AeronFreeze / Nani: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfVOvLobRfU&mode=related&search=
i like this song *blushes*
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: part 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb8Hj7Im1xY&NR
part 8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mGQX9R70IY&NR (this has some repeats of what I already showed)
part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPhyx_ZkbAI
part 5 is the best of the three the others were taken down
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I have some samurai deepers oners too
AeronFreeze / Nani: cheese
AeronFreeze / Nani: His heart so troubled the light so dimmed beneath his tough exterior i lay with in his angel of freedom but he is lost on this path...the father sent me to save him from his past.
His heart corrupted his heart vile I lay with him to sleep awhile
So cold her hands gently caress his sleeping form. I see you my sister you lay also in his heart. But I will stop you my twin for im here to defeat this dark.
My beautiful sister you cant stop me... he will hurt and he will bleed he took my hand and he danced with me and he took my poison kiss and fell to his knees my sister he is mine for an eternity
Bringer of the dark what lays in his heart i will vanish for that dance you played you pulled the strings no will of his own he was never free. Soon he will see through this dark demise you plan for him, my loving twin.
my plan for him you don’t see for its not a plan its fate... its meant to be... his eyes wont be opened and his heart will never break until I am ready and his soul I will take
You think that using his sins will get you somewhere? my loving heart he wont be there. I will walk in his shadow a fear of my own ill take his hand when he falls down. No sister dont you see you lost this game you lost him to me.
Lost him to you a creature of the light he doesn’t want you he hungers the dark it burns beneath his skin touch him and you will see there will always be a trace left of me
You lay with the demon to have your own selfish means the trace you leave is easily washed away as long as he accepts that i am me here for him and then he shall truly see.
My princess what does he mean to you? What do you see? Is there a hunger or just a need to beat me? Your foolish if you think you can, you live in fairly tales where good always wins.. I am the vixen of mens hearts and this man is no different... he has fallen into my arms
The arms of waiting snakes that of which salvation makes a driving need. to save one soul from such sorrided horror is my mission. Winning is not an issue for i have not gave up. His soul is more to me than just a poorly written play.
Waiting snakes my arms may be but my poison is already flowin gin his veins from my most delicate kiss the touch of my cold flesh as it caresses his the feel of my body beneath him.. Like a fine whiskey I will damn him
Damned are the dreams you give the hopes he thinks he wishes to have. You use the deadly sins gained by the trust of him as an infant. No sister im sorry to say your delicate weave of power ends today.
My power will never end for even if I plan to damn him he wishes to be damned he secretly wants to fall prey to me this man connected his heart to me he can feel the cold and he can feel the scorching fire that draws him in but when I try to fly away he is clutched on my wing
The dream of men lay in your heartless soul but i refuse to let him fly on the blacken wings of god's scorched angel. I will fight with all my power this child of mine is yours no longer.
Child of yours? You foolish child... your blinded let me open your eyes see my vision see my soul once you do you will be wising you let this man go come with me take him to hell join me in this turmoil
Join you in the ever lasting dankness? in the hells pit where snakes roam like that of a loved pet. I refuse to leave and allow you to take away my lords child and his happiness.
fine my sister take him but soon you will see that you and I are more alike then you think just one kiss and you will be mine beautiful and as far as your lord he will forsake you, and I will be there to bathe in your beautiful tears then your heart shall be turned to stone when you realize without me you are completely alone
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: lol
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: any one wanna out a bullet between my eyes
AeronFreeze / Nani: just wrote it hehe anywho *bites tensu's nose*
nikita2u / Natailie: no my ear how dare you *gasps*
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: whats with the pic
nikita2u / Natailie: hehe you guys are perve *giggles*
nikita2u / Natailie: ill change it was bored saw it and thought it was cute
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: lol
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: sure I just saw something funny
Danae / Minndell: eek! how do u make the writing bold??? i haven't figured that out yet.... T_T
nikita2u / Natailie: word no space
nikita2u / Natailie: _word_ no underscore
nikita2u / Natailie: -.- ok try this () action or word ()
nikita2u / Natailie: *laughs* aww you used my name! *tear* so sweet lol

but next to eachother
nikita2u / Natailie: damn it! ugh -.-
nikita2u / Natailie: *huggles tensu*
nikita2u / Natailie: *laughs* its roscoe bonito yesh i hate my last name if you are in hastings and someone mentions a roscoe not a good thing bad rep im trying to break out of because of my family name.
nikita2u / Natailie: so its Josh Leiner? i like it better than mine lol
Danae / Minndell: )testing(
Danae / Minndell: ()testing?()
nikita2u / Natailie: ok lets try this
two of these @@ befor and after your word!
Danae / Minndell: *confused* no bold..... ^-^'
Danae / Minndell: testing again...
Danae / Minndell: YAYYYYYYY! THANK YOU!!!! *glee*
nikita2u / Natailie: I FOUND MY KITTY TENSU! http://s87.photobucket.com/albums/k121/neko_neko_kitten/ANIME%20GIRL%20ANIMALS/?action=view&current=a-10.jpg
nikita2u / Natailie: anyone on? if not im just ganna get offs.
girly101 / silver gates: Hi! whose on?
girly101 / silver gates: *dieing of boredom*
girly101 / silver gates: omg this place is vancant!*dies of lonelyness*
Tensu: Ok, Who else besides me has seen this Invader character spamming an RP
girly101 / silver gates: hay guys
girly101 / silver gates: can some1 tell me what kingdom hearts is about?
girly101 / silver gates: ok,thx.did u see that there having a server update on ES soon?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good afternoon everyone.
girly101 / silver gates: Darren!!!hiya
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Silver Gates. How are you?
girly101 / silver gates: In about 2 or 3 days I'm having a server update. Backup your poetry and exchange emails/msn/yahoo ids. I haven't updated the server in a long time so the time required will depend on compatibility issues. Many eliteskills users also have WritersCafe accounts so try it out. Your submissions will not be lost but it should take 2 days to 1 week to be back. Checkout the Free education page too =P............thats the thing i was talkin bout
and darren y do u keep callin me silver?cant u call me safire?it bugsssss meeeeee.*puppy dog eyes*plz?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Alright, Safire. I only called you that name before because I wasn't sure what you wanted to be called.
girly101 / silver gates: kool.ya im the same,i call everyone by there chars name till they say otherwise.but i like to be called by my name.So whats up?u doin ok?
girly101 / silver gates: *throws cheese at tensu*
girly101 / silver gates: lol,i throw cheese at every1!cheese is yummie!so is cake but its to messy to throw.But nikki LOVESS cheese.
girly101 / silver gates: darren still on?
girly101 / silver gates: *lays on a desk and closes eyes*
girly101 / silver gates: im bored
girly101 / silver gates: hello?
Linzi: Is anyone on? I'm so bored
AeronFreeze / Nani: hey
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Good point.
AeronFreeze / Nani: Sorn can you please post in the children RP?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I'll stab the gundums.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Um...see the funny thing about that is...*Runs*
the heartless / Sin: see ya all next sunday
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: That sucks, man.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: any one wanna come and kill me
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: okay........ I was acutly looking for some one to come and shoot me........ I don;t have the abality to die
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: hey bitches get back here every time I come one every one f-ing leaves get back here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: lol nice. I'm changing my character from sereto to something eles later I don't want her being a target.......
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: (what the hell)!?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I get up at 4:30 and get ready then go out of the house at 6:40 and wake my mom up.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I have to buy sleep aid so I can fall asleep. and my firned has to buy it for me and give me one a day so I don't try to kill my self
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: remember when you were working nights as a guard for something right? and I have to have sleep aid or I can't sleep
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I smell gas...... not the kind for the car but for the stove... brb I have to go see what it is. my parents can't smell it so there worried
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: found it lol. there was a pip out side and it poped off its been warm here and it just got cold so the pipe kinda poped apart. the natural gas pipe leading in leaked lol.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: ya I have good hearing and smelling my dad useins me as a hunting dog its a bit weird and well I don't know why but I have a good sence of smell
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I was blind for tw years cause I got hit across the eyes with a laser at the school for a class and then my hearing went up as wiht my smell
net / Luke Fon Fabre: do you think its retarted that I sorta have to keep a diary cause I forget large parts of my life.............. its stupid I think
net / Luke Fon Fabre: I can't remember anything since I was 12. and not I can't rember anything since I was 14 or 15 really. and it was in a game too which is weird so my doctor asks me to cause some times I forget who my parents are I have did that twice
net / Luke Fon Fabre: the fuck why the hell I never made an account named this what the fuck is going on!? I like TOA but I didn't make this
net / Luke Fon Fabre: IT WON'T LET ME SWICH OUT. what the crap is going on I cant' close the page either
net / Luke Fon Fabre: no but I can log out of it then go to crete a character and make it. then it tells me its take and I hit back and I'm loged in as him its kinda cool...... maybe this is how the hacker did his thing
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I found it out dude that is so cool
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I won't tell any one but I'm laughing so hard I found his secret its a glitch in the character creation thing
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I bet he found it out the same way I did this is kinda cool. I so want ot take advantage of this but I won't that would be wrong....... but it mite be kinda fun on some person that I hate so much. useing my old account that would be fun
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: ya wel lI hate keeping on its just something I'm told to do by some one. so if I forget a lot of things again I can read about my life
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: it was not my fault I was trying to create a character just a min ago. and I hit back and it told me I was logged in as that..... I though it was a just a one time thing so I tested it agian. you can't tell any one okay this must be forgoten
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: I am sereto you dip shit I just found out how to do it I went to my own profile, god calm down I won't do anything bad with this little trick and no one eles better either. tensu can tell you its me right tensu?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: thankyou tensu. any way I have a weird way I act. that the so called hacker can't copy. so if you still don't beleave me I could change the pic thats something the hacker can't do I could tell when I was trying to do that
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: well since we know about it now maybe we can find some one to fix this problem and if I was the hacker why would I tell you how to do it. that would just make me a target. I just risked my self telling you this. if we all lived in a town and there was a robery I would be in jail right now I think
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: its alright, what did 'it' tell us how 'it' was doing it. and don't worry I won;t use this. only once to get some revenge on our so called hacker if no one minds. and this kid at school that teases me so I get sick and start throwing up blood thats all I ask
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: kael............. waite wasent; that the name of one of roberts characters. the guy that was pissed off........ your one of the resons he said he would not come on any more. that you for contribuating to ruining my life. damn it.........
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: okay sry..... it was kath any way....... I just made my self sad........ I wanna copy 'today' the character and make an ass of it.... his name is James right
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: sry I'm having a hard time getting over it
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: lol but no kath left aim, all the games we joined together, es...... he's on myspace once a week...... I'm gonna cry again
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: he was a guy I had been talking with and well I have a trust problem. there are two people I trust in this world and one of them was him. and he broke my heart by doing that. its like your lover saying, 'I'm leaving and will almost never talk with you again but I love you still' its like that
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: this kid is vietnamese....... and its just kinda hard to stop loving some one as a guy I would think it would be simple. but he made me happy, made the depression go away, he made me laugh. and....... and well I was leaning on him. hes' the second person I trused its hard to gain my trust
Ashuri: hey sorry couldn't help but peek in, am i invading?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: not really
Ashuri: Okay sereto i skimmed back a lil bit and apparently ur having trouble with a vietnamese guy right, well in my own personal experience, since i myself am vietnamese, i think that viet guys r just really shallow and i wouldn't work up a sweat over it, he'll either come crawling back to you or he'll ignore u to tick u off and play hard to get, viet ppl have big egos and it makes him feel good if he thinks someone is chasing after him, so if i were u i would go out and have fun with my friends and not worry bout him and u never kno u might find a better guy, there are plenty of fishies in the sea. ^_^
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: ya... .I guess. I's just hard to have something like that happen to you...... I'm like manicaly depressed. mayby my memory will make me forget about him....... maybe I can have another case of aminesia and for get everything
Ashuri: trust me on this, i've observed my bro's dating habbits and he enjoys having girls chase after him and when they don't he acts all nonchalants and calls the girl up like nothing happened
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: its more then that sorta...... he made my depression go away and kinda convinced me to not try to die...... it worked to then he got all stupid and did that
Ashuri: wow sounds like my bro, but he's closer to the top for the food chain thingy, n e ways i think he'll come back to u and if he doesn't in a few years he'll realize his mistake and then it'll be too late, some1 should really clue him in.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: nice reentry tensu
Ashuri: *wacks tensu on the head with the notorious rubber chicken* damn u tensu don't make me go crazy with this thing.
Ashuri: *magically disappears* nah nah nah nah nah nah u can't find me!
Ashuri: *wacks tensu continuously on the head with the golden rubber chicken* hehe u deserve this : P
Ashuri: hey guys not to change the subject of beating up tensu or n e thing but uh is there like a new rp i could join? well i probably won't join today tho, cuz it's late and i have an eye appointment tomorrow, but yea i haven't rped 4 a while, thought i would refresh my memory
Ashuri: huh r u leaving? kk bye!
Ashuri: i think i'll be leaving as well, good night everyone!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello everyone.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmm....does anyone ever have those 'certain' days where they feel like tearing people's heads off? Or am I just unusually violent today?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: There is so much wrong with that picture, I don't know where to begin.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Exactly. I have a rather heavy set friend cosplaying sasuke from Naruto at a con this summer. I've seen him in the outfit. It's just so wrong.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Are they supposed to be Edward or what? Stick to your own gender!
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: lol i can pull Gaara opff really well i accutally look like him in my costume a reality mordenized version acctually thats what my friends tell me and Gaara is my fav. character so i dont mind o.o;
Linzi: everyones lost me now lol sorry.
nikita2u / Tristen: um wow that was creepy...so whats up?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello everyone.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Hey Darren.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: How are you Archiel?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: hey people. I drank something poisoness and I just woke up
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Exhausted, I am just recovering from the biggest waste of time in my entire life. I love my parents, but I hate their decisions.
What'd you drink?
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Forgot this:
How are you then Darren?
Sorry my brain quit working six hours ago.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, that's alright. I'm tired, too, but that's because I only got around four hours of sleep. Other than that, I'm fine.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: well we were in a building and this sigh said 'do not drink water contain Arsenic' so I drank two cups. I still feel dizzy and light headed
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Why would you drink water if there's a sign that says not to?
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: cause I have a death wish. I want ot die but I never can
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: If you want to die so badly then stop trying to die.
Sereto_Uesugi: thats like the oppocite and if I want to die by the time I'm 18 I kinda need to try since I'm almost 17
Mehndi Rose / Hiita: Why do you two want to die so badly?!
Mehndi Rose / Hiita: Gah, brain fried, not 'you two' I didn't see a picture and assumed it was you, Darren, sorry.
Sereto_Uesugi / Sereto Uesugi: lol cause I just can't...... its hard to explane and just stuff.... I can't remember much about anything... school is about it and I also remember I want to die. I know why its just long and confusing
Mehndi Rose / Aussa: *raises hand*
Mehndi Rose / Aussa: Lol, I suppose you had something with sugar or caffiene?
Mehndi Rose / Aussa: I know you are the same person, just wondering if you like gulped a couple cups of coffee inbetween the time you said something about dying and wee.
Mehndi Rose / Aussa: I'm going to go make some hash browns...really hungry...ttyl maybe.
nikita2u: hey
PrincessOfDark / Scarlet-Rose: HIIIII!!! i am hiper!! i had chocolate today!!
PrincessOfDark / Scarlet-Rose: but i l,ike sugar!!! it tastes sooooo goood@!!!
PrincessOfDark / Kagome-Kaiba: i have heard things..............from people............ <<.>>
Finnigan: Is anyone else see the mess up of the site right now? Respond ASAP!
AeronFreeze / Nani: hey peoples who is on this wounderful morning?
nikita2u: >.< yeah thanks ppls leave me all alone! *echo* lol
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: yo sup anyone thats on?
Tyasuke / Kyoudan: well i gtg anyways cya
AeronFreeze / Nani: ello?
AeronFreeze / Nani: Well my friend another boring day at Hastings High. What is there to do? Listen to stupid ass freshmen act all tough and swear all day…fun let me tell you. Also I’m going crazy on texts again. And again my stomach is doing flips.
I got really sick yesterday and threw up all over the girl’s bathroom. Icky I know. I feel sorry for the person that was in there when that happened. Anyway I’m a little better though I think I failed my government class all because I was absent by being sick. Now I feel like hitting all these dumbass freshmen. Now mind you I have nothing against freshmen considering I was one but when you act like an idiot all hour and all bad asses it gets to ya. So im like this close to going PMSing on all there asses. Oh my god they are the grossest people known to mad I swear. Ugh im ganna be sick. They just ugh never mind I really am going to be sick. Assholes. I’m in a bit of a bad mood right now.
Well if things don’t go worse than shit when I get home I have an idiot guy who thinks I should fuck him just so he loses his virginity before he is 18 bothering me….not fun. Damn people cant you see I don’t care! God I want to be left alone and just be myself with out having a drunk or high asshole hitting on my and putting his hand on me. I keep waking up with bruises between my legs and now on my chest and I honestly have no idea how they got there. And last night had a horrible nightmare so I was up from 2 am till now. Kinda sucked. But yeah I guess life is a bitch when it comes to it. I try to sound all nice and shit but right now im either very confused or really pissed. Haven’t figured it out yet.
Wow just noticed all I am doing is bitching…how fun. Damn I think that is all I ever do lately is bitch about one thing or another. Ok just checked a journal entry of a “friend” of mine…and just wow. I don’t think he is deep and shit but he has a point yes I know being crass doesn’t look good on me. He did manipulate people and me as well to get to his own ends for his “pride” and in the end he lost the one he loved and those who loved him. I guess pay back is a bitch. Wish I could help him but I don’t know what I could do.
Ever get that feeling where you cant stand yourself? I’m sitting here in Study hall typing this all out and looking at my dumbass mistakes and I never realized how I could ever be so cold. I guess I am worse than what I thought. I have amazing guy friends who would do anything to make me happy I have a friend who I’m so close to (and being bi with) but I cant seem to help her and when she is depressed I get pissed because of how often it has happened. I guess I really am cruel.
I don’t know I guess I am thinking way to much and this is going to be a long ass random journal. I guess there is so much I can say here that I can ever voice to my friends. Because honestly they wont understand oh yes they may have gone through some of the things I have but each experience is different. They can’t understand what is wrong with me and they just don’t need to understand I guess. Do I honestly want them to know? Do I need more people feeling sorry for me? I m getting really sick of pity from people but that seems to be all I get when I feel sorry for something or when im feeling depressed. People im bi polar I will feel depressed for no damn reason I will feel happy for no damn reason do I need to give you a fucking definition of Bi polar! I’m sick of people saying what’s wrong is it something I said? No dumbass it’s me being me. You don’t always do things wrong yes you may do something that is hurtful but ill get over it! Just stop think understand I don’t need to talk I don’t need to cry I don’t need to be sweet and cuddly. I just need time. Time to think time to space out and just watch shadows dance on my walls time to listen to music and just relax I don’t need someone up my ass every two seconds asking me if I need to talk. No I don’t if I did I would seriously if I needed to talk I would call you or go right up to you. I always do when I need you don’t I? Can you finally understand I have mood swings yes I have depression yes im a fucking teenage yes life is a bitch great perfect wonderful now leave me alone till im ready to either talk or blow it off. I don’t say these things to hurt you I say it cause im sick of snapping im sick of being a bitch im sick of yelling of just being a plain mean person. I need my time and space I need my room to breath I don’t need you there to cushion every damn fall have I need to be hurt so I can become stronger. Yes I love you for wanting to protect me and I know you wish only to be closer to me so you think I need to speak with you 24/ 7 but that’s not the case the thing is I just want to be my own company for a while until im fully prepared to deal with your problems.
Wow I am random and really pissy in that one too sheesh I need a life and these damn spelling mistakes is just pathetic no im not pmsing im just me. Im sick what of it. Hehe. Ok weird im depressed yet hyper now so I guessill type some more but damn my arms and fingers are sore because I have been typing this whole hour and yeah im a fast typer so that is cool I get most things done. Well im totally out of subjects to talk about right now and im really tired and those idiots in front of me are going to get a book in the back of their head. I’m going to checkout a book and just hang out I guess no more typing no more thinking just rest….and boredom.
Tensu: what the hell?
Imaginth: Holy shit Nikki. That was long and you made some good points in there as well. Doubt you're still here, but I don't care. I actually did get in school suspension today because I hit a freshman who was taunting me. It really got to me just the way he kept being so loud and obnoxious. So I hit him hard in the back of the head with my book. So now I'm in some sort of trouble.
Honestly, it was worth it, it shut him up good. Only because I threatened to beat the shit out of him if he didn't close his mouth. Wow, I'm in a foul mood. The suspension may have been also because I told my teacher to shut the fuck up and called her a bitch for giving me a 0% F for some major project. She said that because I had fifteen pages it was too long. So anyways....
yeah that's my day. I'm grounded for the night. I'll still get on, well ta.
Sereto_Uesugi: that was the hacker not fin.. I soo wanna get back at james and today.... I know the reason they do it too
Tensu: Well, it's better than the other shit thats popped up on this site.
Tensu: Well, it's better than the other shit thats popped up on this site.
Tensu: Well, it's better than the other shit thats popped up on this site.
Tensu: what the hell is up with this site?
AeronFreeze / Nani: hey peoples umm sorry about that was a off day
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello everybody.
ipromise / James: they guy is resetting the server...... and he fixed the glitch
ipromise / james: testing this maybe I won't get caught
nikita2u: hey!
AeronFreeze / Nani: for some reason this damn thing wouldnt let me log in -.-
AeronFreeze / Nani: always (dat means yes)
Imaginth / Ditali: Cherrio.
Imaginth / Ditali: You always are tired, aren't you?
girly101 / silver gates: how long has the server been back up?
AeronFreeze / Nani: hello!!!
girly101 / silver gates: hay nikki.
nikita2u: hey saffire! i got a new idea to post in here
nikita2u: Hey people I’m back!
Well I didn’t really go anywhere im just really sick of that depressing journal I put up so I decided to change it. Well I don’t have to go to school tomorrow my aunt has surgery since I live with her me and my cousins don’t have to go. This is cool but im still debating if I should just still go to school. Oh my god Michael kept me up from Midnight to 2 am laughing my ass off my tummy hurt so much I was like stop! God I love that guy my tummy still hurts though.
I’m tired though. Anywho I was calling rob around 2 am my time laughing my ass off saying I wasn’t a rubber ball….yesh I am weird. But anyway I’m bored and in first hour wondering if anyone is on in the RP section so I can act like I’m doing homework and actually have fun doing something.
Anyway class is about to start so I’m just ganna fix my mistakes and post this on elite.
nikita2u / Tristen: hey peoples.
nikita2u / Tristen: comment i just did
ok im in a pissy mood so sadly i am going to be brutly honest probley to the point you will hate me oh well im not here to kiss ass as some people are im here to actually have something worth saying so deal with it or just dont read the rest of this.
"I am not just hurting of this trying time,
I am suffering.
My heartbeat no longer keeps steady time.
I am suffering."
First line reminds me of SO many poems i have read the self pity the i cant take it so im ganna go lie in a hole sorta deal sadly i wrote some of the [censored] i see -.- so the first line doesnt totally help me i dont want to see a repeat of poems formed by diffrent words. Sorry if i didnt honestly care or know you i think i would have stoped reading already.
I do like the rhyming sort of thing you have played out here but its still a bit over used. Damn sorry really pissy yeah anyway moving on.
"My tears no longer wet my face,
At least I can't feel them stream...
My eyes have become like a faucet lately.
I feel like i just want to scream."
The thing that sticks out the most for me is the faucet...i actually detest that part. Your speaking of a heartbreak you have many words you can use expand your mind into the unknown stop trying to use total reality on everything in this poem reach out explain the darkness with out telling us. Explain the pain with out spoonfeeding us. Tell us what it is you wish to say yet dont put it in bold black and white let our minds do the thinking for us NOT you. "stream..." i think you should take out "..." that doesnt do much of an added effect that you might have been trying for. it just interupts your poem in an annoying way.
"I've been torn into shreds many times in the last few weeks... and my heartbeat I can barely feel.."
You stoped with the rhyming i see. You usually had 4 lines so now you are starting with 2...intresting. anyway i dont have much time left so ill get this going.
"When will I wake up from this Nightmare I'm going through?
Or is this all really so Real?
I can't breathe when I think of her, and my face I'm sure looks sad...
The pain I feel is so strong, But Her side I do understand...
She has family and friends she wants to keep happy, so our love is an unwilling sacrifice.
I wish they could see me for who I am,
That sure as hell would be nice"
now it seems as if your not writing a poem at all but a story..which is it? yes your in pain yes you try to sound understanding. You put what she did wrong in here but i see that you kept what you did out. Considering that may or may not be wise. You might want to be more discriptive if i didnt know the sistuation im sure this would seem rather dull to some or just plain confusing.
"This fantasy, of hope I hold onto, it's making things even worse...
What oh God have I don't to you,
That I deserve to live this Curse
Take my soul into Your kingdom,
I no longer wish to live on this earth.
Thank you for all you've done for me,
For whatever it is worth."
"don't" should be "done"
you are now on to the i i i or me me me aspect why is this happening to ME but you dont incoperate the pain or the regret she may have felt also.
Now the last stanza suprisenly i do like. THis may not be your best or your worst work but i do see room for improvment. Im sorry for your loss and hope things work out.
Nicole the Bitch
(not in the mood to talk [censored] atm)
nikita2u / Tristen: all that for one poem....
Tyasuke / Sousei: yo sup everyone thats on >.>;
nikita2u / Tristen: that is slightly annoying -.- anywho who is on that i know or dont know or never want to know or wish to meet?
nikita2u / Tristen: why is this acting weird? ugh so not my day cheese
nikita2u / Tristen: hey sexie old boy you teddy lil squishy thing you *giggles* cheese my peeps whats up?!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: Goooood morning GOOD MORNING GOOD MORNING TO YOU! good morning GOOD MORNING oh how do YOU do? ~singing~
nikita2u / Carolina : *kicks you then mutters about pervs.* DONT MAKE ME BITE YOUR NOSE MR.JOSH! hehe *hugs* glad your up now.
nikita2u / Carolina : right now im in school can you stay on for a bit im out of school in an hour or so *puppy eyes*
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: yo I gots mid terms and theys suck
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello everyone.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Ah, hello Alex. How are you?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmm....I kind of drifted off for a while.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: And nothing. I just realized I had drifted and decided to come back. That's all.
nikita2u: Well I guess you can say im back to my old self. Right now I just woke up yes strange I know I sleep way to much and still wake up tired. Guess the dark doesn’t help me sleep. Right now im extremely sad. Do I have a reason? Yes. Do I plan to share it? No. Because right now it hurts to think about it I guess. And its no like you’re there holding your breathe wanting to know what’s on my mind.
No im not mad or irritated. Just Sad. Nothing to it really. Not much I can say. Just I think one thing and leads to another. I dream of things and wake up crying. I talked to Brittany, an awesome girl im glad I got to speak with last night and it got me thinking about New Years Eve.
I’m really curious as to what happened to me on that day. I got drunk with my mom and then a guy named John kept pressing up against me and doing things I felt really uncomfortable about. I went to bed crying, scared that the asshole was going to rape me, I pass out next day I wake up with bruises between my legs. And I still don’t know what the hell has happened.
Its not like I can tell my family as it is. I don’t feel like putting up with the drama or adding to theirs. Their lives are nothing but drama. They always have to top one another on their “bad days” trying to see who has had the worse.
Also im getting sick of them always saying I read to much. Im proud to say I have over 100 books of my own and now my aunt is harping on me to get rid of most. She doesn’t understand that just because I already read them it doesn’t mean I wont again. Ok im sounding pathetic aren’t I ? Doesn’t matter I guess.
I guess tears of the deepest read are the hardest to see through. Don’t ask where that came from I have no idea. Just popped into my head. Well all I can say is I am sad and right now I wish I could quite thinking.
nikita2u: The sound of drums fills the back grounds. Violins sings to the air. Oh wondrous dreams fortify me in this fight in my despair.
March on little solider hold your head high. walk on little solider, fight for what they think is right.
The sound of harps play lightly above the trees.
Haunting whispers of mens dead breath. The piano sang to the birds allowing no rest. Music branches off it slowly fades away.
My little solider march onto your death. Fight for those who wish you to stop. Fight for all that don’t even know your name. fight on little solider fight for no gain.
The voices ring together, the music of death. there vigilant heart cries ring out over the field. The beat rings faster for the bullets fall within range.
Move on little solider, show no pain. crawl on little solider, there is no one left to raise. Die little solider. Die once again.
nikita2u: whats up
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: *holds the kitty and snuggles with him*
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: I'm hoping this will tickle your funny bone,
So you'll feel crazy when you laugh alone.
Something will happen,but you'll be okay.
But I warn you,it lasts for more than a day!
It is so easy to give and so easy to take
And one of the easiest things you can make!
So take this to heart and heed what I say.
This is something to think about every day.
In the shower or your dreams as you sleep,
This is a secret that you must NEVER keep!
You can use it in Love to show your Emotion,
You can use it in War to slow the Commotion.
You can swop or collect 'em like magic beads,
& once its planted,it spreads like crazy seeds!
It seems to make everything else worthwhile,
This wonderfully beautiful thing called a smile!
nikita2u / Kitty Kish: <a href="http://photobucket.com/"; target="_blank"><img src="http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e351/marcosrv/thfunnyball.gif"; border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a>
net / Yuri: (wolf form growls at the cat from jealousy)
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good evening evening everyone.
girly101 / silver gates: hiya guys
girly101 / silver gates: DARREN!!!!!!!!!hi!how r u?
girly101 / silver gates: !
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I'm fine. Wow, you seem very ecstatic! How are you?
girly101 / silver gates: lol pretty good,but g2g,just ecstatic to talk to u,but i have to go now!!*growls*lol ill prolly be on later
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Alright, I'll talk to you later.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hmmmm.....
nikita2u: hello?
net / Mathias: IM HERE! (still in wolf form)
Imaginth / Vexa: *pets your wolfie head* HI HUN! I would text you but I can't.
nikita2u: cheese
girly101 / silver gates: ok im back guys!!hi!
Imaginth / Vexa: Ugh now I have to go sorry I didn't get to talk to you. Love you!
girly101 / silver gates: hi!!!!
net / Mathias: YAY (Licks ur face)
Imaginth / Vexa: Don't lick me! Night sweetie.
nikita2u: love you puppy!
girly101 / silver gates: hi!!!!
girly101 / silver gates: hi!!!!
net / Mathias: NIKKI! *tackles and licks U) YAY EVERYONE!
net / Mathias: AND SAFFY! (tackles and licks her to)
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello everybody.
nikita2u: hehe brit is showing me this awesome song its called augen auf by oomph!
nikita2u: omg im in love with this song! im on the phone with brit hun how are ya?
net / Mathias: When ur done text me Im lonely and my dad is kicking me off.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: She's showing you that? I enjoy watching the music video. It's amusing.
nikita2u: okies i will hold your horses caleb sheesh (muahhahah) so beast of blood is the next song!
net / Mathias: im sowwy nikki (whimpers ashamed)
nikita2u: dont make me bite your nose caleb! hehe
Tensu: has this RP series died on us, I hope not.
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : avin a look now
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : wow.. a lot to take in but.. that sounds really good.. and your character is based of of the main char from full metal panic... thats cool
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : is it like full metal alchamist
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : o.. lol.. im no good with this stuf... webcomics/mangas are more my era
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : I will. but at the mo.. my mums got tv on.. n the headphones for my speakers have broen.. saved the link tho
Drakor: *still resents being called a 'jackass'... >>*
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Lol, hello.
girly101 / silver gates: uhh tensu y r u asking that?out of curiosity.panties
girly101 / silver gates: lol well then.so whats up?
YJQAUDW4: Hello. <a href="http://www.tYJQAUDW2.com">; YJQAUDW5 </a> [url=http://www.tYJQAUDW3.com] YJQAUDW6 [/url] Thanks
Jacoby / Giacomo: wtf? that name goes to my profile page
who the fuck are you?!?!

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