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Roleplay - Law of Magic by Imadjinn / Imadjinn

The world is ruled only by the Law of Magic. No one knows what Magic actually is, only that it is like everything else, it cane be used, by those powerful enough; for both good and evil. but now things are starting to unravel. the source of Magic is starting to fall apart as preperations are being prepared for the Mother of Magic to be reawakened, and when she is, who knows what will happen. Only one thing is for certain, you must pick a side.

Roleplay Details

Characters should be restricted to things that would be acceptable in a Magic society, and therefore, just about anything. Classes are limited only by your imagination, but please try to be specialized, don't just say "Great Magician", have it be something interesting, like "GeoMancer (messes with the earth and geographic formations) or "Ovinomancer" (Sheep Magician). if you can't figure out what to be, drop me a line, i know a bunch of great RP classes. I want to see where this goes. The only thing that I really emphasize is that nothing is actually good or bad. if you run into a character with different views about the Mother of Magic, talk with them about it.


Imadjinn: The ground shook, the skies trembled, and the oceans hurricaned. The time was getting close. Soon, the Mother of Magic would be summoned, and something life changing would happen. In the Five Kingdoms, where the sources of Magic were kept, each Ruler sensed what was happening. In Selas, home of the source of Green Magic; the city tree, the elven monks prayed. In Bardos, the source of Red Magic, The Statue of Kald, shook with trembling force. In Vesuv, The source of Blue Magic, The Library of D'avenant, rocked on it's foundations. In Benal, home of The Source of White Magic, The Star of Bo, shined so intensely that the honor guard had to leave. In the swamps of N'copol, The Vault of Secrets whispered treasures to passing animals. All of the kings knew but one thing. Things were going to change, and they would be on the lookout for the people changing them.
Astrane: Astrane Reocult: the first Dimzil to touch the earth's surface in thousands of years. He was sixty years old but just as young and spry as a twenty year old human. He adjusted his leather gauntlets the had gotten quite worn on his trip through the underworld. He looked around him it was night out but everything seemed as bright as day to his eyes. A knight, that's what he was but there was more to him than that. He pulled his traveling cloak about him closely, the air here was much colder than near the center of the earth. He looked about the small forest trying to get a clear view of the place. It was riddled with small pockets that most likely led back to somewhere near where he had came from. He walked to a nearby tree and jumped up in it, he had heard that some humans slept in trees. He let his body curve slightly to the tree and felt exhaustion fall upon him and then sleep claimed him.
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