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Roleplay - Time for Romance by MiKkI25 / MiKkI25

Romantic restrautn

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Lareth: lol i can take a guess....
Lareth: because the time this was made everyone was interested in kicking everyone elses ass lol
Lareth: lol youre thw guy pretending to be female in like 4 rps and IM the wierd one....riiight i only have one female character... that i use sparingly
the heartless / Shade Unarie: <shhhhh, im tryin to watch word sex lol >
the heartless / Shade Unarie: hell no
Lareth: I have a story I wrote.... but I deleted it, now I just have it on a disk at my house... its not even finished but i think its alright....
the heartless / Shade Unarie: he instantly kills roland
the heartless / Shade Unarie: ur dead already.,....
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: <<oops wrong person.>>
"Just all let you know, I'm Buffy the man-eater! Rawr." She laughed at took out her long katana from her sheath. "Who wants to mess with this chica?"
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: She winked and laughed back, "Too bad." She chased down Jason and caught him with her doing a front flip and her legs ensnaring him. "Sooooooo, are you ready to die!" She pinched his nipples till he cried. "Woot, you do not want to mess with me."
Finnigan / Erika Haruno: Erika jumps in the air and slices one of the two boy's arm off. "Take that, that's my sexy slicer!!!!! Rawr." She then blows a kiss at both of the boys and DOES A BARREL ROLL!
Anna Tsuchiya: can i join?
There's a girl in pink hair watches all of the action. She is amazed by the Girl with katana who doing slice here and there makes the boys run away.
"Back off young girl!!" Scream the women as she run towards her.
"...h..hi i..im Anna" said the girl hoping the women ignore her.

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